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Prosecutors, clears "Hanbando - Drama" writer

Source | 2011/08/31 | Permalink

Writer Yoon Seon-joo from the drama "Hanbando - Drama" who was charged with obstruction of business by the productions Olive Nine, was cleared of all charges.

Whitely Media which promotes this drama revealed on the 1st, "The Goyang investigation department cleared the charges on Yoon made by Olive Nine for obstruction of business"....More

SBS puts money on 'Tazza' drama

Source | 2008/09/15 | Permalink

In the hopes of carrying a trilogy of dramas based on the works of cartoonist Huh Young-man to a successful end, SBS starts airing the final installment tonight.

The broadcasting channel kicked off a trio of Heo's dramas in April with "I Love You - 2008", followed up with the hit series "Gourmet" in June and will now complete the set with "Tazza: The High Rollers" ("Tazza: The High Rollers").

Like "Gourmet", the original comic series was already made into a blockbuster movie in 2006. The film wowed audiences with its ruthless plotline, superbly executed by actor Cho Seung-woo and actress Kim Hye-soo, becoming the second-biggest film of the year. The small screen version plans on repeating that kind of success.

The drama's formula to success lies in a revamped storyline, an infusion of humor and a brand new character. Planning to capitalize on the riveting tal...More

Han Ye-seul, lead female role in drama "Tazza: The High Rollers - Drama"... comeback to television in two years

Source | 2008/06/26 | Permalink

a class='liennormal' href='korean_Han_Ye-seul.php'bHan Ye-seul/b/aHan Ye-seul is coming back to television two years after MBC "Fantastic Couple".

Han Ye-seul was cast as Kwang-sook, the lead female character in the drama "Tazza" set to air in September on SBS. A representative from the production company, Olive Nine, said, "The character Kwang-sook will be a character not from the original work, and will act with Ko-ni (Jang Hyuk) and Yeong-min (Kim Min-joon)"....More

"Lovers in Paris" writer Kang Eun-jeong to write Korean-Japanese "Lovers in Asuka"

Source | 2008/05/22 | Permalink

"Lovers in Asuka" is a joint production of Olive Nine, the producers of "Jumong", "Hwangjin-i", and "King and I", and the Japanese advertising agency Dentsu. It will air on SBS this December.


Choi Ji-woo, "Drunk pictures were photoshopped"

Source | 2008/03/20 | Permalink

A representative of actress Choi Ji-woo's entertainment company Olive Nine revealed that the drunk pictures and article of her released by the Chinese press were fake.

Olive Nine released the suspicious picture and another picture from a Chinese broadcasting CCTV internet site. They claimed, "The Chinese press photoshopped the picture in order to publish a harsh article".

They revealed, "She greeted Yun Fat Chow at an event that day, and he playfully h...More

Local Epic TV Dramas Going Global

Source | 2008/02/05 | Permalink

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

As more Korean soap operas are sold abroad, hallyu, or the Korean wave, is now spreading beyond Asia to European countries as well. In particular, Korean epic dramas are gaining popularity around the world.

MBC's "Jewel in the Palace" ("Dae Jang Geum") started airing on TRT-TV, a government-run broadcasting station in Turkey, Jan 14.

As the first Korean drama to be aired in Turkey, "Dae Jang Geum" will also be broadcast in Hungary in mid February. Other Eastern European countries, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia, have also signed contracts with MBC to screen "Dae Jang Geum" later this year.

"Dae Jang Geum" is one of the most prominent dramas leading the hallyu wave. The drama stars Lee Young-ae as Jang-geum, a woman who became the first female roy...More

Charismatic images of Jang Keun-suk staring in "Hong Gil Dong" appear on the newly opened teaser website

Source | 2007/12/11 | Permalink

Jang Keun-suk plays character Chang Hee in KBS drama titled "Hong Gil Dong". There are several images that capture his performance on the newly opened teaser web site. Jang Keun-suk's performance leads you to believe he is a revengeful leader who becomes King. Pictures of Jang in the web site show a powerful character drastically different from roles he has played in previous drams. The staff from Olive Nine Inc. that produced 'Hong Gil Dong', stated that, "Jang is an actor of many faces and appeara...More

OST of Drama 'Devil' Big Hit in Japan

Source | 2007/10/29 | Permalink

A good drama with good music is apt to attract viewer attention. The music of the KBS drama "Devil", which ended airing in Korea in May, appears to have gained a large following in Japan.

