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Don't Go Away (흔들리지마)

흔들리지마 (Heung-deul-ri-ji-ma)

Directed by Baek Ho-min (백호민), Park Soo-cheol (박수철)

Screenplay by


MBC | Airing dates :

Alternative title : "Unshaken"

124 episodes so far


A story about the renewal of family bonds through forgiveness and harmony.
Revolving around a couple who were both divorced once before, the family members stick together through the hard times even though they unintentionally inflict pain on each other due to the family dynamics. This TV drama will make viewers reflect on the meaning of family.
Nobody can choose their parents or children while the bond between family members is very strong and special.
It is impossible to sever the links between the family members and equally hard to become a new member of another family.
The family lasts for oneís entire life through all the sad and happy moments. In ďDonít Go Away,Ē a family is pushed to the brink of disintegration. But through love and strong bonds, they piece together the family and send an implicit message that love is what matters in a family.
It is a story that tells how the family is an institution that lays the foundation for love and success in life for all family members.


Lee Soo-hyun | actress Hong Eun-hee
Age: 28. Team Leader, Marketing and PR team, Nari Home Shopping. Yong-daeís daughter
Soo-hyun is a woman with two faces.
Sheís a perfectionist who wants to have a successful career.
Having an intensely competitive streak, she will be bothered all day if she feels that someone got an advantage at her expense. She has big ambitions and desires.
But behind her tough demeanor, there is one thing about her family that she wants to hide from everyone. Itís the fact that she lives with her stepbrother and stepsister when her dad remarried 10 years ago.
As her wedding with Kang-pil, the son of Chairman Han, approaches, she is not happy that Min-jung recently returned from America to live with them.
Soo-hyun is determined to hide the fact that her dad was once divorced to ensure that her wedding proceeds as planned. She demands that her family lie that Min-jung and Dong-hyuk are not her stepsister or stepbrother.

Han Kang-pil | actor Kim Nam-jin
Age: 30. Director, Product development team, Nari Home Shopping
He is the only son of Chairman Han Jin-ho. Heir-apparent to Nari Home Shopping.
Kang-pil was a sensitive person since he was a young boy.
Although he wanted to pursue a music career, he was forced to enroll in an MBA program at one of the top graduate schools in America by his father. After returning to Korea, he joined Nari Home Shopping to acquiesce to his fatherís wishes.
But his passion for music never died down. He composes music whenever he can behind his fatherís back. He works at the company during the day and writes music at night, balancing his double lifestyle.
Kang-pil also got engaged to Soo-hyun as his father wished.
Kang-pil liked Soo-hyun. He somewhat agrees with his father that Soo-hyun is someone he needs in his life even though heís not sure if he truly loves her. But everything changed after he met Min-jung.

Park Min-jung | actress Kim Da-in
Age: 24. Songwriter. Young-miís daughter
Min-jung is a lonely soul in her family.
Sheís a romanticist who believes that love means everything.
Even in her life, she has a tendency to seek romantic moments. She is an emotional person.
She still misses her late dad who went missing during an expedition to the Himalayas. It makes her sad when she thinks about her motherís second marriage because she thinks her mom did it for the sake of her children.
It makes herself swears to never be a burden to her mother.
During the loneliest period of her life she happens to fall for a man.
But her happiness was short-lived as she finds out that this man has a fiancťe who was none other than her stepsister, Soo-hyun.

Choi Bo-guk | actor Jung Sung-woon
Age: 27. Team leader, Developing Team, Nari Cosmetics.
He canít help but feel attracted to Soo-hyun.
Raised by a single mother, Bo-guk grew up fast and became mature beyond his years. He supports his mother and sister, who also became a single mom.
He was given a fat salary at Nari Cosmetics and works harder than anyone else to prove his worth. When Nari Cosmetics suddenly began losing money, he single-handedly revived the companyís fortunes and earned the trust of Chairman Han.
One day, he started to feel attracted to Soo-hyun.
People in the company called her the Ice Queen for her coldness.
He was aware that her fiancť was none other than the only son of Chairman Han.
But when he realized that he was in love with Soo-hyun.

Episode guide

Episode 1
Min-jung arrives at the airport and calls home. Young-mi answers the phone and finds it disturbing that Min-jung returned from America so suddenly. Soo-hyun learns that consumers who developed rashes from using cosmetics co-developed and distributed by her company are preparing to file a class-action suit. So she decides to meet with the consumers who have joined the suit.
Kang-pil tells his family that he is on a trip to China when he is actually writing and recording music but then he hears about a crisis at the company and returns a day earlier than he planned. After returning home, Min-jung feels sad that things havenít gotten any better while she was away. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is not told that Kang-pil returned home already and she goes to the airport to pick him up...

Episode 2
Young-mi is exasperated when Soo-hyun asks her to have Min-jung and Dong-hyuk live somewhere else for the time being so that nothing will get in the way of her marriage to Kang-pil. Young-mi tells her husband Yong-dae that it would be a good idea to have Min-jung and Dong-hyuk move into their own place but Yong-dae rejects the idea and says that the family must stay together until the kids get married.
Yong-dae tells Young-mi that it is not an embarrassment to their family to have family members who have a different last name and tells her that they should all live together. Meanwhile, Chairman Han tells his wife Hee-jung that heíll hold the engagement ceremony between Kang-pil and Soo-hyun within a month. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun pleads with Young-mi to help her again.

Episode 3
Chairman Han says that he will invite Soo-hyun to their home for dinner. He tells Soo-hyun that itís OK to call him ďDadĒ when theyíre not at work and tells her to try to tolerate Kang-pilís careless behavior.
Yong-dae tells Min-jung to hold her late fatherís memorial service at their home. But Min-jung tells him that she canít do that. Yong-dae allays her worries by saying that nobody else will be at home during the memorial service so she can use the place for the memorial service. He also mentions that heíll talk to Young-mi about it and get her to agree to his suggestion. Meanwhile, Chairman Han tells Kang-pil to arrange a meeting with him and Soo-hyunís parents while Soo-hyun is having dinner with them.

Episode 4
Soo-hyun turns the memorial service table upside down and yells at them that what they are doing is not acceptable under any circumstances. Dong-hyuk tells Soo-hyun that they were given permission to hold their late dadís memorial service at their home by father and grandfather and orders Soo-hyun to get down on her knees in front of a portrait photo of his late dad and apologize. When Dong-hyuk keeps yelling at Soo-hyun, Young-mi slaps Dong-hyuk and Min-jung immediately takes Dong-hyuk out of the house.
Young-mi tries to apologize to Soo-hyun but before she can say anything, Soo-hyun storms out in anger. Min-jung gets mad at her mother for trying to placate Soo-hyun without finding fault in her actions when she ruined their late dadís memorial service. Meanwhile, Pil-shik decides to introduce Min-jung to Kang-pil...

Episode 5
When seeing Min-jung, Kang-pil is at a lost of words. Pil-shik tells everyone that whatís important is Min-jungís skill as a songwriter and suggests that he give a short audition of her songwriting talents. Min-jung gets a weird feeling and tells Ki-chul that she wonít sing.
Soo-hyun tells her dad and Young-mi, her stepmom, that Kang-pil will come over their house to meet them but she didnít tell him that she had a stepmom because Kang-pilís family is very conservative about such things. Soo-hyunís dad, Yong-dae tells her that thereís no need to hide such things but Soo-hyun gets desperate and tells him that she doesnít want to lose the chance to marry Kang-pil and says it will be like a death sentence if the wedding is called off for any reason. Young-mi tells Soo-hyun that thereís nothing to worry about and reminds her to just tell her one day in advance of the day that Kang-pil will come to pay them a visit.

