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Han Ye-ri, Ryo Iwase, Lee Hee-joon and Kwon Yool's 'Worst Woman' has begun filming

Source | 2015/09/11 | Permalink

Han Ye-ri, Ryo Iwase, Lee Hee-joon and Kwon Yool will star in movie "Worst Woman".

On September 10th, IndieStory said, "Movie "Worst Woman" starring Han Ye-ri, Ryo Iwase, Lee Hee-joon and Kwon has begun filming today"...More

Movie of the week Short! Short! Short! 2011

Source | 2011/11/17 | Permalink

Movie of the week omnibus Short! Short! Short! 2011

Directed by Boo Ji-young, Yang Ik-june

With Seo Ju-hee, Heo Joon-seok, Ryu Hye-young, Kim Seo-hee,...

Also known as "A Time to Love"
Since 2007, Jeonju International Film Festival has promoted Korean short films planned with its Short! Short! Short! Project that supports short films of talented, young Korean directors. The Short! Short! Short! Project is produced by Indiestory Inc., and co-provided by KT&G Sangsangmadang, Jeonju International Film Festival, and Indiestory Inc. It is a new method of short film production project where three short films are produced in an omnibus type film and screened in theaters...More

Busan's Asian Film Market opens at new venue

Source | 2011/10/11 | Permalink

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)'s Asian Film Market opened yesterday for the first time in its new venue at the Busan Exhibition Convention Center (BEXCO). The market has reported a 67% increase in sales booths and a 24% increase in participant registration since last year...More

Korean film industry makes Declaration for the Normalization for Online Film Distribution

Source | 2011/08/02 | Permalink

by KOFIC staff

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC), the Korea Movie and Video Industry Association (KMVIA) and the Korean Film Producers Association led 108 companies and organizations in a Declaration for the Normalization for Online Film Distribution on July 27.

The declaration called for online service providers to stop the illegal circulation of films. It also demanded they stop indirect technical protection of piracy and the omission of legal sales figures. It strongly demanded they adhere to guidelines for the normalization of online copyright protection. Lastly, the declaration warned online service providers that the film industry would, in collaboration, henceforth take strict and rigorous action if they did not...More

Korean films to screen in Locarno film festival

Source | 2011/07/18 | Permalink


The 64th Festival del Film Locarno has announced its line-up to include the South Korea-Uzbekistan co-production ""Hanaan"", directed by Ruslan PAK. The film will screen in the Filmmakers of the Present Competition.

A story about young ethnic Koreans displaced in Uzbekistan, "Hanaan" is described by producer Ellen Y.D. KIM as "a sort of Uzbek Trainspotting", complete with wandering youth, drugs, crime, and the hope for a better life...More

Music Video by Gavy NJ released for the Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"

Source | 2011/06/16 | Permalink

Music Video by Gavy NJ released for the Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"...More

Korean movies opening today 2011/06/09 in Korea

Source | 2011/06/09 | Permalink

Korean movies opening today 2011/06/09 in Korea "White: The Melody of the Curse", "Moby Dick", omnibus "Short! Short! Short! 2011" and "The Story Of My Life"...More

Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"

Source | 2011/05/31 | Permalink

Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"...More

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"

Source | 2011/05/06 | Permalink

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"...More

Upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"

Source | 2011/04/28 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Short! Short! Short! 2011"'s page to HanCinema database...More

Taboo topics turn Proustian in 'Re-encounter'

Source | 2011/02/10 | Permalink

Yoo Da-in appears in scene from "Re-encounter", which follows the story of a young woman searching for her daughter, thought to be adopted. / Courtesy of Indiestory

By Lee Hyo-won

A scorned lover, a dementia-stricken widow and even a sickly stray dog meander through memories and abandoned houses. In "Re-encounter", these dusty, depressing subjects, paired with uncomfortable issues like teenage pregnancy, adoption and animal rights, all somehow melt into a beautiful, poetically sparse mise-en-scene...More

Song Il-gon Documents Romantic 'Dance' of Diaspora

Source | 2009/12/08 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Song Il-gon's mise-en-scene is admired for its poeticism and arresting imagination, and his trademark qualities prevail in his first feature documentary, "Dance of Time".

He brings a gem of a film that, though rooted in reality, gives full bloom to romanticism, reading more like a love letter to Cubans rather than a historical account of a unique branch of the Korean Diaspora.

"I've always wanted to travel to Cuba", the 38-year-old cineaste told The Korea Times over a shot of espresso, in a small cafe in downtown Seoul last week.

