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싸이더스HQ (Sidus HQ)
Management company Production International sales
Sambo Bldg., 1st Fl.
88, Samseong 1-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-871)
South Korea

Tel : +82-2-6005-6005
Fax : +82-2-6005-6699 ( English Chinese Korean Japanese )
International sales
Management company
Baek Sung-hyun (백성현)
Baek Sung-hyun
Cha Hyun-jung (차현정)
Cha Hyun-jung
Choi Ah-ra (최아라)
Choi Ah-ra
Choi Young-min (최영민)
Choi Young-min
Go Eun-mi (고은미)
Go Eun-mi
Gong Yoo (공유)
Gong Yoo
Hak Jin (학진)
Hak Jin
Han Da-gam (한다감)
Han Da-gam
Heo Ji-won (허지원)
Heo Ji-won
Hwang Ha-na (황하나)
Hwang Ha-na
Im Baek-chun (임백천)
Im Baek-chun
Im Hyung-joon (임형준)
Im Hyung-joon
Im Seulong (임슬옹)
Im Seulong
Jang Hyuk (장혁)
Jang Hyuk
Jang Kyoung-up (장경업)
Jang Kyoung-up
Jay Park (박재범)
Jay Park
Ji Eun-sung (지은성)
Ji Eun-sung
Jo Bo-ah (조보아)
Jo Bo-ah
Jo Dong-hyuk (조동혁)
Jo Dong-hyuk
Jung Daeun (정다은)
Jung Daeun
Jung Yoon-min (정윤민)
Jung Yoon-min
Karl Yune (칼 윤)
Karl Yune
칼 윤
Ki Eun-se (기은세)
Ki Eun-se
Kim Bo-ra (김보라)
Kim Bo-ra
Kim Da-ye (김다예)
Kim Da-ye
Kim Ha-neul (김하늘)
Kim Ha-neul
Kim Han-jong (김한종)
Kim Han-jong
Kim Ji-young-III (김지영)
Kim Ji-young-III
Kim Su-jeong (김수정)
Kim Su-jeong
Kim Woo-bin (김우빈)
Kim Woo-bin
Kim Yoo-jung (김유정)
Kim Yoo-jung
Kim Yoon-hye (김윤혜)
Kim Yoon-hye
Lee Bong-won (이봉원)
Lee Bong-won
Lee Chae-young (이채영)
Lee Chae-young
Lee Mi-sook (이미숙)
Lee Mi-sook
Lee Seong-eun (이성은)
Lee Seong-eun
Lee Seung-ha (이승하)
Lee Seung-ha
Nam Gyu-ri (남규리)
Nam Gyu-ri
Oh Jae-moo (오재무)
Oh Jae-moo
Oh Kwang-rok (오광록)
Oh Kwang-rok
Park Gun-tae (박건태)
Park Gun-tae
Park Hee-von (박희본)
Park Hee-von
Park Hyun-woo-I (박현우)
Park Hyun-woo-I
Park Solomon (박솔로몬)
Park Solomon
Park Sun-ho (박선호)
Park Sun-ho
Ryu Seung-soo (류승수)
Ryu Seung-soo
Song Chae-yoon-I (송채윤)
Song Chae-yoon-I
Uhm Ki-joon (엄기준)
Uhm Ki-joon
Ye Rim (예림)
Ye Rim
Yoo Min-hyuk (유민혁)
Yoo Min-hyuk



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Uhm Ki-joon Confirms Starring in "Penthouse"

Source | 2020/03/17 | Permalink

Actor Uhm Ki-joon is returning with "Penthouse", according to Sidus HQ.

Written by Kim Soon-ok, "Penthouse" is the story about a woman's desire, motherhood, and real estate success towards the entrance of high society. Uhm Ki-joon takes on the role of Shim Soo-ryeon's (Lee Ji-ah) husband, Joo Dan-te, an investment company CEO...More

Kim Yoon-hye in "Eighteen Again"

Source | 2020/03/09 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoon-hye is joining Kim Ha-neul and Lee Do-hyun's "Eighteen Again" as a rookie announcer.

Sidus HQ explained that Kim Yoon-hye is returning with the jTBC drama "Eighteen Again"...More

Kim Woo-bin to Resume Activities, in Discussion With Shin Min-ah's Agency

Source | 2020/02/03 | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin is currently in discussion with his partner, Shin Min-ah's, agency. Will the long-dating couple end up in the same company?

AM Entertainment told XportsNews on the 3rd that it's currently in negotiation with Kim Woo-bin, and nothing further has been decided...More

Kim Yoo-jung Might Come Back With "Backstreet Rookie"

Source | 2020/01/13 | Permalink

Will Kim Yoo-jung come back with a drama?

Sidus HQ announced on News N on the 13th that she is in talks for "Backstreet Rookie"...More

[HanCinema's News] Sidus HQ Releases New Pictures of Kim Woo-bin

2019/12/27 | Permalink

On December 27th Sidus HQ released new pictures of Kim Woo-bin, an actor who the agency represents. The new photos immediately drew attention for showing Kim Woo-bin off in his new long-haired style...More

Jang Hyuk Displays Manliness With Open Shirt

Source | 2019/10/31 | Permalink

Jang Hyuk portrayed manliness in a photo shoot.

Sidus HQ released pictures of Jang Hyuk on the 25th...More

Jang Hyuk's Characters: Dae-gil from "The Slave Hunters" VS Lee Bang-won from "My Country: The New Age"

Source | 2019/10/28 | Permalink

Actor Jang Hyuk is rewriting his resume with the jTBC drama "My Country: The New Age", which is his next best sageuk drama since "The Slave Hunters".

Jang Hyuk is known to work all throughout the year and appear in several films and dramas. However, the public always compared his work to that of Dae-gil from "The Slave Hunters", no matter what genre he was in. But that's all about to change, as his character of Lee Bang-won from "My Country: The New Age" is being called the record breaker to Jang Hyuk's character of Dae-gil...More

Oh Yeon-seo Signs Contract With Sidus HQ

Source | 2019/10/16 | Permalink

Actress Oh Yeon-seo promised a new leap with Sidus HQ.

Sidus HQ announced on the 14th that Oh Yeon-seo signed a contract with it and that it will give her unlimited support in an active career...More

[HanCinema's News] Yoon Joo-bin Finds Agency Representation

2019/05/28 | Permalink

Yoon Joo-bin has signed a contract with Sidus HQ. The news follows a strong positive reception to Yoon Joo-bin's appearance on the music program 'King of Masked Singer', where various incognito Korean celebrities do musical setpieces before an audience and studio panel who can only speculate as to who is under the mask...More

Lee Mi-sook Absent from Engagements

Source | 2019/04/11 | Permalink

According to Sports Dong-A, actress Lee Mi-sook didn't participate in the recording of the MBN TV show "Actors Today" due to personal reasons. Neither did she a ppear for the recording of the previous two episodes...More

Kim Woo-bin's Birthday Messages and Words of Comfort

Source | 2018/07/16 | Permalink

While Kim Woo-bin is suffering from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma, messages congratulating him on his birthday have been flowing in.

