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YG Entertainment (YG 엔터테인먼트)

YG Entertainment | News

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  • [Photos] Stills from Over the Years Added for "SECHSKIES Eighteen"

    2018/01/18, Source,
    Stills from the expansive career of Sechskies are added for the Korean documentary "SECHSKIES Eighteen",...More
  • Korean Movies Opening Today 2018/01/18 in Korea

    2018/01/18, Source,
    Korean movies opening today 2018/01/18 in Korea: "A Blue Mouthed Face", "SECHSKIES Eighteen", "For Vagina's Sake" and "Young Mom",...More
  • iKON to Release New Album Next Week

    2018/01/17, Source,
    Boy band iKON will release their second full-length album next week, their management agency YG Entertainment said on Tuesday,...More
  • [New Movie] Bringing the '90s Back with "SECHSKIES Eighteen"

    2018/01/13, Source,
    Added the upcoming Korean documentary "SECHSKIES Eighteen"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • Gang Dong-won to Star in American Indie Film

    2017/12/21, Source,
    Actor Gang Dong-won (right) poses for a photo with British film director Simon West in an unidentified location in the U.S. /Courtesy of YG Entertainment Actor Gang Dong-won will star in an American disaster film, said his management agency YG Entertainment in a press release this week,...More
  • Big Bang's Taeyang to Marry Actress Min Hyo-rin in February

    2017/12/19, Source,
    Taeyang of boy band Big Bang and actress Min Hyo-rin will tie the knot in February,...More
  • Gang Dong-won Heads to Hollywood for "Tsunami LA"

    2017/12/18, Source,
    Gang Dong-won is starring in Hollywood blockbuster, "Tsunami LA", according to YG Entertainment,...More
  • Akdong Musician's Lee Soohyun Visits Brother Lee Chan-hyuk in the Marines

    2017/12/17, Source,
    Akdong Musician's Lee Soohyun visited her brother Lee Chan-hyuk,...More
  • Lee Jong-suk Is an Author

    2017/12/04, Source,
    YG Entertainment announced that Lee Jong-suk published a collaborative book of poems with poet Na Tae-joo entitled, "Everything Is Your Fault",...More
  • Lee Sung-kyung considers new tvN drama "About Time"

    2017/11/27, Source,
    Actress Lee Sung-kyung is considering a role in new tvN drama "About Time". Lee Seong-kyeong's agency YG Entertainment states that she is grateful for the offer,...More
  • Son Ho-jun talks about his first project as a part of YG Entertainment

    2017/11/21, Source,
    Son Ho-jun from "Go Back Couple" showed his pride in his company, YG Entertainment, during an interview on 20th at a café in Hapjeong,...More
  • Black Pink's Latest Song Plays in Background of 'Justice League'

    2017/11/18, Source,
    K-pop fans may get excited when they see a music video of girl band BlackPink's latest single "As if it's Your Last" playing in the background in Hollywood superhero film "Justice League,...More
  • YG Rapper One to join "A Korean Odyssey"

    2017/10/19, Source,
    Rapper One is acting now. He will appear in the new Saturday and Sunday drama "A Korean Odyssey" in his first drama role,...More
  • Akdong Musician's Lee Chan-hyuk Joins Marines for Military Service

    2017/09/19, Source,
    Lee Chan-hyuk of the sibling duo Akdong Musician has enlisted in the Marines for his mandatory military service,...More
  • Rookies Wanna One Beat Girls' Generation in the Charts

    2017/08/09, Source,
    Rookie boy band Wanna One has beaten established girl band Girls' Generation in the charts and drew tens of thousands to their debut gig at the Geochok Sky Dome in Seoul last week. Girls' Generation's latest song entered the Melon charts at 24th on Tuesday, while Wanna One's latest single grabbed first place,...More
  • Lee Soo-hyuk to enlist on the 10th of August

    2017/08/07, Source,
    Former fashion model and current actor Lee Soo-hyuk is enlisting on the 10th of August. He was born on the 31st of May, 1988 and turned thirty this year,...More
  • [Interview] Kim Sae-ron, "Quitting school", "There's many things I want to do"

    2017/08/03, Source,
    "Happy birthday" Kim Sae-ron did an interview with "Meal With A ★". It began with celebrations as the 2000 born celebrated her 17th birthday on the 31st of July. We presented her with a chocolate cake with a bear on top and she smiled and said, "I can't eat cheesecake so I'm glad",...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Photography and Art

    Cultural ties between Pakistan and Korea strengthen with new "Gandhara" art exhibition in Seoul, YG Entertainment releases photo book of iKon to celebrate youth, this emeritus professor is happily blurring the line between art and engineering, and Quartz showcases "masterpieces" of anti-American propaganda from North Korea,...More
  • Which Actors/Actresses Joined YG Entertainment?

    2017/06/27, Source,
    For people who are a fan of with K-pop industry, YG Entertainment is a familiar name to your ears. From Big Bang to Psy, Winner, Blackpink and more, YG Entertainment is one of the top agencies in South Korea for the K-pop groups. Now, did you know that YG Entertainment is also a home of many great actors and actresses? Many new/veteran actors/ actresses have signed a contract with YG Entertainment and they are part of the YG Family,...More
  • Black Pink Release Teaser for Their New Single

    2017/06/20, Source,
    Girl group Black Pink on Monday unveiled a teaser for their new single ahead of its release later this week,...More
  • T.O.P. Rushed to Emergency Room After Drug Overdose

    2017/06/07, Source,
    T.O.P. of boy band Big Bang has been hospitalized following an apparent drug overdose on Tuesday. Police said the singer is stable but in intensive care. YG Entertainment said the rapper, whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, was found unconscious after taking anti-depressants in the barracks of the police unit where he has been conscripted to serve,...More
  • Yoo In-na's red lips steal attention

    2017/06/05, Source,
    YG Entertainment congratulated Yoo In-na on her birthday. YG contents channel YG Stage released an image of Yoo In-na with the words "Happy Birthday Yoo In-na",...More
  • T.O.P. of Big Bang Booked for Smoking Dope

    2017/06/02, Source,
    T.O.P of boy band Big Bang T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) of boy band Big Bang has been booked for smoking marijuana, police said Thursday. T.O.P started his mandatory military service as an auxiliary police officer in February, his main duty being to promote the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as a member of the police band,...More
  • Choi Seung-hyun, charged with marijuana, to return to Gangnam Police Station on the 2nd

    2017/06/01, Source,
    Big Bang's Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P) was charged with marijuana and is returning to his duties after police investigations. According to the Seoul District Police, T.O.P is returning to his public duties after a long leave of 4 days,...More
  • G-Dragon to Release New Solo Album

    2017/06/01, Source,
    G-Dragon of K-pop boy band Big Bang will release his new solo album next week,...More
  • iKON to Release New Album

    2017/05/18, Source,
    Boy band iKON on Wednesday unveiled a teaser video for their new album due to be released next Monday,...More
  • Quartet Black Pink to Debut in Japan

    2017/05/18, Source,
    Quartet Black Pink will make its overseas debut in Japan, according to their agency YG Entertainment on Wednesday. A showcase is scheduled at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on July 20, and the debut album will be released on Aug. 9,...More
  • Psy Launches New Album After Creative Struggles

    2017/05/11, Source,
    Rapper Psy on Wednesday released his first studio album in more than a year and music videos of some high-profile tracks. The title of the album -- "4X2=8" -- contains a pun, as numbers 4 (sa) and 2 (i/ee) pronounced together in Korean sound like Psy, and the album is his eighth,...More
  • [Video] Korean pop group BIGBANG and YouTube Red announce new series

    "Run, BIGBANG Scout!" Starring record-breaking, internationally celebrated korean pop stars BIGBANG Series Debuts April 26 on YouTube Red Celebrates BIGBANG's 10 Year Reunion,...More
  • [Hot Takes from the Noonas] Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk are dating

    After being outed by Korean gossip site, Dispatch, Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk confirmed through their agency that they've been dating for the past five months.,...More
  • It's official! Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk are in a relationship

    2017/04/24, Source,
    Actors Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk are in a relationship. According to YG Entertainment, the two have known each other since they were models, and eventually, their friendship developed into something more,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun still in hospital

    2017/03/28, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun is still in the hospital. YG Entertainment announced that she's being watched over by doctors and getting appropriate treatment but she will be able to receive treatment from home if it seems right,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun Forced to Quit Drama Due to Illness

    2017/03/27, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun abruptly quit her latest TV series, "You're Too Much", which started airing early this month,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun quits "You're Too Much"

    2017/03/23, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun is stepping down from "You're Too Much". YG Entertainment announced on the 24th that Ku Hye-sun won't be able to continue with "You're Too Much" due to her health,...More
  • Star Couple Keep up Charitable Activities

    2017/03/10, Source,
    Celebrity couple Sean and Jeng Hye-yeong donated W100 million to Holt Children's Services (US$1=W1,160). The couple, who are known for their charitable activities, visited the adoption agency Wednesday to deliver the donation to help children in need, their agency YG Entertainment said on Thursday,...More
  • [Hot Takes from the Noonas] Lee Soo-hyuk signs on with new agency

    YG Entertainment welcomed Lee Soo-hyuk to their management agency today. What will this mean for the career of the model-turned-actor?,...More
  • "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People" Why Lee Honey Have the Perfect Character

    As I watch "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People", I also found woman who stole the heart of the king and the viewers!,...More
  • [Hot Takes from the Noonas] Happy Birthday to Nam Joo-hyuk

    Nam Joo-hyuk turns 23 years old on February 22, and thanks to his meteoric rise, he has much to celebrate.,...More
  • Big Bang on Forbes' List of Celebrities Under 30

    2017/01/06, Source,
    Big Bang /Courtesy of YG Entertainment K-pop boy band Big Bang made it onto Forbes' list of "The 30 Under 30: Celebrities". They are the only Koreans on the list released on Tuesday. Among the other celebrities on the list are American football player Odell Beckham Jr., Hollywood star Hilary Duff and R&B singer Jeremih,...More
  • Park Bom Pens Heartfelt Note to Fans on 2NE1's Demise

    2016/12/02, Source,
    Singer Park Bom of the recently disbanded girl group 2NE1 on Wednesday expressed her feelings about the group's demise last week,...More
  • Actress Choi Ji-woo Gives Final Thoughts on Ending "Woman with a Suitcase"

    2016/11/16, Source,
    Actress Choi Ji-woo revealed that she was happy the entire time filming for "Woman with a Suitcase",...More
  • Actress Kim Sae-ron Signs With YG Entertainment

    YG Entertainment released an official statement about actress Kim Sae-ron's contract with the company,...More
  • Rookie Quartet Release Another Single After Brief Break

    2016/11/03, Source,
    Black Pink Rookie girl group Black Pink released a new single after taking a two-month break since their debut in August. "Instead of fully taking a rest during the break, we spent almost two months preparing our new single while practicing songs and choreography as we wanted to perform on stage as early as possible", the four-member group said in a press event on Wednesday,...More
  • Chinese Tourism Curbs Hit Korean Shares
    2016/10/30, Source,
    A Chinese crackdown on the unregulated travel industry has impacted shares of Korean companies dependent on revenues from Chinese tourists. Beijing recently announced tougher rules for travel agents including fines of up to W50 million on operators that sell cut-price packages to Korea with the aim of herding travelers into shops here that pay commissions (US$1=W1,135),...More
  • 2NE1's CL to Begin North American Tour Next Month

    2016/09/26, Source,
    CL, a member of the girl group 2NE1, will embark on her first solo tour of North America next month. She will perform in nine cities in the U.S. and Canada, according to her management agency, YG Entertainment,...More
  • Lee Jong-suk, "W" finishes, "It was intense", "I'm proud of it"

    2016/09/15, Source,
    Lee Jong-suk revealed how he felt about "W". Through YG Entertainment, he said, "I saw the potential of my performance. Kang Cheol helped me succeed in changing my image",...More
  • Lee Jong-suk's birthday poster on September 14, 2016

    2016/09/14, Source,
    YG Entertainment released a celebratory message for Lee Jong-suk and his birthday. A picture titled, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE JONG SUK' was posted on the official YG blog,...More
  • Tension with China Hits Korean Impresarios' Pockets

    2016/09/13, Source,
    Korea's leading showbiz tycoons have lost a lot of money as the fortunes of the stars in their stable suffered from tensions between Korea and China over the regional arms race. According to corporate tracker on Sunday, 18 Korean showbiz figures who own more than W100 million worth of stocks saw the appraised value of their equity holdings plunge 32.9 percent this year to W408.1 billion last week (US$1=W1,102),...More
  • Sechs Kies to Hold Concerts Next Month

    2016/08/30, Source,
    /Courtesy of YG Entertainment Sechs Kies, a popular boy group from the late 1990s, will hold their concerts in Seoul next month,...More
  • Big Bang Celebrates 10 Years in Showbiz

    2016/08/23, Source,
    Fans pack Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong during Big Bang's 10th anniversary concert on Saturday. /Courtesy of YG Entertainment K-pop boy band Big Bang held a sold-out 10th anniversary concert on Saturday at Seoul World Cup Stadium in northwestern Seoul. YG Entertainment, which manages Big Bang, issued an additional 5,000 tickets after the initial 60,000 were all snapped up in advance, but those, too, sold out fast,...More
  • G-Dragon Donates Money to UN Refugee Agency on His Birthday

    2016/08/22, Source,
    G-Dragon of boy band Big Bang made a donation to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to mark his birthday. He donated W81.8 million on his birthday, Aug. 18 (US$1=W1,118),...More
  • China Cancels Events with Korean Stars Amid THAAD Spat

    2016/08/05, Source,
    China has canceled a major event featuring Korean celebrities scheduled later this year and is scrapping mass company outings to Korea. The move is the latest gambit in an escalating spat over Seoul's decision to deploy a U.S. Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery that China believes is intended to keep its military might in check,...More
  • Big Bang's Music Video Hits 100 million YouTube Views

    2016/06/15, Source,
    The music video of Big Bang's "Loser" has breached the 100-million mark in viewership on YouTube. According to their agency YG Entertainment, the music video racked up over 100 million views as of Tuesday. "Loser" was the most high-profile track of the boy group's album "M", which was released in April of last year,...More
  • YG wishes Choi Ji-woo a happy birthday on June 11

    2016/06/11, Source,
    YG Entertainment wished their actress Choi Ji-woo a happy birthday on June 11. On this day, an image under the title 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOI JIWOO' has been posted on YG's actors' official blog, YG STAGE, celebrating her birth day. Choi Ji-woo's elegant and classic image melts our hearts,...More
  • [Photos] Kim Hee-jung-I's bodyline, her curves in pictures

    2016/06/08, Source,
    Actress Kim Hee-jung-I revealed her bodyline in a rashguard. Sports brand LASQUALL chose Kim Hee-jung-I as this year's model,...More
  • Sechs Kies to Reunite After Decade-Long Hiatus

    2016/05/12, Source,
    Sechs Kies, a popular six-member boy group from the late 1990s, will reunite after they went their separate ways about 16 years ago,...More
  • Young Korean Singer Grabs Spotlight at U.S. Music Festival

    2016/04/17, Source,
    Talent alone won't make a singer a pop star. To captivate the public, to capture their imaginations, he or she needs something more -- charisma or "star quality". Whatever it is called, 24-year-old singer and composer Dean definitely has it. Dean gave mesmerizing performances at South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the world's largest pop music festivals, in Austin, Texas last month. Some 100 American fans wearing "Dean" stickers on their chests followed him around throughout the festival. Dean made his debut in the U.S. before establishing himself in Korea,...More
  • YG, "Gang Dong-won wasn't offered a role in writer Kim Eun-sook's latest"

    2016/04/14, Source,
    Rumors have it that writer Kim Eun-sook offered actor Gang Dong-won a role in her newest tvN drama. But according to YG Entertainment, Gang Dong-won wasn't made an offer and negotiations aren't taking place,...More
  • Gang Dong-won meets CL in US

    2016/04/09, Source,
    Gang Dong-won met CL in US. On March 30th, Gang Dong-won departed to LA for his fashion pictorial shooting schedule. It is his first official schedule abroad after he signed a contract with his new agency, YG Entertainment,...More
  • Ahn Jae-hyun and Ku Hye-sun to get married in May

    2016/04/07, Source,
    Actors Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun are getting married this May on the 21st. The two met in the KBS 2TV drama "Blood" and have been seeing each other since then. Apparently, even while they were filming the drama, they didn't hide their feelings for each other so everyone on set knew they were more than just friends,...More
  • Kong Min-ji to Leave Girl Group 2NE1

    2016/04/06, Source,
    Kong Min-ji of 2NE1 is parting ways with the four-member girl group, YG Entertainment said on Tuesday,...More
  • YG officially denies news about Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)'s appearance in 'God of Noodles'

    2016/02/12, Source,
    While the news broke out reporting Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P) would return to the small screen as an actor, YG said that it's not true. On February 12th, an associate with YG Entertainment told Xportsnews, "The report that he will appear in 'God of Noodles' is not true",...More
  • "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" Lee Joon-gi and IU's global ritual

    2016/02/10, Source,
    Director Kim Kyoo-tae, writer Jo Yoon-yeong and the staff and cast of "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" were at a ritual for the fantasy romance drama "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" on the 11th. Pictures show Kim Kyoo-tae, Jo Yoon-yeong, staff members, Lee Joon-gi and IU as well as people from NBC Universal and YG Entertainment at the ritual,...More
  • Gang Dong-won signs with YG, 'This is a great way to start off new year'

    2016/01/18, Source,
    Actor Gang Dong-won said he got the new year off to a great start during his interview about his new movie, 'A Violent Prosecutor.' Film director Lee Il-hyeong, and the co-stars of the upcoming movie, Hwang Jung-min and Gang Dong-won sat together for Movie Talk, the online live show on Naver on January 18th,...More
  • iKON Release Japan Debut Album

    2016/01/14, Source,
    /Courtesy of YG Entertainment Boy band iKON released a two-disc album on Wednesday, containing about a dozen songs in Korean and Japanese versions. They will soon begin several promotional events and concerts to promote their album in Japan,...More
  • [HanCinema's Korea Joa] Lisa's Diary - SMTown Coex Artium

    S.M. Entertainment is one of the triumvirate of entertainment companies along with YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Some of the most famous acts in K-pop are housed under S.M. such as my personal bias SHINee as well as Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, BoA, and TVXQ. This list is by no means inclusive of the immensely talented acts found under the S.M. name. Many of the members have been spotted in dramas and films. And some people represented under S.M. are not musicians, but actors such as Go Ara and Kim Min-jong,...More
  • Psy to Release New Album on Dec. 1