He had his heart set on the Caribbean country as the backdrop of a new love story. But when Cuba's national baseball team visited Korea last year, he met a local interpreter and was surprised to learn about fifth- and sixth-generation "Coreanos".

A century ago a group of Joseon (1392-1910) laborers set sail for Cuba in hopes of returning with a fortune. But they were forced to toil away on henequen farms, never making enough money for the trip back. They would nevertheless go on to build Korean schools and even fund Kim Gu's resistance movement against colonial Japan (1910-45). They be...More

"Old Partner" to Open in Japan

Source | 2009/10/22 | Permalink

The sleeper surprise of early 2009, documentary "Old Partner" is to get a limited release in Japan this December. Korean sales and distribution company Indiestory announced that Siglo, the Japanese exhibitor that picked up rights to the film, will release it on three screens in the bustling Tokyo boroughs of Shibuya, Ginza and Shinjuku.

The low-budget HD documentary, directed by Lee Chung-ryoul, follows the daily hardships and humor...More

Korean Sales Deals at Pusan

Source | 2009/10/16 | Permalink

The Asian Film Market, an all-round business hub for the Asian film industry, wrapped up October 14 after a four-day run during Korea's Pusan International Film Festival (Oct. 8 16). Korean sales companies reported a number of deals during the market, though sales were fewer than in previous years.

M-Line Distribution sold its titles "A Frozen Flower" and "Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle" to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Mirovision sold last year's horror hit "Deathbell" to Thailand, Japan, and France, and "Loner" to Thailand. Indiestory sold Korea's surprise documentary smash hit ...More

Let Horror Take Control of Summer Heat

Source | 2009/08/04 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee, Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporters

Local broadcasters and the movie industry are preparing to help viewers kill the summer heat with horror programs and movies this month. Here is some of what's being offered.

Small Screen

MBC, which has had a successful history of horror dramas, including "M - Drama", starring popular actress Shim Eun-ha in 1994, hopes to reprise that success with the drama 'HON - Soul'.

"'HON - Soul' is not based on `Korean Ghost Stories' nor is it a part of the movie series `Whispering Corridors'. We used the film `Let the Right One In', which is about a relationship between a vampire girl and young boy, as a model, and started working from there", Kim Sang-ho-I, the director, said at a press conference held at MBC, Ilsan, Monday.

'HON - Soul' revolves around a high school student, Ha-na (newcomer Lim Ju-eun), who can see dead people, and a profiler named Shin Ryu, played by Lee Seo-jin ("Yi San", 2008). When Shin meets Ha-na and discovers her ability, he uses her to pay back his enemy, only to find himself becoming the devil.

"If the story is too distant, viewers will feel lost, but if it's too much of a cliche, viewers will easily get bored. We wanted to show viewers that in the end, it's people who are scary, not the special effects, the makeup or sounds. In our drama, the ghosts mostly appear during the daytime", he said. Nevertheless, the drama is for viewers 19 years or older.

Lee, who will be appearing in his first drama in a year, plays the charismatic profiler with a dark past and evil plans.

"I've always wanted to portray a character who has both good and evil sides, which made it natural for me to participate in this series. For me, it's more of a thriller with ghosts, and I believe it will be a perfect getaway from the heat", he said.


Korea's Film Focuses on Migrant Issues

Source | 2009/06/26 | Permalink

Despite the fact that many migrant diasporas remain largely on the fringes of Korean society, it doesn't prevent them from make their own cinematic footprints. "Bandhobi" directed by Sin Dong-il ("Host and Guest") brings together 2 characters that would normally be unlikey to mix. Karim a Bangladeshi migrant worker and a Min-Seo a female school girl form a very special friendship amongst an indifferent world. Although the film deals with significant issues such as the plight of immigrant workers, racism, poverty and the inequal...More

'Bandhobi' Interweaves Growing Pains, Cultures

Source | 2009/06/18 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In "Bandhobi", director Sin Dong-il translates to screen "uncomfortable" issues of illegal immigration, racism and social toadyism through the universal languages of ticklish humor, teenage angst and priceless friendship.

It's a story about growing pains and the meeting point of different cultures _ the title "Bandohbi" roughly means "female friend" in Bengali. It's an indie flick that, while comfortably feigning mainstream superficiality, is inlaid with some gem-like scenes that show why Shim was dubbed "the Korean Woody Allen" (Berlin International Film Festival, "Host and Guest", 2005).