Sidus HQ posted a picture of the actor in celebration his 30th birthday...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Uhm Ki-joon Joins "Two Lives One Heart" as Complex Villain

2018/06/29 | Permalink

Make way for the return of Uhm Ki-joon, whose time with the "Defendant" PD and writers has clearly formed a solid bond. The actor is reuniting with the creators for a reportedly nuanced villain working against Go Soo's hero in upcoming medical drama "Two Lives One Heart"...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Yoo-jung Updates Fans on Her Health Status

Source | 2018/05/22 | Permalink

Kim Yoo-jung stopped all activity due to her illness 3 months ago and she recently delivered the latest news and updates on her status for her fans...More

Im Seulong Transferred to Reservist Duty Due to Painful Rare Medical Condition

Source | 2018/04/08 | Permalink

Im Seulong, who joined the military in November of last year, has been transferred to a post with the reserves because of a rare medical condition.

According to Sidus HQ, Im Seulong has been suffering from frequent pains around his ribs and was diagnosed with a rare disease, "12th Rib Syndrom", that requires continuous treatment...More

Kim So-hyun to Star in KBS Drama "Radio Romance"

Source | 2017/11/29 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyun is starring in the new KBS 2TV drama "Radio Romance", several sources confirm...More

2AM's Im Seulong Joins the Military Today

Source | 2017/11/28 | Permalink

Singer and actor Im Seulong is going off for duty.

His agency only announced that he will be joining military service on the 28th of November, but will enter quietly...More

Ji Eun-sung to star in "Reverse"

Source | 2017/11/02 | Permalink

Ji Eun-sung is starring in the new MBC morning drama "Reverse".

According to Sidus HQ, Ji Eun-sung is starring in "Reverse" as Kim Jae-min, Kim In-yeong's (Sin Da-eun) brother. He gave up education because of his family situation and works hard to make a living...More

Jang Hyuk in "Money Bouquet", not yet

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

MBC and Sidus HQ claim Jang Hyuk hasn't confirmed his role in the new drama "Money Bouquet".

He is still considering the offer, according to them...More

Why did Kim Woo-bin hide his cancer from his parents?

Source | 2017/05/24 | Permalink

Kim Woo-bin has nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Sidus HQ released a report on the 24th, but it wasn't like the media reported it first. The reason why the management released news about Kim Woo-bin's health is because the actor, his parents and the management thought it'd be best that they told the public about it first rather than have misinterpretations later...More

"Goblin" Kim So-hyun on production site

Source | 2017/01/01 | Permalink

Kim So-hyun was spotted filming the drama "Goblin".

A footage was posted on the SIdus HQ official Instagram and it recorded a high number of views. Comments include, "Even the sun admires her"...More

"Bring It On, Ghost" Kim So-hyun in uniform VS pink dress

Source | 2016/07/07 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyun was spotted reading her script.

Sidus HQ posted pictures of her on Twitter saying, "A ghost this pretty? Kim So-hyun can be seen in the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost""...More

Kim So-hyun's matchless doll-like beauty

Source | 2016/05/31 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyun is exquisite.

Sidus HQ released pictures of Kim So-hyun from hidden photo collections...More

Kim Yoo-jung's sweet visual

Source | 2016/03/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoo-jung is a sweet one.

Her agency Sidus HQ released pictures of her on its official Twitter on the 18th...More

'My Sister, The Pig Lady' starring Hwang Jung-eum receives Grand Prize at Osaka Asian Film Festival

Source | 2016/03/15 | Permalink

'My Sister, The Pig Lady' was awarded Grand Prize at Osaka Asian Film Festival.

According Sidus HQ on March 15th, 'My Sister, The Pig Lady' starring Hwang Jung-eum received Grand Prize at 2016 Osaka Asian Film Festival...More

Lee Yoo-bi, "Man with cell phone asks for money"

Source | 2015/10/28 | Permalink

A man who threatened Lee Yoo-bi to reveal the contents of her phone, was arrested.

Sidus HQ claimed, "We release an official statement about the man who threatened Lee Yoo-bi that he will reveal the contents of her cell phone"...More

Kim Yoo-jung's lovely goddess-like beauty

Source | 2015/09/14 | Permalink

Kim Yoo-jung has grown up to be a mature and feminine lady.

Her management SIDUS HQ recently announced on Twitter, "Kim Yoo-jung is now a Greek Goddess! Kim Yoo-jung indeed!"...More

Who is Jo Bo-ah? On Joo-wan's girlfriend

Source | 2015/08/03 | Permalink

Jo Bo-ah is the talk of the town.

Jo Bo-ah is a Korean actress from Daejeon and her real name is Jo Bo-yoon...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lover's Lane

2015/04/18 | Permalink

Sue and Holly have some delicious, and spicy, recipes for us, Seoul Eats reviews a new restaurant in Gangnum, and Stir-fried Fish Cake anyone?...More

Jang Hyuk's wife, pregnant with 3rd

Source | 2015/04/03 | Permalink

Sidus HQ reported that actor Jang Hyuk's wife was pregnant with their third child and is due in April.

Jang Hyuk is currently starring in the MBC drama "Shine or Go Crazy" but even so, he makes the time to prepare for the birth if the baby with his wife...More

Chae Rim and Park Yoon-jae sued for insult

Source | 2015/03/29 | Permalink

 The Chae Rim and Park Yoon-jae siblings have been sued for insult.

Sidus HQ admitted to this fact saying that someone called Lee sued them for being insulted at their mother's home in Gangnam, Seoul on February 13...More

Kim Woo-bin as a calendar model? From Jang Hyuk to Kim Yoo-jung

Source | 2014/12/17 | Permalink

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo-bin, Uhm Ki-joon, Kim Yoo-jung, Kim So-hyun and Park Jae-beom-I got together to create the perfect photograph.

Sidus HQ revealed its 2015 calendar photo to the media on the 18th...More

"The Idle Mermaid", Jo Bo-ah's pretty smile

Source | 2014/09/03 | Permalink

Actress Jo Bo-ah's flowery smile has men all over her.

Pictures of Jo Bo-ah on the set of the tvN drama "The Idle Mermaid" were released...More

Chae Rim to Marry Rising Chinese Star

Source | 2014/06/18 | Permalink

Chae Rim (right) with Gao Zi Qi

Actress Chae Rim will tie the knot with Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi in October, her agency Sidus HQ said Tuesday. Their families recently met to prepare the wedding, but the date has yet to be determined.

The two became romantically involved when they appeared as a married couple in a CCTV drama last year, and their relationship was made public in March. Gao, two years Chae's junior, is a rising star in China...More

Lee Yoo-bi in film "Twenty"

Source | 2014/05/26 | Permalink

Actress Lee Yoo-bi is joining the movie "Twenty".

