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나무엑터스 (Namoo Actors)
Management company
Samgyeong Bldg., 5th Fl.
96-4, Nonhyeon 2-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-819)
South Korea

Tel : +82-2-3444-5373
Fax : +82-2-3444-1570
Fanletter E-mail : ( Korean )
Management company
Baek Seo-bin (백서빈)
Baek Seo-bin
Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
Baek Yoon-sik
Chae Bin (채빈)
Chae Bin
Chun Woo-hee (천우희)
Chun Woo-hee
Do Ji-won (도지원)
Do Ji-won
Han Jung-soo (한정수)
Han Jung-soo
Hong Eun-hee (홍은희)
Hong Eun-hee
Jeon Hye-bin (전혜빈)
Jeon Hye-bin
Ji Sung (지성)
Ji Sung
Kim Hwan-hee (김환희)
Kim Hwan-hee
Kim Hyang-gi (김향기)
Kim Hyang-gi
Kim Hye-sung (김혜성)
Kim Hye-sung
Kim Hyo-jin (김효진)
Kim Hyo-jin
Kim Ji-soo (김지수)
Kim Ji-soo
Kim Joo-hyuk (김주혁)
Kim Joo-hyuk
Kim So-yeon (김소연)
Kim So-yeon
Lee Joon-gi (이준기)
Lee Joon-gi
Lee Kyu-han (이규한)
Lee Kyu-han
Lee Shin-sung (이신성)
Lee Shin-sung
Lee Yoon-ji (이윤지)
Lee Yoon-ji
Moon Chae-won (문채원)
Moon Chae-won
Moon Jong-won (문종원)
Moon Jong-won
Oh Tae-kyung (오태경)
Oh Tae-kyung
Park Eun-bin (박은빈)
Park Eun-bin
Park Gun-hyung (박건형)
Park Gun-hyung
Park Ji-hyun (박지현)
Park Ji-hyun
Park Sang-wook (박상욱)
Park Sang-wook
Roh Jeong-eui (노정의)
Roh Jeong-eui
Shin Se-kyung (신세경)
Shin Se-kyung
Song Kang (송강)
Song Kang
Yoo Hyun-soo (유현수)
Yoo Hyun-soo
Yoo Ji-tae (유지태)
Yoo Ji-tae
Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
Yoon Je-moon
Yu Jun-sang (유준상)
Yu Jun-sang



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[HanCinema's News] Shin Se-kyung and Im Si-wan Consider "Run on"

2020/06/04 | Permalink

Namoo Actors, the agency which represents Shin Se-kyung, has confirmed that the actress is considering a leading role in the upcoming jTBC drama "Run On". The same source stated that Im Si-wan is also considering a leading role in the project, with his status being described as considering positively, as opposed to just considering...More

"Mr. Sunshine" Ko Woo-rim to Become Lee Bo-young's Son in "When My Love Blooms"

Source | 2020/02/18 | Permalink

Ko Woo-rim, the child actor from "Mr. Sunshine" is starring in "When My Love Blooms" as Lee Bo-young's son.

Namoo Actors announced that Ko Woo-rim will be playing a role in "When My Love Blooms" on the 18th...More

Kim Min-jae-I and Park Eun-min in Talks for "Do You Like Brahms"

Source | 2020/02/17 | Permalink

Actors Kim Min-jae-I and Park Eun-bin are considering "Do You Like Brahms".

Yam Yam Entertainment and Namoo Actors announced this fact on the 17th...More

[HanCinema's News] Park Min-young's Agency Promises Legal Consequences Against Negative Rumors

2019/12/23 | Permalink

Park Min-young's Instagram

Namoo Actors has promised legal consequences in response to malicious comments being made against actress Park Min-young...More

Roh Jeong-eui Accepted to Hanyang University's School of Drama and Film

Source | 2019/11/12 | Permalink

Roh Jeong-eui is a university freshman now.

Namoo Actors told Star News on the 8th that Roh Jeong-eui has been accepted to the Hanyang University's School of Drama and Film...More

Stars Won't Take It Anymore - From Lee Seung-gi to Bae Suzy, Legal Action is Taken Against Keyboard Warriors

Source | 2019/09/30 | Permalink

Stars won't take it anymore. They are going to go legal with keyboard warriors and rumor spreaders.

Hook Entertainment announced on the 29th through its official SNS that it has come to the conclusion that malicious comments towards their actor, Lee Seung-gi, are no longer tolerable, and have collected and handed over information regarding people responsible for these crimes to legal authorities on the 26th...More

Namoo Actors Re-signs Contract With Moon Chae-won

Source | 2019/09/26 | Permalink

Moon Chae-won re-signed a contract with Namoo Actors.

Namoo Actors acknowledged this fact on the 26th...More

"Hotel Del Luna" Lee Tae-sun Returns as the Star of "Drama Special - Wreck Car"

Source | 2019/09/05 | Permalink

Actor Lee Tae-sun is starring in the short drama "Drama Special - Wreck Car", according to Namoo Actors.

Lee Tae-sun plays a wreck car driver who coincidentally witnesses a little girl being kidnapped and goes after her...More

Song Kang, Lee Do-hyun and Lee Jae-wook - The Generation Change Has Begun

Source | 2019/09/02 | Permalink

There has been a "famine" of 20s actors once, but the generation change has begun with the appearance of many rookies in recent years.

