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  • 2PM's Wooyoung Understands SHINee's Jonghyun

    2018/01/15, Source,
    2PM member Wooyoung mentioned SHINee's Jonghyun who took his life last month. Wooyoung had an interview and talked about his second solo album "When We Say Goodbye". Wooyoung has been the least active of the 2PM members and he said it was because he needed a break,...More
  • [Lily's Take] 2PM Unites to Celebrate Ok Taecyeon's First Vacation

    2018/01/02, Source,
    To celebrate Ok Taecyeon's first vacation from his military duty, the members of K-pop boy band 2PM had a get together,...More
  • [Lily's Take] Song Joong-ki and Junho's Unexpected Friendship

    2017/12/27, Source,
    Actor and 2PM member Junho shared the news of the snack truck sent by fellow actor Song Joong-ki,...More
  • Junho sends coffee truck to Namgoong Min's set

    2017/09/06, Source,
    2PM Junho watches out for Namgoong Min. After the end of the drama "Chief Kim" in which they played "Tom and Jerry", they remain friends,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon Starts Military Service, Fulfilling Long-Held Wish

    2017/09/05, Source,
    Ok Taecyeon of K-pop boy band 2PM enlisted in the Army and began his mandatory military service on Monday,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon heads to the military

    2017/09/04, Source,
    2PM singer Ok Taecyeon quietly enlisted for the military. According to JYP Entertainment, Ok Taecyeon left on the 4th around 2 PM KST to the Baekma Base in Goyang. Apparently, he wanted to leave discreetly because he was only going away to do his duty. Ok Taecyeon is the first in 2PM to leave for military service. His most recent drama "Save Me" is currently airing on OCN,...More

    KCON, the world's largest Korean pop culture convention, to take place on 22-23 September with famous K-pop artists including EXO, Wanna One and more,...More
  • "Just Between Lovers", a drama that makes the ordinary extraordinary

    2017/08/26, Source,
    Find "Just Between Lovers"'s page addedto HanCinema database. Then join 2PM's Junho and Won Jin-ah on their adventures through life,...More
  • Script reading with Na Moon-hee, Lee Ki-woo, Park Hee-bon, and Kim Kang-hyun for "Just Between Lovers"

    2017/08/22, Source,
    Na Moon-hee, Lee Ki-woo, Park Hee-bon, and Kim Kang-hyun are starring in "Just Between Lovers" and participated in August 22's script reading,...More
  • Kang Ha-neul and Park Seo-joon return as promised to Cultwo Show

    2017/08/21, Source,
    "Midnight Runners" stars Kang Ha-neul and Park Seo-joon  kept their promise to return as guests at SBS Radio Power FM's "Cultwo Show".   On August 21,  the duo made their second appearance at the popular radio show.  This was a promise made during their first guesting on August 3, should admissions to the police comedy film surpass 3 million,...More
  • Junho's First Main Role Confirmed in Upcoming Drama, "Just Between Lovers"

    2017/08/20, Source,
    Member of a K-pop boy group 2PM and a brilliant actor, Junho confirmed his very first main role as he decided to take part in the upcoming JTBC drama, "Just Between Lovers",...More
  • Junho and Won Jin-ah in "Just Between Lovers"

    2017/08/20, Source,
    2PM Junho and rookie Won Jin-ah are starring in a JTBC drama called "Just Between Lovers". "Just Between Lovers" is about the people who are great because they are so ordinary in a life full of obstacles and deliver the message of 'people are hope and love is savior',...More
  • Chief Kim's Foodie Sociopath, Junho's Childhood!

    2017/07/29, Source,
    Do you remember Junho? A member of the K-pop boy group 2PM and now an outstanding actor? The one that delighted us from the drama, "Chief Kim" early on this year as the foodie sociopath, Seo-Yool? Now that you start to recall him, see this adorable little boy! Junho released his adorable childhood picture on his SNS on the 28th,...More
  • "Goblin" Kim Go-eun's first fan meeting "Go Eun Day"

    2017/05/09, Source,
    Actress Kim Go-eun is hosting her first fan meeting "Go Eun Day" on the 21st of May at 2PM at Sungsin Women's University. "Go Eun Day" attempts to be a lovely day with her fans and this is her first fan meeting since her debut 5 years ago,...More
  • [Interview] Actor Junho's passion for 'perfection'

    2017/04/27, Source,
    "3 months went by so quickly. I opened my eyes and it was already over. When I couldn't sleep I wished it was over soon but now that it's really over, I am disappointed". Junho recently starred in the KBS 2TV drama "Chief Kim" as Seo Yool. He remembers it as a busy 3 months but to viewers, it was an opportunity to remember him not as 2PM Junho but 'actor Junho',...More
  • [Hot Takes from the Noonas] Jang Nara and Hwang Chan-sung's stalled drama is now cancelled

    After ceasing production at the beginning of March, "Housewife Detective" has now been outright cancelled. Its stars, Jang Nara and Hwang Chan-sung will have their contracts terminated.,...More
  • Radio Star Junho, "JYP points out acting mistakes via text...Suzy is busy"

    2017/04/19, Source,
    "Radio Star" 2PM Junho recalled the time JYP pointed out his acting mistakes through text. He appeared on the MBC TV show "Radio Star" with Oh Yoon-ah, Kim Jung-tae and Kim Joon-bae,...More
  • Singer Eric Nam Makes Forbes' List of Celebrities Under 30

    2017/04/17, Source,
    Singer Eric Nam was included in the Forbes' "30 Under 30 Asia" for this year. Nam was described as "one of the most recognized names and faces in Korea's entertainment industry today",...More
  • [Funcurve Review] "Seven First Kisses"

    A Dream Come True "Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it". This line from a popular song popped in my head when I began watching Lotte Duty Free's web-drama titled "Seven First Kisses". This short drama instantly became a runaway success due to its adorable plot and star-studded cast consisted of drama veterans Lee Joon-gi and Park Hae-jin, Kpop studs EXO's Kai and 2PM's Ok Taecyeon, and Hallyu reps Lee Jong-suk, Ji Chang-wook, and Lee Min-ho,...More
  • Park Hae-jin to Get Own Effigy at Madame Tussauds

    2017/02/09, Source,
    A wax figure of actor Park Hae-jin will be displayed at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong next month,...More
  • Stars off to serve duty to their country, substitutes wanted

    2017/01/31, Source,
    Numerous stars who have led the Hallyu Wave are off to serve their duties. Those who were born in 1987 and can't postpone their dates anymore will continue to work until the day before they join training camp. The show biz is busy looking for their substitutes. Big Bang's TOP, JYJ Kim Joon-soo, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyun, Jang Geun-suk, Joo Won, Ji Chang-wook, Seo In-guk, Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Hwang Kwanghee from ZE:A - Children of Empire, Ok Taecyeon from 2PM and more are due for admittance this year. Yoo Ah-in is currently on hold as he has a record of injury from the past. Others will join the military within the year unless there are changes,...More
  • 2PM Hwang Chan-sung in "Housewife Detective" with Jang Nara

    2017/01/19, Source,
    2PM Hwang Chan-sung is starring in the drama "Housewife Detective". "Housewife Detective" is about Myeong Yoo-jin a detective sidekick and genius detective Han Hee-joon,...More
  • Jo Hyun-jae to star in "Detective Hot-Blooded Housewife"

    2017/01/08, Source,
    Will Jo Hyun-jae star in "Detective Hot-Blooded Housewife"? HB Entertainment claimed that he's been offered the scenario for the new drama "Detective Hot-Blooded Housewife",...More
  • T.O.P and Junsu gone, Park Yoo-chun and Lee Seung-gi come back from military

    2017/01/02, Source,
    It's 2017. Many stars have wished the their fans a Happy New Year but there are some stars who have to say 'bye' for a while. Many Hally stars are going to be absent starting this year for a couple of years. Those male stars who were born in 1987 or 1988 are going to join the military. Some of them are Lee Min-ho, Joo Won, Ji Chang-wook, Jang Geun-suk and Seo In-guk. The exact dates haven't been announced yet but they will be gone within the year,...More
  • [Orion's Drama News] Court and Courtship

    If you enjoyed last week's "Student Trials and Flower Knights" piece, welcome to part two! Today I talk more pretty knights and pretty ladies of "Hwarang" and share some goodies from "Solomon's Perjury" as well my thoughts on them. I also share the usual drama news and whine about "Entourage" some more. At least my other show is doing well,...More
  • 2PM's Junho Joins Cast for Upcoming Drama "Chief Kim"

    2016/11/30, Source,
    Group 2PM member Junho has decided to join the cast for the new KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, "Chief Kim",...More
  • Ji Chang-wook's good looks

    2016/11/22, Source,
    Ji Chang-wook attended the premiere of the web drama "Seven First Kisses". "Seven First Kisses" is a romantic drama of a duty free shop worker meeting seven different men,...More
  • [Photos] VIP premiere for the upcoming Korean movie "Trick"

    2016/07/13, Source,
    2nd to left director Lee Chang-yeol, Lee Jung-jin, Kang Ye-won, Lee Hee-jin, Sun Dong-hyuk, Jang Yoon-jeong, Song Young-kyu, Yang Hee-myung and Kim Tae-hoon VIP premiere for the upcoming Korean movie "Trick",...More
  • Kim Hyun-joong comes out today and stands in court

    2016/07/07, Source,
    Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong is coming out from base to stand in court. The second pleading to the damage suit by his ex-girlfriend is being held on the 8th,...More
  • JJCC Mini-Concert/ Fanmeet in India

    2016/06/26, Source,
    Idol group JJCC will have their first ever mini-concert/fanmeet in India this July. This will be the group's first visit and interaction with Indian fans (Keys). The event is organized by Pink Box Events in association with Korean Cultural Centre India and is scheduled for 31st July at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai. The mini-concert/fanmeet will be a 2 hours event starting from 3:30 pm onwards,...More
  • Next dramas to feature younger stars: Park Shin-hye, Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Kim Yoo-jung and more

    2016/04/26, Source,
    Young actors are coming to back with dramas later this year. Dramas are coming back with a lighter mood along with the hot summer weather. First, Park Shin-hye is coming back for the first time in a year with the SBS "Doctors". She's out of her teen image and is coming back as a mature doctor. From July onwards, it's a series of 'young blood'. Miss A Suzy, 2PM Ok Taecyeon, Lee Jong-suk and Kim So-hyun are some examples of 'young blood'. Suzy is coming back with "Uncontrollably Fond". This is her first drama in 3 years since "Gu Family Book". Ok Taecyeon and Kim So-hyun are starring in the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost". And Lee Jong-suk is coming back with MBC "W",...More
  • [Video] 2 New teaser videos with 2PM Junho released for the Korean drama 'Memory'

    2016/03/07, Source,
    2 New teaser videos with 2PM Junho released for the upcoming Korean drama "Memory",...More
  • "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" Hwang Chan-sung, "Back in a while"

    2016/03/03, Source,
    2PM Hwang Chan-sung is back as a 'God unemployed' man. The new "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" released stills of Hwang Chan-sung. "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" is about the everyday struggles of those with authority and those who don't led by the main characters Ok Da-jeong and Nam Jeong-ki,...More
  • Yoon Hyun-min to feature in "My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol" OST

    2016/01/17, Source,
    Actor Yoon Hyun-min is being featured in the MBC drama "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol" OST. According to the staff, Yoon Hyun-min is a talented musical actor competed against 700 in an audition for the musical "Finding Mr. Destiny",...More
  • [Photos] Seo Ye-ji, Eugene Jung and Kan Mi-youn, so thin almost like paper

    2016/01/06, Source,
    The press conference for the new KBS 2TV drama "Moorim School" was held on the 6th at 2PM at the 63 Convention Center. Director Lee So-yeon, actors and actresses Shin Hyun-joon, Shin Sung-woo, Lee Hyun-woo, Seo Ye-ji, VIXX (Hong Bin), Eugene Jung, Kan Mi-youn, Daniel Lindemann and Sam Okyere were there,...More
  • [Video] Watch 2015 SBS Awards Festival

    2016/01/06, Source,
    Watch 2015 SBS Awards Festival,...More
  • "Oh My Venus" So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a's uniform kiss

    2015/11/29, Source,
    So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a kissed wearing uniforms. On the upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Oh My Venus" on the 30th, Shin Min-a and So Ji-sub roll around in their uniforms,...More
  • Kwon Yuri, Oh Seung-hwan Go Their Separate Ways

    2015/10/16, Source,
    Kwon Yuri (left) and Oh Seung-hwan Kwon Yuri of pop group Girls' Generation and baseball player Oh Seung-hwan have ended their relationship of six months, the singer's agent, SM Entertainment, said Thursday. Kwon Yuri acknowledged in April that she was dating Oh, a closing pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan's professional baseball league,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon looks super hot at the finish party for 'Assembly'

    2015/09/17, Source,
    In the evening on September 17th, 2PM's Ok Taecyeon is arriving at the finish party for KBS 2TV's "Assembly". The party was held at a restaurant in Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeongpo-gu in Seoul. "Assembly" is a humanitarian political drama depicting stories surrounding the National Assembly, which starred actors Jung Jae-young, Song Yoon-ah, 2PM's Ok Taecyeon, Jang Hyun-sung, Park Young-kyu, Kim Seo-hyung and Kim Bo-mi-I,...More
  • News anchor Sohn Suk-hee falls for Kim Go-eun's glamor

    2015/08/06, Source,
    Kim Go-eun, Hong-seol in 'Memories of the Sword' appeared on the August 6th show of JTBC 'News Room', had an interview with anchor Sohn Suk-hee. Since she debuted through movie 'A Muse', 2012, she swept various new actress awards and has emerged as a hopeful talent on Chungmu-ro. She later established the exceptional filmography including "Monster", 2012, and "Coin Locker Girl". Her outstanding performances have brought her to the position representing actresses in their 20s,...More
  • [Guest Post] Celebrating Family Outing Part 1 - The Cast

    2015/07/05, Source,
    Seven years ago, an ambitious reality show called Family Outing appeared on Korean TV. Hosted by "The Nation's MC" Yoo Jae-suk (most may know him only as the guy with the bowl cut in PSY's recent videos), this variety show took outdoor reality to a level that is still trying to be reached. The show ran for nearly 2 years on SBS's 'Good Sunday' and had many of the same cast and crew members from the game show X-Man. What this show offered was more than just silly games and jokes, it was a travelogue of Korean villages and offered a glimpse into the Confucian-based society unheard of in America,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon's first time in "Assembly"

    2015/06/23, Source,
    Ok Taecyeon turned into a hard working bar exam student named Kim Gyu-hwan in the drama "Assembly". "Assembly" is a human political drama that deals with the origin of politics and the Assembly that has never been explained before. Ok Taecyeon's role of Kim Gyu-hwan is one who doesn't give up even in tough conditions and makes a living by substitute driving at night and studying hard in the daytime. He gets involved with Song Yoon-ah as an affair and gets off on the wrong foot with Jung Jae-young,...More
  • Lee Kwang-soo, hot in China

    2015/06/11, Source,
    Lee Kwang-soo is hot in China. The production premiere of a Chinese show that he is going to star in was crowded with his fans,...More
  • CJ E&M's Ditigal Studio Launches New Beauty Show Starring Girs' Generation's Hyoyeon

    Multi-platform infotainment content 'Hyoyeon's One Million Likes' will premiere on June 12 Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M says that its Digital Studio introduces new beauty infotainment show Hyoyeon's One Million Likes featuring Hyoyeon from one of the most popular K-Pop idols Girls' Generation,...More
  • 20-year-old Kim Soo-hyun vs 18-year-old Hwang Chan-sung

    2015/06/10, Source,
    Actor Kim Soo-hyun and 2PM's Hwang Chan-sung are both very popular Hallyu stars. We go back to the year 2008, to the press conference of "Jungle Fish", a teenage drama,...More
  • KCON 2015 USA Expands To NY After Three-Day Festival in LA this Summer

    2015/04/28, Source,
    Mega Successful Korean Entertainment Convention and Concert Series to Take Place July 31-August 2 at Staples Center in LA and August 8 at Prudential Center in New Jersey Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M says that KCON 2015 USA will expand in terms of the number of days and location, making the largest Korean entertainment fan convention in North America a bi-coastal event. On the West Coast, KCON 2015 LA will open for not two, but three days from July 31st at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, and some of the world's biggest stars are set to perform on last two days of the event. East Coast K-pop fans will also get their own turn to have the ultimate Hallyu experience when the KCON descends upon the Big Apple for the first time on August 8th for a one-day convention and concert extravaganza, dubbed KCON 2015 NY, at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ,...More
  • KCON 2015 USA Comes to New York on August 8

    2015/04/25, Source,
    Mega Successful Korean Entertainment Convention and Concert Series Takes Over Metro Area's Prudential Center on August 8 After three exponentially successful years in Southern California, KCON ( has announced that it is making the largest Korean entertainment fan convention in North America a bi-coastal event. East Coast K-pop fans will get their own turn to host the ultimate Hallyu experience when the first ever KCON 2015 NY descends upon the Big Apple for a one day convention and concert extravaganza on August 8, just one weekend after the flagship event completes in Los Angeles,...More
  • Yuri of Girls' Generation Dating Baseballer Oh Seung-hwan

    2015/04/22, Source,
    Kwon Yuri (Yuri) of Girls' Generation is dating Oh Seung-hwan, a closing pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan's professional baseball league. The girl group's agency SM Entertainment on Monday said the two first met at a gathering of close friends late last year,...More
  • KCON 2015 USA Presented by Toyota Moves to Staples Center and Expands to Three Days

    2015/04/17, Source,
    Last year, over 42,000 passionate fans of Korean pop culture traveled from around the U.S. to solidify KCON as a summer Los Angeles staple.  From July 31 through August 2, "All Things Hallyu" will once again converge, with unforgettable concerts, panels, workshops, food, fashion, and much more at KCON 2015 USA presented by Toyota ( With the world's top automaker back on board as the lead sponsor, KCON is expanding to three days and moving to L.A. LIVE in Downtown Los Angeles, with some of the world's biggest stars performing at the Staples Center on Saturday and Sunday, August 1-2,...More
  • Not idol but actor Junho

    2015/04/15, Source,
    Junho has starred in three movies so far. The three movies are "Cold Eyes", "Memories of the Sword" and "Twenty". What is surprising is that he has grown into an actor in just 3 movies. Some may be prejudice and say that he's got an advantage because of his idol image. However, he's too good to criticize. He's already doing well enough 'for an idol',...More
  • 2PM Junho in "Twenty" as an actor

    2015/03/19, Source,
    He's more familiar with being a part of 2PM but he's earned the title 'actor'. He started acting 2 years ago but he's gotten himself a lead role and we can't find the title 'idol' anywhere around Junho. Junho came in first out of 6500 competitors in an audition program called "Superstar Survival" in 2006. He was called the next Rain from this point. He had the skills and became a part of JYP and starred in another reality show. He then came out with an idol group called 2PM and while other members branched out into acting or variety, he stayed a singer,...More
  • 2PM Junho, what makes him sexy

    2015/02/25, Source,
    Junho participated in a pictorial shooting session with a fashion magazine recently and delivered exemplary ideas for what makes a guy sexy. During the pictorial shooting under the concept, 'This man's night', Junho posed against the night lights of Seoul reflected on the window and showed off his masculine sides,...More
  • [Photos] 'Twenty' Distinctive character posters of Kim Woo-bin, Junho and Kang Ha-neul released

    2015/02/16, Source,
    Movie, "Twenty" released new character posters featuring the three actors showing off each one's distinctive appeals. 2PM member Junho, who successfully debuted on the screen through "Cold Eyes", plays Dong-woo. Dong-woo in the movie is a student who prepares for college entrance exam for the second time after the first try. However he works hard various part time jobs to pursue his dream as a famous cartoon artist. He successfully portrays the comical character in the poster, who touches motherly heart of girls,...More
  • Kim Woo-bin leaves Kang Ha-neul a recording with cuss words

    2015/02/15, Source,
       Kim Woo-bin confessed that he'd once been seriously angry with Kang Ha-neul's pranks. MBC "Section TV" interviewed Kim Woo-bin, Joon-ho from 2PM and Kang Ha-neul from the movie "Twenty",...More
  • 'Twenty' Junho talks about being a singer actor

    2015/02/12, Source,
    The press conference for movie "Twenty" took place in Apgujeon CGV, Seoul on February 12th, while director Lee Byeong-heon-I and actors Kim Woo-bin, Junho and Kang Ha-neul attended. Junho opened up saying, "People often ask me if it's not tough for me to perform as an actor and as a singer at the same time,...More
  • [Video] 'Twenty' Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul and Junho, proudly messed up

    2015/02/04, Source,
    Movie "Twenty" starring actors, Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul and 2PM member Junho released preview video clips of the characters. Their comical presences in the preview pleasantly entertain us. On February 4th, "Twenty" released their preview videos of the characters through,...More
  • 'Three Meals a Day' Lee Seung-gi's wine and soy sauce pork belly dish is big hit

    2014/12/19, Source,
    Actor Lee Seung-gi made Samgyeopsal (Korean pork belly) marinated in wine. On the tvN variety show, 'Three Meals a Day', which aired on December 19th, actor Lee Seo-jin and idol group 2PM member, Ok Taecyeon held an year end party together with actors, Lee Seung-gi, Kim Kwang-kyu, Youn Yuh-jung and Choi Hwa-jung,...More
  • '2014 MAMA' Paved Phenomenal Cultural Roads across Asia

    2014/12/04, Source,
    - With 10 months of preparation and 16 years of production know-how, CJ E&M successfully hosted Asia's premiere music awards ceremony - The show has reached 2.4 billion people in 16 countries and garnered 65 million online votes worldwide - Renowned Korean, Chinese, and US artists such as EXO, Taeyang, and John Legend delivered stunning performances in front of 10,000 audiences The 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was successfully held in Hong Kong on December 3 announced Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M today. In its sixth year since evolving into Asia's premier music festival, MAMA's impact has spread far beyond its origins in Korea to across Asia and other parts of the world,...More
  • Lee Seung-gi to star in "Three Meals a Day"

    2014/12/03, Source,
    Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi is starring in the new tvN show "Three Meals a Day". He was in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do for the recording of the show,...More
  • Lee Byung-hun says, "It was a joke"

    2014/11/24, Source,
    Actor Lee Byung-hun appeared at court for a 3 hour battle of truth. Lee Byung-hun appeared at the court on the 24th at 2PM with 6-7 people including his managers,...More
  • Lee Yoo-jin gets divorced after 3 years of marriage

    2014/10/28, Source,
    Actress and entertainer Lee Yoo-jin got divorced last year after 3 years of marriage. A media source reported that Lee Yoo-jin was married to an ice hockey coach named Kim Wan-joo,...More
  • CJ E&M Releases Exclusive Photos of 2PM's Ok Taecyeon At Reality TV Show "3 Meals A Day" Press Conference

    Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M [] has released exclusive photos from the upcoming reality TV show 3 Meals A Day press conference held in Seoul today. The Photos feature a member of popular K-Pop boy group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon as one of the two lead roles,...More
  • Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Seo-jin and Ok Taecyeon's outdoor photo shoot

    2014/09/02, Source,
    Actress Jun Ji-hyun, actor Lee Seo-jin and 2PM Ok Taecyeon revealed their outdoor styles. They modeled for the outdoor brand Nepa's F/W season waterproof jackets and down jackets,...More
  • 2PM to release its new album

    2014/09/01, Source,
    Boy band 2PM will release a new album this month, according to local media reports. The group has set Sept. 15 as its return date and is currently in talks to schedule performances on local television music shows following the Chuseok holiday,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon's ideal type

    2014/07/16, Source,
    2PM Ok Taecyeon mentioned his ideal type and his relationship style. He had a photo shoot with the August issue of In Style,...More
  • [Photos] VIP Premiere Korean movie "No Tears for the Dead"

    2014/06/04, Source,
    Director Lee Jeong-beom, Kim Min-hee, Jang Dong-gun VIP Premiere Korean movie "No Tears for the Dead",...More
  • Lee Yoo-bi in film "Twenty"

    2014/05/26, Source,
    Actress Lee Yoo-bi is joining the movie "Twenty". According to Sidus HQ, Lee Yoo-bi is reviewing the offer for "Twenty" and it is likely that she will agree,...More
  • "Obsessed" premiere attendees: Song Seung-heon, from Kim Tae-hee to Sulli

    2014/05/14, Source,
    - Song Seung-heon - An actor of 17 years with a wide network of friends - So Ji-sub is Song Seung-heon's best friend and golden network. They met in 1995 modeling for a clothing brand named Storm. They also starred in the youth sitcom "Three Men and Three Women". So Ji-sub also mentioned Song Seung-heon in the past as a 'friend who I can borrow money from when I need it',...More
  • Kim Woo-bin, Junho and Kang Ha-neul in "Twenty"

    2014/05/06, Source,
    Kim Woo-bin, Junho and Kang Ha-neul are starring in the movie "Twenty". "Twenty" is the story of love and friendship between three friends who just turned twenty; the age where anything is possible and anyone is lovable. The three friends, Chi-ho, Dong-woo and Kyeong-jae approach their twenties full of expectations and experience,...More
  • Girls' Generation's Seohyun, "No more pain"

    2014/04/20, Source,
    Girls' Generation Seohyun expressed her sadness for the Sewol ferry tragedy. She posted on Twitter, "I cried so much that my tears have dried. Their hearts must be torn beyond imaginable. Please let there be no more pain and let there be a miracle",...More
  • Song Seung-heon, Park Hwi-soon and others pray for the missing

    2014/04/16, Source,
    Actors are mourning for those missing in the sinking ship. Actor Song Seung-heon said on Twitter, "I am watching the news and praying with my heart but it's so devastating. I mourn for the sinking of the ship and I pray the missing victims are all safe",...More
  • [Giveaway] Win 2 copies Stars of K-Pop: Your Guide to the Hottest Acts in K-Pop Today

    2014/04/12, Source,
    Win 2 copies of the book, one "Girls Edition" and one "Boys Edition", open to everybody. Watermark Publishing has released boy- and girl-group editions of Stars of K-Pop, the authorized guide to the biggest stars in the K-Pop genre. K-Pop (Korean pop music or hallyu) is one of the hottest trends in music and online media today. How hot is it? Top K-pop group Girls' Generation took home the Video of the Year Award at YouTube's inaugural Music Awards ceremony. The ladies of 2NE1 made an appearance in the current season of the hit ABC-TV show The Bachelor as collaborators on a dance lesson date,...More
  • Yoo Yeon-seok sells 500 seats in 30 seconds

    2014/04/07, Source,
    Actor Yoo Yeon-seok's ticket power has been proven. "2014 Spring and Yoo Yeon-seok" sold 500 seats in 30 seconds on the 7th,...More
  • Park Se-young in SBS "Good Day"

    2014/04/07, Source,
    Actress Park Se-young is starring in the new SBS weekend drama "Good Day" as Jeong Da-jeong. She posted on her Twitter on the 7th, "I hope everyone's having a good day! Our "Good Day" is coming soon! On the 19th of April! I hope you enjoy these rice cakes and see you on "Good Day"",...More
  • Girls' Generation's Tiffany Dating Nichkhun of 2PM

    2014/04/07, Source,
    Tiffany of Girls' Generation and Nichkhun of K-pop boy band 2PM are in love, Girls' Generation management agency SM Entertainment said Friday. It added the two teen idols have been in relationship for four months. "They were close friends for a long time because of their shared background of having lived in the U.S. and recently became a couple", a spokesman for SM Entertainment said,...More
  • [Press Release] Stars of K-Pop: Your Guide to the Hottest Acts in K-Pop Today

