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Yi San

Korean Drama | 2007

이산 | I-san


Directed byKim Geun-hong (김근홍)Lee Byeong-hoon (이병훈)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

Alternative title : "Lee San, Wind of the Palace"

76 episodes


Lee Byeong-hoon, the director of the hit TV series "The Jewel in the Palace" ("Dae Jang Geum"), will direct this new period drama.

In the late 18th century, Lee San became the 22nd kind of the Joseon Dynasty!
It was the most tumultuous times ever seen in the 500-year-old Joseon monarchy!
He was an open-minded, wise king who championed democratic values.
The stories of his glorious triumphs, ordeals, regrets, and historical achievements are shown in this TV drama.

A story about Lee San’s life

The politics of Lee San (King Jung-jo)
He was a natural leader who ended vicious partisan politics and revived the economy with his extensive knowledge of the market. He created a strong paradigm in the 18th century and ruled with the kingdom wisely!
This biopic drama covers his dramatic life and shows the achievements of the Silhak scholars and outstanding officials who rebuilt the kingdom’s power.

The high point of the arts in the late Joseon Dynasty.
Hwaseong Fortress was a remarkable architectural achievement during this period and western knowledge began to seep into the kingdom. Brilliant individuals such as Park Ji-won, Lee Ick, Jung Yak-yong, Kim Hong-do, Shin Yoon-bok, and others are introduced in this TV drama as well.
For the first time, the art workshop of the palace will be shown along with the Aekjung office and Seja Ikwiesa. There were 10 failed assassination attempts made during this period alone in the 500-year history of the Joseon Kingdom and they will be depicted as well.

Economic turning point in the 18th century
As family industries began to be replaced with a trading economy, the 18th century was a turning point for the economy-!
The commercial trade of the times will be depicted realistically and the trading organization that Song-yeon leads is where the latter Joseon Dynasty’s economy originated from. The special Joseon Dynasty products that were made under the guidance of Song-yeon were exported to the China’s Ching Dynasty.
In addition, the 30-year romance between the leading female character Song-yeon (Eubin Sung) and King Jung-jo will also be a main theme in the drama.

The reinforcement of the army and military research
In the late 18th century, western technology began to seep into the kingdom and many political factions that opposed the king tried to fan the flames by starting anti-government movements. This led King Jung-jo to take a strong interest in national security and a military buildup. This is when the king reformed the army and began to beef up military research. One accomplishment in this era was the publication of the Muyedobotongji, Joseon dynasty’s first martial arts textbook to ever exist.

Lee San | actor Lee Seo-jin
A wise king who created a new age of rising prosperity and power in the Joseon Dynasty. A wise ruler
The 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty
When he was at the tender age of 11, he witnessed the slow execution of his father, Prince Sado. But he grew up as a gentle boy with a strong will!
He is smart like his grandfather, King Young-jo but he has a benevolent personality that makes him different.
He likes reading to expand his knowledge but he is also well trained in weaponry and combat.
His grandfather King Young-jo constantly tests his abilities and so he receives help from Song-yeon, eunuch Nam Sa-cho, bodyguard Dae-soo, and painter Kim Hong-do to pass them. During his short reign that spanned 24 years, he rejuvenated culture and arts and based his rule on a humanistic philosophy. He left many great achievements in politics, economics, and the arts.

Sung Song-yeon - The royal concubine who King Jung-jo loved with all his heart | Actress Han Ji-min
King Jung-jo’s royal concubine. Eubin Sung (royal family)
When she was a young concubine at the age of 11, she met Lee San for the first time at Hwiryeong Pavilion in Changdeok Palace a few days before Prince Sado was executed. She likes painting and has quite a talent in the arts since her father is also a painter. She works as an assistant at the art workshop in the palace and through the help of a relative she was able to become a young palace concubine. On her first day in the palace, she meets Lee San and they feel a connection. After meeting Lee San, she thinks about him every day and after working at the art workshop for another 10 years as a damo, she finally gets to meet Lee San again. Although she is aware that Dae-soo is in love with her, she ignores him and stays blissfully in love with Lee San (King Jung-jo). She finally becomes the royal concubine of King Jung-jo and given the title of a royal family member (Eubin Sung) when she gives birth to his son, Prince Moon-hyo.