    2015/11/05, Source,
    Million-selling rapper Psy is back with a new album on Dec. 1. But except for a poster he has posted on social media, details are being kept under close wraps. A staffer at his agency YG Entertainment said, "Even within the company, only a select few know the details",...More
  • Teen Duo Release Single Celebrating Hangeul Day

    2015/10/11, Source,
    Akdong Musician, the brother-sister duo who won the SBS TV audition program "K-pop Star" in 2013, have released a new single. Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soohyun have been praised for their witty lyrics and innocent charm. The new single is titled "Ga-na-da Together", and celebrates the 569th Hangeul Day or anniversary of the Korean alphabet on Friday,...More
  • Han Ye-seul kisses Teddy on his birthday

    2015/09/14, Source,
    Actress Han Ye-seul's boyfriend Teddy had a birthday party. Han Ye-seul posted pictures of the day on her Instagram saying, "Happy birthday, my sweet lover",...More
  • Nam Joo-hyuk in "Glamorous Temptation"

    2015/08/11, Source,
    Actor Nam Joo-hyuk is coming back with the new MBC drama "Glamorous Temptation". YG Entertainment claimed he's currently looking through the offer of "Glamorous Temptation",...More
  • Kwon Da-hyun in tight jeans

    2015/08/10, Source,
      An old picture of Kwon Da-hyun has come up the surface once again. This picture was posted on her SNS,...More
  • Book Charts G-Dragon's Efforts to Mount Art Exhibition

    2015/06/22, Source,
    G-Dragon of the K-pop group Big Bang will release a companion book to an exhibition of contemporary art he produced in collaboration with the Seoul Museum of Art. The book chronicles the period of more than one year during which he worked with artists to find a nexus of pop culture and contemporary art. The book includes biographical sketches of the artists and discusses the meanings of their works,...More
  • G-Dragon's Much-Hyped Collaboration Art Show Unveiled

    2015/06/10, Source,
    A collaborative art exhibit between the Seoul Museum of Art and G-Dragon of the K-pop group Big Bang was opened to the media on Monday. As the first joint project involving a Korean art gallery and a pop star, "PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage" has already received a significant amount of attention,...More
  • Witnesses say Taeyang ties Min Hyo-rin's shoelaces for her

    2015/06/03, Source,
    Big Bang's Taeyang and actress Min Hyo-rin have admitted to being in a relationship. YG Entertainment has officially announced this fact on the 2nd,...More
  • CJ E&M Partners with YGKPLUS to Co-produce Web Drama, Featuring 2NE1's Sandara Park And WINNER Kang Seung-yoon

    Sandara Park Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M's Digital Studio has launched partnership with YGKPLUS, a subsidiary company of leading K-pop agency YG Entertainment, and production company Story Plant to co-produce a web drama, titled "We Broke Up". The new musical romantic drama features 2NE1's Sandara Park, WINNER's Kang Seung-yoon, top model Kang Seung-hyun and rising star Chang Ki-yong,...More
  • Jinusean to Return to Hip-Hop

    2015/04/10, Source,
    Hip-hop duo Jinusean are set to return to showbiz after an 11 year hiatus. The duo's agency YG Entertainment on Wednesday confirmed their comeback next week with a teaser image on its official blog,...More
  • "A dancing Psy doll doesn't violate portrait rights", ruled the court

    2015/02/22, Source,
    Can it be said that a celebrity-looking doll violates portrait rights of the celebrity? In 2012 when a Korean pop song Gangnam style sung by Psy (Park Jae-sang) became hugely popular, a doll manufacturing company began to produce and sell a stuffed toy (photo), which dances to the song. The company paid the royalty for Gangnam style to YG Entertainment, Psys management company, and embedded a sound chip into the doll. From dark sunglasses, lifted mouth corner to a glittering vest, the doll looked like Psy on the surface,...More
  • 'SBS Drama Awards' Han Ye-seul expresses her affection for her boyfriend 'Teddy' "Let's love each other even more in 2015"

    2014/12/31, Source,
    Actress Han Ye-seul expressed her affection towards her lover, 'Teddy'. Han Ye-seul was awarded the Excellence Award for Actress in mid-length dramas from the 2014 SBS Drama Awards, which took place in COEX Convention Center, Seoul on December 31st,...More
  • 2NE1 Album Makes Rolling Stone's Top 20

    2014/12/24, Source,
    K-pop girl group 2NE1's second full-length album "Crush" has been chosen as one of the 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014 by U.S. music magazine Rolling Stone, YG Entertainment said on Sunday. "Crush" was the only Asian album to make the list, which included Taylor Swift's "1989", Pharrell Williams' " Girl ", Ariana Grande's "My Everything" and Maroon 5's V,...More
  • [Interview] Ku Hye-sun, "To those who reject me"

    2014/12/08, Source,
    There's no knowing her. She's been successful as an actress, producer, composing, conversation and more. It's hard to regulate her in one category. Ku Hye-sun always stimulates the curiosity with her ways of releasing her desires with various ways. However, her ways of expression don't always agree with the public. Criticisms that she's an unrecognized but pretty actress who is caught up in her world and just branching out through various methods, is always bothering her. Why is she dealing with all these criticisms and still struggling to fulfill her desires?,...More
  • Customized tour programs entertain Chinese tourists in Korea
    2014/12/07, Source,
    Six women in their early 30s from Guangzhou, China were visiting Korea last month. They wanted to visit Hongik University area, Garosu-gil in southern Seoul, or "Petit France" in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province (the place where hit drama "My Love from the Star" was filmed), rather than ordinary tourist attractions. They chose a customized tour program with which they can set their own itinerary as they please. Customized tour programs allow tourists to fix schedule as they want through counseling in advance, and get estimates accordingly,...More
  • 'Healing Camp' Yang Hyun-suk says "You Hee-yeol is a natural born artist. Like him even more"

    2014/12/02, Source,
    The head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk complimented You Hee-yeol as a natural born musician. Yang Hyun-suk appeared on the SBS TV Show, "Healing Camp" on the 1st and had an open-minded conversation with young people. On this episode, You Hee-yeol visited the show as a surprise guest and asked him many sharp questions about his investing in other industries, such as dining and fashion outside the music industry,...More
  • "Model-idols": Impeccable acting and good looks

    2014/09/29, Source,
    They are good looking and great at acting. Actor-turned models are standing out. They are called 'model-idols' because they are as popular as idols. They are Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin, Sung Joon, Ahn Jae-hyun, Kim Young-kwang, Hong Jong-hyun and Lee Sung-kyung. It's telling us a lot when more management agencies, who are putting weight on finding new talent, are also merging with model agencies. - The top of the casting list, they are good looking and great actors,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun Creates Trailer for Jecheon Film Fest

    2014/07/16, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun is returning to the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, this time as a director of the festival's trailer. Koo's affinity for the event started in 2009, when she hosted the opening ceremony,...More
  • 2NE1 Singer 'No Drug Smuggler'

    2014/07/03, Source,
    Park Bom of girl band 2NE1 was caught trying to smuggle in amphetamine pills from abroad in 2010 but prosecutors dropped the charges. Park is the main vocalist and one of four members of the manufactured combo, which debuted in 2009. Prosecutors on Tuesday said customs at Incheon International Airport intercepted a consignment of 82 amphetamine pills sent by express air mail on Oct. 12, 2010. The use of amphetamines is banned in Korea, where they are classified as psychotropic drug,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee purchases 13.2 billion won building

    2014/07/01, Source,
    Actress Kim Tae-hee bought a building near Gangnam Station in Seoul. According Wonjung Buildings, Kim Tae-hee bought the Prestige 2 building at 13.2 billion won (~US$13 Million). It's right by Exit 4 of Gangnam Station,...More
  • Psy to Unveil New Song on U.S. Talk Show

    2014/06/04, Source,
    Psy will perform his new song on an American talk show this weekend. According to his agency YG Entertainment, the rapper will appear along with Snoop Dogg on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night and unveil his new song "Hangover" on Sunday,...More
  • CJ E&M Launches Season Three of "Show Me the Money"

    2014/05/22, Source,
    Korea's only battle rap reality show returns to Mnet on July 3,...More
  • Teen Duo Prove Talent with Debut Album

    2014/05/15, Source,
    Teen duo Akdong Musician, who drew attention by winning the SBS' audition show "K-pop Star" last year, recently released their debut album. By winning the show, singer-song writer Lee Chan-hyuk and his younger sister Su-hyun got the opportunity to release an album with one of the nation's three major entertainment agencies. They choose YG Entertainment,...More
  • Jang Hyun-sung to play double role with Jin Goo

    2014/04/20, Source,
    Actor Jang Hyun-sung is starring in the film "C'est Si Bon". YG Entertainment claims that details are being modified at the moment,...More
  • 2NE1 Accused of 'Insulting' Islam

    2014/03/14, Source,
    Girl band 2NE1 have found themselves embroiled in a bitter controversy over alleged insults to Islam after a song on their latest album quoted verses from the Quran. The offending lines come in a ditty titled "MTBD". An official at the Korea Muslim Federation on Wednesday demanded that 2NE1's agency YG Entertainment "swiftly delete" the lyrics in question or "completely revise" the song, and apologize to all Muslims,...More
  • New Original Series Alpha Girls Chronicles Asian and Asian American Women at the Top of Their Game

    Mnet America's New Series Tracks the Lives of Four Jet-setting Women in Fashion, Music, and Art to Premiere on February 26 at 8pm ET/PT Mnet America (, the first and leading national, 24/7 English-language television network in the U.S. for all things Asian cool, will unfold its new original series, Alpha Girls on February 26 at 8pm ET/PT.  Documenting the hustle and grit needed to succeed in the world of fashion, music and art, Alpha Girls follows the lives of four Asian and Asian American women as they juggle professional hardships and personal drama,...More
  • Big Bang's Tour Highlights Band's Enduring Popularity in Japan

    2014/01/15, Source,
    Big Bang's concert at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on Monday showed how K-pop is still washing through Japan. The concert was an unscheduled last stop on their tour of the country but tickets still sold out. The boy band launched their tour with a gig at Seibu Dome in Saitama on Nov. 16 and continued to Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo, drawing about 770,000 fans,...More
  • Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Sweeps Billboard's Year-End Charts

    2013/12/14, Source,
    Psy's "Gangnam Style" has topped six categories in Billboard's end-of-year charts, his agency YG Entertainment said on Wednesday. In a special December issue of the U.S. magazine, Psy came first in the three categories of "Dance/Electronic Streaming Song Artist", "Rap Streaming Song Artist" and the "World Digital Song Artist" of the year,...More
  • Han Ye-seul and YG Teddy in a relationship

    2013/11/24, Source,
    Actress Han Ye-seul and YG producer Teddy (Park Hong-joon) are currently reported to be seeing each other. According to the December issue of the female magazine Woman Sense, the two started dating after being introduced by a mutual friend. It was possible for them to get close quickly because of their background in the States before they started to work in Korea,...More
  • CL Appears Nude in 2NE1's New Music Video

    2013/11/24, Source,
    The music video for girl group 2NE1's new song "Missing You" has been generating much buzz since it was released Wednesday due to CL's brief nude scene. In the video, which depicts the sadness of longing for a past lover, CL appears without clothes for about 10 seconds. She is one of the four members of the group,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun to direct and act with Shim Hye-jin

    2013/11/18, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun is starring in the movie "Daughter" as well as directing it. YG Entertainment revealed that she's starring in the new movie as well as producing and writing the scenario. She's co-stars with Shim Hye-jin as mother and daughter,...More
  • Crayon Pop's Unusual Road to Success Draws Media Interest

    2013/10/31, Source,
    British weekly magazine the Economist published an article highlighting K-pop girl band Crayon Pop in its latest issue, which hit newsstands on Saturday. As part of a 14-page special report on Korea, it wrote, "Crayon Pop are not a typical K-pop outfit. They look goofy rather than glamorous, like kid sisters not dream dates, and prefer plimsolls to stilettos",...More
  • G-Dragon Announced As Headlining Artist For KCON M Countdown: What's Up LA!

    2013/07/30, Source,
    Convention Capping Concert Includes EXO, f(x), 2AM, TEEN TOP with Additional Artists to be Announced in the Coming Weeks KCON 2013, North America's first and largest Korean pop culture convention has announced that G-Dragon, one of the biggest individual music stars in Korean pop, will be headlining KCON's M Countdown: What's Up LA! concert.  G-Dragon is the leader, rapper, and producer of the extremely popular Korean boy band BIG BANG. Since beginning his career at the age of 13 with YG Entertainment, G-Dragon has grown to become one of the biggest individual male icons in Korean pop music,...More
  • For Actress Yoo In-na, 'Wobbles' Are Just Part of Finding the Way

    2013/06/07, Source,
    For actress Yoo In-na, spending two hours each evening swapping stories with listeners as the host of a prime-time radio show, "Volume Up" on KBS 2FM, is nothing but fun. "I like reading books out loud and listening to people's stories", she said of the program, which now has the highest listener ratings for the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. time slot across both AM and FM bandwidths,...More
  • Psy Meets Beyoncé in Big Apple

    2013/05/09, Source,
    Psy posted a photo with American pop star Beyoncé Knowles on his Twitter account on Tuesday, saying that he "finally talked to Beyoncé about 'Single Ladies'". At his recent concert in Seoul, Psy donned the kind of lingerie favored by the pop diva and sang her hit song from 2008,...More
  • Psy Donates W500 Million to Children with Cancer

    2013/04/28, Source,
    Rapper Psy decided to donate W500 million to children with cancer (US$1=W1,118). The star is donating part of the profits from his new album "Gentleman" as well as a solo concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 13, his agency YG Entertainment said Wednesday,...More
  • Ga-in Gets Attention for 'Gentleman'

    2013/04/15, Source,
    With the release of Psy's new single "Gentleman", girl band member Son Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls has attracted attention. Son Ga-in appeared alongside the rapper in his latest music video as Psy adopted the girl band's butt-shaking dance from the previous album, "Abracadabra" for the follow-up song to his mega hit "Gangnam Style",...More
  • Psy's Horse-Riding Dance Sets New Record

    2013/04/03, Source,
    Left: Seoul Plaza is packed with over 80,000 spectators at Psy's free concert on Oct. 4, 2012; Right: Psy performs his hit song "Gangnam Style" during the concert. Psy's concert at Seoul Plaza last October has been recorded as the biggest mob dance as 100,000 fans bounced along to the rapper's mega hit song, according to the Korea Record Institute,...More
  • Psy Bids Farewell to Star Basketball Player

    2013/03/24, Source,
    Psy is set to attend a farewell match on Tuesday for the Korean Basketball League's hottest player, Seo Jang-hoon. "Psy will make the opening throw at the final game of the season against the Jeonju KCC Egis to be held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan at 7 p.m. on Tuesday", said the Busan KT Sonicboom, Seo's team,...More
  • YG CEO Donates W1 Billion to Kids

    2013/03/07, Source,
    Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of More
  • YG Artists Chip In To Open Children

    2013/02/22, Source,
    YG Entertainment artists do more than entertain, they give back to the community as well. Members of the agency chipped in to help out in opening a children's rehabilitation hospital,...More
  • 'Gangnam Style' Goes Postal in Korea

    2013/02/15, Source,
    A set of stamps celebrating Psy's "Gangnam Style" success will be released on Monday at 22 post offices in Seoul. In one series of six, Psy is depicted doing his signature horse-riding dance in pop art fashion,...More
  • PSY Comes Away from NRJ Awards with 3 Wins

    2013/01/29, Source,
    South Korean singer PSY won three awards at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes France over the weekend. PSY's agency, YG Entertainment, said on Monday that PSY won International Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and a special award for "Gangnam Style" passing one-billion views on YouTube,...More
  • G-Dragon Gifts Lady Gaga's Stylist With Song

    2013/01/22, Source,
    G-Dragon has once again proved his strong ties with the fashion world,...More
  • G-Dragon Gifts Lady Gaga

    2013/01/16, Source,
    G-Dragon has once again proved his strong ties with the fashion world. Famed stylist Nicola Formichetti -- boasting clients like Lady Gaga -- recently revealed through his twitter, "Coolest Asian dragon is making music for my show on Wednesday", as well as, "Mugler men's fashion show tomorrow!! Music by G-Dragon", in addition to several uploaded photos,...More
  • The Midas Behind 'Gangnam Style'

    2013/01/04, Source,
    Rapper Psy captured the worldwide fame with over 1 billion people listening to his dance hit "Gangnam Style" on YouTube. Everyone was surprised by the global success of a chubby man in his 30s, who does not fit the sleekly doctored image of most K-pop stars. But Yang Hyun-suk (43), the CEO of Psy's management company YG Entertainment, had faith. Yang says he has targeted the global market since he opened YG Entertainment back in 1997. "Psy's success?" asks Yang. "The door we've been knocking on has finally opened". Yang himself is a pop icon in Korea. He got his start with the group Seo Tai-ji & Boys, which transformed the landscape of Korean pop music in the 1990s and later opened his own talent agency, whose artists are now making inroads into the W23 trillion (US$1=W1,069) global music industry,...More
  • YG Artists Dominate Korean YouTube Videos

    2012/12/12, Source,
    YG Entertainment was the dominant player on YouTube in Korea for this year. With 21 days left in 2012, the current records on YouTube indicate that the top three most popular videos from Korea for the year belong to YG's top artists, Psy and Big Bang,...More
  • Danny of 1TYM Revealed To Be A Father

    2012/12/05, Source,
    One of the most representative hip hop teams from 1990's k-pop, Danny of 1TYM finally updated fans on his life,...More
  • Song Joong-ki and YG, brands to shine 2013

    2012/11/29, Source,
    Actor Song Joong-ki and YG Entertainment have been chosen to shine in 2013. Song and YG were the winners of a survey titled "2013 Korea's First Brand Winners" carried out in D-Cube Art Center in Seoul on the 29th,...More
  • Exhaustion Delays PSY's Departure To Thailand

    2012/11/29, Source,
    It's not easy being a world star. The craziness of it all has finally caught up with PSY physically,...More
  • Psy to Perform at Thai King's Birthday Bash

    2012/11/23, Source,
    K-pop sensation Psy will attend a massive celebration for the birthday of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Psy's management agency YG Entertainment on Thursday said Psy will perform four or five songs including "Gangnam Style" in front of an audience of 25,000 in Bangkok on Nov. 28 marking the king's 85th birthday on Dec. 5,...More
  • Teen Singer Takes Korean Music Scene by Storm

    2012/11/21, Source,
    A 16-year-old teen singer who made her debut on the SBS audition program "K-Pop Star" has become an overnight star. After finishing second on the show in April, Lee Hi was signed by YG Entertainment where she underwent six months of preparation to release her first single. Her debut song "", released at the end of last month, has swept various music charts in Korea. Apart from Psy's global hit "Gangnam Style", it is the longest-running No. 1 single in here this year. Her second song, which is scheduled for release on Thursday, has also been drawing much attention,...More
  • Psy Collects Best Video Award from MTV Europe

    2012/11/14, Source,
    Psy kisses his Best Video award backstage during the 2012 MTV European Music Awards show at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on Sunday. /Reuters-Newsis Psy received the Best Video award at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday (local time). The gong is given to the most popular music video of the year in the continent. He beat other nominees like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry to become the first Asian artist to receive the award,...More
  • Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Digital Single Racks up Two Million Sales in U.S.