New faces can be seen in several dramas these days. Their good looks and talent won the hearts of the audience at once and their names are up on live-time portal sites. Some of these 'rising stars' are Song Kang, Lee Do-hyun and Lee Jae-wook...More

[HanCinema's News] "Love Alarm" Has Raised Song Kang's Profile

2019/08/27 | Permalink

Interest has been surging in Song Kang since the release of "Love Alarm" on Netflix on August 22nd. His agency, Namoo Actors, has released still photos from the set of "Love Alarm" in response to this demand...More

Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-young Consider "I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice"

Source | 2019/08/06 | Permalink

Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-young are reviewing their offers for "I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice" according to Fantagio and Namoo actors.

"I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice" is a story about forgiveness, healing, and love taking place around a small book store in the countryside. It is based on a novel by Lee Do-woo...More

Lee Joon-gi Continues Bond With IU in "Hotel Del Luna"

Source | 2019/07/18 | Permalink

Lee Joon-gi is making a special appearance in "Hotel Del Luna" out of loyalty to IU.

Namoo Actors revealed that Lee Joon-gi's friendship with IU led to his special appearance on the new tvN drama "Hotel Del Luna"...More

Chun Woo-hee to Appear in 1st TV Series in 2 Years

Source | 2019/02/26 | Permalink

Actress Chun Woo-hee will appear in a new TV series, "Be Melodramatic", due to start airing in July...More

Actor Kim Joo-hyuk Passed One Year Ago

Source | 2018/10/29 | Permalink

It's been a year since actor Kim Joo-hyuk left this world. He was beloved by many people who still can't believe he's not around anymore...More

Song Joong-ki visits Kim Joo-hyuk's funeral prior to honeymoon with Song Hye-kyo

Source | 2017/11/01 | Permalink

Actor Song Joong-ki visited Kim Joo-hyuk's funeral at the Asan Hospital in Seoul on the 1st. He had just gotten married to actress Song Hye-kyo on the 31st of October and it was a mix of tragedy and joy in the showbiz. Most of the guests at Song Joong-ki's wedding headed to the funeral right after. Song Joong-ki himself made sure he took care of things and headed to the funeral.

Many stars were at the funeral on the second day which was the 1st of November. Jeon Do-yeon, Namgoong Min, Lee You-jin, Seo Young-joo, Han Jung-soo, Yu Jun-sang, Ji Sung, and Kim Joo-hyuk's girlfriend Lee Yoo-young stayed all night...More

Kim Joo-hyuk, funeral to be held back until cause of death comes out

Source | 2017/10/30 | Permalink

Namoo Actors made a statement about Kim Joo-hyuk's funeral.

Kim Joo-hyuk drove his car down a flight of stairs into the wall of an apartment building on the 30th of October. The actor received CPR on one account and was taken to the Gunguk Hospital but passed away in the hospital...More

Kim Joo-hyuk passes away due to a car accident

Source | 2017/10/30 | Permalink

Actor Kim Joo-hyuk was in a car accident around 4:30 PM KST in Seoul. He was transported to Konkuk University Medical Center where he passed away at about 6:30 PM KST...More

Actress Moon Geun-young Set to Return from Illness

Source | 2017/09/08 | Permalink

Actress Moon Geun-young is ready to get back to work after being forced to take a break earlier this year due to a serious illness...More

Actors Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin have broken up

Source | 2017/08/25 | Permalink

Actors Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin have gone their separate ways...More

Crowd packs airport in China to see Lee Joon-gi

Source | 2016/06/08 | Permalink

Lee Joon-gi's agency Namoo Actors said on June 7th, 'Lee Joon-gi departed to Beijing today to attend a press conference for his movie, 'Under the Sicily Sun'.

'Under the Sicily Sun' is a Chinese romance movie starring Lee Joon-gi and Zhou Dongyu and directed by Lin Yu-Hsien...More

Yoon Je-moon admits to driving intoxicated, his work in panic

Source | 2016/06/07 | Permalink

While actor Yoon Je-moon admitted to have driven under intoxication, his work is in panic.

According to Namoo Actors, Yoon Je-moon was found sleeping in his car around 7AM in the morning on the 23rd last month. His alcohol level was 0.104% which is subject to the cancellation of his driver's license. He admitted to have driven drunk and this case has been sent to the Seoul West District Office...More

Lee Joon-gi's fans fill up Tokyo International Forum

Source | 2016/05/24 | Permalink

Lee Joon-gi experienced his popularity among his Japanese fans.

Lee Joon-gi's agency Namoo Actors said on May 24, "Lee Joon-gi held a successful fan meeting in Japan on May 19th"...More

Shin Se-kyung shoots commercial in swimming pool in Bali

Source | 2016/04/27 | Permalink

A behind-the-scenes image from Shin Se-kyung's commercial shooting set has been revealed.

On April 27th, Namoo Actors posted the photo on their official Instagram with a caption, "Hidden pictures game to find Se-kyeong! #Bali She is shooting a commercial. We hope summer arrives soon!!"...More

Chun Woo-hee to co-star with Kim Nam-gil in movie 'My Angel'

Source | 2016/04/01 | Permalink

Chun Woo-hee will co-star with Kim Nam-gil in movie "My Angel" (working title).

