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Lee Hee-joon
Lee Won-geun (이원근)
Lee Won-geun
Youngjae (영재)



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Kim Yunjin to Consider the Korean Version of Netflix "Money Heist"

Source | 2020/11/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yunjin might be on board for the remake of "Money Heist".

The Lost and Mistress actress will captivate fans inside and outside of the country once again through the Korean remake version of "Money Heist"...More

Park Sung-hoon to Consider "Joseon Exorcist"

Source | 2020/09/02 | Permalink

Will actor Park Sung-hoon join "Joseon Exorcist"?

According to BH Entertainment, Park Sung-hoon is considering the offer to the drama "Joseon Exorcist"...More

[HanCinema's News] BH Entertainment Makes Vague Threat Against Malicious Commenters

2020/04/30 | Permalink

On April 30th BH Entertainment released a public statement wherein the agency threatened legal action against any persons spreading libelous rumors against the performers they represent on the Internet. It is not clear what provoked BH Entertainment to publish this statement, as there are no significant rumors going on at present implicating any actors they represent...More

Han Ga-in, Possibly Still in her 20s

Source | 2020/04/02 | Permalink

Actress Han Ga-in's behind-the-scene cuts have been released....More

Go Soo Considers OCN's "Missing: The Other Side"

Source | 2020/03/05 | Permalink

Actor Go Soo is considering a role in the new OCN drama "Missing: The Other Side".

BH Entertainment announced on the 5th that the actor was considering a role in "Missing: The Other Side"...More

[HanCinema's News] Lee Hee-joon and his Wife Prepare for their First Child

2019/11/13 | Permalink

After three years of marriage actor Lee Hee-joon will soon welcome his first child. The news comes via his wife's Instagram page, wherein the visibly pregnant woman recently uploaded several pictures of herself and her husband at the site of a baby shower, expressing excitement about doing what until now she had been envious of others for having...More

Jung Woo Joins Lee Byung-hun and Han Ji-min at BH Entertainment

Source | 2019/08/21 | Permalink

Actor Jung Woo signed on with BH Entertainment.

BH Entertainment announced, "We are happy to be with Jung Woo. He's a unique actor with his own color and we will make sure he meets the right work to bring that out to the public"....More

Han Ji-min, Shin Min-a and Nam Joo-hyuk Also in Discussion for Noh Hee-kyeong's Latest

Source | 2019/07/30 | Permalink

Masterpiece writer Noh Hee-kyeong is preparing another one.

A media reported on the 30th that Noh Hee-kyeong has cast Han Ji-min and Shin Min-a in her latest...More

Park Hae-soo Considers Joining Sol Kyung-gu in "Yacha"

Source | 2019/07/17 | Permalink

Will Park Hae-soo star in "Yacha" with Sol Kyung-gu?

BH Entertainment announced on the 17th that Park Hae-soo is considering the film "Yacha"...More

[HanCinema's News] Choo Ja-hyun Cries in Han Ji-min's Arms at her Wedding

2019/07/04 | Permalink

On the latest episode of the second season of 'Same Bed Different Dreams' new footage from Choo Ja-hyun's wedding with Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang appears. In the footage Han Ji-min is preparing to give welcoming remarks for the ceremony. Han Ji-min tells Choo Ja-hyun not to cry, but she does anyway, and they end up hugging...More

[HanCinema's News] Kim Go-eun to Quit Language School in Los Angeles to Prepare for "The King: Eternal Monarch"

2019/05/21 | Permalink

Early this year Kim Go-eun started going to a foreign language school in Los Angeles. This was made possible by her relatively light schedule as of late. Since "Goblin" finished back in 2016, Kim Go-eun's only projects have been the movie "Sunset in My Hometown" and the as-yet unreleased film "Tune in for Love"...More

Will Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk Reunite in "Josee"?

Source | 2019/05/14 | Permalink

Han Ji-min has been offered a role in the movie "Josee".

BH entertainment told Star Today that she's considering the offer for the movie "Josee"...More

[HanCinema's News] The Women Victims of 'Burning Sun'

2019/05/07 | Permalink

Actresses such as Han Hyo-joo, Jung Eun-chae, and Kim Go-eun have all suffered damage to their reputations owing to peripheral exposure to the 'Burning Sun' scandal. The rumor mill has been the main culprit for their career troubles than any concrete allegations...More

Lee Byung-hun, Han Hyo-joo's Management Statement for 'Burning Sun Cosmetics Event'

Source | 2019/05/06 | Permalink

While it turns out that club Burning Sun held a cosmetics brand event, BH Entertainment explained that the models of the brand, Lee Byung-hun, Han Hyo-joo and Kim Go-eun have never attended it.

BH Entertainment released a statement on the 5th of May and said, "Han Hyo-joo is just the model for JM Solution. She was never at the event and she has never even been to the club. We would like to stress that the actors mentioned have never been to the cosmetics brand event"....More

Gong Seung-yeon considers "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Source | 2019/04/08 | Permalink

Gong Seung-yeon is considering the new JTBC drama "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency", according to BH Entertainment...More

Park Hae-soo and Lee Hee-jin Positively Consider Kim Do-hoon's latest

Source | 2019/04/05 | Permalink

Actors Park Hae-soo and Lee Hee-joon are considering director Kim Do-hoon's latest, BH Entertainment announced.

"Chimera" is about an explosion that became the source of a series of murders in 1984 and a similar phenomenon that is occurring at current times...More

"Prison Playbook" Park Hae-soo to Marry on the 14th of January

Source | 2018/11/29 | Permalink

Park Hae-soo is getting married on the 14th of January.

BH Entertainment announced this fact through media on the 30th...More

Han Hyo-joo Gets to Show Another Side of Herself in Latest Film

Source | 2018/08/04 | Permalink

Han Hyo-joo /Courtesy of BH Entertainment

Actress Han Hyo-joo appears in one of this summer's most hyped films. "Illang : The Wolf Brigade" directed by Kim Jee-woon and released last week is an adaption of the Japanese animated film...More

Kakao to Invest in Talent Agencies

Source | 2018/06/28 | Permalink

Kakao M, a subsidiary of dotcom giant Kakao, is taking steps to buy three entertainment management agencies.

Kakao already owns Melon, Korea's No. 1 online music-streaming site...More

Kim Go-eun thanks "Goblin", reunion scene with Gong Yoo was the best

Source | 2017/11/07 | Permalink

Kim Go-eun was featured on the covers of fashion magazine Marie Claire.

According to BH Entertainment, the Hong Kong version of Marie Claire released pictures of Kim Go-eun on its official Instagram...More

Han Hyo-joo changes her hair style

Source | 2017/09/18 | Permalink

Han Hyo-joo has gone through a massive transformation.