    2014/03/31, Source,
    Watermark Publishing has released boy- and girl-group editions of Stars of K-Pop, the authorized guide to the biggest stars in the K-Pop genre. K-Pop (Korean pop music or hallyu) is one of the hottest trends in music and online media today. How hot is it? Top K-pop group Girls' Generation took home the Video of the Year Award at YouTube's inaugural Music Awards ceremony. The ladies of 2NE1 made an appearance in the current season of the hit ABC-TV show The Bachelor as collaborators on a dance lesson date,...More
  • Mwave MEET&GREET Provides Unique Opportunities for Global Fans to Interact Online with Their Favorite K-Pop Stars

    - Fans can hear from their favorite stars, obtain autographs and other special merchandise - Since launching in October 2013, more than 1,000,000 fans have participated - Upcoming in March, a special gift promotion for female fans in celebration of International Women's Day, as well as session with K-Pop boy group BTOB. Seoul, Korea (March 5, 2014) - Providing unique opportunities for global fans to interact online in real-time with their favorite K-Pop stars, CJ E&M has launched regularly scheduled MEET&GREET events on its popular K-Pop site Mwave []. During sessions, fan can hear from their favorite stars, obtain autographed CDs and also purchase K-Pop related merchandise. Since launching in October 2013, more than 1,000,000 fans have participated in the sessions. Upcoming this month, MEET&GREET will hold a special gift promotion for female fans in celebration of International Women's Day, as well as session with K-Pop boy group BTOB,...More
  • Hit K-Pop Groups Choshinsung, 2PM, and Girl's Day Slated to Appear at "M COUNTDOWN No.1 Artist of Spring 2014" in Japan

    2014/02/21, Source,
    - Taking place April 2 at Yokohama Arena, anticipation at a fever pitch among both local and international fans as hit K-Pop chart show makes its first global tour stop in 2014 - Event will also feature various fan engagement events including a meet & greet, red carpet ceremony, and cultural workshops/booths Seoul, Korea (February 21, 2014) – Popular K-Pop groups Choshinsung, 2PM, and Girl's Day are slated to appear at "M COUNTDOWN: No.1 Artist of Spring 2014" on April 2 at Yokohama Area in Japan announced executive producer CJ E&M [] today. With the first lineup of artists revealed (all top-notch K-Pop stars ranked on M COUNTDOWN's weekly charts during the first quarter of the year), anticipation is at a fever pitch among both local Japanese and international fans as the popular K-Pop chart show makes its first global tour stop in 2014,...More
  • Kim Woo-bin's fan meeting introduced in Thailand

    2014/02/20, Source,
    Actor Kim Woo-bin's popularity has been proven. Thai broadcast "CH3 Morning News" introduced Kim Woo-bin and his whole fan meeting for the first time as a Korean star,...More
  • Korean drama of the week "7th Grade Civil Servant"

    2014/02/13, Source,
    Korean drama of the week "7th Grade Civil Servant" (2013) Directed by Kim Sang-hyeob Written by Cheon Seong-il With Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won, Ahn Nae-sang, Hwang Chan-sung, Claudia Kim, Jang Young-nam,... 20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55 Previously known as "The Secret Lovers" (비밀남녀전, Bi-mil-nam-nyeo-jeon) A drama based on the movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent". Synopsis Synopsis "7th Grade Civil Servantt" is a romantic action drama of young agents starting their career in the National Intelligence Service. It is not about the profound philosophy of life nor hidden secret of the birth. This is a blockbuster action-melo drama covering from capital to local, Eastern to Western. They not only pass the boundary of life and death but their everyday life is a breathless thrill with secret projects,...More
  • "Answer Me 1994" mini concert on the 9th

    2014/02/06, Source,
    Cable channel tvN drama "Answer Me 1994" is having a mini concert on the 9th at 2PM in celebration of publishing the novel version of this popular drama. The concert is 30 minutes long which stars singer Hong Dae-gwan who has released his second mini album. He will be singing the OST from the drama itself. The entry is free,...More
  • [Photos] "Venus Talk" VIP Premiere Red Carpet, Actors and Actresses

    2014/02/04, Source,
    Actress Lee Da-hee attended the VIP premiere of the movie "Venus Talk" as well as more than 30 actors and actresses. Lee Da-hee is shown posing playfully at the event,...More
  • [HanCinema Feature] Historical Hysteria: Korean period films coming in 2014

    Joseon pirates, legends, swordsmen, angels and more coming our way in 2014... Cinematic journeys back to Joseon and beyond have rewarded the Korean film industry with a string of profitable historical yarns, a trend that has got producers drooling with the prospect of tapping deeper into this regenerative cash cow. Recently, it's been Han Jae-rim's "The Face Reader" (9.1M admissions) that has had locals flustered and, in 2005, it was Lee Joon-ik's "The King and the Clown" that became the first Joseon-era flick to pass the 10 million admissions mark. It's big business with a cultural twist that locals enjoy supporting, international audiences love lapping up, and a trend that 2014 is keen to take advance of as a host of new retrospectives are getting raring to go,...More
  • Rain, "I'm comfortable with the public statement"

    2014/01/01, Source,
    Singer Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) mentioned his lover Kim Tae-hee and their status. He met with Star News and said, "Some say Kim Tae-hee and I have broken apart but we are well",...More
  • Ok Taecyeon Cleared for Active Duty on Second Attempt

    2013/12/13, Source,
    Ok Taecyeon of boy band 2PM has been cleared for active duty but he will delay enlisting for his 21-month mandatory military service because of his busy workload and concert schedule. The singer, who failed a previous medical exam in 2008 due to a herniated disk, took another examination on Thursday in Daegu and passed with flying colors, according to his agency JYP Entertainment,...More
  • Meet K-Pop Stars, Get Signed CDs

    2013/10/22, Source,
    CJ E&M launches new online services at Mwave, 'Meet & Greet' and 'Mwave shop' for K-Pop fans around the world!! - Meet your K-Pop idol at "Meet & Greet" - Get signed CDs at "Mwave shop", and deliver your message to Stars! - 2PM's Ok Taecyeon will host the first session of Meet & Greet, introducing unique character items of his own, OKCAT. Asia's No.1 content company CJ E&M is bringing a new way to meet K-pop artists and receive signed CDs on its web portal Mwave,...More
  • Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young get married today

    2013/09/26, Source,
    Actor Ji Sung and actress Lee Bo-young are signing up to a hundred years of being together. Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young are getting married today (27th) at the Walker Hill Hotel. There will be performances by Yoon Sang-hyun, Ku Hye-sun and Kim Beom-soo,...More
  • Suzy and Kim Soo-hyun, the most wanted stars at home this holiday

    2013/09/15, Source,
    Suzy and Kim Soo-hyun were chosen as the most wanted stars one would introduce to their family in a survey. App Disco, a mobile reward company, carried out a survey through an application on the 13th,...More
  • 2PM's Junho to star in "Memories of the Sword"

    2013/09/02, Source,
    2PM member Junho is starring in the Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon movie "Memories of the Sword". Lotte Entertainment claimed that Junho, Lee Kyung-young, Kim Tae-woo and Bae Soo-bin are going to start filming early this month,...More
  • Hwang Chan-sung in "Drama Special - Your Noir"

    2013/08/22, Source,
    Group 2PM's Hwang Chan-sung is coming back with KBS 2TV "Drama Special - Your Noir". "Drama Special - Your Noir" is produced by Lee So-yeon-I and written by Kim Wook. The main characters are Hwang Chan-sung, Chae Jung-an and Hong Kyung-in,...More
  • Nam Bo-ra's sensible talk

    2013/08/12, Source,
    Actress Nam Bo-ra's sensible talk has become an issue and witnesses claim she was seen serving. Nam Bo-ra appeared on the KBS radio FM "Hong Jin-kyeong's 2PM" and said, "When I don't have work I go to my mom's restaurant and waitress there",...More
  • "Who Are You - 2013" Ok Taecyeon, a hot blooded detective

    2013/07/29, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon has become a detective in the new tvN drama "Who Are You - 2013" He takes on the role of Cha Gun-woo and left a strong impression on the first episode. He's the biggest problem in the police department but unlikely to hate because he's always so hardworking and full of passion for his job,...More
  • 2PMs Ok Taecyeon Starring In Fantasy Romance Drama Who Are You - 2013

    2013/07/26, Source,
    Episodes Coming To Hulu Starting July 29th The much anticipated new drama "Who Are You - 2013" starring 2PM's hottest member Ok Taecyeon, Kim Jae-wook ("Coffee Prince"), and actress So Yi-hyun ("Cheongdam-dong Alice") will be available on Hulu for North American fans almost immediately after its July 29 premiere airdate in Korea!,...More
  • So Yi-hyun and Ok Taecyeon star in tvN "Who Are You?"

    2013/06/16, Source,
    Actress So Yi-hyun and 2PM Ok Taecyeon have been cast in the tvN drama "Who Are You?" "Who Are You?" is about Yang Si-on who has a third eye after being in a coma for 6 years and Cha Gun-woo who only believes what he sees. The two have the role of the leading male and female,...More
  • Idol Groups Go Out of Fashion as Water Park Models

    2013/06/16, Source,
    With their striking looks and enviable physiques, idol singers have proven a natural choice to promote water parks across the nation. But that is changing as the park operators look to other TV personalities and models with a friendly image that people can relate to. Caribbean Bay in Yongin, Gyeonggy Province is now finalizing the details of a contract with a TV celebrity in his 40s who looks decidedly unfit to promote its facilities,...More
  • "Cold Eyes" behind-the-scenes story

    2013/06/09, Source,
    Behind-the-scenes stories of the movie, "Cold Eyes" has been revealed. "Cold Eyes" starring Han Hyo-joo, Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and 2PM Junho is highly anticipated by many fans. Director Cho Ui-seok said, "I thought of Sul Kyung-gu when I wrote this. I knew he was just the right one to star in and I couldn't ask for more when he said yes. In the role of Chief Hwang, a rational and strong leader, Sul Kyung-gu apparently decided to star in the movie as soon as he heard that Han Hyo-joo and Jung Woo-sung were on board. He also took interest to the role of Hwang who was a police officer with a hidden identity and just watched his suspects,...More
  • Han Hyo-joo compliments Junho's acting

    2013/06/04, Source,
    Actress Han Hyo-joo complimented 2PM Junho's acting in the movie "Cold Eyes". Han Hyo-joo appeared at the premier event of "Cold Eyes" at CGV Apgujeong on the 4th and said, "I loved acting with Junho. I didn't believe it when he said it was his first movie. You would be surprised when you see the movie",...More
  • [Video] Han Hyo-joo, "I have greed for action"

    2013/06/04, Source,
    Actress Han Hyo-joo expressed her greed for action. The premier event of the movie "Cold Eyes" was held in CGV Apgujeong on the 4th with directors Cho Ui-seok and Kim Byeong-seo and casts Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo,...More
  • Korean history boom among K-Pop stars

    2013/05/25, Source,
    Theres an app about Korean history. Lets use it together. (2PM member Hwang Chan-sung) Today is May 18. On this meaningful day, Im studying Korean history about which I need to know more. (Kara member Han Seung-yeon) Search democracy movement. I hope my fans are well aware of our history! (B2ST member Yang Yo-seop) Korean idol starts are studying hard their history. Around the May 18 pro-democracy uprising, more idol celebrities mentioned about history study. Certain idols teach their fans how to study Korean history. For example, 2PM member Lim Seul-ong posted on his twitter account, Theres no future for the people who forgot their own history, while BIGBANG member Taeyang twitted, Ill remember those who have become part of the history,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon plans to get married at 27

    2013/05/23, Source,
    Idol group 2PM member Ok Taecyeon revealed that he wants to get married at the age of 27. Ok Taecyeon appeared in a recent TV program and said, "My parents got married when they were 27 so I have a dream to get married then too. I think it will be good around that age to get married to have kids too",...More
  • Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo in "Cold Eyes"

    2013/05/09, Source,
    Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo have been cast in the movie "Cold Eyes", directed by Cho Ui-seok and Kim Byeong-seo. "Cold Eyes" is a criminal action drama about experts who track down criminal organizations with no signs of existing,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon-hee in a wedding photo

    2013/05/08, Source,
    Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon-hee took wedding pictures. A picture was posted online recently titled, "Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon-hee getting married",...More
  • 14th Jeonju International Film Festival Final Report

    - Cinema Street crowded with various guests and filmmakers visiting from all around the world! - Tickets of all sections including FOCUS ON and STRANER THAN CINEMA had evenly sold out, organizing film programs was conservative - 5th Jeonju Project Market brought huge success within steady managements! -Special Attraction in JIFF 2013! On stage talk show and live performances had set on fire!  On 25 Apr (Thu), 14th Jeonju International Film Festival that commenced at Sori Arts Center closed on 3 May (Fri) with visitors' attentions and involvements,...More
  • "7th Grade Civil Servant" ends with 8.4%

    2013/03/28, Source,
    "7th Grade Civil Servant" ended with 8.4%. According to Nielson Korea, "7th Grade Civil Servant" rated 8.4%,...More
  • No Young-hak in "Minority Opinion"

    2013/03/28, Source,
    In place of 2PM's Junho who decided to give up his role is stepping in actor No Young-hak. JYP Entertainment claims, "Junho has to step down from the drama because the drama gets in the way of 2PM's activities,...More
  • KBS 'Music Bank' Concert Held in Indonesia

    2013/03/11, Source,
    "Music Bank", South Korean broadcaster KBS' music show held its first overseas concert at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday. Twenty-three-thousand fans of K-pop filled the stadium during the three-hour concert,...More
  • Veteran Talent Scout Goes Extra Mile to Find Budding Stars

    2013/03/04, Source,
    Top stars like IU, Kara's Goo Ha-ra and miss A's Suzy lead the K-pop scene at different entertainment agencies, but all have one thing in common: being spotted by Lee Ji-young at JYP Entertainment. Over her 10-year career, the casting manager has earned a reputation for her on-target instinct in identifying new stars. "This is my 10th year looking for new talent in showbiz. I have probably seen more than 200,000 people in auditions", said Lee, who started her career at SM Entertainment in 2004 before moving to JYP a year later. Others discovered by Lee include 2PM, 2AM, 4minute's Kim Hyun-a and Son Ji-hyun, and Sistar's Hyolyn and Dasom,...More
  • [W Weekly] "Yawang" Yunho was a miscast

    2013/02/25, Source,
    There's a saying, 'God is fair'. It means he gave a humans an ability and a disability. Does TVXQ Yunho apply to this too? Yunho is currently playing the role of Baek Do-hoon, Baek Do-kyeong's (Kim Sung-ryung) brother and Joo Da-hae's (Soo Ae) lover in the SBS drama "Yawang",...More
  • 2PM Ranks #1 On Japanese Mobile Download Chart

    2013/02/14, Source,
    Though 2PM has been quiet on the domestic front, the group has been tearing things up in Japan. They are currently touring the country and prepping for the release of their 2nd Japanese album, "Legend of 2PM" on February 13th,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon and Oh Yeong-gyeol in "We Just Got Married"

    2013/01/31, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon and Taiwanese idol group member Oh Yeong-gyeol are starring in "We Just Got Married" as a married couple. A Taiwanese source told TV Report, "Oh Yeong-gyeol is going to be starring in the TV program and Ok Taecyeon's wife. We have completed the contract and are now just waiting for the shooting day to come",...More
  • Lee Joon and Oh Yeon-seo step down from "We Just Got Married"

    2013/01/29, Source,
    2PM member Tacyeon is being added into "We Just Got Married" the MBC TV program. According to the media, Tacyeon has been added as the new member,...More
  • 2PM's Nichkhun Makes First Public Appearance Since Accident

    2013/01/24, Source,
    Nichkhun, member of 2PM, made his first public appearance following a car accident July of last year,...More
  • Big Bang & 2PM Ranked Under Oricon's Best Concerts

    2013/01/11, Source,
    Idol groups Big Bang and 2PM were both honored by Japan's Oricon charts under 2012's Best Concerts. According to the Oricon site on January 9th, the two groups were listed within the top 11 concerts that took place in Japan last year,...More
  • Big Bang & 2PM Ranked Under Oricon's Best Concerts

    2013/01/10, Source,
    Idol groups Big Bang and 2PM were both honored by Japan's Oricon charts under 2012's Best Concerts,...More
  • "My Girlfriend Is An Agent - Drama" Joo Won and Hwang Chang-seong reveal bodies

    2013/01/08, Source,
    Upcoming MBC drama "7th Grade Civil Servant" revealed still cuts of Joo Won and Hwang Chan-sung. Joo Won is wearing a grey tuxedo and Hwang Chan-sung is wearing a black one,...More
  • 2PM's Jun.K To Enroll In Kyunghee University's Media Information Graduate School Program

    2012/12/19, Source,
    When it comes to music and school, 2PM's Jun.K wants to have his cake and eat it too,...More
  • 2PM's Jun.K To Enroll In Kyunghee University's Media Information Graduate School Program

    2012/12/13, Source,
    When it comes to music and school, 2PM's Jun.K wants to have his cake and eat it too,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon rejuvenates

    2012/12/12, Source,
    Idol group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon was seen rejuvenated recently. Tacyeon cut his hair short and posted a picture on his Twitter. He cut his hair and dyed it lighter, looking younger than his age,...More
  • [Celebrity News Station] Park Jin-hee and Han Ji-min do charity work

    2012/12/12, Source,
    Actresses Park Jin-hee and Han Ji-min will be on the streets collecting donations. They are going to attend the UN International Relief Organization Join Together Campaign on the 15th at 2PM in front of the Seoul Myeong-dong Foreign Exchange Bank,...More
  • Hwang Chan-sung becomes an agent

    2012/12/06, Source,
    Hwang Chan-sung became a special force agent. Coming back as an actor in the upcoming MBC drama "7th Grade Civil Servant", Hwang Chan-sung was seen in still cuts of the scene shot in Thailand,...More
  • [Photos] Movie "26 Years" VIP premiere

    Jin Goo, Bae Soo-bin, Han Hye-jin and Seulong at movie "26 Years" VIP premiere,...More
  • "7th Grade Civil Servant" script reading, Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee

    2012/11/20, Source,
    The upcoming MBC drama "7th Grade Civil Servant" has officially starting making, Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won and other main casts of the drama were seen practicing their scripts on the 13th in the MBC Dream Center,...More
  • Choi Kang-hee and Joo Won's drama "Agents"

    2012/11/15, Source,
    MBC TV drama "The Secret Lovers" changed its title to "7th Grade Civil Servant". "7th Grade Civil Servant" is written by Cheon Seong-il who also wrote the drama "The Slave Hunters" and the movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent". This drama is about to attempt at a cross media in a form of pre-qual,...More
  • Winter screens will be an idol war zone

    2012/11/14, Source,
    MBLAQ Lee Joon stars in "Actors Are Actors: by Kim Ki-duk Beast in comedy "Marrying the Mafia 5 - Return of the Family" 2PM Jun-ho debuts in "Cold Eyes" Idols are competing on screens. Several idol group members have been cast in movies and this could be the start of a very heated competition. Miss A's Suzy made her print in the movie "Architecture 101" and Ham Eun-jung from T-ara starred in the horror movie "White: The Melody of the Curse". With expectations higher up this time, the second round of idols is made up of guys,...More
  • "The King of Dramas" opens filming set

    2012/11/03, Source,
    On 2 November, the cast and crew of "The King of Dramas" welcomed reporters to the shooting of the highly anticipated TV series. The event started at 2PM in front of the SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul,...More
  • 2PM Hwang Chan-sung cast for "7th Grade Civil Servant"

    2012/10/30, Source,
    2PM Hwang Chan-sung is starring in the mini series, "7th Grade Civil Servant" Hwang is starring in the romantic comedy "7th Grade Civil Servant" which is about the happenings between two agents in the National Intelligence Service and is based on the 2009 movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent". Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee have been cast previously as the leading characters and it will be released in January next year,...More
  • Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung, Han Hyo-joo in "Lookout"

    2012/10/25, Source,
    Actors Sul Kyung-gu and Jung Woo-sung and actressHan Hyo-joo will start making the movie "Lookout" at the end of this month. According to a movie company, Sul Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Junho from 2PM and Jin Kyung from KBS 2TV drama "My Husband Got a Family" are starring in the movie "Lookout",...More
  • Non-Koreans Flock to K-Pop Auditions Overseas

    2012/10/13, Source,
    YG Entertainment, one of the biggest Korean management agencies which manages stars such as Psy and 2NE1, held an overseas audition in Toronto, Canada in July. The agency expected to see Koreans or Korean Canadians, but scouts were shocked to find people of various ethnic make-ups filling the lines of aspiring young singers or dancers who hope to make it in the music business. "Around 60 percent of those who came to the audition had no ethnic link to Korea whatsoever", one YG staffer said. "The same holds true for half of the people who came to auditions held in London, Seattle, New York and Berlin between June and August",...More
  • 2PM Announces First 4 Global Tour Stops

    2012/09/27, Source,
    Hottests gather around: 2PM has announced the first four stops of their international tour "What Time Is It?,...More
  • Baek Ah-yeon and Chan Seong "Like brother and sister"

    2012/09/17, Source,
    Singer Baek Ah-yeon and 2PM member Chan-seong took a picture together. Chan-seong posted a picture on his Twitter saying, "Good luck Baek Ah-yeon! I'm only posting this now hehehe",...More
  • Free Tickets Available for Huge K-Pop Festival in Incheon

    2012/09/07, Source,
    Korea's largest K-pop festival, "Incheon K-Pop Concert 2012", will be held at Munhak World Cup Stadium in Incheon from 7 p.m. on Sunday. Admission tickets are free of charge, but reservations are required. The concert, organized by the Incheon Metropolitan Government, will feature top stars like BoA, SHINee, Kara, 4Minute, IU, Girl's Day, Kim Tae-woo, Boyfriend, Dalshabet, B.A.P, and Woo-young from 2PM. Super Junior will host the show,...More
  • 2PM Delays September Comeback

    2012/08/28, Source,
    After having announced a September comeback, popular idol group 2PM has revised their plans. After having been involved in a drunk driving accident earlier in the year, popular member Nichkhun has been laying low, taking some time off for self reflection. This has left the rest of the group having to perform as a five-membered group at various events, such as the JYP Nation concerts,...More
  • Today's Photo: August 9, 2012 - "R2B: Return to Base" VIP Premiere

    2012/08/09, Source,
    Actress Shin Se-kyung smiles at a press event for her new film in Seoul on Wednesday,...More
  • SISTAR: Unpredictable girls ready to grow up but no too fast

    2012/08/08, Source,
    By Kwaak Je-yup As the girls of SISTAR settled down in the sofas of their dressing room backstage at SBS's weekly K-pop show Sunday, it was striking how comfortable they looked, despite the presence of a reporter they had never met before. First to find her spot, Soyou, 20, asked for her poofy Rilakkuma pillow and kept the Japanese bear character in her arms,...More
  • 2PM Wooyoung's know-how to taking care of his body

    2012/08/05, Source,
    2PM Wooyoung revealed his how-to. KBS Drama channel "Beauty Queen: Beauty Paparazzi – Homme Special" chose the best vegetarian man and the animal man. 2PM's Wooyoung was chosen as the animal man who recently became of issue for his hot body,...More
  • 2PM's Junho Joins Fight Against Famine in World Vision Event

    2012/07/31, Source,
    Junho Junho of boy band 2PM has been appointed as a promotional ambassador to World Vision International's annual charity event, "24-Hour Famine". Participants are to go without food for a full day to draw attention to the plight of the severely impoverished,...More
  • S. Korean dramas gain hold in NK

    2012/07/28, Source,
    South Korean variety show "Infinity Challenge" is gaining growing popularity in North Korea. / Korea Times file By Kim Young-jin It's no longer just South Korean dramas causing a stir in North Korea: America's "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City" are also being circulated in the isolated state,...More
  • T-ara Confirm Credentials as Korean Wave Stars with Japan Concerts

    2012/07/27, Source,
    Girl Group "T-ara" perform at the Budokan Arena in Tokyo on Wednesday. /Courtesy of Core Contents Media Some 10,000 people filled the Budokan Arena in Tokyo on Wednesday evening, waving fans emblazoned with the faces of "T-ara" members and shaking glow sticks. Korean Wave stars such as Lee Byung-hun, TVXQ and 2PM have all staged concerts at the historic venue in Japan, but "T-ara" is the first Korean girl band to appear there,...More
  • Nichkhun apologizes for drunken driving

    2012/07/27, Source,
    The Thai-American member of South Korean boy band 2PM apologized for his "irresponsible" behavior on Thursday after being involved in an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, better known here as Nichkhun, was charged Tuesday with drunk driving after getting into a fender-bender with a motorcycle in southern Seoul,...More
  • Business Selling Top Idol Stars' Phone Numbers

    2012/07/26, Source,
    Imagine being the top idol group in Korea, and having your phone number up for sale. According to a recent broadcast of "One Night of TV Entertainment" on July 25th, there's reportedly a source selling some of the top stars' personal phone numbers. The show's production team was able to narrow in on this situation, where these phone numbers are being circulated over the web. Depending on the stars' popularity, the cost for their personal digits will range from 5,000 won to 10,000 won,...More
  • Another Pop Star in Drunk Driving Crash

    2012/07/26, Source,
    Nichkhun of the popular boy band 2PM was involved in a drunk driving accident on early Tuesday morning that left a motorcyclist injured. Only last Wednesday singer Alex was arrested for drunk driving in Seoul's wealthy Gangnam district. Nichkhun was driving his Volkswagen down a hill in a backstreet in Gangnam at around 2:45 a.m. after a drinking session and collided with a 55-year-old man identified only as Park who was just turning into the alley on his motorcycle. Park injured his right shoulder, legs and face and is undergoing treatment at a hospital,...More
  • Infinite, lean and hungry

    2012/07/24, Source,
    This is the eighth in a 15-part series on the stars and trends of "hallyu" or the Korean wave, which is gaining popularity in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Korea Times is producing this special prolject in cooperation with the Korea foundation and CJ E&M. - ED. When someone is in hot-pursuit of their dream, the hunger, the ardor, the positive energy of pursuit they emanate are undeniable,...More
  • 2PM's Nichkhun Makes Film Debut

    2012/07/23, Source,
     Nichkhun /Courtesy of JYP Entertainment After returning to Bangkok to attend a preview of his first movie, Nichkhun, the Thai member of Korean boy band 2PM, described his acting debut as an exciting new step in career. His agency JYP Entertainment announced on Saturday that the star had visited the Southeast Asian country to promote the Thai film "Seven Something".,...More
  • Art and Culture

    2012/07/18, Source,
    It's Wednesday and it's celebrity news time with our Michelle Kim. I hear she has all of the latest gossip on Hollywood and beyond, so let's get right to business. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So what's the news this week,...More
  • Wonder Girls Launch World Tour

    2012/07/13, Source,
    The Wonder Girls launched the first leg of their Wonder World Tour 2012 on July 5th in Seoul, in the midst of five thousand fans. The Seoul concert was held at Jamsil Gymnasium, with the girls performing many of their hit songs like "Be My Baby", "Tell Me", "Nobody" and their latest "Like This". The Wonder Girls were the first girl group to hold a solo concert in 2009, and were keen on showing how much they had matured at the latest concert. Rather than focusing on the visual elements and special effects, the girls showed off their voice through their live performances,...More
  • 2PM's Wooyoung Promotes Solo Album

