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Air City

Korean Drama | 2007

에어 시티 | Ae-eo Si-ti


Directed by Lim Tae-woo (임태우)

Written by

TV Channel/Platform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

16 episodes


There is a national border that links the Korean peninsula to countries all over the world.
Incheon International Airport.
Tens of thousands of passengers, thousands of tons of freight, and hundreds of airplanes that take off and land at this place. With 30,000 airport employees working to keep the airport open 24 hours a day, the place even has its own mini government as 21 government agencies are located on the airport premises. Airport is more than just an airport: It is a small city. Just like how one airplane part is essential to the safety of the whole flight, every single person who works at Incheon Airport plays an important role in handling the airplane take-offs and landings. “Aircity” is a story about these dedicated people.

A place where loved ones say good-bye or hello. Travelers who are taking trips overseas become excited when they finally reach the airport.
When your plane ticket is processed and board a plane after having a seat assigned to you, then the pilot will navigate the plane to your destination. After your plane lands, you need to go to the exit gates. It looks like a simple procedure that takes little effort. But Aircity will show you what happens behind the scenes as people work hard to make your flight arrive on time without a problem.
The characters of this drama harbor a common goal to establish another aircity in the African continent. The goal accompanies many challenges and the characters overcome those challenges one by one. They are courageous and aggressive when it comes to work but the stories of their love is sometimes difficult, foolish and a bit clumsy. But as much as they are faithful to their passions and dreams, they are always respectful of others. And so they are beautiful.
Aircity will open up a new world to viewers who have only seen TV dramas about airline pilots and stewardesses. The drama will entertain viewers with interesting facts concerning airport operations and also tell moving stories that will touch your heart.
The characters in this TV drama are professional, courageous, and passionate about their work. But in their lives outside of the workplace, they struggle with their personal relationships. But they are sincere people who have a strong sense of duty, which makes them beautiful people.


Han Do-kyung (Female / age: 31) – Actress Choi Ji-woo
Operational chief of the Incheon Airport Authority.
An airport should be a “haven” for passengers.
As head of airport operations, she is in charge of the land operations and airspace of Incheon Airport. With a successful professional career, she can speak 5 different languages and is regarded as an energetic and decisive leader by everyone who knows her.
Though she has an impassive and curt demeanor, she is a warm person deep down.
But she suffers from a deep loneliness due to an unhappy childhood.

With her pretty looks, she appears to be a woman who has had many boyfriends in her life. But the truth of the matter is that she only dated a couple of guys. Her real problem is that she has never felt a deep emotional connection with the men she used to date. She believes that passionate romantic relationships only exist in romance novels and when her friends talk about their heartbreaking love life, she thinks that they are exaggerating their stories.

But one day she finds herself strongly attracted to one man. In her job at the airport, she works in an environment where people are constantly arriving and departing, which makes impossible to have any kind of meaningful connection with people. Therefore, she keeps an arms-length relationship with everyone she meets. But one man appears in her life and shatters her thoughts about love. And that man is someone who she closely works with - a government agent in charge of airport security. After dating and breaking up with Ji-sung, she learns how to come to terms with her own problems and communicate with people around her.

There is an air of camaraderie between Do-kyung and Dr. Myung-woo, who works at the airport ward, but when Do-kyung learns that the doctor used to be Ji-sung’s ex-girlfriend, she finds it very hard to maintain their friendship. Faced with a complicated relationship that includes her close friend and boyfriend, she learns how to be a considerate and caring person.

Kim Ji-sung (Male / age: 33) – Actor Lee Jeong-jae
Government agent in charge of airport security.
The airport is an international border checkpoint.
Though he has a passionate personality, Ji-sung must keep his emotions in check while on the job. As a government agent in charge of airport security, he handles a range of issues such as terrorist threats, industrial spies, drug smuggling, and international criminal rings. With an analytical mind and sharp judgment, he is everything that an agent should be and more. When he thinks he is absolutely right about something, he will break the rules to get the job done.
To achieve a goal, he will use any means at his disposal. With a reputation for disobeying his superiors, he gets himself in frequent trouble.

