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[USA] Well Go USA Buys "Deliver Us From Evil" for March Release

2020/10/16 | Permalink

Well Go USA Acquires Hit Korean Action Thriller "Deliver Us From Evil" Following its strong box office showing overseas, the film is slated for a March release in North America
Leading distributor Well Go USA Entertainment has acquired North American rights to Korean smash hit "Deliver Us From Evil", which debuted at #1 in the Korean box office, with total admissions topping 1.3 million its first four days...More

[HanCinema's News] Second Sequel Confirmed for "The Admiral: Roaring Currents"

2020/10/13 | Permalink

On October 13th inside sources confirmed to press that funding has been secured for the upcoming movie "Noryang" by director Kim Han-min. "Noryang" is to be the second sequel to "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", following "Hansan" which is currently set to be released early next year...More

[HanCinema's News] "Deliver Us From Evil" to Receive Final Cut

2020/10/12 | Permalink

A new, final version of "Deliver Us From Evil" is set to premiere in South Korean theaters on October 21st. The expanded cut will feature an extra six minutes and fourteen seconds. It is not known what this material may entail, although the new trailer released by CJ Entertainment does hint at some tonal differences- or at the very least, assumes viewers have more familiarity with the product than they did back in August...More

Hirokazu Koreeda to Direct Korean Film "Broker" Starring Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won and Bae Doona

Source | 2020/08/26 | Permalink

Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan's world-renowned maestro, will direct his first Korean movie "Broker". Actor Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won, and Bae Doona decided to join the cast, setting up a splendid lineup. According to CJ Entertainment and the film company on the 26th, Hirokazu Koreeda has decided to direct "Broker". Hirokazu Koreeda, who has portrayed the stories of various characters with sharp insights and warm eyes based on the theme consciousness that touches the reality of each of his work, has been invited to the competition section of the Cannes Film Festival five times, won the Jury Prize for "Like Father, Like Son" and the Palme d'Or Award, the highest honor for "Shoplifters"...More

[HanCinema's News] Son Sukku and Jun Jong-seo confirmed for "Woo-ri and Ja-young"

2020/08/24 | Permalink

On August 24th CJ Entertainment confirmed the existence of the new movie "Woo-ri and Ja-young", although this is as yet a working title. The title character Woo-ri will be played by Son Sukku and the title character Ja-young will be played by Jun Jong-seo...More

[HanCinema's News] New Stills Released for "Deliver Us From Evil"

2020/08/16 | Permalink

Over the weekend CJ Entertainment released new stills for the movie "Deliver Us From Evil" which passed the three million viewer mark on Saturday. The visuals, both in-action as well as behind-the-scenes, show off both the lush location shooting in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand as well as the talent of famed cinematographer Hong Kyung-po. "Deliver Us From Evil" was his first project since "Parasite" from last year...More

[USA] South Korean Supernatural Thriller - "The Closet" - Releases in Los Angeles and Buena Park February 14th

2020/02/07 | Permalink

Mystery and the supernatural lie at the center of "The Closet" - a hotly-anticipated new thriller from South Korea. The film, which is written and directed by newcomer Kim Kwang-bin, will open at CGV Los Angeles and CGV Buena Park on February 14th...More

Ha Jung-woo and Hwang Jung-min Consider TvN Drama "Suriname"

Source | 2020/01/16 | Permalink

Ha Jung-woo and Hwang Jung-min are considering the drama "Suriname", according to Ha Jung-woo's management, Workhouse Company.

Hwang Jung-min's management, Sam Company, also announced that he's reviewing the offer with a positive attitude...More

Ji Chang-wook to Star in "Black Coal"

Source | 2020/01/14 | Permalink

Actor Ji Chang-wook chose "Black Coal" as his next film, according to Glorious Entertainment.

Ji Chang-wook starred in the tvN drama "Melting Me Softly" as his comeback drama since his military discharge last year...More

[USA] "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful" - South Korean Thriller - Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on November 15th and Across the U.S on November 22nd

Source | 2019/11/08 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment

"The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful" - South Korean Thriller - Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on November 15th and Across the U.S on November 22nd
Directed and Written by Khan Lee and Stars Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-kyun, Heo Sung-tae, Woo Do-hwan,
Won Hyun-joon...More

[USA + Canada] "The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos" Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on September 13th and Across the U.S and Canada on September 20th

Source | 2019/09/12 | Permalink

"The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos" Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on September 13th and Across the U.S and Canada on September 20th

Directed by Son Yong-ho and Stars Ma Dong-seok, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Ah-joong and Jang Ki-yong...More

"The Guest - 2019" Production Clears Up Cancellation Rumors

Source | 2019/08/19 | Permalink

CJ announced that the film "The Guest - 2019" is not falling through.

CJ Entertainment told Xsports News that "The Guest - 2019" is just taking more time to reinforce the scenario. The project will continue...More

[HanCinema's News] "Exit - Movie" Hits a Million Viewers in Just Three Days

2019/08/02 | Permalink

By morning of Friday August 2nd "Exit - Movie" had already racked up an exceptionally impressive one million admissions. The movie is currently on track to have a monstrously successful opening weekend even in the face of stiff competition. CJ Entertainment has released a silly picture of lead actors Cho Jung-seok and Yoona to commemorate the event...More

[HanCinema's News] CJ Chairman Emphasizes Importance of Movies as Culture

2019/07/25 | Permalink

On July 25th CJ released the contents of a meeting that took place between CJ Chairman Lee Jae-hyun and relevant employees in CJ's film department. The purpose of the meeting was to congratulate them on their work in bringing attention to "Parasite"...More

Ma Dong-seok and Kim Sang-joong's "The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos" Out in September

Source | 2019/07/24 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment announced that "The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos" is coming out in September.

"The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos" is an action movie about bad guys who get together to catch the worst criminals who disappeared after the first-ever convoy escape...More

[USA + Canada] "Exit - Movie" - South Korean Disaster Film - Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on August 2nd Across the U.S on August 9th

Source | 2019/07/19 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment

"Exit - Movie" - South Korean Disaster Film - Hits Theaters in Los Angeles on August 2nd and Across the U.S on August 9th
Directed by Lee Sang-geun and stars Cho Jung-seok, Yoona, Go Doo-shim, Park In-hwan, Kim Ji-young

Lee Sang-geun makes his directorial debut with the fast paced, disaster action film "Exit - Movie". Lee wrote "Exit - Movie" in addition to directing. The film will open on August 2nd at CGV Cinemas in Buena Park and Los Angeles and will be available nationwide on August 9th...More

Bong Joon-ho Breaks Own Record for France's Most-Watched Korean Film

Source | 2019/06/25 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite", which won the top honor at this year's Cannes Film Festival last month, has become the most successful Korean film ever released in France...More

Actress Lee Jung-eun Talks About Sudden Fame After 'Parasite' Role

Source | 2019/06/22 | Permalink

Actress Lee Jung-eun poses at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 22. /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Until recently, Lee Jung-eun was an actress whose versatility won her many supporting roles in TV series and films, but who could walk down the street largely unrecognized.

But things have changed since she starred as a housekeeper in director Bong Joon-ho's much-acclaimed film "Parasite", which won the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival last month...More

Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' Grabs Another International Gong

Source | 2019/06/18 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Director Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" has won the Sydney Film Festival's top prize...More

Bong Joon-ho's New Film Gets Ecstatic Reception at Cannes Festival

Source | 2019/05/23 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho and actors Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong and Lee Jung-eun (from right) react to an ovation from the audience after a screening of the film "Parasite" at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Tuesday. /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Director Bong Joon-ho's latest film "Parasite" had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night. The 2,000-strong audience at the Grand Theatre Lumiere was gripped by the satirical black comedy, giving the director and cast a nine-minute standing ovation when it finished...More

[HanCinema's News] Interest in Korean Films Spikes At Cannes Film Market

2019/05/20 | Permalink

In addition to the more highly publicized screening portion of the Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes fiilm market has also been in full swing. Films like "Parasite", "Exit - Movie", and "Forbidden Dream" have also been in negotiation for international distribution rights...More

[HanCinema's News] Worldwide Profile of South Korean Film on Upswing

2019/05/16 | Permalink

Thanks in part to its appearance at the Cannes International Film Festival "The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil" has already been sold to 104 countries ahead of its South Korean premiere. The film's distribution company, AceMakerMovieWorks has said that a three minute promotional video was enough to get a top dollar sale from Taiwan. Other international markets and airplane companies soon followed...More

Female Cop Buddy Movie Set for Box-Office Triumph

Source | 2019/05/16 | Permalink

Action comedy "Miss and Mrs. Cops" is set to become a box-office hit thanks to an unexpected rush of female moviegoers.

According to the Korean Film Council on Wednesday, "Miss and Mrs. Cops" attracted 76,554 viewers on Tuesday, even ahead of record-breaking Hollywood blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" which drew 69,945...More

[USA + Canada] "Miss and Mrs. Cops" Releases in Los Angeles on May 10 and on May 17 Nationwide

Source | 2019/05/09 | Permalink

"Miss and Mrs. Cops", a South Korean Crime Comedy, Releases in Los Angeles on May 10 and in Cities Across the U.S on May 17th...More

[USA + Canada] "Money" - South Korean Spy Thriller Releases March 29 in Cities Across the U.S

Source | 2019/03/29 | Permalink

Directed by Noo-ri Park and Stars Ryu Jun-yeol, Yoo Ji-tae, Jo Woo-jin and Kim Jae-young

South Korean director Noo-ri Park is making her directorial debut with spy thriller "Money". The title releases in Los Angeles today and in cities across the U.S. on March 29. Audiences will be teeming with suspense as they wait to see if the protagonist, Il-hyeon, makes it out of the tight situation he has dug himself into...More

Campaign to Credit Staffers Earns 80,000 Hits

Source | 2019/03/13 | Permalink

"Support Ending Credits", a video campaign supporting listing staff names in ending credits, is stirring up conversation...More

[USA] "Default" S. Korean Drama Based on 1997 Asian Financial Crisis Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play February 27

2019/02/27 | Permalink

"Default", Based on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on February 27, 2019
South Korean drama, "Default", takes a look back at a difficult time for South Korea – the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. It is directed by Choi Gook-he, who was awarded the Best Debut award at the Fantasia International Film Festival for his feature debut in 2016, "Split". Choi presents us with an enthralling storyline and a sense of emotional connection to a time when the country was on the verge of bankruptcy. The film releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on February 27...More

[HanCinema's News] "Extreme Job" Hits #2 on All-time Box Office

2019/02/17 | Permalink

"Extreme Job" hit a major milestone over the last weekend as it passed 14.53 million admissions. This now puts the film at #2 on the all-time South Korean Box Office list. It has surpassed "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" and is now only outperformed by "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", whose 17.61 million admission record is unlikely to break...More

[USA + Canada] Lee Byeong-heon-I's Cop Comedy "Extreme Job" releases in LA Jan. 25 and in Cities Across US and Canada on Feb. 1

Source | 2019/01/18 | Permalink

"Extreme Job", a South Korean Comedic Action Film Releases on January 25 in Los Angeles and Buena Park, and In Cities Across the U.S. and Canada on February 1
Directed by Lee Byeong-heon-I and Stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Hanee, Jin Seon-kyu, Lee Dong-hwi, Gong Myung...More

[USA] Director Yoon Jong-bin's "The Spy Gone North" Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play January 8

2019/01/07 | Permalink

"The Spy Gone North" South Korean Action Film Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on January 8, 2019
Starring Hwang Jung-min, Lee Sung-min, Cho Jin-woong, and Ju Ji-hoon
"The Spy Gone North" ("Gongjak"), a South Korean espionage film inspired by a true story, releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on January 8. Director Yoon Jong-bin ("KUNDO : Age of the Rampant", "Nameless Gangster") delivers a gripping, fact-based spy saga about a loyal South Korean agent caught in the political vortex plotted by the ruling classes of two Koreas...More

Korean Actors Brush up on English-Language Skills

Source | 2019/01/05 | Permalink

Actress Ha Jung-woo (left) talks with co-star Kevin Durand on the set of "Take Point". /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

In his latest film "Take Point", Ha Jung-woo's lines are mostly in English as he heads a group of mercenaries. Ha admits that playing the part was "quite a challenge".

"It drove me nuts whenever my language coach pointed out an incorrect pronunciation when I said a line while trying to immerse myself into my character", he said...More

[USA + Canada] New S. Korean Action Film "Take Point" by Director Kim Byeong-woo Releases in LA Dec. 27 and wide in US and Canada Jan. 4

Source | 2018/12/21 | Permalink

"Take Point", a South Korean Action Film Releases on December 27 in Los Angeles and In Cities Across the U.S. and Canada on January 4
Directed by Kim Byeong-woo ("The Terror Live") and Stars Ha Jung-woo, Lee Sun-kyun, Jennifer Ehle, Kevin Durand, Malik Yoba, and Spencer Daniels...More

[USA + Canada] "Default" based on 1997 Asian Financial Crisis Releases in N. American Theaters beginning November 29

Source | 2018/11/16 | Permalink

"Default", a South Korean Drama Based on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Releases on November 29 at CGV Cinemas LA and Buena Park, in Cities Across the U.S. on November 30 and in Canada December 7
Directed by Choi Gook-hee ("Split") and Stars Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Ah-in, Heo Joon-ho, Jo Woo-jin, and Vincent Cassel...More

[USA] Crime Thriller "The Negotiation" Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play November 13

2018/10/26 | Permalink

From the Creators of Ode to My Father and The Himalayas
South Korean crime thriller, "The Negotiation", release on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on November 13. Starring the biggest hit-makers of Korean films, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin go head-to-head in this nail-biting movie surrounding a hostage crisis...More

[USA + Canada] S. Korean Crime Thriller "The Negotiation" Releases in LA, and in Other Cities Across US and Canada on September 28

Source | 2018/09/07 | Permalink

South Korean Crime Thriller "The Negotiation" Releases September 20 in Los Angeles and Buena Park and September 28 in Cities Across the U.S. and Canada
From the Creators of "Ode to My Father" and "The Himalayas", and starring Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin...More

[USA] "The Accidental Detective 2" Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Today, August 7

2018/08/07 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment

"The Accidental Detective 2: In Action" South Korean Action Comedy Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on August 7, 2018
Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il, and Lee Kwang-soo Together for More Crime-Solving Adventures...More

[USA + Canada] "The Spy Gone North" releases August 10 in LA and OC, and August 17 in cities across the U.S. and Canada

Source | 2018/08/03 | Permalink

"The Spy Gone North" releases August 10 in Los Angeles and Buena Park and August 17 in cities across the U.S. and Canada
Highly Acclaimed at Cannes Film Festival Earlier this Year Starring Hwang Jung-min, Lee Sung-min, Cho Jin-woong, and Ju Ji-hoon...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook's "Snowpiercer" Series Coming Next Year

2018/07/25 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" is getting a series adaptation with a new story, new cast and a global distribution. Netflix will be airing the series globally, while TNT will handle its distribution in the US. Joining Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook as executive producers will be Lee  Tae-hoon and Choi Doo-ho, who also worked on the film...More

[USA] "The Princess and the Matchmaker" releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on June 19

2018/06/15 | Permalink

"The Princess and the Matchmaker" South Korea's Hit Historical Romantic Comedy Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on June 19, 2018
Starring Beloved Actress Shim Eun-kyung, K-Drama Star Lee Seung-gi, and more...More

"The Accidental Detective 2: In Action" releases on June 22 in U.S. & Canada

Source | 2018/06/15 | Permalink

"The Accidental Detective 2: In Action" South Korean Action Comedy Releases in the U.S. & Canada on June 22

Actors Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il, and Lee Kwang-soo Together for More Crime-Solving Adventures
"The Accidental Detective 2: In Action", South Korea's newest detective comedy to premiere in North America, will make audiences laugh this summer. The film is a limited release and will be showing in select theaters beginning June 22, 2018...More

[USA] South Korean Action Thriller "Golden Slumber" Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on June 5

2018/06/01 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment

South Korean Action Thriller "Golden Slumber" Releases on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on June 5, 2018
From acclaimed director, Noh Dong-seok ("My Generation") and Based on the novel "Golden Slumber" by Kotaro Isaka
"Golden Slumber", is a South Korean action thriller packed with twists, turns and deception as a man fights to stay alive after being framed for murder. It will release on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play on June 5, 2018. The film is directed by award-winning director Noh Dong-seok...More

[USA] "1987: When the Day Comes" Digital Release on May 15 - South Korean Political Thriller Based on True Story

2018/05/11 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment

Political thriller "1987: When the Day Comes" releases on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes May 15, 2018
"1987: When the Day Comes", a thrilling look back at a pivotal moment in South Korean history and the death of a student protester that sparked public outrage and shook an entire country, is releasing on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes on May 15, 2018...More

"The Spy Gone North" at 71st Cannes Film Festival and Releasing in U.S. Summer 2018

2018/04/20 | Permalink

"The Spy Gone North" Invited To 71st Cannes Film Festival and Releasing in U.S. Summer 2018
Starring Hwang Jung-min, Lee Sung-min, Cho Jin-woong, and Ju Ji-hoon
CJ Entertainment announced today that its highly anticipated espionage film, "The Spy Gone North" ("Gongjak"), is releasing in the U.S. this Summer...More

[Video] "The Fortress" Starring Lee Byung-hun Releases on Amazon, Google Play And iTunes May 1, 2018

2018/04/20 | Permalink

Credit: CJ Entertainment

"The Fortress" Starring Lee Byung-hun Releases on Amazon, Google Play And iTunes May 1, 2018
From "Miss Granny" Director, Hwang Dong-hyuk
CJ Entertainment is releasing "The Fortress", a period drama featuring popular South Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun, best known for "Magnificent Seven" and "Terminator Genisys" on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes on May 1, 2018. This title played in 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada last Fall...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Yi-kyung and Jung in-sun Confirmed to Be Dating

Source | 2018/04/17 | Permalink

Actor Lee Yi-kyung and actress Jung In-sun confirmed their relationship status...More

[USA + Canada] "Confidential Assignment" Releases on Google Play and iTunes Today

2018/04/10 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment is releasing "Confidential Assignment", a South Korean detective film, on Google Play and iTunes today. It was released in the U.S. in January 2017 and recorded the third highest numbers at the Korean Box Office last year...More

[USA + Canada] S. Korean Thriller "Seven Years of Night" Releases in L.A. on March 30 and Select N. American Theaters April 6

Source | 2018/03/23 | Permalink

Credits CJ Entertainment

Chilling South Korean Thriller "Seven Years of Night" Releases on March 30 in Los Angeles and In Select North American Theaters on April 6
From Award-Winning Director, Choo Chang-min, Starring Ryu Seung-ryong and Jang Dong-gun...More

[USA] "The Princess and the Matchmaker" Starring Shim Eun-kyung and Lee Seung-gi - March 9 in Select U.S. Theaters

2018/03/02 | Permalink

"The Princess and the Matchmaker" South Korea's Hit Historical Romantic Comedy Releases in North America on March 9
Starring Beloved Actress Shim Eun-kyung, K-Drama Star Lee Seung-gi, and more...More

[USA + Canada] "Golden Slumber" Premieres in LA on February 16 and Nationwide on February 23

2018/02/13 | Permalink

South Korean Action Thriller "Golden Slumber" Debuts in Los Angeles and Buena Park on February 16 and Nationwide on February 23

From acclaimed director, Noh Dong-seok ("My Generation") and Based on the novel "Golden Slumber" by Kotaro Isaka...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Seung-gi and Shim Eun-kyung's "The Princess and the Matchmaker" Will Finally Be Released

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

A CJ Entertainment associate revealed that movie the "The Princess and the Matchmaker" confirmed its release date for February 28th...More

Korean Directors Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook Work Abroad

Source | 2018/01/11 | Permalink

Two of Korea's biggest masters in cinema are headed West.

Director Bong Joon-ho, who is known for movies "Memories of Murder" and "The Host", is working on making his movie "Snowpiercer" into a TV drama. American cable channel TNT is adapting "Snowpiercer" with Bong Joon-ho as its producer. However, he will be less involved as he's currently preoccupied with the release of his movie "Parasite"...More

[USA] "Heart Blackened" stars Choi Min-sik and Park Shin-hye / Releases Nov. 10 in LA and Buena Park

Source | 2017/11/03 | Permalink

Limited Release Starts November 10 at CGV Cinemas Los Angeles and CGV Buena Park

"Heart Blackened", a new crime thriller starring Choi Min-sik ("Old Boy", "I Saw the Devil") and Park Shin-hye ("My Annoying Brother", "The Royal Tailor") is premiering in Los Angeles and Buena Park on November 10, 2017 at CGV Cinemas. The film is produced by the same team that brought the world "Old Boy" and "The Handmaiden"...More

[USA & Canada] Lee Byung-hun in "The Fortress" October 20 in U.S. and Canada

Source | 2017/09/22 | Permalink

"The Fortress", starring Lee Byung-hun debuts In The U.S. and Canada October 20, 2017

From "Miss Granny" Director, Hwang Dong-hyuk
CJ Entertainment is releasing "The Fortress", a new period drama featuring popular South Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun.  This title will premiere on October 20, 2017 in over 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Following its premiere, "The Fortress" will be the main feature of Korean Film Days at the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles, and it has also been chosen to open at the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) next in London...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "The King's Case Note"

2017/08/26 | Permalink

If you're searching for a run-of-the-mill, Joseon-era film, look elsewhere because "The King's Case Note" is far from the usual sageuk (historical) fare. In fact, the entire 114 minutes of Moon Hyeon-seong's ("As One") Joseon-era whodunnit boasts of its own flavor (mostly of the comical sort), which manifests itself as a double-edged sword. Some of it was brilliantly executed, like the comic moments between the king and his chronicler (in a very Sherlock and Watson-esque pairing) that were laugh-out-loud funny, but the undependable pace that catered to the humor detracted from the film's cohesion...More

Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri confirmed to be dating

Source | 2017/08/16 | Permalink

"Answer Me 1988" fans who were shipping the "other" couple have gotten your wishes. Actor Ryu Jun-yeol (33) and Girl's Day Hyeri (23) have been confirmed to be dating...More

Most Anticipated Korean Film of 2017 "The Battleship Island" Debuts in the USA and Canada August 4

Source | 2017/07/28 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment's highly anticipated summer blockbuster, "The Battleship Island", a historical war film, is set to release on July 26 in Korea and on August 4 in over 40 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The title was featured at the Cannes Film Festival last month and was pre-sold to 113 territories worldwide...More

[USA & Canada] "The Battleship Island" Releases in U.S. and Canada August 4

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Most anticipated Korean film of 2017 "The Battleship Island" debuts in the USA and Canada August 4
From "Veteran" Director Ryoo Seung-wan, and Starring Hwang Jung-min from "Ode to My Father" and Song Joong-ki from "Descendants of the Sun"...More

[USA] "The Age of Shadows" Releases Digitally and on Blu-ray/DVD on May 2 **** Blu-ray Giveaway ****

Source | 2017/04/29 | Permalink

"The Best Western Movie of the Year Is a Korean Thriller" - GQ
From Iconic Director Kim Jee-woon ("The Last Stand", "A Bittersweet Life", "I Saw the Devil", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird")
On May 2, 2017, CJ Entertainment is releasing The Age of Shadows on DVD and Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Family Video, and digitally on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, and Sony PlayStation...More

[USA] "The Age of Shadows" Releases Digitally and on Blu-ray/DVD on May 2

Source | 2017/04/12 | Permalink

"The Best Western Movie of the Year Is a Korean Thriller" - GQ
From Iconic Director Kim Jee-woon ("The Last Stand", "A Bittersweet Life", "I Saw the Devil", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird")
On May 2, 2017, CJ Entertainment is releasing The Age of Shadows on DVD and Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Family Video, and digitally on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, and Sony PlayStation...More

[North America] Historical Comedy, "The King's Case Note" in Theaters Beginning April 28

Source | 2017/04/10 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment is releasing a new historical comedy film called "The King's Case Note" in L.A. and Buena Park, CA on April 28 and nationwide in Dallas, TX and other cities on May 5.

"The King's Case Note"debuts In Los Angeles And Buena Park On April 28 And Nationwide On May 5

Historical Comedy Follows a King and his Assistant as They Stumble to Solve a Mystery...More

US Teaser Trailer & Poster: "The The Battleship Island"

2017/03/07 | Permalink

"The Battleship Island", a war film based on the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1944 and 400 or more Koreans that were conscripted into slave labor will be released in the U.S. by CJ Entertainment this summer...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Fabricated City"

2017/02/25 | Permalink

Watching "Fabricated City" is like watching a "Hackers" and "The Fast and The Furious" mash up studded with the biggest names in Korean entertainment. Director Bae Jong ("Welcome to Dongmakgol", "No Comment") and his team create a world that mimics an fast-paced game, geared towards action and adventure more than depicting reality. Headlining this tale is Ji Chang-wook of "The K2" and "Healer". Ji is known for his work in action-packed dramas and that experience serves him well as Kwon Yoo, a genius gamer, a taekwondo master, and a man falsely accused of a grotesque murder...More

[USA and Canada] "Fabricated City" Releases in LA on February 17 and in Select Cities in the U.S. and Canada on February 24

Source | 2017/02/14 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment releases "Fabricated City" On February 17 in Los Angeles and Buena Park, and on February 24 in select cities across the U.S. and Canada
"Fabricated City", an action thriller by award-winning director Bae Jong ("Welcome to Dongmakgol", "No Comment") is being released at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and Buena Park on February 17...More

[USA and Canada] "Confidential Assignment" Debuts in Los Angeles on January 27 and Nationwide on February 3

Source | 2017/01/26 | Permalink

South and North Korean joint investigation - One assignment, two missions

"Confidential Assignment", a South Korean detective film starring Hyun Bin ("The Fatal Encounter"), Yoo Hae-jin ("Luck.Key", "Veteran"), Kim Joo-hyuk ("Like for Likes"), and Yoona ("The K2") is premiering in Los Angeles at CGV Cinemas on January 27, 2017 followed by a nationwide release on February 3, 2017...More

'Master' Races to 5 Million Viewer Mark in Less Than 2 Weeks

Source | 2017/01/02 | Permalink

Members of the cast of "Master" celebrate the film's reaching the 5 million viewer mark in Seoul on Sunday. From left, Lee Byung-hun, Uhm Ji-won, Gang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

The crime action flick "Master" took just 12 days from its release to draw 5 million viewers, reaching the milestone on Sunday...More

Cho Jin-woong, Seol Kyeong-goo, Oh Dal-soo in "Mongyudowondo"

Source | 2016/12/29 | Permalink

Cho Jin-woong, Sol Kyung-gu and Oh Dal-soo are starring in the movie "Mongyudowondo".

According to sources, director Jo Cheol-hyeon is in charge and the movie cranks in next March...More

Hwang Jung-min and Yoon Jong-bin's "The Spy Gone North", CJ steps out

Source | 2016/12/15 | Permalink

One of the most anticipated movies of 2017 is at risk.

Several sources claimed that the movie was just about to crank in when this happened...More

[USA & Canada] South Korean Crime Thriller "Master" debuts in N. America on January 6, 2017

Source | 2016/12/08 | Permalink

Asia's leading studio CJ Entertainment, the signature film division of major media and content company CJ E&M, is releasing the action-packed South Korean crime thriller, "Master" in theaters across North America on January 6, 2017. The film will have viewers at the edge of their seats as they follow a high-tech cat and mouse chase to stop one of the biggest corporate frauds in history...More

[USA] "My Annoying Brother" Releases in L.A. on Dec. 8, starring EXO's D.O.

2016/11/22 | Permalink

Starring Do Kyung-soo (D.O. of EXO), Cho Jung-seok, and Park Shin-hye
CJ Entertainment is releasing "My Annoying Brother" in Los Angeles at CGV Cinemas on December 8, 2016. The comedy's cast includes K-pop group EXO's D.O. (Do Kyung-soo), "Oh My Ghostess" star Cho Jung-seok, and "Miracle in Cell No. 7" star Park Shin-hye...More

[USA] CJ Entertainment Showing 5 Korean Films at the Asian World Film Fest in Culver City Oct. 24-Nov. 1

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Twenty Foreign Language Oscar® Contenders to Screen at Asian World Film Festival in Culver City
CJ Entertainment to Showcase Five Korean Films as Part of a Special Festival Track
Twenty films submitted to represent their countries in the Motion Picture Academy's Foreign Language Film category will be among the 34 motion pictures at the 2nd Annual Asian World Film Festival which runs from October 24 to November 1 at the ArcLight Theater in Culver City...More

[Interview] Kim Jee-woon with The Lady Miz Diva

Source | 2016/10/15 | Permalink

In the 5 years since our last chat with Director Kim Jee-woon, he made a full-fledged Hollywood film and then returned to South Korea to create his latest box office smash, "The Age of Shadows". Director Kim spoke with me about his spy thriller, based on real events during the Japanese occupation of Korea, as it premiered in New York City as part of Korean Movie Night. 

We talked about his 20-year collaboration with acting legend Song Kang-ho, Oscar consideration, the influence of John Cassavetes and James Coburn, and he revealed the name of the lead actor for his long-awaited adaptation of "Jin-Roh" (Titled "Illang : The Wolf Brigade"). Oh, and his leading lady, Han Ji-min, makes a cute cameo.


[Interview] Han Ji-min with The Lady Miz Diva

Source | 2016/10/15 | Permalink

Acting since she was in high school, Han Ji-min long ruled the Korean dramaverse with shows like Padam Padam and Rooftop Prince, and made her mark in features like Detective K and The Fatal Encounter. In Director Kim Jee-woon's Japanese invasion spy thriller, "The Age of Shadows", Han reveals a gritty side as the lone lady in a nest of Korean freedom fighters, showing viewers she's much more than just a pretty face.


[USA and Canada] "The Age of Shadows" Posters Signed by Kim Jee-woon Giveaway

Source | 2016/10/01 | Permalink

For the release of "The Age of Shadows" in North America, CJ Entertainment America is giving away 3 movie posters signed by the director Kim Jee-woon...More

[USA] Stars of "Operation Chromite" Meet-and-Greets in L.A. & O.C. this Week

2016/08/09 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment's latest blockbuster hit, "Operation Chromite" is releasing in over 100+ theaters in the U.S. and Canada this Friday, August 12...More

[New U.S. Trailer] Liam Neeson stars in "Operation Chromite" opening in North America August 12

Source | 2016/07/21 | Permalink

Liam Neeson Stars in Film Following the True Story of the Unsung Heroes Who Turned the Tide of the Korean War

CJ Entertainment will distribute the film "Operation Chromite" in North America on August 12, 2016. From Taewon Entertainment, "Operation Chromite" is poised to be the largest Korean summer blockbuster this year, telling the true story of the heroes whose lives were sacrificed in order to turn the tide of the Korean War. Liam Neeson stars as General MacArthur, who led the attack against the North Koreans in the Battle of Incheon, forcing them to retreat out of Seoul...More

"Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" Premieres in North America July 15

Source | 2016/07/07 | Permalink

A Story of the Greatest Con Artist Korea has Ever Known
CJ Entertainment announced today that they will release "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" in North America on July 15, 2016. "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is based on the tale of a legendary Korean con artist who pulls a scam so big that it shakes the entire nation to its core. This title will be released in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Honolulu, Toronto, and Vancouver. This is also the film debut for Xiumin, a member of the highly popular K-pop group EXO...More

Liam Neeson Stars in "Operation Chromite", coming to N. America August 12

2016/06/14 | Permalink

Liam Neeson Stars in Film Following the True Story of the Unsung Heroes Who Turned the Tide of the Korean War
CJ Entertainment will distribute the film "Operation Chromite" in North America on August 12, 2016. From Taewon Entertainment, "Operation Chromite" is poised to be the largest Korean summer blockbuster this year, telling the true story of the heroes whose lives were sacrificed in order to turn the tide of the Korean War. Liam Neeson stars as General MacArthur, who led the attack against the North Koreans in the Battle of Incheon, forcing them to retreat out of Seoul...More

[Photos] "The Handmaiden" in Cannes

Source | 2016/05/19 | Permalink

"The Handmaiden" was invited to the 69th Cannes International Film Festival and director Park Chan-wook, Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong were there.

"The Handmaiden" is a movie about a wealthy lady who inherited her riches from her parents, an emperor who wants her wealth, and a servant and the heir to her wealth who is offered a deal from the emperor...More

Lee Je-hoon, Go Ara and Kim Sung-kyun at the movies

Source | 2016/05/05 | Permalink

Actor Lee Je-hoon, Go Ara and Kim Sung-kyun took a picture together.

The picture came up on CJ Entertainment's official Facebook...More

[North America] "Time Renegadess" to be realased in North America on April, 22

Source | 2016/04/06 | Permalink

One murder, two different times.
Two men's desperate race against time to save one woman they both love.

January 1, 1983. High school teacher Ji-hwan (Cho Jung-seok) proposes to colleague and lover Yoon-jeong (Lim Soo-jung), but moments later he is fighting for his life after he is stabbed by a mugger.

January 1, 2015. Police detective Geon-woo (Lee Jin-wook) is shot by a suspect.
The two men who live 30 years apart, fight for their lives on the same day, at the same hospital. As they come back from the brink of death, the two men begin to see through each other's eyes in their dreams...More

[USA] Korean Box Office Hit "Veteran" Debuts on Dvd And Blu-ray April 5, 2016 + ***DVD Giveaway*** First-come, First-served

Source | 2016/04/02 | Permalink

Korean Box Office Hit "Veteran" Debuts on Dvd And Blu-ray April 5, 2016
Featuring International Star Hwang Jung-min ("Ode to My Father")
South Korean box office sensation Veteran releases on DVD and Blu-ray on April 5, 2016. The film is a hard-hitting crime thriller with a comedic touch from award-winning director Ryoo Seung-wan ("The Unjust")...More

Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden" a likely candidate at Cannes this year

Source | 2016/03/27 | Permalink

Will director Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden" bring some good news this year after 3 straight years of not being invited to the Cannes International Film Festival?

