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[Ratings] "Royal Secret Agent" Surpassed the 10% Range, "Awaken" Ends With Its Highest Rating

2021/01/19 | Permalink

"Royal Secret Agent" broke the wall of 10% ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama "Royal Secret Agent" which aired on the 19th, recorded 7.7% and 11.6% (Ep.10)...More

SBS Is Neck and Neck, KBS Plays Solo and Bad Year for MBC

Source | 2020/12/02 | Permalink

A lot of eyes and ears are focused on the Grand Prize this year. Who will take home the 2020 Grand Prize for SBS who has been neck on neck, KBS who played solo and MBC who's had a bad year?

The temperature difference between the three groundwave broadcasters for the Grand Prize, which is scheduled to be held in December, is quite large. SBS, which has had many great works, KBS which ran solo with weekend dramas and MBC which is in a drought this year following last year, are all struggling to decide on the award-winning work with their respective concerns...More

"Stove League" to "The King: Eternal Monarch" Surpass 10% Average Viewer Rating in the First Half of 2020

Source | 2020/07/22 | Permalink

SBS dramas earned an average viewer rating of more than 10% in the first half of 2020.

Based on the first half of 2020 (01/01/2020 to 06/30/2020), SBS dramas overwhelmed other companies in ratings and revealed its presence as a 'drama kingdom'. According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, SBS recorded 11.6% of the average household audience rating, surpassing the 10% wall, as a result of analyzing the ratings of dramas aired by three ground-wave broadcasters, tvN, and JTBC in the first half of the year. JTBC followed with 8.2%, followed by tvN with 5.5%, MBC with 4.3% and KBS with 3.7%...More

[HanCinema's News] "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Tops Good Data Report for Fourth Straight Week

2020/07/16 | Permalink

Despite a slight decrease in objective measurements the tvN drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" retained its top spot on the Good Data Report in its fourth week of airing...More

KBS Going Through a Slump, Saved by "Once Again"

Source | 2020/06/28 | Permalink

KBS dramas suffered in the first half of 2020. Since "When the Camellia Blooms", which recorded the highest ratings of 23.5% for terrestrial mini-series last year, the performance of mini-series has been disastrous. KBS managed to save face thanks to the weekend drama "Once Again".

◆ Monday-Tuesday dramas in a slump, the humiliation of Wednesday-Thursday dramas...More

Marriage Graduation, Divorce and Non-Marriage, Dramas Far From Fantasy

Source | 2020/06/01 | Permalink

Dramas that shed the fantasy of a 'normal family' and capture reality are coming to audiences.

In the past, marriage and childbirth were considered 'mandatory things to do', but it has been a long time since this era changed. As a result, recent dramas are also drawing attention as they positively embrace different concepts such as chossing to stay single, exiting a marriage and premarital pregnancy. There have been many dramas about families that have changed in the past, but in recent years, they have been showing a different aspect in that they have been more explicit and realistic...More

During the Family Month of May, Dramas Ask "What is Family?"

Source | 2020/05/17 | Permalink

TV dramas under the theme of family, the most basic unit of modern society, are on air or are about to be aired.

TvN's "Oh My Baby", jTBC's "The World of the Married" and KBS 2TV's "Once Again"j which are airing in May, the month of family, look back on the changed family concepts today or point to the new meaning of this unit...More

The Fall and Rise of the Drama Kingdom

Source | 2020/04/15 | Permalink

The stagnant ground-wave drama market is stretching. As ground-wave mini-series gained momentum last year, dramas exceeding 20% in viewer ratings are appearing one after another. The three ground-wave broadcasters' Monday-Tuesday dramas, which had been temporarily suspended, have also been reorganized, giving a lot of support to the production of dramas...More

Romance and Fantasy Dramas Fill the Home Screen This Spring

Source | 2020/03/25 | Permalink

While the aftermath of COVID-19 has affected the broadcasting and cultural circles, broadcasters are looking to rebound by releasing new dramas starting this spring. Above all, ground-wave broadcasters, which temporarily suspended Monday-Tuesday dramas due to the worsening business conditions, will resume Monday-Tuesday dramas, igniting competition. On the general programming channels, a new drama will be launched in a new time zone, which will make it more competitive, and even cable channels, that have slowed down, will be able to find a variety of materials for viewers...More

[Ratings] "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" Sees Poor Ratings of 25% Over New Year's

Source | 2020/01/26 | Permalink

The viewer ratings for "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" are at a standstill.

According to Nielsen Korea, episodes 67 and 68 of the KBS 2TV drama "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life", which aired on January 26th, recorded nationwide ratings of 21.8% and 25% respectively...More

Ki Do-hoon Joins the Cast of "Once Again"

Source | 2020/01/22 | Permalink

Actor Ki Do-hoon is starring in the new KBS weekend drama "Once Again".

"Once Again" is a fun and heartwarming drama about the gap between parents and their offspring when it comes to divorce and finding their own true happiness...More

Network Acting Grand Prize, From Kim Nam-gil to Gong Hyo-jin

Source | 2019/12/25 | Permalink

With the 2019 KBS Drama Awards on the 31st, the network broadcasting awards relay has begun. While this reminds us that the end of the year is nearing, it is also a festival acknowledging those who have worked hard throughout the year and focuses on who the grand prizes will be awarded to. This year, network broadcasters regained their self-esteem by reclaiming the throne of dramas, which was lost to cable and general service channels, as they sought to change the genres and production time of series.

Who will be the ones to top off the year's final festivities? The MBC Drama Awards air this 30th while SBS and KBS will hold their shows on the 31st...More

2019 Dramas, "SKY Castle" Opens and "When the Camellia Blooms" Closes

Source | 2019/12/23 | Permalink

In 2019, the industry had a string of big-screen dramas with huge production costs. However, not all of the blockbuster dramas have been very powerful. "Arthdal Chronicles", which cost more than 50 billion won in production, didn't regenerate, despite broadcasting in three parts, and left a mark on its ego. "Vagabond", which drew attention for its 25 billion won investment plan and outstanding casting, couldn't quite cause a stir, and ended at barely a two-figure viewing percentage. The 'winners' were the ones that completely mesmerized viewers with not just bulk, but scenario, production and performance...More

[Ratings] "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" Shows Decrease

Source | 2019/12/15 | Permalink

"Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" remains in 27%.

According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS weekend drama "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" rated 23.7% and 27.0%...More

[HanCinema's News] KBS Bolstered by Strong 2019 Drama Schedule

2019/12/10 | Permalink

Following a relatively weak year for dramas in 2018, KBS has revived its reputation thanks to a surprisingly strong slate of dramas throughout 2019. While "When the Camellia Blooms" has been an obvious capstone for the year with KBS, the network has done strongly throughout, having at least one high performing drama active in nearly every month of the year...More

Jung Il-woo, "I Was Hasty in My 20s, Will Make More Attempts in My 30s"

Source | 2019/10/08 | Permalink

Actor Jung Il-woo was featured in the luxury membership magazine 'The Neighbor'. The actor last starred in the drama "Haechi", published a magazine called "Kribbit" and filmed the KBS wildlife documentary project called "Wild Map" on the 3rd of October. Not only that, he also devoted himself to a variety of activities, such as making his third pilgrimage to Santiago in his life and leaving for England for short-term language studies...More

[Ratings] "Mother of Mine" Rises to 33.5%, is No.1 Weekend Drama

Source | 2019/08/18 | Permalink

"Mother of Mine" has gone through a slight increase in the ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, episodes 87 and 88 of KBS 2TV's "Mother of Mine" rated 27.8% and 33.5% based on national household standards...More

[Hancinema Film Review] "Gilsotteum" + Full Movie

2019/04/13 | Permalink

The film is inspired by the KBS show in 1983 which aimed to reunite families separated during the Korean War. The early episodes of the show generated huge amounts of interest among the general public (88% of the population watched the early episodes), and the square in front of KBS was thronged with people advertising and looking for lost family members...More

[Spoiler] "Mother of Mine" Yoo Sun Highlights the Struggles of a Working Mother

Source | 2019/03/25 | Permalink

The KBS weekend drama "Mother of Mine" actress Yoo Sun and her tears moved viewers.

Yoo Sun plays the role of Kang Mi-seon, a working mom who struggles to balance housework, childcare, and a difficult job. On the third and fourth episodes of "Mother of Mine" on the 24th, Yoo Sun broke down when her own mother Park Seon-ja (Kim Hae-sook) who was helping her with the weight on her shoulder, was insulted by her mother-in-law Ha Mi-ok (Park Jung-soo)...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Final Episode 12 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/12/01 | Permalink

Added final episode 12 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 11 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/30 | Permalink

Added episode 11 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Spoiler] "When Time Stopped" Ahn Ji-hyun Reborn as Angel of Death

Source | 2018/11/29 | Permalink

On the latest episode of the KBS W drama "When Time Stopped", Seon-ah disappeared for Joon-woo and came back as an angel of death. Later, Seon-ah (Ahn Ji-hyun) reunited with Joon-woo (Kim Hyun-joong) who had lost his memory...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 10 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/24 | Permalink

Added episode 10 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 9 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/23 | Permalink

Added episode 9 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

"When Time Stopped" Kim Hyun-joong and Ahn Ji-hyun, finally kiss

Source | 2018/11/21 | Permalink

Joon-woo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Seon-ah (Ahn Ji-hyun) kissed.

On the latest episode of the KBS W drama "When Time Stopped", Joon-woo and Seon-ah quarreled but realized they care for each other and kissed...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 8 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/17 | Permalink

Added episode 8 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 7 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/16 | Permalink

Added episode 7 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Spoiler] "When Time Stopped" Ahn Ji-hyun the Rom-com Queen

Source | 2018/11/15 | Permalink

Ahn Ji-hyun is the next romantic comedy queen.

She appears in the KBS W drama "When Time Stopped" as Kim Seon-ah who begins a relationship with Moon Joon-woo (Kim Hyun-joong)...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 6 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/10 | Permalink

Added episode 6 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 5 Screenshot Added

Source | 2018/11/09 | Permalink

Added episode 5 screenshot for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 4 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/11/03 | Permalink

Added episode 4 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 3 Screenshot Added

Source | 2018/11/02 | Permalink

Added episode 3 screenshot for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 2 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/10/27 | Permalink

Added episode 2 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Korean Drama Spoiler] 'When Time Stopped' Episode 1 Screenshots Added

Source | 2018/10/26 | Permalink

Added episode 1 screenshots for the Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

[Spoiler] "When Time Stopped" Kim Hyun-joong Snags a Painting Using Powers

Source | 2018/10/25 | Permalink

On the first episode of the KBS W drama "When Time Stopped", Moon Joon-woo (Kim Hyun-joong) used his powers to obtain a painting...More

"When Time Stopped" Kim Hyun-joong Comes Back But Only In Gyo-jin Can Be Seen

Source | 2018/10/24 | Permalink

The first episode of the KBS W drama "When Time Stopped" was broadcast on the 24th. Moon Joon-woo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Kim Seon-ah (Ahn Ji-hyun) met for the first time and Sin (Joo Suk-tae) met his emissary Myeong-woon (In Gyo-jin) for the first time...More

Korean Drama Starting Today 2018/10/24 in Korea

Source | 2018/10/24 | Permalink

Korean drama starting today 2018/10/24 in Korea: "When Time Stopped"...More

[Videos] Teasers Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "When Time Stopped"

Source | 2018/10/19 | Permalink

Teasers released for the upcoming Korean drama "When Time Stopped"...More

Koh Woo-ri to Star in Weekend KBS Drama

Source | 2018/09/23 | Permalink

 Koh Woo-ri (Also known as Go Na-eun) is from the girl group Rainbow but now she's an actress named Koh Woo-ri. She changed her name legally in January.

She debuted in 2009 with Rainbow and starred in her first sitcom "I Need a Fairy" in 2012. She then starred in several dramas such as "Good Day", "The Queen's Flower", "Let's Make a New Start", "539 Yeonnam-dong" and more. She's now starring in the KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Only One" as Jang So-young, a girl-crush chaebol. She even made it to portal sites...More

Park Joo-hee Joins Choi Daniel and Park Eun-bin in "The Ghost Detective"

Source | 2018/08/23 | Permalink

Park Joo-hee has been snagged by KBS drama, "The Ghost Detective".

"The Ghost Detective" is a horror thriller about a detective named Lee Da-il (Choi Daniel), a passionate assistant named Jeong Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin) and a mysterious woman named Seon Woo-hye (Lee Ji-ah). Park Joo-hee takes on the role of Baek Da-hye, a lawyer from the greatest law firm in the country...More

Ex-Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon-jae to Make Debut as Commentator at Asian Games

Source | 2018/08/12 | Permalink

Former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae will make her debut as a commentator during the upcoming Asian Games in Indonesia next week...More

Former Football Stars to Compete as Commentators During World Cup

Source | 2018/05/20 | Permalink

Park Ji-sung (left) and Ahn Jung-hwan

Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Young-pyo and Park Ji-sung, key players who led Korea to the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup, will work as commentators for competing broadcasters during the upcoming World Cup in Russia...More

[Orion's Daily Ramblings] The Loud and Hidden Changes of "Queen of Mystery Season 2"

2018/02/20 | Permalink

We have new stills of the intrepid duo of "Queen of Mystery Season 2" out this week, and they raise some questions about where our two leads currently are in life and at work. While Wan-seung seems mostly the same, our tsundere's career has been teased as getting much juicier. Seol-ok's style and demeanor have changed entirely, but I suspect our lovely queen is also largely the same...More

"My Golden Life" to Change Air Time During Pyeongchang Olympics

Source | 2018/02/07 | Permalink

KBS weekend drama "My Golden Life" announced on the official homepage that "My Golden Life" will be making some changes due to the Pyeongchang Olympics on the 5th...More

IU Thanks "My Mister" Team

Source | 2018/01/25 | Permalink

Singer IU won Best Album at the Seoul Gayo Awards.

The 27th SGA was held in Seoul on the 25th and it was hosted by Shin Dong-yup, Super Junior's Kim Heechul and actress Kim So-hyun...More

[Spoiler] "My Golden Life" Park Si-hoo and Shin Hye-sun Live Together

Source | 2017/12/17 | Permalink

On the latest episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Golden Life", Choi Do-kyeong (Park Si-hoo) left home. Yang-ho (Kim Byung-ki) kicked him out with a little money that he used for clothing and a hotel...More

Han Ji-hye Coming Back with KBS Weekend Drama

Source | 2017/12/13 | Permalink

Han Ji-hye is coming back with the new KBS 2TV weekend drama "Shall We Live Together"....More

[Spoiler] "My Golden Life" Park Si-hoo and Shin Hye-sun reunite

Source | 2017/11/19 | Permalink

On the latest episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Golden Life", Woo-hyeok (Lee Tae-hwan) endeavored to change Ji-an's (Shin Hye-sun) mind. Ji-an tried to run away from him when night fell, but he caught her and said, "If you do this, I'll call him". She thought he was talking about Do-kyeong (Park Si-hoo) and Woo-hyeok said, "He's not what you think. He's your brother...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "Dancesport Girls"

2017/11/11 | Permalink

Geoje Girls' Commercial High School is located in the rural outskirts of Geoje Island. Its stated purpose is to prepare students to enter the workforce. But as it happens, through the guidance of a passionate coach, an entire extracurricular DanceSport squad has formed. DanceSport is a form of competitive exhibition dancing, and apparently South Korea has a dedicated official high school DanceSport competition. I had to look all this up. "Dancesport Girls" never actually explains it...More

Kim Da-ye joins SBS's "Doubtful Victory"

Source | 2017/10/31 | Permalink

Rookie Kim Da-ye is going to become a Yoon Kyun-sang maniac.

She joins new SBS drama "Doubtful Victory" as someone who is head over heels for Yoon Kyun-sang...More

Park Si-hoo on the way to ground-wave drama for the first time in 5 years

Source | 2017/07/31 | Permalink

Actor Park Si-hoo is starring in the new KBS weekend drama "My Golden Life".

He posted a picture on his SNS saying, "Do-kyeong's first day at work". He is wearing a pair of sunglasses and looking straight at the camera with a slight smile on his face...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Travel Bug Bites

2017/05/28 | Permalink

See it all with Seoul City Tour's hop on/off buses, 10 Magazine showcases Korea's top resorts, Chinese travel agencies to resume travel packages to Korea, and Seoul's Night Markets offer a variety of dishes, deals and other delights...More

[Hot Takes from the Noonas] "Fight My Way" with Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won delayed for elections

2017/04/30 | Permalink

Viewers will have to wait until May 22nd to see Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won in "Fight My Way", as KBS adjusts the drama viewing schedule for the presidential elections in South Korea...More

Ryu Soo-young, Park Ha-sun Expect 1st Child This Fall

Source | 2017/04/26 | Permalink

Actor couple Ryu Soo-young and Park Ha-sun are expecting their first child...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Travel Bug Bites

2017/03/19 | Permalink

Hit Seoul's hottest fashion districts with 10 Magazine, get a great guide to travelling around Seoul, the country's highest observation deck (The Seoul Sky) opens for business, and discover why Korea is fun for the whole family...More

[Spoiler] "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" Hyun Woo and Lee Se-young

Source | 2017/02/20 | Permalink

The 'Ah-chu couple' Hyun Woo and Lee Se-young got married. They started off as Lee Se-young and crush but their families denied them together. The past between Hyun Woo and Cha Joo-young surfaced and put their relationship in danger. However, they bloomed even more and the whole nation was on their side.

On the latest episode of the KBS weekend drama "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop", Tae-yang (Hyun Woo) and Hyo-won (Lee Se-young) got married. Tae-yang helped with Hyo-won's father's commemorative by cooking himself but he got driven out by Hyo-sang (Park Eun-seok)...More

"The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" falls again but could possibly rebound

Source | 2017/01/29 | Permalink

"The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" ratings are continuing to decline.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS weekend drama "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" rated 32.1%...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Culture Corner

2017/01/21 | Permalink

The Corea Image Institute honours the country's top cultural ambassadors, KBS World explores how Korea is preparing for the fourth industrial revolution with AI, discover what cosmetic surgery procedures are the most popular in Korea, and consider renting your own beautiful hanbok next time you're in town...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Travel Bug Bites

2017/01/14 | Permalink

Explore some of the wintery wonders around Pyeongchang, find out if studying in South Korea is for you, 10 Magazine visits the historic city of Namwom, and how friendly is Seoul to book lovers?...More

2016 MBC Entertainment Awards Winners' List: Yoo Jae-suk, 13 MBC Grand Prizes in a row

Source | 2016/12/29 | Permalink

Entertainer Yoo Jae-suk took home the Grand Prize.

"Infinite Challenge" Yoo Jae-suk beat Kim Gu-ra and took home the Grand Prize at the MBC Entertainment Awards on the 29th. He made up for SBS and KBS with the MBC Grand Prize and this makes it his 13th one...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "The Sound of Your Heart" Episodes 15-20

2016/12/02 | Permalink

Seok is convinced that his webtoon, "The Sound of Your Heart", is an obscure failure that no one has heard of. Even ignoring the inherently strong sense of humor in the writing, the idea that no one has heard of "The Sound of Your Heart" is an obvious relic of these early stories. All the same, I love the self-deprecating vanity, especially when it inevitably results in Seok and his family inevitably acting like lunatics...More

2PM's Lee Junho Joins Cast for Upcoming Drama "Chief Kim"

Source | 2016/11/30 | Permalink

Group 2PM member Lee Junho has decided to join the cast for the new KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, "Chief Kim"...More

"The Sound of Your Heart" Jung So-min starts seeing Lee Kwang-soo

Source | 2016/11/28 | Permalink

Stills of Jung So-min from "The Sound of Your Heart" were released.

Jung So-min plays the role of Ae-bong in the KBS web-drama "The Sound of Your Heart"...More

New Korean Drama Battle Begins For Wednesday and Thursdays

Source | 2016/11/16 | Permalink

Starting on November 16, three new dramas will begin airing for Wednesdays and Thursdays...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Culture Corner

2016/11/06 | Permalink

My Korean Husband talk about Halloween in Korea, discover the dark side of Korea's intense gaming culture, iTech Post shares some the hottest Korean celebrities on Instagram, and UNESCO recommends that Korea's "Haenyeo" culture be recognised as an Intangible Heritage...More

Song Joong-ki eating red ginseng, Park Shin-hye washing her hair and Nana drinking coffee: PPL of 2016

Source | 2016/09/06 | Permalink

Various PPL have been appearing in dramas and entertainment shows. A PPL alone can complete a star's day and the variety has reached as far as food and drinks, cars, make-up, cosmetics and games.

PPL is a form of advertisement where products are exposed as props, products, companies, service names and or logos. PPL has been legalized since 2010 and indirect advertisements on ground-wave channels have doubled in just 5 years...More

[Video] 'Uncontrollably Fond' Bae Suzy is super-cute promoting her drama: "Can you please watch the first run?"

Source | 2016/06/29 | Permalink

"Uncontrollably Fond" has unveiled their promotional video.

KBS wrote on their official Twitter account saying, "We're saying no one else but Bae Suzy is asking you to watch. #UncontrollablyFond Watch the first episode FOR SURE. If you don't, that's a banchik (foul)"...More

Before and after "Descendants of the Sun"

Source | 2016/06/19 | Permalink

The best drama so far this year has to be "Descendants of the Sun". Not only did it cause a syndrome in Korea, but in China as well, and dramas that were released after "Descendants of the Sun" have also been on the upturn.

KBS wasn't doing so well before "Descendants of the Sun" came along. Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun's "Blood", "Who Are You - School 2015", "Remember You", "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law", "Cheeky Go Go", "Oh My Venus" and "Moorim School" stayed on one-digit records. They didn't do too well...More

"Five Children" comes in first place

Source | 2016/06/12 | Permalink

"Five Children" came in first place.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS weekend drama "Five Children" rated 30.0% on the 13th...More

"Five Children" comes in first, "The Flower in Prison" in second

2016/05/08 | Permalink

"Five Children" came in first.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS weekend drama "Five Children" rated 25.9%...More

[Orion's Drama News] Stars, Awards and Exports

2016/05/07 | Permalink

Join me in a week of awards, casting additions and even some new drama announcements. This time around I contemplate the drama race for appeal in the Chinese market, which we all know is becoming a top priority of wannabe-popular series. I also present to you some of our links for the upcoming 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards and take a look at some of the freshly cast or confirmed actors for upcoming dramas...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Travel Bug Bites

2016/04/23 | Permalink

Visit a Korean karaoke room and just let it go, two young women seize the day in Seoul, Lonely Planet lists some of the best historical sights to visit, and would you travel to Korea to get your fortune told?...More

The secret of the Blossom Three, Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum and Cha Tae-hyun

Source | 2016/04/12 | Permalink

The 'it' actors Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum and Cha Tae-hyun were the result of Blossom Entertainment's effort.

Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum and Cha Tae-hyun all belong to Blossom Entertainment. They actively engaged with KBS to build a base to their popularity and the same goes for all three of them as they appeared in KBS dramas, TV shows and more...More

"I knew it was a success the moment I saw Song Joong-ki in uniform", "The ending is a secret, even to my wife"

Source | 2016/03/24 | Permalink

"Descendants of the Sun" has made impact all the way to China and this is the first time in 4 years a weekday drama has broken through 30% since "The Sun and the Moon".

"Descendants of the Sun" has an accumulated number of 1.1 billion views in China. The rights to the drama has been sold to over 32 countries including America, England and France, and even a remake is being discussed...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Culture Corner

2016/03/19 | Permalink

K-pop cultural academies to run in twenty countries from March to September; Soul Beats puts Korea's pet culture in the spotlight, Google takes down a Korean grandmaster in Go; and see how Korean cinema is being used to help promote K-culture in developing countries...More

[Spoiler] 'Five Children' So Yu-jin and Ahn Jae-wook, a perfect chemistry

Source | 2016/03/13 | Permalink

So Yu-jin and Ahn Jae-wook has begun their love line through a coincidental event.

KBS weekend drama "Five Children" is So Yu-jin's comeback comic drama has become a topic of conversation, which is about a family searching for true happiness through love and conflict...More

Baek Jongwon's wife So Yu-jin counterattacks

Source | 2016/02/17 | Permalink

So Yu-jin is coming back as an actress. She is starring in the new KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children".

Baek Jongwon and So Yu-jin got married in 2013. They had their first son in 2014 and a daughter in September 2015. The last drama So Yu-jin starred in was the KBS 2TV drama "Pretty Boy" and she's been busy as a parent ever since. Cuisine researcher Baek Jongwon became popular as he started appearing on TV. He's starring in the MBC TV show "My Little Television", tvN "Home Cooked", SBS "3 Kings" as more...More

KBS America and NEW make a contract to distribute movie 'The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale' in North America

Source | 2015/11/11 | Permalink

KBS America will distribute Korean film, "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" to North America.

KBS America and film company NEW have announced during American Film Market, which started on November 4th, that they made a contract for the North American distribution of movie "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale". This movie is a blockbuster movie for winter season 2015 by the film company NEW, which is well-known for the marketability and quality of their productions including "Miracle in Cell No.7" and "The Attorney"...More

Lee Min-ho, the 1st Hallyu star in the Arab world...Super Junior and EXO, 2nd and 3rd

Source | 2015/10/15 | Permalink

The most famous Hallyu star in the Arab world is Lee Min-ho.

KBS World Radio conducted a survey in the Arab world in celebration of its 40th anniversary. The first person Arabs think of when they think of Korea is Lee Min-ho (14.8%). Next came Super Junior (10.8%), EXO (9%), Park Shin-hye (5.1%), Ban Ki-moon the secretary general of the UN (2.6%) and president Park (2.6%)...More

Son Dam-bi and Kang Seung-hyun's bikini shot

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Son Dam-biand Kang Seung-hyun showed off their bikini bodies.

On August 12th, singer actor Son Dam-bi posted a photo of herself and model Hyoni Kangin bikinis on her personal Instagram, along with a cheerful caption, "Yo~~~ We're lucky girls~~Great weather, great feeling"...More

Chae Soo-bin to star in "SORI: Voice from the Heart"

Source | 2015/07/16 | Permalink

Actress Chae Soo-bin is starring in the movie "SORI: Voice from the Heart".

Toin Entertainment claimed she's starring in "SORI: Voice from the Heart" which is directed by Lee Ho-jae-I, a rookie director award winner at the Baeksang Awards in 2009. This is his first movie in 6 years...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lover's Lane

2015/05/02 | Permalink

Sue from My Korean Kitchen shares a light noodle treat, Can kimchi and rice play nice with bacon and eggs?, a recipe for Seafood Doenjang Jjiga, and Kimchimari interviewed on KBS World Radio...More

'Orange Marmalade' The first teaser trailer records 1 million click counts

Source | 2015/04/22 | Permalink

'Orange Marmalade' is seeing some good signs to become a big hit. KBS 2TV's new Friday miniseries, 'Orange Marmalade' has been attracting the heated attention with its star-studded cast including Yeo Jin-goo, Seolhyun, and Lee Jong-hyun. Since the preview trail...More

Up and coming star, actor Park Hyuk-kwon joins Kim Soo-hyun in 'Producers'

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According to an official from KBS on March 10th, Park Hyuk-kwon will appear in KBS' new entertainment drama, "Producers"

Park Hyuk-kwon took on the role as a chief producer for entertainment department and will join Cha Tae-hyun, Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Soo-hyun and IU whose casting has already been confirmed. Park Hyuk-kwon, who has emerged as an up and coming star through MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' and other entertainment programs, is drawing much attention as to which sides of his he will present this time...More

[Spoiler] "Thank You My Son" Lee Jung-shin does a good job

Source | 2015/02/12 | Permalink

Lee Jung-shin passed the test with flying colors as he pulled off the emotional scenes perfectly. Lee Jung-shin is from the boy band CNBlue and he started off his path much later than the other members. He started off with the KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong" but he didn't get the spotlight. He finally came through with the special drama "Thank You My Son".

The two-episode drama on the 11th and 12th told the story of young people who struggle to make it through the college entrance tests through Jae-woo (Ahn Jae-min) and Si-woo (Lee Jung-shin). They collide with their parents who want them to join elite universities and show lack of communication between parents and children...More

Chae Soo-bin in upcoming KBS weekend drama "Blue Bird Nest", "similar to me"

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Chae Soo-bin is delighted to be in upcoming KBS weekend drama "Blue Bird Nest" as Han Eun-soo.

"Blue Bird Nest" which is due for release on the 21st of February, is all out the growing youth and family that goes beyond blood-relations...More

'One Vision' Co-produced documentary by KBS and ASEAN will broadcast on 11th and 12th

Source | 2014/12/10 | Permalink

The documentary 'One Vision', co-produced by KBS and the other 10 ASEAN broadcasting companies, will be finally on air.

KBS initiated the co-production project plan and the 10 other ASEAN braodcasting companies, RTB (Brunei), PTV (Philippines), Metro TV (Indonesia), Mediacorp (Singapore), RTM (Malaysia), VTV (Vienam), LNTV(Laos), TVK(Cambodia), Thai PBS (Thailand), MRTV (Myanmar) participated in the production filming all across Asia for the last 5 months. With the strong request from all the participant companies, actress, Lee Young-ae who ignited the initial wave of Hallyu, took on the role as a presenter of the documentary...More

[Spoiler] "This Is Family" Yoo Dong-geun embraces Park Hyung-sik once again

Source | 2014/10/26 | Permalink

Park Hyung-sik cried in front of Yoo Dong-geun.

On the twenty-first episode of the KBS weekend drama "This Is Family", Cha Dal-bong (Park Hyung-sik) and Yoon Eun-ho (Seo Kang-joon) got involved in a street fight and had to compensate medical bills...More

DramaFever's Second Co-production to Premiere Exclusively on October 13 - Both Online And on Korean TV Channel KBS2

2014/10/09 | Permalink

Romantic Odd Couple Dramedy about Misfit Classical Musicians, "Tomorrow's Cantabile", is Based on Popular Japanese Manga
Almonds to be Featured in Series Through Brand Integration Partnership
DramaFever (, the top online video destination for international TV series and movies, and KBS will co-produce the highly anticipated Korean drama, "Tomorrow's Cantabile" (Naeil's Cantabile). Based on the popular Japanese manga, Nodame Cantabile, the series will premiere in the U.S., as well as throughout North and South America, exclusively on DramaFever on October 13. Each week, a new episode will stream on DramaFever - professionally subtitled in English, Spanish and Portuguese - within 24 hours of the original South Korean airing on KBS2. The subtitled episodes will later be available on DramaFever syndication partner Hulu...More

KBS weekend rating affected by "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!"

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When will KBS be able to reclaim its throne?

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV "This Is Family" on the 24th rated 25.6%. This is 5.3% higher than the percentage on the 17th. However, it wasn't enough to reclaim the throne because "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" broke its record too...More

Park Bo-young's know-how on "Beauty Bible"

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Actress Park Bo-young revealed her tips on taking care of complexion.

She appears on the cable KBS W TV show "Beauty Bible" and reveals her tips...More

Kim Hee-sun, what do you do to make yourself beautiful?

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Kim Hee-sun attended the press conference of the new KBS weekend drama "Very Good Times" on the 18th.

She appeared in a white see-through top with a pink skirt and displayed her beauty...More

Lee Seo-jin in "Very Good Times"

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Pictures of Lee Seo-jin in the new KBS weekend drama "Very Good Times" were posted online.

The first shoot took place outside. The scenes he shot was driving down to his hometown. Lee Seo-jin appeared chic and proud, accommodating to the image of 'arrogant Kang Dong-seok"...More

TV Presenter-Turned-Travel Writer Is Back with Paris Book

Source | 2013/08/18 | Permalink

Sohn Mina was a prospering presenter on KBS when she surprised everyone by quitting the coveted job in 2007 to become a more free-spirited writer. She recently released a new book based on her life in Paris from 2009 to 2012.

She calls it "a record of my growth rather than my travel notes" and "a document of friendship and exchanges with local people". n the book, she talks about how a city can transform a person...More

"Lee Soon-sin is the Best" IU and Cho Jung-seok hug

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IU and Cho Jung-seok from the KBS weekend drama "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" shared an affectionate hug.

A recent picture of them shows they are unable to hide their feelings for each other and hugging each other as tightly as possible. However, their fate says they have to part...More

Who is Woo Hee-jin?

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Actress Woo Hee-jin broke up with her boyfriend in 11 years.

She broke up with Lee Seong-yong after 11 years...More

For Actress Yoo In-na, 'Wobbles' Are Just Part of Finding the Way

Source | 2013/06/07 | Permalink

For actress Yoo In-na, spending two hours each evening swapping stories with listeners as the host of a prime-time radio show, "Volume Up" on KBS 2FM, is nothing but fun.

"I like reading books out loud and listening to people's stories", she said of the program, which now has the highest listener ratings for the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. time slot across both AM and FM bandwidths...More

KBS 'Music Bank' Concert Held in Indonesia

Source | 2013/03/11 | Permalink

"Music Bank", South Korean broadcaster KBS' music show held its first overseas concert at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday.

Twenty-three-thousand fans of K-pop filled the stadium during the three-hour concert...More

Criticizing General Yi Sun-shin?

Source | 2013/03/10 | Permalink

Lines that criticized the great General Yi Sun-shin could be heard on the KBS weekend drama "Lee Soon-sin is the Best". In the scene where Lee Soon-sin had an interview, there was a line saying, "Is Lee Soon-sin really your name? How about signing up for ocean patrol and protecting Dokdo?" and Sin Joon-ho (Cho Jung-seok) also said, "Lee Soon-sin is on a 100 won coin not a 1,000 won"...More

S. Korea, Indonesia Celebrate 40 Years of Friendship

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An event commemorating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Korea and Indonesia kicked off on Friday, marking the year of friendship between the two countries...More

KBS Promotes Korean Culture to the World

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The Korean Broadcasting System has been faithful to its role of leading Hallyu, or Korean culture wave, that promotes South Korean culture to the world.

Programs in which Hallyu stars make Korean cuisine themselves and teach the Korean language have been popular among over 200 million viewers overseas...More

"Gangnam Style" Enters Round 1 of Billboard Hot 100 Madness

Source | 2013/03/08 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's megahit song "Gangnam Style" has entered the first round of the U.S. Billboard's Hot 100 March Madness.

U.S. Billboard on Thursday unveiled 32 hit songs which will complete in the first round of the tournament...More

Psy's Gangnam Style Comes Back in a Remix Album

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Rapper Psy's 2012 mega-hit "Gangnam Style" will make a comeback in a remix album in collaboration with American musicians.

The album which comprises four new versions of the song features star guests including Grammy nominated rapper Two Chainz and electronic music titan, Diplo...More

Kim Ha-eun in "Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love" as Queen In-kyeong

Source | 2013/03/05 | Permalink

Kim Ha-eun is starring in the upcoming SBS drama "Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love".

Kim Ha-eun takes on the role of Sook-jong's (Yoo Ah-in) lover, Queen In-kyeong. She is the first wife of the king before Kim Tae-hee, Hong Soo-hyun and Han Seung-yeon...More

'Stoker' Scores Best US Weekend Debut

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Anchor: South Korean director Park Chan-wook's Hollywood debut movie "Stoker" had a solid debut weekend in U.S. theaters, topping the box office in average sales per screen. Jang Souie has more on the high-profile new release.