On the official Instagram of BH Entertainment, pictures of Han Hyo-joo with short hair were released. She now has choppy bangs and thick eye make-up...More

[Interview] Hyun Jyu-ni, "I feel like a rookie again"

Source | 2017/08/16 | Permalink

Hyun Jyu-ni is off to a fresh start. She left BH Entertainment and moved to Six Oceans. She's about to star in a new drama. She's excited. "I am starting a brand new 10 years".

Hyun Jyu-ni started off as a singer. She was the vocalist for the group Bella Mafia. As an actress, she debuted in 2008 with the MBC drama "Beethoven Virus". She made a strong impression of herself here and that was 10 years ago...More

Kim Go-eun Will Be Joining Lee Byung-hun's Agency

Source | 2017/07/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim Go-eun decided to fly away to another nest. As her contract comes to an end with her current agency, HODU&U Entertainment Co.,Ltd, the news was released that she won't be resigning and moving her agency to the BH Entertainment...More

Han Hyo-joo, "It's been a long time", first fan meeting in 6 years

Source | 2017/05/24 | Permalink

Han Hyo-joo is holding her first fan meeting in 6 years.

According to BH Entertainment, Han Hyo-joo is hosting her fan meeting on the 17th of June to celebrate her 13 years anniversary...More

Han Ji-min and Lee Hee-joon in "Miss Baek"

Source | 2017/01/18 | Permalink

Actors Han Ji-min and Lee Hee-joon are starring in the movie "Miss Baek" according to BH Entertainment.

"Miss Baek" is based on a true story of a woman (Han Ji-min) who tries to save a girl from the cruel world and a man who tries to protect her...More

Lee Byung-hun kisses another woman in front of his wife Lee Min-jung

Source | 2016/12/13 | Permalink

Apparently Lee Byung-hun kissed another woman in front of his wife Lee Min-jung.

A Hong Kong media reported recently that Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung had an after party with Han Hyo-joo and other Korean friends after the MAMA on the 2nd. Lee Byung-hun was an award presenter and Lee Min-jung accompanied him...More

[Interview] Han Ji-min with The Lady Miz Diva

Source | 2016/10/15 | Permalink

Acting since she was in high school, Han Ji-min long ruled the Korean dramaverse with shows like Padam Padam and Rooftop Prince, and made her mark in features like Detective K and The Fatal Encounter. In Director Kim Jee-woon's Japanese invasion spy thriller, "The Age of Shadows", Han reveals a gritty side as the lone lady in a nest of Korean freedom fighters, showing viewers she's much more than just a pretty face.


Lee Byung-hun taking pictures with Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke

Source | 2016/08/23 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun took pictures with Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke.

BH Entertainment released pictures on its official Instagram saying "The making of "Magnificent 7""...More

'W' Han Hyo-joo appreciates her fans for support

Source | 2016/08/18 | Permalink

"W" Han Hyo-joo expressed her appreciation towards her fans.

Han Hyo-joo's agency BH Entertainment posted on their official Instagram on August 18th, "Thank you fans for your support. Thank you truly" along with a photo of Han Hyo-joo...More

'W' Han Hyo-joo, innocent or chic, shows of her femme fatale side

Source | 2016/08/16 | Permalink

Han Hyo-joo showed off her mesmerizing beauty. She revealed her multiple appeals in various outfits in different colors. BH Entertainment posted Han Hyo-joo's behind-the-scenes images from her pictorial on the agency's official Instagram.

The photos showcase her contrasting appeals of innocent image and provocative side...More

Jin Goo looks suave and smooth on the cover page of Chinese hallyu magazine

Source | 2016/07/28 | Permalink

July 28th, Jin Goo's agency BH Entertainment has unveiled Jin Goo's pictorial still images featured on a Hallyu magazine.

Jin Goo showcases the luxury yet comfrotable casual look. His perfectly imperfect messy hairstyle completes the look. Since his appearance in 'Descendants of the Sun', Jin Goo still looks hot...More

'W' actors Han Hyo-joo takes selfie with Bae Soo-bin

Source | 2016/07/27 | Permalink

"W" actress Han Hyo-joo cheered for Bae Soo-bin, a fellow actor from the same agency.

July 27th, BH Entertainment posted a photo of these two stars on their official Instagram account with the caption, "# Han Hyo-joo actress surprise visits #WaitingRoom to cheer for #BaeSoo-bin. Thank you for visiting the theatre play, 'The Capone Trilogy'...More

Lee Byung-hun heads to US with Lee Min-jung

Source | 2016/07/05 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun departed for the States for the New York Asian Film Festival with his wife Lee Min-jung.

The couple left on July 4th. The NYAFF is one of the most famous festivals in North America and Lee Byung-hun's "The Insiders" has been sent an invitation...More

Jin Goo and his wife expecting second child

Source | 2016/05/17 | Permalink

Jin Goo will become a dad of two children. An associate with his agency, BH Entertainment told Dispatch on May 17 on the phone, "Jin Goo and his wife are expecting second child" and "His wife is four months pregnant".

Jin Goo married his non-celebrity wife, four years younger than him, in September, 2014. They welcomed their first child, a son in June last year...More

Lee Byung-hun to Present Oscar

Source | 2016/01/25 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been invited as a presenter at this year's Academy Awards, his agency BH Entertainment said on Saturday.

The ceremony, which takes place on Feb. 28, has come under fire for the overrepresentation of white artists in the nominations...More

Lee Hee-joon joins Kim Hye-soo and Lee Sun-kyun for movie 'Special Lady'

Source | 2016/01/14 | Permalink

Actor Lee Hee-joon will co-star with Kim Hye-soo and Lee Sun-kyun in a new movie.

On January 14th, Lee Hee-joon's agency BH Entertainment told Xports News "Lee Hee-joon joins movie "Special Lady" (working title)...More

Actor Lee Hee-joon and model Lee Hye-jung are getting married

Source | 2015/12/04 | Permalink

Actor model couple, Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung are getting married

Actor Lee Hee-joon's agency BH Entertainment told MBN Star on December 4th, "Since both of them are of age to think about marriage sincerely and the relationship between the two became so strong, they've decided to get married naturally"...More

Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in's imaginary offspring pictures

Source | 2015/11/25 | Permalink

Actress Han Ga-in has been married to Yeon Jung-hoon for 10 years, she's pregnant with her first baby.

SBS "TV News At Night" dealt with the news...More

Han Ga-in, Yeon Jung-hoon will be mom and dad in ten years since marriage

Source | 2015/11/23 | Permalink

Actor actress couple Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in will become parents.