Episode 6
Young-mi learns through Ki-chul that her former husband could be still alive but she doesnít believe him. Ki-chul understands why Young-mi would find it hard to believe but he tells her that he will ask the photographer who took the picture of her husband to look for him when he goes on another expedition to the Himalayas.
Young-mi is overcome with dreadful thoughts as she recalls the bad memories of her husband when they were married. Pil-shik presses Kang-pil to give Min-jung another chance to audition for the job. Kang-pil relents and lets Min-jung take the vocal audition but he turns off the music after he hears Min-jung sing a few notes...

Episode 7
Min-jung is hired to work with Kang-pil and receives a part of her fee upfront. Soo-hyun tells Young-mi that Kang-pil wants to come over tomorrow and asks her to make sure that Dong-hyuk and Min-jung donít show up at the house during Kang-pilís visit.
Kang-pilís mother Hee-jung meets with Soo-hyun and tells her that she chose a daughter of a chaebol family as the future wife of her son Kang-pil and tells her to forget her dreams of marrying Kang-pil. Soo-hyun gets down on her knees and asks her to give her a chance to prove herself to her. But Hee-jung tells Soo-hyun that she doesnít want someone with a strong personality like her to be married to her son.

Episode 8
Kang-pil gets into a fight with the pickpocket who eventually gets away. While Kang-pil and Min-jung are giving their statements to the police to catch the pickpocket who got away, Soo-hyun calls Kang-pilís number. Kang-pil finds the timing to be awkward to talk to Soo-hyun so he doesnít answer his phone. Soo-hyun gets mad that Kang-pil is not picking up the phone.
Soo-hyun invites Kang-pil to her home. As Soo-hyun requested, Min-jung and Dong-hyuk are not at home but then Soo-hyun notices the family photo in the room and Young-miís face turns ashen when she realizes her mistake...

Episode 9
Soo-hyun quickly hides the family photo before Kang-pil enters the home and everything goes smoothly. Kang-pil makes a good impression on Soo-hyunís family and the feeling is mutual. Dong-hyuk feels that his family has betrayed him when he realizes that Min-jung took him out of the house because Kang-pil was paying a visit to their home to meet the family.
Min-jung barely calms down Dong-hyuk and Kang-pil eventually leaves after the visit is over. Hee-jung tells her husband Chairman Han that she can see the greed and ambition in Soo-hyunís heart and this makes it impossible to like her or approve of her as their future daughter-in-law. Chairman Han tells his wife that he agrees with her that Soo-hyun is very ambitious and that is the very reason why he has such a high regard of her...

Episode 10
Mi-jung has a meeting with Soo-hyun and tells her that Nara Home Shopping cannot crack open the Chinese market without Geumwon Groupís help and advises her to cancel their China strategy since their chance of success are slim. Soo-hyun defiantly tells her that she is qualified in every way to accomplish it except for the lack of a prestigious family background.
Mi-jin gets angry and tries to slap Soo-hyun, who deflects it. When Soo-hyun hears someone at the door, she does not put up a fight when Mi-jin physically assaults her. Chairman Han then enters through the door and witnesses Mi-jin assaulting Soo-hyun...

Episode 11
Young-mi is shocked when she goes to the hospital and sees that Hyung-chul is alive. Ki-chul finds it odd that Hyung-chul settled down in the Himalayas without contacting his family that he was safe. Hyung-chul was forced to return to Korea after he suffered a serious accident.
Hee-jung asks Soo-hyun if she has the basic means to provide a sufficient wedding dowry for her marriage to Kang-pil. Soo-hyun honestly tells her that she is not ready yet. Hearing this, Hee-jung tells her to leave everything to her. Soo-hyun agrees to follow Hee-jungís wishes.

Episode 12
After hearing that Hyung-chul is in critical condition, Young-mi is troubled but she cannot go see him right away. Worried about Hyung-chul, Young-mi goes to the hospital after Yong-dae falls asleep but Yong-dae wakes up later and when realizing that Young-mi left the house in the middle of the night, he becomes worried and restless.
Hyung-chul survives a critical period and Ki-chul appreciates Young-mi for coming and giving Hyung-chul the strength he needed. The next day, Young-mi tells Yong-dae that a close friend of hers is hospitalized and that she needs to go to the hospital once every day to see her. Yong-dae gives her his permission. Meanwhile, Kang-pil hears that the film director is not happy with the theme music he composed for a film...

Episode 13
After being trapped in the elevator together for a while, Kang-pil and Min-jung emerge and decide to have lunch together and they end up spending a splendid time together. Young-mi becomes increasingly troubled over Hyung-chul. While going out on an unexpected date with Young-ah, Dong-hyuk suddenly kisses her to her surprise.
Yong-dae proposes that they take a trip to Europe with their parents after Soo-hyun gets married. Young-mi agrees to go and says she always wanted to go to Europe. Soo-hyun asks Min-jung whether she has found a place to move out to. Min-jung asks Soo-hyun why she canít stand her after they have lived together for 10 years already...

Episode 14
Chairman Han says thereís no need to delay Kang-pilís wedding when Kang-pil and Soo-hyun are ready to get married and hastens it. When Young-mi hears that Hyung-chul woke up from his coma, she gets nauseous and goes outside. Chairman Han likes Soo-hyunís family and tries to speed up the wedding plans but Hee-jung tells him to be act prudent.
Dong-hyuk gets flustered when Young-ah suddenly appears and asks him to give her a place to live. He makes the rooftop flat, which Min-jung has already rented out, available to her. Young-mi goes to the hospital to see Hyung-chul but he doesnít recognize her and doesnít show any signs of being aware of his surroundings. Ki-chul tells Young-mi that his brother needs some time to recover...

Episode 15

Episode 16
Young-mi tells her mother that Young-chul woke up from his coma and that she has been nursing him. This deeply troubles her mother. She makes her mother promise not to tell anyone about it in case Yong-dae hears the truth and gets very upset. While working together with Min-jung, Kang-pil has a hard time dealing with how much she reminds him of his ex-girlfriend.
At the hospital, Ki-chul decides to tell Young-chulís children the truth about their father. Young-miís mother comes to the hospital the next day. After confirming that Hyung-chul is alive, she berates Ki-chul for not preventing Young-mi from coming to the hospital to see Hyung-chul because she has a new husband and family now. Ki-chul tells her that since Hyung-chul is alive, Young-miís second marriage doesnít count.

Episode 17
Young-mi decides to tell Yong-dae that Young-chul is staying at a hospital but she doesnít get a chance to talk to Yong-dae. When her mother hears that Young-mi has decided to tell Yong-dae the truth about Young-chul, she strongly dissuades her from proceeding with it and pays Ki-chul a stash of money from her savings account to bribe him to stop bother her daughter.
Ki-chul calls Young-mi and tells her that he returned the money that Young-miís mother gave him and will never hide Young-chul from his kids. After hanging up, Young-mi gets upset and asks her mom why she did such a thing. After wrapping up work on a song, Kang-pil helps Min-jung with her move. They have a splendid time together...

Episode 18
Young-miís mother visits Ki-chul again and offers him money. Ki-chul warns her that if she tries to bribe him again, he will tell Min-jung and Dong-hyuk the truth. But she tells Ki-chul that she canít bear to see her daughter suffer from guilt over Young-chul and demands that he leave with Young-chul.
After finishing the movie project, everyone in the studio goes out for drinks and Kang-pil joins them later. Pi-shik gets drunk and so Min-jung and Kang-pil talk amongst themselves. Min-jung talks about the problems she has with her stepsister and Kang-pil listens to her story and offers comforting advice without knowing that she is talking about his fiancee Soo-hyun.

