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Michelle SON, Managing Director of M-Line Distribution

Source | 2011/12/29 | Permalink

Heading up international sales company M-Line Distribution as Managing Director, Michelle SON has in a few short years positioned the company to handle a bulk of deals including foreign remake deals for major local titles. She spoke with KoBiz over the phone about looking beyond feature filmsfor exciting audiovisual content and the importance of facilitating international co-productions...More

"Le Grand Chef" Tops 2nd half of 2007

Source | 2007/12/11 | Permalink

"Le Grand Chef" became the top film of the second part of 2007 when it surpassed the 2.5 million mark in its first month, and went on to accumulate 2.9 million viewers since last weekend. The film is closing in on the 3 million mark, which it should easily surpass, according to an earlier prediction by its production company ShowEast.

The adaptation of Huh Young-man's manwha (comparable to Japanese manga and Chinese manwha) proved to be not only attractive to young women ...More

Rain to Attend CineAsia in Macau

Source | 2007/12/04 | Permalink

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff reporter

K-pop superstar and actor Rain will attend the CineAsia film festival in Macau on Friday.

J. Tune Entertainment, the singer's management agency, said the festival organizer Nielsen Business Media invited Rain to attend the three-day CineAsia Film Festival, which began Tuesday at the Wynn Macau Hotel.

Rain will reportedly receive the Asian Male Star of the Year award at the CineAsia Film Festival, while Chinese actress Tang Wei, who stared in "Lust, Caution", will receive the Asian Female Star of the Year award.


Global Culture Industry Forum Scheduled in Seoul

Source | 2006/10/19 | Permalink

The 3rd Global Culture Industry Forum will be held in Seoul on Oct. 26 and 27 jointly by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) and the Federation of Korean Industries.

The forum will bring leaders of the culture industry from nine nations--including the U.S., Germany, China and Japan--together to talk about the present and future of the cultural content business under the theme of the "New Formula Global Culture: Asian Contents Business + α".

A total of 27 panelists will give pr...More

Cecilia Cheung, Hiroyuki Sanada to Arrive for Preview of Film "The Promise"

Source | 2006/01/06 | Permalink

According to the film distribution agency Showeast on Jan. 5, director Chen Kaige, actress Cecilia Cheung and actor Hiroyuki Sanada will come to Seoul before the new fantasy feature film entitled The Promise starring Jang Dong-gun is released in the country on Jan. 26.

They will attend a press conference along with Jang after watching a preview of the film to be shown at Daehan Cinema on Jan. 19 at 2:00 p.m.

The Promise was produced by Chen to target the global film market. It was already released in Chinese-speaking areas suc...More

Korean Films to Be Promoted at American Film Market

Source | 2005/10/31 | Permalink

A promotion of Korean films will be launched at the American Film Market (AFM) in early November. The AFM, the world's largest trade fair for films, will be held in Santa Monica in the U.S. on Nov. 2-9.

Public and private Korean agencies will proactively engage in the promotion of Korean films at the event by jointly opening a PR hall for Korean films. Such agencies include the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), as well as nine private film distribution agencies.

The AFM is the world's largest trade fair for independent films, where about 500 million dollars' worth of films and TV products are produced and distributed annually. It is held under the sponsorship of the ITFA, a global agency of independent film and TV program producers and distributors. About 7,000 independent film producers from around ...More

"April Snow" sets precedent in Chinese theaters

Source | 2005/10/31 | Permalink

The movie "April Snow", starring actor Bae Yong-joon, will be shown in China with Chinese subtitles at the enthusiastic request of the actor's Chinese fans.

The movie's investor and distributor Showeast said the Chinese distributor of "April Snow" will show the movie with Chinese subtitles at selected theaters. The decision not to dub the movie into Chinese was made because the actor's Chinese fans flooded the firm with requests to allow them to hear Bae's original voice.

"That is quite unprecedented in China, where even Hollywood movies are dubbed into Chinese", said a person from Showeast.