Han Ga-in's agency BH Entertainment said, " Han Ga-in is currently 19 week pregnant, which is the fifth months in the pregnancy. The whole family is delighted getting ready to welcome their new baby"...More

'Last' actor 'Praying Mantis' Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I takes a new role in 'Glamorous Temptation'

Source | 2015/09/02 | Permalink

Actor Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I, who has been showing off the crazy screen presence for his role 'Praying Mantis', Lee Beom-soo's right-hand man on JTBC's weekend drama, "Last", has been cast for MBC's new Monday & Tuesday drama, "Glamorous Temptation".

Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I has now listed his name among the star-studded cast for "Glamorous Temptation" including Choi Kang-hee, Joo Sang-wook, Jung Jin-young, Cha Ye-ryun, Na Young-hee, Kim Chang-wan, Park Jung-ah, Kim Sae-ron, and Nam Joo-hyuk...More

Model Lee Hye-jung, in a relationship with Lee Hee-joon

Source | 2015/08/24 | Permalink

Actor Lee Hee-joon and model Lee Hye-jung admitted to seeing each other.

BH Entertainment announced that it's true and although they've known each other for a while, they only started seeing each other recently...More

Jin Goo is a dad! Mom and baby boy are healthy and are doing well

Source | 2015/06/29 | Permalink

Actor Jin Goo has a baby boy.

His agency BH Entertainment has announced on June 29th, "Jin Goo has welcomed his baby boy today" and "Mom and the baby are healthy and are doing well while Jin Goo is taking care of them"...More

Actor Go Soo has a new baby girl

Source | 2015/04/17 | Permalink

Actor Go Soo's new baby girl was born in the afternoon on April 17th.

The original due date was supposed to be sometime next month. However the baby was born earlier than expected at a hospital in Seoul. Both mom and baby are doing well...More

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung have a baby

Source | 2015/03/30 | Permalink

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung now have a son.

Both their agencies reported on the 31st of March saying, "Lee Min-jung gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 31st of March with Lee Byung-hun who returned to Korea last Friday. Both the mother and child are doing well and are recovering"...More

Lee Byung-hun seeks newest US flick

Source | 2015/02/16 | Permalink


Apparently Lee Byung-hun is in the negotiating process of the newest Hollywood movie "Beyond Deceit".

BH Entertainment told OSEN that he was in the middle of settling things with "Beyond Deceit"...More

Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I to star in "My Heart Shines"

Source | 2015/02/16 | Permalink

Actor Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I is starring in the SBS weekend drama "My Heart Shines".

Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I's management BH Entertainment claimed Kim is starring in the drama as Seon-ho, a key character who helps Lee Soon-jeong (Nam Bo-ra)...More

Lee Byung-hyun and Lee Ji-yun's secret text: Uncle says, "Lee Ji-yun's father is wealthy enough"

Source | 2015/01/06 | Permalink

While the text message between Lee Byung-hun and Lee Ji-yun, the so-called victim and blackmailer, has been revealed, Lee Ji-yun's parents had an interview in defense of their daughter.

Dispatch revealed text messages between Lee Byung-hun and Lee Ji-yun throughout the number of five times, claiming that they've met in person. According to the report the contents of the text involved comments like, "Is tomorrow going to be romantic?" and "In my head, romantic is you and that will be success". Which leads to the conclusion that they could have been dating...More

Lee Byung-hun's case: Will the host become the master key?

Source | 2014/12/15 | Permalink

It's been three months since Lee Byung-hun met model Lee Ji-yeon and Glam member Kim Si-won-III blackmailed him. They watched the video that triggered the case and presented new evidence which was the text messages that was sent back and forth to each other.

The third hearing is this 16th at 2:40PM in Seocho, Seoul. The second trial was attended by Lee Byung-hun, Kim Si-won-III, Lee Ji-yeon and their attorneys. The second trial made decisions on their right and wrongs...More

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung residing in the US

Source | 2014/12/11 | Permalink

Apparently Lee Byung-hun and his wife Lee Min-jung are residing in the US.

According to BH Entertainment, Lee Byung-hun departed for the US for work. It's unclear if he left with his wife but they're currently living in the US...More

Bae Soo-bin to star in "My Heart Shines"

Source | 2014/11/24 | Permalink

Actor Bae Soo-bin might star in "My Heart Shines".

According to BH Entertainment, Bae Soo-bin is looking through the script of "My Heart Shines"...More

Lee Min-jung to start work on the 27th

Source | 2014/11/12 | Permalink

Lee Min-jung is coming back to work.

Lee Min-jung has been laying low ever since the Lee Byung-hun blackmailing case. She's revealing herself at a fashion brand event which she's modelling for. Her decision to do this had a lot to do with Lee Byung-hun's persuasion...More

Kim Si-won-III and B were prepared to flee after threatening Lee Byung-hun

Source | 2014/09/03 | Permalink

It turns out that Glam member Kim Si-won-III and model 'B' were planning on fleeing the country after threatening actor Lee Byung-hun.

BH Entertainment stated through official reports, "This is a premeditated crime as the suspects schemed to steal from Lee Byung-hun and run off to another country, judging by the fact that they had already prepared passports to Europe. They asked for 5 billion won which refers to the special criminal law which can sentence them to up to 5 years in prison". This reference comes from the police...More

2 Women Charged with Blackmailing Lee Byung-hun

Source | 2014/09/03 | Permalink

Two women have been charged with blackmailing star actor Lee Byung-hun by threatening to publish a video clip of the actor making lewd comments at them, police in Gangnam said Tuesday.

They allegedly tried to extort W5 billion (US$1=W1,018).

One woman is a girl band member who debuted in 2012 and the other is a model. According to police, they claimed to have taken a video on their smartphone of the three drinking alcohol at the actor's home last month and exchanging lewd banter, and allegedly threatened to post it on the Internet unless Lee paid them off...More

Lee Byung-hun, "The threats are from friends of a friend"

Source | 2014/09/01 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun was threatened for a sum of money by two women in their 20s, in exchange for a video.

BH Entertainment reported on the 1st, "On August 28th, Lee Byung-hun was threatened that a private video would be released if he didn't pay money to the culprit. Celebrities have to deal with ridiculous matters such as this all the time, but we decided to make a police report about it for this particular matter"...More

Actor couple have baby on way after nearly a decade

Source | 2014/04/23 | Permalink

Yeon Jung-hoon (left) and Han Ga-in

Actors Han Ga-in and Yeon Jung-hoon are expecting their first child after nine years of marriage.

"Han Ga-in is pregnant. She and her husband are thrilled about the baby but they are taking things carefully as she is in the early stages of pregnancy", Han's agency BH Entertainment said on Monday.

They became romantically involved in 2003 after appearing together in a KBS drama and got married two years later...More

Lee Byung-hun Set to Join Cast of New 'Terminator' Movie

Source | 2014/04/02 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been cast in "Terminator: Genesis", the latest installment of the Hollywood blockbuster series.

