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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] OnStyle Drama "Chubby Romance" Tackles Self-Love and Body Image

2018/11/27 | Permalink

Could it finally be the time for a cute romance starring a larger gal in a successful OTP, without caveats, and magical weight loss solutions? I can't help but feel terrified and excited, as upcoming OnStyle drama "Chubby Romance" tackles the topic through an adorable protagonist...More

Internet Makes Unlikely Stars of Men Who Promote Cosmetics

Source | 2016/12/18 | Permalink

The Internet has given rise to yet another unlikely kind of star -- men who promote cosmetics on YouTube. Most men were drawn to makeup after searching for products to cover up their acne.

Men's interest in cosmetics products is not exactly new, but that they openly demonstrate their use and review them on social media is a relatively recent phenomenon in Korea...More

Lee Hanee in off-the-shoulder top

Source | 2016/06/29 | Permalink

Actress Lee Hanee looks stunning.

She posted pictures of herself on her Instagram wearing something on her head...More

Jo Yoon-hee unveils behind-the-scenes still images of commercial pictorial, she is the epitome of an elegant goddess

Source | 2016/06/08 | Permalink

On June 8, Jo Yoon-hee's agency King Kong Entertainment has unveiled her behind-the-scenes still images from her pictorial shooting for a commercial.

In the revealed photos, Jo Yoon-hee looks stunning in a white blouse with the long wavy hair. Her half-moon eyes and the elegant tip of her lips pulled up delicately make her face look gorgeous. Her bright smiles create such an elegant mood in the continuous shots taken for the pictorial...More

Starlets in Hot Water Over Ignorance of History

Source | 2016/05/16 | Permalink

Seolhyun (left) and Jimin

Seolhyun and Jimin of girl group AOA have become targets of ridicule over their apparent lack of knowledge of Korean history.

The two starlets were asked about historical figures on a reality show on cable channel Onstyle were unable to identify Ahn Jung-geun, a famous independence fighter...More

Lee Hanee looks dazzling in Hawaii

Source | 2016/05/09 | Permalink

Lee Hanee showed off her doll-like gorgeous look from side angel.

Lee Hanee shared a photo of herself on her personal Instagram on May 9th. She wrote the caption under the photo, "Unexpected Aloha~ Looks like Hawaiian"...More

Bae Suzy so pretty, whatever she does

Source | 2016/04/25 | Permalink

Bae Suzy shared a snapshot from the filming set of 'Get it Beauty 2016'.

OnStyle TV revealed a photo of Bae Suzy on their official SNS account on April 25th...More

[Spoiler] Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/11/27 | Permalink

Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Because It's the First Time" Episode 8

2015/11/25 | Permalink

For the final episode of "Because It's the First Time", Tae-oh ruins everything. Well, he doesn't really. Part of the point of being twenty is that you can make big mistakes and it doesn't really make that much of a long-term difference, because there's always tomorrow. As the soundtrack constantly sunnily reminds us, every day is a new day. And besides, Tae-oh will always have his friends even if he almost managed to alienate half of them...More

[Spoiler] Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/11/20 | Permalink

Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

[Spoiler] Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/11/13 | Permalink

Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

Yoona and Taeyeon's selfie

Source | 2015/11/01 | Permalink

Taeyeon and Yoona took a photo together.

Taeyeon posted a picture on her Instagram saying, "A day without you is stress for me"...More

[Spoiler] Added episode 4 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/10/23 | Permalink

Added episode 4 captures for the Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

[Spoiler] Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/10/09 | Permalink

Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

Korean drama starting today 2015/10/07 in Korea

Source | 2015/10/07 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2015/10/07 in Korea: "The Village: Achiara's Secret" and "Because It's the First Time"...More

[Videos + Photos] Added 3 new teaser videos and poster for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/08/31 | Permalink

Added 3 new teaser videos and poster for the upcoming Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

Upcoming Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"

Source | 2015/08/22 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Video] Added new teaser videos and stills for the Korean drama 'Because It's the First Time'

Source | 2015/08/21 | Permalink

Added new images and videos for the upcoming Korean drama "Because It's the First Time"...More

The secrets of Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Na-young's eyelash curls, keep 15 degree angle

Source | 2015/08/05 | Permalink

Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Na-young's elegant makeup tips have been revealed.