"The Handmaiden" is a masterpiece that has been pre-sold to 116 countries at the European Film Market. Word from movie makers is that Park Chan-wook just might be able to recover his name from breaking the 3-year jinx...More

[USA & Canada] South Korean Romantic Comedy "Like for Likes" Makes North American Debut on February 26 + ***Giveaways***

Source | 2016/02/19 | Permalink

All-star cast includes: Yoo Ah-in ("Veteran"), Kang Ha-neul ("Twenty"), Esom ("Scarlet Innocence"), Lee Mi-yeon ("A Company Man"), Choi Ji-woo ("Actresses"), and Kim Joo-hyuk ("Beauty Inside")
DramaFever hosts advanced screening February 25 in New York
"Like for Likes", a South Korean romantic comedy about finding love with a little help from modern day social networks premieres in North America on February 26...More

[USA & Canada] South Korean Romantic Comedy "Like for Likes" Makes North American Debut on February 26 - Updated

Source | 2016/02/12 | Permalink

All-star cast includes: Yoo Ah-in ("Veteran"), Kang Ha-neul ("Twenty"), Esom ("Scarlet Innocence"), Lee Mi-yeon ("A Company Man"), Choi Ji-woo ("Actresses"), and Kim Joo-hyuk ("Beauty Inside")
DramaFever hosts advanced screening February 25 in New York
"Like for Likes", a South Korean romantic comedy about finding love with a little help from modern day social networks premieres in North America on February 26...More

[USA and Canada] Korean War Drama "A Melody to Remember" to Make Debut on February 5 ***Free Tickets (US only - First-Come, First-Served)***

Source | 2016/02/05 | Permalink

Directed by Lee Han ("Punch")
Starring Im Si-wan ("The Attorney"), and Go Ah-sung ("Snowpiercer")

CJ Entertainment, Asia's leading studio and signature film division of major media and content company CJ E&M, is releasing the South Korean war drama, "A Melody to Remember" on January 29 at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and nationwide on February 5. The film is directed by Lee Han ("Punch", "Thread of Lies"), and stars three of Korean cinema's brightest young stars, Im Si-wan, Go Ah-sung, Lee Hee-joon, and child actors Jung Joon-won, and Lee Re...More

[USA and Canada] "The Piper" DVD Release and Giveaway

2016/01/30 | Permalink

"The visuals look fantastic, with a great splattering of genuine horror and bizarre fantasy".
‐ The Hollywood News
''The Piper" debuts on DVD February 2, 2016
A Non-stop Gruesome Thrill Ride with International Stars Ryu Seung-ryong and Lee Joon.

DVD giveaway open to US and Canada residents.
 "The Piper", provides a gruesome retelling of the legendary Brothers Grimm classic of a village plagued by rats and a man who uses his magical flute to lure them out and rid the small town of the grotesque infestation forever...More

[North America] "The Himalayas" a heart-wrenching S. Korean film premieres in L.A. Dec. 18 and wide January 1

2015/12/08 | Permalink

From the Creators of "Haeundae" and "Ode to My Father" Comes an Unforgettable Film about a Band of Men's Perilous Journey to the Peak of Mount Everest
"The Himalayas", an inspiring and heart-wrenching South Korean film based on true events, is premiering in Los Angeles (at CGV Cinemas in L.A. and La Habra) on Friday, December 18, 2015, followed by a wider North American release on January 1, 2016 in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and more. The film is presented by CJ Entertainment...More

[USA and Canada] Korean thriller "The Priests" opens in N. American Theaters Starting Thanksgiving Day

Source | 2015/11/23 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment's latest thriller "The Priests" makes its North American debut beginning Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015 in Los Angeles and Dallas, followed by a wider release on December 4, 2015 in San Francisco, New Jersey, Honolulu, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and more...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2015/11/15 | Permalink

KOBIZ features the animated works of Hur Bum-wook, a short history of Korean sequels, Netflix scoops up Bong Joon-ho's new monster flick, and an interview with director JK Youn ("Ode to My Father")...More

[Los Angeles] CJ Entertainment Celebrates 20 Years of Korean Film History with Screenings November 5-7

Source | 2015/10/22 | Permalink

Conversations with Director JK Youn of "Ode to My Father" and Hwang Dong-hyuk of "Miss Granny" to follow screenings
Two special screenings of Bong Joon-ho films including premiere of Digitally remastered "Memories of Murder" and Rare showing of "Mother - 2009" in black and white...More

The star-studded, A-list cast of 'Asura: The City of Madness': Jung Woo-sung, Hwang Jung-min, Ju Ji-hoon, Jung Man-sik, Kwak Do-won in script reading

Source | 2015/10/13 | Permalink

On October 13th, the script reading session of "Asura: The City of Madness" has been posted on the official Facebook of CJ Entertainment.

The revealed photos show all of the main actors including Jung Woo-sung Ju Ji-hoon Hwang Jung-min, Jung Man-sik and Kwak Do-won as well as director Kim Seong-su...More

Former Actress Donates W100 Million to Busan Film Fest

Source | 2015/09/17 | Permalink

Ko Eun-ah, the CEO of Seoul Cinema and actress from the 1960s and 1970s, donated W100 million to the Busan International Film Festival (US$1=W1,183).

The annual film festival, in its 20th year this year, kicks off on Oct. 1 and closes on Oct. 10...More

Korean Box Office Hit 'Veteran' to Open across North America

Source | 2015/09/15 | Permalink

Asia's leading studio CJ Entertainment, the signature film division of major media and content company CJ E&M, says that "Veteran", its latest Korean box office hit, is set to open in major cities across North America, including New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. on September 17th and Vancouver and Toronto on the following day...More

'Hidden Identity' Park Sung-woong, challenges our expectations of him

Source | 2015/07/26 | Permalink

Still cuts of Park Sung-woong with his charming smile was made public.

CJ entertainment said "on the 26th, Park Sung-woong of the tvN Monday-Tuesday Korean drama "Hidden Identity posted behind the scene photos on his official Facebook page...More

Movie, 'Guest' actor Lee Joon shows off his wild muscles

Source | 2015/06/23 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon revealed his toned muscles achieved through his organic diet.

CJ Entertainment said on June 23rd on their official Facebook, "You can't make this in a fitness center! First time to reveal muscles of organic life style, prepared for the fantasy thriller, "The Piper". Get women's hearts pumping. Scary, cool". The photos show Lee Joon on the set of movie, "The Piper"...More

Director Park Chan-wook's 'Fingersmith' has begun filming in Nagoya on June 15

Source | 2015/06/17 | Permalink

Director Park Chan-wook's 'Fingersmith' has begun filming on June 15th.

The investment and distribution company of 'Fingersmith', CJ Entertainment said, "'Fingersmith' has begun filming in Nagoya, Japan on June 15th"...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2015/06/06 | Permalink

Pierce reviews the thriller "The Office", a look back at the past 20 years with CJ Entertainment, Yoo Seung-ho and Cho Jae-hyun to star in new period piece, and "Northern Limit Line" and "Perfect Proposal" hold to end domestic drought...More

[North America] "Chronicles of Evil" - North American Release on May 22, 2015

Source | 2015/05/13 | Permalink

Action-thriller "Chronicles of Evil", distributed by CJ Entertainment and produced by BA Entertainment, premieres in North American theaters on May 22, 2015 on the heels of the film's release in South Korea. Directed by Baek Woon-hak, the writer of Korea's first big-budget blockbuster "Shiri", "Chronicles of Evil" is the gripping tale of a chief detective who is tasked to solve a murder that he committed in self-defense. The talented cast includes Son Hyun-joo ("THE CHASER - Drama", "Three Days"), Ma Dong-seok ("The Good, the Bad, the Weird", "The Unjust"), Choi Daniel ("High Kick Through The Roof", "Cyrano Agency"), and Park Seo-joon ("A Witch's Romance").

"Chronicles of Evil" will open in major cities across North America including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and more...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2015/04/18 | Permalink

"Twenty" makes it way to America, Fabien presents three new Korean releases for Modern Korean Cinema, CJ Entertainment reaches out to fans on Facebook with new initiative, and reservations for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" start flooding in...More

[North America] Korean Movies To Stream On Facebook

2015/04/16 | Permalink

'Twenty' to be released in 25 theaters throughout North America

Source | 2015/04/08 | Permalink

There is a report that movie "Twenty" will be released in 25 theaters in North America simultaneously.

On April 7th, an US entertainment media, The Hollywood Reporter said "CJ Entertainment America has announced that "Twenty" will be released in North America"...More

"Empire of Lust" now to be seen at home

Source | 2015/03/26 | Permalink

The movie "Empire of Lust" now can be seen at home.

CJ Entertainment movie "Empire of Lust" now can be watched in the comfort of IPTV, digital cable and online mobile VOD services...More

'Empire of Lust' unveils bountiful preview stills to celebrate film release

Source | 2015/03/05 | Permalink

Preview stills of movie, "Empire of Lust" have been unveiled.

On March 5th, CJ Entertainment posted through their official Facebook, "Let's celebrate today's film release of "Empire of Lust"! Huge release of the exclusive preview stills. Ta-da"...More

History Weepie Strikes Chord with Korean Americans

Source | 2015/01/02 | Permalink

The enthusiasm for a melodrama about a man's sacrifices during modern Korean history is winging its way across the pond to the U.S.

Distributor CJ Entertainment on Wednesday said "Ode to My Father" drew over 6,000 viewers just four days into its Christmas-Day release at the CGV in Los Angeles, which is home to a large Korean community...More

History Weepie Draws 1.1 Million Viewers

Source | 2014/12/22 | Permalink

The melodrama "Ode to My Father" has drawn 1.1 million viewers in just four days, taking the No. 1 spot at the box office.

Some 44,000 people went to see the film on Saturday alone...More

Jung Woo-sung seen on the streets of Toronto

Source | 2014/09/14 | Permalink

Actor Jung Woo-sung was seen in Toronto.

Jung Woo-sung met with local audiences in Toronto, Canada while he was there for the 39th Toronto International Film Festival...More

'Roaring Currents' Makes a Splash in North America

Source | 2014/08/21 | Permalink

Korean period blockbuster "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", which just last weekend broke an all-time record to become the most-watched film here, has made an impressive splash in American theaters.

According to distributor CJ Entertainment, the film earned over US$560,000 in just three days after its premiere in North America last Friday...More

Roaring Currents poised to top 10 million viewers on Sunday

Source | 2014/08/09 | Permalink

The movie "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is poised to top 10 million in box office sales on Sunday, 12th day after its release. This represents nine days shorter than the record set by "The Host" (Goemul), which hit the mark in the shortest period of time (21 days in 2006) in the history of Korean movies...More

"The Admiral: Roaring Currents" Premieres in the North America on August 15

Source | 2014/07/31 | Permalink

Choi Min-sik ("Old Boy", Lucy) Takes on Epic Historical War Action Film About the Naval Battle of Myeong-Nyang

July 30, 2014 – "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", will make its North America debut in major market cinemas on August 15, 2014.  The film follows the events of a legendary Korean naval battle, Myeong-Nyang, and the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin (Choi Min-sik) who leads only 12 battleships to victory against 330 Japanese ones...More

Legendary S. Korean Director of "The Man from Nowhere" Returns with the Highly Anticipated Film "No Tears for the Dead"

Source | 2014/06/04 | Permalink

South Korea's highly anticipated film "No Tears for the Dead" (directed by Lee Jeong-beom) is set to be released in North American theaters June 20th!

Veteran hitman Gon (Jang Dong-gun) receives a mission, which is to target Mogyeong (Kim Min-hee). The trouble is, he falls in love with her.

Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman. Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl. A flood of guilt takes over his life and the situation becomes worse when his boss assigns him the job of killing the young girl's mother. Gon's new target, Mogyeong, is a risk manager at an investment firm and has buried herself in work to bury her grief. She is completely unaware of her role at the heart of a dangerous conspiracy. Finally, she meets the man who wants to tell her the truth behind the death of her child...More

[GIVEAWAY] Advance Screening in Chicago & TorontoSpecial Advance Screening of "The Fatal Encounter" for our Chicago and Toronto fans!!

Source | 2014/05/09 | Permalink

'LIKE' FB page (Asian Movies N More) and leave a comment to enter and win free tickets to this exclusive screening!
*Share with your friends and increase your chance of winning!...More

Korean Super Star Actor Hyun Bin's Much Awaited Comeback Period Film "The Fatal Encounter" Hits N. American Theaters May 23rd!

Source | 2014/05/07 | Permalink


"The Fatal Encounter" is
focusing on the story of politically embattled King Jeong-Jo (nicknamed the King of Misfortune), his dedicated servant Sang-chaek, and nefarious courtiers and assassins.

As the year 1777 opens, King Jeong-jo enters the second year of his reign, which is consistently under threat from the opposing Noron and Soron factions. To successfully defend his royal power, Jeong-jo draws upon his stores of courage and relies heavily on his loyal servant Sang-chaek. In a shocking twist, Sang-chaek turns out to be an assassin who was sent into service in order to kill Jeong-jo. After witnessing King Jeong-jo's capacity to justly rule the people, however, Sang-chaek comes clean about his true identity, and is banished from the court. As he leaves the palace, however, his eye catches sight of Sal-soo, the deadliest assassin in Joseon. Sang-chaek frantically returns to the court, only to find Sal-soo locked in combat with Jeong-jo...More

Dilemma for "Roaring Currents", "Pirates" and "Haemoo"

Source | 2014/04/23 | Permalink

Three major blockbusters worth the cost of 10 billion won are in a predicament. Release dates are being reconsidered due to the Sewol ferry disaster which put the whole country in grief.

They are "Roaring Currents" during the Japanese invasion of Korea, "Pirates" and "Haemoo" which is about an incident on a ship full of Korean immigrants from China...More

Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Yun-seok in "A Man and A Woman"

Source | 2014/02/24 | Permalink

Will actress Jeon Do-yeon and actor Kim Yun-seok meet?

The two of them have been offered roles in the movie "A Man and A Woman". Jeon Do-yeon is positively looking through the offer and Kim Yun-seok will start as soon as he's done with the movie "Haemoo"...More

The keyword for 2014 is 'historical movies'

Source | 2013/12/11 | Permalink

The first keyword is 'historical movies' and the second is the change which actors are going through.

"Memories of the Sword" , "Battle Of Myeongryang", "Pirates" and "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" are some of the historical movies that are expected to be released next year. They are all 10 billion dollar blockbusters. They are also movies the Big 3 distributors CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment and Showbox Media Plex have on the line...More

Ha Jung-woo's Directorial Debut a Runaway Success

Source | 2013/10/23 | Permalink

Ha Jung-woo's directorial debut "Fasten Your Seatbelt" has drawn 200,000 viewers within just six days of its release.

According to the Korean Film Council, 17,019 tickets were sold on Monday alone, taking the movie to No. 5 in the box office charts. It is being shown on 334 screens throughout the country...More

Ha Jung-woo's Directorial Debut Out in October

Source | 2013/08/24 | Permalink

The release of actor Ha Jung-woo's directorial debut "Roller Coaster" has been set for Oct. 17, distributor CJ Entertainment said Thursday...More

Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri in "The Spy"

Source | 2013/08/22 | Permalink

"The Spy" will be released on the 5th of September.

"The Spy" is a comedy action movie about the greatest spy in Korea carrying out a secret mission until his wife, who doesn't know his true career, gets involved with it as well. While he has to succeed in this mission, he also has to be discreet to his wife. Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri are coming together as a married couple again for the first time in 10 years. Other casts include, Daniel Henney, Ko Chang-seok, Han Ye-ri, Ra Mi-ran and more...More

CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents "A Werewolf Boy"

2013/07/23 | Permalink

Some Instincts Can Never Be Tamed ... Is It Possible He Continues to Wait for Her?

Romantic Fantasy Comes to Life on DVD Aug. 13th

Sometimes love can wait a lifetime in the romantic fantasy "A Werewolf Boy", captivating DVD Aug. 13 from CJ Entertainment America.  

An unexpected phone call summons an elderly woman, who has lost interest in life, back to Korea and the remote cottage in the countryside where she spent a tumultuous time in her youth. Memories overwhelm Suni (Park Bo-young) of a feral and mute orphan (Song Joong-ki) who the family took in ... only to discover that he was a creature never meant to exist...More

[HanCinema's Film Talk] An Eye Towards "Snowpiercer"

2013/07/13 | Permalink

"Snowpiercer" hits Korean cinemas August 1st and will make Bong Joon-ho the third Korean director to be showcasing a Hollywood feature this year. The film has an interesting and exciting cluster of Korean talent and studios on board - all of which have worked together successfully in the past. Here though I wanted to draw the eye through some of that prestigious Korean talent and showcase the keen 'eye' behind "Snowpiercer".

The film stars Song Kang-ho, one of Korea's most prestigious acting talents who has been a huge performer in Bong's impressive filmography; mostly notably in "Memories of Murder" (2003) and, the highest grossing Korean film of all time, "The Host" (2006). One of "Snowpiercer"'s producers has also made fairly good use of the 46-year-old actor. Park Chan-wook continues to cast Song in his films, most recently "Day Trip" (2012), but he's also starred in "JSA - Joint Security Area" [2000], "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (2002); "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005-cameo); and "Thirst" (2009)...More

Closing of the Festival KFF : The first edition is a great success

Source | 2013/07/12 | Permalink

Korean Film Festival in Canada promises its bright continuation in receiving the public's heartfelt welcoming

Montreal, July 12, 2013 – The 1st edition of the Korean Film Festival (KFF) in Canada closed with tremendous success on Wednesday July 10, 2013.  In partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa, the KFF, as a touring film festival, made its mark in five Canadian cities this summer: Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina, and settling in Ottawa and Montreal for its major events with a total of 15 films. The invited films were comprised of a selection of remarkable blockbusters and critically acclaimed films, including five award-winning short films specially chosen from the Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival (MSFF). There were also complimentary cultural events that were open to the general public, including: a specialfilm screening, seminars on Korean language and culture, and special performances highlighting Korean culture and creative arts as a part of the celebrations for 'Korean Week'...More

[HanCinema's Film Talk] SNOWPIERCER @ 24fps

2013/06/29 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's futuristic action epic "Snowpiercer" recently released a spectacular trailer to keep the saliva thick and wanting before the film's Korean release on August 1st. Here I'm going to take you through three sequences from that amazing trailer, and share some thoughts on what to expect from one of the most antcipated films of the year.

In 2004, Bong reportedly came across the French comic book Le Transperceneige and read the entire series right there in the store. He shared his enthusiasm with fellow Korean director Park Chan-wook ("Old Boy", "Stoker") whose production company Moho Films secured the rights to it the following year. The film is a transnational exhibition that boasts a number of international talents in front of and behind the camera. Korean cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo ("Taegukgi", "Mother - 2009", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird") and all-star Korean actor Song Kang-ho ("The Host", "Memories of Murder", "Secret Sunshine") are among an orchestra of creative personalities who brought their impressive cinematic talents into the mix...More

The Korean Film Festival comes to Montreal

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Korea, a selection of 10 outstanding Korean films will be showcased in Montreal from July 4th to 10th, 2013.

Ciné-Asie, along with the major support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, presents the first edition of the Korean Film Festival in CanadaKFF – which will be launched in five Canadian cities, highlighting Montreal in partnership with the Cineplex Odeon Forum and Mosaicultures Internationales Montréal at the Montreal Botanical Garden (an event that expects nearly two million visitors this summer), the KFF anticipates to receive a large number of visitors for its first edition. For the first time, the KFF website is composed in three different languages: English, French, and Korean.

The KFF will present ten full length feature films and five short films.

The feature films are either the highest grossing movies in recent years, totalling 7 to 13 million admissions in South Korea, or have gained international critical acclaims, winning significant awards. Among them include Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta" (Le grand prix at Venice 2012), "Miracle in Cell No.7" (over 12 million admissions in Korea, 2013), and "Masquerade" starring actor Lee Byung-hun (over 12 million admissions in Korea, 2012)...More

CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents "The Tower" on DVD

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108 Floors of Terror ... and Help is Out of Reach!

Action-Packed, Heart-Pounding Drama Explodes on DVD July 2nd

"... a cross between Die Hard and "The Tower"ing Inferno ... some of the best action scenes shown onscreen in years".
- Yahoo! Voices...More

Meet Legendary Korean Director Kang Woo-seok in Los Angeles

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Kang Woo-seok will be in Los Angeles for a special presentation of his highly anticipated upcoming release "Fist of Legend". This film will be the first Korean film to have a same weekend theatrical release in Korea and N. America! Director Kang is in Los Angeles for just 2 days, before rushing back just in time to see the film open in Seoul on April 10! "Fist of Legend" will open in 20 cities across N. America on April 12.


Dir. Kang will be participating in 2 special screening events both taking place at CGV Cinemas during his short Los Angeles visit...More

K-Pop Continues its North American Invasion

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Verizon Wireless Presents APAHM Concert Tour 2013: B.A.P Live on Earth

Mnet America will Produce the Four City Tour Coming to New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and San Francisco during 

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

This Spring, Verizon Wireless will team up with Mnet America (, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, to present this year's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Tour – B.A.P "Live on Earth". The four city tour, headlined by one of the most popular up and coming K-pop groups in the world, B.A.P, will take place in the first half of May traveling to Los Angeles (5/7), San Francisco (5/10), Washington D.C. (5/14) and New York (5/17). Mnet America is producing the tour which will include concerts and also fan meet-ups in each city. Tickets to what will be a highly anticipated concert will go on sale April 6 at 12 p.m. local time...More

[Press Release] Mnet America Partners with Toyota to Release Interactive Hyuna Music Video and Launch Fan Video Contest

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Internet Stars Ryan Higa and D-Trix Appear in Custom "My Color" Videos

Now Available Exclusively on Mnet America's YouTube Channel Featuring the 2013 Toyota Corolla

Mnet America (, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, and Toyota have partnered to bring music fans an interactive experience as part of a campaign for the 2013 Toyota Corolla. The campaign features a new music video shot in Los Angeles starring Hyuna, a K-Pop artist known for appearing in PSY's "Gangnam Style" video and for being a member of popular group 4Minute. The Corolla is integrated into the video, which features Hyuna's new song "My Color"...More

'The Berlin File' Becomes Korea's Top Action Movie

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Spy film "The Berlin File", directed by Ryoo Seung-wan, has so far attracted more than seven million viewers since its release on Jan. 30, a first for a domestic movie in the genre.

It moved beyond "The Man From Nowhere" (2010) and "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (2008), which lured 6.28 million and 6.68 million cinemagoers, respectively...More

Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" sells 10 billion won

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Director Bong Joon-ho earned 20 billion in the film market with "Snowpiercer".

European Film Market's information line Screen International claimed, "CJ Entertainment distributed and Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" has been sold to most countries all over the world"...More

[Canada] The simultaneous North American and Korean release of "The Berlin File" (2013)

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South Korea's mega action thriller by the masterful Ryoo Seung-wan
Opens on Feb. 15, Cineplex Odeon Forum, Montreal

CINEASIE Creatives is pleased to announce the simultaneous North American and Korean release of "The Berlin File" (2013), South Korea's mega action thriller written and directed by the masterful Ryoo Seung-wan. The film, by CJ Entertainment, centers on a battle between spies from North Korea and South Korea, with a tragic love triangle simmering beneath the surface. The Montreal public can discover the visual pyrotechnics of Korea's greatest action auteur on February 15th at Cineplex Forum...More

'Berlin File' Off to a Roaring Start

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The movie "The Berlin File" by Ryoo Seung-wan ranked No. 1 at the box office by luring over 1.53 million moviegoers in the first weekend of its release on Jan. 30. The film has attracted more than 2.24 million viewers so far, hitting the 2 million mark in the shortest time of any films released in January or February, the low season for movies...More

CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents "R2B: Return to Base" DVD

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CJ Entertainment action thriller THE BERLIN FILE by RYOO Seung-Wan

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Opens in Los Angeles (CGV Cinema), Fullerton (Regal La Habra) and Irvine (Edwards UTC) on Feb. 15

120 min, Korean, English, German spoken, 2013, North American premiere.

Director Ryoo Seung-wan is available for phone interviews.

Screen International: "Arguably one of the most high profile South Korean releases of early 2013, Ryoo Seung-wan's "The Berlin File" continues to adopt Ryoo's visual trademark through pulsating and spectacular set-pieces".

Until now, Korean directors have been underrepresented in the Asian action genre dominated by Hong Kong masters (John Woo, Andrew Lau) and their most passionate American aficionado Quentin Tarantino. With "The Berlin File" - Korea's biggest release of 2013 - American audiences have the chance discover the visual pyrotechnics of Korea's only action auteur, Ryoo Seung-wan...More

CJ Entertainment's action thriller THE BERLIN FILE to hit North American theaters on February 15!

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Action auteur Ryoo Seung-wan's most ambitious project to date comes to North America

"It's said that during the Cold War, 6 out of 10 people walking the streets of Berlin were spies.
Although that crushing period has passed, I sense that tragic history still hanging in the air.
I wanted to tell a story about human beings who are defined by dangerous secrets bigger than their own lives"...More

CJ Entertainment brings THE TOWER the North America on 1.11.2013!

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CJ Entertainment is thrilled to announce the North American release of "The Tower" on 1.11.2013. Already stirring up intense interest in Korea where it opens as the holiday blockbuster offering for this Christmas, "The Tower" features a star-studded ensemble cast including Sol Kyung-gu ("No Mercy", 2009; "Haeundae", 2009), Son Ye-jin ("A Moment to Remember", 2004; "Spellbound", 2011) and Kim Sang-kyung ("Memories of Murder", 2003). Interwoven dramatic storylines, heartfelt acting, and show-stopping pyrotechnics make "The Tower" a bold new addition to the disaster action movie genre...More

You are invited to the special advance screening of Korea's steamiest new romantic comedy "Whatcha Wearin'?"

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You are invited to the special advance screening of Korea's steamiest new romantic comedy "Whatcha Wearin'?"
CGV Cinemas will be hosting a special late night premiere screening of "Whatcha Wearin'?" paired with fun, adult-only activities!

WHEN: Wednesday 12/19/2012 at 10PM
WHERE: CGV Cinemas (621 S. Western Ave, LA, CA, 90005)...More

Yoo Ah-in is Kim Hae-sook's son in "Tough as Iron"

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Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hae-sook are mother and son in the movie "Tough as Iron".

"Tough as Iron" finished casting and cranked in on the 4th...More

A WEREWOLF BOY opens to rave reviews, expanding theaters this Friday Dec. 7!

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Praise for "A Werewolf Boy":

""A Werewolf Boy" is continually fascinating" - Maggie Lee, Variety

"It will fulfill and dazzle you to the very end" - Anderson Le, HIFF

""A Werewolf Boy" has heart, heft and surprises" - Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

"Warmly directed, deeply affecting" - David Noh, Film Journal International

"A really beautiful, touching story" - Film Week on 89.3 KPCC...More

Movie "A Werewolf Boy With Different Ending To Premiere December

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Hit Korean movie "A Werewolf Boy", starring Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young, will be re-released with a newly edited, alternative ending...More

CJ Entertainment to release exclusive alternate ending for 'A Werewolf Boy'

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Exclusive clip added to film will make hearts race even faster!

Fantasy romance becomes 3rd highest box office film of 2012 in South Korea

Director Jo Sung-hee reveals during an audience Q&A session that he shot an alternate ending for the film

"A Werewolf Boy" at #1 in box office for 5 consecutive weeks

Coming to North America on November 30!

See below for a full list of theaters

""A Werewolf Boy" is continually fascinating" – Maggie Lee, Variety

"It will fulfill and dazzle you to the very end" – Anderson Le, HIFF

South Korean box office champion "A Werewolf Boy" has truly captured the hearts of females young and old, surpassing 6 million in admissions within 26 days of release and becoming the film with the 3rd highest box office in 2012. With its captivating storyline and lead actor Song Joong-ki bringing audiences to the theater for second and third doses of the movie, the film's distributor, CJ Entertainment, announced that they would be releasing an exclusive alternate ending version of "A Werewolf Boy" in December 2012...More

Werewolf craze hits South Korea - and it's not for Twilight.

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"A Werewolf Boy" surpasses 4 million in admissions and still tops the box office
Fantasy romance film holds #1 in advance sales even with the upcoming release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
Coming soon to North American theaters!
Full list of theaters below.
""A Werewolf Boy" is continually fascinating" – Maggie Lee, Variety
"It will fulfill and dazzle you to the very end" – Anderson Le, HIFF
Despite the upcoming international release of billion dollar franchise and supernatural counterpart Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, CJ Entertainment's latest film "A Werewolf Boy" shows little sign of slowing down in the box office. The enchanting fantasy romance still remains at #1 in the box office and #1 in advance sales, with 28.91% of all advances sales in the box office...More

[Press Release] Mnet America to Stream the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards

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Mnet America to Stream the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Asia's Biggest Music Festival, LIVE from Hong Kong on November, 30

K-Pop Megastars PSY, Super Junior, Big Bang, SISTAR Slated to Perform, Jackie Chan to present. 

Exclusive Video Diary of Verizon Wireless and Mnet's "Share the Love of K-Pop" Contest Winner's Experience in Hong Kong and at MAMA 2012 to be Live Streamed on MCube

Mnet America, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, which includes the only national, English-language lifestyle network in the U.S. for fans of Asian pop culture, will stream the highly anticipated 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) through their new digital port, MCube ( on November 30 at 1 a.m. EST / November 29 10 p.m. PST.  The award show will be simulcast on the network and be replayed the next day in primetime...More

[USA Los Angeles] CJ Entertainment presents Ladies Appreciation Night screening with "A Werewolf Boy"

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Enjoy this exclusive screening to experience a side of Song Joong-ki you've never seen before.

20 seats are available to HanCinema readers !

You are invited to a special screening of "A Werewolf Boy" on Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 8:00PM at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles (621 S. Western Ave, LA, CA, 90005).

"A Werewolf Boy" is a fantasy romance film about a teenage girl who moves to the countryside with her family, only to discover a wild "wolf boy" hiding in the bushes...More

South Korean fantasy romance "A Werewolf Boy" dominates at box office!

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"A Werewolf Boy" grabs #1 at Korean box office on opening night and logs 1.3 million admissions over the first weekend!
Coming to North American theaters in late November!

South Korean theaters scared up more than candy and costumes on October 31st – a supernatural buzz filled the air as audiences were enchanted by "A Werewolf Boy", CJ Entertainment's fantasy romance starring up-and-coming stars Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young...More

Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young's "A Werewolf Boy" hits a million

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"A Werewolf Boy" Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young took a picture in celebration of the movie hitting the million mark.

CJ Entertainment revealed a picture of the two overwhelmed at the number of audiences that watched their movie...More

MASQUERADE sets box office records in South Korea and expands across North America!

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Since its South Korean release on September 13th and its North American release in select cities on September 21st, historical drama "Masquerade" has experienced sweeping success in both countries. In South Korea, "Masquerade" has been topping the weekend box office for six consecutive weeks, reaching 10 million in admissions and becoming the 7th movie in Korean film history to surpass the number. Following a Red Carpet Premiere at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with Lee Byung-hun and a limited U.S. release, "Masquerade" is now expanding to six more cities, including the brand new Angelika Mosaic in Washington D.C. See added list of theaters and release dates below:...More

'Masquerade', 7th film to reach 10 million viewers

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Poster for "Masquerade"

By Rachel Lee

The film "Masquerade" has surpassed the 10 million-milestone attendance, the film's distributor said Saturday. According to the Korean Film Council, the movie has drawn 10,041,566 viewers as of Sunday, becoming the 7th Korean film to reach the barometer of what defines a blockbuster here.

It is also the second to reach the mark in 2012 after "The Thieves", which set the all-time attendance record earlier this month. The heist film directed by Choi Dong-hoon has attracted about 13.02 million people, beating out "The Host" (2006) that drew 13.01 million...More

CJ Entertianment Proudly Presents "I AM: SMTOWN Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden"

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Featuring Performances by K-Pop Superstars Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee & f(x)

Plus an Intimate, Behind-the-Scenes Look at 32 of K-Pop's Biggest Stars

Worldwide Sensation Explodes on DVD & Blu-ray in U.S.A. on Nov. 6th

Includes Full-Length Concert (2 ¾ Hours); Feature-Length Documentary (2-Hours) With Never-Before-Seen Footage on Stage and Off; and Special Features (45 Minutes)

Check Out the I AM: SMTOWN Sweepstakes at:

"If the massive roars of the sold-out show were any indication, everyone had a great time... "...More

Anime Expo And Mnet To Co-produce First K-pop Cosplay Masquerade At KCON

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October 13 Event in Irvine, California will be the First North American K-Pop Convention

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 19, 2012 – Mnet, a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, is teaming up with Anime Expo, North America's largest annual anime and manga celebration, to co-create the inaugural K-Pop Cosplay Masquerade at KCON, the first ever large scale convention dedicated to the hottest entertainment coming out of Asia.

"There is an increasing popularity of K-pop among J-pop and anime fans", said Marc Perez, CEO of Anime Expo and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. "It is only natural to be working with KCON to create this major partnership"...More

"Masquerade" Coming to North America on September 21!

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CJ Entertainment brings the historical drama "Masquerade" to North American theaters on September 21st.  Set in the seventeenth century, "Masquerade" was written by the co-writer of "Old Boy" and stars Lee Byung-hun (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and "A Bittersweet Life") in one of this fall's most riveting tales.
"One must not record that which he wishes to hide".
-February 28, 1616
The tyrant of the century, or the tragic monarch?
History remembers one king with two faces...More

CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents "Silenced"

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The Hideous Truth Concealed Far Too Long

The Shocking, True Story Revealed on DVD Sept. 18th

""Silenced" has had an extraordinary impact". - The New York Times

""Silenced" is harrowing". - L.A. Times...More

[Video] "R2B: Return To Base" OST revealed and Chinese subtitles

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CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents Sunny

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A Real Friend is Hard to Find ... Impossible to Forget

Heartwarming, Critically Acclaimed Film Comes Home to DVD Aug. 21st

"Wickedly funny ... A sassy celebration of sisterhood with heart, soul and humor". - The Hollywood Reporter...More

Coming September 2012 From CJ Entertainment

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Coming this fall with the first ever day-and-date Korea and U.S. theatrical release for a Korean film is the hotly anticipated historical drama "Masquerade", starring Korea's world star Lee Byung-hun and written by "Old Boy" co-writer, Hwang Jo-yoon. The versatile actor LEE (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and A Bittersweet Life) plays the dual lead as both the tragic King Gwanghae and that of the commoner who shares a fatefully remarkable resemblance to the ruler, Ha-Seon...More

[Video] CJ Entertainment Takes Flight with "R2B: Return to Base"!

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Action epic comes to North America on August 24, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 13, 2012) - CJ Entertainment America brings the aerial action thriller "R2B: Return to Base" to North American theatres on August 24, 2012. Inspired by the 1963 South Korean film, Red Scarf by legendary director Shin Sang-ok, "R2B: Return to Base" is set in modern-day Seoul and features top stars Rain ("Ninja Assassin"), SIN Se-kyeong, and Yu Jun-sang...More

Kim Myeong-min's "Deranged" extends screening in North America

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 Korean blockbuster movie "Deranged" (directed by Park Jwong-woo) has been doing well in North American box office since its release on 27 July.  In an exclusive update from CJ Entertainment America on 31 July, it was confirmed that most of the theaters will extend the screening to another week!  So if you havent't seen the movie yet, check it out at a theater near you!...More

The tiny creature that annihilated "Spiderman"... The "Dark Knight" couldn't stop it either!

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CJ Entertainment's "Deranged" passed 4 million mark in box office admissions

"Deranged" webtoon in English

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 23, 2012) – Despite the Korean release of billion dollar blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises on July 19, CJ Entertainment's sci-fi thriller "Deranged" shows little sign of slowing down at the box office. In its 3rd week of release, "Deranged" dropped by a mere 20% decrease in Korean box office admissions from July 18 and made a beeline towards crossing the 4 million total admissions mark this past weekend, the fastest Korean film to do so this year...More

CJ ENTERTAINMENT Brings Sci-fi Thriller DERANGED to North America

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Korean box office hit to release on July 27, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 12, 2012) – CJ Entertainment brings the highly anticipated science fiction thriller "Deranged" to North America on July 27, 2012. Upon its release in South Korea, "Deranged" quickly beat out Hollywood blockbuster Amazing Spiderman in the box office and sold more than 1.3 million tickets in 4 days.