    2012/07/11, Source,
    2PM member Wooyoung held a showcase for his first solo album "23, Male, Single" on Monday,...More
  • K-Pop Stars Come Together To Sing Olympic Song

    2012/07/04, Source,
    2012 is the year of the London Olympics! And to show their support, some of the hottest k-pop groups have collaborated on an Olympics song. To cheer on the Korean athletes competing in the London Olympics this year, 2PM's Nickhun and Junho, MBLAQ, miss A, SISTAR, 4minute, ZE:A - Children of Empire, Nine Muses, B1A4, and Dal Shabet will be singing "Win This Day", under the team name of Team SIII,...More
  • "Architecture 101" Yoo Yeon-seok "There was a kiss scene with Suzy but…"

    2012/07/03, Source,
    Actor Yoo Yeon-seok seemed disappointed he didn't get to have a kiss scene with Suzy from the movie "Architecture 101". Jung Joon, Ye Ji-won, Clara from the SBS weekend drama "Tasty Life" and 2AM Jo Kwon, 2PM Wooyoung, Wonder Girl's Ye-eun, actress Bang Eun-hee, comedian Jung Jong-chul and more appeared for the SBS entertainment program "Kang Heart" on the 3rd of July,...More
  • Today's Photo: June 30, 2012

    2012/06/30, Source,
    Boy band 2PM pose at a promotional event for an outdoor brand at a department store in Seoul on Friday,...More
  • Yoon Sang-hyun is the model for "Hallyu Shopping Mall"

    2012/06/27, Source,
    Actor Yoon Sang-hyun has been chosen to be the model for the Hallyu Shopping Mall in Japan. His agency claimed, "Yoon Sang-hyun has been selected as the model for "Design 89" and there will be a fan autograph signing session on the 30th for an hour from 2PM",...More
  • K-Pop Stars Take Asian Visitors on Tour of Seoul

    2012/06/27, Source,
     2PM's Ok Taecyeon (fifth from left) and Miss A's Jia (second from left) and Fei (second from right) pose with fans from Chinese-speaking countries at a department store in Seoul on Tuesday. /Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization 2PM's Ok Taecyeon and Miss A's Chinese members Jia and Fei made time in their busy schedules for K-pop fans from Chinese-speaking countries to guide them around Seoul on Tuesday,...More
  • K-Pop Bands Score Hat Trick at MTV Japan Awards

    2012/06/25, Source,
    Three K-pop groups won prizes at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, which was held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, on Saturday. Girls' Generation grabbed the Best Album of the Year award, 2PM the Best Group Video award, and 2NE1 the Best New Artist Video award at the event, which is now in its 11th year,...More
  • Star-studded K-pop concert in Hong Kong

    2012/06/25, Source,
    Thousands of fans flocked to a major K-pop concert in Hong Kong on Saturday, cheering an array of South Korean stars in the latest sign of the pop music phenomenon's rising popularity. Music Bank featured eight popular South Korean artists and was the largest K-pop concert to be held in the southern Chinese city. Boy band TVXQ and singing starlet IU were among the groups that danced and sang to a sea of exuberant fans,...More
  • K-Pop Star Entertain Art Show Brings Together Fans and Stars

    2012/06/20, Source,
    The 2012 K-Pop Star Entertain Art Show, Korea's first K-pop inspired art exhibition targeting hallyu fans in Korea and overseas, will open at KINTEX on June 23rd. Sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization and Goyang City, the exhibition, which runs until August 19th, has been described by organizers as a mixture of K-Pop with magic art to create a new form of hallyu contents. The pieces on display use the Trompe-L'Oeil or "trick eye" technique which turns two-dimensional pictures into 3D illusions. Visitors will be able to take pictures that really makes them look like they're standing with their favorite stars,...More
  • Liquor Adverts Rely on Star Power

    2012/06/18, Source,
    More and more top stars are appearing in ads for alcoholic beverages, which critics say could be one reason for Korea's cavalier attitude to heavy drinking. Women are especially sought-after for soju commercials, which have featured pop diva Lee Hyori and actresses Shin Min-a and Kim Tae-hee, to name just a few, making the commercials an increasingly reliable gauge of a female celebrity's marketability,...More
  • Wait until 2PM

    2012/06/13, Source,
    An interesting report surfaced recently about how moneyed women in their 20s and 30s were fueling the popularity of such K-pop groups as 2PM. "Yugsikyeo" or "meat-eating females" refer to a generation of active women empowered by their talent and the financial stability that comes with it. That marks a shift from the women in their 40s and 50s that constituted the fan base for Korean pop,...More
  • 'Hottest' to artist: evolution of 2PM

    2012/06/12, Source,
    Members of K-pop boy band 2PM pose for a promotional photoshoot for their most recent release, "Hands Up", in 2011. In their fifth year as one of the country's most popular groups, they insist the best is yet to come, with great participation in the creative process. / Courtesy of JYP Entertainment This is the fifth in a 15-part series on the stars and trends of Hallyu, or the Korean wave, which is gaining popularity in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Korea Times produces this special project in cooperation with the Korea Foundation and CJ E&M,...More
  • The reason why young Japanese women like Korean men

    2012/06/11, Source,
    경제력을 갖춘 20, 30대 일본 여성들이 K팝 소비의 중심으로 떠오르고 있다. 사진은 지난달 12일 도쿄돔에서 열린 슈퍼주니어 콘서트에 모인 여성팬들. / SM엔터테인먼트 제공 Jang Geun-suk and 2PM guaranteed to be a success by rich "meat-eater females" in Japan On May 31, outside the Budokan, an indoor arena in central Tokyo, Japan, was crowded with women in their 20s-40s. These females were fans of the Korean boy group 2PM who came to see their concert. When asked why they like 2PM, they replied in unison, "Because they're manly". When asked if there's any Japanese group like 2PM, they replied, "No". Two days later, there was a SHINee concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, an arena in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan. Although they debuted in Japan less than a year ago, as many as 12,000 tickets were sold out. "SHINee can dance and sing, but more importantly they make us want to protect them. And it's cute when they try very hard to speak in Japanese though they're not used to it", said Saeko Kitamura, 23,...More
  • 2PM ranks No.2 on Oricon chart

    2012/06/08, Source,
      The members of Korean boy band 2PM pose at a press conference held in Budokan of Tokyo on May 30. Their fourth single "Beautiful" ranked second on Oricon daily chart. Korean boy band 2PM's fourth single "Beautiful", released on Wednesday, placed second on Japan's Oricon daily chart with over 70,000 copies sold,...More
  • Park Jin-young To Launch Personally-Designed Headphones In Korea

    2012/06/05, Source,
    Park Jin-young is a man of many talents. He will be launching a domestic brand of headphones that he designed personally himself. According to JYP Entertainment on June 4th, "JYP joined hands with the US headphone company Monster to soon launch "diamond tears headphones" in Korea",...More
  • K-pop Singers Introduced in Thai School Textbooks

    2012/06/02, Source,
    Thai school textbooks now include Korean pop stars in their contents. The Korea Thailand Communication Center(KTCC) said Friday that one of the top ranking publishers in Thailand had recently released music textbooks for junior high to high school classes which include pictures of well-known K-pop stars, including CNBLUE, Super Junior, 2PM, Rain and Big Bang,...More
  • "JYP Nation In Japan" Concert In August

    2012/06/01, Source,
    JYP Entertainment artists will all be heading to Japan for their first "family" concert there. JYP announced at 2PM's solo concert on May 31st at Budokan, Japan, that the agency's artists will all gather for two concerts in Tokyo and Yoyogi of Japan on August 18-19th. It's been a year since such a show, after a similar concert took place in Saitama's Super Arena last year,...More
  • Finalists of Colombian K-Pop Show Meet Idols in Seoul

    2012/05/31, Source,
    A group of Columbian youngsters who fell in love with K-pop won the chance to visit Korea last week, where they met several K-pop singers during their week-long stay. The six finalists of "K-Pop Reality", an audition show that aired on Caracol TV, Colombia's largest private TV station, appeared on Arirang TV's "Simply K-Pop" music show on Wednesday and showcased their dancing skills while singing songs by 2PM and 2NE1,...More
  • 'Hallyu' fans invited to travel around nation

    2012/05/28, Source,
    By Yun Suh-young The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is hosting "Touch Korea Tour", a campaign to invite 15 "hallyu" (Korean wave) fans from around the world to tour the nation, starting next month. The KTO said Monday out of 2,000 candidates who submitted user created content (UCC) from over 100 countries, seven were selected as winners, while the remaining eight were chosen by regional KTO offices overseas,...More
  • The Workd of Line, Ink, and Nude by Chang-Woo Seok (Friday, May 25)

    2012/05/23, Source,
    The Workd of Line, Ink, and Nude by Chang-Woo Seok (Friday, May 25) Join us at the Korean Cultural Center for a new exhibit opening and performance art event featuring inspiring artist Chang-Woo Seok. In 1984, Chang-Woo Seok's first career as an electrical engineer ended abruptly with a 22,000-volt shock that nearly killed him. The accident forced the complete amputation of both arms and two toes. Seeking to rebuild his life, Seok took up Korean calligraphy and traditional ink and paper artwork, with the use of special attachments developed for his prosthetic arms. For more than 20 years since, he has developed a unique method and style that strives to capture the movement and form of the human body, in defiance of his physical disability,...More
  • 2PM To Perform At 2012 MTV Video Music Awards

    2012/05/17, Source,
    2PM has been busy over in Japan with their fourth Japanese single " Beautiful " set to be released on June 6th". Beautiful " has already been picked up by a company to be used in a Japanese commercial, receiving positive responses. The single album will also include a song written by 2PM member Junho, titled "Kimi Ga Areba",...More
  • 2PM's Ok Taecyeon With Arm Injury

    2012/05/17, Source,
    Boys will be boys. 2PM's Ok Taecyeon is learning the hard way that fun and games can lead to pain. Ok Taecyeon reportedly injured his humerus bone -- the bone stretching from one's shoulder to elbow -- while arm wrestling his fellow groupmates. JYP Entertainment reported the news on the official homepage, "After finishing promotions in Japan on May 15th, Ok Taecyeon injured his left humerus while arm wrestling with the other 2PM members. He went to the hospital right away late at night, where he received his diagnosis, inspection, and treatment in the emergency room,...More
  • K-Pop Expands the Hallyu Wave: SHINee, Wonder Girls, SNSD, 2PM Captivate World

    2012/05/17, Source,
    Girls' Generation (SNSD) SHINee is the new Beatles of Asia. The Wonder Girls made their debut on Nickelodeon. Girls' Generation (SNSD) brought "The Boys" song to Late Night with David Letterman and Live With Kelly. 2PM became the new sexy icons in Japan. What do all these artist have in common? They have brought K-pop to the global scale. South Korea began expanding its entertainment industry with the release of dramas like "Winter Sonata" and "Stairway to Heaven" in the early 2000s. Television stations airing these dramas began appearing all over the United States,...More
  • Dream Concert Held In Seoul

    2012/05/14, Source,
    The top idol stars in k-pop gathered for the ultimate annual musical spectacle the Dream Concert. The 18th annual Dream Concert was held at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul on May 12th, where the hottest acts were all on the list of acts. Fans got to see TVXQ, Girls' Generation, Taetiseo, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, Sistar, Secret, Beast, 4minute, Infinite, Boyfriend, A Pink, T-ara, Kara, B1A4, Ailee, EXO-K, ZE:A - Children of Empire, Davichi, Rania, and TEEN TOP,...More
  • Celebrity K-Pop Singers Share Sparrow's Diets with Fans

    2012/05/10, Source,
    A small portion of steamed cabbage, four small pieces of sweet potato and a chicken breast smaller than the size of his fist are what Jun-ho, a member of K-pop idol group 2PM, revealed on his Twitter to be his daily diet, which he consumes as a single meal. Until recently, low-calorie diets have typically been the preserve of girl group members, who make considerable efforts to stay trim. However, more male celebrities are now sharing their diets on social network services such as Twitter,...More
  • 2PM's Japanese concerts sold out

    2012/05/09, Source,
    By Rachel Lee Korean boy band 2PM's concerts in Japan are completely sold out, JYP Entertainment said Tuesday. According to the agency, the tickets for "6 Beautiful Days", which will run from May 24 through 31 in Budokan, Tokyo, with additional nights at the Yokohama Arena on June 5 and 6 have all been purchased,...More
  • Healthier Living with Woongjin Coway

    2012/05/05, Source,
    Most people might not consider a water purifier as essential an app,...More
  • Gavy NJ Add Two New Members

    2012/05/02, Source,
    Power vocalist group Gavy NJ has added two new members ahead of their comeback. Last May, the previous members Hee-young and Misty had left the group to pursue solo activities following the completion of their contract with their last agency. After a number of auditions, the two new members joining the original member Si-hyun will be Jenny (25 years-old) and Gun-ji (21 years-old),...More
  • 2AM Attracts 6,000 Japanese Fans

    2012/04/24, Source,
    The four-member group 2AM held an event to commemorate the release of their second single in Japan entitled "You wouldn't Answer My Calls" four times with around 6,000 fans at Stella Ball in Tokyo on April 22. The tickets for the event were included in their album on which the faces of each member was printed, and the event with various programs received a favorable response,...More
  • Kids World Cinema: Korea & Spain (Sunday, April 22, 2012)

    2012/04/20, Source,
    Join us for a free afternoon of film, fun, and festivities for kids! As part of Kids World Cinema 2012, the Korean Cultural Center is teaming up with the Embassy of Spain to present a collection of short Korean and Spanish films just for kids, followed by a group discussion and cultural activities. Children will learn about Korean and Spanish culture in a fun setting, and see how even though kids in other countries may not speak the same language, they are not so different. Children and parents of all backgrounds are welcome to participate. Intended for children age 6-10, but slightly younger or older children are also welcome,...More
  • Girls' Generation, Big Bang Most Popular Singers, Survey Shows

    2012/04/20, Source,
    Girls' Generation have been named the most popular female singers in the first half of this year according to a straw survey of 1,329 people by market researcher Leespiar released on Wednesday. Some 26.9 percent of respondents picked the band as their top choice,...More
  • Self-regulating indecency

    2012/04/17, Source,
    Comedian belatedly in hot water for calling 'comfort women' whores By Na Jeong-ju Public opinion appears to be taking a decisive turn for decency over freedom of speech. A foul-mouthed popular podcaster alienated supporters of an opposition party whose ticket he ran on in the April 11 parliamentary elections, negatively affecting the outcome. Of course, his young fans remained loyal,...More
  • 1,500 Japanese Fans Greet 2AM and 2PM at Airport

    2012/04/13, Source,
    The star groups 2AM and 2PM visited Japan via Haneda airport on April 10 to promote their documentary movie entitled "Beyond the ONEDAY - Story of 2PM & 2AM", which will be released in June, Japanese media reported on April 11,...More
  • 2PM, 2AM to film documentary in Japan

    2012/04/11, Source,
    Members of 2PM and 2AM (Courtesy of JYP Entertainment) K-pop groups 2PM and 2AM will film a documentary on their concerts in Japan, which will hit theaters in June,...More
  • 9 out of 10 French hallyu fans want to visit Korea

    2012/04/08, Source,
    More than nine out of 10 French hallyu fans, who are interested in the Korean culture, want to travel Korea, a survey showed Tuesday. A poll at tourism promotion Website (, conducted by the state-run Korea Tourism Organization's Paris branch, displayed that more than 90 percent of 3,775 respondents said they want to visit Korea. Of them, 75.8 percent said they will come to Korea without fail,...More
  • Thailand Fetes 2PM's Nichkhun as Most Influential Celebrity

    2012/04/04, Source,
    Testament to the growing influence of K-pop in Southeast Asia, Nichkhun, the sole Thai member of Korean boy band 2PM, picked up the top honor at the Kingdom's Kerd Awards on Friday, the band's agency JYP Entertainment said on Tuesday,...More
  • Hallyu Fans in France Like Big Bang and 2NE1

    2012/04/04, Source,
    Research says that the local fans in France like Big Bang and 2NE1 the most among K-Pop singing groups, and 98.2 percent of the respondents revealed that they would like to visit Korea. The Paris branch of the Korea Tourism Organization Paris conducted an online survey with 3,775 Hallyu fans. According to the result of the survey released on April 3, Big Bang and 2NE1 were selected as their favorite male and female singing groups by obtaining 49.9 and 64.8 percent of the votes, respectively,...More
  • 2PM play dress-up for fans

    2012/04/03, Source,
    Members of K-pop boy band 2PM host a mock talk show at their fan-only gathering on Sunday, at the Grand Peace Palace of the Kyunghee University in Hoegi-dong, eastern Seoul. Ok Taecyeon, who did most of the speaking for the evening, is on screen./ Courtesy of JYP By Kwaak Je-yup Even with just about 4,000 in the Seoul auditorium, 2PM's fans could easily out-scream the crowds at world's largest music festivals like Glastonbury or Coachella. Cheering and hollering the band members' names, the entirely female audience seemed unable to contain their excitement, fuming every emotion out in full force at every opportunity and leaving no part of their vocal chords unmoved,...More
  • Showbiz Tycoon Targets China with New Boy Band

    2012/03/30, Source,
    EXO-M /Courtesy of SM Entertainment Showbiz tycoon Lee Soo-man has often said that China's entertainment market will overtake Hollywood one day, and the ultimate goal of his company SM Entertainment will be making China's Hollywood his home ground,...More
  • Big 3 Entertainment Agencies: How Did They Fare In 2011?

    2012/03/29, Source,
    YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun-suk must be pretty smug. It seems he's managing his agency pretty well. According to a KOSDAQ report revealing the 2011 financial reports for the big three agencies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, & YG Entertainment), SM came out on top in terms of annual sales,...More
  • Today's Photo: March 27, 2012

    2012/03/27, Source,
    U.S. President Barack Obama poses for a photo after a talk at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies before attending the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit later on Monday,...More
  • "Syndrome" the strongest one of all

    2012/03/26, Source,
    "Syndrome" is the strongest out of all General Service Channel dramas. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 26th of March, the thirteenth episode of JTBC "Syndrome" rated 1.480%. This is 0.129% higher than the previous episode,...More
  • 2PM Successfully Finishes Asia Concert Tour in Hong Kong

    2012/03/13, Source,
    The idol group 2PM has finished their last concert of their Asia tour entitled "Hands Up" in Hong Kong, their agency JYP Entertainment said on March 12. According to JYP, around 9,000 audience members from various Asian countries came to 2PM's first solo concert in Hong Kong which was held at the Asian Expo Arena on March 10. 2PM heated up the venue by presenting their hit songs including the title song of their second album entitled "Hands Up".,...More
  • Korean drama, K-pop idols shine in Okinawa concert

    2012/03/06, Source,
    The influence of Korean pop culture has reached the southernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, resulting in a concert that showcased not only just K-pop idol groups like Kara and 2PM but also the soundtracks of Korean dramas. "World Music Festival in Okinawa" took place Sunday in a two-part format at the Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha, the island's capital,...More
  • Hong Sang-soo Film Retrospective @Museum of the Moving Image March 17, 18, and 23, 2012

    2012/03/05, Source,
    The Korea Society film fans celebrate Asia Week with a screening of works by celebrated director Hong Sang-soo ("The Day He Arrives", "Ha Ha Ha"). Since he debuted with 'The Day a Pig into the Well' in 1996, all of his films were invited by prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Berlin, and New York Film Festivals, and began to receive worldwide attention. We present highly acclaimed 5 films and they will be shown at the newly renovated Museum of the Moving Image, home to New York City's finest, state-of-the-art screen. This retrospective is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature,...More
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] K-Pop as its own music genre on YouTube?

    Last year Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced that a YouTube channel will be launched dedicated to Korea's own brand of popular music called "K-pop". This was huge news, especially when considering that it would come to be the only true category of music inspired and fuelled by a specific country. I mean genres such as reggae, Latin, and country music all have there roots in other countries, but an exclusive category for Korea's popular music? Surprising indeed, but what's not surprising is the popularity of the music and its continued spread around the world that has come to be known as the "the Korean Wave",...More
  • 2PM to Teach Korean on Japanese TV Channel

    2012/03/02, Source,
    Boy band 2PM will appear on a Korean language education program set to air on NHK, Japan's major broadcaster. "2PM will host a segment of NHK TV's 'Learning Korean through TV' for a year from April 2", the band's agency JYP Entertainment said on Thursday. The 25-minute show will be broadcast across the nation every Monday at 10 p.m. During their 5-minute segment, the members will explain common Korean expressions and phrases in addition to useful tips that can be used when traveling in Korea,...More
  • Suzy "Why kissing Kim Soo-hyeon is most memorable"

    2012/02/28, Source,
    Suzy said that amo,...More
  • 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour at Nanjing China

    2012/02/27, Source,
    Hands Up Asia Tour, the first Asia Tour concert for 2PM, was held in Nanjing, China on the 25th of February with great supports from 9,000 Chinese fans. The words 2PM was ranked #2 for the real time search words chart at Sina Weibo,...More
  • Hallyu stars urged to behave

    2012/02/24, Source,
    Members of boy band Block B apologize for their inappropriate behav,...More
  • Ahn So-hee of Wonder Girls

    2012/02/23, Source,
    Ahn So-hee (Hangul: 안소희; Hanja: 安昭熙; born June 27, 1992), commonly known by her stage name Sohee, is a South Korean idol singer, actress, model and MC. She is a member of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007,...More
  • 2PM's First Concert in Thailand Attracts 9,000 Audience Members

    2012/02/21, Source,
    The idol group 2PM successfully finished their Asian concert tour entitled "Hands Up" in Thailand, their agency JYP Entertainment said on February 20. According to JYP, 2PM held their first solo concert in Thailand at Impact Arena on February 18, and around 9,000 audience members came to their concert. 2PM sang their hit songs including the title song of their second album entitled "Hands Up" during the concert. Group member Nichkhun, who hails from Thailand, received a standing ovation when singing the song of a Thai singer named Bird,...More
  • Former 2PM Singer Park's Album on Billboard World Chart

    2012/02/21, Source,
    Jay Park, formerly a member of boy band 2PM, claimed fourth place on the Billboard World Albums Chart with his latest album "New Breed" on Sunday. The singer, better known as Jay Park in the U.S., is making his second appearance on the chart following last year's entry with his mini-album, "Take A Deeper Look".,...More
  • Boy band Block B offers apology for Thai interview

    2012/02/20, Source,
    By Kwaak Je-yup After a barrage of online criticism and a celebrity Twitter blast, new hip-hop boy band Block B publicly apologized for their cultural insensitivity and misbehavior in a recent interview with a Thai online news outlet. "We misunderstand where the line is drawn between freedom and lack of common sense", said P.O, one of the band's seven members, in a statement posted Monday on the group's bulletin board for fans, commonly called fan cafes here,...More
  • K-celebrities now 1

    2012/02/16, Source,
    We go wherever the stars go! Here's the hottest entertainment news of the week! Let's go! We're kicking off the week with an adorable kiss scene between two hot pop idol stars. F's Luna locked lips with SS501's Kim Kyu-jong in their first major acting debut, the TV drama "Go! Mrs. Go!",...More
  • K-celebrities now 2

    2012/02/16, Source,
    Se7en, the prince of K-pop, is back after a year and a half with a new mini-album that has swept all competition off the charts! [Interview : Se7en, Singer] "Hello, Arirang Today viewers! It's nice to meet you. I'm Se7en". We've all been waiting for this moment, and it's finally here! We joined Se7en for his comeback fan meeting. Last week, Se7en held a fan meeting to commemorate his comeback. The venue was packed with hundreds of fans,...More
  • 'Right to be forgotten' matters in Internet Age

    2012/02/15, Source,
    Increasing privacy infringement on the Internet has set off a campaign to uphold the "right to be forgotten", which allows users to demand information about them be deleted by social networking websites. / Korea Times file People plagued by endless lifespan of online data By Park Si-soo Human beings have a limited memory. Yet the invention of the Internet has prolonged it eternally, creating a fresh form of social headache that didn't exist in the bygone unconnected era. Many celebrities here are haunted by articles and photos they posted on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook,...More
  • T-ara: 'It Is Amazing to Be Besieged by Autograph Hunters in Europe'

    2012/02/15, Source,
    Soyeon (25), Ham Eun-jung (24), and Hyomin (23) of the girl group T-ara, which is enjoying incredible popularity with their songs "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey", said, "We had just wanted to rank atop the music chart in the past, but now we are besieged by autograph hunters in Europe. It is amazing thing (laugh)". T-ara finished their activities in Korea for a while after their appearance in the SBS TV music program "The Music Trend" on February 12, and they will leave to Japan on February 16. They will hold activities in Japan until March 3 with their third single album "Roly-Poly" in Japan. Soyeon, Ham Eun-jung, and Hyomin came to Euljiro on February 13 to give an interview. Soyeon said, "We had been very busy for the last ten months without taking a break, but we feel satisfied as more people recognize us at this month. We had a full schedule every day for the past ten months, and sometimes we had nine different schedules on the same day and spent almost 22 hours for our activities. Our fans worried about us, saying, 'You have too much work'. But the interesting thing was that the group members did not sleep even though they were all very tired from heavy schedule. All of us tended to release our stress from works by talking to each other while we were moving in a car". Like Soyeon mentioned, T-ara had been extremely busy for the past ten months,...More
  • Chicago to Hold 2nd Flashmob for "SM Town" Live Concert

    2012/02/14, Source,
    In 2011, United States was showered with top acts like Girls' Generation, 2NE1 and the Wonder Girls making their mainstream debuts. One of Korea's most popular tours, the SMTOWN Live World Tour, has touched down in Los Angeles and New York. Now, fans in America's Midwest want their own show too. On November 12th, 2011, fans from all over the Chicago land area danced to hit songs from SHINee, Girls' Generation, Super Junior and many others in Lake Shore Park,...More
  • K-Pop Singers Heat Up Frozen Paris

    2012/02/10, Source,
    KBS 2TV Music Bank held a concert in Paris with 10,000 audience members. Eight Korean singing groups held a performance in Paris. And Girls' Generation is making a grand finale at the KBS 2TV Music Bank that was held at Bercy Stadium in Paris on February 8,...More
  • Celebrities Join Together To Raise Money For Facial Burn Victims

    2012/02/10, Source,
    A group of celebrities got together to do some good for those that are victims of facial burns. Titled "Another Face Another Dream", the charity photo shoot was held by an optical brand and a magazine company,...More
  • Album review

    2012/02/07, Source,
    Jay Park - 'New Breed' (UNIVERSAL MUSIC) Why we recommend it: Though a few tracks offer something new, for the most part, the album is recommended for Jay Park's fans. Recommended track: "Clap" One and a half stars out of four Jay Park, the former member of a popular boy band 2PM, has released his first full-length album, "New Breed". The 15-track CD includes five songs from a mini album "New Breed Part 1" put out in December 2011,...More
  • Kim Soo-hyeon and Tacyeon kiss Suzy's cheeks, left and right

    2012/02/05, Source,
    Girl group Miss A's Suzy got a kiss on each cheek from actor Kim Soo-hyun and 2PM's Tacyeon. A video titled, ""Dream High" poster shoot" was posted online recently,...More
  • KARA wins five crowns at Japan's Gold Disc Award