"My Angel" is a romance movie in which an insurance auditor, who witnessed his wife killing herself, later meets a woman in coma...More

A goddess is returning: Han Hye-jin sends her beautiful smile from UK

Source | 2016/03/19 | Permalink

On March 19th, the star-studded entertainment management company, Namoo Actors posted actress Han Hye-jin's photo on their official Instagram.

Namoo Actors said, "A photo from UK! Aren't you happy to see? Actress Han Hye-jin, just so beautiful, no need to say more. A verification for our goddess" and "She is shooting a pictorial in UK"...More

Jeon Hye-bin returns to drama through tvNs' 'Oh Hae-Young Again'

Source | 2016/03/08 | Permalink

Actress Jeon Hye-bin has confirmed her cast for "Oh Hae-Young Again".

Her agency Namoo Actors confirmed officially on March 9th that Jeon Hye-bin was cast for tvN's forthcoming Monday & Tuesday drama, "Oh Hae-Young Again"...More

Ji Sung still in talks for 'Entertainers'

Source | 2016/03/08 | Permalink

Ji Sung is considering the offer from SBS's new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Entertainers".

An associate from Ji Sung's agency Namoo Actors said in the afternoon on March 8th, "Ji Sung is considering the offer for "Entertainers" and hasn't been able to make a decision yet"...More

Kim Ji-soo joins 'Hwarang' as Park Hyung-sik's mother

Source | 2016/03/07 | Permalink

KBS 2TV's forthcoming drama, "Hwarang" has confirmed Kim Ji-soo's casting.

Kim Ji-soo's agency Namoo Actors said in the morning on March 7th, "Kim Ji-soo has been cast as Queen Mother Jiso in KBS 2TV's "Hwarang" slated for the second half of this year"...More

Shin Se-kyung sends out her Seollal greeting from the filming set of 'Six Flying Dragons'

Source | 2016/02/08 | Permalink

'Six Flying Dragons' actress Shin Se-kyung's video with her Seollal greeting has been revealed. Shin Se-kyung's agency Namoo Actors released the behind-the-scenes video clips of SBS' Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Six Flying Drgons' through Naver TV Cast.

The video clips from the filming set under the chilly winter weather reveals the vivid behind-the-scenes, where Shin Se-kyung puts a hot pack on her ears or rushes to put on a padded jacket as soon as filing her portion was done. Another video shows her saying 'Unnie, I'm sorry" to Jung Yoo-mi to apologize, after she filmed a scene where she had to stare at Jung Yoo-mi...More

'Happy Home' actress Kim So-yeon sends out Seollal greeting for her Korean and Chinese fans

Source | 2016/02/08 | Permalink

"Happy Home" actress Kim So-yeon sent out a new year's wish for her fans in Korea and China.

On February 8th, Kim So-yeon has posted her new year's greeting through the official Facebook of her agency Namoo Actors and her Weibo SNS account. In the revealed photos, Kim So-yeon showing such a bright smile is holding a sign saying, "Happy New Year" in Korean and Chinese. Her lovely handwriting on the card has caught our attention...More

Shin Se-kyung Reports Internet Trolls to Police

Source | 2016/02/03 | Permalink

Shin Se-kyung (left) and Park Si-hoo

Actress Shin Se-kyung has reported some 20 people to police for allegedly posting defamatory comments about her on the Internet, Gangnam police said Tuesday.

The suspects are alleged to have posted rumors that Sin flirts with many male celebrities...More

[Spoiler] Kim So-yeon to make a special appearance in 'One More Happy Ending'

Source | 2016/01/19 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-yeon went for a dramatic transformation to make the one-time special appearance in the upcoming drama, "One More Happy Ending".

On January 19th, Kim So-yeon's agency Namoo Actors unveiled several still images featuring Kim So-yeon's transformation into a woman with freckles and curly hair for MBC's new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "One More Happy Ending". The revealed image, Kim So-yeon wearing tacky clothing looks frustrated, or casts a side-glance worriedly...More

Actress Han Hye-jin's sister and chef Jo Jae-beom get married today

Source | 2015/10/12 | Permalink

Actress Han Hye-jin's second older sister, Han Ga-yeong tied the knot with chef Jo Jae-beom today.

While it's been only one month since Han Hye-jin delivered a baby, she attended her sister's wedding to celebrate the happy moment together...More

Ji Sung on the stage to greet audience for 'The Vampire Lives Next Door' during BIFF 2015

Source | 2015/10/11 | Permalink

On October 11th, Ji Sung's agency Namoo Actors, through their official Facebook, has revealed Ji Sung's behind-the-scenes photos taken when he attended the 20th Busan International Film Festival.

Ji Sung attended the 'Color of Asia – Masters' event featuring the films invited to the Gala Presentation, which were played in Haneolyeon Theater in Busan Cinema Center on October 8th. He went on the stage along with director Im Sang-soo for the short film project, 'The Vampire Lives Next Door'...More

How Kim Tae-hee escaped from being the scapegoat

Source | 2015/08/24 | Permalink

In the past, Kim Tae-hee's sister worked at Namoo Actors for 2 years. It was a permanent position with insurance. She was helping the managers and her sister who was making 5 billion won a year. There was no reason for anyone to stop the sister from coming into work and helping out.