Teenage actress Bae Jin-hee portrays the cheeky 17-year-old Min-seo with sure-fire articulation. One of the thousands of girls who took part in political candlelit vigils, Min-seo relentlessly speaks he...More

'Comfort Woman' Film Touches Japan

Source | 2009/03/18 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

If Erin Brockovich's cleavage helped her defense, then Grandma Song Sin-do's unbreakable heart keeps her fighting her case. Currently playing in theaters is Ahn Hae-ryong's "My Heart Is Not Yet Broken", which documents this "unconventional" World War II victim who has become something of a star in Japan while filing a lawsuit against the Japanese government.

Only recently have surviving "comfort women", who were forced into sexual slavery in Japanese military brothels during war, dared to speak of their past. In 1991, Kim Hak-soon was the first to give a public testimony in Korea, and two years later, Song became the first in Japan.

The local media often portrays a group of fragile, teary-eyed grandmothers and supporters demonstrating vehemently in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul ― but in Song's instance, it was a group of Japanese civilians who persuaded her to file a case against the Japanese government and demand a formal apology. And, unlike other war victims, this "hard as nails" 77-year-old exhib...More

'Old Partner' Eyes 2M Mark, Feels Strain of Success

Source | 2009/02/20 | Permalink

The movie is attracting tens of thousands in their 50s and 60s who usually seldom visit theaters
Jean K. Min (jean)

"Old Partner", a touching human documentary about an unusual relationship between an old farmer and his 40-year-old ox has sold over 1 million tickets as of Friday and looks on track for the 2 million mark.

IndieStory, the film's distributor says the movie passed 1 million viewers Friday afternoon, 37 days after its opening on Jan. 15. The former sales record held for a documentary film is by Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", which sold 450,000 tickets.

Some film marketers predict that it would even pass 2 million-mark if it keeps selling seats at current rate; ...More

Word of mouth advertising attracts 100,000 to 'Old Partner'

Source | 2009/02/05 | Permalink

The Korean documentary film "Old Partner" (directed by Lee Chung-ryul) has topped 100,000 in ticket sales thanks to word-of-mouth advertising. It's a record commercial success for a domestic independent film.

Distributor Indiestory says the film opened Jan. 15 in only seven theaters nationwide. It is now being screened in 38 and has been watched by 100,366 people in 19 days as of Monday.

The highest grossing Korean independent film to date is the 2007 documentary "Our School" by director Kim Myeong-joon, which attracted 55,000 moviegoers. Including community center and school screenings, the film was watched by 90,000 to 100,000 Koreans.

"Old Partner" is the story of a nea...More

Indiestory celebrates anniversary with the world

Source | 2008/11/14 | Permalink

Indiestory (Korea Independent Film Distribution Company) celebrates its tenth anniversary with events in Seoul, Lyon, and Hong Kong. Indiestory is unique in Korea as it is fully dedicated to the distribution of independent cinema.

In Seoul, Indiestory opened the Oh! Indieful Film Festival on 9 November and the festival is hosted at the venues Seoul Art Cinema, Indiespace, and Cinema Sangangmadang until 20 November.

At the 14th Lyon Asian Film Festival from 4 November until 8 November, Indiestory opened the special celebratory program titled 10th anniversary of Indiestory to showcase Korean independent cinema. The selected films were: "Hello, Stranger...More

Korean artist reflects on Pixar

Source | 2008/07/25 | Permalink

Currently working as layout and lighting artist for high-profile computer animation studio Pixar Joh Sung-yeon has come a long way from her studies in printmaking at Hongik University.

Here in Seoul for the "Pixar: 20 Years of Animation" exhibition, Joh talks in a lighthearted manner about her decision to go into the field of computer animation.

"I like trying different things out", she said during an interview with The Korea Herald. "After high school, I did printmaking. And when I went to America to study abroad, I saw that there was a field for animation".

Joh enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and majored in art and technology. For her master's thesis, she created the award-winning 3-D computer animation short, "Grandma" (2000).

With talent and guts to boot, the bold graduate made 50 copies of her thesis and sent it to various festivals.

"I sent it to major festivals and t...More

Hong Sang-soo's Film Vies for Berlin Award

Source | 2008/02/11 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

While Korea celebrated Seollal on Feb. 7, on the far side of the globe, Germany greeted cineaste and cinephiles from all over the world for the 58th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), which runs through Sunday. This year, Hong Sang-soo's "Night and Day" competes for the Golden Bear award while three other Korean films make their mark at one of the most exciting and large-scale film events.

