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  • Kang Hye-jung and daughter Haru

    2017/11/20, Source,
    Tablo's daughter Haru looks just like her mother. Kang Hye-jung posted pictures of her and her daughter on Instagram,...More
  • Psy Launches New Album After Creative Struggles

    2017/05/11, Source,
    Rapper Psy on Wednesday released his first studio album in more than a year and music videos of some high-profile tracks. The title of the album -- "4X2=8" -- contains a pun, as numbers 4 (sa) and 2 (i/ee) pronounced together in Korean sound like Psy, and the album is his eighth,...More
  • Celebrities Expanding Their Talent and Becoming an Author

    Celebrities are talented people who have overflowing creativity within themselves,...More
  • [Mexico] Eric Nam added to KCON Mexico line-up

    2017/01/27, Source,
    Eric Nam to perform on March 17-18 Seating Chart Revealed for First KCON in Latin America KCON, the world's largest Korean culture and K-pop music festival, announced today that popular Korean-American singer and host Eric Nam (Nam Yoon-do) will perform as part of KCON Mexico,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi at Mithra Jin and Kwon Da-hyun's wedding

    2015/10/04, Source,
    Actor Lee Joon-gi has shared a photo of himself taken at Epik High member Misthra Jin and actress Kwon Da-hyun's wedding. On October 3r, Lee Joon-gi wrote on his personal Instagram, "My brother, I wish you the best of luck on your wedding day" along with a photo,...More
  • Epik High's Mithra Jin and actress Kwon Da-hyun are getting married today

    2015/10/01, Source,
    Epick High's Mithra Jin and actress Kwon Da-hyun are getting married on October 2nd. An associate with Epik High's agency said to a media on October 1st, "Tablo and Tukutz will emcee the wedding. Gummy and Shin Yong Jae will sing wedding songs",...More
  • Mithra Jin during live show announces to marry Kwon Da-hyun in October

    2015/08/10, Source,
    Mithra Jin announced he would marry actress Kwon Da-hyun in the beginning of October this year. Hip hop group, Epik High member Mithra Jin made the surprise announcement during the August 10th episode of MBC FM4U's 'Dreaming radio with Tablo',...More
  • Park Shin-hye featured in SALTNPAPER's "You're Perfect"

    2015/02/03, Source,
    Actress Park Shin-hye is featured in SALTNPAPER's song "You're Perfect". The song will be released on the 4th in various music sites,...More
  • Tablo says actress Kim Yoo-jung can be singer

    2014/12/24, Source,
    Epik High member, Tablo complimented actress Kim Yoo-jung, who is MC for SBS 'The Music Trend'. On the December 24th episode of SBS 'Night of TV Entertainment', they shared backstory about 'SBS Gayo Daejeon', which took place on December 21st,...More
  • What about 'daddy' Uhm Tae-woong?

    2014/12/11, Source,
    'Eom Force' has been a long time nickname of his. Uhm Tae-woong usually plays a strong and charismatic male character in movies such as "Revenge", "Wolf", "Devil" and dramas "The Equator Man" and "Sword and Flower". His recent movie was no different. He played the typical 'tough guy' and stood out by having a unique personality in most movies, which is why he has an even fan base from both women and men. However, his image has started to change ever since he got married. He's become friendlier and nicer,...More
  • "Superman" Tablo steps down and Uhm Tae-woong steps in

    2014/12/03, Source,
    Epic High member and Haru's father Tablo, announced that they will be resigning from the show "Superman is Back". The production for "Superman Is Back" said, "Tablo decided to stop appearing on the show due to personal reasons and work issues. Uhm Tae-woong and 3-year-old daughter Eom Ji-on will be taking their place",...More
  • Tablo and Haru to step down from TV show, to be replaced by Uhm Tae-woong

    2014/12/02, Source,
    Tablo is quitting the TV show "Superman Is Back". Being busy with his album and work, apparently Tablo brought out the issue first and he has completed the final episode already,...More
  • Kang Hye-jung, "Tablo has never asked me to make money"

    2014/08/10, Source,
    Actress Kang Hye-jung showed her appreciation for husband Tablo from Epik High. Kang Hye-jung had a fun day with her husband and daughter Lee Ha-ru on the episode of the KBS 2TV show "Happy Sunday – Superman Is Back",...More
  • CJ E&M Launches Season Three of "Show Me the Money"

    2014/05/22, Source,
    Korea's only battle rap reality show returns to Mnet on July 3,...More
  • Today's Photo: January 25, 2014 [2]

    2014/01/25, Source,
    Girl group Dalshabet pose at a promotional event for the handbag brand Moldir in Seoul on Friday,...More
  • YG Artists Chip In To Open Children