Report: Box office reporting service Box Office Mojo said Park Chan-wook's "Stoker" grossed 160-thousand-547 dollars during its weekend debut in seven U.S. theaters from Los Angeles to New York...More

KBS Honors Outstanding Koreans Overseas

Source | 2013/03/05 | Permalink

KBS honored several distinguished Koreans overseas during the 17th KBS Overseas Compatriots Award ceremony held on Tuesday.

The award is given in five categories to ethnic Koreans living overseas who have done an exemplary job of promoting the image, people and culture of Korea...More

Korean Films Dominating Local Cinemas

Source | 2013/03/04 | Permalink

The share of domestic films at Korean cinemas has reached a seven-year high of 82-point-nine percent.

The Korean Film Council's ticket sales data show 21-point-eight million South Koreans went to the movies in February. This is up 67 percent from 13 million in the same month last year...More

Obesity Rises at Schools Nationwide

Source | 2013/03/03 | Permalink

A government survey finds that 15 out of a hundred elementary, middle and high school students in South Korea are obese.

The Education Ministry conducted a sample health survey on 87-thousand students at some 750 schools nationwide last year.

The obesity rate of students was 14-point-seven percent, up four tenths of a percent from 2011 and the fifth year in a row to post an increase...More

Korea's Last Princess Urges Japan to Return Artifacts

Source | 2013/03/02 | Permalink

The last princess of Korea, Yi Hae-gyeong, will soon send a letter and urge the Japanese government to return a headpiece and armor that belonged to the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty...More

KBS Marks 40th Anniversary of Establishment

Source | 2013/02/28 | Permalink

KBS vowed to fulfill its responsibilities as the nation's public broadcaster without fail at a ceremony on Thursday marking its 40th anniversary, which is March 3rd.

KBS President Gil Hwan-young said at the event that 2013 will be a turning point for KBS to establish the direction for the next 40 years and review its responsibilities as a public broadcaster...More

Actress Yoon So-yi Shows off Innocence in CF Shoot

Source | 2013/02/27 | Permalink

Actress Yoon So-yi was discovered showing off her innocent side, shaking up the desires of men, during a commercial shoot.

The actress was shown in pictures from the set with her bright, unchanging trademark smile. Her bright smile that made viewers think of spring has made everyone wonder what brand and product she will be promoting through the commercial...More

"Miracle in Cell No.7" Attracts More Than 10 Mln to Theaters

Source | 2013/02/25 | Permalink

South Korean film "Miracle in Cell No.7" has been viewed by over ten million people in just over a month since it opened in theaters.

The movie's distributor said it received ten-million-30-thousand viewers as of Saturday evening...More

S. Korean Cartoonist Draws Global Attention

Source | 2013/02/18 | Permalink

South Korean cartoonist Kim Jung-gi is gaining popularly around the globe for his artistic skills to draw large-scale pictures on the fly.

When asked to draw a scene from everyday life, Kim begins without hesitation or preparation...More

PSY Commemorative Stamps to be Released

Source | 2013/02/15 | Permalink

A series of stamps commemorating South Korean singer PSY's global popularity on YouTube is soon to be released...More

Big Bang Wins 3 Prizes at Gaon Chart K-pop Awards

Source | 2013/02/14 | Permalink

South Korean boy band Big Bang has come away with three awards from the 2nd Gaon Chart K-pop Awards.

Big Bang won Album of the Year for the first quarter of 2012 with its album "Alive", as well as Songs of the Year for February and March with its hits "Blue" and "Fantastic Baby...More

'The Berlin File' Tops 5 Million Viewers

Source | 2013/02/13 | Permalink

South Korean Director Ryoo Seung-wan's spy thriller "The Berlin File" has drawn over five million viewers since opening January 30th...More

Gov't to Commercialize Korean Dishes Served at Summits

Source | 2013/02/10 | Permalink

The government is planning to commercialize Korean dishes served at various international summits held in South Korea as tourism products.

The South Korean government held a meeting on Thursday and discussed ways to commercialize Korean cuisines served at international gatherings...More

High School Students Graduate Ahead of Lunar New Year

Source | 2013/02/09 | Permalink

Colorful clothing fills the hall at a local school.

Graduates and their parents bow to their teachers to express their gratitude...More

More Students Need to Have Mental Health Monitored

Source | 2013/02/09 | Permalink

The number of students who need to have their mental health monitored is growing.

The Education Ministry conducted mental health tests on about six-point-six million students at eleven-thousand elementary, middle and high schools nationwide last year...More

Nation's Largest K-Pop Concert Hall to be Built in Seoul Suburb

Source | 2013/02/08 | Permalink

The nation's largest K-Pop concert hall will be constructed in the Seoul suburb of Goyang...More

Korean Movies Continue to Enjoy Enormous Popularity in 2013

Source | 2013/02/05 | Permalink

Korean movies released this year are enjoying enormous popularity and rave reviews from movie fans just as they did last year.

"The Berlin File", a film about South and North Korean spies, drew more than two million people just a week after its release...More

Lee Mi-sook in "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" as IU's mentor

Source | 2013/02/03 | Permalink

Lee Mi-sook has come aboard the new KBS weekend drama, "Lee Soon-sin is the Best".

Popular character Deul-ja from the JTBC drama, "Can We Get Married??" has joined a new upcoming drama...More

PSY Comes Away from NRJ Awards with 3 Wins

Source | 2013/01/29 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY won three awards at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes France over the weekend.

PSY's agency, YG Entertainment, said on Monday that PSY won International Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and a special award for "Gangnam Style" passing one-billion views on YouTube...More

Producer of Film '26 Years' Named Film Professional of the Year

Source | 2013/01/21 | Permalink

Head of domestic production company Chungeoram Film, Choi Yong-bae, has been named film professional of the year...More

S.Korean Director's Hollywood Debut Film Ranks 10th in First Weekend

Source | 2013/01/21 | Permalink

South Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-woon's Hollywood debut film "The Last Stand" ranked tenth in the North American box office standing after its first weekend opening...More

Seoul Selected as Most Sought After City by Chinese Magazine

Source | 2013/01/19 | Permalink

Seoul has been selected as the most sought after city in the 2012 Travel Awards hosted by Chinese travel magazine Voyage...More

Seoul Schools Merge as Student Numbers Drop

Source | 2013/01/13 | Permalink

With the number of underage students decreasing year by year in South Korea, schools in Seoul are moving to close down or merge schools in order to accommodate the shrinking number of students.

The Seoul Office of Education said that Shinhung and Hong-il elementary schools, both in Geumcheon-gu, will be merged in 2015 and that it will move Hanwool Middle School to where Hong-il Elementary is currently located...More

PSY's "Gangnam Style" Takes the World by Storm

Source | 2013/01/01 | Permalink

Singer PSY's mega hit song "Gangnam Style" was undoubtedly the buzzword this year in the South Korean pop music industry.

PSY released the song "Gangnam Style" on July 15th. The first response to the song came from YouTube.

In a just a month after its debut, the music video for the song was viewed on YouTube 28 million times, topping the video sharing Web site on August 14th...More

PSY Chosen S.Korea's Most Popular Singer of 2012

Source | 2012/12/29 | Permalink

Singer PSY was chosen as the most popular South Korean musician of 2012.

Gallup Korea conducted a survey on over four thousand people aged between 13 and 59 throughout the nation in May, September and November, asking the respondents to name their three favorite singers...More

Number of Foreign Tourists Drops 3.2% in November

Source | 2012/12/29 | Permalink

The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea dropped three-point-two percent in November from a year earlier...More

Contemporary History Museum Opens

Source | 2012/12/29 | Permalink

The nation's first museum exclusively dedicated to its contemporary history has opened in downtown Seoul.

President Lee Myung-bak and about 100 figures who have worked for the opening attended on Wednesday the ceremony for the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.

The museum chronicles the nation's events starting from the late 19 century, which is when Korea first opened its doors to the outer world.

The government remodeled the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's former office building in downtown Seoul into an eight-story museum...More

PSY's Popularity 5th in CNN's Ranking of Best 2012 Entertainment News

Source | 2012/12/28 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY has been named among CNN's top entertainment news of the year.

CNN ranked the popularity of PSY's "Gangnam Style" fifth out of top ten best entertainment news from 2012...More

PSY's Gangnam Style Most Viewed on YouTube

Source | 2012/12/22 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's music video for "Gangnam Style" has now received a record number of hits on video-sharing website YouTube...More

Three Comic Strips to Become Cultural Assets

Source | 2012/12/22 | Permalink

Classic South Korean comic strips "The Scroogy Old Man", "The Rabbit and the Monkey" and "Searching for Mom" will be registered as cultural heritages.

The Cultural Heritage Administration announced on Thursday that it plans to register the three comics as cultural assets...More

Jang Hee-jin takes self cam

Source | 2012/12/11 | Permalink

Actress Jang Hee-jin took four self pictures wearing the hood of her winter jumper.

Jang Hee-jin posted the pictures on her Me Today on the 11th...More

[Spoiler] "My Daughter Seo-yeong" Park Hae-jin ignores Park Jung-ah

Source | 2012/12/02 | Permalink

Park Hae-jin coldly ignored Park Jung-ah.

On the twenty-fourth episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong", Sang-woo (Park Hae-jin) tried hard to push away Mi-kyeong's (Park Jung-ah) feelings from him...More

Pieta Wins Top Prize at 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards

Source | 2012/12/01 | Permalink

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta" won the award for best film of the year at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards in Seoul on Friday night.

While accepting the grand prix at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Kim described his film as a reflection of extreme capitalism where money rules over all. He also expressed his hopes that the South Korean society would become one that's centered around people and not money...More

Psy Now Most Viewed on Youtube

Source | 2012/11/26 | Permalink

South Korean singer Psy has officially made Youtube history, ranking No.1 on the video-sharing website's most-viewed chart...More

[Spoiler] "My Daughter Seo-yeong" recovers from slump

Source | 2012/11/25 | Permalink

"My Daughter Seo-yeong" increased greatly in percentage and recovered from a slump.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 26th, the twenty-second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong" rated 31.6%...More

PSY's "Gangnam Style" Making YouTube History

Source | 2012/11/24 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's infectious tune "Gangnam Style" has received 803-million-690-thousand hits on video-sharing Web site YouTube to set the all-time record...More

No. of Foreign Tourists in S. Korea Tops 10Mln

Source | 2012/11/24 | Permalink

The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea in a single year has surpassed the ten-million mark for the first time ever.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization on Wednesday celebrated the milestone event in Incheon International Airport, holding a welcoming ceremony for the ten millionth person to visit the country this year...More

PSY Wins New Media Award at American Music Awards

Source | 2012/11/19 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY has won the New Media Award at the 40th American Music Awards.

PSY, who took the world by storm with his song "Gangnam Style", received the honor at the awards ceremony at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday...More

Korean National Ballet to Hold Special Gala to Mark 50th Anniversary

Source | 2012/11/10 | Permalink

The Korean National Ballet will hold a special performance to mark the 50th anniversary of its foundation...More

Government Honors Celebrities, Artists

Source | 2012/11/06 | Permalink

Noted personalities in the arts and entertainment industry will be honored for their contributions to the advancement of Korean popular culture.

President Lee Myung-bak chaired a Cabinet meeting Tuesday and decided to award Orders of Cultural Merits to film director Kim Ki-duk, screenwriter Kim Soo-hyeon, actress Jo Min-soo, actor Lee Jung-jin and singer PSY...More

'Gangnam Style' Second Most-watched Video on YouTube

Source | 2012/11/06 | Permalink

The music video of "Gangnam Style" has become the second most-viewed video on YouTube...More

[Spoiler] "My Daughter Seo-yeong" Lee Bo-young sees Park Hae-jin

Source | 2012/11/04 | Permalink

Lee Bo-young met her brother Park Hae-jin.

KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong" showed Seo-yeong (Lee Bo-young) running into Sang-woo (Park Hae-jin) for the first time in 3 years...More

2012 Seoul Lantern Festival to Kick off on Friday

Source | 2012/11/03 | Permalink

The 2012 Seoul Lantern Festival will open on Friday along the Cheonggye Stream, in which 35-thousand lanterns will be lit...More

No. 1 Spot on Billboard Hot 100 Continues to Elude 'Gangnam Style'

Source | 2012/11/02 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" still can't reach number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart, although the hit tune did narrow the gap this week.

Billboard Magazine's online business news site Billboard Biz said the Korean song entered its sixth week as number two on Wednesday...More

Icheon Rice Cultural Festival Kicks Off

Source | 2012/10/26 | Permalink

The Icheon "Rice Cultural Festival" is being held in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, in light of declining rice consumption every year.

Rice for two-thousand people was prepared in Icheon, in line with the region's reputation as the land of rice.

The rice was selling like hotcakes along with fresh kimchi...More

"Gangnam Style" Eclipses 500 Million Views on YouTube

Source | 2012/10/20 | Permalink

South Korean singer and internet sensation PSY's addictive tune "Gangnam Style" has now received over 500 million hits on video-sharing website YouTube.

The video reached 502 million views on Saturday, 98 days after it was first uploaded in mid-July...More

Busan Int'l Film Festival Comes to a Close

Source | 2012/10/15 | Permalink

The 27th annual Busan International Film Festival came to a close on Saturday after ten days of celebrating films and stars from around the world.

During the closing ceremony on October 13th in the outdoor pavilion of the Busan Cinema Center, the New Currents Award, given to aspiring Asian directors, was handed to "36" by Thai director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit and "Kayan" by Lebanese director Maryam Najafi...More

Lee Bo-young Discovers Joy of Acting

Source | 2012/10/13 | Permalink

Lee Bo-young ditched her trademark girly image for the KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-yeong".

"I used to stick to more peace-loving and easygoing roles, but I thought it was about time to show people that I can also perform well as tougher characters, and so far so good", she said. The drama started airing a few weeks ago, already attracting favorable viewer ratings...More

Hangeul Wins Gold Medal in World Alphabet Olympics

Source | 2012/10/13 | Permalink

Anchor: The Korean alphabet Hangeul has won the gold medal at the 2nd World Alphabet Olympics. Jang Souie has this report.

Report: The Korean alphabet Hangeul came in first at the 2nd World Alphabet Olympics held last Monday through Thursday in Bangkok, Thailand. India's Telugu won second place, followed by the English alphabet in third.

Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, India and 22 other countries with their own writing system or characters derived from another country's alphabet took part in the event...More

ABU Radio Song Festival to Open Thursday

Source | 2012/10/11 | Permalink

A competition featuring amateur singers from the Asia-Pacific region will be held at KBS Hall in Seoul on Thursday...More

Global Interest in Korean Language Grows

Source | 2012/10/11 | Permalink

Global interest in the Korean language is growing on the back of the Korean pop culture boom known as "hallyu".

Female students wearing black hijab take a Korean class at the local branch of the King Sejong Institute in Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates...More

KBS1TV to Begin 24/7 Broadcasting from Monday

Source | 2012/10/08 | Permalink

KBS will begin around-the-clock broadcasts from Monday under lifted restrictions on television air time for terrestrial broadcasters.

KBS 1TV will air a new ten-minute news section at 5 a.m. on weekdays, and a special edition of the KBS program "Hometown Report" will go on from 5:10 to 6 a.m...More

Busan International Film Festival Kicks Off Friday

Source | 2012/10/05 | Permalink

The Busan International Film Festival, which is reaching beyond Asia and growing into a global festival, kicked off on Friday.

Four-thousand fans waiting at the venue cheered as stars from Korea and overseas showed up on the red carpet...More

Gangnam Style Still at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100

Source | 2012/10/05 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" has retained its number two spot on the U.S'.s Billboard Hot 100 chart for the second week in a row.

Billboard Magazine's online business news site Billboard Biz said the Korean song that has taken the pop world by storm charted in second for a second week on Wednesday...More

PSY's Concert to Stream Live Worldwide

Source | 2012/10/05 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY will hold a free concert in Seoul on Thursday night that will be streamed live to the rest of the world through YouTube.

PSY, who is enjoying international fame for his megahit "Gangnam Style", will perform from 10 p.m. at Seoul Plaza in front of city hall...More

17th Busan Int'l Film Festival to Open Thursday

Source | 2012/10/04 | Permalink

The 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) will open on Thursday in South Korea's southern port city of Busan.

The opening ceremony for the event will be held at seven p.m. Thursday and will be hosted by South Korean actor Ahn Sung-ki and Chinese actress Tang Wei...More

Global 'Gangnam Style' Fad Continues

Source | 2012/10/03 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's hit single "Gangnam Style" continues to dominate the charts since its release two months ago.

The song topped the U.S. iTunes Chart and reached second on the U.S. Billboard Singles Chart in just a month...More

Psy Tops U.K. Music Charts

Source | 2012/10/01 | Permalink

Psy became the first South Korean artist to conquer the U.K'.s music charts late Sunday.

The Official Charts Company in the U.K. announced that Psy's infectious tune, "Gangnam Style", had risen to the top of the charts in the country since it entered the listing's ranks six weeks ago...More

Efforts Begin to Restore Seokga Pagoda

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Efforts to restore the Bulguk Temple's Seokga Pagoda are under way.

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage began the restoration after holding a briefing Thursday to mark the beginning of the pagoda's dismantlement for repairs...More

300 Mln Hits For "Gangnam Style" on Youtube

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South Korean singer PSY's megahit, "Gangnam Style", has attracted more than 300 million hits on YouTube as of Saturday, just 76 days after it was uploaded on July 15...More

Singer PSY Returns Home From US

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South Korean singer PSY, who took the world by storm with his megahit "Gangnam Style", has returned home from the United States.

PSY told a news conference on Tuesday that he achieved much from his three-week stay in the U.S. thanks to the active support from his fans...More

[Spoiler] "My Daughter Seo-yeong" Lee Sang-yoon calls the cops on Lee Bo-young

Source | 2012/09/23 | Permalink

Lee Sang-yoon angered at the fact that Lee Bo-young was the one who stole his bike.

On the fourth episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo-eyong" on the 23rd, Woo-jae (Lee Sang-yoon) discovered that Seo-yeong (Lee Bo-young) was the criminal who stole his motorcycle...More

Korean Food Competition Held on You Tube for Foreigners

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A food competition has been held online among foreigners who love Korean cuisine.

Eighty-nine teams from 27 different countries participated in the competition held on Youtube.

The five teams that passed the preliminaries gathered to compete with one another...More

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Sets Guinness World Record

Source | 2012/09/22 | Permalink

Singer Psy's blockbuster hit "Gangnam Style" has set a Guinness World Record.

The authority on world records said in its Web site that Gangnam Style has become the most "liked" video on YouTube...More

'Psy Syndrome' Spreads to Europe, Latin America

Source | 2012/09/21 | Permalink

Anchor: The popularity of singer Psy and his megahit single "Gangnam Style" has expanded well beyond the U.S. to reach Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. Our Kim Soyon tells us more.

Report: BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills phoned up Psy on Thursday to speak on his radio music program where he congratulated the Korean rapper for Gangnam Style's jump to eleventh place on the U.S. Billboard single charts.

Mills said Gangnam Style was played continuously in the UK throughout the week, and Psy, who was in LA at the time, said it was all thanks to Mills...More

Kim Ki-duk's Pieta Sold to Foreign Distributors in Toronto

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South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk's award-winning movie "Pieta" has been sold to foreign distributors at the Toronto International Film Festival, the largest film festival in North America...More

PSY's Gangnam Style Ranks No.1 in iTunes Chart

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PSY's Gangnam Style Ranks No.1 in iTunes Chart

Korean rapper PSY's hit song, "Gangnam Style", has ranked number one on the iTunes Chart...More

Document Details Joseon Era Defense of Ganghwa

Source | 2012/09/15 | Permalink

A newly discovered document details Korea's defense posture around Ganghwa Island in the mid-19th century just before the island was invaded by the French.

Dongguk University's Academy of Buddhist Studies held a news conference Tuesday and unveiled the document that includes information on weapons and war supplies at the island in 1854 prior to the French invasion known as "Byeong-in-yang-yo" in Korean...More

"Pieta" Selected as Academy Awards Submission

Source | 2012/09/14 | Permalink

Director Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta" has been chosen to represent South Korea in the Foreign Language Film section at the 85th Academy Awards...More

PYS's Gangnam Style Ranks on iTunes Top 10 Songs Chart

Source | 2012/09/14 | Permalink

Korean rapper PSY's hit song, "Gangnam Style", has ranked on iTunes top ten songs chart.

PSY's agency, YG Entertainment, said Thursday that the fact that a Korean song made it to the iTunes top ten list, which has a nearly 80 percent share of the U.S. online music market, is highly significant. The agency added PSY had achieved a feat that would be hard to top...More

Pieta's Feat Bodes Well for S. Korean Film Industry

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South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk's win for best film at the 69th Venice International Film Festival is expected to help boost the status of Korean films on the global stage.

Kim's film "Pieta" took the Golden Lion award on September 8th, following viewers outpouring of praise for the movie after it was screened at the festival...More

Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta" Wins Young Critics Award in Venice

Source | 2012/09/08 | Permalink

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta" won the Young Critics Award at the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

Investing distributor for the movie NEW said on Saturday that the movie had claimed the award at an awards ceremony held at Hotel Excelsior in Lido island, Venice...More

Hallyu dramas to be used for overseas language education

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From next month, foreigners will be able to more easily learn the Korean language through a television lecture program in which scenes from popular TV programs, including "Winter Sonata", will be used as teaching materials, the culture ministry said Monday.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said it will develop a new TV language lecture program jointly with national broadcaster KBS, using footage from local TV dramas and music programs highly popular among foreigners as basic materials...More

KBS World Begins HD Programming

Source | 2012/09/05 | Permalink

KBS World viewers can now catch their favorite programs in high definition(HD) around the world.

KBS held a ceremony marking the conversion to HD programming from standard definition TV at the KBS Media Center in Seoul on Tuesday...More

Students of O'seas Korean Language Centers Visit Korea

Source | 2012/08/28 | Permalink

Foreigners dance to a K-pop song, exercise the traditional Korean martial art of taekwondo, play traditional Korean musical instruments and perform the traditional fan dance.

They appear to be accustomed to Korean culture. It is hard to believe that they learned the dancing, music and martial arts in a week...More

Busan International Advertising Festival Kicks off Thursday

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The Busan International Advertising Festival, the one and only of its kind in South Korea, kicked off on Thursday.

In this year's fifth Busan International Advertising Festival, around ten-thousand advertisements from 57 countries were submitted and roughly 400 were selected as finalists...More

Psy's Gangnam Style Music Video Tops 50 Mln Views

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The sensational music video "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer Psy has attracted over 50 million views online.

Psy's entertainment agency says the music video has been viewed more than 50-point-three million times in the past 40 days since it was released on YouTube July 15th...More

China to Host Korean Film Festival

Source | 2012/08/22 | Permalink

A Korean film festival will be held in China to mark the 20th anniversary of South Korea and China establishing diplomatic ties.

The Korean Film Council said the festival will be held from August 29th to October 16th in Beijing and Shanghai...More

PSY's "Gangnam Style" Reaches 40 Mln Hits on YouTube

Source | 2012/08/20 | Permalink

South Korean singer PSY's latest dance pop single "Gangnam Style" has received more than 40-million hits on YouTube since its release on July 15, 2012.

The agency for PSY said that the music video's sensation on YouTube proves spawning global attention to the singer who has never performed on stages overseas...More

CNBLUE's Lee Jung-shin Cast In New KBS Drama

Source | 2012/08/07 | Permalink

Following in the footsteps of his bandmates, Lee Jung-shin of CNBLUE has been cast as a main character in a new upcoming KBS weekend drama titled "My Daughter Seo-yeong".

The new drama will take the time slot of "My Husband Got a Family"...More

Traditional Musical Instruments Visit Korea after 112 Years in France

Source | 2012/08/05 | Permalink

Eleven traditional Korean musical instruments are back in South Korea after a 112 year stay in France. The musical instruments were part of exhibits Korea displayed at the World's Fair in Paris in 1900.

At the time, the Korean government presented the exhibits at the expo in order to declare Korea as a sovereign country with a sophisticated, high-level culture...More

Local Goods from Foreign Countries add to Excitement at Yeosu

Source | 2012/08/04 | Permalink

Visitors at the Yeosu World Expo can enjoy more than just the event itself, including specialties from around the world.

Around 60 countries, or just over half the nations participating in the global event, are selling souvenirs at the exhibition venue...More

"The Thieves" Continues to Set New Records

Source | 2012/08/02 | Permalink

Advance ticket sales for recently released South Korean film "The Thieves", have topped the box office for this coming weekend.

The Korea Film Council announced on Thursday that Choi Dong-hoon's latest film dominated box office pre-sales at 41-point-eight percent...More

[Spoiler] Jo Yoon-hee slaps Lee Hee-joon for sudden kiss

Source | 2012/07/22 | Permalink

Jo Yoon-hee slapped Lee Hee-joon a tempo later.

On the fourth episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 22nd, Lee Sook (Jo Yoon-hee) was suddenly kissed by Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon)...More

KBS Founds Hallyu Magazine 'KBS K-Wave'

Source | 2012/07/21 | Permalink

The Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) has founded a comprehensive culture magazine on Hallyu. Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, is a phenomenon in which South Korean culture is gaining popularity overseas through music, dramas, and movies...More

[Spoiler] "My Husband Got a Family" Kim Nam-joo finds out about Kang Min-hyuk and Oh Yeon-seo

Source | 2012/07/15 | Permalink

Kim Nam-joo found out about Kang Min-hyuk and Oh Yeon-seo.

On the forty-second episode of the KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 15th, Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) discovered the serious relationship between her brother Se-gwang (Kang Min-hyuk) ad her sis-in-law Mal-sook (Oh Yeon-seo)...More

S. Korean Master Dancer Kong Ok-jin Dies

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Master of traditional Korean dance, Kong Ok-jin, has died at the age of 81.

Kong had been under going hospital treatment in her hometown of Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province since suffering a stroke in 1998...More

Commemoration to be Held for Late Artist Paik Nam-june

Source | 2012/07/08 | Permalink

The work of late video artist Paik Nam-june, who passed away in 2006, will be displayed on a lake using lasers on July 20th to commemorate his 80th birthday.

Paik's masterpiece, comprising two- and three-dimensional images and bright colors of the symbol of the Olympics and the Korean national flag, will be projected on a sheet of water between the lake and the sky...More

KBS to Host 49th ABU General Assembly

Source | 2012/07/07 | Permalink

The Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) will host the 49th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) from October eleventh to the 17th.

The ABU general assembly, the largest media event in the region, will draw 220 broadcasters from 60 countries under the theme of "Beyond the Wave". The ABU 2012 Seoul will discuss major issues such as joint production, sports broadcasting and technical cooperation...More

Kim Hyun-joong's Newest Single Album Tops Oricon Chart

Source | 2012/07/06 | Permalink

Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong's second single album "Heat" released in Japan on Wednesday sold 137-thousand copies on its first day, topping the Oricon daily music chart in the single album category.

The album features two songs, including the title track "Heat" written by popular Japanese group B'z, and "Let's Party"....More

[Spoiler] "My Husband Got a Family" Oh Yeon-seo rages at Kim Nam-joo, "I hate you"

Source | 2012/07/01 | Permalink

Oh Yeon-seo broke down on Kim Nam-joo.

The thirty-eighth episode of KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" showed Mal-sook (Oh Yeon-seo) who broke up with Se-gwang (Kang Min-hyuk), raging at Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo)...More

Art Council to Hold Symposium in London

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The Arts Council Korea will hold an international symposium on Korea's modern art in London from Friday to July first.

The council said that the symposium will provide a variety of views on Korea's modern and contemporary art and discuss the direction and future of the modern Korean art sector in the age of globalization...More

Signs of a Field from New Stone Age Discovered

Source | 2012/06/30 | Permalink

Remains of a field from the Neolithic Period have been found at a historic site in Goseong, Gangwon Province, showing that farming did exist on the Korean Peninsula during the New Stone Age.

The National Cultural Properties Research Institute said on Tuesday that researchers discovered tracks of a field from the Neolithic times at the ruins while examining the sites...More

Danoje Festival Opens in Gangneung on Wed.

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A festival opened in Gangneung Wednesday to celebrate Dano, a traditional Korean holiday that falls on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar.

For the next eight days, the Gangneung Danoje Festival will feature a diverse array of more than 70 different acts and events, including performances and reenactments of traditional customs...More

Pop Festival to Laud Guests to Yeosu Expo

Source | 2012/06/18 | Permalink

South Korean pop girl groups, boy bands and solo artists will take the stage at the Yeosu World Expo every night at 8 p.m. as part of a pop festival.

The organizing committee of the Yeosu Expo announced the line up for the festival on June 17, with eye-catching names on the list...More

Mock Test for College Entrance Exam to be Held Thursday

Source | 2012/06/09 | Permalink

The first official mock test for this year's college entrance examination will be held on Thursday from 8:40 a.m.

The Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation said more than 675-thousand people who are preparing for this year's state-administered College Scholastic Ability Test will take the mock exam at two-thousand-100 high schools and 270 private institutions nationwide...More

S.Korean Film Festival to Kick off in U.S.

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South Korean films will be on U.S. theater screens during a week-long film festival that will take place from September 30th.

The South Korean Consulate General in Atlanta told a news conference on Friday that a South Korean film festival will be held in four cities in Atlanta. The films to be featured include "My Way", "Unbowed", and "Le Grand Chef"...More

K-pop Singers Introduced in Thai School Textbooks

Source | 2012/06/02 | Permalink

Thai school textbooks now include Korean pop stars in their contents.

The Korea Thailand Communication Center(KTCC) said Friday that one of the top ranking publishers in Thailand had recently released music textbooks for junior high to high school classes which include pictures of well-known K-pop stars, including CNBLUE, Super Junior, 2PM, Rain and Big Bang...More

KBS Symphony Orchestra to Become Independent Corporation

Source | 2012/06/02 | Permalink

KBS's board of directors has unanimously agreed to make the KBS Symphony Orchestra an independent corporation.

KBS said the board reached the decision Wednesday in a bid to boost the competitiveness of orchestra members and reform the management system to center on professionals...More

Austria's "Amour" Wins Palme d'Or Award at Cannes Film Festival

Source | 2012/05/28 | Permalink

Austrian Director Michael Haneke's "Amour" has taken the highest honors at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival.

This is the second time Haneke has won the Palme d'Or. He first took the top prize in 2009 for his film "The White Ribbon". Amour deals with the issue of euthanasia based on a sad love story of a French couple in their 80s...More

Cardinal Cheong Sends Congratulations Ahead of Buddha's Birthday

Source | 2012/05/27 | Permalink

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, head of the Seoul Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Korea, has sent a congratulatory message to Buddhists ahead of the Buddha's birthday next Monday.

In the message sent to the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism on Monday, Cheong said that he hoped the Buddha's mercy will spread to the whole world, especially to the poor and underprivileged...More

Relics Unearthed from Ancient Tomb in Gyeongju

Source | 2012/05/26 | Permalink

The Gyeongju Research Institute of Cultural Heritage says relics have been unearthed in an ancient tomb of the Silla Dynasty in the Joksem district in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province...More

New Competition Reality Show For The Next Global K-Pop Idol Star

Source | 2012/05/15 | Permalink

Despite seeing a slight hiccup along the way over visa issues for international contestants, the brand new audition program brought to you by KBS Joy will finally be hitting the airwaves on May 17th.

The 2012 Global Super Idol competition is a project that invites contestants from Korea, China and Thailand, all hoping to be the next global idol superstars...More

Joseon Dynasty Royal Ancestral Rites Reenacted

Source | 2012/05/13 | Permalink

Royal ancestral rituals from the Joseon Dynasty were reenacted in Seoul on Sunday.

Roughly one-thousand-200 people, including those dressed as royal security guards and court officials, followed the king in a procession heading to Jongmyo Shrine...More

"Love Rain" exported to Asia and Europe

Source | 2012/05/10 | Permalink

KBS drama "Love Rain" made it overseas.

"Love Rain" has been sold over to Japan, China, Hong Kong Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore and other American and European countries...More

Gov't to Inspect All Entertainment Management Agencies

Source | 2012/05/09 | Permalink

Anchor: The Culture Ministry will inspect each and every entertainment management agency in South Korea and root out any considered unfit. The crackdown comes amid a series of reports that those agencies illegally prey on young people who wish to make it big in the entertainment industry. Kim Soyon has the details.

Report: The Culture Ministry on Wednesday announced a set of measures to raise the standards of the entertainment management industry together with the Korea Entertainment Producers' Association and the Corea Entertainment Management Association...More

Intangible Cultural Assets to be Revived over Next 5 Years

Source | 2012/05/05 | Permalink

The Korea Cultural Heritage Administration plans to invest 445-point-nine billion won over the next five years in a move to revive major intangible cultural assets by 2017.

The administration plans to invest 83-point-four billion won in reviving intangible cultural performances, 76-point-two billion won in creating a foundation for traditional handicraft, and 82-point-nine billion won in revitalizing cultural education centers...More

Korea Pavilion Completed at Yeosu Expo

Source | 2012/05/04 | Permalink

The Korean Pavilion at the Yeosu Expo has been revealed to the public following the finishing of its construction on Thursday.

The curtains were lifted to reveal beautiful scenery of the Aegean Sea reminiscent of an Oreintal painting on a 116 square-meter screen...More

KBS to Open Korean Pop Culture Center in Beijing

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KBS Media and a Chinese convention company signed a contract on Monday to build a Korean pop culture center at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

The KBS center dedicated to the Korean pop culture wave called "hallyu" will open in September...More

13th Jeonju Int'l Film Festival Opens

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The 13th Jeonju International Film Festival opened for a nine-day run in North Jeolla Province on Thursday.

Top South Korean actors and directors, including Kang Soo-yeonCho Jae-hyun and Im Kwon-taek, and roughly five-thousand fans from across the nation gathered to celebrate the opening of the film event...More

Foreign Visitors to S. Korea Rise 22% in Q1

Source | 2012/04/21 | Permalink

The number of foreigners that visited South Korea during the first quarter rose 22 percent year-on-year to reach roughly two-and-a-half million.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Monday that of total first quarter visitors, around 900-thousand were Japanese, 520-thousand Chinese and 150-thousand Americans...More

[Spoiler] "My Husband Got a Family" Jo Yoon-hee is shocked that she misunderstood Kim Nam-joo

Source | 2012/04/08 | Permalink

Jo Yoon-hee was shocked to realize she misunderstood Kim Nam-joo.

On the 14th episode of KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" (directed by Kim Hyoung-seok, written by Park Ji-eun), aired on April 8th, Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) arranged a date for I-sook (Jo Yoon-hee) and Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon)...More

Cardinal Cheong Sends Easter Message

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Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk says that South Koreans should work towards coexistence and communication among all living things in society.

In his Easter message sent Monday, the cardinal said that although people in today's society are enjoying material affluence, they are suffering from being the materialistic egoist more than ever...More

KBS, Vietnamese State Media to Invest in Joint TV Channel

Source | 2012/04/06 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System and Vietnam's state media group VCT have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in production and distribution of media content.

Under the agreement signed on Friday at the headquarters of KBS in Seoul, the two broadcasters plan to jointly create and invest in a television channel and its content of drama, music and sports...More

S. Korea Pushes Historic Records for UNESCO Recognition

Source | 2012/03/31 | Permalink

The Cultural Heritage Administration has submitted applications to UNESCO to have historic records and Korean traditions listed under the UN organization.

The administration is seeking to put the War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a Chosun-era naval commander and a national hero on the UNESCO Memory of the World International Register. It also aims to have records of the Saemaeul Movement or the New Community Movement in the 1970s included on the register...More

Historic World Map Restored

Source | 2012/03/31 | Permalink

The provincial government of Gyeonggi Province has restored a historic world map which was destroyed in a fire in 1950.