    2012/01/30, Source,
    Rising K-pop girl group Kara were five-time winners at the Japan Gold Disc Awards 2012. They swept Best Asian Artist, Best Three Asian Albums, Song of the Year by Download, Best Five Songs by Download and Best Music Video, during Friday's ceremony hosted by the Recording Industry Association of Japan in Tokyo,...More
  • 2PM's Nickhun To Act In Thai Movie

    2012/01/17, Source,
    Nickhun is not only a singer, but now soon-to-be an actor! According to JYP Entertainment, the 2PM member will be acting in a Thai movie project, celebrating major filmmaker GTH's 7th anniversary. He's already in Thailand, and has been since January, for the filming. This is Nickhun's first time acting. GTH is well known for movies like "Phobia2", "Hello Stranger", and "Bangkok Traffic Love Story". Three directors will be participating on this latest project, creating a three-part story about life and love,...More
  • K-pop stars to tour overseas in 2012

    2012/01/10, Source,
    A JYJ fan from Peru holds a poster that says "Peru loves JYJ". Fans in South America have been actively requesting K-pop groups perform in their countries through various media outlets. / Courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment By Noh Hyun-gi With seemingly unstoppable momentum, K-pop stars are advancing across the globe. Many fans have asked the artists to visit their home countries through innovative methods like uploading flash mob videos online. Moved by these active and sincere requests, K-pop stars will hold concerts around the world and are planning additional gigs to accommodate the enthusiastic fans,...More
  • K-Pop Expected to Boom Again This Year

    2012/01/10, Source,
    Five representatives who are leading the new Hallyu boom in the world expressed their prospects for K-Pop this year. Representatives of major entertainment agencies (from left, clockwise) -- Kim Young Min of SM, Yang Hyun Seok of YG, Hong Seung Sung of Cube, and Jeong Wook of JYP K-Pop gained huge popularity all over the world beyond Asia last year. It has been spread into the popular culture of many Asian countries such as Japan and countries in East Asia, and K-Pop's internet fandom was created in Europe and South America through various internet websites such as YouTube and SNS (Social Network Service). In addition, some of the entertainment agencies, who are leading the widespread of K-Pop in the world, held concerts in the USA, Europe, and South America, and the major local medias reported the popularity of K-Pop in their countries as a new phenomenon by indicating it as "Attack by K-Pop Stars" and "Crazy about K-Pop". The representatives of major entertainment agencies -- SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment -- and the singer BoA, who achieved great success overseas for the first time among Korean singing groups, expressed their bright prospects for K-Pop this year,...More
  • Top Korean News of 2011

    2011/12/30, Source,
    Freak weather and upheavals in Korea's political landscape punctuated a year of uncertainties that ended with the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il just before Christmas. But Koreans also took pride in their burgeoning exports, not only of electronics and cars that are increasingly prized around the world but also of the pop music generated by leading talent factories, which cheered up listeners worldwide in gloomy times,...More
  • Year of Black Dragon

    2011/12/30, Source,
    The year 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and the mythical animal, seen in this "Hwangnyonggi", symbolizes power and wealth.(Courtesy of National Palace Museum of Korea) The animal has a head resembling a camel, eyes of a rabbit, the nose of a pig, ears like an ox, antlers similar to a buck, a snake-like neck, fists as fierce as those of a tiger, the sharp talons of a hawk and scales no different from a carp. There are long whiskers decorating the mouth and a bump in the middle of the head, which allow the animal to fly in the air. In this manner the mythical dragon creature is described in "Boncho Gangmok" (Classified Records of Chinese Medical Botany) originally published in 1596,...More
  • Stars Sing for Hospital Patients

    2011/12/27, Source,
    Wonder Girls perform at Samsung Medical Center on Tuesday Singers with talent factory JYP Entertainment staged a small free concert for some 1,000 patients, their families and fans at Samsung Medical Center on Tuesday,...More
  • Glamorous Ok Taecyeon and Kim Tae-hee meet for a birthday greeting

    2011/12/27, Source,
    On December 27th 2PM's Ok Taecyeon posted this picture on his Twitter, noting, "Today is my birthday. This is an old picture but it shows that on the last day of drama filming I received some birthday wishes",...More
  • South Korean Government Uses K-POP Calendars To Spread Korean Culture

    2011/12/23, Source,
    The South Korean government has decided to take a new approach to spread Korean culture. To promote Korean idol groups to countries abroad, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism had special photo calendars produced and distributed to 170 international embassies,...More
  • KTO offers virtual dates with K-pop stars

    2011/12/20, Source,
    Snapshot of the interactive film, "Annyeong", featuring K-pop stars, Miss A and 2PM. Users can access the interactive movie at and go on a three-day virtual tour with the singers. / Courtesy of KTO By Noh Hyun-gi K-pop stars are at the forefront of "hallyu" or the Korean wave, and they are stepping up as spokesmen and spokeswomen for Korea,...More
  • Kara Emerge as Most Profitable K-Pop Group in Japan

    2011/12/20, Source,
    Girl group Kara have recorded W70 billion in sales of their CDs and DVDs in Japan, ranking first among K-pop singers who have made inroads into the country. Local media outlets reported Monday that Kara earned revenue of 4.93 billion yen (W74 billion) from sales of their CDs and DVDs this year, according to data released by the Oricon chart,...More
  • Show what you've got at 2012 auditions

    2011/12/15, Source,
    (Above picture: You can become the next Girls ' Generation: Show off your talent and passion at "The 2012 SM Global Audition". / Courtesy of SM Entertainment) With the popularity of audition shows like "Super Star K", "The Great Birth", and "Survival Audition K-Pop Star", the door to stardom has widened. This month, major Korean talent agencies JYP Entertainment, SM entertainment and DSP Media are starting their search for star material,...More
  • Tourists flocking to Garosu-gil

    2011/12/09, Source,
    Bean Story, a cafe, is seen on the second floor of a building at Garosu-gil in Gangnam, southern Seoul, a hot destination that attracts not only Koreans but also foreign tourists with unique shops. / Korea Times photo by Kim Rahn By Kim Rahn Yuka, a tourist from Japan, was recently walking along Garosu-gil in southern Seoul on a sunny afternoon. She and her three friends looked around the shops there, bought boots and clothes and took pictures,...More
  • 2PM Begins Arena Tour

    2011/12/07, Source,
    Star group 2PM began their first Arena Tour entitled "Republic of 2PM" at Osaka Hall in Osaka on December 5. In the midst of cheering from their 10,000 fans, they showcased splendid performances while singing their hit songs such as "Hot" and "Put Your Hands Up". Taek Yeon said, "We have decided the title of this concert tour will be 'Republic of 2PM' because we wanted to announce our concept about the world in front of you". 2PM presented three title songs that had been ranked in the top four of the Oricon chart such as "Take Off", "I'm Your Man", and "Ultra Lover", hit songs in Korea, and the ballad entitled "Even If We Are Apart" that Joon Soo had made for their fans during the two-hour concert,...More
  • K-Pop Artists Dominate Online Searches In Japan

    2011/12/04, Source,
    If the internet's search rankings are any indication of the top trends in Japan, k-pop is one of them. According to the search rankings for the top male and female entertainers and sports athletes for January 1 to October 31st 2011, 18 of the top 20 spots were dominated by k-pop artists,...More
  • "What's Up" organizes on its own

    2011/12/04, Source,
    General service channel MBN's weekend drama "What's Up" didn't keep to its time schedule. The first episode of "What's Up" was aired instead of the second episode like it was supposed to originally, at 2PM,...More
  • T-ara Jiyeon cast for "Dream High 2"

    2011/11/27, Source,
    T-ara Jiyeon has been cast for "Dream High 2". Drama "Dream High" is popular for its idol cast of 2PM Ok Taecyeon, T-ara Ham Eun-jung, Miss A Suzy, IU and others. The second season is coming on the 30th of January next year.,...More
  • "Dream High 2", Hyolyn, Kang So-ra and Jinwoon?

    2011/11/27, Source,
    Discussing main roles... Park Jin-young cast again "Who will be the hero of 'Dream High Season 2'"?,...More
  • JYJ Kim Jae-joong leads as 'favorite singer turned actor'

    2011/11/21, Source,
    JYJ member Kim Jae-joong took up first place as the most favorite singer turned actor. For three days, MTV K ran a survey titled, "Who Are Your Favorite Idol-Turned-Singers?" and the results showed that Kim Jae-joong from the SBS TV drama "Protect the Boss" left a deep impression on many people as he led the survey with 44.1%.,...More
  • A new Day dawns for K-pop: Canadian rapper sings Korean lyrics

    2011/11/16, Source,
    Last October, Canadian rapper Jesse Day spit-fired the Korean lyrics of "외톨이" (Alone) alongside speed rapper Outsider, on SBS's "Star King", a show which features performers with unique abilities. It was a breathtaking spectacle, requiring months of rigorous practice. Day's fast-paced performance earned the praise of several of his idols, including 2PM member Nick Hun, and Outsider himself,...More
  • S. Korean Singer "G.NA" in NYC

    2011/11/14, Source,
    Korean-Canadian singer "G.NA" showed her near perfect body in a recent photoshoot held in New York City. Gina Choi (최지나), better known by her stage name G.NA, is a Korean Canadian singer under Cube Entertainment, born on Sept. 13, 1987. She released her first mini-album, Draw G's First Breath, on July 14, 2010.[1] She graduated from Fraser Heights Secondary School,...More
  • Super Junior, Jang Geun-suk, and SHINee Chosen as Most Popular Hallyu Stars

    2011/11/02, Source,
    Research has said that the idol group Super Junior, actor Jang Geun-suk, and the idol group SHINee have been chosen as the most popular Hallyu stars overseas by ranking in the top three. The English website of calculated the number of fans belonging to each star's fan clubs organized on their website, and released the rank indicating the most popular Hallyu stars overseas on November 1. Super Star (with 3,063 members) ranked atop the stars including singing groups and actors, and Jang Geun-suk (with 2,303 members) and SHINee (with 2,138 members) followed,...More
  • VCR1 Weekly star scene
    2011/10/20, Source,
    We go wherever the stars go! Here's the hottest entertainment news of the week! Let's go! Our #5 Hot news is the comeback of Lee Seung-gi, a.k.a. the king of ballads. The multi-entertainer is back in the music industry with a song he wrote himself, and his voice is as sweet as ever. [SOV] [Interview : ] "Shall we date Hot News #4 brings us news of Hallyu star Ryu Si-won's fan meeting. [SOV] [Interview : ] "Hello, everyone!",...More
  • Won Bin & Girls' Generation's Yoona Selected For Best Celebrity To Hold Hands And Walk With

    2011/10/20, Source,
    Actor Won Bin and Girls' Generation member Yoona were chosen as the number one celebrity people want to hold hands and walk with during the fall season. This is according to a survey conducted by a living products company CJLION on 12,00 people,...More
  • "Kim Tae-hee be gone" Tokyo week-end riot

    2011/10/17, Source,
      "Let's get rid of the anti-Japanese actress Kim Tae-hee!" The backlash towards actress Kim Tae-hee in the Japanese Fuji TV drama "99 Days With the Star" is very strong. The netizens who used to attack her online for stating that Dokdo was part of South Korean, suddenly started to pour out on the streets in riot.,...More
  • Film to portray making of K-pop idols

    2011/10/06, Source,
    The main cast of "Mr. Idol" pose for the camera during a promotional event last week in Seoul. From left, Ji Hyun-woo, Jay Park, Jang Seo-won and 1kyne. / Courtesy of Cinergy/Lotte Entertainment By Lee Hyo-won K-pop is all the rage as the media has taken notice of fan bases in Europe and beyond, and a new movie will focus on the making of an idol band. The press junket for "Mr. Idol" (working title) was held in Seoul last week, ahead of a fan meeting in Busan this weekend during the course of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The country's largest cinema event kicked off Thursday and continues through Oct. 16,...More
  • The Hallyu Dream Festival

    2011/10/06, Source,
    Fans scream their hearts out, showing their love for K-Pop. [SOV] [Interview : ] "We love Korea". [Interview : ] "We love everyone here" [Interview : ] "It's the best". Let's join them at the Hallyu Dream Festival, which took place in Gyeongju. Gyeongju, a city where history breathes in every corner, is full of excited fans,...More
  • Chansung of 2PM To Act In Drama

    2011/10/06, Source,
    Chansung of popular group 2PM has landed an acting gig in the Japanese drama "Kaito Royale" or "Phantom Thief". According to a Japanese news source on October 6th, the young talent will be playing a regular character in the drama which is set to air October 28th on TBS. "Kaito Royale" is a popular social game where players can become phantom thieves, go on missions and collect treasures,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon To Appear with Kim Tae-hee in Japanese Drama

    2011/09/30, Source,
    Ok Taecyeon of the star Hallyu group 2PM will appear in the Japanese Fuji TV drama "99 Days with Me and My Star", in which actress Kim Tae-hee has been cast as a female protagonist. Ok Taecyeon's agency, JYP Entertainment, said on September 29, "Ok Taecyeon has been cast as a mysterious man who tries to approach Kim Tae-hee in '99 Days with Me and My Star', and he has begun participating in filming".,...More
  • [Exclusive] Cha Tae-hyun becomes father of two

    2011/09/29, Source,
    Actor Cha Tae-hyun became a father of two. News reached reports that Cha Tae-hyun's wife gave birth to a daughter yesterday afternoon around 2PM. The mother and baby are healthy and fine,...More
  • Tacyeon debuts as actor in Japan, with Kim Tae-hee

    2011/09/28, Source,
    2PM Tacyeon is making his debut in Japan as an actor. He has confirmed to star in the Japanese Fuji TV drama "99 Days with the Star". This drama will be broadcasted every Sunday night at 9PM since the 23rd of October.,...More
  • Show Host Making Comeback After 12-Year Hiatus

    2011/09/28, Source,
    Talk show host turned businessman Joo Byung-jin, 52, will return to show business by hosting the popular MBC FM radio program "2 PM's Date" after he disappeared from TV screens 12 years ago. MBC Radio said on Tuesday, "He will begin hosting the program from the end of October when we revamp our regular line-up this fall".,...More
  • Stars Strike Gold with Stakes in Their Own Companies

    2011/09/22, Source,
    From left, Lee Soo-man, Yang Hyun-suk, Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young The surging popularity of K-pop has sent shares of talent management companies through the roof, and this has generated huge wealth for the stars who own them. According to, a website that tracks the activities of business conglomerates, the wealthiest entertainer-turned-talent-manager was Lee Soo-man, owner and majority shareholder of SM Entertainment that manages Girls' Generation, Super Junior and other idol groups, whose stake in SM Entertainment is worth W165.7 billion (US$1=W1,151). The value of Lee's stake more than doubled this year due to the Korean Wave,...More
  • 2PM to tour Japan in December

    2011/09/15, Source,
    K-pop group 2PM By Lee Hyo-won K-pop group 2PM will give concerts across four Japanese cities in December. The band will kick off the tour with concerts on Dec. 5 and 6 in Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka and will continue to give shows at Gaishi Hall, Nagoya, Dec. 8 and Saitama Super Arena on Dec. 14. The tour will wrap up at Marine Messe, Fukuoka, Dec. 17,...More
  • Top Stars Gather To Support Underprivilged African Children

    2011/09/15, Source,
    Top stars including the likes of Bae Yong-joon, Park Jin-young, Rain, Jun Ji-hyun, Jo In-sung, and Son Ye-jin are all coming together for a common cause. According to related officials, the stars have gathered for the Rainbow Project to inspire children from the slums of Africa to have dreams and more importantly achieve those dreams. The famous figures donated personal treasures, money, and their talents. They also gave messages of hope to encourage these kids to broaden their horizons. All donations collected will be used for the children in need,...More
  • Bae Yong-joon, Park Jin-young, Jun Ji-hyun, Rain, Jo In-sung and Son Ye-jin all together, but why?

    2011/09/14, Source,
    Bae Yong-joon, Park Jin-young, Jun Ji-hyun, Rain, Jo In-sung and Son Ye-jin got together for the kids in Africa. A charity program called "The Rainbow Project" to help open up the dreams of poor children in Africa allows the stars to donate their personal possessions and share their minds.,...More
  • Korean pop stars to perform at 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert

    2011/09/07, Source,
    Some of the biggest names in the K-pop scene will come together for the upcoming 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert next month, according to the official website of the concert on Wednesday. Korean idols Girls' Generation, 2PM, TVXQ, SHINee, miss A, GD&T.O.P, Se7en, BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A - Children of Empire, Kim Gun-mo, Davichi, IU, MBLAQ, SISTAR and INFINITE will perform at the Gyeongju Citizen Stadium in the North Gyeongsang Province on October 3 as part of the three-day Hallyu Dream Festival,...More
  • 2PM Nichkhun, f(x) Victoria to leave married life

    2011/09/06, Source,
    2PM member Nichkhun and f(x) member Victoria will step down from "We Got Married", MBC's reality show where they have played a married couple for over a year. "September 17 will be the last time the two appear on the show", an official with the broadcaster told 10Asia on Tuesday, while adding that couples David Oh and Kwon Rise, who gained recognition through auditioning program "Star Audition", will leave "We Got Married" the same day as well,...More
  • 2PM starts Asia concert tour

    2011/09/06, Source,
    2PM has kicked off "Hands Up Asia Tour" which was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on Friday and Saturday. / Courtesy of JYP Entertainment By Kwon Mee-yoo A dynamic performance kicked off 2PM's "Hands Up Asia Tour" at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Friday and Saturday. The six members dominated the stage for more than two hours, almost non-stop. Sharing in the excitement with their fans the K-pop sensation reveled being onstage,...More
  • 2PM's Ok Taecyeon Pushes Forward Despite Knee Injury

    2011/09/06, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon is showing the will to continue on with preparations for the group's Asia Tour as originally planned, despite a recent knee injury. However, in order to not strain his knee into a relapse, he is planning on taking things slow with frequent health checks in between,...More
  • Khuntoria and Oh&Kwon Couples Leave "We Got Married"

    2011/09/06, Source,
    Two couples will be leaving the popular variety show "We Got Married". According to the show's reps on September 6th, the beloved couple Nickhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x) will be leaving, along with David Oh and Kwon Lee-sae, sometime during the middle of this month,...More
  • 2PM Nichkhun, f(x) Victoria to leave married life

    2011/09/06, Source,
    2PM member Nichkhun and f(x) member Victoria will step down from "We Got Married", MBC's reality show where they have played a married couple for over a year. "September 17 will be the last time the two appear on the show", an official with the broadcaster told 10Asia on Tuesday, while adding that couples David Oh and Kwon Rise, who gained recognition through auditioning program "Star Audition", will leave "We Got Married" the same day as well,...More
  • Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young stand together in Japan

    2011/09/04, Source,
    'Yonsama' Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young met Japanese fans together on stage. The two had a friendly conversation with the fans in Saitama Arena in Japan on the 4th. This event was in celebration of the release of KBS 2TV drama "Dream High" DVD.,...More
  • Concerts, museums & theater

    2011/08/25, Source,
    Classical concerts The Sonata Series of the Beethoven Association of Korea ― Heroic Beethoven Seoul Arts Center* (See 'Venues' on the right for more information) Aug. 29 To celebrate the 5th anniversary of its establishment, the association has been promoting Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas with 32 pianists, and has divided the performance into six sections. Its 4th performance is this August with "Sonata No. 3 in C Major, Op. 2-3" and "Sonata No. 7 in D Major, Op. 10-3" planned. Tickets cost 20,000 won. For more information, call (02) 3436-5929,...More
  • Should lyrics be alcohol-free for youth?

    2011/08/23, Source,
    By Kim Tae-jong Fresh public debates have been ignited over songs labeled by censors as "harmful to youth" due to the mention of alcohol-related phrases in the lyrics. Some popular K-pop songs like "Day When It Rains" by boy band Beast and "You Can Eat Well" by the male duo Homme have been banned for those under 19 by the Youth Protection Committee (YPC) under the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family for containing lyrics about alcohol. Among the lyrics of "Day When It Rains" is the line, "I should stop drinking as I'm drunk". The song "You Can Eat Well" contains the lines",I'll drink heavily with my friends to forget everything" and "Blub, blub, blub after I drank heavily yesterday",...More
  • 2PM Extends Hands Up Asia Tour

    2011/08/16, Source,
    With the group's immense popularity, increasing demand for more stops during 2PM's "Hands Up Asia Tour" has been pouring in. And JYP Entertainment has granted the fans' wishes,...More
  • JYP Nation Concert Hitting Japanese Theatres

    2011/08/12, Source,
    With JYP Entertainment's "JYP Nation in Japan 2011" concert set to take place August 17-18th, many Japanese fans may be disappointed that they weren't able to get tickets. Well, good news! JYP recently announced that fans who aren't able to attend the concert live at the Saitama Super Arena for the 18th showing, can watch it live in theatres,...More
  • Pop Idols Bringing Korean Wave to Germany

    2011/07/29, Source,
    The growing popularity of K-pop bands in Germany indicates that the Korean Wave may have finally made its way to Western Europe. According to the VIVA Online Clip Charts, girl group 2NE1's recently released song "I Am the Best" ranked top of the charts this week. This was followed by "Mona Lisa", by boy band MBLAQ, and Beast's "Breath". Songs by 2PM, Super Junior-M and Big Bang also made their way into the top 100,...More
  • The big 3 of Korean pop music and entertainment
    2011/07/28, Source,
    On the back of the K-pop boom, the stocks of talent managing agencies SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment have grabbed the spotlight. SM leads the market and is closely followed by JYP and YG, opening a new chapter in,...More
  • TVXQ #1 in Vietnam

    2011/07/25, Source,
    TVXQ doesn't just dominate in Korea and Japan, but Vietnam too! According to the Korea Culture Business Exchange Organization and the "Best Fan Forever" contest website, TVXQ was the number one group, chosen by 90,898 Vietnam internet voters,...More
  • K-pop auditions to hunt for S.East Asian talent
    2011/07/25, Source,
    By Kim Rahn

    International K-pop auditions will take place for aspiring stars in Southeast Asia, granting a chance to make their dream of becoming another Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x) come,...
  • Rain reveals pic "Top stars in one place"

    2011/07/21, Source,
    Singer and actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) released a picture worth a million. Through his Twitter on the 21st around 11:12PM, he uploaded a picture with the post saying, "Our movie "Soar into the Sun", the cast and crew".,...More
  • Added music video and new stills and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Blind"

    2011/07/19, Source,
    Added music video and new stills and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Blind",...More
  • Park Gyu-ri and Goo Ha-ra: 'We feel Nervous because Huge Tokyo Dome'

    2011/07/15, Source,
    Park Gyu-ri and Goo Ha-ra, members of Kara (which is leading the K-Pop boom in Japan), hosted a special episode of the music program entitled "Music Bank" held at the Tokyo Dome, and they said before they began hosting the program at the Tokyo Dome for the first time, "We felt really nervous when we looked at the huge stage". During an interview held at the Tokyo Dome on July 13, all the group members had said, "Kara wants to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome someday",...More
  • weekly star scene

    2011/07/14, Source,
    Show transcript Up next is , our round up of the top 5 stories from showbiz in the past week. : We have our lively, energetic Dami here in the studio with us. Hello, Dami! [Reporter : ] : Hi Sean and Hi 건영. It's nice to have you back! : I'm glad to be back! What sort of news do you have for us today,...More
  • Weekly star scene
    2011/07/08, Source,
    It's time once again for "weekly star scene", where we round up the top 5 stories of the past week in the entertainment scene.

    : Hold onto your seats, we have our lively and energetic Dami in the studio with us. Hello Dami!

    [Reporter : ] : Hi Da-eun! Hi Sean!

    : What sort of news do you have,...
  • Best Selling Albums For 1st Half Of 2011

    2011/07/07, Source,
    Duo TVXQ has clinched the spot as the best album sellers for the first half of 2011. According to a list of the best selling albums compiled by some of the major music charts -- Melon, Mnet, and Dosirak -- on July 7th, TVXQ's 5th album "Keep Your Head Down" sold 230,922 copies from January 1st to June 30th. This makes them the highest selling act in k-pop for the earlier half of 2011,...More
  • [Weekender] Summer musical treats

    2011/07/07, Source,
    "Romance of Their Own" From Broadway classics to K-pop jukebox musical By Kwon Mee-yoo The summer is usually considered a slow season for musicals but a wide variety of hot shows are here this season. From Broadway classics to jukebox musicals featuring K-pop, offering spectacles to tempt people to spend their vacations in theaters. Classics with modern touch Broadway classics "Guys and Dolls" will raise its curtain at LG Arts Center in southern Seoul on Aug. 2,...More
  • Hallyu Reaches Popular Video Website

    2011/07/01, Source,
    While hit Korean "K-Pop" music groups such as Big Bang, 2PM, and Girls' Generation are leading the Korean wave of popular culture, or Hallyu, in Europe, Korean drama series are quickly catching on in the United States and now boast their own section on the popular video website,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon reunites with beauty first love... "Remember the rings?"

    2011/06/30, Source,
    Group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon and Wooyoung reunited with their first love. SBS TV program "Dalgona" coming on the 1st, will be broadcasted from Busan which is the hometown of Ok Taecyeon and Wooyoung.,...More
  • 2PM: 'We Want to Show Our Enthusiasm On Stage'

    2011/06/27, Source,
    2PM recently released a song entitled "Hands Up. After releasing their second album, 2PM said, "We want to come back to our friendly image that we showed when we debuted". The "Animal Idol" image of 2PM is undergoing change. 2PM released their new song "Hands Up" after an eight month break, and they frankly expressed their feelings in an interview held on June 21, saying they had tried to express the bright and candid image that they had presented right after their debut. Wooyoung said, "I told our producer, Jin Young, that I wanted to play on the stage. I think that we will enjoy our performances along with our fans and we will be shown as ordinary boys who can dance really well on the stage". Joon Soo said with confidence, "People who watch our performance on the stage for the first time will all think that 2PM members are playing on the stage really joyfully",...More
  • Kim Hyun-joong wears sexy fishnet outfit and dances Secret's "baby gorilla" dance

    2011/06/26, Source,
    Kim Hyun-joong drew attention with his sexy outfit. Kim Hyun-joong sang "Break Down" on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" on the 24th of June.,...More
  • K-pop concert hall to open today

    2011/06/21, Source,
    The Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul will reopen as a K-pop concert hall today after a one-year renovation project. / Courtesy of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism By Chung Ah-young The Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul will reopen as a K-pop concert hall today after a one-year renovation project. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation said the concert hall will be a cultural complex that offers not only musical facilities but also content from the past, present and future of K-pop at one place,...More
  • B-boy world championship due in Seoul next week

    2011/06/21, Source,
    Jay Park, the former leader of K-pop group 2PM, will hold a special showcase with b-boy crew Art of Movement on July 2. / Korea Times file Tiger JK, Jay Park to give special performances By Lee Hyo-won Get ready for some of the most mind-bending, gravity-defying and joint-popping contortions, with the opening of an international b-boy tournament in Seoul next week,...More
  • Ultimate Global Agency, United Asia Management To Launch

    2011/06/20, Source,
    Imagine all of your favorite top stars -- TVXQ, Kim Hyun-joong, Soo Ae, Super Junior, Park Jin-young, etc. -- in one place. How exciting would that be? Well, imagine no further because this is indeed happening on June 24th at 7:30 PM at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul,...More
  • KBS World launches English K-pop show
    2011/06/20, Source,
    By Park Sung-hee

    KBS World, the international satellite channel of the Korean Broadcasting System, has launched an English entertainment show, "K-WAVE STATION".