    2013/02/22, Source,
    YG Entertainment artists do more than entertain, they give back to the community as well. Members of the agency chipped in to help out in opening a children's rehabilitation hospital,...More
  • Tablo Flags Collaboration with Psy

    2013/01/29, Source,
    Rapper Tablo of Epik High hinted at a future collaboration with global superstar Psy in a BBC program on the K-pop craze last Friday,...More
  • Sunfull

    2012/09/29, Source,
    Counter cyberbullying with Sunfull By Rachel Lee In October 2008, a merciless tide of public opinion was a major reason that drove movie star Choi Jin-sil to take her own life. The most well-known victim of cyberbullying in Korea was also a mother of two. Her suicide is not an isolated incident. It is part of the country's growing problem with insidious chat room activity. In May 2010, a group of Internet users attacked rapper Tablo, whose Korean name is Lee Seon-woong. The members accused the 32-year-old of forging his Stanford degrees and argued that he did not graduate from the prestigious university. He presented his credentials, yet the group continued to attack the artist. As one of the most wired nations, almost every household in Korea is equipped with broadband Internet. But this freedom in exchange of information and opinion has made celebrities as well as ordinary people vulnerable to relentless online attacks known here as "akpeul", or vicious online replies. Min Byoung-chul, a renowned English educator and a professor of International Studies at Konkuk University, has been trying to combat it. In 2007, he started Sunfull, a non-profit organization formed to fight bullying and hateful comments posted on the Internet,...More
  • G-Dragon to release 2nd album

    2012/09/04, Source,
    By Rachel Lee G-Dragon, a member of Korean boy band Big Bang, will release his second solo album 3 years after his first. According to YG Entertainment Monday, the 24-year-old rapper, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, "One of A Kind" will be available from various online music sites on Sept. 15. It will hit the shelves on Sept. 18. It is his first solo recording since studio album "Heartbreaker" in 2009,...More
  • Epik High Signs With YG & Prepping For September Comeback

    2012/07/26, Source,
    Epik High is back! Or they soon will be. After frontman Tablo signed with YG Entertainment September of last year, the remaining members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, have followed suit. The signing process has already been finalized and the three have finished the recordings for their next album. The release of a new album will be the first from the group since "Epilogue" in March of 2010,...More
  • "Tajinyo" Members Sentenced To Prison

    2012/07/09, Source,
    After literally years of popping up in kpop gossip, Tablo is finally seeing his name be cleared. After spreading malicious claims that hip hop artist Tablo didn't really graduate with a BA and Masters from Stanford University, two members of the group "Tajinyo" (short for "Requesting The Truth From Tablo" in Korean) have been sentenced to prison,...More
  • [HanCinema's Interview Corner] Ten Questions for the K-Pop Fan

    Korea has a number of cultural exports that fall under the title of the 'Korean Wave", no area of which can boast the fanaticism and loyality that bubbles from K-Pop fans. How did this growing international music trend sweep you up and what is it that is keeping you hooked?  I've been listening to quite the odd myriad of music since high school. One of my weaknesses is Japanese rock, and my hobby is discovering new groups and bands to listen to. One late-night YouTube search in university I happened to click on a group called "Super Junior". Honestly, I looked at the video for a few seconds before bursting into laughter-there were so many boys dancing!  And I just had to know, what kind of country makes (at the time) the world's largest boy band? It was a rapid descent down the rabbit hole after that. Korean pop and hip hop made for great homework music, and since I wasn't judging based on lyrics, I just enjoyed a good, addicting beat and pretty voices. I also think Kpop is the best kind of music to drive, dance, and exercise to. The turnaround for groups in Korea is ridiculously fast, so there is always a new and catchy song to listen to. It's hard to get bored when they're singularly feeding my music addiction weekly,...More
  • Tablo Mourns His Father's Death

    2012/03/27, Source,
    Rapper Tablo is mourning the loss of his father. According to YG Entertainment, the rapper's father, Lee Gwang-bu, passed away at approximately 10:40 AM on March 26th due to a chronic ailment,...More
  • Tablo Honored With Hiphopplaya's Album of the Year Award

    2012/02/28, Source,
    Tablo has yet another trophy to prove that his solo comeback in 2011 was one of the hottest that year. According to the results of the 2011 Hiphopplaya Awards, Tablo's album "Fever's End" was chosen as the Album of the Year, with 23.1% of the votes. The artist spoke out through his YG Entertainment reps, "I'm thankful to the hip hop fans that took the time to listen to my music during a year where other such great albums were released",...More
  • Today's Photo: February 24, 2012