King Young-jo - Strong leadership | actor Lee Soon-jae
He is the father of Prince Sado and Lee San (King Jung-jo) is his grandson.
As a perfectionist, he has a keen intelligence and is well informed on a range of topics.
He has a quick temper and always walks at a quick pace even when there is no need to hurry. He regrets ordering the execution of his own son who was killed a slow death while locked inside a small wooden rice chest with little air to breathe. He loves his grandson but he uses a tough love approach in grooming him to become the next king.

Jung Hoo-gyeom - King Jung-jo’s archenemy | actor Jo Yeon-woo
With a sharp mind and natural political skills, he endears himself to Princess Hwa-wan and becomes her adopted son. He looks gentle on the surface but has a cold, calculating personality. With high ambitions, he passed the state examination at the age of 18 with the highest score and at the age of 19, he was given the high-ranking government position of Saheonbu Jipyeong, which is a Jung 5-pum rank. At the age of 20, he was promoted again to the position of Dangsangwang Seungji. He was the youngest person to ever hold such a rank. As a trusted royal subject of King Young-jo, he becomes an assistant to Nobleman Choi. He strongly objects in making Lee San the proxy of King Young-jo and forges the old king’s will to weaken Lee San, who is set to become the next king. He becomes the archenemy of Lee San (King Jung-jo) until Lee San dies under mysterious circumstances.

Park Dae-soo - King Jung-jo’s personal guard | actor Lee Jong-soo
He was a young boy when he first met King Jung-jo, who was a young prince at the time, and made a vow to protect him for the rest of his life. He served the king for over 30 years. He is a man of few words and when he makes up his mind, he will become obsessed with the task until he completes it. As a charismatic man, he later becomes the naegeum commander of the Geumgun and closely guards King Jung-jo. Together with Army Commander Baek Dong-soo, he pens the book Muyedobotongji, the first martial arts textbook ever published in the Joseon Dynasty. He has a crush on Song-yeon but cannot help but watch her from a distance since she is the royal concubine of King Jung-jo.

Princess Hwa-wan - The daughter of King Young-jo. King Jung-jo’s aunt | actress Sung Hyun-ah
A beautiful seductress
She is a crafty person who breaks the rules at will. She looks down upon others and has a difficult personality but King Young-jo is very fond of her. This emboldens her to expand her powers in the kingdom.
She is one of the key people who orchestrated the execution of Prince Sado.
After her husband’s death, she adopted Jung Hoo-gyeom and grooms him as her heir. To prevent Lee San from being crowned as the next king, she joins forces with Queen Moon Sook-eui, who is the wife of Prince Jung-soon, and leads the effort to banish him from the palace.

Queen Hyo-eui - King Jung-jo’s wife | actress Park Eun-hye
At the age of 10, she was betrothed to Lee San and became his queen when Lee San is later crowned as the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty.
She has a calm and gentle personality.
She is jealous of the relationship that Song-yeon has with Lee San but she treats the nice Song-yeon without any malice. She thwarts the plot to kill Hong Kuk-young and promotes Song-yeon as a royal concubine after she saves her life. She is unable to bear any children and lives a lonely life because of that. She has a fallout with Hong Kuk-young and plays a key role in ousting him from power.

Episode guide

Episode 1

The royal palace is embroiled in political infighting. King Young-jo slowly

his own son, Crown Prince Sado (actor Lee Chang-hoon) by locking him up in a

small rice chest for unknown reasons. San (actor Park Ji-bin, ? actor Lee Seo-jin),

Crown Prince Sado’s son, sneaks into Shimin Palace in the middle of the night

visit his father who is slowly dying from starvation.

Meanwhile, the young Song-yeon (actress Lee Han-na, ? actress Han Ji-min)

whose father was a former royal painter is brought to the palace through family

connections where she becomes a young court lady. In the still of the night,

yeon is forced to go to the palace kitchen and bring back a snack for the older

girls but gets lost on her way there.

Dae-soo (actor Kwon Oh-min, ? actor Lee Jong-soo) is one of the trainees who

will become a palace official and eunuch but he tries to run away in the middle

the night because he doesn’t want to be castrated. San, Song-yeon, and Dae-soo

wander the palace with different purposes and meet together by fate.

Episode 2

San (actor Park Ji-bin, ? actor Lee Seo-jin) discovers the painting that his

Crown Prince Sado (actor Lee Chang-hoon), told him to locate inside the Hwagak

chest and then show to King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae). San seeks out Song-

yeon (actress Lee Han-na, ? actress Han Ji-min) and tells her that he found

painting that will save his father and Dae-soo. He then asks her for directions
to find

Woonjongga where his grandfather is staying. Song-yeon tells San that he can

ask one of his servants to guide him to Woonjongga but he tells her that he

have anyone to turn to. She feels sorry for San.

