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Say You Love Me (사랑한다 말해줘)

사랑한다 말해줘 (Sa-lang-han-da Mal-hae-jooeo)

Directed by Oh Jong-rok (오종록)

Screenplay by

Drama Melodrama

MBC | Airing dates :

15 episodes


Who is that by your side? Is she the one you truly love? Is he?

“ I can't fly without Young-Chae...because it's impossible to fly with only one wing.”
“ Byung-Soo is mine. He has always been mine ever since we were born.”
“ There are neither victims nor assaulters when it comes to love.”
“ If I knock that little girl down as you wish...then would you come to me?”

There’s Byung-Soo and Young-Chae who have grown up together ever since they were little. They seem to share everything, not to mention their dream so in order to together make their dream come true, they enter the same film company.
And there’s Ina who is the successful owner and the president of the film production company. She also has Hee-Soo beside her but they are not desperately in love with each other and lead their own private lives. They just occasionally go out and sleep together. But all of a sudden there comes this young and lovable couple and somehow she’s not that pleased to see them. Why? This young couple seems to be such full of life and they’re in love! She has missed all that just in order to come up where she’s now. She is totally feeling at loss now and she just can’t stand this feeling. She asks Hee-Soo, “Take Young-Chae away from Byung-Soo.”


Kim, Byung-Soo(Acted by Kim Rae-Won)
After losing his parents by an accident, he is taken in and brought up by a monk at a Buddhist temple. This is also how he came to meet Young-Chae who was then the eldest daughter of one frequent visitor Buddhis, Mr.Seo. When he arrives at puberty, he goes to live with Young-Chae's family. And there he and Young-Chae grow up like brother and sister. For Byung-Soo, Young-Chae's dream is his dream. So in order to help her become a film director, he himself decides to become a film producer and together enters Ina's film production company. Just like a hull covering a bean, Byung-Soo has always existed for the sake of Young-Chae and likewise will willingly die for Young-Chae. These two have been stuck together for such a long time that each other's existence now seems perfectly overlapped. They are inseparable from each other. And Ina starts watches them...

Cho, Ina (Acted by Yeom Jeong-Ah)
From an affluent family background, she is an accomplished woman who boasts a MBA degree from a prestigious school in the States. She's now the owner of a film production company that produces three to four films a year. There's no such word as "fear" or "hardship" in her dictionary and her obstinate character always lands her with whatever she wants. Combing numbers of brilliant strategy and tactics, she has made a great coup at such an early age. However behind this great success also lies great sacrifice she's made throughout her twenties. In other words, she has skipped the flower blossoming period and dived right into bearing fruits period.

Suh, Young-Chae (Acted by Yoon Soy)
Graduated from film academy, she enters Ina's film production company together with Byung-Soo. She's the eldest daughter of Mr.Seo who was once a marine and perhaps this explains why she's such an energetic tomboy. She is really a girl of enormous energy and endorphin but she never falls or gets hurt. This is all because there's Byung-Soo who is always around her to protect her. Always with Byung-Soo by her side, she now dreads the word "separation". This mentality of hers had developed from her long time relationship with Byung-Soo. He was there whenever she needed him and so it seems just too natural that he should be right beside her forever. This kind of unripe relationship is surely love, yet the feelings have developed from brother and sister kind of relationship. These two can't stand separation from each other.

Park, Hee-Soo(Acted by Kim Sung-Soo)
He composes music for Ina's film production company. His father had wanted him to be a politician and following his father's will, he had gone to the States and that's where he first met Ina. When he returns from the States, he hides himself away from his father and he starts working as a music composer at Ina's company. He's occasionally goes off on vagabond trips to inland places whenever he makes some money from his music work. Recently something funny and strange has been growing inside him whenever he looks at Ina, something that he hasn't felt before. Is it jealousy? How can I feel jealous? I'm looking at this person but she wouldn't look at me. Then this feeling is love, isn't it??