    2012/02/24, Source,
    Tiffany of Girls' Generation poses at a promotional event for a fashion brand in Seoul on Thursday,...More
  • 'Cyber tailing' becoming a social problem
    2012/01/28, Source,
    "We must punish the murderers by searching out and spreading their parents' identity, occupation, workplace and their detailed address on the Internet. The main culprit's photo is prerequisite. Is there anyone who is brave enough to do so?" This is a posting put on the online board, just after a middle school boy in Daegu committed suicide. He was known to have suffered from bullying. Soon after, an unidentified person uploaded personal information of the bullies -- and even their parents and friends -- on the Internet, and they were obliged to suffer from netizens' bad-mouthing,...More
  • K-pop stars to tour overseas in 2012

    2012/01/10, Source,
    A JYJ fan from Peru holds a poster that says "Peru loves JYJ". Fans in South America have been actively requesting K-pop groups perform in their countries through various media outlets. / Courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment By Noh Hyun-gi With seemingly unstoppable momentum, K-pop stars are advancing across the globe. Many fans have asked the artists to visit their home countries through innovative methods like uploading flash mob videos online. Moved by these active and sincere requests, K-pop stars will hold concerts around the world and are planning additional gigs to accommodate the enthusiastic fans,...More
  • Blogger resumes bashing campaign against Tablo

    2012/01/06, Source,
    A blogger, who had notoriously bashed singer Tablo, has reopened diploma forgery accusations against the hip hop musician and other celebrities, igniting a fresh round of online disputes once again. The 58-year-old blogger Korean-American resumed the notorious bashing campaign in October, shortly after the singer released his new album. Better known as "whatbecomes", the blogger this time uploaded his photos for the first time and released what he claims to be new evidence to prove the singer's diploma fabrication,...More
  • Online Agitator Takes Aim at Pop Diva Insooni

    2012/01/04, Source,
    An Internet user who gained notoriety by casting doubt on the academic credentials of rapper Tablo and is being sought by police for libel, has now turned his guns on the famous pop diva Insooni. The user, who uses the ID "Whatbecomes", is a Korean American surnamed Kim (59) and lives in Chicago. He reopened an online forum in October last year where people accused Tablo of faking his Stanford degree,...More
  • VCR2 K-Celebrities Now
    2011/12/09, Source,
    [SOV] [Interview : ] "Are you ready to dance[Interview : ] "Music, please!" YG Entertainment is one of the major entertainment agencies in Korea behind the K-pop and Hallyu boom. Last weekend, the artists signed with the agency held their annual "YG Family Concert",...More
  • [Photos] Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin's wedding - Part 1

    2011/12/03, Source,
    Yoo Ji-tae kisses Kim Hyo-jin at their wedding in Seoul on Friday,...More
  • Singer releases new album after being cleared in scandal

    2011/11/14, Source,
    "I hope the people who are having a hard time and lonely to be soothed and eased of their burdens while listening to my music. I also hope the people who hate me to be consoled by my music if they face times of trouble". Singer Tablo, 31, who suspended music career due to false rumors suggesting that he had fabricated his educational background, has made a public statement for the first time since the controversy erupted,...More
  • Tablo's New Album Tops iTunes Chart

    2011/11/03, Source,
    "Fever's End", rapper Tablo's latest album, soared to the top of the iTunes hip hop and rap album charts both in the U.S. and Canada. The success suggest that Tablo, whose career went into eclipse for two years after false online allegations that he faked his academic credentials, is firmly back on track,...More
  • Tablo's Album, #5 On US iTunes Hip Hop/Rap Chart

    2011/11/02, Source,
    Tablo may have been quiet for some time, but his fans are supporting him stronger than ever. After the release of his first solo album Fever's End on November 1st, it hit number five on the US iTunes Hip Hop/Rap Album Chart. This is no new feat as Tablo's debut group, Epik High's past album reached number one on the same chart,...More
  • VCR1 Weekly Star Scene

    2011/10/28, Source,
    We go wherever the stars go! Here's the hottest entertainment news of the week! Let's go! Our #5 news of the week is the fan meeting of sexy diva More
  • Daesung To Join YG Family For Year-End Concert

    2011/10/20, Source,
    After months of laying low, Big Bang's Daesung will finally be re-joining his group at the end of this year. YG Entertainment typically holds a YG Family concert around December, featuring all of the popular YG artists. This year is no exception with three concerts scheduled for Seoul (Olympic Hall) alone on December 3-4th, each show expected to draw in 40,000 fans. The group will then head to Japan for concerts on January 7-8 at the Osaka Colosseum expected to attract about 80,000 people. Finally, two more shows, each slating for another 80,000 concert-goers, will take place at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21-22,...More
  • Daesung To Join YG Family For Year-End Concert