According to Sidus HQ, Lee Yoo-bi is reviewing the offer for "Twenty" and it is likely that she will agree...More

Writer Kim Gyoo-wan's "Blade Man" to air in September

Source | 2014/05/13 | Permalink

Drama "Blade Man" has been organized into KBS 2TV for this September.

"Blade Man" is about a man whose body is covered in knives because of a wounded heart and a woman who cures him...More

Kim Woo-bin considers starring in "Twenty"

Source | 2014/04/02 | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin is considering starring in director Lee Byung-hun's movie "Twenty".

Apparently the movie overlaps with another schedule for a drama...More

Kim Yoo-jung in Hollywood film "Room 731"

Source | 2014/02/06 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoo-jung is starring in the Hollywood film "Room 731".

According to her agency Sidus HQ, Kim Yoo-jung is starring in the short film "Room 731" with famous celebrities and crew members in Hollywood...More

Go Eun-mi in "Makgeolli Girls"

Source | 2014/01/14 | Permalink

Actress Go Eun-mi is starring in the movie "Makgeolli Girls".

According to Sidus HQ, SBS drama "Empire of Gold" heroine Go Eun-mi is starring in "Makgeolli Girls" as a nice girl...More

"The Heirs" Kim Woo-bin nominated for SBS awards MC

Source | 2013/12/10 | Permalink

'Man of the year' Kim Woo-bin has been chosen as the MC for the end-of-year awards.

Kim Woo-bin's agency Sidus HQ mentioned that he will be the main MC for the SBS Awards at the end of the year...More

Park Eun-ji to star in "Potato Star"

Source | 2013/09/26 | Permalink

Park Eun-ji has joined the Kim Byung-wook crew.

Sidus HQ announced that Park Eun-ji will be making an appearance in the tvN sitcom "Potato Star"...More

Hwang Jung-eum revising KBS "Secrets"

Source | 2013/07/25 | Permalink

Actress Hwang Jung-eum is revising the script of upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Secrets".

Sidus HQ reported that she is currently still thinking about if or not she's going to star in it...More

Hyun Woo to star in "Ugly Alert"

Source | 2013/04/22 | Permalink

Actor Hyun Woo from the movie "A Frozen Flower" and MBC drama "Pasta" has been cast for the SBS daily drama "Ugly Alert".

Sidus HQ, Hyun Woo takes on the role of Kang Cheol-soo who will for a mellow line with Gong Jin-joo (Choi Yoon-young), Gong Joon-soo's (Lim Ju-hwan) sister...More

Lee Soo-hyuk in KBS "Shark"

Source | 2013/04/16 | Permalink

Actor Lee Soo-hyuk has been cast for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Shark".

According to Sidus HQ, Lee Soo-hyuk takes on the role of a prosecuting investigation officer named Kim Soo-hyeon...More

Jung Joo-yeon in "Princess Aurora - Drama"

Source | 2013/04/01 | Permalink

Rookie actress Jung Joo-yeon is starring in the upcoming MBC drama "Princess Aurora - Drama" according to Sidus HQ.

"Princess Aurora - Drama" is a new piece by writer Im Sung-han from "Miss Mermaid", "Lady Ah-hyeon", "Love in Heaven" and more. This is a first in 2 years since "New Gisaeng Story"...More

Rookie Lee Yoo-bi becomes cosmetics model

Source | 2013/03/12 | Permalink

Actress Lee Yoo-bi has become the model for 'Cremolab'.

She's the muse for 'Cremolab' for the future year according to Sidus HQ...More

Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo hire a food truck for Jo In-sung

Source | 2013/02/26 | Permalink

Song Joong-ki visited the drama shooting site of "That Winter, the Wind Blows" with a truck filled with food on the 25th of February, according to staff.

A drama crew said, "Song Joong-ki brought over a food truck to have a nice meal with Lee Gwang-soo, Kim Ki-bang, Lim Ju-hwan and Jo In-sung"...More

Song Joong-ki under the same roof as Cha Tae-hyun

Source | 2013/02/03 | Permalink

Actor Song Joong-ki and Cha Tae-hyun are family now.

Blossom Entertainment claims, Song Joong-ki who is usually good friends with Cha Tae-hyun signed a contract with Blossom...More

Hyun Woo cast for "The Virus"

Source | 2013/01/21 | Permalink

Hyun Woo is enemies with Uhm Ki-joon.

According to Sidus HQ, "The Virus" is a 10 part thriller which deals with a fatal virus...More

Hwang Jung-eum as a marine girl in "My Sister, The Pig Lady"

Source | 2012/10/21 | Permalink

Actress Hwang Jung-eum is going through a massive change as "My Sister, The Pig Lady".

Sidus HQ announced this fact through media on the 22nd...More

"A Gentleman's Dignity" Kim Woo-bin takes of the pretty boy image

Source | 2012/08/08 | Permalink

Kim Woo-bin from the SBS drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" had a photo shoot.

Agency Sidus HQ posted pictures of him on his official Me Today on the 7th...More

"Big" Baek Sung-hyun pure VS dark

Source | 2012/07/08 | Permalink

Baek Sung-hyun from the drama "Big" has appealed like Janus.

Baek Sung-hyun's pure and dark photo collection was revealed today on Sidus HQ's official me2day...More

Kim Soo-ro attempts at historical for the first time

Source | 2012/03/20 | Permalink

Actor Kim Soo-ro is challenging himself with the first historical of his life, "I Am a King".

According to his agency Sidus HQ, Kim Soo-ro is starring in "I Am a King" as a bodyguard warrior Hwang-goo...More

Jo In-sung comes back with "Cold"

Source | 2011/12/29 | Permalink

Top star Jo In-sung is returning to movie screens.

He is currently in the final stages of negotiating terms and conditions. "Cold" is the first movie in nine years by director Kim Seong-su, who directed "There is No Sun", "Beat", "Musa" and 2003's "Please Teach Me English"...More

AWOL Actress Willing to Return to Set

Source | 2011/08/16 | Permalink

/Courtesy of the Korea Times

The actress Han Ye-seul, who went absent without leave from the set of a soap opera and headed to the U.S., on Tuesday said she will return to complete filming the flop. Han has booked a flight scheduled to arrive at Incheon Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Han's management agency Sidus HQ in a press release said the actress "expressed her intention to return to Seoul promptly and devote herself to the soap until filming is complete". It said she was "exhausted from the hectic shooting schedule and unable to think clearly. She apologizes for causing damage to many people with her sudden departure"...More

[Exlcusive] Bound for LA, Han Ye-seul's lover followed

Source | 2011/08/16 | Permalink

At her sudden departure to America, Han Ye-seul's lover also followed.

