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Delayed Justice (날아라 개천용)

날아라 개천용 (nal-a-ra gae-cheon-yong)

Directed by Kwak Jeong-hwan (곽정환)

Screenplay by


SBS | Airing dates :

20 episodes - Fri, Sat 22:00
Also known as "Fly Dragon" and "Fly From Rags to Riches"
A story of two men who represent the voices of judicial victims who are falsely accused. Reversal will be portrayed in a pleasant way, overturning the situation between a high school-graduate public defender who has nothing to lose and an unemployed journalist who has remarkable writing skills.

Delayed Justice | Cast

  • Kwon Sang-woo (권상우)
    Kwon Sang-woo (권상우)
    Park Tae-yong [39 yo] - A lawyer. The reason he became a lawyer- The bar exam was the only way to turn things around as those who performed worse than him all became successful. Nicknamed 'domestic chaebol'. (박태용 [39세] - 변호사, 변호사가 된 이유 - 나보다 공부 못 했던 애들이 더 잘 나가다니, 한 번에 뒤집을 건 고시뿐. 별명 - 국선재벌)
  • Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Park Sam-soo [38 yo] - Park Sam-soo [38 yo] - A reporter. The reason he became a reporter: Hostility towards bad guys or rather because he wanted attention. Nicknamed: 'S University'. (박삼수 [38세] - 기자, 기자를 하는 이유 - 나쁜 놈들에 대한 불타는 적개심 때문. 그보다는 관심 받고 싶어서. 별명 - 에스대.)
  • Kim Joo-hyun (김주현)
    Kim Joo-hyun (김주현)
    Lee Yoo-kyeong [30 yo] - News N reporter (이유경 [30세] - 뉴스앤뉴 기자)
  • Jung Woong-in (정웅인)
    Jung Woong-in (정웅인)
    Jang Yoon-seok [45 yo] - Deputy chief of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, like Tae-yong, he is from the rural areas of Jeolla Province, but he is very good at playing golf which gives him the boost in society. He is an elite prosecutor whose first term is the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. Only once did he get screwed over from human resources and was assigned to the Samjeong District Prosecutors' Office. He is Cheol-woo's son-in-law. (장윤석 [45세] - 대검 부부장, 태용처럼 전라도 시골 흙수저 출신이지만 골부 하나 끝내 주게 잘해 신분상승. 초임지가 서울중앙지검인 엘리트 검사. 딱 한 번 인사에서 물먹어 삼정지방검찰청에 발령. 철우의 사위.)
  • Lee Won-jong (이원종)
    Lee Won-jong (이원종)
    Han Sang-man [63 yo] - Former detective who arrested the criminal responsible for the Ohseong truck driver murder, keeps bringing back in criminals the judge lets go free (한상만 [63세] - 전직 형사, 오성시 트럭기사 살인사건 진범을 체포한 형사. 검사가 풀어주는 살인범을 계속 잡아들이는 답답한 형사.)
  • Ahn Si-ha (안시하)
    Ahn Si-ha (안시하)
    Hwang Min-kyeong [39 yo] - A former prosecutor turned lawyer (황민경 [39세] - 검사 출신 변호사)
  • Park Ji-il (박지일)
    Park Ji-il (박지일)
    Kim Byeong-dae [65 yo] - Advisor to Daesuk law firm, a former chief prosecutor (김병대 [65세] - 대석 로펌 고문, 전직 검사장 출신. 검사장 출신으로 국내 최대 로펌 대석의 고문.)
  • Lee Soon-won (이순원)
    Lee Soon-won (이순원)
    Kim Gwi-hyeon [30s] - IT developer (김귀현 [30대] - IT 개발자)
  • Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Lee Jin-sil [35 yo] - Lives with Sam-soo (이진실 [35세] - 삼수의 동거인)
  • Cha Soon-bae (차순배)
    Cha Soon-bae (차순배)
    Moon Joo-hyeong (문주형)
  • Kim Yoon-kyung (김윤경)
    Kim Yoon-kyung (김윤경)
    Kang Chae-eun (강채은)
  • Sa Hyun-jin (사현진)
    Sa Hyun-jin (사현진)
    Sim Bo-hyeon (심보현)
  • Hong Hee-won (홍희원)
    Hong Hee-won (홍희원)
    Yook So-yeong (육소영)
    Park Seon-min - Tae-yong's younger sister (박선민 - 태용의 여동생)
    Jo Seong-joon (조성준)
    Park Tae-seong - Tae-yong's younger brother (박태성 - 태용의 동생)
  • Lee Chul-min (이철민)
    Lee Chul-min (이철민)