When he first began working for the government’s intelligence agency, he was a brash young man who liked to crack jokes. After getting injured on one of his missions, he meets a young doctor and falls in love with her. But because of their demanding jobs, they didn’t get married and broke up.

Devastated from the break-up, he volunteers to work on a field assignment in the Middle East. Immersing himself in dangerous work, he tries to block the emotional pain he suffered. When he returns to Korea in 10 years, he meets his ex-girlfriend again and this reopens old wounds. Because he is in charge of airport security, he faces a lot of resistance from different airport divisions on the job but he tries hard to maintain a friendly working relationship with everyone.

He has sharp disagreements with Han Do-kyung, who is the chief of airport operations, but they gain each other’s trust when they undergo a dangerous situation together.
When Ji-sung sees the ever confident Do-kyung have a hard time dealing with her younger brother, he sees a warm side of her personality.
As he becomes close friends with her, he never suspects that Do-kyung was falling in love with him.

Kang Ha-jun (Male / age: 31) – Actor Lee Jin-wook
Team leader of operations at Incheon Airport Authority.
The airport is a “battlefield”

He has a hot temper and a confrontational style. But he is a warm-hearted person as well. He constantly monitors the security cameras around the airport and handles any emergency situation.

At work, he has to keep an eye on the ground area and airspace of the airport at all times. He meets problems head-on and solves them with the sheer force of his personality.
Since he has a demanding job, he is easily irritated and lashes out at people when he is not getting results. Every day, he has overwhelming responsibilities but he thrives in the stressful environment.

He is a strong supporter of Do-kyung but he has a complicated history with her because not only is Do-kyung his immediate boss but they are also childhood friends. In addition, he has had a crush on her for a long time.

He tries to find a way to unravel his complicated relationship with Do-kyung.

Seo Myung-woo (female / age: 31) – Actress Moon Jeong-hee
A doctor stationed at the hospital ward and the former girlfriend of Ji-sung

She is a doctor who is stationed at the airport where she treats patients and is in charge of quarantine procedures. At the ER, she is an experienced doctor who works expertly under pressure but in her personal life, she is a charming woman with a light-hearted personality.

When she was a young doctor, she met Ji-sung, who was one of her patients, and fell in love with him. But due to her demanding job, they eventually parted ways.
When she learns that Ji-sung returned to Korea after spending 10 years stationed abroad, she quits her job at a general hospital and applies for a position at the airport ward, She acts coolly when she meets Ji-sung for the first time in 10 years but deep inside, feelings of love stir within her again.

She would like to change things back to the way they were but it is too late to make things right again.
And Ji-sung now has a new girlfriend called Han Do-gyung in his life. She is a woman who is smart, self-confident and poised in any situation.

Her friendship with Do-kyung becomes complicated since she is still in love with Ji-sung...

Episode guide (12/16 episodes)

Episode 1

In the streets of Hong Kong, NSA agent Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) comes too late
to save agent Young-jae who was being chased by Whang Wei. He is overcome
with grief and rage at the death of his friend and comrade.

In the cabin of an airplane heading to Seoul, Ji-sung deliberately bumps into Whang
Wei and snatches his passport from his inside jacket pocket. Whang Wei steps into
the restroom and after taking out some pills he goes into cardiac arrest. Do-kyung
(actress Choi Ji-woo) tells the stewardess that she is Whang Wei’s fiancée and
would like to stay by his side but Ha-jun (actor Lee Jin-wook), an Airport operations
official, tells her to go through immigrations like the other passengers.

Ji-sung watches Do-kyung as she goes to the transfer section instead of heading
towards immigrations. Do-kyung senses that Ji-sung is watching her. After
confirming which hotel room the drug smugglers are staying at, Do-kyung begins to
become suspicious of Ji-sung. When she passes by airport security guards, she
orders them to arrest Ji-sung. But they arrest both herself and Ji-sung instead...

Episode 2

A code red alert is raised at the airport because of Whang Wei. Ji-sung (actor Lee
Jung-jae) points out that Whang Wei is not a petty criminal who is trying to enter the
country illegally and requests backup from Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) and Ha-
jun (actor Lee Jin-wook).