There must be something in the water.

Just before dawn, skeletal bodies surface on the Han River in Seoul, Korea...More

CJ Entertainment's "I AM." Tickets Now on Sale!

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Concert film about SMTOWN artists hits CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 9, 2012) – CJ Entertainment America brings the much anticipated biographical concert film "I AM." to Los Angeles on July 13, 2012. The film experienced explosive success during its Asia release, ranking #1 in the Japanese box office on opening weekend and selling out at theaters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia...More

Ha Jung-woo chosen for "The Road Home - Movie"

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Directed by Pang Eun-jin

Actor Ha Jung-woo also known as the 'big thing' of Chungmuro is coming back with a movie...More

Cinemas go off beaten path for summer

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A scene from "A Letter to Momo" by Japanese animation director Hiroyuki Okiura, which opens on July 5 in selected theaters. / Courtesy of Time Story Group

Mega-budget blockbusters and horror films tend to get all the attention in the summer but those looking for something less mainstream should not feel slighted.

Three animated movies from Japan and a small film festival showcasing 13 works from around the world are slated to open in the next month, injecting much-needed diversity to domestic cinemas...More

[Video] CJ ENTERTAINMENT Hits the Catwalk with Runway Cop

2012/06/22 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment launches the hilarious comedy about fashion, "Runway Cop", for a limited engagement at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on June 29, 2012. The film is Director Shin Terra's second action comedy flick, following his 2009 hit, "My Girlfriend is an Agent".
He's about the get the biggest makeover of his life.
Detective Cha has a belly about to burst and unbelievably bad hygiene. He's no model, but Cha's only interest is to get the bad guys, no matter what it takes. Then comes the mission to infiltrate drug deals taking place in the fashion industry, and he is assigned the impossible: transform into a runway model… in 2 weeks! With the pressure on, Detective Cha is about to undergo the biggest makeover of his life...More

Choi Min-sik holds hands with director Kim Han-min

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Choi Min-sik is returning with movie "Sea of Tornado" as general Yi Sun-sin.

This movie is about one of the greatest news of victory in the year 1597 during the invasion of Korea by Hideyoshi when just 13 ships defeated 133 Japanese ships...More

CJ Entertainment Reveals Everything about my Wife

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Sexy romantic comedy opens in North America on June 22, 2012
LOS ANGELES, CA (June 11, 2012) – CJ Entertainment brings the unconventional romantic comedy "Everything about my Wife" to North American screens on June 22, 2012, just weeks after it's South Korean debut where it swept to the top of the box office with over 2 million audience admissions in its first 2 weeks.
Mr. Casanova… Please Seduce My Wife!

After seven years of marriage, Doo-hyun (Lee Sun-kyun) is at the end of his rope. Jung-in (Lim Soo-jung), his wife, is beautiful, sexy, and a fantastic cook, but drives her husband crazy with her endless nagging and complaining...More

CJ Entertainment America to release Korean Movie on DVDs and Blu-rays in the USA

2012/06/08 | Permalink

If the last time you checked, Korean filmmaking was all about horror ... It may be time to check again! While pan-Asian filmmakers still know how to produce a superior scarefest (and do!), American movie-goers – and critics – are also taking note of the regions' dramas, romantic fare, comedies and music.

G&A is now working with CJ Entertainment America, the U.S. arm of Asia's premier entertainment company and Korea's #1 filmmaker and distributor, CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ E&M). Since 1995, CJ E&M has provided original, award-winning content; is a prominent investor in entertainment co-ventures with such U.S. companies as 1492 Pictures, DreamWorks and IMAX; and has been a key force in popularizing Korean and Pan-Asian cinema around the world...More

"Deranged" premieres sooner than expected

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Looks like we are going to see "Deranged" very soon!

CJ Entertainment, the production company of the disaster-horror movie confirmed that "Deranged" will premiere in South Korean cinemas on 5 July. The new date is one week ahead of its original release date of 12 July, which was earlier confirmed by Ozone Film. The advanced release will also avoid the clash with Hollywood movies "The Amazing Spiderman" and "Cabin in the Woods" due to hit theaters on 12 July....More

Special Screening with Ha Ji-Won, Star of "AS ONE"

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CJ Entertainment is putting the final touches on planning for a Special Screening of "As One" with one of Korea's biggest female stars Ha Ji-won! (presented by BBCN Bank)

The event will take place at CGV Cinemas, Los Angeles' Asian Flagship Cinema on June 5th...More


Source | 2012/05/31 | Permalink

Los Angeles auditions to take place on June 9; New York auditions June 10

Season Four will air LIVE on Mnet America for the first time

NEW YORK – May 30, 2012  Mnet (, the first and leading national, 24/7 English-language television network in the U.S. for all things Asian cool, has announced the ultra popular singing competition show, SUPERSTAR K (SSK)will again hold auditions in America for their upcoming fourth season. The show will scour the earth for the best talent to bring back to Korea to compete for the chance to win 500,000,000 Korean Won or approximately 500,000 US Dollars along with an opportunity to perform at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and many more prizes...More

CJ ENTERTAINMENT Goes for the Gold with "AS ONE"

2012/05/24 | Permalink

Sports film based on a true story hits North American theatres on June 1, 2012

CJ Entertainment brings "As One" (aka Korea, original title) to North American theatres this summer on June 1, 2012.  The film, based on a true story about the first ever united North and South Korean sports team, will be releasing in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles (L.A. release on June 8, 2012). 

 A touching true story about the historic first Team Korea

"As One" recounts the dramatic tale of the first unified Korean team that competed at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan. South Korea's ping-pong star Hyun Jung-hwa and North Korea's LI Bun-hee have each suffered humbling defeats at the hands of China's formidable "Ping-Pong Witch" every time they reach the tournament's final rounds.  Forced by politicians to suddenly team up as the first united team Korea, HYEON and LI experience only conflict and mistrust, and face the loss of their championship dreams.  But game-by-game, the two begin to build teamwork and find a budding friendship.  When political winds change again and just as suddenly an announcement is made to disband team Korea, the two young women must prove to their people and the world that teamwork can outshine the dark shadows of a painful history...More

A first glimpse at "Deranged"

Source | 2012/05/23 | Permalink

Be prepared for a big disaster this summer.

CJ Entertainment has released the teaser trailer of Korea's first ever viral-disaster movie, "Deranged", which opens in South Korean theaters nationwide on 12 July. Official synopsis follows after the video...More

Disaster film "Deranged" comes to the Cannes!

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Teaser poster released, opening date confirmed for Korea's first zombie movie

Source | 2012/05/17 | Permalink

"Han River has turned into a cemetery with dead bodies floating everywhere. " This is depicted in the newly released teaser poster of CJ Entertainment and Ozone Film's blockbuster summer flick "Deranged". The movie, dubbed as Korea's first ever zombie-cum-disaster film stars Kim Myung-min in the lead role, and supported by Kim Dong-wan, Moon Jung-hee and Lee Hanee...More

"Yeongasi" is "Deranged"

Source | 2012/04/27 | Permalink

"Yeongasi", the summer movie offering of CJ Entertainment and Ozone Films Co., Ltd. finally gets its official international title - "Deranged". By definition, "derange" relates to insanity, craziness or psychological disturbance.

The title "Deranged" describes the mental state of a victim of the strange and rapidly spreading infection. The disease, which is transmitted by mutated parasitic horsehair worms called "yeongasi", is caused by a virus that takes control of the human brain...More

CJ Entertainment America Presents "Helpless"

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Dark Horse Korean Hit at the Gate in the U.S.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 9, 2012) – CJ Entertainment America is launching the moody Korean thriller "Helpless" on April 20, 2012 as an exclusive engagement for Los Angeles at the CGV Cinemas, with national dates expected for early May. The film was a critical darling and unexpected box office champion for two consecutive weeks when it was released in Korea earlier this year.

- Russell Edwards, Variety

"...The film never ceases to compel. As the layers of deceit are peeled back, Byeon seems in complete command of her material. A key demonstration of her narrative dexterity is the way she flaunts an audacious 'Chinatown'-like clue to the missing woman's whereabouts without pre-empting the climax"...More

Sports flick 'As One' targets patriots

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Actresses Bae Doona, left, and Ha Ji-won in a scene from the new movie "As One" (Courtesy of CJ Entertainment)

It was the beginning of 1991, when the South and North Korean governments made an unprecedented attempt to warm relations by fusing their national sports teams together. After a couple of months, the unified Korean table tennis team broke the Chinese stranglehold on the highest podium of the world championships...More

Kanryu Currents in Japan, Past and Present

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Tokyo-based journalist, translator and filmmaker Jason GRAY examines the ebb and flow of the Korean Wave in Japan over the past ten years, pinpointing the highs and lows.

The Korean wave of popular culture in Japan, referred to as "kanryu" or "hanryu" in Japanese, has had an interesting ebb and flow over the past decade. There were earlier booms here including traditional Korean ballads ("enka") in the late 70s, the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and the South Korea-Japan co-hosted World Cup in 2002. Japanese cinema exhibitors saw their first genuine Korean smash with Kang Je-gyu's "Shiri" (2000), which earned JPY1.8 billion (US$22.1 million) - an impressive result to this day. As we'll see, KANG is unique in that he figures into pre, peak and post kanryu cinema...More

4 Korean Women Rank Among 'Asia's 50 Power Businesswomen'

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Four Korean women CEOs have found their way onto a list of "Asia's 50 Power Businesswomen" released by Forbes Asia last Thursday.

The list is limited "to those actively engaged in profit-seeking businesses" in Asia, "excluding notable figures... who simply exercise influence, such as through public or NGO service", the magazine reported...More

KOFIC and Korean companies at HK Filmart

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(March 19 – 22, 2012) with sales companies such as 9ers and Mirovision.

The Korean booth will also play host to production companies Film Factory Nu:n, Inc. and P.A.M. Korea Media as well as technical services companies Studio SH, Moneff and Studioraon, Inc...More

Song Kang-ho, Jang Hyuk and Jo In-sung are coming

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"Snowpiercer", "The Flu", "Kwon Bob" great masterpieces

Top stars and veteran directors attempt at another leap hand in hand

Blockbusters are still in depression ever since 2009 movie "Haeundae". A failure in a large scale blockbuster can sometimes lead to a change in the investing environment. Still, the challenge continues. Top stars and veteran directors dream of another rebirth in Korean blockbusters...More

Kim Myung-min completes "Yeongasi" ahead of schedule

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Kim Myung-min with his "kids" - Yeom Hyeon Seo and Uhm Ji-sung

Top Korean actor Kim Myung-min has finished filming his latest movie, "Yeongasi" on 16 February, three days ahead of the original schedule of 19 February. The final scenes were shot at Seoul Land amusement park in Gyeonggi Province, according to a representative from MM Entertainment, Kim Myung-min's management agency...More


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Friday, February 24 - Sunday, February 26

The Korea Society presents the 10th New York Korean Film Festival with new releases showcasing the popular and prolific in Korean film. In cooperation with partners BAM Cinématek and CJ Entertainment, this 10th festival features blockbusters, cutting-edge action, drama, and comedy at BAM Rose Cinema.

New York Korean Film Festival will present the following films...More

Movie "My Way" caught in plagiarism with the novel

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Kang Je-gyu's "My Way" is suffering from plagiarism issues with the original novel.

Writer of the novel "D-Day" Kim Byeong-in revealed that Kang Je-gyu claimed plagiarism to the novel which was released today on Twitter although it wasn't...More

Uhm Jung-hwa and Uhm Tae-woong go head to head

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On January 19th, which is the verge of the New Year holiday, a brother and sister will go head to head as Uhm Tae-woong and Uhm Jung-hwa's movies will be released at the same time on the same day.

Uhm Jung-hwa's "Dancing Queen" and Uhm Tae-woong's "Never Ending Story" will be released on January 19th at the same time. Distributed by CJ Entertainment and Hwa and Dam, the two movies differ in genre as they are a human comedy and romantic melodrama, but they will bump into each other with the New Year's coming up...More

Sector 7 hits box office record in China

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Leading South Korean investor/distributor CJ Entertainment has announced that sci-fi thriller "Sector 7" has become the highest grossing Korean film in China. Released Dec. 6 on approximately 4,000 screens, the sea creature feature took in CNY20 million (US$3.1 million) by Dec. 14.   The film opened at no. 2 in its first week. Amongst foreign film releases, it was no. 1 at the box office. Released in China with the title "Shen Hai Zhi Zhan", the film is the first large-scale 3D film from Korea to open in the country...More

Korean Mega War Movie Targets Pan-Asian Audience

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Kang Je-gyu's new pan-Asian movie "My Way" premieres on Dec. 22. Kang, who drew over 10 million spectators with the clunking history epic "Taegukgi" in 2004, is now hoping for Asia-wide success with the biggest budget and the most ambitious scale in many years.

The movie portrays the tragic destiny of two young men, one from Korea and the other from Japan, who are drafted into the Japanese Army during World War II and later have to fight in Soviet and German uniform. The movie is very loosely based on a true story...More

Korean film "Punch" invited to Berlin Film Festival

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Korean film "Punch" (Wandeukyi) by director Lee Han has been invited to next year's Berlin International Film Festival, the film's local distributor said Thursday.

The movie will be screened in the "My Generation" section of the 62nd festival for featuring movies for younger children and teens, CJ Entertainment and Media Co. said...More

Why is Jo In-sung's "Kwon Bob" taking so long?

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Romance lost between spooks and laughs

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Son Ye-jin, front, and Lee Min-ki appear in a scene from the horror romantic comedy "Spellbound". / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

By Lee Hyo-won

It starts out promising: a young man falls for a beautiful woman, who turns out to not only be able to see ghosts but causes them to haunt those around her. Creepy lost souls keep interrupting the consummation of what should have been a heart fluttering rather than heart attack-inducing first kiss...More

"Silenced" sets official English title as "Silenced"

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Korean movie "Silenced" has decided on its English title and is being released in North America.

Distributor CJ Entertainment revealed, ""Silenced" has been released as "Silenced" in 15 cinemas in major cities in North America"...More

Disaster movie "Yeongasi" gets its villain

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Korean actor Lee Hyung-chul has been cast to play the bad guy in highly anticipated movie, "Yeongasi". Lee, who often portrays villain roles in TV dramas, will play Jason Kim, the guy who will go against lead actor Kim Myung-min...More

Korean film industry at the 8th TIFFCOM

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By KOFIC Staff

The Korean film industry is strongly represented at the Tokyo International Film Festival's content market TIFFCOM, which opened yesterday to run until Oct 26 in the Roppongi Hills complex. The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) has opened an umbrella stand with seven sales companies - CJ Entertainment, Showbox / Mediaplex, Finecut,M-Line Distribution, 9ers Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment, and Mirovision.

"Last year, the KOFIC umbrella stand only had four companies, but this year we have a large-scale stand with seven companies. They are doing well with meetings results already on the first day. The companies were able to schedule ahead from Busan's Asian Film Market", said Jiwon CHOI, Japan & Europe Regional Manager on KOFIC's International Co-production Team...More

CJ films to stream on Netflix

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By KOFIC Staff

Major Korean entertainment company CJ E&M has announced a deal to stream 20 of its films on Netflix, leading internet subscription service for films and TV shows. Netflix members in the US will be able to watch these CJ films on multiple platforms including televisions, computer, tablets, gaming consoles, and mobile phones.

"CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time", said Joon CHOI, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to a rich selection of films. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company"...More

Asian Film Market closes with record results

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The 6th Asian Film Market 2011 closed last night after four days at its new venue, the BEXCO (the Busan Exhibition Convention Center). The market combined sales companies and BIFCOM locations and post-production services this year and saw an increase of 113% in exhibitors' booths and 38% more participants than last year...More

BEXCO effect for Asia Film Market?

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Asian Film Market 2011 showed distinct growth this year with its relocation to BEXCO. Opening on October 10, the number of participants increased 39% from last year and the number of sales booths jumped 67%. As of the second day, there were 1,100 registrants, up from 789 the year before. "This year, the number of market screenings increased from 47 to 64, with 60 films on show up from 39 in six theaters as opposed to four", said Art Film Market organizers...More

[16th BIFF] Big 3 actors…a drink…hand kiss…picture

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Netflix expanding asian movie selection in deal with korea's top studio CJ E&M

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LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2011 – CJ E&M today announced an agreement to feature twenty of its acclaimed Asian movies on Netflix, the world's leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. Beginning in October 2011, Netflix members in the US will be able to instantly watch the twenty titles multiple platforms, including TVs, popular tablets, key gaming consoles, computers and mobile phones. All the titles will be available from October 1.

"CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time". said Joon Choi, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to movies from around the globe. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company, CJ E&M"...More

Film examines child abuse case

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"Silenced" is a film based on the true story of hearing-impaired children being sexually abused by their teachers. / Yonhap

By Lee Hyo-won

Life is often stranger than fiction, and both director Hwang Dong-hyuk and actor Gong Yoo were shocked to discover that Gong Ji-young's bestselling online novel about child sex abuse was based on a true story.

The "Coffee Prince" actor, who read a hard copy of the book while serving in the military, proactively sought a way to turn "Dogani" into a film. Hwang on the other hand greatly hesitated about adapting the 2000-2004 case in which the teachers and principal sexually abused students at a Gwangju school for the hearing impaired...More

"Quick" recaptures victory from "The Front Line"

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Movie "Quick" recaptured its winning possibilities from "The Front Line".

According to the Korean Films Commission, "Quick" gathered an estimated number of 2,852,973 audiences until the 15th and beat "The Front Line" which recorded 2,849,807....More

Hollywood Blockbuster About DMZ in Pipeline

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A multi-million-dollar blockbuster is being produced featuring Seoul and the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas. The Seoul city government said on Monday that CJ Entertainment and Di Bonaventura Pictures have agreed to work jointly on a science fiction movie called "DMZ Project" and are now in the second stage of writing the scenario for the flick.

Di Bonaventura Pictures is run by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who developed the Matrix series at Warner Brothers in the 1990s. Di Bonaventura also purchased the rights to th...More

Korea's total box office dips 2.3%, but local films go up 9.9%

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Korea's box office in the first half of 2011 has dipped 2.3%. From January to June, theaters took in 68.3 million admissions and KW536.4bn (US$507.2m), down from the 69.76 million admissions and KW549.3bn (US$519.4m) in the same period of time in 2010.

Last year, 3D films with higher ticket prices led by "Avatar" brought about an increase in box office gross despite a decrease in admissions. This year's 3D tentpoles such as "Kung Fu Panda 2" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" did well at the box office but were not enough to make up for decreasing admissions...More

"White: The Melody of the Curse" Coming to CGV Cinemas L.A. on July 8th! and FREE TICKETS

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The first thriller horror of the year, "White: The Melody of the Curse" coming to CGV Cinemas L.A. on July 8th! (Digital- English Subtitles)


Directed by Kim Gok, Kim Sun

Starring: Ham Eun-jung, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, May Doni, Choi Ah-ra, Jin Se-yeon

Idol girl group, Pink Dolls, struggle to make their name in the Kpop music industry. The group consist of lead singers Jenny (Jin Se-yeon) and Ah Rang (Choi Ah-ra), Eun Ju (Ham Eun-jung) and rapper, Shin Ji (May Doni). One day the group agency moves into a new office...More

Analysis of 2010 Korean Film Industry

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by KOFIC Film Research & Development Center

In 2010, the Korean film industry witnessed several significant changes, many of which were directly related to the worldwide success of the Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar". The box office gross increased by 6.5% as compared to last year, largely due to the increased ticket prices of 3D films, which boomed in popularity following "Avatar". However, the number of admissions actually decreased by 5.2%, scoring a total of only 146 million admissions. The number of times the average Korean went to the movie theater also dropped from 3.15 per individual in 2009 to 2.92 in 2010...More

Independent directing duo KIM Gok and KIM Sun are in production on their first commercial project

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by Nigel D'Sa (KOFIC)

Independent directing duo Kim Gok and Kim Sun are in production on their first commercial project, a horror movie titled "White's Curse". The twin brothers have established themselves at the avant-garde of Korean independent art cinema. Their previous collaboration "Anti Gas Skin" (2010) was screened in the 67th Ve...More

"Detective K" at the Hawaii International Film Festival

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South Korea's hit movie "Detective K" will be screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival's 2011 Spring Showcase, which runs from April 1 to 7 in Honolulu.

The comedy-mystery filmed helmed by veteran comedy director Kim Seok-yoon will be shown on April 2 and 7, at the Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theatres & IMAX. "Detective K" is one of the four Korean films at the festival, that will feature 30 films from over 10 countries.The final movie line-up can be viewed here...More

Is Hollywood Ready for Korean Comedies?

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From left, scenes from "Detective K", "Hello Ghost" and "The Last Godfather"

Several Korean comedy films have made their way to Hollywood recently, either as remakes or in the original Korean version. Either way, it will be interesting to see how much Korean-style comedy can impress American audiences.

"Detective K", which attracted 4.58 million viewers in the month since its release in Korea, will hit screens in the U.S. and Canada this month. Distributor Showbox said Thursday the film will be released in 10 cities in North America starting with Los Angeles on Friday, and in San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Hawaii and Vancouver a week later...More

"Detective K" invades the United States

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Korean hit movie "Detective K" will invade the shores of America! According to Showbox, the film's international distributor, the comedy-mystery movie will premiere in Los Angeles on March 4. On March 11, it will be screened in selected CGV and AMC theaters in the following cities: San Francisco, New Jersey, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, North Wales, Dallas and Hawaii...More

'It' actresses portray growing pains in chick flick

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From left, Yoon Eun-hye, Park Han-byul, Yoo In-na and Cha Ye-ryun will star in a new film, "My Black Mini Dress". / Yonhap

By Lee Hyo-won

Featuring four fashionistas strutting through the streets of Seoul, "My Black Mini Dress" seems like a Korean spinoff of "Sex and the City". But the makers say it's about growing pains that real women in their 20s can easily relate to.

Yoon Eun-hye, Park Han-byul, Yoo In-na and Cha Ye-ryun play disillusioned 24-year-olds who realize that, though they majored in theater and film at an elite university, life is not like a movie. The four best friends nevertheless persevere through mediocre jobs and failed auditions, but their strong bond is put to the test when one of them, Hye-ji (Park), becomes a celebrity...More

"Glove" Reviewed in Los Angeles Times

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As the subhead to Robert Abele's review of the Korean movie "GLove" in the Los Angeles Times states: "There's an undeniable Mudville joy and thrill-of-competition seriousness to director Woo-seok Kang's bright, crisp handling of this sentimental material".

Opening today at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles, "GLove" - starring Jung Jae-young - is a "heart-tugging, family-friendly Korean sports drama" about a disgraced major league player who coaches a struggling baseball team at a school for hearing-impaired kids...More

Joseon's great detective comes to Canada

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After its premiere in Los Angeles, USA on March 4, Korean blockbuster "Detective K" will head to Vancouver, Canada on March 11.

The comedy-mystery period movie that stars Kim Myung-min in the title role, will be shown at the SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas in Vancouver. The screening is sponsored by the City of Vancouver, JoongAng Ilbo and CJ Entertainment...More

South Korean actress and model Jeon Ji-Hyeon

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South Korean actress and model Jun Ji-hyun appears as the official model for Guess Korea brand's "2011 Spring/Summer" event "Guess Is Back" in a Seoul event.

Biography of Jun Ji-hyun

Hyb (Jeon) was born in Seoul, South Korea, and studied in the Department of Theater and Film at Dongguk University. She began her career as a fashion model for Echo Magazine in 1997 at the age of 16...More

'Late Autumn - 2010', a modern fairytale for adults

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Chinese actress Tang Wei appears in a scene from Kim Tae-yong's "Late Autumn - 2010". The film, co-starring Korean hearrthrob Hyun Bin, is now showing in local theaters and the Berlin International Film Festival. / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

By Lee Hyo-won

Heart-stopping and transcending sentimentality, Kim Tae-yong's "Late Autumn - 2010" is a remake with a greater purpose than simply pairing superstars in a new setting...More

'Glove' to see overseas distribution

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The hit movie "GLove", directed by Kang Woo-seok, will be making its way into American and Japanese theatres!

CJ Entertainment announced on the 17th that "GLove" will open in theatres in the US on February 25th, followed by its opening in Japan slated for this summer. More specifically, the movie will start playing in LA's CGV theatres on the 25th, with AMC theatres in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Atlanta, Chicago, San Jose, and Seattle.

A rep from CGV LA theatres said that the last movie directed by Kang Woo-seok, ...More

Yoon Eun-hye and Park Han-byul "My Black Mini Dress" confirmed to be released on the 24th of March

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"My Black Mini Dress" with Yoon Eun-hye, Park Han-byul, Cha Ye-ryun and Yoo In-na will be released on the 24th of March.

Distributor CJ Entertainment confirmed the release date and revealed the primary posters on the 16th....More

Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Sang-kyung, sparks in fire disaster movie "Tower"

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Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Sang-kyung will play the two lead roles in the movie "Tower" (director Kim Ji-hoon/ Productions Tower Pictures).

The two actors will first act alongside each other in this natural disaster movie "Tower" which is also being called the 'Korean Towering"....More

Rain loves Shin Se-kyung "R2B: Return to Base" first collab, Lee Ha-na joins

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Rain and Shin Se-kyung will be working together for the first time in movie, "R2B: Return to Base".

Rain and Shin Se-kyung have confirmed to star in the upcoming movie "R2B: Return to Base" (Directed by Kim Dong-weon, produced by Joo Money Entertainment, CJ Entertainment) and will start shooting in February...More

BoA Prepares for Her Hollywood Debut

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Korean singer BoA has been cast in her first leading role in a Hollywood film, along with Derek Hough, who appeared in a popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars" in the U.S.

The dance movie "Make Your Move", to be directed by Duane Adler, writer of the film "S...More

'Kiss of Spider Woman' ready to lure audience

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Actors pose at a press conference for the play "Kiss of the Spider Woman", which will be staged from Feb. 11 to April 24 at Art One Theater in Daehangno. / Courtesy of Aga Company

By Jeong Ah-young

A Korean version of "Kiss of the Spider Woman", a theatrical adaptation of Argentine playwright Manuel Puig's novel, will take to the stage from Feb. 11 to April 24...More

BoA to Debut in Hollywood

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Derek Hough, the champion of an American dance competition, will appear as BoA's counterpart in a Hollywood movie "Make Your Move". SM Entertainment (hereafter refer to SM) said on January 28 that the counterpart to BoA (25), who delivered the news about her debut in Hollywood last August, has been decided. SM said, "The champion of the famous American ...More

Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough and Korean singer BoA in "Cobu 3D"

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Also an exclusive in Deadline, Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough will star in "Cobu 3D" ("Make Your Move") with top Korean recording artist and performer BoA. Duane Adler, who wrote "Step Up", will direct from his own script. Deaadline reports that Korea's CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment will start principal photography in Toronto and New York this spring, while Hough is on hiat...More

BoA to make Hollywood debut

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By Ines Min

Korean pop star BoA is adding her name to the growing list of domestic celebrities launching in Hollywood, with her film "Cobu 3D" ("Make Your Move"), SM Entertainment announced Friday...More

Shim's 'Last Godfather' set for US release

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Shim Hyung-rae's (also known as Ray Shim) latest film "The Last Godfather" will be released in North American theaters in April, the film's domestic distributer CJ Entertainment announced Wednesday.

The slapstick, starring producer-director Shim in the lead role opposite Harvey Keitel, will initially open in 12 cities across the United States and Canada on April 1, via Roadside Attractions LLC, before hitting European and Asian theaters.

"We are very interested in films that bridge cultures, and Ray Shim's hilarious Korean Young-gu character will ...More

[Find 1mm] 'Big 3' distributor all in... the power of Im Kwon-taek

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CJ Entertainment, Showbox Mediaplex, Lotte Shopping Lotte Entertainment are known to be the 'Big 3' distributors in Korean movies. Every one in the movie business wait to hear what movie line ups they have, and what holiday specials will be put to competition...More

Jang-Odagiri film set for release in Japan

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Jang Dong-gun, left, and Joe Odagiri in a scene from "My Way"

By Lee Hyo-won

"My Way", starring Korean superstar Jang Dong-gun and Japanese heartthrob Joe Odagiri, will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan this year, the film's local distributors CJ Entertainment and SK Telecom announced Tuesday.

The film is set to make a wide release in more than 250 theaters in the neighboring Asian countries via Doei Entertainment and CJ Entertainment Japan...More

'Glove' pitches for love of the game

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A scene from Kang Woo-seok's sports drama "GLove", which is based on a true story about hearing impaired boys challenging themselves through baseball

By Lee Hyo-won

You can hear it loud and clear - hope is at bat here...More

Mother receives honor by Kansas City Film Critics Circle

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Poster for film "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean drama "Mother - 2009" was honored by the Kansas City Film Critics Circle (KCFCC), adding another award to the string of both domestic and international acclamations the film has received since its release in 2009.

The announcement was made last week on the official KCFCC website, stating that "Mother - 2009" was chosen as the best foreign language film alongside some of the biggest pictures in 2010...More

'Godfather' goes dumb and dumber

Source | 2010/12/30 | Permalink

Director-actor Shim Hyung-rae stars in a scene from "The Last Godfather", a parody of the Francis Ford Coppola film that is now shwoing in theaters. /Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

By Lee Hyo-won

Shim Hyung-rae puts aside his CG dragons for a trip down memory lane, resurrecting his trademark screen persona Younggu in his latest Hollywood endeavor. Since debuting in 1989, Shim's Younggu has featured in 19 comedy films, becoming a sort of "godfather" to borderline simpleton characters here. The director seems to have made a lifelong dream come true, starring opposite the likes of Harvey Keitel in "The Last Godfather"...More

The Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles and The Korea Creative Content Agency Recognize American Website with "2010 Best Business Award"

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Korean Cultural Industry Recognizes Outstanding Achievement for Growing New Korean and American Business Relationships

NEW YORK, NY (December 14, 2010) – The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a branch of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in conjunction with the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles (KCCLA) awarded with the prestigious “2010 Best Business Award” as part of the annual 2010 DARI Awards. Named after the Korean word for “bridge”, the DARI Awards recognize companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the introduction of Korean culture in the American marketplace...More

Mother honored by film critics association in Boston and Toronto

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Poster for film "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean drama "Mother - 2009", helmed by famed director Bong Joon-ho, was honored by the film critics association in Boston and Toronto after competing against some of the biggest pictures in 2010.

"Mother - 2009", starring Korean actors Kim Hye-ja and Won Bin, won the title of best foreign-language film and was the runner-up in the same category, according to the official Boston Society Film Critics (BSFC) and Toronto Film Critics (TFC) website, respectively...More

Yoon Eun-hye cast a female lead in upcoming movie

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Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye [3Park]

Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye will be making her first big screen comeback in four years as the female lead in an upcoming movie.

A press release from the film's distributor CJ Entertainment on Tuesday announced that Yoon will play the role of main female character Yoo-min in the movie tentatively titled "My Black Mini Dress"...More

'Destiny' sweetly reminisces first loves

Source | 2010/12/02 | Permalink

Lim Soo-jung, left, and Gong Yoo appear in a scene from the romantic comedy "Finding Mr. Destiny", which opens in theaters on Dec. 9. / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

By Lee Hyo-won

First loves last forever, and a new romantic comedy delightfully captures that tingly, fuzzy, and oftentimes heartrending, experience and how it tends to map out the blue print for people's romantic patterns.

"Finding Mr. Destiny" offers the audience precisely what is expected of the genre — charming oddball characters, plenty of good laughs and a touch of poignant drama...More

Song Seung-heon says goal is not to outdo original Ghost

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Korean actor Song Seung-heon speaks at a press conference for film "Ghost : In Your Arms Again" held at at CJ CGV theater in Seoul, South Korea on November 23, 2010. [Han Youn-jong/Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Song Seung-hun has said he wanted to show something new through the Asian remake of Hollywood film Ghost rather than trying to outdo the original.

The remark came during a press conference for Song starrer "Ghost : In Your Arms Again", a Japanese remake of the 1990 pic Ghost on Tuesday while responding to a reporter's question on how he felt working on the movie...More

"The Man From Nowhere" sweeps Korea Film Awards

Source | 2010/11/19 | Permalink

Korean action movie "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

"The Man From Nowhere" triumphed at the 2010 Korea Film Awards on Thursday, raking up the most trophies at the annual ceremony including its main star Won Bin who won the prize for best actor.

The action flick directed by Lee Jeong-beom took the awards for best actor, best new actress, best cinematography, best music, best lighting, best visual effects and best editor...More

[INTERVIEW] Director Ryoo Seung-wan - Part 1

Source | 2010/11/18 | Permalink

Director Ryoo Seung-wan [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

It has already been ten years since director Ryoo Seung-wan, whom we thought would always be the 'action kid', showed up in the film industry with "Die Bad". And while having shot ten movies during that time, he has been on a break over movies that have flopped, agonized over people not liking his scripts, and is now old enough to look back in embarrassment on childish remarks he made a long time ago.

However, his movie "The Unjust" is the result of what he describes as having "lived through and felt". And it presents us with a form of shock that is different to what the audience has felt from his previous films -- a sense of reality so vivid that is weighs down us as very much the Republic of Korea that we live in today. What happened to him? In his interview with 10Asia, Ryoo Seung-wan talks about "what hasn't changed but has changed".
* This article may contain spoilers.

10: The response to "The Unjust" had been extremely positive even ahead of its premiere, securing the highest number of advance ticket reservations and seeing many favorable articles on the movie. You must be happy doing this interview.
Ryoo Seung-wan: I should be modest but it's true that I'm happy...More

Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima to visit Korea next week

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Film "Ghost : In Your Arms Again" [CJ Entertainment]

Top Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima will visit Korea next week to promote her new film "Ghost : In Your Arms Again", the Asian remake of the U.S. mega-hit film Ghost.

An official related to the film announced today that actress will visit Korea for a day on November 23 to promote the film in which she co-stars with actor Song Seung-heon, a well-established actor in Korea who is famous for his numerous lead roles in romantic dramas...More

CJ Entertainment invests in Singaporean film fund

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CJ Entertainment, along with the Singapore Media Development Authority, have announced their participation in a $50 million film fund at this year's AFM. Bang Singapore and Asia Media & Technology Capital have also invested in the fund. The new fund represents a strategic move for CJ, as many of the films to receive the go-ahead will be sourced and produced by the company. has already made a head start after collaborating on two projects with Bang Singapore.

The move by CJ comes amidst a growing push into in...More

[REVIEW] Film "The Unjust"

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The film "The Unjust [CJ Entertainment]

In film "The Unjust", detective Dae-ho (Ma Dong-seok) calls his boss Choi Cheol-gi (Hwang Jung-min) 'big brother'. Dae-ho's son too addresses Choi as 'uncle'. Some may regard it as being courteous to an older person (according to Korean manners) but it is an entirely different story when one who graduated from the Korea National Police University refers to someone from another school as his senior. One of the excuses that Choi's superior Gang (Chun Ho-jin) uses to persuade Choi to join in the big scam of the movie is his promise to help Choi's own 'little brothers' advance in society. It is this family-like loyalty and friendship within the organization that fuels Choi's team. Furthermore, Cheol-gi does have the ability and charisma fit to be called a 'big brother'. Thanks to Cheol-gi's competency and the hard efforts of his perfectly loyal 'brothers', his team rises as the ace among the metropolitan investigation unit...More

Will Yoon Eun-hye come back to the screens after a 4-year gap? She was approached for the main role in 'My Black Mini Dress'

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Actress Yoon Eun-hye might get the main role in upcoming movie, 'My Black Mini Dress'.

