Korean Movies Opening Today 2024/01/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2024/01/10 in Korea: "Alienoid: Return to the Future", "The Continuing Land", "Kim Dae-jung on the Road" and "god's MASTERPIECE the Movie"


"Alienoid: Return to the Future" (2023)

Directed by Choi Dong-hoon

With Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Hanee, Yum Jung-ah, Jo Woo-jin,...

"Alienoid" Part 2
Ean and thunder have become trapped in the distant past while tryng to prevent the escape of alien prisoners who are locked up in the human brains. She eventually locates the Divine Blade. which can open a door through time. Meanwhile Moo-reuk who helps Ean escape is unnerved when he begins sensing the presence of a strange being in his body. Ean and Moo-reuk are pursued by the Sorcerers, who suspect that an alien lies within Moo-reuk and by the sinister enemy who seeks the Blade. Back in the year 2022, the release of an alien gas haava results in the death of thousands of people. With only 48 minutes left betore all the haava are set to detonate. Ean must return to the future, face down the aliens and stop the detonation of the haava. Finally, the gate of time opens and the
secrets or Moo-reuk, Ean, and Thunder begin to be revealed!

"The Continuing Land" (2022)

Directed by Jo Hee-young

With Gong Min-jung, Jung Hoe-rin, Ryu Se-il, Kam Dong-hwan,...

"The Continuing Land" depicts the time of the people entangled by the vague relationship in a strange land. Ho-rim, who is studying in London, watches a video of a strange woman on a camcorder she accidentally picked up. A few days later, she meets her ex-boyfriend Dong-hwan, his current girlfriend Kyeong-seo, and I-won, Kyeong-seo's friend and the woman who appears on the video in the camcorder she picked up. "The Continuing Land" unravels a fateful story caused by many coincidences. The film captures figures and space like a landscape or a photo album, unfolding in panoramic long takes and a long shots, patiently waiting until the characters gently confide in their stories. In the end, the characters who have formed a whole with the unfamiliar places leave traces more than stories on the screen. The film is more clearly imprinted in our hearts because it is unfamiliar and overflowing with emotions that go beyond the story of each scene. SONG Kyung-won

27th Busan International Film Festival

"Kim Dae-jung on the Road" (2023)

Directed by Min Hwan-ki

With Jang Hyun-sung,...

A young businessman from Mokpo stands in a turbulent history together with the people!

Mokpo's greatest young businessman, Kim Dae-jung. What caught his eye as he walked along the smooth road were the innocent people who had been sacrificed by ideological politics. In order to create a world where people's politics and democracy take root, Kim Dae-jung decides to become a politician. Leaving behind a guaranteed future and taking his first steps on a path of twists and turns, the price of his choice shook him: kidnapping, death threats, imprisonment, and a death sentence. However, even at the last moment of being sentenced to death, Kim Dae-jung cried out without any wavering. "Democracy will be restored. I absolutely believe that".

The life of President Kim Dae-jung, a death row inmate who faced death five times and an 'expert in failed elections' who was defeated in four National Assembly elections and three presidential elections, is engraved in the modern history of the Republic of Korea.

"god's MASTERPIECE the Movie" (2023)

Directed by No Sung-il, Son Seok

With Yoon Kye-sang, Danny Ahn, Son Ho-young,...

"god's MASTERPIECE the Movie" is the first live performance movie to be released in theaters to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its debut, and presents special stages for fans, who are the final piece that completes god. god (G.O.D), who proved their national popularity by selling out tickets nationwide as soon as they opened, captured countless famous songs and the time they spent breathing and laughing with fans on the screen.