Episode 19
Yong-dae is overcome with shock when he sees Hyung-chul lying in the hospital bed. Sitting on a bench at the hospital, Yong-dae gloomy recalls the past between Young-mi and Hyung-chul and then he witnesses Young-mi entering the hospital where Hyung-chul is staying. This greatly disturbs him.
Young-mi tells Ki-chul that she will come back to Hyung-chul after he recuperates and that is the best she can promise to him for now. While thinking about Kang-pil, Soo-hyun recalls the name of the person that Min-jung is learning music composition from. She immediately calls up Min-jung and asks her if she knows a person called Pil-shik. Min-jung tells her she does...

Episode 20
Young-mi wanders the hospital corridors, looking for Hyung-chul who had disappeared. She finds him slumped over in the middle of the street. After arranging to meet Young-mi, Yong-dae becomes troubled when he hears that Young-mi is at the hospital but regains his composure when Young-mi arrives an hour late.
Yong-dae decides to meet with Ki-chul who came over to meet Dong-hyuk and tells him not to tell the disturbing truth to the kids. Ki-chul fires back by telling him that the kids have the right to know that their father is alive and since heís their uncle, he believes he is doing the proper thing. Yong-dae counters back with his argument that he has been married to Young-mi for 10 years already, and they have raised the kids together during that time. After making his case, Yong-dae pulls out an envelope full of money...

Episode 21
Standing in front of Kang-pilís recording studio, Soo-hyun tries to open the door but it is locked. As she decides to go back home, she witnesses Min-jung riding in Kang-pilís car in the parking lot. Soo-hyun calls a locksmith and asks him to pick the lock to the door. Soo-gyun enters the recording studio and learns about the double life that Kang-pil had been living.
After digesting the revelation about Kang-pilís hidden life, Soo-hyun immediately calls Min-jung and demands that they meet. Meeting Min-jung, Soo-hyun yells at her to come out from the recording studio of the composer who she works with. Min-jung tells Soo-hyun that she cannot possible do that unless she can give her a good reason for such an absurd demand. Soo-hyun gets furious and splashes water on Min-jungís face.

Episode 22
Soo-hyun hires a private investigator to follow Kang-pil 24 hours a day. Young-mi tries to bring up the truth about Hyung-chul to Yong-dae, but he breaks her off, telling her that he is not ready to hear what she has to say.
Bo-guk comes to see Soo-hyun at her office but she tells him sheíll call him back after the quotation arrives and turns her back on him. Chairman Han calls Soo-hyun and Kang-pil to his office and introduces them to Bo-guk, who he recruited from an American televised shopping channel. Chairman Han tells them that the three of them will form the corporate innovation team...

Episode 23
Young-mi hands a photo of Min-jung and Dong-hyuk to Hyung-chul after he becomes mentally alert and then leaves the hospital. Young-mi sees Yong-dae in a state of drunkenness as he sits on a park bench and sits next to him. Yong-dae scolds her for not keeping the truth about Hyung-chul from him and then pleads with her to not go see Hyung-chul at the hospital any more. Young-mi tells him that her hospital visits are a prelude to her final parting with Hyung-chul.
Soo-hyun tells Kang-pil that Bo-guk is someone who might become the next chief executive instead of Kang-pil and advises him to find someone who can keep him at bay or find a way to protect himself from Bo-gukís in the future. Kang-pil shrugs off Soo-hyunís words. Meanwhile, Ki-chul suddenly comes to see Young-mi and asks her tom come with him to see Hyung-chul. When Young-mi tells him that something came and she is too busy to see him, Ki-chul keeps insisting...

Episode 24
Yong-dae goes fishing without telling anyone where he is going and turns off his cell-phone. He sadly remembers the fond memories he had with Young-mi. Kang-pil and Pil-shik prepare a surprise party for Min-jung and their thoughtfulness moves Min-jung to tears.
Soo-hyun hears from the private investigator that she hired that Kang-pil goes by the alias of Kim Min-hee in the movie industry. She also discovers a photo of Kang-pil with his late former girlfriend who looks eerily similar to Min-jung. She learns that she died in an motorcycle accident while Kang-pil survived the crash.

Episode 25
Kang-pil keeps worrying about Min-jung who is sick. He calls her up and asks her if she needs anything. With Pil-shikís help, he looks after Min-jungís needs.
Bo-guk overhears Kang-pilís conversation and becomes suspicious of him because he was talking tenderly to another woman when he will get married to Soo-hyun soon.

Episode 26
Everyone is surprised to see Min-jung suddenly appear at Hyung-chulís hospital room. Min-jung has a talk with her mother in the hallway and demands an explanation for why she was kept in the dark. She also asks whether Young-mi was never planning on telling her that their dad was alive. Young-mi says that Hyung-chul left her life and heart 10 years ago. Min-jung gets upset at her mom and leaves the hospital in tears.
While Kang-pil is with Soo-hyun, he comes up with a lie to leave and comfort Min-jung. Soo-jung follows him and witnesses him comforting Min-jung by patting her shoulders. She gets enraged. Meanwhile, Ki-chul is adamant that Ki-chul must be with his wife and vows to force Young-mi to come back to her rightful husband if she doesnít comply.

Episode 27
Min-jung tells Kang-pil that he is curious about one thing and asks him if he is the son of the chairman of Nari Home Shopping. Kang-pil is caught off guard but denies it. Meanwhile, Bo-guk speaks out loud that nice people have many things to hide in their lives in the presence of Soo-hyun.
Hearing this, Soo-hyun tells him that heíll report his behavior to Director Han but Bo-guk says he doesnít care because he was trying to flirt with her.

Episode 28
After taking Young-mi outside in a fit of anger, Yong-dae calms down and apologizes to Young-mi who is deeply troubled. Ki-chul gets hysterical and tells his brother Hyung-chul that they should hire a lawyer and have Young-miís second marriage annulled and bring her back to him. But Hyung-chul says that he has no right to do that.
Pil-shik tries to tell Kang-pil the truth about Min-jung and Soo-hyun but he is unable to bring it up when Soo-hyun appears and he ends up taking bribe money from Soo-hyun to keep his mouth shut. Pil-shik finally meets with Kang-pilís mother, Hee-jung, and tells her about Kang-pilís double life. Hearing this revelation about her son, she demands that Pil-shik show him proof first...
Episode 29
Hee-jung tells Kang-pil that if his father finds out, everything will be over for him, but Kang-pil tells her that he cannot give up his love for music. After realizing Kang-pilís double life, Hee-jung is in shock and falls to the ground. Soo-hyun gets a call from Pil-shik and thinks that everything will be over now.
Hee-jung tells Kang-pil to give up on his music immediately, but he tells her that heíll first finish the film music project that he started. Soo-hyun gets to the office and pretends that this is all new news to her. After Hee-jung leaves, Kang-pil apologizes to Soo-hyun and tells her that heíll do everything she says. Meanwhile, Hee-jung starts to get suspicious as she notices the strong resemblance between Min-jung and Hae-kyung.