    The weekly 30-minute show airs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and consists of three sections — K-wave News, K-pop No. 1, and Idol Adventures —,...
  • Kim Hyun-joong, "My grandma passed away on the day of awards"

    2011/06/14, Source,
    Singer Kim Hyun-joong spoke about the time he couldn't be with his grandmother when she passed away. On the SBS TV "Kang Heart", Kim Hyun-joong said he had a problem with not being able to express his feelings to his family because of his bluntness.,...More
  • Rain leads 'sexiest male lips' beats TOP and Nickhun

    2011/06/14, Source,
    Singer Rain has the best looking lips. Music site Monkey 3 is currently conducting a survey called 'Whose lips calls the Kiss?' in date to Kiss Day on the 14th of June.,...More
  • IU Drops Out Of "Immortal Song 2"

    2011/06/07, Source,
    Following singer IU's announcement that she would be leaving KBS's new show, "Immortal Song 2", the rumor mill started churning. Many people linked her departure to the fact that she had placed last in the first episode of the show that ranks idol stars in purely their vocal abilities. IU had given an impressive performance of her own rendition of Toy's "Good Person", but failed to move the audience enough to beat any of of the other contestants,...More
  • Kim Hyun-joong "I will follow Bae Yong-joon anywhere"

    2011/06/06, Source,
    Yonsama Bae Yong-joon makes a surprise voice appearance in SBS variety talk show "Kang Heart". Kim Hyun-joong appears on this program on the 7th at 11:15PM and talks about his friendship with current owner of his management company, Bae Yong-joon. "Recently he said he was in Busan alone so I went over there and spent time with him".,...More
  • Peruvian fans meet K-pop idols through concert videos

    2011/06/06, Source,
    By Kang Hyun-kyung

    LIMA ― Fans living in other parts of Asia embark on a pilgrimage to South Korea to attend their K-pop stars' performance or meet them in person. K-pop idols conduct perform,...
  • Jay Park Sets His Eyes on U.S. Music Scene

    2011/05/25, Source,
    Jay Park /CNNGo Jay Park, former leader of boy band 2PM, is enjoying topping charts at home and abroad with his latest single and has plans to make inroads into the U.S. music industry. CNN's Asian culture and travel website CNNGo interviewed the 24-year-old pop star and discussed his musical achievements and the key to his global popularity,...More
  • Music Bank Live From Tokyo

    2011/05/23, Source,
    KBS's popular music show "Music Bank" will be broadcasting live from Toyko on July 13th, under the title of "K-Pop Festival-Music Bank In Tokyo".

    15 Korean groups and artists will be heading over t,...
  • Jeong Da-bin has a spirit wedding in 4 years after death

    2011/05/22, Source,
    Actress Jeong Da-bin who passed away in 2007 is having a spirit wedding. According to the Utopia Memorial on the 21st, Jeong Da-bin will have a spirit wedding in Kyeonggi-do Yangcheon on the 22nd.,...More
  • Jang Dong-gun a Japanese soldier, "My Way" unrevealed steal cuts

    2011/05/15, Source,
    Jang Dong-gun's war blockbuster "My Way" revealed stiil cuts at the product briefing session at the 64th Cannes Film Festival. The briefing took place on the 15th of May around 2PM. Jang Dong-gun, director Kang Je-gyu, Joe Odagiri and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing attended this event as well as press from Korea, Japan, China and others from all over the world.,...More
  • Global Star Agency, United Asia Management

    2011/05/13, Source,
    by Lee Hwa-jung / May 06, 2011 This April, six major Korean talent management agencies joined forces to launch the Asian management agency, UAM (United Asia Management). With 'Hallyu' or better known as the 'Korean Wave' becoming a significant factor in Asia's Entertainment businesses such as KEYEAST, AM Entertainment, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment all came together to create a joint investment corporation called "UAM", an international talent agency with the purpose of strengthening the foundations of 'Hallyu', promoting collaborative exchange and establishing an efficient casting system. The main operations will focus on overseeing the portrait rights of all talents managed by the six agencies and intellectual rights as well as establishing an efficient talent database,...More
  • New KBS Idol Singer Reality Show

    2011/05/04, Source,
    Following the success of the reality show "I'm A Singer" featuring singers that are mainly known for their vocals and staying power in the music industry comes a new KBS show! It will be called "Immortal Song 2", following "Immortal Song" which aired in 2007-2009. The first season involved renowned Korean artists to teach various entertainers how to sing their top hit songs,...More
  • [Talk of the town] Jay Park's album tops charts

    2011/04/28, Source,
    Jay Park, a former member of the boy band 2PM, topped the charts with his first mini album, "Take a,...More
  • Riding Korean Wave in Thailand
    2011/04/25, Source,
    Welcome back.
    The Korean wave, also known as the Hallyu, refers to the widespread popularity of Korean pop culture all across the globe.
    Having kicked off in China in late 1990s, it has been achieving over one billion dollars in revenue annually for South Korea through cultural exports.

    At the,...
  • How Do Idol Group Members Get Paid?

    2011/04/19, Source,
    With the plethora of idol groups out there on the scene, one can't help but wonder: how much money do these "kids" make? Sure they gain popularity through their respective groups, but it's a known fac,...More
  • Former 2PM Jay Park, acts and sings

    2011/04/13, Source,
    Former 2PM member Jay Park will be singing and dancing in the movie "Mr. Idol". Movie "Mr. Idol" is about dancing and music, about the idols that are called the flower of entertainment. Jay Park is going to be a member of the group Mr. Children in the movie.,...More
  • Seulong confesses "I met Lee Min-jung and Son Ye-jin in a hotel room

    2011/04/11, Source,
    What happened late night in a hotel room with group 2AM's member Seulong? In the SBS TV program "Every Night" on the 11th, MC Kim Je-dong asked Seulong if he went to a hotel room with an actress and he answered 'yes'.,...More
  • Ha Ji-won "I want to act with 2PM Ok Taecyeon"

    2011/04/10, Source,
    Ha Ji-won expressed that she wanted to act with 2PM's Ok Taecyeon. On the MBC "Section TV" on the 10th, Ha Ji-won spoke about 2PM Ok Taecyeon who chose her as his female type, "I want to act with him, killing and killing each other".,...More
  • Korea's Top Agencies Combine Their Powers

    2011/04/08, Source,
    The largest and most successful Korean entertainment agencies representing some of the most well-known faces in Asia are coming together to form the United Asia Management (UAM).

    The companies KEYE,...
  • Stars to unite for new global management

    2011/04/08, Source,
    By Chung Ah-young Hallyu stars will join forces to establish a collaborative agency to target the Asian market. Keyeast, Bae Yong-joon's management agency, said Friday that six management agencies, AM Ent, Star J, SM, YG, JYP and Keyeast, will combine to launch UAM (United Asia Management) this month,...More
  • "Dream High 2" hypothetical lead character? "Park Eun-bin vs Park Jin-young

    2011/03/17, Source,
    As the drama "Dream High 2" is believed to go into production, there are questions about who will be the new lead characters. There have been rumors about 'Sam-dong's brother' to 'Yang Jin-man as main role', and other various scenario's as well as the question if the cast from season 1 would exist. It is known that KBS will start production of "Dream High 2" in timing of the next winter break and due to be aired next year. Previously a "Dream High" spokesperson talked about some possibilities to Seoul Newspaper NTN, "There haven't been any details formed. However, season 2 is being positively looked over".,...More
  • "Welcome to the Show" Nichkhun, Seulong and Sulli passing grades in sitcom act

    2011/03/16, Source,
    2PM Nickhun, 2AM Seulong and f(x) Sulli received passing grades in their acting debut. SBS special real sitcom "Welcome to the Show" was aired on the 16th. This 80-minute long "Welcome to the Show" is about the stories that happen with idol stars producers and managers behind the scene in the live TV program "Ingi Gayo",...More
  • Moon Mason, Moon Maybeen, Moon Maden, handsome brothers, "Can't you be my brother?"

    2011/03/15, Source,
    "Best looking child actors" Moon Mason and brothers are an issue. Recently on Moon Mason's homepage, were uploaded pictures of Moon Maybeen and Moon Maden who look exactly the same.,...More
  • Major Earthquake in Japan: 'No More Bad News'

    2011/03/15, Source,
    People in the entertainment business have begun activities to help Japan while they have had to cancel their schedules in Japan. As the massive quake that hit the northeast Japan caused heavy casualties, many people in the entertainment business including Hallyu stars are offering heartfelt condolences and consolation one after another. In addition, aid groups have begun activities to donate profits to the victims from the major earthquake by holding events such as the "Rock Festival", which will be held in front of the Hongik University. The host of the festival revealed that they would donate the entire profits from the event to the earthquake victims,...More
  • Yonsama donates 1 bil. won for Japan quake

    2011/03/15, Source,
    Korean 'hallyu' celebrities reach out to victims in cyberspace

    By Lee Hyo-won

    Korean "hallyu" stars including actor Bae Yong-joon are ex,...
  • 'Seoul most desired travel destination'
    2011/03/09, Source,
    By Kim Rahn

    Travelers from China, Japan or Thailand selected Seoul as the city foremost on their minds as a future destination, according to a survey Wednesday.

    The survey conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government showed that Chinese, Japanese and Thais chose Seoul as the city they want t,...
  • Weekly Star Scene 2

    2011/02/23, Source,
    Show transcript Next we'll be moving on to our next segment of "Weekly Star Scene". We have our Dami in the studio today. Hello Dami! [Reporter : ] Hello, sean and 건영! Today for we're going to start off with Park Jin-young, who has debuted as an actor through the TV drama "Dream High", and has been chosen to be a model for a commercial. Let's kick off this week's with the latest news from this super-multi-entertainer. Park Jin-young has been chosen to represent a laptop brand in its newest commercials. He is now taking his first steps as a model,...More
  • The late actress Lee eun-joo's 6th death anniversary, tides of fans commemorating

    2011/02/22, Source,
    Fan's of late actress Lee Eun-joo arranged a memorial in commemoration of her death 6 years ago. They are going to gather in the Kyeonggido Goyang-si Cheong-ah Park where she is resting, on the 22nd at 2PM.,...More
  • Kim Soo-hyun birthday party with "Dream High"

    2011/02/16, Source,
    2PM Ok Taecyeon revealed pictures from Kim Soo-hyun's birthday party. On the 16th Ok Taecyeon uploaded a group picture under the title, "Song Sam-dong! Happy Birthday! The person with the white face is Soo-hyeon".,...More
  • Weekly star scene

    2011/02/16, Source,
    Show transcript Next we'll be moving on to our next segment of "Weekly Star Scene". We have our entertainment reporter Lee Dami in the studio with us, today. Hello Dami! [Reporter : ] Hello, sean and 건영! Well, what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Today for , as always, I'll deliver the news and issues that heated up the entertainment industry! First up is the news of JYJ's Kim Jun-su, who is enjoying stardom as a musical actor as well as a recording artist. Let's kick off this week's by taking a look at this new dark horse of the musical industry,...More
  • "Dream High" export hits jackpot... steps over "The Slave Hunters"

    2011/02/10, Source,
    Records high exporting rate in Japan. "Dream High" is doing well in overseas exports too.,...More
  • Family fun for the long holiday

    2011/02/01, Source,
    "COSplayer" (2004) by Cao Fei at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / Courtesy of MOCA, Showbox/Mediaplex, SBS Contents Hub, Seensee Company, SBS Movies, performances and exhibition lineup for Seollal By Lee Hyo-won, Kwon Mee-yoo and Ines Min Seollal falls on Thursday this year, giving way to a long lunar New Year break that allows some people to take up to nine days off,...More
  • Annual Korean Music Festival Returning to Hollywood Bowl

    2011/01/28, Source,
    ALLKPOP announces that The Korea Times' 9th Annual Korean Music Festival will be back at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, to be staged May 14 (Saturday), from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm,...More
  • Cha Hwa-yun "I liked 2Pm Ok Taecyeon but nowdays Wooyoung"

    2011/01/24, Source,
    Actress Cha Hwa-yun confessed her affection for 2PM. On the MBC program "Nol Lo Wa" on the 24th, Cha Hwa-yun said, "I like 2PM's passionate dance. I used to like Ok Taecyeon but now I adore Wooyoung".,...More
  • "Dream High" permanent 1st place? of 15.8%

    2011/01/18, Source,
    KBS 2Tv drama "Dream High" is showing an amazing upturn. According to AGB Neilson Media Research on the 19th, the episode of "Dream High" on the 18th recorded a 15.8% national average.,...More
  • TVXQ: 'We Will Keep Dong Bang Shin Ki and We Want JYJ to Come Back'

    2011/01/17, Source,
    TVXQ released a new album entitled "Why - Keep Your Head Down" after a two year and three months break. The two-member group TVXQ (Yunho Yun Ho, 25 and Changmin Lee Changmin, 23) explained why they had formed this two-member group again, saying, "We had decided to continue this group only to keep the group, TVXQ. This is the second stage of our groups and it will be the third stage when the other three members come back to the group after settling the problem with the agency (SM Entertainment)". They had to take a break after three members, Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun, and Jun Su, had had a legal conflict with their agency in 2009, had left the group, and then formed a new group named JYJ. People in the music industry and their fans in Asian countries had felt disappointed about the breakup of the top star group,...More
  • T-ara Eunjung posts a picture with "Dream High" co-star Suzy

    2011/01/05, Source,
    T-ara member Ham Eun-jung and miss A member Suzy [Ham Eun-jung's official Twitter page] Korean female idol group T-ara member Ham Eun-jung has posted a picture of herself and miss A's Suzy on the set of their new drama "Dream High". On Tuesday, Ham Eun-jung uploaded a photo on her official Twitter page,...More
  • Two Korean Entertainment Icons Collaborate on TV Series
    2011/01/02, Source,
    Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young.

    Just hearing these names together already spurs high anticipation for an upcoming television series, ",...
  • 'Rabbit' celebrities to make leaps in 2011

    2010/12/31, Source,
    By Kwon Mee-yoo People born in the Year of the Rabbit are considered skillful and diligent, though not very patient in Korean traditional beliefs, following the traits of real rabbits, a small but clever animal. The hottest rabbit star could be singer and actor Lee Seung-gi who was born in 1987, turning 24 this year,...More
  • Korean idols rock the stage for SBS' "Gayo Daejun"

    2010/12/30, Source,
    Screen shots of SBS' "Gayo Daejun" [SBS] Korean idols and veteran singers have come together to share the stage during SBS' "Gayo Daejun", performing some of the biggest songs from the past and the hits from this year. Super Junior's Kim Heechul, CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa, 2AM's Jo Kwon and actress Hwang Jung-eum hosted this year's music festival, held at Ilsan Kintex on December 29, which kicked off with a performance from children, singing and dancing to the latest songs by Super Junior, miss A, Kara, SHINee, Son Dam-bi, 2PM, Girls' Generation and CNBLUE,...More
  • "Athena" scores 3rd win on Monday and Tuesday nights

    2010/12/29, Source,
    SBS series "ATHENA" [SBS] SBS' series "ATHENA" came on top of the Monday and Tuesday prime time slot, according to surveys by two media research firms on Wednesday. Data by Total National Media Statistics (TNmS) and AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed that "ATHENA", a spin-off to KBS' blockbuster hit series "IRIS", posted average viewership ratings of 18.8 percent and 18.2 percent, respectively, both dropping by one percent compared to a week ago,...More
  • [PREVIEW] KBS TV series "Dream High"

    2010/12/28, Source,
    Casts from KBS series "Dream High" : Starting from left JOO, Wooyoung, Uhm Ki-joon, Ok Taecyeon, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, Ham Eun-jung, Lee Yoon-ji, IU etc., [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia Co-produced by Bae Young-joon of KEYEAST and Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment and starring members from idol groups 2PM, T-ara and miss A and female singer IU, it is obvious what KBS TV series "Dream High" wishes to be -- a drama which shows how the 'dream factory' really works along with the hardships young trainees go through to become a star, a drama about young people, and a drama where idols stars are the main characters. "Dream High" shows where it is headed to from the beginning with the story starting in the year 2018 with a man named 'K' from Korea sweeping the Grammy awards to become a world star and Jung Ha-myung (Bae Young-joon), the director of Kirin High School of Art, reminisces on the time when he himself was a freshman at the school,...More
  • Park Jin-young says "wants to make 'Dream High' a reality"

    2010/12/28, Source,
    From left, Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young pose during the press conference for KBS' upcoming musical drama "Dream High" held at Ilsan Kintex in Gyeong-gi Province, South Korea on December 27, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Even though announcer Lee Ji-ae emphasized that both Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young were there as producers and not actors, it was no use. At the press conference for KBS' "Dream High" held at the Ilsan Kintex located in Gyeong-gi Province, a Japanese translator appeared for Bae Yong-joon's Japanese fans and 2PM and miss A's fans cheered for JYP Entertainment's founder and CEO Park Jin-young. The is how strong of an influence these two 'star creators' had combined. However, the title of 'producer' is something they were both uncomfortable with and they instead spoke of how the largest reward they have seen from working together was "meeting someone of the same age" and "with the same dream". Below are excerpts from the press conference,...More
  • [PHOTO] "Dream High" press conference

    2010/12/28, Source,
    From left, Bae Yong-joon, Park Jin-young [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] From left, Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young pose during the press conference for KBS' upcoming musical drama "Dream High" held at Ilsan Kintex in Gyeong-gi Province, South Korea on December 27, 2010,...More
  • 'Yonsama'-JYP soap to reignite hallyu

    2010/12/28, Source,
    From left, actor Kim Soo-hyun, Ham Eun-jung of K-pop group T-ara, Suzy from Miss A, Ok Taecyeon of 2PM, IU and Wooyoung from 2PM pose in a promotional photo for the upcoming TV drama "Dream High". The show will premiere Jan. 3 on KBS. /Courtesy of Holym By Kwon Mee-yoo Will a high school full of top K-pop singers and produced by hallyu (Korean wave) star Bae Yong-joon give a boost to the movement? KBS' new drama "Dream High" stars Ok Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, Suzy from Miss A, Ham Eun-jung from T-ara and singer IU — all first-rate young singers popular on the local entertainment scene. Kim Soo-hyun, who played the young Go Soo in the 2009 drama "Will It Snow for Christmas??" is the only recognizable actor among the six main characters,...More
  • JYP Nation artists spend Christmas Eve with 10,000 fans

    2010/12/27, Source,
    JYP Nation artists during their first joint concert titled "TEAMPLAY" held on December 24 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea. [JYP Entertainment] Top Korean singers from major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) took the stage in front of 10,000 fans for their first joint concert on Christmas Eve. JYPE announced in a press release Monday that JYP Nation artists -- composed of Park Jin-young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, Lim Jeong-hee, JOO, San E and miss A -- joined each other on stage for their three-hour long concert titled "TEAMPLAY" at the Olympic Park Stadium on December 24,...More
  • 2AM Lee Changmin works out with Seulong and 2PM Chansung

    2010/12/24, Source,
    2AM member Lee Changmin (top left), 2PM member Chansung (top right) and 2AM member Seulong (bottom) [Lee Changmin's official Twitter site] 2AM member Lee Changmin has posted a picture of himself at the gym with fellow groupmate Seulong and 2PM member Chansung on his official Twitter site (,...More
  • Wonder Girls' Sun to make guest appearance at Park Jin-young's concert

    2010/12/23, Source,
    Wonder Girls' member Sun [JYP Entertainment] Wonder Girls' member Sun, who is currently tour in Asia, will make a special guest appearance at singer Park Jin-young's concert this week. A PR official from JYP Entertainment (JYPE) told 10Asia over the phone that Sun will join their agency's famed producer for the first stop of his solo concert titled "Park Jin-young Bad Party - The Dancer" to be held tonight at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea,...More
  • Stars Born in Year of Rabbit

    2010/12/23, Source,
    As the year 2011 is the year of the rabbit, many star actors who were born in the year of rabbit – year 1951, 1963, and 1987 – are making a fresh resolution to make a new leap forward next year. Let's take a look at those stars who were born in the year of the rabbit and have actively been performing in the various fields of broadcasting, movies, and music,...More
  • Park Jin-young says BEAST's Lee Gi-kwang was too good to be JYP singer

    2010/12/22, Source,
    Park Jin-young on variety program "Win Win" [KBS] Park Jin-young, famed producer and founder of top Korean agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE), has said he failed BEAST member Lee Gi-kwang from his agency because the young idol star was aware of how good his own dancing and singing skills were even when he was a trainee under him. Park made the remark on a pre-recorded session of KBS' variety program "Win Win" which went on air on Tuesday while explaining why he was unable to make a singer out of Lee Gi-kwang who is now one of the most popular members of hit idol group BEAST,...More
  • JYP is 5.8 billion won in debt

    2010/12/22, Source,
    Park Jin-young, 38, singer and producer of K-pop stars as head of management agency JYP Entertainment, has amassed huge debts, he told KBS2 TV talk show "Seung Seung Jang Gu" Tuesday night. Park said he was 5.8 billion won in debt when asked how much he earned by main MC Kim Seung-woo. Park is the producer of famous pop idol bands such as 2AM, Wonder Girls and 2PM,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon dines with "Dream High" co-star miss A Suzy

    2010/12/21, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon and miss A member Suzy in a restaurant in Japan. [Ok Taecyeon's official Twitter site] Korean idol 2PM member Ok Taecyeon has posted a picture of himself dining out with girl group miss A's Suzy, his co-star from upcoming mini-series "Dream High", on his official Twitter site,...More
  • 2AM Jo Kwon becomes 2PM Nichkhun's masseur

    2010/12/21, Source,
    2PM member Nichkhun (left) and 2AM leader Jo Kwon (right) [Jo Kwon's official Twitter site] Korean idol Jo Kwon has posted pictures of himself acting as 2PM member Nichkhun's masseur on his official Twitter site ( On Monday, the 22-year-old singer uploaded two photographs of himself in his pajamas while massaging a blindfolded Nichkhun's hands with a comment underneath saying, "Giving a massage for Nichkhun~~~Looking at this picture is making me sleepyㅠㅠ (yawn)..."..,...More
  • Girls' Generation voted singer of the year by Gallup Korea

    2010/12/21, Source,
    Cover of Girls' Generation's mini-album "Hoot" [SM Entertainment] Popular female idol group Girls' Generation has been voted singer of the year by major survey firm Gallup Korea, making it the second consecutive time the girls have won the recognition. A press release by the girls' agency SM Entertainment said Tuesday that in a poll asking 3,401 people over the age of 13 to name their favorite singer, Girls' Generation came out the winner after taking 31.5 percent of the votes,...More
  • Still images released for upcoming drama "Dream High"

    2010/12/20, Source,
    KBS drama "Dream High" [Holym (KEYEAST and JYPE) & CJ Media] Still images of upcoming KBS drama "Dream High" were released today, according to a press release by Holym Co. and CJ Media on Monday. The drama, a joint production between major entertainment agencies KEYEAST, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media, released two group photos that feature the main cast of the drama set to go on air next year,...More
  • miss A Suzy sings duet with Jo Sumi for "Dream High"

    2010/12/15, Source,
    miss A Suzy and famed sopranista Jo Sumi in "Dream High" [KBS] Korean girl group miss A's Suzy has sung a duet with famed female soprano Jo Sumi for upcoming KBS musical series "Dream High". According to a press release from show's promoter Film Soup on Wednesday, Jo shot the scenes for her guest appearance on the upcoming mini-series where she sang,...More
  • Wonder Girls to perform Hong Kong leg of Asia Tour

    2010/12/15, Source,
    Korean girl group Wonder Girls performing for their concert in Malaysia. [Mnet Media] Korean pop sensation Wonder Girls will perform in Hong Kong for the first time this week, taking the stage for the second leg of their Asia Tour. A press release from their concert's promoter Mnet Media announced on Wednesday that the girls will hold a concert on December 17 and head off to several other countries in Asia including Taiwan and Thailand,...More
  • f(x) Victoria takes photo with 2PM Nichkhun's family

    2010/12/10, Source,
    f(x) Victoria with 2PM Nichkhun's family [MBC] A photograph girl group f(x) member Victoria took with boy band 2PM member Nichkhun and his family has been revealed by major Korean broadcasting company MBC. Through a press release on Friday, MBC unveiled the photo taken while Victoria visited Nichkhun's home in Thailand while shooting a couple of episodes for reality TV show "We Got Married" where the two play a make-believe married couple,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon gives up US 'green card' to serve in active-service

    Popular idol group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon has given up his permanent U.S. residency and is currently,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon gave up his U.S. permanent resident status for Korean army

    2010/12/09, Source,
    2PM Ok Taecyeon gave up his U.S. permanent resident status for army. Media says that he personally visited U.S. embassy and handed in certificate of renunciation.,...More
  • 2PM Japan showcase attracts 25,000 fans

    2010/12/09, Source,
    Boy band 2PM's first showcase "2PM 1st Contact in Japan" held in Kokugikan, Tokyo on December 8, 2010. [JYP Entertainment] Six-member boy band 2PM debuted with a bang in Japan yesterday, attracting over 25,000 fans to their first showcase in the country, according to JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Thursday. At the event titled "2PM 1st Contact in Japan", held at Tokyo's Kokugikan, the group greeted their fans in Japanese and performed their hit numbers including "Don't Stop Can't Stop", "Again & again" and Heartbeat,...More
  • Bae Yong-joon takes part in shoot for "Dream High"

    2010/12/08, Source,
    Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon [Holym] Top Korean actor Bae Yong-joon has taken part in the shoot for the upcoming KBS mini-series "Dream High". The show's producer Holym, a drama production company established by agencies KEYEAST and JYP Entertainment, announced in a press release on Wednesday that Bae shot his first scene for the musical TV series "Dream High" yesterday,...More
  • 2PM: 'We Are Proud of Being Beast Idol Group'

    2010/12/08, Source,
    Members of 2PM said at the press conference held before a large-scale showcase held in Japan with 20,000 audience MEMBERS, "We created the term 'beast idol' in Korea first, so we are very much proud of being the 'beast idol group'". Star male idol group 2PM held a press conference at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and delivered their plans for advancing into the Japanese music industry. Nichkhun said, "We really appreciate having this opportunity. Japanese fans have come to Korea to cheer for us up until now, and we will enthusiastically perform for them in Japan from now on". Chan Sung said, "The most important thing is to introduce 2PM to Japan. We are eager to sing our songs and show our performances in Japan as soon as possible. I also want people to look closely at our individual members",...More
  • JYP Entertainment's JYP Nation reveals concert poster

    2010/12/06, Source,
    JYP Nation concert poster [JYP Entertainment] Major Korean talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) today unveiled a poster for JYP Nation's upcoming concert. The poster revealed all the members of JYP Nation -- composed of Park Jin-young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Lim Jeong-hee, JOO, San E and miss A -- dressed in black and giving off cold and dark expressions,...More
  • Jang Woo-hyuk wins Best Foreign Artist award in China

    2010/12/06, Source,
    Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk at the Southeast Music Rankings Award [WH Entertainment] Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk has won the award for Best Foreign Artist at an annual Chinese music awards ceremony, according to his agency WH Entertainment on Monday. WH announced in a press release that Jang was named the top foreign artist at the Southeast Music Ranking Awards, which was hosted by China's CCTV on December 4, beating Korean pop idols including Super Junior, 2PM and former bandmate Kangta,...More
  • JYP Entertainment artists release music video for Christmas song

