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[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/22 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/21 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/21 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Han So-hee, Unrivaled Charm

Source | 2021/01/20 | Permalink

Actress Han So-hee gave off unrivaled charm.

On the 20th, Han So-hee posted two photos with "♥" on her Instagram...More

Lee Si-young Considers US Original "The Mentalist"

Source | 2021/01/20 | Permalink

Actress Lee Si-young is considering "The Mentalist".

Previously, a media reported that Lee Si-young is lead starring in the American original drama "The Mentalist" remake. Park Si-hoo is another name that's on the list of candidates...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/20 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Go Min-si From "Sweet Home" Pulls Off High Fashion

Source | 2021/01/19 | Permalink

Netflix "Sweet Home" actress Go Min-si displayed a whole new charm.

Men's fashion life magazine Esquire released its February issue with Go Min-si who pulled of various styles...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/19 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Song Kang's Reasonable Popularity, Limitless Uptrend

Source | 2021/01/18 | Permalink

Actor Song Kang is prepared to work hard this year.

Song Kang made a strong impression in the Netflix original series "Sweet Home" in December last year. He started making a name for himself in the 2019 Netflix original series "Love Alarm" with his good looks and innocent aura. In "Sweet Home", he managed to transform his image into that of a strong one, successfully playing out his first leading role...More

[HanCinema's News] Netflix Releases New "Sweet Home" Interview

2021/01/18 | Permalink

On January 17th Netflix Korea released a new video featuring various "Sweet Home" actors answering various questions. The actor participating include Kim Nam-hee-I, Go Min-si, Park Gyu-young, and Go Yoo-jung. The theme of the interview was TMI questions, with TMI being short for Too Much Information...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/18 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/17 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] First Generation Hallyu Wave Actresses Set for Big Return This Year

2021/01/16 | Permalink

In 2021 several major actresses who have been active since the nineties will return for major projects- their first in some time. Song Hye-kyo is the most recent of these whose name have come up in connection with "The Glory" which will be written by "Descendants of the Sun" screenwriter Kim Eun-sook. The revenge-themed story will be a departure for Song Hye-kyo's romantic image which still lingers from her last project, "Encounter" which ended two years prior...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/16 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/16 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/15 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/14 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/14 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/13 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Im Si-wan Splashes Cover of English Magazine

Source | 2021/01/12 | Permalink

Actor Im Si-wan has established himself as a global star by decorating the cover of the January issue of FAULT, a British magazine.

In the picture, Im Si-wan focused his eyes with clear features and intense eyes, while giving off a chic charm...More

Anticipation for Kim Soon-ok, Kim Eun-sook, Kim Eun-hee-I's Latest Works

Source | 2021/01/12 | Permalink

Writers Kim Soon-ok, Kim Eun-hee-I, and Kim Eun-sook, who are great in the Korean drama industry, predicted a hard-working move this year with preparations for new works following last year.

All three writers have released new works continuously without a major break. Therefore, it was often that each person released something in the same year. However, it is unusual for their activities to overlap for two consecutive years from last year to this year. That is why public expectations for the three are higher than ever...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/12 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/11 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/11 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/10 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/09 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/09 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[New Sitcom] "I Wish the Earth Would Fall Tomorrow"

Source | 2021/01/09 | Permalink

Korean sitcom "I Wish the Earth Would Fall Tomorrow" added to HanCinema database...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/08 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Jung Yi-seo of "Parasite" to Star in "MINE"

Source | 2021/01/07 | Permalink

Actress Jung Yi-seo is starring in the tvN drama "MINE".

"MINE" is about the hot but untruthful lives of people in the high class society and painful love...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/07 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/07 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Netflix Casts 'Fresh Faces' Instead of Stars

Source | 2021/01/06 | Permalink

Fresh actors' enthusiastic performances in fresh stories; Netflix is now the gateway to stardom.

Starting with "Kingdom" in January of 2019, Netflix has introduced a series of original Korean dramas such as "Extracurricular", "My Holo Love", "The School Nurse Files" and "Sweet Home". From zombies in the Joseon Dynasty to unique-colored fantasy, juvenile crime, and creatures (the work of monsters that eat or kill people) all stand out from novel materials that were not seen in the traditional Korean drama market...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/06 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Photos Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/05 | Permalink

New photos added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Kim Moo-yul and Yoon Seung-ah Reveal 100 Pyeong House in Yangyang

Source | 2021/01/04 | Permalink

Actress Yoon Seung-ah slightly revealed a building under construction in Yangyang, Gangwondo on her Instagram on the 4th.

In August last year, through her personal Youtube channel, Yoon Seung-ah revealed her plans to build a house in Yangyang. The actress said, "I have always loved Yangyang and I needed more space for my dogs to run around. So I've decided to build a house in Yangyang for me to retreat back to"....More

Kim Soo-hyun Turns Down Netflix "Finger"

Source | 2021/01/04 | Permalink

Actor Kim Soo-hyun turned down "Finger".

Gold Medalist announced on the 4th that it has been confirmed that Kim Soo-hyun will not be starring in "Finger", a Netflix Original drama and that he's reviewing many other works...More

[HanCinema's News] "Parasite" and "Crash Landing on You" Top Japanese Netflix Charts

2021/01/04 | Permalink

The acclaimed 2019 film "Parasite" by director Bong Joon-ho has topped the Japanese Netflix charts. "Parasite" was released in on the Japanese version of the streaming site on January 1st and has led all films in the subsequent days of its availability...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/04 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[HanCinema's News] Go Min-si Compares "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion" With "Sweet Home"

2021/01/03 | Permalink

In a recent interview actress Go Min-si had some choice comparisons between the directing styles of Park Hoon-jung of "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion" and Lee Eung-bok who directed "Sweet Home" both of which featured Go Min-si in notable roles. The 2020 Netflix drama and the 2018 film both cast Go Min-si as a high school student and both deal in supernatural phenomena...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/03 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2021/01/02 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/02 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[New Drama] "Glitch"

Source | 2021/01/02 | Permalink

Korean drama "Glitch" added to HanCinema database...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "What Happened to Mr. Cha?"

2021/01/01 | Permalink

Some of you might not remember Cha In-pyo. Well, most of you probably. As "What Happened to Mr. Cha?" quickly makes clear, Cha In-pyo was a big star in the nineties, and is consequently well-remembered by a certain age group. But in the modern day, working with a new generation of advertisers and producers, Cha In-pyo struggles for relevance despite the fact that he has still maintained a fairly fabulous physique into his fifties. Then he gets buried in an insurance scam...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2021/01/01 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/31 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/31 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Interview] "Sweet Home" Lee Si-young, "I'm Lucky to Have Started 'Action'"

Source | 2020/12/30 | Permalink

When the main trailer of Netflix's "Sweet Home" was released on the 7th, actress Lee Si-young was the first to make headlines. Her angry back muscles caught the eyes of viewers while fleeing from the monster. Even now, if you search 'Lee Si-young' on portal sites, 'Lee Si-young's back muscles' and 'Lee Si-young's muscles' appear as related search words. There were mixed admiration for Lee Si-young's physical care, which started with boxing and working out steadily, some doubting that it was CG.

Seo I-kyeong, played by Lee Si-young in "Sweet Home", is a firefighter from a Special Forces unit and is an independent figure who forms an axis of narrative. She bravely saves residents from monsters threatening humans everywhere, and sometimes goes off alone to dig up the truth of the incident. Seo I-kyeong, who lost her husband but is immersed in the present without time to grieve, is also a person who reveals her story with her eyes and expressions without any special lines or incidents. Lee Si-young, who recently met in a video interview, said, "I thought I should avoid looking like a warrior"....More

Netflix to Collaborate Again With "Extracurricular" Writer in "Glitch"

Source | 2020/12/30 | Permalink

Netflix is working with writer Jin Han-sae from "Extracurricular" and CEO Yoon Shin-ae from Studio 329 once again for "Glitch".

Netflix announced this on the 30th. "Glitch" depicts the story of Hong Ji-hyo, who chases the whereabouts of her boyfriend, who disappears with an unidentified light, approaching the mysterious secret with the help of members of the UFO community...More

[HanCinema's News] Go Min-si Claims to Have Lost Twelve Kilograms for "Sweet Home"

2020/12/30 | Permalink

An interview with Go Min-si released on December 30th contained a surprising admission from the actress regarding extreme weight loss. Overall the tone of the interview was fairly unambiguously positive. Go Min-si had high praise for director Lee Eung-bok, who once offered words of inspiration on the set via encouragement to succeed like Eun-yoo, the name of the character Go Min-si portrays...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/30 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

"Sweet Home", Popular Netflix Content in India, Spain, France and Other Countries

Source | 2020/12/29 | Permalink

Netflix's drama "Sweet Home" was unveiled on the 29th, thanks to all-time favorable reviews immediately after its release.

"Sweet Home" is a Netflix original series that depicts the bizarre and shocking story of a reclusive high school student Hyeon-soo experiencing in an apartment where he moves after losing his family. Since the simultaneous release of K content around the world on the 18th of December, it has been receiving great response from not only the domestic media but also foreign media and viewers, raising the status of K content once again...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/29 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Sweet Home" Gives a Boost to Its Younger Stars

2020/12/28 | Permalink

The new Netflix drama "Sweet Home" has proven to be a hit both at home and abroad. But the supernaturally themed survival drama's influence will likely last far beyond the popularity of the drama itself. "Sweet Home" is noteworthy for having given a platform to a wide variety of young stars. Many would have struggled for a visible role in a more traditional drama, but the structure of "Sweet Home" has allowed all of them a moment to shine as a member of the greater ensemble...More

[HanCinema's News] Naver Webtoons Promises a Robust 2021 Filled With Adaptations

2020/12/28 | Permalink

On December 28th Naver Webtoons published an official plan of their current strategy when it comes to adapting works hosted on the comics service to other platforms. Many of these works are already known and airing, or soon to be. "True Beauty" is currently appearing on tvN while "Sweet Home" recently made its premiere on Netflix...More

Hwang In-yeop Considers Netflix "Annarasumanara"

Source | 2020/12/28 | Permalink

"True Beauty" actor Hwang In-yeop is a likely candidate for the Netflix original drama "Annarasumanara".

A media reported previously that Hwang In-yeop was offered a role in "Annarasumanara", based on an original webtoon...More

[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/28 | Permalink

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/28 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/12/28

Source | 2020/12/28 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2020/12/28: "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Sweet Home" Maintains Third Place in International Netflix Chart

2020/12/26 | Permalink

On December 26th figures released by the streaming tracker website FlixPatrol showed that "Sweet Home" had slipped to fourth place in the international Netflix charts...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/26 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[New Drama] "Queen of the Scene"

Source | 2020/12/26 | Permalink

Korean drama "Queen of the Scene" added to HanCinema database...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/25 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/25 | Permalink

New stills added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] Behind-the-scenes Stills Released for "Sweet Home"

2020/12/23 | Permalink

On December 23rd Netflix released new images of "Sweet Home" that show what filming for the drama looks like behind the cameras...More

[Photos] Cast Photoshoot Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/23 | Permalink

Cast photoshoot added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/23 | Permalink

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] Studio Dragon Stock Jumps in the Wake of Drama Success

2020/12/22 | Permalink

On December 22nd Studio Dragon stock went up 3.4% to eighty dollars. The noticable rebound from previous days of losses appears to have been prompted by foreign investors due to the continuously improving numbers of "Sweet Home" in the international Netflix charts. The supernatural survival drama was number eight in the worldwide Netflix chart for dramas on December 21st but surged to third place on December 22nd as the drama has continued to enjoy a positive worldwide reception...More

[Photo] Special Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/22 | Permalink

Special poster added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/12/22

Source | 2020/12/22 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2020/12/22: "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Sweet Home" Ascends to Eighth Place in International Netflix Chart

2020/12/21 | Permalink

New data released by FlixPatrol on December 21st has shown that the new Netflix drama "Sweet Home" has cracked the international top 10 for the streaming platform. This is the first appearance of "Sweet Home" in the Netflix top 10 and, registered as it is on December 20th, happened in the third day of the supernatutrally themed drama's availability. The drama appears to have risen in the ranks due to strong recommendations from various viewers...More

[Videos] Character Teasers Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/21 | Permalink

Character teasers released for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/21 | Permalink

New behind the scenes images added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Sweet Home" Draws Praise for Strong Female Characters

2020/12/20 | Permalink

Lee Si-young, Go Min-si
Park Gyu-young, Go Yoon-jung

A major aspect of "Sweet Home" that has drawn interest from viewers both domestic and abroad is the Netflix drama's depiction of female characters. While the explicit headliners of the drama have been male, most obviously lead actor Song Kang, in practice "Sweet Home" is an ensemble movie. And women make up a critical part of this ensemble, as is to be expected because the modern world thrust into disaster aspect of the premise makes it clear the dramatis personae were basically selected at random...More

[HanCinema's News] Go Min-si Talks About "Sweet Home"

2020/12/20 | Permalink

One of the factors boosting the popualrity of "Sweet Home" domestically and abroad has been the Netflix's drama good use of practical effects. While specific information of how "Sweet Home" was shot is limited, a snippet of a press conference ahead of the drama's worldwide release offers some clue as to what they were like in practice...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/20 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[HanCinema's News] The Cast of "Sweet Home" Appears in Elle Photoshoot

2020/12/19 | Permalink

On December 18th Netflix released photos of the cast of "Sweet Home" which were produced for Elle Magazine. The move by Netflix coincides with the official release of "Sweet Home" on the streaming platform worldwide. Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young, and Lee Do-hyun all appear in the photos...More

[HanCinema's News] Lee Eung-bok Makes Convincing Comeback With "Sweet Home"

2020/12/19 | Permalink

Director Lee Eung-bok is best known for his long-time partnership with screenwriter Kim Eun-sook. Together, the pair made the hit dramas "Descendants of the Sun", ""Goblin", and "Mr. Sunshine", So it was something of a surprise when "The King: Eternal Monarch" was announced and while Kim Eun-sook was to be the screenwriter, Lee Eung-bok was nowhere to be found despite his similarly being overdue for a new project. With "Sweet Home" Lee Eung-bok has made his return- and wisely...More

[HanCinema's News] Shin Mun-sung Grabs Attention for Minor Role in "Sweet Home"

2020/12/19 | Permalink

With the release of "Sweet Home" on Netflix several cast members whose exact roles were not confirmed in advance have since been clarified. Among these is actor Shin Mun-sung, who has been confirmed to be playing a middle-aged security guard...More

[Photos] New Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/18 | Permalink

New behind the scenes images added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/12/18

Source | 2020/12/18 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2020/12/18: "Sweet Home"...More

"Sweet Home" to Be Released on the 18th, Netflix Meets Webtoon

Source | 2020/12/17 | Permalink

"Sweet Home" meets viewers around the world on Netflix.

Netflix will unveil its new drama "Sweet Home" on the 18th. The work depicts the bizarre and shocking story of a reclusive, loner high school student, Hyeon-soo, in an apartment where he moves into after losing his family. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name that has accumulated 1.2 billion views...More

[Photo] Christmas Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/17 | Permalink

Christmas poster added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Video] Main Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/16 | Permalink

Main trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/16 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/15 | Permalink

New posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/15 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Lee El in "She Died" with Byun Yo-han

Source | 2020/12/14 | Permalink

Actress Lee El is starring in the film "She Died".

"She Died" is a thriller about the events that occur after a man who sneaks into a female social network service influencer's house, learns about her death. Byun Yo-han confirmed appearance earlier...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/14 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] Script Reading Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "A Love So Beautiful"

Source | 2020/12/11 | Permalink

Script reading stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "A Love So Beautiful"...More

[Photos] New Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/11 | Permalink

New behind the scenes images added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Video] Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/10 | Permalink

Teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Sweet Home"

Source | 2020/12/09 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Sweet Home"...More

Lee Sung-min to Star in "Juvenile Judgement" With Kim Hye-soo

Source | 2020/12/08 | Permalink

Lee Sung-min joins the "Juvenile Judgement" as a charismatic senior judge.

Netflix's new original series "Juvenile Judgement" is a human court drama that takes place when a judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile department of a district court. Kim Hye-soo, Kim Moo-yul, and Lee Sung-min have confirmed casting...More

[HanCinema's News] Behind-the-scenes Still Released for "The Call"

2020/12/08 | Permalink

On December 8th Netflix released new behind the scenes images from "The Call" giving a glimpse of what the mystery thriller looked like on set. The photos include a mix of the cast and crew deliberating over the way they should be recreating scenes as well as sillier moments of the actors resting on set with cameras visible in the foreground...More

Yoo In-soo in "All of Us Are Dead" and "Fly High Butterfly"

Source | 2020/12/07 | Permalink

Actor Yoo In-soo is starring in "Fly High Butterfly".

Management Goo announced on the 7th that Yoo In-soo is starring in the new JTBC drama "Fly High Butterfly"...More

[Video] Main Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Sweet Home"

Source | 2020/12/06 | Permalink

Main trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Sweet Home"...More

[HanCinema's News] The Swoon Posts Kim Seon-ho's Reaction to his Own Fan Video

2020/12/05 | Permalink

On December 4th The Swoon, which is powered by Netflix, published a video of actor Kim Seon-ho reacting to a fan video which The Swoon had published two weeks prior. While some questions are sprinkled throughout the video from an unseen interviewer, for the most part Kim Seon-ho simply describes the backstory behind various scenes. Kim Seon-ho notably radiates with affection regarding Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, and even Kim Hae-sook...More

[New Drama] "Finger"

Source | 2020/12/05 | Permalink

Korean drama "Finger" added to HanCinema database...More

[New Drama] "Annarasumanara"

Source | 2020/12/05 | Permalink

Korean drama "Annarasumanara" added to HanCinema database...More

[Photos] Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Lovestruck in the City"

Source | 2020/12/04 | Permalink

Character posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "Lovestruck in the City"...More

Kim Moo-yul to Star in Netflix's "Juvenile Judgement" With Kim Hye-soo

Source | 2020/12/03 | Permalink

Actor Kim Moo-yul is starring in the Netflix Drama "Juvenile Judgement".

"Juvenile Judgement", directed by Hong Jong-chan, will cast a sharp look at juvenile crimes, which have reached dangerous levels, and the responsibilities of adults and society surrounding them, focusing on the issue of the youth law, in which criminal minors under the age of 14 are subject to protective measures, not punishment...More

[Photos + Video] New Posters and Teaser Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Sweet Home"

Source | 2020/12/03 | Permalink

New posters and teaser added for the upcoming Korean drama "Sweet Home"...More

[HanCinema's News] New Stills Released for "The Call"

2020/12/02 | Permalink

On December 2nd Netflix released new behind the scenes still shots for "The Call" which was released on November 27th. The release of the stills appears to be motivated largely by popular demand...More

Cha Soon-bae to Star in "Undercover" With Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hyun-joo

Source | 2020/12/01 | Permalink

Actor Cha Soon-bae is starring in "Undercover".

He takes on the role of a journalist named Song Joo-pil in the new JTBC drama. In the play, Song Joo-pil is a prominent journalist who won the journalist award and is currently the chief executive of a major media company. As the boss of Min Sang-ah (Kim Soo-jin-IV), a close friend of Choi Yeon-soo (Kim Hyun-joo) in college, Choi Yeon-soo will be at odds over his appointment as head of the Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit...More

"Undercover - Netflix" Production Put on Halt Due to COVID-19

Source | 2020/12/01 | Permalink

Netflix original drama "Undercover - Netflix" is putting all production on stop due to COVID-19.

Sources announced on the 1st of December that some of the staff may have crossed paths with a COVID-19 patient and therefore all production will be put on hold until everyone has been tested...More

Ji Chang-wook Offered a Role in Netflix "Annarasumanara"

Source | 2020/12/01 | Permalink

Will actor Ji Chang-wook star in a Netflix drama?

Glorious Entertainment announced on the 1st of December that Ji Chang-wook was offered a role in the Netflix drama "Annarasumanara"...More

[HanCinema's News] New Stills Released for "Sweet Home"

2020/12/01 | Permalink

On December 1st Netflix released new stills for the upcoming drama "Sweet Home" which will air on the streaming platform. "Sweet Home" is based on the webtoon of the same title. It stars Song Kang in the leading role as a teenager who undergoes many strange occurences after losing his family and home. The stills in question have an ominous quality, featuring bloodied characters with intense expressions holding makeshift weapons in the face of some unknown threat...More

[HanCinema's News] Director Lee Chung-hyun Talks About "The Call"

2020/11/30 | Permalink

On November 30th Netflix released an interview featuring director Lee Chung-hyun with some choices comments about "The Call" which was released on the streaming platform on November 27th worldwide. "The Call" is the first feature from Lee Chung-hyun, but it's also the first role for lead actress Jun Jong-seo since "Burning" in 2018. Lee Chung-hyun said that he cast Jun Jong-seo due to the unknowable vibe she exuded in that movie, finding it a perfect compliment to the concept in "The Call"...More

[HanCinema's News] "The Call" Brings Attention to What's Next for Netflix and South Korean Film

2020/11/30 | Permalink

With the release of "The Call" on Netflix amid a COVID-19 enforced slump at South Korean theaters, many are wondering how much of the future of South Korean film may rest with the streaming platform. According to FlixPatrol, "The Call" has made steady progress climbing up the streaming giant's worldwide charts, hitting seventh place on November 29th. This is in addition to being number one in the domestic South Korean charts...More

[HanCinema's News] South Korean Stars Rebrand for International Market

2020/11/29 | Permalink

Major actors such as Lee Min-ho, Jun Ji-hyun, and Kim Soo-hyun have long been popular overseas. Jun Ji-hyun was pivotal to the first Korean Wave for film in the early 2000's, with Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun being similar major figures in the early 2010's. But the 2020's have seen all three actors adjust to facing the international market first, as they take on projects with clear international pretensions in mind...More

[HanCinema's News] Park Shin-hye Talks About "The Call"

2020/11/28 | Permalink

With the worldwide release of "The Call" on Netflix comments by leading actress Park Shin-hye on the supernatural mystery thriller have taken on new interest. A recent interview with the actress had Park Shin-hye expressing a sense of being unnerved at how the movie is only releasing now, some eight months after the first press conference in March. Nevertheless, Park Shin-hye was appreciative of how the movie is now releasing to an international audience instead of the original limited Korean one...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "The Call"

2020/11/27 | Permalink

Seo-yeon (played by Park Shin-hye) is a woman in her late twenties forced into an obscure property In Yeongcheon due to the worsening medical condition of her mother, here played by Kim Sung-ryung. This takes a turn for the weird when Seo-yeon starts receiving ominous phone calls from Yeong-sook (played by Jun Jong-seo), who is clearly under the impression she is talking to someone else. The two bond over Seo Taiji, which is a decent if rather specific clue for where "The Call" ends up going...More

[Photos] Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Sweet Home"

Source | 2020/11/26 | Permalink

Character posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "Sweet Home"...More

Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won's "Lovestruck in the City" to Be Released on Kakao TV and Netflix

Source | 2020/11/24 | Permalink

"Lovestruck in the City" on Kakao TV is also going to be released on Netflix.

Kakao M announced on the 24th, "We expect it to be a great opportunity to showcase Kakao M's well-made digital drama, which will be presented by luxury producers and actors, to viewers not only in Korea but also throughout the world"....More

Kim Hye-soo Turns into Elite Judge in Netflix's "Juvenile Judgement"

Source | 2020/11/23 | Permalink

Worldwide entertainment streaming service Netflix has confirmed the production of a new original series called "Juvenile Judgement" along with the casting of actress Kim Hye-soo.

"Juvenile Judgement" will cast a sharp look at juvenile crimes, which have reached dangerous levels, and the responsibilities of adults and society surrounding them, focusing on the issue of the youth law, in which criminal minors under the age of 14 are subject to protective measures, not punishment...More

[New Drama] "Money Heist"

Source | 2020/11/21 | Permalink

Korean drama "Money Heist" added to HanCinema database...More

Baek Seo-bin in Webdrama "Wish You"

Source | 2020/11/19 | Permalink

Baek Seo-bin is on a roll.

He's been cast in the webdrama called "Wish You"...More

Park Shin-hye to Carry on the Relic of the Film Industry

Source | 2020/11/19 | Permalink

Park Shin-hye is drawing attention as the next runner to continue the strong relics in the film industry.

With domestic films featuring female actors at the forefront leading the box office, "The Call" starring Park Shin-hye, will be unveiled around the world on Netflix on November 27th. "The Call" originally scheduled to be released in theaters in March, will be shown to the public through final Netflix amid a delay in the release date due to COVID-19...More

"Sweet Home" to Come Out on the 18th of December, Song Kang and Lee Do-hyun's Stills Released

Source | 2020/11/19 | Permalink

"Sweet Home" is finally out.

Netflix released four types of character stills and teaser of its new original series "Sweet Home" on the 19th and confirmed its release date to be the 18th of December...More

Kim Yunjin to Consider the Korean Version of Netflix "Money Heist"

Source | 2020/11/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yunjin might be on board for the remake of "Money Heist".

The Lost and Mistress actress will captivate fans inside and outside of the country once again through the Korean remake version of "Money Heist"...More

[HanCinema's News] Special Preview Trailer Released for "The Call"

2020/11/17 | Permalink

Netflix recently released a special preview trailer for "The Call" which is currently set to release on November 27th worldwide in the streaming platform...More

[New Drama] "Juvenile Judgement"

2020/11/14 | Permalink

Korean drama "Juvenile Judgement" added to HanCinema database...More

[HanCinema's News] New Stills Released for "The Call"

2020/11/11 | Permalink

On November 11th the upcoming movie "The Call" released new production stills. "The Call" is currently set for an international release on November 27th, the production company having decided to abandon the original planned theatrical release back in March. "The Call" is likely to be a test case going forward in the COVID-19 era in terms of genre films going straight to Netflix without attempting a proper box office release first...More

Kim Hye-soo and Kim Moo-yul to Consider Netflix Original "Juvenile Judgement"

Source | 2020/11/10 | Permalink

Actors Kim Hye-soo and Kim Moo-yul are considering the new Netflix Original series "Juvenile Judgement", according to Hodu and U Entertainment and Prain TPC.

This Netflix Original Series "Juvenile Judgement" is an office drama about juvenile court office work that takes place when a tough judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile justice department of the Yeonhwa District Court. Kim Hye-soo was offered the role of a juvenile justice judge named Sim Eun-seok and Kim Moo-yul, a lawyer with a general equivalency diploma...More

Park in-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee, Hong Seung-hee to Star in tvN's "Navillera"

Source | 2020/11/09 | Permalink

Actors Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee and Hong Seung-hee are making "Navillera" together.

tvN delivered news of a new drama "Navillera" starring Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee and Hong Seung-hee...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky"

2020/11/06 | Permalink

An early conversation with the producer and songwriter of BLACKPINK, Teddy Park on a low profile, closes out with him being dismissive of the idea that K-pop actually exists. He's just like, music is music, and we're playing to an international audience. How is that any different from any other kind of popular music? This thesis resounds throughout "BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky", which goes out of its way to emphasize the international nature of its group...More

Netflix "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" Confirmed With Jun Ji-hyun and Park Byung-eun

Source | 2020/11/03 | Permalink

Netflix's "Kingdom", which captivated the world, announced the production of "Kingdom: Ashin of the North", a special episode following season 2, and a story about the new mysterious character 'Ashin'.