Since airing in Japan, the drama has seen 20,000 copies of its OST sold, which ranks high in various Japanese on- and offline OST charts and is showing explosive popularity.

The 19 song album includes singing by lead actor Uhm Tae-woong and the collaboratio...More

Choi Ji Woo is invited for Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris, France!

Source | 2007/10/04 | Permalink

According to Olive Nine, Choi's agency, Choi has been invited to participate as a VIP guest for 'The 2008 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Collection Fashion Show' and she's the only one in Korea to be invited.

The story of this invitation goes back to Choi's 'Louis Vuitton 2007 Fall/Winter Collection' photo session, said Olive Nine.

Olive 9 also mentioned that 'People from Louis Vu...More

Korean Soaps in Crisis

Source | 2007/09/09 | Permalink

Korean soaps, once at the crest of the Korean Wave all across East Asia, are facing a crisis.

The pay scale of stars is going through the roof, with production firms complaining they are on the verge of going bust. More seriously still, there are signs that overseas demand is dropping while domestic viewers are turning their backs.

The Corea Drama Production Association (CODA), a group of some 40 major drama production firms including industry leaders KimJongHak Production, Olive Nine and Chorokbaem Media, scheduled a press conference at the Korean Broadcasters Association in Yangcheon-gu on Friday where it is to announce concert...More

Chae Rim to Play Lead in Chinese Drama

Source | 2007/05/29 | Permalink

Actress Chae Rim, who made a successful TV comeback after a two-year hiatus with the hit KBS drama "Dalja's Spring" (which ended in March), has decided to take on the lead role in the Chinese drama The Mischievous Princess 2.

Chae will play the lead character 'Sadojeong' in the 30 part series love story between the princess of China's Su ...More

Japanese Fans Keen on Drama 'Mawang' ("Devil")

Source | 2007/04/13 | Permalink

The KBS drama "Mawang" ("Devil"), currently airing in Korea, will soon be shown in Japan, targeting fans of the earlier hit Korean series "Revenge".

Mawang ("Devil")'s production agency Olive Nine said the drama will air on the cable channel So-net TV from October and that the drama's film set will soon be unveiled to Japanese viewers.


New drama Hwangjin-i demonstrates impact of 'Cultural Archetype Syndrome'

Source | 2006/09/28 | Permalink

Making full use of the 'Kisaeng culture in the Joseon period', 'traditional accessories', and the 'drinking culture'

KBS's new Wednesday and Thursday drama, "Hwangjin-i" (written by Yoon Seon-joo and directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo), hosted by Ha Ji-Won, which is scheduled to be broadcast starting Oct. 11, will use the outcome of the 'Cultural Archetype Digital Contents Program' (hereinafter referred to as 'Cultural Archetype Contents'), which is being implemented by t...More

PAPE POPO ventures into an animated film for broadcasting

Source | 2006/04/10 | Permalink

PAPE POPO (by Sim Seung-hyeon), a cartoon essay more than 2.1 million copies of which have been sold in Korea since its first publication in 2002, will be made into an animated film for broadcasting.

"We have received funding support from the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA), an affiliate of the Ministry of Information and Communications, for the translation of the essay into an animated film, PAPE POPO Moving-Toon, with a total production budget of 520 million Korean won", Olive Nine Co., Ltd. announced on March 31.

The company had previously been chosen as one ...More

Olive Nine to enter the Chinese drama market in earnest

Source | 2005/12/13 | Permalink

Olive Nine Co., Ltd., which produces the hit dramas like "Green Rose", "Bad Wife" and "Lovers in Prague" penetrates the drama market in China.

Olive Nine signed a MOU with the Hong Kong stock exchange-listed Chinese company CHC on 11 Dec to co-produce the drama in China. CHC is a consolidated health and beauty concern.

Olive Nine and CHC will co-produce the series with US$3 million of production cost. The story is about the medical center to be telecasted all through China at the end of next year.

The shooting place will be the hospital in Beijing organized by CHC. The Chinese c...More