    2010/12/03, Source,
    Top Korean singers from major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) have released the official music video for their Christmas song. The music video for song "This Christmas" starring the artists of JYP Nation -- composed of Park Jin-young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Lim Jeong-hee, JOO, San E and miss A -- was released on the official JYPE YouTube channel,...More
  • Trainee picture of JYP Entertainment artists revealed

    2010/12/03, Source,
    Trainee picture of JYP Entertainment artists [Online celebrity website] Some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry stirred the Internet on Friday after a picture of them during their years as a trainee at JYP Entertainment (JYPE) was unveiled. Various online websites revealed 2AM's Jo Kwon, 2PM members Ok Taecyeon and Junho, Wonder Girls member Sohee, current BEAST member Lee Gi-kwang and solo songstress JOO from years ago when they were training at JYPE,...More
  • Jang Geun-suk to receive 2 awards at 2010 Asia Buzz Award

    2010/12/02, Source,
    Actor Jang Geun-suk [Tree J Company] Korea's popular idol star Jang Geun-suk is likely to receive two awards for the upcoming Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2010, according to Jang's promoter Tree J. Company on Thursday. Tree J. announced in press release that Jang is currently first in two of three categories -- top male star and top Asian star -- in a popularity poll including Internet users in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia between November 8 to December 1,...More
  • Bae Yong-joon to make special appearance for "Dream High"

    2010/12/02, Source,
    Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon [KEYEAST] Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon will make a guest appearance in upcoming KBS musical TV series "Dream High". "Bae will be in the first four episodes of the show where he will play the role of Jung Ha-myung the director of the performing arts school", a PR official from Bae's agency KEYEAST told 10Asia over the phone on Thursday,...More
  • 2PM DVD places fourth on Japan's Oricon chart

    2010/12/02, Source,
    Cover of 2PM's DVD "Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~" [JYP Entertainment] Korean boy band 2PM's first Japanese DVD has been ranked at No. 4 on Japan's prestigious Oricon chart. The group's DVD "Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~", which came in second on the daily chart on the day of its release on November 24, took fourth place on ranked at No. 4 on Oricon's overall weekly chart as of November 29,...More
  • Korean TV Drama - "Cinderella's Sister"

    2010/12/02, Source,
    The Korean TV Drama "Cinderella"S Sister' is a twisted cinderella story that is more focused on cinderella's step sister. It's a modern and trendy Korean TV drama that had 20 episodes and 22.7% of audience rate. This Korean TV drama has gotten much attention for four main characters, Moon Geun-young, Seo Woo, Chun Jung-myung, and Ok Ok Taecyeon. Moon Geun-young played Gu Eun-jo, a villainess role in the Korean TV drama. She is popular for her innocent baby face, so she used to play very bright and naïve characters. However, in this particular soap opera, she played a character that has a dark past,...More
  • JYP Entertainment artists release Christmas song today

    2010/12/01, Source,
    Cover of JYP Nation's single "This Christmas" [JYP Entertainment] Top Korean singers from major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) released a Christmas song today. JYPE announced in a press release Wednesday that the artists of JYP Nation -- composed of Park Jin-young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Lim Jeong-hee, JOO, San E and miss A -- unveiled their first-ever carol titled "This Christmas", written by Park, founder and CEO of JYPE,...More
  • 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA): Live in Macao

    2010/11/29, Source,
    Boy band Big Bang members perform at the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian hotel on Macau on November 28, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] "Muscle!" was what a fan from Hong Kong said as soon as she was asked what she finds most attractive about boy band 2PM. And when a girl, who would scream outright just by the mention of Nichkhun's name, was asked whose muscles she thinks are the best, without hesitation she blurted out "Ok Taecyeon!" Numerous female fans from around Asia who like Korean idol stars for specific images crowded the lobby of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macao where the red carpet event for the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) was held. But the cheering was not reserved only for good looking guys. A 19-year-old Chinese girl, who introduced herself as a big fan of Big Bang and in love with all its members, went equally wild at the sight of girl group 2NE1 and imitated the "Abracadabra" dance by Brown Eyed Girls saying they were the group outside YG Family that she loves. Hence in such an atmosphere, it may be only natural that these fans are interested not only in the Korean stars but also Korean culture,...More
  • [PHOTOS] Mnet's MAMA

    2010/11/29, Source,
    Taeyang [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Boy band Big Bang member Taeyang performs at the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian hotel on Macau on November 28, 2010,...More
  • "We Got Married" photos revealed of Nichkhun and Victoria

    2010/11/26, Source,
    Picture of f(x)'s Victoria and 2PM's Nichkhun [MBC] Major Korean broadcasting company MBC has unveiled a teaser photograph of Nichkhun and Victoria from an upcoming episode of reality TV show "We Got Married". The picture showed Nichkhun and Victoria smiling and cooking in the kitchen of their new home,...More
  • 2PM's first DVD tops Japan's Oricon chart

    2010/11/25, Source,
    DVD cover of 2PM's "Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~" [JYP Entertainment] K-pop idol 2PM's first DVD has topped Japan's prestigious Oricon DVD chart. The group's DVD titled "Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~", which came in second on the chart on day of its release yesterday, climbed up a spot to rank No. 1 on the daily Oricon DVD chart as of today,...More
  • 2PM's DVD comes in at No. 2 on Oricon chart

    2010/11/24, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] K-pop idols 2PM have claimed the No. 2 spot on Japan's prestigious Oricon DVD chart with their latest DVD release. The boys' first DVD titled "Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~", which was released today, came in second place on the daily Oricon DVD chart as of Monday,...More
  • 1st line up for Mnet Asian Music Awards revealed

    2010/11/23, Source,
    2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards [Mnet] The first line-up of guests attending the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) have been revealed. The official website of the Ment's annual music festival showed that Korean artists 2PM, 2NE1, miss A, Taeyang and Tiger JK will attend the event while international singers include Zhang Jie and iMe from China, Perfume and Chemistry from Japan and American hip-hop quartet Far East Movement,...More
  • Promotional events kick off in Japan for release of 2PM DVD

    2010/11/23, Source,
    2PM cafe in Mandoka cafe of Shibuya of Tokyo, Japan [JYP Entertainment] Promotional events promoting boy band 2PM's first DVD release in Japan have kicked off, according to their agency JYP Entertainment on Tuesday. A press release from JYP Entertainment (JYPE) announced Monday that they have come together with Japan's Mandoka cafe in Shibuya of Tokyo to open a 2PM Cafe, where fans who visit the store can listen to 2PM's hit songs, enjoy refreshments and receive special gifts which feature the group,...More
  • 2PM takes over mobile music chart in Japan

    2010/11/19, Source,
    Japan's Recochuku's mobile music chart Korean boy band 2PM has dominated a mobile music chart in Japan, securing all top five slots on the chart with their songs. JYP Entertainment announced in a press release Friday that 2PM's hit songs "Without U", Heartbeat, "Again & Again", "My Life 4 U" and "10 Out of 10", which were released as ringtones on Wednesday, have placed on the top five spots on Japan's Recochuku's mobile music chart,...More
  • Super Junior voted favorite Hallyu star in Brazil

    2010/11/17, Source,
    Boy band Super Junior's fanclub in Brazil [Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange] Thirteen-member boy band Super Junior have been picked the most popular Korean idols in Brazil. According to a survey in Brazil conducted by the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) on 2,826 youths, Super Junior took first place with 2,137 votes followed by SHINee (1,507), Big Bang (1,471) and BoA (1,315),...More
  • Seulong, Jinwoon and Junsu dine out with Park Jin-young

    2010/11/16, Source,
    2AM's Seulong and Jinwoon, 2PM's Junsu and JYPE's CEO and founder Park Jin-young [Official Seulong and Junsu Twitter] Korean idol 2AM member Seulong and 2PM's Junsu each posted pictures of themselves dining out with JYP Entertainment founder and CEO Park Jin-young on their official Twitter site yesterday. Seulong uploaded a picture of 2AM member Jinwoon and Park Jin-young posing at a Japanese sushi restaurant with a comment below saying, "Junsu, Jinwoon, Park Jin-young and I came to get some sushi (laugh). A picture of our youngest member and Park Jin-young",...More
  • 10Asia publishes mook on Korea's hottest idol groups

    2010/11/16, Source,
    10Asia's mook publication "10+idol" [10Asia] Korea's leading web-based entertainment magazine 10Asia has published its first mook [magazine+book] on the 16 hottest Korean idol stars of 2010. Titled "10+idol", the publication contains articles, interviews and photographs on artists the first issue has deemed as idols of the year including SHINee, Taeyang, Jay Park, Rain, 2AM, Girls' Generation, TOP (Choi Sung-hyeon), Wonder Girls, f(x), Jung Yong-hwa, missA, BEAST, MBLAQ, Secret, Infinit and Orange Caramel,...More
  • Rating The Latest Idol Group Comebacks

    2010/11/15, Source,
    Three of the most representative groups from three of the most representative entertainment companies in Korea have recently made their comebacks this fall season. It was no surprise that each of these three groups won number one honors on the live music performance shows in Korea. It's been established that all three groups have the three factors that idol groups these days need to have: good music, great performances, and enviable style. These three groups -- Girls' Generation from SM Entertainment, 2PM from JYP Entertainment, and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment -- were rated according to those three factors for their latest comeback songs, in comparison to their previous works,...More
  • JYP Entertainment artists to hold joint concert on Xmas Eve

    2010/11/12, Source,
    JYP Entertainment artists (from top left to right): Park Jin-young, JOO, San E, miss A and Wonder Girls [JYP Entertainment] Top Korean singers from major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) will hold a concert next month. JYPE announced in a press release Friday that JYPE founder and CEO Park Jin-young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, JOO, San E and miss A will come together under the name of "JYP Nation" to take the stage of the Olympic Park Stadium for their first-ever joint concert titled "TEAMPLAY" on December 24,...More
  • Who Do You Want To Receive Pepperos From?

    2010/11/11, Source,
    Yuri ( Kwon Yuri) of Girls' Generation was picked as the star that netizens most wa,...More
  • On the set of "MBC Star Audition" premiere episode

    2010/11/08, Source,
    Singer Lee Eun-mi-I, producer and songwriter Bang Si-hyuk, rock guitarist Kim Tae-won-I, rock vocalist Kim Yuna, balladeer Shin Seung-hun and anchorwoman Park Hye-jin-II take part in the live broadcast "MBC Star Audition" at MBC Dream Center in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on November 5, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] The premiere episode of public network MBC's singing competition series "MBC Star Audition" which went on air live November 5 was sort of the launching episode to the show introducing its hosts and judges. In a way, a preview aimed at encouraging more participation before the actual competition starts. This was because while contestants have yet to start competing and show how they will grow as the program progresses, there was also a need for explanation on what "MBC Star Audition" is about. And yet its producers are taking their chances too by having created a show they themselves cannot predict the outcome to, to air live for 70 minutes every week,...More
  • Lee Yoon-ji joins KBS drama, 'Dream High'

    2010/11/06, Source,
    Actor Lee Yoon-ji will appear in KBS2 TV 'Dream High'. On the 7th, an official from 'Dream High' had an interview with StarNews and said that Lee Yoon-ji joinde the cast of 'Dream High'.,...More
  • T-ara member Eunjung cast in upcoming musical drama

    2010/11/05, Source,
    T-ara member Eunjung (Ham Eun-jung) [Core Contents Media] Korean girl group T-ara member Eunjung (Ham Eun-jung) has been cast as one of the female leads in KBS' musical mini-series "Dream High", a co-production between Korea's top entertainment firms KEYEAST and JYP Entertainment. A press release from the show's promoter announced Friday that Eunjung (Ham Eun-jung) will take on the role of Yoon Baek-hee, rival to miss A Suzy's character Goo Hae-mi, who shows a complete transformation after entering the performing arts school,...More
  • 2PM says Ok Taecyeon acts most different around girls

    2010/11/05, Source,
    Scenes from variety program "Happy Together Season 3" featuring boy band 2PM [KBS2] Members of popular boy band 2PM have revealed that Ok Taecyeon acts the most different when he is around girls. During their guest appearance on KBS2's variety show "Happy Together Season 3" on Thursday night which is hosted by comedians Yoo Jae-suk and Park Myung-soo, the members said that Ok Taecyeon acts the most different in front of the opposite sex,...More
  • 2PM continues to shine on "M! CountDown" for 2nd win

    2010/11/05, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM [Official 2PM website] Six-member boy band 2PM continued to shine on music channel Mnet's weekly program "M! CountDown" on Thursday. The boys grabbed their second consecutive win on the show with the title track "I'll Be Back" from their new mini-album "Still 2:00PM" against fellow labelmates ballad group 2AM,...More
  • On the set of Mnet's weekly music show "M! CountDown"

    2010/11/05, Source,
    2AM members Jinwoon and Jo Kwon sing on cable music channel Mnet's "M! CountDown" at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul, South Korea on October 28, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] It was finally the day the press conference for this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) took place and the day the nominees for the show would be announced as well. That is why cable music channel M! CountDown which took place on October 28 took place under the name "2010 MAMA Special". Through a pre-recorded clip, 2PM member Nichkhun introduced the various categories artists would be recognized in at the 2010 MAMA and on stage, Ok Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Hwang Chan-sung talked about how they would react should they win an award,...More
  • 2PM Wooyoung, miss A Suzy cast for "Dream High"

    2010/11/04, Source,
    2PM member Wooyoung (left) and miss A Suzy (right) [JYP Entertainment] 2PM member Wooyoung and miss A's Suzy will both be making their acting debut in the upcoming KBS music TV series "Dream High", a highly anticipated co-production between top Korean entertainment firms JYP Entertainment (JYPE) and KEYEAST. The show's promoter announced Thursday that Wooyoung has been cast for the role of Kevin, a skilled dancer from overseas, while Suzy will be playing the role of Ko Hye-mi, the prettiest girl at a performing arts school who dreams of becoming the next Jo Sumi (famed female soprano),...More
  • New Hallyu: K-POP Boom by Idol Groups

    2010/11/03, Source,
    At a joint interview with members of Kara, 2PM, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, and 4Minute, they all said, "We feel kind of a responsibility as Korean representatives overseas". Hyun Ah (4Minute), On Yoo (SHINee), Wooyoung (2PM), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), and Koo Ha Ra (Kara) came one after another for an interview at a cafe. All the guests in the cafe revealed their curiosity by paying full attention to these star members, whom they could rarely see at one place together. Those members of the star idol groups who attended the interview were all actually the leaders who have created the "new Hallyu" with K-POP in countries such as Japan, the greater China region, South-East Asia, and the USA,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon cast in new KBS musical drama

    2010/11/02, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon [JYP Entertainment] K-pop idol Ok Taecyeon will be showing off his acting skills once again, this time as one of the male leads in KBS' musical TV series "Dream High", a much-anticipated collaboration between Korea's top entertainment firms JYP Entertainment (JYPE) and KEYEAST. JYPE announced in a press release Tuesday that Ok Taecyeon has been cast as Jin-kook in the upcoming show, a skilled dancer that has been kicked out of a school for performing arts but transferred back by request from the chairman of the school,...More
  • 2PM Break into World Music Chart in U.S.

    2010/11/02, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM entered the U.S. Billboard Top World Albums Chart at 13th place on Monday with their new album "Still 02:00PM".

    Despite not havin,...
  • 2PM and Ga-in claims No. 1 spot on TV music programs

    2010/11/01, Source,
    Cover of 2PM's mini-album "Still 2:00PM" [JYP Entertainment] Six-member boy band 2PM and Brown Eyed Girls' member Ga-in (Son Ga-in) took the crown on televised music programs during the final week of October. 2PM scored their second consecutive win on KBS' Friday music show Music Bank with their new title track "I'll Be Back" from their latest mini-album "Still 2:00PM",...More
  • Teaser photos of Nichkhun, Victoria revealed from TV show

    2010/10/29, Source,
    Teaser photos of Nichkhun and Victoria from an upcoming episode of "We Got Married" [MBC] Korean broadcasting company MBC has unveiled a teaser photo of Nichkhun and Victoria from an upcoming episode of reality TV show "We Got Married",...More
  • 2PM sweeps Mnet CountDown by storm

    2010/10/29, Source,
    Six member boy band 2 PM [JYPE Entertainment] Boy band 2PM became the winner on music channel Mnet's weekly show "M! CountDown" on Thursday. The six-member group took the top prize on the program with "I'll Be Back", the title track from their mini-album "Still 2:00PM" released two weeks ago,...More
  • Mnet takes annual music fest overseas for first time

    2010/10/29, Source,
    From left, Mnet's director Kim Ki-woong and Mnet Media's head Park Gwang-won speak at a press conference for this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul, South Korea on October 28, 2010. Korean cable music channel Mnet will take its annual music festival to Macau this year, holding the show overseas for the first time as it strives to become bigger than the Grammy Awards,...More
  • 'Best Star Actors in Second Half of 2010 Are Won Bin and Shin Min-a'

    2010/10/29, Source,
    The research institute Leespr announced on October 28 that Lee Seung-gi and Girls' Generation, and Won Bin and Shin Min-a have been surveyed as the most popular female and male singers and actors, respectively, during the second half of 2010. The institute had conducted a survey from September 25 until 30 targeting 1,324 people from the age of 13 to 65 to ask their about favorite stars during the second half of 2010. Actors Won Bin and Shin Min-a earned,...More
  • Moon Geun-young was against casting Ok Taecyeon. Why?

    2010/10/27, Source,
    Moon Geun-young lately confessed that she was worried about Ok Taecyeon's acting performance. Via phone, Moon Geun-young confirmed that she was having a good friendship with Ok Taecyeon, even after the drama, on October 27th MBC 'Radio-Star'.,...More
  • Album review 2PM 'Still 02:00PM'

    2010/10/26, Source,

    'Still 02:00PM'


    2PM returns in full-force with a seven-track mini album,...
  • 2PM celebrates wins on TV music shows with "I'll Be Back"

    2010/10/25, Source,
    Six-member boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Six-member boy band 2PM, who returned to the local music scene last week, placed atop both televised music shows with their latest single over the weekend. The group won on KBS' Friday music program and scored the Mutizen Award on SBS' Sunday show "Inkigayo" with their title track "I'll Be Back" from their mini-album "Still 2:00PM",...More
  • Ga-in and 2PM win the battle to top Gaon charts

    2010/10/21, Source,
    Brown Eyed Girls' memeber Ga-in (Son Ga-in) [Nega Networks] Korean idols Ga-in (Son Ga-in) and 2PM beat out other artists to top Gaon charts during the week of October 10 to 16. Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in (Son Ga-in)'s latest solo "Irreversible" managed to position itself at No. 1 on Gaon's singles chart, making a nine-spot leap to first place to beat out Supreme Team,...More
  • 2PM wins award at music festival in China

    2010/10/19, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM at the Mandarin Music Honors in China. [JYP Entertainment] Six-member boy band 2PM won top honors at a music award ceremony in China on Monday. JYP Entertainment announced in a press release Tuesday that 2PM, who were invited to represent Korea at the Mandarin Music Honors (MMH) hosted by China's CCTV and MTV, won the title of "Most Popular Asian Artist",...More
  • Ga-in hits No. 1 spot with "Irreversible"

    2010/10/19, Source,
    Cover of Ga-in (Son Ga-in)'s solo album "step 2/4" [Nega Networks] Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in (Son Ga-in) has made her way to the top spot on cable music channel Mnet's singles chart with her new song "Irreversible". Ga-in (Son Ga-in), who recently began her solo music career, climbed up six spots to No. 1 with "Irreversible", taking her first win during the week of October 11 to 17,...More
  • Twelve Asian Stars to Appear in 'Asia Song Festival'

    2010/10/18, Source,
    Star singers including Rain, BoA, 2PM, Lee Seung-chul from Korea, AKB48 from Japan, and Jane Zhang from China will appear in the "Asia Song Festival". The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said on October 14 that twelve star singers from six Asian countries will appear in the "2010 Asia Song Festival" that will be held at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on October 23,...More
  • MCs for 47th Daejong Fil Awards will be Shin Dong-yup and Kim Jung-eun / 2PM and Girls' Generation will performed for this event

    2010/10/17, Source,
    Actor Shin Dong-yup and actress Kim Jung-eun will be two MCs for 47th Daejong Film Awards. 10 films were selected by 50 different random people since September 18th, 2010, will be narrowed down to one final winner by 11 professional film critics.,...More
  • K-pops idols come together for G20 Seoul Summit song

    2010/10/12, Source,
    Cover of G20 song "Let's Go" [Asia Bridge Contents] Several top K-pop idols have come together to record a song promoting the upcoming G20 event in South Korea's capital of Seoul,...More
  • Seulong turns hair stylist for a day

    2010/10/12, Source,
    2AM member Seulong coloring 2PM member Ok Taecyeon's hair. [Official Seulong Twitter site] Korean idol Seulong has revealed a picture of himself styling 2PM member Ok Taecyeon's hair on his Twitter account,...More
  • 2PM reveals new album track list and video trailer

    2010/10/11, Source,
    Korean idols 2PM members (from left to right): Hwang Chan-sung, Junho, Wooyoung, Junsu, Nichkhu and Ok Taecyeon [JYP Entertainment] Korean boy band 2PM have unveiled the complete track list for their upcoming mini-album. The track list for their new album "Still 2:00 PM" was revealed on various web-based music sites earlier today as well as the trailer for their title track "I'll Be Back" on the group's official website,...More
  • Idol Singers Sing Commemorative Song for G20 Summit

    2010/10/11, Source,
    Twenty singers including star idol singers sang a song together to commemorate the G20 Seoul Summit. The song, entitled "Let's Go", was produced by the famous music composer named "Tiger in Shinsadong", and singers including Joon Soo (2PM), Lee Changmin (2AM), Sungmin (Super Junior), Seohyun (Girls' Generation), Jonghyun (Shinee), Park Gyu-ri (Kara), Luna (f(x)), Kahi (After School), Heo Gayoon (4MINUTE), Yong Jun-hyung (Beast), Min (Miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Song Ji-eun (Secret), and Kim Jae-kyung (Rainbow) participated in singing the song in a chorus,...More
  • 2PM unveils teaser video and title of upcoming album

    2010/10/07, Source,
    Teaser video of Korean boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Six-member boy band 2PM unveiled a teaser video and the title of their upcoming album today, according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE). A video of the boys dancing, which revealed the name of their new album "Still 2:00 PM" at the end of the clip, was revealed on the group's official website,...More
  • 2PM reveals teaser pictures today

    2010/10/06, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM (from top left to right): Ok Taecyeon, Junho, Wooyoung, Junu, Nichkhun and Hwang Chan-sung [JYP Entertainment] Teaser photographs of Korean boy band 2PM who are set to make a comeback to the local music scene with a new single were unveiled today,...More
  • 2PM goes into countdown for comeback

    2010/10/04, Source,
    Teaser image of 2PM comeback [JYP Entertainment] Six-member idol group 2PM has gone on a countdown ahead of making their comeback to the local music scene later this month. The group's agency JYP Entertainment revealed an image of the phrase "Day - 2" on a black background on their official website ( on Monday, indicating that a teaser will be revealed two days later,...More
  • 2PM To Debut in Japan by Releasing DVD

    2010/09/27, Source,
    The Sankei Sports newspaper reported an article with the title "Asia's NO.1 Group 2PM to Debut in Japan" on September 22 and said that the six-member male group has decided to debut in Japan. 2PM will release its debut DVD entitled "Hottest-2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History", in which their seven hit songs and music videos are included, to present their various talents to Japanese fans on November 24. They will also hold a large-scale debut event in Ryogoku Kokugi-kan located in Tokyo on December 8 to interact with their fans,...More
  • 'Realism essential for local teen dramas'

    2010/09/26, Source,
    Upcoming television series to revamp overlooked genre

    By Han Sang-hee

    KBS is seeking to bring about a change in the sluggish teenage program scene with its new series,...
  • 2PM to expand career into Japan

    2010/09/24, Source,
    2PM's expansion into Japan reported in Sankei Sports [Sankei Sports] Top Korean boy band 2PM will be expanding their singing career into Japan in a few months, according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE). JYPE explained through a press release Thursday that as reported by Japanese media outlets the previous day, 2PM will make a debut in Japan through major record label Sony Music Entertainment in two months time,...More
  • 2NE1 celebrates first win on KBS' "Music Bank"

    2010/09/20, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 members (from left to right): CL, Bom, Sandara and Minzy [YG Entertainment] Korean girl group 2NE1 celebrated their first win on a televised music program over the weekend with their new song "Can't Nobody". The quartet, who gave their comeback performance with "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody", took the crown on KBS' Friday show "Music Bank", beating out R&B singer Wheesung,...More
  • Hyun Bin replaces Jang Hyuk for "Secret Garden"

    2010/09/07, Source,
    Hyun Bin [Asia Economic Daily] Actor Hyun Bin has been cast as the new male lead of upcoming SBS TV series "Secret Garden", replacing Jang Hyuk who has pulled out from the show for reasons relating to his agency. An official with the drama told Asia Economic on Tuesday that Hyun Bin will take on the role of a finicky heir to a conglomerate in the fantasy melodrama also set to star actress Ha Ji-won as a stunt woman,...More
  • Former 2PM Singer Breaks Silence

    2010/09/03, Source,
    The disgraced former leader of popular boy band 2PM, Jay Park, has offered his side of the story of,...More
  • [PHOTOS] Mnet "20's Choice"

    2010/08/27, Source,
    Kim Hyun-joong [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Boy band SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong arrives at the 4th annual cable music channel Mnet's "20's Choice" ceremony held at the River Park pool of the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010,...More
  • Jay Park, Jang Hyuk set to leave "Secret Garden"

    2010/08/26, Source,
    Jay Park (left) and Jang Hyuk [SidusHQ] Actors who were cast for upcoming SBS TV series "Secret Garden", including Jang Hyuk and former boy band 2PM leader Jay Park, are said to have withdrawn from the show. According to multiple sources, actor Jang Hyuk who was set to play the male lead and actress Kim Sa-rang decided to pull out from the drama after Park's casting for the show fell through. All three are managed by major talenthouse SidusHQ,...More
  • Secret Garden: Jang Hyuk out, Hyun Bin in?