The "Kingdom" series, which caused the K-zombie syndrome around the world, continues its story with the special episode "Kingdom: Ashin of the North". "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" is the original Netflix story of Ashin, the successor to the northern Yeojin tribe, and the secret of the Saengsacho...More

[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"

Source | 2020/11/02 | Permalink

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"...More

[HanCinema's News] Roh Jeong-eui Latest Child Star to Transition to Adult Roles

2020/11/01 | Permalink

With the upcoming release of "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" actress Roh Jeong-eui has become the latest child star to show marked determination to continue her choice of career into hotel. In "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" Roh Jeong-eui is still playing a teenager as usual. But in contrast to her previous artistic projects and roles as the younger version of the actual leads, Roh Jeong-eui is playing to a wider audience as "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" is a mainstream release...More

[HanCinema's News] "SEOBOK" Hopes to Be the Next Bromance Themed Box Office Hit

2020/11/01 | Permalink

With "Space Sweepers" looking into a possible Netflix only release and "Emergency Declaration" being pushed back into next year, "SEOBOK" is likely to be the only major blockbuster theatrical release for the upcoming holiday season. Much of the premise of "SEOBOK" is experimental, with a science fiction concept that revolves around cloning. But in terms of marketing a clear trend has already emerged- emphasize the bromance...More

[Videos] Teaser and Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "The Call"

Source | 2020/10/30 | Permalink

Teaser and trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Call"...More

Nam Joo-hyuk's Deep Eyes in Black and White

Source | 2020/10/27 | Permalink

Nam Joo-hyuk graced the covers of GQ Korea.

Men's fashion magazine GQ Korea released a cosmetic pictorial with Nam Joo-hyuk...More

[HanCinema's News] "Start Up" Fails to Meet Standard of Previous Park Hye-ryeon Dramas

2020/10/26 | Permalink

"Start Up" had ratings of 5% in its latest episode. These ratings, while modest, are generally seen as at least passable in the current drama marketplace with wider disparities between popular and unpopular shows as well as increased emphasis on streaming services. But they're a bit of a shock for a project coming from star screenwriter Park Hye-ryeon, who has often been seen as a reliable hitmaker...More

[HanCinema's News] "Wonderland" Rumored to Be Released Internationally Via Netflix

2020/10/24 | Permalink

Persons close to the film distributor Acemaker as well as Netflix have suggested to press that "Wonderland" is likely to be released on Netflix internationally next year in all territories except for South Korea and China. In an official statement, Netflix has said that while negotiations are ongoing a definite deal has not yet been reached...More

Teo Yoo's Satisfactory Accomplishment

Source | 2020/10/21 | Permalink

His hard work is satisfying. He digests his characters to the dot. Actor Teo Yoo is gaining more and more popularity.

Actor Teo Yoo expands his acting spectrum by making various attempts in every piece of work he stars in. It took him just a year to put up his name on the list of 'actors that Cannes recognizes'. This is the result of 10 nameless years. Now he has popularity and attention. He's more and more attractive the more we get to know him...More

[HanCinema's News] Possible Streaming Premiere for "Space Sweepers" Illustrates Ambiguity in South Korean Film Industry

2020/10/19 | Permalink

Recent reports of "Space Sweepers" possibly having its premiere relegated to Netflix have vocalized serious doubts about the South Korean film industry's ability to return to a traditional box office first business model. While sources from Netflix and "Space Sweepers" have only confirmed that the sides are in talks, and insist no deal has yet been struck, the mere rumor alone has begged many questions about the state of the South Korean film industry going forward...More

[HanCinema's News] Bae Noo-ri Confirmed for "Dramaworld - Season 2"

2020/10/14 | Permalink

"Dramaworld - Season 2" was recently confirmed, and along with that news, a bevy of actors both old and new have been confirmed to reappear in the drama...More

[HanCinema's News] "Jirisan" to Be Simulcast Worldwide

2020/10/10 | Permalink

The global streaming platform iQIYI recently announced that they had acquired the broadcasting rights to the upcoming drama "Jirisan" worldwide. The drama, which stars Jun Ji-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Sung Dong-il, and Oh Jung-se among others started filming last month...More

Release & First Look: Third Culture Content Completes Production on Star-studded Season Two of Breakout US-South Korean Series "Dramaworld"

2020/10/09 | Permalink

Daniel Dae Kim and Liv Hewson

© 2020 Dramaworld Season 2, LLC

Daniel Dae Kim ("The Good Doctor", "Lost"), Brett Gray ("On My Block"), K-Pop star Henry (A Dog's Journey, Double World) and Ha Ji-won ("Secret Garden", "Manhunt") join cast line-up; Endeavor Content boards sales and distribution
8 October 2020 - Award-winning production house Third Culture Content has completed production on a second season of the cult hit "Dramaworld", a bilingual rom-com adventure series set in the world of Korean drama, filmed on location in South Korea...More

[HanCinema's News] Lee Min-ho Hits Social Media Milestone

2020/10/07 | Permalink

Lee Min-ho recently became the first South Korean artist to hit the four million follower mark on social media. Last month on September 18th Lee Min-ho's agency MYM Entertainment confirmed that the actor had 20 million followers on Facebook. Then, on October 4th, his Instagram account hit that same milestone...More

[HanCinema's News] Jung Yu-mi Marks Strange Shift From Feminism to Fantasy

2020/10/04 | Permalink

With "KIM Jiyoung: Born 1982" airing over Korean Thanksgiving weekend on South Korean broadcast television, attention has once again focused on Jung Yu-mi, who has been greatly praised for her role as the title character in the feminist film...More

Shin Seung-ho to Star in Netflix "D.P"

Source | 2020/09/28 | Permalink

Shin Seung-ho confirmed to star in "D.P"..

King Kong By Starship announced on the 23rd that Shin Seung-ho is starring in the new original Netflix drama called "D.P"....More

[HanCinema's News] New Poster and Stills Released for "The School Nurse Files"

2020/09/28 | Permalink

On September 28th Netflix released new materials for "The School Nurse Files" including a second poster. There's not much variation between the second poster and the first poster...More

[HanCinema's News] An Unusual Slate of Celebrities Comes Out to Support "The School Nurse Files"

2020/09/27 | Permalink

The new Netflix drama "The School Nurse Files" has featured an unusual emphasis in its marketing. The paranormal drama starring Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk would normally seem an obvious draw for younger viewers. Yet "The School Nurse Files" has featured glowing endorsements from a peculiar slate of older celebrities that includes director Park Chan-wook and actresses Lee Young-ae, Gong Hyo-jin, and Son Ye-jin...More

[HanCinema's News] Lee Moo-saeng Confirmed for "The Silent Sea"

2020/09/27 | Permalink

As the Netflix drama "The Silent Sea" moves into production more minor roles are being confirmed. Among them is Lee Moo-saeng, an actor who has in recent years graduated from unnamed roles to named roles...More

Up-and-Coming Actress Han So-hee Cast in Netflix Series

Source | 2020/09/26 | Permalink

Actress Han So-hee has been cast in the upcoming original series "Undercover - Netflix", the entertainment services provider said on Tuesday...More

Korean Dramas Starting Today 2020/09/25 in Korea

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Korean dramas starting today 2020/09/25 in Korea: "More Than Friends" and "The School Nurse Files"...More

Pop Star Movies Take over Theaters

Source | 2020/09/25 | Permalink

Reality shows and the cult of pop stars are taking over Korean movie screens.

Boy band BTS' new film was released on Thursday, and a movie version of TV Chosun's hit reality show "Mr. Trot" will also hit theaters in October...More

Kim Go-eun, Lee Sang-yi-I, Park So-dam, the Legendary Class of '10

Source | 2020/09/24 | Permalink

The Korean National University of Arts has a legendary class.

It is the story of the Class of '10 in which the percentage of graduates who are active as actors is overwhelmingly high. Recently, actors from the Class of '10 of the KNUA Theater Academy have been active in dramas and movies...More

[Photos] Photoshoot Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/09/24 | Permalink

Photoshoot added for the upcoming Korean drama "The School Nurse Files"...More

Mystery Drama "Jirisan" Begins Filming With Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon

Source | 2020/09/22 | Permalink

The tvN drama "Jirisan" has begun filming amidst great anticipation.

"Jirisan" is a mystery drama about people climbing the mountain against the backdrop of the vast scenery of Jiri Mountain. The story is about a national park ranger that roams through the mountains and saves survivors...More

Park Hee-soon, Han So-hee, Ahn Bo-hyun to Star in Netflix "Undercover - Netflix"

Source | 2020/09/22 | Permalink

Netflix announced the cast of the Original Series "Undercover - Netflix".

The series confirmed Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak-joo and Chang Ryul as the line-up. "Undercover - Netflix" is an original Netflix series about Ji-woo's breathtaking revenge drama, in which she infiltrates the police as an Undercover - Netflix agent to reveal the secrets behind her father's death and the harsh truth revealed in the process...More

[HanCinema's News] Japanese Poll Sheds Light on Popularity of "Crash Landing on You"

2020/09/21 | Permalink

The Japanese periodical ORICON NEWS recently ran a survey regarding the drama "Crash Landing on You", which has been popular on Netflix in Japan. The poll of 143 individuals showed that 132 of those individuals had a positive opinion of the drama. Interestingly, men were somewhat more likely to express a positive opinion than women, with their approval rating being 97.1% versus an average of 92.3%...More

[HanCinema's News] Cho Hyun-chul Confirmed for "D.P"

2020/09/21 | Permalink

The upcoming Netflix drama "D.P" recently confirmed Cho Hyun-chul to be a member of the drama's cast. "D.P" will be the latest drama to star Jung Hae-in in a leading role, his first since "A Piece of Your Mind" earlier this year. He as well as most of the rest of the cast will play soldiers dealing with desertion. "D.P" is based on the webtoon of the same title...More

CJ's Lee Mie-kyung Becomes Vice Chair of Oscars Museum

Source | 2020/09/20 | Permalink

CJ Group vice chairwoman Lee Mie-kyung, also known as Miky Lee, has been elected as vice chair of the board of trustees of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in the U.S.

The board of the new museum, which opens next year, chose Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos as its chairman on Tuesday...More

Heo Sung-tae to Star in "The Silent Sea"

Source | 2020/09/14 | Permalink

Actor Heo Sung-tae is starring in "The Silent Sea".

According to his agency, Heo Sung-tae has confirmed a role in the Netflix Original drama "The Silent Sea"...More

[HanCinema's News] "#ALIVE" Only the Latest Korean Media to Find Success on Netflix

2020/09/14 | Permalink

As of September 14th, "#ALIVE" is still holding strong in the global Netflix film rankings on FlixPatrol. The zombie movie has been a surprise success on the streaming platform. But it is far from unprecedented. After all, "Kingdom" and more recently "Kingdom - Season 2" made big waves on Netflix with a similar concept, albeit taking place in the historical era rather than the modern day...More

[HanCinema's News] "#ALIVE" Rises to #1 Spot for Global Netflix Movies

2020/09/11 | Permalink

In its third day of full availability on Netflix worldwide, the South Korean zombie movie "#ALIVE" has now risen to the most popular movie available on the platform. The new data comes courtesy of FlixPatrol, which had already noted that "#ALIVE" was the number two worldwide movie on Netflix on September 9th a day after its release. The new September 10th figures show that the movie is continuing to benefit from positive buzz...More

[Video] Official Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/09/11 | Permalink

Official trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "The School Nurse Files"...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Memories of the Alhambra"

Source | 2020/09/10 | Permalink

Korean drama of the week "Memories of the Alhambra" (2018)

Directed by Ahn Gil-ho

Written by Song Jae-jeong

Network: tvN

With Hyun Bin, Park Shin-hye, Park Hoon, Lee Seung-joon, Min Jin-woong, Cho Hyun-chul,...

16 Episodes - Sat, Sun 21:00
A thriller about the owner of an investment company travels to Spain and stays in cheap hotel run by an ex-guitarist...More

[HanCinema's News] "#ALIVE" opens as #2 movie on Netflix worldwide

2020/09/10 | Permalink

The South Korean zombie movie "#ALIVE" had a powerful opening on Netflix, surging to second place on the streaming platform's worldwide charts on September 9th following its release on September 8th...More

[HanCinema's News] South Korean Streaming Companies Call for Review of Netflix Law

2020/09/10 | Permalink

Domestic streaming companies in South Korea have recently been calling for the government to review the Netflix Free Rider Law which was passed in May. The Netflix Free Rider Law was passed this May to deal with the issue of Netflix and other foreign companies being able to use South Korea's domestic Internet infrastructure at no cost...More

[HanCinema's News] Bong Joon-ho Joins Hollywood Remake of "Haemoo" as a Producer

2020/09/10 | Permalink

On September 9th American media outlets confirmed that an American remake of the 2014 South Korean film "Haemoo" is in the works, and that Bong Joon-ho would be joining the project as a producer. "Haemoo" is based on a real-life incident involving ethnics Koreans being moved from China into South Korea. At the time "Haemoo" was considered Park Yoo-chun's big shot to become a serious actor. While the movie did improve his reputation, his career soon fell into tatters due to unrelated scandals...More

Upcoming Netflix Documentary Chronicles BLACKPINK's Rise to Success

Source | 2020/09/10 | Permalink

Girl group BLACKPINK will share their journey to global stardom with viewers around the world through a Netflix documentary.

"BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky", which will be aired on Oct. 14, charts the K-pop group's rise to the top of their game in four years after their debut in 2016 through interviews and sketches of their lives at home, backstage and in the recording studio...More

Gong Yoo to Star in "The Silent Sea" With Bae Doona and Lee Joon

Source | 2020/09/08 | Permalink

Actors Gong Yoo, Bae Doona and Lee Joon have been cast for "The Silent Sea" which is produced by actor Jung Woo-sung.

Netflix announced on the 8th that Bae Doona, Gong Yoo and Lee Joon will be starring in actor Jung Woo-sung's first production...More

[HanCinema's News] Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon Confirmed for "The Silent Sea"

2020/09/08 | Permalink

Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon and Jung Woo-sung

On September 8th Netflix officially confirmed that production on "The Silent Sea" had begun. The science fiction drama features Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon in leading roles and is being managed by Jung Woo-sung in a producing capacity. The drama deals with a space mission to collect abandoned research samples from the moon...More

[HanCinema's News] "Peninsula" and "The Good Detective" Top VOD Charts

2020/09/04 | Permalink

Following its premiere in South Korea Video On Demand services on August 25th, "Peninsula" has climbed to top of the charts as expected and claimed the number one spot for movies. "The Good Detective", which finished on August 25th, has also maintained the top spot for dramas requested by such services. The relevant data was compiled by Home Choice over the fifth week of August...More

Jo Dal-hwan to Star in "All of Us Are Dead"

Source | 2020/09/03 | Permalink

Actor Jo Dal-hwan is starring in "All of Us Are Dead".

Netflix original "All of Us Are Dead" is a drama about people who are isolated in a high school in a city where a zombie virus has spread and those who want to survive go through an impossible situation. Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo and other refreshing rookies have been cast for the drama and Jo Dal-hwan will take on the role of Jo Dal-ho, a chief aide...More

"D.P" Completes Casting

Source | 2020/09/03 | Permalink

Netflix Original series "D.P" announced on the 3rd that is has cast actor Kim Sung-kyun.

As a result, "D.P" is a joint production that is made by Lezhin's subsidiary, Lezhin Studio and also stars Kim Sung-kyun, an actor from its subsidiary, UL Entertainment...More

Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk on the Poster of "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/09/02 | Permalink

Actors Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk are something together.

Netflix Original series "The School Nurse Files" revealed the first poster on the 2nd of September...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/09/01 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "The School Nurse Files"...More

"The School Nurse Files" Jung Yu-mi, "I Get Comfort From Ahn Eun-young"

Source | 2020/08/31 | Permalink

Character stills of "The School Nurse Files" are out.

Netflix unveiled the character steal of Ahn Eun-young, a health teacher, on Aug. 31st. The released still shows Ahn Eun-young, a newly appointed health teacher at Mokryeon High School. The cabinet behind Eun-young sitting alone in the dark health room is tightly closed during the day when students visit the nurse's room, but when the door is open, it is full of various religious items from around the world, from amulets to crosses that Eun-young uses to charge energy...More

[HanCinema's News] Park Ju-hyun Confirmed for "Silence"

2020/08/28 | Permalink

According to a person affiliated with the upcoming blockbuster "Silence", Park Ju-hyun has been confirmed for a leading role...More

Netflix Korean Contents to Cease Production Due to COVID-19

Source | 2020/08/27 | Permalink

Following re-spreading of COVID-19, Netflix's domestic content production will be suspended.

Netflix said in its official statement on the 21st that it has decided to suspend all content production schedules for the time being for the sake of the government's recommendations for public safety and the safety of producers participating in the production of Korean content...More

Lee Jung-shin, Kwon Hyun-bin, Kang Mina and Im Na-young to Star in "Summer Guys"

Source | 2020/08/27 | Permalink

New Media drama "Summer Guys" has cranked in with actors Lee Jung-shin, Kwon Hyun-bin, Kang Mina, Im Na-young and Lee Jung-sic.

New Media drama "Summer Guys" which was finally selected to support the production of New Media Broadcasting (Shortform) contents in 2020 and is being produced by Star Crew ENT, completed about four months of pre-preparation work and was cranked in Jeju Island on the 20th of this month...More

[HanCinema's News] Netflix Announces "#ALIVE" for International Release on September 8th

2020/08/26 | Permalink

Netflix recently confirmed an international release date for the zombie movie "#ALIVE" which premiered in South Korean theaters on June 24th...More

Breaking Down the Walls Between Film and Drama, Actors and Directors Must Change

Source | 2020/08/25 | Permalink

COVID-19 has been re-spreading and broadcasters and filmmakers have paused. However, a big trend continues.

The boundary between dramas and movies, which had been going on for several years, has been breaking down in recent years...More

Heo Sung-tae to Star in "Beyond Evil"

Source | 2020/08/24 | Permalink

Actor Heo Sung-tae is starring in the drama "Beyond Evil".

"Beyond Evil" is the story of two men who break down the law and principals to catch a serial killer...More

"The School Nurse Files" Teaser, "Fated to Help Others"

Source | 2020/08/24 | Permalink

Netflix released a teaser for "The School Nurse Files".

"The School Nurse Files" is about Ahn Eun-young, a health teacher with a special ability to see 'jelly' that is invisible to others who finds an unusual mystery in her newly appointed high school and solves it with Hong In-pyo, a Chinese literature teacher...More

Teo Yoo to star in Netflix Original "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/08/20 | Permalink

Actor Teo Yoo is starring in the Netflix original series "The School Nurse Files" as English teacher McKenzie.

"The School Nurse Files" is about Ahn Eun-young, a health teacher with a special ability to see 'jelly' that is invisible to others who finds an unusual mystery in her newly appointed high school and solves it with Hong In-pyo, a Chinese literature teacher and is based on a novel of the same title by Chung Se-rang, who won the Korea Daily Literature Award in 2017. It is directed by Lee Kyoung-mi...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/08/20

Source | 2020/08/20 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2020/08/20: Goedam Season 1"...More

Lee Ju-young to Star in "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/08/18 | Permalink

Actress Lee Ju-young is starring in the Netflix Original series "The School Nurse Files" with Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk.

Y1 Entertainment announced on the 17th, "Actress Lee Ju-young confirmed a role in the Netflix Original Drama "The School Nurse Files"....More

[Photos] Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2020/08/14 | Permalink

Posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "The School Nurse Files"...More

Song Seon-mi to Star in "Private Lives"

Source | 2020/08/13 | Permalink

Actress Song Seon-mi is coming back with the new JTBC drama "Private Lives".

Song Seon-mi has been cast for the role of Kim Mi-sook...More

[HanCinema's News] Park Sung-geun Returns for "Secret Forest 2"

2020/08/12 | Permalink

As is to be expected from a sequel series many actors from "Secret Forest" are reprising their roles in "Secret Forest 2". While most of these characters are straightforwardly sympathetic Park Sung-geun's role as Won-cheol, the chief prosecutor of the third division, held some ambiguity...More

Yoo in-soo to Star in "Secret Forest 2" With Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doona

Source | 2020/08/11 | Permalink

Actor Yoo In-soo is starring in the new tvN drama "Secret Forest 2".

"Secret Forest 2", which is returning in three years after opening a new horizon for the genre in 2017, is an internal secret tracking drama that approaches the truth of the concealed incidents by lonely prosecutor Hwang Si-mok (Cho Seung-woo) and activist detective Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doona), who meet again at the front line of the prosecution and police investigation. The series of teaser videos released are fueling viewers' long-awaited expectations...More

[HanCinema's News] South Korean Dramas Show Strong Presence on Netflix in Japan

2020/08/10 | Permalink

A continued strong presence of South Korean dramas on Netflix in Japan has helped to spur talk of a new Korean Wave in the country. Figures released by Netflix on August 10th showed that "Crash Landing on You" was the number two drama for that day, with "Itaewon Class" in number five. Previous figures have also shown that "Crash Landing on You" was the number one drama for the month of July...More

Credit Cards Show How COVID-19 Is Changing Lifestyles

Source | 2020/08/09 | Permalink

The coronavirus epidemic is changing the way Koreans live as more and more of them forgo the pleasures of socializing and stay home.

KB Kookmin Bank analyzed credit card usage of its 19 million card holders and found that spending surged during the peak pandemic period between March 11 to May 19 on food delivery, streaming services and games...More

[HanCinema's News] Studio Dragon Posts Best Ever Second Quarter Earnings Off of Strong Drama Performances

2020/08/07 | Permalink

In a report released on August 6th detailing Studio Dragon's financial performance over the second quarter, the drama production studio revealed a record-breaking 135 million dollars in total sales. This represented a 26% increase over the same time period the previous year. Actual earnings improved at an even higher margin, as increased international business has allowed Studio Dragon to make more money while spending relatively little...More

Rookie Park Ju-hyun Considers "Mouse"

Source | 2020/08/04 | Permalink

Rookie Park Ju-hyun is positively considering the new drama "Mouse".

"Mouse" is known for casting singer and actor Lee Seung-gi and mentioning Lee Hee-joon for its line-up...More

Dramas Fail to Follow Expectations... Dramas in the Slumps

Source | 2020/08/03 | Permalink

In the age of content flooding, recent dramas are not at all compatible with viewers' desire for something new.

As of the 2nd of August, a total of 15 dramas are being aired on major Korean channels, 11 of which are weekday mini-series. However, all 11 dramas have remained within single-digit ratings...More

[New Drama] "Undercover - Netflix"

Source | 2020/08/01 | Permalink

Korean drama "Undercover - Netflix" added to HanCinema database...More

[HanCinema's News] "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Leads on Many Non-standard Metrics

2020/07/31 | Permalink

While "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" has had lackluster ratings ranging from 5-6% since its initial appearance, the drama has been a noteworthy example of defying standard terrestrial ratings with strong performances in non-traditional metrics. It has, for example, been rated as the most influential drama by the most recent CJ E&M Nielsen ratings, which covered social media activity from July 13th to July 19th. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" also led this metric for the first four week after its premiere...More

Kim Byung-chul in "All of Us Are Dead"... Joins the K-Zombie Craze

Source | 2020/07/29 | Permalink

Actor Kim Byung-chul is starring in "All of Us Are Dead".

Netflix original "All of Us Are Dead" is a drama about people who are isolated in a high school in a city where a zombie virus has spread and those who want to survive go through an impossible situation. Kim Byung-chul will take on the role of Lee Jin-soo's father and Hyosan High School science teacher Lee Byeong-chan...More

Fancy Lineup for "Hellbound" With Yoo Ah-in, Park Jung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Won Jin-ah and Yang Ik-june

Source | 2020/07/29 | Permalink

Netflix's new original series "Hellbound" in partnership with director Yeon Sang-ho, has confirmed its super-luxury lineup.

"Hellbound" is about humans facing a supernatural phenomenon that is neither a miracle nor a curse. To live through this unrealistic reality, these humans create hell. The casts include Yoo Ah-in, Park Jung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Won Jin-ah, Yang Ik-june, Kim Do-yoon-I, Kim Shin-rok, Ryu Kyung-soo and Lee Re...More

[HanCinema's News] Yoo Ah-in Cast for "Hellbound"

2020/07/29 | Permalink

On July 29th Netflix announced a new original series. Title "Hellbound", it is based on the Naver webtoon of the same title and quickly brought together a powerful cast. Yoo Ah-in of the recent zombie flick "#ALIVE" will play the lead role, while director Yeon Sang-ho of the recent blockbuster "Peninsula" will direct the series...More

Park Hee-soon Considers Netflix "Undercover - Netflix"

Source | 2020/07/28 | Permalink

Will Park Hee-soon and Han So-hee meet in "Undercover - Netflix"?

Sources from Park Hee-soon's agency stated on the 28th that Park Hee-soon is considering the scenario for a Netflix movie called "Undercover - Netflix"...More

[HanCinema's News] DCInside Poll Suggests Korean Believe Foreigners Consider Lee Min-ho to Be the Most Popular Korean Star

2020/07/27 | Permalink

On July 27th the South Korean website DCInside released the results of a celebrity poll. The phrasing for this particular poll was, thanks to global networking platforms such as Netflix, who is the best known [Korean] star worldwide?...More

[HanCinema's News] Ratings for "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Still Steady

2020/07/27 | Permalink

Over the weekend ratings for "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" ranged from 5.2% to 5.6%. This was a very slight drop over the previous weekend, but for the most part "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is continuing to maintain its fairly modest ratings...More

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Is Global Hallyu K-Drama

Source | 2020/07/22 | Permalink

Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji's "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is currently a hit abroad.

Studio Dragon's "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is being aired on tvN at the moment and it's being streamed on Netflix in over 190 countries all over the world including; Southeast and Northeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, as well as South American continents such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Nigeria, Australia and the African continent...More

[HanCinema's News] "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Attracts a Sizable International Fanbase

2020/07/22 | Permalink

While domestic South Korean have lamented the apparent drop in drama popularity since the conclusion of "The World of the Married" internationally South Korean dramas are still maintaining a high profile. Much of this is thanks to the success of "It's Okay to Not Be Okay". The return project of Kim Soo-hyun has underwhelmed in domestic terrestrial ratings but has struck a major chord on Netflix, where it has charted in quite a few far flung countries...More

Gong Yoo to Make Special Appearance in "Round Six"

Source | 2020/07/21 | Permalink

Actor Gong Yoo will me making a special appearance in "Round Six", a Netflix Originals.

This was possible due to his friendship with producer Hwang Dong-hyuk who also produced the movie "Silenced"...More

Shin Jae-hwi Cast for Netflix "All of Us Are Dead"

Source | 2020/07/21 | Permalink

Rookie Shin Jae-hwi who is currently starring in the JTBC drama "The Good Detective" as a supporting actor, has been cast for the Netflix original "All of Us Are Dead".

"All of Us Are Dead" is a well-made Naver zombie webtoon with a rating of over 9 points written by Joo Dong-geun. It drew attention when it was picked up for a Netflix original...More

Park Byung-eun, Unsure of Kim Eun-hee-I's "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"

Source | 2020/07/20 | Permalink

Will actor Park Byung-eun be seen in the "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"?