Episode guide
Eps. 1

Pil-sang doesn’t have a son. For him, Byeong-soo is like his own son. Byeong-soo and Pil-sang’s daughter Young-chae grow up together like brother and sister.
Byeong-soo has feelings towards Young-chae and considers her more than a childhood friend, but for Young-chae, he’s nothing more than a friend. Both of them go to Seoul for college and start working at the same movie production company.

Yi-na has spent most of her life abroad, but when she got sick of living as a ‘foreigner’ she came back to Korea. She runs a movie production company. While struggling to survive fierce competition in the movie production market, she meets Byeong-soo who just started working at her company. She sees something special in Byeong-soo and finds herself attracted to him. Hee-soo is Yi-na’s boyfriend.
When he comes back from his trip, he accompanies Yi-na to a casting call. While Yi-na and Byeong-soo are busy doing their work, Hee-soo meets Young-chae in a surprising fashion.

Eps. 2

Young-chae is upset when Hee-soo embarrasses her. She tries to punch him, but Hee-soo just smiles at her. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo realizes that Young-chae isn’t around when he wakes up. He goes out to look for her. At the same time, Young-chae and Hee-soo become friends and have a great time talking about the trip. To makes things worse for Byeong-soo and Yi-na, they can’t get home because Hee-soo’s car runs out of gas. Yi-na is bothered to see that Young-chae keeps calling Byeong-soo’s cell phone. The following day, Young-chae and Byeong-soo finally see each other at the airport. Byeong-soo asks her what happened the night before and Young-chae explains everything to him. Yi-na is watching Byeong-soo and Young-chae. All four of them return to Seoul. Hee-soo feels that Yi-na has someone else on her mind. He confronts her and becomes angry. At work, Yi-na looks over the new employees’ assignment, which was to write an autobiography. She picks up Byeong-soo’s and Young-chae’s and starts reading.

When Yi-na transfers Young-chae to a different team, Byeong-soo gets confused. Byeong-soo tries to make Young-chae feel better, but Young-chae feels hurt and tells him that she can’t understand why they hired her in the first place. Young-chae storms out of the office when Kyeong-rim criticizes her marketing proposal. Byeong-soo thinks that he should do something about the situation and goes to talk to Yi-na. Yi-na seems to have expected this. Byeong-soo asks Yi-na not to be so hard on Young-chae, but Yi-na dismisses it by saying that this is work and not a kids’ playground. Yi-na mentions Young-chae’s mistakes in a meeting to embarrass her. She also sends Kyeong-rim and Young-chae on a business trip together.

Eps. 3

Yi-na tells Hee-soo that she’s in love with Byeong-soo. She asks him to take Young-chae away from Byeong-soo. Hee-soo gets angry and refuses at first, but Yi-na reminds him that he owes her a favor since she saved his life a long time ago. Meanwhile, Young-chae has had a very successful business trip and Byeong-soo feels proud of her. Yi-na and Byeong-soo go to a meeting with some clients. On their way back, they have a drink and Yi-na gets completely drunk. She lets Byeong-soo know that she’s interested in him. Confused, Byeong-soo lets Yi-na sleep at Young-chae’s place. When she wakes up, Yi-na realizes Young-chae and Byeong-soo are very close friends and there’s no room for her in Byeong-soo’s mind. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo calls Young-chae in Japan and tells her that he wants to marry her. Yi-na happens to hear their conversation and asks Byeong-soo to take her home. Yi-na invites Byeong-soo inside and confesses her feelings. Byeong-soo tries to resist, but they end up spending the night together. The following day, Young-chae returns from Japan and is sad when she realizes that Byeong-soo didn’t come to pick her up. Young-chae is nervous to see Yi-na’s changed attitude. Hee-soo has a car accident and is in the hospital. Yi-na tells him that she’ll send Young-chae to see him. Byeong-soo feels guilty about spending the night with Yi-na and goes to Pil-sang. He tells him everything. Pil-sang tells him to keep it to himself. The following day, Young-chae is happy to see Byeong-soo, but he seems a little different.