On the August 5th episode of OnStyle TV's 'Get it Beauty', makeup artist Son Dae-sik said, "The secret of Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Na-young's eye makeup is their eyelash curls that are not excessive"...More

KCON 2015 USA Presents Latest Trends in Korean Beauty

Source | 2015/07/17 | Permalink

Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M says that KCON 2015 USA will be an attractive site for K-beauty lovers, as the event is endorsed and joined by a large group of people from the beauty industry, ranging from small startups and individual YouTubers to cosmetics company sponsors.
"We are confident that KCON 2015 USA will be a good business opportunity for Korean beauty companies trying to find ways to expand their business overseas. Also, it will be a big K-beauty extravaganza for the visitors who want to catch the latest trends in K-Beauty", says Hyun-Soo Kim, head of Global Festival Business at CJ E&M, who is in charge of organizing KCON 2015 USA...More

Lee Hanee, "I wanted to be a backup dancer"

Source | 2015/06/24 | Permalink

Lee Hanee talked about her teenage years.

She made a speech in front of 200 or so audiences on the OnStyle TV show "Get It Beauty"...More

CJ E&M's Ditigal Studio Launches New Beauty Show Starring Girs' Generation's Hyoyeon

2015/06/11 | Permalink

Multi-platform infotainment content 'Hyoyeon's One Million Likes' will premiere on June 12
Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M says that its Digital Studio introduces new beauty infotainment show Hyoyeon's One Million Likes featuring Hyoyeon from one of the most popular K-Pop idols Girls' Generation...More

Ha Ji-won reveals her bareface without face washing

Source | 2015/06/09 | Permalink

On the June 9th episode of OnStyle's reality show, 'Go, go with unnie', actress Ha Ji-won stood in front of camera right after she woke up. She said, 'Aren't I completely ugly today?"

Ha Ji-won again said, "I haven't washed my face yet, so ugly". At this, camera nodded agreeing with her, Ha Ji-won screamed and ran away from the camera...More

Ha Ji-won's face with no makeup at all

Source | 2015/06/03 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won starred in the June 3rd episode of OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty' as a guest for 'Talking Mirror'.

Ha Ji-won appeared after she cleaned her face. To the question, "Are you bare-faced", Ha Ji-won answered, "Completely". When she was asked, "how about eyebrows", Ha Ji-won said, "They were toned down to brown". She again emphasized, "I did not apply anything at all"...More

Ha Ji-won shows a high level ballet move

Source | 2015/05/25 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won showed off her exceptionally flexible body.

Actress Ha Ji-won posted a photo of herself on Instagram on May 25th...More

Ha Ji-won shares heartwarming daily life

Source | 2015/05/12 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won shared a part of her heartwarming daily life.

On May 12th, Ha Ji-won posted on her personal Instagram, "Come and play at my house" along with a photo of herself...More

Ha Ji-won does gardening in France

Source | 2015/04/20 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won's photo was revealed to show her doing some gardening at a house in southern French area.

Actress Ha Ji-won shared a photo of herself on her Instagram on April 20th, along with a caption, "Come and play in our backyard. 'Go, go with Unnie' OnStyle"...More

Choi Yeo-jin shows off perfect physique

Source | 2015/04/20 | Permalink

Choi Yeo-jin's pictorial full of healthy beauty was revealed.

Cable channel OnStyle's 'The Body Show' MC Choi Yeo-jin and Yoo Seong-ok showed off their perfect physique from the side and the back on 1st LOOK May issue...More

CJ E&M Partners with YGKPLUS to Co-produce Web Drama, Featuring 2NE1's Sandara Park And WINNER Kang Seung-yoon

2015/04/15 | Permalink

Sandara Park

Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M's Digital Studio has launched partnership with YGKPLUS, a subsidiary company of leading K-pop agency YG Entertainment, and production company Story Plant to co-produce a web drama, titled "We Broke Up". The new musical romantic drama features 2NE1's Sandara Park, WINNER's Kang Seung-yoon, top model Kang Seung-hyun and rising star Jang Ki-yong...More

[Photos] Ha Ji-won at the airport

Source | 2015/04/13 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won is leaving Incheon International Airport on the 14th of April for Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won is experiencing life as a French local in the town of Grasse for the OnStyle TV show, "Sister Go Go"...More

Actress Ha Ji-won featured in French newspaper Nice-Matin

Source | 2015/04/13 | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won was featured in one of the top French newspapers, Nice-Matin.

