It Was Love

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It Was Love

Korean Drama | 2012

사랑했나봐 | sa-rang-haess-na-bya


Directed byKim Heung-dong (김흥동)Lee Gye-joon (이계준)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

120 episodes - Mon~Fri 07:50
Also known as "Maybe Love"
A woman whose best friend steals her husband and utterly destroy her life. A frenemy who wrecks a womanís life and does all this for the sake of her daughter. How will justice prevail in their lives?


Han Yoon-jin (Actress: Park Si-eun)
She has one sibling and grew up as the eldest. Her family owned a small Chinese restaurant in a poor district in Seoul. Having a single parent made her childhood a difficult one but she retained a sunny personality. Her supposedly best friend Sun-jung sets her up on a blind date with Joo Hyun-do and despite his familyís disapproval, they get married. But during Yoon-jinís month-long hospitalization after the difficult birth of her first baby, her best friend Sun-jung has an affair with her husband and steals him away, wrecking her marriage. Yoon-jin wants to get revenge but there are so many broken pieces to pick up in her life that she does not know where to begin.

Choi Sun-jung (Actress: Kim Bo-kyeong)
Sun-jung grew up in a wealthy family. Being a smart and pretty girl, she was popular among her classmates. But at the age of 14, Sun-jung witnesses her father kissing Yoon-jinís mother. After this incident, Sun-jung becomes consumed with rage and vengeance. She starts to believe that nobody is on her side in the world. Studying diligently, she gets into a prestigious college and later lands a job where she proves herself to be a capable and talented employee. She dates Baek Jae-heon, whom she thought was from a wealthy family, and is determined to marry him. After she belatedly finds out that Jae-heon was actually the live-in private tutor for the familyís children, she decides to seduce Joo Hyun-do, who is the scion of a successful furniture company.

Baek Jae-heon (Actor: Ahn Jae-mo)
Although his family was too poor to afford to send him to cram school, he studied hard and worked hard while being raised by a single mom. He never despairs over setbacks in life. Perhaps his hardworking philosophy was the factor that drew Sun-jung, whom he had a crush on, to him. During his mandatory military service, he anxiously waited for the day he could be reunited with Sun-jung and be with her during her pregnancy, When Jae-heon is finally able to go home after being honorably discharged from the militarye, he is greeted with bad news. His baby was abandoned as his homeís doorsteps, and a note says that Sun-jung died while giving birth. He raises his daughter by himself as a single dad but one day he is shocked when he sees that Sun-jung is alive.

Joo Hyun-do (Actor: Hwang Dong-joo)
While his father gives him a hard time, his mother spoils him so Hyun-do gradually became impulsive and selfish. He also would get into trouble at times. Marrying someone his family didnít approve was troubling to his parents. When Hyun-do asked Sun-jung, whom he had a crush on, out on a date she flatly turns him down but decides to set him up with a blind date with her friend Yoon-jin. So getting married to Yoon-jin was an act of defiance against his father and exacting sweet revenge against Sun-jung who had snubbed him. While Yoon-jin was still in the hospital due to a difficult delivery, Hyun-do started thinking about Sun-jung as the one that got away but who was now eager to hook up.



It Was Love
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It Was Love
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It Was Love
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