High Kick Through The Roof

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High Kick Through The Roof

Korean Drama | 2009

지붕 뚫고 하이킥 | Ji-boong Ddoolh-go Ha-i-kik


Directed byJo Chan-joo (조찬주)Kim Byung-wook (김병욱)Kim Yeong-gi (김영기)

Written by

TV Channel/Platform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

126 episodes - Mon~Fri 19:45
The story of two sisters.
Two sisters, twenty-two and nine in age, lived all their lives with their father, deep in the country where even electricity is an unaffordable luxury. One day, after a bizarre turn of events, they end up in Seoul. The two sisters encounter a severe case of cultural shock as soon as they hit the city. Building forests, computers, department stores, subways, cell phone To 9-year old Shin-ae, who had never seen these before, Seoul is like a fantasy that can sometimes be difficult to fathom.
Meanwhile, a peculiar family lives at a corner of a residential area in Seongbuk-dong.
Sun-jae is the president of a small food company.
At 72, Sun-jae falls head over heels in love just as his life is slowly winding down. His granddaughter Hae-ri shrieks every morning in the bathroom over her constipation. All the other members of this family have some sort of defect. The most invisible son-in-law in Seongbuk-dong, the EQ-deficient doctor, the perverted female teacher Come to think of it, every man living in this day and age harbors some kind of unique defect.
This is why they shout confidently, "Only those of you who are perfect may throw stones at us!" is a sitcom portraying the uplifting comedic story of two sisters who begin to work at Sun-jae's house as maids and their episodes with members of this family. At the same time, it is a drama of these two girls blossoming into young women as they fall in love.


Lee Soon-jae (73)
President of a small food company. A typical Korean father figure. Headstrong, ill-tempered, and releases gas freely and loudly. His wife passed away 3 years ago. But he suddenly changes when he begins a passionate relationship with Ja-ok, the Vice Principal of a high school. Of course, he is still the same at home, but he tries pathetically to come across as a courteous, gentle, and dashing man when he is with Ja-ok. Despite the students taunting him whenever he visits Ja-ok's high school, and despite his daughter, Hyeon-gyeong's oppositions, he is excited about marrying her.

Kim Ja-ok (60)
The Vice Principal of a high school. She is dating Sun-jae, who is 12 years older than her. Although she has an elegant and poised manner of speech, her favorite form of punishment is pinching the boys' nipples. For this, she is called "Vice Principal, the Pervert." She has never been married and cries while looking out the window when rain is falling, laughs when she see s a crooked sign, and has abrupt emotional fluctuations. In general, she is like a young girl.

Lee Hyeon-kgyeong (43)
Sun-jae's daughter. P.E. teacher at a high school. She's a tomboy and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Thanks to her forthright personality, she often quarrels with the rest of her family but never holds grudges. But Sun-jae's marriage to Ja-ok is one thing that she absolutely cannot accept. She had never liked Ja-ok and now she has to fight with her over every little thing at home, too. She fumes whenever she sees Sun-jae caring for Ja-ok at the thought of her deceased mother.

Jeong Bo-seok (44)
Hyeon-gyeong's husband. Vice President of a food company. Despite his intelligent looking appearance, he is rather slow and so incapable that it's almost funny. So rather than being respected as a son-in-law, Sun-jae is always out to get him anytime and anywhere. He is a kind and caring husband to Hyeon-gyeong and a good father to his son Jun-hyeok and daughter Hae-ri. But he is afraid that even Hyeon-gyeong is getting fed up with his incompetence. The one thing he has confidence in is that he can come off as a handsome guy if he keeps his mouth closed. He is a bad drunk and is especially bad with numbers.

Lee Ji-hoon (29)
Sun-jae's son. He is a resident surgeon at a hospital. His EQ is low, considering his high IQ. He doesn't care about other people's emotions and is self-centered. On a blind date, if the girl seems to be having health issues, he will ask about her menstrual cycle. As such, he is only interested in himself or his own business and has no consideration for formalities or manners. He runs into Se-gyeong by chance soon after she arrives at Seoul and indirectly helps her come his house has a maid. He keeps running into Se-gyeong in various ways.

Hwang Jeong-eum (23)
A college student going to an unknown school. A typical college student who is bright and can sometimes lie to get her way. Her family lives in Dae-jeon so she lives in a studio on her own with a big dog. She buys a very expensive pair of shoes on impulse and becomes Jun-hyeok's private tutor. She likes to joke around and play pranks on people but when Jun-hyeok rebels aggressively during her lessons, she doesn't back off. She grows closer to Jun-hyeok while quarreling so frequently.

Sin Se-kyeong (21)
She leaves her country life with her younger sister Shin-ae and comes to Seoul. She does her best to take care of Shin-ae. Their life in Seoul begins with Se-gyeong's part time job at a gas station until she finds a job as a maid at Sun-jae's house. She is a caring and optimistic person and keeps her chin up through most hardships. At the same time, she tends to be careless and constantly makes mistakes. Having spent her teens deep in the country, she has no idea how to survive in the real world, but she learns fast with Ji-hoon and Jun-hyeok's help.

Shin Shin-ae (9)
The narrator of the series. Se-gyeong's younger sister. Her mother passed away when she was three and she has spent her whole life in the country. She is amazed by everything she sees in Seoul and is full of questions. Her questions can be direct and objective criticisms of modern civilization. She is mature for her age but she is still a child. There is so much she wants to do, eat, and have. She is mesmerized by the world of high definition TV after her first HDTV experience at Sun-jae's house. Hae-ri, Sun-jae's granddaughter, bullies her all the time but she is too proud to ask for anyone's help.



High Kick Through The Roof
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