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The Iron Empress (천추태후)

천추태후 (Cheon-choo-tae-hoo)

Directed by Hwang In-hyeok (황인혁), Shin Chang-seok (신창석)

Screenplay by , ,

Action Drama Historical

KBS | Airing dates :

78 episodes - Sat. & Sun. 22:15
Alternative title : "Empress Cheon Chu", "Empress Cheonchoo"
The stereotypical view of womanhood on screen is changing.
Different from the past which used to show the passive and modest nature of female, recent dramas illustrate women with grand authority and active spirit. However, most of the historical dramas are still presenting the submissive images of female; woman as a subordinate who gives birth to children to carry on the family lineage, or a political tactician who takes part in conspiracies and causes internal wars in the palace.
Now we are talking about the empress who is incompatible from the previously known images of female in history. ‘The Iron Empress’ is the granddaughter of Wang Gun, the first emperor of Goryeo. She has inherited her grandfather´s vision as well as his Great Spirit. The empress fights against the enemies trying to collapse Goryeo, and called as ‘The Iron Empress’ who gets rid of her brother, son, and even her lover, for the good of the empire. During the Goryeo period, women had the firm statue and their power was high as that of men. Introducing the legendary heroine, ‘The Iron Empress’ would bring hopes and dreams to the women living in this era.


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  • Actress Shin Ae, 5 months pregnant with second child "expecting at the end of the year"

    2015/07/28, Source
    Actress Shin Ae is pregnant with a second child. Currently, she is 5 months into the pregnancy and is concentrating on taking care in the baby inside her. It is 3 years since she gave birth to her first, a baby daughter,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Empress Qi" Episode 35

    The mythological elements continue as "Empress Qi" focuses on Shamanism to further the story, which is an awkward turn because those elements are unclear. What saves the episode from being awkward is the focus on relationships: father to child, mother to child, leader to men, man to woman. It looked at many relationships that had been left undefined and examined how they have changed over the past thirty-five episodes.  The biggest relationship looked at was that of father to son. Ta-hwan feels nothing for Maha, the son he supposedly had through Tanasiri and the son who is supposedly El Temur's bloodline,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Empress Qi" Episode 29

    Political tides are changing in the Yuan palace and the star crossed couple is on the cusp of being reunited because of it. The fun of "Empress Qi" now rests solely with the action and the continued beauty of the show (the scenery, the costumes). Character growth has stagnated. Ta-hwan and Tanisiri are the most interesting characters because they are the most flawed and struggle against themselves and the odds to persevere. First we have Ta-hwan who's love for Seung-nyang drives him and keeping him fighting for his own strength. Everything he learns about her changes him and forces him to reckon with himself,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Empress Qi" Episode 24

    Big decisions have been made and characters that were flat have filled out some. "Empress Qi" has finally shown us how it will put Seung-nyang on the path to becoming The Iron Empress. It is a bit incongruous with logic, but I'll go with it. This was the episode that saw Seung-nyang facing her painful past, the loss of her loved ones, and making a decision about her future. She teams up with Bayan and Tal Tal. I haven't mentioned much of Tal Tal because he was merely Bayan's smart sidekick until now. Jin Yi-han plays the quiet, wary man who hasn't really had much of a role to play in the drama until now,...More
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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    The Iron Empress
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 Produced by
 Kim Won-yong-I (김원용)
 Yoon Jong-hoon (윤종훈)
 Martial arts team
 Jung Doo-hong (정두홍)
 Martial arts director
 Kim Jin-woo-II (김진우)
 Assistant director
Technical Information
60 min 35mm 16/9
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2009/01/03~2009/09/27

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Monumental, shocking, marvelous.
2016-08-24 13:09:30
2010-01-20 17:46:26
Poor empress. my fave generals were Kang Jo, Yang Kyu, Kim Suk Hung. Happy scenes always followed by sad and painful scenes so be prepared. I like lovey-dovey scene, hate all deceitful scene. Worth watching!
Disgusting, Empress Cheon Chu has feelings toward Kim Chi-yang.
2009-06-25 10:35:14
2009-02-17 09:24:14
I was so sad when the son was separated from the mother and the abrupt death of the emperor, that choi guy was evil, he basically killed the emperor.
Young Empress Cheon Chu (Kim So eun) acting on this drama impress me rather than her role in Boys over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)
2009-02-11 18:22:59
2009-02-07 10:00:31
I like the acting of the Young Empress Cheon Chu (Kim So eun). She's really great, and the king. Some people might think he's stupid, but i think he's not. He's so smart.
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The Iron Empress (천추태후)

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