    2012/11/10, Source,
    Korean singer Psy's international hit 'Gangnam Style' has gone double-platinum in the United States. Psy's agency, YG Entertainment, says the smash-hit song has been purchased more than 2-million times in the U.S. since its release back in July,...More
  • Non-Koreans Flock to K-Pop Auditions Overseas

    2012/10/13, Source,
    YG Entertainment, one of the biggest Korean management agencies which manages stars such as Psy and 2NE1, held an overseas audition in Toronto, Canada in July. The agency expected to see Koreans or Korean Canadians, but scouts were shocked to find people of various ethnic make-ups filling the lines of aspiring young singers or dancers who hope to make it in the music business. "Around 60 percent of those who came to the audition had no ethnic link to Korea whatsoever", one YG staffer said. "The same holds true for half of the people who came to auditions held in London, Seattle, New York and Berlin between June and August",...More
  • Epik High Releases New Song Feat. Lee Ha-yi

    2012/10/11, Source,
    Definitely no rookies, but it is something new to see Epik High make their long awaited comeback under a new agency, YG Entertainment,...More
  • PSY's Concert to Stream Live Worldwide

    2012/10/05, Source,
    South Korean singer PSY will hold a free concert in Seoul on Thursday night that will be streamed live to the rest of the world through YouTube. PSY, who is enjoying international fame for his megahit "Gangnam Style", will perform from 10 p.m. at Seoul Plaza in front of city hall,...More
  • 'Gangnam Style' raises stock value of Psy's mgmt. agency CEO

    2012/10/04, Source,
    The worldwide popularity of rapper Psy's hit "Gangnam Style" has boosted the stock holdings of Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, a major entertainment company that represents Psy, from 130th place to 49th, said Tuesday. Ranking the wealthiest conglomerates and individuals in the nation, the website said Yang`s stocks jumped 161.8 percent in value Friday from Jan. 2 this year to 340.2 billion won (305.5 million U.S. dollars), rising more than 200 billion won(179.6 million dollars) this year. Yang`s stock value surpassed that of SM Entertainment`s Chairman Lee Soo-man to make the former the richest stockholder among Korean entertainer-turned-entrepreneurs,...More
  • 'Gangnam Style' Closes in on Top Spot on Billboard Hot 100

    2012/09/21, Source,
      Psy performs on the NBC TV's "Ellen Show" on Wednesday. Psy's hit song "Gangnam Style" has jumped 53 slots to 11th on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, which was updated on Thursday (Korean time). The chart ranks songs based on single album sales, downloads and radio broadcasts. According to Billboard, "Gangnam Style" was downloaded 188,000 times over the past week, up 210 percent from a week earlier. It placed 43rd on the On-Demand Songs chart, which ranks songs based on the number of song requests. As the song is getting more airplay in the U.S., and given what it has achieved so far, it seems destined for the top spot,...More
  • PSY's Gangnam Style Ranks No.1 in iTunes Chart

    2012/09/18, Source,
    PSY's Gangnam Style Ranks No.1 in iTunes Chart Korean rapper PSY's hit song, "Gangnam Style", has ranked number one on the iTunes Chart,...More
  • K-pop star runs into scandal

    2012/09/14, Source,
    Seungri, a member of the popular musical group Big Bang, is all over the news. The Japanese weekly Friday published two photos of him being allegedly in bed with a Japanese woman,...More
  • PYS's Gangnam Style Ranks on iTunes Top 10 Songs Chart

    2012/09/14, Source,
    Korean rapper PSY's hit song, "Gangnam Style", has ranked on iTunes top ten songs chart. PSY's agency, YG Entertainment, said Thursday that the fact that a Korean song made it to the iTunes top ten list, which has a nearly 80 percent share of the U.S. online music market, is highly significant. The agency added PSY had achieved a feat that would be hard to top,...More
  • [K-Pop Star]'s Baek Ah-yeon To Debut In September

    2012/09/06, Source,
    Baek Ah-yeon, who first drew attention as one of the top 10 finalists of the survival competition show [K-Pop Star] will soon be making her official debut. According to JYP Entertainment on September 3rd, Baek will be releasing her first debut album on September 10th, titled [I'm Baek],...More
  • Psy's Popularity Going Global

    2012/09/05, Source,
    The popularity of Psy's "Gangnam Style" has been a worldwide phenomenon since debuting in July. Psy's now-famous horse dance and the song's catchy rhythm have contributed to the rise, and it's not just fans who have taken notice. U.S. pop star Justin Bieber's record agency contacted Psy last month and expressed a desire to work with the Korean artist in the future,...More
  • G-Dragon to release 2nd album

    2012/09/04, Source,
    By Rachel Lee G-Dragon, a member of Korean boy band Big Bang, will release his second solo album 3 years after his first. According to YG Entertainment Monday, the 24-year-old rapper, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, "One of A Kind" will be available from various online music sites on Sept. 15. It will hit the shelves on Sept. 18. It is his first solo recording since studio album "Heartbreaker" in 2009,...More
  • Korean actress cancels visit to Japan amid tension over Dokdo

    2012/09/03, Source,
    A Korean TV actress has canceled her plan to visit Japan, her entertainment agency said Monday, after a Japanese network suspended the broadcast of a television drama starring her amid heightened diplomatic tension over the Korean islets of Dokdo. Ku Hye-sun planned to visit Japan on Monday and Tuesday to attend events to mark the release of a DVD set of "Absolute Darling", a Taiwanese TV drama in which she took a lead role,...More
  • How a chubby Korean man got the world to dance

    2012/08/29, Source,
    A scene from the music video for "Gangnam Style", Korean rapper Psy's latest single. Its clip on YouTube has been viewed more than 65 million times and spawned parodies. Local and foreign pundits have tried to analyze it and find a hidden message behind it, but the artist has yet to speak of anything more than entertainment. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment By Kwaak Je-yup, Rachel Lee If you thought the Oscars were too boring, try watching the Korean award ceremonies at the end of the year. Tied down by decorum, everybody forces themselves to stay serious and modest; actresses with plunging necklines remain buttoned up in demeanor. The same could be said about K-pop. The industry has so strenuously but unsuccessfully tried to break into the United States, the world's largest record market, with its mix of faultlessly produced electro-pop, complex choreography and toned thighs because it lacks humor,...More
  • K-Pop Founding Duo Own Stocks Worth over 200 Bill. Won

    2012/08/27, Source,
    K-Pop is not only about catchy tunes and energetic dance routines it is also about some seriously big bucks. New data shows that two of the most prominent figures in the world of K-Pop are now worth over 200 billion won around 175 million U.S. dollars. Online conglomerate tracker says Lee Soo-man[̼], the founder of SM Entertainment, has over 210 million dollars in stock holdings, while Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG Entertainment, has amassed nearly 200 million dollars,...More
  • Psy to Visit U.S. Again Next Month

    2012/08/27, Source,
    After emerging as a YouTube sensation, Korean rapper Psy has returned home from the U.S. Speaking with the media, he said his future looks bright overseas as he has set up talks with U.S. producers on possible collaborative projects. During his recent trip, Psy met with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, who reportedly offered him the chance to release his hit single "Gangnam Style" in the U.S., but Psy said nothing has been decided yet. His agency, YG Entertainment, said the singer will visit the U.S. again early next month after he completes a number of scheduled appearances in Korea,...More
  • Korean Stars in Japan in Bind Over Dokdo

    2012/08/27, Source,
      Kara (left) and Song Il-gook Korean Wave stars who are popular in Japan find themselves in a fiendish dilemma as tensions rise between Seoul and Tokyo over Dokdo. A case in point is comments by Japan's Vice Foreign Minister Yamaguchi Tsuyoshi about actor Song Il-gook, who took part in a relay swim to Dokdo on Aug. 15, which marks Korea's independence from Japanese colonial occupation. "Unfortunately, it will not be easy for him to come to Japan from now on", Tsuyoshi said on a TV program on Friday,...More
  • The Hallyu Wave Washes Further from Korean Shores with Social Media

    2012/08/26, Source,
    Photo Credit: ThoughtPick Korean singer and rapper Psy is the latest and perhaps most seasoned K-pop star to make international headlines with his song, "Gangnam Style". To date, the "Gangnam Style" video has received over 46 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on July 15. It's been featured in major media like TIME, the Wall Street Journal Blog and CNN. It's been tweeted about by the likes of Robbie Williams, T-Pain and Josh Groban. Nelly Furtado even recently did a cover of the song at her concert in Manila. If you've been living under a rock and haven't seen this viral hit, you can see it below,...More
  • Korean rapper Psy to Return to the US Next Month

    2012/08/25, Source,
    The latest Youtube sensation Korean rapper Psy has returned home from the US. Speaking with the media, he says lots of good things look likely to happen to him in collaboration with US producers. During the U.S. visit, Psy met with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun,...More
  • 2NE1 to Appear on Facebook Live

    2012/08/18, Source,
    2NE1 will be the first Asian band to be interviewed on Facebook Live, a live-streamed video interview program. The group will visit the U.S. social networking service's headquarters for an interview on Thursday, their management company YG Entertainment said,...More
  • New Version of Psy's 'Gangnam Style' to Launch Wednesday

    2012/08/14, Source,
    K-pop singer Psy is still not done with his massively popular "Gangnam Style" music video. On Monday his management company YG Entertainment said that fans will be treated to a new video with the same music but with different lyrics coming from the female point of view on Wednesday. Called "Oppa, You're Just My Type", the song will showcase the standpoint of women from Seoul's affluent Gangnam district,...More
  • Psy to unveil new version of hit music video

    2012/08/14, Source,
    Pop singer Psy will unveil another version of his hit music video "Gangnam Style" this week, his management agency said Monday. The new video whose title translates into "Oppa, You're Just My Type" in English will be put on major online music sites for free on Wednesday, YG Entertainment said,...More
  • From 'Gangnam' to US, video goes viral

    2012/08/07, Source,
    Korean pop singer PSY performs dance steps resembling horseback riding in the music video for his new song "Gangnam Style", which has spawned parody versions around the world. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment By Rachel Lee Korean pop singer PSY's new song "Gangnam Style" is capturing the world's attention with its wacky music video. The title track of his sixth studio album has topped various online charts including Melon and Naver music for three consecutive weeks since its release on July 15. On YouTube, over 15 million clicks were recorded as of Monday for the song and comical video from the 34-year-old rapper, whose real name is Park Jae-sang,...More
  • 2NE1 triumph in year's most thrilling concert

    2012/07/31, Source,
    2NE1 perform during the Seoul segment of their "2NE1 Global Tour: New Evolution" concert at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Sunday. The tour proceeds to Newark, N.J. and Los Angeles later this month. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment By Kwaak Je-yup The K-pop girl group 2NE1 are often called Korea's TLC. In Sunday's concert, however, the four Korean girls showed not only can they match America's hottest female act of the '90s but even better them onstage. They aptly began the show with the thrilling club-banger "I Am the Best", which the group sang again as the final encore of the two-hour set. And what came in between proved that bold claim,...More
  • Epik High Signs With YG & Prepping For September Comeback

    2012/07/26, Source,
    Epik High is back! Or they soon will be. After frontman Tablo signed with YG Entertainment September of last year, the remaining members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, have followed suit. The signing process has already been finalized and the three have finished the recordings for their next album. The release of a new album will be the first from the group since "Epilogue" in March of 2010,...More
  • July & August 2012 K-Pop Giveaway Featuring PSY and 2NE1!!

    2012/07/18, Source,
    This months featured artists are PSY and 2NE1! Enter for a chance to win one of the following prizes: 1st place: one autographed album (there are 15 of each artist) or 2nd place: one of 20 Korean popular culture book sets(10 for each contest)! - About the K-Pop Giveaway Korean popular music, or K-Pop, has become a vibrant cultural phenomenon in recent years and a new symbol of Korea for millions of fans worldwide. To celebrate these talented Korean artists, the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC is thrilled to host a new K-Pop Giveaway each month of 2012. Each time will feature a different K-Pop artist or group, and 10 or more winners will receive a special prize based from the featured artist, such as CD albums, photo books, clothing, or other exclusive accessories,...More
  • BoA, queen of K-pop, returns with new album

    2012/07/17, Source,
    BoA sings during SM Town Live World Tour III in Taiwan in this file photo taken on June 9. / Courtesy of SM Entertainment Title track 'Only One' composed, written by 25-year-old singer By Rachel Lee Trailblazing K-pop singer BoA has been better known in recent months as a sharp-eyed judge following a stint last year on SBS' "K-pop Star", a popular audition program. But with a new studio album out next week she will bid to reaffirm her position as the queen of K-pop. Her agency, SM Entertainment, said Sunday that her seventh album titled "Only One" is set to be released through various musical online sites on July 22 and hit the shelves on July 25,...More
  • Classical concerts

    2012/07/15, Source,
    Classical Concerts

    Great M,...
  • Big Bang not so 'Alive'

    2012/07/11, Source,
    Big Bang members T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)., left, and and G-Dragon perfom on the first night of the "Big Bang Alive Tour 2012" at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul, Friday. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment Visibly ill band disappoints despite int'l backing, new records By Kwaak Je-yup Even before the concert, all five members of Big Bang reeked of fatigue. The press conference preceding the evening show Friday was meant to celebrate the 25-city 16-nation world tour they were about to embark on, but instead, G-Dragon, T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri were demure, even aloof. They sneezed and coughed sporadically,...More
  • 2NE1 - pushing boundaries, defying expectations

    2012/07/11, Source,
    This is the seventh in a 15-part series on the stars and trends of "hallyu", or the Korean wave, which is gaining popularity in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Korea Times is producing this special project in cooperation with the Korea Foundation and CJ E&M. - ED. By Kwaak Je-yup From day one, K-pop foursome 2NE1 have been all about breaking rules and surprises. Their larger-than-life stage presence and natural charm were already enough to make them stars but their uncanny ability to produce something fresh and out of the ordinary with every new release - catching fans and casual listeners off-guard without exception - has placed them in a league of their own,...More
  • Get your dose of 2NE1

    2012/07/11, Source,
    K-pop girl group 2NE1 perform at the "2NE1 Nolza in Japan Concert" in October, 2011. Starting with shows on July 28 and 29 at the Olympic Gymnastics Gymnasium in southern Seoul, the group will embark on the "New Evolution" tour to 10 cities in seven countries including Japan, the United States and Hong Kong. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment By Kwaak Je-yup If any girl group has a chance of global success, 2NE1 should be one. They are fluent in English and other languages; have distinct flair and charisma that fill up any arena; natural talent in singing and dancing; and years of training,...More
  • 2NE1 Embrace Oldest Form of K-Pop

    2012/07/09, Source,
     /Courtesy of YG Entertainment Manufactured girl band 2NE1 have their eye squarely on the international market with a style of K-pop they have dubbed "electrot", which combines Korea's oldest pop genre, trot, with electronic elements. "People outside of Asia still think of Japan or China before Korea when they hear the word 'Asia'. We wanted to approach the fans around the world with a novel yet very Korean music", band members said at a press junket Friday,...More
  • 2012 K-Pop Video Contest Draws Hundreds of Entries from Worldwide, Awards 15 Top Prizes

    2012/07/03, Source,
    K-Pop lovers from across the globe vied for their chance at fame in the 2012 K-Pop Video Contest hosted by the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC, and the 15 winners have just been announced (full list below). The winners-hailing from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, and Romania-were selected from among 270 submissions that included cover dances, singing, and instrumental performances, evaluated based on expression and content. The understanding of Korean culture and the enthusiasm for K-Pop became important factors for evaluation, said Byung Goo Choi, director of the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC. The quality videos made us realize the popularity of K-POP,...More
  • Fashion leader, music CEO team up to promote `K-fashion` abroad

    2012/06/29, Source,
    A fashion company leader and an entertainment company CEO decided to work together to create a global Korean Wave fashion brand. It is drawing attention if Cheil Industries Vice President Lee Seo-hyeon and YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyeon-seok might initiate a boom for Korean fashion. Cheil Industries said it signed a contract for a new business with YG, whose CEO is a former member of the famous Korean rap group Seo Taiji and Boys, and will set up a joint venture. They plan to launch a fashion brand to target young people worldwide aged 17 to 23 by combining K-pop and Korean fashion,...More
  • 2NE1's Sandara Park Reveals Startling New Hairdo

    2012/06/28, Source,
    YG Entertainment on its official blog on Wednesday morning posted a photo of 2NE1 member Sandara Park flashing a startling new hairdo with the caption "2012 0705". It was part of a campaign to promote the girl band's release of their new album on July 5,...More
  • Big Bang To Donate Part Of World Tour Proceeds To UNICEF

    2012/06/20, Source,
    The untouchable group Big Bang has been getting a lot of spotlight for their world tour, set to visit 25 cities in 16 countries lasting until this December. The tour will be partially for a good cause as the group has decided to donate a part of the concert proceeds to UNICEF so that children in Africa can get vaccinated for the measles,...More
  • Big Bang Pledge Concert Proceeds to African Kids

    2012/06/16, Source,
    Boy band Big Bang decided to donate part of the profits from their world tour, which will take them to 25 cities in 16 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas until December, to UNICEF Korea so African children can be vaccinated against measles,...More
  • Big Bang To Donate Part Of World Tour Proceeds To UNICEF

    2012/06/15, Source,
    The untouchable group Big Bang has been getting a lot of spotlight for their world tour, set to visit 25 cities in 16 countries lasting until this December. The tour will be partially for a good cause as the group has decided to donate a part of the concert proceeds to UNICEF so that children in Africa can get vaccinated for the measles. YG Entertainment signed a written agreement with the Korean branch of UNICEF in Changseong-dong of Seoul on June 14th,...More
  • With World Tour, 2NE1 Going Where No Girl Group Has Been Before

    2012/06/14, Source,
    2NE1 become the first Korean girl group to have a world tour, during which they plan to perform in 10 cities in seven countries, their agency YG Entertainment said on Wednesday. They will kick off their "New Evolution" world tour at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium in Seoul from July 28 to 29 before moving on to other countries in Asia, the Americas and Europe,...More
  • K-Entertainment

    2012/06/14, Source,
    Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has launched an official global store on eBay, the first of its kind opened by a Korean record label. BIGBANGs newest special album STILL ALIVE has been made available through the online store, to the delight of many fans worldwide,...More
  • Yoo In-na's silence is because of "We Just Got Married"?

