Que Sera, Sera

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Que Sera, Sera

Korean Drama | 2007

케 세라 세라 | Ke Se-ra Se-ra


Directed by Kim Yoon-cheol (김윤철)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

17 episodes


Love is over-flowing these days.
Grade school, no, even pre-school kids have girlfriends and boyfriends.
We fall in love more often, we get hurt more often and we try to heal the wound with a new love.
Love is something so common nowadays that we've become slightly apathetic.
There are four young people living in this era of love.
They have learned to be somewhat sophisticated and somewhat shrewd.

They think "love-of-a-lifetime" is an overused theme of old tear-jerkers and things like "great love" or "soul mates" are just plain cheesy.
But they also do fall in love. In that "over-rated" feeling called "love."

We want to see edgy and cynical kids falling into old-fashioned love.
We want to see the beauty of struggling youth when cupid's arrow of love strikes their cynical hearts.
And reassure ourselves that "true love" still lies deep in our hearts.

This series is a story of all-so-proud characters facing a huge blow from love which they have never taken very seriously.

Though it may seem trivial to others, love is the greatest thing when it walks into your life. It makes you laugh and cry and it even makes you a fool who's willing to give up your life for your loved one. It's that foolishness that makes this portrayal of youth so beautiful.


Kang Tae-joo / Moon Jung-hyuk (Eric Moon)
Occupation: Has been working for an event company for three years / Palace Department Store Planning Team

Personality: Outgoing, cheerful, realistic, selfish, proud and vain.
Hes hot tempered as well. He hates anything thats complicated and hates to think but he has a warm heart. (However, hes totally unaware of it.)

Traits: Perfect except for the fact that he has nothing.
Hes popular with women, handsome and well-mannered to boot.
Good at card games, billiards and poker and he hardly ever loses.

Han Eun-joo / Jeong Yoo-mi
Occupation: Office assistant at Palace Department Store

Personality: Simple, bold, straight forward, innocent, optimistic.

Traits: Too honest to the extent that she may be described as blunt and absurd. She dearly loves her half-sister, Ji-soo.

Shin Jun-hyuk / Lee Kyoo-han
Occupation: Director of Palace Department Store

Personality: Rational, perfectionist, introvert.

Traits: The power figure of the Palace Department Store who has taken the elite course.
He seems like the perfect guy with everything going for him, but deep inside, he has a sense of inferiority about his roots and feels isolated.

Cha Hae-rin / Yoon Ji-hye
Occupation: Fashion designer

Personality: Free and liberal, rebellious, selfish but genuine.

Traits: She has been very successful with her own designer brand.
Put under the spotlight for establishing her own business, unlike other kids of the rich and the famous.
But shes well aware of the fact that her family background worked to her advantage for her success.
She seems cold and arrogant but deep down, she has a strong desire for true love.


1. Queserasera

2. 우리는

3. 월광(月狂)

4. Night Time

5. Bless You

6. 두손에

7. 특별한 사람

8. Beautiful one

9. 눈부신 날들

10. 마릴린몬로

11. Lemon (Organic Jelly Remix)

12. Lovers

13. 두손에 Instrument

14. 마릴린 몬로 (Norma Jean Remix)



Que Sera, Sera
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