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  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Magic School" Episodes 13-16 Final

    The final episode of "Magic School" is mostly just an extended epilogue. This would not normally be so remarkable, save for the lack of a climax to any of the storylines in the three episodes preceding it. The closest we get is when Na-ra finally puts on the big romantic magic show for Yoo-ri, the conclusion to which is not in doubt since by that point Yoo-ri had given us an exasperated "what do I have to do to get this guy to make a pass at me?" look,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Magic School" Episodes 9-12

    By this point I had been expecting "Magic School" to build up to some sort of climax. Instead, we just get more exposition. There's not even any conflict, just exposition of potential conflicts. At least, that's how I'm inclined to interpret Na-ra's tension with Yoo-ri, a woman who is not his girlfriend, and with whom he has not shared any real romantic scenes. Even the fat bespectacled guy Na-ra knows has a more clearly defined relationship than Na-ra himself does,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Magic School" Episodes 5-8

    The various plots in "Magic School" are at radically different levels of development. We spend a lot of time in episode five just going over more of Na-ra's backstory, which involves his classmate / love interest Yoo-ri (played by Park Gyu-young) trying to get together the necessary elements for a student film. What does any of this have to do with magic? Not very much, as far as I can tell, which is why it feels so very out of place in a drama that is called "Magic School",...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Magic School" Episodes 1-4

    First, for the sake of clarity, the titular "Magic School" is not for literal magic, but rather magic tricks. These places do exist in South Korea- I've seen them. Well, from the outside. Anyway, right away we have the first prospective student. Na-ra (played by Jinyoung) wants to be somewhat more interesting than a reasonably intelligent civil servant. He goes through college life wondering when he's going to get some sort of gimmick or hobby when bam! Magic! Pops out of nowhere in a scene that is funny mainly because of the supporting cast,...More
  • Korean dramas starting today 2017/09/11 in Korea

    2017/09/11, Source
    Korean dramas starting today 2017/09/11 in Korea: "Girls' Generation 1979" and "Magic School",...More
  • [Videos] Love and magic dazzle in teasers for "Magic School"

    2017/09/10, Source
    Four men from four walks of life come together over magic in the teasers for "Magic School". There is some romance thrown in with a hinted at meet-cute and although there is a common thread of sadness running through the stories of the four men, the show doesn't seem to be too heavy,...More
  • [Photos] Handsome new stills for "Magic School"

    2017/09/06, Source
    "Magic School" has a young cast with a few solid veterans sprinkled in. I'm not quite sure what to think about the drama yet. It's full of fresh faces and the kind of show it'll be isn't quite established. Are we going for "Moorim School" or "Dream High" vibes? We'll just have to wait and see,...More
  • Upcoming Korean drama "Wanna Taste?"

    2017/03/25, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean drama "Wanna Taste?"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • Lee Tae-ran to star in SBS drama "Wanna Taste?"

    2017/03/21, Source
    Lee Tae-ran is starring in the new SBS daily drama "Wanna Taste?" She's taking on the role of Kang Hae-jin a woman who puts her faith in something once she starts believing in it. She has a husband 6 years younger than her and puts him through law school. She also runs her father-in-law's failing restaurant and brings it back up,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 16

    The mystery is solved in a mostly satisfactory way. Personally, I'd quibble a bit on the issue of exact timing. The main essential element to solving the murders only appeared a few episodes ago with Seong-gyeom's mother. Without her I have a lot of trouble guessing how we were supposed to identify the killer at all, though I can see how Geum-bo managed it. But then there were other reasons why she needed to be held back this long. The way this drama's been playing it I genuinely thought there was a good chance that Seong-gyeom was going to end up being, if not the murderer, at least sort of involved somehow in a guilty way. But the last few episodes have been kind of weird in that they've pretty much shifted the mystery protagonist viewpoint over to his direction. Well, not really shifted since Sang-hyo has never been much of a lead character in dealing with the mystery in the first place,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 15

    There's way more focus than usual on murders and murderous backstories here, mostly because the three leads are in absolutely no mood to discuss romance right now. Of the three Seong-gyeom has the best excuse. There's just so, so much going on his mind right now that being cute with Sang-hyo simply can't cut it any more. Relationship drama becomes a lot less fun once actual drama intrudes. Weirdly, the best possible argument right now for Sang-hyo and Hae-yeong getting back together is their complete lack of ability to meaningfully engage on this front,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 14

    So Hae-yeong finally seems to be making some significant character development. Unfortunately, this character development basically involves him realizing that he's been a bit of a pig about bullying Sang-hyo into keeping up the whole marriage facade, but the marriage facade itself is the only reason these two ever have any reason to spend time together, so of course she has to talk him into keeping it up just a little while longer,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 13

