Black Out

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Black Out

Korean Drama | 2024

블랙아웃 | beul-raek-a-ut


Directed by Byun Young-joo (변영주)

Written by

Airing dates:

Filming: 2021/09~2022/06/25
Based on a German novel by Nele Neuhaus.
Jeong-woo is a straight-A student, loved by his community, and has already been accepted into medical school by early admissions. However, the day after the national college entrance exam, he is arrested on the charge of murdering two of his female classmates.
Ten years later, Jeong-woo is now a 30-year-old young man. Having served out his sentence, he is released from prison and returns home. The town has completely changed, and he vows to leave to begin a new life, but odd things keep happening to him and around him, preventing him from leaving.


Black Out
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Black Out
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Black Out
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