Midnight Horror: Six Nights

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Midnight Horror: Six Nights

Korean Drama | 2022

미드나잇 호러: 6개의 밤 | mi-deu-na-it ho-reo: 6-gae-eui bam


Directed byChoi Yun-ho (최윤호)Im Dae-woong (임대웅)Kim Jung-min-XIV (김정민)Lee Jung-haeng (이정행)Yoo Young-sun (유영선)

TV Channel/Platform:Genie TV (지니 TV)Seezn (시즌)

Airing dates:

An omnibus work composed of six episodes depicting the horrors found in everyday life. When an ordinary daily life turns into horror, it becomes eerie.

"Night Stalker" (나이트 스토커, na-i-teu seu-to-keo) by Im Dae-woong
The story follows Soo-in, an employee of a security company, after rumors of a man who got trapped in the back room disappeared.

"Order" (주문, ju-mun) by Yoo Young-sun
The story is about a mysterious 'last order' received by Japanese chef Mei.

"Convenience Store" (편의점, pyeon-eui-jeom) by Lee Jung-haeng
Job-seeking student, Soo-hyeon, got a part-time job at a convenient store. The secret between the strange customers and the mysterious store owner creates an unpredictable horror.

"Find Someone Who Can" (할 수 있는 자가 구하라, hal su itt-neun ja-ga gu-ha-ra) by Yoo Young-sun
Jin-kyeong, an emergency counselor, listens to the stories of suicidal people. When she heard her dead brother's voice on a call, Jin-kyeong is gripped with fear that she can't escape.

"Hole" (홀, hol) by Kim Jung-min-XIV
The story of a blessed woman who takes care of a blind old man who is facing a mysterious hole, through the invitation of a priest. The woman wonders what is in the darkness and what secrets are hidden in the old house.

"Home Shopping" (홈쇼핑, hom-syo-ping) by Choi Yun-ho
The story of a hand-knitting expert Hae-ok who is asked to make a doll while reciting a spell. On his home shopping channel, Hae-ok is terrified when he witnesses the dolls that he's selling become cursed.


Midnight Horror: Six Nights
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Midnight Horror: Six Nights
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Midnight Horror: Six Nights
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Midnight Horror: Six Nights
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