Chinese audiences generall...More

Bae Yong-joon to hold first movie promotion in China

Source | 2005/10/27 | Permalink

Following his exploding popularity in Japan, actor Bae Yong-joon, nicknamed "Yonsama" in Japan, is now set to take China by storm as well. Bae will make his first official visit to China on Nov. 11 along with director Heo Jin-ho to promote the movie "April Snow" prior to its opening in that country.

Bae was invited to China by Huaxia, the local distributor of "April Snow", and Jungbo Media. Dur...More

Poster of 'April Snow' in Japanese version is introduced

Source | 2005/08/25 | Permalink

It maybe makes people wonder why the Japanese version poster of 'April Snow' (directed by Heo Jin-ho, produced by Blue Storm) turns out to be different from the one at home, while the film's love scene of Bae Yong-joon and Son Yae-jin is drawing attention.

The poster opened in Korea shows that Bae and Son are posing for a love scene in a bed.

On the contrary, the Japanese version depicts the two sitting somewhat apart in a bench.

This aims to both female fans in 20's and 30's who tend to prefer melodrama and those in 40's and 50's who love Bae Yong-joon, as Showeast, the distributor of 'April Snow' explained.

More than anything, it is analyzed that the distribu...More

Jang Dong-gun Poised to Take China With 'Promise'

Source | 2005/08/11 | Permalink

Korean star Jang Dong-gun stands poised to take China by storm when The Promise, a pan-Asian production surrounded by massive advance hype debuts on some 500 screens there on Dec.15. "The biggest release ever was for "Hero", which debuted on some 400 screens", co-producer and domestic copyright owner Showeast president Kim Dong-joo said. "That the film is being giv...More

Bae Yong-joon and Son Ye-jin Launch Asian Tour

Source | 2005/06/10 | Permalink

Top stars Bae Yong-joon and Son Ye-jin will tour 10 Asian countries during the August-September period to promote their new movie "April Snow". In a June 9 interview with Star News, CEO Kim Dong-joo of ShowEast, the company that produced the movie, reported that the movie will open concurrently in all 10 countries on Sept. 9.

The promotion tour will include Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, China and Indonesia. Asian fans are already looking forward...More

Korean Movies Enjoy Popularity in Cannes

Source | 2005/05/16 | Permalink

The horror movie "Apartment" by director Ahn Byeong-ki and the movie "Beast", starring Kwon Sang-woo and Yoo Ji-tae, have been sold for a high price at the Cannes market (Marche du Film), which is being held concurrently with the Cannes Film Festival in France. According to Miro Vision, which is in charge of the overseas marketing for "Apartment" (produced by Toilet Pictures and Movie World), the movie was sold to the Japanese film production company Happy Net for slightly less than the US$3 million received for another horror m...More

'Promise' Takes Korea's Jang Dong-gun to the World

Source | 2005/05/15 | Permalink

Jang Dong-gun, the winner of last year's Blue Dragon Award for best leading actor, stepped on the international stage when The Promise by world-famous Chinese director Chen Kaige premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival to a packed house. The promotional party for the pan-Asian fantasy epic on Friday at the Chateau de la Napoule gave guests a 15-minute video sneak preview that triggered a storm of applause from some 300 film distributors from all over the world.

Jang is in the spotlight along with director Chen Kaige and co-stars Cecilia Cheung, Hiroyuki Sanada and Nicholas Tse. Guests said Jang showed international caliber and with his charisma proved himself a perfect fit for the starring role.

Dubbed an Asian "The Lord of the Rings", the epic film of a fateful triangle between legendary ...More

"The Promise" Starring Jang Dong-gun to Be Shown in Cannes

Source | 2005/05/10 | Permalink

The movie The Promise, directed by Chen Kaige and starring Jang Dong-gun, will be shown in Cannes, France, for the first time. According to the movie production company Showeast on May 10, selected scenes from The Promise, starring such top-rated Asian actors as Jang, Hiroyuki Sanada, Nicholas Tse, and Jang Baek-ji, will be shown for about 15 minutes at the 58th Cannes International Film Festival that kicks off on May 11.