'My Black Mini Dress' is based on the novel with the same name, which was nominated for the finals of the 5th International Literary Award and is about women's reality in their 20's through the 24 year-old character Yoo-min....More

Posters for new romantic comedy "Finding Mr. Destiny" revealed

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Movie poster for upcoming romantic comedy "First Love" [CJ Entertainment]

Movie posters for an upcoming Korean romantic comedy tentatively titled "First Love" were unveiled today.

The first poster reveals Korean actor Gong Yoo holding a name card to help find Lim Soo-jung her first love while the latter shows Im hugging a giant heart...More

Dirty deals sell well in 'Unjust' conspiracy

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By Lee Hyo-won

Theatrics is not limited to show business ― a scriptwriting prosecutor, a police officer with a knack for producing a convincing mise-en-scene and a sponsor with acting skills can team up to stage the perfect conspiracy.

"The Unjust" takes the red-hot issue of sponsored prosecutors and spins it into solid, star-powered entertainment.

While devoid of the usual hip action that defined his earlier works, Ryoo Seung-wan's new film keeps the intrigue alive. It retains a critical view of social ills but does not drown in zealous preaching; rather it gives the noir subject matter an incisively witty and at times humorous ― though never light ― treatment, which is rendered all the more compelling by its talented cast.


Song Seung-heon pic "A Better Tomorrow" to open in Japan

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Movie poster for "A Better Tomorrow" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean action picture "A Better Tomorrow" will open in theaters in Japan early next year.

A press release from the movie's producer Fingerprint announced that the Song Seung-heon starrer has been sold to Japanese distributors Toei Company, Ltd. and TV Asahi and will hit Japan's big screen on February 19 next year...More

Girls' Generation Make Cover of Nikkei Business

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Girls' Generation on the cover of Japanese economic weekly Nikkei Business Girls' Generation on the cover of Japanese economic weekly Nikkei Business

Korean band Girls' Generation have made the cover of Japanese economic weekly Nikkei Business. The girl group recently launched their first single album "Genie" in Japan to huge...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "The Man From Nowhere" goes to the U.S.

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This year's popular film, "The Man From Nowhere" is going to America.

CJ Entertainment has exported to LA CGV to be released on the 30th...More

"A Better Tomorrow" shine over "Troubleshooter"

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Movie poster for "A Better Tomorrow" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean action movie "A Better Tomorrow" bowed into the No. 1 spot on the local box office over the weekend, outshining previous winner "Trapped" during the fourth week of September.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "A Better Tomorrow", which opened in theaters on September 16, placed in first with...More

Korean version of 'American Idol' will be made into a film

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'Superstar K', which is rewriting a history of cable program, will be made into a film. On September 20th, an official from the movie industry said that CJ Entertainment, Korea's biggest Film Investing Company, is planning and developing an auditionfor a film based on 'Superstar K'...More

"The Man From Nowhere" continues to shine as No. 1

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Korean actor Won Bin and child actress Kim Sae-ron from a clip from "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean thriller "The Man From Nowhwere", starring Hallyu star Won Bin and child actress Kim Sae-ron, has outshined competition on the local box office once again for the fifth consecutive week.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "Man", about a reclusive former special agent who befriends a young girl next door, attracted...More

"The Man From Nowhere" stays atop local box office

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Korean actor Won Bin from a clip from "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean thriller "The Man From Nowhwere" maintained its month-long reign as the No. 1 movie in the country during the final week of August.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Thursday, the Won Bin starrer, which opened in local theaters on August 4, took the top place on the box office with...More

The 4th CinDi Wraps up

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The 4th Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival, known as CinDi, wrapped up August 23 with an awards ceremony that saw its top prize, the Red Chameleon Award going to Chinese director Li Hongqi's Winter Vacation, an honor worth $16,700 in cash.

The fest, which opened August 18th with the Korean premiere of 2010 Cannes Palme D'Or winner Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, by Thai master Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, ran for 7 days presenting105 films from 27 countries.

The Red Chameleon jury consisted of WEERASETHAKUL, Raya Martin, Zhang Xian Min and Korean actress Moon Sori. A jury of international film critics gave out the second place Blue Chameleon Award to Japanese film Miyoko by Yoshifumi Tsubota, while Korean c...More

"The Man From Nowhere" hangs onto No. 1 spot

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No. 1 movie in the country "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean action pic "The Man From Nowhere" held onto to its title as the No. 1 movie in the country for the third straight week between August 20 to 22.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "Man" attracted...More

'Tomorrow' remake to bring macho drama

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By Lee Hyo-won

John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow, 1986" showed the world what Hong Kong noir was all about, and the Korean remake of the 1986 classic is now awaiting release on Chuseok next month, with the support of Woo as a producer.

Through a video clip released by the film's publicist, Woo said he decided to participate in the project because of the confidence he had in director Song Hae-seong and the cast members.

And indeed "A Better Tomorrow", the new "Tomorrow" has caught the attention of even those who didn't grow up watching the original film, as it brings together four of the most sought-after stars — Joo Jin-mo, Song Seung-heon, Kim Kang-woo and Jo Han-sun — under the helm of director Song, whose critically acclaimed films include "Failan" and "Maundy Thursday " ("Our Happy Time").

"The movie's appeal has been strengthened by the power of the actors", director Song told reporters Tuesday in Se...More

"The Man From Nowhere" tops local box office once again

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Korean action movie "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean action film "The Man From Nowhere" maintained its title as the most-watched movie in the country during the weekend of August 13 to 15, scoring its second win on the local box office.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "Man", which opened in theaters in early August, attracted more moviegoers this weekend than the previous three-day period, selling...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "Red Scarf" starring Rain?

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Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon might become the main character in the film "Red Scarf".

The movie has been originally produced in 1964 as a classic. The remake of this film will be based on the story of a pilot in the air force. We will be able to see the life of one soldier in...More

Moon Geun-young says she has been in love

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Actress Moon Geun-young speaks during a press call for play "Closer" held at the Art One Theater in Seoul, South Korea on August 10, 2010. [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Moon Geun-young has confessed that she has been in love before.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday during a press call for play "Closer" in which she takes on the role of strip dancer Alice, the former 'nation's little sister' remarked, "It's not like I haven't ever loved someone before, it's just that I haven't talked about it"...More

Rain highly likely to star in remake film

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Rain [Asia Economic Daily]

Asian superstar Rain is highly likely to play the main character of film "R2B: Return to Base", a remake of the Korean movie of the same name from 1964.

"The details have yet to be set but there is a very high possibility", an official with the film remarked regarding Rain's casting which would mark the singer and actor's second local big screen role...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "The Man From Nowhere" has a great start

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Won Bin is the main character for the movie, "The Man From Nowhere" which had been released this year.

It has only been out for 5 days when it has already hit 1 million viewers.

The CJ Entertainment said that it has only been a first week for this great turnout.

Other films that had the similar audience was "Secret Reunion" and ...More

"The Man From Nowhere" soars to top of local box office

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Korean action movie "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean action flick "The Man From Nowhere" made its debut atop local box office charts during the weekend of August 6 to 8, pushing Hollywood pic "Salt" down the charts.

According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "Man", which opened in local theaters on August 4, attracted...More

Plunge into future at digital film fest

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By Lee Hyo-won

An old Korean proverb says that even mountains evolve over time ― 10 years to be exact. But in this digital age, trends seem to change in the blink of an eye.

For the fourth year now, Cinema Digital Seoul (CinDi) has taken note of a paradigm shift in cinema with the rise of accessible digital technology, and the annual digital film festival will take place from Aug. 18 to 24 to capture the charms of the new medium.

A total of 105 digital films from 27 countries will be shown at CGV Apgujeong, southern Seoul. "By presenting the latest quality fiction, animation and documentary films rendered in digital medium, we hope to highlight current trends and explore future possibilities of this new cinematic language", CinDi festival director Lee Kwang-mo said.

The festival caught the attention of local film buffs earlier this year when it was announced that Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the grand prize winning director of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, will be taking part as a judge. Naturally, the Thai auteur's Palme d'Or-winning film "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" will open the event on...More

CJ remake Hollywood hit GHOST

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Korean film major CJ Entertainment has boarded the Japanese remake of Jerry Zucker's 1990 Hollywood hit Ghost, a supernatural romance which starred Demi Moore. The remake, "Ghost : In Your Arms Again" (previously titled "Love and Soul"), is directed by Japan's Tarô Ohtani and stars Japanese actress MATSUSHIMA Nanako (The Ring) in what was Moore's role, opposite Korean wave star ...More

Chun Jung-myung cast in upcoming film noir

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Korean actor Chun Jung-myung [Office Zero]

Korean actor Chun Jung-myung has joined the cast of a film noir drama film also starring top actor Song Kang-ho and actress Sin Se-gyeong, his first time to take on a big screen role since being discharged from the military late last year.

The film's distributor CJ Entertainment announced in a press release on Wednesday that Cheon...More

Plays flourishing again, musicals waning

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A scene from the play "Take Care of My Mom", presented by the Seensee Musical Company, which was put on stage earlier this yea

By Chung Ah-young
Staff reporter

Since the smashing success of "The Phantom of the Opera" prompted the rise of local musical productions both in quality and quantity in 2001, the lavish shows have been dominating the theater industry. Plays have been overshadowed by the decade-long musical boom...More

Korean filmmakers see need for global audience

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Lee Sang-yong-I, Senior Vice President of the Film Production Planning Team at CJ Entertainment, speaks at a forum on "Solution for the Improvement of Korean Film Industry - In Matters of Investment and Distribution" held at Koryo Hotel in the city of Bucheon in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on July 21, 2010, during the ongoing Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. [PiFan]

The Korean film industry is increasingly recognizing the need for big screen productions to be targeted toward the global audience as a way of helping the currently struggling industry revive and keep alive the "Hallyu", or Korean Wave.

At a forum titled "Solution for the Improvement of Korean Film Industry - In Matters of Investment and Distribution", part of the industry specialized program Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) of the ongoing Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), numerous Korean film producers and investors gathered to discuss on the current state of the domestic film industry and ways to bring developments...More

"Moss" makes debut atop Korean box office

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Movie poster of Korean thriller "Moss" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean thriller "Moss" made its debut atop the local box office this weekend, stealing the top spot from the latest "Twilight Saga" installment.

Figures from the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday showed that "Moss", which was released on July 15, attracted ...More

Moon Geun-young turns stripper in play "Closer"

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Moon Geun-young [10Asia]

Actress Moon Geun-young has been cast in the Korean version of play "Closer", taking to the theatrical stage for the first time since making her acting debut 11 years ago.

The play's producer Aga Company said Wednesday that Moon will play the role of strip dancer Alice in the famed production by English playwright Patrick Marber...More

Won Bin shows tough side in new film

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff reporter

Won Bin has cast off his pretty boy image to show off his knack for high kicks and dagger-swinging skirmishes in "The Man From Nowhere".

It's yet another testosterone-packed film by "Cruel Winter Blues" director Lee Jeong-beom, and made headlines for casting the heartthrob, who is better known for melodramatic roles that jab at women's maternal instincts.

"The media has mostly portrayed (Won) Bin's sensitive side and I thought his conventional image would work well in depicting the bond with a child. But Bin is very stoic and scary in the action sequences, and I think these two contrasting sides complement each...More

Korean box office sets all-time high during first half of 2010

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Movie posters for Korean films "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" (left) and "Secret Reunion", both starring actor Gang Dong-won [CJ Entertainment/Showbox]

The Korean box office set a new record during the first half of 2010 with ticket sales hitting an all-time high, according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

KOFIC's official report on the local film industry, released Tuesday, stated that Korean moviegoers paid out approximately 547 billion won for theater tickets during the first six months of the year, up 14.6 percent from the same period last year...More

Korean Moviemakers Seek New Ways for Further Development

Source | 2010/07/04 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment, Korea's largest film distributor, has teamed up with 1492 Pictures of the United States to co-produce three upcoming Hollywood fantasy movies.
Led by Chris Columbus, 1492 Pictures has produced numerous mega-hits such as 'Harry Potter' and 'A Night at the Museum'.
Their collaboration would enable the Korean movie giant to expand its market internationally while helping 1492 Pictures to increase its foothold in Asia.

[Interview : ] "We wanted to partner with someone we felt had similar artistic ideas and similar concepts on how to make movies and how to reach a global audience".

And the ways of cooperation are diversifying.
Korean movie producers have worked with local actresses on foreign soil especially in Japan with positive results.
And some Korean cast and crew have even tea...More

Kang Woo-seok offers fresh spin on 'Moss'

Source | 2010/07/01 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff reporter

"You should live like moss, you know, quietly, almost invisibly, stuck underneath a stone", a character snarls to his archenemy.

But the movie, curiously titled "Moss", is unlikely to slip into oblivion. Kang Woo-seok, the first director here to realize the 10-million audience miracle _ which is, mind you, nearly a quarter of the local population _ with "Silmido" makes a comeback with a story based on a cartoon strip with a cult following.

In spite of some details that go amiss as Kang tries to pack in too much, the long running time of two-and-a-half hours goes by in no time _ which says a lot about the high quality of the suspense this film aims to offer. But it also inspires a lot of laughter through some ingenious comic relief in between the thrills.

The cast list had been under much scrutiny among fans of the original cartoon, and Kang may well forever silence those who vehemently opposed choosing the 39-year-o...More

CJ and JK Film team up on 3D monster movie

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CJ Entertainment and JK Film have opened shooting on their latest team-effort "Sector 7", a $8.2 million 3D monster-movie starring Ha Ji-won in the lead. CJ and JK teamed last year to produce the summer tsunami hit "Haeundae", also starring HA. Kim Ji-hoon, director of "May 18" and "Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise" will helm the feature.

"Sector 7" is set on ...More

Won Bin, Korea's New Action Hero

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After more than a decade of familiar action heroes like Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung, Jang Dong-gun and even Song Kang-ho, heart throb Won Bin is about to get his turn. "The Man From Nowhere" is Won Bin's first film since "Mother - 2009" (2009) which screened...More

"The Servant" holds onto No. 1 spot on Korean box office

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Movie poster of "The Servant" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean drama tentatively titled "The Servant" held onto the No. 1 spot on the local box office over the weekend, scoring its second consecutive win.

Figures by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday indicated that the erotic comedy melodrama attracted 383,942 moviegoers during the weekend of June 11 to 13...More

Won Bin unveils photos from film "The Man From Nowhere"

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Korean actor Won Bin in a scene from film "The Man From Nowhere" [CJ Entertainment]

Top Korean actor Won Bin has unveiled pics from his upcoming film tentatively titled "The Man From Nowhere", which wrapped up shooting yesterday.

CJ Entertainment, which produced the film, released to the press several candid photos of the actor taken on the movie set, topless and sporting tight abs...More

"The Servant" claims top spot on Korean box The Servant

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Movie poster of "The Servant" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean drama tentatively titled "The Servant" made its debut onto the No. 1 spot on the local box office over the weekend, pushing former winner "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" down the chart.

Figures by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday showed that the new flick, released on June 2, attracted 591,687 moviegoers during the weekend of June 4 to 6...More

CJ and "Harry Potter" producer to co-produce 3 films

Source | 2010/05/28 | Permalink

At the press conference for CJE and 1492 Pictures from left to right: 1492 Pictures CEO Chris Columbus, CJE CEO Katharine Kim and film producer Michael Barnathan [CJ Entertainment]

Korea's major film distribution and production company CJ Entertainment (CJE) will be co-producing three films with Hollywood's 1492 Pictures, the producer of the "Harry Potter" series.

At a press conference on Friday, CJE's CEO Katharine Kim and 1492 CEO Chris Columbus announced plans regarding their joint production of the films and development of future development strategies...More

Song Seung-heon to Star in Remake of 'Ghost'

Source | 2010/05/17 | Permalink

Actor Song Seung-heon will appear alongside Nanako Matsushima of Japan in a remake "Ghost : In Your Arms Again" of the Hollywood blockbuster Ghost.

The film's production company CJ Entertainment on Wednesday announced, "Ghost, probably the best romantic fantasy of the 20th century, will be revived 20 years after the original was made. The roles originally played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze will be reinte...More

Super Junior to sing theme song for new film

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Official poster of the movie "On the Pitch" [CJ Entertainment]

Members of Korean idol group Super Junior will be singing the main theme song for upcoming sports film tentatively titled "Dreams Come True", according to its producer on Wednesday.

CJ Entertainment stated in a press release that Super Junior members Shindong, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Sungmin had prepared the song since its planning stages a year ago...More

Korean Wave: The New Generation

Source | 2010/04/23 | Permalink

Official poster for SBS TV series "Shining Inheritance" [SBS]

Korean dramas stir new waves in Japan

Fuji TV's program "Hallyu Alpha" (Mon-Fri 2:07~3:00), which started airing on January 11 in hopes of creating 'a new Hallyu generation', has been receiving positive feedback. Back in 2004, Fuji TV had arranged a program called "Saturday Hallyu Wide Hour", airing dramas such as "Stairway to Heaven" and "Sad Love Story" but had cancelled it due to low ratings. This time, "Hallyu Alpha" tried to differentiate itself from other programs by playing uncensored versions of dramas, providing bilingual broadcast (in Japanese and Korean) and adding special features such as exclusive interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes footage. MBC TV series "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" kicked off the program, followed by KBS' "Women in the Sun" in February...More

'Air Doll' Leaves Poignant Sting

Source | 2010/04/15 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

We've seen sentimental robots and other such non-human characters teach us lessons about humanity. Now a sex toy comes to life in a film which ― despite the rather "decadent" origins of its subject matter ― ultimately brims with childlike innocence and leaves a poignant sting.

Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, the film had been invited to prestigious film festivals including Cannes and Pusan (Busan) last year. It drew rave reviews from Japanese critics and the audience alike, and South Korea's quirky actress Bae Doona picked up several Best Actress awards for the title role.

In her second Japanese project after "Linda Linda Linda" (2006), Bae captivates the viewer as a life-size doll that develops a soul ― as is with solid fantasy tales, the implausible "why" and "how" bits are of l...More

CJ Entertainment sets up Japanese branch

Source | 2010/04/14 | Permalink

Members at the CJEJ launch event [CJ Entertainment]

Korea's largest film investment, production and distribution company CJ Entertainment has expanded its business into Japan, setting up a branch under the name CJ Entertainment JAPAN (CJEJ).

CJEJ, jointly established by CJ Entertainment and movie theater chain T-JOY, a subsidiary of Japan's major studio TOEI, held a ceremony in Shinjuku on Tuesday marking its registration as a corporation.

CJ Entertainment CEO Katharine Kim, T-JOY executive director Naoshi Yoda and CJEJ CEO Bae Hyung-chan were present at the event attended by some 400 film industry officials...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "The Dumb Mafia" directed by actor Shim Hyung-rae

Source | 2010/04/13 | Permalink

Director Shim Hyung-rae will be working hand in hand with CJ Entertainment for the producing of the film "The Dumb Mafia".

This movie will be about a great mafia gang leader whose hidden son is a Korean! This character will be named as the next leader and brings chaos to the gang. 


CJ Entertainment expands into Japan

Source | 2010/04/09 | Permalink

Korean powerhouse CJ Entertainment is set to launch a major joint venture with Japanese studio Toei's exhibition chain T-Joy this month. The initiative will cover investment and distribution with ambitions to become one of the top five distributors in Japan by 2014.

CJ, which holds 60% of the joint venture capital, will brand itself CJ Japan and aims to distribute at least five Korean films a year through T-Joy's 142 screens across Japan. It also plans to produce and distribute 3 to 5 Japanese f...More

Korea's "Mother - 2009", "Thirst" score wins at Asian Film Awards

Source | 2010/03/23 | Permalink

Korean films "Thirst" (left) and "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean films "Mother - 2009" and "Thirst" scored multiple wins including the prize for Best Picture at the 4th Asian Film Awards held Monday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"Mother - 2009", helmed by noted Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, claimed the top honor of the night, beating out five other Asian films including Hong Kong/China's "Bodyguards and Assassins" and Japan's "Parade".

The Korean director was also named Best Screenwriter for the critically acclaimed pic, which he co-wrote with Park Eun-kyo...More

Korean films, stars nominated for U.S. Green Globe Awards

Source | 2010/03/12 | Permalink

Korean movie "Thirst" and "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

Some of the biggest names in the South Korean film industry, as well as its most noted productions, have been nominated in multiple categories at this year's Hollywood-based Green Globe Film Awards.

According to the event's official webpage, a number of Korea's top movie stars and films will compete in this year's "International Film Awards Theme: Asia" segment of the event which recognizes movies, actors and directors in the Eastern region of the globe.

Noteworthy nominees include Song Kang-ho for film "Thirst", Ha Jung-woo for "Take Off" and Kim Myung-min for "Closer to Heaven" in the category for best international actor...More

Mother to open in select U.S. theaters today

Source | 2010/03/12 | Permalink

Movie poster for Korean film "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean film "Mother - 2009" will open in five U.S. cities today including Los Angeles and New York and expand its showing next week throughout the country.

The thriller film, directed by noted Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, will start with a limited theatrical release and gradually increase its number of screens; the film will open in 15 cities including Berkeley and Dallas on March 19, and in 18 cities including Honolulu and New Haven the following weekend....More

Korean film Mother wins award at Santa Barbara film fest

Source | 2010/02/18 | Permalink

Poster for film "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment]

South Korean director Bong Joon-ho's film "Mother - 2009" received the Best East Meets West Cinema Award at the annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival held in California over the weekend.

The movie, about a mother's search for a killer who framed her disabled son for a murder, was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The pic stars veteran actress Kim Hye-ja and Hallyu star Won Bin....More

'Parallel Life' Goes Off on Tangents

Source | 2010/02/11 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

It somehow feels like doing math homework using a history book, with rock music blasting in the background. The seed idea of "Parallel Life" was catchy but the tree that grew from it ended up being a tangled mess.

First-time director Kwon Ho-young draws on the idea that history repeats itself. Case in point: former U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were elected to the senate in 1846 and 1946, respectively, and then the presidency in 1860 and 1960. Their assassinations both took place on a Friday, in a Ford Theater and a century later in a Ford car. Their assassins were born a century apart, in 1839 and 1939.

The film is set in modern-day Korea, and opens with a cancer-stricken academic (Oh Hyun-kyung-I) vehemently arguing i...More

"Harmony" topples "Avatar" on daily admissions chart

Source | 2010/01/29 | Permalink

Korean movie "Harmony" [CJ Entertainment]

Kim Yun-jin starrer "Harmony" attracted the most moviegoers on Thursday, making it the first Korean film to place atop the local box office in 78 days.

According to the statistics from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), "Harmony" attracted 103,196 viewers on the day of its release, topping daily admissions to become the first local film to rank above an overseas production.

The film pushed down 43-day winner "Avatar" to second place with admissions of 95,637 for Thursday. The James Cameron sci-fi action flick has brought in a total 10,721,615 viewers since its release mid-December, making it the sixth most-watched film in Korea's box office history....More

Film journalists pick Song Kang-ho, Kim Hye-ja top actors

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Poster for film "Thirst" [CJ Entertainment]

Song Kang-ho and Kim Hye-ja have been recognized last year's top film actors by Korean film journalists.

The Korea Film Reporters Association (KOFRA) held the 1st Korean Film Award on Wednesday, naming Song best actor for his role in film "Thirst" and Kim as best actress for her role in "Mother - 2009".

Song, 43, is considered one of Korea's most successful actors who has starred in a handful of hit films including "Memories of Murder", "The Host" and "Thirst", which won the Jury Prize at Cannes earlier last year....More

Korean box office hits record in 2009

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Film "Haeundae" (left) and "Take Off" [CJ Entertainment/KM Culture]

The Korean box office reached a new record in 2009 with ticket sales hitting an all-time high, according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

The KOFIC's annual report on the local film industry released Monday, reported that Korean moviegoers paid out approximately KRW 1.928 trillion for theater tickets last year. The sales total is about a 11.6 percent jump from the previous year and surpasses the previous record of KRW 991.8 billion won set in 2007.

Admissions clocked in at over 156.79 million, up four percent year-on-year and ranking second behind the record set in 2007. The surge in sales despite the declined number of moviegoers was attributed to increases in ticket prices, raised by most theaters by KRW 500 to 1,000 starting June last year....More

"Mother - 2009" nominated in 6 categories at Asian Film Awards

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"Mother - 2009" movie poster [CJ Entertainment]

Director Bong Joon-ho's film "Mother - 2009" has been nominated in six categories for the Asian Film Awards in March.

A representative from the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) announced that the film has been nominated for best picture, best director, best actress, best supporting actor, best screenplay and best editor. It will be competing up against Hong Kong film "Bodyguards and Assassins" in some of the categories....More

Kim Yunjin Sings in 'Harmony' Onscreen

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Not long after "The Executioner", the first movie to be filmed in a real prison, and "Actresses", featuring a rare all-female cast, comes "Harmony", about women living behind bars in tune to a different synchronization.

Kim Yunjin returns to the local screen two years after starring in the hit thriller "Seven Days". The "Lost" star has shed her serious image to wear an unfading smile and a blue jail uniform in the tearjerker family drama.

"It's a movie for which we had to reshoot scenes because we cried too much", the actress said Monday in Seoul following the film's press preview. Produced by "Haeundae" director JK Youn and directed by newcomer Kang Dae-gyu, the...More

"WOOCHI" sets box office record on opening day

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Movie poster for "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" [CJ Entertainment]

Korean movie "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" set a Korean box office record on its opening day, according to the film's distributor CJ Entertainment on Thursday.

The movie -- shown on 597 screens around the country -- attracted 201,682 viewers on December 23, the highest opening-day figure set by a Korean movie which opened this year....More

'Woochi' Marks Birth of Korean Superhero

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

He might be offended if you call him the Korean Harry Potter, and pull a Taoist magic trick on you.

Jeon U-chi's genealogy can be traced back to the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) but he comes to life onscreen, with a modern edge, as "Woochi" ("JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard")― an exciting new superhero everyone's been waiting for.

Novel character-driven films have recently made their mark in South Korean cinema such as "Private Eye" starring an accidental Joseon-style Sherlock Holmes or "Descendants of Hong Gil-dong" featuring modern-day descendants of the Korean Robin Hood, Hong Gil-dong.

Director Choi Dong-hoon, who demonstrated a knack for creating lively characters in "Tazza: The High Rollers" ("Tazza: The High Rollers"), brings a superhero who, though quintessentially Korean, can inspi...More

Yoon's Secret Provides Fresh Thrills

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

There's no such thing as a secret, especially a big bad one, that's bound to come out in the end and slap you in the face. Mix in some Agatha Christie-style suspense, and you get an unconventional whodunit film where the detective is trying to cover-up clues rather than find them.

Yoon Jae-goo, who penned the script for Won Shin-yun's 2007 hit thriller "Seven Days" starring "Lost" actress Kim Yunjin, grabbed the megaphone this time for his second thriller "Secret - 2009".

The writer-director humbly said he would be happy if "Secret - 2009" does as well as "Seven Days", which was sold to American buyers for a record price at the time among local thrillers. And he's right.

The new film also offers heart...More

KOFIC Korean Film Showcase at FILMEX

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KOFIC Korean films showcase in Tokyo, will be held this year from November the 21st to the 30th as an official section of FILMEX. The annual event, designed to promote a diversity of Korean films to Japanese audiences will show everything from more commercial fare such as the current box office number one "Good Morning President" to art house films including the international film festival hit "...More

CJ Ent. Partners with Fortissimo

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South Korean studio major, CJ Entertainment, has signed a pact with art house and indie specialists, Fortissimo Films – a multi-national sales and financing company known for representing and often producing top-tier quality Asian films such as WONG Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love.

The new partnership will allow CJ access to Fortissimo's high profile catalogue for distribution on CJ's varied digital media platforms and television networks. CJ will also get first-look rights to distribute upcoming Fortissimo projects in its theaters and ancillary outlets.

For Fortissimo, the deal signifies assu...More

Love Lurks in Shadows in 'White Night'

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In his first feature film, "White Night"' ("Baekyahaeng" translation Walking the White Night), director Park Shin-woo-I does a compelling job of condensing Keigo Higashino's best-selling Japanese mystery novel ("Byakuyako" in Japanese) into a solid two-hour melodramatic thriller. And the noteworthy cast, including Son Ye-jin, Go Soo and Han Suk-kyu, keeps things highly intriguing.

The film explores some classic themes ― the loss of innocence, traumas that haunt one for life like a phantom limb and how self-sacrifice weighs in when it comes to love. The movie invites some comparison to the indie flick "LaLa Sunshine" as it poses some ethical questions about justifications for murder ― ...More

Web Piracy Dogs Movie Industry

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By Jane Han
Staff Reporter

CJ Entertainment, the distributor of South Korea's hit vampire film "Thirst", moved quickly to control the damage after the movie was leaked online earlier this week. But by publicizing the illegal activity, the company only exacerbated the situation.

The financial loss of the latest leak hasn't been assessed yet, but Internet experts and file-sharing analysts say damages could have been minimized if the distributor had simply kept quiet until the illegal copies floating online had been deleted.

"More people found out about the pirate release after CJ kindly made the leak official", said Woo Ji-soo, an offic...More

"New Stories" to Create the Legend of Korean Contents

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Korea's Biggest Story Competition ? A First Step to Advance into the Global Market
KRW12.5 Billion to be Invested for Support of Story Development, Production, and Distribution

▲ The Korea New Story Creation Project presentation. From Left: Chairman Geum Kang of the Korea Popular Culture Writers Association, Chairman Jeong Seon-eon of the Korea Independent Productions Association, CEO Kim Jeong-ah of CJ Entertainment, CEO Song Seung-hwan of PMC, President Kim Ok-young of the Korean TV & Radio Writers Association, President Lee Jae-woong of the Korea Creative Content Agency, Actor Park Yong-woo, Executive Director Yoo Hae-young of the Korea Creative Content Agency, Director Pyo Min-soo, and Chairman Choi Jong-il of the Korea Animation Producers Association.

Korea's contents-related industries have come together to develop new stories and turn them into high-quality content that has appeal on the global market.

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA, President & CEO Lee Jae-woong) hosted the Korea New Story Creation Project presentation with some 200 producers, investors and distributors, and writers at the Contents Hall, 2nd floor of the DMC Cultur...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "A Dirty Carnival" to be remade in the U.S!

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Jo In-sung was the main character in "A Dirty Carnival" released in 2006.

The movie will be remade in Hollywood! The Sparkler Entertainment which produced the "National Treasure" series will be working with CJ Entertainment from Korea for this Hollywood remake!...More

"Breathless" at Toronto's Reel Asian Film Festival

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"Breathless"'s international momentum is taking it to the Reel Asian International Film Festival in Toronto. Yang Ik-june's low budget HD feature which has played at film festivals all over the globe including the Barcelona Asian Film Festival, the Deauville Asian Film festival and won awards at the Vladivostok International Film Festival, the Fantastic Fest 2009 and at Rotterdam, is the closing night film at the Reel Asia IFF. Fish Story, a Ja...More

PPP Awards Announced

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The Pusan International Film Festival's Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) – an Asian feature project financing platform – announced the winners of various awards handed-out to six of the 30 projects pitched during the event. PPP ran Oct 11 – 14 during the festival and its attendant Asian Film Market.

The top winner was Decadent Sisters, a new project by Japanese director-producer AOYAMA Shinji (Eureka, Sad Vacation). It won the Pusan Award of US $20,000 presented by Busan Metropolitan City.

A Korean project was also a big winner with director Han Jae-rim ("The Rules of Dating", "...More

Korean Sales Deals at Pusan

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The Asian Film Market, an all-round business hub for the Asian film industry, wrapped up October 14 after a four-day run during Korea's Pusan International Film Festival (Oct. 8 – 16). Korean sales companies reported a number of deals during the market, though sales were fewer than in previous years.

M-Line Distribution sold its titles "A Frozen Flower" and "Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle" to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Mirovision sold last year's horror hit "Deathbell" to Thailand, Japan, and France, and "Loner" to Thailand. Indiestory sold Korea's surprise documentary smash hit ...More

CJ Strikes Major International Deal

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Korea's giant CJ Entertainment has just announced a deal that will increase its already substantial international out reach. The investment/distribution deal is with Japan's T-Joy a 142 screen theatre chain in Japan affiliated with media company Toei Group. The deal will significantly boost CJ's international presence who have already been distributing Paramount/Dreamworks films and have had international success with Korean films such as Haeundae and international co-productions such as "...More

'President' Offers Politically Correct Drama, Flawed Politics

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

BUSAN ― Choosing Jang Jin's "Good Morning President" ost morale for South Korean film industry, festival director Kim Dong-ho said. The film is a feel good, albeit blemished, drama that lightheartedly throws in ethical questions and personal dilemmas into state affairs.

But choosing "President" seemed to be a more nominal choice for opening Asia's largest cinema event. The film skims the surface of Northeast Asia geopolitics, including some red-hot North Korea issues, but laughter and emotional reactions that it aims to draw from viewers are easy to miss for non-Koreans (though Jang Dong-gun's hallyu power will certainly draw attention from fans scattered around the globe, from Japan to Mexico).


'Hello My Love' Sugarcoats Sensitive Subject

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In "Hello My Love", girl falls in love with boy, but boy falls in love with boy, breaking girl's heart. The movie adds an exotic twist with things Parisian as well as a touch of something trendy with wine lessons to sugarcoat the sensitive subject matter of homosexuality in South Korea.

One may think of the sexually explicit epic "A Frozen Flower", but this feature film debut by Kim Aaron is more akin to Hong Ji-young's trendspotting romance "The Naked Kitchen". It is essentially a romantic comedy with a rather unconventional love triangle strewn into strictly mainstream themes of heartbreak, loss and growing pains.

Everything seems rosy for popular radio personality Ho-jeong (Jo An). She is about to be promoted...More

Korean/Japanese Screen Adaption 'White Night' in Production

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There has been an increasing amount of Japanese Korean cinematic business happening of late and new adaption of novel "White Night" adds another notch to the belt. Written by novelist Higashino Keigo the original dark tale of two children who commit murder through self defense was also made into a successful Japanese TV drama. The Korean movie stars actors Son Ye-jin ("My Wife Got Married" 2008) and marks the return of heart throb Go Soo after serving in the army. In addition, playing the pursuing detective is Korean stalwart actor Han Suk-kyu, who, starring in ...More

Actor Jang Dong-gun Returns as 'President'

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Jang Dong-gun makes a comeback onscreen as a character not unlike himself ― an eligible bachelor ― in "Good Morning President".

The film's press event in southern Seoul Tuesday morning buzzed with reporters, particularly since it is slated to open the 13th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival, Oct. 8. The latest comedy by prolific director Jang Jin is about three fictional South Korean presidents.

Jang returns to the local silver screen four years after "Typhoon" as the youngest ever head-of-state who's equipped with not only charismatic diplomatic skills but also handsome looks.