    This episode is so heavily wrapped up in the question of Sang-hyo's love triangle it's often difficult to remember that technically there's supposed to be a lot of other stuff going on. The titular hotel itself feels less like an actual important location as it does that place where Sang-hyo goes to work. And also some people died there. Whoever the killer is I rather doubt the revelation will be an impressive one, given how much focus is given to Sang-hyo's wacky comedic antics,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 12

    While I can understand why Sang-hyo agreed to Hae-yeong's request, this episode really seems to undercut the recent point of "My Secret Hotel", which is that Hae-yeong has lost out because the sincerity of his emotions can't really override the fact that the guy's basically a selfish jerk. The drama continues to provide a somewhat compelling argument that Sang-hyo probably shouldn't end up together with either of the male leads, given that they have such obvious unresolved issues. Also one or both of the might be murderers. For the sake of Hae-yeong, there is something of an argument to be made here that he and Sang-hyo can actually get along fairly functionally and effectively if they're working for the pursuance of some greater goal,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 11

    The focus is still almost totally on the romance…or is it? After the apparently sincere and emotionally heartfelt cliffhanger (which this episode wisely opens with), for most of the runtime we actually seem to be right back to the same lukewarm Seong-gyeom that we've seen for most of "My Secret Hotel". On top of everything else he spends a lot of time acting in a very suspicious way, and as of yet there's still no satisfactory explanation as to why. What particularly makes this feel so odd is that a lot of the episode is actually taken from the perspective of He-yeong. Several scenes take place entirely in his imagination, which begs a lot of questions,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 10

    This episode is technically just another retread of the love triangle dynamic we've seen throughout the course of most of this drama, but because some definite questions get asked and clear character points are established, this is at least a useful episode for establishing who these characters are right now in the story. Although truth be told it's a pretty simple dynamic- everybody likes Sang-hyo and nobody likes Hae-yeong. I did almost kind of feel sorry for Hae-yeong this episode. He appears to be at an impasse in regards to his childish behavior,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 8

    Sadly "My Secret Hotel" does not live up to the insane expectations created by the last episode. It's mostly back to business as usual here, though the script does make frequent references to how utterly nutty the last episode's plot developments were. We've got Sang-hyo frequently asking whether it was all just a dream. I don't generally like when dramas point out their own absurdities like this but in this case it's warranted,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7

    There are almost no murder mystery elements at all in "My Secret Hotel" this episode as the romantic tribulations take on full focus. Now, so far the romantic aspects of this drama have not impressed me very much. Mostly it's because they seemed a little overwrought, not to mention mildly creepy in the context of the situation. But this time, "My Secret Hotel" takes all of these various loveliness to their obviously insane conclusions, and I'm still kind of aghast that the drama had the guts to take the story in such a ridiculous direction. This is full on satire about modern wedding culture and its relationship to romance,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 6

    The main focus this time is on Sang-hyo's love life, as every other plot point takes a backseat. For a drama that's mostly interesting from an intellectual perspective, this is not a good thing. I can understand why her relationship with Hae-yeong didn't work out, and how it was in a weird place, but that only makes the way everybody acts nostalgic about it here all the more perplexing. There wasn't really that much to be nostalgic about. This might be a silly thing to admit, I know, but I was actually kind of hoping this drama would show us more of the ins and outs of actual wedding planning. There's been lots of murderous scheming and screwball chases over alleged romantic liasons, even plenty of discussion about the way hotels can be affected by bad public relations,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 5

    We appear to have solved the mystery of why Hae-yeong is together with Soo-ah. No, it's not because she demonstrates any kind of positive character traits this episode. It's because Hae-yeong clearly enjoys being chased around. This is a bit of a non-intuitive thing to realize here, given that he frequently acts agitated and annoyed every time a woman comes after him, but it becomes rather obvious when Hae-yeong finally gets a moment to himself that he really does kind of get off on being suddenly waylaid by a woman begging him for something. This episode gives a very clear sense of why Sang-hyo and Hae-yeong broke up. I don't just mean the flashback, although that's a good demonstration of the basic weirdness of their relationship,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 4

    Geum-bo has rapidly become my favorite character in this drama. He doesn't bother with any old tired hardboiled detective nonsense. Geum-bo investigates crimes because of his natural curiousity about the greater world. He doesn't even pretend like all of his questions are actually related to the investigation. This also make him a great source of exposition, as we get access to personal character clues that in most mysteries wouldn't get exposed until near the end. Now, part of this is due to the unusual way "My Secret Hotel" is structured in the first place. Technically it's a mystery, but our main characters are suspects, not investigators. This makes for an odd sort of narrative storytelling where the plot is only really advanced when Geum-bo is on screen, and he's a relatively minor character,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 3