    2012/06/11, Source,
    Speculations on "Saving image for her appearance on the program" MBC "Appearance reconsidered after surprise confession" Ji Hyun-woo, "Disappeared? I'm well and alive",...More
  • Is hallyu guidebook censorship?

    2012/06/07, Source,
    By Chung Min-uck Entertainment industry representatives are worried that a guidebook on spreading "hallyu" or the Korean wave, which is being prepared by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), may act as a form of censorship. A ministry official said that its "Guideline for Overseas Hallyu" will be distributed to entertainment companies and broadcasters by next month,...More
  • YouTube celebrates 7th anniversary with K-pop

    2012/05/23, Source,
    Girls' Generation perform during "MBC Korean Music Wave in Google" at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., Monday, to celebrate the anniversary of video sharing service YouTube. / Yonhap By Kwon Mee-yoo As YouTube celebrated its seventh anniversary, K-pop singers from TVXQ to Kara performed and rocked Silicon Valley. YouTube, which is now Google/YouTube, and Korean broadcaster MBC co-hosted Monday the "MBC Korean Music Wave in Google" at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., to celebrate the anniversary of the world's largest video sharing service. Google took over YouTube five years ago,...More
  • 2NE1 To Make June Comeback

    2012/05/22, Source,
    Amidst the many comeback acts that have been hitting the k-pop scene week after week, YG Entertainment announced on May 21st that 2NE1 is also prepping for their return. According to YG, "2NE1 will be releasing a new Korean album sometime mid-June. Teddy has taken rein as the producer with seven awesome tracks completed as of now. After the new album is released, the group will start their broadcast promotions",...More
  • K-Pop Star Contestants: 3 Sign With JYP & 5 With YG

    2012/05/22, Source,
    Out of the top 10 contestants on the popular survival show "K-Pop Star", 3 have decided to sign with JYP Entertainment and 5 with YG Entertainment. According to reports YG's Official's blog on May 22nd, Lee Ha-yi, Lee Michelle, and Lee Seung-hoon have been picked up by the entertainment powerhouse. Additionally, two others have been scouted with further details to be released in due time,...More
  • Facebook Opens K-Pop Page

    2012/05/22, Source,
    A K-Pop page opened on Facebook on Monday to deliver news about Korean pop stars and their new songs to fans around the world. Facebook is the second global user-content website to open a K-pop page after YouTube last December,...More
  • K-Pop Video Contest and SNS Festival for K-Pop Lovers Worldwide

    2012/05/11, Source,
    Presented by the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC The chart-topping music of Korea's hottest K-Pop stars, including Girl's Generation, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and TVXQ, will be featured among the exclusive merchandise prizes up for grabs in the K-POP Video Contest, a new SNS event hosted by the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC, Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Throughout the month of May, K-Pop lovers worldwide can take part via the Korean Cultural Center's official Facebook page at,...More
  • Park Ji-min wins 'K-pop Star Audition'

    2012/05/01, Source,
    Park Ji-min, 14, won SBS' "K-pop Star Audition" on Sunday, becoming the youngest winner of the biggest prize-money in the nation. The singing sensation from Daejeon will also immediately start a collaboration with one of the three major talent agencies of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment,...More
  • Big Bang Special On MTV To Air In May

    2012/04/20, Source,
    Big Bang's taking their act global! YG Entertainment announced plans for the idol group to be featured on "World Stage-Big Bang ALIVE" on the popular MTV network on May 4th. "World Stage" highlights concert performances of big internationally-recognized acts like Beyonce and Lady Gaga,...More
  • Third Girl Group Member For YG

    2012/04/12, Source,
    The hottest girl of the hour in k-pop is one that's completely unknown. YG Entertainment revealed a photo featuring a girl who is speculated to be a member of the girl group that is in the works at the agency. The picture, titled "Who's That Girl?", was uploaded on the YG Life blog on April 10th at 3:30 PM. The young girl is undeniably beautiful, drawing much attention from k-pop fans,...More
  • 2NE1 Selected as Speaker at Cannes Lions Creativity Festival

    2012/04/09, Source,
    Girl group 2NE1 has been selected as a speaker who will introduce Hallyu to the world at Cannes in France. According to Cheil Communications on April 4, 2NE1 and the regional president of Cheil Worldwide South-East Asia, Kim Sung Jong, have been invited to the seminar on "Digital Hallyu Marketing" at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival in June,...More
  • 9 out of 10 French hallyu fans want to visit Korea

    2012/04/08, Source,
    More than nine out of 10 French hallyu fans, who are interested in the Korean culture, want to travel Korea, a survey showed Tuesday. A poll at tourism promotion Website (, conducted by the state-run Korea Tourism Organization's Paris branch, displayed that more than 90 percent of 3,775 respondents said they want to visit Korea. Of them, 75.8 percent said they will come to Korea without fail,...More
  • Is Big Bang Ready for the West?

    2012/04/05, Source,
    Idol group Big Bang are certainly getting their fair share of attention these days, but they are getting their just due; their latest mini-album "Alive" is breaking records on Korean music charts and earning critical praise for its six singles on the EP. Their "concept" this go round is one of their most...unique so far- tattoos, oxygen masks, blue hair, the usual mélange from the YG stylist closet, and whatever G-Dragon happens to feel like throwing on when he wakes up in the morning. However, as has been closely noted by V.I.Ps (official Big Bang fan club), the music is what is attracting all the attention – from popular American blogs, sites, and international music insiders. They broke the Billboard 200, and placed high on other album charts (Independent, World, Heatseekers) demonstrating a pretty widespread appeal. It's interesting given that while it appears many in K-pop are still trying to find the magic formula for recognition in the West (Rain, BoA, Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation) it seems as these guys are getting it and barely trying,...More
  • Big 3 Entertainment Agencies: How Did They Fare In 2011?

    2012/03/29, Source,
    YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun-suk must be pretty smug. It seems he's managing his agency pretty well. According to a KOSDAQ report revealing the 2011 financial reports for the big three agencies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, & YG Entertainment), SM came out on top in terms of annual sales,...More
  • Big Bang & 2NE1 In Top Tier Of Japan's Oricon Charts

    2012/03/29, Source,
    YG Entertainment's most representative groups, Big Bang and 2NE1, are not only representative of Korea's top groups, but Japan's as well. After the two acts simultaneously released new albums in Japan on March 28th, they both jumped up to hit 2nd and 4th place, respectively, on Japan's top music rankings, the Oricon Album chart,...More
  • Tablo Mourns His Father's Death

    2012/03/27, Source,
    Rapper Tablo is mourning the loss of his father. According to YG Entertainment, the rapper's father, Lee Gwang-bu, passed away at approximately 10:40 AM on March 26th due to a chronic ailment,...More
  • Full Clip: Teddy Riley Runs Down His Entire Catalogue Ft. Keith Sweat, Guy, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Blackstreet, and Lady Gaga

    2012/03/21, Source,
    By Vibe | March 14th, 2012 "Joining that Korean pop music was something I had never planned. God never shows you the plan. He makes the plan happen. All I did is apply New Jack Swing to K-pop. And the reason I got into the whole K-pop scene is I was working with a girl group called RaNia. I was working with them at the same time I was working on Michael's album. But the people who hired me to do it took my name to Korea and used it as title of the album [laughs], which was good in a way and bad in a way because I wasn't there to stand behind it. So when that RaNia album came out, I knew I had to go to Korea,...More
  • Yoo Seung-ho cast in Ku Hye-sun's short film, "Pieces of Memories"

    2012/03/12, Source,
    Actor Yoo Seung-ho has been cast for Ku Hye-sun's movie "Pieces of Memories". YG Entertainment revealed, "Ku Hye-sun has chosen Yoo Seung-ho to be the leading actor in her next movie "Pieces of Memories"",...More
  • Big Bang's Seungri Drops Out Of Current University

    2012/03/12, Source,
    According to reports from YG Entertainment on March 8th, the youngest member of Big Bang, Seungri has decided to drop out of Chungang University where he was a student at up until last year. His busy schedule of the 2012 Big Bang Alive concert tour and other various promotions led him to the decision to drop out being that he wasn't able to fulfill his academic duties as a Theatre Arts major,...More
  • Big Bang not so 'Alive'

    2012/03/05, Source,
    Visibly ill band disappoints despite int'l backing, new records Even before the concert, all five members of Big Bang reeked of fatigue. The press conference preceding the evening show Friday was meant to celebrate the 25-city 16-nation world tour they were about to embark on, but instead, G-Dragon, T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri were demure, even aloof. They sneezed and coughed sporadically,...More
  • Tablo Honored With Hiphopplaya's Album of the Year Award

    2012/02/28, Source,
    Tablo has yet another trophy to prove that his solo comeback in 2011 was one of the hottest that year. According to the results of the 2011 Hiphopplaya Awards, Tablo's album "Fever's End" was chosen as the Album of the Year, with 23.1% of the votes. The artist spoke out through his YG Entertainment reps, "I'm thankful to the hip hop fans that took the time to listen to my music during a year where other such great albums were released",...More
  • to spin at Club Answer

    2012/02/27, Source,, American producer, songwriter, rapper, singer and member of hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas, will host a club party this week, CJ E&M announced Friday. Taking place Wednesday at southern Seoul hotspot Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong, the " DJ Set in Seoul" is also bringing the Grammy-winning group's collaborators DJ Poet and DJ Ammo to spin during the event,...More
  • K-pop stars make overdue returns

    2012/02/24, Source,
    A promotional image for the album "Touch" shows Fei, memebr of multinational girl group Miss A. (Courtesy of JYP Entertainment) Currently, K-pop programs are filled with new faces such as Sunny Hill, or B.A.P., but that is about to change. Many groups are returning to the stage here in the coming weeks after wrapping up their schedule abroad or dedicating their time to new albums,...More
  • K-Pop Singers Target Global Market

    2012/02/08, Source,
    (Above picture: Big Bang) K-pop seems ready to take the world by storm this year to capitalize on the momentum of the resurgent Korean Wave, with leading bands such as Girls' Generation, Big Bang, and JYJ staging world tours or debuting overseas in the coming months. Big Bang plan to launch their first world tour next month, with 25 cities in 16 countries packed into their whistle-stop itinerary. The group will return to the stage with their mini album "Alive" on Feb. 29, and will tour Asia, North and South America, and Europe after a concert in Seoul on March 2,...More
  • Album review

    2012/02/07, Source,
    Jay Park - 'New Breed' (UNIVERSAL MUSIC) Why we recommend it: Though a few tracks offer something new, for the most part, the album is recommended for Jay Park's fans. Recommended track: "Clap" One and a half stars out of four Jay Park, the former member of a popular boy band 2PM, has released his first full-length album, "New Breed". The 15-track CD includes five songs from a mini album "New Breed Part 1" put out in December 2011,...More
  • Se7en: 'This Is the Song that I Have to Sing Right Now'

    2012/02/06, Source,
    Se7en is gaining popularity with his new song entitled "When I Can't Sing". Se7en (real name Choi Dong-wook, 28) who made a comeback after one and a half year break with his new song "When I Can't Sing" that has autobiographical lyrics, said, "This is a song that only I can sing right now. It conveys my genuine feelings about how I have reached this position. I have never listened to my own song this much before and repeatedly sing by myself (laugh),...More
  • Big Bang To Make comeback February 29th Followed By Concert Series

    2012/02/02, Source,
    The five-membered male idol group Big Bang will be making a comeback after 10 months with a new album in February. It's confirmed even more specifically to be exactly February 29th. YG Entertainment has been dropping hints by revealing titles of the new songs bit by bit. Most recently, on February 2nd, the powerhouse agency revealed the 7th track, titled "Wings". The song will actually be a solo song by Daesung. Daesung helped G-Dragon in the lyric-writing process, while the song was composed by Choi Pil-gang,...More
  • Singer Se7en Makes Successful Comeback With Help Of Park Jin-young

    2012/02/01, Source,
    It's no secret that Se7en has been having trouble attaining the level of popularity he had enjoyed before taking off the the US to attempt a debut there. His first long-awaited comeback created waves, but was lukewarm compared to his "it boy" status years before. Well, after 1 year and 6 months, Se7en has made his comeback with the song "Even If I Can't Sing", off of his second mini-album on February 1st. And the song immediately soared to number one on many of the major real-time music charts,...More
  • K-Pop Star's Group "Su-Pearls" Cast Into JYP & YG Entertainment

    2012/01/25, Source,
    The final round of the casting war in the show "Survival Audition K-Pop Star" took place. Members of the female vocal group Su-Pearls were picked up the prestigious YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment,...More
  • 2NE1 Visit Children in Hospital

    2012/01/20, Source,
    Girl band 2NE1 visited the Yonsei Severance Hospital in Seoul and took pictures with young patients on Thursday. On behalf of their agency, YG Entertainment, 2NE1 donated W20 million (US$1=W1,137) to the hospital to help hearing-impaired children,...More
  • Big Bang To Make February Comeback

    2012/01/17, Source,
    Big Bang will soon be making a big comeback! YG Entertainment recently announced the popular idol group will be making a comeback in February. This triggered one big question in the k-pop industry: When will YG's next brand new girl group debut then? Many are predicting after the recent announcement regarding Big Bang that the highly-anticipated new girl group will then debut sometime after,...More
  • K-pop stars to tour overseas in 2012

    2012/01/10, Source,
    A JYJ fan from Peru holds a poster that says "Peru loves JYJ". Fans in South America have been actively requesting K-pop groups perform in their countries through various media outlets. / Courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment By Noh Hyun-gi With seemingly unstoppable momentum, K-pop stars are advancing across the globe. Many fans have asked the artists to visit their home countries through innovative methods like uploading flash mob videos online. Moved by these active and sincere requests, K-pop stars will hold concerts around the world and are planning additional gigs to accommodate the enthusiastic fans,...More
  • K-Pop Expected to Boom Again This Year

    2012/01/10, Source,
    Five representatives who are leading the new Hallyu boom in the world expressed their prospects for K-Pop this year. Representatives of major entertainment agencies (from left, clockwise) -- Kim Young Min of SM, Yang Hyun Seok of YG, Hong Seung Sung of Cube, and Jeong Wook of JYP K-Pop gained huge popularity all over the world beyond Asia last year. It has been spread into the popular culture of many Asian countries such as Japan and countries in East Asia, and K-Pop's internet fandom was created in Europe and South America through various internet websites such as YouTube and SNS (Social Network Service). In addition, some of the entertainment agencies, who are leading the widespread of K-Pop in the world, held concerts in the USA, Europe, and South America, and the major local medias reported the popularity of K-Pop in their countries as a new phenomenon by indicating it as "Attack by K-Pop Stars" and "Crazy about K-Pop". The representatives of major entertainment agencies -- SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment -- and the singer BoA, who achieved great success overseas for the first time among Korean singing groups, expressed their bright prospects for K-Pop this year,...More
  • CL and Black Eyed Peas' Performance Selected Best Joint Performance by MTV

    2012/01/05, Source,
    CL from the girl group 2NE1 and and of The Black Eyed Peas recently held a joint performance, and it was selected the best performance by MTV IGGY, YG Entertainment said on January 4. CL,, and performed together at "2011 M.Net Asian Music Awards (MAMA)" held at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore last year on November 29. They sang the hit song by The Black Eyed Peas entitled "Where is the Love" together. MTV IGGY, which is a network channel of MTV in the USA, selected their joint performance as the most thrilling joint performance ever in the world and evaluated their performance by saying, "The K-Pop star creates freshness to the Black Eyed Peas' song 'Where is the Love'",...More
  • [Exclusive] Big Bang's TOP comes back as an actor in drama "Celebrity"

    2012/01/04, Source,
    Big Bang's TOP (Choi Seung-hyun) plans on acting in 2012. It is very likely he will star in the drama "Celebrity", which deals with bizarre cases of celebrity scandals. His management YG Entertainment claimed, "TOP is planning on acting this year and he has been looking through many drama and movie script. He is optimistic about "Celebrity",...More
  • Show what you've got at 2012 auditions

    2011/12/15, Source,
    (Above picture: You can become the next Girls ' Generation: Show off your talent and passion at "The 2012 SM Global Audition". / Courtesy of SM Entertainment) With the popularity of audition shows like "Super Star K", "The Great Birth", and "Survival Audition K-Pop Star", the door to stardom has widened. This month, major Korean talent agencies JYP Entertainment, SM entertainment and DSP Media are starting their search for star material,...More
  • VCR2 K-Celebrities Now
    2011/12/09, Source,
    [SOV] [Interview : ] "Are you ready to dance[Interview : ] "Music, please!" YG Entertainment is one of the major entertainment agencies in Korea behind the K-pop and Hallyu boom. Last weekend, the artists signed with the agency held their annual "YG Family Concert",...More
  • YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun-chul Expecting Second Child

    2011/12/05, Source,
    YG Entertainment's head, Yang Hyun-chul is expecting his second child. According to Yang's reps on December 5th, the entertainment giant is due to have his second child be born in about five months with his wife Lee Eun-joo. The two are reportedly ecstatic about the pregnancy,...More
  • Se7en To Make Comeback January 2012

    2011/12/05, Source,
    Se7en will be making his comeback with the onset of 2012. The singer will be releasing a new mini-album on January 18th, kickstarting a new round of promotions. As of now, the plan is to only release it in Korea. However, there have been requests coming in from Japan for a simultaneous release there. YG Entertainment is currently in the process of thinking the idea over,...More
  • Private banking centers race to sign celebrities, pro athletes
    2011/11/25, Source,
    The head of the private banking center at a large securities company that serves clients with hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets has recently attracted several singers and entertainers to his fold. He did so thanks to his relationships with them formed through his appearance on an entertainment show as an economic adviser. Each of them invested 50 million to 100 million won (44,000 to 88,000 U.S. dollars), which does not befit their celebrity status. He said, however, "As seen in the public offering jackpot hit by YG Entertainment, the domestic entertainment industry is growing at a rapid pace on the back of the popularity of Korean pop culture", adding, "I manage them by focusing on their potential instead of the money they invest now",...More
  • No plastic surgery allowed for new YG girl group

