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New Recruit - Season 2

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New Recruit - Season 2

Korean Drama | 2023

신병 시즌2 | sin-byeong si-jeun-2

Black comedyDramaMilitary

Directed by Min Jin-gi (민진기)

Written by

TV Channel/Platform:ENA (이엔에이)Genie TV (지니 TV)TVING (티빙)

Airing dates:

Follow-up season to "New Recruit"
Based on the animation by YouTube creator Jangbbijju
A hyper-realistic comedy depicting the story of a 'military' recruit enlisting in a place where all kinds of people, from the good to the bad to the weird, gather.


New Recruit - Season 2
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New Recruit - Season 2
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New Recruit - Season 2
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