Her lover is a businessman older than her whom she has been seeing with marriage in mind and he has been confirmed to have left with Han Ye-seul on the 15th through Incheon International Airport....More

After much ado, actress Han to return to drama

Source | 2011/08/16 | Permalink

Actress Han Ye-seul arrives in Los Angeles, Tuesday. / Korea Times photo by Lee In-ho

By Chung Ah-young

Han Ye-seul, a leading actress on the KBS drama series "Spy MyeongWol", will return to a drama shoot amid controversy over her abrupt departure, according to her agency.

Sidus HQ said Tuesday that Han will return to the set from Los Angeles as soon as possible and will do her best until the drama ends.

"She was exhausted due to the hectic schedule so that she couldn't judge things properly, damaging others. We're sorry about that", the statement said. "We talked to Han on the phone at 2 p.m. and she said she will be back as soon as she gets a return ticket _ at least by Aug. 18"...More

[Exclusive] Han Ye-seul's mother's arrival

Source | 2011/08/15 | Permalink

Han Ye-seul's mother who lives in LA arrived in Korea to take care of matters regarding Han Ye-seul's refusal to shoot the drama and unnoticed absence. However, regardless, it seems Han Ye-seul has departed for the States.

According to the entertainment biz on the 16th, her mother arrived at Incheon International Airport in the morning. She is well known for her active participation in her daughter's career. It looks like the management has decided to hold hands with the management Sidus HQ to resolve things....More

Bound for America Han Ye-seul, "marriage rumor"

Source | 2011/08/15 | Permalink

Actress Han Ye-seul's sudden choice to leave to America on the 15th, recurred rumors about her marriage.

Some think Han Ye-seul might be approaching marriage as she suddenly chose to leave to America while her relationship with the KBS drama "Spy MyeongWol" staff is rocky....More

Actress Charged in Hit-and-Run Accident

Source | 2011/05/06 | Permalink

Han Ye-seul

Actress Han Ye-seul has been charged with a hit-and-run offense. According to Seoul Gangnam Police on Wednesday, Han has been charged with hitting a 36-year-old man identified only by his surname Do in the lower back with the rearview mirror of her Porsche on Tuesday morning at the entrance to the parking lot of an apartment building in Samseong-dong and fleeing the scene...More

Actress Han denies hit-and-run accusation

Source | 2011/05/05 | Permalink

By Kim Tae-jong

Popular actress Han Ye-seul has been booked for an alleged hit-and-run, but strongly denied the allegation, claiming that the accuser has barely been hit by her Porsche.

Han was driving the car to the parking garage in her house in Samseong-dong in southern Seoul when she hit a man, surnamed Doh, 36, with the wing mirror around 9:00 a.m. on May 2, according to her agency, Sidus HQ, on Thursday.

In their official statement, the agency said she bumped against him slightly with her car and she did not mean to flee from the scene.

"The bump was slight to the extent that the wing mirror remained intact without being folded in", the agency said. "Han asked her manager to take care of the incident". He said they called the victim and tried to settle the matter.

But Doh filed a report with the police that she fled the scene after hitting him, the agency said. It has made public footage of a surveillance camera at the scene.

However, the man said he felt really bad as she did not apologize and her agency tried to simply offer him compensation, wh...More

Han Ye-seul officially explains "hit and run"

Source | 2011/05/04 | Permalink

Han Ye-seul's management Sidus HQ revealed their official statement about the hit and run accident she is being booked fo.

They mentioned, "We would like to let you know that the contents of the previous report is slightly different from the truth and we apologize for the bad news"....More

Jo In-sung, gets award certificate from the chief of staff

Source | 2011/05/02 | Permalink

Actor Jo In-sung received an award certicicae from the chief of staff with his discharge coming up on the 4th.

According to his management Sidus HQ, his duty to the army all the while earned him the certificate and this the first time an award was presented by the chief of staff personally to a soldier....More

Seo Taiji divorced with Lee Ji-ah because of Han Ye-seul and not Ku Hye-sun? "It's groundless"

Source | 2011/04/27 | Permalink

As actress Han Ye-seul gets involved with the 'Seo Taiji's cause of dispute with Lee Ji-ah' rumor along with Ku Hye-sun, her management starts explaining.

Her management Sidus HQ said on a phone call with Asia Today on the 27th, "Han Ye-seul has never met Seo Taiji before. This is a groundless rumor. I don't understand why this came out"....More

Actor Yeo Wook-hwan Apologizes For Drunken Hit & Run Accident

Source | 2011/01/11 | Permalink

Actor Yeo Wook-hwan issued an official apology through his management company's, Sidus HQ's, official website on January 11th, regarding his drunken hit and run accident. Yeo had run into a car in the middle of Shinsa-dong Intersection in Gangnam-gu of Seoul on the night of January 10th. He was booked without detention for fleeing the scene while also having a blood alcohol level of 0.172%.

On his January 11th posting, Yeo stated, "Hello, this is Yeo Wook-hwan. I'm sorry and again so sorry about showing a not ...More

Song Joong-ki book on facial grooming to go on sale in Taiwan

Source | 2010/12/02 | Permalink

Cover of Song's book "Beauty Guy Project" [Sidus HQ]

Korean actor Song Joong-ki's book on male facial grooming will be released in Taiwan, according to his agency Sidus HQ on Thursday.

Sidus announced through a press release that publisher Antenna Book has sold Song's book "Beauty Guy Project" to Taiwan...More

Jun Ji-hyun considering new movie role

Source | 2010/10/21 | Permalink

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun is considering a role in an upcoming movie by famed director Lee Jae-yong.

"Jeon is currently in talks to appear in a movie titled 'Falling in Love'," an official from her agency J&Co. Entertainment told Sports Today over the phone on Thursday, adding that the actress is looking at her role in a positive light but nothing has been confirmed as of yet with many adjustments having to be made...More

Chinese remake of "All About Eve" No. 1 show in China

Source | 2010/10/15 | Permalink

Korean actor Jang Hyuk [Sidus HQ]

The Chinese remake of hit Korean drama "All About Eve", starring actor Jang Hyuk, took the No. 1 spot in viewership ratings in China.

A press release from Jang's agency Sidus HQ said that "Eve" had scored ratings of about...More

Jang Hyuk to promote "The Slave Hunters" in Japan

Source | 2010/09/27 | Permalink

The Slave Hunters" official Japanese poster [Sidus HQ]

Korean actor Jang Hyuk flew into Japan yesterday to begin promoting hit television series "The Slave Hunters" in the country, according to his agency Sidus HQ on Monday.

Sidus HQ announced in a press release that Jang, as well as co-stars Oh Ji-ho and actress Lee Da-hae, will meet with 50 local media outlets for a press conference held at the Shinjuku Station Square in Tokyo today...More

Secret Garden: Jang Hyuk out, Hyun Bin in?

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By javabeans

Interesting (and confusing) news: Jang Hyuk may be dropping out of the fantasy-melodrama series "Secret Garden", and co-star Kim Sa-rang may follow him out. Being touted as a potential replacement is Hyun Bin. And the reason for all this sudden cast rearrangement: idol star Jay Park?