"Night and Day" is Hong's eighth feature film and it is the first time the acclaimed director competes at the Berlinale. Known as an innovative minimalist, Hong had competed in Cannes with "Woman is the Future of Man" (2004) and "Tale of Cinema" (2005). Before flying to Berlin, he stopped by Geneva earlier this month because "Woman on the Beach" (2006) was invited to the Black Movie Festival.

A recipient of the 2005 Korean Film Council Production Support for Art Film...More

Four Korean films to screen at Berlin Film Fest

Source | 2008/01/29 | Permalink

Acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo will return to the Berlin International Film Festival with his eighth film "Night and Day", which screens in the festival's competition section. This will be the first time that a film by HONG competes at Berlin, after his previous works "Woman is the Future of Man" (2004) and "Tale of Cinema" (2005) competed at Cannes.

The film, recipient of 2005 KOFIC Production Support for Art Films, which was 90% shot in Paris, stars Kim Young-ho as an artist who runs off to France and leaves behind his wife played by Hwang Soo-jung....More

Short Glimpses of Korea

Source | 2007/11/12 | Permalink

Short film festival in Berlin shows movies from South Korea

Jan Creutzenberg (RhusHeesen)

It is not too hard to watch some Korean movies in Germany these days. Some play in cinemas, more are sold on DVD. But while the major feature films are generally available, short films are harder to get a hold of.

The 23rd International Short Film Festival in Berlin, which took place last week, tried to close this gap: In collaboration with two film schools (Korean Academy of Film Arts and Korean National University of Arts), the Korean Film Council (a governmental organization for promoting Korea's film industry) and IndieStory (Korea's only distribution company dedicated to independent film), a special section dedicated to short films from South Korea was shown. From over 350 entries, four thematic programs were chosen, of which I saw two.

Everything has to be destroyed: Miscom...More

'Fantastic Parasuicides' Invited to Sydney Film Festival

Source | 2007/11/07 | Permalink

The Korean omnibus film 'Fantastic Parasuicides' has been invited to the 2008 Sydney International Film Festival in Australia.

Producer and distributor Indiestory said it was unusual for festival organizers to invite a film prior to officially announcing the festival program.

The Fantastic Parasuicides, which was also invited to the Pusan International Film Festival's Wide Angle category, is an omnibus film which consists of three short films that come together under the common theme "suicide". The three short films include 'Three People in the Dark' directed by Park Soo-young-I, 'Fly Chicken!' directed by Jo Chang-ho and 'Happy Birthday' direct...More

Who's That Knocking at My Door? Local Release

Source | 2007/10/23 | Permalink

After screening in the Korean Cinema Today Visions section of the 12th Pusan International Film Festival, "Who's That Knocking At My Door??" became one of the Korean highlights, receiving very positive mentions from both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, the two top US entertainment trade magazines. Premiering at the 8th Jeonju International Film Festival earlier this year, Knocking won the Audience Critics' Award which made it the recipient of the CJ-CGV Rele...More

2nd Annual Asian-European Film Showcase

Source | 2007/05/25 | Permalink

Love in Asia and Europe

Expanding to feature four Asian and four European countries, this second annual showcase, focusing on the theme of romantic love, features films from Japan, France, Korea, Italy, China, Spain, India, and Germany. The medium of film provides a unique opportunity to view and compare cultures in Asia and Europe.

How is love portrayed in Asian and European film? How do couples relate to one another? What changes and differences are evident within cultures?
Over the course of two weeks, pairings of Asian and European short films, many of which won national and international awards, will screen on eight evenings, followed by discussions addressing the films' cultural contexts and topics. The closing evening will present a short film from each cou...More

Sales at the Asian Film Market

Source | 2006/11/03 | Permalink

This year's Pusan International Film Festival witnessed the opening of the inaugural Asian Film Market, a comprehensive film industry hub which covers many aspects of filmmaking from pre-sales, sales, and financing to production and post facilities as well as a casting network for up-and-coming stars.

In terms of deal-making, sales companies reported that not many deals were signed, however agreements and project advancement took place. The absence of many European buyers due largely to the opening of the Rome International Film Festival during the same period, was also noted, however those from Europe who did come had first pick and were pleased with their findings.

Among Korean deals made, CJ's martial arts fantasy The Restless and box office record-breaker The Host were bought from Cineclick Asia by Singapore's Queen Imperial for rights in Indonesia's growing market. Queen also picked up iHQ's ...More

Brisbane Film Fest to Honor SK Films

Source | 2005/04/04 | Permalink

A retrospective celebrating South Korean independent films will open at this year's Brisbane International Film Festival.