However, there was a lot of noise about this as there is no case where a celebrity and his or her family worked out well together. There was also the question of how well a blood-related family could be rational when it came to making decisions about work and money matters...More

'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Lee Joon-gi shows how to beat the summer heat on the set

Source | 2015/07/14 | Permalink

Lee Joon-gi's agency Namoo Actors has revealed behind-the-scenes photos from the outdoor set of 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'.

The revealed photos captured Lee Joon-gi's various efforts to beat the summer heat, while he's filming his drama 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'...More

Jeon Hye-bin looks stunning in red dress

Source | 2015/06/25 | Permalink

Jeon Hye-bin revealed her new pictorial.

In the afternoon on June 25th, Jeon Hye-bin's agency Namoo Actors posted the behind-the-scenes photos from her pictorial photoshoot set...More

Lee Joon-gi, Jeon Hye-bin in rumored relationship? "We're just friends"

Source | 2015/06/19 | Permalink

The agency for Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin has denied the rumored relationship of the two.

Jeon Hye-bin has clearly denied the rumor about her relationship with Lee Joon-gi, of which news broke out recently...More

Lee Joon-gi with nasal fracture from 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' undergoes surgery today

Source | 2015/06/10 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon-gi's agency made an announcement in regards to his injury caused during filming his drama.

On June 10th, Namoo Actors posted on Lee Joon-gi's official fan page under the title, "Notice in regards to the injury caused the set of 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'"...More

Child actress Kim Hyang-gi joins star-studded cast in movie 'A Letter From Prison'

Source | 2015/05/09 | Permalink

Actress Kim Hyang-gi has joined movie "A Letter From Prison" directed by Kwon Jong-gwan and produced by Contents K.

Kim Hyang-gi's agency Namoo Actors said on May 7th through a phone conversation to TV Reports, "Kim Hyang-gi has confirmed her casting in "A Letter From Prison""...More

'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Lee Joon-gi on busy schedule, fan meetings and promotional events

Source | 2015/04/30 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon-gi's recent activities have been revealed.

Lee Joon-gi, who had played the leading role in KBS' popular drama, 'Gunman in Joseon' last year, revealed some photos from his recent activities...More

'Falling For Innocence' actress Kim So-yeon signs re-contract with Namoo Actors

Source | 2015/04/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-yeon signed re-contract with Namoo Actors, confirming the trustful relationship between her and the agency.

An official from Namoo Actors told OSEN on April 17th, " Kim So-yeon has resigned her contract with Namoo Actors" and "The agency and she have been in the trustful relationship for the last 10 years"...More

Jeon Hye-bin looks amazing in un-photoshopped BTS still images

Source | 2015/04/14 | Permalink

Actress Jeon Hye-bin's un-photoshopped BTS still images have been revealed.

Jeon Hye-bin's agency Namoo Actors revealed her BTS still images from her pictorial, through the agency's official Facebook on April 13th...More

Moon Geun-young and Park Seo-joon are in talks for 'A Chaebol's Daughter'

Source | 2015/04/07 | Permalink

Will Moon Geun-young and Park Seo-joon couple up in drama "A Chaebol's Daughter"?

Moon Geun-young and Park Seo-joon are in talks for SBS' new Monday & Tuesday drama, "A Chaebol's Daughter". On April 7th, Moon Geun-young's agency Namoo Actors said, "Moon Geun-young was offered a role in "A Chaebol's Daughter" and is discussing the offer"...More

`The Girl Who Sees Smells` Shin Se-kyung's behind-the-scenes photo

Source | 2015/04/02 | Permalink

On April 2nd, Namoo Actors revealed Shin Se-kyung's behind-the-scenes photo from the filming set of 'The Girl Who Sees Smells'.

Shin Se-kyung took on the leading role as Oh Cho-rim in the drama where she shines with the appeals as a rom-com girl on the next level...More

All-around talented actress Jeon Hye-bin joins movie 'Office Romance' as the lead

Source | 2015/02/13 | Permalink

While actress Jeon Hye-bin has been showing outstanding activities through dramas and entertainment shows, she has made her next move onto screen. Jeon Hye-bin's agency, Namoo Actors said through the press release on February 13th, "Jeon Hye-bin will join new film "Office Romanc...More

Actor Lee Joon-gi spotted on the set of 'The Sunshine of Sicily' in China

Source | 2015/01/22 | Permalink

The agency for actor Lee Joon-gi, Namoo Actors released the still cuts from the set of the Chinese film, 'The Sunshine of Sicily'.

In the released images, Lee Joon-gi is concentrating on what director Lin Yu Xuan is telling him. It shows his sincere and enthusiastic attitudes towards the film...More

A-list actress of Chungmuro, Chun Woo-hee may join film 'Loves, Lies'

Source | 2015/01/16 | Permalink

Chun Woo-hee, who recently emerged as an A-list actress of Chungmoro, is considering the offer to join the film, 'Loves, Lies'.

A source from Chun Woo-hee's agency Namoo Actors said, "Chun Woo-hee was recently offered a role for the film 'Loves, Lies'. She is currently considering the offer positively and will make a decision soon as the film will start shooting next April...More

Chun Woo-hee shared backstory on choosing agency, 'Namoo Actors' following Won bin's advice

Source | 2014/12/22 | Permalink

While 'Han Gong-ju's a leading actress, is being celebrated, the backstory of Chun Woo-hee's contract with her agency, 'Namoo Actors', is growing public interest.