Lee has previously appeared in such Hollywood hits as "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and "Red 2"...More

Han Ji-min in "Angel Eyes"

Source | 2014/01/15 | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min is revising the script for the new SBS weekend drama "Angel Eyes".

BH Entertainment claims she's currently considering the offer...More

Ex-Manager Charged with Blackmailing Han Hyo-joo

Source | 2013/11/26 | Permalink

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office on Monday indicted the ex-manager of actress Han Hyo-joo for trying to extort W10 million from her father by threatening to publish compromising photos of the actress (US$1=W1,062).

A car dealer and another individual were charged as accomplices...More

Han Chae-young Has a Baby Boy

Source | 2013/08/30 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-young has given birth to a boy. Han gave birth by Caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Seoul on Wednesday, according to her agency BH Entertainment.

"Both mother and baby are in good health, and all her family are happy", said the agency...More

Lee Byung-hun, Lee Min-jung Unveil Pre-Wedding Pics

Source | 2013/07/31 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Lee Min-jung revealed their pre-wedding photos on Tuesday.

Lee's agency BH Entertainment said on Monday that the couple had a photo shoot two weeks ago with only their families and close friends in attendance...More

Han Hyo-joo attempts at short animation

Source | 2013/07/25 | Permalink

Actress Han Hyo-joo participated in making a short animation.

BH Entertainment announced that Han Hyo-joo participated in Daum's Art & Shake...More

Han Ga-in in Vietnam

Source | 2013/07/11 | Permalink

Han Ga-in was at the Vietnamese airport.

Han Ga-in arrived at the Ho Chi Min International Airport on the 10th (Korea local time). BH Entertainment revealed pictures of her being surrounded by fans who came out to greet her. Her beauty is unbelievable. She was wearing comfortable clothes but her 'aura' was there...More

Lee Byung-hun's first official outing

Source | 2013/06/18 | Permalink

Lee Byung-hun with his wedding coming up, will be making a public appearance on the 28th.

Lee will start promoting the movie "Red 2: The Legend" staring from the 28th of June at the Seoul Walker Hill Hotel Theater Hall...More

Korea's top celebrity couple to marry in August

Source | 2013/06/06 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun, 43, and actress Lee Min-jung, 31, will tie the knot in this coming August. BH Entertainment, actor Lee's agency, said, The couple will marry at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul at 6 p.m. on August 10.

Thanks for the attention and love from many people, the two people are set to tie the knot to build upon their meaningful love, actor Lee's side said. Actor Lee will faithfully continue his main job as actor, while also trying his best to become an exemplary husband of a family. MS Team Entertainment, actress Lees agency, said, No schedules have been fixed yet, but she will continue showbiz activities after marriage...More

Bae Soo-bin in a relationship

Source | 2013/05/20 | Permalink

Actor Bae Soo-bin is seeing someone with marriage in mind.

BH Entertainment claimed that the woman he is seeing is 8 years younger than him and a normal person. They are thinking about getting married although they are not preparing for it yet...More

Actress Han Chae-young Expecting First Child

Source | 2013/03/11 | Permalink

The beautiful actress Han Chae-young has just announced happy news for her family. She's pregnant with her first child!

After having tied the knot six years ago, she is currently about 11 weeks pregnant...More

Actress Han Chae-young Expecting First Child

Source | 2013/03/06 | Permalink

The beautiful actress Han Chae-young has just announced happy news for her family. She's pregnant with her first child!

After having tied the knot six years ago, she is currently about 11 weeks pregnant...More

Han Chae-young is pregnant, six years after marriage

Source | 2013/03/04 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-young got pregnant, six years after she got married.

Her agency BH Entertainment revealed on the 5th of March that the actress was indeed pregnant...More

Lee Byung-hun's figure being made

Source | 2013/02/07 | Permalink

A Hot Toy figure of Lee Byung-hun is being made.

BH Entertainment announced that figure making company Hot Toy is making a figure of Storm Shadow which Lee Byung-hun played the role of in the Hollywood movie "G.I. Joe". Hot Toy is company established in Hong Kong in the year 2000 and makes hero figures of the characters from "Dark Knight", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Avengers" and more...More

Han Hyo-joo stays three more years with current agency

Source | 2012/10/25 | Permalink

Han Hyo-joo showed her loyalty to her agency.

BH Entertainment revealed, "Han Hyo-joo signed a new contract last week and she's going to stay with us for another 3 years". She signed with BH Entertainment in 2009 and her contract was to be up at the end of October...More

Lee Byung-hun "It's just a birthday dinner"

Source | 2012/09/27 | Permalink

Media reported that Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung were taking the first steps to get married as they had dinner with both parents. His agency claims, "It's just a birthday dinner and it's too soon to talk about marriage".

Lee Byung-hun returned from Montreal, Canada suddenly. According to a media on the 28th of September, Lee Byung-hun joined a dinner with his girlfriend Lee Min-jung and both of their parents in Seoul on the 26th...More

Han Chae-yeong explains about unpaid interest

Source | 2012/07/04 | Permalink

Han Chae-young and her husband made an official explanation about the report that their luxury villa was about to be put in auction for unpaid mortgage interests.

Han Chae-young explained through her agency BH Entertainment, "It isn't true that we took a mortgage loan of about 2.5 billion won with the villa as security but couldn't pay the interests...More

Lee Byung-hun to star in "Red 2" with Bruce Willis

Source | 2012/05/10 | Permalink

Top star Lee Byung-hun will continue to work in Hollywood.

According to BH Entertainment on the 10th, Lee Byung-hun will star in the movie "Red 2". This movie will be about retired CIA agents and their mission. Bruce Willis will be working with Lee Byung-hun this time...More

Song Ha-yoon renames herself Song Yoon-ha and is cast for "Ghost - Drama"

Source | 2012/04/29 | Permalink

Actress Song Ha-yoon has been cast for the drama "Ghost - Drama" after changing her name to Song Yoon-ha.

According to her management BH Entertainment on the 30th, Song Ha-yoon changed her name to Song Yoon-ha which means summer sunlight. Song Ha-yoon has been in drama "Mighty Chil-woo" and movie "Helpless"...More

Lee Byung-hun & Lee Min-jung Deny Dating Rumors

Source | 2012/04/17 | Permalink

Both considered top notch actors in Korean entertainment, the rumor mill has been abuzz about latest reports indicating Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung are dating.

One media source reported on April 16th that the 42-year-old actor and the 30-year-old actress had good opinions of each other from earlier this year,a nd had cautiously starting dating. After bumping into one another at various award ceremonies and other work-related gatherings, their work sunbae-hoobae (or senior-junior) work relationship blossomed into a romantic relationship...More

Actor Go Soo to Exchange Vows with Art Student

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Actor Go Soo (34) will marry a college student 11 years his junior on Feb. 17 in a private ceremony, his agency BH Entertainment said on Wednesday. According to a press release, Ko first met his bride-to-be, a 23-year-old art student, in 2008 and they have been dating ever since.