The facts:

"Secret Garden" is being planned as an SBS weekend drama to premiere in November...More

Jay Park's Mini-Album Sells Like Hotcakes

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Jay Park is doing pretty darn well on his own.

After releasing his mini-album "Nothin' On You" just two weeks ago, the now solo singer saw about 700 million won in album sales. 50,000 hard copies of the album were sold in addition to the 200 million won in digital sales. In an age where illegal downloading and music piracy is common, these kind of figures are not easy to come by.

The song "Nothin' On You" holds special meaning to ...More

Chae Rim in talks to star in Chinese TV series

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Korean actress Chae Rim [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Chae Rim is highly likely to play the female lead in an upcoming Chinese TV series tentatively titled "Jie Zi Tui".

According to Chae's agency Sidus HQ on Thursday, the actress is currently in the final stage of negotiations to star in the drama, set to air on CCTV (China Central Television) at the end of this year...More

Rain's agency offically denies datings rumors

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Top Korean stars Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Rain [Sidus HQ / J.Tune Entertainment]

Asian superstar Rain's agency J.Tune Entertainment has officially denied the day's earlier reports that the singer and actor has been secretly dating top Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun.

J. Tune announced in a press release Thursday afternoon -- several hours after local media reported that the two have been romantically involved since last October -- that details of their alleged courtship, such as how and where they met, are "not true"...More

Rain and Jun Ji-hyun's agencies deny dating rumors

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Top Korean stars Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Rain

Agencies for top Korean stars Rain and Jun Ji-hyun have denied the romantic status of their stars, saying the recent news of the two dating, as one local media reported, is "not true" and "groundless".

Around 11 a.m. this morning, released a shocking report that the two actors have been dating since last October along with a witness testimony that Rain had often visited Jeon's apartment in Seoul's affluent Samsung-dong district...More

Are Rain and Jun Ji-hyun dating?

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Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Rain [Sidus HQ/J.Tune Entertainment]

Asian pop sensation Rain and top actress Jun Ji-hyun have been dating since October last year, according to a local sports daily on Thursday. released a report earlier in the day, based on a three-month observation, which detailed the romantic relationship between the two including how they first met and where they date.

The paper explained that the couple had met last year through a prominent figure of conglomerate family status in Korea, who held multiple get-togethers in an attempt to matchmake the two...More

Jang Hyuk to promote "The Slave Hunters" in Japan

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Korean actor Jang Hyuk [Sidus HQ]

Korean actor Jang Hyuk will be leaving for Japan today to promote his hit TV series "The Slave Hunters", which is currently airing in the country.

Sidus HQ announced in a press release Thursday that the actor will be carrying out various promotional activities during his five-day visit including a press conference, interviews with local media and two fan meetings...More

Chae Rim to appear in Chinese remake of "All About Eve"

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Korean actress Chae Rim [Sidus HQ]

Korean actress Chae Rim will be making a special appearance in a Chinese remake of her hit TV series "All About Eve", according to her agency Sidus HQ on Thursday.

Sidus HQ announced in a press release that the actress will be playing a beautiful and accomplished anchorwoman in the Chinese adaptation of "All About Eve", a former girlfriend of a male character set to be played by Korean actor Jang Hywok. The role had not existed in the original Korean drama...More

Jun Ji-hyun dismisses rumors about going solo

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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

A representative for Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun has denied recent rumors that she will be setting up her own agency after parting with her 13-year management company Sidus HQ in June.

Recent media reports said the 29-year-old actress will be going solo after her contract with Sidus expires, but an official at the agency dismissed the rumors, saying that such talks "always come up" around the time of her contract renewal...More

Jang Hyuk to star in Chinese remake of "All About Eve"

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Actor Jang Hyuk [Sidus HQ]

Korean actor Jang Hyuk has been tapped to play the male lead in the Chinese remake of a hit Korean drama from ten years ago, according to the star's agency Sidus HQ on Friday.

The original series, translated into "All About Eve" in English, aired in 2000 and starred actors Jang Dong-gun, Chae Rim, Kim So-yeon and Kim Jung-eun, now some of Korea's most well-known names in the industry...More

Ji Jin-hee: 'I Don't Regret a Thing'

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In the beginning of the new film "Parallel Life", the image of character Kim Suk-hyun, who is the youngest chief prosecuting attorney in Korea, is fairly similar to actor Ji-Jin-hee's when it comes to integrity. On the one hand, Kim is a hard-headed attorney who absolutely believes in his judgments based on the available evidence, but on the other hand, he is an attentive and loving father when he spends time with his family.

Ji has given viewers the impression of gentleness and integrity principally through the character Min Jung-ho in the drama "Dae Jang Geum", and as an exclusive model for a bank advertisement, though he has played diverse characters, including funny and charismatic ones, in TV dramas and movies up to now....More

Jun Ji-hyun to star in Wayne Wang film with Hugh Jackman

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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [10Asia]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun has been cast in the new Wayne Wang pic alongside Chinese actress Li Bingbing and Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, according to her agency Sidus HQ on Wednesday.

Jeon will be playing the role of Snow Flower, one of the two main characters in the film "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", which will be helmed by "Joy Luck Club" director Wayne Wang, Sidus HQ announced in a press release.

"Wayne Wang had asked Jun Ji-hyun to work with him several times since seeing her in the film 'My Sassy Girl', which was very popular in the Chinese market", an official at Sidus was quoted as saying. "Both Jeon and director Wayne Wang are ecstatic about working together for this film"....More

Jun Ji-hyun, Zhang Ziyi pull out of Wayne Wang film

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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun and Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi have pulled out of Wayne Wang film "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", according to a Singaporean media report.

Channel News Asia said Thursday that the two Asian actresses and the male lead -- reported to be set as a member of Taiwanese band F4 -- have all quit the project....More

Jun Ji-hyun Cast in 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan'

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Actress Jun Ji-hyun will act opposite top Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi in the English language film "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", an official from her agency Sidus HQ said, Thursday.

The movie, based on Lisa See's bestselling novel of the same name, will be directed by Wayne Wang, the director of "The Joy Luck Club".

The film, set in remote 19th-century China, features the story of two best friends, Lily and Snow Flower, and their imprisonment imposed by the strict cultural codes of conduct for women at that time.

The book does not openly portray the women's lifelong friendship as a lesbian relationship, but it is said their relationship has sensual ov...More

Jun Ji-hyun to appear in new film with Zhang Ziyi

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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun is set to appear alongside Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi in a new film by Wayne Wang, according to her agency Sidus HQ on Wednesday.

The film, titled "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", will be based on the 2005 novel of the same title by Chinese-American writer Lisa See....More

Jun Ji-hyun Makes Appearance in Japan

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Jeon took part in the preview of her latest film "Blood: The Last Vampire" in the island country.

