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Korean movies opening today 2022/11/03 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/11/03 in Korea: "Walk Up", "Next Door", "Hit Man", "Changgeuk, Chunhyang" and Korean-American documentary "Chosen"


"Walk Up" (2022)

Directed by Hong Sang-soo

With Kwon Hae-hyo, Lee Hye-young-I, Song Seon-mi, Jo Yoon-hee-I, Park Mi-so-I, Shin Seok-ho,...

Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo adds a new chapter to his impressive body of work, taking a gently delightful new perspective on themes dear to his poetics.

"Next Door" (2021)

Directed by Yeom Ji-ho

With Oh Dong-min, Choi Hee-jin-I, Lee Jung-hyun-I,...

What happened last night?
When I wake up with a terrible hangover, I find myself in an unfamiliar room.
It's room 404 next door, which has mesmerized me with the noise between the walls.
So is the dead person here, the owner of the house?
And is the culprit... me???!

"Hit Man" (2022)

Directed by Kang Tae-ho

With Jung Je-woo, Park Ji-soo, Go Won-seok, Seol Jae-geun, Lee Chang-wook-II, Seo Kab-sook,...

The merciless hitman's hunt for raw humans begins!

If you set a goal, a mysterious family fire case comes in from an 'expert' who has the iron rule of eradicating it by any means and methods.

An unidentified person intervenes in the smooth plan, causing a setback in the cold-blooded hunt...

"Changgeuk, Chunhyang" (2022)

Directed by Kim Myung-gon

Every moment of love, a melodic Korean opera blooms abundantly

"Changgeuk, Chunhyang" focuses on the bright and healthy love of Chunhyang. From Chunhyang who loves passionately and protects the love she chooses to see through till the end, we learn about the courage and faith necessary to live in the era.

"Chosen" (2022)

Directed by Joseph Juhn

A Korean-American co-production.
In November 2020, the Senate and House of Representative elections took place along with the Presidential election in the United States. Five Korean Americans of vastly diverse backgrounds with competing political views ran for the House election. David Kim is the only underdog with limited resources vying to be the first Korean American representative from Koreatown in Los Angeles.

23rd Jeonju International Film Festival

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