"As Go Soo will start shooting his new movie in March, they moved the wedding date forward", the agency said...More

Go Soo and Han Hyo-joo cast for "Love 911"

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Actor Go Soo and Han Hyo-joo will work together on "Love 911".

Go Soo's management BH Entertainment revealed on January 9th that Go Soo and Han Hyo-joo have been cast for the movie "Love 911"...More

Lee Byung-hun to host a wedding as ten year friendship gift

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Actor Lee Byung-hun will be hosting the wedding of his management company's chairman.

He's going to host BH Entertainment chairman Son Seok-woo's wedding on January 5th...More

Lee Byung-hun to star as King of Joseon

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Top Korean star Lee Byung-hun is set to play the lead in CJ E&M Pictures' "Masquerade" (working title). Lee's management agency BH Entertainment announced that he is confirmed to star in the historical drama to be directed by Choo Chang-min ("Late Blossom") and written by Hwang Jo-yoon ("Old Boy")...More

Han Chae-young, Most Popular Actress In Asia

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Actress Han Chae-young will be honored in China at the 2011 Asia Teen Popular Star Awards.

According to BH Entertainment on October 31st, Han received the 2011 Asia Teen Popular Star award this past October 22nd in China. She was also honored at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards this year on October 28th as "2011's Most Stylish Actress"...More

[Exclusive] Lee Byung-hun and Kim min-hee scandal?

Source | 2011/08/28 | Permalink

Are Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun, 41 and actress Kim Min-hee, 29 in a relationship?

This is something that recently spread fast in the fashion industry. They are in the same management and they are close enough to help each other out in their celebrity lives....More

Lee Byung-hun leaves for Hollywood to shoot "G.I. Joe 2"

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Actor Lee Byung-hun left to shoot for the Hollywood movie "G.I.Joe 2".

According to his management BH Entertainment, Lee Byung-hun left for America on the 20th....More

Lee Byung-hun To Leave For The US For G.I. Joe 2

Source | 2011/07/06 | Permalink

Top star Lee Byung-hun will be leaving Korea to start filming for G.I. Joe 2 mid-July.

According to BH Entertainment reps on July 6th, Lee will be leaving Korea mid-July for the shooting. Originally the plans were for the heartthrob to take off late June, but it was postponed...More

Han Chae-young first historical movie, "Gone With the Wind"

Source | 2011/06/27 | Permalink

It turns out the reason Han Chae-young stepped down from Korea, Japan and China collaboration drama "Strangers 6" is because of the historical movie "The Grand Heist".

At news of her stepping down, he management BH Entertainment explained, "From the effect of the tsunami in Japan, the shooting for "Strangers 6" has been postponed and overlapped with her other domestic schedules so she had to made a choice". One of the domestic schedules they mention is "The Grand Heist"....More

Lee Byung-hun Takes Photos at Studio Harcourt

Source | 2011/06/22 | Permalink

Lee Byung-hun became the first Asian male actor to have his photos taken at the famous studio Harcourt in France.

Hallyu star actor Lee Byung-hun (41) took photos at Studio Harcourt, which is famous for taking pictures of Hollywood stars and French celebrities -- a first for an Asian male actor -- his agency BH Entertainment said on June 20...More

Lee Byeon-heon shoots in Harcourt

Source | 2011/06/20 | Permalink

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun is the first Asian man to proceed with a shoot in the famous French Studio Harcourt which is famous for pictures of well-known celebrities, says management BH Entertainment...More

Even before "G.I. Joe" sequel, Lee Byung-hun gets Hollywood love call

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Top star Lee Byung-hun received a love call from Hollywood with the "G.I. Joe" sequel coming up.

Management BH Entertainment revealed, "Nothing has been confirmed yet. He is currently looking at a project from a major Hollywood studio". It looks as though he will be meeting with the related people and get into details during the shooting of the "G.I.Joe" sequel....More

Lee Byung-hun Donates W700 Million to Quake Victims

Source | 2011/03/17 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun, one of the most popular Korean stars in Japan, on Wednesday donated W700 million to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan through the Kore...More

Stars joining donation rush

Source | 2011/03/16 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young

Singers and actors are eagerly joining the ongoing donation rush to help Japanese victims hit hard by the recent devastating earthquakes.

Actors Lee Byung-hun donated 700 million won and Ahn Jae-wook gave 100 million won to the Korean Red Cross...More

Lee Byung-hun Donates 50 Million Yen To Japan's Earthquake Victims

Source | 2011/03/16 | Permalink

And the string of kpop stars donating money for victims of Japan's major earthquake continues. This time, actor Lee Byung-hun.

According to BH Entertainment on March 16th, Lee donated 50 million yen (roughly 700 million won) through Korea's Red Cross to help out the situation in Japan after the devastating ea...More

Korean Entertainers Step Up to Help Japan

Source | 2011/03/14 | Permalink

From left, Bae Yong-joon, Ryu Si-won and Lee Byung-hun

Some of Korea's top celebrities are preparing to help the victims of Japan's deadly earthquake and tsunami...More

Lee Byung-hun to Star in Hollywood Blockbuster 'G.I.Joe 2'

Source | 2011/01/18 | Permalink

Star actor Lee Byung-hun has confirmed his appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster movie "G.I.Joe 2" and will begin filming from June this year, his agency, BH Entertainment announced on January 16...More

Lee Byung-hun to Return in 'G.I. Joe' Sequel

Source | 2011/01/17 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun will begin filming the Hollywood movie "G.I. Joe 2" in June, his management agency BH Entertainment announced on Sunday...More

Kim Nam-joo, Han Hyo-joo win grand prize at MBC Acting Awards

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Kim Nam-joo (left) and Han Hyo-joo (right) [Wellmadestar/BH Entertainment]

Korean actresses Kim Nam-joo and Han Hyo-joo both took home the grand prize at the MBC's year-end acting awards ceremony.

At the event held on December 30 at MBC's Dream Center located in Ilsan, Gyeong-gi Province, Kim and Han were awarded the top honors for their roles in "Queen of Reversals" and "Dong Yi", respectively, while the latter drama collected several other awards that night...More

Han Chae-young in China to film new movie

Source | 2010/12/23 | Permalink

Korean actress Han Chae-young [BH Entertainment]

Korean actor Han Chae-young flew into China over the weekend to begin filming a new movie.

"Han is currently in China for movie 'Big Deal'. She flew out last Saturday and is scheduled to continue working there until the end of January", a PR official from her agency BH Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone...More

The reason for Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-hee's break-up after 2 years of romance... "We are busy"

Source | 2010/11/29 | Permalink

Model/Actor Lee Soo-hyuk and model/actress Kim Min-hee broke up.