Actress Jun Ji-hyun has visited Japan for the first time in three years to attend a preview of her latest movie "Blood: The Last Vampire". It was also her first official appearance in a year since her last appearance in the film "...More

Man Arrested for Rigging Top Actress' Phone

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Police in Seoul Thursday arrested a man that allegedly replicated a mobile phone used by top actress Jun Ji-hyun to allow her agency to track her communications, Yonhap News reported.

The 39-year-old man, identified by his surname Kim, was under investigation for reportedly reproducing Jeon's cell phone in November 2007. The cloned phone is believed to have been used by her agency, Sidus HQ, to eavesdrop on her conversations and text messages, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Sidus' contract with Jeon, 27, ends next month.

Kim, who runs an errand company which does everything from private investigative work to delivery and other routine jobs, was alleged to have helped Sidus HQ officials monitor phone records and text messages of the number used by Jeon, which was registered under her father's name, over 10 times in late November of 2007.

The suspect was a...More

Who Spied on Jun Ji-hyun?

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Jun Ji-hyun Scandal Turns Searchlight on Agencies
Police have seized hard disks of computers and documents at Sidus HQ, the agency for star Jun Ji-hyun. The Seoul Metropolitan Police on Monday seized the material when they learned that the star's cell phone was being spied on. They are questioning three suspects including the head of a private detective agency on charges of copying SIM cards.

The three are suspected of cloning cell phones, tracking locations, and seeking to catch victims in compromising situations. They have allegedly received some 30 reques...More

Actress Jun Ji-hyun's Phone Tapped

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High-ranking officers of actress Jun Ji-hyun's agency admitted that it has asked a private investigation firm to copy the actress's. The prosecution has questioned two officers of Sidus HQ and summoned the older brother of the agency's CEO. However, the accused officers have denied that they duplicated her phone to spy on her private activities.

The police are looking into why Jeon's agency decided to copy her phone. Investigators plan to question Mr. Chung, the CEO of Sidus HQ, about whether the phone dupl...More

Singer & Actor Yoon Kye-sang to Publish Photo Book of Turkey

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Sidus HQ says singer and actor Yoon Kye-sang will publish a travel book with photos of his upcoming trip to Turkey at the end of the month. To prepare for the book's release, Yoon began studying photography six months ago from a professional photographer. During his upcoming travels in Turkey, Yoon plans to visit renowned destinations including Capadoccia and Antalya. The theme of his book will be "adventures in the city's back alleys" and "relaxation in nature".

Yoon plans to invite one other person to join him on his trip. Interested persons can apply to be the lucky winner of a random draw at http://t...More

Hawaii fest highlights Korean cinema

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The Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) not only includes a kimchi flavoured western, but a rich variety of Korean tastes. HIFF selected Kim Yoo-jin's "The Divine Weapon" as its opening film and Kim Jee-woon's "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" received the honour to close the festival.

HIFF also...More

Jung Woo-sung to Receive 'Achievement in Acting Award' in Hawaii

Source | 2008/09/24 | Permalink

Famous actor Jung Woo-sung will receive the 'Achievement in Acting Award' at the 2008 Hawaii International Film Festival, to be held from October 9 to 19. According to Sidus HQ, Jeong's management agency, and the film festival headquarters, Jeong will receive the coveted award which is given out to one actor for his or her outstanding performance every year. The headquarters also plans to introduce "The Good, the Bad, the Weird", the latest film featu...More

[ChanMi's star news] Jung Woo-sung, nominated for Achievement in Acting Award

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The Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival 2008 will be held next month where Jung Woo-sung was nominated the Achievement in Acting Award.

Sidus HQ company said that his acting for his previous movies have been greatly applauded for which Jeong was nominated....More

Actor Ji Jin-hee Renews Modeling Contract with Korea Exchange Bank

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Actor Ji Jin-hee has renewed his contract with Korea Exchange Bank as a model for its ad campaigns for another year.

Sidus HQ, the actor's management agency, announced that Ji recently renewed his contract with KEB. The actor has been the face of KEB since 2004.

The actor has been delivering a message of hope by appearing in KEB ad campaigns with sports stars such as American...More

Actor Jang Hyuk Stars in Taiwanese Singer Elva's New Music Video

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Actor Jang Hyuk has appeared in top Taiwanese singer Elva's new music video.

According to Jang's management agency, Sidus HQ, the actor stars as Elva's love interest in three of her latest music videos.

The Taiwanese producer of the music video said although it was the first time that the two stars met, they shared great chemistry and delivered an outstanding performance.

Jang became well-known in Taiwan through dramas such as "...More

Ryoo Seung-bum, Gong Hyo-jin, Deny marriage

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The March issue of a women's magazine stated that Ryoo Seung-bum and Gong Hyo-jin, who broke up after six years of dating, were back together and preparing for marriage.

But the management companies of both actors are denying these rumors....More

Jun Ji-hyun to Represent True Religion's New Line

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Star actress Jun Ji-hyun has joined hands with a premium jean label in the United States, which will release 12 differently designed jeans under her name.

"Jun Ji-hyun and True Religion released 'Gianna by True Religion'," announced a representative from Jun Ji-hyun's agency, Sidus HQ. "'Gianna' is Jun Ji-hyun's English name and this will be the first 'star line' executed by True Religion".


Actress Kim Jung-hwa to Star in KBS 2TV's 4-Part Drama Series

Source | 2008/02/19 | Permalink

KBS 2TV has produced a unique drama in which four short one-act dramas come together under one common theme. Actress Kim Jung-hwa will take on the role of the heroine of the four different love stories.

The drama, entitled 'Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret' will be aired from April 12 to May 3. The drama is made up of four different kind...More

Image cuts of Jang Hyuk's Hollywood debut film were released

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Jang Hyuk's Hollywood debut film, "Dance of the Dragon"'s image cuts were released.

On 22nd, the "Dance of the Dragon"'s 20 main photos including Jang Hyuk's exposed bare chest was uploaded on the American film website, IMDB (

"Dance of the Dragon" is a collaboration work between Korea, Singapore and US and is a story of a Korean man, Kwon Tae-san's journey of becoming a ballroom dance champion. Jang Hyuk is acting the role of Kwon Tae-san and is devoting himself in his first global project, revealing his skills in Jeet Kune Do, which he learned for 7 years. Othe...More

Gong Yoo, having the last fan meeting before enlists in the army

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Gong Yoo, who became the 'Most precious man of the year' through his latest drama, 'Coffee Prince' is having the last fan meeting before he enlists in the army. On Sunday, 6th January 2008, he will be meeting with 1000 fans.

The spokesman from his agency, Sidus HQ, said, "He planned this event in order to say thank you to his fans before he go. This will be a very meaningful time for both him and the fans, where he will have an opportunity to share true and honest story with them".

From his latest drama, "...More

Gong Yoo to Leave For the Military Next Year

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By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Gong Yoo, 28, the heartthrob of the recent hit drama "Coffee Prince", will temporarily say goodbye to his fans to serve in the military Jan. 14, 2008.