The 37-year-old indeed appeared suave in a clean cut suit and tie. Reporters mischievously asked about his screen persona being dubbed "pretty-boy president" like his actual moniker, "the original pr...More

Chinese/Korean Film 'Season of Good Rain' to be Released

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Korea and China has cemented its cinematic relations with the about to be released "Season of Good Rain". The film directed by Heo Jin-ho brings together the biggest actors of both countries Gao Yuanyuan (Beijing Bicycle 2001) and Jung Woo-sung ("Daisy" 2006) and blends them into a multi lingual, trans-cultural melodrama. The shooting...More

'Closer' Doesn't Get Close Enough

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Director Park Jin-pyo had moviegoers reaching for the Kleenex in the romantic tearjerker "You are my Sunshine", in which love prevails over AIDS, and the family drama "Voice of a Murderer", in which a couple does not give up hope for their kidnapped child.

In his latest feature, "Closer to Heaven", he aims to mix heartbreaking melodrama with sympathy-provoking family bonds, buttressed by crowd-pleasing insurances ― charismatic screen personality Kim Myung-min shedding 20 kilograms to portray a dying man and unfailing actress Ha Ji-won sticking by his side as his devoted, doting wife.

A han...More

Haeundae's Tidal Success Tempered by Pirated Downloads

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Disaster film "Haeundae"'s wave of success has just been tempered by electronic pirates. The film was briefly leaked across peer to peer sites with 100,000 copies downloaded over the weekend. Significantly the film that sold over 10,000,000 tickets and was seen by some as the mark of the reversal of the Korean film slump is still playing in theatres.

This comes at a time when new laws put in place by the government last year to stop such illegal downloading have had success. "Haeundae" is the first major film to be illegally downloaded, ...More

Online Bootleg of 'Haeundae' Angers Korean Film Industry

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The Korean film industry is seething after a copy of the blockbuster "Haeundae" was found being illegally distributed over the internet last weekend, especially since the film had galvanized the industry by becoming the fifth Korean film ever to draw over 10 million viewers. Public calls for strong legal action against piracy are gaining support, but it might be too late to stop the spread of the bootleg overseas as it is already circulating on Chinese websites.

"Haeundae" was leaked onlin...More

Success of 'Haeunda' Invigorates Korean Film Industry

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The massive popularity of the disaster movie "Haeundae", which has drawn more than 10 million viewers so far, has ramifications that reach beyond the film's producers and investors. After falling into a rut since the success of the monster film "The Host" three years ago, the Korean movie industry has finally scored another unequivocal hit. The industry believes that the success of "Haeundae" also shows that the solid box office performances of "Speedy Scandal" (8.3 million viewers) and "My Girlfriend is an Agent" (4.04 million viewers) were not temporary phenomena.

The opening day box-office numbers of "Haeundae" were not impressive, but on the first weekend following its release 1.24 million people flocked to see it, leading to projections that it would break the 10-million milestone. That...More

'Haeundae' Attracts 10 Mil. Audience

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By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

More than 10 million viewers have now watched the big-budget disaster film "Haeundae" since its release on July 22, becoming the fifth South Korean movie to reach the milestone.

Featuring a tsunami that hits the nation's largest port city, Busan, the movie drew 220,000 and 200,000 viewers over the weekend, respectively, according to film distributor CJ Entertainment.

By reaching the landmark, the film joined the so-called "10 million club" which includes...More

'Sophie's Revenge' Satisfies to a Point

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

"Sophie's Revenge", which marks Zhang Ziyi's first romantic comedy role and stint as a producer, can be likened to a protein shake. It offers all the expected ingredients ― romance, slapstick and melodrama ― as well as the easy, genre-approved characters and plotline, and even a wrap-around opening story that foretells the fairytale ending.

Mix those up with heavy doses of influence from peers "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "My Sassy Girl", and add in some "Amelie"-style live-action-meets-animation and New York chick-lit dialogue in Mandarin. Director Eva Jin shapes the cliched mess into something edible with a sweet aftertaste ― but like most artificial sources of protein it is not completely filling.

The "pan-Asian" production, however, tactfully serves its magical purpose, as diet drinks do for those eager to become slim. Featuring so...More

Disaster Movie 'Haeundae' Heads for 10-Million Mark

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The Korean disaster film "Haeundae" has attracted more than 9 million spectators in the 26 days since its release and is about to surpass the 10 million mark. Dstributor CJ Entertainment on Monday said the film drew a total of 9.07 million viewers by Sunday. And as of Saturday, with an accumulated number of 8.8 million spectators, it already surpassed "D-War" to take the fifth place in the all-time box office hit parade for Korean films.

"Haeundae" is also the second fastest of four Korean films that attracted over 10 million spectators, topped only by "The Host", which drew 9 million viewers in just 18 days. "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War" took 31 days, "...More

Korean Actor So Ji-sub to Court Zhang Ziyi Onscreen

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

South Korean heartthrob So Ji-sub is shyly knocking on the hearts of Chinese fans through "Sophie's Revenge" opposite superstar Zhang Ziyi.

The 31-year-old's first Chinese language film comes not long after completing the mandatory two-year military service and making a strong rebound with the 2008 box office success "Rough Cut" and hit TV series "Cain and Abel".

"After getting out of the military I wanted to challenge myself as an actor with new projects, and China is a new start", So told a packed press conference room in Seoul, Thursday.

"A lot of Korean actors are debuting overseas, but I hope people won't judge them by their debut piece, since it is a stepping stone", he said. "People say that my role is smaller than they expected but I'm ...More

'Haeundae' Hits 7-Million-Viewer Mark

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By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Local summer blockbuster "Haeundae", directed by JK Youn, has been seen by 7 million viewers in 18 days since its premiere July 22.

The film is expected to break the 10-million-viewer mark soon with its present pace. Currently, only four domestic movies ― "Silmido" (2003), "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War" (2004), "The King and the Clown" (2005) and "The Host" (2006) ― have drawn more than 10 m...More

'Haeundae' Set to Top 7 Million Viewers

2009/08/09 | Permalink

Ticket sales for "Haeundae", a mega-hit disaster movie, are expected to surpass 7 million Sunday.

The big-budget action film, portraying a fictional tsunami that hits a famous beach in South Korea's southern port city of Busan, drew about 6.8 million viewers as of Saturday.

"About 300,000 on weekdays and 500,000 on weekends watch the blockbuster. If the current pace continues, the number of viewers is certain to top 7 million Sunday", an official from CJ Entertainment, the movie's distribution company, said.

It will have taken 19 days for "Haeundae" to break the 7-million mark if it surpasses the mark on Sunday.

The film community is looking forward to seei...More

Disaster Movie 'Haeundae' Draws 5 Mln. Moviegoers

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The South Korean disaster movie "Haeundae" has lured over five-point-two million viewers since its opening on July 22nd.

Film distributor CJ Entertainment said that ticket sales for the big-budget action movie recorded 390-thousand on Monday alone.

Among the films released since January, it is the first Korean movie to exceed the five-million mark.

Also, the film is the second fastest to reach the...More

Lee Byung-hun Returns With Film 'G.I. Joe'

2009/07/29 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Hollywood and hallyu star power reigned in Seoul Wednesday with the arrival of the main cast and crew of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra".

A group of middle-aged Japanese women waited outside the hotel ballroom for the South Korean premiere of the action-packed film ― to catch a glimpse of "All In" star Lee Byung-hun, who makes his Tinsletown debut opposite Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum and Dennis Quaid.

Based on the G.I. Joe Real American Hero toy franchise, the film is about an elite American military squad that must stop the evil terrorist group Cobra from destroying the planet.

"Naneun baboda (I am dumb)", director Stephen Sommers proudly told reporters, and the venue broke into a rumble of laughter ― Lee had mischievously taught Sommers the wrong phrase to greet Koreans. Tatum, the heartthrob of "Step U...More

Korean Movie "Haeundae" to Open in China

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The Korean blockbuster film "Haeundae" will open in China next month.

The big-budget film on a Korea threatened by tsunamis has drawn two million South Korean viewers since opening on July 22nd.

Production company CJ Entertainment says it is in ...More

'Haeundae' Manages to Be Entertaining

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

The anticipated summer blockbuster "Haeundae" is like a blushing bride, wearing something new, something old and something blue. While the tsunami film rides upon tides of Korean cliches and brims with disappointing computer graphics, it manages to smartly evade some Hollywood disaster film conventions.

The film stays afloat on the strength of a talented, star-studded cast that shines through the artifice and the less-than-sophisticated mise-en-scene. And despite a hefty dose of mainstream superficiality ― or perhaps because of it ― box office favorite director JK Youn demonstrates his knack for communicating with the audience.

Every summer, Busan's most popular beach, Haeundae, transforms into something of an overpacked, outdoor public bath catering to hordes of vacationers from all over the country.

Park Joong-hoon stars as Kim, a workaholic professor from Seoul who tries to warn that a mega tsunami will swallow up the southern port city ...More

'G.I. Joe' Cast to Visit Seoul July 28

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

The director and main cast of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", including British screen beauty Sienna Miller and hallyu star Lee Byung-hun, will visit Korea later this month to promote the Hollywood action flick, domestic distributor CJ Entertainment announced Monday.

Stephen Sommers, best known as the director of "The Mummy", Miller and lead actor Channing Tatum will arrive in Seoul July 28 ahead of the film's release here Aug. 6.

Lee, the heartthrob of hit TV soap "All In", will join the co-stars of his Hollywood debut piece in a press conference the following morning at Shilla Hotel.

The action- and computer graphics-packed ...More

Summer Action Flicks Are Coming

Source | 2009/06/30 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Every summer, big budget Hollywood movies flow in, and many worry about the potential threat to homegrown films. Recent trends, however, suggest that competition is healthy.

"The fact that such a comparison (between national and international franchises) is even possible is unique; there aren't so many countries around the world where domestic films can compete with American ones", Han Seung-hee, researcher at the Korean Film Council, told The Korea Times.

After the turn of the new millennium, the Korean film industry enjoyed rapid growth, with blockbusters rewriting box office history each year. But the market plummeted for the first time last year, and investment and production hit an all time low. Moviegoers even criticized films that fared well at the box office as being formulaic.

So far, 2009 looks better. The success of "A Frozen Flower" and "Scandal Makers" ("Speedy Scandal") opened up a promising new year. Although February and March were rather lukewarm months _ viewership was split among three crime thrillers, "The Scam", "Marine Boy" and "Hand Phone" _ "Private Eye" picked things up and was widely loved for its unique themes.

Sleeper hit movies such as "Old Partner" and "Breathless" also rev...More

'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' to be Released in Japan

Source | 2009/06/11 | Permalink

After success at home, last year's Cannes Film Festival and at festivals around the world, Kim Jee-woon's "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" is finally opening in Japan. The film, released almost a year ago in Korea July 17 2008 will open in Japan August 29. In Japan it will play on 100 screens including the high profile Toho Cinemas Chanter in Ginza and T-Joy Shinjuku Wald 9. Distribution is being handled jointly by CJ Entertainment and Japan's Show Gate, the first time a co...More

'Mother - 2009' Sets New Box Office Record for 2009

Source | 2009/06/09 | Permalink

"Mother - 2009", the latest film by Bong Joon-ho, drew over 2 million viewers in the 10 days since the release, the record for the shortest period it took a Korean Korean film released this year to reach the benchmark.

Distributor CJ Entertainment said the film had drawn 2.013 million viewers between May 28, th...More

World Beware: The Wizard is Coming this Summer

Source | 2009/06/05 | Permalink

Korea's own super hero movie "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" is set for release this summer. The movie is highly anticipated not just because of its colloquial superhero themes but its super star cast and director. Choi Dong-hoon known for the colourfully large "War of the Flower" (2006) and "The Big Swindle" (2004) helms this ambitious Taoist action film feat. Equally as well known as Choi are its actors who are mainstays in Korean cinema. ...More

Local Pop Culture Facing New Challenges

Source | 2009/05/22 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Is hallyu, or Korean Wave, waning or still booming? There has been lots of talk about the sustainability of hallyu among industry insiders as the overseas success of some of Korea's TV dramas and movies seemed to have declined in recent years.

Freelance writer Mark James Russell, however, dismisses the term, hallyu. He once jokingly called it "Zombie Wave" for these worriers, arguing that there never was a Korean Wave in the first place, so it couldn't really be said to be dying or anything.

Then, what is the Korean Wave? Korean pop culture crosses many media, demographics and regions and it means very different things to different people.

"I don't like the term, Korean Wave, because it is like a black box. It doesn't really explain anything. Why is something popular with older women in Japan and with younger kids in Southeast Asia and middle-aged men in America? These are very different trends and forces that are happening", Russell said in an interview with The Korea Times.

Russell, author of the new book "Pop Goes Korea", said that there are a lot of negative connotations associated with Korean Wave ― shortsighted fad, poor financing and crude nationalism.

"Korea was at the forefront in Asia supplying this kind of lessons from the entertainment industries. Hong Kong is getting very aggressive in its movies, making its movies pan-Asia's blockbusters. Taiwan is trying very hard to emulate the Korean movie industries. Korea was very fortunate to be at the forefront of this change. … You have to fight and struggle to keep that cutting-edge trend", he said.

The journalist came to Korea from Canada to teach English in 1996, and worked as a correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter and Billboa...More

Bong's 'Mother - 2009' Highlights Maternal Love

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

"Mother - 2009", coming to theaters May 28, had its world premiere at the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival. Variety magazine was not kidding when it said the Bong Joon-ho film was "unjustly denied a competition berth" in the prestigious French event.

The film is certainly not as edgy as "Memories of Murder" nor does it have the mainstream appeal of the blockbuster "The Host".

But, featuring South Korea's symbolic Kim Hye-ja as a mom with a formidable mission and heartthrob Won Bin in the improbable role of her vulnerable "baby", Bong brings an arresting tale that is at once quintessentially Korean yet universally classic, and uniquely visionary.

Complete with composer ...More

Film "Mother - 2009" Sold to Four Countries at Cannes

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Director Bong Joon-ho's new film "Mother - 2009" has been sold to four countries at the Cannes Film Market. An official of film company CJ Entertainment has reported that "Mother - 2009", starring venerable actress Kim Hye-ja and actor Won Bin, was sold to Portugal, former Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The number of buyers is expected to r...More

Won Bin's 'Second Life' With 'Mother - 2009'

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

South Korean heartthrob Won Bin, who made a comeback through Bong Joon-ho's "Mother - 2009", now showing at the Cannes festival, said the thriller marks a "new start" in his acting career.

"If it was round one until now, then `Mother - 2009' signals the start of round two in my life as an actor", the 31-year-old was quoted as telling Yonhap News, Sunday, in Cannes, France.

Won had been absent for four years due to mandatory military service and an injury. "Mother - 2009" is his first movie after five years since ...More

'Thirst' a Hit at Cannes

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The Korean film "Thirst" by Park Chan-wook opened with a bang at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday.

The screening began at 10:40 p.m. French time. At the end of the two hour film, audiences stood and applauded director Park and his cast for eight minutes.

Film distributor CJ Entertainment said it was the longest standing ovation for a Korean ...More

Director Bong Promises Hotter Movie With 'Mother'

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Filmmaker Bong Joon-ho promises something "hotter" for his upcoming film "Mother - 2009", which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month before its local theater release May 28.

"If movies could be measured by temperature, then I imagine that `Mother' is much hotter than my previous works", the director of the blockbuster "The Host" and modern classic "Memories of Murder" told reporters at a Seoul theater, Monday.

When asked if he felt disheartened about not being in Cannes' competition pool alongside countryman Park Chan-wook, he said it was too early for him to compete against big names like the "Thirst" director and Quentin Tarantino. "But I am greatly confident about the movie's solidity and artistry. Once it's revealed to the world at the festival, where I've had experience with `The Host', I am looking forward to people's reactions", s...More

Park's 'Thirst' Is Riveting

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Park Chan-wook's latest work "Thirst", like other great movies, makes you forget you're watching one, and you won't be able to stop it from shaking up every cell in your body unless you dart for the exit. Park-brand films are undoubtedly an acquired taste, and this vampire-priest story, slated to compete in Cannes next month, is certainly not for those with weak stomachs. Nor is it, despite being replete with tasteful humor only Song Kang-ho ("Secret Sunshine") can pull off and being the first South Korean film to be co-produced by a major Hollywood studio, for those seeking light-hearted entertainment.

This reporter admits having had to close her eyes and plug her ears for some of the extreme scenes, but still had the ultimate audiovisual experience discovering ironic amusement and empathizing with the protagonist's frenetic actions, disillusionment and despair, listless surrender and dissipation, and, finally, spiritual transformation.

In this story inspired by Emile Zola's "Therese Raquin", Park creates a sinister parallel universe where 19th-century French realism and the Western vampire myth melt naturally into modern South Korea. Visually, things are familiar yet exotic, with local Catholic churches evoking a European flair; gaudy, outdated boutiques that are set in a Japanese colonial-era style home; and striking claustrophobic spaces a la Stanley Kubrick.


Korea's Internet: Hollywood's Best Friend or Foe?

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Studios are best advised to ride the crest of 'freeconomics' that is Korea
Jean K. Min (jean)

"The Phantom of the Opera", "Spiderman 3", "Transformers", "Iron Man", and "Star Trek".

These are just a few of the big budget Hollywood summer flicks that premiered in Seoul in the last couple of years, well ahead of their American openings.

Asia press junkets, usually thrown by the studios either in Tokyo or Hong Kong just a few years ago, are now being held in Seoul, bringing in scores of Hollywood stars to the country. The private jets of Hollywood stars are touching down on the tarmac of local airports sometimes almost every week and it is not considered news anymore among the local press. Just last week, Hugh Jackman, who starred in the latest installment of "X-Men" franchise, was seen on a couple of Korean television shows.

Korean theatergoers, long accustomed to watching big American films usually one or two months after the US theatrical release, are now scratching their heads, asking why they are suddenly being given the unexpected bragging rights of viewing global premieres.

The reason for this recent turn of the events is seemingly obvious: Korea is now one of the fastest growing film markets for Hollywood studios. The country is the 6th largest market as measured by the number of theatergoers and the 7th in terms of total revenue, according to Korean Film Council. Korean movie fans on average watched 3.1 films a year in 2006, the 3rd ...More

CJ Ent. Makes Waves at HK FILMART

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The film sales arm of Korean major CJ Entertainment did brisk business at the Hong Kong FIILMART, closing deals on a slew of titles including pre-sales for its big-budget disaster film "Haeundae" going to Indonesia's VSG for rights over Malaysia, Singapore and home territory.

The Busan-set CGI driven film about a tsunami that hits the popular Korean beach resort of Haeundae, boasts a top cast of Sol Kyung-gu ("Oasis"), ...More

Park Chan-wook Explores Self, Dream in 'Thirst'

2009/03/31 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Recently, celebrated cineastes like Lee Chang-dong ("Secret Sunshine") and top stars Jeon Do-yeon and Rain, among many others, were seen visiting the set of Park Chan-wook's much talked-about feature, "Thirst". The film's trailer was revealed for the first time before the press, Tuesday, in Seoul, before its release April 30.

It was indeed novel to see the all-too-familiar, yet distinctly foreign, theme of Universal Pictures opening the impressionable clip. "Thirst" is the first South Korean film to be co-produced and distributed by a major Hollywood studio.

"I'm not so sure how it happened", Park told the crowded press room regarding Korean giant CJ Entertainment's partnership with Universal. In a video clip provided by organizers, Universal's Focus Features CEO James Shamus said he was "desperate to in some small way be part of this incredible filmmaking genius' work".

"I don't expect big results like grossing high in the American box office or winning an Academy nomination. I think this is the first endeavor for a Korean film to be treated seriously in the U.S. market", said Park. "But personally, I've always admired and was greatly inspired by the foreign movies that Focus Features distributed in Korea, and I wondered if one day my movies could be...More

'Private Eye' Signals New Detective Genre

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Debutant director Park Dae-min brings a delicious mix of drama, comedy and adventure in "Private Eye", which, moreover, paints rosy prospects for South Korean cinema as it signals the potential of homegrown detective films.

Set against the Japanese colonial period (1910-45), the movie invites viewers to hop on coolie-drawn carts and join an accidental Sherlock Holmes (Hwang Jung-min) in tracking down a serial killer on the loose.

If 2007's "Shadows in the Palace" hinted at the possibility for an Agatha Christie-style suspense, "Private Eye" promises something more solid, and perhaps even a serial franchise. It keeps things smart and intriguing rather than mind boggling or cryptic, and leads the audience half a step ahead in the cat and mouse game. The movie also manages to be entertaining without being too light a...More

"Thirst" to be quenched in April

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Park Chan-wook's "Thirst" – by many regarded as the most anticipated film of the year – is among the first big projects to announce its release. Thirst will draw first blood on 30 April.

PARK collected an impressive line-up with Song Kang-ho taking charge of the lead role. He will play a priest who turns into a vampire when he tests a newly developed vaccin...More

First Time Director Indulges in Noir

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The up and coming release of 'Private Eye' by first time Director Park Dae-min continues a neo noir tradition led by notables including Park Chan-wook ("Old Boy") and Kim Jee-woon ("...More

Korean Films sell well at Berlin's EFM

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Korean company Fine Cut as well as CJ Entertainment can both claim success at this years EFM in the Berlin Film Festival. Fine Cut leads the pack selling 11 films alone to one company, Scandinavia's Non Stop Television. It also sold gay themed "Antique" (Min Gyoo-dong) to Thailand's Rose Media, and surprise hit thriller "The Chaser" (Na Hong-jin)to Latin America, several Eastern Block countries including Yugloslavia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Both films have already sold well in other territories.

CJ Entertainment on the other hand have sold ...More

CJ Entertainment appoints its first female CEO

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Last week, Katherine KIM was appointed the new CEO of CJ Entertainment. She is the first female CEO of the company and will replace outgoing CEO KIM Joo-sung who will go on to head CJ's cable television company CJ Media. KIM comes with a range of international experiences sought after by the Korean film industry after starting at CJ in 2005 coordinating its US/Korean co productions. In addition to this substantial role she also oversaw the marketing and distribution of Dreamworks and Paramount Film releases.

These days, the importance of international co productions in terms of increasing funds in Korea's tightly squeezed film industry is rising. One such international co production overseen by Kim was the U.S/Korea fi...More

IPTV Changing Lifestyles of TV Viewers

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By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Local Internet protocol television (IPTV) is expected to change lives to the fullest, according to IPTV operators KT, SK Broadband and LG Dacom.

KT's Mega TV, the first provider here, and SK Broad & TV by SK Broadband, both have 780,000 subscribers, while LG Dacom's myLGtv currently has 80,000.

While the telecommunications industry is looking forward to a jump in subscribers and increased interest this year, viewers and potential subscribers are leaning in for the fun and educational factors.

Min Jin-ah, 40, is a housewife with two daughters. She has always been a big fan of television, but by subscribing to IPTV, her life and her family's have changed for the better.

"I enjoy watching television, and I think IPTV is an interesting tool for entertainment. It's fun and easier to use than I thought. I think it will help my family in all areas, including education and getting information quickly and easily", she told The Korea Times.

Her younger daughter is seven years old and will start school this year. Just to make sure she has learned her basic math and English, Min turns on the children's education channel, which her daughter can watch, rewind and fast-forward whenever she likes.

Education will reach a whole new le...More

'Marine' Stays Afloat With Supporting Acts

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

It's about time the Korean Peninsula saw a maritime action flick. "Marine Boy" indeed features the most water treading sequences in South Korean cinema ― something only a fearless newcomer like Yoon Jong-seok can brave ― but it keeps afloat with classic premises like dramatic tension and great supporting characters.

An ocean-crossing drug mule the movie has named "Marine Boy" calls for extensive oceanic shoots that make up about 20 percent of the film, yet this is no big budget version of drug mule stories like "Maria Full of Grace" nor is it a raw crime thriller like "The Chaser". A complex "trust no one" formula fuels the seaside story, but the main dramatic tension lies in an obscure love triangle rather than underwater skirmishes. While the two-hour running time could have been cut shorter, Cho Jae-hyun and other bona fide actors keep the film from completely...More

'Marine Boy' Explores Drug Trafficking

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

The upcoming film "Marine Boy" involves treading water, but it has nothing to do with the nickname Koreans affectionately give to swimming star Park Tae-hwan.

Written and directed by newcomer Yoon Jong-seok, this crime movie is about a former swimming athlete (Kim Kang-woo) who, desperately in debt, becomes employed as a "body packing" drug mule by a heartless drug lord (Cho Jae-hyun). After swallowing a 10-meter-long drug package, this "Marine Boy" must swim across waters between Korea and Japan. Among the many things that beckon death, an alluring beauty (Park Si-yeon) tries to seduce him.

"As long as there are drugs, there...More

'Marine Boy' swims against the tide

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"Marine Boy", helmed by Yoon Jong-seok, is bound to stand out in terms of genre in the lineup of Korean films hitting theaters early this year.

Instead of treading the proven path, it dives into the relatively unknown world of the sea. That's why the film is now categorized as a "marine" thriller.

For most Koreans, however, the title of the movie evokes either an old Japanese comic series or Park Tae-hwan, the Olympic gold medalist swimmer dubbed "Marine Boy". The movie, though featuring plenty of under-the-sea scenes, is neither a rehash of the animation nor a biopic of the hugely popular swimmer. It is basically about drug trafficking which takes place, mostly, at sea.

"We went through many trials and errors because there's not much filmmaking know-ho...More

Competition heats up at New Year box office

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Competition is heating up at the box office for the New Year's weekend starting today, with the attention focused on whether "A Frozen Flower", a drama of homosexuality and betrayal, can knock "Speedy Scandal" off its perch.

Ticket reservation data showed that yesterday "A Frozen Flower", directed by Yoo Ha, emerged as the favorite for the holiday weekend, outpacing "Speedy Scandal", a comedy starring Korean Wave star Cha Tae-hyun.

"Ssanghwajeom", whose English title is "A Frozen Flower", dominated 71 percent of the ticket reservations on Wednesday, according to the Korean Film Council, while "Speed Scandaly" lost its momentum to stand at No. 3.

The strong ticket sales of "A Frozen Flower" were widely expected because it not only deals with highly sensational topics, including homosexuality during the late period of Goryeo Dynasty, but also features two of ...More

'Speed Scandaly' continues speedy run at box-office

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"Speed Scandaly", a comedy starring Cha Tae-hyun, remained No. 1 at the Korean box office for the third week in a row, showing no signs of bowing out despite attacks from new releases.

The film portrays a 30-something radio host (played by Cha) who has to confront his long-forgotten past in a situational comedy format. Although the plot is nothing special, Cha pulls off an admirable performance by wisely staying low-key in a way that allows other characters to shine. A host of clever laughter-enducing dialogue...More

'Soonjeong' Stays True to Its Heart

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By Joon Soh
Contributing Writer

Since debuting in 2003, the sweet, wistful online comics by Kang Full have become a pop culture phenomenon in South Korea, generating countless Internet hits and message board discussions. Their incredible online following, however, failed to translate into box office success, as the first two attempts at bringing the comics to the big screen ("A.P.T" and "BA:BO") resulted in commercial flops.

But the third time may be the charm for the popular Internet cartoon. Opening on November 27, "Soonjeong Manhwa" ("Hello Schoolgirl"), based on ...More

Planning Series 1 Course of Education Center Marketer in Foreign Office

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"The lecture rooms are 'So Hot' due to active trade of cultural business between Korean and the U.S".

An American branch office ( Head Chief: Hee-Seon Seo )of Korea Culture & Contents Agency has conducted education three times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 4 weeks from November 3rd to 24th to train special marketers of cultural industry between Korea and America.

It has been conducted in a lecture room in LA Korean Cultural Center. It gave a good chance that people can understand cultural industries of Korean and America. The main purpose of this course is training specialists for cultural industry between Korea and America in the future.

This lecture has been conducted for Korean students and Americans (around 25 people) who have big possibilities to work for cultural businesses. It has been conducted with 10 topics including the present conditions of Korean and American cultural industries with Korean cultural enterprises' strategies in ...More

"Portrait of a Beauty" sold to Japan, Singapore, and Thailand

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Jeon Yoon-soo's "Portrait of a Beauty" is attracting great interest globally; first, it will be exported to Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Yedang Entertainment closed these deals with the three countries at this month's American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles.

Europe also expressed much interest in the Korean blockbuster. It is expected that the European deals will take place at 2009's Berlin Market in February.

"Portrait of a Beauty" has topped the box office since its release, beating international blockbusters Quantum of Solace and Max Payne. The somewhat controversial take on Joseon dynasty painter SHIN Yoon-bok reached th...More

Provocative 'Portrait of a Beauty' Tops Movie Chart

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The movie "Portrait of a Beauty", which is drawing attention for its sensual exposure of heroine Kim Gyu-ri, reached the one-million-viewer mark, just nine days after its release on Nov. 13, according to CJ Entertainment distribution.

"Portrait of a Beauty" took the top spot at...More

Erotic `Portrait' Fails to Capture Subject

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By Joon Soh
Contributing Writer

Shin Yun-bok, the famed folk painter of the late Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910), has received much attention in recent months. It all started last year when a best-selling novel described the male artist as secretly being a woman.

In truth, there is little historical documentation of Shin's life, and none that questions his gender. Nevertheless, the fictional work was popular and provocative enough that it was made into the successful television drama, "The Painter of Wind", as well a new feature film.

If "Painter of the Wind" is a family-friendly version of the historical fiction, then the film, "...More

SO Ji-sub, Zhang Ziyi, and Fan Bingbing in a love triangle

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So Ji-sub has been cast alongside major Chinese stars Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing. In the Chinese film Sophie's Revenge, Zhang's character will fall head over heels in love from the first time she meets a doctor, played by SO, only to find him stolen away by a famous actress (Fan). Zhang's character then sets out for revenge.

Korea's major film studio CJ Entertainment is coproducing the film together with Chinese Perfectworld. The romantic comedy is in the hands of director Jin Yimeng and the film is scheduled to be released in Chinese cinemas late next year.

SO established his silver screen presence in the recent film ...More

CJ Presales "Thirst" and "Mother - 2009" at AFM

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CJ Entertainment made two major deals at the American Film Market (AFM), signing presales on upcoming films by Korea's top directors Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho. AFM was held in Santa Monica, California, November 5 -12 and is one of the world's largest film trade events.

CJ Ent. sold PARK's "Thirst", starring Song Kang-ho, to Palisades Tartan U.K. for release in Great Britain. The erotically charged thriller about a priest-turned-vampire, wrapped shooting last month and is scheduled for release next spring.

BONG's "Mother - 2009", starring heartthrob Won Bin, went to Diaphana for Fra...More

Two SONG Kang-ho films in U.S. cinemas

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2008 Festival de Cannes' out-of-competition talk of the festival and Korean box office treasure hunter "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (Kim Jee-woon) will be released in U.S. cinemas next year.

Unfinished Park Chan-wook vampire film "Thirst" will be backed by Korean CJ Entertainment and major U.S. studios Universal and Focus. Focus will handle the cinematic release in North America under high expectations.

Both Korean titles are scheduled for a release in the beginning of 2009 on an initial scale of 100 screens.

Both "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" and upcoming ...More

'Modern Boy': Reinterpretation of Japanese Colonialism?

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By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Following the footsteps of "Radio Dayz", "Once Upon a Time in Seoul" and "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" comes "Modern Boy", another purely entertainment-driven movie set during the Japanese colonial era (1910-45). Gyeongseong, the name of Seoul at the time, is home to flamboyant flappers (so-called "modern boys and girls"), radio stars and charming bandits who aren't necessarily working for Korea's independence.

The symbolic power of cinema is extensive, as it often showcases a given country's aesthetics, technical achievements and entertainment factors, and moreover portrays to varying degrees its cultural, historical and social values. Period pieces in particular become the subject of scrutiny as they speak for the shared history of a people.

A Japanese newspaper made a misleading report about "Modern Boy" and the above-mentioned Gyeongseong movies in January this year. Katsuhiro Kuroda, man...More

[DVD Review] 'Roommates': Study Hard, Then You Die

Source | 2008/09/28 | Permalink

The true horror is the win-at-all-cost mentality

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

The third film in the series of HD-lensed horror films produced by Yoo Il-han is "Roommates - 4 Horror Tales" (2006), connected to the previously reviewed "Hidden Floor" ("Forbidden Floor - 4 Horror Tales") via the central character of Bo-ram (Lee Eun-sung): she is the girl with burn scars briefly glimpsed by the "Forbidden Floor - 4 Horror Tales"'s possessed toddler in the train station.

"Roommates - 4 Horror Tales" directly delves into probably the most important subject for the K-horror, the evils of education system, specifically a setup in which one shot of college entrance examination basically formalizes and entrenches one's status (economic, social, martial, you name it) for the rest of his or her life (or so everyone in Korea believes).

The now-famous and high-quality "Whispering Corridors" series started out in late '90s as a then-extremely frank critique of the oppressive high school experience, before running toward their own quirky, artistic directions.

This debut feature by director Kim Eun-kyeong ups the ante by basing her movie on an actual incident, a fire in a "boot camp"-style exam-prep center that resulted in the deaths of many high school girls. Bo-ram, the narrator, rooms with the bespectacled, timid Da-young (Heo Jin-yong), beautiful and smart Eun-joo (Kim Ri-na) and rebellious Yu-jin (...More

Universal / Focus Features Slake CJ's Thirst

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Universal Pictures (UPI) and London-based Focus Features will invest in and co-produce director Park Chan-wook's latest film, "Thirst", currently in production. They will join chief investor CJ Entertainment, which has so far driven the project.

The deal, announced Sept. 11th by UPI president Christian Grass, Focus CEO James Schamus and CJ CEO KIM Soo-jung, marks the first time a USstudio has backed a Korean film in production. UPI will also ha...More

Historical films dominate the fall

Source | 2008/09/11 | Permalink

Last weekend Korean Historical action drama "The Divine Weapon" took the lead at the box office. And the fall looks set to be dominated by historical films. The historical drama Miindo (English translation: "Portrait of a Beauty") came out on top as 'the most anticipated film of the fall' according to an online survey of the major Korean film website Movist.

Kim Yoo-jin's "The Divine Weapon" played on 676 screens and drew 627,845 visitors in its first week, according to KOFIC box office figures. Because of the film's screenings prior to the official release, the film already reached a million viewers, earning the film US$ 3.9 million. Th...More

Box Office Weapon Launches Sept. 4

Source | 2008/09/04 | Permalink

Although its official release date is Sept. 4, Korea's latest blockbuster, "The Divine Weapon", took second place on last weekend's box office charts, after 2 days of paid-preview screenings organized by distributor CJ Entertainment. The Chosun-set epic targeted 405 screens, capturing US$ 1.4 million, coming in a close second behind Hollywood heavyweight, The Dark Knight.

Weapon is expected to reign over the upcoming Chuseok (Korea...More

Actor No Joo-hyun in 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Source | 2008/09/01 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Veteran actor No Joo-hyun will star in the Korean version of Broadway musical "Fiddler on the Roof", marking his first musical performance in his 40-year acting career.

Noh will play the leading role of Tevye in the musical whose music was composed by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.