Park Byung-eun's C-Jess Entertainment announced that nothing has been decided about Park Byung-eun's appearance in the "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"...More

[HanCinema's News] "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Ratings Hold Steady Over Weekend

2020/07/19 | Permalink

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" continued its reliable, albeit not spectacular performance over the weekend with ratings ranging from 5.8% on average to 6.2% at highest in its nine PM Saturday/Sunday timeslot...More

Coupang Acquires Singapore Streaming Platform

Source | 2020/07/19 | Permalink

Korea's biggest e-commerce company Coupang acquired Singapore's online streaming platform HOOQ. The details of the deal have not been disclosed, but the acquisition apparently "ushers [Coupang] into a competitive but fragmented video streaming arena and pits it against the likes of [Amazon] and [Netflix]", according to Bloomberg...More

[HanCinema's News] "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Hits Number Six in Netflix World Rankings

2020/07/15 | Permalink

On July 13th "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" hit a major milestone in world exposure when it ranked in the top ten of the Netflix world wankings. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" was the highest ranking Asian drama in the world rankings for that day, although other dramas from Germany, Australia, Colombia, and Turkey also appeared on the list...More

Homebound Koreans Buy More Appliances, Furniture

Source | 2020/07/12 | Permalink

Women take a look at a dishwasher in an electronics store in Seoul on July 3.

Sales of furniture and home appliances are increasing as Koreans spend more time at home due to the coronavirus epidemic, and high-end products are leading the trend.

Pent-up consumption is leading to increased spending on home appliances, from dishwashers to tablet computers...More

Movie/drama Crossover "SF8" Stands up to Netflix "Black Mirror"

Source | 2020/07/08 | Permalink

The Korean-style science fiction film "SF8" took off its veil on the 8th.

"SF8" is a crossover project of films and dramas produced by Soo Films, joined by MBC, the Korean Film Directors' Association (DGK) and domestic OTT (Online Video Service) Wavve...More

Kim Yohan Considers Korean Version of Chinese Drama

Source | 2020/07/06 | Permalink

Former X1 member and current actor Kim Yohan and actress So Ju-yeon are considering a Korean version of a Chinese drama.

Sources announced on the 2nd that Kim Yohan is currently considering the offer he received in the remake...More

Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon and Yoo In-soo to star in Netflix "All of Us Are Dead"

Source | 2020/07/01 | Permalink

Netflix, a global entertainment streaming service, has confirmed the appearance of Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon and Yoo In-soo in "All of Us Are Dead".

Netflix's original series "All of Us Are Dead" is a drama about people who are isolated in a high school in a city where a zombie virus has spread and those who want to survive go through an impossible situation...More

Lezhin Comics Webtoon "D.P" to Be Released on Netflix

Source | 2020/06/30 | Permalink

Lezhin Comic's popular webtoon "D.P" will be released on Netflix.

Lezhin Entertainment announced on the 30th that writer Kim Bo-tong's "D.P" will be released into the world through Netflix as a drama...More

KBS Going Through a Slump, Saved by "Once Again"

Source | 2020/06/28 | Permalink

KBS dramas suffered in the first half of 2020. Since "When the Camellia Blooms", which recorded the highest ratings of 23.5% for terrestrial mini-series last year, the performance of mini-series has been disastrous. KBS managed to save face thanks to the weekend drama "Once Again".

◆ Monday-Tuesday dramas in a slump, the humiliation of Wednesday-Thursday dramas...More

Korean Wave Resurges in Japan

Source | 2020/06/28 | Permalink

Diplomatic relations between Seoul and Tokyo are at an all-time low, but the Korean Wave is seeing a resurgence in Japan.

Leading the trend most recently is the TV series "Crash Landing on You", which wrapped up here in February...More

Summer Heat and COVID-19, "Stay Home and Watch Dramas"

Source | 2020/06/22 | Permalink

9 dramas are coming this July. Mystery, romantic comedy and investigative dramas.

The holiday season is back, but it's time to put aside the happy worries of choosing a destination. Let's take a trip to the imaginary space prepared by storytellers this summer, where the risk of COVID infection is lurking. Many dramas are coming out from July to August so let's take a pick according to taste...More

Why Season 3 of K-Zombie Drama "Kingdom" Is Looked Forward to

Source | 2020/06/21 | Permalink

There was "Kingdom" season 1 in 2019, "Kingdom - Season 2" in 2020, so will there be a "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" in 2021?

Expectations for season 3 of Netflix's original drama "Kingdom" are increasing day by day...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Save Me"

Source | 2020/06/18 | Permalink

Korean drama of the week "Save Me" (2017)

Directed by Kim Seong-soo

Written by Jeong I-do-I

Network: OCN

With Ok Taecyeon, Seo Ye-ji, Jo Sung-ha, Woo Do-hwan, Lee David, Ha Hoe-jung,...

16 episodes - Sat, Sun 22:20
A thriller about four young men who can't ignore a friend's cry for help...More

"Round Six" Casts Heo Sung-tae, Wi Ha-joon, Kim Joo-ryung and Jung Ho-yeon

Source | 2020/06/17 | Permalink

Global entertainment streaming service Netflix, has confirmed the appearance of Heo Sung-tae, Wi Ha-joon, Kim Joo-ryung and Jung Ho-yeon following the casting announcement of two leading actors Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo in the original series "Round Six".

Following the intense combination of Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo, who became a hot topic at the same time as the casting announcement, actors Heo Sung-tae, Wi Ha-joon, Kim Joo-ryung and Jung Ho-yeon will join the "Round Six". "Round Six" is a Netflix original series that tells the story of people who participated in a mysterious survival game with a cash prize of 45.6 billion won...More

[HanCinema's News[ "Goblin" and "My Mister" Make Resurgence on Netflix

2020/06/17 | Permalink

The dramas "Goblin" and "My Mister" have been appearing with more regularity on the domestic Top 10 List for Netflix in South Korea. Both dramas have earned a reputation for being a steady seller in that market, even as the highest echelons of the list are dominated by more recent fare such as "The King: Eternal Monarch" and "Hospital Playlist" among others...More

Lee Min-ho Breaks Through 28 Million Weibo Followers

Source | 2020/06/16 | Permalink

Actor Lee Min-ho still shows off his strong Hallyu influence by becoming the 'No. 1 Korean actor' with an overwhelming number of followers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Weibo.

Lee Min-ho is a global top actor with the largest number of SNS followers among the Korean Weibo followers and is showing unprecedented popularity. Typically, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reached 17.3 million, 16.6 million and 3 million, respectively, while Weibo surpassed 28.5 million as of June 16th. This is the number one record among all Korean actors...More

Actor Kim Soo-hyun to Appear in New TV Series

Source | 2020/06/16 | Permalink

Actor Kim Soo-hyun will return to the small screen with the new TV series "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" slated for release this weekend...More

Lee Joon Considers "The Silent Sea" With Gong Yoo and Bae Doona

Source | 2020/06/15 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon is considering his next comeback.

His agency announced on the 15th that Lee Joon is looking through the offer for the Netflix original "The Silent Sea"...More

[HanCinema's News] Studio Dragon Stock Falls 6.1% Following the End of "The King: Eternal Monarch"

2020/06/15 | Permalink

With the end of "The King: Eternal Monarch" and "When My Love Blooms", Studio Dragon passed a major stopgap in its current distribution scheme. So it was that on June 15th, stock price for Studio Dragon plunged 6.1%. The sell-off appears to have been motivated largely be foreign investors...More

[HanCinema's News] Ji Jin-hee Transitions From Drama Roles to Advertisements

2020/06/12 | Permalink

Ji Jin-hee has experienced a major boost in brand positivity thanks in part to "Designated Survivor: 60 Days" in which he played the leading role. In that drama, Ji Jin-hee portrays a noble technical specialist working in a byzantine political system in a commanding position for which he was completely unprepared. Consequently, Ji Jin-hee now does promotional work for legal services, public water safety, and asset management services, among others...More

IU, Oh Jung-se, Yoona, Lee Jung-eun and Lee Je-hoon Picked as Honorary Judges of the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival

Source | 2020/06/10 | Permalink

The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival unveiled its honorary judges composed of the nation's leading actors and actresses who will further brighten the festival.

The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, which decided to hold screenings and all film programs online amidst the COVID19 crisis, will feature five leading actors in Korea, including IU, Oh Jung-se, Yoona, Lee Jung-eun and Lee Je-hoon, as honorary judges...More

Lee Seung-gi to Appear on Netflix's New Travel Show

Source | 2020/06/09 | Permalink

Multitalented star Lee Seung-gi will appear on Netflix's new reality show "Twogether", which is slated for release late this month.

The travel variety show, co-starring Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu, follows their journeys across Asia...More

Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-wook and Hong Seung-hee in Netflix's "Move to Heaven"

Source | 2020/06/04 | Permalink

Netflix's "Move to Heaven" confirmed Hong Seung-hee in the lead role and Ji Jin-hee and Lee Jae-wook as special appearances.

Ji Jin-hee and Lee Jae-wook as well as Hong Seung-hee are joining "Move to Heaven", a fresh collaboration by Lee Je-hoon and Tang Joon-sang. It is a Netflix Original Series about an ex-convict and a trauma cleaner who reach realizations about life and death...More

Who Will Get the Baeksang Arts Awards' Actor Prize - Kang Ha-neul, Park Seo-joon, Hyun Bin, Ju Ji-hoon and Namgoong Min

Source | 2020/06/02 | Permalink

No matter who wins the award, there is no disagreement.

It is outstanding just to just to hear their names. There is a fierce competition for the trophy. Amid heated competition, we are already curious about who will win the Best Actor award in the TV category. The media is so interested that it is considered to be the highlight of the Baeksang Arts Awards. The reason why the competition is so fierce is because all five candidates have shown reliable performances in their works to the extent that they are called 'lifetime works'. Who will smile brightly in the middle of the stage? The moment to face the result is only three days away...More

Korean Documentary of the Week "The Reservoir Game"

Source | 2020/05/28 | Permalink

Korean documentary of the week "The Reservoir Game" (2017)

Directed by Choi Jin-seong

Narrated by Joo Jin-woo, Kim Eui-sung,...

A project by devilish reporter Joo Jin-woo who is out to find 'his' black money'...More

Park Hae-soo's Heyday, From "Prison Playbook" to "Time to Hunt"

Source | 2020/05/27 | Permalink

Actor Park Hae-soo is in his prime.

Park Hae-soo played an unidentified pursuer in the movie "Time to Hunt" (directed by Yoon Sung-hyun) released on Netflix on April 23rd, creating a unique character that makes it impossible to take one's eyes off of. Park Hae-soo's acting, which filled the running time with minimal lines, gazes and facial expressions, has been praised for delivering enough suspense to tighten the heart while controlling the tension of the plot...More

[HanCinema's News] "#ALIVE" Sets Off New Wave of South Korean Zombie Media

2020/05/26 | Permalink

With the powerful response earned by "Kingdom - Season 2" earlier this year, itself building off the hype of "Kingdom", which itself was building off the hype of "Train to Busan", more South Korean zombie media seemed inevitable. But it's only just now that production is catching up with past trends, as "#ALIVE" seems certain to leave a mark on the box office this summer...More

K-Zombie Netflix Drama "Kingdom" Takes a Shot at the Emmys

Source | 2020/05/21 | Permalink

Netflix Original Series "Kingdom" season 1, challenges the 48th International Emmy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor in a Drama Series. Attention is focusing on whether the popularity of "Kingdom", which caused the 'K-Zombie' and 'gat' syndrome worldwide, will lead to the award.

The International Emmy Awards is an international TV program awards ceremony established to introduce outstanding programs abroad to U.S. viewers and is considered one of the world's top three broadcasting awards. The party will announce its candidates in September this year and announce its final winners at the awards ceremony on November 23rd...More

Korean TV Hit Spellbinds Japanese in Lockdown

Source | 2020/05/21 | Permalink

"Crash Landing on You", a hit drama series about the implausible love story between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean military officer, has been the most watched TV series in Japan on Netflix for three weeks in a row...More

[HanCinema's News] "Crash Landing on You" Leads Netflix Dramas in Japan for Third Straight Week

2020/05/20 | Permalink

Even following its end last February "Crash Landing on You" has shown surprising resilience in the international Netflix charts. As of May 18th, "Crash Landing on You" has now led the Japanese Netflix charts for dramas for three straight weeks while also having a notewrothy presence in other countries as well...More

TV Remake of Bong Joon-ho's 'Snowpiercer' to Go on Air

Source | 2020/05/12 | Permalink

The TV adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's sci-fi film "Snowpiercer" is set to go on air later this month.

The hit film, which was released in 2003 to much acclaim, has been turned into a 10-episode American TV series starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs...More

Can the 12-Episode Drama Replace the 16-Episode Norm?

Source | 2020/05/11 | Permalink

The formula '16 episodes' has long been destroyed. From the existing system of 16 to 20 episodes, including 12 episodes, 10 episodes, 8 episodes and 4 episodes, production of works with reduced episodes is happening fast.

JTBC's "The Light in Your Eyes" (12 episodes), tvN's "The Cursed" (12 episodes), MBC's "365: Repeat the Year" (12 episodes) and OCN's "Strangers from Hell" are considered some of the representative works that succeeded in reducing the number of episodes. The reason why these works were well received by viewers was because of their speedy development and tight plot. As the number of successful cases increases, viewers are also anticipating such changes...More

[New Drama] "D.P"

Source | 2020/05/09 | Permalink

Korean drama "D.P" added to HanCinema database...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Black"

Source | 2020/05/07 | Permalink

Korean drama of the week "Black" (2017)

Directed by Kim Hong-seon-I, Ko Jae-hyeon

Written by Choi Ran-I

Network: OCN

With Song Seung-heon, Go Ara, Lee El, Kim Dong-jun, Jo Jae-yun, Lee Kyu-bok,...

18 episodes - Sat, Sun 22:00
A reaper borrows a human body and fall in love with a mortal woman who can see the shadows of death...More

Park Ju-hyun, the 'Monster Rookie' of "Extracurricular" Impresses With Her Acting Skills

Source | 2020/05/06 | Permalink

Actress Park Ju-hyun's performance is unlike any other rookie.

She stars in the Netflix Original series "Extracurricular" as Bae Gyoo-ri. "Extracurricular" is a drama about an exemplary student committing crime to make money and the people around him who involuntarily get involved with this crime and pay a terrible price for it. As soon as the cast's lively acting skills and the unremitting developments were revealed, they gathered a lot of attention...More

The Power of the K-Webtoon Branches Beyond TV Drama and Into Netflix and Webdrama

Source | 2020/05/05 | Permalink

Korean webtoons (K-Webtoons) are being visualized through various platforms and are being reevaluated. From a steady stream of TV dramas to Netflix's production that is definitely increasing, webdramas based on webtoons are increasing. The recent news of the production of the original webtoon drama proves this interest...More

[HanCinema's News] Director Kim Jin-min-I Talks About "Extracurricular"

2020/05/04 | Permalink

Since its premiere on April 29th worldwide on Netflix, "Extracurricular" has earned noteworthy attention from viewers worldwide for its curious genre mix of high school antics and serious crime drama. Director Kim Jin-min-I has specifically cited the innovative design of "Extracurricular" as his inspiration for making it...More

From "The World of the Married" to "Undercover" to "Uncle", British Drama Remakes Are the Trend

Source | 2020/04/30 | Permalink

Thanks to proven stories and huge fixed fans, the 'remake' craze in the drama market has now become a trend.

Amid a series of dramas adapted from web dramas beyond Japanese dramas, the recent remakes of popular British original dramas is drawing keen attention...More

Park Hae-soo, an Actor of Unlimited Talent

Source | 2020/04/29 | Permalink

It's a perfect field adaptation. His territory has crossed the line without boundaries, and there is no limit to his capabilities.

Actor Park Hae-soo is showing all-weather performances in every work, imprinting the presence of 'actor Park Hae-soo'. The range of choices is wide and the ability to digest is beyond expectations. He hit back-to-back home runs, building a stable filmography with different genres and different characters...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/04/29

Source | 2020/04/29 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2020/04/29: "Extracurricular"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Extracurricular"

Source | 2020/04/28 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Extracurricular"...More

[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Extracurricular"

Source | 2020/04/28 | Permalink

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Extracurricular"...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Time to Hunt"

2020/04/26 | Permalink

After much controversy regarding who should be paid for screening the film on Netflix, "Time to Hunt" finally started streaming this week, having already created a hype that made a number of Korean film fans quite anxious to watch it, including this reviewer. Let us see if it was worth it...More

[HanCinema's News] "Kingdom - Season 2" Leads Surge of South Korean Dramas on Netflix

2020/04/26 | Permalink

COVID-19 has put a damper on the South Korean entertainment industry, much as it has in the rest of the world's entertainment markets. However, one unexpected windfall has been for existing South Korean dramas available on worldwide streaming services. As people under quarantine look for novelties to entertain themselves, South Korean dramas have been able to find an audience...More

Lockdown Brings Resurgence in Home Theaters

Source | 2020/04/26 | Permalink

Home entertainment systems, long declared moribund in an age of mobile devices, are making a comeback as customers worldwide are locked down amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Customers desperate for immersive distraction are snapping up vast screens and beam projectors to watch movies at home and upgrading their sound systems...More

[New Drama] "All of Us Are Dead"

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Korean drama "All of Us Are Dead" added to HanCinema database...More

Kim Sang-ho Joins Lee Da-hee in "L.U.C.A. : The Beginning"

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Actor Kim Sang-ho is appearing in the latest drama "L.U.C.A. : The Beginning".

"L.U.C.A. : The Beginning" is about the last article of the declaration on the prohibition of genetically modified embryonic stem cell research, which was signed by scientists around the world, and involves the topic of 'willfully affecting the evolution of humanity' becoming a reality...More

Gong Yoo to Star in Sci-Fi Drama Series on Netflix

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Actor Gong Yoo is the latest Korean star to unveil plans to work with streaming platform Netflix...More

Gong Yoo Reviewing Offer for Jung Woo-sung's "The Silent Sea"

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Actor Gong Yoo is considering Jung Woo-sung's Netflix Original Series "The Silent Sea".

"The Silent Sea" is based on an original short film of the same name and it is a science fiction thriller about a handpicked soldier who travels to the moon for samples based on the backdrop of Earth, which has run out of food and water...More

Korean Buddy Thriller Set for Release on Netflix This Week

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Actor Lee Je-hoon's much-awaited buddy thriller, which also stars Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Wooshik and Park Jung-min, is finally being released on Netflix this week...More

From Shin Ye-eun to Lee Shin-young, Webdrama Stars Are Entering the Home Screen

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Stars who stood out in webdramas are also playing big roles in dramas now.

Webdramas have a shorter running time than dramas and are on easy platforms such as YouTube and V Live channels. Immediately after the broadcast, webdramas, which generate enthusiastic response from the 10-20 generation and are even produced in seasons, are becoming a 'field of opportunities', where new actors are discovered the moment the webdramas become popular...More

Yoon Chan-young Reportedly Starring in the Netflix Drama "All of Us Are Dead"

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Actor Yoon Chan-young is said to be starring in the Netflix original drama "All of Us Are Dead".

According to sources, Yoon Chan-young is starring in "All of Us Are Dead" as a high school student who is isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has spread...More

[Video] Main Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Extracurricular"

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Main trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Extracurricular"...More

Bae Doona in Talks for Jung Woo-sung's Netflix Drama "The Silent Sea"

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Bae Doona is considering Jung Woo-sung's Netflix Original series "The Silent Sea", according to her agency...More

From Kim Hye-soo to Kim Hye-jun to Moon Jung-hee, Women Who Don't Take Things Lying Down Are Emerging

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These women don't put up with the 'evil' that dawns on them.

The emergence of female characters who do not hesitate to commit misdeeds in the name of self-protection is making viewers at home feel better. Self-reliant women's characters are in fashion and new women characters who are relentless in removing those in their way are dominating dramas...More

Who Has the Best Short Hairstyle?

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Every Korean male has to serve his country at least once. Even active celebrities must respond to the call of duty. The journey begins with training and most male stars bid goodbye to fans for the last time in short hair. We take a look at stars who look good in short hair right before they leave for training camp...More

The Changing Landscape of Film Directors Going Into Drama

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Recent hit dramas like tvN's "The Cursed" and Netflix's original series "Kingdom - Season 2" share the common factor that they were handled by movie makers. "The Cursed" was in sync with director Yeon Sang-ho, who made the films "Train to Busan" and "Psychokinesis" and Kim Yong-wan, director of "Champion". "Kingdom - Season 2" was handled by Park In-je, who created "Moby Dick" and "The Mayor" taking over the baton of season 1 director Kim Seong-hun...More

[HanCinema's News] "Hip Daddy" Production Put on Hold Due to COVID-19

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The latest film from director Kang Yoon-Sung of "The Outlaws", "Hip Daddy", has been put on indefinite hold due to COVID-19. The script, which was written by Kim Yong-hoon-I of "Beasts Clawing at Straws", deals with a woman who conceives a child via a sperm donor and must seek him out when her child unexpectedly becomes sick...More

From Musicals to Dramas, Jung Eui-wook Delivers Memorable Performance in "Kingdom - Season 2"

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Actor Jung Eui-wook is starring in the Netflix Original series "Kingdom - Season 2".

"Kingdom - Season 2" is a mystery thriller about the struggles of Crown Prince Yi Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), who can no longer trust anyone in Joseon, where the dead have come alive and the royal throne is being sought after...More

Dramas Arriving in April, From "The King: Eternal Monarch" to "When My Love Blooms"

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The Golden Line-up for April is set and ready to comfort those who are staying at home.

Social distancing is being practiced in the aftermath of the COVID-19. Spring has come, but the days go by without a moment to enjoy the warm weather. Many people have been 'staying home' and watching not just the TV, but Netflix, YouTube and other media platforms. Hence, each of these platforms have prepared themselves for spring in various ways. The increase of people staying home can be checked as they are replaying popular dramas from the past as well as the latest ones...More

[HanCinema's News] Webtoons Demonstrate Commanding Influence in Current Drama Market

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South Korean webtoons have long been popular as source material for dramas. But "Itaewon Class" has brought this framework of drama production into sharp perspective, as the original webtoon author, Kwang Jin, was also the chief scredited screenwriter for "Itaewon Class", and the drama's fidelity to its source material has been noted as a significant factor in its success...More

[HanCinema's News] Interest in "Be Melodramatic" Surges on Netflix

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"Be Melodramatic" was one of the bigger disappointments in jTBC's slate last year. Despite being helmed by director Lee Byeong-heon-I of the popular record-setting comedy film "Extreme Job" from earlier in the year, "Be Melodramatic" struggled in terrestrial ratings, never exceeding 2% in ratings...More

Hyun Bin's "Crash Landing on You" Effect Strengthens the Korean Wave, Leads to "The Point Men"

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Actor Hyun Bin is stepping up his preparations for a film that heralds a new aspect while strengthening the Asian Hallyu Wave, thanks to the lingering effects of his most recent film.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin's "Crash Landing on You" ranked eighth in Korea's "Top 10 Content Today" compiled by online video service Netflix on the 26th. The drama ended on Feb 16th, but has remained in the top 10 for a month, as the online replay craze continues...More

[Interview] Kim Sung-gyu, "'A Piece of Your Mind' is My First Romance Drama Challenge... Having Fun Filming

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Actor Kim Sung-gyu is looking forward to "A Piece of Your Mind".

He talked about various things regarding "Kingdom - Season 2", the Netflix original series, in an online video chat...More

Korean Dramas Take Over Netflix's Top Lists, "Kingdom - Season 2" No.1 in Several Countries

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Netflix has unveiled its 'TOP 10 of the Day' ranking, becoming an indicator of the popularity of Korean drama content in Asia.

In principle, Global OTT Netflix, which did not disclose its cumulative ratings or popularity ranking for service content, began releasing 'TOP 10 of the Day' on March 25th. The list was updated once a day by major countries, allowing Netflix users to gauge the latest trends in what content they enjoy watching...More

[Video] Official Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Time to Hunt"

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Official trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Time to Hunt"...More

Yeon Sang-ho's "Hellbound" on Netflix Joined by Yang Ik-june and Kim Do-yoon-I

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Director Yeon Sang-ho is coming out with a seasonal drama called "Hellbound" on Netflix.

According to sources, Yeon Sang-ho is on the final stages of negotiation with Netflix and Resin...More

[HanCinema's News] Vietnamese Child Actors Recreate Famous "Crash Landing on You" Scenes

2020/03/20 | Permalink

While "Crash Landing on You" ended over a month ago in South Korea, interest has continued to mount in the drama internationally thanks to its distribution on Netflix in over one hundred and ninety countries. One viral expression of this phenomenon has been imitation pictures of famous scenes...More

[Photos] Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Extracurricular"

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Character posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "Extracurricular"...More

Cinema Attendance Plunges Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

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A movie theater in Seoul is deserted on Monday.

The coronavirus epidemic is taking a toll on movie theaters as people avoid crowded places amid the spread of the virus.

According to the Korean Film Council, the number of moviegoers plunged recently with just 36,447 visitors on Monday, for example -- the lowest since March 2004 when the daily number of visitors fell below 30,000...More

[Photos] New Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

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New behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

[HanCinema's News] Jo Han-chul Appears in "Kingdom - Season 2"

2020/03/16 | Permalink

The release of "Kingdom - Season 2" on Netflix has once again put the Joseon-era zombie mystery thriller into the spotlight. Though a direct continuation of "Kingdom", the newest iteration of the drama does have some new twists and characters. Among them is Jo Han-chul, who plays Won-yoo, a distant relative of the crown prince main character played by Ju Ji-hoon...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/03/13

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Korean drama starting today 2020/03/13: "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Argon"

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Korean drama of the week "Argon" (2017)

Directed by Lee Yoon-jeong

Written by Jeon Yeong-sin, Joo Won-gyoo, Sin Ha-eun

Network: tvN

With Kim Joo-hyuk, Chun Woo-hee, Park Won-sang, Shin Hyun-bin, Park Hee-von, Shim Ji-ho,...

8 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:50
"Argon" revolves around a weekly investigative news show (called Argon, appropriately enough), and the various people who work on it; anchor, Kim Baek-jin and journalists Lee Yeon-hwa and Sin Cheol...More

Netflix's "Round Six" Confirms Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo

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Actors Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo confirmed roles in the Netflix original drama "Round Six".

According to Netflix, "Round Six" is about people who've failed at life taking part in a mysterious survival game for the reward of 45.6 billion won...More

"Kingdom - Season 2" Park Byung-eun and Kim Tae-hoon Jump into a Blood War

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Actors Park Byung-eun and Kim Tae-hoon add variety to the Netflix Original Series "Kingdom - Season 2".

"Kingdom - Season 2" is a mystery thriller about the struggles of Crown Prince Yi Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), who can no longer trust anyone in Joseon, where the dead have come alive and the royal throne is being sought after. Stills of Park Byung-eun and Kim Tae-hoon were released on the 10th...More

[Video + Photos] New Trailer and Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

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New trailer and press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

"Kingdom - Season 2" Releases 'Bloody War' Character Posters

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Netflix original series "Kingdom - Season 2" revealed posters of characters taking part in the bloody war.

"Kingdom - Season 2" is a mystery thriller about the struggles of Prince Yi Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) who can no longer trust anyone in Joseon, where the dead have come alive and the royal throne is being sought after. The cast consist of Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doona, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sung-gyu, Jun Suk-ho, Park Byung-eun, Kim Hye-jun, Kim Tae-hoon and Heo Joon-ho...More

Will Jun Ji-hyun star in Kim Eun-hee-I's "Jirisan"?

