Mr. Plankton

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Mr. Plankton

Korean Drama | 2024

Mr. 플랑크톤 | Mr. peul-lang-keu-ton

Romantic comedy

Directed by Hong Jong-chan (홍종찬)

Written by

TV Channel/Platform: Netflix (넷플릭스)

Airing dates:


10 episodes
Filming: 2023/07~2024/01/14
A man who should not have been born and the unhappiest woman in the world are forced to accompany one another on the final journey of his life. The prolific Woo Do-hwan ("Bloodhounds", "Joseon Attorney: A Morality", "The King: Eternal Monarch", "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful", "The Divine Fury") portrays Hae-jo, a man born out of wedlock thrown into a wandering life without family. The role of Jae-mi, Hae-jo's ex-girlfriend and the world's unhappiest bride-to-be, goes to Lee Yoo-mi ("All of Us Are Dead", "Strong Girl Nam-soon", "Hostage: Missing Celebrity"), the first Asian actor to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series for her work in "Squid Game". Jae-mi's groom-to-be Eo-heung, the only son of an illustrious and traditional fifth-generation jongga family (the head family of a respected clan), is played by Oh Jung-se ("Sweet Home - Season 2", "Seoul Vibe", "Cobweb", "Revenant", "It's Okay to Not Be Okay") who has shown unparalleled characterization in every role he undertakes. The role of Beom Ho-ja (Criminal) - Eo-heung's mother with 60 years of life as a scrutinized daughter-in-law under her belt - goes to the celebrated Kim Hae-sook ("Gyeongseong Creature", "Strong Girl Nam-soon", "Revenant", "Under the Queen's Umbrella", "Tomorrow", "The Throne", "The Thieves"), who is a leading actress in Korea for her impressive, sweeping range. "Mr. Plankton" was penned by writer Jo Yong ("It's Okay to Not Be Okay") and directed by Hong Jong-chan ("Juvenile Justice", "Dear My Friends"). (Netflix)


Mr. Plankton
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Mr. Plankton
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Mr. Plankton
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