The province on Tuesday held a ceremony to mark its donation of the restored map that dates back to Joseon Dynasty to Bongseon Temple in Namyangju. The temple had held the original map...More

Venerable Jinje Named New Chief of Jogye Order

Source | 2012/03/31 | Permalink

The nation's largest Buddhist sect Jogye Order has held a ceremony to name Venerable Jinje as its new chief.

In Seoul on Wednesday, Buddhist officials and various figures attended the ceremony held at Jogye Temple, the headquarters of the Buddhist sect...More

Gov't Program to Expose Youths to Cultural, Ecological Sites

Source | 2012/03/31 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has devised a program to take middle and high school students to places of cultural or ecological significance...More

[Spoiler] "My Husband Got a Family" Na Young-hee starts aching at the news of Yu Jun-sang 's reunion with parents

Source | 2012/03/25 | Permalink

Na Yeong-hee found out about Yu Jun-sang looking for his family.

Jang Yang-sil (Na Young-hee) was shocked at the news that Terry Kang (Yu Jun-sang) found his family in the KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family"...More

N. Korean Orchestra Performs under S. Korean Conductor Chung Myung-whun

Source | 2012/03/15 | Permalink

North Korea's Unhasu Orchestra performed with Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra in Paris for a historic joint concert on Wednesday night, local time. The sold-out performance lasted two hours and thirty minutes, attracting an audience of around two-thousand people.

Conductor Chung Myung-whun, who organized the joint performance, directed the Koreans' beloved folk song "Arirang" as the last song for the night...More

Domestic Films Dominate Box Office in February

Source | 2012/03/07 | Permalink

Domestic movies dominated the South Korean box office last month.

The Korean Film Council said domestically produced films captured a 75-point-nine percent market share in February, up 26-point-four percentage points from 49-point-five percent in January...More

Strike wreaks havoc on more TV programs

Source | 2012/03/07 | Permalink

MBC president Kim Jae-chul, left, walks toward the headquarters of the Foundation for Broadcasting Culture in Yeouido, Wednesday, while striking MBC reporters boo him on the sidelines. The foundation is the largest shareholder and supervisor of the nation's second largest broadcaster. Nearly 200 MBC reporters and producers have been staging a walkout for more than a month, demanding Kim step down from his post...More

"Drama Special - Ordinary Love" Yeon Woo-jin asks Yoo Da-in, "Shall we meet again tomorrow?"

Source | 2012/02/29 | Permalink

The first meeting between Yeon Woo-jin and Yoo Da-in has caught viewers attention.

On the first broadcast of KBS Wednesday/Thursday "Drama Special - Ordinary Love", Yoon-hye (Yoo Da-in) who works at a tourist information booth, met Jae-gwang, who was wandering around Jeonju tourist sites...More

20th Century Fox to Directly Invest in Korean Film Industry

Source | 2012/02/28 | Permalink

Film distributor 20th Century Fox has announced its plan to directly invest in the South Korean movie industry.

As the first U.S. major film company to directly enter the South Korean market, Fox will produce five Korean movies, each costing up to five billion won, starting this year. The movies will be sold around the world through Fox's own distribution network...More

[Spoiler] "Unexpected You" Kim Nam-joo feels unlucky as she moves

Source | 2012/02/26 | Permalink

Kim Nam-joo felt unlucky as she moved into Youn Yuh-jung's house.

In the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" on February 26th, Cha Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) and Terry Kang (Yu Jun-sang) moved into Eom Cheong-ae's (Youn Yuh-jung) house...More

Seoul Education Office Announces Measures on School Violence

Source | 2012/02/25 | Permalink

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education has announced a set of comprehensive measures to eradicate and prevent school violence.

The measures increase principals' and teachers' responsibility for and authority on handling school violence and enhancing human rights education and cultural activities at school...More

KBS workers to strike

Source | 2012/02/24 | Permalink

MBC President Kim Jae-chul heads to his office at the broadcasting company in Yeouido, Seoul, Friday, while striking unionists call for his resignation in front of the building. He appeared at work for the first time since the union walked out on Jan. 25. / Yonhap

By Kim Rahn

Workers at two of the nation's three major terrestrial broadcasting stations will go on strike to protest alleged unfair programming dictated by executives...More

South Korea Gains Popularity as MICE Tour Destination

Source | 2012/02/18 | Permalink

Members of a Taiwanese volunteer organization have arrived in South Korea and are part of a growing number of MICE tours visiting the nation.

The MICE tours, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions, are increasingly attracting more foreigners to South Korea...More

Film Industry Protests Revision on Music Copyright Fees

Source | 2012/02/15 | Permalink

The domestic movie industry is protesting a move that would impose music copyright fees on films screened at theaters.

Eleven film organizations, including the Korea Film Producers Association, on Tuesday held a news conference, urging the government to scrap the plan...More

KBS, Gov't Sign MOU on Korean Culture Projects

Source | 2012/02/13 | Permalink

KBS and the Foreign Ministry have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate on various projects to globalize Korean culture...More

K-Pop Singers Heat Up Frozen Paris

Source | 2012/02/10 | Permalink

KBS 2TV Music Bank held a concert in Paris with 10,000 audience members.

Eight Korean singing groups held a performance in Paris. And Girls' Generation is making a grand finale at the KBS 2TV Music Bank that was held at Bercy Stadium in Paris on February 8...More

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" Song Seon-mi accepts a proposal

Source | 2012/02/05 | Permalink

Song Seon-mi accepted Yeon Woo-jin's propose.

Yeo-wool (Song Seon-mi) accepted Hwang Tae-pil's (Yeon Woo-jin) proposal on the latest episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers"...More

Gov't to Seek Inclusion of Kimchi, Gimjang in UNESCO List

Source | 2012/01/31 | Permalink

The Cultural Heritage Administration plans to have "kimchi" and "gimjang" placed on United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Gimjang refers to the annual tradition of making a large amount of kimchi ahead of the winter season.

The administration will open and operate a Web site over the next month to put the issue to a vote and to invite the public to send photos showing the culture of kimchi-making...More

Gov't Seeks to Hold Exhibition of Joseon Dyansty Annals with N. Korea

Source | 2012/01/21 | Permalink

The government is seeking to hold a joint exhibition with North Korea featuring all four copies of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, known as the Joseon Wangjo Sillok...More

Terrestrial Broadcasters to Sternly Respond to Cable Operators

Source | 2012/01/17 | Permalink

The nation's three major terrestrial broadcasters, KBS, MBC and SBS, have decided to respond sternly to the suspension of transmission of the broadcasters' programs by cable TV operators.

The Korean Broadcasters Association (KBA), an organization of the three terrestrial broadcasters, on Tuesday held an emergency meeting and decided that it will respond strongly to any disruptions to its broadcasting...More

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" More love, more tragedy

Source | 2012/01/15 | Permalink

As Joo Won and UEE's love becomes deeper, it's also becoming more and more tragic.

On the December 14th episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers", Tae-hee (Joo Won) spoke about his affectionate feelings for Ja-eun (UEE) to his mother Bok-ja (Kim Ja-ok)...More

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" Joo Won in shock, avoids UEE

Source | 2012/01/15 | Permalink

Joo Won was shocked.

On the latest episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers", aired on January 15th, Tae-hee (Joo Won) found out that it was Ja-eun's (UEE) father who caused the hit and run accident that killed his own father...More

1000-Strong Workforce to Manage Cultural Assets

Source | 2012/01/14 | Permalink

The Cultural Heritage Administration says it will employ one-thousand personnel to specialize in the management and protection of designated cultural assets...More

Korea's Seowon Added to Tentative UNESCO World Heritage List

Source | 2012/01/14 | Permalink

Nine of Korea's seowon, private educational institutions that combined the functions of a Confucian shrine and a preparatory school, have been added to the tentative list of UNESCO's World Heritage.

The Cultural Heritage Administration on Tuesday said that countries can apply for the world heritage list at least one year after their heritage sites are added to the tentative list...More

Korea Grand Sale 2012 Begins on Monday

Source | 2012/01/09 | Permalink

A large-scale Korean shopping festival for foreign tourists began Monday and will continue for 52 days through the end of February...More

S. Korea to Translate Annals of Joseon Dynasty Into English

Source | 2012/01/09 | Permalink

Anchor: The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty will be translated into English. The National Institute of Korean History launched the project this year with a 500-million won budget and anticipates the task will take more than 20 years to complete. Our Kim In-kyung tells us more.

Report: South Korea's National Institute of Korean History plans to commission scholars to translate the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, known as Joseon Wangjo Sillok. The institute will commission the project to translators who have experience rendering Chinese classical work into English as well as scholars of Korean studies...More

Gov't to Form Organization to Promote Tourism in Southern Coast

Source | 2012/01/07 | Permalink

The Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry plans to set up a permanent organization that will promote tourism in the nation's southern coastal areas...More

Four new TV channels face uncertain futures

Source | 2012/01/04 | Permalink

(Above picture: Protesters urge lawmakers to settle the conditions for the new channels under the media representative bill in front of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul, on Dec. 28. / Yonhap)

Just as in any turf war, a clear hierarchy exists among TV channels. KBS, MBC and SBS are indisputably placed higher than any cable channels. So far and for the near future, the new comprehensive programming channels affiliated with Korea's major dailies are likely to remain at the bottom, for viewers and aspiring media personas.

After much fanfare and controversy, four TV channels began service on Dec. 1. After a month, their overall ratings remain under 1 percent. According to a rating survey institute TNmS, the average rating for December was 0.42 percent for jTBC, 0.34 for MBN, 0.32 for TV Chosun and 0.30 for Channel A...More

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" Joo Won sings for UEE

Source | 2012/01/01 | Permalink

Joo Won sang for UEE.

A special end of year party was held between Tae-hee (Joo Won) and Ja-eun (UEE) on the January 1st episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers"...More

Culture Ministry Announces Projects for 2012

Source | 2011/12/31 | Permalink

The government is working to keep Korean pop music popular overseas and to annually attract 20 million foreign tourists by 2020.

These are the goals of some of the projects for 2012 announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism during a briefing to President Lee Myung-bak on Thursday. The briefing was led by the head of the ministry Choe Kwang-shik...More

Gov't Finalizes Standards for Writing High School History Textbooks

Source | 2011/12/31 | Permalink

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has announced its new standards for writing high school history textbooks.

The new standards include the addition of explanations on Japan's forceful conscription of Korean laborers and sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the Pacific War...More

Won Bin Named Actor of the Year

Source | 2011/12/22 | Permalink

Won Bin has been named actor of the year by voters of a Gallup Korea poll for the second year in a row. According to the poll on 17-hundred people aged 13 years or older, eleven percent voted Won as their favorite actor...More

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brother's" Choi Jung-yoon confesses to Ryu Soo-young "Let's break up for love"

Source | 2011/12/18 | Permalink

Choi Jung-yoon confessed her true feelings for Ryu Soo-young.

Cha Soo-yeong (Choi Jung-yoon) and Hwang Tae-beom (Ryu Soo-young) were hacing conflicts in the episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brother's" on the 18th....More

Ceremony Marks Third Anniversary of IPTV Service

Source | 2011/12/06 | Permalink

A ceremony has been held to mark the third anniversary of the nation's launch of real-time Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services.

Korea Communications Commission (KCC) Chairman Choi See-joong, Korean Broadcasters Association Chairman Kim In-kyu, and many other people from the broadcasting industry attended the ceremony held in southern Seoul on Tuesday...More

Comprehensive Programming TV Channels Go on the Air

Source | 2011/12/01 | Permalink

Four comprehensive programming TV channels and one news-only channel were launched in South Korea on Thursday.

The four TV channels are JoongAng Daily's JTBC, Chosun Ilbo's TV Chosun, Dong-A Ilbo's Channel A and Maeil Business Newspaper's MBN. The all-news cable channel is "news Y" of Yonhap news agency...More

Mount Bukhan National Park Draws Most Visitors

Source | 2011/11/30 | Permalink

The National Park Service says Mount Bukhan National Park is the most popular destination for visitors among national parks in Korea.

The service surveyed the number of people visiting parks last year and found that Bukhan drew the most at eight-and a-half million. Mount Seorak National Park followed with just under three-point-eight million visitors and Mount Jiri with roughly three-million...More

3 Korean Cultural Properties Added to UNESCO List

Source | 2011/11/28 | Permalink

ANCHOR: Three Korean cultural properties have been added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. With the new designations, South Korea now has a total of 14 cultural assets on the list.
KBS World Radio's Bae Joo-yon has more.

REPORT: The traditional Korean martial art of "taekkyeon", tightrope walking, called "jultagi" in Korean, and the weaving of fine ramie, or "mosi" in the Hansan region, have been registered on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity...More

Animation "Leafie, a Hen into the Wild" Wins Award Overseas

Source | 2011/11/25 | Permalink

The animated feature film "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" has grabbed another award overseas.

The South Korean animation won the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the Fifth Asia-Pacific Screen Awards held in Australia on Thursday, beating other promising nominees, such as Eric Khoo's "Tatsumi" and Makoto Shinkai's "Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below"....More

Ministry to Set Up 123Bln Won Global Content Fund

Source | 2011/11/14 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will set up a 123-billion-won fund to boost domestic entertainment and content companies' production capabilities and to help the companies advance into the global market...More

"Ojak Brothers" catches 30% of viewers

Source | 2011/11/13 | Permalink

KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers" broke through 30% again.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 14th of November, the November 13th episode of "Ojak Brothers" rated 30.2%. This is 6.3% more than the previous episode...More

Medical dramas making comeback to small screen

Source | 2011/11/10 | Permalink

Medical dramas are returning to the small screen. The latest entry is KBS's "Brain", which will start Monday.

"Brain", set in a university hospital features four doctors and their mentor, rivalry and love.

Director Yoo Hyeon-gi teams up with script writer Yoon Kyeong-ah; formerly the duo worked together to make the popular KBS drama "Master of Study"".Ms. Yoon and I wanted to tell a story about the human mind; and in Western medicine's perspective, studying the human mind often means investigating the brain", said Yoo...More

K-Pop Stars to Hold Concert in Australia

Source | 2011/11/09 | Permalink

Some of the biggest names in Korean pop are set to take the stage in Sydney, Australia this weekend.

A dozen of groups including Girls' Generation and SHINee will perform at ANZ Stadium in the Australian city on Saturday.

Australian event organizer JK Entertainment said the 57 performers from 12 groups will display the essence of K-pop in front of about 20-thousand fans. JK added this will be the largest concert by Asian groups held in Australia...More

New Council to Address Monopoly in Domestic Film Industry

Source | 2011/10/21 | Permalink

A new council has been launched to resolve the issue of monopoly by large companies in the domestic film industry.

The Korean Film Council on Friday held a ceremony in Seoul to mark the launch of a new council for mutual growth of Korean film industry...More

Cultural Heritage Administration Boosts 2012 Budget by 4.3%

Source | 2011/10/18 | Permalink

The Cultural Heritage Administration has set its 2012 budget at 545 billion won marking a 22 billion dollar increase over this year's budget.

Some 35 billion won of the total will be used for the preservation of world heritage sites throughout the nation including the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province and the Hahoe Folk Village in Andong, North Gyeongsang Province...More

KBS to Provide for Free Mobile Units to Vietnam, Cambodia

Source | 2011/10/12 | Permalink

KBS will provide Vietnam and Cambodia's public broadcasters with mobile broadcasting vehicles next year as the Korean network is set to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting at the end of 2012.

The mobile units were first used by KBS in 1996 and were recently replaced with vehicles that have equipment for high-definition digital broadcasts...More

'Arirang TV to overcome triple whammy'

Source | 2011/10/12 | Permalink

By Park Si-soo

English-language media can be considered as the backbone of a country's overseas promotional campaigns as well as a window for people outside the country.

As is the case with many other non-English speaking countries, however, such media outlets in Korea struggle with three common shortfalls: budget, manpower and consequently lack of content...More

First Stage of Gyeongbok Palace Restoration Project Completed

Source | 2011/10/06 | Permalink

The first stage of a project to restore the Gyeongbok Palace has been completed.

The Joseon Dynasty palace was seriously damaged during Japan's colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, and the destroyed pavilions and buildings have been rebuilt over the past 20 years...More

KBS to Make Documentary About Kim Jong-il

Source | 2011/10/06 | Permalink

KBS will produce a three-part biographical documentary about North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and air it late this year. "It's one of global programs we planned early this year", a KBS spokesman said.

A spokesman for the production team said this will be South Korea's first in-depth documentary exclusively about Kim's life. "We've gathered materials in 14 foreign countries, including China and Russia, for over a year. We're now putting the finishing touches to it", he added. "We'll decide when to broadcast it after gathering opinions in consideration of recent controversy over the Syngman Rhee documentary"....More

Comedian to Tentatively Retire from Broadcasting

Source | 2011/09/10 | Permalink

Leading South Korean comedian Kang Ho-dong says he is tentatively retiring from the entertainment world following public outrage over allegations of tax evasion.

Kang held a news conference at a Seoul hotel Friday and apologized to the Korean people for causing concern. He said for the time being, he will step down from broadcasting...More

Cherry Filter Creates Indie Band Agency

Source | 2011/09/09 | Permalink

Popular indie band Cherry Filter revealed that they will be launching their own agency to help serve as a catalyst for indie stars...More

Ministry Publishes English Booklet on Hallyu

Source | 2011/09/07 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture's Korean Culture and Information Service has published an English edition of a booklet on The Korean Wave.

The book is to introduce foreigners to the popularity of Korean cultural content known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu...More

Uzbek Museum Opens Exhibition on Korean Culture

Source | 2011/08/30 | Permalink

The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has opened an exhibition on Korean culture.

The National Folk Museum of Korea said Tuesday said that the Uzbek museum in Tashkent opened the exhibition "Traditional Culture of Korea" on July 22nd...More

"Hallyu Should Be Creative to Maintain Popularity"

Source | 2011/08/29 | Permalink

A professor of Korean studies at a Paris university said creativity is the most important factor in maintaining the worldwide popularity of Korean pop culture.

At a news conference on Monday ahead of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2011 in Seoul, Professor Martine Prost said that creativity in cultural content is important. She expressed hopes that the Hallyu content will maintain the vigor typical of Koreans...More

KBS, CJ to Cooperate for Development of Content Industry

Source | 2011/08/26 | Permalink

KBS and media company CJ E&M have discussed cooperation in the production of cultural contents such as dramas, music and performances...More

S.Korean Wins Emmy Award for 3D Film

Source | 2011/08/26 | Permalink

South Korean Director Chang Sung has been designated the winner for the category of character animation at the 63rd Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards, which is set to open next month in the United States...More

Top rated drama "Ojak Brothers" airs with English subtitles

Source | 2011/08/25 | Permalink

"Ojak Brothers" will soon be available to English-speaking audience around the globe, thanks to KBS World!...More

After School's Uee Talks About Transition to Acting

Source | 2011/08/20 | Permalink

UEE of K-pop girl band After School is starring in two TV dramas at the moment, as a university student who overcomes a sad family history in KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers", and as a country girl who grows into a successful golfer in "BIRDIE BUDDY" on cable channel tvN...More

S.Korean Film Wins at Polish Film Festival

Source | 2011/08/17 | Permalink

Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk's documentary "ARIRANG - Movie" has won the top prize in Films On Art International Competition section at the New Horizon Film Festival...More

'The Han Ye-seul case' will it lead to a drama revolution?

Source | 2011/08/16 | Permalink

While everyone is waiting to see what happens to the Han Ye-seul case, there are voices that claim that the weak condition of the Korean drama environment is what caused this incident.

Unlike America and Japan where they air a drama after having completely finished shooting it, Korea has been shooting and broadcasting nearly all at the same time for reasons such as ratings.

In a lucky case, some dramas are aired with 4 or so episodes pre-shot but then again the script doesn't come out and there are cases where the drama is edited only hours before the actual broadcast...More

Han Ye-seul Walks Away from Soap Opera Flop

Source | 2011/08/15 | Permalink

Actress Han Ye-seul has sent tongues wagging by missing two days of filming for a soap opera and going to the U.S. The KBS TV drama "Spy MyeongWol" is a love story between a beautiful North Korean spy and a Korean Wave star, but it tanked in the ratings and was criticized for its absurd premise.

KBS was forced to cancel the 11th episode scheduled to run on Monday night because Han absconded and instead aired highlights from previous episodes. Han left Korea on Monday afternoon aboard a Korean Air flight bound for Los Angeles, booking the ticket using her American name Leslie Kim. The actress was born in Los Angeles and her family still lives there...More

"Han Ye-seul will be sued if she doesn't cooperate"

Source | 2011/08/15 | Permalink

Han Ye-seul's absence to show up at a shooting schedule for KBS 2TV drama "Spy MyeongWol" might cause a hole on the 15th.

Han Ye-seul didn't show up for a shoot on the 14th and still hasn't shown up until the morning of the 15th. It is very possible that there won't be a broadcast for episodes 11 and 12 as they aren't even half done. ...More

Foreign Fans Go Wild at Girls' Generation Concert

Source | 2011/07/25 | Permalink

Foreign fans went wild for South Korean girls group "Girls' Generation" at its latest concert in Seoul.

The K-pop singing sensation performed last weekend following a tour in Japan that drew 140-thousand people.

Some five-hundred foreign fans from ten countries including Taiwan, Singapore and even the U.S. have visit...More

US Fans Watch K-Pop Show at KBS

Source | 2011/07/25 | Permalink

Some one-hundred American fans of Korean pop music (K-pop) visited the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) studios on Monday and watched a popular entertainment program that features K-pop singers.

Hailing from some ten U.S. cities, including L.A. and Seattle, the fans heard that a K-pop concert had been successfully held in France. They made a request to the L.A. branch of the Korea Tourism Organization for a c...More

US K-pop Fans Visit S.Korea

Source | 2011/07/22 | Permalink

A group of U.S. "K-pop" fans are visiting South Korea to see their favorite singers perform.

Many sing along with their favorite Korean songs and display good pronunciation of the Korean language.

The U.S. K-pop fans say a large part of the South Korean singers' appeal is their great singing and dancing.

They will attend a concert by girls group, ...More

American K-pop Fans to Visit S. Korea This Week

Source | 2011/07/18 | Permalink

A group of some 100 U.S. "K-pop" fans will visit the nation this week to watch their favorite Korean pop singers perform.

The group of fans will arrive in South Korea on Thursday and on Sunday attend a concert by girls group, Girls' Generation. Th...More

15th Puchon Int'l Fantastic Film Festival Opens for 10-day Run

Source | 2011/07/15 | Permalink

The 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival opened in Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province on Thursday for a ten-day run.

A total of 221 films from 33 countries will be screened at this year's festival.

The festival will not only run science fiction, horror and thriller movies, but it will also screen animation movies, such as "Ugly Duckling" and "Case Closed", that all family members can enjoy together.

Street concerts, e...More

Hangeul Museum to Open in 2013

Source | 2011/07/13 | Permalink

A groundbreaking ceremony for a museum on Hangeul, or the Korean alphabet, was held on the grounds of the National Museum of Korea Wednesday.

The government will spend 36-point-eight billion won for the museum, which aims to promote the ...More

Ten More Korean Language Centers to be Launched Worldwide

Source | 2011/07/11 | Permalink

Amid the growing popularity of Korean pop songs and dramas, more educational centers to teach the Korean language will be established around the world.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Monday that it will set up ten more facilities called "Sejonghakdang", in nine countries, including Fr...More

KBS, MBC, SBS to Jointly Air Major Sports Events

Source | 2011/07/08 | Permalink

Three of the nation's largest broadcasters have agreed to jointly air seven major sports events.

KBS, MBC and SBS agreed on Thursday to air the Summer and Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup games, FIFA "A" Matches, the Asian Games, the World Baseball Classic, and the qualifying rounds of both the World Cup games and Olympic soccer for Asian nati...More

Korean Studies Experts Discuss Korean Wave

Source | 2011/07/07 | Permalink

A symposium on the development of Korean studies opened in Seoul on Thursday.

Experts on Korean studies from some 20 nations are taking part in the event hosted by the Korea Foundation.

Georgetown University Professor and Korean Peninsula expert Victor Cha and the former chief of Korean Buddhist Research Institute in Seoul, Robert Buswell, are in attendance.

Cha and Buswell expressed their interest in the spread of Korean...More

Popularity of Korean Food Growing in American East Coast

Source | 2011/07/07 | Permalink

A survey has found the number of Americans living in New York City and New Jersey that enjoy Korean food is shooting up.

The survey was conducted by the South Korean Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Ministry on some three-thousand Americans in the two east coast states. Of the respondents, 31-percent sa...More

S.Korea Eyes UNESCO Designation of Korean Cuisine

Source | 2011/07/01 | Permalink

South Korea is launching efforts to get Korean traditional cuisine put on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The nation's Cultural Heritage Administration will form a committee to this end and include Korean food experts as members. The committee will draft strategies to win UN...More

Music Bank to be Broadcast Live in 72 Nations

Source | 2011/06/30 | Permalink

"Music Bank", a KBS music program, will be broadcast live in 72 countries around the world starting Friday.

KBS World, the overseas service of the Korean Broadcasting System, said on Thursday that so far, the program has been aired in the Americas and Japan after the show was recorded, but the re...More

S.Korean Film about NK Defectors Wins Top Prize at Film Festival

Source | 2011/06/29 | Permalink

A South Korean film about a North Korean defector facing difficulties when trying to acclimate into the South's society has won the top prize at an Italian film festival.

"The Journals of Musan", by director Park Jung-bum, took th...More

KBS to hold K-pop contest

Source | 2011/06/29 | Permalink

By Chung Ah-young

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will hold a K-pop contest inviting some 100 foreigners in front of KBS Hall in Yeoido, Seoul on July 1 to mark the 8th anniversary of the opening of KBS World, its international channel.

It will take place as a pre-event for a special episode of the popular K-pop show "Music Bank". Participants were selected through social network services such as Twitter. Tara Benjamin, the winner of a K-pop contest which was held in Los Angeles in May, organized by KBS World for the first time, will give a special performa...More

R-16 Korea B-Boy Championships to Open on July 2

Source | 2011/06/27 | Permalink

The nation will host an international B-boy competition in Seoul next month.

The Korea Tourism Organization said on Monday that R-16 Korea 2011 will be held on July 2nd and 3rd at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

The R-16 Korea is one of the world's five major B-boy competition...More

NK Seeks to Introduce Digital Broadcasting

Source | 2011/06/23 | Permalink

North Korea has asked the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to help it introduce digital broadcasting.

The Korea Communications Commission in Seoul was recently notified by the ITU of North Korea's request, which was made in February.

The KCC has already held...More

KBS FM Marks 46th Anniv. with Pop Survey

Source | 2011/06/22 | Permalink

A KBS research institute on broadcast culture has surveyed 26-thousand listeners of KBS FM Radio on their all-time favorite song.

The online survey was conducted to mark the 46th anniversary of KBS FM this Sunday.

"A Lovesong" by Lee Mun-se came out on top as the favorite Korean pop number, while the...More

Hong Kong Food Critic Gets a Taste of Korea

Source | 2011/06/21 | Permalink

A renowned Hong Kong food critic has offered his take on Korean cuisine.

Seoul's Culture Ministry invited Chua Lam to visit South Korea for five days to sample the local flavor. He stopped at six famed restaurants in downtown Seoul Tuesday and tasted some 20 traditional dishes including seasoned short ribs, the beef stew "seolleongtang" and crab preserved in s...More

KBS World launches English K-pop show

Source | 2011/06/20 | Permalink

By Park Sung-hee

KBS World, the international satellite channel of the Korean Broadcasting System, has launched an English entertainment show, "K-WAVE STATION".

The weekly 30-minute show airs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and consists of three sections — K-wave News, K-pop No. 1, and Idol Adventures — with each addressing the latest Korean music, TV drama, film, celebrity news or trends.

The show hosts are KBS anchorwoman Park Ji-hyun and Jae-won of up-and-coming K-pop group Code V. The two are said to ...More

Pop Concert Hall to Open in Olympic Park

Source | 2011/06/17 | Permalink

The nation's first pop concert hall will open on June 22nd at Olympic Park in Seoul.

The Culture Ministry and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation have been working on a project to turn an indoor tennis court within the park into the hall for the past year.

The eleven-thousand square meter space houses ...More

KBS to Hire First Disabled Anchor in S.Korea

Source | 2011/06/17 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is now hiring a disabled person as a news anchor for the first time in the history of Korean broadcasting.

Based on Article 2 of the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act, all people registered as disabled may apply regardless of gender, age and academic background. Applications will be accepted on the KBS Web site from June 20th to 27th.

The news anchor wi...More

UEE comes back with new KBS weekend drama

Source | 2011/06/13 | Permalink

UEE from girl group After School is returning to home theaters with KBS 2TV "Ojak Brothers" .

"Ojak Brothers" staff revealed to Star News on the 14th, "UEE has been cast for the drama"....More

Survey: Hallyu Fans Mostly Interested in K-pop

Source | 2011/06/13 | Permalink

A new survey finds that foreigners are most interested in Korean pop music, or K-pop, when it comes to 'hallyu', or "Korean Wave".

The survey was conducted by the Korea Tourism Organization on some 12-thousand people from 102 countries who are members of the tourism agency's Web site.

According to the survey, 53 percent picked K-pop as their key interest in hallyu. Thirty-three percent of respondents selected Korean TV dramas and six-point-two percent picked Korean films as their top interests.

When asked which favorite hallyu star they would like to travel with in South Korea, 13 percent ...More

KCC, Seoul to Launch Efforts to Prepare for Digital Broadcasting

2011/06/10 | Permalink

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Seoul City are making preparations for the launch of digital broadcasting at the end of next year.

The KCC and the city on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on a joint project to begin next month that will facilitate the switchover in the city.

Under the agreement, low-income households, the blind and seniors with hearing pro...More

Puchon Fantastic Film Fest Opening July 14

Source | 2011/06/08 | Permalink

The 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will open next month in Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province.

Some 220 films from 44 countries will be screened this year at the festival from July 14th through the 24th.

Concerts, exhibits, talks with movie person...More

KCC Chief Urges Parliament to Approve KBS Fee Hike

Source | 2011/06/03 | Permalink

Korea Communications Commission Chairman Choi See-joong has urged the National Assembly to swiftly pass a motion to increase KBS's monthly subscription fee.

Choi stressed the importance of the raise during a TV forum on Friday, saying the hike for the public broadcaster is an urgent issue.

The KCC chief also clarified that the commission will stick to the current policy on comprehensive pro...More

Global Literary Award Established in Honor of Late Novelist

Source | 2011/05/24 | Permalink

A global literary award to honor the spirit of the late novelist Park Kyung-ni has been founded.

The Toji Foundation of Culture, which is headed by Park's daughter, held a ceremony on Monday at the Seoul Press Center to announce the establishment of the Park Kyung-ni Prize.

The foundation said...More

64th Cannes Film Festival to Open Wednesday

Source | 2011/05/11 | Permalink

The 64th Cannes Film Festival will open for an eleven-day run on Wednesday.

Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" will start the festival, which is one of the world's top three international film festivals.

A total of seven South Korean films will be screened at the festival. Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives", Na Hong-jin's "The Yellow Sea" and ...More

'Lie to Me': new spin on rom-coms?

Source | 2011/05/08 | Permalink

Kang Ji-hwan, left, and Yoon Eun-hye pose for a photo at a press conference for the new TV drama "Lie to Me" at the SBS headquarters in Mok-dong on May 3. The romantic comedy will premiere Monday to compete with other love stories showing on the small screen. / Yonhap

By Kwon Mee-yoo

May sees an influx of romantic comedies decorate the small screen, and "Lie to Me" throws its hat into the ring as it premieres tonight on SBS...More

INPUT 2011 Seoul Opens Monday

Source | 2011/05/08 | Permalink

The annual International Public Television Screening Conference (INPUT) kicked off in Seoul on Monday.

South Korean networks KBS and MBC are jointly hosting the four-day "INPUT 2011 Seoul" being held at the 63 Convention Center.

This year's theme is titled "Dare the Future!" Some 400 producers from 50 nations will watch various public television programs and discuss the role of public TV in the 21st century and ways for advancement.

Eighty-seven select programs from aro...More

KBS Named Host Broadcaster for Expo 2012 in Yeosu

Source | 2011/04/29 | Permalink

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the host broadcaster for the Expo 2012 in Yeosu.

KBS and the organizing committee for the event signed an agreement on Friday to that effect.

KBS President Kim In-kyu vowed his best efforts to broadcast the event successfully as KBS holds much broadcasting experience for international events, such...More

Sales of Cultural Contents Industry Jump

Source | 2011/04/28 | Permalink

The sales of South Korea's cultural contents industry stood at more than 72 trillion won in 2010, a five-point-one percent jump from the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the number of employees working in the cultural contents industry grew by over ten-thousand year-on-year to 532-thousand ...More

Riding Korean Wave in Thailand

Source | 2011/04/25 | Permalink

Welcome back.
The Korean wave, also known as the Hallyu, refers to the widespread popularity of Korean pop culture all across the globe.
Having kicked off in China in late 1990s, it has been achieving over one billion dollars in revenue annually for South Korea through cultural exports.

At the heart of the Hallyu craze lies Arirang TV which is picked as one of the main contributors to spreading Korean culture to many different parts of the world.
And marking its 15th anniversary, Arirang TV has hosted a special concert in Thailand where the Korean wave is still all the rage.
We are now joined by our Han Da-eun from Arirang News center to tell us more.
Hello Da-eun.

[Reporter : ] Hello guys.
When the Korean wave first emerged to surface, some experts predicted that it would soon fade out.
But the trend spread to many other countries, especially in the Asian region, and after a decade it's still alive and well.
And Thailand is not an exception.
A speical concert entitled "K-pop Wave in Thailand" was held in the country's capital Bangkok just last week, and believe me, the Hallyu fever was hotter than ever.
And not so surprisingly, the spread of Korean wave which initially began mostly with Korean music, movies or drama series, is not only limited to entertainment now.
Why don't we take a look.

Who said the Korean Wave would die soon
[Reporter : Han Da-eun Jung] "Big stores located at the center of Bangkok, are filled with Korean CDs, DVDs and posters of Korea's beloved K-pop stars. And shop owners say… that the undying love for Korean culture is likely to go strong for quite some time".

[Interview : Pon Toon, Sales Manager Mangpong Record Shop] "Thai teenagers especially like Super Junior, Girls Generation and 2PM. I believe the Korean Wave is not g...More

S.Korean Directors to Head Cannes Juries

Source | 2011/04/08 | Permalink

South Korean directors Bong Joon-ho and Lee Chang-dong have been named to serve as the presidents of juries at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes festival announced Thursday that Bong will preside over the jury that awards the Camera d'Or prize for a first-time filmmaker, while Lee will lead the jury in the unofficial selection of Critics' Week Festival.

It is first time that Korean directors were selected to head juries for the major international film festival.

Bong was invited to Cannes in the ...More

S.Korean Celebrity in 1st Place in Time Mag Vote

Source | 2011/04/06 | Permalink

Korean Wave singer and actor Rain is in first place in an online voting for the World's 100 Most Influential People selected by the U.S. newsmagazine Time.

Rain has garnered some 47-thousand votes to stand in first place among the 204 nominees. He is some 20-thousand votes ahead of the second-placed figure, actor Chris Colfer.