    2011/10/19, Source,
    After months of laying low, Big Bang's Daesung will finally be re-joining his group at the end of this year. YG Entertainment typically holds a YG Family concert around December, featuring all of the popular YG artists. This year is no exception with three concerts scheduled for Seoul (Olympic Hall) alone on December 3-4th, each show expected to draw in 40,000 fans,...More
  • Netizens - fourth power

    2011/10/08, Source,
    The word comes from internet and citizens. And they may be described using Lucian's words: "a pack of rabid dogs" (yes, from Underworld). We've been discussing this countless times, and I think more people should be vocal about this pathology. Yes, this is borderline psychotic behavior. I frequent both Korean and Western websites and boards. I witness surges of hysteric posts on DCGall. Fans are demanding, that's true, but normal fans know that the object of their admiration is just a human being. Netizens, chained to the internet with their mobiles, can post everytime and everywhere, unlike usual people who has to go to work. And shielded by the anonymity of the web, they post what may be seen as some delusions of really sick minds,...More
  • Tablo to Release Solo Album

    2011/09/29, Source,
    Singer Tablo of the boy band Epic High has signed up with YG Entertainment to release a solo album in November. The agency is run by former Seo Taiji & Boys member Yang Hyun-suk. Tablo stopped performing in 2009 after the Stanford University graduate was faced with accusations that he forged his academic credentials,...More
  • Tablo Signs With YG For November Comeback

    2011/09/27, Source,
    Tablo is back. Or he soon will be. The Epik High front man recently signed on to a four year contract with the same company that his wife Kang Hye-jung is signed under: YG Entertainment. His new album can be expected on November 1st. This is the first time in 20 months that the singer will be re-hitting the scene, following the number one hit on iTunes' Hip Hop Chart "Epilogue",...More
  • Tablo to Give Lecture at Alma Mater Stanford University

    2011/05/09, Source,
    Singer Tablo (real name Lee Sun Woong, 31) will give a lecture at his alma mater, Stanford University in the USA. According to the official website of "Asian American Students' Association (AASA)" on May 6, Tablo will deliver a speech on "Asian Images" for one hour at the Cubberley Auditorium of Stanford on May 10 at 7 pm,...More
  • Cyber mobs hunt for 'truth' about Seo-Lee scandal

    2011/04/26, Source,
    Singer Seo Taiji, left, and Lee Ji-ah, center, kept their marriage and divorce secret for 14 years, while the actress' romance with co-star Jung Woo-sung recently became public. / Korea Times file Crusading for facts or collective terrorism? Websites are revealing personal information not only about Lee, but her family and friends. By Lee Hyo-won As Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah's secret marriage and now public divorce are making headlines, online communities are feverishly seeking "the truth" on their relationship,...More
  • Stars rumors, the entertainment falls into panic

    2011/04/25, Source,
    The rumors and speculations around stars has the entertainment industry in chaos. Kang Hye-jung and Tablo's pregnancy, MBC producer Kim Tae-ho-II's transferring, Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah's marriage and divorce plus various rumors on top of them that has the whole country paralyzed; the entertainment biz is in chaos.,...More
  • Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah identity... violation of human rights

    2011/04/25, Source,
    As news of the singer Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji-ah's legal lawsuit for alimony and such is being spread, efforts to get information on their identity is reaching its peak. There is now a netizen squad operating and all kinds of rumors have been mass produced, now at the issue of violation of human rights.,...More
  • Kang Hye-jung "Second pregnancy? Not true"

    2011/04/19, Source,
    Mrs. Star Kang Hye-jung is being harassed by rumors of a second pregnancy. Recently there have been rumors saying, "Isn't Kang Hye-jung pregnant with a second one?", "She was at the gynecologists with her husband Tablo" and more.,...More
  • 'Many go out for wool and come home shorn' Kim Tae-hee is getting backlash with MBC Special

    2011/04/06, Source,
    Actress Kim Tae-hee is being strongly back lashed with "MBC Special – Rediscovering Kim Tae-hee". The intensity is too big to be regarded as 'anti-fandom'. The MBC production crew is being directly criticized at for work that was only like an information program that carries the life of a celebrity and anti-Kim Tae-hee sites have been popping up. The timing was obscure. Kim Tae-hee was in the MBC drama "My Princess" last February. She had appeared in a news program after only a month after her drama. This is one reason many interpret this 'Special' as a 'Kim Tae-hee supporting project'. Even the 2009 MBC sitcom "Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyeon" is being misunderstood. MBC explained it wasn't naming specific stars but had quite the marketing effect.,...More
  • 12 Netizens Indicted on Libel Charges Against Korean Rapper

    2011/01/14, Source,
    Last year was grueling for popular Korean rapper, Tablo, from the group Epik High.
    The 30-year-old, whose Korean name is Lee Seon-woong, was repeated,...
  • 12 Tablo bashers indicted for libel