    2010/08/25, Source,
    By javabeans Interesting (and confusing) news: Jang Hyuk may be dropping out of the fantasy-melodrama series "Secret Garden", and co-star Kim Sa-rang may follow him out. Being touted as a potential replacement is Hyun Bin. And the reason for all this sudden cast rearrangement: idol star Jay Park? The facts: "Secret Garden" is being planned as an SBS weekend drama to premiere in November,...More
  • Jay Park to arrive in Korea today

    2010/08/25, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Jay Park (Korean name Jay Park) will arrive in Korea today after having left for the United States two weeks ago on vacation. "Park is scheduled to arrive in Korea this afternoon through Incheon International Airport", an official at SidusHQ told Sports Today over the phone on Wednesday,...More
  • 2PM releases digital single and music video for Thank You

    2010/08/18, Source,
    Cover of 2PM's digital single "Thank You" [JYP Entertainment] Korean idols 2PM have released a digital single and music video for "Thank You", according to the group's agency JYP Entertainment on Wednesday. JYPE announced in a press release that the ballad song "Thank You", which was first revealed at 2PM's first solo concert, was revealed on various web-based music sites yesterday,...More
  • SM Entertainment Artists Dominate In Album Sales

    2010/08/18, Source,
    As if the company needed any more evidence to prove itself as one of the top entertainment agencies in Korea, a report was recently released showing just how much SM Entertainment dominates the kpop i,...More
  • Park Jin-young receives int'l award alongside Bill Clinton

    2010/08/17, Source,
    Founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin-young at the World Leadership Awards in Atlanta, Georgia [JYP Entertainment] Founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin-young was honored with an international award alongside former U.S. president Bill Clinton at the World Leadership Awards last week, according to JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Monday. JYPE announced in a press release that Park was handed the Global Ambassador Award at the World Leadership Awards held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6. He received this award because of the dreams and hope that he instilled in children as well as discovering and training new talent,...More
  • Mourning Over Andre Kim's Death

    2010/08/16, Source,
    The late Andre Kim is talking with the actress Kim Hee-sun at the fashion show held in Seoul in 2001. People in the entertainment industry were mourning over the news of Andre Kim's death while saying, "A great star in Korea has fallen". The late Kim had been involved in the entertainment industry and formed close family-like relationships with many stars during his life. In particular, actors such as Kim Hee-sun, Cha In-pyo, Jang Seo-hee, Choi Ji-woo, Ryu Si-won, and Cha Seung-won had shared special affection for Kim and each other for a long time, and they had been loved by fans for appearing on the catwalk at Kim's fashion shows, and they looked deeply shocked by the news that Kim had passed away on August 12,...More
  • JYP named global leader alongside Bill Clinton

    2010/08/16, Source,
    By Lee Hyo-won

    Korean producer Park Jin-young, also known as JYP, received an award for global leadership in Altanta, Ga., alongside othe,...
  • 2PM to give encore concert

    2010/08/16, Source,
    Official poster of 2PM's encore concert [JYP Entertainment] Korean idols 2PM will be giving an encore performance of their first live show in September, according to their agency JYP Entertainment on Monday. In a press release, JYP announced that the boys will hold a second showing of their first solo concert "Don't Stop Can't Stop" on September 4 and 5. Their first round of shows was held July 31 and August 1 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul and on August 7 and 8 at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) in Busan,...More
  • Saying goodbye to Andre Kim

    2010/08/13, Source,
    By Ines Min

    It rained all night.

    The funeral parlor of Seoul National University Hospital rang with the sobbing cries of friends coming to pay their respects to the late fashion icon, Andre Kim.,...
  • Mnet Media, JYP joins forces to take on Asian music market

    2010/08/13, Source,
    Popular Korean boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) and music cable unit Mnet Media have come together to expand Korea's music business and talent into the Asian music market. On Thursday, JYPE and Mnet Media announced that they have formed a partnership through which they will jointly work toward expanding the influence of Korean music content in Asi,...More
  • CJ-JYP-KEYEAST drama "Dream High" to air in January 2011

    2010/08/13, Source,
    Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon and CEO and founder of JYPE Park Jin-young [KEYEAST/JYPE] Musical TV series "Dream High", being produced jointly by cable unit CJ Media and major talenthouses JYP Entertainment (JYPE) and KEYEAST, will premiere early next year. A press release from KEYEAST yesterday confirmed that "Dream High" has been set to air on public network KBS starting January 2011,...More
  • New Trend In K-Pop: Pretty-Beasts?

    2010/08/12, Source,
    They're not just pretty boys, yet they're not your typical "beastly", manly men either. So what are they??

    There's been a new wave of poster boys in the k-pop industry that have created a new fusio,...
  • Jay Park returns to the U.S.

    2010/08/11, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Singer and actor Jay Park left for the United States today after wrapping up filming of b-boy pic "Hype Nation 3D". Park had been in Korea since mid-June to shoot the Korea and U.S. joint production about a dance contest between Western and Eastern b-boys,...More
  • Korean pop stars to perform at Hallyu Dream Concert

    2010/08/11, Source,
    Official Hallyu Dream Festival site Korea's hottest K-pop stars will gather in the city of Gyeong Ju in the North Gyeongsang Province next month to perform at the Hallyu Dream Concert. Close to two dozen artists including Super Junior, 2PM, Kangta, 2AM, 2NE1, Se7en, 4minute, BEAST, Son Dam-bi, Kara, After School, miss A, FT Island, Choshinsung, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, ZE:A, Secret, Flower and Seo In-guk will take to the stage of the concert to be held on September 12 at the Gyeong Ju Citizen's Stadium as part of the two-day Hallyu Dream Festival which begins on September 10,...More
  • BoA's vocal chops are "right on", says Kim Dong-ryul

    2010/08/10, Source,
    Korean singer and songwriter Kim Dong-ryul [Music Farm] Korean singer and songwriter Kim Dong-ryul, who recently worked with BoA on her latest album "Hurricane Venus", has said that BoA's vocal skills are "right on", according to a press release by his agency Music Farm on Tuesday. Kim, who is notorious for not giving his compositions to other artists, explained that he accepted agency SM Entertainment's offer to pen a song for BoA because he thought it would be "interesting" to work with her,...More
  • Jae Park Releases New Song in Brave Brother's Album

    2010/08/10, Source,
    Jae Park (23), who had withdrawn from the group 2PM, released a new song by including his song in an album released by famous music composer Brave Broth,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Jay Park - Part 1

    2010/08/09, Source,
    Singer Jay Park poses during a photo session of a press conference ahead of performing at the "Summer Week&T" music festival held at the Naksan Beach in Gangwon Province of South Korea on August 7, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] We met with Jay Park. This seems to be the only way to describe his press conference held at Naksan Beach in the Gangwon Province of South Korea on August 7, where he was appearing in public officially for the second time. The 23-year-old singer was also just hours away from giving his first stage performance since going solo, taking to the stage of the two-day "Summer Week&T" festival with his act right before Korea's king of hip-hop Drunken Tiger and two before American hip-hop star Lupe Fiasco,...More
  • Actress Park Si-yeon's Song Picks

    2010/08/05, Source,
    Actress Park Si-yeon [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] There are many words in this world which can be used to describe a beautiful woman but the adjective which probably best suits actress Park Si-yeon is 'alluring'. The clean-cut contour of her face and deep eyes which became known first through her participation in the Miss Korea competition in 2000 and then a cosmetics commercial, continues to retain its classical beauty ten years later. That may be why the characters Park played were women who drove many men to their destruction and misfortune,...More
  • Jang Dong-gun, Song Hye-kyo Top Plastic Surgery Templates

    2010/08/05, Source,
    The chiseled features of actors Jang Dong-gun and Song Hye-kyo are the most popular m,...More
  • Sexually suggestive scenes at 2PM's concert

    2010/08/05, Source,
    Six-member 2PM once again proved itself one of the most popular groups with their smashing success at their first independent concert last weekend.

  • Decision on Jay Park drama casting yet to come

    2010/08/04, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] The decision on former boy band 2PM leader Jay Park appearing in a drama tentatively titled "Secret Garden" has yet to be made, according to his agency on Wednesday. SidusHQ stated through a press release that negotiations regarding Park's casting for the upcoming SBS TV series had been "going positively" and they are now waiting for a response from the show,...More
  • 2PM's First Concert Wows 12,000 Audience Members

    2010/08/03, Source,
    When the clock on the screen indicated 2 pm, wild and tough action scenes were played onscreen. When the heavy booming sounds played enough to raise tension among the audience members, the concert hall was filled with the sound of motorcycle engines. The members of 2PM made an appearance on the stage by riding motorcycles, and they showcased their first song "Don't Stop Can't Stop" with a dynamic dance performance,...More
  • Kim Bum named PR ambassador for Hallyu Dream Festival

    2010/08/02, Source,
    Korean actor Kim Bum Several Korean stars including actors Kim Bum and Yoon Sang-hyun have been appointed PR ambassadors for the upcoming Hallyu Dream Festival to be held next month in the city of Gyeong-ju in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The event's organizing committee announced in a press release on Monday that they have named Kim Bum as the publicity ambassador for the festival while giving the same title to actor Yoon Sang-hyun, idol group Choshinsung and singer Hong Jin-young to promote North Gyeongsang Province,...More
  • Jay Park to hold extra day of Korea fan meeting

    2010/07/30, Source,
    Fan meeting poster of Jay Park [MC Culturepai] Korean singer Jay Park, the former leader of boy band 2PM, will be extending his fan meeting in Korea next month by one day, according to event promoter MC Culturepia on Monday. A press release from MC announced that Park, who is scheduled to hold his fan meeting in Seoul on August 28, will meet and greet his fans once again the following day at the Hwaseong Tiger Dome located in Korea University in Seoul,...More
  • Jay Park's Mini-Album Sells Like Hotcakes

    2010/07/28, Source,
    Jay Park is doing pretty darn well on his own.

    After releasing his mini-album "Nothin' On You" just two weeks ago, the now solo singer saw about,...
  • The next serving of 'hallyu'?

    2010/07/28, Source,
    A poster for MBC drama "Pasta" / Courtesy of MBC By Han Sang-hee Staff reporter The word "hallyu", or Korean wave, first appeared in the late 1990s, and it has been growing within the local entertainment industry over the years. The word, which referred to the popularity of Korean culture around the world, has now become a representative term when explaining and defining Korean culture. It refers to almost all cultural aspects_ from drama, music, food to fashion_ and as much as Korea would like to see some effects in other parts of the world, it certainly impacts the entire region of Asia,...More
  • Unofficial Groups of Close Celebrities Revealed

    2010/07/27, Source,
    An airing of a morning show on one of the major broadcasting channels in Korea on July 26th gathered a list of private unofficial clubs or groups of celebrities that often get together for different p,...More
  • Jay Park dances back into spotlight at "Hype Nation 3D" press conf

    2010/07/23, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park speaks during a press conference for upcoming film "Hype Nation 3D" held in Namyangju, South Korea on July 22, 2010. [photographed by Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park danced his way back into the spotlight yesterday, making his first public appearance since being infamously ousted from popular boy band 2PM last September. All eyes were on the Korean-American entertainer as he showed up, accompanied by his co-stars, crew and director, at the press conference for film "Hype Nation 3D", held Thursday on the movie's set located in the city of Namyangju, South Korea,...More
  • 2nd line-up of K-pop idols announced for Hallyu concert

    2010/07/22, Source,
    Official poster for "Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010" concert [HH Company] The second line-up of performers have been announced for the upcoming "Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010" concert, to be held next month in the city of Incheon, South Korea. According to a press release by PR agency The J Story on Thursday, Korean singers BoA, Kara, Se7en and Taeyang of idol group Big Bang will also be performing at the concert, which will take place August 29 at Incheon Munhak Worldcup Stadium,...More
  • miss A, 2AM to perform at 2PM concert next weekend

    2010/07/22, Source,
    K-pop girl band miss A [JYP Entertainment] Korean pop groups 2AM and miss A will be performing as musical guests at labelmate 2PM's Seoul concert next weekend, according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Thursday. "2AM and miss A gladly offered to be performing guests at 2PM's first concert despite their busy schedules", JYPE said in a press release. "Both groups are congratulating 2PM's significant first concert from the bottom of their hearts, and they will present the best opening performances for the audience",...More
  • Jay Park to perform solo single at summer music fest

    2010/07/21, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park [Park's official Twitter page] Korean singer Jay Park will perform his new song at a summer music festival next month, according to his agency SidusHQ on Wednesday. Sidus announced in a press release that Park will be performing his solo single "Count on Me", for the first time ever, at the annual two-day "Summer Week&T 2010" music festival beginning August 7,...More
  • Ha Ji-won cast as female lead in new SBS drama

    2010/07/21, Source,
    Korean actress Ha Ji-won [Wellmade StarM] Korean actress Ha Ji-won, who is returning to small screen after four years, will play the female lead in a new SBS weekend drama tentatively titled "Secret Garden", according to an official related to the show on Wednesday. "Ha has been set to play female character Gil La-im. She has finished negotiating on the details of the contract", the official explained,...More
  • Jay Park officially signs with SidusHQ

    2010/07/16, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Jay Park, former leader of boy band 2PM has signed an exclusive contract with SidusHQ, one of the largest talent agencies in Korea. SidusHQ released a statement on Friday, explaining that they signed Park on officially as of July 15, the same day that mother company iHQ's Jung Hoon-tak returned to his position as C.E.O. in the firm,...More
  • Jay Park likely to appear in new SBS drama

    2010/07/13, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Boy band 2PM's former leader Jay Park is likely to be cast in an upcoming SBS TV series tentatively titled "Secret Garden", according to an official with the show on Tuesday. "We are currently negotiating on his appearance, with him in mind for the role of new singer Sun", the official explained,...More
  • SidusHQ set to sign with Jay Park this week

    2010/07/13, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] SidusHQ, one of Korea's largest talenthouses, is set to wrap up talks with former boy band 2PM leader Jay Park and sign him onto the agency within the week, according to an official at SidusHQ on Tuesday. "We have yet to finalize the contract -- we are negotiating on the details -- but we will reach a deal with him this week if nothing in particular comes up", the official told Asia Economic Daily over the phone,...More
  • Jo Kwon, Jung Yong-hwa to host SBS music show

    2010/07/13, Source,
    Jung Yong-hwa of boy band CNBLUE [10Asia] Boy band 2AM's Jo Kwon and CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa have been chosen as new emcees for SBS TV's weekly music show "Inkigayo". Korean public broadcaster SBS announced in a press release that the two singers will be replacing 2PM's Ok Taecyeon and Wooyoung, who stepped down as hosts after the July 11 episode, and joining co-host Sulli of girl band f(x),...More
  • Jay Park likely to sign with SidusHQ

    2010/07/08, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park, the former leader of boy band 2PM, is likely to sign with SidusHQ, one of the largest talent agencies in Korea. "We are currently in final stages of negotiations with Park regarding an exclusive contract", a high-ranking official at SidusHQ explained on Thursday, adding that a decision is expected to be made next week since talks are "going in a positive direction",...More
  • Jay Park to release solo debut album on July 13

    2010/07/08, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park will be releasing his solo debut single album next week, according to Warner Music Korea on Thursday. Warner announced that Park's solo album featuring the English, Korean and remix versions of song "Count on Me" will go on sale on July 13,...More
  • "Hype Nation 3D" Receives Bad Rep Among Local Reporters

    2010/07/07, Source,
    The "Hype Nation 3D" movie has been receiving a bad rep with Korean reporters. They've started a boycott on covering the film project w,...More
  • Jay Park to hold fan meeting tour in Asia

    2010/07/07, Source,
    Korean singer, dancer and actor Jay Park [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Korean singer Jay Park, the former leader of boy band 2PM, will be holding a fan meeting tour throughout Asia later this summer, according to a press release posted on his official website ( The singer, who is currently in Korea shooting the b-boy film "Hype Nation 3D", will meet with his fans in eight Asian cities, starting with the Seoul fan meet on August 28 which will continue onto Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore,...More
  • Jae Bum: 'I Missed Korea'

    2010/07/06, Source,
    "I really wanted to come back to Korea. These days, I am practicing acting with a script written in both Korean and English, but it is easier to memorize the Korean lines". -Jae Bum A news reporter recently met Jae Bum (23) -- who was once a member of the idol group 2PM -- twice, once in an office in Gangbuk and once in a recording studio in Gangnam. He has grown more gaunt than before and bruises could be seen here and there on his knees and elbows as if he had hurt himself by practicing B-boying. It was actually the first time that he met a person from the media since he left for America last year,...More
  • K-pop idols to perform at Incheon Hallyu concert in August

    2010/07/06, Source,
    Official poster for "Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010" concert [HH Company] A handful of the hottest Korean pop idols including Girls' Generation and Super Junior are gearing up to perform at the "Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010", according to concert organizer HH Company on Tuesday. HH Company and the city of Incheon announced the first line-up of performers for the event, to be held at Incheon Munhak Worldcup Stadium on August 29, which includes 2PM, After School, BEAST, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, SG Wannabe, SHINee, Son Dam-bi and U-Kiss,...More
  • Lee Byung-hun, Wonder Girls and 2PM to Promote Seoul City

    2010/07/06, Source,
    Wonder Girls in commercial for China Seoul city official announced on July 5 that Seoul city will broadcast four kinds of TV commercials to promote Seoul city in foreign countries, in which Hallyu stars such as Lee Byung-hun, Wonder Girls, and 2PM appear. The advertising commercials for Seoul city were made in order to inform the world of the attractiveness of Seoul city, and the contents and themes were differentiated by different regions targeting Japan, China, South-East Asian countries, and countries in Europe and the American continent,...More
  • Ex-2PM leader missed Korea
    2010/07/06, Source,
    By Ines Min
    Staff reporter

    Ousted 2PM leader Jay Park is still making headlines a year after an incendiary Internet controversy. Now, nine months following his unexpected flight to the United Sta,...
  • Lee Byung-hun, Wonder Girls, 2PM will promote Seoul

    2010/07/05, Source,
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff reporter

    Actor Lee Byung-hun and singers 2PM and the Wonder Girls fi,...
  • JYP Entertainment brings new girl group

    2010/06/23, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    JYP Entertainment, the creator of the Wonder Girls, 2AM and 2PM, will bring a new girl group next month.

    The new,...
  • Jay Park to start shooting "Hype Nation 3D" on Thursday

    2010/06/22, Source,
    Former 2PM leader Jay Park arrives at Incheon International Airport in Korea on June 18, 2010. [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park, former leader of boy band 2PM who arrived in Korea last Friday, will kick off shooting for b-boy pic "Hype Nation 3D" on June 24. According to multiple media reports, filming for "Hype Nation 3D" was originally set to begin on Wednesday but got delayed by a day due to the weather and shooting location selection,...More
  • Jay Park posts message prior to Seoul arrival today

    2010/06/18, Source,
    Former 2PM member Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Jay Park, former leader of popular boy band 2PM, has posted a personal message to fans on his official website ( on Thursday, a day before his long-awaited return to Korea. The singer, who will be arriving in Seoul Friday afternoon to start shooting b-boy film "Hype Nation 3D", released a lengthy statement in English and Korean on the website, saying "before I move on to a new chapter in my life, I want to just say some things and put my past to rest",...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "Hype Nation 3D" brings new stars to spotlight

    2010/06/17, Source,
    2PM group ex-member Jay Park is in the new film "Hype Nation 3D" and the female character has been set! The female character will be a member of RaNia from the DrMusic Group named T-ae. T-ae will be the younger sister of Jay Park in this movie. "Hype Nation 3D" will reveal their great performances. T-ae has been recommended by the producer,...More
  • [PHOTOS] Cheering for South Korean soccer team

    2010/06/17, Source,
    Boy band 2PM [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] From left, boy band 2PM members Junsu, Nichkhun, Chansung and Junho cheer for South Korea playing against Argentina for its second game in Group B of the 2010 World Cup South Africa. 2PM rooted for the South Korean soccer team at the JYP headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on June 17, 2010,...More
  • Jay Park to arrive in Korea tomorrow

    2010/06/17, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park, who is set to start filming b-boy pic "Hype Nation 3D", will arrive in Korea on Friday afternoon. "Jay Park will arrive at Incheon International Airport at around 5:50 p.m. on June 18", a source related to the film told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Thursday. Park's arrival has been much awaited by fans of his former boy band 2PM -- his visit to Korea had been talked of after news of his casting for the film broke out in mid April,...More
  • New couple for 'Just Married' start shooting

    2010/06/16, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    Victoria from girl band f(x) will join Nichkhun of More
  • Jay Park expected to arrive in Korea this week

    2010/06/15, Source,
    Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Jay Park, a former member of boy band 2PM, is expected to fly into Korea within the week to start shooting his b-boy pic "Hype Nation 3D", according to an official with the film on Tuesday. "He is planning on arriving during this week, possibly before the weekend at the earliest", the official told Asia Economic Daily over the phone,...More
  • Female lead cast for Jay Park film

    2010/06/15, Source,
    RaNia member T-ae [DrMusic] Singer T-ae has been cast as the female lead for Hollywood film "Hype Nation 3D" starring former boy band 2PM member Jay Park. DrMusic, in charge of managing T-ae's girl group RaNia, said Tuesday that T-ae will play the role of Park's younger sister in the b-boy film about a dance contest between an American dance crew and South Korean dancers,...More
  • 2PM unveils new music video on Youtube

    2010/06/14, Source,
    Korean idol group 2PM on the cover of their latest album "Don't Stop Can't Stop" [JYP Entertainment] Korean idol group 2PM has unveiled a music video for their ballad single "I Will Give You My Life" on popular video-sharing site Youtube, according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE). The group posted the video on Youtube (link to video: last Thursday, which contains never-seen-before footage of the members performing on stage, goofing off during a photo shoot and interacting with their fans, said JYPE through a press release on Monday,...More
  • Shapely legs is the way to Nichkhun's heart

    2010/06/11, Source,
    Nichkhun of Korean idol group 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Nichkhun of Korean boy band 2PM has confessed that the first body feature he looks at when he sees a woman is her legs, according to a press release by major TV broadcaster MBC. The singer made the remark during the group's guest appearance on popular quiz show "World Changing Quiz", when he was asked the question by host Lee Hwi-jae,...More
  • Wonder Girls begins US tour

    2010/06/09, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    The Wonder Girls made a successful start to its American tour in Washington D.C. last Friday. The concert was a sell-out and fans were on their feet from start to f,...
  • Super Star K to hold audition in LA

    2010/06/09, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    The popular Korean program "Super Star K" is reaching out to the United States. Mnet Media, the cable channel that airs the show, announced Wednesday that the progr,...
  • Entertainment industry ready for World Cup

    2010/06/08, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    The World Cup is finally drawing near and the entertainment industry is getting ready to celebrate and cheer on the Korean team along with the public.

    The easies,...
  • Japanese actress says, "I am changed"

    2010/06/08, Source,
    Japanese actress Yoo Min (Yuko Fueki in Japanese), 31, said that she has changed after staying in Korea for a long time.

    During the shooting of t,...
  • Wonder Girls embarks on US tour
    2010/06/06, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff reporter

    The girl band Wonder Girls has officially launched their American tour that will continue through June and July.

    The group's agency, JYP Entertainment, announced that the five-member band was starting the "Wonder Girls World Tour" on June 4 in Washington DC, la,...
  • 2PM to hold first solo concert

    2010/06/04, Source,
    By Ines Min
    Staff reporter

    Pop group 2PM will hold their first solo concerts this summer.

    Managing company JYP Entertainment said two concerts wi,...
  • 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria cast in reality show

    2010/06/04, Source,
    f(x) leader Victoria and 2PM member Nichkhun [SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment] 2PM member Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria have been cast as one of the latest make-believe couples in MBC's reality show "We Got Married". JYP Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Friday that "the two began recording for the show at the beginning of June although the schedule for the airing of the show has yet to be set",...More
  • 2PM Junsu unlikely to join Wonder Girls' North America tour

    2010/06/04, Source,
    Members of boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Boy band 2PM member Junsu is unlikely to be joining the rest of his members for the Wonder Girls' North America tour this month, according to his agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Friday. "The members of 2PM have departed from Korea because they will open the Wonder Girls' tour but Junsu will stay back and take time to recover from his knee injury", an official from JYPE told Asia Economic Daily over the phone,...More
  • Wonder Girls to embark on a 27-stop North America tour

    2010/06/04, Source,
    Wonder Girls [JYP Entertainment] Korean female pop group Wonder Girls will kick off a 27-stop tour in the North Korea on Friday (EST), according to their agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) today. JYPE announced through a press release that the first solo tour titled "Wonder World Tour", promoted by Live Nation, will start off in Washington D.C. and head to over a two dozen other venues located throughout the U.S. and Canada,...More
  • Ok Taecyeon says "never dated anyone" since debut

    2010/06/03, Source,
    Boy band 2PM member Ok Ok Taecyeon [Asia Economic Daily] Ok Taecyeon of popular boy band 2PM has revealed that he has not had a single girlfriend since making his debut, dismissing recent rumors that he is dating Yoona of Girls' Generation. The singer sat down for an exclusive interview Asia Economic Daily, held at a coffee shop in Seoul's Apkujung district on Monday morning, opening up about his personal life,...More
  • Nichkhun says being called pretty is "like an insult"

    2010/06/01, Source,
    Boy band 2PM member Nichkhun appears on talk show "Steel Heart" [SBS] Nichkhun, member of popular idol group 2PM who is famous for his dashing looks, has said that being told he is pretty is like "an insult" for him. The 21-year-old singer made the remark while appearing as a guest on popular celebrity talk show "Steel Heart", according to a press release by the show's broadcaster SBS on Tuesday,...More
  • Jay Park signs with online media company DMW

    2010/05/31, Source,
    Jay Park (center) with DMW CEO Ned Sherman (left) [Digital Media Wire] Korean singer Jay Park, former leader of popular boy band 2PM, has signed with U.S. online media company Digital Media Wire (DMW) to manage his career. DMW announced on its official website ( Friday (U.S. time) that its CEO and entertainment lawyer Ned Sherman will be "representing artist Jay Park with respect to his global entertainment career",...More
  • 40,000 Audience Members Attend 'Dream Concert'
    2010/05/26, Source,
    Even on a rainy day, the heat continued to rise in Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium.

    Star Korean singers such as Rain, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, 2PM,,...
  • 2PM and Super Junior top televised music shows

    2010/05/24, Source,
    Boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Korean boy bands 2PM and Super Junior ranked number one on televised music shows over the weekend. 2PM claimed their second consecutive Mutizen award on SBS' Sunday music program "Inkigayo" with their single "Without U" while giving out the top spot on KBS' Friday live show "Music Bank" to Super Junior who recently made a comeback with a new song titled "BONAMANA",...More
  • On the set of TV series "Cinderella's Sister"

    2010/05/12, Source,
    The cast of KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] "We are going to wrap up with a kiss", cried out director Kim Yeong-jo of KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister". One would have thought that it was the long-awaited and much-anticipated kiss between the show's main female and male character, but it was actually the charming Hyo-seon (played by Seo Woo) planting a thank-you kiss on a servant grandmother and a maiden for giving her vegetables without her mother knowing about it. The scene will later air in the twelfth episode. The shooting started early in the morning on an incredibly sunny Children's Day [May 5 - National holiday] and attracted huge crowds of families, who were visiting a nearby amusement park and flocked around the surrounding roads near the shooting location,...More
  • Hot Comebacks in May

    2010/05/07, Source,
    Just when you thought April was the month of hot comebacks in k-pop music (think Lee Hyori, Rain,,...More
  • [PHOTOS] Lee Hyori, Rain, 2PM on Mnet "M! CountDown"

    2010/05/07, Source,
    2PM members Junsu, Changsung and Junho [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] From left, boy band 2PM members Junsu, Changsung and Junho give an acceptance speech after winning the top prize on music channel Mnet's weekly show "M! CountDown" held at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul, South Korea on May 6, 2010,...More
  • Jae Bum to Star in Movie

    2010/05/05, Source,
    "Jae Bum (Park Jae Bum, 23), as a former B-boy, has remarkable dance and rap skills, he can speak English fluently, and he also has a cute,...More
  • 2PM's "Can't Stop" rise to the top of Gaon charts

    2010/04/28, Source,
    Members of boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Korean idol group 2PM stormed to the top of Gaon's singles chart to claim the title as the most popular single for the week of April 18 to 24 with their new track "Without U". According to Gaon's singles chart on Thursday, 2PM scored their first win with their new tune knocking out Lee Hyori from first place,...More
  • 2PM tops weekly music charts with "Without U"

    2010/04/28, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM [JYP Entertainment] Korean idol group 2PM has topped several K-pop music charts this week with their latest single "Without U", triumphing over new hit tunes by Rain and Lee Hyori. "Without U", the title track from the group's new album "Don't Stop Can't Stop", ranked at No. 1 on various music charts including Monkey3, Dosirak and Mnet for the week of April 19 through 25,...More
  • Jay Park considering press conference in Korea

    2010/04/28, Source,
    Korean singer Jay Park seen at the Incheon International Airport on September 8, 2009 [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer Jay Park is said to be considering holding a press conference in Korea when he returns to the country in June to shoot his b-boy film "Hype Nation 3D". In a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Wednesday, a source related to the film explained that the singer is "discussing with his parents about holding a press conference regarding his permanent resignation [from 2PM and agency JYPE]",...More
  • 2PM Chosen as Favorite Commercial Models

    2010/04/28, Source,
    A survey has shown that the idol group 2PM was found to be the most preferred commercial models during the first half of this year.