When Chun Woo-hee appeared on the tvN talk show, 'Field Talk Show, Tax' she shared her story about her and Won Bin's acquaintance through the movie 'Mother...More

Actor, Lee Joon-gi presents dancing skills better than idol dancers

Source | 2014/12/18 | Permalink

On December 18th, Lee Joon-gi's agency, Namoo Actors released a video clip with Lee Joon-gi' dance practice under the title, 'Full Version of Dance Practice to 'Ma Lady" through its official Youtube channel

In the video, Lee Joon-gi grabs viewer's attention by dancing to the music, 'Ma Lady' from the mini album, 'EXHALE' released in last November. With his mischievous smile and beads of sweat trickling down on his face at the end of the video clip, it makes his fans' hearts beat...More

Kim Ah-joong Returns to TV in Legal Drama

Source | 2014/12/13 | Permalink

Actress Kim Ah-joong will return to TV for the first time in four years as a prosecutor with a strong sense of justice in SBS' new legal drama "Punch - Drama"...More

Kim Beom, Moon Geun-young Split Up After Seven Months

Source | 2014/05/16 | Permalink

Kim Beom (left) and Moon Geun-young arrive at Incheon International Airport from Europe on Nov. 28, 2013.

Actors Kim Beom and Moon Geun-young have ended their seven-month relationship.

Kim's management agency King Kong Entertainment on Thursday confirmed that the two have split up but agreed to stay friends as they focus on their respective careers...More

Today's Photo: January 11, 2014 : Namoo Actors 10th Anniversary

Source | 2014/01/11 | Permalink

Celebrity couple Kim Hyo-jin (left) and Yoo Ji-tae pose at an event for the entertainment agency "Namoo Actors" in Seoul on Friday...More

Veteran Actor Baek Yoon-sik Dating Woman Half His Age

Source | 2013/09/16 | Permalink

Actor Baek Yoon-sik, 66, is dating a TV reporter almost 30 years his junior, which has caused some of his friends to express concern about the couple's significant age gap.

According to his management agency Namoo Actors on Friday, they first met in summer 2012 through mutual acquaintances when Baek was working on a project for a terrestrial TV station. They have no plans to get married at this point, it added...More

66-year-old actor in love with TV reporter 30 years younger

Source | 2013/09/14 | Permalink

Actor Baek Yoon-sik, 66, is in love with a television reporter who is 30 years younger.

Namoo Actors, Baek`s agency, announced Friday that he and a KBS reporter first met at a social gathering in June last year and have developed a romantic relationship while exchanging views on movies...More

Shin Se-kyung eating non-stop

Source | 2013/06/06 | Permalink

Actress Shin Se-kyung was seen eating like crazy.

Behind scenes of Shin Se-kyung while she was eating were posted on the official You Tube site of her agency Namoo Actors...More

Han Hye-jin, Ki Sung-yueng Announce Wedding Date

Source | 2013/05/29 | Permalink

Han Hye-jin (left) and Ki Sung-yueng

Actress Han Hye-jin has announced that she will wed Swansea City midfielder Ki Sung-yueng on July 1.

"I'm getting married on July 1. We promised to tie the knot and become one", she tweeted. "Ki can only make time for our wedding during his vacation. If we miss [the opportunity] this year, we'll have to wait until next year, so we thought this time would be best in consideration of the importance of the next [football] season for him"...More

Jo Han-chul signs with Namoo Actors

Source | 2013/04/30 | Permalink

Actor Jo Han-chul is now family with Han Hye-jin and Shin Se-kyung.

Namoo Actors revealed on the 1st, "Jo Han-chul has signed a contract with us"...More

Han Jung-soo becomes King Euija

Source | 2013/04/18 | Permalink

Han Jung-soo became King Euija.

Han Jung-soo's agency Namoo Actors posted pictures of the poster shooting site of the tvN drama "She Is Wow" on Twitter on the 19th...More

Actress Moon Geun-young becomes the first Chosun

Source | 2013/04/14 | Permalink

Actress Moon Geun-young is starring in the MBC drama "Goddess of Fire Jeongi" as the first female potter in the Chosun Times.

She takes on the role of Yoo-jeong who is passionate about the art of pottery. This is her first historical drama since "Painter of the Wind" 5 years ago...More

Actress Jeon Hye-Bin

Source | 2012/02/25 | Permalink

South Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin is seen trying a baseball in Seoul.

She is also a singer known as BIN. She was born on Sept. 27, 1983...More

Actress Kim Ji-soo Donates Stem Cells to Leukemia Sufferer

Source | 2011/08/23 | Permalink

TV actress Kim Ji-soo has donated her hematopoietic stem cells to a leukemia patient. "She was told by a general hospital in Seoul that there was a patient with a matching genotype, so she donated her hematopoietic stem cells to the patient", a spokesman for her agency Namoo Actors said Monday. "She's been recuperating at home since she left hospital"...More

The late actress Lee eun-joo's 6th death anniversary, tides of fans commemorating

Source | 2011/02/22 | Permalink

Fan's of late actress Lee Eun-joo arranged a memorial in commemoration of her death 6 years ago.