    2011/01/13, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee

    The prosecution indicted 12 Internet users on charges of defamation Thursday for disseminating libelous disinformation questioning the academic achievements and school record of hi,...
  • Tablo - victim of cyber witch-hunt

    2010/12/23, Source,
    By Park Si-soo

    For rapper Tablo, the leader of hip hop group Epik High, the year 2010 may mark the most grueling chapter of his life - he had been,...
  • Buzzwords of Year 2010 in Pop Culture

    2010/12/17, Source,
    "My score is..". and "Cha Do Nam" (meaning a cold-hearted chic man of the city) Many gloomy accidents and incidents including the sinking of corvette Cheonan and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island had occurred throughout this year in society, but many buzzwords had also been created and greatly loved by people in the popular culture. Popular programs such as "Superstar K - Season 2","High Kick Through The Roof", and "Bread, Love and Dreams" had entered the cradle of buzzwords, and those buzzwords had been talked about for a year by people, in pleasant times as well as times of suffering. But some buzzwords had aroused criticism and could not be kept as buzzwords. For example, the buzzwords created from the KBS comedy program "Gag Concert", saying "I am Dong Hyuk's old brother", which had made viewers feel refreshed, had been criticized by a civic group, who insisted, "the phrase is an inflammatory phrase base on populism",...More
  • Extradition will be sought for Tablo basher

    2010/12/09, Source,
    By Kwon Mee-yoo

    The prosecution plans to seek extradition of a man in the United States who led the online campaign to raise doubt about the educational background of hip-hop singer,...
  • Tablo's Back On The Music Scene

    2010/10/25, Source,
    After battling allegations of false academic records for nearly a year, can Tablo fans finally look forward to a comeback? It appears that way.

  • Tablo-bashing website shutdown

    2010/10/22, Source,
    By Park Si-soo

    An Internet cafe voluntarily shut down and made a public apology for having led a months-long campaign to cast doubt over the school records of popular singer,...
  • Arrest warrant issued for blogger over Tablo-bashing

    2010/10/20, Source,
    By Kang Shin-who

    An arrest warrant has been issued for a blogger who led the campaign raising doubt about the authenticity of singer Tablo's Stanfo,...
  • Tablo bashing abating

    2010/10/12, Source,
    By Park Si-soo

    A cyber dispute over the validity of Tablo's Stanford University diploma shows signs of letting up, after police confirmed last wee,...
  • Tablo-bashing blogger challenges legal action on Internet defamation

    2010/10/09, Source,
    The owner of anti-Tablo website has challenged the police decision to arrest him, amid a national cyber controversy over the pop singer's academic cre,...More
  • Police Clear Tablo As Stanford Grad

    2010/10/08, Source,
    After months of controversy, it seems that Tablo can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After thorough police investigation,,...More
  • Police confirmed that Tablo is a Stanford graduate

    2010/10/07, Source,
    Tablo was innocent! Seocho Police department who was searching about Tablo’s level of education controversy, made a statement that Lee Seon-woong, aka Tablo actually graduated from Stanford University.,...More
  • First Comes Baby, Then Marriage?

    2010/10/07, Source,
    Hallyu star Ryu Si-won caught everyone off guard on October 6th, by announcing his upcoming wedding plans and the news of a baby on the way. The,...More
  • Tablo's Academic Credentials Impeccable, Says University

    2010/09/29, Source,
    A screen capture of an article about the controversy surrounding the academic credential of hip-hop singer Tablo published in the Stanford Daily on Mo,...More
  • Hip-Hop Star Sues Doubters of High-Flying Academic Credentials

    2010/08/31, Source,
    Prosecutors have begun investigating a group of netizens who have accused Tablo of the Korean hip hop group Epik High of faking his academic credentia,...More
  • Tablo controversy to be investigated

    2010/08/30, Source,
    By Lee Hyo-sik

    Prosecutors have launched an investigation into a group of netizens who have raised doubts on the educational background and nationality of singer,...
  • Kang Hye-jung, Lee Yoon-ji to Share Stage Role in 'Proof'
    2010/08/29, Source,
    Actresses Kang Hye-jung and Lee Yoon-ji will make their stage debut with the play "Proof" in which they are double-cast for the lead.