    The professional,...
  • 2010 Dream Concert Lineup Revealed

    2010/04/21, Source,
    It's one of the hottest k-pop concerts of the year! The 16th annual Dream Concert will be featuring some of the hottest stars, like it does every year. This year's line-up includes two of the most suc,...More
  • [FOCUS] Wednesday/Thursday drama rivalry - Part 2

    2010/04/19, Source,
    6. Work and Love, Love and Work: The story for all three stories are set at the workplace "Prosecutor Princess": It is impossible to perfectly reenact the process of investigation that prosecutors carry out unless the program is a reality documentary. However, "Prosecutor Princess" adds an abundance of detail into depicting the daily life of a civil servant. The show has received reviews that even regular office workers can relate to the portrayal of the job description of a rookie prosecutor. "Princess" could become a good example of an office drama if it lays out the process of investigations with common sense. "Personal Taste": One can't really say it is specialized. The drama does not explain through what process a house is designed, how to trim the different kinds of wood in order to make furniture, or what the necessary preparations are in carrying out a bidding. The scenes where Park Gae-in takes part in a furniture exhibition and has Jun Jin-ho cut the acrylic from a blind in order to avoid an emergency situation adds onto the sense of reality in telling the difficulties one struggles as an employee. "Cinderella's Sister": Everyone gathers together at the makgeolli brewery called "Daesungdoga". However, this Goo Dae-sung's world of abundance and is one of the things that Song Gang-sook wants, but it does not display any characteristics as a work place. One might forget that it is a brewery, if it did not show the scene of Goo Hyo-seon (played by Seo Woo) drinking the residue left after rice liquor is drained before going to school. As a whole, the story of the self righteous self-made owner, the femme fatale-like new lady of the house, and the naive yet talkative workers and large family all seem like trite set-ups,...More
  • Former 2PM member Jay Park to star in "Hype Nation 3D"

    2010/04/14, Source,
    Former 2PM member Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Boy band 2PM's former leader Jay Park has signed on for movie "Hype Nation 3D", according to an official with the film on Wednesday. The official explained that Park signed a contract with the movie's producer Young Lee, agreeing to appear in "Nation" as well as participating in the soundtrack for the movie which is set for filming starting June. Park is expected to fly into Korea for the film since 70 percent of the movie will be shot in Korea,...More
  • Jay Park offered role in Hollywood film "Hype Nation 3D"

    2010/04/12, Source,
    Korean pop singer Jay Park [Asia Economic Daily] Jay Park, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, has been offered to appear in a Hollywood film titled "Hype Nation 3D", according to an industry source on Monday. "Park and the film's producer Young Lee have been friends for a long time", the source explained. "From what I know, Lee had offered the role to Jay Park back when he was working as 2PM and recently asked him again". The singer has yet to announce his plans regarding the movie, known to be about a dance contest between an American dance crew and South Korean dancers,...More
  • Wonder Girls Announces New Album, US Tour

    2010/04/05, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    K-pop group Wonder Girls will be releasing their American debut album in May and go on a U.S. concert tour in June, according to JYP Entertainment.

  • [FASHION] Lid hair: Ok Taecyeon vs. Yoona

    2010/03/31, Source,
    Lid hair: 2PM's Ok Taecyeon vs. Girls' Generation's Yoona [10Asia] 2PM member Ok Taecyeon's lid hair A lid is intended at covering for protection. Other idol stars have tried the lid hairstyle but the style originated from character Ho-sup in the 1989 MBC weekend drama "Happy Woman". That is why [Ok] Ok Taecyeon is being called Ok Ho-sup. The avant garde hairstyle swept the fashion shows of Paris in 2008 but it was actually a hairdresser's accident which brought about the innovation. Ho-sup's idiotic character left an impression strong enough that he could form a troika with actors Park In-hwan and Choi Joo-bong who are well-known for their comical acting,...More
  • "Cinderella's Sister" is not quite the fairy tale, says Ok Taecyeon (2)

    2010/03/25, Source,
    2PM member Ok Taecyeon attends a press conference for upcoming KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" held at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on March 24, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Q: Chun Jung-myung, have you gotten used to the atmosphere on set? Chun Jung-myung (Cheon): I think I got the hang of things quite faster than I usually do because up until part of the fourth episode, we've been shooting on rotation so being able to meet up with everyone and act with them has helped. I also tend to prepare a lot in advance, read my script a lot and I had constantly kept in touch and met up with the other actors so that has also helped me to understand my character more quickly. I've become better at anticipating what will be in the next script I get. I used to get the hang of things into the second half of a drama in the past so I'm glad it's happened faster this time,...More
  • [PHOTOS] "Cinderella's Sister" press conference

    2010/03/25, Source,
    Moon Geun-young and Chun Jung-myung [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] From left, actress Moon Geun-young and actor Chun Jung-myung pose during a photo session of a press conference for upcoming KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" held at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on March 24, 2010,...More
  • Young Koreans' Obsession with Stardom Is a Deep Concern
    2010/03/23, Source,
    In 1983, a popular children's magazine conducted a survey of 6,595 schoolchildren asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their top choice was scientist with 23.3 percent, followed by teacher (14.1 percent), judge (11.5 percent), doctor (11 percent) and artist (7.8 percent). When asked,...More
  • Male Actors in Heated Rivalry to Become 'Momjjang'

    2010/03/18, Source,
    The competition among actors to become the "Momjjang" (best physique) has begun again. In the drama "The Slave Hunters", actors such as Jang Hyuk, Kim Ji-suk, Han Jung-soo, and Oh Ji-ho have revealed and showed off their masculine bodies by appearing in simple clothes. Following their competition for the "Momjjang" title in TV dramas, other actors such as Song Il-gook, Ok Taecyeon, Namgoong Min, Kim Ji-hoon-I have joined in the rivalry. On March 16, Namgoong Min's agency promoted his abdominal oblique muscle as a "masterpiece" by releasing his photograph in a sauna scene in the drama "Birth of a Rich Man" (KBS 2TV). To play his role in "Birth of a Rich Man", he reduced his weight by 8 kilograms by going through the so-called "Girls' Generation's diet" and he will reveal the outcome of his strenuous workouts in scenes filmed in swimming pools and saunas in the drama,...More
  • Moon Geun-young diagnosed with Hepatitis A

    2010/03/08, Source,
    Korean actress Moon Geun-young [KBS] Korean actress Moon Geun-young is on a break after becoming infected with Hepatitis A, according to a source with KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister". The source said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Monday that the actress, who plays the lead role in the upcoming show, was "recently diagnosed with Hepatitis A".,...More
  • [PHOTOS] 2PM at cake-making event

    2010/03/03, Source,
    2PM members Wooyoung and Nichkhun [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] From left, boy band 2PM members Wooyoung and Nichkhun attend a cake-making event with college freshmen for bakery brand Paris Baguette held at Bailey House in Seoul, South Korea on March 2, 2010.,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon starts shooting for new drama

    2010/02/23, Source,
    Boy band 2PM member Ok Taecyeon [3HW Communications] 2PM member Ok Taecyeon began shooting for TV series "Cinderella's Sister" through which he will make his acting debut next month, according to its promoter 3HW Communications on Tuesday. "Ok Taecyeon performed very well for the title scene, even though it was his first time standing in front of the camera as an actor", an official with the production company A-Story said of the shoot at the city of Yeoju in Gyeonggi Province on Friday.,...More
  • Eight K-pop idols to host Mnet music show

    2010/02/17, Source,
    Idol group 2PM member Nichkhun [10Asia] Eight Korean pop idols -- namely Nichkhun, Junho, Chansung (of 2PM), Jo Kwon, Jinwoon (2AM), Kang Min-hyuk (C.N.Blue), Lee Joon and G.O (MBLAQ) -- have been selected to host cable music channel Mnet's weekly music show starting Thursday. Mnet explained yesterday that the popular idol group members -- newly nicknamed "MCD GUYZ" -- will team into groups of three or fours and take turns co-hosting popular music show "M countdown" each week.,...More
  • Web Site Brings Breaking K-Pop News
    2010/02/16, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    The popularity of K-pop around the world has led to a growing demand for English news and information about idols like Big Bang, TVXQ, 2PM and,...
  • The set of "Steel Heart" is where heaven is

    2010/02/15, Source,
    Hosts of "Steel Heart": Singer/actor Lee Seung-gi (left) and emcee Kang Ho-dong [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] "Everyone, are you going to feel tired during today's taping? You are, aren't you?" The person who says this in the most coy yet charming way is none other than Kang Ho-dong, the main host of SBS variety show "Steel Heart". He was a former national champion in Korean wrestling and currently also plays the Knee-Drop Guru [on MBC's celebrity talk show "Golden Fishery"]. And like the male Siberian Tiger he is called, more than capable of going out far beyond Korea, his show "Two Night and One Day" is also ready to soon go on its excursion to the South Pole. With more than twenty guests appearing on every episode, inevitably making the conversations last for over a total six to seven hours in a single sitting, the show's taping session becomes a test of one's physical strength. Hence, the host has to tend to the audience before shooting begins and Kang's partner Lee Seung-gi also greets the audience members with his generous smile. But the audience seem particularly glad to see Lee Soo-geun -- comedian and former MC of a rival variety show -- and cry out in unison "Soo-geun oppa! Great to see you!" before the taping begins. But for Lee -- who coveted Kang Ho-dong's position as show host -- such moments of glory comes to an abrupt end, lasting only five minutes as he starts to ramble during his turn to speak. Then Kang Hong-dong and Lee Seung-gi display their superb skills as hosts by keeping the conversation going and lifting up the atmosphere again,...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] Ok Taecyeon's first drama

    2010/02/14, Source,
    First time to be the main actor on a drama, Ok Taecyeon from 2PM is very happy for his role. The drama following "The Slave Hunters" will be aired in March. "Cinderella's Siser" will be starring Moon Geun-young also. Moon's character is loved by the innocent lover, Jeong-woo acted by Ok Taecyeon. Through parents' divorce and remarriage, these two characters are raised lonely and share a common story. Jeong-woo's longed for a warm loving dinner table cooked by a mother, and the fir,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] New CASS commercial with hot young stars

    2010/02/11, Source,
    Yoon Eun-hye and 2PM's Nichkhun and Ok Taecyeon are in a new commercial drawing attention to their love triangle. This music drama's full version is being released on the CASS beverage homepage ( In the music drama, Nichkhun is suffering through a scandal with a hot actress because of blackmail. This top star Nikhun is being followed by Ok Taecyeon who suspects relationship with,...More
  • Kim Seung-woo says "Win Win" gave him hardest time in life

    2010/02/11, Source,
    Scene from "Seungseungjanggu" [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] First, there was rumor it would be the "Kim Seung-woo show". But viewers began to wonder what role Kim would play on show when the names of the supporting show hosts were revealed -- namely TV personality Choi Hwa-jung, comedienne Kim Shin-young, 2PM member Woo Young and Girls' Generation member Taeyeon. But people then started taking interesting in the talk show "Win Win" when it became known that Kim Seung-woo played the traditional jjanggu in the middle of downtown Myeong-dong one day to 'keep the promise' he made with viewers. Then when it premiered on February 2, the show left a not-so-bad impression, showing promise of becoming competition for other shows aired in the same time slot. Below are exercpts from a joint press conference attended by the cast of the show and producer Yoon Hyun-jun.,...More
  • Top Actresses Heading Toward Small Screen
    2010/02/08, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Fans of TV dramas already have an ample lineup of witty programs to choose from, but the list will become more colorful with a number of top actresses returning to the small screen.

    Movie star Son Ye-jin is,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Yoon Eun-hye and Nickhun leaving together?

    2010/02/04, Source,
    Two stars Yoon Eun-hye and 2PM's Nickhun are leaving Korea together? It seems as though they are from a movie scene. But, they are really filming a commercial shoot. Don't they look so style and charismatic?,...More
  • [Review] KBS talk show Seungseungjanggu

    2010/02/03, Source,
    MC Kim Seung-woo on "Seungsungjanggu" [KBS2] "Seungseungjanggu" - First Episode, KBS2 (Tue, 11:05 P.M.) The first episode of talk show "Seungseungjanggu" presented viewers with 'talk' and much more. A song which was sung by the emcees at the opening of the show, was sung again with revised lyrics and at the end of the show. And those who made surprise appearances in the show started with main show host Kim Seung-woo's friend from army to those related to Kim Nam-joo, the first main guest of the show.,...More
  • Jang Geun-suk successfully wraps up his fan meeting in Korea

    2010/02/01, Source,
    Korean actor Jang Geun-suk performs at his fan meeting [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Jang Geun-suk held his second fan meeting in Korea over the weekend, attracting scores of domestic and overseas fans to the event. The actor met with some 3,000 fans -- including 700 people from eight countries overseas -- at his fan event, held at Seoul's Olympic Park Olympic Hall on Sunday. Jang performed songs from the soundtrack to his recent TV series "Minamishineyo" as well as past hits by other K-pop artists including "It's Raining" by Rain and Heartbeat by 2PM. The actor also displayed his deejaying skills and unveiled a series of personal photographs and videos from his childhood days up to the present.,...More
  • 2PM Ok Taecyeon mulling TV acting debut

    2010/01/26, Source,
    Boy band 2PM member Ok Taecyeon [Asia Economic Daily] Ok Taecyeon of popular boy band 2PM is considering making his acting debut in a TV series, according to a source at broadcaster KBS on Tuesday. "It is highly likely that Ok Taecyeon will appear in the drama", the source said of the singer's possibility to join the cast of the show tentatively titled "Cinderella's Sister" in English. "Talks are in final stages and Ok Taecyeon is considering the project on a positive note",...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] "Cinderella's Sister" brings 2PM Taec-yeon!

    2010/01/24, Source,
    2PM's hot Ok Taecyeon is in the new drama, "Cinderella's Sister" as the main male actor. This new drama will be following "The Slave Hunters" and Ok Taecyeon will most likely be the character, Jeongwoo. Ok Taecyeon's character is a bright, athletic, and a fun honest character in the drama. Eunjo, acted by Moon Geun-young is the girl he likes and watches over. Although Ok Taecyeon has no experience in acting, he is alwas a,...More
  • Jo Kwon becomes newest member of "Family Outing" season 2

    2010/01/19, Source,
    Boy band 2AM member Jo Kwon [Asia Economic Daily] Boy band 2AM member Jo Kwon has decided to join the new cast of SBS variety show "Family Outing", becoming the latest in a string of celebrities who have agreed to appear in a revamped season of the program. A source close to Kwon said, "We have talked with the producers of the show and he has been set to appear as a regular in the second season".,...More
  • SBS Reveals New 'Family' Line-up
    2010/01/10, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The final line-up for the second season of the popular show "Family Outing" (SBS) has been revealed.

    The first season garnered fans with stars including top comedian and host Yoo Jae-suk and singers,...
  • 2PM's Ok Taecyeon also cast for "Family Outing" season 2

    2010/01/07, Source,
    Korean boy band 2PM member Ok Taecyeon [JYP Entertainment] Korean idol group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon has become the latest celebrity to join the new cast of variety show "Family Outing", according to one of the show's producers on Friday. "Ok Taecyeon has decided to appear on the second season of 'Family Outing'" said SBS entertainment producer Nam Seung-yong in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily. He added that they are "planning to cast one or two more people" but added that it is "too early to say who they will be".,...More
  • Kim Hyun-joong declined offer to appear on "Family Outing" season 2

    2010/01/07, Source,
    Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong [Asia Economic Daily] Leader of boy band SS501 Kim Hyun-joong has turned down the offer to appear in the new season of SBS variety show "Family Outing", according to his agency DSP Media on Thursday. An official at DSP told Asia Economic Daily over the phone that although Kim did receive the offer, he had "decided not to take on the show due to his conflicting work schedules and other issues".,...More
  • Girls' Generation Yoona to appear on "Family Outing" season 2

    2010/01/07, Source,
    Girls' Generation member Yoona [SM Entertainment] Girls' Generation member Yoona has joined the cast of the new season of variety show "Family Outing", according to the show's broadcaster SBS on Friday. An official at SBS told Asia Economic Daily over the phone that the 19-year-old singer has agreed to appear on the second season of 'Family', where she had made a guest appearance last year. Producers of "Family Outing" have reportedly asked many Korean celebrities -- including actor Yoon Sang-hyun, singers Psy and 2PM's Taecyeon-- to be regulars on the new season. So far, actress and show host Kim Won-hee and comedian Ji Sang-ryul have confirmed to become part of the new cast.,...More
  • KBS music awards

    2009/12/30, Source,
    Shin Seung-hoon, 2PM attend KBS music awards Shin Seung-hoon and 2PM [KBS] From left, singer Shin Seung-hoon and boy band 2PM members Nichkhun, Junsu and Junho perform together on stage at major broadcaster KBS' year-end music awards held at the KBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea on December 30, 2009.,...More
  • [FOCUS] 10 Awards - Top 10 Entertainment News of 2009

    2009/12/30, Source,
    Top 10 News of 2009 Two former presidents and a king passed away. One wrong remark during an entertainment show took the entire country by storm. Such unbelievably enormous incidents were played out in unbelievable directions during 2009. Thus, the top ten news of 2009 selected by <10 Asia> may seem like the ten most incredulous news of the year. But one could say that what these ten news stories have in common is that they carry the flow of Korea's pop culture. Can you really believe that all these things happened within a span of one year? News 1. Actress Jang Ja-yeon commits suicide Actress Jang Ja-yeon [KBS] On March 7, one little known actress wrote in her suicide note, "I am a weak, powerless actress. I want to be free from this pain" and killed herself. It was actress Jang Ja-yeon, who was appearing in KBS TV series "Boys over Flowers" at the time. The suicide note, which was 12 pages long on A4-sized paper, explained that she had been physically abused by her agency, forced to drink and provide sexual services. It also listed names of high-ranking executives in the industry, including a head of media company, television drama director and owners of business companies. People started calling the note "The Jang Ja-yeon List". The incident brought to surface how badly aspiring actresses and female celebrities in general have been violated and the ugly power of the media. But due to slow, passive investigation by the Korean authorities, the truth never came to light. Of all people who were under investigation, only two people involved in the incident -- former head of Jang's agency and former manager who exposed Jang's suicide notes -- were indicted and the suspects whose names were listed in the documents were all cleared of charges and let go. Was the death of Jang Ja-yeon a suicide or a homicide?,...More
  • [Music] Korean 'Hot' Music & Fashion Light Up Shanghai's Night
    2009/12/18, Source,
    Shanghai Becomes Stage for 'Feel Korea, K-Pop Night & K-Fashion Show' on the 24th-25th
    Cultural Exchanges and Mutual Understanding between Korea & China to Commemorate 2010-2012 Korea-China Cultural Exchange Shanghai will stage Korea's most representative contents including pop music and fashion.
  • Music Videos Attract Fans but Need Diversity

    2009/12/15, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    They may only be four to five minutes long, but music videos are one of the easiest ways for singers to make a statement and express their individuality.

    These v,...
  • Tablo's Brother Under Fire
    2009/11/24, Source,
    Apology Made for Comments Critical of 'Infinite Challenge' NY Episode

    By Cho Jae-hyon
    Staff Reporter

    Lee Sun-min, 37, a TV personality and the elder brother of popular singer-songwriter Tablo, is creating a stir on the Internet with his critic,...
  • K-Pop Stars Head to Shanghai for Concert
    2009/11/22, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    K-pop stars Wheesung, f(x), 2PM, 2AM, U-Kiss and 4Minute will be heading to Shanghai this week for a conc,...
  • Music Awards Has Fresh Yet Disappointing Start
    2009/11/22, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) came to an end Saturday, but unfortunately, there were some shortcomings despite it being called Asia's best music award event.

    The much-anticipated event was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, with young fans lined up near the en,...
  • K-Pop Boom in Asia Sheds Light on Korea's Unique Talent Search
    2009/09/23, Source,
    By Kang Hyun-kyung
    Staff Reporter

    Approximately 23,000 aspiring singers from elementary school students to those in their early 20s flocked to the JYP Entertainment's talent search held in Seoul last month.

    Only four were picked as JYP trainees, scheduled to go through the years-long training,...
  • '2PM' Case Shows Lack of Understanding on O'seas Koreans

    2009/09/12, Source,
    Pop idol Jay Park, the leader of 2PM, put himself on an airplane heading to the United States as if,...More
  • Girls' Generation Captivates Hearts of Russian Youth
    2009/08/03, Source,
    Interest in Korean pop culture has been on the rise among young Russians. In the photo is a fan cafe of Girls' Generation on the Russian networking site "V Kontakte".

    The popularity of,...
  • Top Earning Songwriters Make Over W1 Billion a Year
    2009/07/22, Source,
    Park Jin-young, the singer and CEO of management company JYP Entertainment, is Korea's second highest-grossing songwriter. According to the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) on Monday, Park earned W1.078 billion (US$1=W1,249) from co,...More
  • Foreign K-Pop Stars Grateful to Korea for Opportunity
    2009/06/22, Source,
    Foreign members of idol K-pop bands recently gathered at Yonhap News for an interview. They were Nichkhun (21), who has dual American and Thai citizenships, A'ST1's Tomo (22) from Japan, Haiming,...More
  • More Viewer Participation in TV Shows
    2009/06/16, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    An array of programs by cable channels are presenting programs that beckon viewers to stand in front of the camera themselves.

    Cable music channel Mnet leads these programs, with a total of three programs open for viewers to join in and become a part of them. O,...
  • Yoon Sang-hyun, Moon So-ri Donate Their Voices
    2009/06/02, Source,
    TV actor Yoon Sang-hyun and actress Moon So-ri have donated their voices to a charity show that featured Korea's first astronaut Yi So-yeon and was broadcast live on May 30 for 110 minut,...More
  • Searching for the Next Rain and Wonder Girls
    2009/03/17, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    In the past, Korean students wanted to become doctors, lawyers and the like. Now, sought after professions include acting, singing and modeling. These talented celebrities are nearly worshipped here in Korea and in Asian countries due to "hallyu", the Korean wave.,...
  • Singers Say No to Illegal Downloads
    2008/12/10, Source,
    Jewelry, SG Wannabe, Brown-eyed Girls and other top stars have come out to wipe out illegal song downloads. Fifteen musician groups have attended Wednesday morning a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the movement to eradicate illegal downloading. The movement has launched five rounds of mass,...More
  • Mnet Asian awards heads to Singapore

    , Source,
    Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) 2011, one of the largest music awards in Korea, heads to Singapore this year. Hosted by music cable channel Mnet, the 13th music awards will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Nov. 29. Top singers TVXQ, B2ST, Big Bang, Super Junior and 2PM will vie for the best male group award, while Brown Eyed Girls, Girls' Generation, Kara, 2NE1 and f(x) compete in the best female group section. Kim Hyun-joong, Jay Park, Jang Woo-hyuk, HyunA and G.NA are nominated for the best dance performance by a solo singer,...More
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Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Playing Card
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Bottle Set
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Bottle Set
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Image Picket
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Image Picket
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - PVC Bracelet
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - PVC Bracelet
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Slogan
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Slogan
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Light Stick
Concert 'House Party' Official Goods - Light Stick
Vol. 5 - NO.5 (Day + Night Version) + 2 Posters in Tube
Vol. 5 - NO.5 (Day + Night Version) + 2 Posters in Tube
365 Days With 2PM (Seasons Greeting 2015 From Phuket)
365 Days With 2PM (Seasons Greeting 2015 From Phuket)

Class OF 2PM Goods - Knit Slogan
Class OF 2PM Goods - Knit Slogan
Class OF 2PM Goods - Light Stick
Class OF 2PM Goods - Light Stick
Class OF 2PM Goods - Photo Blanket
Class OF 2PM Goods - Photo Blanket
Postcard Set (7pcs)
Postcard Set (7pcs)
Class OF 2PM Goods - Hood T-shirt
Class OF 2PM Goods - Hood T-shirt
Class OF 2PM Goods - Eco-bag
Class OF 2PM Goods - Eco-bag
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Clutch (By. Wooyoung)
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Clutch (By. Wooyoung)
Photobook - Omnipotence
Photobook - Omnipotence
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods T-shirt
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods T-shirt
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Slogan
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Slogan
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Postcard Set
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Postcard Set
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Light Stick
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Light Stick
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Paper Bag
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Paper Bag
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Wappen & Button Set
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Wappen & Button Set
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Zip-up Hoodie (One Size)
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Zip-up Hoodie (One Size)
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Luminous Band
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Luminous Band
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Bandana
2014 World Tour Go Crazy Goods Bandana
The Star (October 2014)
The Star (October 2014)
Vol. 4 - Go Crazy (Grand Edition) (Limited Edition)
Vol. 4 - Go Crazy (Grand Edition) (Limited Edition)
Korea Postage Stamp (Limited Edition)
Korea Postage Stamp (Limited Edition)
Sweet & Wild (2014 2PM Season's Greetings)
Sweet & Wild (2014 2PM Season's Greetings)
Figure Set (Limited Edition)
Figure Set (Limited Edition)
White Day Card Set
White Day Card Set
Pin Button Set
Pin Button Set
2PM 2013 Calendar
2PM 2013 Calendar
Official Light Bouncer
Official Light Bouncer
Toothbrush Set
Toothbrush Set
 NickKhun Style - Bobble Hat
NickKhun Style - Bobble Hat
Collection T-shirt (Nichkhun) (B-1)
Collection T-shirt (Nichkhun) (B-1)
 Puzzle (500pcs) (Limited Edition)
Puzzle (500pcs) (Limited Edition)
2PM Member's Selection (Limited Edition)
2PM Member's Selection (Limited Edition)
Star Collection Card (10-Pack Set)
Star Collection Card (10-Pack Set)
Vol. 2 - Hands Up (Special Edition) (Limited Edition)
Vol. 2 - Hands Up (Special Edition) (Limited Edition)
1st Concert Making Story Photobook : This Is For My Hottest (Photobook + DVD)
1st Concert Making Story Photobook : This Is For My Hottest (Photobook + DVD)
Mini Album - Still 2:00pm
Mini Album - Still 2:00pm
Style DVD (MY - Ch Tr, My, English Subtitled)
Style DVD (MY - Ch Tr, My, English Subtitled)
Style DVD (MY - English, Ch Tr, My Subtitled)
Style DVD (MY - English, Ch Tr, My Subtitled)
Jae Bum Style - All Bling Earrings (Silver Hook)
Jae Bum Style - All Bling Earrings (Silver Hook)
2nd Single Album
2nd Single Album
Single - Hottest Time of The Day
Single - Hottest Time of The Day

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