While searching for Whang Wei in the airport, Ji-sung discovers Whang Wei heading
to the runway and a big chase ensues...

Episode 3

As her new co-workers pile her with drinks, Do-kyung’s (actress Choi Ji-woo)
competitive streak comes out as she drinks every glass they offer to her at her
welcoming party. She starts to develop a stomachache and while she has trouble
walking in the street, she meets Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) by coincidence. He
helps her when she reels over. They strike a conversation and get to know each
other a little better.

Meanwhile, Ji-sung briefs the airport officials at his first face-to-face meeting with
them about the leaking of sensitive corporate secrets to foreign interests and he
presents the suspects in the case. He bluntly tells the officials that they must raise
the security level of the airport operations. Do-kyung rejects his suggestion because
if she raised the security level, it would cause chaos at the airport. But the security
level is eventually raised to a higher level and flights are delayed, causing a big
problem at the airport. Drawing ire from the airport officials, Ji-sung pushes on to
find the suspect involved in the stealing of sensitive corporate secrets and
discovers one man wearing a necklace with the symbol of the Hong Kong Traid...

Episode 4

Ji-sung gets furious at Ji-sung for letting Charlie, a mid-level Triad Boss and
potential suspect in the corporate secret leaking case, get away. Ha-jun intervenes
and tells Ji-sung that he should back off because he’s being too harsh but Do-
kyung says that she understands Ji-sung’s outburst because she made a grave

Episode 5

After illegally entering the country, the daughter of a high North Korean official tries to
commit suicide in the airport’s restroom. Jae-moo (actor Jang Yong) immediately
designates the place as a restricted area. The Airport Operations Control team is
held back from entering the guarded area and they start to gather every piece of
information they can find about the incident.

Seo Myung-woo (actress Moon Jung-hee) hears the sad story of Hye-ryeon who is
trying to illegally enter Korea to be with a North Korean defector she loves but could
not marry due to her family’s disapproval. She asks Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) to
help the woman meet her lover. However, Ji-sung coldly turns down her request.

Meanwhile, Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) is surprised when she catches sight
of Lee Kyung (actress Lee Da-hee) on one of the airport security cameras. Lee
Kyung leaves the airport in a hurry. Do-kyung searches everywhere for Lee Kyung in
the airport terminal. Meanwhile, Lee Kyung hides behind a wall as she looks at her
sister, Do-kyung...

Episode 6

The Airport Operations control room grapples with the issue about how to fix the
problem of birds nesting around Runway 2. They try to find a way to reopen the
runway in time to handle the sharp increase of travelers during the summer. Ji-sung
(actor Lee Jung-jae) and Seo Myung-woo (actress Moon Jung-hee) attend a
meeting about quarantine procedures. As Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) enters
the meeting room, she sees Ji-sung and Seo Myung-woo together and turns back.

Meanwhile, Do-kyung finds Myung-woo struggling with her luggage as she stands
in line to catch an airport bus. Do-kyung offers to help her and eventually invites her
to stay at her place for one night. On the same night, Do-kyung oversees a group of
artists who have been hired to draw a large painting of a bird on the runway after
being inspired from a meeting with North Korean scholars. Ji-sung spots Do-kyung
on the runway and offers to help her out. But Do-kyung turns down his offer and
gives her the address to her home, telling him that Myung-woo is staying there

Episode 7

Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) is arrested for drug possession when drugs are
found in her friend’s luggage, which she was carrying. Do-kyung’s office and house
are thoroughly searched by drug enforcement officers. Do-kyung is accused of
being an accomplice to a drug smuggler and the police interrogate her harshly.

Meanwhile, the only witness who can clear the drug possession charges against
Do-kyung is Jang Han-chul, who slipped into a coma after swallowing a large
amount of drugs. Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) knows that Do-kyung is innocent but
he gets frustrated that he cannot do anything to prove it. When he visits her at the
police station, he gets mad at an officer who insults Do-kyung and punches him in
the face. Ji-sung is suspended from the NSA for his actions. In the meantime, Ha-
jun (actor Lee Jin-wook) flies to Hong Kong to meet with Do-kyung’s friend Kim Jung-
min, who got Do-kyung in trouble, to find a way to get Do-kyung released...