Jang will meet with journalists from around the world on May 12, and that same evening will participate in a sales promotion party attended by film marketing and purchasing specialists, along with Sanada, Tse and Jang Baek-ji. The 15-mi...More

Yonsama Fever Rages On Amid Korea-Japan Chill

Source | 2005/03/17 | Permalink

Oblivious to the worst crisis in Korea-Japan relations in the 40 years, the curiosity of Japanese tourists in the grip of the Korean wave continues unabated in the small east coast town of Samchok, Gangwon Province.

Over 100 Japanese tourists have been visiting Samchok a day since last month, when filming of new movie "Outing" starring Bae Yong-joon got under way in the city. Bae, known to his Japanese fans as Yonsama, gave his name to the phenomenon of Yonsama fever with his role in the runaway hit "Winter Sonata".

More than 100 Japanese reporters swarmed Juksoru pavilion on Thursday, when filming was open to the public, part of a contingent of some 200 local journalists and 130-plus reporters from 65 media organizations in e...More

Film preview - "Crying Fist" to Premiere in April

Source | 2005/02/19 | Permalink

Two Ordinary Men on the Brink Fight for Their Lives

By James Noh
Staff Reporter

In the midst of a Korean cinema boom, full of candy-fluff movies and over-stylized action movies, comes a poignant sentimental drama about life and human nature rooted in the everyday man. Hot on the heels of his commercially successful action comedy "Arahan", director Ryoo Seung-Wan brings us a touching story of two men on the brink of mental and physical bankruptcy who decide to fight back against the harsh world one last time.

Presented by ShowEast and produced by Sio Flim in association with Bravo Entertainment, Choi Min-Sik and Ryoo Seung-Beom star in this action drama, set to be released in April of this year. This is one premier you don't want to miss.

"Crying Fist" is a moving film about two men who brave their way through a rough life to come up against each other in one great fight which will decide their destinies. Based on two true stories, Ryoo combines the two tall tales of the once championship winning Hareruya Akira and the amateur boxing champion Seo-Chol into a personal epic of fate and destiny.

Shown through the physical pain of connecting fists, the mental agony of losing loved ones, and the penetrating anguish of realizing the unfairness of life, "Crying Fist" reaches deep into our minds and changes our way of thinking. Breaking away from his regular action portfolio, Ryoo paints a picture of life on the edge seen through the eyes of two ordinary men in extreme hardship with his unique stylish sense to create a human drama that will tug on your heartstrings.

Round 1: Kang Tae-Shik - A washed-up boxing star turned doormat, this is as low as it gets.

Tae-shik, once a silver medalist in the Asian Games, now gets paid to be beaten up in place of others in the middle of the street. Gambling debts and a fire in a factory have consumed everything he has e...More

Rating Board Deems Teen Film Too Adult

Source | 2005/01/04 | Permalink

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

The rating board for local films is finding the content and posters for recent movies about teenagers in sexual or adult situations to be too adult for younger viewers.

The upcoming film "Jenny, Juno" tells of a couple in middle school who give a birth to a baby. Given the taboo nature of its subject, it seemed natural that it got a rating of 18 and over.

However, other recent films about teenagers dealing with the adult situation of marriage, such as "Orin Sinbu (My Little Bride)" and "Yogosaeng Sijibbonaegi ...More

Government to decorate 'Old Boy' makers

Source | 2004/07/26 | Permalink

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said yesterday it will bestow decorations on the director, lead actor and producer of "Old Boy", a hit movie that grabbed the runner-up Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in May.
The honors, which will be awarded Friday, are to recognize the contribution the movie made in the international cinema world, enhancing the image of Korean films and their reputation for artistic quality, the ministry said.

Culture Minister Chung Dong-chea is to confer on director Park Chan-wook, 41, the Bogwan Order of Culture Merit, the ...More