In this year's online v...More

"Dream High 2" hypothetical lead character? "Park Eun-bin vs J.Y. Park

Source | 2011/03/17 | Permalink

As the drama "Dream High 2" is believed to go into production, there are questions about who will be the new lead characters. There have been rumors about 'Sam-dong's brother' to 'Yang Jin-man as main role', and other various scenario's as well as the question if the cast from season 1 would exist.

It is known that KBS will start production of "Dream High 2" in timing of the next winter break and due to be aired next year. Previously a "Dream High" spokesperson talked about some possibilities to Seoul Newspaper NTN, "There haven't been any details formed. However, season 2 is being positively looked over"....More

Gov't to Increase Support for Cultural Content Producers

Source | 2011/03/10 | Permalink

The government will increase its financial support for small-sized producers of cultural content including dramas, films and animation.

The Culture Ministry will create a fund of 100 billion won for this year and another 100 billion won for next year for t...More

Korean Buddhist Foods to be Shown at Int'l Tourism Exhibition

Source | 2011/03/05 | Permalink

Food served at South Korean Buddhist temples will be introduced at the world's largest international tourism exhibition.

The Buddhist Jogye Order's Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism said the Buddhist food would be shown at the International Tourism Berlin (ITB) convention from...More

Culture Ministry to Boost Communication with Public

Source | 2011/02/28 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will work to boost communication between the government and the people.

The ministry said in a public briefing on its policy tasks for 2011 held at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul on Monday that the government achieved its policy goals last year, including the successful hosting of the G20 summit in Seoul.

However, it added that the achievements w...More

Korean Culture Blog Draws 40,000 Foreign Visitors

Source | 2011/02/26 | Permalink

More than 40-thousand people visited an English blog introducing Korean culture that the South Korean government began running at the end of last month.

The blog is operated by the Korean Culture and Information Service, an affiliate of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Visitors to the blog were from a variety of countries...More

Culture minister seeks advice on promoting Korea overseas

Source | 2011/02/25 | Permalink

Experts from diverse cultural sectors as well as university and high school students discuss ways to better promote Korean culture overseas in an event organized by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), Wednesday, in Seoul. / Courtesy of KOCIS

By Lee Hyo-won

A high school student sharply pointed out to the minister of culture, sports and tourism that adolescent efforts to promote Korean culture overseas are often overlooked...More

KBS, KOCCA to Collaborate on Projects with China

Source | 2011/02/24 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) have agreed to collaborate on seeking South Korea-China joint venture projects in broadcast content.

In order to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of South Korea's establishment of official diplomatic ties with China, KBS...More

Culture Minister Supports Importing Japan TV Dramas

Source | 2011/02/24 | Permalink

Culture Minister Choung Byoung-gug says South Korean cultural content would continue to maintain its popularity, even if Japanese TV dramas are imported into the nation.

Choung said Wednesday that culture generates synergy through mutual opening and exchanges.

He said that the partial opening of South Korea to Japanese cultural content some ten years ago did not result in Japanese culture overpowering Korean cultural content. Instead, he said South Korean pop culture has a wide, enthusiastic following in Japan as well as in other nations.

A mi...More

Chinese Pick TV Dramas as Top Aspect of Korean Culture

2011/02/21 | Permalink

A new survey finds that South Koreans show a high level of satisfaction with Chinese films and food while Chinese are most interested in South Korean TV dramas.

The recent survey was conducted by the Korean Culture and Information Service under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism last November and December on 313 South Koreans and 616 Chinese.

Nearly 24 percent of Koreans picked films as their favorite aspect of Chinese culture while almost 21 percent chose Chinese food.


KCC Submits to Parliament Proposal of KBS Fee Hike

Source | 2011/02/21 | Permalink

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has presented to the National Assembly its proposal of a hike on KBS's monthly subscription fee.

The proposal is subject to the approval of the plenary session at the parliament after deliberation at the parliamentary culture committee.

If passed at the parliament, the fee...More

Dreaming of "Dream High"

Source | 2011/02/18 | Permalink

Korean-Content.Com's Mark Russell Talks To JYP President Jimmy Jung

Jimmy Jung, president of JYP Entertainment, one of Korea's biggest music companies, had a dilemma – how could his company be successful making music when young people no longer buy music? After all, the Internet killed off physical music sales in Korea years ago, and the rest of the world since then. Endorsements and reality programs can only take you so far. The company needed something bigger...More

KCC Approves KBS Proposal of License Fee Hike

Source | 2011/02/18 | Permalink

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has approved a KBS proposal to raise the public broadcaster's license fee by one-thousand won to 35-hundred won per month.

With the KCC's consent, the proposal is now subject to the approval of the National Assembly.
If passed at Parliament, the license fee will be raised for the first time in 30 years.

The KCC said on Friday that despite a lack of sufficie...More

"The Journals of Musan" Wins Tiger Award at IFFR

Source | 2011/02/05 | Permalink

Director Park Jung-bum's "The Journals of Musan" has won the Tiger Award and the International Federation of Film Critics award at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

In an interview with Seoul-based Yonhap News on Saturday, Park said he would like to express his appreciation once again to his friend Jeon Seung-chul who inspired him to make the film. Park also conveyed words of gratitude to his mentor, ...More

Weekly star scene 1

Source | 2011/02/02 | Permalink

We've got a great new treat for you guys out there now.
We know you've been hungry for the latest in entertainment news here in Korea so every Wednesday is our Weekly Star Scene corner.
Hyun Bin, Gong Li, Yoon Si-yoon updates on these stars and more are all up next.
We're joined by Lee Dami here in the studio to tell us more...More

New Culture Minister Vows to Create Environment for Artists

Source | 2011/01/27 | Permalink

New culture minister Choung Byoung-gug has vowed his efforts to create an environment favorable for artists and writers.

Speaking at his inauguration ceremony on Thursday, Choung said that the culture ministry will select cultural content competitive in the global market though a fair and stern screening. He stressed the importance of culture in order for the n...More

KBS Launches High-Definition VOD Services

Source | 2011/01/26 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has launched high-definition video-on-demand (VOD) services on its Web site.

The broadcaster began providing VOD services for its news, sports and current affairs programs in high-definition o...More

58% of S.Koreans Pick TV as Top Form of Media

Source | 2011/01/25 | Permalink

Six out of ten South Koreans say television is the most important form of media.

The Korea Communications Commission's survey on media use for last year found that 58 percent of the 64-hundred surveyed believed that TV was the most essential form of media.

Thirty-four percent chose the Internet, three percent chose newspapers and two percent chose the radio.


No. of Moviegoers Dropped in 2010

Source | 2011/01/20 | Permalink

A new report shows the number of moviegoers fell last year but theaters continued to post record highs in terms of revenue.

According to a report by the Korean Film Council, the number of moviegoers dropped some eight-point-one million in 2010 from the previous year.

However, the report also showed that theater r...More

Korean Cultural Center to Open in Vienna at Year's End

Source | 2011/01/12 | Permalink

A Korean cultural center will open in the Austrian capital of Vienna at the end of the year.

An association of South Koreans residing in Austria held a ceremony on Tuesday, with South Korea's Ambassador to Austria Shim Yoon-joe attending, to mark the building of the center.

The center will be located in a remodeled, four-floor, city...More

KBS Boosts Services for the Disabled

Source | 2011/01/10 | Permalink

KBS has significantly raised accessibility for the disabled.

KBS announced Monday that it has expanded subtitle services for its 1TV and 2TV channels. The broadcaster also increased its percentage of broadcasts with sign language to eight percent on 1TV and two-point-three percent on 2TV.

KBS added that it will air 60-minute sign language news programs six times ove...More

KBS Launches Smart Phone News Application

Source | 2011/01/03 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has launched a smart phone service that allows citizens to send stories, pictures or videos to the broadcaster via their smart phones.

When using the KBS news application, smart phone users can easily record and send videos as a live feed by submitting information to KBS on various incidents at any location. This new sm...More

KBS Drama Awards to be Broadcast Live Globally via iPhone

Source | 2010/12/30 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will make its 2010 KBS Drama Awards available live to iPhone subscribers in 55 nations.

Japanese and English subtitles will be made available for viewers of the a...More

WSJ Names Mother a Top 10 Film of 2010

Source | 2010/12/29 | Permalink

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has included director Bong Joon-ho's film, "Mother - 2009", as one of the top ten movies of this year.

"Mother - 2009" was the only movie from Asia that was include...More

"Marry Me, Please" finishes run on top of weekly TV charts

Source | 2010/12/27 | Permalink

KBS drama "Marry Me, Please" ("All About Marriage") [KBS]

KBS weekend series "Marry Me, Please" ("All About Marriage") finished its run on top of the weekly TV charts during the third week of December, according to major research firms on Monday.

Data by Total National Media Research (TNmS) on Monday revealed that "Marry Me, Please" ("All About Marriage") scored an average viewership rating of 29.2 percent while recording a slightly higher rating of...More

SBS "Secret Garden" sees 1st weekly TV chart win

Source | 2010/12/20 | Permalink

Poster of SBS series "Secret Garden" [SBS]

SBS drama "Secret Garden" reached No.1 for the first time on last week's TV ratings chart, according to data by Total National Multimedia Service (TNmS) on Monday.

"Secret Garden", a romantic comedy starring Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin, posted an average rating of...More

KBS Bans MC Mong, Shin Jung-hwan, Kim Sung-min, and Crown J

Source | 2010/12/13 | Permalink

KBS placed a ban on MC Mong, Shin Jung-hwan, Kim Sung-min, and Crown J, who had recently stirred significant criticism.

KBS announced on December 10 that they had decided to ban those entertainers through a council meeting held on December 8...More

Rain Wraps Up "The Fugitive Plan B"...What's Next?

Source | 2010/12/09 | Permalink

With only one episode left to air for the KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "The Fugitive Plan B", Rain made an appearance in Yeouido on December 6th to talk about his experience and what's coming up for the world star.

He said, "Although 'The Fugitive Plan B' didn't rank too high in terms of viewers' ratings, we did have a diehard fan base...More

SBS "Giant" crowned winner of TV charts for 9th week

Source | 2010/12/05 | Permalink

SBS TV series "Giant" [SBS]

SBS Series "Giant" was ranked on the top of the weekly TV chart for straight nine weeks as of last week.

SBS "Giant", also the front runner of Monday's and Tuesday's prime time series, marked...More

Broadcasting Equipment Test Center Opens

Source | 2010/11/15 | Permalink

A broadcasting equipment testing and certification center has opened in Gyeonggi Province.

The Korea Communications Commission held an opening ceremony on Monday at the Telecommunications Technology Association with some 100 people attending, including KCC chief Choi Si-jung and KBS Vice President Kim Young-hae.

Choi said in the ceremony that the center will increase the credibility of domestic broadcasti...More

Bibimbab, Taegukgi Top Choices for G20 Promotion

Source | 2010/11/09 | Permalink

South Korea's G20 summit preparation committee has conducted a survey that finds the Korean dish "bibimbab" and the Korean film "Taegukgi" will best promote Korean culture to the world leaders who will attend the summit this week.

The highest percentage, some 32 percent, of respondents suggested the rice and vegetable medley for the foreign leaders. Coming in second behind bibimbab was the seasoned beef dish "bulgogi" followed by the ancient royal dish "sinseollo" served in a brass chafing dish.

For the most recommended Korean mo...More

SBS "Giant" tops weekly chart for 5th week

Source | 2010/11/08 | Permalink

SBS TV series "Giant" [SBS]

SBS TV series "Giant" was the indisputable winner of Korea's weekly TV charts for the fifth week in-a-row.

Data by Total National Multimedia Statistics (TNmS) on Monday showed that "Giant" topped its survey once again with an average viewership rating of ...More

Korea Communications Conference Opens

Source | 2010/11/08 | Permalink

The 6th Korea Communications Conference has opened in Seoul for a three-day run to discuss the future of broadcasting and telecommunications in a "smart society".

In the opening speech on Monday, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) chief Choi Si-jung called on the government and corporate world to move quickly, warning that if the country fails to respond to the digital era dominated by smart phones and smart TVs, it will fall beh...More

KBS Opens World Korean Language Broadcasters Conference

Source | 2010/11/02 | Permalink

The 2010 World Korean Language Broadcasters Conference hosted by KBS opened on Tuesday.

The five-day conference, in its 16th year, will take place at the KBS headquarters in Seoul and also in Chuncheon City in Gangwon Province.

Attending the conference are 80 representatives of Korean language broadcasters from 12 countries including the U.S., China, Austr...More

Nation Launches HD 3D TV Broadcasting

Source | 2010/10/29 | Permalink

The nation has launched an HD 3D TV broadcasting on a trial basis for a year for the first time in the world.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said Friday that with conventional digital TVs, people can watch the HD 3D broadcasting as HD 2D.

HD 3D TVs will be ...More

Int'l Sci-Fi Film Festival Opens in Gwacheon

Source | 2010/10/28 | Permalink

The Gwancheon International Science-Fiction Film Festival 2010 has opened in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

The opening ceremony held at the Gwacheon National Science Center on Thursday was hosted by a robot named "Andrew", featuring a special performance involving a UFO crash and a huge alien spi...More

Gov't to Designate Day for Popular Culture

Source | 2010/10/20 | Permalink

The government will devise measures to promote the country's popular culture.

To that end, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will designate November 22nd each year as the day of pop culture and hold an awards ceremony. The ministry will also announce its plans to facilitate the d...More

KCC Chief Stresses Need for KBS License Fee Hike

Source | 2010/10/12 | Permalink

The head of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) says that raising the TV license fee for KBS is an issue above political interests.

During a parliamentary audit on Monday, KCC chief Cho Si-jung said that he feels frustrated when political parties change their positions on the matter with the change in administrations.

Choi said that the KCC will present a report to the National Assembly if KBS submits a related pr...More

15th Pusan Int'l Film Festival to Open Thurs.

Source | 2010/10/07 | Permalink

This year's Pusan International Film Festival will open on Thursday evening for a nine-day run.

The opening ceremony will be held at an open-air cinema at Suyoung Bay in the port city at 7 p.m. and will be hosted by actor Jung Joon-ho and actress ...More

Korean Food Globalizing Event to Open Tuesday

Source | 2010/09/28 | Permalink

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and LG Electronics will host an event on the globalization of Korean food for two days starting Tuesday.

South Korean celebrity chef Edward Kwon and world-renowned French chef Guy Martin will take part in the event and will offer suggestions on ways to further globalize Korean cuisine.

Kwon, who is a global publicity ambassador for Seoul, will showcase a standardized Korean dinner which will include dishes such as the ...More

First Lady Introduces Korean Culture to Global Icons

Source | 2010/09/08 | Permalink

First Lady Kim Yoon-ok has hosted a cultural event for global cultural icons from G20 nations.

Kim held the "C20 Seoul" event on Wednesday at the presidential office in a bid to introduce South Korean culture and food to nations participating in the G20 summit in Seoul in N...More

Gov't Report Forecasts Social Changes by 2014

Source | 2010/09/05 | Permalink

A government report forecasts social changes in the country by 2014.

The number of students receiving state subsidies for school meals is expected to reach two million within four years and the cultural contents industry is predicted to top 100 trillion won in revenue.

The Strategy and Finance Ministry has submitted to the National Assembly a national fiscal plan for 2010 through 2014.

The report says childcare service recipients...More

Akita Prefecture Thanks KBS Drama, Iris

Source | 2010/08/28 | Permalink

Japanese media say the Japanese prefecture of Akita has presented letters of appreciation to the producers and actors of KBS action drama "IRIS", thanking them for promoting Akita's image.

Chung Tae-won, the head of Taewon Entertainment which produced "IRIS" and one of the stars of the drama, Jung Joon-ho, visited Akita...More

KBS Develops Equipment for Digital Broadcasting

Source | 2010/08/12 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has developed a key equipment for digital broadcasting.

An institute of technology at KBS released on Thursday the "DTV Exciter", a core device for digital TV transmitters. It will be installed in areas where there are weak digital signal receptions.

The achievemen...More

KBS Launches iPhone App 'Korean Cuisine'

Source | 2010/08/09 | Permalink

Traditional Korean dishes are being introduced to people around the world through the iPhone, Apple's smartphone.

KBS World Radio, the overseas service of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), has developed an application called "Korean Cuisine" for the iPhone, launching the service from August sixth.

The application provides in eleven languages details of 52 Korean dishes, such as bulgogi, bibimbap and a soybean pas...More

"Bread, Love and Dreams" tops TV charts once again

Source | 2010/07/18 | Permalink

Drama poster of "Bread, Love and Dreams" [KBS]

KBS weekday drama "Bread, Love and Dreams" topped last week's TV ratings charts once again, remaining the most popular televised show in Korea for the third consecutive week.

Figures from TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) and AGB Nielsen Media Research on Monday indicated that "Bread, Love and Dreams" took the No. 1 spot on both charts during the week of July 12 to 18...More

KBS management claims 'no blacklist'

Source | 2010/07/07 | Permalink

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff reporter

State-funded broadcaster KBS denied Wednesday allegations that it has blacklisted some liberal entertainers, banning them from appearing on its programs.

The station again vowed stern measures against rumormongers, saying it had filed a defamation suit against comedienne-turned-TV hostess Kim Mi-hwa for "spreading groundless rumors" a day earlier.

Cho Dae-hyun, vice president of KBS, held a press conference saying, "There is no such thing as a blacklist and there sho...More

DMZ Film Festival Train Tour to Debut

Source | 2010/07/06 | Permalink

Gyeonggi Province has developed a tour program linked to a documentary film festival held near the demilitarized zone in September.

The second DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival will run from September tenth to the 13th in Paju, and the package train tour is called the "I Love DMZ Docu Train".

Two, three-day train tours will be o...More

Legendary 'gumiho' tale gets a facelift

Source | 2010/07/06 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

Along with the sizzling heat comes the tragic tale of the "gumiho", or nine-tailed fox.

Major network KBS is bringing the legendary gumiho this summer through its new drama series "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho", but with an interesting twist that will hopefully captivate horror fans.

Legend says that the gumiho transforms itself into a beautiful woman to seduce men, eventually leading to deadly revenge or murder.

In the new series, the beautiful gumiho named Gu-san has a daughter. Born of a human father and monster mother, Yeon-i is an innocent young girl, and the two cursed souls wander searching for a safe place to stay. They end up living with Yoon Du-su, a former official and a father looking for a cure for his sick daughter, and the tale of love, betrayal, friendship and jealously starts to unfold.

This is certainly not the first tim...More

Kim Mi-hwa claims to be on 'KBS blacklist'

Source | 2010/07/06 | Permalink

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff reporter

Comedienne-turned-TV hostess Kim Mi-hwa claimed Tuesday that she has been "blacklisted" by the state-run broadcaster KBS which has tacitly banned certain entertainers from appearing in its programs.

KBS denied the list existed and threatened to file a legal suit against Kim.

"I was told that I could not be in any KBS programs because my name was on the blacklist. If that is true, it is pity since I have worked with many of the staff there for over 20 years", wrote Kim, one of the most notable liberal TV hostesses, on her twitter account Tuesday morning. She continued, "When someone came up with the blacklist theory sometime ago, I didn't believe it. I hope some KBS insider would verify the rumor".

This is not the first time KBS has been accused of blacklisting entertainers from its programs for political ideas or participation in social events. Singer Yoon Do-hyun, who used to host a nighttime talk show dubbed "Love Letter" and Kim Je-dong, who had led several highly-rated programs such as "Star Golden Bell", were both dismissed from their programs after they paid tribute to the late former President Roh Moo-hyun and expressed opposition to recent governmental policies.

In April Kim Mi-hwa was rejected by the KBS board as the narrator of a documentary film. The management ci...More

"71-Into the Fire" to Hit Theaters in 14 US Cities

Source | 2010/06/30 | Permalink

The film "71-Into the Fire" will hit theaters in 14 U.S. cities on July 30th. Based on a true story, the film is about student soldiers who fought in the Korean War.

The film's distribution company, Lotte Entertainment, announced Wednesday that it would release the film in 20 to 30 AMC theaters in 14 U.S. cities next month, including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

The distribution company added that it could expand the number of screenings depending on the how the...More

[PHOTOS] "Love Request" press conference

Source | 2010/06/24 | Permalink

From left, actors Han Go-eun, Yoo Seung-ho, Jun Kwang-ryul, Go Doo-shim, Han Go-eun, Park Shin-yang and Lee Sung-jae. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

From left, actors Han Go-eun, Yoo Seung-ho, Jun Kwang-ryul, Go Doo-shim, Han Go-eun, Park Shin-yang and Lee Sung-jae pose at a press conference announcing that public network KBS will air a special series of its program "Love Request", held at the broadcaster's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea on June 24, 2010. KBS planned the special series to commemorate South Korea's hosting of the Group of 20 (G20) summit in November this year...More

Agency to Introduce S. Korean Content at 2010 DISCOP

Source | 2010/06/22 | Permalink

resident of the Korea Internet and Security Agency Kim Hee-jung will attend the 2010 Discounted Program Market (DISCOP) in Hungary to help South Korean broadcasting firms advance into the content market in Eastern Europe.

During the three-day market which starts Wednesday in Budapest, the agency will set up a booth at the venue to ...More

2010 ABU TV Documentary Conference Opens

Source | 2010/06/14 | Permalink

The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) has opened a conference at the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in Seoul to discuss ways to expand exchanges of regional documentary works and joint productions.

A total of 13 broadcasting stations from ten countries, including Japan's NHK, China's CCTV and Turkey's TRT, are participating in the four-d...More

Lee Sun-kyun says single-episode dramas "got me where I am"

Source | 2010/06/01 | Permalink

Lee Sun-kyun is an actor who has built up his acting skills through single-episode dramas. From playing the swimmer character Lee Dong-gyung in the "Taereung National Village" episode of MBC's "Best Theater" series, a role that many people remember, to student Jin-goo studying for a national examination in the "Drama City - Romance" episode of KBS "Drama City", he began learning the craft of acting from single-episode dramas. The reason that Lee Sun-kyun gained acclaim for his dramas including MBC's "Coffee Prince", "White Tower", and SBS' "My Sweet Seoul" and was able to win the lead roles in MBC's "Pasta" and film "Paju" was because he had built his acting career, one step at a time, from single-episode dramas. Lee Sun-kyun himself admits, "Single-episode dramas got me where I am today". 10Asia met with actor Lee Sun-kyun in Sokcho, Gangwon-do where he was shooting the "Drama Special - Our Erotic Love" episode for KBS, and talked about the importance of single-episode dramas and why they should continue to exist.


Actor Lee Sun-kyun takes part in a shoot for "Our Slightly Risque Relationship" at the KBS building in the city of Sokcho of Gangwon Province on May 16, 2010. [photographed by Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

Q: Why did you choose to shoot a single-episode drama when you could have gone for other regular dramas and films? ...More

'Korea Day' Opens at Shanghai Expo

Source | 2010/05/27 | Permalink

South Korea launched on Wednesday "Korea Day" at the 2010 Expo Shanghai as part of the ongoing five-day "Korea Week".

A number of Korean and Chinese government representatives attended the "Korea Day" ceremonial events at the Korean Pavilion, which has been one of the top draws at the expo.

A wide v...More

Korea Week at Shanghai Expo Begins Wed.

Source | 2010/05/23 | Permalink

Korea Week will begin at the Shanghai World Expo Wednesday for a five-day run.

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency is in charge of the Korea Pavillion at the expo, and says a ceremony Wednesday will start Korea Week in Shanghai.

The agency's president Cho Hwan-eik, Korean Culture Minister Yu In-chon, and Vice Knowledge Economy Minister Kim Young-hak will attend the ceremony. An orchestra and dance groups from Seoul will also perform there.

Korea Week will feature uniquely Korean performances including those featuring royal Korean costume, bre...More

'Housemaid' Screened at Cannes Film Festival

Source | 2010/05/15 | Permalink

Director Im Sang-soo's "The Housemaid - 2010" was screened at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival early Saturday, Korean time.

Lim and the film's leading actors Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Jung-jae and Youn Yuh-jung walked down the red carpet ahead of the screening and posed for photos. It was the second time for actress Jeon to walk down the event's red carpet, including the time she was named best actress at Cannes in 2007 for her role in "...More

4th Busan Contents Market Opens

Source | 2010/05/13 | Permalink

A global market for the buying, selling, producing and financing of all TV entertainment content opened Thursday at BEXCO in Busan.

The Busan Contents Market, now in its fourth year, will run for the next three days under the slogan "BCM -- Your Treasure Island, Find Your Treasure".

Four-hundred-six TV program production and distribution companies from 31 nations --- including the U.S., Japan, and Singapore --- are taking part.

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has submitted to the market the KBS drama series it considers to have high export potential, in...More

More Asian Films, Dramas Shot in Seoul

Source | 2010/05/10 | Permalink

Prominent Asian directors are visiting Seoul to shoot dramas and movies at famous Seoul tourist spots.

Seoul city officials say Thai director Banjong Pisanthanakun will be filming his latest project "Knowing Me Knowing You" in Seoul throughout this month.

In the romantic comedy, a Thai man and woman traveling in Korea fall in love ...More

Seoul City Pavilion Drawing Influx of Shanghai Expo Visitors

Source | 2010/05/06 | Permalink

The Seoul City Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo is being visited by some seven-thousand people a day.

Since the pavilion opened May first at the expo, the number of visitors has far exceeded the previous daily estimate of three-thousand people.

In particular, the "Seoul Plaza Zo...More

KBS Drama Receives Top TV Award at NY Festivals

Source | 2010/05/04 | Permalink

A KBS television drama has received top accolades at the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2010.

KBS's "Korean Ghost Stories - 2008 - The Curse of the Sajin Sword" was awarded gold in the category fo...More

Gov't to Operate Council on Export of Cultural Content

Source | 2010/04/28 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will operate a working-level council to support services related to cultural content and the export of such content.

The ministry said Wednesday that seven organizations will take part in the envisioned council, including the Korea Creative Content Agency, the Korean Film Council, the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

Thirst' Wins Special Jury Prize at BIFFF

Source | 2010/04/21 | Permalink

South Korean director Park Chan-wook's thriller "Thirst" has won a special jury prize at the 28th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

"Thirst" and Japanese director Hitoshi Matsumoto's "Symbol" were awarded the "Silver Raven", which is a special prize of the jury.

Starring ...More

Seoul to Operate Free '4-D Movie Buses' until May

Source | 2010/04/20 | Permalink

The Seoul City government will operate free of charge "4-D Movie Buses" for a limited time.

The Seoul Business Agency, which is an organization belonging to the Seoul City government that specializes in cultural content, announced Tuesday that it would allow Seoul citizens to ride the bus for free until the end of next month.


KBS to cancel broadcast of "Music Bank" for third week

Source | 2010/04/15 | Permalink

The hosts of KBS' music program "Music Bank" [Official KBS website]

KBS' televised music program "Music Bank" will not air for the third consecutive week, according to the show's producer on Thursday.

Producer Go Won-suk told Asia Economic Daily over the phone that the show has been cancelled another week in consideration of the national interest in salvage operations for the sunken Cheonan patrol ship which has been gaining momentum over the past couple of days.

A mysterious explosion had caused the naval ship to sink in late March, where only slightly over half of the ship's crew members were rescued, leaving the country in a state of grievance...More

Japan Ranks atop 'Hallyu Index'

Source | 2010/04/13 | Permalink

A survey finds that interest in Korean pop culture, or the "Hallyu Index", is highest in Japan. Hallyu translates into "Korean Wave", referring to the spread of South Korean culture around the world.

During a seminar on Korean pop culture held at the National Assembly Tuesday, Ko Jung-min, head of a local creative industry institute, said that the index was highest last year in Japan at 112, followed by Taiwan and China.

Overall, Sou...More

Box Office Revenues Rise 30% on 3D Movies' Success

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Box office sales have increased by 30 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of this year.

The Korean Film Council said in its quarterly summary of the Korean motion picture industry that the number of moviegoers also increased more than seven percent during the same period.

The council attributed the jump in box office revenues to a ticket price hike in June 2009 and the popularity of 3-dimensional films, such as "Avatar", which are priced some one-and-a-half times higher than other movies

Meanwhile, the number of moviegoers to Korean films dropped by just under...More

KCC Gives Grand Prize in Broadcasting to KBS Documentary

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A Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) documentary has won the grand prize in broadcasting from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC).

The seven-part documentary, "Insight Asia-Noodle Road", was lauded for having globalized Korean broadcasting culture and image through its creative and stylish presentation of the history of East-West exchanges.

In addition, 12 other documentaries picked up awards, including a two-part documentary by KBS ...More

[PREVIEW] KBS TV series "Cinderellas's Sister"

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The cast of KBS TV series "Cinderellas's Sister": (from left) Ok Taecyeon, Moon Geun-young, Seo Woo and Chun Jung-myung [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Cinderellas's Sister" - A cruel tale of a sister

- Written by Kim Gyoo-wan
- Directed by Kim Yeong-jo, Kim Won-seok
- Starring: Moon Geun-young (as Song Eun-jo), Chun Jung-myung (as Hong Ki-hoon), Seo Woo (as Goo Hyo-seon), Ok Taecyeon (as Han Jeong-woo), Lee Mi-sook (as Song Gang-sook), Kim Kap-soo (as Goo Dae-sung), Kang Sung-jin (as Yang Hae-jin) etc.
- In one sentence: A fairy tale that is not like a fairy tale in which Cinderella's sister who has lived an unhappy life tries to become happy even if she has to take what her younger sister Cinderella has...More

Lee Mi-yeon Ventures into Uncharted Waters

Source | 2010/03/20 | Permalink

"I'm very happy that I'm playing a bright, happy role for the first time in a long time. I'e had so many gloomy parts", says Lee Mi-yeon. In recent years, Lee played the last empress Myeongseong, who has to withstand the burden of the historical past, a prostitute who has to hide her family history in the film "Typhoon", and a widow who falls in love with a man who killed her husband in SBS drama "Crazy in Love". Even when she...More

KCC Chief Agrees on Need for TV License Fee Hike

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The head of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has reaffirmed his approval for a license fee hike for the state-run Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), citing the need to secure more financial resources for the broadcaster.

KCC chief Choi Si-jung on Thursday told a forum that the licen...More

"Three Brothers" scores fourth TV win

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KBS2 "Three Brothers" star Korean actors Ahn Nae-song, Lee Joon-hyuk and Oh Dae-gyu [KBS2]

KBS weekend drama "Three Brothers" took their fourth consecutive win on television charts last week to maintain the title as the most-watched televised show in the country, according to statistics on Monday.

Numbers by TNS Korea and AGB Nielsen Media Research indicated that the show scored viewership ratings of 35.7 percent and 36.0 percent, respectively, to remain on top of both charts for the week of March 8 to 14....More

12th Int'l Women's Festival in Seoul to Open in April

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The 12th International Women's Festival in Seoul will open for eight days starting April eighth in Sinchon.

Running on the theme "See the World Through Women's Eyes", the festival will screen 102 films from 27 countries.

The festival will open with director Susanne Schneider's "The Da...More

Inaugural Korean Film Festival in LA Opens

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The inaugural Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles (KOFFLA) has opened in the U.S. to facilitate Korean films advancement into the American market.

In an opening ceremony on Thursday, chief of the organizing committee ...More

KBS Marks 37th Anniversary in Ceremony

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The KBS president vowed to provide solid public broadcasting services during a ceremony that marked the 37th anniversary of the broadcaster's founding on Tuesday.

KBS President Kim In-kyu said during his remarks that the values of a public broadcaster are fairness and to eliminate provocation. He stressed the need for KBS to actively work to realize these values and to impartially report the facts.

Kim added that the broadcaster launched an election ...More

Gov't to Support Exports of Cultural Content

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The government will expand its support for exports of Korean cultural content.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Monday that it will identify by 2013 30 types of Korean cultural content which have the most potential to succeed in foreign markets.

The government will provide active support for the development, production and the export of the content.

To tha...More

Poll: 'Dae Jang Geum' Most Popular Korean Drama in Japan

Source | 2010/02/22 | Permalink

A Japanese survey finds that the most popular Korean drama in Japan is the period series "Dae Jang Geum" or "Jewel in the Palace".

In a recent poll conducted by the Asahi Shimbun daily, 28-hundred Japanese netizens chose their favorite Korean dramas among 150 choices.

"Dae Jang Geum" topped the list followed by "...More

Gov't to Invest W75 Bln in Culture Technology

Source | 2010/02/16 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has allocated about 76 billion won for research and development of culture-related technologies this year, up 17 percent from a year ago.

Of the R&D budget, some 25 billion won will go to new projects, such as three-dimensional video production and storytelling tools.

The ministry also plans to improve and expand an existing project aimed at supporting culture tech...More

"The Slave Hunters" takes 1st win on weekly TV charts

Source | 2010/02/16 | Permalink

Poster of "The Slave Hunters" [KBS2]

KBS Wednesday and Thursday drama "The Slave Hunters" topped weekly television charts for the first time during its run, according to polls on Tuesday.

Statistics from TNS Korea and AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed that the historical series took over charts for the week of February 8 with viewership ratings of 33.2 percent and 31.7 percent, respectively....More

KBS Pres. Pledges to Reduce Producers` Partiality

Source | 2010/02/11 | Permalink

The state-run broadcast network KBS will boost cooperation between producers and reporters to ease concern over the partiality of producers, KBS President Kim In-kyu said yesterday.

In a forum on the advancement of the domestic broadcast industry at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, Kim said, "News programs made by producers focus on storytelling, so oftentimes they're unbalanced".

"If the strength of producers is combined with that of reporters, this will result in quality news programs".

Avatar Brings in $88.5Mln in S.Korea

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The Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" has raked in 88-point-five million U.S. dollars in South Korea, the eighth largest figure in any nation.

The Korean Film Council said Friday that the science-fiction epic earned about 88-point-five million dollars since it was released on December 17th of last year.


Three Brothers maintain rule on TV charts

Source | 2010/02/01 | Permalink

Current No. 1 drama "Three Brothers" [KBS2]

KBS weekend drama "Three Brothers" topped last week's TV ratings charts, remaining the most popular televised show in Korea for the fifth consecutive week, according to polls on Monday.

Statistics by TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Media Research showed that "Three Brothers" took the No. 1 spot on both charts between January 25 and 31, scoring viewership ratings of 38.2 percent and 35.4 percent, respectively....More

S.Korea Opens Cultural Center in Warsaw

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South Korea has opened a cultural center in Warsaw, Poland.

Located in the central district of the Polish capital, the South Korean cultural center measures 800 square meters and houses a library, a lecture room and a movie theater.

The center will hold various events through Friday to ma...More

'Mother - 2009' Named 2009 Film of the Yr

Source | 2010/01/27 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's thriller "Mother - 2009" has been named the 2009 Film of the Year by the Korean film press.

In its inaugural award ceremony, the association of Korean film journalists chose "Mother" for Best Film and the film's heroine Kim Hye-ja as Best Actress.

Best Actor went to Song Gang-ho who starred in "Thirst", and...More

Hallyu World Project in Full Swing

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A project to build a large-scale Korean pop culture entertainment facility in the Seoul suburb area of Ilsan is in full swing.

The Hallyu World project pursued by Gyeonggi Province will cost a total of six trillion won, or five-point-three billion U.S. dollars, in public and private investment.

