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Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/09/07 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/09/07 in Korea: "Confidential Assignment 2: International", "Talisman: The Luck Stealer", "Jurassic Cops the Movie: The Dinosaur Age Adventures", "Vita Dolce" and "Escape from Mogadishu" (Re-release)


"Confidential Assignment 2: International" (2022)

Directed by Lee Seok-hoon

With Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Yoona, Daniel Henney, Jin Sun-kyu, Lee Min-ji,...

Starts filming 2021/02/16~2021/06/15
A movie about a North Korean detective, Im Cheol-ryeong, who was dispatched to South Korea to go after a brutal and elaborate criminal organization, a South Korean detective, Kang Jin-tae, who volunteered to return to Gwangsu University, and a US FBI agent, Jack. The movie portrays the unpredictable cooperation between the two Korean and American detectives who united for their own purposes.

"Talisman: The Luck Stealer" (2022)

Directed by Kim Se-seong

With Joo Young-ho, Kwon Hae-sung, Chun Min-hee, Lee Yong-hun, Kim Si-ah-I, Kwon Hoi-soo,...

"Put your luck on me!"

Gi-sam is an unknown actor who fails auditions every time. He is envious of the star, Woon-cheol, who is on a roll in everything and is about to advance to Hollywood. One day, Gi-sam learns that there is a mysterious talisman that can take away his luck, and learns that all of Woon-cheol's luck is also the effect of the talisman that took away his own luck...

The one who stole luck
And the one who lost his luck

To those who want to succeed, get the talisman!

"Jurassic Cops the Movie: The Dinosaur Age Adventures" (2022)

Directed by Kim Ho-rak

Voiced by So Yeon, Kim Young-sun-I, Um Sang-hyun, Hwang Chang-young, Hong Bum-ki, Kang Eun-ae,...

Defeat the starry pirate that prevents the Jurassic Cops' birth!
In the peaceful Light City, Gong-chan and friends find unidentified merchants selling mini dinosaurs in front of the school. They are the villains who they thought were gone, Piggyback-dan! Using a time cube that can travel through time, the dinosaurs of the dinosaur age are brought to you by making mini-dinosaurs, and then they make them huge and attack the earth!

Meanwhile, Piggyback-dan that returned to the past attacked a young captain 65 million years ago, preventing the birth of Jurassic Cops to annihilate the present Jurassic Cops. And Gong-chan's group was taken away by the enemy and trapped in the dinosaur era. Gong-chan and his friends who escaped from the dinosaur era and succeeded in reviving Jurassic Cops with the efforts of Gongchan's mom! They will return to the present and have a final duel with the Piggyback-dan, which attacks the city with the Meka dinosaur, with the fate of the earth at stake!

"Vita Dolce" (2022)

Directed by Kim Sun-hyung, Oh Yoon-dong

With Kim Ho-joong, Won Tae-yeon, Lee Ju-ho-I,...

The story of being cut out of a box, the story of a young man, singer Kim Ho-joong, who was locked in people's eyes and couid not be seen, and his sincere voice who is trying to escape from it.

Breaking away from the stereotype of trot singer Kim Ho-joong, it is composed of classical music that made him passionate about music for the first time.

"Escape from Mogadishu" (2021)

Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan

With Kim Yun-seok, Zo In-sung, Heo Joon-ho, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim So-jin, Jung Man-sik,...

Original release date: 2021/07/28
"Escape from Mogadishu" deals with a real-life defection incident between the two Korean embassies in Somalia back in the nineties that purports to explore the relevant motives behind the event.

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