Kim Min-hee's company, 'BH Entertainment' said, “Due to their tight schedule, they decided to break up after 2 years of romance,” the the 29TH....More

Lee Byung-hun to Appear in Japanese Drama

Source | 2010/11/26 | Permalink

Star actor Lee Byung-hun (40) will appear as a special guest actor in the Japanese drama "Diplomat Kuroda Kosaku", in which Japanese star actor Yuji Oda, who became popular through the drama "Odoru Daisousasen".

Lee Byung-hun's agency, BH Entertainment, said on November 25, "The drama 'Diplomat Kuroda Kosaku' will begin airing from January next year on Fuji TV. Lee will appear in a Japanese drama for the first time, and his appearance was decided by Fuji TV's ardent request"...More

Actor Lee Byung-hun to appear in Japanese drama

Source | 2010/11/25 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun [BH Entertainment]

Popular Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will make a special appearance in a Japanese drama set to go on air next year.

According to Lee's agency BH Entertainment on Thursday, Lee will guest-star in Fuji TV's new drama "Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku" (外交官??田康作), making it the first time he will take part in a Japanese series...More

Han Chae-young cast as heroine in Chinese film "Big Deal"

Source | 2010/11/03 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-young [BH Entertainment]

Actress Han Chae-young has landed the leading role for an upcoming Chinese film titled "Big Deal".

Han's agency BH Entertainment announced through a press release that Han will make her acting debut in China with the new film by Chinese female director Liwen Ma, a winner of the Golden Rooster award for Best Director in 2005...More

Bae Soo-bin to hold first-ever fan meeting in Japan

Source | 2010/10/14 | Permalink

Korean actor Bae Soo-bin [BH Entertainment]

Korean actor Bae Soo-bin will hold his first fan meeting in Japan over the weekend.

A press release from BH Entertainment announced that Bae will meet with about 500 fans at the Nagoya Zero Hall in Tokyo on October 17.

The 33-year-old actor plans on holding various events at the meet-and-greet including playing the guitar for his fans as well as show off his cooking skills as he did in the hit TV series "Shining Inheritance"...More

Lee named best actor at Tokyo Drama Awards

Source | 2010/10/14 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will be named the Best Actor in Asia at the Tokyo Drama Awards, according to his agency BH Entertainment, Wednesday.

The 40-year-actor has become the first to win the award, which was set up for the event this year.

The drama "IRIS", which starred Lee and fellow actress Kim Tae-hee, will also receive the Best Foreign Drama award at the annual event.

"The Best Actor in Asia award was made to celebrate an actor's outstanding performance and contribution, who appeared in a foreign work", the Tokyo Drama Awards organizing committee s...More

Lee Byung-hun named tourism ambassador for California

Source | 2010/09/14 | Permalink

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun [Official Lee Byung-hun website]

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun has been named the U.S. state of California's ambassador for tourism, according to a press release from his agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

BH announced in a press release Lee will be appointed the tourism ambassador for the California Travel & Tourism Commission tomorrow at a commissioning ceremony to be held at the JW Marriott Hotel...More

Bae Soo-bin's career in Japan receives another boost

Source | 2010/09/02 | Permalink

Korean actor Bae Soo-bin [BH Entertainment]

Another Korean drama starring actor Bae Soo-bin, after "Shining Inheritance" and "Dong Yi", is set to show in Japan, indicating that Bae's acting career in Japan may be making headway.

BH Entertainment announced in a press release that TV series "Temptation of an Angel", will begin its run on Japanese cable channel ESEI GEKIJO starting November, while also noting that other works by the actor have been faring well with the audience in Japan...More

Han Chae-young signs with U.S. agency CAA

Source | 2010/08/11 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-young [BH Entertainment]

Korean actress Han Chae-young has signed with Hollywood agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency), according to her agency BH Entertainment on Wednesday.

BH made the announcement through a press release, explaining that its overseas networks and previous experience in successfully launching actor Lee Byung-hun's career in the United States, contributed to reaching the agreement...More

Actress Han Chae-young Signs With Hollywood?

Source | 2010/08/11 | Permalink

It's off to Hollywood for actress Han Chae-young! Han's entertainment company BH Entertainment reported on August 11th that the beauty signed with one of the top talent agencies in the US, Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

CAA was founded in 1975 and is the label that some of the top dogs in the US entertainment industry have signed under. This includes director Steven Spielberg, actors Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Nicholas Cage, George Clooney, Will Smith, actress Julia Roberts, TV personality Oprah Winfrey, baseball player Derek Jeter, and soccer player David Beckham. One thing's for sure, Chae will definitely be in good company!

CAA is known to be a well-established company that specializes in b...More

Lee Byung-hun to advertise hair products in Japan

Source | 2010/07/16 | Permalink

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun in a scene from the film "I Saw the Devil" [Showbox]

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun will be taking on a new role in Japan as a spokesmodel for a global hair care brand, according to his agency BH Entertainment.

BH announced in a press release on Thursday that the actor has signed with Dove Hair Care, a beauty brand owned by Unilever Japan, to advertise their hair products...More

Lee Byung-hun to appear on ABC "Good Morning America"

Source | 2010/06/23 | Permalink

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun in a scene from the film "I Saw the Devil" [Showbox]

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will appear on ABC's "Good Morning America", one of the most popular programs broadcast on the American public network, according to the actor's agency BH Entertainment on Wednesday.

BH announced in a press release that Lee will represent Korea as a cultural figure on the morning show featuring a special segment commemorating the 60-year anniversary of the Korean War titled "Long War", set to air at the end of this month...More

Han Chae-young meets with Hollywood agencies

Source | 2010/06/22 | Permalink

Korean actress Han Chae-young [10Asia]

Korean actress Han Chae-young appears to be eyeing for a Hollywood debut, recently meeting with several major Hollywood agencies including CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and William Morris, according to her agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

An executive at BH told 10Asia over the phone that the actress, who left for the U.S. earlier this month, had meetings with several agents and producers who had shown interest in the star...More

Han Chae-Young to debut in Hollywood

Source | 2010/06/22 | Permalink

TV actress Han Chae-young, 30, dubbed as "Korea's Barbie Doll", is preparing to debut in Hollywood.

After finishing filming the MBC drama, "A Man Called God", in which she stars, Han flew to the U.S. early this month.

She met with bigwig entertainment agencies in Hollywood such as Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment, according to her management agency BH Entertainment..

A BH spokesman said that Hollywood filmmakers have been more interested in Asian actors and actresses.

"A variety of agencies are showing greater interest in Han as she is not only proficient in English but has notable beauty and experiences as well", he said Tuesday.

The star has made efforts to advance to the overseas film stage.