Divided into three sections, Hallyu World is set for completion in 2014...More

[TV Program] KISA and KBS to Collaborate on Promoting New Media Industry

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The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KBS on January 7th to collaborate on promoting the new media industry, including the co-development of a media-integrated-type broadcasting service.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), with KBS, will contribute to the promotion of the new media industry by jointly developing high-quality Hallyu (Korean Wave) contents which are based on convergence of different media and public contents.

The two parties will work together to establish a foundation for the continuous expansion of Hallyu by promoting outstanding broadcasting programs and Korean-style new media technologies overseas.

By utilizing integrated services such as trial services of IPTV English subtitles, the parties will co-produce programs to help foreigners settle in Korea and distribute them through various chann...More

KBS-KISA Partnership to Promote New Media

Source | 2010/01/07 | Permalink

Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday to collaborate on promoting the new media industry.

Both sides agreed to jointly develop high-quality content that converges different media and to spread the popularity of Korean pop culture, known as the Korean Wave, around the world by actively promoting the con...More

TV Dramas to Look Forward to in 2010

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By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

This year's lineup of dramas proved to be interesting. There were young, handsome characters attracting female fans ("Boys over Flowers", KBS), smart housewives took over households and offices ("My Wife is a Superwoman", MBC) and ancient royalty ("Queen Seon-deok", MBC) and intelligence agents ("IRIS", KBS) fought for their lives on the small screen.

For 2010, networks are preparing another year of compelling dramas based on history, catchy storylines and even war.

Back to the Past

Three networks are traveling back in time, mostly to the Joseon era (1392-1910) for their 2010 lineups.

SBS will air "Jejoongwon", a stylish drama about the nation's first "modern" hospital during the Joseon Kingdom period. It will star Yeon Jeong-heon, husband of actress Han Ga-in, as the rich and smart doctor Baek Do-yang, and movie star Park Yong-woo will appear as Joseon's first surgeon, Hwang Jung. Actress Han Hye-jin will star as Joseon's first female doctor. Historic records show that doctors at Jejungwon looked after many sick people, regardless of their economic status in the hierarchical Joseon society. "Jejoongwon" will begin airing Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. on SBS.

KBS will present three different dramas based on the theme of noblesse oblige and present famous historical figures that spent their lives performing various services. The first of the three is "The Reputable Family" (Myungga), which presents the history of the Choi family, a famous household of 300 years ago based in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. "The Reputable Family" literally means a noble household. St...More

KBS to Produce 10 Major Programs in 2010

Source | 2009/12/22 | Permalink

KBS has unveiled plans to produce ten major programs next year.

In one of the programs, KBS will delve into South Korea's history, focusing on how the nation rose up from poverty and into growth and progress. The...More

KBA Welcomes 24-Hour Airing of TV Programming

Source | 2009/12/22 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasters Association has welcomed the Korea Communications Commission's decision to expand the airing time of terrestrial broadcasters to 24 hours.

The association said Wednesday that the decision not only guarantees viewers' right to choose programming but also provides a way to enhance viewer welfare by expanding the types of programming available at late night hours w...More

Culture/Tourism Earnings Target Set at $13.3 Bln

Source | 2009/12/15 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced its latest strategy to increase tourism and exports of items related to Korean culture. It has also set its target earnings from tourism and culture exports at 13-point-three billion dollars.

The ministry stressed that increasing tourism and exports related to culture is needed in order to improve the goods and services account balance.

The announcement of the strategy comes despite culture exports for 2009 rising 25-point-six percent to three-billion dollars and the number of foreign visitors increasing from 2008 by approximately on...More

Survey: 40% of Net Users Watch TV Programs Online

Source | 2009/12/08 | Permalink

A survey shows that four out of ten Web users watch TV programs via the Internet.

According to the survey conducted by the Korea Internet and Security Agency, 39-point-six percent of Internet users ages six and over watch TV programming on the Internet.

By age group, 64-point-six percent of respondents in their 20s, ...More

KBS Chief Proposes Free Exchange of Documentaries

Source | 2009/12/07 | Permalink

A number of major public broadcasters around the world, including KBS, have agreed to share documentary productions free of charge.

Korean Broadcasting System President Kim In-kyu proposed the free exchange while attending the Public Broadcasters International Assembly in Kyoto, Japan.

Kim said that connecting world cultures in this global era is the role of publi...More

Korean Films' Market Share Slides to 40%

Source | 2009/12/07 | Permalink

The market share held by Korean films was found to have slid to the 40-percent level last month.

According to the Korean Film Council on Monday, Korean movies' market share stood at 40-point-six percent last month compared to 62-point-six percent in October. The number of moviegoers stood at ten million 500-thousand last month, while total revenues stood at around 77 billion won.

However, the council added that a record was posted in overall ticket sales i...More

KBS to Launch English Subtitle Service for Foreigners

Source | 2009/11/30 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will launch an English subtitle service for multiethnic households and foreigners staying in Korea via the Internet-protocol television (IPTV).

KBS plans to provide English subtitles for its major programs, such as "One Night Two Days" and "...More

CGV Multicultural Film Festival Opens

Source | 2009/11/26 | Permalink

A film festival opened Thursday aimed at promoting the rise of multiculturalism in the nation.

CGV, the largest theater chain in Korea, says the "Beautiful Coexistence-Multicultural Festival 2009" will feature 14 films at four of its theaters.

The films come from 16 countries, including Vietnam, Singapore an...More

KCC Web Site Enables Foreigners to Join Internet Sites

Source | 2009/11/16 | Permalink

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) says it has opened a Web site in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese to help foreigners staying in Korea easily join Korean Internet sites.

The commission said Monday that it also introduced a system to swiftly correct errors in the process that confirms the names of foreigners online.


Fans to Host K-Pop Radio Show

Source | 2009/11/11 | Permalink

Three Foreigners Will Co-Host 'K-Pop Connection' on 2nd Anniversary

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

For foreigners living outside the country, finding Korean entertainment content can be tricky. To help quench their thirst, the KBS World launched English radio show "K-Pop Connection" two years ago and it is now celebrating its 2nd anniversary along with special guests.

"The program first started out as 'K-Pop Interactive', and then we changed the show to 'K-Pop Connection' with extended minutes following fans' demands", Sophia Hong, the producer of the show, told The Korea Times.

KBS World invited three foreigners to co-host the show through Nov. 15 with the DJs ― Sarah Jun and DJ Young ― and the trio was thrilled to have the chance to talk about K-pop on air.

Cheyenne Dorsey and James Lockett, who currently live in Korea, were given the chance to design their own shows, and although it took time for them to get used to speaking over a microphone, they were ready in no time, talking about some of their favorite Korean songs and singers.

"I came home from class one day and was changing...More

Gov't Sets Standard Names for Korean Food

Source | 2009/11/06 | Permalink

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has devised recommended standard spellings and descriptions for 124 Korean dishes favored by foreigners.

Under the new menu standards, "kalguksu" should be referred to as "noodl...More

Revised Broadcast Law Takes Effect

Source | 2009/11/02 | Permalink

A revised broadcast law has taken effect three months after it was announced.

The law is part of disputed media reform bills railroaded by the ruling Grand National Party in July.

The media reform bills were ruled valid by the Constitutional Court Thursday.

But the law took effect without enforcement ordinances since the Korea Communications Commission has yet ...More

Seoul City Gov't to Promote S.Korean Movies

Source | 2009/10/13 | Permalink

The Seoul city government has launched a Korean film promotion as part of its annual "Seoul Grand Sale".

Several Korean movies with foreign language subtitles will be offered at a discounted price at select cinemas in Seoul through Saturday.

Tickets for the movies will only be six-thousand won. The lineup includes some of the most popular Korean movies of late, including "...More

KBS Documentary 'Noodle Road' Wins ABU Top Prize

Source | 2009/10/05 | Permalink

The acclaimed KBS documentary "Noodle Road" has won the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union's ABU award for best documentary.

The Korean Broadcasting System says the documentary, titled for submission as "Mysterious Food is Born", won the grand prize in the TV documentary category at the ABU Prizes 2009 award ceremony held Monday evening in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The doc...More

KBS to Reduce Ads After License Fee Hike

Source | 2009/09/08 | Permalink

The nation's flagship public broadcaster, KBS, has announced it will reduce or abolish advertisements if licence fee is increased.

A senior KBS official announced the plan at a public hearing on Wednesday.

The broadcaster said it will reduce advertisements for one of its television channels, KBS 2TV, and make its terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) and radio channels commercial free, if the license fee is increased from the current 25-hundred won. The fee has been frozen at 25-hundred won for the past 28 years.

The official also said KBS w...More

PIFF to see Liggest-ever Participation this Year

Source | 2009/09/08 | Permalink

The 14th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is expected to be the largest in scale this year, when it opens next month in the southern port city of Busan.

The event's organizing committee said 355 films from 70 countries will be presented during the nine-day run.

"Good Morning President" by South Korean director More

Cinemas Reap Records in August

Source | 2009/09/07 | Permalink

Local cinemas brought in record profits last month thanks to the box office hits, "Haeundae" and "Take Off".

The Korean Film Council said Monday that box office sales for last month stood at some 154 billion won, or around 124 million U.S. dollars. The figure broke the previous record of 137 billion won set in August 2007.

The council added that the number of August moviegoers surpassed 20 million for the first time in ...More

Seoul Drama Awards 2009 Open

Source | 2009/09/04 | Permalink

The Seoul Drama Awards 2009 have opened in Seoul for a ten-day run.

A total of 169 soap operas from 37 countries will compete in the annual global competition for television dramas. The award ceremony will be held on September eleventh at Olympic Park in Seoul.

On the first day of the event on Friday, various exhibitions, including a display of drama sets, were held at Gwanghwamun Plaza. The exhibits will be displayed through September 13th.

In an online poll for best drama, "Boys over Flowers" received the most votes, some 22-hundred, followed by "...More

Gov't Investigating Uploaders of 'Haeundae'

Source | 2009/09/01 | Permalink

The government says it will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who have illegally spread Internet copies of the blockbuster Korean disaster movie "Haeundae".

The Culture Ministry says police have already launched investigations into the initial violators.


Culture Minister Stresses Importance of Media Industry

Source | 2009/08/27 | Permalink

Culture Minister Yu In-chon says that not only does the media sector play an important role in the public sphere, but it is also becoming increasingly relevant as an industry.

The minister told a forum organized by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday that the media sector is turning into an industrial powerhouse in numerous foreign ...More

KBS Korean History Documentaries Given to O'seas Schools

Source | 2009/08/13 | Permalink

English versions of KBS TV's historical documentaries have been produced for supplemental materials for classes on Korea at foreign universities.

The Korea Foundation and KBS Media said Thursday that English subtitles have been added to 20 selected works of the KBS historical documentary series...More

KBS Documentary Among Finalists for ABU Prizes

Source | 2009/08/12 | Permalink

The KBS documentary "Noodle Road" and three other works are among the finalists for the 2009 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Prizes.

ABU Prizes are awarded to television a...More

Disaster Movie 'Haeundae' Draws 5 Mln. Moviegoers

Source | 2009/08/04 | Permalink

The South Korean disaster movie "Haeundae" has lured over five-point-two million viewers since its opening on July 22nd.

Film distributor CJ Entertainment said that ticket sales for the big-budget action movie recorded 390-thousand on Monday alone.

Among the films released since January, it is the first Korean movie to exceed the five-million mark.

Also, the film is the second fastest to reach the...More

[ChanMi's drama news] Will "My Fair Lady" out style "Style"?

Source | 2009/08/02 | Permalink

KBS Wednesday and Thursday drama, "My Fair Lady" has had its photoshoot last 31st.

The main cast, Yoon Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Jung Il-woo are in this photoshoot with a lot of flashy and stylish outfits and props. Especially the Kang Hye-na role of Yoon Eun-hye has ...More

Korean Movie "Haeundae" to Open in China

Source | 2009/07/28 | Permalink

The Korean blockbuster film "Haeundae" will open in China next month.

The big-budget film on a Korea threatened by tsunamis has drawn two million South Korean viewers since opening on July 22nd.

Production company CJ Entertainment says it is in ...More

Agencies Working on Follow-ups to Media Reform Bill

Source | 2009/07/23 | Permalink

The Culture Ministry and the Korea Communications Commission have begun devising follow-up measures to a media reform bill railroaded through the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The communications commission is reviewing new rules on broadcasting and IPTV operations following the passage of the media reform bill. The new revisions, which will allow newspapers and corporate entities the opportunity to own st...More

Seoul to Host Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival

Source | 2009/07/16 | Permalink

The 13th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival will open on July 22nd for a five-day run at the COEX convention center and the Seoul Animation Center.

This year's event will mark the 100th birthday of the Korean cartoon industry.

Cartoon exhibitions will be held and some 400 animated films from 35 countries will b...More

Real-time IPTV Subscribers Exceed 500,000

Source | 2009/07/14 | Permalink

The number of households with subscriptions to real-time Internet protocol TV (IPTV) service has exceeded 500-thousand.

Citing the nation's three IPTV operators KT, SK Broadband, and LG Dacom, the Korea Digital Media Industry Association said the number has surpassed the 500-thousand mark only six months after the launch ...More

Evolution of Local Music Programs

Source | 2009/06/30 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The format of music programs has come a long way in Korea, where the love of Korean pop music is quickly extending to an interest in television music programs. With more than five music shows airing each week on various channels, these shows are now becoming trademarks of local television.

It was back in 1981 when KBS started the first K-pop television show with a charting format, "Gayo Top 10". For the next 17 years, it saw tremendous success as the first program to have such a format based on viewers' and fans' votes.

"Unlike today, when the Internet plays a greater role in every aspect, we would receive post cards with people's vote for their favorite singer of the week written on it. We would combine all those votes, and carry out a survey among producers and music experts for a more professional perspective, and then air the final results", Jun Jin-suk, former producer of the program back in 1995 and now the executive director of KBS Changwon, told The Korea Times.

This was basically the start of music programs in Korea, and many other broadcasters started to create their own, with or without the charting system.

The competitive style was popular, but disappeared in the late 1990s when ...More

KBS to be Flexible on Contract Worker Issue

Source | 2009/06/25 | Permalink

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) will flexibly deal with the issue of its contract workers based on how the National Assembly rewrites a bill protecting nonregular workers.

If approved, the bill is scheduled to go into effect next month.

KBS says it will be flexible in dealing with the contract worker issue at the recommendation of its board. The public broadcaster will not renew contracts with 18 nonregular workers whose employment periods expire this month.

But it will take appropriate action with regard to the...More

KCC Plans for Digital Broadcasting by 2013

Source | 2009/06/24 | Permalink

The government is planning a switchover to digital broadcasting by 2013.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has come up with a master plan to facilitate the digitalization of the nation's broadcasting.

According to the plan, the government will focus on promoting public awareness this year. Next year, it will test the transmission of digital TV signals in select areas. The di...More

Puchon Film Festival to Open July 16

Source | 2009/06/17 | Permalink

The 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) will open on July 16th.

Under the theme "Love, Fantasy, Adventure", the annual event will run through July 26th in the city of Bucheon (spelled Puchon in the past) west of Seoul.

The festival, which focuses on Asian horror, thriller, mystery and fantasy, will feature 202 film...More

KBS Radio Conducts Survey on Korea's Image

Source | 2009/06/14 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

KBS World Radio is conducting a survey to see how much foreigners understand Korea.

The poll started on June 8 and will continue through June 30. The result will be announced Aug. 15, marking the 64th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule. It will be featured on special programs on Liberation Day in 10 different languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian.

The 10-question survey covers the basic but important aspects, from the most famous river to the type of government and representative food.

The KBS World Radio team said that the survey seeks to discover how well foreigners understand the politics, culture, economy and geography of Korea, as well as trying...More

'Thirst' to Hit US Theaters in July

Source | 2009/06/02 | Permalink

The Korean film "Thirst", which recently won the jury prize at the Cannes International Film Festival, will open in the United States next month.

The film's promotion agency says the South Korean thriller by director Park Chan-wook will open in three theaters --- one each...More

Korea TV Airs in Arab Region

Source | 2009/05/15 | Permalink

A Korean cable channel which airs "Hallyu" programs has started airing in the Arab region. "Hallyu", which translates into "Korean wave", refers to the spread of South Korean pop culture around the world.

Korea TV, run by Korea Global Media Group, said it has started providing Hallyu programs at the 10,710 megahertz frequency t...More

'Breathless' Wins Top Prize at Barcelona Film Festival

Source | 2009/05/12 | Permalink

South Korean director Yang Ik-june's movie "Breathless" is continuing to fetch positive international recognition.

The independent film won the Golden Durian Award at the Eleventh Barcelona Asian Film Festival on Monday. As part of the award, Yang received six-thousand ...More

Gov't to Digitize Cultural Content

Source | 2009/04/16 | Permalink

The government has designated nine cultural stories it will finance for digitization development in order to enhance the exposure of Korean cultural content.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Thursday that four of the nine are based on Korean ancient history. The ministry plans to first develop this year a story of the Buddhist monk "Wonh...More

Gov't Seeks to Globalize Korean Food

Source | 2009/04/06 | Permalink

The government is seeking to lift the global status of Korean food to make it one of the top five most popular foods in the world by 2017.

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced its plan to globalize Korean food in a meeting on Monday.

It will draw up legislation to promote the food industry and seek other measures to commercialize Korean dishes.

Also, the ministry will nur...More

Film "Old Partner" Makes LA Times Front Page

Source | 2009/03/28 | Permalink

Korean independent film "Old Partner" has been introduced on the front page of the Los Angeles Times.

The U.S. daily carried a detailed story on the success of the movie that attracted nearly three-million viewers and set a box-office record for independent films.

The report described the film as a fable about love, loyalty and rural Korean values...More

Korean Film Honored at International Film Festival

Source | 2009/03/23 | Permalink

South Korean director Yang Ik-june's movie "Breathless" has fetched another international honor. The movie is about a violent gangster with a disturbing past who begins to look inside himself after befriending a school girl who also comes from a dysfunctional family.

At the 23rd Fribourg International Fil...More

S. Korean Takes Top Honors at Deauville Film Festival

Source | 2009/03/16 | Permalink

South Korean director Yang Ik-june's "Breathless" has won the best film award and critics' prize at the eleventh Deauville Asian Film Festival held in France early Monday.

The judges of the annual event said Yang's film was the unanimous choice for best flick of the festival. They described the film as an intense experience that explicitly expresses problems associated with families and interpersonal relationships.

In another w...More

Korean Movies to be Screened at European Film Fests

Source | 2009/03/11 | Permalink

A number of Korean movies have been invited to be screened at European film festivals.

According to the Pusan International Film Festival, Jeon Soo-il's 'Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells' has been selected to compete in the 44th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival to be held in the Czech Republic starting July third.

Also, at the Fribourg International Film Festival, which starts Saturday in Switzerland, Yang Ik-june's "Breathless" will compete in the full-length feature film categor...More

Gov't to Establish Rules for Fair Broadcasting

Source | 2009/03/06 | Permalink

The Korea Communications Standards Commission has decided to set up a standard for evaluating the fairness of broadcasts.

The commission said that it will set up the guideline based on a report submitted by six media academics.

Over 33 criteria were included in the report, such as the need to reflect multiple and various opini...More

'Old Partner' Tops Box Office for 2nd Week

Source | 2009/03/02 | Permalink

The Korean independent film "Old Partner" has taken the top spot at the nation's weekend box office for the second straight week.

According to the Korean Film Council's ticket sales data over the weekend, "Old Partner" drew about 345-thousand moviegoers over the last three days at 308 theaters natio...More

Media unionists plan massive rally

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Media unionists have vowed to continue a general strike as the ruling camp is reportedly set to introduce media reform bills before a plenary session of the National Assembly.

The National Union of Media Workers said Saturday that it plans to hold a missive rally and candlelight vigil in Seoul for two days starting Monday to protest the ruling Grand National Party's move to revise media laws.

Union workers at Munwha Broadcasting Corporation, one of the three major terrestrial broadcasters, entered into a third day of general strike Saturday. The prolonged strike has caused glitches in ...More

New Record Set for Movie Watching

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A new national record has been set as to who can watch movies for the longest time.

At a tournament held by multiplex chain CJ CGV on Friday, 28-year-old Lee Soo-min and 26-year-old Lee Sang-hoon watched movies nonstop for 68 hours and seven minutes, setting a new national record.

The winners were ea...More

Media Workers Launch General Strike

Source | 2009/02/26 | Permalink

The National Union of Media Workers has launched a general strike in protest of the ruling camp's introduction of bills seeking revisions to media laws.

Starting at 6 am Thursday, unionists of the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation, one of the nation's major TV networks, began boycotting production. Nonunion members are filling the vacancies left by workers who are on strike.

Unionized members of the Seoul Broadcasting System also decided they will join the strike if the media bills make their way to a plenary session of the National Assembly. Unionized workers at EBS, YTN and CBS are also deciding when to join the strike and what their level of participation will be.

Union workers at KBS who withdrew from the National Union of Media Workers last year also denounced the GNP's unilateral introduction of the media bills. In a statement on Thursday, the KBS union s...More

Gyeonggi Changes Name of Tourism Complex

Source | 2009/02/24 | Permalink

Gyeonggi Province has decided to change the name of a prospective tourism cultural complex from Hallyu-Wood to Hallyu World. 'Hallyu', which translates into 'Korean wave', refers to the spread of South Korean culture around the world.

Gyeonggi Province said Tuesday that it decided to change the name following experts' suggestions and a...More

Indie Film 'Old Partner' Tops in Ticket Sales

Source | 2009/02/23 | Permalink

The Korean independent film "Old Partner" has taken the top spot in the nation's weekend box office for the first time since its release in mid-January.

It is the first time an independent or documentary film has ever topped the domestic box office rankings.

According to the Korean Film Council's ticket sale data over the weekend, ...More

Broadcasting Exports Increased Last Year

Source | 2009/02/16 | Permalink

The exports of domestically produced broadcasting programs have been on a rise.

According to the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the nation earned some 180 million U.S. dollars by exporting broadcasting products last year, up ten percen...More

Indie Film "Old Partner" Proves Huge Hit

Source | 2009/02/15 | Permalink

The independent documentary "Old Partner" has drawn more than 600,000 viewer since its release on January 15th.

According to the Korean Film Council, the domestic production attracted more than 110,000 people on Saturday alone, pushing the overall figure to more than 600,000.

The movie cost just 200 million won to make and ha...More

Pay TV Subscribers to Top 20 Mln by 2011

Source | 2009/02/12 | Permalink

The number of pay TV subscribers is likely to top 20 million by 2011.

According to the Media and Future Institute, the number of households that have subscribed to cable, satellite broadcasting or other pay TV services will grow an average of two-point-three percent annually to amount to some 21-point-four million by 2013. As of this year, the number of such households stands at 19-point-four million.

The institute forecast the number of househol...More

No. of Illegal Copies of Korean Films Rising in SE Asia

Source | 2009/02/11 | Permalink

The number of illegal copies of Korean films and dramas is rising sharply in Southeast Asian countries amid the growing popularity of Korean content.

Thai authorities said they have confiscated some 140-thousand illegal copies of Korean films, music videos and dramas worth a total of around one-and-a-half billion won.

The pirated ...More

Korean Films with Eng. Subtitles Coming Soon

Source | 2009/02/09 | Permalink

Foreigners in Seoul will have the opportunity to watch Korean films with English subtitles in theaters starting next month.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Monday that two theaters in Seoul, including the Yongsan CGV...More

Independent Film 'Old Partner' Sets Box Office Record

Source | 2009/02/09 | Permalink

The domestic independent film "Old Partner" has set a new box office record among independent films released in Korea, selling 260-thousand tickets since its release in mid-January.

The figure is higher...More

Korean Films' Audience Share Drops in '08

Source | 2009/01/07 | Permalink

Korean movies had their weakest box office performance in 2008 in over seven years.

According to 2008 movie industry statistics released by multiplex chain CJ CGV, only 42 percent of the 149 million domestic moviegoers who went to th...More

'KBS Will Be Fine Even After Firing 300 PDs'

Source | 2009/01/07 | Permalink

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

Former KBS director Kim In-gyu said that the state-run KBS has a surplus of program directors (PDs) and could operate normally even after laying off about 300 redundant.

His remarks have led to strong protests, not only from within KBS, but also from the nation's PD Association.

Kim is the head of the Korea Digital Media Industry Association and assisted President Lee Myung-bak's election campaign last year. He also unsuccessfully ran for the post of KBS president last year.

In an interview with the alumni bulletin of Seoul National University, Kim claimed the directors should be the main targets of broadcasting...More

KBS to Launch 4 New Dramas in Jan.

Source | 2009/01/01 | Permalink

KBS will introduce four new dramas in January. The wave of new dramas will be led by "The Iron Empress", followed by the morning drama "The Splendor of Youth", romantic comedy "Boys over Flowers", and the daily drama "The Road Home".

The epic historical drama "The Iron Empress" is a...More

SK, LG to Launch Commercial IPTV

Source | 2008/12/31 | Permalink

The era of full-fledged IPTV service has arrived in Korea, as two operators will launch commercial services starting January first.

SK Broadband signed agreements with terrestrial broadcasters KBS and MBC this month to re-air their programs in real time starting Thursday. It also reached a similar agreement with SBS.

It will officially launch commercial services of IPTV, or Internet Protocol TV, by offering 23 chann...More

What's on Cultural Horizon in 2009?

Source | 2008/12/30 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The year 2009 is now finally around the corner, and it is about time to prepare for the New Year. The past year was an interesting one, and readers can now preview what is planned in 2009.


Historical Dramas on the Rise: The three major networks are planning to air three distinctive historical dramas next year, MBC with "Queen Seon-deok", KBS with "The Iron Empress" and SBS with "Princess Ja Myung Go".

The three dramas will touch on the lives of powerful women during the period in which the programs are set: the Goryeo Kingdom (918-1392), the Silla Kingdom (668-935) and the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-A.D.668), respectively.

Starring Go Hyun-jung and Lee Yo-won, "Queen Seon-deok" will carry the story of the first queen to rule during Goryeo, while "The Iron Empress" will bring back the courageous grand daughter of King Taejo (47-165), played by Chae Shi-ra, and her lifelong struggle to protect the country her ancestors built. "Princess Ja Myung Go" is based on the folk tale of princess Nak-rang and Goguryoe's prince Ho-dong, and the relationship between the two royal subjects and Nak-rang's secret sister played by Jung Ryeo-won.

"The Iron Empress" will start airing Jan. 3 and "Princess Ja Myung Go" in February, while "Queen Seon-deok" has not confirmed a date for airing.

Hallyu Stars Return to Small Screen: Numerous hallyu stars will return to the small screen next year. Actor So Ji-sub will greet fans through new SBS drama "Cain and Abel" next February. The drama is about the intense relationship between two brothers, one a genius doctor and another outshone by his sibling. "Cain and Abel" will start airing Feb. 19. Kwon Sang-woo will star in "Cinderella Man", a program about a young man's life-changing story, while Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee will appear in ...More

TV Strike Leading to Program Disruptions

Source | 2008/12/28 | Permalink

Several Korean broadcasters are facing disruptions in their airing schedule, as a strike by media unionized workers against the ruling Grand National Party's move to revise media law entered its third day.

After unionized MBC workers walked off the job, the broadcaster's morning news show saw its running time cut and its evening current affairs program was replaced by ...More

Media Union to Go on Strike Against New Media Laws

Source | 2008/12/24 | Permalink

The National Union of Media Workers say it will begin an indefinite general strike on Friday against the seven controversial media laws sought by the ruling Grand National Party.

The union leadership said unionized workers will launch the strike on Friday morning and hold a protest rally in the afternoon on Yeouido in western Seou...More

Gov't to Inject 350 Bil. Won into Computer Game Industry

Source | 2008/12/03 | Permalink

The government plans to spend 350 billion won to nurture the domestic computer game industry.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Wednesday that it will also create a 200-billion-won game fund and seek to make electronic sports a formal sporting event.

The ministry also said that under its long-term plan, Korea will ...More

Viewer Complaints Call TV Programs 'Unethical'

Source | 2008/11/28 | Permalink

The highest number of television viewer complaints last month involved ethical concerns.

Of the 113 complaints filed with the Korea Communications Standards Commission last month, 33 of them raised issue with the ethical standards of certain TV programs.

Six complaints cited too m...More

Senior Film Festival to Open in Seoul

Source | 2008/11/17 | Permalink

A senior film festival will open for two days in Seoul starting Monday.

Organized by the senior welfare center in Seoul, the film event, the first of its kind, will screen 21 short films produced by s...More

[HERALD INTERVIEW] Korean-American actor aims high

Source | 2008/11/13 | Permalink

One of the 21 actors and actresses to make the cut for the 2008 KBS New Actor/Actress Contest, Kang Soo-han-I, aged 24, is finally making his way into the spotlight.

"I came to Korea four years ago", said the Korean-American actor in an interview with The Korea Herald. "With one bag in my hand, I arrived in the airport on a snowy day. I knew no one. All I knew was, 'I want to act'".

Kang stayed over at the house of one of his mother's acquaintances until he found a place of his own. Before he entered the 2008 KBS New Actor/Actress Contest, Kang signed on with a Korean management agency, took acting classes and starred in commercials and music videos.

While learning the ropes of the entertainment industry, this Glendale, Califo...More

TV Stations Feel Economic Crunch

Source | 2008/10/31 | Permalink

The global recession has reached TV stations in Korea. Advertisement revenues have fallen drastically for three major networks in Korea, compelling them to cut back on program productions and staff.

The first round of downsizing was carried out on the drama department. Once a cash cow, TV dramas have now turned into a money pit, prompting TV stations to cut down on the number of dramas from the program lineup. KBS will no longer run a daily TV series after "The Return of Ddukbaegi" wraps up this fall. SBS will suspend its Friday night drama for a while and MBC one of its weekend dramas...More

Digital TV Promotion Organization Launches

Source | 2008/10/30 | Permalink

An alliance has kicked off to prepare for the digitalization of terrestrial TV services in 2012.

The alliance, named "DTV Korea", is a conglomerate of broadcasters, academics, consumer activists and home appliance retailers.

It will focus on informing people about the wide range of digital TV services and...More

World Korean-Language Broadcasters' Conference Opens

Source | 2008/10/29 | Permalink

KBS has opened an annual convention of Korean language broadcasters.

Around 80 representatives from 53 ethnic Korean broadcasters in ten countries, including the United States, China and Australia are participating in the 2008 KBS World Korean-Language Broadcasters' Conference.

In the Seoul Prize-awarding ceremony on Wednesday, the KBFD-TV of Honolulu, Hawaii won the highest honor fo...More

Lee Jung-hyun Returns to Korean Stage after 2 Years

Source | 2008/10/17 | Permalink

Singer Lee Jung-hyun will return to the Korean stage after two years of absence. Lee will showcase her dynamic performance on October 18th at the 10th Korea-China Song Festival held to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The festival is to be held in the World Cup Stadium in Jeju Island.

Hosted jointly by KBS and CCTV of China, the Korea-China Song Festival will feature a number of hot artists from the two nations. Lee will be joined by TVXQ, Insooni, ...More

Film Exports Decline over 50 Percent in 2 Years

Source | 2008/10/17 | Permalink

The nation's film exports have decreased by over 50 percent in the past two years.

In a report to the National Assembly, the Korean Film Council said the domestic movie industry's exports in 2006 posted 24 million U.S. dollars, down 68 percent from the previous y...More

KBS Documentary to Compete in Emmy Awards

Source | 2008/10/14 | Permalink

The KBS documentary "Chamagodo" has advanced to the finals as a candidate for the International Emmy Awards in the documentary section.

It is the first time for a Korean TV program to advance to the finals in the leading global broadcasting awards. The winner will be announced on November 24th in New York.

The documentary "Chamagodo" --- or "The Asian Corridor in Heaven" --- takes viewers on a tour of a five-thousand-kilometer route from Ch...More

Actress Choi Laid to Rest

Source | 2008/10/04 | Permalink

Friends, families and fellow actors and actresses bid a tearful farewell to actress Choi Jin-sil, who committed suicide earlier this week.

The funeral for the 40-year-old small-screen star was held at Samsung Medical Center in Seoul on Saturday morning.

Her body was cremated and laid to rest at a cemetery in Yanpyeong, Gyeonggi Province.

She was found dead in her home, having h...More

Culture, Biz Delegation to Tour Arab Countries

Source | 2008/09/22 | Permalink

A team of culture and business representatives will travel through eleven Arab countries from October 17th to the 28th to promote Korean culture.

The Korea-Arab Society is organizing the event called "Korea-Arab Caravan" with support from the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea International Trade Association.

The delegation will visit Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, ...More

Culture Minister Urge Greater Exchanges with China

Source | 2008/09/12 | Permalink

Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Yu In-chon on Friday called for Korea's increased cultural exchanges with China as part of efforts to overcome mounting anti-Korean sentiment in China.

During his visit to Beijing to cheer up Korean athletes in the Beijing Paralympics, the minister told Korean reporters that Northeast Asia should seek ...More

Myeongdong Festival Opens Friday

Source | 2008/08/29 | Permalink

The 42nd Myeongdong Festival kicked off Friday in downtown Seoul.

The festival, to be held through September eleventh, will feature various events including concerts and dance competitions.

In addition, a free movie event will b...More

KBS Board Chooses New President

Source | 2008/08/26 | Permalink

The board of directors of KBS has selected Lee Byung-soon as the new president of the public broadcaster.

The board conducted an interview of four finalists Monday and decided to recommend Lee as new KBS head to President Lee Myung-bak.

He currently serves as the head of the public network's affiliate, KBS Business.

The board said it picked Lee In line ...More

TV Dramas Gear Up for Post-Olympics Race

Source | 2008/08/19 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The Beijing Olympic Games will end Sunday, so what is worth seeing after the Olympic flame goes out? For TV fans, major networks are gearing up for a competition with their most anticipated dramas.

MBC will start the race off with "East of Eden" Monday. The drama has made headlines with its star-studded cast even before shooting, with big names like Song Seung-heon, Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Da-hae and Han Ji-hye and veteran actors Yoo Dong-geon and Lee Mi-sook.

The drama is the first for Song and Yeon since they got out of the Army.

The 50-part series cost 25 billion won and tells of the brothers Dong-chul (Song) and Dong-wook (Yeon). Their fates diverge after the murder of their coal miner father, with one joining the mob and the other bec...More

Embattled KBS President Refuses to Resign

Source | 2008/08/06 | Permalink

By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

Embattled Korean Broadcasting System President Jung Yun-joo refused to resign Wednesday, blasting the Lee administration for reducing the public network to a government promotion agency by attempting to handpick the KBS chief.

Jung spoke in a news conference at KBS headquarters in Seoul a day after the Board of Audit and Inspection recommended his dismissal to the KBS board of directors for mismanagement and abuse of authority.

The Lee administration has pressured Jung to resign, a move which civic groups and opposition parties say is a government attempt to rein in the media.

"Aug. 5 is the da...More

KBS Named an Official Olympic Channel

Source | 2008/08/01 | Permalink

KBS World has been named one of the official channels for the Beijing Olympic Games.

The organizing committee of the Beijing Olympics is currently providing the Korean channel at all Olympic sports facilities and stadiums, as well as the Olympic village an...More

New SBS drama looks at working moms

Source | 2008/07/29 | Permalink

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the horizon, television networks are hard pressed to churn out dramas that can draw sports-hungry viewers away from the games.

SBS - who has been scoring high viewer ratings with its dramas "Iljimae" and "Gourmet" - hopes to draw audiences away from the games with their upcoming Wednesday and Thursday night comedy: "Working Mom" ("Working Mom - The Taming of the Badness Husband").