    Kang, who is known for her parts in films,...
  • Singer Tablo faces question over scandal

    2010/08/27, Source,
    By Park Si-soo

    A group of netizens have asked the prosecution to investigate allegations that Daniel Lee, known here as,...
  • KBS' "Music Bank" to be broadcast to 54 countries

    2010/08/27, Source,
    KBS' music program "Music Bank" hosts Seo Hyo-rim and Song Joong-ki [Official "Music Bank" website] KBS' Friday music program "Music Bank" will be broadcast live to 54 countries around the world, according to the official website of "Music Bank" on Friday. The official website announced that today's show will be seen live for the first time ever in 54 different countries for a special episode titled "Live Music Bank K-Pop Special" later tonight,...More
  • Tablo: 'I Did Not Lie, But I Became Swindler'

    2010/06/14, Source,
    Tablo: "At first, I did not want to ask people to trust me because I did not lie at all. But, I thought that I might not be able to keep my family saf,...More
  • Tablo Continues To Receive Heat Over His Education

    2010/06/08, Source,
    It appears that the controversial issue over whether or not Tablo of Epik High really graduated from the prestigious Standford University is only cont,...More
  • Tablo Responds to Forgery Rumor on Twitter

    2010/06/07, Source,
    Tablo posted a message on Twitter stating, "I am sad due to a rumor that I forged my educational background".

    He continued, "From the beginning, I,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] 30th birthday for Bong Tae-gyu and Lee Eun

    2010/05/25, Source,
    The star couple Bong Tae-gyu and Lee Eun have revealed their couple ring! The two celebrated the 20th birthday for Bong Tae-gyu and they posted pictures of themselves. Lee Eun said "My love, by best friend's 30th birthday! A birthday party for two of us, met at 20 and celebrated the beginning of 30s together this year. My love's birthday celebrated with me is such a thankful and happy event. I'm so happy to have this precious person to be by my side. Love and love ag,...More
  • Baby boom sweeps K-entertainment scene
    2010/05/02, Source,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The local entertainment scene is seeing a baby boom, with most recent celebrity parents including singer Table and his wife, actress Kang Hye-jung. They became parents to a baby girl, Sunday.

    "A night of,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Congratulations Kang Hye-jung and Tablo!

    2010/05/01, Source,
    Kang Hye-jung and Tablo had their first daughter born in Korea time, May 2nd morning! The young couple became parents! The baby girl is very healthy and Kang is also recovering. Congratulations to the two stars!,...More
  • Storming Charts at Home and Abroad

    2010/04/17, Source,
    Epik High's S. Korean Hip-Hop on CNN'S Talk Asia


    Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Taipei
    Wednesday, April 21 at 2030
    Thursday, April 22 at 1130
    Saturday, April 24 at 1,...
  • Han Ji-hye's Song Picks

    2010/04/08, Source,
    Actress Han Ji-hye [Lee Won-woo/10Asia] Actress Han Ji-hye claimed 2008 was her best year. Not just because of the consecutive success of KBS TV series "Likeable or Not" and MBC's "East of Eden", but because she discovered what is important to Han Ji-hye as a being, not as a celebrity. Both shows came about through the joint effort of its entire cast, not just a few actors, and such an environment taught Han to harmonize work and other activities she had forgotten about while living as an actress. An easy-going shooting schedule allowed Han to work five days a week, a time during which she made time for herself, learning English conversation, going on drives at night and going snowboarding,...More
  • Epik High tops several iTunes music charts overseas

    2010/03/11, Source,
    Korean hip-hop group Epik High [Asia Economic Daily] Hip-hop group Epik High has made history, becoming the first South Korean artists to conquer Apple's iTunes music charts in the U.S. and several other countries, according to local media reports on Thursday. On the U.S. website, Epik High's new album "Epilogue" entered the hip-hop chart at No. 20 on the day of its release Tuesday and beat out world-famous musicians -- including Beastie Boys, Jay-Z and Black Eyed Peas -- to claim the No.1 spot the following day.,...More
  • Epik High: 'We Want to Give Hope to People through Music'

    2010/03/10, Source,
    The three-man group, Epik High (Tablo, Mithra Jin, DJ Tukutz), has experienced many changes over the past year.,...More
  • Epik High interviewed by CNN Talk Asia

    2010/02/22, Source,
    Epik High member Tablo and CNN Talk Asia anchorwoman Anjali Rao [Woolim Entertainment] Korean hip-hop band Epik High is set to appear on CNN's Talk Asia, according to their agency Woolim Entertainment on Monday. The group recently conducted an interview with the show's anchorwoman Anjali Rao, where they talked about their difficulties, success and future ambitions. "We were glad that CNN showed great interest in the depth and diversity of Korean music", Epik High member Tablo was quoted as saying. "It was an undeserving honor to represent and introduce our own kind of hip-hop to all over the world".,...More
  • Epik High, f(x) perform at Cannes music showcase