Risking her life, Song-yeon offers to go to Woonjongga with San. As San and

Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri) head to Woonjongga, Song-yeon hides in

one of the carriages. When San’s carriage leaves the palace, San asks his servants

to bring him a bedpan to relieve himself. San makes noises to pretend that he’s

using the bedpan and tells his servants that he’s not comfortable with everyone

around him and orders them to stay several feet away with their backs turned

Episode 3

San (actor Park Ji-bin, ? actor Lee Seo-jin) rings the cymbal of justice to

his grievance to the king and succeeds in stopping the king’s procession. San

pleads with the king to take a look at a painting that Crown Prince Sado (actor

Chang-hoon) asked him to show to the king. With a stern expression, King Young-jo

asks him how it could be possible for Crown Prince Sado to give him such an

So San confesses that it was he who entered Shimin Palace against the king’s

orders and then he begs the king to spare his father’s life. But King Young-jo

already enraged at San’s disobedience and has him arrested and taken away to

prison. At that very moment, a messenger riding a horse tells the king that

Prince Sado is dead.

Episode 4

A weapons cache is found in the East Palace and San (actor Park Ji-bin, ? actor

Lee Seo-jin) is in big trouble when King Young-jo is told about this potential

to his authority. King Young-jo declares that nobody can dare go unpunished
in an

attempt to overthrow the king and flaunt the rules of the palace. King Young-jo

begins a criminal investigation of the people who served at Prince San’s palace

demands that the officials get to the bottom of the matter to swiftly carry
out justice.

The East Palace swarms with investigators and Prince San is shocked that

something of this magnitude could befall him. Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon

ri) Hong Bong-ha (actor Shin Chung-shik) strongly advise San to tell King Young-jo

that the weapons cache, which was found in his quarters, was amassed by Crown

Prince Sado and that he knows nothing of it if he wants to live. However, when

is brought before King Young-jo, he stands up for himself and tells the king
he did

nothing wrong and therefore he will not explain something he did not even do.

also informs the king that his father Crown Prince Sado had no intentions to

the king through a violent uprising. King Young-jo tells San that he wants to

he is innocent as well as his claim that Crown Prince Sado was never involved

any kind of coup d’etat but San would have to show him counter evidence that

supports his claims. When San is at a loss of words, King Young-jo slams his

on the table and shouts at him.

Episode 5

In the middle of the night, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) is almost assassinated
by an

assassin but when the assassin is caught, he commits suicide by swallowing a

before they can find out who sent him. San tries to get to the bottom of the

assassination attempt but the body of the assassin vanishes and the crime scene

cleaned up when King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) appears to see if his grandson

is alive. The king is confounded that he cannot see any signs of an intruder

entering San’s chambers.

On the next day, Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) goes to see her

father, King Young-jo, who is full of worries. She tries to soothe his feelings

brings up last night’s incident. Princess Hwa-wan meets Choi Seok-ju (actor

Gyeong-hwan) at the market and gives him instructions to carry out.

Tired of fending of numerous assassination attempts on his life, San passes
by the

royal kitchen and remembers the time when he first met Song-yeon as a young

He meets Nam Sa-cho (actor Maeng Sang-hoon) and asks him to find out the

source of the pill that the assassin swallowed to commit suicide.

Episode 6

While inspecting the goods included in the tribute that will be sent to China,

(actor Lee Seo-jin) confirms the identity of a dead body that is floating in
the river

and gets enraged. He tries to decipher the words in the writings of the dead

and realizes that members of the Ching Dynasty delegation are involved in a

conspiracy to assassinate him.

Meanwhile, Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) is framed for stealing supplies at

workshop but Park Young-moon helps her prove her innocence. Song-yeon is

chosen as the Sujongdamo and is thrilled that she will be able to meet San again.

Chobi (actress Lee Lib-sae) gets jealous of Song-yeon and decides to teach her

lesson. Due to Chobi’s scheming, Song-yeon loses the chance to appear at the

Jinyeon Gallery but she stills gets to see San when she follows Park Young-moon

on an important errand.

Episode 7

When San (actor Lee Seo-jin) learns that Wang Yu wants to bed Song-yeon

(actress Han Ji-min) by having her come to his chambers, San tells Song-yeon

go to the government office to fulfill her official duties as a palace painter.
Wang Yu

is unhappy about this and tells Song-yeon to prove that she really is a painter

San says she is. So Song-yeon is tested on the spot by being asked to draw a

painting according to a theme selected by Wang Yu.