They are going to gather in the Kyeonggido Goyang-si Cheong-ah Park where she is resting, on the 22nd at 2PM....More

Kim Hyo-jin said, "I will NEVER wear any fur"

Source | 2010/12/17 | Permalink

Talent Kim Hyo-jin is known to be participating in anti-fur movement. This is her second environment-friendly movement after she made a statement that she will be vegetarian to protect animals.

Her company Namoo Actors said, “3~4 years ago, Kim Hyo-jin read 'Beyond Beef' and decided to be a vegetarian. She is not perfectly vegan yet; she still drinks milk and eat eggs. She is interested in documentaries about animal protection and killing. One day, when she was watching animal hunting scene from TV, she said, “I will never wear fur coats again. When her stylist brings new clothes, she always double checks, if it contains any real fur or not.”...More

Kim Chae-bin contracted with Namoo Actors... Will she continue the stardom of Moon Geun-young and Shin Se-kyung?

Source | 2010/11/22 | Permalink

Kim Chae-bin, who appeared in MBC drama 'Kim Soo Ro' and caught every viewer's eyes will live under the same roof.

Onthe 23rd, Namoo Actors revealed 3rd actress who will follow up Shin Se-kyung and Moon Geun-young, Kim Chae-bin....More

Kim Hye-sung will join the army in February.. "Will join like a man"

Source | 2010/11/22 | Permalink

Actor Kim Hye-sung will join the army next February and will be on active service.

His company Namoo Actors said, “Exact joining date is not confirmed yet but he is planning to join in February.”...More

Jo Dong-hyuk's muscular body lines are revealed

Source | 2010/11/21 | Permalink

Actor Jo Dong-hyuk revealed his masculine photoshoot.

In the photos of Jo Dong-hyuk, which were released on the21st, he is catching everybody's eyes with his six packs and sexy pose that is revealing little but of his pubic hair....More

SHINee Jonghyun girlfriend Shin Se-kyung shuts down website

Source | 2010/10/28 | Permalink

Actress Shin Se-kyung [10Asia]

Korean actress Shin Se-kyung has shut down her personal website which was apparently attacked by fans of boy band SHINee's lead vocalist Jonghyun who are angry that Sin is dating their favorite idol star.

Reps for Sin and Jonghyun, both high-profile celebrities in their respective fields, had admitted on Wednesday morning that two have been romantically involved for about a month now after a report by a local daily sports paper exposed photographs of the couple strolling hand-in-hand in a park...More

SHINee Jonghyun and Shin Se-kyung spotted dating

Source | 2010/10/27 | Permalink

Boy band SHINee member Jonghyun and actress Shin Se-kyung [10Asia]

Popular boy band SHINee member Jonghyun and actress Shin Se-kyung have been spotted dating by a local media outlet.

Local sports daily Sports Seoul on Wednesday carried a report revealing photographs of the two on a date on October 20 along with confirmations by their agencies that they have romantically involved for about a month now...More

Shin Se-kyung and Jonghyun is in a relationship!!! Netizens are showing positive feedbacks

Source | 2010/10/26 | Permalink

Shin Se-kyung and Jonghyun, both born in 1990, are going steady.

Shin Se-kyung's company, 'Namoo Actors' and Jonghyun's company, SM Entertainment, admitted the relationship between the two and said it's a starting stage. They first met in a meeting lead by their friends, and carefully continued their relationship....More

Moon Geun-young joins Jang Keun-suk for new drama

Source | 2010/09/13 | Permalink

Moon Geun-young [Namoo Actors]

Top Korean actress Moon Geun-young has decided to join the main cast of an upcoming KBS TV series also starring actor Jang Keun-suk, according to the show's promoter Ytree;media on Monday.

Ytree announced through a press release that the 23-year-old starlet will take on the role of the shameless and optimistic Mary in the drama based on comic "Marry Me, Mary!" by famed cartoon writer Won Soo-yeon...More

Moon Geun-young says she has been in love

Source | 2010/08/11 | Permalink

Actress Moon Geun-young speaks during a press call for play "Closer" held at the Art One Theater in Seoul, South Korea on August 10, 2010. [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Moon Geun-young has confessed that she has been in love before.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday during a press call for play "Closer" in which she takes on the role of strip dancer Alice, the former 'nation's little sister' remarked, "It's not like I haven't ever loved someone before, it's just that I haven't talked about it"...More

Han Hye-jin holds first fan meeting in Japan

Source | 2010/08/04 | Permalink

Korean actress Han Hye-jin [Namoo Actors]

Korean actress Han Hye-jin held her first fan meeting in Japan last weekend, according to her agency Namoo Actors on Wednesday.