Featuring the ever-comical Bong Tae-gyu as a philandering husband, "Working Mom" may not deliver the top-notch ratings of its predecessor "Iljimae" but promises to be entertaining.

Set to start airing tomorrow night, the drama take...More

Yoon Do-hyun, a Regular on English Program

Source | 2008/07/25 | Permalink

Rock star Yoon Do-hyun will get a regular spot as a guest DJ on the English radio program "K-Pop Connection" on KBS World Radio. Starting on August 1st, Yoon will host a weekly segment where he introduces noted Korean rockers in English.

Yoon had been invited to "K-Pop Connection" in June, where he was interviewed by show hosts Sarah Jun and Chris Dykas. On the show he impressed the production team with his fluent English, witty comments, and easy-going and friendly personality. "K-Pop Connection" is one of the most popular shows on KBS World Radio with extensive fan bases in the United Sta...More

KBS's 'Hong Gil-dong, the Thief' Awarded in Rome

Source | 2008/07/17 | Permalink

The KBS 2TV drama "Hong Gil-dong, the Thief" ("Hong Gil Dong") was awarded "Best Mini-Series" at the 2nd Rome Fiction Festival.

The awards ceremony was held on July 12th in Rome, Italy. After "Hong Gil-dong, the Thief" ("Hong Gil Dong") won the award, KBS was awarded with "Best Producer and Broadcasting Network" in the mini-series category.

The Rome Fiction Festival began on July 7th. It is a festival for television productions with six competitive categories and 10 non-competitive ones for TV movies, mini-series, and dramas. Appr...More

KBS Begins Korean Language Program in Vietnamese

Source | 2008/07/14 | Permalink

Korean Broadcasting System has launched a Korean language program for foreigners working in Korea or for those who are married to Koreans.

KBS Korean Promotion Institute and Korea Telecom (KT) held a launch ceremony on Monday.

They first began the language learning program for the Vietnamese through KT MegaTV, an Internet Protocol TV, or IPTV, servi...More

KBS Drama Wins Award From Roma Fiction Fest

Source | 2008/07/13 | Permalink

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The Korean Broadcasting System's (KBS) hit miniseries "Hong Gil Dong" won the Best Television Product award at the 2008 Roma Fiction Fest Saturday.

The Roma Fiction Fest, which started last year, is an annual event dedicated to Italian and international television fiction. It is divided into five competitive categories: Television Movies, Miniseries, Continuing series, Documentaries for Television and Docu-dramas, and Pitching. "Hong Gil-dong" won the Best Television Product in the miniseries section while KBS won the award for Best Producer and Broadcaster.

"Hong Gil Dong" first aired last January with Kang Ji-hwan as the K...More

Korean Movies Perform Poorly in 1st Half

Source | 2008/07/07 | Permalink

Korean movies' market share fell to an eight-year low in the first half of the year.

According to cinema chain CJ CGV, some 38 percent or 26-point-five million out of 70-point-four million moviegoers saw a Korean film in the year's first half. The figure is the lowest since the first half of 2000 when 28-point-four percent of all...More

Experts Discuss Digital Broadcasting Service

Source | 2008/06/24 | Permalink

Two leading national organizations have held a forum to discuss ways to facilitate the launch of digital broadcasting services.

At the forum organized by the Korean Association for Broadcasting and Telecommunication Studies and the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation, experts from various fields met Tuesday and discussed how to efficiently review advertising in an era of convergence between broadc...More

KBS Holds TV Program Premiere in Beijing

Source | 2008/06/16 | Permalink

KBS will host a large-scale premiere of TV programs as well as a seminar to celebrate the 15 anniversary of bilateral exchange between Korean and Chinese broadcasting.

KBS recently announced that it will hold a premiere and workshop that aims to seek ways to develop the broadcasting industry of both countries as well as review the past 15 years of achievements. The event will be held at the Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, China for two days from June 16.

A number of high-ranking broadcasting officials will attend the opening ceremony on June 16. On June 17, KBS and CCTV will hold a large-scale ...More

Wedding date set for celebrity couple

Source | 2008/06/05 | Permalink

Yoo Jae-suk, a hugely popular comedian and show host, will marry his broadcaster-fiance Nah Kyoung-eun on July 6, Yoo said at a press conference Wednesday.

Nah, who works for MBC, was not by Yoo's side at the conference held in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, as she is on business trip to the United States. About 150 reporters showed up at the event where Yoo, best known as a main emcee of the popular MBC variety "Muhan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge)", fielded questions on their marriage schedules and love story.

The couple first met on the set of "Muhandojeon" two years ago, but, according to Yoo, 35, he didn't even dream of ...More

Seoul Mayor Aims to Turn City into Animation Hub

Source | 2008/05/21 | Permalink

Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon has announced a plan to set up a fund worth 100 billion won or more by 2011 to make Seoul a hub of the global cartoon and animation industry.

He made the remark in a speech at the 12th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) that opened Wednesday in southern Seoul.

He said half of the funds will go to boos...More

"Jungle Fish" accuses realities of entrance exams

Source | 2008/04/24 | Permalink

KBS will be airing the special reality youth drama "Jungle Fish" for 'family month'.

A Jungle Fish is a fish that lived in the African beach but was dropped into the jungle by a whirlwind. It hints at the situation of present-day youth who suffer from entrance exams to return to the beach (the future).

The drama will reenact last year's scandal of leaked test forms for Gimpo Foreign Language High School's and this year's scandal of leaked problems for the national scholastic assessment test.

The form of the drama is solving the scandal with a personal blog. It will also be like a documentary, using real clips from news ...More

KBS Inks Record Contract to Export TV Shows

Source | 2008/04/11 | Permalink

KBS has signed a four-and-a-half million dollar contract to export its popular soap operas and other TV programs, the biggest overseas sales contract ever for a Korean broadcasting company.

KBS said Friday that it inked the export contract at the MIPTV fair in Cannes, France.

Programs to be exported are four history dramas that were huge hits in Korea...More

BCC Introduces Digital Broadcasting Law

Source | 2008/03/28 | Permalink

The Broadcasting and Communications Commission (BCC) has announced a new law to introduce digital broadcasting services by 2012.

Under the special law, broadcasters will stop transmitting analog TV signals by the end of 2012 so they can start digital broadcasting.

To that end, the law also requires the BCC to ...More

KBS Hosts Jury for Banff TV Festival

Source | 2008/03/25 | Permalink

KBS will host a panel of judges for the Banff World Television Festival 2008, who will review investigative and current affairs programs in Seoul beginning Tuesday.

Over the next three days, jury members will select the top program out of 30 presented by major broadcasters ar...More

Yomiuri: "Japanese Wave" Taking over S. Korea

Source | 2008/03/17 | Permalink

A Japanese daily says Japanese comics, novels and films are growing in popularity in South Korea.

The Yomiuri Shimbun said Monday that the market share of Japanese comic books in Korea jumped to 60 percent in 2006 compared to about 50 percent in 2003.

According to the report, more than half of the...More

Pres. Calls on Ministry to Step up Promotion of Arts, Culture, Gov't to Boost Support for Culture Industry

Source | 2008/03/14 | Permalink

President Lee Myung-bak said Friday the government should embrace the arts and culture from a broader perspective.

Speaking to Culture Ministry officials at a policy briefing session in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, the president said their ministry has not done its part to develop the cultural content industry.

He added that the government should support the sector with a view to guaranteeing free creative activity.

Mr. Lee also stressed that the government's public relations efforts should now be focused on enhancing Korea's brand value in the global market.

He called on the ministry to play a big role in helping revive the sluggish economy, as it has absorbed the cultural content policy function of the now-defunct Ministry of Information and Communication.

Gov't to Boost Support for Culture Industry

The Culture, Sport...More

Freedom Fighter An's Remains to be Excavated

Source | 2008/03/10 | Permalink

The nation will begin searching for the remains of Korean independence activist An Jung-geun this month.

After assassinating Japan's Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito in 1909, An was sentenced to death by Japanese authorities. He was executed on March 26th, 1910 in the Chinese city of Lushunkou, which was then known as Ryojun.

An official at the South Korean Embassy in Beijing said excavation work will begin near the Ryojun prison.


KBS World Launches Service In India

Source | 2008/03/04 | Permalink

KBS World will provide news, dramas, entertainment and documentary programs around the clock in India through a free satellite broadcasting system.

KBS World's broadcasts will also reach Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal via the system known as DD Direct Plus.


New Broadcasting Body Launches

Source | 2008/02/29 | Permalink

The Broadcasting and Communications Commission launched Friday as the government's regulatory body for new media policies.

The commission was created through a merger between the Korean Broadcasting Commission and parts of the former Ministry of Information and Communication. It's the first agency in Korea to oversee both broadcasting and communications like the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

The new agency will handle the government's proposed media policies such as easing regulations on joint operation of broadcast and print media and priva...More

Korean Director's Film Draws Praise at Berlin

Source | 2008/02/13 | Permalink

Director Hong Sang-soo's eighth film "Night and Day" has won rave reviews at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival.

Journalists from around the globe who attended a screening of ...More

Korean Culture Center Opens in London

Source | 2008/01/31 | Permalink

A Korean cultural center has opened in London, becoming the 12th of its kind in the world.

Britain's first Korean Cultural Centre launched in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday, showcasing the best of Korean visual art, theatre, dance, performance and food.

Designed by Choi Jeong-hwa, an artist known for his work on the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2005, the two-story building comprises an art gallery, lecture room, theatre and cultural lounge.

It also has a library and high-tech information center that will offer Korean language courses and spec...More

3 New Weekend Dramas to Air

Source | 2008/01/29 | Permalink

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

All three major television networks will start new weekend dramas for the entire family in February.

KBS will air "Mom's Dead Upset", which deals with four-generations living together and the various incidents resulting from generation gaps. MBC will air "A Beauty Unmatched, Park Jeong-geum", about a divorced single mom, while SBS will air "I Am Happy", about a happily married couple.

The first episode of "Mom's Dead Upset" will air at 7:55 p.m., Feb. 2. Written by Kim Su-hyun, the hit maker who wrote for dramas such as "My Man's Woman" (SBS, 2007), "Love and Ambition" (SBS, 2006) and "Trap of Youth" (SBS, 1999), the drama's expectations are high.

The drama features powerful actors and actresses. Lee Soon-jae, who currently plays King Yeongjo on MBC's "...More

Gov't to Seek New Cultural Symbols

Source | 2008/01/25 | Permalink

The Culture Ministry plans to change the nation's ten official cultural symbols after the launch of the new government.

The current lineup includes the Korean alphabet "hangul", the Korean traditional clothing "hanbok", and Taekwondo.

A ministry official said Friday the government will seek new symbols to r...More

1st Korean Drama on Europe's Terrestrial TV

Source | 2008/01/11 | Permalink

A Korean drama will be broadcast on European television for the first time ever.

Hungary's national broadcaster MTV will air the historical drama "Dae Jang Geum", or "Jewel in the Palace", twice a week from mid-February. The 70-part hit series will air for six months.

The Korean embassy in Budapest announce...More

Popularity rating of dramas in 2007, from top 5 to bottom 5

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As the year 2007 ended, the dramas are also changing its path. On 26th, SBS Wed-Thur drama, "Lobbyist" was finished, followed by KBS 2 "In-soon is Pretty" on 27th. Previously, KBS1 historical drama, "Dae Jo Yeong" was crowned with perfection on 23rd. The following is the summary of popularity rating of dramas in 2007 (data provided by TNS Media Korea), beginning with MBC serial drama "Bad Woman, Good Woman" which began on 1st January 2007.

In the Department of Mon-Tue dramas... Between the dominance of "Jumong", "My Man's Woman", "Coffee Prince", KBS was doomed, "Oh my God, What should we do?"

This year's KBS and SBS Mon-Tue dramas had a period of dark age due to MBC "Jumong". Strictly speaking, "Jumong" is the 'Old' drama, which began on 15th May 2006 and its leading actor Song Il-gook received a Grand Prize in 2006 MBC Drama Awards for his excellent performance. However, its popularity continued this year. When "Jumong" finally finished on 6th March, it recorded its maximum rating of 51.9%. Of course, this is the highest rating ever recorded this year. Even its average viewing rate was 41%. Ever since 2000, this record is the 3rd highest average rating, after "Dae Jang Geum" (4l.6%) and "Lovers in Paris" (41.5%).

After "Jumong" was finished, SBS "My Man's Woman" took the lead. Either by the talent of popular script writer, Kim Su-hyun; or by superb performance by Kim Hee-ae, Bae Jong-ok and Ha Yoo-mi; or by the presence of naïve man Kim Sang-joong between these dominant women, the drama reached its maximum rating of 38.7% and Ha Yoo-mi was given a title of 'Nation's sister' for her fine performance. Therefore post-"Jumong" was taken by "My Man's Woman".

Then the baton was handed over to MBC "Coffee Prince". From 2nd July to 27th August, Yoon Eun-hye, Gong Yoo, Chae Jung-an and Lee Sun-kyun was at the center of hot topics. Despite its public attention and strong support from netizens, the rating of the last episode was rather low at 27.7%. From then, MBC "Yi San" (began on 17th September, starring Lee Seo-jin, Han Ji-min and Lee Soon-jae) had been keeping up the reign after catching up with SBS "King and I", which made earlier start than "Yi San". On 25th December, "Yi San" recorded the rating of 28.9% and "'King and I" resulted 16%.

Then who would have been the biggest victim here? Of course, it was KBS. It was devastated and was almost buried in the grave. Beginning with Park Geon-hyeong and Lee Ha-na's "When Spring Comes" (First episode 5.3%, last episode 15.6%); Lee Da-hae and Lee Jee-hoon's "Hello, Miss" (19th March (14.8%) - 8th May (9.7%)); Cha Tae-hyun and Kang Hye-jung's "Flowers For My Life" (14th May (7.5%) - 3rd July (5.3%)); Lee Chun-hee and Kim Ha-eun's "Seoul's Sad Song" (9th July (7.5%) - 31st July (5.8%)); and Yang Dong-geun and Park Min-young's "I Am Sam" (6th August (6.5%) - 2nd October (6.1%)) have all been utterly defeated.

Next in line, "Evasive Inquiry Agency" (starring Lee Min-ki, Ye Ji-won and Ryu Seung-soo) resulted even lower rating (3.4% on 27th November) than what it started with (4.0% on 8th Octoer), despite passionate encouragements and supports from netizens. Its follow up, "Bad Love" (began on 3rd December) haven't made any significant breakthrough in the competition with "Yi San" and "King and I", despite Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Yo-won's dramatic performance. On 25th December, it recorded 9.2% rating and at this point, one could clearly see that all medicines proved useless for KBS Mon-Tue drama department.
In the Department of Wed-Thu dramas... either "War of Money" or "The Legend"

Before the monstrous drama, "The Legend" made its grand appearance; the stage for this year's Wed-Thu drama was dominated by SBS. Ever since ...More

'Transformers' Named Best Film of 2007

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Domestic netizens have named the U.S. blockbuster "Transformers" the best film of the year.

In a year-end online poll conducted by Internet portal Daum Communications, "Transformers" topped the list of best movies of 2007. It was followed by the Korean monster movie "D-War" and the historical drama ...More

Japanese Song Use Made Easier

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Music sharing between Korea and Japan will get a lot easier starting next month, thanks to a new partnership agreement between the two countries' music copyright associations.

Japan's NHK says the two sides signed the pact that will allow their citizens to use each other's songs. From next month, they will make available 19...More

KBS Doc Wins Cinematography Award

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Cinematographer Baek Hong-jong, who shot the KBS documentary "Chamagodo", will be recognized by his peers in the industry with the Grand Prize in the Grime Awards.

Top honors in the drama category went to Lee Yeong-cheol and Jeong Gi-hyeon of the SBS drama "Lobbyist". For documentaries, Ki...More

No. of Moviegoers Rose 9.7% in November

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The number of Korean moviegoers rose nearly ten percent in November compared to the previous month.

According to CJ CGV, the nation's biggest movie theater chain, more than 95-point-seven million people went to the movies last month, including around 33 million in Seoul.

CGV said Saturday that the number of moviegoers in Seoul rose 12-point-four percent compared to October and nearly 12 percent compared to the same period last year.

However, the share of Korean movies in theaters was found to have decreased by seven-and-a-half percent from October to amount to 58 percent of all movies shown.

Seven Korean movies were...More

'Secret Sunshine' Wins 4 Film Awards

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The film "Secret Sunshine" directed by Lee Chang-dong has won four prizes in the sixth Korean Film Awards.

In downtown Seoul Saturday, the film earned top honors for best film, best directing and best leading actor and actress.

The award for the best supporting actor went to Sung Ji-ru for "Paradise Murdered" "...More

'Happy Together --- Friends' Wins in Asian TV Awards

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The KBS TV entertainment program, "Happy Together --- Friends", has won a prize in the 2007 Asian Television Awards.

An episode of the program featuring TV actress Cheon Won-joo and comedian Kim Koo-ra won a special prize in the enter...More

Director Im Kwon-taek Receives French Legion of Honor

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Director Im Kwon-taek has received the Legion of Honor medal from French Ambassador to Korea Philippe Thiébaud.

The French embassy in Seoul said Paris conferred the medal on the director for his co...More

Nantes Fest Names Korean Best Actress

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Actress and traditional music singer Oh Jung-hae has received best actress honors at a French film festival for her role in "Beyond the Years".

The film's production company says it received the news from the Festival of Three Continents, which was held in Nantes and ended Tuesday.

Previous Korean best actress awardees at Nantes include Kang Soo-yeon in 1988 for ...More

"The Show Must Go on" Wins Blue Dragon Award

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Director Han Jae-rim's "The Show Must Go on" has won the domestic award for best picture.

At the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards Friday, the movie's lead actor Song Kang-ho also won best actor. Jeon Do-yeon won best actress for her performance in "Secret Sunshine". Earlier in May, the actress won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film.

The best director award went to ...More

Director Im Wins Prize from Dubai Fest

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The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will honor Korean director Im Kwon-taek in recognition of his lifelong devotion to filmmaking.

The production company for Im's 100th movie "...More

KBS Hosts World Korean Broadcasters Forum

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An international convention of ethnic Korean media representatives has opened in Seoul for a four-day run.

Representatives of 70 broadcasters in 14 countries including China and parts of Central Asia are attending the World Korean-language Broadcasters'...More

'Secret Sunshine' Honored at Asia Pacific Screen Awards

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The Korean film "Secret Sunshine" has won best feature film honors at the inaugural Asia Pacific Screen Awards held Tuesday in Australia.

Korean actress ...More

Int'l Student Animation Fest Opens in Bucheon

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An international student animation festival opened in Bucheon, west of Seoul on Friday.

The ninth Puchon International Student Animation Festival has brought together about 290 works by students and independent filmmakers from 30 nations.

The five-day festival will als...More

KBS, SABC Agree on Broadcasting Cooperation

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KBS and The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) have signed an agreement on broadcasting cooperation.

KBS President Jung Yun-joo and his SABC counterpart Dali Mpofu signed the agreement at a ceremony Friday on the sidelines of the 2007 Public Broadcasters International (PBI) conference in Seoul.

Under the ...More

Two Koreas Agree to Build Film Studio in NK

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South and North Korea have agreed to build a film and TV production studio in the North's border city of Gaesong.

The South's Korean Broadcasting Commission says North Korea's Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee accepted in principle its offer to jointly build a large-scale studio and that both sides will hold talks to discuss details.

12th PIFF Kicks off 12-Day Run

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The 12th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) kicks off its 12-day run at seven p.m. Thursday in the southern port city.

About one hundred film stars from home and abroad will attend the opening ceremony. Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's "Assembly" will open the festival one hour later before an audience of five thousand.

Some 270 films from 64 countries will be screened at 34 theaters in the Haeundae Beach and Nampo-dong a...More

12th Pusan Int'l Film Festival to Open Thursday

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The 12th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) opens Thursday in the southern port city for a 12-day run.

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's "Assembly" will open this year's fest at Busan's Haeundae beach on Thursday evening.

A total of 275 films from 64 countries will be presented at 34 movie theaters in Haeundae and Nampo-dong.

This year's PIFF consists of 11 sections including the Gala Presentation screening works by inte...More

D-War's US Box Office Sales Exceeds $10 Mln

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The domestic monster movie "D-War" has hit the ten-million-dollar mark in U.S. ticket sales 17 days after its release in the United States.

The U.S. online movie information and box office reporting service, Box Office Mojo, said that the monster flick sold over a million dollars'...More

Shim Plans D-War Sequel in '09

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A sequel to the domestic monster movie 'D-War' appears to be in the works sooner than expected.

During a news conference at the Korean Cultural Center in New York, comedian-turned-film director Shim Hyung-rae said he has received a proposal to shoot a sequel very soon, targeting a summer 2009 release date.

Shim said that he is discussing a possible release for ...More

NYT: D-War Proves Monster Movie Alive

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The New York Times says the domestic blockbuster film "D-War" proves that the movie monster genre is alive and well.

The U.S. daily said in a review of the film Sunday that it's impossible not to be entertained by "D-War", if you have a sense of humor.

Entertainment magazine Variety said that the Korean sci-fi blockbuster took in one-point-55 million dollars in ...More

'Secret Sunshine' Heads to Academy Awards

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A Korean film that won actress Jeon Do-yeon top honors at this year's Cannes Film Festival will be the nation's submission for the Academy Awards next spring in the category for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Korean Film Council announced Monday that the choice of "Secret Sunshine" was made by six judges who assessed the overall quality, distribution capacity and public recognition of three films submitted for consideration.

The panel said they did not simply evaluate quality but chose the film they deemed most suitable t...More

No. of Moviegoers Hit Record High in August

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The number of Korean moviegoers hit a record monthly high in August thanks to box-office hits like "D-War" and "May 18".

According to CGV, the nation's biggest movie theater chain, more than 21.9 million pe...More

Broadcasting Day Celebration to be Held

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A celebration to mark the 44th Broadcasting Day will be held at the 63 City building in Yeouido at 5 p.m. Monday.

Actor Choi Soo-jong, the main character of KBS' historical drama "...More

Real-time KBS Programs Provided in China

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Chinese audiences will now be able to watch KBS TV programs in real time.

KBS President Jung Yun-joo said in a news conference Friday in Beijing that China has joined the United States, Japan, India, and South American countries in enjoying access to KBS WORLD programming. With the addition of China, he noted that some 38 million households in 49 countries can now tune into real-time KBS news programs and dramas.

Jung added that KBS WORLD has begun providing programs around the clock through Chinese satellite rel...More

Korean Movies Dominate Box Office

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Eight Korean movies are among the top ten box office draws heading into the last week of August.

According to box office statistics, the films "May 18" and "D-War" have made the strongest showing.

The historical drama "May 18", which tells the story of the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, took a 17-point-eight percent share of the domestic market and recaptured first pla...More

"Memories" Wins Award at Swiss Film Festival

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A joint short-digital film project produced by the Jeonju International Film Festival has won a special jury award at a Swiss film festival.

"Memories – Jeonju Digital Project" has won the honor at the 60th International Film Festival Locarno in Switzerland.

Organizers of the Jeonju festiv...More

'D-War' Setting Daily Box Office Records

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Many movie theaters around the nation are setting new daily box office records thanks to the domestic sci-fi blockbuster "D-War".

The Megabox chain, which operates ten multiplexes nationwide, set a new record at its Seoul COEX theater on Saturday, drawing 32,500 moviegoers in a single day.

A Megabox official says that thanks to "D-War", most Korean theaters set new daily records that day. H...More

'D-War' Draws Millions in First Week Box Office

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The film "D-War" directed by comedian-turned-filmmaker Shim Hyung-rae has drawn two-point-nine-five million moviegoers the first week after its release on August first, setting a new record.

The Korean blockbuster drew 743-thousand viewers at 689 cinemas nationwide on Sunday alone.

The film's distributor said th...More

Domestic Blockbusters Attract Moviegoers

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Two domestic blockbusters --- "D-War" and "May 18" --- have opened to strong ticket sales across the nation, allaying fears of a crisis for domestic film.

"May 18", directed by Kim Ji-hoon, has sold two-point-six million tickets as of Thursday since opening on July 25th.

The film, also known as "Splendid Holiday", surpassed the two-million mark a week after its ...More

Korean Film Industry to Join Hands to Overcome Slump

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The Korean Film Producers Association and some nine other film industry organizations vowed to cooperate with each other Thursday to overcome the ongoing slump in the domestic movie industry.

The groups agreed the film industry is facing this crisis because the recent boom in Korean pop culture has made them complacent...More

Seoul to Produce Korean Wave Map

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government says it will produce and distribute a map that will introduce key spots in the city where Korean dramas or movies were filmed.

The city government said Wednesday that it decided to make the "Seoul Korean Wave map" amid a continuous rise in the number of foreign tourists who travel to South Korea to visit locations where popular Korean films were shot.

The map w...More

'Transformers' Sets Record in Ticket Sales

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The U.S. blockbuster "Transformers" has sold six million tickets, a new record for foreign movies, amidst continued concern over a crisis in domestic film.

The film's import distributor CJ Entertainment says 90-thousand-600 more people watched the movie Wednesday for a nationwide total of six-point-35 million ...More

135 Soap Operas to Compete in Seoul Drama Awards

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A total of 135 soap operas from 32 countries will compete in the Seoul Drama Awards 2007, an annual global competition for television dramas.

In this year's event, which begins on August 28th, the KBS drama "A Dwarf Launches a Small Ball" will compete with foreign works in the short drama section. The EBS prog...More

'Korean Film to Address May 18 Uprising'

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A U.S. daily says that a new Korean film ("May 18") about a 1980 democratic uprising in the southwestern city of Gwangju is expected to shed light on and renew interest in the tragic event.

Journalist Donald Kirk, who had covered the days following the uprising on May 18th, 1980, wrote in the Internet edition of the Christian Science Monitor that the film "Splendid Holiday" revives the atmosphere as he experienced it. Although he quotes a Korean journalist as saying that the film's director may have, in his wor...More

Korean Films' Market Share Hits 6-Yr Low

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The market share of Korean films in the year's first half has hit a post-2001 low.

In a survey by major theater chain CJ CGV, 34 million people watched domestic films in the first six months of 2007, accounting for 47-point-three percent of all moviegoers duri...More

KBS to Air Drama Jointly Produced with NK

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A television drama produced by North Korea's Korean Central Television and funded by KBS will go on air in August.

The show "Sayuksin", which tells the story of six martyred Joseon Dynasty ministers who were executed in 1456 for their failed attempt to restor...More

Culture Ministry to Award Medal to Actress Jeon

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Thursday that it will award a medal to actress Jeon Do-yeon, who was named the best actress at this year's Cannes Film Festival for her leading role in "Miryang", or "...More

New KBS weekend drama to star Lee Soo-kyung and Kim Ji-hoon

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Actress Lee Soo-kyung and actor Kim Ji-hoon-I will play a married couple in the upcoming KBS weekend drama series, 'Golden Era of Daughter in Law'.

The series will focus on the power conflict between daughter-in-laws in their twenties and thirties and their mother-in-laws with a comical twist.

The character Cho Mi Jin, played by actress Lee Soo-kyung who has starred in the MBC sitcom "Soul Mate" and other drama series, is a new employee of an apparel company who becomes the daughter-in-law of a family running a pork hock restaurant with a 60 year tradition.

Lee Bok Soo, the eldest son of the family and planning director...More

'Korea is New Hub of Asian Pop Culture'

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The New York Times says Korea is the emerging hub of Asian pop culture in film and music, as Hong Kong has lost its power as the regional cultural epicenter.

The daily made the evaluation in a report on the New York Asian Film Festival that opens Friday.

The report mentioned the Korean films "...More

'Fewer People Watch Korean Films, More Watch Foreign Films'

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The audience for Korean films has dropped sharply this year, while foreign films have enjoyed a resurgence.

In a Korean Film Council survey on moviegoers in Seoul from January to May, eight-point-three-seven million people watched domestic films, down 34-point-six percent from the 12-point-eight million pe...More

US Court Postpones Ruling on Korean Pop Star's Name

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A U.S. court has delayed ruling on whether Korean pop singer Jung Ji-hoon, also known as Rain, can use his stage name during his planned concert tour in the United States.

Last December, a U.S. music company Rain Corporation filed a lawsuit against the singer for performing i...More

'Secret Sunshine' Impresses at Cannes

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Film magazines have lauded the Korean film "Secret Sunshine", which is competing for the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Director Lee Chang-dong's movie is considered a contender for the top prize. His female lead Jeon Do-yeon is also a candidate for the top actre...More

Singer Rain Performs in Tokyo

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Pop sensation Rain performed on Friday at the Tokyo Dome, becoming the first artist from South Korea to give a solo performance at the stadium in the Japanese capital.

The Tokyo performance drew an audience of 35-thous...More

Actor Lee Byung-hun to Make Global Debut

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Actor and heartthrob Lee Byung-hun will make his global debut with a starring role in Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung's film "I Come with the Rain". In the movie, the Korean star will play the role of a Hong Kong gang leader.

Tran achieved international recogni...More

Spider-Man 3 Sets Box Office Records

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The movie "Spider-Man 3" sold over 500,000 tickets on its first day of release, the nation's highest opening ticket sales ever.

The film's distributor said that the superhero sequel played on six-hundred-17 screens on Tuesday. It broke the record set last year by the domestic hit ...More

Movie Chain to Open Luxury Theater in Seoul

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A major domestic cinema chain said Tuesday that it will open a super deluxe movie theater combined with a restaurant in southern Seoul this week.

According to CJ CGV, the nation's largest movie theater chain, the new theater-restaurant dubbed "Cine de Chef" will open Thursday in its Apgujeong branch.

CJ said Cine de Chef will feature a top-notch movie screen three times larger than normal and an eleven-point-one-channel high-fidelity speaker system including floor speakers.

The theater will also be equipped with deluxe seats of the kind used in personal theat...More

Actress Han Hyo-joo Honored at Singapore Film Festival

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Actress Han Hyo-joo has taken Best Actress honors at the 20th Singapore International Film Festival for her performance in "Ad-Lib Night", a feature film directed by Lee Yoon-ki.

Han's management company Fantom Entertainment was informed of the news in ...More

Gov't to Stop Analog TV Broadcasting by 2012

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The government will stop transmitting analog TV signals by the end of 2012 to complete the move to digital broadcasting.

To that end, television manufacturers will be required to put digital TV tuners in large-screen TVs sized 30 inches or larger from next year. The requiremen...More

Rain Makes Global List of 100 Most Beautiful People

Source | 2007/04/26 | Permalink

Korean singer Rain has made People magazine's annual list of the world's 100 most beautiful people.

The singer's agency, JYP Entertainment, said Thursday that the list includes seven non-Americans including Rain, adding that a half-page article will introduce the Korean singer in the special issue.

It is the 23-year-old's first time to make the list. He is report...More

Why Are Korean TV Channels Hard to Find Abroad?

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More and more Koreans travel abroad, and many of them wonder why there are no cable TV channels like the BBC or CNN they can watch there in their own language. Even in Asia, where Korean soap operas are hugely popular, Korean channels are rare. Experts say exporting popular programs like "Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace)" is one thing and establishing a Korean channel overseas quite another, since it is much harder generating demand for a TV channel than for an individual program.

◆ Japan The KBS drama "Winter Sonata" became mega hit in Japan, creating craze for its leading actor Bae Yong-joon, who is affectionately known as Yonsama there. This led to increasing interest in Korean TV programs. But Korea's English broadcaster Arirang TV has yet to enter the Japanese cable TV market, although it started overseas operation in 1998. However, KBS World started broadcasting there ...More

Embassy Culture Center Reopens in Beijing

Source | 2007/03/22 | Permalink

The Korean Embassy in Beijing has reopened its cultural center at a different location after undergoing cutting-edge renovation.

At the opening ceremony, center Director Park Young-dae said that his organization will promote the friendship between two countries that share a two-thousand year history of cultural exchanges. This year marks 15 years of bilatera...More

"The Host" Tops Asian Film Awards

Source | 2007/03/21 | Permalink

South Korea's monster flick "The Host" has dominated Hong Kong's inaugural Asian Film Awards after winning four awards out of its five nominations.

The movie, directed by Bong Joon-ho, won the Best Film, Best Cinematographer and Best Visual Effects awards while the movie's star, Song Kang-ho, beat fellow Korean idol Jung Ji-Hoon, better known as ...More

'The Host' Tops Chinese Box Office for 2nd Straight Week

Source | 2007/03/20 | Permalink

Korean blockbuster monster movie "The Host" has topped the Chinese box office for a second straight week.

The film directed by Bong Joon-ho has raked in some nine-point-two million yuan --- about one-point-one billion won --- in ticket sales since its release in China on March eighth.


Director Hong Sang-soo Honored at Argentine Film Festival

Source | 2007/03/19 | Permalink

Director Hong Sang-soo has won an award at the 22nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival for last year's "Woman on the Beach".

According to the organizing committee of the Pusan International Film Festival, the Korean filmmaker took best director honors at the Argentine film festival, which ended Sunday.

Following the domestic release of "...More

"The Host" Draws Positive Reviews in U.S.

Source | 2007/03/13 | Permalink

Korea's blockbuster monster flick, "The Host", is emerging as a major hit in the United States after raking in 320-thousand dollars since its debut in American theaters on Saturday.

After three days in theaters, the movie directed by Bong Joon-ho ranks 39th out of the some one-hundred films that have opened in American theaters this year.

The bloody action tale of an army of Spartans entitled "300" topped the list in terms of profit after earning some 76 million dollars since it opened Saturday.


Korean Movie 'The Host' to be Released in US

Source | 2007/03/02 | Permalink

The nation's all-time box office hit "The Host" will screen in U.S. theaters on March ninth.

U.S. distributor Magnolia Pictures said on its home page that the Korean film directed by Bong Joon-ho will first screen at 68 movie theaters in California and New York. The distributor plans to follow a platform release strategy, increasing the number of theaters to 122 by May fourth.

Several other Korean movies have found their way to American theaters in the past few years.

Director Kim Ki-duk's "...More

NY to see Array of Korean Cultural Events in '07

Source | 2007/02/21 | Permalink

Various Korean cultural events will take place in New York this year with special thanks to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Seoul's Culture and Tourism Ministry designated 2007 as the year for Hallyu, or the "Korean Wave", in New York with programs aimed at introducing Korean culture to New Yorkers.

Under the plan, a Korean art exhibition at South Korea's U.N. Mission will continue through November...More

Record Submissions to Jeonju Film Fest

Source | 2007/02/20 | Permalink

The Jeonju International Film Festival organizing committee says a record one thousand-35 films have been submitted for this year's fest. Submissions are up 17 percent from last year's eight-hundred-88.

Six-hundred-60 Korean and thr...More

Film Director Park Wins Award in Berlin

Source | 2007/02/18 | Permalink

Director Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" has won the Alfred Bauer Prize for science fiction comedy at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The award is named after a famous German director of photography and is one of the festival's eight major awards given...More

Korean Animation Rep. Apply for IP Rights in China

Source | 2007/02/13 | Permalink

Domestic animation, game character and media products industry representatives will apply for copyright protection in China.

Korea's Copyright Commission for Deliberation and Conciliation said Tuesday that it was cooperating with its Chinese counterpart to apply for copyrights on some 70 products including the animation "Dooly, the Little Dinosaur", the character "Pucca", and the drama series "Gung(...More

Chinese Blast 2 Historical Korean Dramas

Source | 2007/02/04 | Permalink

Chinese have criticized two Korean TV dramas about the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo.