    2011/11/21, Source,
    By Lee Ha-na One of Korea's top record labels, YG Entertainment, has told news sites that its new girl group has agreed to never undergo plastic surgery in a contract. This is part of the agency's focus on talent rather than looks, sources close to YG said,...More
  • A new Day dawns for K-pop: Canadian rapper sings Korean lyrics

    2011/11/16, Source,
    Last October, Canadian rapper Jesse Day spit-fired the Korean lyrics of "외톨이" (Alone) alongside speed rapper Outsider, on SBS's "Star King", a show which features performers with unique abilities. It was a breathtaking spectacle, requiring months of rigorous practice. Day's fast-paced performance earned the praise of several of his idols, including 2PM member Nick Hun, and Outsider himself,...More
  • 2NE1 Selected As MTV's Best New Band in the World

    2011/11/15, Source,
    The girl group 2NE1 has been selected as the "Best New Band" in the world through an MTV online poll on November 11. According to 2NE1's agency, YG Entertainment, MTV's network channel, MTV IGGY, had conducted the online survey for the past six weeks from the beginning of last month to select the "Best New Band In The World" on their Internet website, and 2NE1 ranked atop the survey,...More
  • Super Star K2's Kim Eun-bi To Debut As YG Entertainment Group

    2011/11/14, Source,
    Kim Eun-bi has been finalized to be a part of a new girl group under the prestigious YG Entertainment next year. According to entertainment related officials, YG revealed on November 14th that Kim's group will debut in the earlier half of 2012, featuring at least 7 members,...More
  • 2NE1 Voted Best New Band of 2011 by MTV

    2011/11/14, Source,
    MTV has named Korean girl group 2NE1 its "Best New Band in The World" for 2011 according to an online vote, their management agency YG Entertainment said on Friday. MTV Iggy asked for netizens around the world to vote on their favorite new band over a six-week period starting from early last month,...More
  • Singer releases new album after being cleared in scandal

    2011/11/14, Source,
    "I hope the people who are having a hard time and lonely to be soothed and eased of their burdens while listening to my music. I also hope the people who hate me to be consoled by my music if they face times of trouble". Singer Tablo, 31, who suspended music career due to false rumors suggesting that he had fabricated his educational background, has made a public statement for the first time since the controversy erupted,...More
  • YouTube to Launch Exclusive K-Pop Channel

    2011/11/08, Source,
    YouTube, the video-sharing website owned by Google, will create a special section dedicated to K-pop for the first time, a move the government hopes can further promote Korean popular culture around the world,...More
  • Tablo's New Album Tops iTunes Chart

    2011/11/03, Source,
    "Fever's End", rapper Tablo's latest album, soared to the top of the iTunes hip hop and rap album charts both in the U.S. and Canada. The success suggest that Tablo, whose career went into eclipse for two years after false online allegations that he faked his academic credentials, is firmly back on track,...More
  • Daesung To Join YG Family For Year-End Concert

    2011/10/20, Source,
    After months of laying low, Big Bang's Daesung will finally be re-joining his group at the end of this year. YG Entertainment typically holds a YG Family concert around December, featuring all of the popular YG artists. This year is no exception with three concerts scheduled for Seoul (Olympic Hall) alone on December 3-4th, each show expected to draw in 40,000 fans. The group will then head to Japan for concerts on January 7-8 at the Osaka Colosseum expected to attract about 80,000 people. Finally, two more shows, each slating for another 80,000 concert-goers, will take place at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21-22,...More
  • Daesung To Join YG Family For Year-End Concert

    2011/10/19, Source,
    After months of laying low, Big Bang's Daesung will finally be re-joining his group at the end of this year. YG Entertainment typically holds a YG Family concert around December, featuring all of the popular YG artists. This year is no exception with three concerts scheduled for Seoul (Olympic Hall) alone on December 3-4th, each show expected to draw in 40,000 fans,...More
  • United Cube Concert In London

    2011/10/19, Source,
    Cube Entertainment, now an agency that's up alongside the original "Big 3" (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment), will be holding two concerts in London this December,...More
  • Korea Has 25 Trillionaires

    2011/10/11, Source,
    (Above Picture From left: Park Hyeon-joo, Kim Jung-ju, Ahn Cheol-soo, Chin Dae-je, and Lee Soo-man) Twenty-five Koreans own more than W1 trillion worth of assets, up six from last year, according to a list of the 400 wealthiest people in Korea released by business news site on Monday (US$1=W1,170). New in the top 10 are two self-made businessmen -- Park Hyeon-joo, an investment guru and chairman of Mirae Asset Financial Group, and Kim Jung-ju, the CEO of online gaming firm Nexon's holding group NXC. Park ranked sixth with W2.47 trillion, up from 14th last year. His assets grew by W1.28 trillion over the past year. Kim jumped from 39th to eighth with W2.34 trillion,...More
  • Boy Band Member 'Sorry' for Smoking Marijuana

    2011/10/06, Source,
    G-Dragon of the boy band Big Bang was let off with a caution for smoking marijuana due to mitigating circumstances and his young age. "He smoked marijuana while staying in Japan to give performances there, but it was his first offense and he smoked only a tiny amount, so we decided to suspend his indictment", a spokesman for the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said Wednesday,...More
  • Tablo to Release Solo Album

    2011/09/29, Source,
    Singer Tablo of the boy band Epic High has signed up with YG Entertainment to release a solo album in November. The agency is run by former Seo Taiji & Boys member Yang Hyun-suk. Tablo stopped performing in 2009 after the Stanford University graduate was faced with accusations that he forged his academic credentials,...More
  • Tablo Signs With YG For November Comeback

    2011/09/27, Source,
    Tablo is back. Or he soon will be. The Epik High front man recently signed on to a four year contract with the same company that his wife Kang Hye-jung is signed under: YG Entertainment. His new album can be expected on November 1st. This is the first time in 20 months that the singer will be re-hitting the scene, following the number one hit on iTunes' Hip Hop Chart "Epilogue",...More
  • Stars Strike Gold with Stakes in Their Own Companies

    2011/09/22, Source,
    From left, Lee Soo-man, Yang Hyun-suk, Bae Yong-joon and Park Jin-young The surging popularity of K-pop has sent shares of talent management companies through the roof, and this has generated huge wealth for the stars who own them. According to, a website that tracks the activities of business conglomerates, the wealthiest entertainer-turned-talent-manager was Lee Soo-man, owner and majority shareholder of SM Entertainment that manages Girls' Generation, Super Junior and other idol groups, whose stake in SM Entertainment is worth W165.7 billion (US$1=W1,151). The value of Lee's stake more than doubled this year due to the Korean Wave,...More
  • 2NE1 Creates Fever in Japan

    2011/09/22, Source,
    2NE1 began their recent concert tour in Japan by holding concerts in Yokohama, and 12,000 audience members were full of enthusiasm. Girl group 2NE1's debut concert tour in Japan took off smoothly. They held two concerts as a part of their concert tour entitled "NOLZA In Japan" in Yokohama, Japan on September 19 and 20, and a total of 12,000 audience members went wild while enjoying 2NE1's performances. Even though it was a rainy day, the audience heated up the concert venue. They were all standing during the whole time and singing and dancing to 2NE1's hit songs. When 2NE1 appeared on the stage to sing their debut song entitled "Fire", the huge ovation of the audience filled the venue and the place resembled a huge club,...More
  • Kang Seung-yoon To Debut Under YG Entertainment Next Year

    2011/09/21, Source,
    Seeing many of the Super Star K Season 2 stars having already debuted, news of fourth place Kang Seung-yoon's debut has surfaced. Kang will be debuting under the prestigious YG Entertainment,...More
  • Weekly Star Scene 1
    2011/09/15, Source,
    It's time now for where we bring you the five hottest headlines coming out of the Korean entertainment industry. : Hold onto your seats because we have our one and only Dami here in the studio with us. Hi Dami! [Reporter : ] : Hi 건영 and Hi Sean! : So what sort of news do you have for us today [Reporter : ] : Well, let me start off with a pop quiz! What do Jo Kwon of 2AM, Huh Gak, Seungri of BigBang and Suzy of Miss A, have in common:,...More
  • GD&TOP Plans Japanese Debut

    2011/09/14, Source,
    Two of the hottest faces in k-pop will be re-debuting in Japan...under a different group. Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP (Choi Seung-hyun) will be introducing their sub-unit duo GD&TOP in the neighboring country by dropping the single "Oh Yeah" on November 9th. Also included will be the song "High High", both previously released tracks in Korea,...More
  • JYP, SM and YG join 'Survival Audition K-pop Star'

    2011/09/06, Source,
    YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk, left, and JYP Entertainment President Park Jin-young, two of the judges for SBS' new talent show "Survival Audition K-pop Star", which will air in December, speak during a press conference last week. / Yonhap By Kwon Mee-yoo There are many talent shows on the small screen these days. Amateurs show their singing and acting skills, while stars foray into fields other than their expertise such as skating or dancing,...More
  • 'Introverts' 2NE1 Stay Humble as Debut Concert Nears

    2011/08/09, Source,
    2NE1 /Courtesy of YG Entertainment 2NE1 has been on a fast track to success since its debut in 2009 and now the K-pop girl group hopes to take another step forward with its first solo concert in Seoul from Aug. 26 to 28. The girls swept various online charts earlier this year with a number of hit singles and have been praised by fans for their ability to sing, dance and rap at the same time. But the growing adulation and success has not gone to their heads,...More
  • 2NE1: 'We Are the Best Thanks to Good Music'

    2011/08/04, Source,
    Many of 2NE1's songs have become popular hits. They will begin activities in Japan after holding their first solo concert there. During an interview held at a building of YG Entertainment located in Hapjeongdong on August 1, 2NE1 (CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Minzy) answered the question asking the reason why they are popular -- and what is their own strength that distinguishes them from other girl groups -- by saying, "That is our good music". Like this, 2NE1 is very confident in their music and that is why they used a completely new promotional strategy when they released their second mini album. They released songs in the album one by one online from last April. As a result, every song in their album such as "Don't Cry", "Lonely", "I Am the Best", "Hate You", and the title song "UGLY" ranked atop the online music chart consecutively,...More
  • 2NE1 Top YouTube Favorites

    2NE1 Girl group 2NE1's music video "Lonely" was at the top of Korean YouTube favorites in the first six months of this year. "Lonely" was released as a digital sound source and music video in May,...More
  • The big 3 of Korean pop music and entertainment
    2011/07/28, Source,
    On the back of the K-pop boom, the stocks of talent managing agencies SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment have grabbed the spotlight. SM leads the market and is closely followed by JYP and YG, opening a new chapter in,...More
  • New YG Acts Training For 2012 Debut

    2011/07/27, Source,
    YG Entertainment, home to 2NE1 and Big Bang, released plans of debuting new groups for next year. Yang Hyun-suk, head of YG, revealed through Korean media sources that there will be a number of new acts to look forward to, including solo acts, slated for 2011. For one, a YG version of Girls' Generation will hit the scene the first half of 2012. Yang stressed that this group will not only be talented, but very Girls' Generation,...More
  • YG to Advance into Japan by Establishing Exclusive Label

    2011/07/25, Source,
    Launch of "YGEX" YG Entertainment and Japanese music distributing company Avex held a press conference at Nikko Hotel in Tokyo, Japan on July 21 and announced the launch of YG Family's exclusive label "YGEX (YG+AVEX)". The president of YG, Yang Hyun Seok (right), and the president of Avex Holdings, Matsuura Masato, are shaking hands. "YG will hold a family concert at the end of this year to celebrate its 15th anniversary of its foundation in both Korea and Japan",...More
  • Sean-Jeong couple celebrates fourth baby

    2011/07/18, Source,
    Jung Hye-young, left, and Sean By Chung Ah-young Singer Sean's wife, actress Jung Hye-young gave birth to their fourth baby at a hospital in southern Seoul July 16,...More
  • Taeyang working with Beyonce's producer

    2011/07/12, Source,
    Taeyang of K-pop group Big Bang collaborated with U.S. production group the Underdogs last week.

    He wrote "Today I'm starting my session with the,...
  • B2ST, 4Minute to hold concert in England

    2011/07/08, Source,
    K-pop group B2ST By Kwon Mee-yoo With K-pop's increasing popularity in Europe, Korean singers B2ST, 4Minute and G.NA will hold a concert in the United Kingdom in November. Cube Entertainment, the singers' management agency, said it plans to hold the "United Cube Concert" in London on Nov. 19,...More
  • K-pop singer responsible for deadly car accident

    2011/06/24, Source,
    By Park Si-soo

    A member of popular boy band Big Bang is responsible for the death of a motorcycle rider last month, police said Friday, unveiling the results of weeks-long investigation into a car,...
  • Annual Income ofBae Yong-joon Questioned

    2011/06/23, Source,
    In 2005, Bae Yong-joon reported his income as 23.8 billion won. How much does the Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon (39) earn annually? Bae Yong-joon has been known to be a wealthy actor from his stocks. The valuation of his stocks was estimated to be as much as 11.3 billion won as of last April, and his stock evaluation has been ranked in third place following the CEO of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, and the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Seok,...More
  • Ultimate Global Agency, United Asia Management To Launch

    2011/06/20, Source,
    Imagine all of your favorite top stars -- TVXQ, Kim Hyun-joong, Soo Ae, Super Junior, Park Jin-young, etc. -- in one place. How exciting would that be? Well, imagine no further because this is indeed happening on June 24th at 7:30 PM at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul,...More
  • Heo Yi-jae is 9 months pregnant...

    2011/06/09, Source,
    Actress Heo Yi-jae is 9 months pregnant. Heo Yi-jae is said to be pregnant and is due this coming July 18th.,...More
  • 2NE1's "Lonely" Video #1 On YouTube

    2011/05/16, Source,
    Popular idol group 2NE1 has made their mark on the international community through their latest single, "Lonely". After releasing their new song at midnight on May 12th, the girls swept through all the major music charts, taking over the number one spot by the morning of the 13th,...More
  • Global Star Agency, United Asia Management

    2011/05/13, Source,
    by Lee Hwa-jung / May 06, 2011 This April, six major Korean talent management agencies joined forces to launch the Asian management agency, UAM (United Asia Management). With 'Hallyu' or better known as the 'Korean Wave' becoming a significant factor in Asia's Entertainment businesses such as KEYEAST, AM Entertainment, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment all came together to create a joint investment corporation called "UAM", an international talent agency with the purpose of strengthening the foundations of 'Hallyu', promoting collaborative exchange and establishing an efficient casting system. The main operations will focus on overseeing the portrait rights of all talents managed by the six agencies and intellectual rights as well as establishing an efficient talent database,...More
  • Spread of K-POP Booms Beyond Asia and Into Europe

    2011/05/06, Source,
    A street rally was held in France asking, "Add more SM singers' concerts". Many fans all around Europe who love singing groups belonging to SM and YG gathered on a YouTube channel. "I will definitely buy two tickets for the concert. I really hope to meet Super Junior on the concert". --ID Makijoo "The best K-POP singing groups, who belong to SM Entertainment (hereafter referred to as SM), held their historical first concert in Paris, France. I hope that it will opens the door for other K-POP singing groups to France". – ID Mopiou,...More
  • Yang Hyeon-seok "Ku Hye-sun, Seo Taiji's lover? Rubbish"

    2011/04/27, Source,
    The head of YG Entertainment Yang Hyeon-seok emphasized that "it's baseless and ridiculous" to the rumor that Ku Hye-sun, who belongs to his company is involved with the divorce of Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah. On the 27th, word came out that Ku Hye-sun affected the separation of Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji being his lover. Apparently Yang Hyeon-seok introduced them and they have been in a relationship ever since.,...More
  • Korea's Top Agencies Combine Their Powers

    2011/04/08, Source,
    The largest and most successful Korean entertainment agencies representing some of the most well-known faces in Asia are coming together to form the United Asia Management (UAM).

    The companies KEYE,...
  • Who's The Best Dancer Of Them All?

    2011/04/06, Source,
    According to a recent survey of dance experts in the field of kpop choreography conducted by Sports Hankooki, Big Bang's Taeyang is the best dancer,...More
  • Se7en and Big Bang Garner Awards Together

    2011/04/05, Source,
    Se7en and Big Bang were awarded at the "Singapore Entertainment Award (SEA)" that was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 2. Se7en garnered the "Best Asia Performance" award that was chosen by a panel of judges consisting of experts in the entertainment business from Singapore and abroad, and Big Bang garnered the "Most Popular Korea Artist" award that was chosen based on a popularity vote and opinions from the panel of judges,...More
  • Bae Yong-joon supplies blankets and medical transport for Japanese earthquake victims

    2011/03/30, Source,
    Hallyu top star Bae Yong-joon went all out again to help those suffering in japan from the earthquake. Japanese Sankei Sports reported on the 31st that hallyu star Bae Yong-joon supplied 15,000 blankets and 3 medical patrol cars for the victims in Japan.,...More
  • Streaming Korean Movies, Dramas and More

    2011/03/23, Source,
    The website, established and founded by KBS America, is an online video streaming service offering North American viewers popular movies, dramas, music videos and clips. "It's not only the dramas, but a larger variety of Korean entertainment, like movies and K-POP, where all these materials formulate into the success of Hallyu (the Korean Wave)", said Chunai Choi, CEO and president of KBS America, Inc,...More
  • 2NE1 Rises to International Fame in Music – and also in fashion!

    2011/03/16, Source,
    2NE1 album cover for their first officially released album "To Anyone". Among hundreds of celebrities, only a select few become mega-stars, and they require more than just beautiful faces and nice bodies. When 2NE1 debuted in September 2009, they quickly rose to stardom, breaking new ground for girl group singers in the Kpop industry by shattering the stereotypes previously set for a "Korean girl group" – pretty, but rather bland, lacking in personality. 2NE1 first became known to the public through the song, "Lollipop", digitally released in early 2009, as a promotion song for an LG Cyon mobile phone commercial. It was a joint release with Big Bang, the hottest all-boy "Idol" group in Korea, as well as sharing the same label, YG Entertainment. "Lollipop" immediately hit No. 1 on various online charts as well as on several music television shows for over three consecutive weeks,...More
  • 2NE1 Safe In Japan After Earthquake

    2011/03/14, Source,
    News of girl group 2NE1's safety was reported as they were in Japan when the mega-earthquake of 8.8 struck.