Namoo announced in a press release that Han met with some 700 local fans at the fan meeting, held July 25 at the Ion Cosmetics Theater 'BRAVA' in Osaka, Japan...More

Moon Geun-young says "trying to be less friendly"

Source | 2010/07/21 | Permalink

Korean actress Moon Geun-young and actor Uhm Ki-joon [10Asia/Chae Ki-won]

The second project of the series of plays produced by talent agency Namoo Actors and Aga Entertainment will feature Moon Geun-young and Uhm Ki-joon. The theatrical play "Closer" was written by Patrick Marber and became a huge movie hit in 2004 with Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. The play premiered in Korea in 2005 with a cast of Nam Sung-jin, Park Hee-soon, Kim Yeo-jin, Son Byung-ho and Yoon Ji-hye. It was performed eight times on stage and known as the main repertoire of Aga Entertainment, receiving a lot of love from the public. Unlike other works where it 'romanticizes' love, "Closer" points out the cynicism and cold aspects of it. The play reflects on how "with their own laws of love everyone breaks apart" and the selfishness and coldness of four modern urbanites. Compared to previous productions of "Closer" that had been adapted to fit the Korean sentiments, the 2010 version will be close to the original play with the same inclination and feeling to the London show. Below are the excerpts from the press conference with the cast and director of the Korean adaptation of the play "Closer"...More

Moon Geun-young turns stripper in play "Closer"

Source | 2010/07/08 | Permalink

Moon Geun-young [10Asia]

Actress Moon Geun-young has been cast in the Korean version of play "Closer", taking to the theatrical stage for the first time since making her acting debut 11 years ago.

The play's producer Aga Company said Wednesday that Moon will play the role of strip dancer Alice in the famed production by English playwright Patrick Marber...More

Kim Kang-woo to wed actress Han Hye-jin's sister

Source | 2010/05/25 | Permalink

Korean actor Kim Kang-woo [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Kim Kang-woo will be marrying his longtime girlfriend next month, who is also the older sister of actress Han Hye-jin.

In a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Monday, Kim's agency Namoo Actors explained that the actor will wed his girlfriend Han Moo-young, who runs an online shopping mall, in a private ceremony at Seoul's Myeong-dong Cathedral on June 18...More

[10LINE] Actress Moon Geun-young

Source | 2010/05/06 | Permalink

Clockwise from top center: actress Lim Soo-jung, actor Kim Rae-won, actor Park Gun-hyung, actor Kim Joo-hyuk and actress Lee Mi-sook [10Asia]

Moon Geun-young
Star. Icon. Nation's little sister. Now we call her by her name "Geun-yeong".

Shin Ae-duk
Moon Geun-young's grandmother. As a child, Moon began her day watching morning dramas with her grandmother and at nights would fall asleep while talking with her grandmother on what happened during the day with her parents being busy working. Her grandmother told her, "In life, people go through various ups and downs but I don't want you to think about that too much and rather work on refining yourself and grow up to become an intelligent actress". Moon Geun-young's mother told her that the money she makes "is not our money" and suggested in donating it as "a way of investing your love to society". One of the biggest reasons that Moon was able to act from a young age until now without faltering is because of the unconditional support she received from her family...More

[FOCUS] Wednesday/Thursday drama rivalry - Part 2

Source | 2010/04/19 | Permalink

6. Work and Love, Love and Work: The story for all three stories are set at the workplace

"Prosecutor Princess": It is impossible to perfectly reenact the process of investigation that prosecutors carry out unless the program is a reality documentary. However, "Prosecutor Princess" adds an abundance of detail into depicting the daily life of a civil servant. The show has received reviews that even regular office workers can relate to the portrayal of the job description of a rookie prosecutor. "Princess" could become a good example of an office drama if it lays out the process of investigations with common sense.

"Personal Taste": One can't really say it is specialized. The drama does not explain through what process a house is designed, how to trim the different kinds of wood in order to make furniture, or what the necessary preparations are in carrying out a bidding. The scenes where Park Gae-in takes part in a furniture exhibition and has Jun Jin-ho cut the acrylic from a blind in order to avoid an emergency situation adds onto the sense of reality in telling the difficulties one struggles as an employee.

"Cinderella's Sister": Everyone gathers together at the makgeolli brewery called "Daesungdoga". However, this Goo Dae-sung's world of abundance and is one of the things that Song Gang-sook wants, but it does not display any characteristics as a work place. One might forget that it is a brewery, if it did not show the scene of Goo Hyo-seon (played by Seo Woo) drinking the residue left after rice liquor is drained before going to school. As a whole, the story of the self righteous self-made owner, the femme fatale-like new lady of the house, and the naive yet talkative workers and large family all seem like trite set-ups...More

Ji Sung to star in new TV series "Kim Soo Ro"

Source | 2010/03/05 | Permalink

Korean actor Ji Sung [Namoo Actors]

Korean actor Ji Sung has been set to star in a 20 billion won blockbuster TV series titled "Kim Soo Ro", according to his agency Namoo Actors.

Namoo announced Thursday that the actor has been cast to play the lead role in the upcoming MBC drama, playing the historic figure Kim Su-ro who founded and ruled the state of Geumgwan Gaya in the 5th century....More

Kim Tae-hee denies rumors about film "Lump Sugar 2"

Source | 2010/02/25 | Permalink

Top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee [Asia Economic Daily]

Top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee has denied recent rumors that she will be appearing in the film "Lump sugar 2", according to her agency and film producers on Thursday.