Episode 30
Yong-dae tells Bong-pil that Young-mi is nursing Hyung-chul at the hospital. After realizing the truth, Bong-pil gets upset and storms into his room. Young-mi kneels in front of Bong-pil and explains that since Hyung-chul was once her husband she wants to take care of him until he gets better again. Despite Young-miís plea, Bong-pil remains upset.
Kang-pil goes to Min-jung to apologize. Min-jung tells him that he heard everything from Pil-shik and asks whether she was picked because of her strong resemblance to Hae-kyung. Kang-pil reassures her that this was not the case, but he later agonizes over his memories of Hae-kyung. Min-jung then asks Kang-pil what he would want to do, if she were in fact Hae-kyung.

Episode 31
Soo-hyun goes to Min-jung and slaps her across the face. Min-jung is shocked as Soo-hyun confronts her on her knowledge of Kang-pil. Soo-hyun tells Min-jung that Kang-pil is her fiance who she will marry soon.
Min-jung tells her that she still cannot believe Kang-pil is going to be Soo-hyunís future husband. Soo-hyun then takes a picture out of her purse and gives it to her. It is a picture of Soo-hyun and Kang-pil.

Episode 32
Bo-guk approaches Soo-hyun and tells her that he has more business experience than Kang-pil, and that his company will grow much larger over the next ten years. He then tells her that he needs a woman like Soo-hyun to complete his goal. Soo-hyun then tells him to try his best in changing her heart and winning her over.
Ki-chul is determined to get discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, Young-mi gets a call telling her that her number was found in the phone that belonged to a man who committed suicide the night before. Young-mi gets severely nervous as she goes to check the body.

Episode 33
Director Han learns the truth about Kang-pil and his music. Out of rage, he begins to hit Kang-pil.
Hee-jung opens the door and Soo-hyun jumps in to protect Kang-pil with her body. Director Han reproaches Kang-pil and tells him that anyone who lies to him is no son of his.
Hyung-chul, who was missing, suddenly appears before Young-mi as she is entering the house. He tells her that he is doing fine. He was going to leave after telling her that he was fine, but when he actually sees her, he cannot control his feelings and clings on to Young-mi. Young-mi pushes Hyung-chul away, and right then Yong-dae comes and sees them together.

Episode 34
Kang-pil awakes and spends a good time with Soo-hyun at the cottage. Director Hanís anger is appeased and Hee-jung tells him to hurry with Kang-pil and Soo-hyunís wedding. After remembering how Soo-hyun protected Kang-pil from him, Director Han agrees to the marriage.
Hyung-chul returns to Young-miís house and asks her to let him see Dong-hyuk. Young-mi rejects Hyung-chulís request. As she enters the house, Hyung-chul opens the door and enters himself. After Bong-pil sees this, he yells at Young-mi to leave the house immediately.

Episode 35
Yong-dae grabs Hyung-chul by the collar, but stops after seeing Dong-hyuk. Hyung-chul sees Dong-hyuk and thanks Yong-dae for raising him well. Yong-dae goes outside and tells Dong-hyuk that the man inside the house is his biological father. Dong-hyuk is shocked to hear this news.
Dong-hyuk goes inside and meets Hyung-chul. Min-jung visits Yong-dae who is drowning his sorrows in alcohol, and tells him to continue to protect her mother. Yong-dae tells Min-jung that Dong-hyuk, Moo-hyun and his mother-in-law are all family to him, and he mentions his determination to protect them all.

Episode 36
Young-ah sees Min-jung who is lying unconsciously after she has stumbled down the stairs. Young-ah calls for help immediately. As an ambulance takes Min-jung away, Soo-hyun sees this from far away and feels upset. Dong-hyuk then confronts Hyung-chul on why he never informed them of his whereabouts, and Hyung-chul remains quiet.
Soo-hyun tells herself to be calm as everything was an accident with no witnesses. Min-jung has an emergency operation, and the family rushes to the hospital upon hearing the news. Kang-pil and Soo-hyun meet. Kang-pil tells her that he will no longer pursue music and that he has fired his assistant. Soo-hyun then begins to regret her actions.

Episode 37
After seeing Min-jung in a coma, Soo-hyun comforts herself that this would not have happened if Min-jung did not confront her. Soo-hyun meets Young-mi and hears that there were no witnesses. Soo-hyun then tells Young-mi that the engagement date is set for two days later.
As Soo-hyun leaves the hospital, she sees Young-ah. Young-ah goes to Soo-hyun and tells her that she saw her leaving Min-jungís place. Soo-hyun then asks her if sheís trying to blackmail her and suspects that this is Dong-hyukís idea.

Episode 38
After hearing from Young-ah that Min-jung is in the hospital, Kang-pil rushes to see her. Young-mi is shocked to hear that Kang-pil is the one who Min-jung had feelings for. Young-mi quietly leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Dong-hyuk sees Kang-pil and reprimands him of whether his fiancee knew that he was in the hospital to see Min-jung, and he yells at him to get out.
Bo-guk finds out the truth about Kang-pilís past through Secretary Suh. He then asks Secretary Suh for help. Young-ah is determined to expose the truth that Min-jung was hurt as a result of Soo-hyun pushing her.

Episode 39
Young-mi sees Kang-pil at the hospital, and tells him that it is not good for him to be seen with another woman. She then asks Kang-pil what his relationship to Min-jung is, and Kang-pil tells her that they were merely co-workers.
Soo-hyun meets Young-ah and threatens her that she will call the loan sharks. Young-ah becomes nervous at the threat. Soon, she discovers that a video camera is installed in front of Min-jungís place.

Episode 40
Kang-pil asks Soo-hyun if she has anything to say to him. Soo-hyun says that she has nothing to say, but inside, she gets nervous thinking why he would ask her such a question, and whether Dong-hyuk might have mentioned something to Kang-pil.
Meanwhile, Min-jung awakens from her coma, and Soo-hyun falls in despair after hearing the news.

Episode 41
Soo-hyun meets Kang-pil and confesses that she hid the truth from him because she was afraid of losing him. She also tells him that she will tell Hee-jung everything. Kang-pil tells her that his mother will never accept this, and he confesses that Min-jung had worked as his assistant. Soo-hyun then tells Kang-pil that she will do anything he tells her to, and begs him to stay with herÖ

Episode 42
Kang-pil visits the hospital and expresses his heartfelt thanks to Min-jung for awakening and recovering. Min-jung then asks him whether he will hold her hand if she extends it to him. Kang-pil cannot give Min-jung a straight answer and despairs. Min-jung tells him that his sincerity is enough for her, and that he should leave.
After discovering that Young-ah has suddenly disappeared, Dong-hyuk gets suspicious and is determined to find her. After Min-jung returns home, she finds a picture of herself and Kang-pil that was taken by a private investigator who was hired by Soo-hyun.

Episode 43
After seeing the picture, Min-jung vows to never forgive Soo-hyun, and she calls her. As Soo-hyun returns home, Min-jung confronts her with the picture. The two argue, and Min-jung tells Soo-hyun that she can never allow Kang-pil to be with a woman like her.
Dong-hyuk visits the police, but he is told that he cannot file a missing persons report since he is not family. Dong-hyuk then checks the call records of Young-ah and discovers that Young-ah and Soo-hyun have been talking. Dong-hyuk starts to grow suspicious since he was under the impression that the two didnít even know each other.

Episode 44
Hee-jung sees Min-jung and Kang-pil together. Out of rage, she slaps Kang-pil. Min-jung justifies the situation saying that the two were only meeting, so that she could return money. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun tells her that she is causing agony to others and is barking up the wrong tree. Min-jung then shoots back saying that she will never live her life like Soo-hyun. Afterwards, Soo-hyun sees Kang-pil outside, and acts as if she is genuinely concerned for Min-jung.

