Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/11/25 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/11/25 in Korea: "The Girl in a Tiny Room", "Short Bus: Ready, Action!", "Toddler Bike", "Ssanahee Sunjung", "LIMECRIME" and "Hot Blood - Movie"


"The Girl in a Tiny Room" (2019)

Directed by Park So-jin

With Park Se-jin, Kyu Won, Oh Ji-young-II, Lee Min-young-I, Hong Seung-il, Lee Ho-ah,...

Hee-joo, who can't stand her friend's bullying, drops out and adopted a Hikikomori lifestyle at home (a form of social withdrawal). She learned how to gain confidence through Dong-ha, an online live streamer she stumbled upon. She learned from Dong-ha how to hypnotize herself using a pendulum and she encourages him through chat to try Hikikomori in return.
Hee-joo who hasn't left her room for a year, finally goes out as she gains more and more confidence. She reconciles with her mother and decides to experience the outside again. However, Hae-yeong, who bullied Hee-joo a year ago, finds her home address and visits and the bullying begins again. Hee-joo tries to go back to her normal life, but could not because of Hae-yeong. In the end, Hee-joo, who does not want to return to her original life, decides to hypnotize Hae-yeong as how she learned from Dong-ha. She hypnotized Hae-yeong to commit suicide on his own and she returns back to her normal life intact.

"Short Bus: Ready, Action!" (2021)

Directed by Choi Jin-young-III, Hyun Seung-hui, Kim Kun-hwi, Lee Sang-bin-I, Seo Jeong-mi

Narrated by Choi Jinyoung, Ryu Seung-woo, Seo Nam-yoon, Jin Yong-hyun, Jang Yoon-jung-I, Choi Ji-hyun-I,...

Movie protagonists who live differently from their ideals, agonize between their dreams and reality. What is a movie director to them? Through self-documentaries and five short drama films, the joys and sorrows of young people are depicted.

"I Have a Dream" (Documentary, 9min, 장래희망, jang-rae-heui-mang) by Choi Jinyoung
I've always wondered how to answer the question, "What kind of work do you do?" I just lived following my dream, but I seemed to have so many things I wanted to do and become.

"Early Winter" (20min, 초겨울, cho-gyeo-ul) by Hyun Seung-hui
Hyeon-joon graduated in the film department and is living as a tutor for entrance exams. He finds himself lost now that he is in his 30s.

"So Young's Film" (15min, 소영의 영화, so-yeong-eui yeong-hwa) by Seo Jeong-mi
A student on leave, So-young, went to the movie site for the first time in a while. She's speechless to see the foul-mouthed director and his arrogant junior. Will she be able to get through her day well?

"Error" (16min, 애로, ae-ro) by Kim Kun-hwi
Yeong-soo is starring in an adult film. His daughter Soo-ae suddenly appears in the filming location.

"Making Film" (23min, 메이킹 필름, me-i-king pil-reum) by Lee Sang-bin-I
Joon was forced to film a movie with his grandfather and regrets putting him in the leading position.

"Toddler Bike" (2021)

Directed by Lee Joo-ye

With Park Seo-young, Park Eun-young-III, Hong Suk-woo,...

Eun-yeong received an offer from a friend who wanted to be a director, to film a family documentary. Interviews with family members begin centering on the adolescent younger brother Seo-yeong. The topic of the family is Seo-yeong's career problem of wanting to become a musical actor. After much consideration and discussion, Seok-woo, a musical tutor was invited. However, contrary to expectations, Seo-yeong is tired of strict teaching. Meanwhile, Seok-woo is captivated by Eun-yeong, whom he encounters by chance, and eventually confesses his worries to Seo-yeong, leaving the class behind. Eun-yeong, who is burdened with Seok-woo's interest, also confesses this to her friend Bo-ra.

"Ssanahee Sunjung" (2020)

Directed by Jung Byung-gak

With Jun Suk-ho, Park Myung-hoon, Kim Jae-hwa, Choi Dae-chul, Shim Eun-jin, Jeon Dan-ah,...

"Do you know the world of Ssanahee Sunjung?"
After leaving the city for Magari, Mr. Yoo, a poet stays at Won-bo's house, whose dream is to become a fairytale writer. From the first day he came, he said, "When I see Mr. Yoo, my heart grows". He said that he knew the world of innocence and that he knew the world of children. Won-bo's dream is to become a fairytale writer who inspires passion in children's hearts.

Won-bo, who only talks about strange things, and Mr. Yoo, who live under the same roof, adjust to both of their lives, and regain their ' innocence and 'children's heart'!

"LIMECRIME" (2020)

Directed by Lee Seung-hwan-II, Yoo Jae-wook

With Lee Min-woo-V, Jang Yoo-sang, Kim-Choi Yong-joon, Olltii,...

A story about a boy named Sang-joo who lives in a multi-generational village and dreams of becoming a rapper. Sang-joo formed a hip-hop team named "LIMECRIME" with his classmate Joo-yeon who is living in a rich apartment village and unravels the friendship, conflicts, and growth through hip-hop music.

"Hot Blood - Movie" (2021)

Directed by Shin Jae-myung

With Lee Jung-hyun-I, Choi Je-heon, Jung Sung-ho-I,...

At some point, they dreamed of becoming a part of the national taekwondo team, but now, they have surrendered to reality. There were three friends, Hoon-i, Seong-ho, and Tae-yeong.

Their friendship was immersed in happy memories for a while, hearing the news that Tae-yeong, the only one of them who remained in Seoul to dream of becoming a champion, will finally return home after a long time.

For a while, there was a news of a huge redevelopment of their neighborhood circulating in their village, and the three friends are caught up in a huge incident that will change their lives.