    Ahn Yeong-kwon (안영권)
  • Jeon Jin-ki (전진기)
    Jeon Jin-ki (전진기)
    Tak Jae-hyeong (탁재형)
  • Chae Won-bin (채원빈)
    Chae Won-bin (채원빈)
    Jeong Myeong-hee (정명희)
  • Kim Joong-hee (김중희)
    Kim Joong-hee (김중희)
    Kim Kyeong-ryool (김경률)
  • Ha Kyung (하경)
    Ha Kyung (하경)
    Kang Sang-hyeon (강상현)
    Jeong Hee-min (정희민)
    Choi Jae-pil (최재필)
  • Yoon Joo-bin (윤주빈)
    Yoon Joo-bin (윤주빈)
    Im Soo-cheol (임수철)
  • Kwon Dong-ho (권동호)
    Kwon Dong-ho (권동호)
    Lee Cheol-gyoo (이철규)
  • Eo Sung-wook (어성욱)
    Eo Sung-wook (어성욱)
    Kim Won-bok (김원복)
    Kim Gyoon-ha (김균하)
    Jo Deok-jong (조덕종)
    Kim Yeong-ae (김영애)
    Choi Yeong-sook (최영숙)
  • Jo Jae-ryong (조재룡)
    Jo Jae-ryong (조재룡)
    Jang Hae-yeol (장해열)
  • Jang Kyug-su (장격수)
    Jang Kyug-su (장격수)
    Bae Seung-geun (배승근)
    Choi Gyo-sik (최교식)
    Jeong Myeong-hee's father (정명희의 아버지)
  • Kim Seo-ha (김서하)
    Kim Seo-ha (김서하)
    Ji Tae-yang (지태양)
    Kim Doo-sik (김두식)
    Kim Geon-woo (김건우)
    Kim Yeong-joon (김영준)
  • Yoon Jung-il (윤정일)
    Yoon Jung-il (윤정일)
    Lee Jae-seong (이재성)
    Nam Jin-bok (남진복)
    Bong Joon-seok (봉준석)
  • Yoo Joon-seo (유준서)
    Yoo Joon-seo (유준서)
    Young Park Tae-yong (어린 박태용)
    Kang Hak-soo (강학수)
    Producer Kim (김 PD)
    Seo Yoon-hyeok (서윤혁)
    Park Tae-seong - Young days (박태성 - 어린 시절)
    Ryoo Yeon-seok (류연석)
    Choi Dong-seok (최동석)
    Sin Hye-ji (신혜지)
    Jeon Da-yeong (전다영)
  • Kim Eung-soo (김응수)
    Kim Eung-soo (김응수)
    Kang Cheol-woo [65 yo] - Seou Mayor, Yoon-seok's father-in-law (강철우 [65세] - 서울시장, 윤석의 장인.)
    Gong Hyeon-ji (공현지)
    Goo Hye-yeong (구혜영)
  • Jo Sung-ha (조성하)
    Jo Sung-ha (조성하)
    Jo Ki-soo [66 yo] - Judge of the Supreme Court, progressive-conservative, a judge respected and regarded as amicable by everyone (조기수 [66세] - 대법관, 진보-보수, 좌우 모두에게 존경받고 원만하다고 평가 받는 판사.)
  • Park Sang-hoon-IV (박상훈)
    Park Sang-hoon-IV (박상훈)
    Young Park Tae-yong (어린 박태용)
  • Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Kim Hyeong-choon [70s] - Former director of the Public Prosecutors' Office, a law maker that's hardly seen (김형춘 [70대] - 전 검찰청장, 전 법무부 장관. 좀처럼 얼굴을 드러내지 않는 대한민국 법조 설계자.)
  • Hwang Suk-jung (황석정)
    Hwang Suk-jung (황석정)
    Yoo Si-ja (유시자)
  • Jo Hee-bong (조희봉)
    Jo Hee-bong (조희봉)
    Ex deputy director (전 사무관)
  • Jung Young-sook (정영숙)
    Jung Young-sook (정영숙)
    Jeong Myeong-hee's grandmother (정명희의 할머니)
  • Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Jin-sil's father (이진실의 아버지)
  • Kim Tae-yool (김태율)
    Kim Tae-yool (김태율)
    Young Park Sam-soo (어린 박삼수)
  • Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
    Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
    Oh Jae-deok (오재덕)
  • Lee Jung-jae (이정재)
    Lee Jung-jae (이정재)
    Jang Tae-joon - Member of National Assembly - Special appearance (장태준-국회위원 - 특별출연)
  • Lee Elijah (이엘리야)
    Lee Elijah (이엘리야)
    Special appearance (특별출연)
  • Jung Woo-sung (정우성)
    Jung Woo-sung (정우성)
    Park Sam-soo - Special appearance (박삼수 - 특별출연)
  • Lee Jong-hyuk (이종혁)
    Lee Jong-hyuk (이종혁)
    Heo Seong-yoon - Special appearance (허성윤 - 특별출연)

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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice
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    Delayed Justice (날아라 개천용)

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