Seven works, including Lee Song-hee's "Camellia Project-Three Queer St...More

Korea Film Fest of Florence 2005

Source | 2005/03/23 | Permalink

Retrospective of Kim Ki-duk to be held also in Milan, Rome, and Turin
Korea Film Fest
3rd International Festival of Korean Cinematography in Florence

South Korea invades Italy in the third engagement of the Korean Film Fest, an international Korean film festival with a retrospective of the director Kim Ki-duk taking place from April 8th through the 14th at the Stensen Auditorium in Florence (Viale Don Minzoni, 25/c).
Whether it be first screenings or contemporary classics, the one-of-a-kind festival in all of Italy will offer about twenty projections: a cinematographic run that begins at the debut of the director, Kim Ki-duk. Starting from the first projection in Italy of Crocodile (1996) in which he overturns all the rules regarding cinematographic language, to Wild Animals (1997), his second film which marks the return of the director to the city in which he lived in during his European stay: Paris. Continuing with the first national screenings is Real Fiction, a feature-length film directed by Kim Ki-duk, filmed in only three hours with ten movie and two digital video cameras to allow for experimentation with the potential of this new cinematographic tool. Not to miss are the latest masterpieces from Ki-duk: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter...and Spring Again and ...More

Omnibus Film Festival draws Indie flicks

Source | 2005/01/24 | Permalink

A string of films by unknown and veteran directors will be featured at a festival in Seoul in an effort to support the creation of independent movies in Korea.

Organized by Indiestory, an independent films distribution company, "Omnibus Film Festival" will screen the works of Asian, American and European filmmakers from Saturday, Jan. 29, to the following Friday, Feb. 4, at the Seoul Art Cinema in Jongno-gu.

The festival highlights "omnibus films", a format where a number of films are viewed together in one sitting.

Cult favorite and indie veteran Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarettes" (95 min.), a string of tales that serve up dialogue and abundant amounts of caffeine and nicotine, will play on Saturday at 2 p.m. and Feb. 2 at 8 p.m.

"One ...More

Panel Discussion on Independent Film Financing to be Held

Source | 2005/01/18 | Permalink

The Association of Korean Independent Films and Video (AKIFV) plans to hold a panel discussion on the current situation of independent film financing and ways to deal with it. The event will take place on Feb. 21 at 2 P.M. at Mediact in the Ilmin Gallery in Gwangwhamun.

The panel includes Ex...More

Korean Independent Film Special screening event: on March in Tokyo

Source | 2005/01/06 | Permalink

Korean Independent Film Special screening event takes place on March in Tokyo, Japan.

According to 'Indiestory', an independent film distribution firm, Japanese film institution 'Image Forum' prepares a special screening event by inviting Korea's independent full-length, short-length movie, and animations from March. 5 through March 11, this year.

Invited films include 'Why Not Community', 'Illusion', Camellia Project-Three Quee...More

Dust wins Special Jury Prize at Belo Horizonte

Source | 2004/08/09 | Permalink

35mm short film Dust by director HONG Jae-hee has won a Special Jury Prize at the 2004 Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival in Brazil.

The 9-minute black-and-white film tells the story of a housewife who spends her life locked inside, slowly becoming covered with dust. The film is HONG's graduation work from the Korean National U...More

'Repatriation' screened with English subtitles

Source | 2004/04/07 | Permalink

An English-subtitled version of "Repatriation", a Korean documentary about former North Korean spies and soldiers in the South, is being screened at Hypertheque Nada in Daehangno, Seoul, at 11 a.m. on weekends and holidays.

"Repatriation" ( "Songhwan" in Korean) documents the lives of North Korean spies who were captured and imprisoned in the South for 30 to 40 years. They were finally set free in the late 1990s when inter-Korean relations improved, and 63 former "unconverted" prisoners were repatriated to the North in 2000. The film focuses on the prisoners' experiences.

"Repatriation" opened in eight theaters March 19 and has so far done better than expected at the box office. The version with English subtitles is aimed at foreign viewers in Korea, said Indiestory Inc., the film's promoter.


Film People to Support Labor Party

Source | 2004/04/02 | Permalink

Actress Moon So-ri, director Park Chan-wook and 145 other members of the local film industry will gather on Wednesday to officially announce their support for the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) in the upcoming elections.
The members will be supporting the party because it "represents sincere progress and understanding of the people", they stated through a news release yesterday. "There now needs to be a political ...More

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