    2010/01/28, Source,
    Korean band Epik High performs at "K-pop Night" showcase at MIDEM 2010 [Korea Creative Content Agency] Korean hip-hop group Epik High and girl band f(x) performed as representatives of Korean pop music at a global music showcase in Cannes held this week, according to a press release by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). Epik High and f(x) performed for about 90 minutes on "K-Pop Night" event -- held January 26 at Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France -- in front of music and media industry executives at MIDEM 2010, KOCCA explained in the statement released yesterday. "I felt a connection with many of the attendees despite our different nationalities and age", Tablo of Epik High was quoted as saying. "It was an amazing, entertaining performance".,...More
  • [Music] Korean Music Goes Beyond Asia to North America and Europe
    2010/01/22, Source,
    Epik High and f(x) to Perform in the MIDEM Showcase

    The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(Minister Yu In-chon) and Korea Creative Content Agency(President & CEO Lee Jae-woong) will attend MIDEM 2010, the world's largest music festival that will be held on January 24 through 27 at Cannes, F,...
  • Tablo Releases a New Single

    2009/12/31, Source,
    Hip hop artist Tablo has released a new song titled "For the Kids". the leader of the hip hop group Epik High has posted the song on the group's offic,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Tablo and Kang Hye-jung share a sweet kiss!

    2009/12/09, Source,
    Tablo has visited Kang Hye-jung's movie VIP press meeting. "Girlfriends" cast has been there and Tablo congratulated his new bride with a sweet kiss and a bouquet of flowers! What a cute couple.,...More
  • Tablo's Brother Under Fire
    2009/11/24, Source,
    Apology Made for Comments Critical of 'Infinite Challenge' NY Episode

    By Cho Jae-hyon
    Staff Reporter

    Lee Sun-min, 37, a TV personality and the elder brother of popular singer-songwriter Tablo, is creating a stir on the Internet with his critic,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kang Hye-jung and Tablo married!

    2009/10/26, Source,
    Epic High's Tablo and actress Kang Hye-jung have said their vows. The two had their wedding for which many stars came to congratulate them! The stars were director Park Chan-wook, Kim Sun-ah, Uhm Ji-won, Ha Ji-won, Ahn Sung-ki, Ryu Deok-hwan, Gong Hyo-jin, Im Ha-ryong, and more!,...More
  • Tablo, Kang Now Husband and Wife
    2009/10/26, Source,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Epik High leader Tablo, 29, and actress Kang Hye-jung, 27, wed Monday afternoon at the Bailey House, southern Seoul.

    Few details of one of the year's most,...
  • Kang Hye-jung, Tablo to Wed on Oct. 26
    2009/10/12, Source,
    Actress Kang Hye-jung will tie the knot with singer Tablo, the leader of Korean hip hop group Epik High, at 2 p.m. on Oct. 26, Tablo's managem,...More
  • Tablo, Kang to Wed on Oct. 26
    2009/10/10, Source,
    Hip-hop group Epik High leader Tablo and actress Kang Hye-jueog will hold their wedding ceremony at 2 p.m. Oct. 26.

    This was revealed by Gil of Leessang, the famous hip-hop duo, who is close to,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Tablo and Kang Hye-jung's wedding date this 26th!

    2009/10/10, Source,
    Hip hop goup Epic High's Tablo and actress Kang Hye-jung will be wed this October 26th! The two will be parents by the middle of next year and are excited for their wedding. The couple had trouble picking their wedding date because of their busy schedule preparing the new album and movie. Last Christmas,,...More
  • Kang Hye-jung Talks About Impending Marriage

    2009/09/19, Source,
    The actress Kang Hye-jung has for the first time spoken about her impending marriage to,...More
  • Tablo, Kang Hye-jung to Get Married
    2009/09/08, Source,
    Tablo of the group Epik High and actress Kang Hye-jung have announced their plans to get married in October. They also added that they are expecting a baby.

  • Tablo, Kang to Tie Knot in Oct.
    2009/09/05, Source,
    Hip hop group Epik High leader Tablo and actress Kang Hye-jung will tie the knot in October.

    A source from Tablo was quoted as saying Satur,...
  • Epik High Gets Serious About Music
    2009/04/26, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    "Expect the unexpected". That's what Tablo, frontman of popular hip-hop group Epik High, says fans can expect from their upcoming concert tour in the United States, Japan and Korea.

    But he might as well h,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kang Hye-jung couple!

    2009/03/26, Source,
    Well-knwon rapper Tablo and Kang Hye-jung are enjoying their dates! He says that they are twin souls! They two went on a date for White Day spending time at a coffee shop, arcade, dinner, and karaoke! Aren't they a cute couple?,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kang Hye-jung at press conference

    2009/03/04, Source,
    Her smile is more radiant than ever. Is it because she is in love with Tablo? Kang Hye-jung is at the press conference for the new film, "Why Did You Come to My House - Movie". The film is about Byeong-hee acted by Park Hee-soon who tried to commit suicide for three years and Lee Soo-kang who is acted by Kang Hye-jung who moved in with him. This film will be released this April.,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Tablo and Kang Hye-jung in love!