Nice Matin featured Ha Ji-won who was filming a movie in the area of Grasse and living the life of a local. Nice-Matin is an influential newspaper in France and introduced Ha Ji-won along with the mention of "Sister Go Go". It quoted her saying, "I have always wanted to visit Grasse and I think it's amazing"...More

CJ E&M Unveils "Digital Studio" Featuring Top K-Culture Personalities

2015/02/25 | Permalink

- Multi-platform content on Korean beauty, fashion and food
- Over 31 million viewed 'Pony's Beauty Diary', 'Nayoung's 10,000 Like' and 'Hwang Kwanghee's Love Recipe'
- Korea's first beauty-themed web drama 'Sweet 20s' to be uploaded every Friday from Feb. 18
Seoul, Korea –February 25, 2015 –Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M has launched Digital Studio to expand its entertainment business to the digital realm. Featuring top independent content creators and personalities of K-Culture, several shows have already garnered a total of 31 million views online...More

Lee Hanee's sexy, hot hip-shaking dance in white shirt and jeans

Source | 2015/01/17 | Permalink

Lee Hanee's sexy hip-shaking dance has been released.

She danced the eye-catching dance to celebrate her being selected as a new MC for the cable TV show, 'Get It Beauty in 2015'...More

[Photos] Go Ara in a white dress at SIA

Source | 2014/10/28 | Permalink

The 2014 Style Icon Awards (SIA) was held at the Dongdaemun Design Center (DDP) on the 28th at 7PM.

Go Ara appeared on the red carpet at the Style Icon Awards...More

Top Star Jo In-sung, grand prize at 2014 SIA

Source | 2014/10/28 | Permalink

Actor Jo in-seong received the grand prize at the Style Icon Awards (SIA).

The 2014 Style Icon Awards was held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on the 28th and Jo In-sung won "Style Icon of The Year"...More

Asia's Largest K-Style Festival '2014 Style Icon Awards (SIA)' Set For October 28

Source | 2014/10/02 | Permalink

G-Dragon (The Winner of 2013 SIA)

- Tuesday, October 28 19:00 (KST) at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
- Online voting for the winner and 10 Style Icons of the year from September 30 to October 20
- 50 Style Icon nominees include Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Min-ho, EXO, Jung Joon-young and more
Asia's leading content and media company CJ E&M announced that the 2014 Style Icon Awards (SIA) will take place this year on October 28 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)...More

"Get It Beauty" with Yoo In-na

Source | 2014/05/30 | Permalink

It should come as no surprise that Korea, especially Seoul, is a very fashionable location. With any drama or variety show that a fan watches, there are usually trends or fashion items that he or she wants to emulate. From expensive brand-name clothing, to cutting-edge hairstyles, to enviable nail art, Korean celebrities have perfected the art of looking good 24/7...More

Famous K-Pop Sisters, SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal, to Star In Their First Reality Show "Jessica & Krystal"

Source | 2014/04/16 | Permalink

To Begin Airing on CJ E&M's style channel OnStyle at 11:00PM (KST) Starting May 6
Asia's No.1 Contents Company CJ E&M [] will introduce a new reality show Jessica & Krystal featuring the famous K-Pop sisters, SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal, starting May 6...More

[Press Release] CJ E&M Launches New Season of K-Fashion Variety Show "Sold Out"

Source | 2014/04/08 | Permalink

CJ E&M Launches New Season of K-Fashion Variety Show "Sold Out" To Begin Airing on OnSyle at 11:30PM (KST) starting April 11

Asia's No.1 Contents Company CJ E&M [] will introduce a new season of the K-Fashion reality show Sold Out starting April 11. Starring leading Asian models, Han Hye-jin-II and Lee Hyun-yi, the new season will feature ten talented K-Fashion designers competing to win over audiences...More

K-Drama Beauty Icon Yoo In-na Reveals Her 10-Minute Secret to Maintaining a Fit, Beautiful Figure On "Get It Beauty" (Episode #5)

Source | 2014/04/03 | Permalink

Show to Begin Airing on Channel M across Southeast Asia in Early Summer
The MC of K-Beauty variety show Get It Beauty Yoo In-na recently revealed her 10-minute secret to maintaining a fit, beautiful figure on the show's latest episode (#5)...More

2013 STYLE ICON AWARDS (2013 SIA) To Be Held October 22-24 in Seoul

Source | 2013/09/30 | Permalink

Unique style and cultural festival with awards ceremony, fashion shows, film festivals, photo exhibitions, and more

Having promoted K-Culture worldwide, will be broadcast and streamed live across Korea, Southeast Asia, China, and the U.S.

