Korean Movies Opening Today 2023/03/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2023/03/22 in Korea: "woongnami" and "Discrimination"


"woongnami" (2023)

Directed by Park Sung-kwang

With Park Sung-woong, Lee Yi-kyung, Yeom Hye-ran, Choi Min-soo, Oh Dal-soo, Yoon Je-moon,...

Based on the Danggun myth that bears become humans after eating garlic and mugwort, it depicts the story of twin Asiatic Bear brothers, who were managed by the Pro-North Korean Institute of Technology, disappearing one day after eating mugwort and garlic.

"Discrimination" (2021)

Directed by Kim Do-hee-II, Kim Ji-woon-III

With Kang Ha-na

Ten Joseon high-end schools were excluded from Japan's free high school policy that took effect in 2010.

The reason is that there are suspicions that the free subsidy will be misappropriated by the Korean Federation of Korean residents in Japan. In response, five Joseon high-end schools filed a lawsuit against the state in 2013.

We look into the lives of Koreans in Japan who want to endure discrimination and protect their identity through the stories of Koreans living in Japan, students at Joseon School, lawyers, and people with Joseon School who have been guarding Joseon School for more than 70 years.

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