Eps. 4

Young-chae is curious about what happened between Byeong-soo and Yi-na, but she avoids Byeong-soo, saying that she doesn’t have the guts to hear the truth. Young-chae talks to Hee-soo, who is in charge of the movie soundtrack. Upset about Byeong-soo and Yi-na, she asks Hee-soo to buy her a drink. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo and Yi-na go to scout movie locations with the staff. Yi-na warns Byeong-soo not to avoid her if he doesn’t want other people to find out what happened between them. Byeong-soo makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be with Yi-na. They are going to an island, but everyone else except Byeong-soo and Yi-na gets too sick to get on the boat. The two of them leave for the island. Byeong-soo tries to focus on his work. Yi-na feels sad when she realizes that it’s not going to be easy to win Byeong-soo’s heart. Meanwhile, Young-chae tells Hee-soo that she feels betrayed by Byeong-soo. Since he knows what is going on, he feels bad for Young-chae. Yi-na and Byeong-soo are isolated on the island. Yi-na grabs Byeong-soo’s cell phone and throws it into the water. Byeong-soo thinks about the good times with Young-chae and tells Yi-na that he loves Young-chae. Yi-na tells him that it’s too late. Hee-soo takes Young-chae to his house. The following day, the staff can’t get in touch with Byeong-soo and Yi-na. They’re concerned. Worried, Young-chae calls Hee-soo and asks for help. Yi-na asks Byeong-soo if he will go back to Young-chae despite what happened between them.

Eps. 5

Hee-soo makes up his mind to take Young-chae away from Byeong-soo. Yi-na tells Hee-soo that she never loved him and that she’s tired of him. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo disappears and Young-chae goes to talk to Hee-soo. Hee-soo gets angry with Young-chae and tells her not to try to avoid the truth anymore. He tells her to ask either Byeong-soo or Yi-na and find out what happened. Young-chae doesn’t want to believe Byeong-soo would cheat on her. However, she goes to Yi-na and asks her what went on with her and Byeong-soo. Yi-na tells her to ask Byeong-soo. Young-chae asks Byeong-soo if he loves Yi-na, but he won’t answer. She feels hurt and walks away. Young-chae tells Hee-soo that she won’t forgive Byeong-soo but she can’t let him go, either. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo receives a letter from Young-chae and realizes how much she loves him. Yi-na hears about Young-chae from Hee-soo and goes to see Byeong-soo. She runs into Young-chae outside and lies to her that she’s pregnant with Byeong-soo’s child. When Byeong-soo goes to meet Young-chae, she’s already left. Later, Byeong-soo hears about Yi-na’s pregnancy.

Eps. 6

Hee-soo feels sorry for Young-chae who is heartbroken because of Byeong-soo. He tells Yi-na that he wishes he could enjoy the game she’s playing. Young-chae misses Byeong-soo, but Hee-soo realizes that he also has feelings for her. Byeong-soo decides to leave the boarding house where he and Young-chae both live. The owner, Neung-ok, doesn’t understand why he wants to move out. Pil-sang hears the news and is surprised.

Meanwhile, Yi-na asks Hee-soo if he has told Young-chae the truth. Angry because she doesn’t trust him anymore, he tells her that he genuinely likes Young-chae because she’s different from the other people he knows. Yi-na feels nervous when she realizes that Young-chae and Byeong-soo care about each other and are still close.

Young-chae asks Byeong-soo to end the relationship with their mutual friends. She also tells him that she’ll quit her job, since she only got the movie production job because of him. Byeong-soo calls Yi-na out of the blue, which makes her happy. However, he asks her to give him more time to think. Kyeong-rim happens to hear their conversation and is shocked to find out about their relationship. When Director Oh asks Yi-na about her relationship with Byeong-soo, she tells him that they’re going to get married soon. Pil-sang talks to Young-chae and tells her that everything is his fault. Young-chae bursts into tears in front of her father.