    ...And it's right back to the present, where we're stuck with the aftershock of murder. On first glance the two episode flashback doesn't seem to have accomplished that much. We really don't know all that much about the main characters. This is at least partially by design, since for all we know Sang-hyo and Hae-yeong were responsible for the killing. About the only character we can clear as a suspect right now is Soo-ah, because she's the only person publically upset about the fact that a dead man fell from the ceiling into the wedding reception. This is why the first two episodes are important, looking in retrospect. Remember how everyone was completely stoic and unreacting in the face of an obviously upset Sang-hyo? They're displaying the exact same lack of emotion now that there's a murder investigation going on,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 2

    Well, we've finally got a good hook on what's motivating Hae-yeong- petty spite. This episode makes it clear that the guy doesn't even particularly like his girlfriend that much. Soo-ah (played by Lee Young-eun) is the very definition of fun, playful, and happy. And Hae-yeong refuses to notice unless she literally throws it in his face. And even then he just awkwardly turns away. It's obvious that he's only doing this marriage thing to watch Sang-hyo squirm. "My Secret Hotel" actually comes up with a pretty good justification why the drama started two weeks ahead in the first and went into flashback here,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Hotel" Episode 1

    Hae-gyeong (played by Jin Yi-han) is getting married. But he doesn't seem terribly enthusiastic about it. Sang-hyo (played by Yoo In-na) is a wedding manager who takes the news personally, although in the present day she seems to be all right with what's going on. Also there's a dead body involved all of this somehow. "My Secret Hotel" doesn't appear to be in any hurry to tell us what that's all about. There's all of the elements necessary here to make "My Secret Hotel"...well...something. Unfortunately having watched the first episode I'm mostly just perplexed as to how many clearly defined concepts could come off so blandly,...More
  • Korean dramas starting today 2014/08/18 in Korea

    2014/08/18, Source
    Korean dramas starting today 2014/08/18 in Korea: "Discovery of Romance" and "My Secret Hotel",...More
  • [Video] Plenty of teaser trailers released for the Korean drama 'My Secret Hotel'

    2014/08/15, Source
    Plenty of teaser trailers released for the upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel",...More
  • [Photos] Added character posters for the upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel"

    2014/08/15, Source
    Added character posters for the upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel",...More
  • [Video] Updated cast, added new teaser trailer and poster for the Korean drama 'My Secret Hotel'

    2014/08/04, Source
    Updated cast, added new teaser trailer and poster for the upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel",...More
  • Upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel"

    2014/07/18, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean drama "My Secret Hotel"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • UEE and Jung Il-woo cheer for their young ones

    2013/10/27, Source
    UEE and Jung Il-woo appeared on the set of the new MBC drama "Golden Rainbow". "Golden Rainbow" is currently filming the younger children in Busan. UEE and Jung Il-woo visited them on set even when they didn't have a scene to shoot,...More
  • Korean dramas starting today 2012/05/07 in Korea

    2012/05/07, Source
    Korean dramas starting today 2012/05/07 in Korea "Goodbye Dear Wife", "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" and "TV Novel Dear Love",...More
  • Artisans bake to impress

    2012/05/05, Source
    Rye baguette of Maybell / Courtesy of Lee Soo-jin By Kwon Mee-yoo Eleven small bakeries and confectionary firms proudly presented their best products from fermented bread and tarts to chocolate and ice cream at the fourth Window Bakery Collection held at Shinsegae Cultural Hall in central Seoul last weekend. Visitors wandering through the stalls and displays happily took in the rich aromas and tried the different baked goods, macarons while sipping fresh coffee. The Window Bakery Collection is a gathering of independent bakeries and pastry shops in Korea. Established in 2009, the Window Bakery Collection aims to boost small, neighborhood bakers. The term "window bakery" comes from the intimate interior of small bakeries where customers can see chefs baking through windows separating the workroom and shop,...More
  • Added new teasers and images for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife"

    2012/05/02, Source
    Added new teasers and images for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife",...More
  • Added teaser, new stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife"

    2012/04/20, Source
    Added teaser, new stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife",...More
  • Added images for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife"

    2012/03/28, Source
    Added images for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife",...More
  • Upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife"

    2012/02/17, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Dear Wife"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • Money, ambition and love blend in 'Midas'

    2011/02/22, Source
    A scene from the new SBS drama "Midas" / Courtesy of SBS By Kwon Mee-yoo SBS aims to reign the local drama scene again with money, ambition and love all intertwined in the series "Midas". The drama will examine people's thoughts on money and desire, rather than feature normal happenings of everyday life,...More
  • 3 'Movicals' to Face Off in March
    2009/02/17, Source
    "My Scary Girl"ㆍ"Attack the Gas Station!"ㆍ"Radio Star"

    Many musicals based on film,...

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