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On Air (온 에어)

온 에어 (On E-eo)

Directed by Sin Woo-cheol (신우철)

Screenplay by

Comedy Drama

SBS | Airing dates :

21 episodes


Top actress Oh Seung-ah(Kim Ha-neul) refuses to accept the Best Actress award at an awards ceremony after finding out that she is to share the prize with another actress. In the process, she makes a fool out of Seo Young-eun(Song Yun-a) who was there to hand out the award. Seo Young-eun is an extremely popular writer who has written corny dramas that have gained top ratings. But now she feels a need to change. She wants to write a drama series with depth. So she chooses to write about a drama that centers around a mental hospital. To get ideas for her script, she visits a mental institution only to run into Lee Gyeong-min(Park Yong-ha). Gyeong-min is conscious about the strange woman who keeps looking at him. He may look like someone from a well-to-do family but only the opposite is true. His family is very poor, and he’s the only breadwinner in his family. He had come to the hospital to borrow some money from his friend.
During a meeting with the production team, Young-eun’s proposal for a drama based on a mental hospital setting is dismissed. Young-eun is about to go crazy because of the head of the drama department keeps insisting that she write a romance piece about a girl in love with a rich man, only to catch a chronic illness. Moreover, the writer is seethed with anger after finding out that the main lead will be played by Oh Seung-ah. Seung-ah feels that she’s unable to grow as a serious actress because the CEO of her management company is corrupt and too greedy. The one thing she’s been thinking about is to sign a contract with a different company once her current contract comes to an end. So she seeks out Jang Gi-jun(Lee Beom-su) who remembers Seung-ah. It was Gi-jun who had helped Seung-ah avoid a fraudulent scheme seven years ago when she was in her senior year in high school. Gi-jun company is on the verge of going under when Seung-ah decides to join his team. Seung-ah is intent on becoming a serious actress. Young-eun meets up with Seung-ah with a new proposal for a script. Young-eun criticizes Seung-ah for being a terrible actress. On the other hand, Young-eun is also criticized for having axed the director. Young-eun bumps into the young director, Gyeong-min, for the first time after seeing each other at the mental hospital, creating an awkward moment. They agree to work on a drama series together. And Seung-ah is to join them!


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 Choi Ji-yeong (최지영)
 Assistant director
 Jang Yeong-sil (장영실)
 Scenario team
Technical Information
60 min HD 16/9
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2008/03/05~2008/05/15

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BEST DRAMA OF 2008 by ovette

or any kdrama addict out there, just the plot would make you wanna watch this drama already. it shows you the ins and outs of making a drama, the production, the scriptwriting.. from the choosing of actors and overseas locations to PPL's and to the wrapping up of the last episode.
this drama bears it all.

Oh Seung Ah is portrayed as an A-list actress with a primadonna attitude. but despite her bitchiness, you wont help but fall in love with her character. Main characters include Ki Joon as a manager, Kyung Min as a director and Yeong Eun as a scriptwriter.

i definitely felt great admiration to Kim Eun Sook while watching this drama. the way she wrote the script was witty, more so when they were delivered by the actors. Yeong Eun is very talkative and her lines were usually long. Song Yoon Ah acted her out beautifully, was always consistent and never fell out of it.

another amazing thing about On Air is it has a DRAMA within a DRAMA - Ticket to the Moon (which i might add, also had a nice story to it. if they were to make this into a real drama, i would go and watch it.) it's nice to see how they anticipated the first episode, how the blessing ceremony and press conference for the drama were held and even their excitement for the viewer's ratings. it seemed all real to me. the cameo appearances are a plus to this drama as well. it's amazing how they connected reality to this drama.. to the point of making up "Shim Chon" played by Ha Ji Won as its rival drama, inviting Lee Seo Jin and asking him to hint 'marriage' in one of his lines. then comes Kim Jung Eun in the next episode wherein she was hosting her real show Chocolate.

it reveals the reality and hardships of the people working in this industry, how they would have less time for their husbands, for their children and even for themselves (one would be lack of sleep). the scriptwriter, for example, is pressured by time, compelled to finish each episode and also go to the extent of revising it a hundred times until she finds her scenes satisfying. it also reveals how actors and actresses handle the controversies they encounter and the deep wounds that it leaves to them. of course, romantic scenes are needed to spice up the drama and it did just that. the writer was good at making the audience guess who would end up with whom. i assure you though, it's not an open-ended one and yeah, the writer wrote the best and most fitting ending for this drama.

the drama created so much buzz when it was running. it was loved by many and ratings even reached 24%. the most watched after KBS1's daily drama ended. the soundtrack too is a must listen.. can you believe, the FOUR MAIN cast sang for the OST? plus Cherry (who played Seung Ah's rival). so that makes it 5. five actors who were in the drama sang for the ost. this is the first time it has ever happened.

im so missing this drama and the actors so much right now! it's a MUST NOT MISS one and i URGE you (if not force LOL) to watch this. it's got everything. you need to watch it so you'll know what i mean.

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2009/03/24 10:58:39

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sorry, just want to rectify. Park Yong Ha played in this drama as Lee Gyeong-min, didn't he.? and Kim Min-joon came as cameo in Eps. 4, right.? thanks...
2011-06-11 04:02:56
2010-07-19 05:32:28
nice story and happy ending
Is there Kim Hee-Seon acting on it ?
2010-05-16 18:11:30
2009-04-30 01:53:57
I love the pair between Park Yong Ha and Song Yoon Ah, strong chemistry. :)
a nice story.
2009-03-10 04:40:30
2009-02-10 18:30:38
lurve ft island :D
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On Air (온 에어)