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Male - 1972/09/12

Production department Director Scriptwriter


Born in 1972. JEON received his B.A. in philosophy at Sogang University. With passion for staged musical and dance, he had produced and written several plays. He worked as the assistant director for "Singles" (2003. directed by KWON Chil-In). "The Ghost Theater", an odd poignant cult musical is his feature debut.

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Ghost Theater"

    Korea is no stranger to the genre of horror. But a horror musical film is not something you come across. Maybe because musicals are part of Korea's entertainment scene, musical movies have not managed to entice audiences. Film and theater offer very different experiences, after all. Jeon Gye-soo ('Love Fiction') and 'The Ghost Theater' bring horror musicals to the big screen, with enjoyable results,...More
  • Korean movie of the week "Love Fiction"

    2013/07/25, Source
    Korean movie of the week "Love Fiction" (2011) Directed by Jeon Gye-soo With Ha Jung-woo, Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Hee-bong, Lee Byung-joon, Ji Jin-hee, Yoo In-na,... Synopsis Many male audiences who saw 500 Days of Summer must have felt that Summer, who was the dominant figure in the relationship, as a cold-hearted woman. Love Fiction is the opposite, a romantic comedy sticking strictly to the man's view of the relationship. An unknown novelist Ju-wol (Ha Jung-woo) falls in love at first sight with Hee-jin (Gong Hyo-jin) who works at a film importing company when the two meet at a book expo,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Love Fiction": Like Armpit Hair on a Gorgeous Woman...

    Film: "Love Fiction" Director/Writer: Jeon Gye-soo Stars: Ha Jung-woo & Gong Hyo-jin Review Score: 3.5 / 5 Also Try: "Characters" and "Shotgun Love" Admittedly I find myself drawn to dramas and romantic comedies that dabble in the self-reflexivity of characters and their fates. What's the conflict? Where is the drama? What would these characters do in a particular situation? And "Love Fiction" just happens to be one of those films as director Jeon Gye-soo gives us a front row seat into a struggling novelists personal journey into life, love, and story's that run crooked between them. Let me just say that I am writing this review with fat and slow fingers. I found the film to be rather a mixed bag of well-polished moments and scenes, but was also reeked of clichés and, ironically, rather poor character development. I caught myself taking a deep breath before I pressed start on this one, dreading another plain, yet palatable, Korean romantic comedy. I was surprised, at intially, to find the humour sharp, original, and very well captured on screen. That said, much of laughs I enjoy while watching the film weren't, perhaps, the regular Korean slapstick and screwball affairs. Which I honestly don't mind as much as it might sound, but still the prospect of 'more of the same' warranted some more oxygen,...More

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