Something Happened in Bali

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Something Happened in Bali

Korean Drama | 2004

발리에서 생긴 일 | Bal-li-e-seo Saeng-gil Il


Directed by Choi Moon-seok (최문석)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: SBS (SBS)

Airing dates:

20 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:45
Alternative title : "Memories of Bali"

Yeong-joo, a young woman who can't forget her old boyfriend (Park Ye-jin)
"She has money, looks, and brains but love is hard for her to attain..."

In-wook, a young man who is dealing with an emotional breakup (So Ji-sub)
"Searching for a paradise of his own in Jakarta........"

Jae-min, a young man with a weak spirit (Jo In-seoung)
"He has everything! Under his mysterious father's tutelage..".

Soo-jeong, a tough, ambitious woman (Ha Ji-won)
"Can't stand the childhood filled with hardships! To Bali in quest for the bright sun........".

This drama reflects on the true values of life in this materialistic world where nothing matters but money.


1. Title I. 욕망의 덫 (Dream In Bali - Hip-Hop Veer)"

2. Remember - 오현란

3. 안되겠니 - 조은

4. 그게 사랑이니까 - Angelo

5. My Love - 이현섭

6. The Bali Stroy (Piano Inst.)

7. Remember (Violin Inst.)

8. 그게 사랑이니까 (String and Piano Inst.)

9. My Love (Guitar Inst.)

10. 안되겠니 (Violin Inst.)

11. The Way - Angelo

12. The Way (Guitar Inst.)

13. Title II. Love In Ball (Latin Ver Inst.)



Something Happened in Bali
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Something Happened in Bali
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Something Happened in Bali
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Something Happened in Bali
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Something Happened in Bali
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