San has a hard time dealing with the Ch’ing Dynasty delegation because of their

demands and is troubled about the disappearance of the baekwupo. When they face

a problem with their negotiations with the delegation because they do not possess

the baekwupo, Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) intervenes.

Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) was part of the bandits who stole the baekwupo

the ship laden with tribute gifts for the Ch’ing Dynasty. When Song-yeon tells

soo that San is in grave trouble because the baekwupo were stolen, Dae-soo is

quickly tries to rectify the situation by seeking out the Gakjung bandits. Meanwhile,

the merchants simmer with anger when they are told they must donate more of

goods to make up for the stolen baekwupos. When the merchants begin to blame

San for being careless in letting bandits steal the baekwupo, Song-yeon gets

worried and comes up with a plan...

Episode 8

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) is astonished when he sees the painting that Park Young-

moon (actress Shin Guk) brings to him. After seeing the painting, he realizes

the damo he met at the banquet was Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) and searches

for her whereabouts.

On her way back from helping Lee Chun (actor Ji Sang-ryeol), Song-yeon meets

Queen Hyo-eui (actress Park Eun-hye). Queen Hyo-eui asks Song-yeon to help her

make maejak treats. On her way back home after making maejak treats, Song-yeon

is kidnapped by the Gakjung bandits.

San visits Dal-ho’s (actor Lee Hee-do) home together with Nam Sa-cho (actor

Maeng Sang-hoon) and he not only does he meet Dal-ho but also meets Dae-soo

(actor Lee Jong-soo). Dae-soo confesses his role in the disappearance of the

baekwupo from the ship carrying tribute items. San sends troops to rescue Song-

yeon from the Gakjung bandits. Concerned about Song-yeon, Dae-soo goes alone

to rescue Song-yeon. Dae-soo finds himself in a dangerous situation but a

thunderous sound suddenly erupts behind him. San orders his men to catch the

Gakjung bandits while he himself looks for Song-yeon.

Episode 9

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) is flabbergasted when he is shown an official permit

was signed in his name with handwriting that is nearly identical to his. The

bicker amongst each other in King Young-jo’s presence to debate San’s fault

signing such a permit. The painters and calligraphist are given the task of

whether the handwriting on the permit is actually San’s. Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor

yeon-woo) finds it odd that San would deploy royal troops to capture the Gakjung

bandits and orders Oh Jung-ho to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, Nam Sa-cho (actor Maeng Sang-hoon), Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-

soo), and Dal-ho (actor Lee Hee-do) inspect the hideout of the Gakjung bandits

get worried about Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) who hasn’t been found for days.

While discussing ways to find Song-yeon, they post wanted posters around the

village and when the bandits converge around the posters, Dal-ho gets perplexed.

When Nam Sa-cho reports to San that they haven’t found Song-yeon yet, San gets

grim and orders Nam Sa-cho to continue the search.

Locked in a warehouse, Song-yeon gets afraid when she sees other kidnapped

girls sent to brothels and tries to find a way to run away. When Lee Chun (actor

Sang-ryeol) comes by to meet Chun Hwa-nam, Song-yeon yells out to him to save

her but Lee Chun doesn’t hear her cries and leaves. Song-yeon runs away but


Episode 10

Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) looks at a painting she drew based on a theme

selected by San (actor Lee Seo-jin) and she finally meets San when he comes

the workshop to see her. Song-yeon cries after being overwhelmed with emotion

and. When Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) sees Song-yeon with San, he gets teary-

eyed, too. But they cannot stay together for long because the workshop artisans

return soon. While seeing how lonely San is, Dae-soo becomes determined to pass

the military service exam to become San’s personal guard.

King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) asks San again whether he issued the official

permit. He then orders a servant to bring the equipment prepared by the ministers.

King Young-jo shows how royal seals can be forged in front of the ministers

San and then proceeds to check the authenticity of the official permit.

When Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) hears that the king can prove

authenticity of a permit from Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo), her face turns

pale. She calls an emergency secret meeting with her conspirators under a tense

mood and Jung Hoo-gyeom comes up with a scheme.

Dae-soo sees the signs announcing the test for the military service exam and

starts to study with other potential applicants. Dae-soo learns from Hong Guk-young

(actor Han Sang-jin) how to efficiently memorize facts and is amazed at what

Guk-young tells him next. After hearing from Hong Guk-young that there is a
way to

see the test answers before the actual exam, Dae-soo seeks out Lee Chun (actor


Episode 11

While reading a poem, King Young-jo’s (actor Lee Sun-jae) face turns ashen.

