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Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/03/30 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/03/30 in Korea: "B Cut", "Harodongseon", "Vanishing" (French-Korean) and "Bargain - Short"


"B Cut" (2022)

Directed by Kim Jin-young

With Kim Dong-wan, Jeon Se-hyun, Kim Byung-ok, Choi Jae-hwan, Jo Seo-hoo,...

The one who tries to hide VS the one who wants to reveal

A shocking scandal unfolds around the B Cut that must be revealed in order to survive!

One day, a woman visits Seung-hyeon, who runs a smartphone repair and data recovery company. Actress Min-yeong, who once captivated South Korea, asks for the restoration of a B-cut, which should not be released to the world. Min-yeong's B-cut stimulates Seung-hyeon's curiosity, and he finds out that it will cause a huge scandal in Korea!

The secret of the B-cut that someone wants to hide and that must be revealed is unlocked.

"Harodongseon" (2022)

Directed by Kim See-woo

With Seo Jin-won-II, Na Hye-jin, Hwang Suk-jung, Joo Hyo-kyung, Jin Mo, Lim Choon-gil,...

On March 7, 1997, after losing the election, former lawmakers who were engaged in hiking and fishing opened a restaurant called Harodongseon. Rumors spread that the restaurant was opened by politicians, and it is crowded with customers every day, but they realize that the business is not very easy. This is because various people, including a suspicious-looking monk, a man who looks like a spy, a big autistic child who resembles Ureme, and fussy Gangnam nouveau riche have begun to cross the threshold of the restaurant.
The Harodongseon comrades who opposed the three-party coalition and advocated the liquidation of three Kims, tried to return to the political front rather than run a restaurant ahead of the 1997 presidential election, leaving restaurant management behind the scenes. The protagonist, Kyeong-baek, is left alone to take care of the restaurant, but customers do not help. Just like politicians representing their respective places of origin, they fight day after day, exchanging loud voices, using regionalism and politics as a snack. Kyeong-baek begins a heated speech to customers and to the world about which direction democracy should move forward to.

"Vanishing" (2021)

Directed by Denis Dercourt

With Yoo Yeon-seok, Olga Kurylenko, Ye Ji-won, Choi Moo-sung, Lee Seung-joon, Sung Ji-ru,...

"Vanishing" is a French-Korean coproduction.
Adapted from Peter May's novel "The Killing Room"
Alice is a forensic scientist who invented a revolutionary technique in the field of restoring damaged corpses. She visits South Korea to attend a conference and receives a request from the Korean police to perform an autopsy on a corpse found in a river. Jinho, the detective in charge, learns from the autopsy result that the body is related to an organ trafficking syndicate.

26th Busan International Film Festival

"Bargain - Short" (2015)

Directed by Lee Chung-hyun

With Lee Joo-young-I, Park Hyoung-soo, Lee Sang-hoon-V, Jung Min-seok,...

A middle-aged man takes a high school girl to a motel room and bargains with her about the payment for sex. He argues for a discount on the grounds that she is not a virgin. At a loss, the girl agrees.

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