    The girls' entertainment agency,...
  • Cancelled... postponed... tsunami in Hallyu events

    2011/03/13, Source,
    As the damaged of the massive earthquake in Japan is spreading, Hallyu stars Japanese schedules are being cancelled or postponed as well. Kim Hyun-joong was to attend a promotion event in Tokyo nhk Hall on the 13th but it got cancelled and he never left. Ryu Soo-young had a fan meeting in Osaka Nikko Hotel but that was postponed. Singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon also had a fan meeting on the same day in Saitama Super Arena but cancelled and returned to Korea on the 13th. He had been preparing since the 8th.,...More
  • Big Bang ranks 3rd on Billboard's world album chart

    2011/03/09, Source,
    Big Bang By Chung Ah-young Korean boy band Big Bang's new mini-album "Tonight" ranked third on the World Albums of the Billboard Chart after sweeping the nation's major online music charts. YG Entertainment said the album, which was released in Korea on Feb. 24, is seeing success on its U.S. debut after being listed at No. 7 in the Heatseekers Album Chart for artists that have newly arrived in the top 100 of the Billboard Chart,...More
  • Big Bang's New Album On US Billboard Charts

    2011/03/07, Source,
    The idol group Big Bang's album, recorded in the Korean language, entered the US Billboard chart without a debut in the USA. Big Bang's album entitled "Heatseekers Albums" ranked in 7th place for the first time. The latest mini album, which was released on February 24, has been ranked in 7th place in the category for new singers' chart, which is to be decided by the number of album sales, and ranked in 3rd place in the category of "World Album" on February 12. Their agency YG Entertainment said on March 4, "The fact that album had been ranked in 6th place on the iTunes America Top 100 charts might be the driving force for its entering the Billboard chart",...More
  • Big Bang Turns up Analogue Sound in New Mini Album

    2011/03/07, Source,
    Big Bang /Courtesy of YG Entertainment Boy band Big Bang sought to bring back the warmth of pre-digital pop music on their latest mini album, "Tonight", which was released last Friday. "Listeners must be tired of the rampant use of digital effects in K-pop, just as we are", the band said. "We wanted to comfort and cheer up people distressed by a series of unfortunate events in the country last year through bright, lyrical and melodious music",...More
  • Internationally Known Producers & Composers Turn to K-pop

    2011/03/02, Source,
    Girl group 2NE1 made waves last year when footage of them working with Black Eyed Peas' hit national television. (YG Entertainment) An increasing number of leading American and European music producers and composers are working with Korean entertainment companies, which in turn is fostering even more interest in Korean pop music globally, an article in The Korea Herald points out,...More
  • Cho Seung-woo first lead role in 'Ku Hye-sun film'

    2011/02/23, Source,
    Actor Cho Seung-woo (31) will be in Ku Hye-sun's second movie "The Peach Tree". According to his management YG Entertainment on the 23rd, Cho Seung-woo will be in this fantasy movie about a set of Siamese twins with Nam Sang-mi and Ryu Deok-hwan.,...More
  • 2NE1 to make debut in Japan

    2011/02/23, Source,
    Girl group 2NE1 By Chung Ah-young Popular girl group 2NE1 will make its debut in Japan this spring. Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports reported that the band has signed a contract with Avex, Japan's largest entertainment company,...More
  • Big Bang to return with new album

    2011/01/17, Source,
    Big Bang By Chung Ah-young Popular group Big Bang will release a new album and hold a concert next month, YG Entertainment announced Monday. The five-member iconic boy band has been preparing the new album for the past two years and it will be released on Feb. 24. The band will officially return to its fans in a large-scale concert "2011 Big Show" slated for Feb. 25 to 27 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park which can accommodate some 40,000 spectators,...More
  • Gummy on the Soundtrack for "The Housemaid" (Korean Movie)

    2011/01/12, Source,
    With "The Housemaid - 2010" to be out in the U.S. theaters very soon, here's a look at the Korean singer, Gummy, who participated in the movie's soundtrack album. And, before we start, here's the music video of the song:,...More
  • GD and T.O.P emerges atop Mnet music channel

    2011/01/07, Source,
    Male unit GD&T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) [YG Entertainment] Boy bang Big Bang unit GD&T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)'s song "HIGH HIGH" came on top on weekly music show "M! CountDown" yesterday, a weekly music show aired by music cable channel Mnet. "We thank everyone who has shown us love and support", the duo said in their acceptance speech after receiving the winning trophy at the live stage at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong of Seoul on Thursday,...More
  • 2011: Year Of Male Idol Duos?

    2011/01/05, Source,
    It's safe to say that 2010 was dominated by girl groups and female solo singers. Well, that trend may be coming to an end with the new year of 2011.

    Already, two duos have been sweeping the music c,...
  • Idol Groups to Have Showdowns in New Year

    2011/01/05, Source,
    Group TVXQ Open year-round Idol groups are fighting fierce battles from the start of the new year by releasing new albums. Many idol groups including star idol groups such as TVXQ, Seungri from Big Bang, and JYJ, and newcomer groups such as MBLAQ, Secret, Dalmatian, Infinite, and Dalshabet will release new albums. Usually, singers do not release new albums in January and February after finishing their activities at the end of the last year, but this year will be different because star singers and new singers are all beginning to have showdowns from the beginning of the year. The team leader of the Music Business Department at Mnet Media said on January 2, "Singers tended to release new albums in September or October in the past, but recently they are actively performing all year round by releasing single albums and mini albums. Idol groups regardless of their popularity all think that they will be forgotten if they do not have activities, so they release new songs one after another without taking a long break",...More
  • Girls' Generation, Big Bang win at 52nd Japan Record Awards

    2010/12/31, Source,
    Girls' Generation (top) and Big Bang (bottom) [SM Entertainment/YG Entertainment] Korean idols Girls' Generation and Big Bang have received honors at the prestigious 52nd Japan Record Awards. The Japan Record Awards, hosted by the Japan Composer's Association, announced that Girls' Generation won under the category for best new artist against Japanese singers ICONIQ, Kikuchi Madoka and S/mileage, while Big Bang won the prize for best song with "Tell Me Goodbye",...More
  • Big Bang to hold "BIG SHOW" and embark on Japan tour in 2011

    2010/12/30, Source,
    Korean idols Big Bang [Official Big Bang website] K-pop idols Big Bang next year will hold their annual "BIG SHOW" in Korea as well as embark on a concert tour in Japan, according to YG Entertainment on Thursday. Yang Hyun-suk, CEO and founder of YG, announced on their official blog site ( that Big Bang will take the stage for their concert titled "BIG SHOW" at the Olympic Park Stadium from February 25 to 27,...More
  • Big Bang unit to carry out more promotions for new title tracks

    2010/12/30, Source,
    Big Bang duo unit G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) [YG Entertainment] Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), who began activities as a duo unit, are set to hold a second round of promotions for other title tracks from their new album. "The plan is for G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) to promote five songs from their album 'GD&TOP', except the intro, as their title tracks", YG Entertainment founder and CEO Yang Hyun-suk announced on YG's official blog site today, adding that the boys will promote "Don't Go Home" and "Baby Good Night" starting mid-January,...More
  • 2NE1 to expand music career into Japan in Feb 2011

    2010/12/30, Source,
    Girl group 2NE1 [Official 2NE1 website] Korean girl group 2NE1 will expand their singing career into Japan in February 2011, according to YG Entertainment on Thursday. YG's CEO Yang Hyun-suk made the announcement through a message on the agency's official blog site (, saying that the girls will officially kick off their careers in Japan under the country's major recording company AVEX in February,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Big Bang G-Dragon Pt. 1

    2010/12/29, Source,
    The reporters of 10Asia spent three days, starting December 24 till 26, working. It was the weekend that included Christmas. However, who cares about working? During those three days, we watched the performance by G-Dragonand T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), we interviewed them on the set of their show and took pictures of them on stage. We just feel bad for them having to spend Christmas with the two who said they feel bad for each other. Below are the excerpts from 10Asia's interview with G-Dragon. Big Bang member G-Dragon [Chae Ki-won, Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] 10: You seem to have some dark bags under your eyes. (laugh) G-Dragon: Yes, I performed all night yesterday as well. (laugh),...More
  • IU's "Good Day" dominates Mnet chart for 3rd week

    2010/12/28, Source,
    Korean singer IU [Loen Entertainment] Female singer IU's latest song "Good Day" claimed first place on cable music channel Mnet's singles chart for the third week in a row during the week of December 20 to 26. "Good Day", the title track to IU's second EP album "Real", has been sweeping music charts both offline and online music charts since its release early this month,...More
  • YG donates over 180 million won for year-end charity

    2010/12/28, Source,
    Singers and employees from YG Family take part in coal briquette delivery campaign on Monday, December 27, 2010. [YG Entertainment] YG Entertainment announced through its press release on Tuesday that it has donated over 180 million won for charity this year. YG Entertainment, which is heading the public charity campaign "WITH", recently donated some 184 million won accumulated from their sales of albums, mobile music, concerts and other music-related merchandise of its artists,...More
  • Big Bang G-Dragon poses with BEAST Hyun-seung on "M! CountDown"

    2010/12/24, Source,
    BEAST member Hyun-seung (left) and Big Bang member G-Dragon (right) [M! CountDown's official Twitter site] A photograph of Big Bang member G-Dragon and BEAST member Hyun-seung in the waiting room of Mnet's music cable channel show "M! CountDown" has been unveiled. The official "M! CountDown" Twitter site revealed the picture of G-Dragon showing the rabbit ears sign with his hand while having his right arm around Hyun-seung with a comment below saying, "G-Dragon, where is your fellow member T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)? Here is a reunion photo with close friend Hyun-seung",...More
  • Big Bang unit G-Dragon and T.O.P release third title track

    2010/12/24, Source,
    Big Bang unit G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) [YG Entertainment] Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), who began activities as a duo unit, have revealed the third title track from their new album "GD&TOP" today. YG Entertainment announced in a press release that their final song "Knockout" was unveiled on numerous online music sites, adding that G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) will simultaneously promote the song and other title tracks "HIGH HIGH" and "OH YEAH" as well,...More
  • Female singer IU rules Mnet chart for 2nd week

    2010/12/21, Source,
    Singer IU [Loen Entertainment] Female singer IU's recent hit song "Good Day" topped cable music channel Mnet's singles chart for the week of December 13 to 19, making it her second consecutive win. "Good Day" is the title track to IU's second EP album "Real" whose lyrics is about a girl confessing her feelings to a guy. The teenage singer has won attention particularly for the high pitch she reaches at the end of the song,...More
  • G-Dragon and T.O.P take pictures on set of music video

    2010/12/21, Source,
    Pictures of Big Bang members T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) (left) and G-Dragon (right) [T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) and G-Dragon's official me2today site] Boy band Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) have revealed photographs of themselves from the set of their upcoming music video. Earlier today, the two, who began their singing activities as a duo unit this month, posted a picture of themselves on each of their official me2day sites (Korean version of Twitter), with both their hands in the air while riding Segways and a comment below saying, "The music video shoot is finished today!!",...More
  • 2010 MelOn Music Awards - About time to come honest

    2010/12/17, Source,
    Girls' Generation at the 2010 MelOn Music Awards Ceremony on December 15, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Artists from SM Entertainment were nowhere to be seen at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). The same thing could be said of YG Entertainment at this year's Golden Disc Awards Ceremony that came after. But at the MelOn Music Awards held at the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University on December 15, all three major agencies -- SM, YG and JYP Entertainment (JYPE) -- gathered together, proving the influence the nation's largest online music contents site has over even the 3 largest houses in the music industry. Unfortunately, the quality of the actual ceremony which went on for three hours and was hosted by actor Song Joong-ki, hardly matched up to the fame of guests who gathered that day,...More
  • Big Bang G-Dragon & T.O.P unit to give comeback performance Dec 19

    2010/12/12, Source,
    Image stating G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)'s comeback performance set for December 19, 2010 on SBS music show "Inkigayo". [YG Life] Boy band Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), set to pursue their singing activities as a duo unit starting this month, will give the first televised performance for their upcoming album on December 19,...More
  • G-Dragon, T.O.P and LeeSSang to perform at Xmas party

    2010/12/07, Source,
    Poster for SK Telecom's "Christmas T Social Party" [SK Telecom] Some of the biggest names in the K-pop scene will be performing on stage at a Christmas party hosted by a communications company in Korea. A press release from the party's publicist Prain Inc. announced Tuesday that Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), rap duo LeeSSang and Se7en will take the stage at a club in KangNam of Seoul for SK Telecom's "Christmas T Social Party" held on December 24,...More
  • YG holds agency concert over the weekend

    2010/12/07, Source,
    YG Family Concert [YG Entertainment] YG Family Concert: YG Has Come a Long Way "Eun-joo, I love you", a man confessed during the "YG Family Concert" held in Jamsil Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in Seoul on December 5. It is the man who sang "Smoke of The Devil" but not it's original singer Yang Hyun-suk, the owner of YG Entertainment ("YG" in short) but Seung-ri from boy band Big Bang. Before and after that, another Big Bang member Dae-sung sang Wheesung's "With Me" and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) and G-Dragon performed Jinusean's "Phone Number". Till the very end of the show, the first generation of YG singers such as Yang, Jinusean and Teddy did not appear on stage but the three-hour concert was already packed enough with hit songs by singers such as Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1 and PSY. 15 years has passed since YG Entertainment has launched and it has certainly grown large,...More
  • G-Dragon and T.O.P to Release Duet Album in December

    2010/11/30, Source,
    Members of the group Big Bang, G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), will release a duet album next month, the official blog for their agency YG Entertainment entitled "YG Life" said on November 29,...More
  • 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA): Live in Macao

    2010/11/29, Source,
    Boy band Big Bang members perform at the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian hotel on Macau on November 28, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] "Muscle!" was what a fan from Hong Kong said as soon as she was asked what she finds most attractive about boy band 2PM. And when a girl, who would scream outright just by the mention of Nichkhun's name, was asked whose muscles she thinks are the best, without hesitation she blurted out "Ok Taecyeon!" Numerous female fans from around Asia who like Korean idol stars for specific images crowded the lobby of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macao where the red carpet event for the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) was held. But the cheering was not reserved only for good looking guys. A 19-year-old Chinese girl, who introduced herself as a big fan of Big Bang and in love with all its members, went equally wild at the sight of girl group 2NE1 and imitated the "Abracadabra" dance by Brown Eyed Girls saying they were the group outside YG Family that she loves. Hence in such an atmosphere, it may be only natural that these fans are interested not only in the Korean stars but also Korean culture,...More
  • YG Entertainment announces Big Bang comeback

    2010/11/28, Source,
    Announcement of the comeback of boy band Big Bang [Official YG Entertainment blog] Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has announced that boy band Big Bang will make their long-awaited comeback to the local music scene, as their original five-member band and also through solo and duo albums. YG's CEO and founder Yang Hyuk-suk wrote on the official YG Life blog site ( on Monday that members G-Dragon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) will be the first to return, releasing songs "High High" and "Oh Yeah" on December 15 as a duo while their full-length album, featuring 11 tracks, will hit stores a week later,...More
  • YG Entertainment goes on countdown

    2010/11/24, Source,
    YG Entertainment's countdown clock [Official YG Life blog] Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has caused a stir on the Internet after posting a digital clock timer on its blog YG Life. The digital clock, posted on the official blog ( starting Monday, indicated on Wednesday morning that in 110 hours YG Entertainment will make an announcement,...More
  • 2NE1 member Sandara has 200,000 friends

    2010/11/23, Source,
    Post from 2NE1 member Sandara Park [Official Sandara Park me2today] Korean girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park said on her official me2day site (Korean version of Twitter) that she has 200,000 friends, the largest number of followers for a celebrity. The K-pop idol posted a photograph of 2NE1's band practicing with a comment below saying, "Wow! I just reached 200,000 friends on my me2day account -- all thanks to you. I am a girl with many friends!! Let's work hard to get along in the future",...More
  • Big Bang to receive honor at Japan Record Awards

    2010/11/22, Source,
    Korean boy band Big Bang [YG Entertainment] Korean idol group Big Bang will receive an honor at the upcoming 52nd Japan Record Awards, alongside some of the biggest names in the J-pop music scene. The Japan Record Awards, hosted by the Japan Composer's Association, announced over the weekend that Big Bang will be handed the award for best song alongside ten artists including Japanese singers Exile and AKB48,...More
  • Rating The Latest Idol Group Comebacks

    2010/11/15, Source,
    Three of the most representative groups from three of the most representative entertainment companies in Korea have recently made their comebacks this fall season. It was no surprise that each of these three groups won number one honors on the live music performance shows in Korea. It's been established that all three groups have the three factors that idol groups these days need to have: good music, great performances, and enviable style. These three groups -- Girls' Generation from SM Entertainment, 2PM from JYP Entertainment, and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment -- were rated according to those three factors for their latest comeback songs, in comparison to their previous works,...More
  • Big Bang's DVD reaches No. 1 on Oricon chart

    2010/11/04, Source,
    Korean boy band Big Bang [YG Entertainment] A DVD by Korean boy band Big Bang has reached the No. 1 spot on Japan's prestigious Oricon chart. According to Oricon's weekly music DVD chart, Big Bang's latest DVD "BIGSHOW BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT 2010" ranked in first, selling about 15,000 copies since going on sale in the country on October 27 and came in second in terms of DVD sales for all categories,...More
  • 2NE1 reveals music video for new track today

    2010/11/01, Source,
    Clip from 2NE1's music video "I'm Hurt" [YG Entertainment] Korean idols 2NE1 unveiled the full-length music video for their new song on their official YouTube channel today. The music video for R&B track "I'm Hurt" from their first full-length album, features the girls donning clothes, make-up and hairstyles in a fantasy-like theme. Member Sandara Park acts in the video with model and actor,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun's 1st feature "Magic - 2010" invited to Tokyo film fest

    2010/10/29, Source,
    Korean actress Ku Hye-sun at the Tokyo International Film Festival [YG Entertainment] Korean actress Ku Hye-sun's first feature film "Magic - 2010" was invited to the 23rd annual Tokyo International Film Festival, according to her agency YG Entertainment on Friday. YG announced that "Magic - 2010" was screened at the fest yesterday under the "Winds of Asia-Middle East Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East" category featuring films from Korea to Israeli, as well as being nominated for Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award,...More
  • YG Entertainment artists to hold joint concert in Dec

    2010/10/15, Source,
    Poster for the "2010 YG Family Concert" [YG Entertainment] Korean singers from major talenthouse YG Entertainment will hold a concert in December. YG announced in a press release Friday that Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy and Psy will perform at the two-day "2010 YG Family Concert" to be held at the Olympic Park Stadium located in Seoul on December 4 and 5,...More
  • Ryu Deok-hwan almost became a member of Big Bang with G-Dragon