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Jun Ji-hyun is considering writer Kim Eun-hee-I's latest drama.

Her agency announced on the 3rd that she's looking through the offer, but hasn't decided on anything yet...More

"Kingdom - Season 2" PD Kim Seong-hun and Park In-je's Different Personalities

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Netflix original series "Kingdom - Season 2" is directed by Kim Seong-hun and Park In-je.

"Kingdom - Season 2" is a mystery thriller about the struggles of Prince Yi Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) who can no longer trust anyone in Joseon, where the dead have come alive and the royal throne is being sought after...More

COVID-19 Causes Major Disruptions on TV

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The entertainment industry is suffering due to the COVID-19 spread. Major events have been cancelled or postponed and production in contents such as drama and TV shows is experiencing major setbacks. That doesn't mean broadcasting should come to a stop altogether, so the showbiz is anxious.

Production is vulnerable to the virus, because many people come and go on sets and many shows take place in regional areas. Still, many dramas that are being chased by time are going on with the schedule. A production that's coming out with a drama early this year said, "We had to change all the plans. We postponed all outdoor filming and are filming in the sets. Masks and hand sanitizers are being distributed on the sites and temperature checks are being made, but there are still many difficulties. We are considering editing the scripts, even. If even one person gets sick, the productions, broadcast and actors will be tremendously affected"....More

Heo Joon-ho, a Charismatic Acting Legend

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Heo Joon-ho is firmly established as a 'real actor' with both cinematic quality and box office power, and acting skills.

With charismatic visuals, a force that overwhelms others, and an irresistible attraction, Heo Joon-ho is receiving a lot of love as a unique actor who can play the villain as well as the trusted character...More

Ju Ji-hoon Considers "Silence" Among Many Offers

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Actor Ju Ji-hoon is thinking about joining the film "Silence".

A media reported that Ju Ji-hoon confirmed a role in "Silence". KeyEast then stated, ""Silence" is one of the couple of works he's considering"....More

[HanCinema's News] "Penthouse: War In Life" Script Reading Delayed Owing to COVID-19

2020/02/26 | Permalink

The major upcoming summer drama "Penthouse: War In Life" is now officially behind schedule. The drama production announced that though the first script reading had been planned for February 25th it had to be pushed back to March due to concerns about COVID-19...More

Kim Si-eun-II Confirms Casting in "Nobody Knows" as Kim Seo-hyung's Friend

Source | 2020/02/26 | Permalink

Actress Kim Si-eun-II is starring in the new SBS drama "Nobody Knows" and Choi Soo-jeong.

"Nobody Knows" is a mystery tracking drama that poses the question, 'Would my life have changed if I had met a good grown-up?' and tells the story of a police officer who wants to protect children who are on the edge. It is led by Kim Seo-hyung, who caused a sensation with "SKY Castle"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Crash Landing on You" Enjoys Broad International Popularity

2020/02/25 | Permalink

While much of the success of "Crash Landing on You" has been measured in terms of its domestic ratings, Studio Dragon and Netflix have recently confirmed that the drama also enjoys strong popularity in international markets. Netflix holds the international distribution rights for "Crash Landing on You" and had been releasing new episodes of the drama in one hundred and ninety countries...More

Home Theater to Seek Expansion into Solid Worldviews

Source | 2020/02/24 | Permalink

Drama worldviews have become diverse and solid, and expansion based on this is in process.

TvN's "The Cursed" is a supernatural thriller with an original worldview combined with a curse that harms humans and an indigenous Korean belief. Director Yeon Sang-ho tackles the screenplay of "The Cursed" and expresses he would like to continue the worldview and turn it into a season-drama or a movie...More

[Photo] New Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

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New poster added for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

[Photos] Script Reading Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm - Season 2"

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Script reading stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm - Season 2"...More

Bong Joon-ho Recalls Road to Oscars Triumph

Source | 2020/02/20 | Permalink

The cast and crew of Bong Joon-ho's film "Parasite" pose for a photo at a press event in Seoul on Wednesday. /Newsis

Bong Joon-ho and the cast of "Parasite" on Wednesday faced a blizzard of cameras after returning to a hero's welcome from their Oscars triumph...More

From Kim Eun-sook to Noh Hee-kyeong, Star Writers Are Making a Comeback

Source | 2020/02/19 | Permalink

There's a reason why the drama line-up for 2020 is so highly anticipated. It's because star writers are coming back. Romance master Kim Eun-sook, human master Noh Hee-kyeong and other writers of different genres are coming back this 2020...More

[Video] Teaser Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

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Teaser trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

Jung Si-ah to Star in "Lies of Lies"

Source | 2020/02/16 | Permalink

Actress Jung Si-ah is starring in the new Channel A drama "Lies of Lies".

"Lies of Lies" is a story of true love that begins with a woman's lies to become her own daughter's stepmother. Jung Si-ah takes on the role of Kang Ji-kyeong and adds to the solid line-up of Lee Yu-ri, Yeon Jung-hoon and Lee Il-hwa...More

Ko Sung-hee's Drastic Change in Characters

Source | 2020/02/13 | Permalink

Ko Sung-hee, who was so attractive in the drama "Suits", plays a loner princess, a woman beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country.

In "My Holo Love", streaming on Netflix since the 7th, Ko Sung-hee plays So-yeon, a realistic everyday worker who generates empathy with people in real life. "My Holo Love" is about a woman named So-yeon (Ko Sung-hee) who casts herself away from others to hide her scars, her perfect AI assistant, Holo (Yoon Hyun-min), and Nan-do, the creator of the hologram, who looks the same as his creation, but has a completely different personality...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

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New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

[Orion's Ramblings] "Kingdom - Season 2" Announces Release Date, Teases Ample Bloodshed in New Video and Posters

2020/02/07 | Permalink

If you miss your zom-zoms and that thirst for good ol' Joseon blood is overwhelming, you can breathe a sigh of relief very soon. The second season of the Netflix original drama "Kingdom", "Kingdom - Season 2", will be with us shortly, and it has new posters and a new teaser to show for...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2020/02/07

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Korean drama starting today 2020/02/07: "My Holo Love"...More

Drama Premieres Replaced With Live Online Broadcasting Due to the Coronavirus

Source | 2020/02/04 | Permalink

"My Holo Love" cancelled its premiere.

Concern over the spread of the new coronavirus has also led to the cancellation of various events in the entertainment industry. The press premieres of dramas have chosen to go live instead...More

[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Holo Love"

Source | 2020/02/04 | Permalink

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"...More

Webtoon Original Dramas, Clarifications Inside the Works

Source | 2020/01/30 | Permalink

Webtoons will keep trending this year. Webtoons have been favored by many producers in that they have already been verified in terms of their workability and popularity, and have a solid existing hardcore fanbase.

The first webtoon drama this year is the jTBC drama "Itaewon Class" starting on the 31st. "Itaewon Class" has recorded the highest number of paid sales and a cumulative lookup of 220,000 views among Daum webtoons...More

"SKY Castle" Kim Dong-hee, "I Want to Fill Myself With More Internal Elements"

Source | 2020/01/28 | Permalink

Actor Kim Dong-hee was featured in the February 2020 issue of Esquire. This pictorial is a part of 'Man at His Best / ROOKIES', a project on 3 rising actors featuring Kim Dong-hee, Lee Do-hyun and Jung Ga-ram. Esquire picked his lips as the most attractive part of his looks and his self-assertion as his attractive trait...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Holo Love"

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New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"...More

[Video + Photo] Main Trailer and Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Holo Love"

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Main trailer and poster added for the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"...More

Lee Do-hyun Says He Still Thinks About Go Cheong-myeong From "Hotel Del Luna"

Source | 2020/01/21 | Permalink

Actor Lee Do-hyun was featured in the February issue of Esquire.

The illustration highlights 3 rising actors under the theme 'Man at His Best ROOKIES' and one of them is Lee Do-hyun of "Hotel Del Luna" fame, who won the Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama Award at the KBS Drama Awards for his performance in "Drama Special - Scouting Report"...More

Drama Writers, Trusting the Old Or Finding the New

Source | 2020/01/20 | Permalink

2020, star writers VS rookie writers; Park Ji-eun's soft landing with "Crash Landing on You", Kim Eun-hee-I's "Kingdom - Season 2" to come out in March, Kim Eun-sook with a fantasy romance drama "The King: Eternal Monarch", and "Baseball Fan" writer debuts drama with "Stove League", "Black Dog" receives favorable reviews.

"Park Ji-eun is a witty writer indeed"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Holo Love"

Source | 2020/01/20 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"...More

Lee Min-ho, Lee Dong-wook and Park Seo-joon, 2020 Dramas Overflow With Top Stars

Source | 2020/01/19 | Permalink

There are over a 100 dramas a year and this has its downs for productions and ups for viewers. The keyword for this year is ' fantasy ' and ' well-made '. Top stars who are known for 'viewership guarantee' are standing in line with dramas for the year.

The fantasy vibe is stronger in dramas this year than tranquil. The most anticipated is, of course, "The King: Eternal Monarch" written by the best, Kim Eun-sook, starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun. "The King: Eternal Monarch" is a fantasy romance drama in which a deity has unleashed a demon unto the world of humans, and that demon has opened the door to a parallel world. The drama stands out in the way that each character has a unique set of skills...More

"My Holo Love" Only Ko Sung-hee Can See Yoon Hyun-min

Source | 2020/01/16 | Permalink

Netflix 2020 original series "My Holo Love" is coming out.

The teaser for "My Holo Love" came out on the 16th of January...More

[Video] Teaser Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Holo Love"

Source | 2020/01/14 | Permalink

Teaser trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"...More

'Sex Education' Trailer Offends Koreans

Source | 2020/01/12 | Permalink

A Netflix comedy has generated controversy for a supposedly racist remark in the trailer...More

[New Drama] "The Silent Sea"

Source | 2020/01/11 | Permalink

Korean drama "The Silent Sea" added to HanCinema database...More

Korean Movie of the Week "Romans 8:37"

Source | 2020/01/09 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Romans 8:37" (2017)

Directed by Shin Yeon-shick

With Lee Hyun-ho, Seo Dong-gab, Lee Ji-min-II, Jo Sung-woo-III, Heo Yeon-jeong, Hong Sung-choon-I,...

An evangelist enters a church to help his idol, but is confronted with rumors about the man that he will have to face.
In a world where we will never break, we begin to pray for our sins...More

"Hyena" and "Kingdom - Season 2" Are Keeping Ju Ji-hoon Busy in 2020

Source | 2020/01/08 | Permalink

Ju Ji-hoon is going to be busy in 2020.

His 2019 was a strong year. He starred in the Netflix original drama "Kingdom" and MBC drama "The Item". He also won Best Actor for the film "Dark Figure of Crime"...More

[HanCinema's News] JTBC Making Aggressive Moves in Production

2020/01/08 | Permalink

Following the conclusion of new deals with CJ ENM and Netflix, jTBC, or more specifically the JTBC Contents Hub, has been making major moves in production...More

[Press Release] Netflix Orders New Korean Sci-fi Thriller Series "The Silent Sea", Confirms Actor Jung Woo-sung As Executive Producer

Source | 2020/01/07 | Permalink

Netflix Inc., the world's leading streaming entertainment service, announced a new Korean original series "The Silent Sea" (working title), and confirmed actor Jung Woo-sung serving as an executive producer of the show, which is set in a precarious future where Earth is running out of water...More

The 2020 Golden Line-Up - "Dr. Romantic", "Kingdom" and "Secret Forest"

Source | 2020/01/06 | Permalink

Legendary dramas are coming back with second seasons.

Every broadcasting agency has a new line-up to present, and they are heightening anticipation. Meanwhile, dramas which were the most popular amongst viewers are coming back with season 2...More

IU and Park Seo-joon in Lee Byeong-heon-I's "Dream - 2020"

Source | 2020/01/05 | Permalink

"Extreme Job" director Lee Byeong-heon-I and actors Park Seo-joon and IU are on board the ship of "Dream - 2020".

Megabox Plus M announced that Lee Ji-eun (IU) confirmed a role in the latest film "Dream - 2020"...More

Yoon Jong-hoon to Star in "Find Me in Your Memory"

Source | 2019/12/25 | Permalink

Actor Yoon Jong-hoon is leading the new MBC drama "Find Me in Your Memory" with Moon Ga-young and Kim Dong-wook.

The drama is a romance between Lee Jeong-hoon (Kim Dong-wook), a next-generation anchor with hyperthymesia (highly superior autobiographical memory) who remembers things all the time, and rising star Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young), a 'scandal maker' who forgets the most important time in life...More

[Videos] First Teasers Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Kingdom - Season 2"

Source | 2019/12/23 | Permalink

First teasers released for the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Prison Playbook"

Source | 2019/12/19 | Permalink

Korean drama of the week "Prison Playbook" (2017)

Directed by Sin Won-ho

Written by Jeong Bo-hoon-I, Lee Woo-jeong-I

Network: tvN

With Park Hae-soo, Sung Dong-il, Jung Jae-sung, Lee Ho-cheol, Choi Moo-sung, Park Ho-san,...

16 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:30
Also known as "Wise Prison Life"
Set in a prison, this is a drama about the lives of the prisoners and prison staff...More

Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook and Lee Si-young Star in Netflix's "Sweet Home"

Source | 2019/12/18 | Permalink

Lee Je-hoon Starring in Netflix Original Series "Move To Heaven"

Source | 2019/12/16 | Permalink

Actor Lee Je-hoon is coming back with Netflix's latest.

Saram Entertainment announced on the 16th that Lee Je-hoon is coming back with "Move to Heaven"...More

[HanCinema's News] "My Holo Love" to Release on February 7th Via Netflix

2019/12/16 | Permalink

Netflix has announced a February 7th release date for its upcoming drama "My Holo Love". The romantic drama centers around a lonely woman played by Ko Sung-hee, and her experiences with a personal assistant hologram that is played by Yoon Hyun-min...More

Kim Tae-hoon Busy in Dramas, Films, and One-Act Drama "Drama Stage 2020 - Communication Range Breakaway"

Source | 2019/12/11 | Permalink

Actor Kim Tae-hoon is starring in the tvN one-act play "Drama Stage 2020 - Communication Range Breakaway".

"Drama Stage 2020 - Communication Range Breakaway" is about a husband who struggles to erase a wrong message sent to his wife on the day of the commotion caused by a fire at an underground cable tunnel...More

Will "Arthdal Chronicles" and "Vagabond" Come Back With Season 2?

Source | 2019/12/10 | Permalink

Will there be a season 2 of "Arthdal Chronicles" and "Vagabond"?

Among the most anticipated works in the drama industry in 2019 are tvN's "Arthdal Chronicles" and SBS's "Vagabond". The two series, which cost about 54 billion won (~$45 million) and 25 billion won (~$21 million) each, and gathered the production team and actors dubbed box office guarantee checkmarks, gained attention even before broadcast, and have achieved their desired results. They also raised expectations, leaving room for a next season, as we were faced with an open ending...More

JTBC to Launch Wednesday / Thursday Drama "Channel Extension Plan"

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The general service channel jTBC is expanding its influence by launching Wednesday and Thursday dramas.

JTBC announced on the 9th that dramas will be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays in 2020...More

Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' Named Best Foreign Film by U.S. National Board of Review

Source | 2019/12/05 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's film "Parasite" has been named the best foreign language film by the U.S. National Board of Review, adding to the list of gongs it has collected since its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May...More

Korean Zombie Series on Netflix Among NYT's Best Int'l Shows

Source | 2019/12/04 | Permalink

Netflix's first Korean drama series, "Kingdom", has been named among the 10 Best International Shows of the year by The New York Times...More

[New Drama] "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"

Source | 2019/11/30 | Permalink

Upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" added to HanCinema database...More

Jun Ji-hyun to Appear in "Kingdom - Season 2", Considering "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"

Source | 2019/11/28 | Permalink

Actress Jun Ji-hyun will be appearing in the Netflix Original drama "Kingdom - Season 2".

Her agency confirmed this fact, bit didn't mention anything further about the drama...More

[Interview] Lee Seung-gi Says "Vagabond" Is a Gift, Is Hopeful for Season 2

Source | 2019/11/26 | Permalink

The SBS drama "Vagabond" was one that broke down numerous prejudices. This drama, which cost 25 billion won, proved that even dramas could be full of action. The whole process of digging up a conspiracy of military capital involved in a plane crash was like a Hollywood movie. The car chase from the first episode and physical action scenes continued to become topics of conversation.

But that freshness wasn't the only thing that mattered. It was actor Lee Seung-gi in the role of Cha Dal-geon, who lost his beloved nephew to an accident. He made sure viewers held on to the drama by throwing himself in never before seen action scenes. We met Lee Seung-gi in a café in Seoul and he said ""Vagabond" is like a gift"....More

[HanCinema's News] Release Date and Netflix Cooperation Set for "Hyena"

2019/11/26 | Permalink

SBS has confirmed that next year's drama "Hyena" will begin on February 21st of 2020. The drama deals with high class lawyers for the wealthiest members of society. It stars Kim Hye-soo and Ju Ji-hoon in the leading roles...More

[HanCinema's News] Netflix and JTBC Announce New Contract

2019/11/25 | Permalink

On November 25th Netflix and jTBC announced a new contents project together. Under the terms of the contract JTBC will provide Netflix with around twenty dramas over the coming three year period. Though the dramas will be identified as jTBC titles domestically, internationally they will be branded as Netflix originals in the 190 territories where Netflix will hold the distribution rights...More

Netflix, CJ ENM and Studio Dragon Enter Strategic Partnership

2019/11/21 | Permalink

Netflix and entertainment & lifestyle company CJ ENM, as well as its subsidiary Studio Dragon have signed a strategic partnership for content production and global distribution over the next few years.

Through the strategic partnership, Studio Dragon will produce Netflix's original Korean series for Netflix members to enjoy over 3 years, starting from 2020. In addition, Netflix will have the right to showcase some of the Korean content produced by Studio Dragon and held by CJ ENM worldwide...More

"When the Camellia Blooms" Gets Two Special Episodes after Its Finale

Source | 2019/11/20 | Permalink

"When the Camellia Blooms" will get two special episodes that will broadcast on 27 and 28 November!...More

[HanCinema's News] Jung Ga-ram Makes Special Appearance on "When the Camellia Blooms"

2019/11/15 | Permalink

On the November 14th broadcast of "When the Camellia Blooms" Jung Ga-ram made a special appearance as the adult version of Pil-goo, who is a child during the normal duration of the drama and played by Kim Kang-hoon...More

Today's Photo: November 9, 2019 [3]

Source | 2019/11/09 | Permalink

Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-min-II, Lee Seung-gi, Park Min-young, Sehun and Kim Sejeong pose at a press junket for their new Netflix show "Busted" in Seoul on Friday...More

[HanCinema's News] CGV to Close Down Art House Film Extensions

2019/11/08 | Permalink

CGV has announced the end of its CGV Art House extension for producing films. Sources close to CGV claim that the company will still be supporting independent projects through other means. It is unclear what those means might be, but enough independent films are currently produced and distributed that the loss of this particular extension is not expected to have major effects on the market...More

[Cast Update] Cast Updated for the Korean Drama "Sweet Home"

Source | 2019/11/03 | Permalink

Cast updated for the Korean drama "Sweet Home"...More

[New Drama] "Love Alarm - Season 2"

Source | 2019/11/02 | Permalink

Upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm - Season 2" added to HanCinema database...More

Ji Soo to Star in Kakao M Original Webtoon Drama "Amanza"

Source | 2019/10/31 | Permalink

Actor Ji Soo is starring in the Kakao M drama "Amanza".

According to his agency the actor has been cast for "Amanza", but filming hasn't begun yet...More

[HanCinema's News] Netflix Confirms Second Season of "Love Alarm"

2019/10/30 | Permalink

A second season of the popular Netflix drama "Love Alarm" has been confirmed. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same title, and deals with a hypothetical phone application that makes noise should the holder be within ten meters of a person who has romantic interest in them...More

Multi-Season Dramas - Guaranteed Content VS Boring Self-Replication

Source | 2019/10/17 | Permalink

Season-based dramas, which were only seen on sitcoms and some cable channels, have now become a trend common on general and ground-wave channels. JTBC drama "Chief of Staff" is coming back with a second season, "Chief of Staff - Season 2", this November. The first season ended in July and Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae) is coming back as a congressman. SBS is also presenting "Dr. Romantic 2" this coming January. "Dr. Romantic", which aired from 2016 to 2017, recorded a shocking 27.6% in viewing rate for its excellent story and performance of the cast. Han Suk-kyu, Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung-kyung are coming together for the next season. TvN's "Signal" and "Prison Playbook" are coming back next year as well...More

[New Drama] "Move to Heaven"

Source | 2019/10/12 | Permalink

Upcoming Korean drama "Move to Heaven" added to HanCinema database...More

[Press Release] Netflix to Produce Heart-warming Series "Move to Heaven", Depicting Life and Emotions of Trauma Cleaner

Source | 2019/10/10 | Permalink

Netflix Inc., the world's leading Internet entertainment service, announced that it will produce a new Korean original series "Move to Heaven"...More

"When the Camellia Blooms" is Korea's most buzzworthy TV series

Source | 2019/10/08 | Permalink

"When the Camellia Blooms" tops the list of the most buzzworthy TV series in Korea!

According to data analyst Good Data Corporation's weekly monitoring report, "When the Camellia Blooms" is the most talked about TV series in news articles, social media, blogs, forums and videos. A total of 25 currently airing and upcoming TV series from September 30 to October 6 were included in this analysis...More

[Press Release] Netflix to Bring Korean Retro Romance Film "Tune in for Love"

Source | 2019/10/03 | Permalink

Netflix Inc., the world's leading Internet entertainment service, announced that a melodrama film "Tune in for Love" will launch globally on November 5, 2019.

"Tune in for Love" is a young couple's love story, in which fate keeps pulling them together and pushing them apart again as they try to figure out life on their own, and with each other...More

Seolhyun's Upcoming Series to Reach Global Audience Via Netflix

Source | 2019/10/03 | Permalink

Seolhyun of girl group AOA will appear in JTBC's upcoming series "My Country: The New Age", which is set for worldwide release in October...More

[Interview] Seo Won-tae-I

2019/09/30 | Permalink

Seo Won-tae-I is a filmmaker and visual artist.  His first feature film, "Synching Blue" (2007) was introduced in Vancouver IFF and Jeonju IFF, while a number of his films have screened at del Plata IFF, Busan IFF and more. Currently, he is also a professor of VIS at Kongju National University...More

[HanCinema's News] Kim So-hyun Appears at Press Event for "The Tale of Nokdu"

2019/09/30 | Permalink

On September 30th the cast and crew of "The Tale of Nokdu" appeared at a press event in Seoul to talk about the drama. South Korean media was on the scene to document the event, in particular the fetching blue outfit worn by lead actress Kim So-hyun...More

[HanCinema's News] Major Productions Dominated by Singers Turned Actors

2019/09/27 | Permalink

Once in the South Korean market the notion that singers could become actors was treated with open disdain. But lately idols best known for their musical careers have been making progressively more convincing forays into acting. "Vagabond" is headlined by two such performers - Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy were both famous as singers before they started doing high profile acting roles...More

"When the Camellia Blooms" starts strong in the ratings game

Source | 2019/09/19 | Permalink

KBS 2TV "When the Camellia Blooms" is off to a good start!

The romantic comedy which stars Gong Hyo-jin and Kang Ha-neul has beaten "Secret Boutique", its rival in the 10pm Wednesday-Thursday slot. Furthermore, it was the most watched drama of the night!...More

Netflix launches "When the Camellia Blooms" on 18 September

Source | 2019/09/18 | Permalink

As Korean TV series "When the Camellia Blooms" starts its first broadcast in its native land at 10pm on 18 September, the rest of the world will be able to view it on the same day exclusively on Netflix, the world's leading internet entertainment provider...More

Korean Box Office Sees Worst Summer in 6 Years

Source | 2019/09/18 | Permalink

Korean cinema experienced no smash hit this summer as none of the new releases in the last few months surpassed the 10 million viewer mark...More

CJ ENM and JTBC Establish Joint Venture, Building Local OTTs

Source | 2019/09/17 | Permalink

There is a strong trend in Korea's online video service (OTT or over-the-top media service) market.

CJ ENM said on the 17th that it has signed a business agreement with jTBC to launch the OTT joint venture. This is the second birth of an native OTT coalition after the OTT of three ground-wave broadcasters, POOK and SK Telecom's Oksusu were merged into WAVE on the 16th.

CJ ENM and jTBC have agreed to set up a joint venture by early next year that will provide a combined service of content held by the two companies with intellectual property rights, and introduce an integrated OTT platform based on TVING. The CJ ENM-JTBC joint venture will be joined by CJ ENM as the first shareholder and jTBC as the second largest shareholder...More

[HanCinema's News] "Vagabond" Follows up "Arthdal Chronicles" as High-Priced Preproduction

2019/09/17 | Permalink

As "Arthdal Chronicles" has struggled to exceed ratings above 8%, the forty five million dollar drama has set a poor precedent for the next major preproduction, "Vagabond". However, "Vagabond", with only about a twenty million dollar budget in comparison, does have a few more factors working in its favor...More

[Interview] Kim So-hyun, "I'll Just Leave It up to Time"

Source | 2019/09/16 | Permalink

Child actors usually meet a wall at the age of 17. It means the transition to becoming an adult actor is tough.

However, actress Kim So-hyun didn't meet that wall, and she has been the lead star in mellow and youth dramas until the age of 21...More

[New Drama] "Round Six"

Source | 2019/09/14 | Permalink

Upcoming Korean drama "Round Six" added to HanCinema database...More

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk Takes on Netflix Drama "Round Six"

Source | 2019/09/08 | Permalink

"The Fortress" and "Silenced" director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, is taking on a Netflix drama. He personally wrote this piece, going by the title of "Round Six", too.

According to Netflix, "Round Six" is about people who've failed at life take part in a mysterious survival game for the reward of 10 billion won...More

Netflix Reveals More Than 10 Korean Projects for 2019, Including "Kingdom - Season 2"

Source | 2019/09/05 | Permalink

Netflix revealed a Korean original series lineup on the 5th.

Netflix said it is set to prepare, produce or unveil a total of more than 10 original Korean-originated series, including seven currently unveiled works, at the "2019 Asian TV Drama Conference" hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange...More

[Video + Photos] Netflix Trailer and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "When the Camellia Blooms"

Source | 2019/09/04 | Permalink

Netflix trailer and behind the scenes images added for the upcoming Korean drama "When the Camellia Blooms"...More

Song Kang, Lee Do-hyun and Lee Jae-wook - The Generation Change Has Begun

Source | 2019/09/02 | Permalink

There has been a "famine" of 20s actors once, but the generation change has begun with the appearance of many rookies in recent years.

