Touching You

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Touching You

Korean Drama | 2016

널 만질거야 | neol man-jil-geo-ya


Directed by Park Soo-cheol (박수철)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: NAVER tvcast (NAVER tvcast)

Airing dates:


12 episodes - Mon~Fri 10:00 am
Taecyeon ("Bring It On, Ghost") and Song Ha-yoon ("Dream Knight") star in a magical romantic comedy that defies time itself. Suave and handsome Do Jin-woo (Taecyeon) has a special ability: every time he touches someone, he can see into their future. One day, he meets and falls in love with aspiring makeup artist Jin Hee-yeong (Song Ha-yoon), who is an angel to those around her and doesn’t let the selfishness and cruelty of the world change her willingness to help people however she can. But, because he can see the future, Jin-woo knows this girl is doomed to a horrible fate. Can he use his powers to save her life, or will time prove too powerful an enemy to conquer, even for someone who knows what’s coming? Adding to the drama are Oh Yeong-dal ("Gu Family Book" actor Park Joo-hyeong), who runs a fortune-reading cafe, and Kang Hyeon-seo ("Faith" alum Kim Jong-moon), a professional investor.
Also known as “I’m Going to Touch You,” "Touching You" is a web drama that debuted on Naver TV Cast on July 4, 2016. First announced last March, the drama is produced by JYP Entertainment and airs every weekday, for an expected run of ten 15-minute episodes and a finale scheduled for July 19, 2016. The extended cast for "Touching You" includes Taecyeon as Do Jin-woo, Song Ha-yoon as Jin Hee-yeong, Park Joo-hyeong as Oh Yeong-dal, and Kim Jong-moon as Kang Hyeon-seo.



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Touching You
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Touching You
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