    2010/10/14, Source,
    Actor Ryu Deok-hwan revealed his ex-singer days with G-Dragon. Ryu Deok-hwan said that he was in the same boy dance group with G-Dragon, during 'Talk Show Taxi' from tvN. He revealed a picture of him and G-Dragon. In the picture, both G-Dragon and Ryu Deok-hwan are wearing baggy clothes and headbands.,...More
  • 2NE1 continues to dominate TV music programs

    2010/10/04, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 (from top left to right) CL, Sandara, Bom and Minzy [YG Entertainment] K-pop girl group 2NE1 continued to dominate televised music programs with songs from their newest album "To Anyone" last week. The quartet, who have been promoting three title tracks simultaneously, grabbed their third win on KBS' Friday music show "Music Bank" with "Go Away" while scoring their third Mutizen Award on SBS' Sunday program "Inkigayo" with "Can't Nobody",...More
  • Se7en to release music video for new song today

    2010/09/29, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en will unveil the music video for a new song today, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Wednesday. YG announced in a press release that the singer will reveal the music video for "I'm Going Crazy", the third track he is promoting from his latest mini-album "Digital Bounce",...More
  • Footage of 2NE1 collaborating with Will.i.Am to air today

    2010/09/28, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 (from left to right): Sandara, Minzy, CL and Bom [YG Entertainment] A video of Korean female idols 2NE1 working with The Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.Am will air on cable music channel Mnet today, according to a press release from YG Entertainment on Tuesday. YG announced that through TV show 2NE1 TV season 2, the upcoming episode will reveal the quartet preparing for their debut in the United States with Will.i.Am, starting with their first encounter with the singer at his recording studio,...More
  • 2NE1 takes over televised music programs with title tracks

    2010/09/27, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 (from left to right): CL, Sandara, Minzy and Bom [YG Entertainment] Korean female idols 2NE1 once again took over televised music programs with their three title tracks last week. The girl group took the crown on KBS' Friday music program "Music Bank" with "Go Away", one of the three titles tracks they are currently promoting simultaneously, to make it their second consecutive win on the show after having claimed the week before with "Can't Nobody",...More
  • 2NE1 takes over Mnet's charts with new album

    2010/09/24, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 (from top left to right): CL, Sandara, Bom and Minzy [YG Entertainment] Korean idol girl group 2NE1 took over both of Mnet's music charts during the fourth week of September with their first full-length album. Their three title tracks "Can't Nobody", "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands" placed at the No. 1, 2, and 3 spot on Mnet's singles, respectively, for the week of September 13 to 19,...More
  • 2NE1 celebrates first win on KBS' "Music Bank"

    2010/09/20, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 members (from left to right): CL, Bom, Sandara and Minzy [YG Entertainment] Korean girl group 2NE1 celebrated their first win on a televised music program over the weekend with their new song "Can't Nobody". The quartet, who gave their comeback performance with "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody", took the crown on KBS' Friday show "Music Bank", beating out R&B singer Wheesung,...More
  • 2NE1 sweeps various music sites with title tracks

    2010/09/10, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 members (from left to right): Sandara, CL, Bom and Minzy [Official YG Entertainment Blog] Korean girl group 2NE1 has swept various online music charts with the title tracks from their new album. Songs "Can't Nobody", "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands", all three the title tracks from 2NE1's first full-length album, have placed on the top three spots of various web-based music charts, according to the real-time charts of online music providers Bugs, Monkey 3, Dosirak and Melon,...More
  • 2NE1 unveils music video stills for third single "Go Away"

    2010/09/08, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 on the set of their music video for "Go Away" [YG Entertainment] Korean girl group 2NE1 have revealed photographs of their music video being shot for the third title track of their upcoming album, agency YG Entertainment said Wednesday. YG announced in a press release photos of the group on set filming the music video for the girls' third title track "Go Away" have been uploaded on the official YG blog, YG Life,...More
  • 2NE1 unveils 2nd title track

    2010/09/07, Source,
    Korean girl group 2NE1 members (from left to right): Bom, CL, Minzy and Sandara [YG Entertainment] K-pop artists 2NE1 yesterday unveiled the second title track to their upcoming album, according to the group's agency YG Entertainment on Tuesday. YG announced in a press release that the first verse of the girls' second title track "Clap" was uploaded onto YG's official blog, YG Life, as well as photographs from the set of their music video,...More
  • 2NE1 to make music comeback on September 12

    2010/09/02, Source,
    Members of 2NE1 (from top left to right): CL, Sandara, Bom and Minzy [YG Entertainment] Korean girl group 2NE1 will be making a comeback to the music scene with their first full-length album next Friday, according to their agency YG Entertainment on Thursday. "The girls will giving their comeback performance on SBS' Sunday music show 'Inkigayo' on September 12", an official from YG told 10Asia over the phone, adding that they will be singing three of the title tracks including "Go Away" while the other two have yet to be decided,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun reveals picture with T-MAX members

    2010/08/20, Source,
    T-MAX member Shin Min-chul, actress Ku Hye-sun and Kim Jun [Official Ku Hye-sun Twitter site] Multi-talented star Ku Hye-sun has given fans an update on her recent activities, revealing a photograph of herself with members of boy band T-Max. Earlier today, Koo uploaded a photo on her official Twitter site,...More
  • Big Bang may release new album in Oct or Nov

    2010/08/20, Source,
    Korean pop idols Big Bang (from left to right): Daesung, T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), Taeyang, G-Dragon and Seungri [Official Big Bang website] Korean idols Big Bang may be making a comeback to the local music scene in October or November, according to their agency YG Entertainment on Friday. An official from YG told 10Asia over the phone, "There are plans for the boys to release a new album but it is tentative -- it will depend on the progress of the album",...More
  • SM Entertainment Artists Dominate In Album Sales

    2010/08/18, Source,
    As if the company needed any more evidence to prove itself as one of the top entertainment agencies in Korea, a report was recently released showing just how much SM Entertainment dominates the kpop i,...More
  • 2NE1 readying for U.S. debut with Will.i.Am

    2010/08/17, Source,
    2NE1 [YG Entertainment] Korean girl group 2NE1 has been readying for their debut in the United States with multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas frontman and producer Will.i.Am, according to YG Entertainment on Tuesday. YG's CEO Yang Hyun-suk made the announcement through a message on the agency's official website, saying that the girls finished recording ten songs produced by the rapper through three recording sessions held at London and Los Angeles over a span of three weeks,...More
  • 2NE1 to release first full-length album in September

    2010/08/17, Source,
    Korean female pop idols 2NE1 [YG Entertainment] Korean pop idols 2NE1 will be making a music comeback with the release of their first full-length album in early September, according to the group's agency YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun-suk on Tuesday. Yang wrote on YG's official website that the girls' first studio release titled "To Anyone" will hit stores on September 9, featuring a total of 12 songs including six new tracks, four previously releases and two bonus tunes,...More
  • 2NE1 Eyeing Out the US Market

    2010/08/17, Source,
    YG Entertainment announced through their official website on August 17th that the ladies of,...More
  • Big Bang performs at Japan music festival over weekend

    2010/08/10, Source,
    Big Bang members from left to right: T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), Seungri, Taeyang, G-Dragon and Daesung at the Summer Sonic Festival 2010 in Japan [YG Entertainment] Korean idols Big Bang performed in front of 25,000 concertgoers in Japan over the weekend, taking to the stage of the Summer Sonic Festival 2010 headlined by some of the biggest names in the music industry including Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z,...More
  • Se7en wins on M! Countdown with "Better Together" again

    2010/08/06, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en, returning to the local music scene after three years and eight months, took the No. 1 spot on Mnet's televised music show "M! Countdown" with his latest single "Better Together" once again this week. The singer, up against Korean songstress G.Na's song "I'll Back Off", scored his second consecutive win on the cable music channel's Thursday evening show,...More
  • Se7en cheered on by 2NE1, Big Bang members

    2010/08/06, Source,
    Korean pop singer Se7en (center) poses with 2NE1 members Minzy (front left), Sandara Park and T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun) of idol group Big Bang [Se7en's official Twitter page] Korean pop singer Se7en, who recently made a comeback to the local music scene, has revealed a photograph he took with YG labelmates Sandara Park and Minzy of girl band 2NE1 and T.O.P.(Choi Seung-hyun) of idol group Big Bang. Se7en posted the picture on his Twitter page,...More
  • Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Eun-joo-II Welcomes Baby Daughter

    2010/08/05, Source,
    August 5th marks the day when a new member was added to the YG Family. Don't be confused because it's not a new trainee under,...More
  • Big Bang honored with UN "Global Unity" award

    2010/07/26, Source,
    Members of Big Bang during the "Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010" concert with their "Global Unity" award [YG Entertainment] K-pop idols Big Bang was honored with the United Nations' "Global Unity" award over the weekend, according to their agency YG Entertainment. YG announced in a press release that the boys were handed the "Global Unity" award on July 24 during the "Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010" concert held at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun's first feature pic "Magic - 2010" invited to JIMFF

    2010/07/26, Source,
    Official poster for Ku Hye-sun's film "Magic - 2010" Korean actress Ku Hye-sun will be presenting her first feature film "Magic - 2010" at the 6th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) next month, according to her agency YG Entertainment (YG) on Monday. YG announced in a press release that actress-turned-director has been invited to show her film at JIMFF, to be held in the city of Jecheon in North Chungcheong Province from August 12 to 17,...More
  • Se7en: 'High Wall of American Music Industry Caused Homesickness'

    2010/07/22, Source,
    In the middle of the sound of a high-pitched siren and sharp electronic music, singer Se7en (real name Choi Dong Wook, 26) came up to the stage. The performance entitled "Se7en Digital Bounce Release Party" was held on July 20 at a club located in Gangnam, Seoul. There was a pounding hiphop drum beat and blue laser light on the stage, and his splendid dance was very light and looked relaxed. The place was where he introduced his new song for the first time that is included in his mini album entitled "Digital Bounce", which he released after a break of three years and eight months to advance into the American music industry,...More
  • Se7en says U.S. foray was "not a failure but a new challenge"

    2010/07/21, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en has said that his attempted foray into the U.S. pop market over the past few years was "not a failure but a beginning of a new challenge". The singer made the remark at a press conference, held Wednesday at a club in Seoul's trendy Cheongdam-dong district, which celebrated the July 21 release of his mini-album titled "Digital Bounce",...More
  • Se7en to advertise BlackBerry

    2010/07/19, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en, who is set to make his comeback to the local music scene this week, has become the new model for the Blackberry smartphone, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Monday. YG announced in a press release that Se7en has signed a contract with telecommunication company SK Telecom to advertise for smartphone device BlackBerry,...More
  • Se7en unveils teaser video for title track

    2010/07/14, Source,
    Images of Korean singer Se7en for his upcoming mini-album [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en, who will be returning to the local music scene for the first time in three years, released a teaser video for the title track of his new album today. A 25-second long teaser video for the title track "Better Together" from Se7en's new mini-album was unveiled online (, along with photographs of the young star dressed in accordance to the concept of his new album,...More
  • Se7en reveals tracklist for new mini-album

    2010/07/13, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en in a teaser page announcing his comeback [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en, who will be making a comeback to the local music scene next week, has unveiled the tracklist from his new record on his official homepage ( According to a press release by agency YG Entertainment (YG) on Tuesday, the singer revealed the tracklist from his upcoming mini-album earlier this morning including a twenty-second teaser of the song "Digital Bounce", which features Big Bang member T.O.P (Choie Seung-hyeon),...More
  • Se7en to make comeback with new album next week

    2010/07/11, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en in a teaser page announcing his comeback [YG Entertainment] Korean pop singer Se7en is set to make a comeback to the local music scene next week, making his first album release in Korea in over three years. Agency YG Entertainment (YG) announced in a press release that Se7en will be coming back on July 21, as shown in the teaser page set up for the singer ( last Friday,...More
  • Taeyang makes shining debut on iTunes overseas

    2010/07/09, Source,
    Taeyang's new solo album Solar ranked No.3 on U.S. iTunes R&B/Soul Albums chart [U.S. iTunes] Korean singer Taeyang of popular idol group Big Bang has made a shining debut in North America, placing his solo album Solar high atop Apple's iTunes online music charts. According to a press release by agency YG Entertainment on Friday, Solar came in at No.1 on Top R&B/Soul Albums chart of Canada iTunes and No. 3 on the U.S. site. It is the first time and the highest that an Asian artist has ranked on either charts,...More
  • T.O.P bows into top spot on Mnet's chart with "Turn It Up"

    2010/06/29, Source,
    Big Bang member T.O.P [YG Entertainment] Big Bang member T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) bowed into the top spot on Mnet's singles chart with his latest single "Turn It Up" during the final week of June. According to data released by the cable music channel on Tuesday, the rapper knocked out last week's winners Untouchable to score his first win on the music chart,...More
  • Sandara Park to shoot music video with Taeyang in L.A.

    2010/06/24, Source,
    2NE1 member Sandara Park at Los Angeles International Airport [Sandara Park's official me2DAY page] 2NE1 member Sandara Park is prepping for a music video shoot in Los Angeles for labelmate Taeyang of idol group Big Bang. Earlier this morning, the female pop idol posted a picture of herself at Los Angeles International Airport on her official me2DAY page ( along with the comment "Wassup, LA",...More
  • 2NE1 In the US

    2010/06/23, Source,
    The ladies of 2NE1 have been attracting some attention lately even before their highly anticipated comeback later this summer. It has been confirmed th,...More
  • Big Bang T.O.P unveils solo single and music video today

    2010/06/21, Source,
    Korean singer and actor Big Bang member T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) [YG Entertainment] Big Bang member T.O.P(Choi Seung-hyun) unveiled his solo single and music video today, according to a press release from his agency YG Entertainment on Monday. YG announced in a press release that T.O.P's latest solo single and full-length music video of "Turn it Up" has been revealed on online music sites,...More
  • Se7en to return to make local comeback next month

    2010/06/17, Source,
    Korean singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en will be releasing a new album in July, returning to the local music scene for the first time in three years, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Thursday. "He will make a comeback in the country with his new album which will go on sale on July 21", a representative from YG Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun to release digital single on June 16

    2010/06/15, Source,
    Cover of Ku Hye-sun's digital single "Brown Hair" [YG Entertainment] Multi-talented star Ku Hye-sun will be releasing her digital single tomorrow, according to her agency YG Entertainment on Tuesday. YG announced in a press release that Koo will release digital single "Brown Hair" on Wednesday which has been rearranged by bossa nova pianist Choi In-young,...More
  • Big Bang T.O.P releases teaser video for new solo single

    2010/06/15, Source,
    Big Bang member T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun) for his solo single "Turn it Up" [YG Entertainment] Big Bang member T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun) has released a teaser video for a new solo single, according to a press release from his agency YG Entertainment on Thursday. YG announced in a press release that the teaser video for his solo single "Turn it Up", featuring the singer portraying a luxurious appeal in various suits and accessories, was unveiled on various online music sites today,...More
  • Big Bang's "IRIS" single ranked No. 5 on Oricon chart

    2010/06/10, Source,
    Korean idol group Big Bang performing at their concert "2010 Big Show" held in Seoul on January 31, 2010. [YG Entertainment] Korean idol group Big Bang's new single "Tell Me Goodbye" has made the top five on Japan's prestigious Oricon music chart on the day of its release. According to estimates released by Oricon on Thursday, the boy band's latest single "Goodbye" landed at No. 5 in the singles chart upon its local release on June 9,...More
  • Big Bang reveals 4th Japanese single

    2010/06/09, Source,
    Big Bang's 4th Japanese single "Tell Me Goodbye" [YG Entertainment] Korean boy band Big Bang released their fourth Japanese single today, according to their agency YG Entertainment on Wednesday. YG announced in a press release that their single "Tell Me Goodbye", featuring the combination of their signature vocals and rap with a calming piano melody, went on sale in Korea today,...More
  • Big Bang scores triple win at Japan MTV Music Awards

    2010/05/31, Source,
    Korean idol group Big Bang performing at their concert "2010 Big Show" held in Seoul on January 31, 2010. [YG Entertainment] Korean idol group Big Bang scored a triple win at the MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan over the weekend, according to their agency YG Entertainment. YG announced through a press release Saturday that the five-member boy band picked up trophies for Best New Artist Video for "Gara Gara Go!!", their second single in Japan, and Best Pop Video for third single "Koe o Kikasete" at the award ceremony, held at Tokyo's Yoyogi National Stadium on Saturday,...More
  • Big Bang first Korean dance group at Japan music fest

    2010/05/26, Source,
    Big Bang members Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP (Choi Seung-hyun) and Daesung [YG Entertainment] Boy band Big Bang will be the first Korean dance group to take the main stages of Japan's Summer Sonic Festival 2010 in August, according to the group's agency YG Entertainment. YG announced in a press release that the group is set to perform on the Ocean Stage of the Maishima Summer Sonic site in Osaka on August 7 and on the Marine Stage of the Chiba Marine Stadium in Tokyo the following day,...More
  • YG audition heats up netizens
    2010/05/20, Source,
    YG Entertainment, which produces top artists including Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1, announced Thursday that it is holding an open audition. The news excites netizens because the company has had,...More
  • Se7en to make long-awaited comeback in July

    2010/05/12, Source,
    Singer Se7en [YG Entertainment] Korean singer Se7en has confirmed that he will be making his long-awaited comeback to the local music scene in July, according to his agency YG Entertainment on Tuesday. The singer, who has been busy working in the U.S. for the past few years, had originally planned to return to Korea at the end of this month,...More
  • Ku Hye-sun in talks to appear in TV series "The Musical"

    2010/04/29, Source,
    Korean actress Ku Hye-sun [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actress Ku Hye-sun is currently in talks to appear in a new TV series titled "The Musical", according to her agency YG Entertainment on Thursday. "The casting for the drama has not been finalized... It is one of many offers that she has received", an official at YG said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily. "She is planning to appear in a drama in the second half of the year and so we are talking with [the producers of] "The Musical"",...More
  • Teaser for Gummy's Music Video Released April 28th

    2010/04/28, Source,
    Singer Gummy released a short preview clip of her music video for the song "남자라서" or "Because You're a Man" at 2 PM today, April 28th. Even before it was officially out, th,...More
  • [PREVIEW] G-Dragon's "Shine A Light" theater release

    2010/04/19, Source,
    G-Dragon at the premiere of "Shine A Light" [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] One source multi use continues to remain a model which maximizes profits for creators. In the United States, Miley Cyrus' 3-D documentary film "Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour 2008" and the release of the Rolling Stones' live concert "Shine A Light" confirmed the possibility of using concerts for multi use. "Shine A Light", G-Dragon's first solo concert held last December, was digitally re-mastered and shown in 13 CGV theaters last Thursday. It is receiving attention as an attempt at providing various ways to consume an idol singer's show as a form of content,...More
  • How Did the "Big 3" In the K-Pop Industry Fare in 2009?

