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Male - 1930/02/04~1995/04/03

Production department Stage actor/actress Actor Director


Park Nou-sik is the father of Park Jun-gyu and the grandfather of Park Joon-hyuk.

• Other people with the same Korean name (박노식) : Park No-shik (1971/05/18, Male, Actor )
Devil! Take The Train To Hell
Devil! Take The Train To Hell
(Movie, 1976)
악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라

Dong-hyeok (동혁)

• Director

Legend of Ssarigol
Legend of Ssarigol
(Movie, 1967)
싸리골의 신화

Pyo Moon-won (표문원)

Five Marines
Five Marines
(Movie, 1961)
5인의 해병

Jang Yeong-seon (장영선)

A Bonanza
A Bonanza
(Movie, 1961)

Hwang Dwae-ji [Gang boss] (황돼지 [갱단 두목])

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Five Marines" + Full Movie

    In the plethora of war films in international cinema, it is quite difficult to find ones that actually focus on characters instead of the action, and use the war as a basis in order to present various comments. The late Kim Kee-duk achieves just that in his feature debut, which netted him the Best New Director Award at the 1962 Grand Bell Awards,...More

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  • Park Nou-sik's picture
  • Park Nou-sik's picture