The highly anticipated 2013 STYLE ICON AWARDS (2013 SIA) will take place on October 22-24 in Seoul, Korea announced CJ E&M today. A unique style and culture festival with fashion shows, film festivals, photo exhibitions, celebrity parties and more, SIA has grown rapidly in popularity worldwide, with this year's awards ceremony to be broadcast and streamed live across Korea, Southeast Asia, China and the United States...More

Miss Korea Falls for Financier, Wedding Next Month

Source | 2011/09/21 | Permalink

Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji-sun will marry an executive at global financial company Morgan Stanley on Oct. 22.

In a telephone interview, Lee said, "We met a long time ago when a friend introduced us. I felt that he was the one for me earlier this year when I returned home from New York. I was attracted by his reliability, decisiveness and his sense of humor"....More

Spoilers spoiling Korea's top reality shows

2011/03/22 | Permalink

Networks adopting new tactics to combat information leaks from fans on social media

The reality show craze that has dominated Korean television for the past couple of years doesn't show any signs of abating. Triggered by the popularity of competition reality shows like "Superstar K", Korea's take on "American Idol", there are more than six reality shows airing right now with another four slated to hit the airwaves later this year. But they all being threatened by one thing: social media.

Broadcast networks have increasingly been forced to adopt new tactics to prevent spoilers from spreading among smartphone-using Korean viewers, who are eager to get the inside scoop on their favorite reality shows and share it with their friends. These broadcasters fear their shows could eventually face decreased viewership and ratings if the spoilers continue to spoil their shows...More

2NE1 Rises to International Fame in Music and also in fashion!

Source | 2011/03/16 | Permalink

2NE1 album cover for their first officially released album "To Anyone".

Among hundreds of celebrities, only a select few become mega-stars, and they require more than just beautiful faces and nice bodies. When 2NE1 debuted in September 2009, they quickly rose to stardom, breaking new ground for girl group singers in the Kpop industry by shattering the stereotypes previously set for a "Korean girl group" – pretty, but rather bland, lacking in personality.

2NE1 first became known to the public through the song, "Lollipop", digitally released in early 2009, as a promotion song for an LG Cyon mobile phone commercial. It was a joint release with Big Bang, the hottest all-boy "Idol" group in Korea, as well as sharing the same label, YG Entertainment. "Lollipop" immediately hit No. 1 on various online charts as well as on several music television shows for over three consecutive weeks...More

Trendy actresses... who is the best 'mini dresser'?

Source | 2010/11/17 | Permalink

Jung Ga-eun, Kim Jung-eun, Oh Ji-eun, Min Hyo-rin, and Lee Young-eun are participating in poster shoots for the '2010 Style Icon Awards'....More

Fashion on TV: are just facts enough?

Source | 2010/06/29 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

For fashion-savvy men and women, television is the easiest way to tune into the latest trends. Nowadays, cable channels offer various programs from both home and abroad, and it's up to viewers to pick the most suitable show to fit their taste.

Browsing the shows aired here, one may find that local offerings tend to feature only one side of fashion and also discover the need for more entertaining, creative ideas to attract the eyes and ears of viewers. What is fashion without a bit of innovation and creativity, anyway?

The more information, the better

Fashion programs in Korea follow a common pattern: the more information, the better.
Many shows here offer advice on the act of purchasing: where to buy what, how to get the best deal, and which season or time is the best to open your wallets.

"It hasn't been long since viewers have shown such a vast interest in fashion. We have a limited amount of time to produce and make such shows and one of the most important factors is the budget. Limited time and budget doesn't allow for a lot of possibilities, and the fastest and most effective way to satisfy viewers is to offer them useful information", Lee Woo-chul, chief producer of cable channel OnStyle's production team, told The Korea Times.

Satisfying viewers under a tight budget is one thing, but Koreans being info-savvy is not a trend, but actually a cultural trait.

"Korean consumers are relatively shy when it comes to making de...More

[ChanMi's take] Who looks better?

Source | 2010/04/15 | Permalink

"Queen of the Season" Spring has returned! Spring is when the bright and festive colors are popular for women.

Pink is definitely a color that cannot be missed as the feminine and lovable color.

Kim So-yeon and Lee So-ra have worn the hot pink color mini dress. The leopard print pattern is visible.

Kim has worn this dress for the "Prosecuter Princess" press release as the shopaholic Ma Hyeri. Lee So-ra wore this on the cable channel, "OnStyle" show for "Project Runway Korea 2".

Two stars with different looks are wearing the sa...More

OnMedia to Nurture Animation Business

Source | 2010/02/24 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Cable network OnMedia is joining hands with professionals to create the next Dooly, the main character from the popular animation "Dooly, the Baby Dinosaur".

