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Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/11/30 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/11/30 in Korea: "Men of Plastic", "A Birth", "Through My Midwinter", "Beyond the Sight" and


"Men of Plastic" (2022)

Directed by Lim Jin-soon

With Ma Dong-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Oh Na-ra, Oh Yeon-seo, Cha Woo-jin, Choi Byung-mo,...

A natural-born networker is set out for his kingdom in Apgujeong
The most glamorous part of Seoul, Apgujeong thrives with new possibilities. Dae-gook (Ma Dong-seok) who's a native of Apgujeong and rules its ground is eager to start his own groundbreaking plastic surgery business. Then he encounters Ji-woo (Jung Kyung-ho), the most talented surgeon in the area who lost his medical license by unfortunate. Without an effort, Dae-gook comes up with an idea how to make this business happen, and he does everything he can to make Ji-woo his partner. Together, Dae-gook and Ji-woo open a whole new primetime of Apgujeong.

"A Birth" (2022)

Directed by Park Heung-shik

With Yoon Si-yoon, Ahn Sung-ki, Yoon Kyung-ho, Kim Kang-woo, Lee Moon-sik, Lee Ho-won,...

Started filming: 2021/12/06
Wrapped up filming: 2022/04/13
"A Birth" deals in depth with the patience and courage of Kim Taegon, a young man who had to create his own hope, his willingness to throw his body, and his love for God and man that he showed throughout his life.

"Through My Midwinter" (2021)

Directed by Oh Seong-ho

With Kwon Da-ham, Kwon So-hyun, Oh Ji-hye, Lee Han-ju, Gye Young-ho, Jung Soo-kyo,...

Kyeong-hak, who has been studying to become a police officer, is forced to pay back his mother's debt of $20,000. Already struggling and having to work part- time while studying, Kyeong-hak is now forced to make big monthly loan payments on top. Eventually, Kyeong-hak stops studying and becomes a deliveryman to make ends meet. Meanwhile, cracks start to form in his relationship with his beloved girlfriend Hye-jin.

"Beyond the Sight" (2021)

Directed by Lim Chan-ik

"I believe that world peace comes when the power of love surpasses the love of power"

Director No Dong-joo challenges the film as a visual artist with his vision cut off, challenging the prejudices and barriers of the world.

What will the prejudice and gaze of our society look like through the life of No Dong-joo as a human, and the filmmaking moment of No Dong-joo as a director?


Directed by Lee Ye-ji-I, Oh Yoon-dong

With NCT,...

NCT DREAM's second solo concert "NCT DREAM TOUR 'THE DREAM SHOW2: IN A DREAM'" at the Olympic Main Stadium. From the lively heat of the concert with seven members to the exciting preparation process behind the stage, and the behind-the-scenes interview, and the story of the future drawn by the members!

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