After spending most of his early career playing a gentleman in many TV dramas and films, he began changing his image to a comical character in various hit sitcoms a few years ago.


'Modern Boy' Opens in October

Source | 2008/08/28 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

After six years in the making and a release date postponed by months, Jeong Ji-woo's ambitious period drama "Modern Boy", starring hot actors Park Hae-il and Kim Hye-soo, will open in theaters in October. The press gathered to catch the film's first promotional event held Wednesday in a Seoul theater.

The critically acclaimed director of "Happy End" (starring "Old Boy" hero Choi Min-sik and "Secret Sunshine" heroine Jeon Do-yeon) brings a dramatic love story set in 1930s Gyeongseong or old Seoul, when Korea was under Japanese colonization (1910-45). With years of pre-production for the peri...More

CHOI Dong-hoon's Comic Fantasy: "Jeon Woo Chi"

Source | 2008/08/27 | Permalink

Director Choi Dong-hoon, who made a splash in the local film industry with his high stakes thrillers, "The Big Swindle" (2004) and "Tazza: The High Rollers" ("Tazza: The High Rollers", 2006), is currently in pre-production on his latest project, tentatively titled "...More

'Divine Weapon' Targets Chuseok

Source | 2008/08/21 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In time for the nation's biggest holiday comes "The Divine Weapon", a highly anticipated epic dramatization of the world's first multi-launch rocket system invented during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Historical fiction is risky business, particularly in a country bound by deep cultural and historical homogeneity, and this film shows both the triumphs and perils of venturing into this genre.

The faction film employs anachronism to set a Tom and Jerry-type power struggle (since the Sino-Korean conflict occurred a century earlier), where China is becoming increasingly hostile in controlling the internal affairs of its small tributary state, Joseon. King Sejong (Ahn Sung-ki) is determined to strengthen the country's autonomy and has been secretly funding the development of a sophisticated weapon. But as the Chinese authority closes in on the project, the weapons designer commits suicide. All is not lost, however, as the scientist's daughter Hong-ri (Han Eung-...More

Korean Movies' Popularity Rebounds This Summer

Source | 2008/08/06 | Permalink

The number of movie-goers in July jumped more than 21 percent compared to the previous month to 17-and-a-half million.
Korean movies in particular accounted for half of total screenings nationwide last weekend.
That's a rebound from their record low of 7 percent in May.
Korean-style Western movie "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" is the box-office hit with 5-point-4 million viewers so far.
As for director Kwak Gyeong-taek's action flick "Eye for an Eye" more than a million people watched it in its opening week.
"Sunny" a movie set during the Vietnam War attracted more than 1-and-a-half million theater-goers.


'Good, Bad, Weird' Revamps Cinema for Fall Lineup

Source | 2008/08/05 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

When you hit rock bottom, there's no other way but up.

After hitting a record low in May, Korean cinema is slowly emerging from the slump with a string of box office hits like "The Good, the Bad, the Weird". An alternative version of this "kimchi Western" ― the one that awed viewers at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival ― is now in theaters. The buoyant mood for homegrown flicks is expected to continue throughout the latter half of the year.

Since its release July, the spaghetti Western-inspired film starring three top actors drew in 5.17 million viewers, Barunson Film Division announced Sunday. This beats the ticket sales record set by "The Chaser", which sold 5.13 million, and continues the good standing of domestic flicks like June's "Public Enemy Returns".

It held the top box office ranking despite the screening of star-studded Hollywood imports like "Wanted". The $1.7 billion action flick, however, conceded its spot on the box office to $18 billion venture "The Mumm...More

Divers quartet rule the box office

Source | 2008/08/01 | Permalink

After Yim Soon-rye's "Forever the Moment", Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser", and Kang Woo-seok's "Public Enemy Returns" Kim Jee-woon's "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" is the fourth Korean film this year to surpass the 4 million spectators landmark.

CJ Entertainment announced that the kimchi western accumulated 4.13 million admissions in just eleven days. "Public Enemy Returns" was in 2008 the second fastest to reach the 4 million mark in 25 ...More

Cannes cut of "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" in Theaters

Source | 2008/08/01 | Permalink

The edited version of "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" that screened at the Cannes International Film Festival will be coming to Korean theaters on August 6th.

"We received a lot of requests from the public regarding the Cannes cut of 'The Good, the Bad, the Weird'. That is why we will be releasing that version of the movie to ten CGV theaters on the 6th", explain...More

New Korean Pop Culture Wave Hits China

Source | 2008/08/01 | Permalink

Some 1,700 Chinese fans of the Korean Wave packed seats of a concert co-produced by Korea's CJ Entertainment and Chinese CCTV, as part of the "Meet in Beijing" cultural event recently organized by Beijing authorities.

Gracing the concert were five Korean teams, including balladeer Shin Seung-hun, sexy Chae Yeon, pop idols Battle and nine Chinese teams, including national singer Sun Nan and Taiwanese vocalist Zhou Huajian. The event climaxed when singers and the audience sang the 1988 Seoul Olympic theme song "Hand in Hand" and "Beijing Huan Yin Ni (Beijing Welcomes You)", written to mark D-100 of the Beijing Olympics.

Experts predict the concert could rekindle the Korean pop culture wave in China, which has recently lost momentum. Since the start of the year, pop stars from around the globe, incl...More

"The Good, the Bad, the Weird" strikes gold

Source | 2008/07/23 | Permalink

The fight and race over what is believed to be a valuable map - titled "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (Joheun Nom, Nappeun Nom, Isanghan Nom) - entered cinemas with its guns drawn and left its competition behind in clouds of gunfire. The kimchi western dug up treasure when it surpassed the 2 million landmark in its opening weekend. Its distributor CJ Entertainment announced on Monday morning a total of 2,186 million viewers since its release on Thursday July 17.

Director Kim Jee-woon's US$ 17 M star vehicle (...More

[MOVIE REVIEW] 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' aspects of English subtitles

Source | 2008/07/21 | Permalink

"The Good, the Bad, the Weird", a $17-million oriental Western by veteran filmmaker Kim Jee-woon, topped the domestic box office in its opening weekend, selling a record 2.19 million tickets in four days since its release on Thursday.

The strong performance was widely expected, not least because the blockbuster project included Korea's three most bankable actors -- Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung.

What's notable is that the movie has also signed on for a rare deal: English subtitles. Although only CGV Yongsan theater provides the Korean movie in English subtitles, it seemed a welcome change for a growing expat community in Korea.

The English subtitle for "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" is part of the program that CGV, the country's biggest multiplex chain, kicked off earlier this year with "A Man Who Was Superman", starring ...More

CJ and Lionsgate Seek Korean Wedding

Source | 2008/07/18 | Permalink

Korean film industry leader CJ Entertainment has paired with America's biggest independent studio, Lionsgate, and Asian re-make king, Roy Lee's Vertigo Entertainment for a marriage made in heaven. They will co-produce "Korean Wedding", a project pitched and penned by Jason Filardi (Bringing Down the House).

The comedy is the first to feature miscegenation between an American man and a Korean woman as its main theme. The story is about a young American guy who falls in love with a Korean woman while teaching En...More

The Good, the Bad, the Weird's U.S. release

Source | 2008/07/17 | Permalink

Kim Jee-woon's latest film "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird" (Joheun Nom, Nappeun Nom, Isanghan Nom) will open in the U.S. in the first half of 2009, according to its distributor CJ Entertainment. The Korean flavoured western will play in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and three more major U.S. cities.

New York's Independent Film Channel agreed a deal with CJ Entertainment about Korea's most expensive film (US$ 17 million). Previously, "More

Public Enemy Returns third to reach 4 million mark

Source | 2008/07/17 | Permalink

Kang Woo-seok's third instalment of Public Enemy (Gangcheoljoong: Gonggongui Jeok 1:1) – "Public Enemy Returns" attracted over 4 million spectators. After Yim Soon-rye's "Forever the Moment" (Woori Saengae Chwegoui Soongan) and HA Nong-jin's "The Chaser" (Choogyeokja), "Public Enemy Returns" is the third Korean film to reach the 4 million mark this year.

Public Enemy 3 reached the landmark in less time than his predecessors, only 25 days. CJ Entertainment – the producer of the film – expects that the film will go on to reach 5 million viewers; ...More

[ChanMi's movie news] "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" coming to USA!

Source | 2008/07/16 | Permalink

The awaited movie "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" will come to the U.S early next year!

CJ Entertainment ended the contract with IFC Entertainment about exporting the movie to the States this 15th. The movie will be released in 5 theaters in the U.S such as New York, LA, and...more....More

Korea-Japan Business Campus Takes Place in Jeju

Source | 2008/07/10 | Permalink

KOFIC is hosting a 4-day business campus for Japanese and Korean producers at a resort on the balmy island of Jeju, south of the Korean mainland. Taking place July 8 – 11, the campus brings together 5 Korean and 5 Japanese producers each with projects in development.

Highlights of the itinerary include intensive seminars for the producers on Korea-Japanese co-productions, along with expert guest speakers, such as CJ Entertainment's foreign investment manager who will speak on co-production financing.

Among the 5 Korean participants are Jonathan KIM, a leading producer in the industry with films such as "Lies", "Silmido", ...More

'Kimchi Western' Marks New Horizon

Source | 2008/07/10 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Director Kim Jee-woon ("A Bittersweet Life", 2005) finally brings home what had judges in awe at 2008 Cannes in its out-of-competition section. While inspired by Sergio Leone's spaghetti Western "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly", 1966, "kimchi" Western (as the Toronto International Film Festival calls it) "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" achieves, with finesse, the creative struggle of transforming self and heritage into something new.

"Good" is seductively entertaining in the way you expect a Western movie to be: three of Korea's most endearing actors ride around with guns on horseback and engage in a pulsating train robbery, cross-country treasure hunt and three-way shootout. But the films has that inherent Koreanness; it capitalizes on heritage in a new playing field. Exceeding all domestic records in te...More

"Public Enemy Returns" to Shake up the B.O.

Source | 2008/06/24 | Permalink

The first Korean blockbuster of the summer, "Public Enemy Returns", opens June 19th, just in time to shake up a national box office that has been dominated by Hollywood fare for several weeks. Director Kang Woo-seok brings forth his third installment in the successful franchise that began with "Public Enemy" in 2002.

Star ac...More

Seol 'Returns' as Kang Cheol-jung

Source | 2008/06/19 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

This year has so far marked the return of many screen heroes, such as Indiana Jones and Rambo - and the antihero Kang Cheol-jung. In "Public Enemy Returns", Sol Kyung-gu ("Public Enemy", 2002; "Another Public Enemy" - "Public Enemy 2" 2005) brazenly exhibits his sixth sense for acting as the diehard detective. Cheol-jung does not let his boss - or the audience - down in this funny, street-smart sequel, which also raises some critical social issues.

With disheveled hair, an unwashed windbreaker and a scar here and there, Cheol-jung is always diving headfirst into crime scenes. After 15 years of close calls with death, he's seen and done it all. The most notorious criminals sheepishly surrender to this thug of a man, who recklessly beats men twice his size, referees duels between schoolboys and openly accepts small bribes.

And of course, when a situation calls for good cop, bad cop tactics, we can guess the role Cheol-jung takes. But it's hard not to develop an affinity for this flawed man, who's seen getting seriously offended by a third grader's joke and submitting to his lit...More

Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter 'Black House'

Source | 2008/06/12 | Permalink

A robust, grisly horror film boosted by excellent performances

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

A meek but kind insurance salesman Jeon Jun-O (Hwang Jung-min, "Happiness") is handpicked by a creepy metalworker, Park Choong-Bae (Kang Shin-il, "Silmido"), for renewal of the policies on the his family. Visiting Park's spectacularly decrepit adobe, Jun-O ends up discovering the body of Park's young son, apparently a suicide.

Meeting Choong-Bae's wife Yi-Hwa (Yoo Sun, "The Wig"), a pale beauty who has seemingly exhausted her capacity for grief, Jun-O begins to suspect that the boy's death was in fact a murder, and that she is next in line.

What Jun-O does not understand is that his small act of kindness (and breach of professional ethics) over a phone consultation has already ensnared him in a web of deceit, mutilation and murder, spun by a psychopath who makes Norman Bates in "Psycho" look like SpongeBob SquarePants.

A Japan-Korea coproduction, "Black House" is based on Japanese writer Yusuke Kishi's award-winning early novel, having been filmed once in 1999 by Morita Yoshimitsu ("Family Game"), also scheduled to debut this summer on Region 1 DVD. Unfortunately, it emulates the strategy of Hollywood remakes of the J-horror, by boosting up volume and scare tactics but largely abandons the kind of phlegmatic, deliberately paced terror expected in the high-end Japanese genre literature or film, not to mention the original's superb characterizations.


[HERALD INTERVIEW] Korean power behind 'Kung Fu Panda'

Source | 2008/06/05 | Permalink

"Kung Fu Panda", a new animated feature from DreamWorks, thrives on its sophisticated cinematography. When the main character named Po suffers a punch, the screen shifts into slow-motion for greater effect. When Po provides a slapstick gag, the camera does not move, allowing the audiences to enjoy the scene as it is.

The enhanced techniques have been spearheaded by Jhun Yong-duk, head of layout at DreamWorks -- equivalent to cinematographer or director of photography in conventional filmmaking.

It was Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer of DreamWorks, who asked Jhun to revamp the cinematography to give "Kung Fu Panda" its seamless and uninterrupted visuals.

"One day, I had a breakfast with Mr. Katzenberg, and he told me that 'Kung Fu Panda' should be made as a really cinematic film, so I did my homework, for about two months, and then gave a presentation to him about the cinematic camera technique, and he liked it", Jhun said in an interview with The Korea Herald on Wednesday.

It was a critical and rewa...More

New technological step in Korean animation

Source | 2008/06/05 | Permalink

After Ryoo Seung-wan's "The City of Violence" (Jjakpae) and Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" (Cyborgjiman Gwaenjanha), "Life is Cool" (Geunyeoneun Yeppeotta, English...More

Kim Jee-woon's kimchi western sells like hot cakes

Source | 2008/06/05 | Permalink

Innovative director Kim Jee-woon presented with "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" one of the most anticipated and applauded films at Festival de Cannes, which is reflected in the slate of international distribution right sales at the Cannes market by CJ Entertainment.

The kimchi western – a reference to the influence of Sergio Leone's spaghetti western The Good, the Ugly, the Bad – stars Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung, three star actors with international appeal.

So far, most interest was expressed by European and Asian buyers. Icon Film obtained the UK rights and Huayi Brothers bought the rights for the Chinese market. Innoform (Singapore)...More

Rotoscoped Film Shows Life in '4D'

Source | 2008/06/05 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Director Choe Ik-hwan ("Whispering Corridors 4: 'Voice Letter"') brings "Life is Cool", South Korea's first rotoscoped film. In this HD film project by CJ Entertainment, local production company DNA, which whipped up animation and graphics for "The Animatrix", creates hip visuals for a friendly love story.

Rotoscoping is a process in which animators trace over a live action sequence, frame by frame. It goes beyond computer-generated imagery for larger than life effects. By utilizing what's only possible in animation, it gives 3D action added dimension ― it's tech savvy and digital but breathes life into the film.

"Life" took only a month of actual shooting but almost two years and 140 artists for rotoscoping. One may wonder, why go through the trouble, as leading lady ...More

Indiana aims to crack open box-office skulls

Source | 2008/05/22 | Permalink

It's been a long, long time since Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. rode off into the sunset. Or, to be more specific, it's been 19 years. Yet it is still too early to discount this Hollywood adventure film franchise. In fact, the newest Indiana installment seems likely to snatch up many, if not most, of the crystallized box-office skulls in Korea.

After a press preview on Tuesday, initial reaction from theater operators and critics about "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" seemed largely positive, especially concerning its potential as a box-office frontrunner. The film, released nationwide yesterday, is widely expected to outsmart other Korean and foreign competitors easily.

The film had already scooped up a record 86 percent in ticket reservation rates across the nation as of Wednesday according to the Korean Film Council, sparking speculation that Indiana might ride off to the biggest hit in Korean cinema this yea...More

KOFIC to promote Korean films at Cannes

Source | 2008/05/15 | Permalink

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) will be engaged in diverse efforts to promote Korean cinema at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

With five titles screening in various sections of the festival including Kim Jee-woon's "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (Official Selection, Out of Competition), Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser" (Midnight Screenings), omnibus film "TOKYO!" (Un Certain Regard) which contains a contribution by Bong Joon-ho, Park Jae-ok's animated short "STOP - 2008" (Cinefondation), and Kim Ki-young's 1960 masterpie...More

Five Korean films join Cannes fest

Source | 2008/05/15 | Permalink

The 61st Cannes Film Festival has kicked off with fanfare, spicing up the festive mood for moviegoers all around the world. The ebullient mood remains largely the same here in Korea, but one thing is palpably different: There's no chance for a Korean movie or actor grabbing an award in the competition section this year.

Last year was special for the Korean film industry. Jeon Do-yeon won the prestigious best actress award for her impassioned role in the heart-wrenching flick "Secret Sunshine". This year, however, such dramatic development is unlikely to occur because no Korean film has been invited to the competition section.

But it is too early to shift attention from Korean filmmakers toward Hollywood stars. After all, five Korean movies are to be screened in various sections at Cannes, and all of them have a potential to charm foreign filmmakers, critics and media in various ways.

At the forefront stands director Kim Jee-woon's big-budget flick "The Good, the Bad, the Weird", which is one of the official selections in the Out of Competition section. The movie, set in Manchuria in the 1...More

Cine 21 Names CJ's KIM Joo-seong Most Influential

Source | 2008/04/22 | Permalink

Local film weekly magazine, Cine 21, provided its annual list of the most powerful players in the Korean film industry, with CJ Entertainment president KIM Joo-seong at the top for the first time. With the industry taking a downturn last year, CJ Ent. has grown to become the key investor and distributor for many of the biggest projects expected out this year, including "Modern Boy" and "...More

Song Kang-ho in "Evil Live" is vampire pastor?

Source | 2008/04/03 | Permalink

A representative of Park Chan-wook's new movie "Evil Live" said, "In addition to Song Kang-ho, Kim Hae-sook, Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Ok-vin and other actors have finished reading the screenplay. They are all eager to try their best".

The exciting thing is...More

Who will be the next music sensation?

Source | 2008/04/01 | Permalink

The Korean airwaves will soon be alive with "My Fair Lady", when a TV reality show begins auditions to cast the role of Eliza Doolittle in an upcoming Seoul production of the beloved Broadway musical.

OD Musical Company, joining hands with ON media, one of local cable TV channels, is producing the first Korean version of TV reality shows selecting new musical stars. It follows a similar format that the hit BBC series "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" took two years ago.

The British TV production enjoyed incredible popularity and made Connie Fisher, a telephone operator, a new-born star chosen by the public to play Maria in the musical "The Sound of Music". The BBC program won the 2007 International Emmy Award for best non-scripted entertainment program.

Shin Chun-soo, head of OD Musical compan...More

Korean Movie to be Remade in the United States

Source | 2008/03/17 | Permalink

A much-lauded Korean movie is to be remade in the U.S. with a big star headlining in it.

According to the Boston Globe, Park Chan-wook's "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (sometimes called "Lady Vengeance) is to be remade and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron will star as the leading role, originally played by ...More

[Style] The 4 female actors "stepping out of their comfort zones"

Source | 2008/02/14 | Permalink

"Stepping out of the comfort zones"
Literally, an actor makes their living through their outer image. Thus they undergo an endless changes and transformation in order to unfold their hidden charms. Recently, the female actors who had been hidden under the tag of being 'sexy' or 'innocent' took a critical counterattack to bring out their true charms.

Korea's No.1 sexy beauties Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Jung-eun transformed themselves into free and easy-going characters without any make-ups; and the No. 1 innocent beauties, Son Ye-jin and Lee Bo-young brought out their strong femme fatale sexiness. The following is the stories of HOT ladies' transformations in their HOT movies.

■Sexy beauty → Innocent beauty

▶ "A Man Who Was Superman" : Jun Ji-hyun
In her film, "The man who was a superman" (CJ Entertainment Co., directed by Chung Yoon-chul) Jun Ji-hyun transformed into a TV station producer and took away her previous image of having the perfect 'S-line' body.

Many agree that the boyish attractiveness in Jun Ji-hyun was rediscovered in her loose T-shirt and pants without any make-ups and jewelleries. With black and white as the main style, other colours were excluded and a fashionable bracelet was r...More

Korean films sought after by Europe and Asia

Source | 2008/02/13 | Permalink

European and Asian buyers closed deals on several Korean films' rights at the Berlin Film festival's market. Jun Ji-hyun's star power in Asia resulted in "A Man Who Was Superman" being sold to Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Thailand (J-Bics), and Singapore (Festive Films) by CJ Entertainment. The human interest drama was directed by Chung Yoon-chul and stars Hwang Jung-min as a traumatised man.

German Splendid pre-bought the rights for "The Divine Weapon" and ...More

[DVD Review] 'The City of Violence': Lean and Mean

Source | 2008/02/05 | Permalink

Ryoo Seung-wan's action extravaganza draws upon classics of the genre

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

A Seoul cop, Tae-su (Korea's top action choreographer/stunt artist Jung Doo-hong), receives the shocking news that his childhood friend Wang-jae (a Ryoo Seung-wan regular, Ahn Kil-gang), a retired wise guy, has been stabbed to death by a handful of punks. Tae-su goes back to his hometown, On-sung, to attend Wang-jae's funeral. He immediately smells a rat.

The town is under the thumb of their old buddy Pil-ho (Lee Beom-soo, "Oh! Brothers", "Mr. Gam's Victory"), now a big shot gangster and involved in a citywide real estate development scheme. Tae-su reluctantly teams up with the short-tempered Seok-hwan (director Ryoo Seung-wan) to avenge Wang-jae's murder.

Ryoo Seung-wan, one of the most talented Korean directors and an action film maven, hit the jackpot last time by branching out into the sports drama in "Crying Fist". For the latest endeavor, he consciously returned to his cinema geek roots and put together a self-consciously generic Asian action film evoking great classics of yesteryears.

Even though lazy "Western" critics perpetually drag out Quentin Tarantino when referring to Ryoo's works, the superficial similarities of "The City of Violence" to Tarantino's "Kill Bill" really result from both filmmakers drawing upon common sources: Shaw Brothers martial arts blockbusters, John Woo's HK film noir, classic "samurai" films and spaghetti Westerns with morose, twanging guitar scores. Other than that, Ryoo's swea...More

CGV Multiplex to Offer Subtitled Screenings

Source | 2008/01/30 | Permalink

CJ-CGV, one of the top three exhibition chains in Korea, will devote a screen at its central-Seoul multiplex in the Yongsan Station shopping center to the exclusive showing of domestic films with English subtitles. The long-term project is a team strategy between CGV and local powerhouse studio CJ Entertainment in a bid to provide the growing foreign community with equal access to popular Korean film culture.

The first film to screen at the new foreigner-friendly venue will be CJ's star vehicle "...More

English Subtitles in Select Korean Movies From Thursday

Source | 2008/01/30 | Permalink

Starting this week foreigners in Seoul will be able to enjoy Korean movies with English subtitles in theaters as soon as they are released.
CJ Entertainment, one of the country's top film distributors and producers, says it will premier select Korean movies with subtitles at CGV Yongsan, the multiplex nearest to the U.S. military base in the capital.
The first to be screened will be "...More

Four Korean films to screen at Berlin Film Fest

Source | 2008/01/29 | Permalink

Acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo will return to the Berlin International Film Festival with his eighth film "Night and Day", which screens in the festival's competition section. This will be the first time that a film by HONG competes at Berlin, after his previous works "Woman is the Future of Man" (2004) and "Tale of Cinema" (2005) competed at Cannes.

The film, recipient of 2005 KOFIC Production Support for Art Films, which was 90% shot in Paris, stars Kim Young-ho as an artist who runs off to France and leaves behind his wife played by Hwang Soo-jung....More

Major Korean Films Offered With English Subtitles

Source | 2008/01/28 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

CGV Yongsan in central Seoul will devote a screen to the exclusive showing of popular domestic movies with English-language subtitles, an unprecedented move by a movie theater.

"It's to serve the many foreigners in Korea who want to watch Korean films. They won't have to wait for DVDs with English-language subtitles anymore", Chong Choe from CJ Entermatinment's International Strategy team told The Korea Times.

The country's largest motion picture studio, CJ Entertainment and multiplex theater giant CGV have teamed up for this long-term project, and will begin with "A Man Who Was Superman", starring high-profile actors Jun Ji-hyun (`My Sassy Girl's" Gianna Jeon) and Hwang Jung-min ("Happiness"). Coming to CGV Yongsan Jan. 31, it will have regular sh...More

English subtitles coming to Korean films at CGV

Source | 2008/01/24 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment and CGV have announced that they will begin providing current Korean movies with English-language subtitles, starting with director Chung Yoon-chul's "A Man Who Was Superman", reflecting the increasing demand from foreigners here.

"Initially, the selected movies will show on one screen at Yongsan CGV theaters for the duration of the films' domestic theatrical run", CJ said in a statement. "The lineup ...More

Hansel and Gretel: Lim's Dark Fantasy Opens

Source | 2007/12/26 | Permalink

Director Yim Pil-sung is back with his second feature, Hansel and Gretel, a fantasy-horror loosely based on the famous Brothers Grimm's fairy tale and updated to modern day Korea. While his debut feature "Antarctic Journal" (2005) placed a group of men in an icy, barren polar landscape, where the human psyche preys on itself,...More

'Forbidden Floor' [DVD Review] Convincing characters married to standard J-horror shticks

Source | 2007/12/10 | Permalink

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

The second installment in the You Il-han and Ahn Byeong-ki team-up horror series concerns a young working mother Min-young (Kim Seo-hyung, the victimized teacher in "Voice Letter"), who moves into an "office-tel" room (a studio flat that doubles as a workplace) with a kindergarten-age daughter (Kim Yoo-jung). Of course, the office-tel turns out to be spooked by the spirit of another young mother, whose attacks are responsible for a series of mysterious deaths. Soon it is uncovered that the building originally had another floor (the "fourth floor", which, like the thirteenth floor in the West, is considered bad luck and usually absent in Korean buildings). When the vengeful spirit seeks to possess Min-young's daughter, she decides to uncover the sordid past of the office-tel building.

Written and directed by Kwon Il-soon, who received notice due to his short "Hide and Seek" (2001) that, not coincidentally, explores a young child's feelings of loss of her mother, "Forbidden Floor - 4 Horror Tales" unfortunately suffers from overly familiar setups. As I have been lamenting on these and other pages, Korean and Japanese horror films have long been infested by the pointless Sadako clones (PSC), which in ironic ways have fulfilled the fictional promise of Suzuki Koji's ori...More

'Sex is Zero 2' sticks to toilet and bawdy humor

Source | 2007/12/03 | Permalink

Sex comedy is not a familiar genre with Korean audiences, many of whom regard themselves as somewhat conservative, or deadly super-duper conservative. But "Sex is Zero", released in 2002, changed that conventional wisdom.

The toilet-humor-filled sex-or-die comedy pulled in a respectable 4.2 million viewers in 2002 and even ranked fourth at the box-office for the year. Since then, a handful of imitations have come out, but none of them have hit a jackpot -- yet.

All of this has apparently encouraged the production house which made the original "Sex is Zero" to forge ahead with a sequel. The logic, of course, is that people remembering the unabashed sex comedy will return to the theater, and, for the filmmakers of "Sex Is Zero 2", there seems to be nothing wrong with repeating the same formula -- plot, characters, sex-oriented scenes, and all that -- as long as a minimum box-office return is guaranteed.

This time around, ...More

'February 29': Deja Vu All Over the Place

Source | 2007/12/02 | Permalink

[DVD Review] You Il-han's horror short given a lackluster adaptation

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

"4 Horror Tales" was the 2006 summer season's top-line experiment of producing four horror movies based on Yoo Il-han's short stories on the cheap in high definition video. The tab was picked up by CJ Entertainment and TV station SBS. Yoo himself was involved as executive producer, teaming up with Korea's resident horror specialist Ahn Byeong-ki ("Phone", "A.P.T", among others) and giving opportunities to four young directors to scare up the audience in theaters as well as on TV screens.

The first installment "February 29 - 4 Horror Tales" might be of interest to the fans of "Dae Jang Geum" ("Jewel in the Palace"), a mega-hit Korean TV drama, since two among its main cast members, Lim Ho (who played the Choseon monarch Joongjong) and Park Eun-hye (Jang-geum's friend Yeon-saeng), star in the movie.

Park plays Ji-yeon, who we first see in a padded cell claiming to a skeptical journalist that a ghost of a female serial killer is responsible for a slew of killings on February 29, four years ago. In the main story, we find her working as a tollgate attendant. First she encounters a cryptic driver who keeps giving her blood-soaked tickets, and then someone who is dressed just like her b...More

MC Yoo to Voice Act in 'Bee Movie'

Source | 2007/11/26 | Permalink

Top comedian and MC Yoo Jae-suk will do voice dubbing for his first time for the animation 'Bee Movie'.

The film's domestic distributor CJ Entertainment says Yoo will play the main role, the honeybee 'Barry', in the Korean language version of the film.

The Drea...More

Local audiences shun Korean films

Source | 2007/11/26 | Permalink

Korean films are struggling to maintain their market share, as a dearth of major hits undercuts their competitiveness, latest data released by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) showed.

The number of Korean moviegoers who watched local films plunged 29.1 percent year-on-year in the January-October period this year. In contrast, foreign films witnessed a 35.3 percent growth in ticket sales during the same period.

The market share of Korean movies also tumbled from 62.3 percent last year to 46.4 percent this year, while foreign films rallied to achieve the remaining 53.6 percent, sharply up from 37.7 percent.

What's worse, while viewership slid significantly, the number of Korean films released in the first 10 months was 89, three more than the same period a year ago, further worsening profitability.

Hostile market conditions are dealing a harsh blow to major film distributors here. Heavyweight producers like CJ Entertainment, Showbo...More

Korean-American West 32nd in Korean Cinemas

Source | 2007/11/14 | Permalink

Michael Kang's "West 32nd" is released by CJ CGV on November 16 in Seoul. The thriller explores the Korean community in New York. The film stars John Cho, Grace Park, Jane Kim and Jung Joon-ho.

The story revolves a young ambitious lawyer...More

Park Chan-wook's New Project Pre-sold to France

Source | 2007/11/06 | Permalink

Park Chan-wook once said he felt destined to make a vampire film ("Thirst"). The director of the famed 'vengeance trilogy' is busy developing precisely that, and buyers at the American Film Market (AFM) are excited. The project is titled Bakjwi in Korean and was formerly known as "Evil Live" in English, although a new title is now being sought. The story revolves around a priest who, while undergoing a strange medical experiment, is transformed into a bloodthirsty vampire. ...More

Asian Film Market and PPP Results

Source | 2007/10/16 | Permalink

The Asian Film Market was again bustling in its second year although buyers tended to window-shop and take notes for later. A number of Korean films were picked up mainly for TV/DVD rights. Korean sales agent Cineclick Asia sealed a number of deals, selling all rights to Kim Ki-duk's "Breath" to Saudi Arabia-based Ghassan Production and Distribution for the Middle Eastern territories.

The company also picked up DVD/TV rights to KIM's "The Bow" and "3-Iron", along with "The Birth of a Family", "Red Shoes", ...More

Korea's CJ Announces First Chinese Co-production

Source | 2007/10/02 | Permalink

Industry heavyweight CJ Entertainment's President KIM Joo-sung has unveiled the first film project partnership with China Film Group Corp (CFGC), easily the largest movie group in China. The announcement follows on the heels of memorandum of understanding between the two companies, signed in June of 2007. The Korea-China co-production will be a martial arts epic called Thangka, based on a Tibetan Buddhist painting of the same name.

The film is about a Tang Dynasty princess who was married to a Tibetan king and introduced Chinese culture in Tibet. It will be directed by Jacob Cheung ("A Battle of Wits)" from a script by Liu Heng, whose Assembly is ...More

Jun Ji-hyun in Chung Yoon-chul Film

Source | 2007/09/30 | Permalink

Jun Ji-hyun next project will be director Chung Yoon-chul's film Syoopeomaenieotteon Sanai (English translation: "A Man Who Was Superman"). Jeon will play an opportunistic documentary maker who decides to make a documentary about a man who believes that he is superhero. ...More

CJ to Make Film with China

Source | 2007/09/28 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment has agreed to launch a joint project with China.

The president of CJ says that he signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing with the chief of China's largest film agency, the China Film Group, on the jointly invested production of the film 'Thangka' and another project aimed at fostering young Chinese filmmakers.

The film is about a historical Tang dynasty princess married to a Tibetan king who introduced Chinese culture to Tibet.


Jun Ji-hyun Set to Return to the Local Big Screen

Source | 2007/09/27 | Permalink

Actress Jun Ji-hyun is set to make her big screen comeback by starring in director Chung Yoon-chul's new film 'A Man Who Was Superman'.

The film's production and distribution company CJ Entertainment said in a recent press release that actress Jun Ji-hyun and Hwang Jung-min will star in 'He Once Was a Superman'.

Jun Ji-hyun to Star in New Film With Hwang Jung-min

Source | 2007/09/27 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

After wrapping up her Hollywood debut film, hallyu princess Jun Ji-hyun will star in "Superman Ieotdeon Sanai" ("A Man Who Was Superman") with award-winning actor Hwang Jung-min ("You are my Sunshine", 2005), according to CJ Entertainment.

Also known as Gianna Jeon, the heroine of "My Sassy Girl" (2001) will play the role of a small production company head who tries, using coercive measures, to document the life of a heartless Superman (Hwang).

"The unique script was very appealing and I am looking forward to working with Hwang Jung-min", she was...More

"May 18" Tops 7 Million Admissions

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According to the latest box office, historical-tragedy "May 18", has surpassed 7 million ticket sales as of September 3, making it the highest grossing Korean-language film of the year. The Korean-produced but English-language "D-War" is thus far the overall box office champion of 2007. "May 18" is directed by Kim Ji-hoon, previously responsible for "Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise" (2005).

On "May 18", 1980 the government under then military general CHUN Doo-hwan, sent ...More

D-War Wreaks Havoc at Home

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Showbox blockbuster "D-War" was unleashed Wednesday August 1st on 530 screens, taking in 417,000 admissions which makes it the biggest Wednesday opening on local record. The English-language but Korean produced film went on to capture 2.95 million ticket sales by the close of Sunday, surpassing the year's previous opening week record-holder Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and just falling short of the all-time record of 3.17 million set by last year's Showbox release, ...More

"May 18" off to a Promising Start

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"May 18" opened strong, taking in US$ 10.1 million in its first weekend. The CJ Entertainment title took the top spot at the box office with 1.45 million viewers. "May 18" also broke another deadlock by becoming the first Korean film to lead the pre-sales in thirteen weeks. In its first few days – ahead of the opening weekend – the film attracted already 126,000 viewers. All these factors together cause hopefuls to speculate about whether "May 18" may achieve the most successful opening week f...More

"Sex is Zero" Sequel Announced

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A sequel of the 2002 comedy "Sex Is Zero" is planned to be released at the end of the year. Im Chang-jung will return as the male protagonist, but Ha Ji-won won't feature in the follow-up, the female lead will be played by Song Ji-hyo. YOON Tae-yoon will direct.