Agency Namoo Actors and the film's production company, who both acknowledged there were media reports of the actress appearing in "Lump sugar 2", declared the news was "not true"....More

[Movie] Celebrities Including Moon Geun-young, Kim So-yeon and Jo Dong-hyuk Team Up for Charity

Source | 2010/02/10 | Permalink

Seven celebrities on the roster of Namoo Actors, a management agency, including Kim Kang-woo, Kim So-yeon, Moon Geun-young, Lee Kyu-han, Lee Yoon-ji, Jeon Hye-bin and Jo Dong-hyuk, gathered together for a photo sho...More

Ji Sung signs with Moon Geun-young's management agency

Source | 2010/02/09 | Permalink

Korean actor Ji Sung [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Ji Sung has signed with entertainment agency Namoo Actors which also manages top Korean actresses Moon Geun-young and Kim So-yeon.

"We recently signed a contract with Ji Sung", an official at Namoo was quoted as saying. "Ji Sung's ambition to solidify his position as a Hallyu star and the company's vision matched up well"....More

Moon Geun-young and others shoot charity spread for Vogue

Source | 2010/01/18 | Permalink

From left, actresses Moon Geun-young, Kim So-yeon, Lee Yoon-ji and actor Jo Dong-hyuk [Vogue Korea]

A handful of Korean celebrities -- including top actresses Kim So-yeon and Moon Geun-young -- have come together to shoot a charity photo spread for fashion magazine Vogue Korea, according to their agency on Monday.

Seven notable actors -- including Jeon Hye-bin, Jo Dong-hyuk, Kim Kang-woo, Lee Kyu-han and Lee Yoon-ji -- who are all managed by entertainment agency Namoo Actors, took part in a photo shoot for the February issue of Vogue to promote the "Love Tree Project"....More

Star Couple Part Ways

Source | 2009/10/08 | Permalink

Actor Kim Joo-hyuk and actress Kim Ji-soo have ended their six-year relationship.

Their split, first reported by a local sports daily Wednesday, was confirmed by their agency Namoo Actors, Thursday.

The daily quoted a source as saying: "They broke up three months ago. The separation has been barely known, even unknown to their agency. I don't know why they broke up. They are still going through hard times".

Yet, the relationship appears to have ended amicably. "They have decided to remain friends", said an official from their agency, declining to elaborate.

Both born in 1972, the two started their relationship in 2004 after appearing together in the SBS TV series "Flowing River".

The actress posted a note on her blog at the end of July, hinting at the breakup. In the pos...More

Moon Geun-young's Quiet Charity Revealed

Source | 2008/11/15 | Permalink

The anonymous donor of W850 million (US$1=W1,392) over the last six years to the Community Chest of Korea stands revealed as 21-year-old actress Moon Geun-young.

The Community Chest of Korea on Thursday said the actress denied online rumors that she was the donor, but her agency okayed the disclosure, so the organization decided to make it public.

Since Nov. 2003, Moon has been donating all or part of her earnings from commercials, films and soap operas. Her donations were used to build children's libraries and subsidize hospital costs for children suffering from leukemia or cancer. Apart from the Community Chest of Korea, Moon has also given several hundred millions of won to scholarship foundations.

Namoo Actors, Moon's agency, said, "For Moon's family, charity seems a natural part o...More

Moon Geun-young to Help Build a Library in Australia

Source | 2008/03/21 | Permalink

Korea's favorite girl-next-door Moon Geun-young is showing her generosity by building a Korean library for young Korean expatriates in Australia. The actress is going to support the library construction by helping out with the cost and donating books.

A source at Moon's agency Namoo Actors says that Moon has been donating books with her own money since 2006, when she saw during a visit to her ...More

Actor Kim Kang-woo Wins in Turin

Source | 2007/12/02 | Permalink

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Actor Kim Kang-woo won the Best Actor award for his role in "The Railroad" (Gyeonguiseon) at the 25th Torino Film Festival in Italy, Saturday.

"The Railroad", directed by Park Heung-shik, also won a special award given by the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI).

Kim's agency Namoo Actors quoted the 29-year old actor as saying: "I'm very glad to have received this big award, but what I cannot forget is the response from th...More

Showbiz Suicides Alarm Management Agencies

Source | 2007/02/13 | Permalink

Alarm bells are ringing in Korea's entertainment business after the apparent suicides of pop singer U;Nee and actress Jeong Da-bin within three weeks of each other.

Agencies are clearly worried. While the stars ostensibly enjoy wealth and fame, they are also more at risk than ordinary people because their kudos can vanish in an instant. The fickle nature of the business brings its attendant anxieties, especially for women, experts say.

The actress Choi Jin-sil recalls the envy of other performers when she was a teen star. "You may think that the happiest moments come with the 'golden time' of celebri...More

Sales at the Asian Film Market

Source | 2006/11/03 | Permalink

This year's Pusan International Film Festival witnessed the opening of the inaugural Asian Film Market, a comprehensive film industry hub which covers many aspects of filmmaking from pre-sales, sales, and financing to production and post facilities as well as a casting network for up-and-coming stars.

In terms of deal-making, sales companies reported that not many deals were signed, however agreements and project advancement took place. The absence of many European buyers due largely to the opening of the Rome International Film Festival during the same period, was also noted, however those from Europe who did come had first pick and were pleased with their findings.

Among Korean deals made, CJ's martial arts fantasy The Restless and box office record-breaker The Host were bought from Cineclick Asia by Singapore's Queen Imperial for rights in Indonesia's growing market. Queen also picked up iHQ's ...More

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