Korean Movies Opening Today 2023/10/19 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2023/10/19 in Korea: "In Our Day" and "Dolmen"


"In Our Day" (2023)

Directed by Hong Sang-soo

With Ki Joo-bong, Kim Min-hee, Song Seon-mi, Park Mi-so-I, Ha Seong-guk, Kim Seung-yun,...

"In Our Day" is an ode to everyday life in which the Korean master turns his attention back to the pleasures of being together around a table. There is tobacco, alcohol, food, music, and a sense of idleness. The film is bright, simple and deeply moving. The film will lead this year's Fortnight out on a gentle note.

"Dolmen" (2023)

Directed by Park Ki-bok

With Kim Jang-jun, Park Noo-ri-I, Kang Yoon-joo, Park Joon-cheol, Park Young-bae,...

Dolmen tells the story just before the establishment of Gojoseon, the first kingdom on the Korean Peninsula in 2333 BC. In the era when the Dolmen culture flourished, the Sun tribe and the Moon tribe are in hostile relations with the Jiseok River as the boundary. The sun chief's daughter, Saseumi, and the moon's chief's son, Baujjeok, meet at a hunting ground and fall in love. However, their love sparks into a war between the tribes... Baujjeok is shot by an arrow by the chief of the Moon tribe to protect Saseumi and dies. It was a situation where the father killed his son. And the current ancients, Baujjeok and Saseumi, are born as men and women with different surnames, and they meet again as a high school girl and an archeology doctor...

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