Korea has been struggling to revive the local animation industry. Ever since the popular character Dooly, which first aired in 1987 on KBS, artists, institutes and networks have strived to bring more interesting and creative characters to the table, but failed to attract anime-lovers compared to the flourishing Japanese market.

According to a paper released by the National Assembly Research Service early this month, Korea's animation industry stands at a crossroads.

Producers and firms may understand that the influence of...More

Actress Lee Hye-young Adds Another String to Her Professional Bow

Source | 2009/04/01 | Permalink

Lee Hye-young, whose versatile talent spans acting, television hosting, and running her own fashion brand, published "Lee Hye-young's Beauty Bible" on Mar. 23. She is a fashion icon in Korea, becoming a successful fashion brand CEO and the longest-running host of the "Style Magazine" show on cable channel OnStyle.

Lee worked hard on her first book. She was involved from the very first phase of planning it, and spe...More

Stars Offer Trendy Tips Through Programs

2008/07/22 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Model-turned-actress Byun Jung-soo is known for her chic sense of style, and fans can now check the star's latest trends by watching her new talk show "Olive Show" on cable channel Olive TV.

The 34-year-old host turned up at the press conference of the show dressed in black with gold accessories last week and showed her anticipation of hosting the program.

"I've even cut my hair for the show, which I have kept long for the past three years. I'm planning to show viewers various fashion styles", she said.

This is the first time Byeon has hosted her own show, and she mentioned that she was aiming for the Korean version of the U.S. hit television show "The Tyra Show" hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks. Unlike other trendy programs that air once a week with rebroadcasts everyday, the "Olive Sho...More

Actress Lee Seung-yeon Weds Businessman

Source | 2007/12/28 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Actress Lee Seung-yeon, 39, married a 37-year-old businessman at Sol Beach Resort in Yangyang, Gangwon Province, Friday.

The couple met two years ago through one of their friends. Her husband Kim Moon-chul is an aspiring fashion entrepreneur based in the United States.

About 400 visitors, including her close celebrity friends, blessed the wedding ceremony, which was not open to the public.

Actor Yoon Da-hoon hosted the ceremony and veteran actor Lee Soon-jae officiated.

The newly weds will take a one-week honeymoon trip to the U.S. after staying at the resort for a day.

Lee is renowned for her role in the movie "3-Iron". She started her acting career after w...More

Actress Lee Seung-yeon to Wed

Source | 2007/11/23 | Permalink

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Lee Seung-yeon, 39, heroine of the movie "3-Iron", will wed Dec. 28.

Looking both nervous and happy at a press conference held Thursday, a tearful Lee said that she will be a good wife, daughter-in-law and daughter. Lee also said she wants to have two children and continue acting after the marriage.

Lee met her fiance Kim two years ago at a social gathering. Kim is a...More

BBC Worldwide Seeks Korean Co-Production

Source | 2007/09/02 | Permalink

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

Amid the recent rise in popularity of foreign television shows here, British dramas like "Dr. Who" and "Prime Evil" are topping ratings of longtime American favorites like "CSI", according to Linfield Ng, senior TV sales manager at British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Worldwide Asia, the commercial arm of BBC that distributes such programs in Asia.

Ng and Oliver Rawlins, senior press officer of BBC Worldwide, discussed the changing frontier of TV entertainment in a private press interview Wednesday, during their participation in the Seventh Broadcast Worldwide Exhibition & Conference, held Aug. 29-31 at COEX Intercontinental Hotel, southern Seoul.

Broadcasting content buyers and exhibition participants -- some 250 companies from 30 countries -- gathered to join the Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW) 2008, Asia's largest comprehensive content distribution market, with broadcasting programs, new media content, animation and telenovelas.

"BBC Worldwide is Europe's number one exporter of TV programs, and TV sales increased by 21 percent in Asia alone", said...More

Onstyle airs program on successful women

Source | 2006/10/30 | Permalink

Local cable TV channel Onstyle will broadcast a documentary about Korean women who have built up successful careers worldwide.

The program, entitled "Korean Women on Top of the World", tells the stories of women who have overcome social prejudices they have experienced as females and Asians.


Kim Yunjin in Sexy Eiffel Tower Photo Shoot

Source | 2006/07/24 | Permalink

Kim Yunjin, who is rising to stardom in the ABC hit drama "Lost", recently struck some seductive poses in front of the Eiffel Tower. The actress was in Paris for a photo shoot that will run in a fashion magazine while also appearing in a documentary about her daily life.

Kim's manager said it was not just the Koreans but locals who recognized the actress and enjoyed watching the actress let down her long hair and strike sexy p...More

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