The original followed university st...More

Korean films line up for Chuseok holiday

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The summer season has been dominated by Hollywood blockbusters, but a wide collection of Korean films are lining up for a release during the Chuseok holiday in September.

The holiday, which will effectively last from September 22 to 26, is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year at the local box office. With many big hits having been launched during Chuseok in past years, attention is focusing on which of this year's films may have the potential to break out.

Local distributors CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment, Showbox, and Cinema Service have each lined up a film for release, while Hollywood branch office Fox will also distribute one Korean title.

CJ's selection is "The Happy Life" by director Lee Joon-ik, who has acquired star status in Korea after box office smash "More

'Transformers' Sets Record in Ticket Sales

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The U.S. blockbuster "Transformers" has sold six million tickets, a new record for foreign movies, amidst continued concern over a crisis in domestic film.

The film's import distributor CJ Entertainment says 90-thousand-600 more people watched the movie Wednesday for a nationwide total of six-point-35 million ...More

Korean Film Revives Tragic, Fading Memory

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Film "May 18" Retells of Kwangju Massacre of 1980

By Don Kirk
CSM Correspondent

The memories flash back in a rush of images: kids flinging rocks at policemen in a typical antigovernment display that I witnessed one sunny May day in 1980 in Kwangju, the restive center of the Cholla region in southwestern Korea. When I returned two weeks later, the city was cut off by soldiers, and students were careening through the streets as helicopters dropped leaflets imploring "Sons and Daughters, return home".

For the next 10 days, after Gen. Chun Doo Hwan declared martial law on May 18, rebels held sway over a historically hostile regional center in revolt against national leaders.

That atmosphere is revived in a new film, "May 18" (화려한 휴가 in Korean), about a rustic enclave soon to assume a tragic place in history. Above the title, the words, "The Day a Nation's Conscience Died", recall the assault by special forces ordered to retake Kwangju in retribution not just for the rebels' insolence but for that of mentors seen as "leftist" or "communist" foes almost as bad as the leaders of North Korea.

The revolt was the bloodiest event in the sequence that culminated in the rise of democracy – and also of an anti-Americanism fostered by the claim that the US had gone along with Chun's pulling troops under Roh's command from the line with North Korea to send them south.

Chun's worst enemy was Kim Dae Jun...More

"Black House" Will Screen In Japan

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"Black House" (Geomeun Jib) is currently a hit in Korean cinemas and will next attempt to woe Japanese audiences. The horror film will open in October in 250 Japanese cinemas, a number equaling Bong Joon-ho's The Host' Japanese release.

Monster and horror films take an important place in the Japanese film culture and they are worldwide considered as masters of those genres. The wide-releases and the great anticipation of the horror film "Black House" and the monster film The Host in Japan is regarded as a significant feat.

"Black House" is directed by SIN Te-ra ("...More

CJ Ent. to Back Kim's Epic Western

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Director Kim Jee-woon's big budget 'oriental western', "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" witnessed a weird change of financial hands while in the midst of production. Investor and distributor Showbox made a strange last-minute decision to pull out of the almost US$11 million project, while powerhouse competitor CJ Entertainment seems quite content to fill its place.

A new deal is currently underway for CJ to takeover chief financing and distribution of both KIM's film and the US$4.5 million fairy-tale-horror "...More

"Hwang Jin Yi" to Grace Japanese Sreens

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Biographical film "Hwang Jin Yi"'s Japanese distribution rights were bought by Pony Canyon. CJ Entertainment's lavish period costume drama starring Song Hye-kyo in the titular role was previously attained by Festive for release in Singapore and Malaysia.

Jang Yoon-hyeon directed the love story between the Gisaeng (equivalent of the Japanes...More

"May 18th" to Open July 26th

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Dealing with the events leading up to one of the tragedies in Korean history known as the Gwangju Massacre, "May 18th", directed by Kim Ji-hoon, will be the second big-budget historical film released this year following "Hwang Jin Yi", released earlier this month.

On May 18th, 1980 the government under then military general CHUN Doo-hwan, sent in troops to put down a civilian uprising. The repressive policies of general CHUN, who had ordered the shut down of universities, outlawed protests, censored the press, and arrested his political opposition, resulted in the Gwangju Uprising. Troops entered the city a...More

CJ to Co-produce with China

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CJ Entertainment announced that they signed a memorandum of understanding with China Film Group Corp, a state owned company, at the Shanghai Film Festival. CJ explained that the agreement encompasses combining their knowledge and resources in numerous areas, including: financing, actors, directors and remakes.

The two parties plan to co-produce both Korean and Chinese la...More

Black House Reclaims Box Office

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With Korea's summer horror season now in full swing, a local film reclaimed the nation's number one box office spot after 8 weeks of Hollywood dominance. "Black House", directed by SIN Te-ra, debuted on June 21st and took 377,195 admissions over the June 22-24th weekend, beating out the previous week's champion, Ocean's Thirteen, according to the official KOBIS report. The only other local release was US – Korea co-production, "Never Forever", directed by ...More

Building relationships through KOFIC's Asian Film Professionals Training Program

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The Korean Film Council(KOFIC) has recently completed the second round of its Asian Film Professionals Training Program.

Designed to promote exhanges and increased understanding in the Asian region, the program places selected Asian film professionals into internship positions at KOFIC. During their stay in Korea, participants study Korean language, visit local film festivals, and make contacts with other professionals in the Korean film industry. In the long term, the program aims to promote increas...More

SK Telecom considering move into film industry

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SK Telecom, one of Korea's leading telecoms firms, is strongly considering a move into the Korean film industry.

The company announced on June 14 that it is considering setting up a film investment and distribution arm in 2008. Although SKT has already participated in film investment funds and owns a significant share of talent/production houses iHQ and Chungeorahm, the establishment of its own distribution arm would be expected to cause a considerable shakeup in the film industry.

"If we enter the film industry, we will unveil our new businesses from next year, however we have not yet determined the scale of the endeavor", the firm said. "We are also not ruling out the possibility of importing foreign titles in order to establish a distribution lineup".

Nonetheless, SKT stated that it is not consideri...More

"Family Ties" ("The Birth of a Family") Wins Top Prize at Home

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The nation's oldest film awards ceremony, the Grand Bell Awards, gave its top prize to low-key hybrid-family-drama "Family Ties" ("The Birth of a Family") , directed by Kim Tae-yong. The film, which has toured a number of international film festivals winning the top prize at the International Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece, also picked up a Grand Bell Best Screenplay award. The win was a happy surprise after many expected last summer's
blockbuster The Host to take top honors. "The Host" did however snatch up a Best Director award for Bong Joon-ho and Best Editing for ...More

The Top Korean Movies by Box Office Takings

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As big Hollywood blockbusters start flooding our screens this summer, with every one claiming some box office record or other, the Chosun Ilbo for the first time rates the ticket sales of Korean movies, as opposed to audience numbers. The numbers come from movie distributors like CJ Entertainment, Showbox and Cinema Service, and the results are sometimes surprising.

When we rated the top 10 according to box office takings, the first to fifth were all overturned (chart 1). Thus "The Host" by Bong Joon-ho, which was seen by 13.02 million people, only comes second with a total income of W79.1 billion (US$1=938). Instead, "The King and the Clown" by Lee Joon-ik, which was seen by 12.3 million people, came first with a total income of W80.5 billion. "...More

Hwang Jin Yi screens in North Korea

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The big-budget period drama "Hwang Jin Yi" has received a special screening in North Korea ahead of its local release.

The film, which is based on the life of Korea's most famous gisaeng (the Korean equivalent to the Japanese "geisha"), is adapted from a famous novel by North Korean author Hong Seok-jung.

As the novel references several famous sites in what is now North Korea, the filmmakers made a special effort to shoot the...More

Jang Dong-gun, Bae Yong-joon and others awarded at the First Annual Hallyu Awards

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The Korean Entertainment Industry Society selected Jang Dong-gun, Bae Yong-joon, and 21 others to be awarded at the first Hallyu Awards.

In the star category, Jang Dong-gun and Jun Ji-hyun (movie), Bae Yong-joon...More

Singer M to Advance to US

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Singer Lee Min-woo, a member of the idol band Shinhwa, will enter the U.S. market with his 3rd regular album.

Lee, who goes by 'M' as a solo singer, signed a deal on April 26th to launch his 3rd album and his upcoming 4th album in the U.S. via CJ Music and CJ Entertainment's global network.

Lee's songs will officially be released in America as early as June.

An official at M Rising Entertainment, f...More

Early Summer Horror Titles

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Like Koreans enjoy specific dishes and activities in particular seasons, young Koreans have the tradition of being chilled down during the hot summer season by horror films; which compete with the spectacular blockbusters lined-up by Hollywood each summer. Early horror titles include "Black House" (Geomeun Jib) and "Evil Twin" (Jeonseolui Gohyang).

"Black House" brings together director Shin Terra ("...More

Market Share Recovers After March Dip

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March, a slow month for ticket sales generally in Korea, marked one of the weakest months for Korean box office share since December of 2004. The domestic market share dropped to 21.6% last month, raising concerns in the wake of last year's reduction of the Screen Quota system which guarantees screen time for local fare. March saw tough competition from Hollywood with films 300, Music and Lyrics and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer dominating screens.

April is showing signs of a come-back with local films "The Show Must Go on", "Small Town Rivals" and most recently "...More

Local Release of "Driving With My Wife's Lover"

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After a stand-out premiere at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival last fall, Kim Tae-sik's observational comedy "Driving With My Wife's Lover" has traveled around the world, screening at top festivals such as the Berlinale, Sundance and Rotterdam. Now it is scheduled to have its local release this month via CJ Entertainment.

The tale of a cuckolded husband seeking revenge but finding friendship is the feature debut by KIM, who also co-scripted the film. In the black-come...More

KIM Hye-soo and PARK Hae-il cast in Modern Boy

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Top stars Kim Hye-soo ("Tazza: The High Rollers" - ("Tazza: The High Rollers")) and Park Hae-il ("Rules of Dating") have recently been cast in an ambitious new film set in 1930s Korea.

"Modern Boy" will examine the social...More

France Buys Korean Film "The Restless"

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CJ Entertainment said Tuesday that it sold film "The Restless" to France at the 1st Asian Film Award recently held in Hong Kong.

A company staffer said that European nations tend to see fantasy movies like "The Restless" as works depicting typical Asian sentiment.

The film distributor also sold the joint Korean-Japanese film "...More

[MOVIE REVIEW] 'Small Town Rivals' puts comic twist on friendship

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Rivalry is a double-edged sword: It can be a bitter yet healthy pill to accelerate sound competition, or it can cut into a formerly amicable relationship, driving a wedge between friends.

Either way, rivalry is an interesting theme for filmmakers, and director Jang Gyoo-seong has attempted to dissect what underlies a bittersweet competition between close friends in his latest flick "Small Town Rivals (Yijanggwa gunsu)".

The Korean title offers a clue about the film's structure. "Yijang" refers to the head of a small town, a nominal title that does not carry much public authority. "Gunsu", meaning magistrate, is one of the highest positions in a provincial government. Their gap is as wide as, well, the stylistic discrepancy between Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin.

Cha is widely recognized as Korea's fashion icon. In fact, he used to be a top-rated fashion model. Yoo does not have such fashionable credentials because his strength lies in comic roles that do not require ...More

[UPGRADING KOREAN CULTURE (2)]Musicals dominate performing arts scene

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Industry should try to focus on producing more creative 'Made in Korea' musicals

This is the second in an eight-part series of articles that looks into the country's cultural and entertainment sectors and explores ways to help sharpen their competitive edge. - Ed.

By Cho Chung-un

On the first day of March, Independence Day, the production company of the blockbuster musical "The Last Empress" announced that the show's total audience exceeded 1 million.

The record was quite significant as it was the first time a homegrown musical production drew over 1 million viewers and because it reassured the struggling local stage industry.

Mostly reproduced by local musical companies, foreign musicals have achieved enormous success so far, as exemplified by "Miss Saigon", "Mamma Mia", "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Evita". A number of French musicals, such as "Don Juan", "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Les Dix Commandements", hit the stage with remarkable success despite high ticket prices. The dramatic increase in the number of musicals is matched with a continuing rise in the number of musical fans. About 2.6 million people or nearly half of the number of all theater-goers went to see musicals last year, according to a survey conducted by Ticketlink, a local promoter.

The increase in the number of foreign productions has helped enlarge the size of the local market, although critics warned it would negatively affect efforts to nurture creative Korean musical productions.

"The inflow of foreign musicals in recent years has largely caused local audiences to increase their expectations of upcoming musical productions. There should be more new creations including blockbuster projects which could break the existing record, just like the smash-hit film 'Swiri' opened a new phas...More

Veteran Actress Ko Reaffirms 'Mother of All' Role in New Play

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By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

The mother-daughter relationship is complicated for most women. It is often fraught with hurt, disappointment, anger or conflict and love.

But undoubtedly, most women cannot deny that mother is synonymous with sacrifice and devotion, at least in the traditional way of Korean thinking.

It is often thought that the relationship between a mother and daughter solidifies and deepens when the daughter goes off to get married and learns for herself the sacrifices and demands of motherhood.

It is this long-twined relationship between mother and daughter that is the theme of the essay-turned-play, "A Long Visit". The play will open in Taehangno, central Seoul, on April 12 throughout March 6.

The Korean title is "Chinjong Omma", or daughter's mother.

The play is based on the best-selling essay written by author ...More

Berlinale Market Fruitful for Korean Distributors

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Several Korean titles have been sold internationally at the recent Berlin International Film Festival. Asian and European markets are the main destinations for the Korean films.

Park Chan-wook's award-winning "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" has been sold by CJ Entertainment to the Japanese exhibitor Tokyo Theaters and the French Wild Side. "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" has also been selected as the opening film for the Hong Kong Film Festival in March. Previous Park Chan-wook fi...More

LEE Joon-ik's Joyful Life

Source | 2007/02/12 | Permalink

Director Lee Joon-ik has announced his next project, reprising themes from his previous film "Radio Star" (2006). He is currently preparing to shoot "Joyful Life", a nostalgic tale about three unhappy middle-agers who, some 20 years ago, had a room-salon-touring rock band along with a fourth member. Reunited after the funeral of the fourth, they meet the son of their Dead Friend, and together form a new rock band to escape from their daily doldrums.

The Host Attacks China this March

Source | 2007/02/02 | Permalink

Korean all-time box office champion "The Host" is set to open in China on 250 screens. Beijing recently approved the film in a deliberation process that began last September. The film will be the widest release thus far granted to a Korean film and will open in early March under the title "The Host" of the Han River.

The story of a ravenous monster – spawned from chemicals dumped by the US army into Seoul's central river – is expected to be a big draw among Chinese audiences seeking an effects heavy thriller produced outside of Hollywood, with its uniquely Korean narrative.

Huaxia, the film's Chinese distributor, intends to invite director Bong Joon-ho to the premiere. China's censor board rec...More

Actress Go Doo-shim returns to stage

Source | 2007/01/18 | Permalink

Veteran local actress Go Doo-shim, 56, returns to the stage in Daehangro, downtown Seoul, with homegrown play "Mother", which opens on April 12, CJ Entertainment said yesterday.

It is Ko's first theater appearance in seven years after performing in the monodrama "I, I'm a Woman" in 2000.

Based on an essay of the same title, "Mother" tells the story of a love-hate relationship b...More

LEE Joon-ki Wraps Japan/Korea Co-production

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Rising Korean-wave star Lee Joon-gi has completed shooting a Korean-Japanese joint production, "Virgin Snow", in which he plays the male lead opposite one of Japan's rising stars, actress MIYAZAKI Aoi (Nana). LEE became an overnight sensation at home after starring as the gender-bending Konggil in "The King and the Clown".

In "Virgin Snow", LEE plays Min, a Korean university student who is transferred to Japan when his father, a professor, gets posted to Kyoto in an exchange position at a university. There, Min meets Nanae (MIYA...More

AHN Seong-gi Successful in China

Source | 2007/01/16 | Permalink

Ahn Sung-ki stars opposite Hong Kong star Andy Lau in the epic "A Battle of Wits". The film was released in China about a month before the end of 2006, but still managed to become the most successful film at the box office in the second part of the year. The film also enjoys commercial and critical success in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Battle of Wits is a co-production between Korea, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Besides AHN, Korean contributions to the project are made by the actor Choi Si-won and the studio Boram Entertainment. CJ Entertainment distributes the film in Korea from January 11.

Ahn Sung-ki received favorable criticism from the Chinese me...More

Big dreams for K-dramas

Source | 2007/01/13 | Permalink

"CSI", "24" and "Lost" -- if a show's a hit in the U.S., it will likely be a hit in Korea, too. Korean dramas are trying to make the formula work in reverse but still are unable to replicate Hollywood's success -- for now.

Major hits in the U.S. cost studios about 3-4 billion won per episode. In Korea, that amount is more in line with movie production and is astronomical for TV.

Hallyu, or Korean Wave, once produced hits like "Winter Sonata" but is being shaken to its roots. Both at home and abroad, viewers want more than a celebrity face and the typical Cinderella plot lines.

Against this backdrop a new trend is rising. Big domestic companies like CJ Entertainment are showing interest in K-drama projects intended for worldwide release.

Big corporations out to make big K-drama hits

CJ Entertainment, Korea's biggest producer, investor and distributor of movies has officially embarked on its first joint production of a home drama, "When It's Spring Again", which will begin airing on Monday, January 15.

This isn't the first time CJ Entertainment has shown interest in dramas. The company has been a major backer for drama producer Eight Peaks Co. Ltd. and has been directly investing in other d...More

Behemoths in the Movie Industry

Source | 2007/01/02 | Permalink

Low-Budget Films Suffer From Unfair Market Practices of Three Big Companies

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

The local film industry last year produced two mega hits _ the historical piece "The King and the Clown" and the monster film "The Host" _ which sold more than 12 million and 13 million tickets, respectively.

The films' most remarkable feat, however, was their dominance of the market.

While the two films were showing last year, almost half the screens in the country were devoted to them. Small-budget films were nudged out of theaters, and audiences didn't have much choice in which films to watch.

A bill has been proposed in the National Assembly to reduce the dominance of large companies.

The bill's main purpose is to regulate how multiplex theaters allocate screens to films. It aims to protect small films and offer audiences a chance to enjoy more diverse movies by preventing one from dominating screens.

"Our basic idea is to keep cultural diversity for the audience's right to choose", said Kim Sang-chul, secretary to Rep. Chun Young-se of the Democratic Labor Party. Chun proposed the bill.

Kim agreed that popular films tend to play on more screens but said it is film distributors and theater owners' job to decide which films ...More

Korea's 30 Most Influential Pop Culture Figures Released

Source | 2006/12/28 | Permalink

CJ Entertainment Vice Chairwoman Lee Mi-kyeong has been cited as the most influential figure in Korean popular culture, according to the results of the Herald Business Daily's survey of the country's top 30 pop icons released on Thursday.

The business daily said that the survey was conducted on a professional group of 30 film producers and distributors, management company chiefs, broadcasting producers, music producers and film directors, and its own culture and entertainment reporters.

Orion Group President Lee Hwa-kyung dropped from her top spot last year to second place this year. ...More

'Cyborg' Gets Invited to Berlinale

Source | 2006/12/22 | Permalink

By Seo Dong-shin
Staff Reporter

Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" will be screened at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival's Competition section, eyeing for the Bears, the festival's main prizes.

Dieter Kosslick, director of the prestigious European film festival, recently sent an official invitation for the offbeat romantic comedy film, according to All That Cinema, a public relations company for films in Seoul.

Director Park will likely visit the German capital during the festival in February along with actor Jung Ji-hoon, also known as singer Rain, and actress Lim Soo-jung, who starred in the film.

It is the second invitation for Park, who enjoys wide popularity among non-Korean audiences as well...More

"The Restless" to Be Released in 450 Theaters

Source | 2006/12/20 | Permalink

The fantasy blockbuster "The Restless" will be shown in as many as 450 theaters across the nation on Friday. CJ Entertainment, the film's distributor, said Wednesday that the exact number of theaters has yet to be decided, but it has secured some 400 theaters now, with the possibility of reaching 450.

CJ Entertainment is trying its best to secure as many theaters as possible so that it can attract more viewers not only because it is a major investor in the film but also because it must compete wi...More

Rain Set to Make His Name As Actor

Source | 2006/12/11 | Permalink

Singer Rain is likely to make his name known to the world once again, but not as singer this time but rather as an actor.

A source from CJ Entertainment, the distributor of the film "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" starring Rain and Lim Soo-jung, said Friday that they plan to submit the film to an international film festival. "Given the time, it will likely be the Cannes International Festival to be held in May of next year", he added.

A film about a romance taking place at a mental hospital, "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" is director Park Chan-wook's latest work after his vengeance trilogy--"...More

Korean Movies' Success Here no Cause for Complacency

Source | 2006/12/09 | Permalink

The new James Bond movie "Casino Royale" to be released on Dec. 21 is distributed here by Sony Pictures Releasing Buena Vista International. The mouthful of a company name was created by a Nov. 30 merger between the Korean operations of Sony and Buena Vista, which entered the domestic market in 1990 and 1993. The two say the merger deal aims to create "synergy", but the real reason was a need to restructure due to difficulties they face in the Korean market.

As the market share of foreign movies declines due to the popularity of Korean movies, Hollywood distributors here are scaling down or restructuring their business here. Overseas, by contrast, demand for Korean movies is falling dramatically after a peak last year. In short, Korean moviegoers don't watch foreign movies and foreigners no longer watch ...More

Cyborg and The Restless Pre-Sales at AFM

Source | 2006/11/29 | Permalink

Sales and Distribution arm of Korea's CJ Entertainment concluded a number of deals on pre-sales of director Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" and Jo Dong-oh's The Restless at the American Film Market which wrapped up earlier this month.

PARK's Cyborg is being billed as romantic-comedy, and stars Lim Soo-jung and Korea's hottest international pop-star Rain in his big-screen debut. The domestic release of the film is sche...More

Korean wave arrives in Central, South America

Source | 2006/11/27 | Permalink

Newspapers have published reports about the recent Korean culture boom, or hallyu, sweeping over East Asian countries. Though some critics claim hallyu works only in Asia, such phenomenon, however, is not solely based on the similarity or common feelings that Asians share.

Recently, growing interest in Korean culture, television dramas and movies have been seen in Central and South America where cultural exchanges only recently began. "Winter Sonata", a famous Korean drama starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, began winning recognition from Venezuelan viewers in October of this year.

Likewise, Korean dramas and films are televised in Central and South America and gradually attracting Mexican, Chilean and Paraguayan viewers, dispersing Korean culture in the region.

Despite the different culture, geography and temperaments, "The Way Home", a movie that shows the relationship between a boy and his grandmother in rural Korea, touched Argentineans' hearts. Another Korean film "Old Boy"...More

King and the Clown wins Best Picture award in Cape Town Film Festival

Source | 2006/11/22 | Permalink

Director Lee Joon-ik's King and the Clown (Produced by Eagle Pictures ? Cineworld) bagged the Best Picture and Best Screenplay awards at the 2006 Cape Town World Cinema Festival last November 20 in the Republic of South Africa.

This is the first time ever that a Korean film was invited to participate in the competition category of the Cape Town World Cinema Festival, the largest film festival in Africa. Director Kim, Ki-Duk's 3-Iron was invited to participate in the festival's non-competition category last year, and another film by Director Kim Jee-woon, A Bittersweet Life, this year.


"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" A Splendidly Disturbing Gem [DVD Review]

Source | 2006/11/11 | Permalink

Park Chan-wook's meditation on the meaning of revenge and its spiritual cost

Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" is marketed as the concluding chapter in Park Chan-wook's "vengeance" trilogy, a follow-up to "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" and "Old Boy". The truth of the matter is that Director Park never intended the latter two films to be connected in any way, and indeed they are quite different in tone and content from one another. "Sympathy" is in my opinion one of the most terrifying and darkest films ever made in the history of cinema. It tanked at the Korean box office, despite rave reviews by many critics. The viciously dazzling "Old Boy", however, not only turned out to be a smash box office success but also went on to garner stellar international reputation, winning the Grand Prix at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Now comes "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", which in interesting but not always successful ways addresses some of the criticisms levelled at these two. As a work of art conceived and realized within the perimeters of the film noir-crime thriller genre, or as a showcase of the masterly control Park exerts on the cinematic medium, "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" has few peers among its contemporaries, Korean or non-Korean. As a follow-up to "Sympathy" and "Old Boy", however, it leaves something to be desired. Still, we have no reason to doubt that this was exactly the movie Park wanted to make, a product of his personal vision.

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" begins with a startlingly beautiful 30-ish woman, Geum-ja (the Asian superstar Lee Young-ae and heroine of the mega-hit TV drama "Daejanggeum"), being released from prison, having completed 13 years of prison sentence for the kidnapping and murder of a young boy. Nicknamed "Kindly Miss Geum-ja" for being a model prisoner, going as far as donating one of her kidneys to a cellmate, she is welcomed by a singing church chorus dressed in Santa uniforms. Following a Korean custom, the Protestant minister who had aided her "spiritual rehabilitation" offers her a cube of tofu, so that "she can live pure and white like tofu, discarding her sinful past". Splat! Geum-ja nonchalantly drops it on the ground. To the minister and his brethren gasping with shock, she snaps: "Mind your own business, Jack".

As it turns out, Geum-ja's "kindly" demeanor was a camouflage hiding her true motive: to get back at the real murderer, her former schoolteacher Mr. Baek (Choi Min-sik, from "Old Boy"). To accomplish this, she recruits her former prison-mates and ev...More

Sales at the Asian Film Market

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This year's Pusan International Film Festival witnessed the opening of the inaugural Asian Film Market, a comprehensive film industry hub which covers many aspects of filmmaking from pre-sales, sales, and financing to production and post facilities as well as a casting network for up-and-coming stars.

In terms of deal-making, sales companies reported that not many deals were signed, however agreements and project advancement took place. The absence of many European buyers due largely to the opening of the Rome International Film Festival during the same period, was also noted, however those from Europe who did come had first pick and were pleased with their findings.

Among Korean deals made, CJ's martial arts fantasy The Restless and box office record-breaker The Host were bought from Cineclick Asia by Singapore's Queen Imperial for rights in Indonesia's growing market. Queen also picked up iHQ's ...More

Awarded Korean Productions at PIFF

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Director Noh Kyeong-tae's "The Last Dining Table" was awarded the NETPAC award for best Korean film at the 2006 Pusan International Film Festival. The NETPAC jury of the festival's 11th edition praised the film's unique style, humane portrayal of the lower class and the acting. The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) seeks to promote and distribute Asian cinema internationally.

The Wide Angel section of the Pusan International Film Festival presented a wide variety of documentaries, short films, animations and experimental film...More

"War of Flower" Enters Box-office's Top-10

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The movie "Tazza: The High Rollers", based on the same-titled cartoon by cartoonist Huh Young-man, has joined the ranks of top-10 domestic movies.

Since its opening September 28, the film had drawn 5.68 million viewers as of October 22, according to its distributor, CJ Entertainment, surpassing the number of viewers drawn by "Marrying the Mafia" (5.66 million). If the film's popularity remains as high, it will likely even outperform "JSA - Joint Security Area", which is currently ranked ninth at 5.83 million viewers.


CJ Angers London Film Fans

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By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

CJ Entertainment, one the nation's largest investors in, and distributors of, films is being criticized for a failure to screen a local movie at an international film festival last week and handle the situation.

"The King and the Clown", the 2005 Korean box-office hit, was supposed to be shown at the London Film Festival as part of the event's "Film on the Square" selection on Oct. 19. However, when the film failed to arrive at the festival headquarters on time, organizers were forced to cancel the two scheduled screenings.

In a statement issued by CJ Entertainment on Oct. 20, the company said that the international courier company had delivered the film and it had arrived in London on 5:49 p.m. on Oct. 19 but was not screened because of a mix-up by the festival organizers.

According to a report by Yonhap News Agency, the film that had arrived on Oct. ...More

Korean, Taiwanese Stars to Compete at Korean Box Office

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Korean top actress Kim Tae-hee will have to compete with Taiwanese top actress Shu Qi at the box office in December, when movies starring the two are released simultaneously.

The competition between "The Restless" and "My Wife is a Gangster 3" is tantamount to competition between CJ Ente...More

CJ Entertainment Chief Wins World Business Award

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CJ Group vice chairwoman Lee Mi-kyung, known as "Miky Lee" abroad, was given the World Business Award 2006 by World Award chief and former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in New York on Saturday.

The World Women's Awards are presented to women who make outstanding performance in a variety of fields.

The older sister of CJ chairman Lee Jae-hyun, she joined CJ Entertainment when it was established in 1995 and has led the group's entertainment sector. Lee played a decisive role in CJ's investment in DreamWorks, the Hollywood studio co-founded by Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The award "will help CJ Entertainment find its way into the global market", Lee said. "I will do my best to create a good production environment where talented directors and actors can produce excellent work. My final goal is to help Korea gain influence in the Asian film industry".

CJ Entertainment will open a branch o...More

PIFF Signs Up Distributor and 2 Multiplexes as Lead Sponsors

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Film distributor CJ Entertainment along with multiplex operators Primus Cinema and CJ CGV have signed up as lead sponsors of the Pusan International Film Festival.
Earlier in the day, officials of the three companies signed a contract with festival director Kim Dong-ho in Seoul.
The three h...More

Spoilt for Movie Choice During Long Chuseok Break

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This year's Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving holiday will be the longest ever since it comes right after the Foundation Day holiday. Theaters will not miss this golden opportunity to draw as many viewers as possible by showing the best movies. Competition will be fiercer than ever.

Clockwise from left, "Marrying the Mafia III", "Tazza: The High Rollers", "Radio Star", "Our Happy Time", "Strange Circus", "The Ant Bully", "The Banquet", and "Rob-B-Hood, Project BB".

How Many Will Come?

Most film distributors estimate that they will draw some 10-12 million viewers for the 11 days from Sept. 28 until Oct. 8 when a host of interesting movies are released. Although the period accounts for 3 percent of total screening days, the number of viewers during the period will take up 7.5 percent of the estimated total of 160 million viewers for the year. Last year, 3.9 million viewers came to...More

King and the Clown chosen as Korea's Oscar entry

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KOFIC has announced that Lee Joon-ik's King and the Clown will be Korea's submission for the Foreign Language Film category of the 79th Academy Awards.

The film was selected by a KOFIC-appointed committee after considering factors such as the film's overall aesthetic and commercial quality, its potential to be selected for the final five nominations, the director's reputation, the film's overseas potential, etc.

Only two other films were submitted for consideration: Bong Joon-ho's record-breaking film ...More

Lee Joon-gi Appears in Korea-Japan Joint Film

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Actor Lee Joon-gi has been cast in the Korea-Japan joint production "Virgin Snow" directed by Han Sang-hee, who earned a reputation for producing music videos by working with famous singers including Rain and Ivy.

The Japanese Sponichi Shimbun reported Wednesday that Lee had participated in the movie's first shoot in Kyoto on Monday, with rising Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki playing opposite his character.

Lee plays a Korean university student who moves to Japan when his father gets a job there as an exchange professor. He has a brief but romantic fling with a high school girl (Miyazaki) with a complicated and difficult family background.

The film is co-sponsored by CJ Entertainme...More

"The Host", "King and the Clown" to Compete Overseas

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"The Host" and "King and the Clown" -- the two most popular movies in Korea this year -- have emerged as rivals in Korean, Japanese and American box-offices.

Last weekend, "The Host" broke the box-office record of "King and the Clown", and now the two movies are poised to compete at the Academy Awards slated for February next year in the United States in the category of foreign-language films.

The production companies of the two films have already decided to apply for the nomination. The CEO of the production firm of "The Host" says he believes that the jury will take into account the film's popularity abroad.

The Ko...More

Korean Films Left Out of Global Power Games

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By Paolo Bertolin
Contributing Writer

While Bong Joon-ho's "The Host" was effortlessly munching one record after another at the domestic box office, the Korean film world has been badly hit by two consecutive blows on the foreign front.

First, figures of Korean films exported registered a drop of 58 percent in the first half of the year from a year ago, according to the Korean Film Council.

Second, for the first time since 1998 no Korean film made it to the Grand Slam of competitive film festivals, for example Berlin, Cannes and Venice.

"Is the world falling out of love with Korean films?" many are now asking. Such questions are especially disquieting, as they are rising at a point when national production has reached new heights in both output and expenditures.

Certainly, there is a connection between decreased sales and lack of festival exposure. Such linkage obviously does not affect core markets such as Japan and East Asia, where Korea mostly caters to mainstream entertainment. Yet, participation (and possibly prizes) at A-list festivals still remain the best picklock to unhinge the doors of Western markets.

Unfortunately, this year Korean films failed to impress selecting committees. Director Kim Ki-duk, who two years ago collected Best Director nods in both Venice and Berlin with "...More

“Lump Sugar” Released to Challenge “The Host”

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The film "Lump sugar" starring Im Soo-jung has been released to compete with The Host, which has drawn more than 7 million viewers in just 12 days after its release on July 27, breaking the record of the most number of viewers drawn in the shortest period of time.

"Lump oSugar" opened in 270 theaters nationwide on Thursday, when the number of theaters showing The Host started to be reduced. Some 700 theaters had wanted to show ...More

Movie Theaters as Live-Performance Venues

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By Bae Keun-min
Staff Reporter

Musical "A Story of Pyonggang, Princess Mirror" will be staged at CGV Apkujong, a movie theater in southern Seoul.
Movie theaters have started a transformation. They are presenting live performances in screening rooms.

CJ CGV, one of the nation's two leading multiplex cinemas, presented veteran actress Sung Byung-sook's mono-drama "Outrageous Widow" (Palchikhan Mimangin) as morning shows at its Mok-dong branch from March to April, and ran magic shows at Kangbyon CGV, eastern Seoul, for five days around Valentine's Day.

They were CGV's pilot programs in establishing a new dual identity _ movie theatre/performing arts center. The company will also present the a capella-based musical "A Story of Pyonggang, Princess Mirror" (Koul Kongju Pyonggang Iyagi) at a 450-seat hall of its Apkujong branch multiplex, southern Seoul, Aug. 11-Sept.10.

Other movie theaters and multiplexes have similar plans to host hot-selling plays and performances.

Cinecore in Chongno, central Seoul, is remodeling one of its five screening rooms into a 370-seat hall for performing arts. From September, the nonverbal martial art-based comedy "Jump" will be staged there.

Cinema Oz in southern Seoul, moreover, has recently gained a whole new identity as an art hall of 270 seats...More

Lee Joon-ik's Radio Star wraps up shooting

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Director Lee Joon-ik, who made Korean cinematic history with his record-breaking hit film "The King and the Clown", has recently wrapped up shooting for his next film.

"Radio Star" features the acting talents of Ahn Sung-ki and ...More

New line of HD-shot action films planned

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Production company Nabi Pictures and the Seoul Action School are teaming up to launch a new "brand" of low-budget action pics shot on HD.

