Korean Movies Opening Today 2022/12/29 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2022/12/29 in Korea: "Last Film", "The Element of Hope" and "The Power of Love"


"Last Film" (2021)

Directed by Jeon Soo-il

With Jang Hyun-sung, Kim Jin-hyuk, Kim Sang-oh, Jung Eun-young, Yoo Soon-chul, Kim Hye-jung-I,...

"What am I looking for?"

Sang-min, a theater professor and film director, teaches about movies but is in a complicated situation living in the school because of a debtor. One day, a loan shark, Man-bok, suddenly appears and offers a deal that he will pay off all his debts if Sang-min turns his story into a movie. After that, Sang-min accompanies Man-bok and experiences things that he does not know whether it is a dream or reality...

The thing he wanted to do the most: Last Film

"The Element of Hope" (2021)

Directed by Lee Won-young

With Lee Seung-hun, Park Seo-eun, Lim Young-woo, Lim Jung-eun-II, Kim Myung-joon, Lee Won-young,...

The husband sets up the breakfast table that his wife won't even at that day, cleans it, and does the laundry. The only person he faces in a day is her wife, but they don't communicate well. The wife also thinks her relationship with her husband is hopeless. The university faculty member seems to be seeing another man.

"The Power of Love" (2022)

Directed by Lee Woo-seok

Narrated by Lim Hyung-joo,...

Follow the last footsteps of the late Father Lee Tae-seok who devoted his life and still remains in Sudan, Africa!

Father John Lee Tae-seok from Tonj, South Sudan is a priest, doctor, teacher, conductor, and architect who had no hope due to poverty and war.

The footsteps of Father Lee Tae-seok, a devoted priest who gave his all to Sudan, stained with anger, hatred, poverty, and disease during the long civil war, still remain there.

Meet the last true story of Lee Tae-seok who is still alive in the dry land of Tonj!