Episode 45
While going out to lunch with his co-workers, Kang-pil sees someone taking pictures. He then takes a picture of this person with his cell phone. Soo-hyun sees this. Although Kang-pil decides that itís nothing to worry over, Soo-hyun begins to feel nervous.
While leaving the office, Kang-pil has a strange feeling and suddenly stops his car. He then discovers a car following him and takes a picture of it with his cell phone.

Episode 46
Although Kang-pil misses the person who has been following him, he manages to find the camera that the private investigator was holding. Kang-pilís every move is in the pictures of the camera, which leads him to feel enraged. After hearing that his camera was taking by Kang-pil, Soo-hyun decides to call everything off.
Kang-pil meets Soo-hyun and discusses the problem. Soo-hyun tells him that thereís no way of finding the stalker, but Kang-pil shows her pictures in his phone and says that itís possible. Kang-pil returns home and does some research on the license plate number of the car.

Episode 47
Kang-pil goes to the office of the private investigator with a money envelope in hand. He demands to be told whose idea this was from the beginning. The private investigator secretly calls Soo-hyun. At Soo-hyunís request, he tells Kang-pil that he was following Director Hanís orders. After hearing this, Kang-pil immediately goes to see his father.
Meanwhile, Soo-hyun sees Director Han first and tells him that Kang-pil feels as though heís being followed. Director Han gets upset at this, and Soo-hyun comforts him saying that sheíll take care of everything. Soo-hyun tries to calm Kang-pil down, as he storms into his fatherís office.

Episode 48
Kang-pil is shocked to discover that it was Soo-hyunís idea to have him followed. Soo-hyun tells Kang-pil that Director Han is the culprit and that he offered to give her information about Kang-pil. Kang-pil tells Soo-hyun that she feels to him like a complete stranger and turns away from her, despite her pleas and cries. Meanwhile, through Pil-shik, Kang-pil finds out once and for all that Soo-hyun master-minded the plan.

Episode 49
Kang-pil asks Min-jung if she thinks he will be happy marrying Soo-hyun. Despite her sadness, she tells him that Soo-hyun is the woman he needs. Kang-pil meets Pil-shik and makes peace. Kang-pil goes to the recording studio where Min-jung is at and confesses his true love for her.

Episode 50
Kang-pil directly tells Soo-hyun that the wedding is off. Soo-hyun asks him whether he is confident in explaining this to his parents, but Kang-pil tells her that he cannot marry a woman he does not love. Soo-hyun tells him to gather his senses together saying that Min-jung will never marry him since he is still engaged to her. As Kang-pil turns away, he asks Soo-hyun to try to understand him. Soo-hyun tells herself that time will solve everything and that she should be patient. Soo-hyun then buys a plane ticket for Min-jung. Dong-hyuk sees the image of Soo-hyun that was caught on the video camera at Min-jungís place, and he asks Soo-hyun why she was there.

Episode 51
Kang-pil rushes to the airport and tells Min-jung that he cannot let her go like this. After Kang-pil takes her bag, Min-jung has no choice but to follow him out of the airport. Kang-pil reassures her that he will find a solution to this difficult situation and asks her to trust and follow him. Min-jung, however, cannot give him a straight answer.
Min-jung ends up going to Hyung-chulís house. Kang-pil tells his mother that he cannot marry Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun grows upset after hearing that Kang-pil would not let Min-jung leave. Soo-hyun goes home and demands Young-mi to tell her where Min-jung is.

Episode 52
After realizing that Soo-hyun is the one who caused the accident, Min-jung vows to never give up on Kang-pil to her. She later leaves in the car with Kang-pil. Kang-pil tells Min-jung that they must give their love a chance despite their challenges. He then asks her to meet his mother. Despite Min-jungís hesitance, they go to meet her.
Soo-hyun goes to Yong-dae and says that Kang-pil called the wedding off because of Min-jung. Yong-dae is shocked to hear this and seeks Young-mi. Soo-hyun then says that Young-mi is at her ex-husbandís house and asks him to stop Min-jung. Yong-dae meets Young-mi and tells her that they must protect Soo-hyunís marriage at all costs.

Episode 53
Yong-dae talks to Min-jung for a resolution to this problem and asks Min-jung what she thinks. Min-jung explains that it is not her fault that Kang-pil is leaving Soo-hyun. She also says that the two of them should figure out a solution, and that she has nothing to do with this issue. After hearing Min-jungís words, Soo-hyun enters the room and demands Min-jung to never leave the house until the marriage is over and takes her cell phone. Meanwhile, Director Han returns home and reassures Soo-hyun that the wedding will go on as planned.

Episode 54
While riding in the car, Min-jung tells Kang-pil that itís not too late to go back. But Kang-pil tells her that if they let this moment pass, everything will be all right eventually and keeps driving. Chairman Han sends out his aides to search for Kang-pil. Kang-pil arrives at the condominium that he already made reservations for and tells Min-jung about his plans to marry her at a nearby church. Min-jung tells him that sheíll only get married with her family in attendance. Kang-pil promises to bring Hyung-chul and Ki-chul to the wedding. Then Kang-pil proposes marriage to Min-jung...

Episode 55
Kang-pil and Min-jung hold their shotgun wedding at the church. Soo-hyun tracks down the church but by the time she arrives there, Kang-pil and Min-jung are already gone. After hearing about Kang-pilís wedding, Chairman Han and Hee-jung express their disapproval and state that Soo-hyun can only become their daughter-in-law. Kang-pil and Min-jung go on their honeymoon and have a wonderful time.
Soo-hyun goes to her family and tells them that Kang-pil married Min-jung and blames her dad and stepmom for not doing enough to prevent the whole incident from happening. Young-mi visits Hyung-chul and weeps as she asks him why he didnít stop the wedding.

Episode 56
Chairman Han finds out where Kang-pil and Min-jung are and has his aide bring them back. Chairman Han tells Kang-pil to marry Soo-hyun and return home. Hee-jung shouts at Min-jung to stay away from her son, Kang-pil. Soo-hyun also begs Kang-pil to return but he leaves abruptly.
Min-jung calls Young-mi and says sheís sorry and that she thinks sheíll have to let go of Kang-pil. Kang-pil learns that Min-jung is with Ki-chul and tries to meet her but Min-jung already made up her mind to leave him.

Episode 57
When Dong-hyuk finds a check that Soo-hyun wrote out to Young-ah, he goes to Soo-hyun and asks her about it. Dong-hyuk senses that Soo-hyun is hiding a big secret.
Bo-guk becomes aware that Kang-pil and Min-jung are living together in a poor neighborhood and he goes to see them with Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun gets angry and tries to enter the poor dwelling where Kang-pil is living with Min-jung but Bo-guk holds her back and convinces her to leave. Soo-hyun goes to the district office and applies for a marriage certificate between herself and Kang-pil...

Episode 58
Kang-pil seeks out Pil-shik and asks him for recording work. Pil-shik provides him with a small studio where he can record music. Meanwhile, Hee-jung finds out where Kang-pil and Min-jung are living and she visits there humble home and becomes dismayed about the place.
When Kang-pil goes to the district office to apply for a marriage certificate between himself and Min-jung, he is told that he is already married. He tries to meet Soo-hyun but she avoids him. Soo-hyun tells Yong-dae and Young-mi that she applied for a marriage certificate and then she visits Kang-pilís home in the slums.