New faces can be seen in several dramas these days. Their good looks and talent won the hearts of the audience at once and their names are up on live-time portal sites. Some of these 'rising stars' are Song Kang, Lee Do-hyun and Lee Jae-wook...More

Sulli to Appear in Netflix Series

Source | 2019/08/31 | Permalink

Singer-turned-actress Sulli will star in a Netflix series...More

[HanCinema's News] New Behind the Scenes Stills Released for "Love Alarm"

2019/08/29 | Permalink

On August 29th the Netflix original series "Love Alarm" has released more behind the scenes photos of the drama's casting environment. In the photos cast members can be seen posing for commemorative photos while still in costume at various shooting locations for the drama...More

[HanCinema's News] First Stills of Go Min-si in "Secret Boutique" Unveiled

2019/08/28 | Permalink

Ahead of the drama's September 18th release SBS has been releasing production photos of "Secret Boutique". The latest shows actress Go Min-si in her supporting role as Lee Hyeon-ji, whose backstory revolves around her being a serious amateur Go player who tried and failed to become a professional at the age of nineteen...More

[HanCinema's News] Ju Ji-hoon Fan Meeting Features Surprise Visit From Kim Dong-wook and Jung Woo-sung

2019/08/28 | Permalink

Official pictures from Ju Ji-hoon's last fan meeting on July 27th at Kyung Hee University show that participating fans got more than they bargained for when Kim Dong-wook and Jung Woo-sung also made an appearance. The pictures were released on August 26th by Ju Ji-hoon's agency, Key East...More

[HanCinema's News] "Love Alarm" Has Raised Song Kang's Profile

2019/08/27 | Permalink

Interest has been surging in Song Kang since the release of "Love Alarm" on Netflix on August 22nd. His agency, Namoo Actors, has released still photos from the set of "Love Alarm" in response to this demand...More

[Photos] New Posters Added for the Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/08/26 | Permalink

New posters added for the Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

[HanCinema's News] Kim So-hyun Praised for Maintaining Spirit of Character on "Love Alarm"

2019/08/23 | Permalink

With the official international release of the new Netflix drama "Love Alarm" particular attention has been called to Kim So-hyun's performance in the lead role. Fans of the original webcomic on which "Love Alarm" is based have praised her fidelity to the character...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2019/08/22

Source | 2019/08/22 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2019/08/22: "Love Alarm"...More

Today's Photo: August 21, 2019 [4]

Source | 2019/08/21 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyun poses at a press junket for her Netflix series "Love Alarm" in Seoul on Tuesday...More

Kakao Page, "Watch Out for Popular Webtoons, Dramas and Films"

Source | 2019/08/20 | Permalink

Kakao Page will start full-scale IP (Intellectual Property) imaging from the second half of this year.

Kakao Page said that the webtoon IP-based drama "Love Alarm" will be released on the 22nd as an original Netflix series. The original webtoon was so popular that it recorded 470 million views. It is written by Chun Gye-young, who is well known for "Audition". Prior to the release of the drama, a live chat will be held on the 20th in the evening, involving leading actors such as Kim So-hyun and Jung Ga-ram...More

[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/08/20 | Permalink

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

[HanCinema's News] "Love Alarm" Builds up Hype Ahead of August 22nd Release

2019/08/19 | Permalink

There are high expectations for "Love Alarm", the short drama soon to be released on Netflix. The drama is based on the popular Daum webtoon of the same title by Chon Kye-young, who has expressed support in comments from the project. The last drama adaptation of Chon Kye-young's work was "Pretty Boy" back in 2013...More

Korean-American Animated Movie Opening Today 2019/08/16

Source | 2019/08/16 | Permalink

Korean-American animated movie opening today 2019/08/16: "Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus"...More

Samsung Ranks 4th in U.S. Survey of Most Innovative Tech Brands

Source | 2019/08/11 | Permalink

Samsung is ranked the world's fourth most innovative tech brand in a survey by U.S. market research consultancy Brand Keys...More

Lovestagram, Yoon Hyun-min and Baek Jin-hee Steadily in Love for 4 Years

Source | 2019/08/08 | Permalink

Actors Baek Jin-hee and Yoon Hyun-min are publicly in love.

Baek Jin-hee posted pictures of herself walking down the streets on Instagram...More

[Video] Main Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/08/07 | Permalink

Main trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

The Secret to a Successful Webtoon Drama, "100% Synchronization"

Source | 2019/08/01 | Permalink

When news of a webtoon adaptation comes up, there are those who conduct an imaginary casting of stars who are exactly like the characters from the webtoons. This culture is so popular that portal sites are full of related postings, and this kind of 'imaginary casting' leads to actual casting.

OCN's "Strangers from Hell", coming on the 31st, is one example. It's a thriller by writer Kim Yong-ki about the lead character, Yoon Jong-woo, moving to Seoul only to live in a run-down gosiwon where creepy events happen. With its intense level of immersion, this webtoon has always been in the top rankings of Naver webtoons...More

[Video] Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/08/01 | Permalink

Teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/07/31 | Permalink

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

[Photo + Video] New Poster and Teaser Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/07/29 | Permalink

New poster and teaser added for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

[Photos] First Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2019/07/26 | Permalink

First stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2019/07/26

Source | 2019/07/26 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2019/07/26 "My First First Love - Season 2"...More

Web Contents, Dramafied

Source | 2019/07/23 | Permalink

One common thing KBS 2TV's "Justice", OCN's "Strangers from Hell" and other dramas that are on air or are due to start soon have in common is that they are based on webtoons or novels. There have been other dramas based on webtoons and novels, but it has become more common nowadays.

This is because South Korean platforms such as Netflix and other foreign over-the-top media service (OTT) companies are speeding up efforts to secure contents. In addition to Netflix, HBO Max, NBC Universal, and Disney announced their own OTT services. As production of new dramas has become more active, Korean contents companies have increased opportunities to enter the market. "As the number of dramas produced increases, demand for successful content has also increased", said Ha Jae-geun, a pop culture critic...More

[HanCinema's News] Political Dramas Raising the Genre's South Korean Profile

2019/07/12 | Permalink

With the airing of "Chief of Staff" and "Designated Survivor: 60 Days" the profile of political dramas in the South Korean market is rising. While both dramas are currently hovering in the 4% range for overall ratings, only average in the current market, such genre fiction was almost never seen locally up until now...More

[HanCinema's News] Five Different Genres for Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival's Honorary Judges

2019/06/24 | Permalink

The Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival, which starts on June 27th, has made a point of selecting five well known actors from genre films as honorary judges. Ju Ji-hoon, Moon So-ri, Go Ah-sung, Ryu Deok-hwan, and Lee Si-young all correspond to different diverse genres in the Korean film industry today, and help emphasize the industry's breadth of genre diversity...More

[HanCinema's News] SBS Expected to Experience Upswing Over Next Few Months

2019/06/14 | Permalink

SBS stock has become a hot commodity for investors due to its frequently undulating performance. More than other networks SBS's financial performance is heavily tied to whatever dramas or variety shows it is airing right now. Though relatively weak at the moment, there is cause for optimism in SBS's upcoming schedule...More

"Chief of Staff" to Meet the World on Netflix

Source | 2019/06/12 | Permalink

"Chief of Staff" is coming to the world through the global internet entertainment service Netflix.

The new jTBC drama "Chief of Staff" is being streamed around the world via Netflix, a paid subscription to 148 million households across 190 countries. The drama will be released in Asian and English-speaking regions, including Korea, one hour after the end of the regular Korean broadcast, and Japan will be able to view all 10 episodes starting midnight on July 14. Other countries will be covered for two episodes per week from midnight on the 24th of June...More

[HanCinema's News] Lee Seung-gi Posts Instagram Photo of Himself With Dog

2019/06/11 | Permalink

On June 11th actor Lee Seung-gi posted an Instagram photo of himself with his pet dog Perro on a big grassy roof. Lee Seung-gi is well known among his fans for his love of this dog, and frequently discusses Perro in media appearances...More

B1A4's Jin Young to Enlist on the 20th

Source | 2019/06/10 | Permalink

Idol group B1A4's Jin Young (Jung Jin-young) is starting his military service on the 20th of this month.

Link 8 Entertainment announced that Jin Young received a notice of military service drafting from the Military Manpower Administration, and will be going to recruit training on the 20th...More

Song Joon-ki Returns to TV with New Epic Series

Source | 2019/06/01 | Permalink

Heart-throb Song Joong-ki has finally returned to the small screen with the epic fantasy series "Arthdal Chronicles", which starts on cable channel tvN on Saturday. It is his first TV series since the mega-hit "Descendants of the Sun" in 2016...More

Chang Ryul to Star in "Arthdal Chronicles"

Source | 2019/05/30 | Permalink

Actor Chang Ryul is starring in "Arthdal Chronicles".

The new tvN drama "Arthdal Chronicles" starting on the 1st of June casts Chang Ryul as Asayon...More

[Hancinema Film Review] "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage"

2019/05/11 | Permalink

The previous decade (and a bit more actually) was the golden era of crime thrillers for Korean cinema, a genre that actually headed the triumphant march to the top of Asian cinema for the country. Lee Jeong-beom was one of the contributors to this achievement, with "Cruel Winter Blues", "The Man From Nowhere" and on a secondary level, "No Tears for the Dead". Thus, the interest for his first film after 5 years was quite high, particularly since the genre was once again, the crime thriller. Let us see if the "hype" was well worth it...More

[Orion's Ramblings] Ji Jin-hee Brings His Own Flavor Into "Designated Survivor: 60 Days"

2019/05/10 | Permalink

The first stills for tvN's Korean Drama remake of Kiefer Sutherland's "Designated Survivor" are here, and Ji Jin-hee's hero is feeling the weight of his responsibility, as he tries to keep a country afloat following a terrorist attack in "Designated Survivor: 60 Days"...More

From Kwon Nara and Bang Minah to Bae Suzy and Hyeri, a Shift in Acting Idol Generations

Source | 2019/05/09 | Permalink

Idol actresses are drawing attention to themselves. It's not unusual that idols act, but there have been some new faces lately, which means there is a shift in generations. However, many say the earlier idol actresses still have a strong standing position, so it looks like the abundant drama industry is in a warring state.

Hello Venus's Kwon Nara is building a reputation for herself in the KBS 2TV drama "Doctor Prisoner". She made quite an impression in the tvN drama "My Mister" and SBS drama "Your Honor", and now she's a lead actress. There's also Kim Jae-kyung, who's representing the new SBS drama "The Secret Life of My Secretary". She starred in the OCN drama "Life on Mars" and MBC's "Bad Papa" last year, but she's taking a big step this year. Bang Minah is starring in the new SBS drama "Absolute Boyfriend", which begins on the 15th. She proved her value in the 2016 SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", but took a long break, so "Absolute Boyfriend" will be another chance for her to prove her talent...More

Bae Suzy's New Soap to Get Worldwide Netflix Release

Source | 2019/05/09 | Permalink

Upcoming TV series "Vagabond" starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy will get a worldwide release on Netflix, producers said Wednesday...More

A Rich Year of Spring Romances, Aiming for Attention With Diversity

Source | 2019/05/08 | Permalink

This warm spring, various romantic works are coming our way.

It is true that romances don't have good ratings, but there's always a demand, especially from the younger generation of viewers...More

OCN Aims to Restore Pride with Proven Sequels "Save Me 2" and "Voice 3"

Source | 2019/05/02 | Permalink

Will the reputable OCN restore its pride with qualified series?

The OCN dramas "Possessed" and "Kill It" ended last month. "Possessed" is a spirit chasing thriller about ghosts and "Kill It" differentiated itself from others with fancy gun-based action and stylish footage...More

Boyfriend or Boy-Friend? Today's Rom-Coms Make Choosing Harder

Source | 2019/04/30 | Permalink

The secondary characters in romantic comedies these days are not what they used to be.

The typical spread out of the main characters of the story is no more, as the first episodes clearly show. The secondary male characters are becoming three-dimensional as they cause the leading lady, as well as the viewers, to be confused between two appealing men. They no longer play the supportive roles that determine the girls' love for the main characters, but portray real love and bring more fun to the dramas...More

Production Costs Go up and Dramas Become Comprehensive Art

Source | 2019/04/29 | Permalink

The background music for "The Fiery Priest" has us excited every once in a while. The lyrics to the title song "Our Neighborhood Hero" by NORAZO, synced with priest Kim Hae-il (Kim Nam-gil), who purified Gudam from evil, and the melody just made the drama that much more exciting.

Unlike the past, where dramas were focused mainly on the story alone, dramas these days are turning into comprehensive art. The music, the filming techniques, and the art of a drama require more attention than they used to before. The strategy is to secure a comparative advantage in the intense drama competition in order to secure viewers...More

[New Drama] "Extracurricular"

Source | 2019/04/27 | Permalink

Upcoming Korean drama "Extracurricular" added to HanCinema database...More

Kim Tae-hoon to Star in "Secret Boutique" as Wannabe Single Man

Source | 2019/04/23 | Permalink

Actor Kim Tae-hoon is starring in the new SBS drama "Secret Boutique".

"Secret Boutique" is coming this July and it's a story that revolves around the people who play a game of power and revenge around the development of an international city...More

Netflix Announces Original Drama "Extracurricular"

Source | 2019/04/23 | Permalink

Netflix announced that an original series called "Extracurricular" is being put into production.

"Extracurricular" is a drama about an exemplary student committing crime to make money and the people around him who involuntarily get involved with this crime...More

[HanCinema's News] Jung Si-ah Donates Feminine Products to Commemorate Daughter's Birthday

2019/04/22 | Permalink

On April 22nd Jung Si-ah's agency, Management Koo, revealed that on April 19th the actress donated feminine products to a family charity service for her daughter's birthday. This is the third time Jung Si-ah has made this kind of donation for this reason...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2019/04/18

Source | 2019/04/18 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2019/04/18 "My First First Love"...More

[Interview] Nam Joo-hyuk, "The Love Scene With Han Ji-min Was Short But Affectionate"

Source | 2019/04/16 | Permalink

Nam Joo-hyuk played almost 3 roles in "The Light in Your Eyes"; Lee Joon-ha standing on the cliff of despair, Hye-ja's husband who died at such a young age, and Hye-ja's doctor who looks just like her late husband...More

Today's Photo: April 13, 2019 [3]

Source | 2019/04/13 | Permalink

Jung Chae-yeon of girl group DIA poses at a press junket for her new Netflix series "My First First Love" in Seoul on Friday...More

[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My First First Love"

Source | 2019/04/12 | Permalink

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "My First First Love"...More

[HanCinema's News] Ju Ji-hoon Thanks Lee Sung-min for Coffee Truck

2019/04/11 | Permalink

"The Item" only recently finished, but Ju Ji-hoon is already hard at work for "Kingdom - Season 2" on Netflix. Consequently, Lee Sung-min sent him a coffee car. Ju Ji-hoon thanked Lee Sung-min on Instagram for his efforts...More

Jin Young and Jinyoung Are the Hot Idol-Actors

Source | 2019/04/10 | Permalink

Who's next to follow in line of Park Hyung-sik, Im Si-wan and Do Kyung-soo?

The two Jinyoung's are drawing attention to themselves. B1A4's Jin Young ("The Dude in Me", "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds") and GOT7's Jinyoung ("He Is Psychometric", "Magic School") are the hottest rookies on the drama scene right now...More

[HanCinema's News] "Persona" Given An April 11th Release Date on Netflix

2019/04/09 | Permalink

Netflix has confirmed that its new omnibus series, "Persona", starring IU, will be available to watch on April 11th. More specifically, the show will upload at 5 PM KST on the official Netflix website...More

Ha Jung-woo Reveals Impressive Line-up for New Movies

Source | 2019/04/03 | Permalink

Actor Ha Jung-woo proved his love for his fans by telling them all his plans for his next movie.

Ha Jung-woo met his fans on the 30th of March and talked about his future movie plans and the line-up that was going to be involved...More

Netflix Triples Korea Subscriptions Over a Year

Source | 2019/03/31 | Permalink

U.S. video streaming platform Netflix is rapidly expanding its presence in the Korean market with its subscribers tripling over a year...More

[Orion's Drama News] Facing Harsh Realities

2019/03/30 | Permalink

April is nearly at our doorstep, but its first week brings us a more sombre, but important drama premiere. JTBC has been doing well with its social pieces, and I hope that "Beautiful World" will be just as impactful. In other news, we have a nice selection of new promotional goods, including a first look into "The Nokdu Flower" and "Save Me 2"...More

Today's Photo: March 28, 2019 [4]

Source | 2019/03/28 | Permalink

IU poses at a press junket for a new Netflix film "Persona" in Seoul on Wednesday...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] OCN's "Possessed" is Coming to Netflix

2019/03/27 | Permalink

The untimely loss of DramaFever has been substantially felt by fans on the other side of the pond, and its absence has hit the availability of OCN dramas significantly. "Possessed" was on its way to becoming another "lost series", to be experienced properly in only a handful of countries, and for others through less than ideal means...More

Korean Movie of the Week "Steel Rain"

Source | 2019/03/21 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Steel Rain" (2017)

Directed by Yang Woo-seok

With Jung Woo-sung, Kwak Do-won, Kim Kap-soo, Kim Eui-sung, Lee Kyung-young, Jo Woo-jin,...

Began filming in : 2017/02/02
Wrapped up filming : 2017/06/08
A web-toon turned movie. A former North Korean Reconnaissance agent and the Chief of Foreign Affairs and Security conduct a secret mission to prevent the Korean War...More

Actress Bae Doona Appears on Cover of American Vogue

Source | 2019/03/18 | Permalink

Actress Bae Doona has become the first Korean to appear on the cover of U.S. fashion magazine Vogue in its 127-year history. 

She shares the cover of the April issue with film stars Scarlett Johansson of the U.S. and Deepika Padukone of India...More

Choi Yeo-jin to Star in "I Am Alone" on Netflix

Source | 2019/03/17 | Permalink

Actress Choi Yeo-jin is starring in the Netflix drama "My Holo Love".

"My Holo Love" is the story of a woman who meets "Holo', an individual hologram AI who is always on her side...More

Another "Kingdom" Staff Member Passes Away, Filming Conditions Criticized

Source | 2019/03/13 | Permalink

A second "Kingdom" staff member has passed away.

Netflix Original drama "Kingdom - Season 2" told MBN Star, "A production staff member recently passed away in a car accident. This is a terrible thing to happen and we give our condolences to the family"....More

[HanCinema's News] Netflix's Upcoming Drama, "I Am Alone"

2019/03/08 | Permalink

Among Netflix's Korean upcoming drama projects is "My Holo Love". The science fiction concept is intriguing. The story is about a lonely woman who finds solace through a hologram and its artificial intelligence...More

Netflix to Release IU's First Film "Persona" Next Month

Source | 2019/03/07 | Permalink

Singer and actress IU is starring in her first movie.

Netflix revealed that it will be releasing a bunch of short-films named "Persona" which looks at IU from different perspectives of directors Yim Pil-sung, Lee Kyoung-mi, Kim Jong-kwan and Jeon Go-woon...More

[HanCinema's News] Nam Joo-hyuk Confirmed for "The School Nurse Files"

2019/03/07 | Permalink

Nam Joo-hyuk will appear in the Netflix drama "The School Nurse Files". His agency, YG Entertainment confirmed the news on March 6th. They said they were optimistic about shooting and expect a release in spring of next year...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Lee Joon-hyuk Cast as Ji Jin-hee's Rival in "Designated Survivor: 60 Days"

2019/02/26 | Permalink

TvN's "Designated Survivor: 60 Days" is on a casting roll, and after finding his trusty political companion in Heo Joon-ho, Ji Jin-hee's Park Moo-jin finds his political rival in Lee Joon-hyuk. The actor has officially confirmed his participation in the drama, and he will be a charismatic rival giving the people exactly what they want, sounding too good to be true...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Possessed" Teases Killer Beyond the Veil in 2-Minute Preview

2019/02/21 | Permalink

OCN's "Possessed" brings us crime-style meet-cutes and impossible killers this March, and we get to be teased by two whole minutes of it. The drama follows a psychic and a detective who have to tackle cases committed by the supernatural...More

[HanCinema's News] Ju Ji-hoon Uploads Photos for "The Item" on MBC Website

2019/02/20 | Permalink

On January 20th MBC uploaded some behind the scenes images of Ju Ji-hoon onto their website for "The Item". In the pictures, he is seen smiling, and holding up crude pictures he has drawn on a white board...More

[HanCinema's News] From "Incomplete Life" to "Kingdom" Jun Suk-ho Maintains Presence in Korean Dramas

2019/02/19 | Permalink

With "Kingdom" Jun Suk-ho has made yet another turning point in his career.

On February 19th Jun Suk-ho's agency Ace Factory released a statement praising their client's trajectory. They noted that following his appearance in "Kingdom" Jun Suk-ho has shown that he is willing to appear in all manner of projects...More

"The Item" Struggles Even With Headliner Ju Ji-hoon

Source | 2019/02/19 | Permalink

MBC drama "The Item" is not doing well. Despite having top actor actor Ju Ji-hoon on the front line and having been the topic of conversation since before it came out, the drama is quite disappointing with what Sports Donga calls "its milk-and-water" completion of the story...More

[Interview] Ju Ji-hoon Finds Working With Netflix on "Kingdom - Season 2" Liberating

Source | 2019/02/18 | Permalink

Ju Ji-hoon is a trusted actor who's proved his worth in "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds", "The Spy Gone North" and "Dark Figure of Crime". Now he's currently busy with the first Netflix Korean original drama "Kingdom - Season 2" and the MBC drama "The Item"...More

[Orion's Drama News] Desperate Measures

2019/02/16 | Permalink

After another busy drama week, things quiet down in terms of premieres, and we get to take a step back and enjoy an abundance of promotional delicacies for upcoming dramas. It's also time for more dangerous loves and impossible makeovers, as next weekend marks the premiere of "Love in Sadness"...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Heo Joon-ho Joins Ji Jin-hee in "Designated Survivor: 60 Days"

2019/02/15 | Permalink

Actor Heo Joon-ho has joined upcoming tvN drama "Designated Survivor: 60 Days" alongside Ji Jin-hee. The drama, which is a remake of the ABC/Netflix series of the same title, is about the Minister of Environment finding himself in charge of the country for 60 days, following an attack that causes the demise of everyone higher up the chain of command...More

Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona and Ryu Seung-ryong's "Kingdom - Season 2" Begins Filming

Source | 2019/02/13 | Permalink

"Kingdom - Season 2" has begun filming.

"Kingdom - Season 2" is a Joseon historical drama about zombies. When the king awakes from his illness, Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) is called a traitor. He heads far south to find the source of what made the king ill, but the number of people catching the illness and becoming monsters (zombies) grows exponentially...More

Ju Ji-hoon Follows Box-Office Success with New TV Series

Source | 2019/02/13 | Permalink

Actor Ju Ji-hoon is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, following three box-office hits last year with two new TV series so far this year...More

"The Crowned Clown" and "Kingdom" Filmed in Popular Mungyeong

Source | 2019/02/12 | Permalink

Many dramas are now being filmed Mungyeong Saejae, Gyeongbuk because it has become popular as a historical drama. Due to its growing popularity, the city of Mungyeong has started to develop plans to connect with the revitalization of the local economy...More

Kim Tae-hoon and Park Byung-eun to Join Netflix's "Kingdom - Season 2"

Source | 2019/02/12 | Permalink

Actors Kim Tae-hoon and Park Byung-eun have decided to join the Netflix production, "Kingdom - Season 2".

They will be creating new characters in "Kingdom - Season 2" who will play important roles in the drama...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Actor Song Geon-hee Follows Up "SKY Castle" With Netflix's "Love Alarm"

2019/02/11 | Permalink

Actor Song Geon-hee of recent "SKY Castle" fame has joined the cast of "Love Alarm", Netflix's upcoming original about an app by an unknown developer that lets the user know when someone who likes them is within a 10-meter radius, and about the people who still want to know the true feelings of themselves and others despite it...More

Netflix "Kingdom" Begins a New Hallyu Wave

Source | 2019/02/11 | Permalink

"Really enjoying "Kingdom" on Netflix, the Joseon era Korean zombie show, but can we talk about all the hats in the show for a hot second? I need a scholar of Korean history to unpack all of these lids", writes American science fiction author John Hornor Jacobs about the Netflix 6-part Korean drama. In addition to Jacobs, social networking sites are filled with comments from international viewers with different statuses and positions. Even Netflix didn't anticipate the attention for the 'gat', or hat worn in the Joseon period...More

[Interview] "Kingdom" Writer Kim Eun-hee-I Shares Behind-the-scenes Insights

Source | 2019/02/08 | Permalink

Writer Kim Eun-hee-I of the Netflix original "Kingdom" told a behind-the-scene story in a recent interview.

"Kingdom", which was released in 190 countries to 1.25 billion users, is a mystery thriller about a prince named Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) who is framed as a traitor, but he discovers the truth about the people who have been starved to the extent of becoming monsters...More

Kim Sung-gyu Amazes in Roles for "Kingdom" and "The Outlaws"

Source | 2019/02/08 | Permalink

Actor Kim Sung-gyu stands out in the Netflix series "Kingdom".

He takes on the role of mysterious character Yeong-sin with outstanding fighting skills in "Kingdom", which was released on the 25th of January. Along with Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, and Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sung-gyu struggles to protect the kingdom and its people...More

[Interview] Ryu Seung-ryong "Kingdom - Season 2" Will Round Out Series

Source | 2019/02/06 | Permalink

"Season 2 is amazing. I get surprised reading the script as the puzzles come together. If Season 1 was about dropping bait, in Season 2, the foreshadowing is remembered. The drama is full of surprises and it's like the second half of a football game", said Ryu Seung-ryong of Netflix drama "Kingdom"...More

Netflix Users in Korea Surpass 1 Million

Source | 2019/02/03 | Permalink

U.S. video-streaming provider Netflix has attracted more than a million users in Korea on their Android mobile devices alone, just three years after entering the market here.

The number of Netflix users has increased by 200,000 to 300,000 every three month, and industry watchers forecast the company to become the No. 1 video-streaming provider in Korea soon...More

[Interview] Bae Doona Is One of 5 Eagles for "Kingdom" Cast

Source | 2019/01/31 | Permalink

Bae Doona talked about working with Jun Suk-ho.

She was interviewed recently about the Netflix original drama "Kingdom"...More

Bae Doona Reveals Script for "Kingdom - Season 2"

Source | 2019/01/30 | Permalink

Jusf after the release of "Kingdom", Bae Doona revealed the cover of the scripts for "Kingdom - Season 2".

She posted this picture on her Instagram on the 29th...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Pandora"

2019/01/26 | Permalink

Jae-hyeok (played by Kim Nam-gil) works at a nuclear plant in southeast part of Korea and is constantly badgering his family about moving away for the sake of better opportunities. A lot of people have been leaving southeast Korea over the last few years for exactly this reason, so weighing ambition and opportunity against tradition and home is a relevant social conflict. Alas, "Pandora" chooses a very different villain- the sinister specter of nuclear power...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2019/01/25

Source | 2019/01/25 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2019/01/25 "Kingdom"...More

"Kingdom" Uncut to Be Revealed on Kakao

Source | 2019/01/24 | Permalink

The uncut opening of the Netflix drama "Kingdom" and the interviews of leading actors will be revealed through Kakao.

Kakao announced that it will be running #kingdom in its # (sharp) tab on the 25th...More

Netflix Unveils Korean Zombie Series

Source | 2019/01/22 | Permalink

Ryu Seung-ryong (left), Bae Doona (center) and Ju Ji-hoon pose at a press event for their new Netflix series "Kingdom" in Seoul on Monday.

