My Man's Woman

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My Man's Woman

Korean Drama | 2007

내 남자의 여자 | Nae Nam-ja-eui Yeo-ja


Directed by Jeong Eul-yeong (정을영)

Written by

TV Channel/Platform: SBS (SBS)

Airing dates:

24 episodes

Alternative title : "My Husband's Woman"

I love you… I’ll love you with no regrets. And then I’ll die…
The tale of their forbidden love begins.

A woman who became evil like Aphrodite in Greek Mythology…
A man who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality…
And a man’s wife whose life has become nothing but a maze…

Hwa-young (actress Kim Hee-ae) has a realistic, rational personality. After graduating from college, she worked in a hotel and met a Korean-American man who she later married. She moved and lived in the US afterwards. Due to her husband’s physical problems, the two were not able to have children, even after trying artificial insemination. Due to the failure of his business, her husband falls deep into depression and commits suicide. After becoming a widow, Hwa-young returns to Korea…

With the help of her good friend, Ji-soo (actress Bae Jong-oak), Hwa-young starts her life in Korea again after ten years. She then meets Joon-pyo (actor Kim Sang-joong) who is married to Ji-soo and lives a stable life but has a loveless marriage. Hwa-young falls madly in love with Joon-pyo and even moves into the same neighborhood as the couple to be closer to him.

Ji-soo met Joon-pyo during their freshmen year in college. After seven years of dating, she was finally able to gain the approval of his family but was never welcomed in his household as a daughter-in-law. For these reasons, Ji-soo suffers from her own personal pressures to be a perfect wife and help her husband become successful in his life and career. But her emotions turn to anger and hatred when she learns of the betrayal of her husband and good friend. The drama unfolds at this point in their lives...
Producer: Jung Eul-young (Precious Family KBS, Love as Fireworks SBS)
Script: Kim Soo-hyun (Love And Ambition SBS, Precious Family KBS)


1. 내 남자의 여자 (title)
2. 사랑아
3. 사랑은 언제나 고독의 친구였다
4. If
5. Way Back Home
6. Love Affair-Stress
7. Blue Moon
8. 석모도의 하루
9. Sudden Attack
10. 비애
11. Remember
12. Too Much Or Too Little
13. 사랑이란 비겁한 이유로
14. 위험한 상상
15. Solitude
16. Dance With Me
17. Waltz In D Minor
18. 내 남자의 여자 (Acodion Ver.)
19. Love Affair-Tango
20. Field Of St. Etienne



My Man's Woman
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My Man's Woman
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My Man's Woman
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