The Chinese government has banned the airing of "Taewangsashingi" ("The Legend") and "Jumong", both of which deal with sensitive historical issues between China and the two Koreas. China has also blocked all media reports on the two dramas.

The Hong Kong newsweekly Yazhou Zhoukan said Chinese viewers have criticized Jumong -- a drama about th...More

Korea Plaza Opens in Guangzhou

Source | 2007/01/26 | Permalink

A Korean public relations center has opened in China's southern city of Guangzhou.

The Korea Tourism Organization said that the Korea Plaza which opened on Friday in the economic hub of southern China will provide comprehensive information on Korea's traditions, ...More

Korean Stars to Headline Benefit Concert

Source | 2007/01/04 | Permalink

Korean movie stars and singers will appear on January 23rd at a massive benefit concert in Osaka to raise funds for the International Vaccine Institute.

Stars taking part in the event are actors Song Seung-heon and Jung Joon-ho and singer Kangta, along with music groups SG Wannabe and Shinhwa.

The benefit concert is expected to draw some 30-thousand Japanese fa...More

'Convergence' to Continue Media Dominance This Year

Source | 2007/01/03 | Permalink

The "convergence of broadcasting and communications" has been cited as the most significant keyword that will dominate the media world this year, according to a survey of 100 experts by the Future and Media Institute from Dec. 5 through 18.

The institute's monthly magazine Future and Media said that 21.7 percent of the respondents cited "broadcasting and communications convergence" as a media keyword for this year.

Others on the top 5 list included "presidential election" with 12 percent, "use...More

Korean Singer Star Holds No.1 Song in China

Source | 2006/12/29 | Permalink

Chinese Internet users chose a song from a Korean TV series sung by rising Korean singer Star as the best song from an OST.

In a survey on Korean pop culture, Chinese respondents voted "I think I", the theme song of the Korean TV series "Full House", as the No.1 theme song of the year.

Conducted on some 50 thousand Chinese Internet users from September 29 to December 10 by KBS World together with China's largest p...More

WSJ: Korean Film Booms Despite Lower Screen Qta.

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The Wall Street Journal says the South Korean film industry boomed this year despite fears over a decrease in the screen quota.

The South Korean government decided in July to ease a regulation on how much screen time was devoted to domestic movies from one-hundred-47 days to 73 days a year.

The daily said that, although domestic filmmakers and actors feared Hollywood would crowd them out, a record one-hundred-ten Korean movies screened this year, up from 87 last year.


Classic Animated Film to Hit Theaters

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The domestic animated film "Robot Taekwon V" will return to Korean theaters on January 18th.

Released in 1976, the popular old-time film is known to have been lost in its original version but a copy was found at the Korean Film Council storehouse in 2003.

The council and film agency Shincine hired five thousand technicians to digitally restore ...More

Korean Wins Grand Prize at Int'l Cartoon Fest

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Korean cartoonist Oh Young on Friday won the grand prize of an international humor cartoon festival in Italy for his work, "Mona Lisa's Smile".

The annual International Festival o...More

CCTV to Air Joint Drama Series from Sat.

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China's largest public broadcaster CCTV will begin airing a drama series jointly produced by South Korea and China from Saturday.

Most of the 20 episodes in the serial drama were filmed in Yanji, the capital of Yanbian, the autonomous prefecture of Korean Chinese in China's Jilin Province.

Shedding light on the ties between Koreans and the Kore...More

University Film Festival to Be Held in Seoul

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A film festival for aspiring filmmakers at the university level will be held in Seoul for four days from December 26th.

Student films from some 60 universities nationwide will be presented, along with works by major overseas film schools. Included in the selection will be student category prizewinners from the Cannes Film Festival.

Director ...More

KBS, TVN of Chile Sign Broadcast Agreement

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KBS has signed a broadcast cooperation and exchange agreement with Chile's public broadcaster TVN.

Chilean Ambassador to Korea Adolfo Carafi on Tuesday visited the KBS headquarters to exchange copies of the agreements signed by KBS President Jung Yun-ju.

Under the agreement, the...More

Asian TV Awards Pick SBS as Best Channel

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The 2006 Asian Television Awards have granted Best Channel honors to South Korea's terrestrial broadcaster Seoul Broadcasting System.

SBS garnered multiple honors at the 11th annual awards ceremony in Singapore hosted by that country's Television Asia. The broadcaster's docu...More

Two KBS Programs Tops at Asian Television Awards

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Two television programs produced by KBS have won top prizes at the Asian Television Awards 2006.

At an awards ceremony in Singapore on Thursday, KBS's "...More

Japanese Flock to Jeju to See Korean Stars

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Japanese fans of Korean actor Bae Yong-joon are flocking to Jeju Island to catch a glimpse of the movie star whom they have affectionately dubbed "Yonsama".

According to the organizing committee for the Hallyu Expo in Asia, the first group of one-hundred-83 Yonsama fans arrived in the southern resort Monday afternoon by charter plane...More

Korea Dominates Asia-Pacific Film Festival

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Korean films have won the most awards at the 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival in Taiwan.

Actor Lee Jae-eung won the Best Actor award for his role in "Bravo, My Life" ("Mommy, Dearest"), while Best Actress was Son Ye-jin for...More

'King' Win Honors at Cape Town Film Fest

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One of the nation's all-time highest grossing movies "The King and the Clown" was awarded Best Picture and Best Screenplay at this year's Cape Town World Cinema Festival, which ended Monday in South Africa.

It's the first Korean movie to compete at the festival, which is the largest in Africa.

Other Korean films, "A Bittersweet Life" by Kim Jee-woon and "...More

Korean Cultural Center Opens in Hanoi

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The nation opened on Saturday a cultural center in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, its first in Southeast Asia.

First Lady Kwon Yang-suk attended a dedication ceremony for the center, whose opening coincided with the start of the two-day annual leaders' meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member countries.

The three-story complex features various facilities including an exhibition hall, a library, a classro...More

Successful KBS Cultural Promo in NY

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The Korean Broadcasting System held a promotional screening of its programs in New York Thursday with much fanfare.

Hit KBS drama series such as "Winter Sonata" and globally recognized documentaries were presented.

The vice chairman of the International...More

'S. Korea Broadens its Global Cinema Market Share'

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The Los Angeles Times says the nation's film industry is broadening its share of the world cinema market, reliving the glory days of Hollywood 30 years ago.

In a special report, the daily said that a South Korean horror flick, "The Host", was set to debut on the U.S. market. The movie about a mutant creature in Seoul was seen by over a quarter of South Korea's population.

The report said major American filmmakers have bought remake rights to several South Korean films including ...More

Annual Market Share of Domestic Films to Hit 60%

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The average annual market share of domestic movies will likely surpass 60 percent this year.

Theater chain CJ CGV said Monday that domestic films commanded an average market share of 62 percent for the first ten months. The chain projected that the average for the year would easily top 60 percent even if the remaining two months falter.

It would set a new high for the Korean film industry. As recently as 1998,...More

Gov't, Paris Sign Pact on Joint Film Production

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Culture Minister Kim Myung-gon has sealed a film co-production agreement with his French counterpart on Friday.

The agreement signed with visiting French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres came after three years and five months of discussions between film-related officials of the two countries, following up on a 2003 verbal bilateral agree...More

Ex-Culture Minister Gets Highest French Honor

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Film director, novelist and former Culture Minister Lee Chang-dong will receive France's highest decoration, the Legion of Honor.

The French Embassy in Seoul said Friday that Lee will be granted th...More

The Times Exclusive Hails Korean Culture

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The British daily The Times has printed a twelve-page exclusive on Korean culture describing how the country has blossomed culturally after shedding its authoritarian past through democratic reforms.

Noting how South Korean music and cinema has influenced all of Asia and that Korean films have triggered explosive interest in Britain, The Times predicted that Korean pop music would follow suit.

The paper also profiled the singe...More

11th PIFF to Open in Pusan Thursday

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The eleventh Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is set to kick off late Thursday in the port city.

The festival which organizers say is the most prestigious movie festival in Asia, will open with the screening of "Trace of Love" by Kim Dae-seung.

During its nine-day run through October 20th, a total of two-hundred-45 films f...More

Korean Films Hit New Market Share Record

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The Korean film industry's share of the domestic market reached a record high last month.

According to a survey by CGV, the nation's top movie theater franchise, local productions dominated 82-point-seven percent of September's domestic box office sales, breaking the previous record of 81-point-eight percent set in February 2004.

Japanese films took seven-point-three percent of the domest...More

KBS TV Drama Wins Global Recognition

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KBS to Air US Series 'Commander in Chief'
A South Korean feature drama "Säya Säya" has won the grand prize for TV dramas, movies and mini-series at the 58th Prix Italia—an international TV program festival.

KBS announced Monday that its high-definition TV drama won the highest honor at the oldest and mo...More

Korea Center Opens in Los Angeles

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The Korea Center has opened in Los Angeles to promote Korean culture, tourism and information technology in the United States.

The new facility will serve as a home to representatives of the Los Angeles Korean Culture Center, the Los Angeles office of the Korea Tourism Organization, and the Korea Culture and Content Agency.

The opening ceremony was attended by Culture and Tourism Minister Kim Myung-gon, Los...More

KBS World to Begin Cable Service in Japan

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Beginning next month, Japanese television viewers will be able to enjoy KBS World on cable TV.

KBS Japan and Jupiter Telecom, Japan's number-one cable TV provider, agreed on Thursday to include KBS World in Jupiter's basic digital package starting October 1st.

The move follows the launch in March of KBS World in the Japanese market through Japan's largest commer...More

Chinese Netizens: KBS among Top 10 Firms

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The Korean Broadcasting System has made the top ten favorite Korean companies of Chinese netizens.

Domestic firms Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor and LG also made the list in a survey of 15 million online users from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The ten most influential entrepreneurs included Korea Football Association President Chung Mong-joon, Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee, Kumho Asiana Chairman Park Sam-koo and SM Entertainment President Lee Soo-man.

The most influential South Korean celebrities included singer Rain, actor ...More

Film Director to Create 50 Bln Won Movie Fund

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The director said that the so-called "Kang Woo-suk Fund", will help quality small-scale movies reach a wider audience in various ways. He regretted that, although more than a hundred films are produced each year, many do not make it to the screen due to lack of support.

A five-m...More

Average Korean Film Production Cost W4 Billion

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The average feature film cost almost four billion won to make last year.

According to the Korean Film Council, film production costs averaged three-point-92 billion won last year, nearly double the cost of two-point-one-five billion won in 2000.

Some 21 movie...More

"The King" up for Academy Nomination

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The domestic blockbuster "The King and the Clown" will vie for the honor of Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Academy Awards in the U.S.

The Korean Film Council says its selection of the "The King" for submission to the Academy had more to do with its chances of win...More

PIFF to Show 245 Films from 63 Nations

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The film "Trace of Love" by Kim Dae-seung and "Crazy Stone" by Chinese director Ning Hao have been selected to open and close the eleventh Pusan International Film Festival opening on October 12th.

In a news conference Wednesday, the organizing committee said that two-hundred-45 films from 63 countries will be scr...More

KBS, Azerbaijan's ITV Sign Broadcast Agreement

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KBS has signed a broadcast cooperation and exchange agreement with Azerbaijan's public broadcaster ITV.

Under the agreement signed in Paris Tuesday, the two sides will pursue active exchanges of personnel, broadcasting and programs.

KBS has also agreed to export to the stati...More

Director Kim Ki-duk's "The Bow" to Screen in Japan

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Director Kim Ki-duk's 2005 film "The Bow" will screen in Tokyo on Saturday after a disappointing run in Korea last year.

The movie portrays the love between an old man and a young girl who live on an old ship docked near a desolate isle. The man makes his living off fishermen as he struggles to protect the girl from their lewd advances.

The title refers to a bow the old man uses to ward off the fishermen and to play music for th...More

Three Films Vie for Foreign Film Oscars

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Three local films will compete to represent Korea in the 2007 Academy Awards category for Best Foreign Language Film. They are "The King and the Clown", "The Host", and "Time".

The Korean Film Council said Friday that the makers of the three fil...More

'The Host' Boosts Market Share of Domestic Movies

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The blockbuster film "The Host" significantly boosted the market share of domestic movies last month.

Theater chain CGV said Wednesday that domestic films accounted for 77 percent of the market last month, up 28 percent from 49 percent in July.

In addition, the total number of viewers during the ...More

'The Host' Smashes Box Office Record

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The blockbuster film "The Host" is the country's new all-time box office champion, as it broke 12.3 million in the number of tickets sold Saturday.

The movie's distributor said Sunday that on the 38th day of its release, the monster hit surpassed "...More

Korean Film-Only Theater in Japan Postponed

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Korea has postponed until January 2007 a plan to open a theater exclusively for Korean films in mid-October at Image Forum Theater Sibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

According to the Korea Film Council on Friday, the plan was delayed because an international film festival will be held in Tokyo at the same time and because a Japa...More

KBS, MBC Dramas Win in Seoul Drama Awards

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 13:30:31

Two TV drama series produced by MBC, "My Lovely Samsoon" ("My Name is Kim Sam-soon") and "Princess Hours" have received top prizes in the category of mini series drama.

In the first Seoul Drama Awards on Wednesday, "Emperor of The Sea" by KBS won two awards in the series and feature drama and c...More

KBS World Advances into Southeast Asian Market

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KBS World has advanced into the Southeast Asian market.

The network has recently signed an agreement to broadcast its programs via Central Cable TV, the largest cable TV service provider in the Philippines.

About a million households and hotels in the country will have access to KBS p...More

"The Host" Expected to Become Box Office Hit in Japan

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The popularity of Korean blockbuster movie The Host will likely go across the Korea Straits.

According to a survey of 12-thousand-753 Japanese Internet users by Yahoo! Japan and Asahi TV, The Host won two-thousand-449 votes, or 20 percent of the total respondents, ranking first among the films to open on September 2nd that Japanese moviegoers want to watch the most.

The film wil...More

Korean-Made Animation to Be Exported Abroad

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Korean-made digital animation "Bbaekkom" will be exported to 15 countries in Europe and America.

Education channel EBS said Thursday that it signed a contact with 15 broadcasters in the regions to sell the rights to air the animati...More

PIFF Awards Foreigners for Promoting Korean Films

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The organizing committee of the Pusan International Film Festival has awarded a Swiss and a Japanese official for their efforts to promote Korean cinema.

One awardee is Martial Knaebel, the French art director of Switzerland's Fribourg Film Festival who showcased Korean films and documentaries every year at the fest. The other is former senior official of Japan's Agency for Culture Affairs Ken...More

Daegu to Host Int'l Amateur Film Festival

Source | 2006/08/09 | Permalink

A United Nations agency for amateur filmmakers will hold an annual convention and a film festival in Daegu late this month.

According to the Daegu city government, the International Union of Non-Professional Cinema, also known as UNICA, will hold the event for nine days from August 26th.

Non-professional filmmakers from 40 member countries of UNICA wi...More

"The Host" Draws Six Million in Record Time

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A domestic move The Host has sold six million tickets quicker than any other Korean movie in domestic film history.

According to the film's distributor, Showbox, Monday, the film has attracted six million viewers in the first eleven days since its release, outperforming the previous record set ...More

Korean Pop Culture Spreads to Paraguay

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Korean pop culture is gaining popularity in the South American country Paraguay.

Paraguayan broadcaster Red Guarani decided to air hit the television series "Winter Sonata" on prime time—5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays—starting from this coming Saturday.

The nation's ambassador to Paraguay projected the popularity of Korean pop culture or the so-called Hallyu Korean Wave will spread nationwide in Paraguay when the drama series airs.

Red Guarani said Paraguayan viewers were excite...More

Korea's Film Market World's 9th Largest

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A state film council said Thursday that Korea is the world's ninth-largest film market. In addition, its market share of domestic films is the fifth-biggest in the world.

According to the Korea Film Council, Korea ranked ninth in the world both in the size of its movie market and box office revenue, after the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and A...More

Movie 'The Host' Draws Global Attention

Source | 2006/07/27 | Permalink

Director Bong Joon-ho's new movie The Host is drawing global attention.

The movie that was highly praised by critics at Cannes Film Festival in May has been invited to the 39th SITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia, the 31st Toronto International ...More

Filmmakers' Protest over Screen Quota to End Sunday

Source | 2006/07/26 | Permalink

Actors, directors and other film industry representatives will end on Sunday their 30-day overnight sit-in protest over the government's decision to halve the nation's screen quota.

The demonstrators are planning to hold a rally on Saturday and Sunday evening together with ordinary citizens to urge the government to withdraw its decision....More

KBS Drama Picked as Best Drama in 2006

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The Korean Broadcasters Association has announced a list of 25 TV and radio programs that are due to receive the Korean Broadcasting Award this year.

The association said Thursday that a TV series produced by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) depicting the life of a naval hero Yi Soon-shin will be receiving the awa...More

Daejong Film Festival to be Aired in Ten Asian Countries

Source | 2006/07/20 | Permalink

The 43rd Daejong Film Festival is set to be aired in ten Asian countries.

According to the organizers of the prestigious event, the ceremony will be viewed by audience in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Myanmar.

This year's ev...More

Domestic Film Tops Box Office

Source | 2006/07/18 | Permalink

A domestic movie "Hanbando" meaning "Korean Peninsula" has topped the nation's box office which has been dominated by Hollywood films since the release of the Tom Cruise studded "Mission Impossible 3" in early May.

The much-anticipated film directed by Kang Woo-seok sold some three-hundred-20-thousand tickets at about one-h...More

Domestic Movie Invited to Swiss Film Festival

Source | 2006/07/17 | Permalink

An independent film, "Last Dining Table" by South Korean director Teddy Roh has been invited to the Locarno International Film Festival.

The Pusan International Film Festival said Monday that Roh's movie will be screened before an audience in the "Play Forward" section—the Swiss festival's new sidebar to host some of the more radical works in audiovisual experimentation and creativity.

During the film festival ...More

Domestic Screen Quota Set at 109 Days

Source | 2006/06/29 | Permalink

The domestic screen quota, or the number of days that the nation's theaters must show homegrown movies, will be 109 days this year.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry on Thursday said it gave domestic films two-fifths of the possible screening days in the first half, or 73 out of 182 days, and a fifth in the second half, or 36 out o...More

KBS Broadcasts to Begin in Middle East

Source | 2006/06/23 | Permalink

KBS World will use Arabsat, a satellite which covers the Middle East, to promote the spread of Korean pop culture throughout the Arab world.

The overseas satellite arm of Korean Broadcasting System said Friday that service will start Monday to about 20 million households in 22 Middle Eastern countries.

'Quota Cut to Hurt Domestic Films' Share'

Source | 2006/06/21 | Permalink

The majority of domestic Internet users expect the market share of South Korean movies to fall after the screen quota is halved from July 1st.

Web movie ticket seller Maxmovie on Wednesday said 40 percent of 3,833 Internet users polled last week believe domestic movies will see their market share decline within a year after the quota cut....More

Puchon Film Festival to Open in July

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The 10th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will open on July 13th in the western Seoul suburb of Bucheon.

The festival's organizing committee in a news conference Tuesday said it will screen 251 films from 35 countries during the week-long event.

This year's curtain raiser is South Korean director Jeon Gye-soo's "The Ghost Theater". Edmond Pang Ho Cheung of Hong Kong will end the festival with his film "Isabella".


Washington Post Hails Movie 'Typhoon'

Source | 2006/06/03 | Permalink

A Washington Post film critic has hailed the South Korean movie "Typhoon" as very Korean as well as universal.

In the daily's Saturday edition, Stephen Hunter said the movie deals with loss, pain and a sense of insignificance shared by Koreans but is vivid enough to have a universal appeal.

He compared the two ...More

KBS World to Sign Transmission Contract with Thai Network

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According to KBS on May 23, KBS World, KBS's overseas network, will transmit programs in Thailand.

As such, KBS World will sign a program transmission contract with 213 nationwide cable service operators in Thailand on May 26.

In accordance with the contract, about 900,000 Thai homes that are subscribers to cable services can watch KBS World programs on ordinary channels without paying additional fees, starting as early as early June. Thai cable service operators will receive KBS World programs via international satellite and transmit them to their local subscribers through th...More

Cannes Backs Anti-Quota Cut Protests

Source | 2006/05/22 | Permalink

The steering committee of the Cannes Film Festival is supporting South Korean protests against the planned screen quota cut in July.

In a board meeting Sunday in the French city, the committee in a news release said it unanimously voted to support the protest.

A group of South Korean actors, producers and directors oppos...More

Hyundai, MBC Form Equity Fund for TV Series

Source | 2006/05/19 | Permalink

Hyundai Securities and broadcast network MBC will jointly create a private equity fund for investment in a joint TV series with China.

A Hyundai source on Friday said the fund will go into a series that MBC and Chinese partner E&B Stars will co-produce by year's end for dist...More

ABC to Air Documentary on Singer Rain

Source | 2006/05/09 | Permalink

Pop superstar Rain says the American Broadcasting Corporation will produce a documentary on him.

In New York Monday to attend Time magazine's event for its top 100 list of the most influential people in the world, Rain said ABC executive producer Rudy Bednar...More

3 Ethnic Koreans Make Time's 100 List

Source | 2006/05/01 | Permalink

Three ethnic Koreans have made Time magazine's list of the world's 100 most influential people: pop singer Rain, Dr. Kim Jim Yong and golf sensation Michelle Wie.

Time in its latest edition said Rain has ridden the crest of the Korean pop culture wave thanks to his angelic face, killer body and Justin Timberlake-like dance moves.

As the first Asian musician to hold a solo concert in New York's Madison Square Garden, the singer will release an English-language album this fall. He will also fly to New York next week to attend the magazine's top 100 event at Lincoln Center.

In a separate online poll by Time last week, Rain was ra...More

Singer Rain Ranked World's No. 2 Artist

Source | 2006/04/26 | Permalink

Time magazine has ranked the singer Rain second on its list of the world's 100 most influential people.

The weekly in its latest edition said Rain last week received 28 percent of online votes in the "Artists and Entertainers" category, behind only Oscar-winning film director Ang Lee.

Actor-turned-filmmaker Clint East...More

Domestic, U.S. Films Dominate Theaters

Source | 2006/04/19 | Permalink

The majority of movies shown at the nation's theaters are either domestic or American.

The Korean Film Council on Wednesday said its recent report showed three-fourths of 77 movies screened in domestic theaters in the first quarter were either domestic or American productions.

In Seoul, 96 percent of moviegoers went to see domestic or American movies.

Among the s...More

Actor Bae to Appear in Japanese Textbook

Source | 2006/03/30 | Permalink

A photo of actor Bae Yong-joon will appear in a Japanese high school textbook on geography.

The Japanese Education Ministry on Thursday said it will insert in spring next year a photo of Bae's arrival at Tokyo's Narita International Airport in November 2004 with an airport-record 3,500 fans greeting him.

The book's editor said a revised domestic ...More

Pop Culture Drawing More Female Visitors

Source | 2006/03/29 | Permalink

The number of foreign women who visited the nation was found to be on a continuous rise thanks to the high popularity of Korean pop culture.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization Wednesday, female travelers accounted for 44 percent of total foreign tourists last year. That's higher than the 42 perc...More

Korean Culture Festival to Open in Shanghai

Source | 2006/03/29 | Permalink

A Korean culture festival is scheduled to open in the Chinese city of Shanghai this summer.

Jointly organized by the China Cultural Center in Seoul and the Shanghai Film College, the event will run from September 15th to the 22nd and will include a Korean film festival, exhibitions,...More

KBS, Uzbekistan to Sign Cooperation Pact

Source | 2006/03/24 | Permalink

Korean Broadcasting System on Monday will sign a cooperation agreement with Uzbekistan's public broadcaster.

KBS on Friday said the Uzbek network made the proposal ahead of Uzbek President Islam Karimov arrival in Seoul Tuesday for a state visit.

Signed by KBS President Jung Yun-joo and an Uzbek Foreign Ministry off...More

Minister Nominee Nixes Quota Cut Review

Source | 2006/03/23 | Permalink

Culture and Tourism Minister-designate Kim Myong-gon opposes a review of the planned cut in the domestic screen quota.

In a parliamentary confirmation hearing Thursday, Kim said the government prudently decided on the cut and reconsideration will only trigger confusion over state pol...More

Mexican Director Wary of Screen Quota Cut

Source | 2006/03/22 | Permalink

Mexico's leading female movie director says South Korean filmmakers must fight to preserve the domestic screen quota.

In a letter sent to a civic committee dedicated to preserving the quota Wednesday, Maria Novaro warned that the film sector could suffer the same unfortunate fate as Mexico following...More

Culture Firms to Get O'seas Advance Aid

Source | 2006/03/22 | Permalink

The Culture and Tourism Ministry will help domestic companies in the cultural content industry to advance into global markets.

Under a plan announced Wednesday, the ministry has set as its mid- to long-term target ranking fifth in world sales of cultural content by 2010, through higher output of global...More

KBS Drama on Legendary Admiral Honored

Source | 2006/03/10 | Permalink

The KBS historical drama series "The Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin" has won this year's top honor from the Korean Broadcasting Commission.

Series producer ...More

Box Office 'King' Creates 8,200 Jobs

Source | 2006/03/10 | Permalink

The nation's all-time box office leader "The King and the Clown" has created nearly 8,200 jobs during its record-breaking run.

The Korea Culture and Tourism Policy Institute on Friday said its study showed the low-budget historical comedy generated 4,800 jobs in screening and 3,400 jobs in food concessions.

The film on Sunday broke the all-time record by...More

Japan Airing More S. Korean TV Dramas

Source | 2006/03/08 | Permalink

The popularity of South Korean TV dramas in Japan continues to soar through premium satellite channels.

A Korean Broadcasting Institute report said Tuesday that Japanese satellite network BS aired last month nine Korean dramas on five of its channels, up from five dramas on four channels in February last year.

Another satellite broadcaster, CS, aired 55 Korean TV dramas on eight channels, up from 45 last year.

BS Nihon also produced a show on Korean ...More

Korean Pop Culture to Spread to SoCal

Source | 2006/03/08 | Permalink

The popularity of Korean pop culture, dubbed the "Korean Wave", is expected to spread to Southern California.

The festival "Power Korea 2006" will open Monday in Los Angeles for a four-day run featuring top Korean celebrities.

The Los Angeles Korean Cultural Center will screen the blockbuster films "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War" and "Welcome to Dongmakgol"....More

'King' to Open in Japan Next Spring

Source | 2006/03/07 | Permalink

The South Korean box office smash "The King and the Clown" will play in Japanese theaters next spring.

Japanese media on Tuesday said a South Korean and Japanese film agency would engage in the joint distribution -- a first for a Kore...More

Filmmakers Blast Cabinet OK of Quota Cut

Source | 2006/03/07 | Permalink

Filmmakers and civic leaders are fuming over the Cabinet's approval of the cut in the domestic screen quota.

A civic preparatory committee against the quota cut and a free trade agreement with the United States on Tuesday blasted the Cabinet for...More

'The King and the Clown' Shatters Box Office Record

Source | 2006/03/06 | Permalink

The blockbuster film "The King and the Clown" has broken the country's all-time box office record, just 67 days after its release.

Distributor Cinema Service announced that the movie became South Korea's number-one blockbuster after drawing more than 11-point-75 million viewers as of Sunday, overtaking the record of 11-point-74 million held by the 2004 film "...More

Feb. Box Office Receipts Post Sharp Drop

Source | 2006/03/04 | Permalink

Box office revenue in Seoul last month dropped sharply due to the lack of hit films outside of the blockbusters "The King and the Clown" and "Vampire Cop Ricky".

IM Pictures on Satur...More

60% of Theaters to Retain Screen Quota

Source | 2006/03/02 | Permalink

Sixty percent of major theater chains will likely maintain the screen quota at 146 days a year, despite the govenrment's plan to halve the figure to 73 days from July.

In a meeting Thursday, a Seoul theater association including CGV, Megabox and Lotte Cinema told Culture and Tourism Minister Chung...More

Yale to Offer Lectures on Korean Films

Source | 2006/02/28 | Permalink

Yale University will offer lectures on modern South Korean films from spring semester.

Yale professor of Korean Choi Seung-ja said Monday that the lectures will focus on movies produced after the 1960s, including "The Aimless Bullet", "Mother and a Guest" and the recent cult hit ...More

Events to Mark 120 Years of French Ties

Source | 2006/02/20 | Permalink

The nation and France on June 4th will celebrate the 120th anniversary of bilateral ties.

Ambassador to France Ju Chul-ki told a news conference in Seoul Monday that Seoul, Paris and other regions in the two countries will mark the milestone with a number of events.

Attending the annual meeting for South Korean diplomats based abroad, he said France alone w...More

Ethnic Koreans Win Big in Berlin Festival

Source | 2006/02/19 | Permalink

The Berlin International Film Festival this year has honored several ethnic Koreans for their film work.

Composer Peter Kam Pui Tat received Saturday the Silver Bear for Best Film Music for his score in the film "Isabella".

Korean-American director Kim So-yong won the FIPRESCI prize for "...More

76% of Adults Oppose Screen Quota Cut

Source | 2006/02/16 | Permalink

Three quarters of the adult population oppose the planned cut in the domestic screen quota.

In a poll on one-thousand adults commissioned by the National Assembly's Culture and Tourism Committee released Thursday, 68 percent said a cut in or scrapping of the system will hurt t...More

Actor Lee Named Envoy for French Culture

Source | 2006/02/16 | Permalink

Lee Byung-hun is the French Embassy in Seoul's first honorary ambassador to promote French culture.

The embassy on Thursday said the appointment marks the 120th year of bilateral ties wi...More

Six Videos Win Awards at Tokyo Competition

Source | 2006/02/14 | Permalink

Six domestic videos have won awards at an international amateur competition in Japan.

"Family" by Ji Seung-woo received the top prize Tuesday at the Tokyo Video Festival sponsored by JVC.


Berlin Festival Promoting Korean Cinema

Source | 2006/02/13 | Permalink

The Berlin Film Festival has hosted an event to promote Korean cinema and the Asian film market.

Some 400 people including the chief of the festival's organizing committee attended Sunday the event hosted by South Korea's Busan International Film Festival and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

In the opening ceremony, Busan festival president ...More

'50-50 Profit Sharing Needed in Film Industry'

Source | 2006/02/13 | Permalink

The Seoul Theater Association has asked domestic film distributors to accept an equal ratio for profit distribution for foreign films.

The association on Monday said distributors should get half of the profits from foreign movies instead of 40 percent as proposed by the Association of Korean Movie Producers.

The cinema association urged the adoption of the new ratio given shrinking box-off...More

More Than 50% Oppose Screen Quota Cut

Source | 2006/02/13 | Permalink

More than half of the population oppose the government's decision to halve the screen quota from July, supporting the domestic film industry's protest.

In a recent phone survey released Monday, 53 percent said they are against the cut while 33 percent supported it.

The poll by Research and Research was conducted on some one-thousand people ...More

KBS Epic Series 'Emperor of the Sea' to Air in India

Source | 2006/02/13 | Permalink

The KBS historical TV series "Emperor of The Sea" will air in India in March.

KBS on Monday said that it has agreed with Doordarshan Jaipur, a major Indian terrestrial broadcaster, to air the series as the first South Korean TV program in India.

Of the 51 episodes of "Emperor of The Sea", 36 have been dubbed in Hindi...More

Pro-Screen Quota Legislation Sought

Source | 2006/02/09 | Permalink

Filmmakers and lawmakers who support the retention of the domestic screen quota have pledged to seek legislation to protect the quota.

The announcement came Thursday in a news conference held by a filmmakers' and actors' group protesting the planned halving of the quota from July and members of the parliamentary culture and tourism committee at t...More

Overseas Film Shoots Increasingly Seek out S. Korea

Source | 2006/02/08 | Permalink

South Korea is increasingly becoming a hot destination for foreign film shoots.

The Korea Tourism Corporation said Wednesday that filming in South Korea by overseas filmmakers or broadcasters is surging thanks to the increasing popularity of Korean pop culture in Asia and the nation's advanced filming technology.

According to the corporation, more than 80 percent of a new Indian film titled "Gangster-Love Story in Seoul" was filmed on ...More

Film Industry to Get W400 Bln in Subsidies

Source | 2006/02/08 | Permalink

Finance and Economy Minister Han Duck-soo has pledged 400 billion won to develop the domestic film industry.

Han on Wednesday defended the decision to halve the screen quota to 73 days a year from July based on the stro...More

Fans Swarm to See Actor Jang's Solo Protest

Source | 2006/02/06 | Permalink

Over 2,000 fans on Monday swarmed to downtown Seoul to see actor Jang Dong-gun's one-man protest against the screen quota cut.

Around 1 pm Monday, Jang had to leave after just three minutes from Gwanghwamun because a mass crowd of fans and reporters gathered to see him.

An hour later, he resumed his protest in front of the National Ass...More

Singer Rain Makes History in New York

Source | 2006/02/03 | Permalink

Korean pop superstar Rain has become the first Asian singer to hold a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The megastar entertained a crowd of some 5,500 on Friday with his unique dance flavored with Asian martial arts and his powerful voice, winning favo...More

Filmmakers United to Protest Quota Cut

Source | 2006/02/02 | Permalink

Actors and film industry figures have launched a week-long non-stop rally to protest the planned cut of the screen quota.

A committee on protecting the screen quota began the rally Wednesday evening with some 70 people attending, including film director Jung Ji-young, actors Ahn Sung-kee and Jung Jin-young and Korean Film Producers Association President Kim Heong-jun.

Actors and industry figure...More

Think Tank Calls Screen Quota 'Ineffective'

Source | 2006/02/01 | Permalink

A private think tank says the screen quota aimed to protect the domestic film industry has lost its effectiveness.

The Korea Economic Research Institute said Wednesday that large domestic studios that produce and distribute films have led the recent growth of the mov...More

Movie Industry Plans Screen Quota Rally

Source | 2006/01/31 | Permalink

A group of filmmakers and movie industry figures are stepping up efforts to fight the government's planned cut in the domestic screen quota.

A committee on blocking a bilateral free trade pact with the U.S. and protecting the screen quota announced Tuesday that it would launch an all-night relay rally in Seoul for a week from Wednesday.

The committee added that moviemakers would hold a one-day boycott of production activities next Wednesday and stage a massive demonstration in Gwangham...More

NYT: Singer Rain is Pan-Asian Heartthrob

Source | 2006/01/30 | Permalink

The New York Times on Sunday carried a feature on the "pan-Asian heartthrob" singer Rain ahead of his concerts there this week.

Calling the singer the Justin Timberlake and Usher of South Korea, the report said Rain is a "serious and driven performer" who wants to become the first Asian pop star to succeed in America.

Rain will hold concerts at Madison Squar...More

Film Sector to Get W400 Bln in Aid

Source | 2006/01/27 | Permalink

Culture and Tourism Minister Chung Dong-chae says the domestic film industry will receive financial support of 400 billion won over the next five years.

In a news conference Friday, he said the first 200 billion won will come from state coffers from 2007 over two years to raise the industry's competitiveness and foster it as a new core sector.

The government announced Thursday that it will halve the domestic screen quota from July from 146 days a year to 73.

The remaining 200 billion won will come fr...More

Filmmakers Blast Gov't's Film Aid Plan

Source | 2006/01/27 | Permalink

The domestic film industry has blasted the government's follow-up measures on the planned cut of the screen quota.