Earlier, Han was to star in horror film, "Soul Mate", a joint venture with a New Zealand filmmaker for her overseas debut. However, she has turned her eyes to the United States as the film wa...More

Lee Byung-hun lawsuit withdrawn

Source | 2010/06/21 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun [Asia Economic Daily]

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun's legal woes surrounding a former girlfriend have been settled, his agency said on Monday.

According to BH Entertainment, the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office concluded that a civil suit, filed against Lee last December by a Canadian-American woman identified only by her last name Kwon, has been withdrawn...More

Japanese idols KAT-TUN want to meet Han Hyo-joo

Source | 2010/05/26 | Permalink

Members of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN [Johnny&Associates]

Japanese idols KAT-TUN have revealed in a monthly magazine that they want to meet Korean actress Han Hyo-joo.

According to an interview the group conducted with Japanese magazine TVnavi, the members talked about their upcoming Asia tour beginning this month in Thailand, Korea and Taiwan, as well as mentioning their interest in Han...More

Lee Byung-hun promotes "IRIS" in Japan

Source | 2010/04/21 | Permalink

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun in an official poster for "IRIS" [Taewon Entertainment]

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun took Japan by storm last week while on promotional tour for blockbuster TV series "IRIS", according to a press release by his agency BH Entertainment.

The actor flew into Tokyo on Saturday, where he was greeted by some 1,000 fans at Narita International Airport, and drew large crowds at various media and public appearances during his visit.

When he appeared as a guest on popular TBS television program "Akko ni Omakase!" on Sunday, several Japanese actresses reportedly paid a visit to Lee's waiting room to see the Hallyu star including Kuroki Meisa, who lent her voice for the drama's female lead, originally played by Korean actress Kim Tae-hee...More

"Shining Inheritance" ends run in Japan with flying colors

Source | 2010/04/01 | Permalink

Cast of SBS drama "Shining Inheritance" [SBS]

Korean hit drama "Shining Inheritance", starring top actors Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-gi, saw a successful end to its run in Japan this week, according Han's agency BH Entertainment on Thursday.

"'Shining Inheritance' scored the highest viewership ratings ever recorded in its time slot in the past ten years", a representative from Japan's Fuji TV explained...More

Lee Byung-hun Named Best Asian Influential Actor

2010/03/26 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun will receive the award for best Asian influential actor at this year's China Music Awards and Asian Influential Awards, his agency BH Entertainment announced on Thursday.

The awards are an upgraded version of the 14-year-old Channel V Chinese Music Awards, the agency said.

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday at the Chengdu International Tennis Center in Sichuan Province.

"The gala will be broadcast ac...More

Lee Byung-hun named most influential Asian actor at CMA

Source | 2010/03/26 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean star Lee Byung-hun will be recognized as the most influential Asian artist at the China Music Award and Asia Influential Awards (CMA) to be held Sunday, according to his agency BH Entertainment.

Lee will be the first Korean actor to receive the prestigious award at the CMA co-sponsored by the Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and mass media group Channel V.

The event, now into its 14th year, will take place at the International Tennis Center located in the Sichuan region...More

Actress Han Hyo-joo promotes drama in Japan

Source | 2010/03/09 | Permalink

Korean actress Han Hyo-joo and singer/actor Lee Seung-gi at the promotional event for "Shining Inhertance" [BH Entertainment]

Korean actress Han Hyo-joo was in Japan last week to promote her hit TV series "Shining Inheritance", according to her agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

The actress arrived in Japan last Friday for the press conference of "Shining Inhertance" as well as a fan meeting and round table interview....More

Han Hyo-joo to visit Japan for drama promotion

Source | 2010/03/03 | Permalink

Korean actress Han Hyo-joo [BH Entertainment]

Korean actress Han Hyo-joo will visit Japan this week to promote her drama "Shining Inheritance" which began airing in the country on Tuesday.

Her agency BH Entertainment explained Thursday that Han, who played the lead female character Go Eun-sung in the series, is scheduled to arrive in Japan on Friday with co-star Lee Seung-gi for a press conference, hold interviews with some 80 journalists and participate in an event with selected fans....More

Lee Byung-hun role to expand in sequel to G.I. Joe

Source | 2010/02/02 | Permalink

Scene from "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra" [Paramount Pictures]

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun may be headed to establishing firmer ground in Hollywood.

Paramount Pictures, the creators of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", has reportedly decided to give Lee's character Storm Shadow more weight in the second installment of the action flick set for release in 2012.

Paramount judged that the Korean actor contributed much to the success of the first pic and are developing on the stories surrounding Storm Shadow....More

Lee Byung-hun wins best jewellery wearer award in Japan

Source | 2010/01/29 | Permalink

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun and Madame Miyuki at the International Jewelry Tokyo event [BH Entertainment]

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun has won an award for being the best jewellery wearer alongside Japan's First Lady at a jewellery event in Tokyo held Wednesday.

According to his agency BH Entertainment, the actor attended the opening ceremony of the International Jewellery Tokyo 2010 and jointly won a special award in the category with Miyuki Hatoyama....More

Lee Byung-hun questioned by authorities all night

Source | 2010/01/22 | Permalink

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun [Asia Economic Daily]

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun -- who is currently engaged in a legal battle with his former girlfriend -- was questioned by Korean authorities last night, according to a source at Seoul Central District Court.

"We summoned Lee and with his consent, held an investigation from 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening through 5 a.m. the next morning", an official with the Korean Prosecutors' Office was quoted as saying on Thursday. He explained that the night-long questioning was regarding the two lawsuits filed by the actor and one filed against him....More

Lee Byung-hun to star in Kim Jee-woon's thriller pic

Source | 2010/01/14 | Permalink

(From left) Actors Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik and director Kim Jee-woon

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun has joined the cast of a new thriller film by famed director Kim Jee-woon, according to Lee's agency BH Entertainment on Thursday.

An official at BH explained that Lee is set to star in the film -- titled "I Saw the Devil" -- although the actor has not finished signing the contract as of yet....More

[ChanMi's movie news] "Saw the Devil" starring Lee Byung-hun

Source | 2010/01/13 | Permalink

Top star, Lee Byung-hun is in the new Director Kim Jee-woon's film, "I Saw the Devil".

Lee's agency, BH Entertainment confirmed through that phone that he is in this movie but it has not been written in papers, yet.