Eps. 7

Byeong-soo and Pil-sang drink all night and finally pass out. Young-chae wakes Byeong-soo up in the morning and fixes him breakfast for the last time. Young-chae pretends to be fine, but Byeong-soo can sense how she really feels. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him leaving, so she leaves the house first. However, she secretly watches him. Yi-na and Hee-soo see each other at work. Hee-soo thinks that she’s more beautiful than ever. Then Byeong-soo shows up at work. Yi-na is excited to find out that he has moved out of the boarding house where Young-chae lives. Hee-soo tells Yi-na that things are going very well with Young-chae and him, too. Young-chae gets drunk and calls Hee-soo. She tells him that she wants to marry him. Meanwhile, Yi-na finds out that Hee-soo told Director Oh about her plan. She gets furious. Yi-na sees Byeong-soo crying and feels terrible. Young-chae goes to Byeong-soo’s office hoping to see him, but instead she sees Byeong-soo and Yi-na hugging each other. Hee-soo tells Young-chae that she can cry on his shoulder whenever she wants to. However, he can’t help thinking about Yi-na. Byeong-soo hears that Young-chae is sick. He rushes to see her. Afraid of losing him, Yi-na lies to him that she had a miscarriage.

Eps. 8

Hee-soo goes to Ulsan to meet Young-chae. He tells her that he needs her help at work. Young-chae tells him that she can’t believe that Byeong-soo hasn’t called her. However, she misses him terribly. Young-chae goes to Yi-na and tells her that she wants her old job back. Yi-na hands her a wedding invitation. Young-chae is shocked to see Byeong-soo and Yi-na’s wedding invitation. People at work are surprised to find out that their boss is marrying one of their colleagues. Young-chae defends Byeong-soo. Yi-na is jealous of Young-chae and Hee-soo laughs at her. Young-chae starts working with Hee-soo and focuses on her work to forget about Byeong-soo. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo takes Yi-na to meet Pil-sang. Pil-sang is confused, but Yi-na tells him that Byeong-soo chose her over his daughter Young-chae. When Pil-sang wants to give them a wedding gift, Byeong-soo feels really sorry. Young-chae jokingly tells Hee-soo that she wants to marry him. Hee-soo answers that he will when she really needs him. He tries to make her feel better. Eul-chae and Seok-kwan aren’t happy with Yi-na. They damage her car to mess with her. Yi-na can’t understand why she has to put up with this kind of treatment just because she wants Byeong-soo.

Eps. 9

Young-chae tells Eul-chae and Seok-kwan not to give Byeong-soo a hard time. While talking to Byeong-soo, Young-chae feels distant whenever he refers Yi-na to his fiancée. Young-chae complains to Hee-soo. He tells her that he’s happy because she comes to him whenever she needs to talk to someone. He asks her to marry him. Yi-na finds out that Hee-soo wants to marry Young-chae. She is amused at first, but she feels funny when she realizes that he’s serious. Yi-na gets mad at Hee-soo and asks him why he had to propose to Young-chae just before her wedding. Yi-na purposely informs Byeong-soo of Young-chae and Hee-soo’s engagement in order to see his reaction. He seems unexpectedly calm, which makes her more nervous. Byeong-soo asks Young-chae if she really loves Hee-soo. Instead of answering the question, she just replies that she will marry him. Yi-na asks Byeong-soo to move into her house.

Pil-sang decides to let Young-chae marry Hee-soo. However, he asks Hee-soo to live in the boarding house where Young-chae lives. Hee-soo and Young-chae and Byeong-soo and Yi-na prepare for their weddings. They run into each other at a bridal shop. Yi-na asks Young-chae about Byeong-soo’s habits and favorite things just to get on her nerves. Hee-soo can’t believe how mean Yi-na is to Young-chae. Young-chae invites Byeong-soo to her wedding. Both couples get married and go on their honeymoons. They happen to stay at the same hotel.