    2010/04/12, Source,
    In Korea, it's not just the name of the artist or group that matters, but also which entertainment company is the one backing them up. Aspiring artists can only dream of being signed onto one of the ",...More
  • YG Entertainment records biggest profit in history

    2010/04/12, Source,
    Yang Hyun-suk, founder and CEO of YG Entertainment [YG Entertainment] YG Entertainment (YG) -- considered one of the top three talent agencies in Korea alongside SM and JYP Entertainment -- saw its most successful business year to date last year, recording the biggest profit the company has ever seen. According to the annual audit report YG submitted to Korea's Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) on Friday, the agency recorded operating profits of 7.39 billion won last year with a net profit of 4.16 billion won, the company's biggest profit yet,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] "High Kick Through The Roof" Actress Yoo In-na

    2010/03/19, Source,
    "I was chosen? Thank you so much", is was what Yoo In-na said after receiving news she was selected as our next interviewee. The public have started to become curious about her, not just because of her role in MBC sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof", but because they are curious to find out more about this actress whose popularity has been increasing. She had been in training under her agency YG Entertainment for over a year to make her acting debut at the not-so-young age of 27 so we asked her the recent change in her life means to her. Actress Yoo In-na [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] 10: Your popularity right now is uncomparably high from when you first made your debut. Do you get treated differently for that? Boy band 2AM said their meals have changed since reaching No.1 on music programs,...More
  • Top entertainment firms, record labels set up joint venture
    2010/03/18, Source,
    Several of South Korea's top talenthouses and record labels have joined hands to cooperate on future businesses in the entertainment industry.

    A press release on Thursday by the newly-established Korea Music Power Holdings (KMP Holdings) announced that seven companies -- namely,...
  • Rain, Se7en, Hyo-lee, and Boa to Return to Korea

    2010/03/04, Source,
    Four popular Korean solo singers -- Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, and BoA -- will come back to the Korean pop scene. Netizens call them the representative singers for Korean pop in the 2000s, and they are overjoyed at their return. Rain and Lee Hyori will come back after breaks of 18 months and 20 months, respectively. Se7en and BoA, who have focused on the American music industry up to now, return to the Korean music scene after breaks of three years and five years, respectively. The return of these famous solo singers is drawing people's attention because girls groups and new idol groups gained popularity last year. Four popular Korean solo singers -- Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, and BoA -- will come back to the Korean pop scene. Netizens call them the representative singers for Korean pop in the 2000s, and they are overjoyed at their return. Rain and Lee Hyori will come back after breaks of 18 months and 20 months, respectively. Se7en and BoA, who have focused on the American music industry up to now, return to the Korean music scene after breaks of three years and five years, respectively. The return of these famous solo singers is drawing people's attention because girls groups and new idol groups gained popularity last year.,...More
  • Se7en, BoA Back to Local Stage
    2010/03/02, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Competition in the music industry this summer is expected to be fierce, with two favorites returning with new looks and sounds.

    Se7en and BoA are both planning to,...
  • G-Dragon questioned by Korean authorities

    2010/02/05, Source,
    Korean pop idol G-Dragon [Asia Economic Daily] Korean pop idol G-Dragon was summoned by Korean authorities last night and questioned for about an hour, according to the criminal investigation department at the Seoul East District Court. In a phone conversation with Asia Economic Daily on Friday, the department official explained that they had confidentially brought in the singer to investigate the recent controversy surrounding his solo concert, for which he was accused of displaying sexually explicit behavior during the performances. The leader of idol group Big Bang, who showed up at the court around 8:45 PM, was questioned by authorities for approximately one hour.,...More
  • Big Bang wraps up Big Show in success

    2010/02/01, Source,
    Korean idol group Big Bang performs at the "2010 Big Show" in Seoul [YG Entertainment] Korean idol group Big Bang successfully wrapped up their Seoul concert over the weekend, according to their agency YG Entertainment on Monday. The five-member group performed in front of some 13,000 fans at the "2010 Big Show - Big Bang concert" , held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on January 31. "This is a wonderful day because we get to enjoy it with the fans who we love and adore", the group had said during the concert. "We didn't get to be with you last year because we were all involved in individual activities. We are grateful that you are still here with us".,...More
  • YG Entertainment Moving to Own Company Building
    2010/01/08, Source,
    YG Entertainment, which represents entertainers Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1, will move to a seven-story office building of its own in Hapjeong,...More
  • MCST & KOCCA Held '2009 Korea Content Awards'
    2010/01/06, Source,
    'Presentation on Strategies to Increase the Export of Culture & Tourism' MCST to Establish the Industrial Infrastructure and to Recognize Room for Improvement in System and Provide Policy Support
    MCST to Establish 'Strategic Meeting to Support the Export of Culture & Tourism (Tentative)' Presided b,...
  • Dae-sung to replace T.O.P. in new Song Ji-na drama

    2010/01/04, Source,
    Big Bang member Dae-sung [Asia Economic Daily] Dae-sung, member of popular boy band Big Bang, will replace T.O.P., the rapper of the same group, to star in a new TV series by famed writer Song Ji-na. "Dae-sung will take off his acting career starting by making an appearance in 'Zero Plus'", an official at the group's agency YG Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Monday. T.O.P., whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, had originally been tapped to play the main character but decided to withdraw from the drama due to a conflict of schedule. He had made his acting debut in 2007 drama "I Am Sam" and last appeared in hit blockbuster drama "IRIS" alongside Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee.,...More
  • [FOCUS] 10 Awards - Top 10 Entertainment News of 2009

    2009/12/30, Source,
    Top 10 News of 2009 Two former presidents and a king passed away. One wrong remark during an entertainment show took the entire country by storm. Such unbelievably enormous incidents were played out in unbelievable directions during 2009. Thus, the top ten news of 2009 selected by <10 Asia> may seem like the ten most incredulous news of the year. But one could say that what these ten news stories have in common is that they carry the flow of Korea's pop culture. Can you really believe that all these things happened within a span of one year? News 1. Actress Jang Ja-yeon commits suicide Actress Jang Ja-yeon [KBS] On March 7, one little known actress wrote in her suicide note, "I am a weak, powerless actress. I want to be free from this pain" and killed herself. It was actress Jang Ja-yeon, who was appearing in KBS TV series "Boys over Flowers" at the time. The suicide note, which was 12 pages long on A4-sized paper, explained that she had been physically abused by her agency, forced to drink and provide sexual services. It also listed names of high-ranking executives in the industry, including a head of media company, television drama director and owners of business companies. People started calling the note "The Jang Ja-yeon List". The incident brought to surface how badly aspiring actresses and female celebrities in general have been violated and the ugly power of the media. But due to slow, passive investigation by the Korean authorities, the truth never came to light. Of all people who were under investigation, only two people involved in the incident -- former head of Jang's agency and former manager who exposed Jang's suicide notes -- were indicted and the suspects whose names were listed in the documents were all cleared of charges and let go. Was the death of Jang Ja-yeon a suicide or a homicide?,...More
  • (10 FOCUS) 10 Awards - Top 10 People of 2009

    2009/12/22, Source,
    Top 10 People of 2009 In the entertainment industry, the end of a year is a season about watching and talking about "people". Many media outlets select their "person of the year" and people flock to year-end awards shows to hear a quote from stars that they do not get to see often. 10Asia picked our own figures of the year, but there is no red carpet or photo spotlights for the stars to enter upon. Our selection of "persons of 2009" are not top stars who attained the most popularity from the public, but people who changed the landscape of Korea's entertainment industry and stimulated the public with experiences that we had not had before. Here are ten people who showed us a new direction for upcoming 2010.,...More
  • 2NE1 Picked Artist of the Year by Mnet

    2009/12/15, Source,
    The girl group 2NE1 has been named the "Artist of the Year" by

    The four-member girl group,...
  • Music Videos Attract Fans but Need Diversity

    2009/12/15, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    They may only be four to five minutes long, but music videos are one of the easiest ways for singers to make a statement and express their individuality.

    These v,...
  • Super Junior, Girls' Generation Shine
    2009/12/11, Source,
    Golden Disk Awards Congratulates SM Bands; but Fails to Bring Fairness

    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Super Junior and Girls' Generation from SM Entertainment took home the Grand Prize and the Grand Prize for Digital Music Source, respectively, at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards held at the Olym,...
  • Ku Hye-sun Picked Best Actress by Taiwan Netizens

    2009/12/09, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun, 25, popular in Taiwan as a "hallyu", or Korean wave, star, has been picked as the best Asian actress by Yahoo! Taiwan, Koo's,...More
  • Idol Groups May Cause Downfall of 'Hallyu'
    2009/11/01, Source,
    'Mass Media Should Give Balance to Programming'

    By Park Si-soo
    Staff Reporter

    It may not be an exaggeration to say that today's Korean pop charts are literally "occupied" by boy bands and girl groups such as the Wonder Girls and TVXQ, whose members are in their late teens and early 20s and d,...
  • K-Pop Boom in Asia Sheds Light on Korea's Unique Talent Search
    2009/09/23, Source,
    By Kang Hyun-kyung
    Staff Reporter

    Approximately 23,000 aspiring singers from elementary school students to those in their early 20s flocked to the JYP Entertainment's talent search held in Seoul last month.

    Only four were picked as JYP trainees, scheduled to go through the years-long training,...
  • Battle of Girl Groups Under Way
    2009/07/14, Source,
    Reigning girl group Girls' Generation is ahead of the game, for now.

    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The local pop scene is sizzling with an array of girl groups, both old and new, and the competition is expected to heat up with e,...
  • Ku Hye-sun Draws Crowds with Her Paintings

    Ku Hye-sun is becoming popular as a painter after rising to stardom as an actress in the Cinderella tale drama ",...More
  • Drama Music Is New Source for Hits
    2009/06/29, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    In the past, original soundtrack albums were just a little extra something that came with a television drama. Now, however, more viewers and drama makers are starting to realize their importance and potential.

    One of the most popular drama soundtracks lately ha,...
  • Korean Fans Create Singular Culture

    2009/04/22, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    University student Kim did not start out as an avid fan of Korea's top male group TVXQ. In fact, she didn't like them at all.

    "They were different and it was har,...
  • 'Female Big Bang' About to Be Revealed

    2009/03/27, Source,
    A new girl group groomed by YG Entertainment, one of Korea's biggest entertainment agencies, will reveal themselves in a commercial where t,...More
  • Searching for the Next Rain and Wonder Girls
    2009/03/17, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    In the past, Korean students wanted to become doctors, lawyers and the like. Now, sought after professions include acting, singing and modeling. These talented celebrities are nearly worshipped here in Korea and in Asian countries due to "hallyu", the Korean wave.,...
  • Yang: Se7en to Return to Korea this Fall via US, Japan

    2009/02/25, Source,
    Se7en's US debut song to be unveiled on iTunes March 10

    "Singer Se7en will wrap up his activities,...
  • Male Singers Returning to K-Pop Scene
    2009/02/17, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The K-pop scene is currently dominated by female stars like Son Dam-bi, Baek Ji-young and girl groups,...
  • Big Bang Reveals Self-Fulfilment Strategies

    2009/02/13, Source,
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    Idol group Big Bang seems to be the boys-next-door, even quiet and unassuming, but once they are on stage they exude charisma and passion in their music.

    They w,...
  • Sandara Park to Make Acting Debut
    2009/02/09, Source,
    Filipino star Sandara Park is to make her acting debut in a Korea drama, "Iljimae Returns - Moon River". She will appear as Rie, a ninja who meets with the show's m,...More
  • Big Bang's Seungri Cast in Film with Kim Bum
    2009/02/05, Source,
    Seungri (19), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, has been cast in the film "71".

    "71" is based on a real life story of 71 student soldiers who fought hundreds of North Korean commandos outside a Pohang girls' middle school on Aug. 10, 1950,...
  • Big Bang Pulls Off Big Show in Seoul
    2009/02/01, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Pop group Big Bang indeed offered a "Big Show" at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium Friday night. With more than 13,000 fans attending, the group captivated the audience with spectacular settings, their stage presence and songs.

    Before the concert even started, fa,...
  • Celebrities Joining Boom of Writings

    2009/01/09, Source,
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    "Pieces of You", written by pop group Epik High frontman Tablo, has topped bestseller lists in recent months, sho,...
  • Idol Stars Gearing Up for Various Activities
    2009/01/06, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The idol forecast for 2009 will be bright with new groups, individual activities, concerts and tours.

    Super Junior, the 13-member pop group, saw some of its members branching out here and also abroad through smaller "units" like Super Junior-T, Super Junior-Hap,...
  • Idol Group Big Bang to Offer 'Big Show'
    2009/01/05, Source,
    Big Bang will hold concerts dubbed "Big Show" Jan. 30-Feb. 1 at the Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park.

    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Iconic boy band Big Bang had a busy year in 2008, and the five-member group is staging a concert titled "Big Show" to celebrate the New Year and thank fans.

  • What's on Cultural Horizon in 2009?
    2008/12/30, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The year 2009 is now finally around the corner, and it is about time to prepare for the New Year. The past year was an interesting one, and readers can now preview what is planned in 2009.


    Historical Dramas on the Rise: The three major networks are pl,...
  • Singer BoA to Knock on US Music Market

    2008/09/11, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop princess BoA is about to knock on the door of the U.S. music scene.

    At a press conference in Seoul, th,...
  • Actress Kang Hye-jung has been cast in an American film entitled "Wedding Palace".

    2008/08/05, Source,
    Kang's management agency YG Entertainment said Kang Hye-jung has been cast in the,...More
  • Big Bang Members Branch Out as Soloists
    2008/07/14, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Boy band Big Bang seems to have it all, from loving fans, stylish fashion trends, easy-to-memorize songs and the members' distinctive characteristics. Now, the ambitious group is expanding their talents in ot,...
  • Miss Korea breaks out with acting gig
    2008/07/03, Source,
    Miss Korea 2006 Lee Honey has been making efforts to expand her career beyond the role of beauty queen since last July.

    Lee was hosting an entertainment program on TV and now she hopes to make her name known as an actress.

    The Seoul Nationa,...
  • Big Bang's Dae Sung Cast as Rum Tum Tugger in Musical 'Cats'
    2008/06/30, Source,
    Big Bang member Dae Sung has been cast in the musical "Cats".

    Big Bang's management agency YG Entertainment recently announced that Dae Sung was recently cast in Cats as the sexy rebel cat "Rum Tum Tugger".

    Since its debut in 1981, C,...
  • Se7en to Hold Hollywood Preview Party Before U.S. Debut

    Singer Se7en will perform in front of a live audience prior to his official debut in the U.S.

  • 'Hell Training' for S-line… Kang Hye-jung

    2008/04/10, Source,
    'A body like Angelina Jolie's?'

    Kang Hye-jung has entered training with the trainer team who worked with,...
  • Sandara Park to Star in Gumy's New Music Video
    2008/03/07, Source,
    Korean-Filipina entertainer Sandara Park will make her debut in Korea by appearing in a music video.

    Sandara Park, who moved to the Philippines with her family in 1995, made her debut,...
  • New Singers to Watch for in 2008

    2008/01/22, Source,
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    Idol groups such as the Wonder Girls, Big Bang and Girls' Generation dominated the pop charts last year. This power of youngsters in the Korean pop music industry wi,...
  • Big Bang Will Knock on Japan
    2008/01/03, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The hip-hop sensation Big Bang will join the rush of Korean celebrities making entertainment headlines in Japan.

    According to their agency, YG Entertainment, the five-member boy band will release a mi,...
  • Singer M Rises to New Heights

    2007/10/16, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    When you've been a member of one of the country's longest-running boy bands for nearly a decade, it would be tempting to sit back and enjoy your success. But,...
  • Actress Koo Appears in Hollywood Film

    2007/09/18, Source,
    Actress Ku Hye-sun was belatedly reported to have appeared in a Hollywood movie.

    The film was Robin William's new film 'August Rush' directed,...
  • K-Pop Idols to Hold Summer Concerts
    2007/05/22, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Some of K-pop's most popular idol groups TVXQ, Super Junior and Big Bang are to hold concerts that will surely delight their young, mostly female, fans this coming summer.

    S.M. Entertainment is gathering its top stars TVXQ, Super Junior,,...
  • [UPGRADING KOREAN CULTURE (3)]Online fans reshaping pop music world
    2007/03/21, Source,
    This is the third in an eight-part series of articles that looks into the country's cultural and entertainment sectors and explores ways to help sharpen their competitive edge. - Ed.

    By Lee Yong-sung

    More and more Korean pop stars are making some serious noise all across Asia. Not to mention s,...
  • Se7en Goes Back to Music
    2007/02/27, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    K-pop star Se7en's acting debut has been a disappointment to many fans, as shown by the lackluster ratings for his drama "Kung S" (Palace S - ",...
  • K-Pop Won Over Asia: Can It Win Over US?
    2006/10/30, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Rain, who is with JYP Entertainment, will advance to the U.S. market next year.
    Music knows no boundaries. Even language is not a hindrance. Nowhere is this more apparent than the K-pop explosion throughout,...
  • Korean popstar Se7en, a jack of all trades
    2006/10/26, Source,
    Singing, dancing and now acting: Is there anything that Korean pop idol Se7en cannot do?

    Since his debut in 2003, Se7en's vocal and choreographic talents have been celebrated across Asia. The first,...
  • Rain, Se7en to Compete in Korea and Japan with New Albums
    2006/08/16, Source,
    Korea's two top dance singers will face off on both domestic and overseas stages. Rain and Se7en will each release their first feature album and fourth single album in Japan on Sept. 13 before releasing their fourth feature albums at home in October.,...More
  • K-Pop Concerts Heading Overseas
    2006/07/15, Source,
    To maintain the booming popularity of Korean pop culture, also known as Hallyu, several Korean pop stars toured around Asia, this summer.
    They are also hoping to expand their fan base to other regions, including the United States.
    Son Hee-kyung has this story.

    Music fans the world over prepare,...
  • Se7en, Park Yong-ha Receive Award at Japan Gold Disc Award
    2006/03/10, Source,
    Korean singers Se7en and Park Yong-ha each received an award at the Japan Gold Disc Award on Thursday evening.

    Se7en's agency,...

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