Episode 8

The president of the airport authority bails Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) out of jail
by guaranteeing that he will watch over her. Do-kyung is surprised to find her house
all clean and tidy after the police searched through it. But then she finds a note left
behind by Myung-woo (actress Moon Jung-hee) and learns that she had tidied up
the mess that the police had made after their search. Do-kyung has mixed feelings
over receiving help from Myung-woo.

Meanwhile, Do-kyung learns from Nan-young (actress Park Tam-hee) that Ha-jun
(actor Lee Jin-wook) went to Hong Kong to find a way to prove that she was framed
for drug possession. Do-kyung gets worried when she cannot reach Ha-jun by
phone and so she flies to Hong Kong.

Ahwei attacks Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) after he observes him asking people
questions at Hong Kong harbor...

Episode 9

The drug possession charges against Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) are dropped
after she is proven innocent. However, the airport authority penalizes Do-kyung for
getting herself involved in the drug incident in the first place. Do-kyung’s colleagues
expect her to be dismayed and saddened over the way the company harshly treated
her but they are surprised to see Do-kyung return to work with confidence and
renewed vigor.

Myung-woo (actress Moon Jung-hee) learns from Jae-moo (actor Jang Yong)
where Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae), who has been absent for days, is staying. She
finds him at a remote village on a small island, suffering from a high fever.

Meanwhile, the airport operations division organizes a company outing. While
discussing an ideal place to hold the company outing, Do-kyung suggests that they
go to Jangsung island, which turns out to be Ji-sung’s hometown...

Episode 10

When the luggage transporting system breaks down all flights are grounded and this
creates a major headache for the airport. Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo) tries her
best to fix the problem herself as the conveyor belt spouts suitcases everywhere.
Eventually she gives the order to operate the luggage lines in Terminal 2, which are
not fully operational yet.

Unsettled by the idea of working on another foreign assignment, Ji-sung (actor Lee
Jung-jae) tries to persuade Jae-moo (actor Jang Yong) to give him one more
chance at working at the airport. He succeeds in persuading Jae-moo and while on
the job, he receives an intel report from headquarters that says professional U.S.
dollar counterfeiters will be entering the country. Ji-sung goes through every
passenger’s list and checks all entry points to track down the counterfeiters.

Meanwhile, Do-kyung receives a bomb threat from an anonymous caller...

Episode 11

Ji-sung (actor Lee Jung-jae) discovers that Sergey, a money counterfeiter, had
contacts with Russian mafia figures before he was murdered. Ji-sung finds the
mafia members but he doesn’t find any clues that can help him crack the case. The
Super Note (counterfeit U.S. dollars) case makes little progress...

While talking with Do-kyung (actress Choi Ji-woo), Ji-sung learns from her that
crates of freshly-minted U.S. dollars are delivered from the Hong Kong Bank to the
airport bank by cargo planes every day. So he decides to see how the money is
transported. Ha-jun (actor Lee Jin-wook) gets furious at Ji-sung when he hears him
air his suspicions of the security team. But Do-kyung fully cooperates with Ji-sung’s

Meanwhile, Do-kyung drops by Myung-woo’s (actress Moon Jung-hee) office to
find relief from her migraine headaches. Before she leaves, Myung-woo tells her
that it would be nice to see Do-kyung and Ji-sung have a close relationship.

Episode 12

When airport security measures are tightened, the counterfeiters create a diversion
by planting suspicious-looking bags around the airport terminal. Chaos ensues
when the airport discovers the bags, which might contain explosives. Ji-sung (actor
Lee Jung-jae) quickly catches onto what the counterfeiters are trying to do and he
goes to inspect the currency cargo from Hong Kong the next day.

While the airport grapples with the bags that were planted by the counterfeiters as a
diversion, the counterfeiters get away with authentic U.S. dollars, by making a
successful exchange. By pure coincidence, Mr. Uhm (actor Yoon Joo-sang)
stumbles upon the counterfeiters, who were using numerous airport carts to
transport the. Mr. Uhm approaches the gang of counterfeiters to reprimand them for
unnecessarily using too many carts but they respond by attacking him...



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