Committee for the Protection of the Screen Quota Chairman Yang Ki-hwan and other filmmakers hit the Culture and Tourism Ministry's plan to provide subsidies to the movie industry "nonsense" and "insufficient" against the massive capital of Hollywood.

They also said ...More

Filmmakers Pledge to Fight Quota Cut

Source | 2006/01/26 | Permalink

A group of film producers and actors have pledged to fight the planned cut in the domestic screen quota, blasting the move as an "anti-culture coup".

The Committee for Protection of the Screen Quota said Thursday that the government has sought equality and independence in its relations with the United States and ...More

Dutch Media Ranks '3-Iron' 8th Best Film

Source | 2006/01/24 | Permalink

Dutch media have named the South Korean film "3-Iron" by maverick director Kim Ki-duk as one of the top ten screened in the Netherlands last year.

The Dutch daily De Volkskrant and magazine Cinemaga ranked the movie eighth out of 341 films screened in the Netherlands, and 93rd place went to Kim's "...More

'Screen Quota to Remain Unchanged'

Source | 2006/01/21 | Permalink

The Culture and Tourism Ministry says it will maintain the screen quota system to protect domestic movies, denying reports of a possible cut due to U.S. pressure.

Ministry spokesman Moon Jung-suk on Friday said the quota will remain unchanged.

The quota requires the country's theaters to show domestic films for 146 days a year, or 40 percent of their screenings.

The culture mi...More

Official Blasts Film Sector as 'Selfish'

Source | 2006/01/20 | Permalink

Vice Finance and Economy Minister Kwon Tae-shin on Friday blasted the domestic film industry as selfish for resisting a cut in the screen quota.

In a forum Friday, Kwon said domestic movies control as much as 59 percent of the market, adding the Kim Dae-jung administration sought to lower the quota when their share reached 40 percent.

He also said South Korea spends only 100 million...More

Belgian Association Names '3-Iron' Best Film

Source | 2006/01/19 | Permalink

The film "3-Iron" by maverick director Kim Ki-duk has been named the best film of 2005 by Belgium's Film Critics Association.

The movie's overseas distributor Cineclick Asia said Thursday that "3-Iron" is the third South Korean film to win the honor after "Chihwaseon" and ...More

'Korean Wave' to Get Gov't Support

Source | 2006/01/17 | Permalink

The popular wave of Korean pop culture, or "Hallyu," will receive state support in a bid to raise national brand value.

A cabinet meeting Tuesday chaired by Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan discussed measures including more assistance for cultural exports to China and Japan.

Measures will differ according to target market to further promote Hallyu in China and Jap...More

KBS to advance into Japanese satellite television service

Source | 2006/01/14 | Permalink

South Korea's flagship public broadcaster, KBS, will advance into the Japanese satellite television service market in March.

KBS, the country's largest broadcaster and the mother company of KBS World Radio, has gained a permit from Fuji TV's satellite channel Sky Perfect to provide programs.

Under the deal, KBS's major programs will be put in the basic package offered by the Japanese satellite television operator, which has 3.2 million subscribers.

It makes KBS the first non-Japanese network to advance into the country's satellite television market.

KBS's ne...More

April Snow' to Open Vesoul Film Festival

Source | 2006/01/10 | Permalink

Actor Bae Yong-joon's latest film "April Snow" on January 31st will open the Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in France.

"My Right to Ravage Myself" director Jeon Soo-il will also serve as a juror in the festival.

In the Fajr International Film Festival opening Friday in Iran, "A Family" will compete in the international film division and "...More

China Cuts No. of Korean TV Dramas

Source | 2006/01/09 | Permalink

Chinese media this year are apparently seeking to contain the popularity of Korean pop culture by sharply reducing the number of Korean drama telecasts.

China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently said it will cut this year the airtime of Korean dramas by as much as half of last year's.

Since a bilateral row over tainted kimchi imports erupted in August, calls in China are growing to limit the br...More

Culture Minister Reaffirms Screen Quota

Source | 2005/12/29 | Permalink

Culture and Tourism Minister Chung Dong-chae has reaffirmed the need for the domestic screen quota.

On an EBS TV program Thursday, Chung, however, said that though he opposes the outright elimination of the system, several adjustments are possible.

Chung said the government will make an appropriate...More

Chinese Prefecture to Get Korean TV, Radio

Source | 2005/12/27 | Permalink

Korean-language satellite TV and radio from next year will air in China's autonomous Korean prefecture of Yanbian.

The TV channel will air news, foreign programs and Chinese soap operas 16 hours a day with both Korean and Chinese subtitles.

The 24-h...More

Film 'Typhoon' Stays King for 2nd Week

Source | 2005/12/27 | Permalink

The thriller "Typhoon" starring heartthrob Jang Dong-gun has remained the nation's top movie for the second straight week.

The film, the most expensive in South Korean history at 40 billion won, attracted last week 212,000 moviegoers in Seoul...More

Mongolia Hospital Named After Actress Kim

Source | 2005/12/26 | Permalink

A hospital named after popular Korean actress Kim Jung-eun will open in Mongolia.

The Medical Peaceful Foundation said Monday that the construction of the hospital will be completed late this month in...More

Blockbuster 'Typhoon' to Hit U.S. Next Year

Source | 2005/12/20 | Permalink

Actor Jang Dong-gun's new blockbuster film "Typhoon" will hit American theaters next year.

CJ Entertainment on Tuesday said it will have its U.S.-based partner Dreamworks distribute the film in the first half of next year. CJ owns five percent of Dreamworks.

Starring actors Jang and Lee Jung-jae, the film in South Korea drew a record 1.8 million moviegoers in its first wee...More

Film Exports Increase 15% This Year

Source | 2005/12/17 | Permalink

Film exports this year have increased 15 percent from last year to 67 million dollars.

The film production company IM Pictures on Saturday said movies sold to Japan and other Asian countries comprised 80 percent of the exports, with Europe taking 15.5 percent and North America 3.3 percent.

Increasing film exports to South America and Europe have given hope of diversifying the export markets for domestic movies.

Meanwhile, the number of filmgoers in the country this year rose five million from last year to an estimated 135 million.

Domestic films also took up 55.1 percent of the country\'s market, similar to t...More

Much of SE Asia Sees Korean TV Dramas

Source | 2005/12/15 | Permalink

A survey says a large percentage of Southeast Asia's population has seen a South Korean TV drama.

The Korea Foundation for Asian Culture Exchange on Thursday said its poll found some 60 percent of Singaporeans have seen a Korean drama, followed by 44 percent of Malaysians and 40 percent of Thais.

Surveying some 1,500 people in the three countries, the study showed "...More

Domestic Films Take Up Over Half of Market

Source | 2005/12/14 | Permalink

Domestic films have taken more than half of the country's market share for the third straight year.

A survey by theater chain CJ CGV released Wednesday said domestic films took up 54.6 percent of the Seoul mark...More

3 Asian Leaders Discuss Korean Pop Culture

Source | 2005/12/12 | Permalink

President Roh Moo-hyun and the leaders of China and Japan on Monday briefly discussed the popularity of Korean pop culture in Asia.

Ahead of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Plus Three summit in Malaysia, the three leaders met for five minutes after Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's controversial visits to the Yasukuni Shrine led to the demise of this year's trilateral talks.

Koizumi said Korean pop culture, or "Hallyu", is quite ...More

Actor Jang's New Film Attracts Foreign Fans

Source | 2005/12/09 | Permalink

A cadre of foreign fans of actor Jang Dong-gun has come to Seoul for the debut of his new film "...More

Indie Film Festival to Open Friday in Seoul

Source | 2005/12/06 | Permalink

The 31st Seoul Independent Film Festival ( will open Friday at CGV Sangam theater in Seoul.

Presented by the Association of Korean Independent Film and Video and the Korean Film Council, the festival is an annual competition showcasing films in all genres and those that challenge traditional mindsets and provide new vision.

The organizer reviewed 515 films...More

Korean Films Boom in Japan This Year

Source | 2005/12/05 | Permalink

South Korean movies this year have seen their popularity grow in Japan.

In its January issue, Japan's Nikkei Entertainment magazine said even ordinary movie fans in Japan have begun to notice Korean films this year, though Korean dramas primarily have led the boom in Korean pop culture abroad.

The magazine said the Korean films "...More

U.S. Channel to Air Hit Drama 'Winter Sonata'

Source | 2005/12/01 | Permalink

The KBS TV drama "Winter Sonata", which launched the boom of Korean pop culture in Asia, will make its debut on U.S. television.

The Asian-American cable channel Imagine Asian on Wednesday said it will broadcast the miniseries from December 25th and another...More

'Lady Vengeance' Wins Top Film Award

Source | 2005/11/30 | Permalink

Director Park Chan-wook's "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" has won the domestic award for best picture.

At the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards in KBS Hall Tuesday, the movie's lead actress Lee Young-ae also won best actress. Hwang Jung-min won best actor for his performance in "You Are My Sunshine".

The awards are the nation's version of Hollywood's Oscars.

Lim Ha-Ryong was named best supporting actor and ...More

Moscow to Host Inter-Korean Film Festival

Source | 2005/11/30 | Permalink

Moscow will host an inter-Korean film festival next month to mark the 60th anniversary of Korean liberation from Japanese rule.

The Gyeoreh Ilbo, a daily published by ethnic Koreans in Russia, said Wednesday that the festival will run from December 19th to the 21st.

On the schedule are the North Korean films "Girl Selling Flowers", "Empress Chung" and "Hong Kil-dong".

"Hong Kil-dong" is based on a famous 17-century novel about a farmer who fights government corruption and helps the poor. "Empress Chung" is an animated inter-Korean produc...More

Director Kim Wins Italian Film Award

Source | 2005/11/29 | Permalink

Director Kim Ki-duk has won the Vittorio de Sica Film Award in Italy.

The chairman of the award's screening committee on Monday called Kim the "best filmmaker representing the Far East", noting the critical acclaim he has received in Asia and Europe.

The awar...More

Actor Won Reports for Military Service

Source | 2005/11/29 | Permalink

"Korean Wave" star Won Bin on Tuesday reported for duty at a reserve army unit in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

Four hundred of his fans, including 100 from Japan and dozens others from Hong Kong and Taiwan, waited for him at the main gate of the unit to wish him well.

Fan placards had messages such as "Serve well", "Remain healthy in the army" and "We'll wait for you until your return".

The 28-year-old Won will soon take a phy...More

Festival to Feature Films by O'seas Koreans

Source | 2005/11/29 | Permalink

The first Korean Network Film Festival, which will feature works by ethnic Koreans overseas, will open Friday for a two-day run in Seoul.

The 12 films from six nations slated for screening include "That's How We Have Lived", the story of a former sex slave for the Japanese imperial army.

Bae Yeon-seo...More

Actor Jang Earns Almost $7 Mln This Year

Source | 2005/11/26 | Permalink

Actor Jang Dong-gun has earned almost seven million dollars this year.

His agent StarM Ent on Friday said in a regulatory filing that it paid Jang 6.79 billion won in income through the end of October.

Best known for his roles in the blockbuster films "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War" and Friend, the actor earned most of his money from endorsements, including 670 million won from steelmaker POSCO and 610 million won ...More

'Korean Wave to Promote Peace in East Asia'

Source | 2005/11/22 | Permalink

A scholar says the popularity of Korean pop culture, or the "Korean Wave", in Asia will help promote peace in East Asia over the long term.

Sogang University professor Shin Yoon-hwan on Tuesday said in the forum "Korean Wave and Peace Network in East Asia" in Seoul that the Korean Wave has improved the nation's image with its neighbors despite their hostile p...More

'Brothers Grimm' Rules Box Office

Source | 2005/11/22 | Permalink

"The Brothers Grimm" ruled the box office last weekend with 340,769 going to see the Matt Damon fantasy film.

In second place was the domestic martial arts epic "Shadowless Sword" with 280,000 tickets sold.

Third was Jodie Foster's thriller "Flight Plan...More

Gov't, Malaysia Sign Broadcast Agreement

Source | 2005/11/18 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting Commission has adopted a joint statement with Malaysia on promoting bilateral cooperation in broadcasting.

The broadcast commissions of the two nations on Friday agreed to establish an efficient cooperativ...More

'Gov't to Maintain Screen Quota'

Source | 2005/11/17 | Permalink

Culture and Tourism Minister Chung Dong-chae asserts that the government will maintain its domestic screen quota system.

The minister made the comments in a Thursday lecture, adding that President Roh Moo-hyun and Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan are of the same opinion on keeping the quota in place.

Seoul expects Washington to call for a reduction or outright elimination of the screen quota as a prelude to full-fledged t...More

Zaytun Documentary Named Top Military Film

Source | 2005/11/17 | Permalink

A documentary on the country's Zaytun troops in northern Iraq has won the best film prize in the International Military Film Festival in Italy.

The Defense Ministry on Thursday said its defense public relations office produced "Korea Zaytun: Partner in Peace and Reconstruction" about peace and reconstruction activities of the country's troops serv...More

Broadcasting Worldwide 2005 Opens in Seoul

Source | 2005/11/16 | Permalink

An international conference on digital broadcasting has kicked off for a three-day run in Seoul.

Some 80 speakers from 18 countries around the world will attend the Broadcasting Worldwide 2005 event and discuss various industry issues under the theme of "How convergence will shape ...More

Violent Films, Cartoons to Face Regulation

Source | 2005/11/14 | Permalink

The ruling camp will seek measures to regulate movies or cartoons that encourage juvenile violence.

Uri Party lawmaker Jee Byung-moon on Monday said his party and the government agreed on the decision in a policy meeting.

Jee cited the tendency of public school students wearing unifo...More

S. Korea-Japan Film Festival to Open Friday

Source | 2005/11/10 | Permalink

A festival of South Korean and Japanese movies will open in Japan Friday for a three-week run to mark Korea-Japan Friendship Year 2005.

The event's organizers said Thursday that around 30 Korean movies featuring stars such as ...More

2nd Highest Price Paid for Domestic Film

Source | 2005/11/10 | Permalink

A Japanese film importer has paid the second-highest amount for the rights to a domestic movie.

The film's producer, Popcorn Film, said SPO paid 5.4 billion won for the Romantic Comedy "Cheongchun Manhwa" ("Almost Love"), which is still in production, at the annual American Film Market in Santa Monica, California.

The amount is the second highest after the seven million dollars fetched by "More

Actress Wins Award at Bulgarian Festival

Source | 2005/11/07 | Permalink

Actress Bae Jong-ok on Saturday won the best actress award at the Bulgarian Golden Chest Festival for her role in ...More

Gov't Mulling Cut in Screen Quota

Source | 2005/11/04 | Permalink

The government is considering a cut in the domestic screen quota ahead of the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Busan.

Deputy Finance and Economy Minister Park Byung-won told a news briefing Friday that his ministry is discussing with the Culture and Tourism Ministry on reducing the quota, citing the increased competitiveness of domestic films.

The Fi...More

U.S. Daily Calls Actor Bae 'One-Man Corp.'

Source | 2005/11/03 | Permalink

The Los Angeles Times says popular actor Bae Yong-joon, nicknamed "Yonsama" in Japan, is like a one-man corporation worth billions of dollars.

Calling Bae a cultural ambassador who is enhancing his nation's image, the daily on Wednesday cited his massive popularity in Japan sin...More

LAT: Cinema War Flares between US, S. Korea

Source | 2005/11/01 | Permalink

A major U.S. daily says attention will likely refocus on South Korea's screen quota issue when U.S. president George W. Bush visits the port city of Busan later this month to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported on the supposed "cinema war" between the U.S. and South Korea, predicting an imminent reigniting of bilateral tensions over Seoul's screen quota.

The paper said President Bush would likely make strong calls for the removal of the quota system in the name of free trade.

South Korean la...More

Film 'Dongmakgol' Breaks 8 Mln Ticket Mark

Source | 2005/11/01 | Permalink

This year's box office champion "Welcome to Dongmakgol" has sold more than eight million tickets 89 days after opening.

The film's distributor Showbox on Tuesday said the comedic drama drew 8,002,000 moviegoers nationwide as of Monday since opening in August.

The feature debut of director Bae Jong, th...More

Export of KBS Content on Dramatic Increase This Year

Source | 2005/10/28 | Permalink

The export of KBS content has been on a dramatic increase this year.

KBS Media, an affiliate of KBS in charge of the export of KBS content, has tallied the total export volume of KBS content at 24 million dollars (about 24.2 billion won) for the period between January and September this year. This amount is more than double the export volume recorded during the same period last year (about 11.9 billion won).

An official from KBS Media said on Oct. 27, "During the same period this year, it is confirmed that MBC exported content worth 21.8 bil...More

Like Father, Like Son

Source | 2005/10/18 | Permalink

By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

Like physical ability, talent is apparently something that runs in the family, too. This passing on of the gift for acting or singing can be seen this fall in the rush of second-generation male stars dominating both big and small screens.

Kim Moo-saeng (died in February at the age of 62) and Kim Joo-hyuk (33)

When Kim Joo-hyuk played the role of a stuffy assistant teacher on "KAIST" in 1999, he easily could have passed as an extra picked up on the set. Not only was his delivery of lines awkward, his overall performance was just plain bad, critics said. But experience gained on the job eventually led him to landing his first major role as a detective in the 2002 thriller "Say Yes", which he starred alongside Chu Sang-mi and Park Joong-hoon. It wasn't long before critics were writing that he was a chip off the old block, as it was no secret that he was the son of actor Kim Moo-saeng, who passed on last spring. The younger Kim has gone on to take the male lead in "YMCA Baseball Team", "Mr. Handy" and other box office...More

Pusan Film Fest Announces Winners

Source | 2005/10/14 | Permalink

The New Currents Award at the tenth Pusan International Film Festival went to "Grain in Ear", Chinese-Korean director Zhang Lu's tragic tale of a disenfranchised Korean living in China.

In a news conference prior to the Friday evening close of the festival, the event's executive committee announced the list of awarded films.

"The Unforgiven" by ...More

Asia Film Network Launched in Busan

Source | 2005/10/11 | Permalink

The Asia Film Industries Network on Tuesday held its opening ceremony at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Busan.

The network's members include the Korean Film Council, Uni Japan Film, the Federation of National Film Associations of Thailand and Vietnam Media.

Chinese Film Promotion International and the Singapore Film Comm...More

Pusan Int'l Film Festival Opens Thursday

Source | 2005/10/06 | Permalink

The annual Pusan International Film Festival has opened Thursday night in the southern port city of Busan.

The nine-day event kicked off with Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's "Three Times", while Hwang Byeong-kook's "Wedding Campaign" will close the festival on October 14th.

Opening in 1996, this...More

Actress Ko Top Money Earner at KBS

Source | 2005/10/03 | Permalink

Veteran actress Go Doo-shim, famous for playing mother roles, was found to have earned the most money among all actors and entertainers who appeared on the KBS network last year.

The actress earned a little over 373 million won last year, according to a...More

'Japan Prefers Asian Stars to Hollywood'

Source | 2005/09/27 | Permalink

The Los Angeles Times says Japan is increasingly embracing Asian celebrities such as actor Bae Yong-joon over Hollywood counterparts.

In a Tuesday front page article, the daily said Hollywood celebrities, who once commanded endorsement fees of millions of dollars in the 1990s, are seeing waning popularity in Japan.

Busan Film Fest Fever Heats Up

Source | 2005/09/24 | Permalink

Advance tickets for the 10th Busan International Film Festival sold out in 13 hours Friday.

The event's secretariat said 77 ticket offices nationwide sold 72,000 tickets for the general showing of 20 films. In particular, tickets for the opener "Three Times" by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien and closing film "Wedding Campaign" by Hwang Byung-gook were the first to be sold out.

Other coveted tickets were for the closing ceremony and party and the Master Class featuring Iranian filmmaker Ab...More

Inter-Korean Animated Film Opens in NY

Source | 2005/09/23 | Permalink

The animated feature film "Empress Chung", an inter-Korean production, has opened at the French Institute in New York.

The Nelson Shin film is the first joint production between the two Koreas and was made to mark the 60th anniversary of national liberation.


'April Snow' Earns W4 Bln in Japan

Source | 2005/09/21 | Permalink

The film "April Snow" featuring heartthrob Bae Yong-joon has earned four billion won just three days after opening Saturday in Japan.

The film finished second in Japan to the Hollywood remake of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in the number of moviegoers.

Nicknamed "Yonsama" ...More

'Diver Yang' to Open Jeju Film Fest

Source | 2005/09/21 | Permalink

The fourth Jeju Film Festival will open on September 30th with the Korean War documentary "Female Diver Yang".

Directed by Japanese Masaki Haramura, the film is about an ethnic Korean woman, Yang Hee-sung, who lives in Japan and her first visit to her hometown of Jeju Island in 53 years and makes her...More

'Mafia 2' Wins Box Office Honors

Source | 2005/09/20 | Permalink

The domestic gangster comedy "Marrying the Mafia 2: Monster-in-Law" was the top movie during the Full Moon Harvest holidays.

The film attracted 309,783 moviegoers at 97 screens in Seoul over the weekend to remain number one for the second straight week, and has attracted 3.32 million viewers since its release on September 8th.

Second was the remake of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with 1.22 million tickets sold in Seoul and 4.58 million nationwide since its release Thursday.

The nation's biggest hit this year, "...More

Wrestler Movie to Close Tokyo Fest

Source | 2005/09/19 | Permalink

The joint South Korean-Japanese movie "Rikidozan" will close the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival set to open next month.

The film is about the Korean-born wrestler Rikidozan, who was barred from Japanese sumo because of his ethnicity but became a sensation in the United States in the 1950s.

He was born Kim S...More

Hit Film 'Dongmakgol' to Vie for Oscar

Source | 2005/09/16 | Permalink

"Welcome to Dongmakgol", the country's highest-grossing film of the year, is the nation's official entry for Best Foreign Film at the 78th Academy Awards in February.

The Korea Film Council on Friday sai...More

Local Blockbuster to Be Made TV Series

Source | 2005/09/12 | Permalink

Monday, September 12, 2005 12:37:52
Director Kang Je-gyu's 1998 blockbuster "Shiri" may be remade into a TV series.

MK Pictures Producer Shim Jae-myeong said she received an offer for ...More

'Sympathy' Wins Awards at Venice Fest

Source | 2005/09/10 | Permalink

Saturday, September 10, 2005 14:43:22

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", the final installment of director Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy, has won the Young Lion and the Best Innovation ...More

Indifference, Not 'Sympathy', Greets Film in Venice

Source | 2005/09/05 | Permalink

Monday, September 5, 2005 11:21:06

Italian film critics gave director Park Chan-wook's blood-soaked thriller, "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", an average of three stars out of five at the 62nd Venice Film Festival.

According to Italian daily "CIAK", which was published during the festival, the film received as many as four and as little as two stars from the Italian press and movie critics.

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" ...More

Japan to Attract S. Korean Film Shoots

Source | 2005/09/05 | Permalink

Monday, September 5, 2005 14:10:43

Japanese cities are trying to boost their economies by attracting South Korean movie and drama companies to film in their regions.

The Sankei Shimbun on Monday said some 2,300 fans last month flocked to a news conference in Miyazaki by South Korean actor Ryu Si-won.

A Miyazaki tourism official said filming of a South Korean drama...More

KBS World advances into US market

Source | 2005/09/04 | Permalink

KBS World, the international broadcasting division of KBS, has advanced into the U.S. market. KBS announced that the network on September 1 signed a transmission agreement with Echostar, the second-biggest American satellite communication service provider behind Direc TV.

KBS World has been included as one of the basic channels provided by Echostar to its subscribers without an additional fee. The new service will benefit ethnic Koreans living in the U.S. who previously had to pay for premium channels to watch some Korean TV programming. Up to now, KBS has aired in some regions including Los Angeles, otherwise operated a premium channel charging a large additional fee.

In the U.S., the cable TV has been traditionally dominant in the market, but the market share of satellite TV is gradually increasing. Echostar's national basic channel group packa...More

Soap Opera Sparking Korea Tour Boom in HK

Source | 2005/09/04 | Permalink

Sunday, September 4, 2005 16:38:17

The surging popularity of a Korean soap opera has led to a South Korea-bound tourist boom in Hong Kong.

"Dae Jang-geum", named after a Korean medicine woman in ancient times, has reportedly attracted the largest number of television viewers for a single show in the island's history.

In reflection of such popularity, the Korea Tourism Organization said Sunday the number of inbound tourists from Hong Kong rose 33-point-five percent in July to 17-thousand-four-hundred-56 from the same period of last year.

The aggregate number of tourists from January through July is said to have increased 16-point-four percent to 106-thousand-seven-hundred-45 from the previous year's record.

Such an explosive growth during the summe...More

KBS World to Hit All of U.S.

Source | 2005/09/02 | Permalink

Public broadcaster KBS's international satellite service KBS World signed on with U.S.-based cable provider EchoStar Thursday, therefore making it available to American households with subscriptions to basic cable packages as early as this month.

Until now,...More

Seoul Film Festival Opens Thursday

Source | 2005/09/01 | Permalink

The sixth Seoul Film Festival on Thursday began an eight-day run.

The event's homepage said the festival will showcase 175 movies from 24 countries in three categories: imagination, affinity and transformation.

The opening film "World Mirror Cinema: Episodes 1-3" by Austrian director Gustav Deutsch reflects on Europe in the early 20th century, capitalism, and the two world wars.


Six Korean Film Fests to Open O'seas

Source | 2005/09/01 | Permalink

The fifth New York Korean Film Festival will show 15 films between Friday and September 11th under the theme "Truth AND Dare".

In Washington, the South Korean Embassy and the Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art will jointly show 13 Korean films from September 9th through October 20th at the gallery and the American Film Institute.

Korean Film Festival DC 2005 will feature the martial arts comedy "Arahan", the horror flick "A Tale of Two Sisters" and the documentary "Mudang (Shaman)".

In Singapore from September 8th to 15th, a Korean film event will celebrate 30 years of bilateral ties between the city-state and South Korea, with movies like the animated " My Beautiful Girl, Mari", South Korea's second-most popular film this year "Marathon" and eight others.

Coreaction, a Korea...More

'Idol Symbolizes Korean-Japanese Harmony'

Source | 2005/09/01 | Permalink

The news agency said Wednesday that thousands of Japanese women screamed like teenagers over their heartthrob in a concert in Saitama, Japan, to promote his new film "April Snow".

More than 30,000 fans,...More

KBS World Advances into U.S. Market

Source | 2005/09/01 | Permalink

The network on Thursday signed a transmission agreement with Echostar, an American satellite TV service provider.

KBS programs will thus reach 1.85 million U.S. households spanning 5.5 million viewers 24 hours a day as early as this month.

KBS World is one of the free basic channels provided by Echostar to its subscribers.

The new service will benefit et...More

"Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin" gains popularity in the U.S.

Source | 2005/09/01 | Permalink

A famous line from the epic KBS drama "Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin" -- "Don't let the enemy know about my death" -- has earned the series enormous popularity in the United States, where it aired on a satellite TV channel.

Choi Chun-ae, director of the KBS Global Center, held a press conference in the United States on Sept. 1 and videotaped several Chicago residents repeating that line from the series. The people appearing in the video are members of the study group "Chicago Drama in Korea", who say the series helps them improve their Korean-language skills and learn more about Korea.

The group was founded when its members chanced across "Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin" on the Internet and were completely mesmerize...More

'Sympathy' to Compete at Venice Film Fest

Source | 2005/08/31 | Permalink

Director Park Chan-wook's bloody thriller "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" is the country's lone competitive entrant to the Venice Film Festival that opens Wednesday.

Park is vying for another major film award since his cult hit "Old Boy" won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes last year.

"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" completes Park's reveng...More

Free Screenings to Mark Film's Milestone

Source | 2005/08/31 | Permalink

The studio that produced the country's most popular movie this year will show the film free Thursday.

Showbox said each theater nationwide will show the first screening of the comedy "Welcome to Dongmakgol" free to celebrate the film's milestone as the highest-grossing movie of the year.

The movie has attracted 5.5 million fans, beating the previous champ "Marathon" with ...More

Ticket to Film Premiere Fetches 32 Mln Won

Source | 2005/08/30 | Permalink

A ticket to the Japanese premiere of the Korean film "April Snow" has sold for 32 million won on Yahoo! Auction.

A Japanese sports daily on Tuesday said bids for the ticket rose 375-fold in four days amid a flood of other items related to lead actor Bae Yong-joon that were put on auction on the website.

Bae helped fuel Japan's craze for Korean pop culture after starring...More

Int'l Film Body Names '3-Iron' Year's Top Movie

Source | 2005/08/24 | Permalink

The International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI has named director Kim Ki-duk's movie "3-Iron" the year's best film.

Three hundred federation members worldwide cast their votes for films released between August last year and July this year.

3-Iron also earned last year the best director award at the Venice Film Festival and best film award at the Valldolid Film Festival in Spain.

The movie is about an eccentric a...More

Broadcasting Commission Punishes Controversial Programs

Source | 2005/08/12 | Permalink

The Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) handed out its strongest punishment ever to two television programs for airing controversial scenes in recent weeks.

The commission ruled Thursday that the producers of MBC's live music show, "Music Camp", and KBS's sitcom, "Old Miss Diary - Drama", should be disciplined by their respective networks, which were also ordered to make official apologies to viewers. In addition, the offending e...More

'My Name Is Kim Sam-soon' Tops Ratings

Source | 2005/06/24 | Permalink

The MBC drama "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" is recording viewer ratings of 37.7 percent, the highest for a drama this year, AGB Nielsen Media Research said Thursday. The program recorded the same ratings in a survey by TNS Media Korea, topping the year's previous record of 36.2 percent set by KBS weekend drama "Letters to the Parents".

The secret to the success of "Kim Sam-soon" is the blunt dialogue and the popularity with women, who drive ratings, of a protagonist many of them can sympathize with.

Viewers were glued to their sets for Wednesday's episode watching Sam-soon's heartbreak over Hyun Jin-heon (played by actor Hyun Bin)...More

Uhm Tae-woong Scouted by Five Japanese Talent Agencies

Source | 2005/06/22 | Permalink

Actor Uhm Tae-woong may emerge as a next-generation hallyu star, as he has recently been scouted by five Japanese talent agencies. According to Um's agency, representatives of Japanese agencies visited Korea in person and showed great interest in the actor after the first five episodes of the KBS Wednesday-Thursday series "Revenge", in which Um plays twins, aired on national television.

"Representatives from three Japanese talent management agencies have visited us recently, and two other agencies contacted us through their Korean offices. They invited the ...More

Women in Dramas Go to Work

Source | 2005/06/22 | Permalink

Range of Jobs Widens for Female Characters in Popular Shows

By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

An increasing number of Korean women are choosing to pursue careers, regardless of their marriage plans. Heroines of popular television dramas are reflecting this societal change.

These days, the most popular careers for women on dramas seems to be in the culinary field. In MBC's "My Name is Kim Sam-soon", the main character Sam-soon is a pastry chef, while Eun-jae of "Only You" on SBS is the owner of a small Italian restaurant. One of the two protagonists of the MBC weekend drama "Ode To Love" is a cook and a waitress. MBC's "Jewel in the Palace ("Dae Jang Geum")", last year's major hit drama here and in China, tells the success story of a legendary royal cook who overcame social discrimination in the male-dominated society of the Choson Kingdom.

The most popular daily drama, MBC's "Be Strong, Geum-Soon!", features a young widow in her 20s working as an outgoing hairdresser. The SBS special drama "Fashion '70s", also with high viewer ratings in the same timeslot, portrays the passio...More

KBS Television Drama Wins Award at Shanghai TV Festival

Source | 2005/06/16 | Permalink

The KBS drama "Becoming a Popular Song", which was produced to mark the foundation of the Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS), won the Best TV Film Magnolia Award at the 11th Shanghai International TV Festival in the television drama category.

By depicting the life of an ordinary middle-aged housewife, the drama, which aired March 6, sends the message that life is beautiful, albeit childish at times. Produced by Cheong Cheol-kyoo and written by Roh Hee-kyeong, who ...More

'Feature Drama' With English Subtitles

Source | 2005/05/25 | Permalink

As of June 6 international viewers will be able to view "Feature Drama (TV Munhakkwan)," a weekly KBS television program that presents adaptations of famous novels.

State-run KBS's international satellite broadcaster KBS World will air the program every Monday with English subtitles to make the lo...More

'Full House" Sets Viewer Ratings Record in Philippines

Source | 2005/05/24 | Permalink

The KBS TV2 drama "Full House", starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo, has recorded the highest viewer ratings in the Philippines among all Asian television dramas that have been shown in that country since 2003. The Filipino ratings survey agency "AGB Philippines" said "Full House" recorded an average daily rating of 42.3 percent.

"Full House" aired in the Philippines from February to April on GMA, Philippines' ground-wave broadcaster, recording a rating of 30.2 percent for the first episode and reaching 50.5 percent on April 17.

According to AGB ...More

Actress Kim Hye-ja: the Audrey Hepburn of Korea

Source | 2005/05/18 | Permalink

Actress Kim Hye-ja took in her 51st child in Liberia, Africa, on May 5. Her latest child is an eight-month-old Liberian orphan named Kotati.

As a goodwill ambassador of the non-profit Christian relief organization World Vision, Kim has traveled to war and disaster stricken countries like Ethiopia, India and Sierra Leone and sponsored children suffering from hunger and disease. She makes donations every month and visits the children whenever she is available. Where does her boundless love come from?
Creating the Image of a Traditional Mother

Kim became an actress in 1962, signing a contract with KBS while still attending Ewha Women's University. Since then, she has appeared in 90 television dramas including "A Rural Diary", "What is Love", "Two Women", "The Sea of Mother", and "Roses and Bean Sprouts". She has also appeared in 13 plays including "Shirley Valentine", as well as various movies such as "In Late Fall" and "Mayonnaise".

Particularly, Kim created the image of a virtuous and loving traditional mother while appearing in the drama "Rural Diary" for 20 years. We can recall our own affectionate and heart-warming mothers through her.

But she has not built up the image of a mother only on the screen. Kim was reborn as a genuine archetypal mother of our era by traveling through war and poverty-hit African countries and other regions and participating in relief work for 14 years
The First Step toward Africa
Kim Hye-ja first visited Africa in the summer of 1992 after finishing the mega-hit drama "What is Love?" She had received a phone call from World Vision while preparing for a trip to Prague and Budapest with her daughter.

The relief organization ...More

Popular TV Comedy Skit About Migrant Worker Comes to End

Source | 2005/03/13 | Permalink

By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

A popular TV comedy skit featuring the character of a Sri Lankan migrant worker will be laid to rest on Monday, its creator said.

From February of last year, comedian Jung Chul-kyu was portraying Blanca, a Sri Lankan migrant worker, in a five-minute skit on the KBS weekly variety show, "Laughter Club". In the skit, titled "What on Earth Is This!", Jung uses word play and acts out funny episodes that stem from cultural differences.

Earlier days, the skit also satirized Korean employers ill-treatment of foreign workers, including problems with back pay and sexual harassment.

At some point in the skit, Jung would deliver the line "My boss is bad", in slow and awkward Korean, drawing immediate laughter from the audience. The line, along with the skit, became a huge hit last year, with video files of the show being distributed illegally among Internet users. Last December, the 25-year-old comedian won the KBS rookie-of-the-year award.

However, the skit also drew its share of criticism. Presidents of Korean firms employing migrant workers protested to the network about how Jung negatively portrays them. Also, in the third week of the skit, Blanca began talking about his Korean wi...More

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