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Vagabond (배가본드)

배가본드 (bae-ga-bon-deu)

Directed by Yoo In-sik (유인식)

Screenplay by ,

Action Crime Spy Melodrama

SBS | Airing dates :

40 episodes - Fri, Sat 21:00 (2x35min episodes per day)
A 100% pre-produced drama about an ordinary man who comes across surprising circumstances that place him in the center of a huge corruption scandal.

Vagabond | Cast

  • Lee Seung-gi (이승기)
    Lee Seung-gi (이승기)
    Cha Dal-geon - Former stuntman (차달건 - 스턴트맨 출신.)
  • Suzy (수지)
    Suzy (수지)
    Go Hae-ri - National Intelligence Black agent (고해리 - 국정원 블랙요원.)
  • Shin Sung-rok (신성록)
    Shin Sung-rok (신성록)
    Gi Tae-woong - National Intelligence inspection team leader (기태웅 - 국정원 감찰팀장.)
  • Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Jeong Gook-pyo - The current President of the Republic of Korea (정국표 - 대한민국 현직 대통령.)
  • Moon Sung-keun (문성근)
    Moon Sung-keun (문성근)
    Hong Soon-jo - Prime Minister of South Korea (홍순조 - 대한민국 국무총리.)
  • Kim Min-jong (김민종)
    Kim Min-jong (김민종)
    Yoon Han-gi - Presidential secretary for civil affairs (윤한기 - 청와대 민정수석.)
  • Choi Kwang-il (최광일)
    Choi Kwang-il (최광일)
    Park Man-yeong - Director of policy at the defense ministry (박만영 - 국방부 정책 실장.)
  • Lee Si-yoo (이시유)
    Lee Si-yoo (이시유)
    Seo Yeong-ji - A deputy spokesman for the presidential office (서영지 - 청와대 부대변인.)
  • Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Ahn Gi-dong - Director of the National Intelligence Service. (안기동 - 국정원장.)
  • Lee Ki-young (이기영)
    Lee Ki-young (이기영)
    Kang Joo-cheol - Director of the NIS psychological intelligence bureau (강주철 - 국정원 심리정보국장.)
  • Jung Man-sik (정만식)
    Jung Man-sik (정만식)
    Min Jae-sik - Director-General of the National Intelligence Service (민재식 - 국정원 7국장.)
  • Hwang Bo-ra (황보라)
    Hwang Bo-ra (황보라)
    Gong Hwa-sook - Staff of the seven countries of the NIS (공화숙 - 국정원 7국 직원.)
  • Kim Min-seo-III (김민서)
    Kim Min-seo-III (김민서)
    Han Gi-soo - National Intelligence Service employee. Min Jae-sik's loyal servant. (한기수 - 국정원 7국 직원. 민재식 충복.)
  • Shin Seung-hwan (신승환)
    Shin Seung-hwan (신승환)
    Kim Se-hoon - Employee at the National Intelligence Service (김세훈 - 국정원 직원. 기태웅의 충복.)
  • Moon Jung-hee (문정희)
    Moon Jung-hee (문정희)
    Jessica Lee - John and Marks President of the Asian Department (제시카 리 - 존엔마크사 아시아 담당 사장.)
  • Kim Jung-hyun-I (김정현)
    Kim Jung-hyun-I (김정현)
    Hong Seung-beom - International lawyer, Jessica's subordinate (홍승범 - 국제변호사, 제시카의 심복.)
  • Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Edward Park [Korean name: Park Gi-pyo] - Dynamic Systems Corporation group 'D.K.P [Dynamic KP]' head (에드워드 박 [한국명:박기표] 역 - 다이나믹시스템 코퍼레이션 산하 그룹인 D.K.P [다이나믹 KP]'의 수장.)
  • Ryu Won (류원)
    Ryu Won (류원)
    Mickey - Edward Park's assistant (미키 - 에드워드 박의 수행비서.)
  • Jang Hyuk-jin (장혁진)
    Jang Hyuk-jin (장혁진)
    Kim Woo-gi - Co-pilot, Oh Sang-mi's husband and accomplice in the airplane terror (김우기 - 비행기 부기장, 오상미의 남편, 비행기 테러 공범.)
  • Kang Kyung-hun (강경헌)
    Kang Kyung-hun (강경헌)
    Oh Sang-mi - Kim Woo-gi's wife (오상미 - 김우기의 아내.)
  • Teo Yoo (유태오)
    Teo Yoo (유태오)
    Jerome - The plane crash terrorist (제롬 - 비행기 추락사고 테러리스트.)
  • Ko Kyu-pil (고규필)
    Ko Kyu-pil (고규필)
    Park Gwang-deok - A Judo instructor, husband of victim from plane crash, Dal-gun's helper (박광덕 - 유도관 관장, 비행기 추락사고 피해자 남편, 달건의 조력자.)
  • Park Ah-in (박아인)
    Park Ah-in (박아인)
    Lily - Killer (릴리 - 킬러.)
    Choi Yoo-jin (최유진)
    Lee Pil-soon (이필순)
  • Choi Dae-chul (최대철)
    Choi Dae-chul (최대철)
    Kim Do-soo - The head of a secret organization made by gathering North Korean defectors belonging to the North's special forces (김도수 - 북한 특수군단 소속 탈북자들을 모아서 만든 비밀조직 불가살의 우두머리.)
  • Moon Woo-jin (문우진)
    Moon Woo-jin (문우진)
    Cha Hoon - Dal-gun's nephew, taekwondo demonstration team, victim of plane crash (차훈 - 달건의 조카, 태권도 시범단, 비행기 추락사고 피해자.)
  • Yoon Na-moo (윤나무)
    Yoon Na-moo (윤나무)
    Kim Ho-sik - Embassy staff, an accomplice in ordering a terrorist to kill Hae-ri (김호식 - 대사관실 직원, 테러범한테 해리를 살해하라고 지시한 공범.)
  • Park In-soo (박인수)
    Park In-soo (박인수)
    Matthew Douma (매튜 다우마)
    Park Sang-joon (박상준)
    Plane crash victim's family (비행기 추락사고 피해자 가족.)
  • Choi Moon-soo (최문수)
    Choi Moon-soo (최문수)
    Plane crash victim's family (비행기 추락사고 피해자 가족)
  • Kim Dae-gon (김대곤)
    Kim Dae-gon (김대곤)
    A black agent of the NIS (국정원 블랙요원)
    Lee Yoon-sang (이윤상)
  • Jang Sung-bum (장성범)
    Jang Sung-bum (장성범)
    Lee Pil-yong (이필용)
  • Yoo Hyeong-kwan (유형관)
    Yoo Hyeong-kwan (유형관)
    Oh Dae-hwan - A consular officer in the embassy' Office (오대환 - 대사관실 영사.)
    Park Joo-yong (박주용)
    Family of the victim of the plane crash (비행기 추락사고 피해자 가족)
  • Lee Hwang-eui (이황의)
    Lee Hwang-eui (이황의)
    Kevin Kim (케빈김)
    Eom Ji-man (엄지만)
    Detective (형사)
  • Hong Seo-joon (홍서준)
    Hong Seo-joon (홍서준)
    Im Pil-gyoo lieutenant general (임필규중장)
  • Bae Ho-geun (배호근)
    Bae Ho-geun (배호근)
    Jo Boo-yeong - Pyeonghwa News reporter (조부영 - 평화일보 기자.)
  • Yoo Tae-woong (유태웅)
    Yoo Tae-woong (유태웅)
    Hwang Pil-yong (황필용)
    Kim Seong-hyo (김성효)
    Kang Mi-san (강미산)
  • Kim Sun-young (김선영)
    Kim Sun-young (김선영)
    Gye Seon-ja (계선자)
    Yang Hyeong-wook (양형욱)
    Gye Jang-soo (계장수)
  • Jeon Se-hyun (전세현)
    Jeon Se-hyun (전세현)
    SBC station special location anchor (SBC 방송국 특파 로케이션 앵커)
  • Yoon Da-hoon (윤다훈)
    Yoon Da-hoon (윤다훈)
    Seok Soo-il - Judge (석수일 - 판사)
  • Jun Ji-hyun (전지현)
    Jun Ji-hyun (전지현)
    Special appearance (특별출연)
  • Jung Hyun-joon (정현준)
    Jung Hyun-joon (정현준)
    6 yo Cha-hoon (6세 차훈)
  • Kang Shin-chul (강신철)
    Kang Shin-chul (강신철)
  • Yoon Joo-man (윤주만)
    Yoon Joo-man (윤주만)
  • Seo Sang-won-I (서상원)
    Seo Sang-won-I (서상원)

