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Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/09/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/09/22 in Korea: "Strange", "Vestige" and "Sisters on the Road" (Re-release)


"Strange" (2022)

Directed by Kim Dong-sik, Lee Tack, Nam Soon-a, Sim Kyu-ho

With Oh Min-ae, Kim Jae-hwa, Han Hae-in, Yu Eui-tae, Geum Dong-ho, Lee Yang-hee,...

The quarreling of neighbors over land, the strange relationship between mother and daughter, the strange encounter between a young man and a monster, and a father's struggle with the grim future of his son's generation.

A fantastic thriller that summons anxious people in an insecure society.

"Vestige" (2020)

Directed by Jang Kun-jae, Kim Jong-kwan

With Kang Jin-ah, Kwak Min-gyu, Kim Geum-soon, Ahn So-hee,...

"Vestige" is an omnibus of two shorts by directors Kim Jong-kwan and Jang Kun-jae, which both lead to making a feature film. Being part 1, director Kim depicts a shabby middle-aged woman wandering into an abandoned house at the foot of a mountain that lures us into the hallucinations she sees of her daughter. Part 2 by director Jang's film is calm and serene, yet precarious as it follows two public officers working at the county office in a quiet rural town. Elegance in movements, lighting, and emotions generates an exquisite ensemble of the two films. Vestige is produced and provided by the Muju Film Festival. (JUNG Hanseok)

"Sisters on the Road" (2008)

Directed by Boo Ji-young

With Gong Hyo-jin, Shin Min-a, Chu Kwi-jung, Kim Sang-hyeon, Moon Jae-won, Bae Eun-jin,...

Original release date: 2009/04/23
"I'm just going to live. Me, and you too".

Myeong-joo and Myeong-eun are very different sisters, from their looks, personality, job, and their thought process. Myeong-joo and Myeong-eun, who have lived with the gap between them because their fathers are different, go on a trip to find Myeong-eun's father, who has already disappeared long after their mother's sudden death...

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