The first Korean drama series produced by Netflix is due to be released around the world this week. A press event for the series was held in Seoul on Monday before it goes to air on Friday for 139 million subscribers in 190 countries...More

Today's Photo: January 22, 2019 [2]

Source | 2019/01/22 | Permalink

Bae Doona attends a red carpet event for her new Netflix series, "Kingdom", in Seoul on Monday...More

[Hancinema Film Review] "Revenger"

2019/01/19 | Permalink

Korean martial arts films are not exactly a common tendency for the country's cinema. But when one someone deals with the genre, as Lee Seung-won-III does here in his debut, well, the result is extremely generic, to say the least. Let us take things from the beginning, though...More

Korean Movie of the Week "Forgotten"

Source | 2019/01/10 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Forgotten" (2017)

Directed by Jang Hang-jun

With Kang Ha-neul, Kim Moo-yul, Moon Sung-geun, Na Young-hee, Nam Myung-ryul, Lee Na-ra,...

Also known as "Recall the Night"
A thriller that centers around Yoo-seok, a young man who comes back nineteen days after being kidnapped with no recollection of a the time he was gone, and his brother Jin-seok who tracks down the truth...More

Ji Jin-hee to Star in Remake of Popular U.S. TV Series

Source | 2019/01/10 | Permalink

The popular U.S. TV series "Designated Survivor" will be remade in Korea to be aired on cable TV channel tvN.

Actor Ji Jin-hee has been cast to play the lead role, an official who is put in charge to run the county during a state of emergency...More

[Hancinema Film Review] "Running Wild"

2019/01/05 | Permalink

Mixing an action thriller with a crime thriller is always a good idea, particularly when we are talking about Korean cinema, where the two genres are among the most popular and financially successful. Expectantly, the film was a commercial success in 2006. Let us take things from the beginning though...More

[Orion's Drama News] Out With the Old

2018/12/29 | Permalink

This is the last weekend piece of the year, and as we dive straight into a hopefully peaceful and happy 2019, I give you some of the last minute bits and pieces that Dramaland has to offer. We have casting and promotional goodies, and I have finally started "Memories of the Alhambra", because miracles do happen...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix's "Kingdom" Releases Grabby Character Posters

2018/12/27 | Permalink

Netflix's zombie sageuk, "Kingdom", has released individual character posters for its main and supporting cast, and the undead menace that surrounds these characters, ready to strike. The news attached also gives us some basic information on the alliances we can expect...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Kim So-hyun and Her Merry Men Confirm Netflix's "Love Alarm"

2018/12/24 | Permalink

One of the many Korean drama Netflix exclusives, "Love Alarm", has been chugging along in production, and we have confirmations for the heroine, and all the men after her heart. Kim So-hyun will be taking the lead, joined by Song Kang, Jung Ga-ram, and Shin Seung-ho...More

[Orion's Drama News] Royally Entertained

2018/12/22 | Permalink

Award shows are plentiful as we inch closer to the new year, but the Dramaland news machine always finds a way to chug along. This week I have a surprisingly diverse group of goodies for "The Crowned Clown", along with exciting stuff coming in 2019, and beyond...More

[New Drama] Kooky New Heroine Sees Ghosts in "The School Nurse Files"

Source | 2018/12/22 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "The School Nurse Files"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung Yu-mi and Lee Kyoung-mi Join Forces for Netflix's "The School Nurse Files"

2018/12/21 | Permalink

Netflix is cruising through drama productions lately, and its latest sounds like a story after my own heart. The global platform will be producing "The School Nurse Files", a drama adaptation of a novel by the same name about a school nurse with a side-job of exorcism...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix's "Kingdom" Releases Official Trailer and Heap of New Stills

2018/12/19 | Permalink

Netflix's upcoming blockbuster zombie sageuk, "Kingdom", has been promoting pretty steadily, and we've got plenty of new stills. The series has also released its official trailer, which gives us a better look at the undead menace, and the three characters facing it...More

[Orion's Drama News] When the Casting Director Calls Your Name

2018/12/15 | Permalink

The casting deities are restless, and many upcoming dramas are really going all out on their leads and supporting folks alike. I'm eager to see some of these works, so pray to said deities that 2019 doesn't let us down...More

[New Movie] "I Am Alone" Explores Loneliness and Love

Source | 2018/12/15 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "My Holo Love"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee Courted for Netflix Drama "I Am Alone"

2018/12/12 | Permalink

The A.I. trend is not done yet, and the latest installment brought to us by Netflix, "My Holo Love", is eyeing Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee as leads, both of whom are reviewing their respective role offers positively. Get ready for lonely hearts and flawless hotties...More

[Orion's Drama News] Ghosts From the Past

2018/12/08 | Permalink

Revenge is best served cold, and by very angry Korean drama protagonists. The upcoming week marks the premiere of "My Strange Hero", and I have some final preview goodies to share, along with our usual assortment of Dramaland news and material...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix's "Kingdom" Releases Riveting Poster Featuring Ju Ji-hoon

2018/12/04 | Permalink

You need a pretty exciting poster for a project as big as Netflix's upcoming zombie-themed sageuk "Kingdom", and I'd say Ju Ji-hoon as a Crown Prince one blade slice away from a zom zom would be it. The show's poster makes the proximity of the undead menace crystal clear...More

"I Picked Up a Star on the Road" Sung Hoon Is Romcom King

Source | 2018/12/03 | Permalink

Sung Hoon became the romantic comedy king in "I Picked Up a Star on the Road".

He took on the role of Kang Joon-hyeok, a world star in the Oksusu original drama "I Picked Up a Star on the Road"...More

Korean Dramas Starting Today 2018/12/03

Source | 2018/12/03 | Permalink

Korean dramas starting today 2018/12/03 "Less Than Evil", "Just Dance" and "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2"...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Memories of the Alhambra" Gets Wide Netflix Release

2018/11/29 | Permalink

Netflix availability is a formidable beast, but we're lucky with clearer announcements at times, and "Memories of the Alhambra" gets good news coverage on equally solid availability. Many a drama fan will get to enjoy the series through the global platform, and not long after first broadcast, too...More

Hyun Bin, Park Shin-hye Team up for 1st Time in New TV Series

Source | 2018/11/29 | Permalink

Park Shin-hye (left) and Hyun Bin pose at a press junket for their new TV series "Memories of the Alhambra" in Seoul on Wednesday.

Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye will co-star in a new series on cable TV channel tvN starting this weekend. It is the very first time the two have worked together in a drama despite their nearly 15-year careers in showbiz...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Ji Jin-hee Offered Lead in Drama Remake of "Designated Survivor"

2018/11/28 | Permalink

Ji Jin-hee might be leading what sounds like an exciting project, if done right, as tvN will be remaking ABC/Netflix drama "Designated Survivor", starring Kiefer Sutherland. Ji Jin-hee is currently busy considering a contract renewal with HB Entertainment, so a 'considering' is all we get, but the offer is at least out...More

[Orion's Drama News] Love Six Ways to Sunday

2018/11/24 | Permalink

We have a premiere-heavy week coming up, and it's all about that romance, be it the happy, or the tragic kind. We have modern romance, historical romance, sci-fi mystery romance, all the delicious types. Now we just have to pick if we want sad tears, happy tears or both...More

[Photos] Sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2" Adds Adorable and Fun New Stills

Source | 2018/11/19 | Permalink

Kwon Yuri and Sung Hoon

New stills added for the upcoming Korean sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2"...More

[New Drama] "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2" Prepares for a Second Season of Hilarity

Source | 2018/11/17 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2"'s page to HanCinema database...More

10 Leading Men Who Made Us Swoon This Year

Source | 2018/11/16 | Permalink

BTS Celebs's OpEd on K-drama leads is here:

Another year of K-dramas is upon us, and that means it's time to reminiscence about the wonderful stars that made this year just a little brighter. From rookies to veterans, these leading men will be unforgettable in the years to come...More

[Orion's Drama News] A Call for Help

2018/11/10 | Permalink

This week brings us casting news, and goodies from many an upcoming drama. My mystery-loving heart is particularly interested in "Children of Nobody" and the otherworldly child in need of saving at the center of it. My horror-loving heart is also disturbed by it. Fun fun fun...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix's "Kingdom" Unleashes Zombie Terror in First Teaser and Stills

2018/11/08 | Permalink

If you ever wondered whether Joseon royalty would be able to fight off a zombie outbreak, you are about to find out, as Netflix's upcoming blockbuster drama "Kingdom" gets a cool first teaser and some impressive stills of its cast, and its undead menace...More

Korean Sitcom Starting Today 2018/10/29

Source | 2018/10/29 | Permalink

Korean sitcom starting today 2018/10/29: "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot"...More

[Photo] "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot" Releases Funny Poster With Miniatures of Characters

Source | 2018/10/23 | Permalink

Poster released for the upcoming Korean sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot"...More

[Interview] The Lady Miz Diva Meets Seungri for "YG Future Strategy Office"

Source | 2018/10/13 | Permalink

Since age 15, Lee Seungri has lived under the spotlight. As the youngest member of seminal KPop gods, BIG BANG, Seungri was shot into the supernova of fame early, and became the idol of millions of the group's devoted fans, or V.I.P.s. Along with that celebrity came a microscope that revealed scandal and strife, some public, and some behind the scenes...More

[New Drama] "My First First Love"

Source | 2018/10/13 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "My First First Love"'s page to HanCinema database...More

Ha Ji-won to Step Down From "Prometheus"

Source | 2018/10/10 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won has declined to star in the new 30 billion (1141 KRW ~ 1 USD) Netflix drama, "Prometheus"...More

Jung Si-ah to Join "My First First Love" With Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, and Jinyoung

Source | 2018/10/07 | Permalink

Jung Si-ah is joining the Netflix original "My First First Love".

"My First First Love" is a coming-of-age drama about a group of friends whose feelings become a bit messy once one of them develops feelings. The drama is written by Kim Min-seo-I and Jeong Hyeon-jeong and will be directed by Oh Jin-seok...More

Korean Sitcom and Drama Starting Today 2018/10/05 in Korea

Source | 2018/10/05 | Permalink

Korean sitcom and drama starting today 2018/10/05 in Korea: "YG Future Strategy Office" and "Drama Special - A Very Midday Romance"...More

Busan Int'l Film Festival Gets Under Way

Source | 2018/10/05 | Permalink

The opening ceremony of the Busan International Film Festival is held in Haeundae, Busan on Thursday.

The 23rd Busan International Film Festival kicked off in the southern port city on Thursday. It opened with a performance by Japanese composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto with actors Kim Nam-gil and Han Ji-min as hosts.

This year's festival features 323 films, the most in its history, from 79 countries over the next 10 days until Oct. 13....More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 23 and 24 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/10/02 | Permalink

Added episodes 23 and 24 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 21 and 22 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/09/18 | Permalink

Added episodes 21 and 22 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[New Drama] Seungri Ready to Lead Bumbling Team in Upcoming Korean Sitcom "YG Future Strategy Office"

Source | 2018/09/15 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean sitcom "YG Future Strategy Office"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 16 Final

2018/09/13 | Permalink

To quote someone we all know and love, "Life" finds a way, and this is the best possible outcome we can hope for in regards to the future of Sangkook University Hospital, as well as our own world. The drama has been through a rough patch lately, but it bows out as gracefully as it can manage, leaving no magical solutions behind, but leaving us and its own characters some valuable food for thought...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 15

2018/09/11 | Permalink

We are approaching some form of closure for "Life", but the ship of what was a cohesive whole has sailed long ago. Character alliances and interpersonal, but also work relationships change in unexpected ways, and the drama is trying to stretch all of its resolutions to the very last minute. Perhaps this is the series that "Life" wanted to be all along, but it sadly did not get to it soon enough...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 19 and 20 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/09/11 | Permalink

Added episodes 19 and 20 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

Seungri's New Sitcom to Air on Netflix Next Month

Source | 2018/09/11 | Permalink

Seungri of boy band Big Bang stars in the sitcom "YG Future Strategy Office" produced by the band's agency YG Entertainment, which begins airing worldwide on Netflix next month...More

Netflix Original "Love Alarm" to Commence This Year

Source | 2018/09/06 | Permalink

Worldwide entertainment service company Netflix is starting the production of "Love Alarm", a Korean Netflix original series based on writer Chon Kye-young's popular web-toon, in 2019.

"Love Alarm" is the story of people who want to know the truth about themselves and the people they love. There is an app that anonymously alerts someone if a person they like is within 10 meters of each other. It is the work of "Unplugged Boy" and "Audition" cartoonist and writer Chon Kye-young whose excellent sensitivity and drawing is matchless. "Love Alarm" is seven seasons into its run ever since it began publishing in 2014 and has maintained high popularity...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 14

2018/09/05 | Permalink

People have been keeping things to themselves for a long time at Sangkook University Hospital, but my guess about Seung-hyo's noble intentions might have picked up on a plan or backup plan devised even longer before the president's arrival. Jin-woo is finally facing things out in the open and head on, but we have a lot to get through in a small amount of time. Can "Life" wrap it all up, and does it even want to...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 13

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After dropping that confusing cliffhanger last week, "Life" opts for a little break from the power play kerfuffle in episode thirteen. What is obviously a move to stall plot progression leaves room for focus on matters outside of Sangkook University Hospital. While some of them are welcome, the series is increasingly scrambling for drama in all the disappointing places. Can "Life" find its way back before the end...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 17 and 18 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 17 and 18 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 12

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I am not sure where "Life" has run off to, but its place is now taken over by a suspense thriller about Evil Rich Dudes™. The series has gone through a major shift in tone and focus during the last two episodes, and the pivotal decisions that come with it feel rushed and forced. If this is what we can expect from the final four episodes, I wonder why it was not introduced sooner, and more smoothly...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 11

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Crimes have been abundant in "Life", but its characters are faced with the most dangerous one yet, as political and company conspiracies start seeping into Sangkook University Hospital. Someone close to Jin-woo becomes involved, raising the tensions between him and Seung-hyo, as well as the sacrifices which may have to be made in order to fight this new, and very powerful set of foes. I just hope that this will not turn "Life" into the typical drama of its kind...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 15 and 16 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 15 and 16 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[New Movie] "Kingdom - Season 2" to Follow Up First Season on Netflix

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Added the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom - Season 2"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 10

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The never ending power play of "Life" hits a deciding moment, as the new Director steps into power, and new games of pull and push begin between the hospital's ethical integrity and Hwajeong Group's ambitions. Jin-woo and his allies are up against powerful  opponents with what feels like the battle equivalent of a butter knife, and the personal crises that they face make everything all the more challenging...More

Popular Korean Kids' Cartoon Available on Netflix

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The popular Korean kids' animation "Larva" will be broadcast around the world on Netflix...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong and Bae Doona Return for "Kingdom - Season 2"

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It looks like the first season of upcoming zombie sageuk "Kingdom" has gone down well in the test screening phase, because the Netflix original starring Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong and Bae Doona will be returning for "Kingdom - Season 2". I'll never say no to sageuk zombies, or more sageuk zombies...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 9

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There is no helping those who will not help themselves, and the elite of Sangkook University Hospital are too busy fighting over the Director position to care about what it will mean for their organization. Jin-woo's newfound confidence pushes him a little further, which motivates Kyeong-moon to take a stand that is about to turn sour. Will our young doctor finally stop expecting others to make the sacrifices he should be partially shouldering himself...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 13 and 14 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 13 and 14 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 8

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Jin-woo is finally pushed to some necessary limits, as his brother's involvement drags him to the spotlight of this battle. At the same time, a worrying twist has surfaced regarding Seon-woo, and I am hoping that the creators will not do what I fear. Seung-hyo is starting to see the value of this hospital's work among the organizational filth and personal ambitions of its top brass, but will his master allow him to achieve something for all...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 7

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The time has come for Seon-woo to enter the fight for Sangkook University Hospital, and the plans hidden behind his involvement strengthen the front forming against the hierarchy's worst. No-eul gets a little wake up call about Seung-hyo's methods, which nonetheless seem to have some genuine concern behind them, at least on a personal level. Our president dearest is slowly waking up to the realities of healthcare that need his consideration...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 11 and 12 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 11 and 12 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 6

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A surprising decision by Seung-hyo turns the tables and brings the planned strike to a halt, leaving everyone in "Life" wondering where to go from here, right before they find another obstacle in their way. What has begun as looking like an outrage-du-jour plot waiting for us gets a welcome injection of intrigue, as Seon-woo seems to have a lot more weighing on his shoulders than he lets on, opening a whole new can of works for the drama's mysteries...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 5

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As the hospital prepares for a strike to end what they see as upper management tyranny, Seung-hyo gets a taste of the differences between spotting problems, and understanding them. With the press and the public becoming aware of the ongoing situation, Jin-woo has an important meeting with a more impartial force that puts some things into perspective for him as well. Communication is what the characters of "Life" are in most dire need of...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 9 and 10 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 9 and 10 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 4

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Episode four of "Life" keeps pushing the envelope on how far Seung-hyo will go to have control, despite his obvious reservations. From stealing land built on blood and tears to using a human shield in order to control a rogue element within the hospital, the man is determined. As morally reprehensible as he is, he is up against equally sordid foes, which brings us to the theme of the day; cowardice in the face of responsibility...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 3

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What I thought was an expert at playing it safe is just a rebel without a plan, as Jin-woo lacks the necessary strategic thinking to handle the Pandora's box that he has single-handedly opened. More importantly, he lacks the conviction to do so. Once again, Seung-hyo does what he knows best, and brings Jin-woo face to face with these lackluster efforts. Seung-hyo is clearly winning, and Jin-woo needs to catch up...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 2

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The fight for Sangkook University Hospital has begun, and the arrival of someone probably already being burned in effigy by the staff brings a lot of nastiness to the surface. While Jin-woo struggles to find information and allies for his plans, the aforementioned Seung-hyo is already reworking the hospital from the ground up, eager to cut away the parts that do not suit his needs and the greater ambitions hidden behind them...More

[Orion's Drama News] Deep, Dark and Personal Investigations

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With a pile of recently released dramas in all manner of genre behind us, it is time I look to the future and its offerings; a search which brings me to ghostly detectives and mysterious cases. "The Ghost Detective", "The Guest - Drama" and "Ms. Ma, Nemesis" bring us a range of crimes from the real to the supernatural...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 1

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"Life" starts with a thud, rather than a bang, and the ripples caused by one's tragic fall that sparks everything already brewing under the surface begin showing immediately. The drama's sleek, dark and intense first episode introduces its characters and their basic connections, but it wastes no time in setting up the main mystery, the power play, as well as some more surprising elements, fueling my excitement for the story...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 7 and 8 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 7 and 8 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

Ma Dong-seok, Kim Moo-yul and Kim Sung-gyu to Star in "The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil"

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Ma Dong-seok, Kim Moo-yul and Kim Sung-gyu are starring in the movie "The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil".

"The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil" is a criminal action movie about a mob boss who survived from being a target of a serial killer and a detective who teams up with him to catch the criminal...More

[Orion's Drama News] Death Note Light

2018/07/28 | Permalink

Yours truly may be cursing the scorching heat with every fiber of her being, but all the upcoming drama goodies provide something to focus on. Today I give you a quick recap of news on "Revenge Note 2", a teen romance with a dire-sounding twist. We have new dramas, new goodies, and casting news as well...More

Korean Movie of the Week "The Exclusive : Beat the Devil's Tattoo"

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Korean movie of the week "The Exclusive : Beat the Devil's Tattoo" (2015)

Directed by Roh Deok

With Cho Jung-seok, Lee Mi-sook, Lee Ha-na, Kim Eui-sung, Bae Sung-woo, Kim Dae-myung,...

Formerly known as "Journalist" (저널리스트, jeo-neol-li-seu-teu) and "Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murders".
Heo Moo-hyeok, a reporter from the social issues department happens to acquire information about a serial murder case by accident. This makes him get involved in an unprecedented case of inaccurate reporting. He later finds himself facing the actual murder case in the middle of the aggressive news coverage competition by media, which does not get any better...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook's "Snowpiercer" Series Coming Next Year

2018/07/25 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" is getting a series adaptation with a new story, new cast and a global distribution. Netflix will be airing the series globally, while TNT will handle its distribution in the US. Joining Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook as executive producers will be Lee  Tae-hoon and Choi Doo-ho, who also worked on the film...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 5 and 6 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 5 and 6 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 3 and 4 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 3 and 4 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Mr. Sunshine' Episodes 1 and 2 Screenshots Added

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Added episodes 1 and 2 screenshots for the Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2018/07/07 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2018/07/07 in Korea "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Video] New Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Mr. Sunshine"

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New trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Video] 14min Highlight Reel Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Mr. Sunshine"

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14min highlight reel released for the upcoming Korean drama "Mr. Sunshine"...More

[Orion's Drama News] Clean Homes and Messy Battlefields

2018/06/30 | Permalink

If you are still recovering from the preemption of dramas that has been going on during the past few weeks, rejoice at the fact that new shows are coming as the old ones rediscover their place. "Your House Helper" and "Mr. Sunshine" are premiering soon, while new and upcoming shows get more news, casting additions and promotional goodies. The summer and beyond is a promising season...More

Studio Dragon Signs Major Drama Sales Contract

Source | 2018/06/28 | Permalink

Studio Dragon signed the largest drama sales contract to date. Studio Dragon has steadily increased its share price by inspiring confidence in earnings since it was listed on the Kosdaq last November. In particular, it anticipates strong earnings growth until the end of the year, which should boost share prices...More

[Press Release] Netflix Brings "Mr. Sunshine" to the World

2018/06/27 | Permalink

The series hails from the writer and director of the global Korean hit series "Descendants of the Sun".

Netflix, Inc., the world's leading entertainment service, announced it has licensed the new Korean original drama "Mr. Sunshine", a 24-episode series from the creators of the global hit series "Descendants of the Sun", to premiere on Netflix around the world. "Mr. Sunshine", written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, will premiere exclusively on Netflix starting July 7, with episodes streaming on the same day of its Korean broadcast in the U.S. and Asian territories excluding Korea. The series will then premiere in Japan on July 8 and the rest of the world on July 19...More

Creators Talk About New Blockbuster Period Drama

Source | 2018/06/27 | Permalink

The director and cast of "Mr. Sunshine" attend a press event in Seoul on Tuesday. From left, director Lee Eung-bok, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Min-jung and Byun Yo-han

Scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook and director Lee Eung-bok have teamed up once again to create period drama series "Mr. Sunshine". which starts airing next week...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung Kyung-ho Chases the Future Through the Past in "Life on Mars" Highlight Reel

2018/06/06 | Permalink

Hearing voices is probably scary enough without them being voices from the future you're missing while stuck in the past, so hero Han Tae-joo (Jung Kyung-ho) must be having quite the hard time in "Life on Mars". The 2-minute highlight reel gives us a look into the crime, the comedy and the supernatural of the drama's premise...More

[Interview] The Lady Miz Diva Sits Down With "BUSTED!" Stars Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Kwang-soo, and Sehun

Source | 2018/06/06 | Permalink

Two of the creators behind one of Korea's most successful varieties, RUNNING MAN, have produced BUSTED!, a new show that pits teams of celebrities against each other to solve a mystery. BUSTED! is produced in partnership with NETFLIX to be seen in 190 countries; a first for a South Korean variety programme...More

1st Korean Show on Netflix to Return for Another Season

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Netflix's first Korean entertainment show will return for a second season, the U.S.-based video-streaming giant said Thursday...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Bad Guys"

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Korean drama of the week "Bad Guys" (2014)

Directed by Kim Jeong-min-III, Sin Yong-hwi

Written by Han Jeong-hoon

Network  : OCN

With Kim Sang-joong, Ma Dong-seok, Park Hae-jin, Jo Dong-hyuk, Kang Ye-won, Kang Shin-il,...

11 episodes - Sat 23:00
Starring a rising heartthrob Park Hae-jin, veteran action stars Jo Dong-hyeok and Ma Dong-seok, "Bad Guys" is an 11-episode thriller about a heartless detective (Kim Sang-joong) who gathers convicted criminals for a special crime squad to fight against violent crimes in the city...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix Drama "See You Again" Cancels Production

2018/05/21 | Permalink

We will sadly not be seeing "See You Again", as the once upcoming Netflix drama courting Lee Jong-suk and Kim Ji-won has abruptly announced the cancellation of its production. These situations are never pleasant to read about, and the reasons will probably never be clear, but the outcome is sadly the same nonetheless...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Life on Mars" Piles On the Whimsical 80s Flair in Main Posters and New Teasers

2018/05/11 | Permalink

Nothing makes one feel welcome like a work which doesn't take itself too seriously, and "Life on Mars" more than qualifies. The series has dropped a new, fun ride of a teaser pair, and its colorful, animated main posters are here to fill up that cup of retro happiness it gives us...More

[Lily's Take] Park Min-young to Star in Netflix Original Detective Variety Show, "Busted!"

Source | 2018/05/01 | Permalink

On May 4th, a Netflix Original Korean Detective Variety Show "Busted!" will greet the viewers all around the world...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Kim Ji-won Courted for "Arthdal Chronicles" and "See You Again"

2018/04/30 | Permalink

So this is what it looks like when a woman holds such casting power. Actress Kim Ji-won is currently being courted for two high profile dramas at the same time, as well as two reunions with actors Song Joong-ki and Lee Jong-suk. Whichever choice she takes, there's going to be major hype in her and our future...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2018/04/29 | Permalink

Uproxx's list of the best thrillers on Netflix contains two Korean films, the BBC interviews two foreign actors currently working in Korea's tough TV and film industry, Slash Film puts some the best K-horrors in the spotlight, and KoBiz's latest infographic looks how Steven Spielberg's films have fared in South Korea over the years...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Prison Playbook"

2018/04/28 | Permalink

There are all manner of slice-of-life stories out there, but it is a genre not as loved by Korean drama as it is by other industries. The famous "Reply" series' creators take a bold step in creating "Prison Playbook", a slice-of-life story you never knew you absolutely needed in your life. From the most mundane luxury of a hot shower, to the bonding forming in a place where privacy and freedom are a concept of the past, the drama dives right into its themes...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey"

2018/04/28 | Permalink

There are few Korean drama writers more familiar to and loved by international audiences than Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran, but the sisters have been having a bit of a hit and miss career with dramas. "A Korean Odyssey" (also known as "Hwayugi") is their first work for cable television, and an ambitious project full of potential for supernatural ensemble goodness during its conception. Delivery is a whole other matter, however...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2018/04/22 | Permalink

Kyu Hyun Kim reviews the surprise hit "Gonjiam" for, KoBiz lists the seven highest-grossing K-horrors of all time, the Wildflower Film Awards honours independent filmmaking excellence, and Bollywood is experiencing a "Korean film remake boom"...More

[New Drama] "See You Again" to Deliver a Feel-Good Romance

Source | 2018/04/21 | Permalink

Not much is known about "See You Again" other than it is courting Lee Jong-suk and Kim Ji-won, picked up by Netflix, and is a romance...More

Korean Drama of the Week "Gabdong - the Serial Killer"

Source | 2018/04/19 | Permalink

Korean drama of the week "Gabdong - The Serial Killer" (2014)

Directed by Jo Soo-won, Sin Yong-hwi

Written by Kwon Eum-mi

Network  : tvN

With Yoon Sang-hyun, Sung Dong-il, Kim Min-jung, Lee Joon, Kim Ji-won, Jung In-gi,...