Episode 59
At Kang-pilís home, Soo-hyun gets angry at Min-jung and tells her that her shotgun wedding with Kang-pil is a farce. Min-jung tells Soo-hyun to accept the plain truth.
After hearing about Soo-hyunís visit, Kang-pil gets angry and confronts Soo-hyun, who then tells him that she is pregnant with their child. Kang-pil is rendered speechless and dwells over the gravity of the matter.

Episode 60
When Kang-pil doesnít respond to the news she told him, Soo-hyun meets with Kang-pil and tells him that she applied for the marriage certification because she didnít want to give birth to a fatherless child. After dwelling on his thoughts, Kang-pil tells her that he cannot leave Min-jung and then gets up.
After returning home, Soo-hyun tells her stepmom, Young-mi, about her pregnancy and Young-mi learns that the reason why Soo-hyun got the marriage certificate was because of the baby. Soo-hyun tells Young-mi that she canít let her baby be fatherless and asks her once more to be a proper mom to her.

Episode 61
Hee-jung talks with Min-jung and tells her that Soo-hyun is pregnant with Kang-pilís baby. This shocks Min-jung. Min-jungís mother and grandmother come to see Min-jung and they tell her that Soo-hyun is pregnant. They persuade her to come home with them but Min-jung tells them that she wonít leave without Kang-pil.
Upon returning home, Kang-pil tells Min-jung that he will not leave her because of Soo-hyunís pregnancy. But Min-jung tells him that she canít take it any more and suggests that they get separated. Kang-pil is forced to return home by his fatherís aide and when he faces his father, Chairman Han, he beseeches him to recognize Min-jung as his wife.

Episode 62
Kang-pil visits Min-jungís home and asks her parents to let him see her. But they chase him away by saying that Soo-hyun comes before Min-jung and that he should forget Min-jung.
Meanwhile, Min-jung tells her family that she wouldíve stood up for herself and fought back but everything has changed because Soo-hyun is pregnant with Kang-pilís child. She tells everyone that she will leave them. Soo-hyun warmly embraces Min-jung and cries but in her mind, she crafts another devious plan...

Episode 63
While Soo-hyun is having dinner with Chairman Han, she senses that heíll want to take her to see an OBGYN doctor so she tries to quickly come up with an excuse to not go. She tells a lie that her grandfather, Bong-pil, collapsed from high blood pressure and that she must urgently go home.
Min-jung tells Soo-hyun that she will meet Kang-pil one last time. Thinking it reasonable for Min-jung to find closure in her relationship with Kang-pil, Soo-hyun tells her stepsister, Min-jung, to meet him. Then she tells her stepmom, Young-mi, to accompany Min-jung when they meet. Meanwhile, Hee-jung becomes suspicious of Soo-hyunís behavior.

Episode 64
Hee-jung visits Soo-hyunís home and tells her that she should live as husband and wife with Kang-pil. Soo-hyun gives Hee-jung a photo of an ultrasonic scan image of the fetus. When Chairman Han receives the ultrasonic photo from his wife, Hee-jung, he tells her that Soo-hyun is not someone whoíd tell a lie.
Min-jung packs her things after making up her mind to leave. Soo-hyun buys Min-jung a new cell phone, telling her that she should discard Kang-pilís cell phone number. Min-jung tells Soo-hyun that the real reason that Kang-pil left her could be less about her than Soo-hyun.

Episode 65
Finding holes in Soo-hyunís assertion that she is pregnant with Kang-pilís baby, Hee-jung calls Soo-hyunís OBGYN clinic and tries to find out the truth but the staff tell her that Soo-hyunís medical records are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed. Meanwhile, Chairman Han talks with Kang-pil and tells him to stay at their home and live with Soo-hyun but Kang-pil says he cannot live with someone he does not love. Hearing this, Chairman Han clutches his chest in pain...
While briefly meeting with secretary Seo, Kang-pil hears about a new product that Soo-hyun is preparing to launch in China and it turns out that itís related to pregnant mothers and for some reason, Soo-hyun took one ultrasonic image of a fetus that was included in the product research material. This surprises Kang-pil...

Episode 66
Kang-pil talks to Choi Soo-jin and is briefed about the product that Soo-hyun is overseeing. After the briefing, he falls into deep thought. After seeing Kang-pil thinking hard by himself, Soo-hyun becomes curious about what kind of conversation he had with Choi. She then collapses in the elevator.
Kang-pil attends an important meeting in place of Soo-hyun and Bo-guk and makes an impressive presentation. When Chairman Han and Hee-jung hear about their sonís successful business presentation, they rejoice because they think he has finally found some direction in his life. Meanwhile, Kang-pil and Hee-jung continue to become suspicious of Soo-hyun when she faints prior to a visit to her OBGYN doctor that Kang-pil was supposed to go with her.

Episode 67
Returning home, Soo-hyun encounters Kang-pil. Kang-pil asks her if she is OK and pointedly asks her which hospital she went to for emergency treatment for her fainting spell. Kang-pil holds Soo-hyunís hand, urging her to go to a hospital with him. But when Soo-hyun pries her hand out of his grip, she loses her balance and falls down a flight of stairs.
Arriving at the emergency room, Soo-hyun wakes up and sees Young-mi looking over, telling her that theyíll soon learn if the baby is OK. Soo-hyun cries when she is told that she was given a battery of tests including a pregnancy test and that the results would come out soon...

Episode 68
Pil-shik meets Soo-hyun and tells her that one of the kidnappers who kidnapped Kang Young-ah has been apprehended by the police and he asks her for money to flee the country and start a new life. Soo-hyun makes Pil-shik promise that he will keep everything a secret even if he is also caught by the police and promises to deliver a large sum of money to him to buy his silence.
Meanwhile, Dong-hyuk receives a call concerning Kang Young-ah. Dong-hyuk is at his witís end and seeks out Ki-chul. He tells him that Young-ah has been kidnapped and he needs his help to get her released. Hearing about these developments, Soo-hyun believes that everything will be fine as long as Kang Young-ah doesnít show up but...

Episode 69
Soo-hyun moves into Kang-pilís parentís home and does the housework while living there, which annoys Kang-pil. Meanwhile, Dong-hyuk and Ki-chul search for Young-ah together and they hear a witness say that he saw Young-ah. They tell detective Choi that Young-ah had been sighted.
On Bong-pilís birthday, a package arrives and the sender is Hyung-chul. Bong-pil refuses to accept the parcel and Young-mi also thinks it should be returned. Meanwhile, Ki-chul says that Young-mi should return to her husband...

Episode 70
Soo-hyun finds a music CD at Kang-pilís desk and promptly calls Pil-shik to ask him where Kang-pilís recording studio is. Soo-hyun visits Ki-chulís office and asks him why he provided Kang-pil with a recording studio. She accuses him of helping Kang-pil meet Min-jung in private there.

When Kang-pil learns that Hyung-chul knows about Min-jungís whereabouts, he goes to see Hyung-chul right away. Kang-pil tells Hyung-chul that nothing can come between him and Min-jung and pleads with him to tell him where he can find Min-jung. But Hyung-chul tells him to forget her.

Episode 71
Looking for Min-jung, her grandmother discovers Min-jung running away from a youth gang and she saves her. The gang steal Min-jungís bag and run away with it. The gang discards the bag in a truck after they steal the contents. The truck speeds away with Min-jungís cell phone.
After having a drink with Hyung-chul, Kang-pil returns home and tells Soo-hyun not to slowly suffocate his mother and this hurts Soo-hyunís feelings. Meanwhile, Chairman Han decides to hold the wedding again but Kang-pil tells his father that he already got married once and that was enough.

