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[Photos + Video] New Stills and Video Added for the Korean Animated Movie "The Haunted House: Sky Goblin, The Great Jormungandr"

Source | 2019/11/20 | Permalink

New stills and video added for the Korean animated movie "The Haunted House: Sky Goblin, The Great Jormungandr"...More

"The Last Empress" Under Restrictions for Youth Due to Violence

Source | 2019/04/14 | Permalink

SBS TV drama "The Last Empress" will be receiving some restrictions due to violence, disregarding human life, and animal abuse during its broadcast.

The Broadcasting Review Subcommittee of the Korea Communications Standards Commission held a meeting on the 11th and decided to vote on the three cases involved and submit them to the committee...More

Korean Dramas Starting Today 2019/02/15 in Korea

Source | 2019/02/15 | Permalink

Korean dramas starting today 2019/02/14 in Korea "The Fiery Priest" and drama "The Haunted Memory Season 2"...More

[Video] Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The Haunted Memory Season 2"

Source | 2019/02/14 | Permalink

Teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "The Haunted Memory Season 2"...More

IZ's Hyunjun to Star with Park Ji-ye in "The Haunted Memory Season 2"

Source | 2019/02/11 | Permalink

IZ member Hyunjun is starring in the Tooniverse animation "The Haunted Memory Season 2".

Season 1 aired in August of last year and was rated number one with over 1 million views, continuing its reputation as the original animated film. In particular, the story of the main characters growing up and solving cases has gained huge popularity, resonating with teenagers. Thanks to the popularity of season 1, season 2 is back...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "The Haunted House: The Secret of the Cave"

2018/08/18 | Permalink

One of the more popular cartoons on South Korea's Tooniverse channel is...apparently called Haunted House. That's a bad name. The main gimmick of the series is that it actually takes place in a relatively modern haunted apartment complex. The protagonists, spunky older sister Ha-ri (voiced by Kim Young-eun) and her chubby younger brother Doo-ri (played by Kim Chae-ha) work together with the small, big-eyed green goblin Sin-bi (voiced by Jo Hyeon-jeong) to catch ghosts. The meaning of Sin-bi's name doubles as mysterious or haunted in Korean, so the title is also a pun...More

Korean drama starting today 2014/07/31 in Korea

Source | 2014/07/31 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2014/07/31 in Korea : "Store Struck By Lightning Season 2"...More

Upcoming Korean drama "Store Struck By Lightning Season 2"

Source | 2014/07/29 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Store Struck By Lightning Season 2"'s page to HanCinema database...More

CJ E&M "Gabdong - The Serial Killer" and "Grandpa Over Flowers"

Source | 2014/04/24 | Permalink

According to CJ E&M, tvN drama "Gabdong - The Serial Killer" is resuming as it has been cancelled until now due to the Sewol ferry tragedy.

"Grandpa Over Flowers" is still in discussion. "SNL Korea" and "Comedy Big League" had been cancelled and replaced by dramas and other programs...More

Japanese Actors Hope to Boost Career in Korean Soaps

Source | 2012/11/24 | Permalink

Mina Fujii (left) and Yuriko Yoshitaka

Japanese actresses are making inroads into Korean TV soaps. SBS series "The King of Dramas" on Tuesday featured Mina Fujii as Akiko, the young wife of a Japanese businessman.

She made her film debut in "Simsons" in 2006 and has appeared in dramas "The Fantastic Deer Man" and "Bloody Monday"...More

Kara Kang Jiyoung's drama to be aired in Japan

Source | 2012/09/04 | Permalink

"Rainbow rose" starring Kang Jiyoung from Kara and Gunil from Supernova will be aired on cable TV channel Tooniverse.

"Rainbow Rose" is based in a Korean boarding house where students from various countries live together. The friendship and love between the students living there should be the fun of the drama. This drama was popular for the outstanding performance of the supporting actors and actresses when it was aired in Japan TV Tokyo in April...More

Kim So-hyun's unique visual

Source | 2012/08/22 | Permalink

Kid actress Kim So-hyun proved she has a small head.

Kim So-hyun was seen on the site of cable TV Tooniverse "Ma Boy". She is wearing a Daehan Art School uniform and is standing with Min Hoo...More

Korean drama starting today 2012/08/16 in Korea

Source | 2012/08/16 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2012/08/16 in Korea "Ma Boy"...More

[Video] Updated cast, images and videos for the upcoming Korean drama "Ma Boy"

2012/08/10 | Permalink

Updated cast, images and videos for the upcoming Korean drama "Ma Boy"...More

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Ma Boy"'s page to HanCinema database

Source | 2012/07/27 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Ma Boy"'s page to HanCinema database...More

Meet with a creator of Robocar Poli

Source | 2011/07/25 | Permalink

A police car showed up at Seoul Character Licensing Fair 2011! This is a children traffic safety exhibition booth with Robocar Poli. Robocar Poli, created by RoiVisual and EBS, is an animation for children on air of a transforming Robocar rescue team that saves friends living in Brooms Town, a beautiful island, from dangerous accidents...More

Celebrate Children's Day on TV

Source | 2010/05/04 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

Today is the day that kids can have their own way in just about anything. To celebrate Children's Day, television broadcasters and cables channels have prepared a lineup of fun and interesting programs.

Children these days may be used to listening to K-pop songs by their favorite bands and singers, but how about tuning in to original music for children for a change?