20 episodes - Fri, Sat 21:40
Also known as "Gabdong - Memories of Murder"
A criminal investigations drama about serial killings based on the real Hwa-seong serial murders...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Netflix Drama "See You Again" Courts Lee Jong-suk and Kim Ji-won

2018/04/18 | Permalink

We've seen very little news about upcoming Netflix piece "See You Again", but it looks like the drama is planning quite the enticing casting for itself. The series, which will be fully pre-produced, has offered leading roles to Lee Jong-suk and Kim Ji-won, who are both currently reviewing their offer...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Mistress" Teases Murderous Schemes in Main Trailer

2018/04/17 | Permalink

It looks like the ladies of "Mistress" have a lot to hide, some of it being in the form of a dead body. The main teaser for the upcoming sensual mystery thriller has been released, and we get a closer look at its gentlemen, and the grim secrets behind its heroines' connection...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "My Wife is a Gangster 3"

2018/04/14 | Permalink

Ah-ryeong (played by Shu Qi) is the heir to a Cantonese criminal empire. In the opening setpiece of "My Wife is a Gangster 3" she and her father Lim (played by Ti Lung) are attempting to make nice with a rival gang but it doesn't go so well, since apparently some people find the idea of a woman mafia heir to be an object of amusement. So Ah-ryeong gets sent off to Korea under the protection of Gi-cheol (played by Lee Beom-soo) and his crew. They're really more incompetent chaperones though, since Lim can take care of herself...More

Netflix Teases Its 1st Korean Show

Source | 2018/04/11 | Permalink

Netflix, the U.S. video-streaming giant, on Monday unveiled a teaser poster for its first Korean entertainment show, to be launched next month...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 20 Final

2018/03/07 | Permalink

There is no way but down in terms of dramatic escalation after a near-apocalypse, and the final episode of "A Korean Odyssey" tries to wrap up whatever loose ends it can without trying to top it. Worthy effort aside, the creators spend time reminiscing about events and characters which were, for the most part, kept as mere decoration to a story that could have been, but never really quite was...More

Park Min-young, Ravishing Like the Spring

Source | 2018/03/06 | Permalink


Actress Park Min-young is fresh and beautiful like spring in her most recent collection and photoshoot with women's brand COMPAGNA for the '18 S/S collection...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 19

2018/03/05 | Permalink

The ground is shaking with the sounds of a waking dragon, but the plot in "A Korean Odyssey" shakes with it. The time has come for the epic battle, but there is so much to wrap up around it, that the episode feels like a mad dash to a finale the creators were not quite prepared for. With Oh-gong and Seon-mi each having self-sacrificial thoughts, a lot goes wrong within the story as well...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 18

2018/03/02 | Permalink

Ma-wang is having one of those good days again, and the silly old bull gets sentimental over Oh-gong's possible demise, which leads him to an experiment that ends with an important discovery. The time has come to solve the Geumganggo issue once and for all, but Seon-mi is closer to the truth of her mission and she chooses to bravely face it. Enter a round of who gets to be a better noble idiot...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 17

2018/02/28 | Permalink

It may have taken an entire series for "A Korean Odyssey" to get the ball on the doomsday rolling, and it is a very confusing, haphazardly done final act, but it is exciting nonetheless. While Seon-mi is still figuring out her powers and why she has such a bad feeling around Kang Dae-seong, Oh-gong starts an unorthodox plan to get closer to his enemy. Meanwhile, another trap has been set for Ma-wang, who needs a lot of help to think clearly once more...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 16

2018/02/20 | Permalink

"A Korean Odyssey" is trying to cover up holes with even bigger holes, but any effort to somehow make the story work is better than none, when we still have the final four episodes to go. Seon-mi discovers leftovers of Ah Sa-nyeo's powers in her, while a mysterious figure leaves a child with Oh-gong, urging him to visit them with Seon-mi and learn of her true past, as well as their possible future. Meanwhile, Ma-wang has insidious plans once more...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 15

2018/02/18 | Permalink

If episode fourteen of "A Korean Odyssey" was shaky, episode fifteen is floundering, as one baseless twist follows after another. With Ah Sa-nyeo in control of Seon-mi's body, the group have to find a way to the latter, while keeping the former busy. Meanwhile, General Winter is pushed to a corner due to his contract, forcing Summer Fairy to make a very important decision. The world is still ending, but I think even the creators have forgotten it by now...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 14

2018/02/14 | Permalink

With Ma-wang out for the count, General Winter snooping into his home freely and Ah Sa-nyeo putting on her best innocent demeanor, things are not looking good for our gods and monsters. More importantly, they are not looking good for Seon-mi, who begins exhibiting strange powers due to Ah Sa-nyeo's meddling. This combined with the fate predicted by the Saryeong bring about a cliffhanger that threatens the show's heroine greatly...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 13

2018/02/13 | Permalink

Ah Sa-nyeo acts like a child in a candy store in episode thirteen of "A Korean Odyssey", and with good reason. With most of the group unaware of or underestimating her powers, the priestess gets to roam free and take advantage of everyone's already weak morality and personal wants. The one most in danger is Ma-wang, who thinks that she can help him without him or Seon-mi suffering major loses. If only things worked out as nicely with evil spirits...More

[Lily's Take] "Kingdom" Reconsidering Jung Suk-won After Drug Scandal

Source | 2018/02/12 | Permalink

Netflix drama "Kingdom" has revealed their stance on acting Jung Suk-won after his arrest...More

Jung Suk-won Arrested for Drug Use

Source | 2018/02/11 | Permalink

Actor Jung Suk-won was arrested for allegedly abusing metamphetamine...More

Korean Movie of the Week "Tunnel"

Source | 2018/02/08 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Tunnel" (2016)

Directed by Kim Seong-hun

With Ha Jung-woo, Bae Doona, Oh Dal-soo, Jung Suk-yong, Park Hyuk-kwon, Nam Ji-hyun,...

Crank in : 2015/11/10
"Tunnel" is based on the novel with the same time by author So Jae-won. It is about a man, who is trapped in a tunnel and tries to get out of it. Ha Jung-woo will play the protagonist, who is trapped in a tunnel due to careless construction...More

Jun Suk-ho Joins Cast of "Miracle That We Met" with Director Lee Hyeong-min

Source | 2018/02/06 | Permalink

Actor Jun Suk-ho is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Miracle That We Met".

He's starring as Lieutenant Park Dong-soo...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 12

2018/02/05 | Permalink

An unfamiliar evil takes a familiar face in episode twelve of "A Korean Odyssey". The soul trapped in the coffin is here to claim what they want, and it will manipulate everyone in its power to get there. With the tensions between Oh-gong and Seon-mi rising due to their understanding of how fatal their bond can be, the group starts drifting apart. This is the absolute worst time for that, as well as for Ma-wang to start plotting once more...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 11

2018/02/04 | Permalink

It may have taken "A Korean Odyssey" half a series to get the ball rolling on the doomsday part of the story, but episode eleven gives said ball a good kick. Death is never far away in the life of Sam Jang and our familiar monsters, be it death for show, death among lovers or a very old death about to resurface. If it were not clear enough from the moment we first saw him, Kang  Dae-seong's nature brings him closer to the supernatural and to bringing about the end of the world...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 10

2018/01/29 | Permalink

The big snag in everyone's plans is not as educating as I was hoping it would be, but at least some characters' true feelings for one another have been revealed. Seon-mi gets to experience life without her abilities and everyone else gets to experience life without Sam Jang, but this inconvenient for most and a potential death sentence for Boo-ja. Everyone is confused about the future, most of all Seon-mi...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 9

2018/01/28 | Permalink

I have been begging for some forward movement in the plot of "A Korean Odyssey" and a guest character brings about an even bigger change than I anticipated. The one thing that has been keeping our group of supernatural misfits together suddenly vanishes, and we are left with an uncertain future for everyone's fate as well as their relationships. I wanted to know what everyone truly thinks and feels about this situation, so bring on the drama...More

[riversky's Take] Kang Ha-neul's "Forgotten" for February 21 Release on Netflix

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

February 21 is indeed an extra special day for Kang Ha-neul's fans! Firstly, it is 28th birthday of the heartthrob, and secondly, it is the much-awaited international release date of "Forgotten" on online streaming giant, Netflix...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2018/01/28 | Permalink

Film journalist and critic Pierce Conran reviews Jang Joon-hwan's "1987: When the Day Comes" on Modern Korean Cinema, Christopher Weatherspoon investigates the evolution of Korean fantasy on KoBiz, more Korean theatres embracing stories about the socially disadvantaged, and Netflix makes more moves to ride the K-wave...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 8

2018/01/23 | Permalink

An ominous fate teasing was bound to happen at some point in such a series by these writers and "A Korean Odyssey" delivers it in this episode. There is a fallout between Seon-mi and Oh-gong, partially caused by Ma-wang, but based on the problems our two not-exactly-lovebirds have been trying to sweep under the rug. We start to see some of Oh-gong's honesty and change towards others, but the fates are cruel...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 7

2018/01/21 | Permalink

Prepare for another round of "Does he or doesn't he", as "A Korean Odyssey" continues to struggle with its lack of a main plot or any significant progress in character and world development. Episode seven is slower than usual and the creators are unfortunately back to treating the main romance as a conventional one, this time dangling the carrot of a love triangle with someone we do not even know...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 6

2018/01/20 | Permalink

I have been wondering when the "Argon" team would experience a greater crisis involving the massive responsibility of reporters in life and death matters, and the series has delivered. Something very dire happens and everyone has to handle the cost. Hye-rin is trying to make do with the decision forced on her and Yeon-hwa still struggles to find her place and her own voice. Meanwhile, Baek-jin makes a very important decision...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 5

2018/01/19 | Permalink

As the battle for the new HBC 9 o'clock news anchor becomes more and more ruthless, so do Yoo Myeong-ho's tricks. Yeon-hwa and Jong-tae go after yet another item while Geun-hwa prepares his exit. With everyone busy in the "Argon" team and a particularly nasty lawsuit targeting Kim Baek-jin, one team member is met with a very unfair and potentially career-ending decision outside of their control...More

"Kingdom" Staff Passes Away from Overworking

Source | 2018/01/17 | Permalink

A staff member from the Netflix original drama "Kingdom" passed away on the 16th and the Federation of Korean Movies (FKM) claims it was death from overwork and urges the government to take steps to improve the film and broadcast production sites...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 6

2018/01/16 | Permalink

Ask and you shall receive, and although "A Korean Odyssey" is still dawdling on and regurgitating a lot of its key concepts this time around, there is at least one major point of progress in the ever so shaky thing that is its main romance. Ma-wang is feeling the burn of his little tasting and we are slowly discovering some connections made by our self-centered group of supernatural misfits...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 5

2018/01/15 | Permalink

Seon-mi's burdens keep multiplying, as something happens to put our previously detached Bull Demon King in a much more invested position. After the big revelation of our heroine's mission, "A Korean Odyssey" takes a step back to look at her unique connection to Oh-gong. While the nature of this fake bond has been there for us to see, it is starting to dawn on Seon-mi that her needs tend to feed a dangerous and painful delusion of closeness on her end...More

Kwon Yuri and Joo Jin-mo-I Join "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot"

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The second season of "The Sound of Your Heart", which was released on KBS2 and Netflix and which opened a new chapter for entertainment sitcoms, has completed casting...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 4

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Well, I asked for a main story and for Seon-mi's purpose in it, and episode four of "A Korean Odyssey" delivers. It turns out that our heroine has a much heavier burden to bear than expected and she needs her group of merry monsters to help her carry it. Seon-mi starts bonding with the group, but the reality of Oh-gong's forced connection to her leaves her feeling lonely as a challenging future approaches...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "A Korean Odyssey" Episode 3

2018/01/07 | Permalink

"A Korean Odyssey" is back this week and although the messy production and the injury that was caused due to it should never be forgotten or treated lightly, it looks like enough measures have been taken to keep the related authorities pleased for now. Story-wise, we are starting to get hints about the why of it all and the role of Seon-mi's fate in it, but we also meet new characters and backstories...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Black"

2018/01/06 | Permalink

OCN has been so big on crime dramas, that Death himself gets one this time around. Granted, the titular hero of "Black" is only one Reaper out of many, but the series is right up his alley anyway. The series mixes fantasy, crime and romance, although that sadly proves too much by the end of things. Where does "Black" succeed and where could things have gone better? It depends on what you are looking for, but here is my take on it...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 4

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"Argon" and the show within it of the same name have a surprise guest in this episode and they tackle some topics we do not often see in Korean drama, or rather often see painted in a very consistent and one-sided way. Sadly, the drama also throws a curve-ball at us with a certain character's health and this twists Baek-jin's arm into a decision that is necessary, but will only further infuriate his enemies...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 3

2018/01/02 | Permalink

With the secret plan between Baek-jin and Yeon-hwa to uncover the truth behind the Midtown Mall collapse hitting a slow point, it is time to get familiar with some other members of the "Argon" group. The two leads take on a case from Baek-jin's past that he must solve, the "ugly" and "old" lovebirds have an awkward meeting and the "Argon" underdog above Yeon-hwa gets a hefty dose of reality...More

[riversky's Take] Kang Ha-neul Promoted to "Private First Class"

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Korean actor Kang Ha-neul's hard work in training as military police officer has paid off as he was promoted from "private" to "private first class". The promotion came in the 2nd half of December 2017, which was approximately two months after the actor's last promotion...More

"Secret Forest" Named as One of the Best International Shows by the New York Times

Source | 2017/12/26 | Permalink

According to a recent report from CJ E&M, the tvN's legal drama "Secret Forest" was featured by the New York Times as one of the "Best International Shows" of the year...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Choo Hun-yub Joins Netflix's "Kingdom"

2017/12/25 | Permalink

We still don't have a lot of information on "Kingdom" or Choo Hun-yub's newly announced inclusion, but the actor will be part of the drama about a zombie outbreak during the Joseon dynasty...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 2

2017/12/25 | Permalink

After a powerful start, "Argon" takes a little step back and an even more sombre look into how morality and principles are challenged in systems that rely on strict hierarchal rules, cronyism and a work culture of underhanded pleasantries. Yeon-hwa's own contract continues to be scrutinized, but it is our hero who has to make tough choices this time. The truth is important, but choosing strangers over loved ones is not easy...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Argon" Episode 1

2017/12/23 | Permalink

"Argon" is here to destroy any faith in mainstream journalism that you may have been holding onto while exploring workplace and hierarchy dynamics as well as the personal consequences and triumphs of a very demanding job. The series is fast-paced and so far focuses more on its leading man, but there are characters around with solid potential. Step into the daily grind of reporting...More

Ryu Seung-ryong to Star in "Extreme Job"

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Actor Ryu Seung-ryong might be starring in director Lee Byeong-heon-I's "Extreme Job", a comedy about a drug squad that aims for release next year...More

"Temporary Idols" Meets Global Fans on Netflix

Source | 2017/12/03 | Permalink

SBS and YG K Plus drama "Temporary Idols" was released on Netflix on the 27th of November and is accessible to viewers worldwide on Netflix...More

[Orion's Drama News] Knights, Multitaskers and Goodbyes

2017/12/02 | Permalink

We are officially in Christmas month and this means that we can consider everything a present and feel so very coddled. Today I look at the lovely selection of diverse dramas coming out next week and share new goodies from dramas we will be seeing shortly. I am ready for my drama presents and I hope we get a lot of good shows...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "A Korean Odyssey" Lands Netflix Deal

2017/11/30 | Permalink

Well, there you have it, folks. Upcoming fantasy drama "A Korean Odyssey" has been picked up by Netflix for worldwide distribution. Netflix's Vice President of Content Acquisition, Rob Roy says that he is happy to bring Korean content to the world and part of said content lately have been "Argon" and "Prison Playbook"...More

Netflix Drama "Kingdom" Beefs up Cast

Source | 2017/11/28 | Permalink

Zombies and Hallyu stars are lined up for the second Netflix-produced K-drama. This newer production direction may pave a new path concerning the future of K-drama. Even if it doesn't, this Joseon drama has a ton of potential...More

Korean dramas starting today 2017/11/27 in Korea

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Korean dramas starting today 2017/11/27 in Korea "Two Cops", "Doubtful Victory", "Enemies From the Past" and "Temporary Idols"...More

[riversky's Take] Kang Ha-neul is officially a military police officer

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Korean actor Kang Ha-neul is officially a member of the R​epublic of Korea Military P​olice...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/11/12 | Permalink

Korea's top entertainment companies expand their reach as local markets saturate, KoBiz tracks how foreign sequels fared compared to their originals in a new infographic, Netflix claims the distribution rights to Jang Hang-jun's new film "Forgotten", and find out what Korea's 'thriller season' is all about with Pierce Conran...More

Kang Ha-neul's "Forgotten" on Netflix

Source | 2017/11/10 | Permalink

International fans, the movie gods have heard your prayers! Kang Ha-neul's upcoming mystery thriller movie "Forgotten" will be available online soon!

Netflix, the world leading internet entertainment service, announced on November 9 that Korean movie "Forgotten" will be released for streaming in over 190 countries in early 2018...More

Korean Thriller Secures Global Distribution Deal with Netflix

Source | 2017/11/10 | Permalink

A Korean thriller will be released globally through online streaming giant Netflix.

"Forgotten" was written and directed by Jang Hang-joon, who is well-known in the comedy genre but returns with this unexpected project after a nine-year hiatus...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/11/05 | Permalink

KoBiz put Korea's leading grandmother in the spotlight, webtoons and their adaptations are on the rise as local and international interest grows, Screen Daily talks with director Jang Hoon about his phenomenal hit "A Taxi Driver", and Christopher Weatherspoon tracks through some of the most heinous true-crime stories and their cinematic counterparts...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Culture Corner

2017/11/05 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's critically acclaimed "Okja" tracks Korea's growing concern for animal rights, CNN takes us inside the country's epic 'cheer culture', The Korea Herald reviews Andrew Eun-gi Kim's new book on Korean Society, and why does Kim Jong-un care about the cosmetic industry?...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus"

2017/11/04 | Permalink

The lead character of "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus" is a young tarbosaurus named Speckles. While Speckles has a voiceover (Lee Yeong-seok as a child, Shin Yong-woo as an adult), none of the other dinosaurs have human voices or even names. With this, "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus" is refreshingly free from anthropomorphization more obnoxious children's movies are more well known for. We watch Speckles from the dinosaur's point of view...More

[HanCinema's On Site Report] Viki brings Korean and Asian content to international fans

2017/11/01 | Permalink

Viki content development manager Courtney McLachlan

For fans of Korean and Asian content, Rakuten Viki is one of the go-to sources for content that includes, but isn't limited to, television, film, fan communities, original content, and short form content. You'll often see links in HanCinema reviews to the episodes of your favorite dramas that are licensed by Rakuten Viki for your viewing pleasure. At the 12th Asian TV Drama Conference, we got to learn more about this company and the services it provides in presentations by senior director, Moon Gyeong Min, and content development manager, Courtney McLachlan...More

Ju Ji-hoon to star in "Kingdom" with Bae Doona

Source | 2017/10/22 | Permalink

Ju Ji-hoon is starring in the Netflix original drama "Kingdom".

"Kingdom" is a Joseon drama that revolves around a king investigating the mystery of the cruel truth that threatens the whole of the country. It is Kim Eun-hee-I's latest work and she pairs with director Kim Seong-hun. Together, they aim for a 2018 release on Netflix...More

[New Drama] Big-budget "Prometheus" to hit the small screen next year

Source | 2017/10/14 | Permalink

Ain't nothing little about the scope of KBS's newest project, "Prometheus", a story that takes on one of the most salient world issues of today: North Korea. This bad boy is going to be filmed in several different countries and is under negotiations with a big network. My guess is that Netflix may be considering it as the popular streaming site has taken interest in Asian dramas...More

Korean movie of the week "Beauty Inside"

Source | 2017/10/05 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Beauty Inside" (2014)

Directed by Baek Jong-yeol

With Han Hyo-joo, Kim Dae-myung, Do Ji-han, Bae Sung-woo, Park Shin-hye, Lee Beom-soo,...

A man turns into a different person every morning while there's a woman who's in love with him...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 11

2017/10/05 | Permalink

Looking back at all that has transpired in "Man to Man" thus far, it is really just a romantic comedy built on a farcical set of procedural drama elements. Not that this is a bad thing. It makes for a humorous ride and highlights the sweetness of the romance...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 10

2017/10/03 | Permalink

Now that misunderstandings and deceptions have been aired like dirty laundry on "Man to Man", it's time for the very slow making up period and adorable, petty revenge for Do-ha and Actor. A few graver moments slip in as Husband, Baek, and the other baddies scheme and plot, but those parts of the drama seem the most clunky. It is the romance and friendship Seol-woo, Do-ha, and Actor that really shines...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/10/02 | Permalink

KoBiz's infographic reveals the history of Korean stars who have moved behind the camera, Netflix signs its first deal for a Korean variety show, Song Soon-jin tracks the rise of Korea's push towards web content, and veteran actor Kim Yun-seok talks about his role in the much-anticipated period film "The Fortress"...More

Jun Suk-ho to star in "Kingdom" with Ju Ji-hoon and Ryu Seung-ryong

Source | 2017/09/26 | Permalink

Jun Suk-ho is starring in the Netflix drama "Kingdom" with Ju Ji-hoon and Ryu Seung-ryong...More

[Orion's Drama News] Vengeance and Deadly Premonitions

2017/09/16 | Permalink

After last week's round up of news for romantic series, I need a little something to balance things off. Today I bring you revenge and death, although sadly not combined. "Avengers' Social Club" drops some great teasers hinting at family drama. "While You Were Sleeping - 2017" and "Black" may share the element of predicting death, but the clear differences in focused genre cover different tastes. All in all, we have a promising upcoming drama season...More

Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doona consider "Kingdom"

Source | 2017/09/14 | Permalink

Ju Ji-hoon and Ryu Seung-ryong are likely to star in the drama "Kingdom". Bae Doona is also considering the film, but she's shooting American show "Sense 8"...More

Song Joong-ki turns down "Kingdom", Ju Ji-hoon up for main role

Source | 2017/09/13 | Permalink

The second original Netflix drama "Kingdom" is currently wooing Ju Ji-hoon after Song Joong-ki turned down the offer...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lovers' Lane

2017/09/03 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" helps to raise consciousness about the suffering of animals, create kimchi fried rice with My Korean Kitchen, Holly has a cold seaweed and cucumber soup to enjoy before the end of summer, and 10 Magazine finds 10 new (and delicious) restaurants in the capital, Seoul...More

Netflix to show Korean TV shows

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Worldwide internet streaming platform Netflix is planning on broadcasting Korean shows. Some stars mentioned along with this announcement are entertainer Yoo Jae-suk, actor Lee Kwang-soo and actress Park Min-young...More

4 Prodigy Actresses Being Love-called By Every Movie Directors

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Korean entertainment is growing stronger than ever in many aspects but among all the evolution in the K-drama and K-movie world, the best thing happening is the birth of prodigies...More

'Okja' Fares Well in Theaters Despite Chain Boycott

Source | 2017/07/31 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" has been enjoying steady success despite a boycott by major chains of the Netflix-produced film.

The family-friendly CGI extravaganza is going strong even in its fifth week, and has attracted over 300,000 viewers...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/07/16 | Permalink

KoBiz visualises the history of giant monsters in one towering infographic, catch some of Bong's best on Netflix, Lee Min-ho explores the DMZ's wildlife for an MBC series, and what does "Okja" have against 'Big Meat'?...More

[HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.07.07 - 2017.07.09

2017/07/10 | Permalink

Marvel's new "Spider-Man" reboot given screens and soars...

America's 'friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man' swiftly swung into pole position over the weekend by capturing 82.74% of the box office sales. "Spider-Man: Homecoming", the second movie reboot of Marvel's iconic web-slinger, scored 2.6 million admissions ($19.1 million) from a massive 1,965 screens around the country, dislodging Lee Joon-ik's "Anarchist from Colony" at the top and becoming the seventh highest grossing film of year...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/07/09 | Permalink

K-pop idols feature in these 'hun'-inspired films about the human condition, Maggie Lee reviews "The Villainess" for Variety, pirated foreign films still find their way into the DPRK, and previously blacklisted director Park Chan-kyong talks about his ban...More

[HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.06.30 - 2017.07.02

2017/07/03 | Permalink

"Anarchist from Colony", "Real", and Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" put local films back on top...

Lee Je-hoon plays colonial-era independence activist Park Yeol in Lee Joon-ik's new drama, "Anarchist from Colony". Lee's eleventh film opened at number one with 817,684 admissions (48.94%) from 1,176 screens around the country, dislodging Michael Bay's "Transformers: The Last Knight" and denying it a second weekend at the top. Park Yeol (1902-1974) was an anarchist who spent 22 years in prison for attempting to assassinate Japanese royalty, Emperor Hirohito...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 9

2017/07/02 | Permalink

The crux of episode 9 was the mission that brought the main characters back together. Unfortunately, it was a little lame. Fortunately, the characters gel as well as they always have, which allows us (at least a little bit) to ignore the badly worked NIS mission....More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/07/02 | Permalink

The Los Angeles Times digs into Bong's 'meaty' masterpiece, these are the highest rated Korean films on America's top film review sites, Korean LGBT films are earning critical acclaim, and Kaitlyn Tiffany talks about Netflix's conflict over "Okja" and why it matters...More

[Interview] Choi Wooshik with The Lady Miz Diva

Source | 2017/07/01 | Permalink

Choi Wooshik's outstanding performance in 2014's haunting, heartbreaking "Set Me Free" not only won him the Busan International Film Festival Actor of the Year and the prestigious Blue Dragon awards, it also gained him a place in the incredible international cast of Director Bong Joon-ho's "Okja", as a rebellious avatar for Bong's message to today's youth.

In his first overseas interview, Choi told me about his early days that led to meeting US stars, Steven Yeun and Paul Dano on the "Okja" set, and his future projects...More

Mise-en-Scene Short Films Festival

Source | 2017/06/28 | Permalink

- Stars attend the Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival

Actors Yum Jung-ah, So Ji-sub, Lee Min-ji and Kim Ok-vin are some of the honorary judges at the MSFF. They will be at the opening of the event in Hongdae on the 29th. The MSFF continues until the 5th of July and Kim Seong-soo, JK Youn, Lee Seok-hoon, Kim Tae-yong, director Woo Moon-gi and others will be there as the 10 judges. The opening film is "Moving Self-Portrait 2017"...More

"Okja" Bong Joon-ho, "I wanted to make a movie regardless of people and culture"

Source | 2017/06/26 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" was invited to the 70th Cannes International Film Festival and is an issue in Korea for being a unique movie. The making footage with an interview by Bong Joon-ho came out.