The films will be targeted at both domestic and international audiences, given worldwide interest in the Asian action genre, and will be budgeted at 1 billion won ($1.1 million) each. CJ Entertainment will participate as the investor and international sales agent for the films.

Director Kim Seong-soo, who directed the action films "Beat" (1997) and "Musa" (2001) will overse...More

“A Dirty Carnival” Beats “X-Men”

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"A Dirty Carnival" directed by Yoo Ha drew the most viewers at the box office on Tuesday, with some 80,000 viewers at 390 theaters nationwide, leaving U.S. blockbuster "X-Men: The Last Stand" behind, which tallied some 75,000 viewers at 428 theaters.

"A Dirty Carnival" has become the first Korean movie in seven weeks to beat Hollywood blockbusters that had topped the box office here since "Mission: Impossible 3" was released on May 3. The top spot has since been occupied by "The Da Vinci Code", "Poseidon", and "X-Men" before "A Dirty Carnival" captured it on Tuesday.

The news particularly pleased the Korean film industry, although it is just a daily tally. CJ Entertainment...More

Top star invests in domestic films

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Keyeast, a media contents investor co-established by actor Bae Yong-joon, recently signed a contract with CJ Entertainment to invest 700 million won ($730,000) in four movies produced by one of the most established movie producer/distributors in Korea.

The movies are director Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK", Ryoo Seung-wan's "The City of Violence", ...More

Film "Typhoon" to Be Shown at American Theaters

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The action blockbuster "Typhoon" (2005) starring Jang Dong-gun and Lee Jung-jae, which was directed by Kwak Gyeong-taek and produced by Jininsa Film, will be premiered in a gala show at the LA Chinese Theater in the United States on May 18.

An official from CJ Entertainment, the domestic distribution agency of "Typhoon", said, "A preview of the film will be held in Los Angeles for three days from May 18 to 20. The number of theaters and the screening period at each theater will be decided after the prev...More

Film producers stampede into musicals

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The growing local musical industry is attracting major film production companies, which are deemed to be the highest profit makers in cultural industries.

CineLine-II, the production company of "Running Boy" ("Marathon") (2005) and Friend (2002) will stage "Fall in Love", a new musical of their own creation, at Yonkang Hall, downtown Seoul, from June 2 to Aug. 27. "With so many foreign-licensed musicals dominating major venues, the local musical market has become a league of its own", said Seok Myung-hong, president of the film production company in explaining the background of his decision to join the theatrical production.

"The Story of Pyeonggang, the Princess of Mirror"
Seok's company has invested 800 million won in the Romantic Comedy, which will mark its stage debut. Sung Jae-joon, the producer of musical "Music in My Heart", has been leading the cast including rising musical star Kim Da-hyun ("Hedwig") and comedian Lee Jae-hoon, as director, while 2004 Jonathan Larson Award-wining Lee Gi-hieh is working on the original scores of the mu...More

Lee Joon-gi to Visit Taiwan to Promote "The King and The Clown"

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Actor Lee Joon-gi, who played the lead role in the recent hit movie "The King and the Clown", will visit Taiwan to promote the film ahead of its release there on May 12.

CJ Entertainment, the distributor of the movie, said Tuesday that Lee will make a two-day trip to Taiwan during the weekend. He will give interviews with local media outlets and attend the preview of the movie on Sunday, where he will hold a session to express his gratitude to local fans.

Lee was invited to the country by Group Power, the Taiwanese distributor of the movie. Gam Woo-sung and Chung Jae-young, the other two protagonists of the movie, were also invited, but they reportedly could not accept the invitati...More

1980 Gwangju Incident Film

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The upcoming film Hwaryeohan Hyuga will be about the Gwangju massacre in May 1980. The project includes director Kim Ji-hoon ("Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise") and the actors Ahn Sung-ki ("Silmido") and ...More

Ryoo Seung-wan Joins in HD Film Project of CJ Entertainment

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The City of Violence (Jjakpae) will be the next action packed - film for director Ryoo Seung-wan. Ryoo's recent films were the critically acclaimed boxing drama Crying Fist (2005) and the popular martial arts comedy Arahan (2004).

City of Violence will be a HD film produced by CJ Entertainment. CJ Entertainment started a low-budget HD film project to explore the cost-efficient digital filmmaking and assigned some of South Korea's main directors. The first announced film of the HD project is Park Chan-wook's next film I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK.

Director Ryoo himself will play the lead character. The protagonist returns to his hometown fo...More

First round of KOFIC 2006 subtitling support

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KOFIC has announced the recipients of the first round of the 2006 Subtitle Translation and Print Production support program. Six feature films and five short films were selected out of 27 total submissions (15 feature films, 12 short and independent films). The program provides funding for the production of a subtitled print, with specific arrangements to be made by the film's producer or international sales agent.

A second round of applicants will be considered in late 2006.

The latest recipients are:

"Don't Look Back" (dir. ...More

'Spider Forest'[DVD Review]

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Song Il-gon's latest film an intricate mystery with an art house style

Kim Kyu Hyun (internews)

Kang Min (Kam Woo-sung), a TV reporter, stumbles onto a horrific scene of double murder in an isolated cabin. His colleague and newscaster, Soo Young (Jang Hyun-sung), is one of the victims. She whispers, "Spiders ... it's so scary" before breathing her last. Kang notices a mysterious figure and gives him chase, only to be upstaged and beaten unconscious. Dazed, he walks into a highway tunnel and spies a familiar looking shadow, just before being crushed by a speeding SUV.

Production notes

An Oak Film Production. Distributed by CJ Entertainment, in association with Egg Film Productions.

Written and Directed by Song Il-gon. Music by Yoon Min-hwa. Edited by Choi Jae-geun. Production Design by Jun Hye Sung. Make-up Effects by Lee Eun Ah. Costume design by Kim Eun Sook. Cinematography by Kim Chil-joo. Executive Producer Kim Dae-hyeon.

International distribution by CJ Entertainment. 120 minutes.
Kang somehow survives a harrowing brain operation but becomes a major suspect in the double-murder case. Encouraged by his cop friend assigned to the case (Jang Hyun-sung), Kang retraces his steps leading to his discovery of the murder victims. He cannot shake the feeling, however, that there are strange gaps in his memory ... and they have something to do with the beautiful and kind studio photographer Soo Jin (Suh Jung) whom he interviewed for a TV program, as well as her stories about that darned forest crawling with those creepy spiders.

"Spider Forest" is the second feature film made by Song Il-gon, who, along with Moon Seung-wook ("Nabi: The Butterfly", a Tarkovskian science fiction film and a debut for the rising star Kang Hye-jung), is notable among Korean filmmakers for having been educated in the Polish National Academy of Cinema in Lodz. Song's films eschew linear narrative and Hollywood-style characterizations in bold strokes, partaking of the dreamy, evocative stylistics of eastern Europ...More

'Coming Soon' to Your DMB and Mobile

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By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

New omnibus film "3 In 3 Saek (Three People Three Colors): A Love Story" is screened only on a Web site without opening at theaters.
Directed by three well-known local directors, the film "3 In 3 Saek (Three People Three Colors): A Love Story", opened on Feb. 14., not in theatres, but freely available on the Internet ( ).

Like many other forms of media, this film joins the work of those who seek various other distribution platforms such as mobile phones, Internet and other portable multi-media devices instead of the traditional big screen.

Thanks to the fast-developing new media which appeals to new generations used to mobility and easy accessibility, it may be argued that joining a long line to buy tickets and sitting cramped together at a cinema is a relic of the past. So experts say the film industry has to keep in step with the latest technologies and survive in an era where various of opportunity windows are offered for films.

"Now many efforts should be made to crea...More

Berlin Festival Promoting Korean Cinema

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The Berlin Film Festival has hosted an event to promote Korean cinema and the Asian film market.

Some 400 people including the chief of the festival's organizing committee attended Sunday the event hosted by South Korea's Busan International Film Festival and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

In the opening ceremony, Busan festival president ...More

'A Bittersweet Life' [DVD Review]

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Comparing it to Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy" is off the mark

Kyu Hyun Kim (internews)

Lee Byung-hun plays Seon-woo, an owner of a bar (named "La Dolce Vita") and a lieutenant to a gangster boss (Kim Young-chul). He is entrusted with a job of looking after the boss's very young girlfriend Hee Soo (Shin Min-a). To Seon-woo's consternation, however, the boss also orders him to kill her (and her lover) if she ever "strays". When Seon-woo catches her red-handed, though, he cannot quite bring himself to carry out his job. He lets her go... a decision with which he now puts his own life at risk.

The first half of the film advances with a languorous rhythm of a sleepy-eyed cat prowling his haunts. The cinematography by Kim Jee-yong-I, gorgeously jade and golden (and later hellfire orange and scarlet) in night scenes and punctuated by silver rays of sunlight in day scenes, Ryoo Seong-hee's sets, with its mixture of chrome-and-glass glitz of the bars and restaurants and dark muddy pools of the abandoned warehouses, and the flamenco-inflected sassy score by Jang Yeong-Gyoo and Dal Pa Ran, are skillfully orchestrated by Director Kim Jee-woon in order to illustrate Seon-woo's routines, glamorous on the surface but empty inside.

In the second half, Seon-woo's escape from an impromptu muddy grave, using a cell phone battery, of all things, as a weapon of deadly assault, launches the fireworks of frantic action set pieces, culminating in the final confrontation between Seon-woo and his boss inside "La Dolce Vita:" "Why?" He berates his former boss. "Why did you try to kill me? After working like a dog for you for seven years?" For Seon-woo really did not mean to challenge the boss, or subvert his loyalty, by saving Hee Soo's life. Unlike an American noir hero's struggle with the weighty issues of morality and redemption, Seon-woo's choice to save Hee Soo is more of a gesture of recognition toward the impossible or the unattainable. As the quasi-Zen Buddhist fable that opens and closes the film hints at us, he is like a novice fakir, presented with a momentary glimpse of the enlightenment, but knows, to his ultimate sorrow, that he cannot attain it within this life.

Kim Jee-woon is an underrated actor's director and adept at eliciting wonderful performances from his stars and supporting players, and "A Bittersweet Life" is no exception. Shin Min-a (all grown up since showing up in Kim's debut film "The Quiet Family" [1998]), ...More

"The King and The Clown" Targets Overseas Film Market

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A local proverb says, "Things which are Korean in every way are most fit for global adaptation". The film "The King and the Clown" is expected to prove this proverb true once again.

Since its release, "The King and the Clown" (directed by Lee Joon-ik and produced by Eagle Pictures/Cine World) has already attracted more than 2 million viewers nationwide. The producers of the movie are now targeting the overseas film market and are also pushing...More

Film "Typhoon" to Be Distributed in U.S. thru DreamWorks SKG

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The film "Typhoon" directed by Kwak Gyeong-taek will be distributed to North America next year through DreamWorks SKG, a major American distributor.

An official from CJ Entertainment, a distribution agency, said on Dec. 20, "We reached an agreement last week with DreamWorks SKG, a major distributor in Hollywood, on the distribution of 'Typhoon' in the American market. Acc...More

Korean Actress Kang Invited to Berlin Film Festival

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The movie 'Invisible Waves' has been selected to compete at the 56th Berlin Film Festival in Germany on February 9 in 2006. The movie features the actor Kang Hye-jung famed in Korea.

'Invisible Waves' features Kang Hye-jung and Japanese Actor Asano Dadanobu and is directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. Funding was provided in part by Korean CJ Entertainment. 'Invisible Waves' was also selected as the movie for opening ceremony in the Thai Bangkok Film Festival which will b...More

Blockbuster 'Typhoon' to Hit U.S. Next Year

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Actor Jang Dong-gun's new blockbuster film "Typhoon" will hit American theaters next year.

CJ Entertainment on Tuesday said it will have its U.S.-based partner Dreamworks distribute the film in the first half of next year. CJ owns five percent of Dreamworks.

Starring actors Jang and Lee Jung-jae, the film in South Korea drew a record 1.8 million moviegoers in its first wee...More

"Typhoon" draws 280,000 viewers on opening day

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The action blockbuster film "Typhoon", starring Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jae and Lee Mi-yeon and directed by Kwak Gyeong-taek, drew 280,000 viewers in 540 theaters nationwide on its opening day of Dec. 14, according to the movie's distributor, CJ Entertainment.

In Seoul, some 84,000 people went to see the movie on its opening day.

"Typhoon" broke the record...More

Domestic Film Market Share Exceeds 50 % for 3rd Consecutive Year

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The public is continuing to lend their support to domestic films. According to a survey conducted by CJ CGV from Jan. 1 to Dec. 11 this year, the market share of domestic films was found to have exceeded 50 percent for the third year in a row. The number of moviegoers has also exceeded 100 million nationwide for the fourth straight year.

The CJ CGV's survey released on Dec. 13 shows that domestic films' market share was 59.1 percent nationwide, with the domestic market share in Seoul being 54.6 percent.

As it recorded a 7.4 percent decrease year-on-year during the first half of the year, the market share of domestic films was expected to spiral downward this year. But after August, it showed a ...More

Typhoon to open on a record 513 screens

Source | 2005/11/25 | Permalink

Typhoon, a blockbuster action film directed by Kwak Gyeong-taek of Friend fame, is set to open on 513 screens on December 14, according to its distributor CJ Entertainment.

This is the same number of screens on which box office record holder Taegukgi opened in February 2004. For this year to date, the largest release has been melodrama You are my Sunshine on 450 screens.

Typhoon will also benefit from the largest marketing budget in Korean film history....More

Korean Films to Be Promoted at American Film Market

Source | 2005/10/31 | Permalink

A promotion of Korean films will be launched at the American Film Market (AFM) in early November. The AFM, the world's largest trade fair for films, will be held in Santa Monica in the U.S. on Nov. 2-9.

Public and private Korean agencies will proactively engage in the promotion of Korean films at the event by jointly opening a PR hall for Korean films. Such agencies include the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), as well as nine private film distribution agencies.

The AFM is the world's largest trade fair for independent films, where about 500 million dollars' worth of films and TV products are produced and distributed annually. It is held under the sponsorship of the ITFA, a global agency of independent film and TV program producers and distributors. About 7,000 independent film producers from around ...More

Uhm Jung-hwa Wows Moviegoers With Her Versatility

Source | 2005/10/28 | Permalink

Actress Uhm Jung-hwa is poised to conquer Korean movie theaters this fall with two very different roles in films that both promise great things at the box-office --"My Lovely Week" and "Princess Aurora".

Directed by Min Gyoo-dong, "My Lovely Week", where she does a wonderful comic turn as a 30-something divorced psychiatrist with a penchant for designer clothes, is a comedy also starring Hwang Jung-min as a macho detective. It has attracted 2 million moviegoers so far after breaking the 1 million mark in just ten days since its Oct. 7 release.

The prospects for "...More

Performing Arts Aim to Join 'Hallyu'

Source | 2005/10/27 | Permalink

By Bae Keun-min
Staff Reporter

South Korea and its export-oriented economy seem to have found new bestsellers, thanks to "hallyu", the wave of enthusiasm for Korean pop culture sweeping Asia. Korea's cultural contents such as films, TV dramas and K-pop, have emerged as hot export commodities.

Singer BoA's economic value is estimated to be 1 trillion won. Singer Rain has just begun charming women in Asia with his metrosexual look and dynamic dance music.

The drama "Jewel in the Palace", - "Dae Jang Geum" featuring actress Lee Young-ae, has been exported to 35 nations up until last month, earning around $4 million. Actor Bae Yong-joon's latest film "April Snow" has earned over 2.3 billion yen in just a month after its opening to become the most successful South Korean film that ever opened in Japan, thanks largely to Bae's phenomenal fame there.

However, not all pop culture products are all the rage. For the performing arts, enthusiastic fans and gifts from abroad are not to be found.

"It has been some less than five years since the performing arts started being perceived as an industry here. It has not fully developed as an industry nor established a solid foundation to do so yet", said Lee Seung-hoon, manager of the Performing Arts division in CJ Entertainment, one of the nation's largest investors in performing arts. The company has invested in some 18 local musicals.

He said there even has been no thorough research of the performing arts, and its size is not accurately known. He said the Samsung Economic Research Institute estimated the size of the industry in 2003 at 470 billion won, which is the best study he has been able to find. When it comes to market size based on ticket sales, it was 156 billion won in that year, he added.

But, the ...More

[PIFF] Korean, Thai Directors Win Top PPP Prize

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The 8th Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) wrapped up its three-day schedule yesterday by handing out awards in Pusan (Busan).

Among 33 official projects _ 27 PPP projects from 19 countries and six New Directors in Focus (NDIF) projects by promising Korean directors _ eight projects were announced at the closing ceremony at the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae.

Both "Fairy Tale of a Picture Tree" by Lee Kwang-mo from South Korea and "Heartbreak Pavilion" by Thunska Pansittivorakul and Sompot Chidgasornpongse from Thailand won the Busan Award, the largest prize bestowed by the Pusan city government with $20,000 in prize money.

"Paju" by ...More

Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) plants seeds for future Asian cinema

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The 8th Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) started its three-day schedule on Monday (Oct. 10) with a total of 33 official projects at Paradise Hotel in Haeundae.

This year, 27 PPP projects from 19 countries and six New Directors in Focus (NDIF) projects by promising young Korean directors will be introduced to potential investors.

Some 550 meetings between local and international directors and investors have been booked for this year's PPP, which runs Oct. 10-12, the organizing committee said.

Among 27 projects, which have been chosen out of some 150 applicants, South Korean director Kim Ki-duk has drawn keen attention with his third PPP project tentatively named "Beautiful". His two previous projects are "Address Unknown", and "...More

Pusan film festival to strengthen leading position in Asia

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The Pusan International Film Festival will kick off with the final version of Chinese director Hou Hsiao Hsien's "Three Times" on Oct. 6 in a gala event that features 307 films from 73 countries.

PIFF, the biggest film festival in Asia, will focus on solidifying its position in the fast-growing Asian movie industry while celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and close with Korean director Hwang Byung-gook's "Wedding Campaign" on Oct. 14, organizers said in a news conference Tuesday.

"This year, PIFF will concentrate on showing its gratitude for Korean and Asian fans who support the film festival, and we have duly increased the number of world premieres to 61 this year, up from 40 last year", festival director Kim Dong-ho told reporters.

Hou's "Three Times" was first screened at the Cannes film festival this year and has since gone through extensive editing. The final 135-minute version will be shown to the public at the southeastern port city of Busan for the first time. Director Hou is also known to have strongly expressed his willingness to get his finished film screened first at PIFF as he has long maintained amicable relationships with the festival and its organizers.

"Three Times" introduces three love stories that use epochal moments in Taiwanese history as a touchstone. It follows a couple in love, as acted by the same performers (Shu Qi and Chang Chen), with the couple undertaking different identities in three time-related episodes.


'SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE' & 'WELCOME TO DONGMAKGOL'aspirate vitality to Korean movie world which bent the neck recently

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Two Korean movies, 'SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE' and 'WELCOME TO DONGMAKGOL' have a bursting showdown each other while Hollywood blockbusters such as 'War of the Worlds', and 'The Island' sweep over Seoul movie street.

First of all, the two movies unroll the offensive of the amount of materials to release in screens over 350 theaters.

In addition to this, the two Korean films greet the audience confidently with shining idea, characteristic traits and their compact film plot etc.

Therefore, a number of movie goers are expecting that the two movies would aspirate vitality to Korean movie world wh...More

Director Gives New Voice to Popular Horror Film Series

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By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

As the nation's only horror film series, "Yogo Kwedam", which literally translates into "High School Ghost Story", has brought a chill to the summer seasons for teens and adults alike.

The series began with "Whispering Corridors" in 1998, which sparked the rush of local teen horror films, and followed it up with two other commercially successful scream fests.

Equan Choe (Choi Ik-hwan) is the director for the fourth installment of the series, "Voice Letter" (Yogo Kwedam: Moksori), due out Friday. He admits the most difficult part was how to make his work different from previous movies without losing basic elements of the original.

"Of course, I found it really hard to make a film for the series as I had to be able to put my own characteristics and my own style within the limitations of the traditions of the original", Choe told The Korea Times on Monday. "So this film also revolves around students at a girl's high school in the genre of a horror movie, but I focused more on a narrative and used...More

Park Chan-wook and the Weight of Expectation

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A few days short of the debut of "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", the much-hyped third and final installment of his revenge trilogy, Park Chan-wook is afraid. This prodigy of Korean film, a man with so much confidence he is often perceived as arrogant, recently told the Chosun Ilbo of the strain the "excessive" expectation the film has aroused is putting him under.

It's natural that opinions will differ about a film by any skilled director, but if people criticize you even in online comments, it feels like they are being buried. The expectations really are tremendous.

Normally, I'd be delighted and tell you that it's the kind of marketing money can't buy, but to be frank, the expectations are burdensome. And I don't read the Internet. Especially since people disappointed by 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance' said they would punish me.

It seems you issued a gag order to your entire staff. Nothing is known about the film other than what we've seen in the two-minute trailer.

No matter what the film, even if I do a romantic flick in the future, I don't want to release the scenario ahead of time. I will use this time to reveal some for the first time. There will be none of the reversals that you saw in 'Oldboy'. Somebody seems to be starting a rumor that ...More

CJ CJV to hold 'CJ Collection' which screens Asia Indie movies

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A total of 5 Asia Indie cinemas is screened in CGV Gangbyon, CGV Sangam and Seomyeon Indie cinema house on July 8-21.

Movie 'Dual' directed by Ahmad Reza DARVISH
'CJ Collection' prepared by CJ CGV, is a film festival in which CJ Entertainment and CJ CGV screen by buying copyright among movies which won New Current Award and among Asia cinemas which were invited to the Pusan Internationnal Film Festival respectively.

These movies are Asia's unique indie cinemas such as Taiwan, China and Malaysia with which the audience can't come in contact in general cinema house.

First off, 'Beautiful Washing Machine,The' directed by James Lee is portraying a story in which Teoh's second hand washing mac...More

DreamWorks eyes Korean animation partnership

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DreamWorks chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said Korea's movie industry is one of the most important markets for the studio which produced such blockbuster animation features as "Shrek" and will look to strengthen cooperative ties with local animators.

"It is extraordinary that a single film can sell 10 to 11 million admissions in a nation of 45 million people", Katzenberg told reporters at a news conference Wednesday. He visited Seoul to promote his new animation film "Madagascar", a computer-animated comedy, with Tom McGrath, one of the film's directors.

Katzenberg said DreamWorks is talking with its Korean partner CJ Entertainment to work on a locally produced animation project in the longer term, a move that is fi...More

Korean Film Industry Faces Financial Crisis

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The warning lights are flashing on Chungmu-ro, the center of Korea's film industry as public funding runs out. The liquidation date for most of the W260 billion (US$260 million) movie fund for film production between 2000 and 2002 comes up at the end of this year, and the Small and Medium Business Agency's anticipated first-round contribution of W250 billion to the film fund has come out to no more than W7 billion.

The movie fund was an idea hatched by the film world following the Asian financial crisis of 1997, when the Small and Medium Business Agency, Korean Film Council and other government agencies and private investors came together to set up a fund to boost film production. Under the Kim Dae-jung administration, W260 billion were raise...More

'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' & 'April Snow' to be the talk of the town

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Cinema 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' starring Lee Young-ae and Movie 'April Snow' starring Bae Yong-joon, which are the talk of the town, are released on July 29 and on September 9 respectively.

First off, 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' is forecast to bring about synergy as the house's expectation mentality toward director Park Chan-wook and actress ...More

Highs, Lows for Korean Films at Cannes Fest

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By Paolo Bertolin
Contributing Writer

CANNES, France - Registering a record presence of six full-length features invited to all official selections and one short competing in the Cinefondation, Korean cinema was set to fete another great year at the outset of the 58 th Cannes Film Festival.

However, the response from the juries, as well as from international critics, buyers and audiences proved not to match with the great expectations created by sheer numbers and the many renowned names involved.

Hong Sang-soo's "Tale of Cinema" (Kukjangjon), Korea's lone entry to the competition section of the event, failed to raise enthusiasm among international critics, and even his hardcore supporters, the French, did not stand up in his defense, as they did last year for "Woman is the Future of Man". The newspaper Lib eration went so far as to call the film " unworthy of the Korean filmmaker".

Regardless of the achievement of his latest work, Hong's sincere commitment to filmmaking was without question. "I am convinced that every man needs a passion", he said during the news conference. "To me cinema is a motor, but also an addiction. It helps me to live".

Earlier in the festival, which ended Saturday, Kim Ki-duk's latest "The Bow" had the honor to play as curtain raiser of Un Certain Regard, a non-competition section. However, the 12th feature by the directo...More

CJ Entertainment to sound potential possibility of Korean cinema

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"How to Keep My Love" starring Kim Jeong-eun
CJ Entertainment, which is propelling all sorts of oversea inroads projects briskly this year, sounds potential possibility of Korean cinema as well as its market scale via a partnership with SPTI (Sony Pictures Television International).

As part of such partnership, CJ Entertainment agreed to distribute through SPTI regarding Asia TV copyright of the company's two investment distribution cinemas.

With this agreemen...More

Lee Young-ae to make inroads into Hong Kong cinema market

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In addition to Lee Young-ae syndrome blowing on the spot in Hong Kong and filmmaker Park Chan-wook's fame, Lee Young-ae makes inroads into Hong Kong cinema market.

Cinema 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' starring Lee Young-ae entered into a distribution contract with Hong Kong Panorama company recently on the spot.

A person concerned responsible for this cinema's oversea affairs said he can't confirm about this movie's bargaining money exactly, but it is certain that cinema 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance' received a satisfactory bargaining money corresponding to a high rank among Korean cinemas exported...More

Movie 'A Bittersweet life' enters into its copy-right contract with 10 nations in Europe

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As movie 'A Bittersweet Life' starring Lee Byung-hun entered into its copy-right contract with 10 nations in the European Film Market of the 55th Berlin International Film Market, Lee Byung-hun is hitting the daily permissible ceiling in Europe.

CJ Entertainment responsible for the movie's oversea copy-right affairs, said movie 'Sweet Life' made a contract with 10 countries in Europe currently.

In addition to movie director Kim Jee-woon who is well known with movie '...More

'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' is sold to Japan for $3 million

Source | 2005/02/12 | Permalink

As movie 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' starring Lee Young-ae is sold to Japan with an amount of money of $3 million in the 55th Berlin International Film Festival Film Market, Korean movie's high price sale march is being continued.

According to The Variety, a movie-special magazine, CJ Entertainment, the investment distribution firm of 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance', has entered into a copy right contract regarding the movie's Japan distribution with Toshiba Entertainment, a Japanese disbribution firm with an amount of money over $3 million.

Toshiba Entertainment is the movie distribution firm that had bought 'JSA - Joint...More

Share of Korean films declines in January

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Korean films saw their box-office performance decline in January, reflecting a dearth of blockbusters that can beat Hollywood rivals amid a slowdown in overall ticket sales.

According to the movie industry data compiled by CJ CGV, a major multiplex chain in Korea, Korean movies accounted for a 24 percent share in Seoul and 29.6 percent nationwide in January.

Although the figure for Seoul is up from 16.5 percent in December 2004, year-on-year comparison demonstrates a significant turnaround for Korean flicks. Last January, the portion of Korean films in box office sales reached a record 64.5 percent, helped largely by two blockbusters, "Simildo" and "...More

'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance': selection as the second rank among 'Harry's Top 20 Films To Watch For In 2005!!!'.

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The U.S'. popular movie site has chosen Director Park Chan-wook's new film 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' from South Korea as the second rank among 'Harry's Top 20 Films To Watch For In 2005!!!'.

The movie site has also selected director Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' as the first rank among 'Harry's Top 20 Films To Watch For in 2005!!!.

Mr. Harry Knowles who operates this site, said director Park's movie will be the final film in Park's thematically linked trilogy of revenge flicks that started with Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and continued with the massively acclaimed Old Boy.

According to Mr. Harry Knowles, he has become an enthusiastic fan for director Park after he saw 'Old Boy' and the site operator has become a top...More

Director Park Chan-wook's 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance': love calls from Japan one after another before the movie is released.

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Director Park Chan-wook's 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' is receiving love calls from Japan one after another before the movie is released.

However, the director stated his standpoint that the movie will receive assessment grandly in the Berlin International Film Festival to be held in Germany on Feb, next year.

Love calls of a huge amount of several million dollars from Japan
An official of CJ Entertainment responsible for the movie's distribution, said, "Japanese side has presented a huge amount of several million dollar on the news that drama 'Daejanggeum's Lee Yeong-ae plus Canne Film Festival's hero director Park Chan-wook performs.

Yet, this official said that to receive an assessment as it should, the distribution firm is scheduled to present it to the film market of the Berlin International Film Fest...More

Movie 'Sweet Life' starring Lee Byung-hun advances into England.

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Movie 'Sweet Life' starring Lee Byung-hun advances into England.

An official responsible for oversea marketing at CJ Entertainment said that movie 'Sweet Life' was sold recently to England's Metro Tartan with $200,000 following $3.2 million in Japanese market.

Metro Tartan is a production that introduces chiefly Asia movies such as '2046' on the spot. Metro Tartan has attracted interest recently by receiving the most excellent foreign language award of the Briti...More

CGV theater chain lists their stocks on the Korea stock Exchange.

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CGV theater chain listed their stocks on the Korea stock Exchange.

CJ CGV's public subscription price was 25,000 won. Experts say that with CGV's listing on the stock market as a momentum, at home also, an era opened that a theater chain was listed on the stock market.

As the largest multiplex theater chain at home, CJ CGV is securing 24 theaters in the country and 193 screens as an affiliate of CJ Group.

In terms of annual audience number, CJ CGV held the first rank with a market share of 21.5% last year, showing a difference of two-fold with Megabox, the seond rank (10.8%).

CJ CGV plans to multiply the chain's theater numbers to 37 theaters by 2007 in the nation and is considering to advance overseas also such as China and Southeast Asia.

The company said that a stable product investment and distribution would be possible by CJ Entertainment, its investment distribution firm.

"We`ve received favorable response from market participants so fa...More

Korean cinema scores 60% market share in October

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According to a report by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and, Korean films earned a 61.95% market share in the month of October, up from a 57.83% share in September. In total 1,802,361 tickets out of a total 2,909,380 were sold for Korean films. However the level cannot match the 70.5% market share amassed in the highly successful month of October 2003, which was led by Untold Scandal and Once Upon A Time In A Battlefield. Total admissions for all films this month were 14.22% below the totals for October 2003.

Japanese films took an impressive 6.7% of the market in October, led by dramas Crying Out Love ...More

[9th Pusan International Film Festival] -Taking the Festival to the Next Level

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By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

The role of the Pusan International Film Festival in the local and international film markets has been growing in its size and scope since its inception in 1996. The director of the festival, who has led it from the very beginning, is still as passionate about his work as when he first started and continues to strive to promote the festival at home and abroad.

"As you can see from the films shown in this year's festival, not only the number of total movies but also the number of world premieres has increased, which I think indicates the rising significance of PIFF internationally". said ...More

"Low Life" invited to Venice competition

Source | 2004/08/03 | Permalink

Veteran director Im Kwon-taek's 99th film "Low Life" ("Haryu Insaeng") has been invited to screen in the competition section of the Venice International Film Festival.

This marks the first trip to Venice by director Im since 1987, when his film "The Surrogate Woman" was awarded with a Best Actress citation for ...More

Film Marketer Busier than Ever

Source | 2004/06/29 | Permalink

Lee Young-jun, 33, is a film marketer working with the first overseas marketing division at CJ entertainment.
She is in charge of film markets in the European Union, Japan, China and Hong Kong. If films completely pursue the world of fantasy, film marketers sell films based on thoroughly realistic calculations.

Lee is busier than ever, as Korean films have recently been praised in world markets. She faced hectic days during the Cannes Film Festival in May. Thousands of film marketers who came from all over the world fiercely competed in the film market of the festival, while renowned actors, actresses and directors stood in the spotlight on the red carpet.

Lee exchanged about 500 name cards and sold US$6.5 million worth of Korean films for 10 days in a booth measuring 12 pyeong. She succeeded in exporting 15 Korean films including director Kwak Kyeong-taek's new work, "...More

Saying Sayonara to Screen Quotas

Source | 2004/06/13 | Permalink

Korean filmmakers are winning big at the box office, leaving Seoul to reconsider protectionism

Todd Thacker (internews)

It was an abrupt about-face for the staunch film industry ally.

On Friday the Minister of Culture and Tourism and former film director, Lee Chang-dong, announced to a film industry civic group that the state of Korea's film industry is strong enough to merit the examination of a "reduction, alteration and change" of Seoul's policy of screen quotas in the domestic market.

It has always been a thorny issue. At stake are the implications of going head-to-head with the "cultural imperialism" of Hollywood, a heavy-handed entertainment juggernaut that has every nation's film industry quaking in its boots.

Lee was quick to point out that if any changes to the system result in harm to the industry, his Ministry would promptly reinstate the quotas. Later, a Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson took pains to clarify that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is examining changes based on "the promotion of diversity in the local film world" rather than any ongoing trade negotiations with the United States.

Supporters of screen quotas have long cited the danger Hollywood poses to cultural diversity. For decades Korean films had an uphill battle when competing with higher-quality, big-budget Hollywood productions.

Actors, directors and producers staged loud demonstrations advocating the need for the preservation of Korea's national cultural identity in its comparatively fledgling film industry.

Yet with domestic blockbusters like "Silimdo" (2003) and "Taeguki" (2004) cleaning up at the box office, and Korean films like Im Kwon-taek's "Chihwaseon" (2002) and Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy" (2003) winning at Cannes, Kim Ki-duk's "Samaria" (2004) winning at Berlin, and ...More

'Memories of Murder' Wins Four Cognac Awards

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"Memories of Murder", directed by Bong Joon-ho, opened on April 11 in France and won four awards at the Festival de Film Policier de Cognac, CJ Entertainment said on Wednesday.
The awards received were the Grand Prix Cognac 2004, the Prix Special Police given by an awarding committee composed of police officers, the Prix Premiere giv...More

Merger unites makers of 'Shiri', 'JSA' movies

Source | 2004/01/28 | Permalink

Two of the biggest names in Korean film production are set to combine forces with a major corporation to launch a new entertainment company likely to emerge as a key player in the local film industry.

KangJeGyu Films, the maker of "Shiri" (1999), and Myung Films, the maker of "JSA" (2000), announced plans Monday to merge with Seshin Buffalo, the nation's largest manufacturer of hand tools, to create a cultural contents company to be called MK Buffalo.

The move is expected to provide Seshin Buffalo an opportunity to enter the entertainment business while securing a stable source of financing for the two film production companies.

MK Buffalo will be the first film production company in Korea to be ...More

CJ Entertainment CEO named 'power leader'

Source | 2003/12/31 | Permalink

Reflecting a year in which Korean films reached new heights, CJ Entertainment CEO Park Dong-ho was named the pop culture "power leader" of 2003 by The Herald Business, a sister newspaper of The Korea Herald.

CJ Entertainment, a film investment and distribution company, claimed 20.6 percent of the domestic distribution market this year to take the number one slot, delivering such box office hits as "My Tutor Friend" and "Memories of Murder".

Korean films wracked up $25 million in exports and grabbed a market share of nearly 50 percent this ye...More