Eps. 10

Even though Byeong-soo and Young-chae work at the same company, they try to ignore each other. Director Oh feels responsible for their breakup since he didn’t say anything to Byeong-soo even though he knew about Yi-na’s lies. Yi-na tries to act like she and Byeong-soo are a happy couple in front of Young-chae. Hee-soo gets really busy at work and feels sorry for not spending much time with Young-chae. Hee-soo tries to adjust to the rules of the boarding house, but it’s not easy for someone who has lived on his own for a long time. Eul-chae and Seok-kwan want to talk to Byeong-soo, but he avoids them saying that he’s too busy. Hee-soo suggests to Yi-na that the four of them go out to dinner. They all go to a restaurant, but the situation at the table is very uncomfortable. The restaurant manager tells Yi-na that Director Oh is here, and that he is very drunk and might make a scene. Byeong-soo tries to help him. Director Oh unwittingly tells Byeong-soo all about Yi-na’s lies. Yi-na gets nervous when Byeong-soo doesn’t return to the table. Later, Byeong-soo gives her the cold shoulder when Yi-na asks him not to leave.

Eps. 11

Director Oh tells Byeong-soo that Yi-na lied to him to take him away from Young-chae. However, he’s worried about Yi-na finding out that he told Byeong-soo the truth. Byeong-soo tells him not to say anything to Yi-na and to pretend to keep her dirty secret. Young-chae feels there’s something going on, but neither Byeong-soo nor Hee-soo say anything to her. When Yi-na can’t get hold of Byeong-soo and Director Oh, she asks Hee-soo for help. He’s reluctant to get involved. Yi-na reminds him of the fact that she helped him marry Young-chae, so he can’t refuse her. Byeong-soo remembers Young-chae’s mother’s birthday and goes back to their hometown Uljin. Young-chae’s mother still treats him like a son and fixes him a nice meal. Young-chae and Hee-soo come for her birthday, as well. Yi-na goes to Hee-soo’s office looking for Byeong-soo. Young-chae walks into the office while they’re talking. Young-chae feels there’s something going on between Yi-na and Hee-soo. Byeong-soo returns to the office and starts packing his things. When Yi-na asks him where he has been, he explodes and tells her that he knows about her lies.

Eps. 12

Young-chae realizes that Hee-soo and Yi-na are more than just colleagues. At the same time, Hee-soo goes to Yi-na. Young-chae asks Hee-soo what kind of person Yi-na is. She also asks Hee-soo about his relationship with Yi-na. She confirms what she’s suspected. Hee-soo tells Yi-na that Young-chae will find out anyway, so he is going to tell her everything. Byeong-soo meets Young-chae and senses that something isn’t right with her. Yi-na asks Director Oh to keep a secret from Young-chae. Later, Byeong-soo comes and asks him not to say anything to Young-chae either. Byeong-soo meets Hee-soo and asks him why he didn’t try to stop Yi-na in the first place. Hee-soo answers that he couldn’t because Yi-na desperately wanted Byeong-soo. Hee-soo tells him that it was Yi-na who asked him to seduce Young-chae. Yi-na hears from Hee-soo that Byeong-soo confronted him. She makes up her mind to hold onto Byeong-soo no matter what it takes. Young-chae goes to Yi-na to confirm what Hee-soo told her. Assuming that Young-chae already knows everything, Yi-na tells her that she lied about her pregnancy to trap Byeong-soo.