"Gong will start five weeks of basic training for his military service at the Nonsan training center in South Chungcheong Province", said his agency, Sidus HQ.

The actor has been in numerous films such as "She's on Duty", "S Diary" and dramas like "One Fine Day", but his po...More

Song Hye-kyo to debut in the U.S. through independent film

Source | 2007/11/23 | Permalink

Song Hye-kyo will be heading to New York instead of Hollywood for her U.S. debut.

Song Hye-kyo will be appearing in the full-length independent film "Fetish" directed by Soopum Sohn. "Fetish" is a psychological thriller about a woman with psychic powers to be played by Song Hye-kyo alongside actor Arno Frisch of "Funny Games".

According to Sidus HQ, Song Hye-kyo's agency, the casting was made possible by casting director Susan Shopm...More

Song Hye-kyo Makes U.S. Debut in Indie Flick

Source | 2007/11/21 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Following Jang Dong-gun and Jun Ji-hyun, actress Song Hye-kyo will also make her U.S. screen debut. But instead of heading to Hollywood, the 25-year-old left for New York Nov. 21 to take part in a low-budget independent film project.

In the psychological thriller "Fetish", Song will play the role of a Korean woman with supernatural powers, who possesses an American woman's body in order to steal her husband. She will star opposite Aus...More

Jeon to Appear on CNN Program

Source | 2007/08/22 | Permalink

Actress Jeon Do-yeon, who won the award for Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, will appear on the CNN program "Talk Asia", Yonhap News said Wednesday.

Jeon, 34, was honored at the Cannes Film Festival in May for her moving role in "Secret Sunshine", directed by Lee Chang-dong.

"Jeon was interviewed by Anjali Rao, host of `Talk Asia' who visited Seoul Monday", her agency, Sidus ...More

Jang, Yoon, Gong, Ji Make Joint Visit to Japan

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Four Korean male heartthrobs -- Jang Hyuk, Yoon Kye-sang, Gong Yoo and Ji Jin-hee -- will make a joint 4 day visit to Japan from Monday. The four stars will appear on TV shows and hold media interviews ahead of their full fledged activities in the island nation.

They left Seoul Monday and will hold a joint press conference in Japan Tuesday regarding their future plans in Japan. After the conference, they will continue indi...More

Korean Actor Cast in French Film

Source | 2007/05/08 | Permalink

Along with a number of Korean stars taking lead roles in Hollywood productions this year, supporting actor Park Jung-hak, who is known to Korean audiences for his roles in "Musa" The Warrior (2001) and "The Restless" (2006), has been cast in a French comedy-romance entitled Chapeu de Roue.

The film is directed by actress-turned-director Tonie Marshall known for previous comedy-romances France Boutique (2003) and Nearest to Heaven (2002). Marshall came to Seoul in March ...More

Korean Actor Cast in Marshall's New Film

Source | 2007/05/07 | Permalink

Actor Park Jung-hak, who appeared in the Korean films 'Musa' and 'The Restless', has been cast in the latest film by renowned director Tonie Marshall, "Chapeau de Roue".

Park's management agency Sidus HQ says that Marshall, who personally oversaw auditions in Seoul in March, said that Park emanates sophisticatio...More

Top Movie Star Jo In-sung Dropped From University

Source | 2007/04/25 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Top actor Jo In-sung has been expelled from Dongguk University as he failed to meet the school's attendance requirements.

The university said that the 26-year-old actor was asked not to return to the Department of Theater, which has strict regulations controlling student behavior, as he skipped many classes last semester.

Jo originally went to Chunnam Techno College in South Jolla Province and later entered Dongguk University in 2003 to further his study of performing arts.

However, after moving...More

Jun Ji-hyun Started Filming Blood

Source | 2007/03/19 | Permalink

Filming of Blood: The Last Vampire with Jun Ji-hyun in the leading role has begun on March 15, according to the Jeon affiliated Korean studio Sidus HQ. JEON's debut Hollywood project will stay in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires for a month, before moving to China where they are scheduled to film during three months.

The Japanese Animation film of the same title gained cult status after its release in 2002. It lead to several spin-offs, including platform computer games. The protagonist Saya in the upcoming feature film played by Jeon is half vampire and half human. Although she has some contempt for humans, she protects them by fighting vampires.

The project is in the hands of the pr...More

Jun Ji-hyun joins shooting for 'Blood'

Source | 2007/03/15 | Permalink

The shooting of "Blood: The Last Vampire", directed by Ronny Yu, has begun in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday, signaling the formal Hollywood debut of Jun Ji-hyun, one of the most widely known Korean Wave stars.

The film, a remake of a Japanese animation with the same title, is expected to be released in 2008.

Jeon's management agency Sidus HQ in Seoul also announced that her English name will be "Gianna Jun" in a bid to increase her public recognition in ...More

Rain, Song Hye-kyo Promote Drama in China

Source | 2007/02/15 | Permalink

Actress Song Hye-kyo and singer/actor Rain will visit China to promote their drama "Full House", which aired on KBS 2TV a few years ago in Korea.

They will leave Seoul Thursday for a 3-day visit to Hunan, China, where a news conference and a fan meeting are scheduled ahead of the drama's local airing.

Song's manager Na Byu...More

300 Japanese Fans Greet Gong Yoo at Airport

Source | 2007/01/31 | Permalink

Actor Gong Yoo was ardently greeted by Japanese fans when he arrived in Japan Sunday to promote the Japanese film "Like a Dragon", in which he appeared.

An official from his agency, Sidus HQ, said that his promotion tour was kept a secret out of safety concerns, but that 300 Japanese fans crowded the airport to see the Korean heartthrob.

On Monday, Gong attended the film's premiere in Tokyo that gathered reporters from 200 media outlets and 700 audience members.

Director Takashi Miike said that Gong's acting heightened the presence of his role in the film, and that he's already a good actor but has "unlimited potentia...More

Kim Hye-soo's sex appeal beams in comedy film

Source | 2007/01/22 | Permalink

Strangely, Kim Hye-soo's beautiful face and curvaceous figure have not delivered box-office success for the actress. Her bold - and revealing - role in "Faceless Beauty" did not impress moviegoers in 2004. Nor did a tour de force performance in 2005's horror flick "Red Shoes".

However, a much-awaited turning point came in 2006 when Kim played a voluptuous character in director Choi Dong-hoon's "Tazza: The High Rollers" ("Tazza: The High Rollers"), a highly successful gambling flick. Both critics and mainstream viewers praised Kim's dauntless yet sensual portrayal of a gambling hostess, and her silver screen value soared.

As if her sexy image-making on the silver screen was not enough, Kim is doing it all again with a similarly sensuous role in "A Good Day to Have an Affai", a black comedy depicting two homemakers embroiled in extramarital affairs. Jang Moon-il, who made the lighthearted comedy "The Happy Funeral Director" in 2000, directs the film.