MBC's "MBC Creative Dong-yo Contest" has been a favorite among songwriters and fans, and the show is still running, celebrating its 20th anniversary. In line with Children's Day, the show will be aired live at 5 p.m. with Shin-dong from boy band Super Ju...More

[10LINE] Actor Jang Keun-suk

Source | 2010/04/23 | Permalink

Clockwise from top center: actress Lee Yoon-ji, actress Ha Ji-won, actor Kang Ji-hwan, actress Park Shin-hye and actor Yoo Seung-ho [10Asia]

Jang Keun-suk
From an early age, the world of entertainment was his workplace. He was surrounded only by adults. Even at a young age he made a lot of money and his wish was to have a "normal part-time job". He spent his teenage years as an 'idol' who acts.

Jang Han-na
Child actress who played the role of Jeong Nan-jeong for SBS drama "Yeoincheonha". Jang Keun-suk played the role of Jeong's half-brother. Jang began his career in entertainment when he beat the odds of 1:25,000 to win first place in a beautiful child contest. However, his parents were not able to pay much attention to his career because they were busy with their fish farm business in Danyang in the North Chungcheong Province...More

[TV Program] Combination of On-air and Online Broadcastings Proves to Be Profitable

Source | 2010/03/11 | Permalink

New services that blur the boundaries between on-air and online media are gaining ground as profit models for program providers, including cable TV.

According to an industry statement made on February 4, the marketing strategy of converging on-air and online services by animation channel Tooniverse, music channel MTV, and game channel Ongamenet has appealed to viewers. Recognizing that it was difficult to make viewers pay for content, these channels offered free VOD and invited viewers online to make separate purchases for related products.

Tooniland (, the Tooniverse homepage managed by Onmedia, offers animation VOD and related online games free of charge. Tooniland recorded 200 million page views for December and 300 million this Januar...More

OnMedia to Nurture Animation Business

Source | 2010/02/24 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Cable network OnMedia is joining hands with professionals to create the next Dooly, the main character from the popular animation "Dooly, the Baby Dinosaur".

Korea has been struggling to revive the local animation industry. Ever since the popular character Dooly, which first aired in 1987 on KBS, artists, institutes and networks have strived to bring more interesting and creative characters to the table, but failed to attract anime-lovers compared to the flourishing Japanese market.

According to a paper released by the National Assembly Research Service early this month, Korea's animation industry stands at a crossroads.

Producers and firms may understand that the influence of...More

Dooly remains popular

Source | 2009/07/01 | Permalink

Consistently popular among children through broadcasting and the internet, Dooly made its comeback to TV screen in 21st years. Dooly is now airing on SBS and Tooniverse, an animation channel after it debuted on Christmas as 'Dooly the Baby Dinosaur' (26 episodes). On SBS, it is broadcast every Thursday 4.p.m. which is not a prime time. However, it records viewership of about 2% per every episode and has its highest rating of 4.4%. It is rebroadcast at the same time every Wednesday. On Tooniverse (Monday 5.p.m. and Friday 8.p.m.), it has maintained 2~3% ratings with its first episode recorded 3.4 % of rating in Feb., the highest among cable TV programs broadcast at the same time.
Dooly i...More

'Revival of 'A Baby Dinosaur, Dooly'

Source | 2008/12/19 | Permalink

'A Baby Dinosaur, Dooly', had been gained a big popularity from the nation by serialized cartoon in magazines for 10 years since 1983, will come back by TV and mobile market.
First of all, new stories of Dooly will come back through SBS on Christmas.

For new special series of Christmas, 'A Baby Dinosaur, Dooly' will comeback with 26-part production through SBS. On 25th, it will be televised from 10:40 am for 90 minutes.

This is the 3rd time that Dooly has been produced as an animation after TV animation in 1987 and a film in 1996. About 2,800 million won has been invested for this production.

SBS Production and Tooniverse have cooperated for the investment and production with the origina...More

"Bakkom" to be broadcast on Tooniverse on Nov. 13

Source | 2006/11/09 | Permalink

The Bakkom series currently on EBS will also be broadcast on the cable TV channel Tooniverse beginning on Nov. 13.

An official from Bakkom producer RG Animation Studio (CEO: Kim, Kang-Deok) said, "Bakkom will be on 7:55 AM, 7:55 PM, and 11 PM, which are the time slots that used be occupied by popular Japanese animations, demonstrating this Korean animation's huge popularity".

Bakkom is a slapstick comedy animation about the adventures of a curious polar bear and his friends upon their arrival in the big city. The animation consists of 52 episodes that run 5 minutes eac...More

Tooniverse launches "Crayon House" for young kids

Source | 2006/10/24 | Permalink

Tooniverse, OnMedia's animation channel, announced on Oct. 24 the launch of its Crayon House, an edutainment block for very young kids and moms. Its maiden broadcast will be in the morning of Oct. 30, and will subsequently be broadcast every weekday.

The Crayon House block will feature a rich variety of edutainment programs and animations, produced in Korea and abroad, which are good for the emotional development of young kids.

Programs to be on the block include...More

Giggling Aside, Child Actors Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

Source | 2005/02/22 | Permalink

By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

These days, it's not a fire fighter, a teacher, a doctor or even the nation's president that kids want to be when they grow up. Instead, according to a recent survey, 2 out of 3 children want to go into show business, as either an actor or a singer.

Of the some 5,000 children aged 12 and younger who logged on to cable cartoon network Tooniverse's Web site, 67 percent replied that they would like to see themselves on television one day.

This may explain the increasing interest that children themselves are showing in getting themselves exposed to the business, earlier and earlier on.

MTM Communications, which for almost two decades has been South Korea's largest acting school and talent agency, has witnessed changes in the attitudes of children looking to make it big in the entertainment industry.

"In the past, you'd see children coming through the doors with their mothers leading the way", MTM director Lee Ju-deok said. "But now, let's just say that it's certainly something else. More in number and younger in age, they're rushing in.

"And 90 percent of the children that set foot in here have looked MTM up themselves. B...More