Eps. 13

Young-chae and Byeong-soo meet for a drink, but neither of them mentions what they found out. They just talk about their good memories. Seok-kwan takes Young-chae to Hee-soo and Byeong-soo to Yi-na. Seeing Young-chae, Hee-soo feels confused and guilty. The following day, Hee-soo tries to explain his side of the story to Young-chae, but she doesn’t give him a chance to talk. Yi-na asks for Byeong-soo’s forgiveness, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Hee-soo stops Young-chae and tells her about his relationship with Yi-na. After telling Hee-soo that his mistake was that he didn’t realize how much he loved Yi-na, Young-chae leaves. Yi-na gets extremely nervous when she finds out that Young-chae and Byeong-soo are missing. Yi-na looks everywhere for him, but nobody knows where he is. She goes to Pil-sang, and runs into Hee-soo looking for Young-chae. Meanwhile, Byeong-soo goes to the beach house where he used to live with his grandfather. He meets Young-chae there. Yi-na tells Pil-sang that Byeong-soo disappeared. She asks for his help. Hee-soo is stunned that Yi-na still won’t give up on Byeong-soo. Young-chae realizes that Byeong-soo is going to leave her again. She tells him that she can’t live without him.

Eps. 14

Yi-na finds Byeong-soo and Young-chae sitting together at the funeral of a monk who took care of Byeong-soo when he was young. She gets furious and Young-chae takes her outside. Yi-na asks her if she’s been with Byeong-soo the whole time. The two women start fighting. While Byeong-soo tries to pull Yi-na off of Young-chae, Hee-soo tries to protect Yi-na from Young-chae. Pil-sang is mad at them for making a scene at the funeral. They stop fighting and go back inside. During the funeral, Byeong-soo collapses. He’s sent to Pil-sang’s house and Yi-na takes care of him. Young-chae feels helpless for not being able to do anything for Byeong-soo. Hee-soo apologizes to Young-chae for not having stopped Yi-na in the first place. He also tells her that he’ll do whatever she wants him to do. However, he asks her to leave Yi-na with Byeong-soo for a while. Yi-na takes Byeong-soo home to Seoul. Back in Seoul, Young-chae asks Hee-soo for a divorce. Byeong-soo is unconscious, but he keeps calling Young-chae’s name. Yi-na finally calls Young-chae.

Eps. 15

Byeong-soo starts to recover, but Young-chae realizes that there’s nothing more she can do and leaves. When he wakes up, he finds Young-chae’s cell phone at his bedside and realizes that she was there. Byeong-soo decides to speak his mind to Yi-na, but she asks him to give her more time. Young-chae tells Hee-soo that she understands Yi-na a little bit. Pil-sang finds out everything and wants to take Young-chae home with him. Hee-soo tells Young-chae not to give up on Byeong-soo. Hee-soo feels terrible for Yi-na who has almost lost her mind over Byeong-soo. He confesses to her that he’s always loved her and that he still loves her. Byeong-soo tells Yi-na that he wants to go back to Young-chae. Yi-na tells him to go before she changes her mind. Byeong-soo goes to speak to Young-chae, but she lies that she’s going to start over with Hee-soo. Later, Hee-soo comes to say goodbye to Yi-na before going on a trip. Yi-na feels sad. Hee-soo calls Young-chae and asks her how she and Byeong-soo are doing. Young-chae realizes that Byeong-soo really has left Yi-na. Regretting having let him go when he came back to her, she searches for Byeong-soo.


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 Kim Seung-ho (김승호)
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60 min 4/3
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Airing dates : 2004/02/25~2004/04/14

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Hated it ! Got to ep 8 and gave up. None of the characters are likeable (it seems everyone has lost their minds), repetitive storyline. This should be called 'Stupid people doing stupid things'. EEIISSSHH !!!
2011-12-19 01:10:20
2007-12-04 11:14:49
I love this drama and I love Kim Rae Won's excellent performance. He truly is my no.1 fav Korean actor. Saranghae Rae-Won!
I started to like Kim Rae Won from this movie in 8 months ago
2007-07-27 14:38:31
2006-12-19 08:16:49
very boring
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Say You Love Me (사랑한다 말해줘)

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