Vagabond | News

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  • Park Ah-in Joins Park Hae-Jin and Kim Eung-soo in "Old School Intern"

    2020/02/17, Source
    Actress Park Ah-in is starring in the new MBC drama "Old School Intern". "Old School Intern" is about a man who has to work with the worst department head as his junior staff in this revengeful comic office drama where things turn upside down,...More
  • Popular Dramas Split Into 3 Parts

    2020/01/23, Source
    SBS has begun splitting up an episode of the Friday / Saturday drama "Stove League" into three parts since the 17th. The baseball-themed drama broke through 10% in just four episodes and that's when the episode-splitting began. Some viewers even mock, "Just divide it into 9 innings like real baseball". According to the industry, ground-wave broadcasters have been attempting these 'splits' since 2018. The move is aimed at securing advertising revenue, as broadcasters are suffering from deficits. Critics point out that it is virtually no different from a medium advertisement,...More
  • Winners of the 2019 SBS Drama Awards

    On New Year's Eve, Jang Nara and Shin Dong-yup presented the 2019 SBS Drama Awards. And now for the winners of the 2019 SBS Drama Awards,...More
  • 2019's MBC Dramas, A Year of Recession

    2019/12/26, Source
    In one word, the 2019 MBC drama journey was a 'recession'. That's because only a few dramas made it to the top box office this year. In order to overcome the crisis, the schedules of the dramas had been changed, but it did not have much effect,...More
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 Kang Sook (강숙)
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Vagabond (배가본드)

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