In "...More

Big dreams for K-dramas

Source | 2007/01/13 | Permalink

"CSI", "24" and "Lost" -- if a show's a hit in the U.S., it will likely be a hit in Korea, too. Korean dramas are trying to make the formula work in reverse but still are unable to replicate Hollywood's success -- for now.

Major hits in the U.S. cost studios about 3-4 billion won per episode. In Korea, that amount is more in line with movie production and is astronomical for TV.

Hallyu, or Korean Wave, once produced hits like "Winter Sonata" but is being shaken to its roots. Both at home and abroad, viewers want more than a celebrity face and the typical Cinderella plot lines.

Against this backdrop a new trend is rising. Big domestic companies like CJ Entertainment are showing interest in K-drama projects intended for worldwide release.

Big corporations out to make big K-drama hits

CJ Entertainment, Korea's biggest producer, investor and distributor of movies has officially embarked on its first joint production of a home drama, "When It's Spring Again", which will begin airing on Monday, January 15.

This isn't the first time CJ Entertainment has shown interest in dramas. The company has been a major backer for drama producer Eight Peaks Co. Ltd. and has been directly investing in other d...More

Jun Ji-hyun Snapped With Mystery Male Companion

Source | 2006/09/28 | Permalink

The Hong Kong press snap shots of actress Jun Ji-hyun and a male companion cruising a shopping district in the city./Courtesy of Sina Dotcom

Jun Ji-hyun has become the target of the always persistent Hong Kong press.

Sina Dotcom's ( ) Hong Kong site reported on Tuesday that Jeon Ji-hyun had been spotted out shopping with an unidentified male companion. According to the news website, Jeon recently visited the international city for pleasure. The couple were seen with another woman enjoying their time at a hot Hong Kong shopping spot. But the focus was on the man accompanying Jeon. The woman seen with Jeon looked like an assistant, but the man seemed not to be part of the actress' staff, the Hong Kong pr...More

Actor Cha Tae-hyun to Marry on June 1

Source | 2006/05/25 | Permalink

Actor Cha Tae-hyun has sent a message to his fans ahead of his wedding on June 1. His bride is his high school friend, whom he says is his first love.

In the message announced by his agency Sidus HQ on Thursday, he said that he is very happy every day waiting for one of his long-cherished dreams to soon be realized.

"I will finally come to see the fruit of love that I have nurtured for 13 years on June 1, 2006. I will no longer be small individual ...More

Jun Ji-hyun picked as "Elle" cover model in 6 Asian countries

Source | 2005/12/14 | Permalink

Top actress Jun Ji-hyun has been selected to model for the cover of the world-renowned fashion magazine "Elle" sold in the six Asian countries Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. In Korea, Chun's photo will appear on the cover of the January issue of the magazine.

The actress was selected as the magazine's model in time for the promotion of her upcoming movie ...More

Jung Woo-sung to Star in Epic Movie

Source | 2005/06/23 | Permalink

Top star Jung Woo-sung, who is currently filming the two movies Daisy and Sad Movie, will play the lead in the epic fantasy action movie "Jungcheon" (midheaven), whose filming is scheduled to begin this coming fall.

"Jungcheon" is the debut work of director Cho Dong-ho, who has honed his directing skills while working as an assistant director...More

Song Hye-Gyo contracts with sidusHQ

Source | 2005/04/08 | Permalink

Song Hye-Gyo and Sidus HQ made an exclusive contract.
Sidus HQ, the management business within iHQ, concluded an exclusive contract for three years with Song Hye-Gyo in the morning of April 8. The contract cost 300 million won.
Sidus HQ is planning to maximize the synergy effect with its affiliate company, I-films, video department, as well as with iHQ drama, and will enter Song Hye-Gyo in the movies industry, and by using her ...More

Actress wages legal battle against news agency

Source | 2004/10/04 | Permalink

Top actress Jun Ji-hyun (Jun Ji-hyun) filed a criminal suit against a local news agency, claiming that a news report about her alleged wedding plan is "groundless" and damaged her reputation, Sidus HQ, Jun's agent, said in a statement.
The suit was filed with the Seoul District Court on Thursday, and plaintiffs are Newsis, a news agency, and a reporter who put out the controversial report on Wednesday.

Because of Jun's Asia-wide popularity and the size of the damage amount that may be sought, the suit is drawing keen attention in the domestic media circles.

Notable is that Jun has filed both criminal and civil suits. Except for defamation suits involving high-ranking politicians, it is rare for an entertainer to file criminal actions against news service operators in Korea.

Speculation is also mounting about the amount of damages she will claim through h...More

Skyrocketing Screen Guarantees

Source | 2004/04/20 | Permalink

by Gab-Sik Kim

The money is flowing in, but there is no one to act.

This is the current atmosphere at Choong Moo Ro (film district). According to the Bank of Korea, the movie industry's 2003 sales were some 3.7780 trillion won. This is a rapid growth with sales more than triple 1997's 1.2572 billion won. The "10 million boom" which started last year with "Silmido" and "Taegukgi" accelerated the capital influx, but actually, it is hard to cast an "A-level star". The actor/actress' guarantee naturally skyrockets and film producers sulkily say, "There is nothing left". Let's look into the increasing guaranteed trend of stars and the other side of it.

○ Movie Industry Sales of 3.7780 Trillion Won

Jun Ji-hyun, who starred in "My Sassy Girl", is currently picked as the highest guaranteed paid actress. She has a 400 million won guarantee for "Windstruck" which is scheduled to be released in June. If it wasn't for "iFilm", a subsidiary of "Sidus HQ", her management company, producing the movie, there were rumors that the guarantee would have been much higher.

Chung Hoon-tak, president of "Sidus HQ", said, "There was a new film production company who said they would give a billion won, but Jun Ji-hyun will not choose a film only by the amount of money involved". The producer's reliability or the film director's presentation ability decides whether the actor/actress will act in the film, and when considering the scale of the movie, he explained that the guarantee was settled on not exceeding 400 million won.

Choi Sung-min, president of "Uni-korea", the investor and producer of "Mermaid" and "Woman is the Future of Man", said, "The money has increased, but the 'blind money' type investments that were done in the past have disappeared. Even though the scenario and the director are good, it is not easy to persuade investors if there is no 'star power'". This is the reason why new film production companies which have not proved their production abilities are presenting enorm...More

CJ Entertainment CEO named 'power leader'

Source | 2003/12/31 | Permalink

Reflecting a year in which Korean films reached new heights, CJ Entertainment CEO Park Dong-ho was named the pop culture "power leader" of 2003 by The Herald Business, a sister newspaper of The Korea Herald.

CJ Entertainment, a film investment and distribution company, claimed 20.6 percent of the domestic distribution market this year to take the number one slot, delivering such box office hits as "My Tutor Friend" and "Memories of Murder".

Korean films wracked up $25 million in exports and grabbed a market share of nearly 50 percent this ye...More

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