He is in this director's film for the third time after ...More

Bae Soo-bin joins cast of drama "Dong Yi"

Source | 2010/01/05 | Permalink

Actor Bae Soo-bin [SBS]

Actor Bae Soo-bin has decided to join the cast of a historial drama by famed producer Lee Byeong-hoon of hit TV series "Dae Jang Geum" and "Yi San", according to Bae's agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

BH explained that Bae, 33, will play the role of a swordsman who dedicates his life to protecting his love Dong Yi, played by actress Han Hyo-joo, in the TV series also tentatively titled "Dong Yi" in English....More

Lee Byung-hun Saga Takes New Twist

Source | 2009/12/14 | Permalink

Countersuit Filed Against Kwon for Defamation; Photos Released by Ex-Girlfriend

By Cho Jae-hyon
Staff Reporter

Beleaguered star actor Lee Byung-hun, dragged into a legal battle by a Korean-Canadian gymnast over alleged sexual misconduct and gambling allegations, said the truth would be brought to light through legal procedures.

His lawyer said Monday that a complaint was filed Friday with the prosecution against the woman, identified only as Kwon, for defaming the top Korean wave, or hallyu, star with false allegations.

In a letter posted on his homepage Sunday night, Lee revealed his position regarding the scandal, which took a new twist when Kwon released some photos she had taken with Lee to the media.

The 39-year-old actor said he won't reply to the series of allegations raised by Kwon case-by-case as he believes "silence is the wisest response" to allegations distorting the truth.


Lee Byung-hun Takes Legal Action against Threats

Source | 2009/12/10 | Permalink

Top star Lee Byung-hun issued a press release on December 9 stating he had been threatened by unidentified people. In the press release, he requested an investigation.

The actor's agency, BH Entertainment, said Lee and his manager had been receiving phone calls since last month threatening to spread false rumors about the actor's relationship with his former girlfriend and demanding 2 billion won. Lee dated his former girlfriend from fall last year to spring this year. As the actor did not respond to the threats, the culprits filed a civil laws...More

Lee Byung-hun Sued by Female Gymnast

Source | 2009/12/09 | Permalink

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff Reporter

Actor Lee Byung-hun is being sued by a former female gymnast, who alleges he deceived her with false promises of marriage. The actor is planning a countersuit for libel.

According to the Seoul Central District Court, a 22-year-old Kwon with a Canadian passport filed a suit against Lee Tuesday demanding 100 million won in compensation on charges of deceit.

The alleged victim used to be a member of the Canadian national team and met Lee while he was on a promotion tour of "The Good, the Bad, the Weird", a movie in which he starred.

She said she had moved to Korea to be with him...More

Lee Byung-hun iPod Touch Coming Soon

Source | 2009/11/16 | Permalink

A limited edition of the iPod Touch named after top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will soon be released, his agency said, Monday.

The domestic iPod sales agency began to receive orders online and offline for 3,000 of the "LBH Limited Edition 8G", Monday.

"It is the first time that a limited edition of iPod Touch with an actor's initials will be released", his agency BH Entertainment said.

The package is comprised of an iPod Touch with Lee's autograph, a leather cover and a set of postcards with his photos.

Lee played Storm Shadow in the Hollywood film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra". He has been enjoying soaring popularity with the ongoing KBS2 TV sp...More

Actor Lee Byung-hun Says Best Is Yet to Come

Source | 2009/09/12 | Permalink

"I can't tell whether having appeared in just one Hollywood film is success or failure", says actor Lee Byung-hun of his Hollywood debut in the movie "G.I. Joe". "The journey is just beginning and I'm still trying. I think of it as having taken a step forward". Playing the part of Storm Shadow in the action blockbuster was worrying, Lee says, because the character is a comic book exaggeration far removed from reality.

"G.I. Joe" was yet another experience in foreign moviemaking for the Korean actor, who also appeared in the French film "I Come with the Rain". While at the Cannes International Film Festival last year with the ...More

Lee Byung-hun Draws Crowds of Fans in Japan

Source | 2009/03/30 | Permalink

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been visited by more than 2,000 Japanese fans nearly every day during his stay in Akita Prefecture, Japan to shoot his new drama "IRIS", his agency BH Entertainment said.

"We kept the shooting locations secret, so only some key staff knew about them. It was surprising how the Japanese fans found out where the shooting was taking place, and as many as approximately 2,500 fans came to a shooting site to see Lee every day", the agency said. "The Akita Prefecture government had police and security guards stationed for emergencies, but no regrettable incidents happened".

Since the Korean actor arrived on March 9, the Japanese prefecture has seen many of his fans pour into the area from all over the country, filling up all hotels and...More

Han Chae-young Cast in 'Good Morning President'

Source | 2009/03/09 | Permalink

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Actress Han Chae-young, who stars in the hit KBS drama "Boys over Flowers", has been cast alongside popular actor Jang Dong-gun in the upcoming film "Good Morning President", Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.

Han's ...More

'Send Text Message to Lee Byung-hun'

Source | 2009/01/30 | Permalink

Revamped official Lee Byung-hun homepage brought down by too many users

There's now a way you can send a text message to actor Lee Byung-hun.

His management agency BH Entertainment said, "The feature is included on Lee's official homepage, newly revamped as of last Friday. People can type in their messages which will be delivered to Lee".

On the day of the renewed launch, the Web site went down due to excessive access by too many users.

BH said, "The server was rebooted but the site was up again less than another hour. Fan interest is high. The firm administering the server is still on vacation so the homepage operatio...More

Rain Lee Byung-hun, how much would they get paid in Hollywood?

Source | 2008/02/21 | Permalink

On 13th, the singer and actor Rain revealed that he's going to appear as the main role in the Wachowski brothers' next film, "Ninja Assassin" after completing shooting the "Speed Racer". And Lee Byung-hun went to US last month to shoot his Hollywood debut film, "G.I. Joe" (produced by the Paramount. co.). Ever since, the Korean Waves stars' have set their first foot in their entrance to the Hollywood.

If so, how would they be treated in the Hollywood? One of the main areas of interest is how much they will be paid in Hollywood. Even though they receive the one of the highest fees in Korea, they are new faces in t...More

Lee Byung-hun To Hold Promotion For His Photo Album Showcase In Japan

Source | 2007/07/12 | Permalink

On his 36th birthday on July 12th, Lee Byung-hun will hold a showcase in Budokan in Japan for his third photo album, "Paris; A monochrome man in a monochrome city".

Lee Byung-hun's management agency, BH Entertainment revealed that they plan to hold the event in two parts in case of overcrowding and expects 16,000 people to participate.

Fans plan a simple birthday party for Lee Byung-hun at the showcase, and to sing to him happy birthday songs.

Lee Byung-hun to Make Special Appearance in Takuya Kimura Movie

Source | 2007/04/17 | Permalink

Top star Lee Byung-hun will meet Japan's most popular star, Takuya Kimura in a film.

Lee Byung-hun's agency, BH Entertainment revealed on the 17th that "Lee Byung-hun will make a special appearance in Hero, a movie starring Takuya Kimura".

Hero, a popular drama which debuted in 2001 on Fuji TV starred...More

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