Episode 72
Dong-hyuk decides to meet Soo-hyun after he learns that she bought a cell phone for Min-jung. Dong-hyuk tells Soo-hyun that he would like to check the incoming and outcoming calls that were made to Min-jungís cell phone. Soo-hyun gets worried because she was the last person to talk to Min-jung before she vanished.
Meanwhile, Kang-pil goes to Hyung-chulís home after he learns that Min-jung is there and enters the home even though Hyung-chul pulls him back. Kang-pil shouts out loud that he came to see the woman he loves but Min-jung doesnít come out of her room to see him. Kang-pil tells Hyung-chul that Min-jung is the woman he loves.

Episode 73
Soo-hyun comes to see Min-jung and finds out that Kang-pil already came over. Soo-hyun thanks Min-jung when she tells her that she wonít meet Kang-pil even if he comes to see her. Soo-hyun then cries over the humiliation she had to endure and how she is swallowing her pride.
Meanwhile, Kang-pil reserves two tickets to New York and proposes to Min-jung that they leave together. Min-jung cries and shakes her head sideways when Kang-pil asks her to just focus on their future and forget everything else.

Episode 74
Min-jung confronts Soo-hyun and tells her to back off or else she will tell Kang-pilís parents that Soo-hyun is her stepsister, which would surely shock them because of the way Soo-hyun had ruthlessly treated her in front of them.
After hearing Min-jungís threat, Soo-hyun goes to her stepmom, Young-mi and recounts the conversation she had with Min-jung and tells her to make sure that Min-jung doesnít tell the truth to Kang-pilís parents. Young-mi assures her that Min-jung will not reveal that information...

Episode 75
Soo-hyun holds a cyanide pill in her hand and as she enters Chairman Hanís and Hee-jungís master bedroom, she pops the cyanide pill into her mouth. Hee-jung quickly pulls the pill out of Soo-hyunís mouth and asks her why she tried to kill herself.
Kang-pil anxiously waits for Min-jung to appear at the airport and receives a call from her. Min-jung tells him that she canít go to New York and asks him to forget her. Kang-pil trudges along with his luggage in tow after Min-jung tells him that she doesnít think they were made for each other and meeting him is something she regrets. Min-jung cries as she looks at Kang-pil walk away dejectedly...

Episode 76
Kang-pil asks Soo-hyun if he could live with him as husband and wife even if he doesnít love her. When Soo-hyun tells him that she doesnít expect anything from him, Kang-pil tells her that heíll try to be a good husband but it probably wonít happen that way.
Soo-hyun chooses a wedding dress and prepares for her wedding. On her way home, Soo-hyun meets Min-jung and thanks her for not telling Kang-pil that they are stepsisters. She also asks her to keep it a secret until she gives birth to her baby. Meanwhile, Kang-pil goes to see Min-jung and tells her that he wonít get married if she tells him not to do it.

Episode 77
Min-jung is taken to the hospital and examined after she gets into an accident. Ki-chul blames the accident on Kang-pil and heads to the wedding to talk with him but the security guards hold him back.
Kang-pil and Soo-hyun hold their wedding and leave on their honeymoon. When they stop by a highway rest stop on their way to the airport, Soo-hyun calls up Pil-shik and tells him that Kang-pil must not know about Min-jungís accident. Meanwhile, Bong-pil gets angry that Young-mi is meeting Hyung-chul and he tells his son, Yong-dae, to keep his wits about him.

Episode 78
Min-jung wakes up from her coma and tells her mother, Young-mi, that she wished that the wedding wouldnít take place. Young-mi tells her that itís natural for her to have such resentment and tells her to try to forget it all. Ki-chul visits Min-jung at the hospital and angrily asks her why she tried to kill herself. Young-mi feels sad when she hears Min-jung tell Ki-chul that she never thought of committing suicide.
While on their honeymoon, Kang-pil learns from Pil-shik that a car hit Min-jung and that she was hospitalized. He decides to leave and see Min-jung. He is unable to see Min-jung at the hospital and returns. Then he discovers Soo-hyun clutching her belly in pain...

Episode 79
Chairman Han and So Hee-jung are relieved to hear that Soo-hyun and her baby are OK. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun looks resentfully at Kang-pil as he sleeps on the floor in her patientís room.
Hearing from Pil-shik that Young-ah returned, Soo-hyun tells him to go into hiding. But she also tells him that if he gets caught, she will make sure he will be set for life. She also reminds him that sheíll be in control of the company soon so she wants him to keep everything a secret.

Episode 80
After returning from their short honeymoon, Kang-pil and Soo-hyun meet Min-jung at Soo-hyunís family home. Soo-hyun makes up a story to explain why Min-jung is at her family home and tells Min-jung to leave. Min-jung tells Soo-hyun that since she is married to Kang-pil now there is nothing for her to worry about.
Meanwhile, Soo-hyun gets a call from Detective Choi after she returns home. Detective Choi asks her why she called Young-ah on the day she disappeared. Soo-hyun replies that Young-ah asked her for money and she met her a couple of times because of that...

Episode 81
So Hee-jung visits a jewelry shop and one of the staff asks her if she is still in possession of an uncut diamond. When the staff tells her that an identical-looking uncut diamond was brought to their store, So Hee-jung gets suspicious of Soo-hyun and calls her about what she heard. Soo-hyun nervously tells her that she gave the uncut diamond to the jewelry shop to have it made into a ring.
Meanwhile, a cleaning lady brings a bag she found to Kang-pil, who instantly recognizes it as belonging to Min-jung. Kang-pil meets with Dong-hyuk to ask him a few questions about the bag and he is told that the men who attempted to rape Min-jung took away her bag, which Kang-pil now has. This deeply disturbs Kang-pil.

Episode 82
Dong-hyuk tells Kang-pil that a day after Min-jung was nearly raped, a phone call was made to her cell-phone and he tracked it back to a call that was placed within Nara Home Shopping headquarters. Kang-pil tells Dong-hyuk that the bag and cell-phone were found in Nara Home Shoppingís offices and Dong-hyuk immediately fingers Soo-hyun as being the culprit behind the plan to rape Min-jung. Kang-pil is stupefied to hear that.
Meanwhile, Doo-hwan appears before Soo-hyun, who tells him that theyíre deal ended. She wonders why he came to see her again. Doo-hwan tells her that there is one unresolved deal and takes out a photo of Young-ah, which he shows to her. Doo-hwan tells her that he got rid of Kang Young-ah and as a gift, he gives all the photos of her to Soo-hyun...

Episode 83
Kang-pil hears back from a doctor friend about the pill that Soo-hyun threaten to take and kill herself. His friend tells him that the pill is actually a vitamin tablet and if anyone threatened to kill themselves with it, then they were lying. Kang-pil is shocked to hear this.
When Soo-hyun finds out that Kang-pil knows that the bagís owner is Min-jung, she casually asks him how he got it. But Kang-pil doesnít believe her story that she has no knowledge of the bag. Soo-hyun changes her tactics and says that if Kang-pil wonít believe her then who else could she rely on. Thinking about the fake pill that Soo-hyun threatened to kill herself with, Kang-pil shakes his head and tells her he cannot trust her...

Episode 84
Soo-hyun meets with Doo-hwan again. Soo-hyun threatens to go to the police but Doo-hwan then plays a recorded conversation where Pil-shik is ordering the kidnapping of Young-ah. He demands that she cough up more money. Soo-hyun asks him what he wants and Doo-hwan asks her to give him a suppliers deal with Nara Home Shopping and if she comes through for him, he will never bother her again. Meanwhile, Kang-pil has a drink with Bo-guk.
Bo-guk tells Kang-pil that love requires a great responsibility and if anyone causes the death of a loved one then that person must either commit suicide or be punished severely. Kang-pil asks Bo-guk if he knows anything about his own personal life...