    2009/02/04, Source,
    Another movie star and artist couple has been born! Movie star, Kang Hye-jung and the rapper Tablo are enjoying their love relationship! Kang and Tablo have met on a casual dinner last year through friends and have become lovers! Kang has confirmed this rumor recently through Star News! The two share similar taste in music and have become great friends through this. The two are open about their dating and go to public areas to have fun not caring about people around them.,...More
  • Celebrities Joining Boom of Writings

    2009/01/09, Source,
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    "Pieces of You", written by pop group Epik High frontman Tablo, has topped bestseller lists in recent months, sho,...
  • 2008 Literature: Return of Korean Novels
    2008/12/19, Source,
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    This year, Korean literature has resurged, surpassing the popularity of the self-help and practical books, which usually sell well in economic slump.

    According to Kyobo Bookstore, many novels dealing with family values and warm-hearted emotions garnered popula,...
  • Tablo to Hold 'Book Concert'

    2008/12/02, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Epik High frontman Tablo is holding a "book concert" at the KT&G SangSang Madang in Hongdae, Dec. 9. The co,...
  • Tablo's Book Tops Bestseller List

    2008/11/12, Source,
    Hip hop group Epik High's leader Tablo has written a bestseller. His collection of short stories, "Pieces of You", topped Kyobo Book's bestseller list,...More
  • Ryoo, Epik High to Perform in Japan
    2008/08/20, Source,
    By Min Hee-young
    Korea Times Intern

    Singer-actor Ryu Si-won and hip-hop group Epik High will visit the Japanese market through separate performances.

    Ryoo, 36, will hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Eve.

    "The Tokyo Dom,...
  • Epik High Member Tablo to Publish Short Story Collection

    2008/07/21, Source,
    Tablo, a member of popular vocal group Epik High, will publish a collection of short stories in September. The singer says the stories will be about a,...More
  • Epik High's Tablo Recovers from Car Accident

    2008/05/22, Source,
    Hip hop group Epik High's leader Tablo has returned to work after a car accident left him in hospital on Tuesday. He appeared on the cable music chann,...More
  • Tablo and Kim Sung-eun New Hosts of 'Music Bank' on KBS
    2008/01/30, Source,
    Actress Kim Sung-eun and singer Tablo have been chosen as the new hosts of 'Music Bank Live' on KBS 2TV. The new hosts will take over for Haha a,...More
  • Rain Signs for Samsung's Olympic Campaign

    2008/01/14, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop star and actor Rain signed a one-year contract with Samsung Electronics, the official sponsor for,...
  • Singer M Rises to New Heights

    2007/10/16, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    When you've been a member of one of the country's longest-running boy bands for nearly a decade, it would be tempting to sit back and enjoy your success. But,...
  • Tablo to Visit Pusan Film Festival as Actor
    2007/09/12, Source,
    Tablo, a member of the hip-hop group Epic High, will visit the Pusan International Film Festival next month not as a singer but as an actor.

    The reason for Tablo's visit is his big-screen debut mov,...
  • Film `D-War' Tops Internet News
    2007/08/26, Source,
    By Bae Ji-sook
    Staff Reporter

    The blockbuster film "D-War" topped the nation's No. 1 search engine Naver's most searched keyword list again last week, showing that people are still interested in the monster movie 26 days after its release.
  • Ex-Miss Korea Tops Internet News
    2007/05/20, Source,
    By Park Chung-a
    Staff Reporter

    Actress and former Miss Korea Ham So-won topped the nation's No.1 search engine Naver's most searched key words list last week. As the 2006 adult movie "Where Am I?" featuring Ham as the sexy partner of an ugly and poor farmer aired on cable TV on the morning of Ma,...
  • Concerts to Rock Hip-Hop Fans This March
    2007/03/04, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Hip-hop fans have a lot to be excited about this month, with hip-hop concerts by their favorite artists scheduled to rock them. This month's scheduled performances include a solo concert by,...
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A Perfect Way to Steal a Dog
A Perfect Way to Steal a Dog
(Movie, 2014)
개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법
As : Special appearance
Fantastic Parasuicides
Fantastic Parasuicides
(Movie, 2007)
판타스틱 자살 소동
As : Min-ho (민호) - Episode 1
High Kick!
High Kick!
(Drama, 2006)
거침없이 하이킥!
As : Ep. 150 Guest - Temporary English teacher (150회 게스트 - 임시 영어 교사)

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