"Okja" is the tale of a massive animal named Okja and a girl who was brought up in the mountains of Kangwondo...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 8

2017/06/25 | Permalink

Halfway through "Man to Man" the requisite separation begins. Seol-woo extricates himself from the woman he fell in love with and from his bromance with Woon-gwang in order to return to his ghost agent duties. While sad, he seems ready to deal with the separation until, of course, circumstances brings them all back together again....More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/06/25 | Permalink

KOBIZ reveals the most expensive Korean films of 2017, Variety looks ahead to next month's Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan), Korean animation pioneer Shin Dong-hun dies at the age of 90, and Bong Joon-ho talks to The Inquirer about his new film "Okja"...More

Big 3 Multiplex Chains Refuse to Show Netflix's 'Okja'

Source | 2017/06/19 | Permalink

The three major movie theater chains CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox are collectively digging in their heels in a standoff with Neflix and will not be screening "Okja" by Bong Joon-ho...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/06/18 | Permalink

See what films have been competing at the box office this month, France's Annecy is coming to Seoul in 2019, take a look at Bong Joon-ho's new film "Okja", and KoBiz previews some of the local adaptations that will cause a stir later this year...More

Steven Yeun, Ki Hong Lee, Korean stars in Hollywood

Source | 2017/06/16 | Permalink

Various Korean stars have stepped into Hollywood.

Pom Klementieff from "Guardians of Galaxy VOL.2", Steven Yeun from "Okja" and Ki Hong Lee from "Wish Upon" are some of them...More

Director Diplomatic in 'Okja' Screening Controversy

Source | 2017/06/15 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho (center) speaks at a press junket for his latest film "Okja" in a hotel in Seoul on Wednesday along with cast members. /Newsis

Bong Joon-ho took the blame Wednesday for the screening controversy about his latest film "Okja" and expressed hope that the spat between producer Netflix and Korean cinema chains can be resolved amicably.

"I am responsible for all this fuss. I had just thought it would be great to provide viewers with more channels and opportunities to watch my film, but it seems I wanted too much", Bong told reporters at a press conference in Seoul...More

'Okja' Gets 1st Screening in Korea

Source | 2017/06/13 | Permalink

Reporters gather for a preview of Bong Joon-ho's Netflix-produced CGI spectacular "Okja" at a theater in Seoul on Monday.

Bong Joon-ho's Netflix-produced CGI spectacular "Okja" had its first screening in Korea on Monday after it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

Some 1,000 reporters including about 30 from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines attended the preview...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/06/11 | Permalink

Busan mourns the sudden loss of Kim Jo-seok, Claude Lanzmann's new documentary about North Korea is not about taekwondo, Rachel Gilman reviews Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" following its premiere at Cannes, and Korean distributors clash with Netflix over purposed distribution models...More

Korea's Biggest Theater Chain Boycotts Netflix's 'Okja'

Source | 2017/06/07 | Permalink

Movie theater chain CGV on Tuesday decided to deny screen space to "Okja", which is directed by Bong Joon-ho and produced by Netflix.

CGV on Friday said Netflix's insistence on releasing the co-production simultaneously both in theaters and online "will disturb the entire distribution system in Korea". The theater chain had threatened to boycott the film unless it could get a theatrical release first...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 7

2017/06/06 | Permalink

The ghost agent who has always done his job as he was told has now decided to go rogue in the name of love. We knew it would come to this point, but watching Seol-woo make a decision for the good of someone else sits well within me. I also love to see that Do-ha isn't just a doe-eyed damsel in distress, but a woman who will fight back....More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 6

2017/06/06 | Permalink

Emotions become tied to work for ghost agent Seol-woo and it's a first. It is a dangerous time to marry work and feelings with ruthless, ambition-driven politicians snapping at his organization's heels. But I wouldn't have it any other way....More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/05/28 | Permalink

Hong Sang-soo talks about his minimalist approach to filmmaking, Slant reviews "Okja" after its premiere at Cannes in France, read how diplomatic tensions are affecting Korea's cinema industry, and Bong Joon-ho voices his support for the coming together of local industries and streamers like Netflix...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 5

2017/05/25 | Permalink

"Man to Man" may have a dark side, but it's really just a story about three people who are growing up. In between all of that are corrupt officials doing dirty deeds to acquire lofty positions, burgeoning love triangles, and bouts of situational humor. It is the last that surprises me most, especially with the dark subject matter that surrounds Seol-woo's life as a ghost agent.

The events that tied the episode together were the romantic happenings between Seol-woo and Do-ha...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 4

2017/05/16 | Permalink

Although danger lurks in the background, episode 4 of "Man to Man" is all about the humor and growing interpersonal relationships between the characters. It is really Seol-woo who (rather unwillingly) progresses leaps and bounds all while doing a very fine Bond impression with his super secret team of spy friends...More

Bong Joon-ho Excited Ahead of His New Film's Premiere at Cannes

Source | 2017/05/16 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho's much-anticipated film "Okja" is set to be released late next month.

Along with Hong Sang-soo's "The Day After - 2017", his film has been invited to this year's Cannes Film Festival, which opens this week...More

Poster for Bong Joon-ho's 'Okja' Released Ahead of Film's Cannes Premiere

Source | 2017/05/15 | Permalink

A poster for Bong Joon-ho's upcoming film "Okja" was displayed on the Facebook page of the film's producer, Netflix, on Saturday. Its cast includes Korean actress Ahn Seo-hyun and Hollywood stars Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 3

2017/05/07 | Permalink

"Man to Man" wastes no time jumping into the action of its tale. Seol-woo and Woon-gwang's bromance quickly steams up while the search for the wooden tablets become more urgent. In the midst of it all Seol-woo slowly, and unwillingly, becomes integrated into Woon-gwang's loving gang of misfits. Against his better judgement and desires, I do believe Woon-gwang and Do-ha are getting under his skin...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/04/30 | Permalink

The Jeonju Film Festival puts 'alternative films' in the spotlight, KoBiz reveals which films will compete at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival, Netflix teases new 'Super Pig' website ahead of Bong Joon-ho's "Okja", and get to know some of Korea's smaller film festivals...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 2

2017/04/29 | Permalink

Although "Man to Man" doesn't have too much substance yet, I can genuinely say that I'm having a blast watching it. Park Hae-jin is winning; Park Seong-woong has wry comedy down pat; and Kim Min-jung, despite her annoying character, has impeccable delivery. Of course, the quality of the production is high and the writing is witty. I'm looking forward to how this show rolls out....More

[USA] "The Age of Shadows" Releases Digitally and on Blu-ray/DVD on May 2 **** Blu-ray Giveaway ****

Source | 2017/04/29 | Permalink

"The Best Western Movie of the Year Is a Korean Thriller" - GQ
From Iconic Director Kim Jee-woon ("The Last Stand", "A Bittersweet Life", "I Saw the Devil", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird")
On May 2, 2017, CJ Entertainment is releasing The Age of Shadows on DVD and Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Family Video, and digitally on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, and Sony PlayStation...More

[USA] "Tunnel" Starring Ha Jung-woo, Bae Doona & Oh Dal-soo Debuts on Digital April 4 & on DVD May 2 @WellGoUSA #TUNNEL **** DVD Giveaway ****

2017/04/29 | Permalink

"... a vivid and relatable tale". ~ Gary Goldstein, LOS ANGELES TIMES
"Infusing its nightmarish scenario with bracing doses of satirical humor, Tunnel is smarter and more sophisticated than most Hollywood attempts at the genre".

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Man to Man" Episode 1

2017/04/24 | Permalink

"Man to Man" hits the ground running with beautiful cinematography, a charismatic lead, and enough humor to take the edge off the many action scenes. From directors Kim Sang-ho-I ("Arang and the Magistrate") and Lee Chang-min-I ("Birth of a Beauty", "Midas"), and writer, Kim Won-seok-II ("Descendants of the Sun", "The Queen's Classroom"), this newest jTBC drama definitely pulled out all the stops to grab our attention. It makes it worthy of the first Korean drama for which Nextflix has acquired exclusive rights....More

Two Korean Films Invited to Compete at Cannes Film Festival

Source | 2017/04/14 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho (left) and Hong Sang-soo

Two Korean films, Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" and Hong Sang-soo's "The Day After - 2017", have been invited to be presented in competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival, which opens in late May...More

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" enters 70th Cannes International Film Festival

Source | 2017/04/13 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's Netflix Original movie "Okja" is entering the 70th Cannes International Film Festival.

"Okja" is competing with other films for Palme d'Or...More

[USA] "The Age of Shadows" Releases Digitally and on Blu-ray/DVD on May 2

Source | 2017/04/12 | Permalink

"The Best Western Movie of the Year Is a Korean Thriller" - GQ
From Iconic Director Kim Jee-woon ("The Last Stand", "A Bittersweet Life", "I Saw the Devil", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird")
On May 2, 2017, CJ Entertainment is releasing The Age of Shadows on DVD and Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Family Video, and digitally on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, and Sony PlayStation...More

[Orion's Drama News] New Horizons

2017/04/08 | Permalink

If I were covering celebrity gossip, then this season and all of its dating and wedding news would give me quite a lot of material. Strangers' love life is not what excites me, however, so I bring you news of future Netflix goodness as I contemplate a new type of Korean drama productions at our doorstep. The usual news follow, of course...More

[USA] "Tunnel" Starring Ha Jung-woo, Bae Doona & Oh Dal-soo Debuts on Digital April 4 & on DVD May 2 @WellGoUSA #TUNNEL

2017/03/15 | Permalink

"... a vivid and relatable tale". ~ Gary Goldstein, LOS ANGELES TIMES
"Infusing its nightmarish scenario with bracing doses of satirical humor, Tunnel is smarter and more sophisticated than most Hollywood attempts at the genre".

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/03/12 | Permalink

Netflix scoops up an exciting Joseon zombie series, read Pierce Conran's review of "A Single Rider" on Modern Korean Cinema, KoBiz examines Korean filmgoer's shift in viewing habits, and know the real independence fighters behind their cinematic counterparts...More

Upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom"

Source | 2017/03/11 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Kingdom"'s page to HanCinema database...More

Dramas are getting shorter

Source | 2017/03/06 | Permalink

Dramas are getting shorter.

Usually dramas are 16 to 20 episodes long but from this year, 'miniseries' are getting to as short at 8 or 10 episodes...More

[Orion's Drama News] The Dying and the Undead

2017/03/04 | Permalink

Hello once again, folks. I am back with more drama news gathered over the past two weeks. Today I take a look at fresh material from "Radiant Office", I figuratively salivate over an upcoming drama by writer Kim Eun-hee-I of "Signal" fame and I also take a look at "Queen of Mystery" and her ajumma detective adventures...More

Have You Heard of the Web-dramas?

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Lately there's been a good web-dramas coming around. Web dramas are great because it's usually consists short length episodes and the episodes itself isn't many either...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lovers' Lane

2017/02/26 | Permalink

My Korean Kitchen pairs pancakes with kimchi, Netflix's Chef's Table features Korea's top temple cook, check CJ Food World to sample the best of the best under one roof, and Daily NK reveals what food help North Koreans get through the harsh winter months...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/01/21 | Permalink

"The Handmaiden" and "Train to Busan" lead the way ahead of the Asian Film Awards in March, KoBiz explores the rise of web fiction adaptations, Movie Pilot gets political with K-cinema, and Asian Movie Pulse lists six Korean films to get excited about this year...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2017/01/14 | Permalink

Korea's "City of Film" gets a serious cash injection, Justin Lowe reviews Cho Ui-seok's "Master", Netflix's first Korean original series will be web comic, and for the first time in over a decade a Japanese anime has topped Korea's charts...More

Upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"

Source | 2017/01/07 | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Love Alarm"'s page to HanCinema database...More

"Answer Me 1988" Cast, Where Are They Now?

2016/12/23 | Permalink

Do you remember "Answer Me 1988"? I'm a fan of all three Answer Me series but I'd say 1988 is the one that hit me hardest to home...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2016/11/19 | Permalink

Kobiz highlights films with leading ladies in their new infographic, Netflix scoops up the distribution rights for the disaster film "Pandora", hear what production designer Jang Geun-young has to say about his latest work after returning to the industry, and Paul Quinn talks about a Korean classic on his podcast...More

American Actor Carves Niche Out of Korean Soaps

Source | 2016/09/03 | Permalink

Sean Richard Dulake is the latest American performer who has carved out a niche for himself on Korean TV. The actor came here in the mid-2000s looking for work but took things into his own hands.

"In Korea, a role suitable for somebody like me comes around once every five years", he said. "So I decided to create roles myself"...More

Teaser Image Provides 1st Look at Bong Joon-ho's Next Film

Source | 2016/07/20 | Permalink

A teaser image of Bong Joon-ho's upcoming film "Okja" was released by U.S. video-streaming provider Netflix on Tuesday. The image features Tilda Swinton and Giancarlo Esposito on location in New York.

Netflix is investing US$50 million into the Korean director's film, which is being co-produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2016/07/16 | Permalink

Netflix plans to expand its offerings in South Korea, The Hollywood reporter reviews "One Way Trip", Lee Byung-hun honoured in America, and find out how Asian animations did at Annecy this year...More

Today's Photo: July 1, 2016 [3]

Source | 2016/07/01 | Permalink

Actress Claudia Kim attends a promotional party hosted by U.S. company Netflix in Seoul on Thursday...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2016/04/30 | Permalink

Bong Joon-ho and Tilda Swinton are working together on "Okja" for Netflix, KOBIZ has an infographic on popular Korean series films, CJ CGV's ScreenX takes filmgoing to the next level at Cinema Con, and learn about Korea's "Grand Master" of eroticism...More

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" to be released only through netflix, not in theaters

Source | 2016/04/07 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" is only going to be released through Netflix.

Wikitree quoted Netflix and reported that, ""Okja" will not be released in domestic and foreign theaters"...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2016/03/05 | Permalink

"Spirits' Homecoming" tops the charts in time for International Women's Day, KOBIZ has a retrospective on one of Korea's most influential directors, see how Korea's VFX studios have grown over the last twenty years, and catch six soul-scratching Korean films on Netflix if you dare...More

Do Ji-han to join "Hwarang", the Shilla version of Romeo and Juliet

Source | 2016/02/23 | Permalink

According to Yeol Eum Entertainment, Do Ji-han is starring in the drama "Hwarang".

Do Ji-han debuted in 2009 with the drama "The Queen Returns" and starred in dramas "The Great Merchant", "Incarnation of Money", movies "My Way", "Neighbors", "The Tower" and "Beauty Inside". He's also starring in the movie "MUSUDAN" which is coming in March...More

[Photos] Added new stills for the upcoming Korean-American-British-French documentary "Twinsters"

Source | 2016/02/17 | Permalink

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean-American-British-French documentary "Twinsters"...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Culture Corner

2016/01/30 | Permalink

Check out what one of Korea's cutest stores has to offer, Vogue looks at Bae Doona's success on and offscreen, there are rehabilitation camps in Korea for those battling internet addiction, and get an insiders take on Korea's work culture...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2016/01/09 | Permalink

See how K-culture was depicted on the American satirical TV show Family Guy, Netflix (finally) arrives in South Korea, Variety tells us how South Korea's box office went in 2015, and Pierce Conran takes a closer look at "The Himalayas"...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Twinsters"

2015/12/26 | Permalink

Samantha Futerman is an American actress- somewhat more successful than most, given that she's had speaking roles in a couple of movies you've probably heard of. She also shows up in YouTube comedy videos. And that's where the story of "Twinsters" starts- see, Samantha Futerman was born in Korea and adopted overseas. Through an Internet video, Anais Bordier, another Korean adoptee raised in France, sees Samantha Futerman and discovers, to her shock, that the two appear to be identical...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

2015/11/15 | Permalink

KOBIZ features the animated works of Hur Bum-wook, a short history of Korean sequels, Netflix scoops up Bong Joon-ho's new monster flick, and an interview with director JK Youn ("Ode to My Father")...More

Netflix to Put $50 Million into Bong Joon-ho's Next Film

Source | 2015/11/13 | Permalink

U.S. video-streaming provider Netflix will invest US$50 million in director Bong Joon-ho's next film, to be called "Okja".

Production company Okja SPC said Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment is co-producing the movie...More

KBS America and NEW make a contract to distribute movie 'The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale' in North America

Source | 2015/11/11 | Permalink

KBS America will distribute Korean film, "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" to North America.

KBS America and film company NEW have announced during American Film Market, which started on November 4th, that they made a contract for the North American distribution of movie "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale". This movie is a blockbuster movie for winter season 2015 by the film company NEW, which is well-known for the marketability and quality of their productions including "Miracle in Cell No.7" and "The Attorney"...More

Bong Joon-ho's newest "Okja", "It's not a monster movie"

Source | 2015/11/11 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's latest movie "Okja" is said to be a film about a monster, but he says it's not.

The director announced that the movie is about an animal named Okja and its friendship with a country girl...More

KCON Drama Stars Announcement - Kim Soo-hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho-jun, Ki Hong Lee

2015/07/10 | Permalink

Largest North American Festival for All Things Hallyu Confirms Appearances by Top Drama Stars, plus Writer and Director.
KCON 2015 USA presented by Toyota, America's biggest event for All Things Hallyu is going big on drama in 2015 with confirmed appearances by top actors from television and film from Korea and the U.S. being featured at the annual celebration alongside the many top K-Pop artists previously announced. Living up to its mission to bring fans the most comprehensive celebration of all aspects of Korean entertainment, KCON 2015 USA has just confirmed stars Kim Soo-hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho-jun and Ki Hong Lee to participate in the Los Angeles dates of the event. (Bios below)...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Untold Scandal"

2014/09/19 | Permalink

It's extremely tempting to view the crazy sumptuous games at play in "Untold Scandal" here as some sort of commentary on repressed Joseon sexuality. Director Lee Jae-yong certainly has enough fun with it from a cinematographic point of view. The sex is is hot and sensuous. If you're going into this movie expecting Bae Yong-joon to have lots of erotic fun times with many ample bosoms on display, you will not be disappointed. The film is exactly as advertised...More

Digital Video Network DramaFever Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Exclusive Fall Premieres

Source | 2014/09/19 | Permalink

Hefty Line-up of the Hottest New Asian Series Includes Romance, High School and Period Dramas – Made Available for the First Time in the U.S. with English Subtitles and within 24 Hours of their International TV Premieres

DramaFever (, the top online video destination for international TV series and movies, today announced a fall lineup that includes four exclusive premieres along with a large crop of other highly anticipated Asian drama series. All will premiere on DramaFever within 24 hours of the original international airings, and with professional subtitles...More

Korean movie of the week "A Company Man"

Source | 2014/09/04 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "A Company Man" (2012)

Directed by Lim Sang-yoon

With So Ji-sub, Lee Mi-yeon, Kwak Do-won, Kim Dong-jun, Lee Kyung-young, Han Bo-bae,...

Hyung-do (So Ji-sub) wears a suit and tie like any other white collar worker... except his profession is murder. He is professional contract killer -- a hitman -- loyal to his employer and regarded as the best in the business. But one day, to the surprise of his colleagues and his enemies, he suddenly decides to quit his job for a woman (Lee Mi-yeon)...More

[Guest Post] Korean Horror Classics Available on Netflix

2013/11/08 | Permalink

Spend this weekend watching a Korean horror classic. Mischievous schoolgirls, devious sisters, and mysterious houses in the woods abound in these films. Netflix has been working to expand its Asian cinema selection, which is good news for cinephiles...More

Dramafever Set To Premiere First Original Co-production "The Heirs"

2013/10/08 | Permalink

Dramafever Set To Premiere First Original Co-production "The Heirs" with Acclaimed South Korean Production Company Hwa & Dam Pictures marks First-ever Co-production Between Korean Company And U.S. Digital Platform

Today, DramaFever announced a first-of-its-kind co-production deal with Korean production shingle, Hwa & Dam Pictures. Premiering this week in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America exclusively on DramaFever, "The Heirs" is a 20 episode romantic drama series starring Lee Min-ho ("Faith", "Boys over Flowers") and Park Shin-hye ("Flower Boy Next Door", "Heartstrings") which follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families' business empires while grappling with the trials of finding true love...More

[HanCinema's Film Talk] "Bedevilled" @ 24fps

2013/06/22 | Permalink

Jang Cheol-soo's second feature "Secretly and Greatly" is currently closing in on 6 million admissions at the box office, but before it goes any higher I wanted to zoom-in on my perhaps my favourite scene in modern Korean cinema. The above image is taken from "Bedevilled" (2010), Jang's debut film after having assisted Kim Ki-duk with "Samaria" (2004) as well as "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring" (2003). "Bedevilled" was one of earlier Korean films I watched, and it set the bar high in terms of its stunning cinematography and visual story telling. Jang's psychological horror made its premiere at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and won a string of awards from Korean organisations (including four 'Best New Director' awards), but sadly only sold a little over 160,000 tickets during its run in theatres. The film was a critical success, and if you're talking about Korean revenge films, "Bedevilled" is one of the most hellishly satisfying thrills out there...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "The Good, the Bad, the Weird"

Source | 2013/03/15 | Permalink

The plot is simple enough- a mysterious treasure map is the key to the motivations behind about eight different distinct factions of individuals with their own motivations for acquiring it. There are possibly more. After a certain point it just gets really difficult to keep track of everyone in this movie, As a result, it gets to be a bit of a headache trying to keep straight which characters know what, when, and why. And it really isn't a whole lot of fun to guess why, either...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Treeless Mountain"

2013/03/15 | Permalink

Whereas movies are near-unanimous in their condemnation of child abuse, it's much more unusual to see anything depicting child neglect in similar terms. In many a film the fact that parents are nowhere to be found is considered a good thing, as it enables many wacky adventures. The question is rarely asked as to what the neglected children do when there aren't any wacky adventures to be had...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Night and Day"

2013/03/08 | Permalink

Paris is, supposedly, the most cultured city in the entire world. For an artist, it would seem like the most natural possible place to hang out indefinitely while trying to outwait a drug bust. But Seong-nam (played by Kim Young-ho) quickly discovers that without a guide or any meaningful connection to the local environment, Paris is pretty indistinguishable from any other random place he could be hanging out...More

Korean movie of the week "Secret Sunshine"

Source | 2013/02/07 | Permalink

Korean movie of the week "Secret Sunshine" (2007)

Directed by Lee Chang-dong

With Jeon Do-yeon, Song Kang-ho, Jo Young-jin, Kim Young-jae, Seon Jeong-yeop, Song Mi-rim,...

After losing her husband, a woman relocates to a small-town called Miryang for a new start. When tragedy strikes, one local man stands by her through all of her struggles and tries to offer her hope...More

CJ Entertainment action thriller THE BERLIN FILE by RYOO Seung-Wan

Source | 2013/01/30 | Permalink

Opens in Los Angeles (CGV Cinema), Fullerton (Regal La Habra) and Irvine (Edwards UTC) on Feb. 15

120 min, Korean, English, German spoken, 2013, North American premiere.

Director Ryoo Seung-wan is available for phone interviews.

Screen International: "Arguably one of the most high profile South Korean releases of early 2013, Ryoo Seung-wan's "The Berlin File" continues to adopt Ryoo's visual trademark through pulsating and spectacular set-pieces".

Until now, Korean directors have been underrepresented in the Asian action genre dominated by Hong Kong masters (John Woo, Andrew Lau) and their most passionate American aficionado Quentin Tarantino. With "The Berlin File" - Korea's biggest release of 2013 - American audiences have the chance discover the visual pyrotechnics of Korea's only action auteur, Ryoo Seung-wan...More

2013 CES: LG's Innovations for the Home

Source | 2013/01/12 | Permalink

LG Electronics brought a range of cutting-edge home entertainment products and smart appliances to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Although we didn't see the LG Optimus G2 make an appearance, here's a glimpse at some other noteworthy items that did take the stage.

LG finally announced the price and release dates of the hotly anticipated 55-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. It will go on sale for about $12,000 USD in the United States starting in March. You'll get extraordinary picture quality and perfect colors thanks to LG's WRGB technology and Four-Color Pixel system in a TV that's only 4mm thick. It's definitely a point of pride for LG that it's the only company in the world so far to put an OLED TV on the market.

Granted, not everyone's got 12 grand lying around to splurge on a TV. But can't you just imagine experiencing March Madness on a screen like this?...More

Bittersweet Life: Korean cinema's secret popularity in the UK

Source | 2011/12/07 | Permalink

International distribution expert and analyst and former Screen International journalist Robert Mitchell looks at the gulf between artistic and business successes of Korean cinema in the UK.

Ask any cine-literate film-goer, critic, blogger or tweeter in the UK about Korean cinema and you'll be greeted with an enthusiastic response. They will talk of the Hallyu period of the past decade, a wealth of some of the most creative and interesting film-making in the world. They will speak with passion about Park Chan-wook, Kim Ki-duk and Bong Joon-ho.

International festivals like Cannes play a major role in building this awareness. "The route to the international market is through festivals", says Danny PERKINS, CEO of StudioCanal UK, which released Bong's "The Host" and Kim's "3-Iron" amongst other Korean titles. "If a director's film features in one of the bigger festivals it can put them and their work permanently on the map"...More

CJ films to stream on Netflix

Source | 2011/10/22 | Permalink

By KOFIC Staff

Major Korean entertainment company CJ E&M has announced a deal to stream 20 of its films on Netflix, leading internet subscription service for films and TV shows. Netflix members in the US will be able to watch these CJ films on multiple platforms including televisions, computer, tablets, gaming consoles, and mobile phones.

"CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time", said Joon CHOI, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to a rich selection of films. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company"...More

Netflix expanding asian movie selection in deal with korea's top studio CJ E&M

Source | 2011/10/07 | Permalink

LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2011 – CJ E&M today announced an agreement to feature twenty of its acclaimed Asian movies on Netflix, the world's leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. Beginning in October 2011, Netflix members in the US will be able to instantly watch the twenty titles multiple platforms, including TVs, popular tablets, key gaming consoles, computers and mobile phones. All the titles will be available from October 1.

"CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time". said Joon Choi, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to movies from around the globe. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company, CJ E&M"...More

EuroAsia Shorts Pairs Korean, Spanish Films about Men and Women for Sixth Annual Festival

Source | 2011/06/14 | Permalink

The June 8 screening of EuroAsia Shorts 2011 featuring short films from Korea and Spain drew more than 100 guests to the Korean Cultural Center for a unique blend of culture, cinema, and an international discussion about relations between men and women.

"It was a great selection of films", said guest Victoria Wood. "It's wonderful to see films you wouldn't get via Netflix or in a theater, and a very interesting paring of cultures with Korean and Spain"...More

'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring'

Source | 2006/04/01 | Permalink

Some critics were surprised by what they saw

Adam Hartzell (internews)

When asking my opinion about "Kill Bill 2", a good friend of mine was shocked to hear I hadn't seen either yet (and still haven't). "That surprises me since you're so into Asian film", was his response to this news. I jammed my friend's "logic" by clarifying that the Asian film references that fill "Kill Bill" are not the Asian films I seek out. This is not a slam on Tarantino, he's a wonderful collage artist. Nor is this a slam on those types of films, those films emphasize what many find pleasurable about cinema -- spectacle. But Tarantino isn't referencing Tsai, Hong, Hui, or Oshima, in his "Kill Bills" so it wouldn't be up high on my NetFlix list if I were to have one.

But many Westerners share my friend's template of what constitutes an "Asian Film", that is, some combination of martial arts, samurai, wire-fu, gangsters, violence, and soft porn. And knowing this, it is no surprise that Kim Ki-duk's films have been embraced by Western critics. Kim's "The Isle" has solidified his place in the Westernized canon of Asian films due to an incident at New York's Asian Film Festival where an audience member left a screening gagging like the main character in the film and falling to the lobby floor. Known for his creative maiming and killing off of his characters, Kim has been embraced by th...More