Episode 85
Min-jung, Young-mi and Min-jungís grandmother go to a department store together to shop for clothes. But So Hee-jung is also at the department store so Min-jung hides herself in the dressing room. Min-jungís grandmother says that itís a relief that Soo-hyun wasnít with them and if So Hee-jung knew that Min-jung and Soo-hyun were stepsisters then Soo-hyun would probably get kicked out of Chairman Hanís house.
Soo-hyun gets angry when she learns that So Hee-jung almost saw Min-jung with Young-mi. She tells them that the family must not be seen together with Min-jung and takes out a wedding photo of Min-jung and Kang-pil that she found and rips it in front of them...
Episode 86

After returning home, Soo-hyun tells Kang-pil that his mother So Hee-jung met Min-jung at a department store and that Min-jung agreed to an arranged marriage. After hearing what Soo-hyun said, Kang-pil comes to the conclusion that Soo-hyun is probably setting up the arranged marriage for Min-jung and calls up Hong-ji, asking about the time and place where Min-jung will meet her blind date.
Meanwhile, the soy sauce crab product that was pushed by Soo-hyun creates problems for the company and Soo-hyun tells everyone that sheíll meet with the supplier to get to the bottom of the issue. In her meeting with Doo-hwan, Soo-hyun orders him to supply properly made products to the company but Doo-hwan promptly shows her pictures of him making threats to her in regard of the misdeeds she made him do and then asks her if it would be all right with her if he showed these photos to Kang-pil or her mother-in-law So Hee-jung...

Episode 87
Under the alias of Oh Na-yeon, Min-jung is able to complete her first show without any problems. Min-jung gets a call from Mr. Hwang and Ki-chul learns that Mr. Hwang is the son of the founder of Korean Records. Ki-chul half-jokingly tells Min-jung that a scandal is the worst thing that could happen to her and she should watch out.
Doo-hwan pays another visit to Soo-hyun and asks her when her company will air another show on the home shopping channel to sell his soy sauce crabs. Soo-hyun tells him that her people found too many problems in his food factory but Doo-hwan talks back at her and says that he could kidnap her if she doesnít cooperate. Soo-hyun tells him that she can only help him one last time and that there wonít be any more favors after that.

Episode 88
Soo-hyun looks at her wedding photos that are hung on the wall. Remember her wedding, Soo-hyun looks happily at the jade ring that Kang-pil gave her but she feels uneasy about her marriage.
Meanwhile, Kang-pil gives Min-jung a sports car as a gift to celebrate her first show. While taking the car for a spin, Min-jung gets a call from Dong-hyuk, who tells her to come home early and Kang-pil gets a call from Soo-hyun, asking him to visit her parents with her. Kang-pil tells Min-jung that the first step is always the hardest one and after that everything will get easier....

Episode 89
Yong-dae tells Kang-pil that thanks to him, Soo-hyun seems to be a lot happier. Kang-pil cannot bring himself to say anything to Yong-dae who goes on to tell him that Soo-hyun will love him with all her heart and that she had a lonely childhood because her mother died when she was young.
When Min-jung meets Kang-pil, she tells him that she should have completely turned her back on him. Min-jung tells him that she didnít want to break his heart by dumping him but she now regrets it after seeing him meet her family. Kang-pil tells Min-jung that when he first saw her, he knew heíd rather die than live without her.

Episode 90
Soo-hyun hears from Won-seok that a man interrupted his blind date with Min-jung and dragged her away. Soo-hyun gets suspicious of Kang-pil as being that man and so she goes to meet Min-jung to find out the truth. When Soo-hyun asks Min-jung about the incident that happened on her blind date, Min-jung blurts out that it was Mr. Hwang who interrupted her date. Min-jung lets out a sigh of a relief when Soo-hyun buys her story.
After returning home, Soo-hyun tells Kang-pil that everything she wishes for her in her marriage has come true. But Kang-pil sends an email to Min-jung to set up a date while sitting right next to Soo-hyun...

Episode 91
Min-jung and Kang-pil enjoy a trip to Busan. Believing that Kang-pil went to Busan on a business trip, Soo-hyun tells Chairman Han and So Hee-jung that sheíll go meet him there and starts packing her things.
Kang-pil tells Min-jung that being with her brings happiness to his life and Min-jung says that sheís glad that theyíre far away from all their problems. At that very moment, Soo-hyun arrives at the hotel where Kang-pil and Min-jung are staying...

Episode 92
When Soo-hyun asks Kang-pil where Mr. Jin is, he tells her that he got an upset stomach while he was with him and couldnít introduce him to her. He promises to introduce him to her later. Hearing Kang-pilís half-baked explanation makes Soo-hyun suspicious about what is going on...
Kang-pil goes to see Min-jung and tells her he is sorry that heíll have to leave. Min-jung gets upset and says that she canít take it any more. Min-jung says that she can tolerate anything except feeling guilty and at first she thought she could block out such thoughts but it didnít turn out that way and now she is losing sleep over their secret affair.

Episode 93
Kang-pil writes a song for Min-jung. Min-jung thanks him and says that although she says sheíll break up with him, she doesnít mean it. Kang-pil tells Min-jung not to worry about things that have not happened yet and they should cherish the time they spend with each other.
Meanwhile, Chairman Han learns that Kang-pil bought a sports car and studio by selling company stock. After he learns that Min-jung is related to the stock sale, he orders Mr. Jang to investigate the matter and get to the bottom of it.

Episode 94
Doo-hwan pays another visit to Soo-hyun. With a list of demands, Doo-hwan asks Soo-hyun to wire a large sum of money into his account but Soo-hyun tells him that she canít give him the money. But Doo-hwan makes threats that there will be consequences if she doesnít wire the amount by the next day.
Upon arriving at work, Bo-guk calls Soo-hyun to his office and asks her if anything is bothering her when he sees her looking distraught. But Bo-guk mistakenly thinks she is bothered by the secret affair between Kang-pil and Min-jung, which he is aware of. He looks at Soo-hyun with pity as she tells him that she doesnít need a personal pep talk before turning around...

Episode 95
Mr. Jang hands over photos to Chairman Han, showing that Min-jung and Soo-hyun know each other. He then tells the chairman that Soo-hyunís entire family has fooled him. Chairman Han also hears from Mr. Jang that Kang-pil began carrying on a secret affair with Min-jung right after he got married to Soo-hyun and this disturbs him but he is deeply angered by Soo-hyunís betrayal.
Meanwhile, Soo-hyun frantically tries to come up with $500,000 and she asks Young-mi to come up with as much money as she possible can. Soo-hyun tries to take out a bank loan but the loan officer doesnít approve it. Soo-hyun fears about the consequences that Doo-hwan spoke of as the clock ticks by...

Episode 96
Chairman Han asks Soo-hyun about her relation with Min-jung. When Soo-hyun denies that Min-jung is her sister, Chairman Han shows her a family photo showing Soo-hyun with Min-jung and he yells at her for tricking him. Chairman Han senses that someone is creeping up behind him and spots Doo-hwan, who hits him over the head with a trophy piece.
Soo-hyun trembles with fear when she sees Chairman Han splayed on the floor. Doo-hwan tells her that they must pretend to make the incident look like a robbery and so he tells her to call the cops about a break-in while he will take a few pieces of jewelry to make it look like a crime.


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