Young-jo gets furious and orders his servants to capture the poet who mocked

in the poem. San gets disturbed when he reads the passages in the poem.

While Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) is taking the military service exam, the

are suddenly canceled. Afterwards, Dae-soo seeks out Hong Guk-young to confer

with him about a wrong verse in one of the poems. Hong Guk-young tells him that

Prince San’s life is in danger.

Worried about San’s safety, Nam Sa-cho (actor Maeng Sang-hoon) guards the East

Palace at night. But under Oh Jung-ho’s orders, warriors explode gunpowder.

guards are shocked by the sound and San is also roused by the sounds. Park Cho’

s warriors enter the East Palace and start killing the palace guards. When San

hears that the enemies are heading towards the Main Hall, he goes there, too.

Worried about San, Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) goes to Chugukjang in Shibi’s

place. But the palace guards stop San from going anywhere because he is under

suspicion of attempting to overthrow the king. While held back by the guards,

sees Song-yeon. After allaying Song-yeon’s fears, he heads to Pyeon Pavilion

where King Young-jo tells him to personally go to the torture chamber and find

who’s behind the attack by interrogating the captured warriors.

Episode 12

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) enters the torture chamber with a grim expression and

orders the men to stop torturing the prisoners. Queen Hyo-eui (actress Park

hye) is told that San disobeyed the king’s orders to force answers out of the

prisoners. She goes to see San and overhears him talking to Princess Hye-bin

(actress Gyeon Mi-ri). Princess Hye-bin advises San to meet King Young-jo and

ask for forgiveness.

San meets King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) and asks him for a few more days

prove that the accused are innocent. As San defends the late Crown Prince Sado’s

honor, King Young-jo gets enraged at this and tells San that he will be banished

he is unable to prove their innocence.

Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) calls Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin)

and offers him a high-ranking government position. Hong Guk-young asks Jung

gyeom to give him some time to think it over because it is such a big promotion.

Hong Guk-young goes to Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) and ask him if he

remembered the wrong verse he found in the test. When he analyzes it, Hong Guk-

young realizes that it is a hidden code. Hong Guk-young and Dae-soo realize

someone is scheming to frame San for an attempted coup d’etat and they try to

out who the ringleader is.

Episode 13

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) learns from Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) that Han Joon-

ho, a high-ranking minister of the Byeongpan rank, is the ringleader of the
plot to

frame him for attempting to overthrow the king, he is shocked. Nam Sa-cho (actor

Maeng Sang-hoon) tells San that they should arrest the minister at once if what

soo is saying is true. However, San says they need to find proof before taking

a course of action.

When San, Dae-soo, and Nam Sa-cho head to the south of the city, Jung Hoo-

gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) offers to accompany him with three military officers.

Dae-soo guides them to the training grounds where the royal police were trained

and deployed as a private army to kill San. San becomes deeply disturbed when

sees the actual training grounds. He is filled with rage and tries to enter
the training

grounds but the place is empty and no soldiers are seen.

Episode 14

Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) receives a letter from the Byeongpan-rank

minister and is astonished to see the minister visit Princess Hwa-wan (actress

Sung Hyun-ah) at her private residence. Worried about being seen together with

minister, Jung Hoo-gyeom asks him what he has done and the anxious minister

says he sent a person to Mt. Myojeok.

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) grieves over the fact that Princess Hwa-wan has been

trying to get him killed. Chae Jae-gong (actor Han In-soo) feels pity for San

advises him that he must not let emotions interfere with his judgment to mete

punishment to criminals of the kingdom.

After making up his mind, San goes to meet King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae)

his guard and reports his findings at Mt. Myojeok the night before. King Young-jo

believes that more people are involved in the plot besides Byeongpan-rank minister

and asks San if he found other collaborators. San hesitates before telling the

that Princess Hwa-wan is one of the minister’s collaborators. King Young-jo

becomes enraged. At that moment, the sound of the drumbeats that Princess Hwa-

wan said she heard begins to ring throughout the palace.

Episode 15

Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri) visits Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung

Hyun-ah)’s private residence and offers her a special herbal concoction, telling

it was the same kind that she drank when she grieved over her husband’s wrongful

execution. With contempt in her voice, Princess Hye-bin tells Princess Hwa-wan

that she will not lose her son like she lost her husband.

Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) learns that San has a special connection

with Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min), one of the palace painters, and finds the

piece of information very interesting.

Meanwhile, Court Lady Kim (actress Kim So-I), who keeps a close eye on Song-

yeon, reports to Queen Hyo-eui (actress Park Eun-hye) that Song-yeon met with

Jung Hoo-gyeom. Court Lady Kim tells the queen that she has suspicions about

Song-yeon but the queen tells her that she is wrong. However, the doubts about

Song-yeon linger in the queen’s mind.

Episode 16

Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri) orders the palace painters to make a

screen drawn with a painting of Seokrudo, which is a good luck charm for having

baby, to give as a present to Queen Hyo-eui. As the new damo assistant for Park

Byeol-jae, Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) is assigned to the project and gets

meet Queen Hyo-eui (actress Park Eun-hye). Queen Hyo-eui personally calls Song-

yeon and asks her how she first met San (actor Lee Seo-jin). The queen also

her how she happens to know Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo).

Court Lady Park interrupts their conversation and announces that the crown

will be arriving at Queen Hyo-eui’s chambers. Arriving at the queen’s chamber

unannounced, San greets his queen lovingly but is surprised to see Song-yeon


Episode 17

Stricken by a mysterious malady during a trip to the royal tombs, King Young-jo

(actor Lee Sun-jae) tells San (actor Lee Seo-jin) that they should return to

palace whereupon San should oversee the royal affairs. After hearing about the

situation, Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) dispatches a messenger to

Pan to make sure to assassinate San if King Young-jo doesn’t recover from his


Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) tells San that the only way to safely make

back to the palace would be to divide the procession into two parties. But San

refuses to use that option because it would make the second procession vulnerable

if it came under heavy attack.

Episode 18

The conspirators who wish to eliminate San agree that they must stop the crown

prince from taking over the throne so they try to bring King Young-jo (actor
Lee Sun-

jae) back to the palace as soon as possible. Seeing that the king can hardly

up, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) asks the doctors about the king’s condition.

Catching San off guard, Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) approaches

and asks why he isn’t happy that the king has safely returned to the place.

Episode 19

Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) pleads with San (actor Lee Seo-jin)

repeal his order of forcing her to drink the deadly herbal concoction. Princess

wan asks him to give her one more day to live and if the king’s condition doesn’t

improve, then she will forfeit her life. San does not know what to do and dwells

the matter.

Meanwhile, Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) orders Jung Hoo-gyeom

(actor Jo yeon-woo) to have his private army ready in case the king dies.

Episode 20

After King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) designates San (actor Lee Seo-jin)

the responsibilities of overseeing the kingdom, the ministers from the three
fields (?

?) (??) (??), give their monthly reports to San.. After questioning the ministers

with piercing questions, he gains an advantage over his enemies.

Meanwhile, Choi Seok-joo (actor Jo Gyeong-hwan) tells Hong In-han (actor Na

Sung-gun), to become friends with Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin)...

Episode 21

When Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) hears that Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min)

came in fifth place in the art contest he goes to congratulate Song-yeon. Park

Young-moon (actress Shin Guk) orders Song-yeon to paint another folding screen.

Meanwhile, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) meets with the merchants of Nanjeon and

promises to relax business restrictions if they could help him. Hong Guk-young

(actor Han Sang-jin) tells San the if they want to find proof that merchants
of Shijeon

conspired with government officials then they need to find the secret accounting

books kept by the Noron faction.

Episode 22

Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) seeks out Park Young-moon (actress Shin Guk)

and tells her she would like to teach damos who want to learn how to paint.

Young-moon worries that if she allows Song-yeon to teach such a class, the other

artisans might complain about it but she relents when she sees how determined

Song-yeon is.

Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) finds out that Jung Hoo-gyeom

(actor Jo yeon-woo) will deploy people to Honghwa gate to create a disturbance.

So he sends a message to Han Seong-boo to prevent the riot from happening.

However, Jung Hoo-gyeom, the person who is leading the riot behind the scenes,

tears up the message that Hong Guk-young sent and tries to persuade Han Seong-

boo to come over to his side with promises of bigger promotions.

Episode 23

Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) meets with San (actor Lee Seo-jin) and

him to let him resign because he made a grave mistake. With a sad heart, San

accepts Hong Guk-young’s resignation.

Meanwhile, Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) feels confident about her

recent success and tells Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo yeon-woo) that the only thing

that remains to consolidate their power is to make their collective voices heard
in the

royal court. However, Jung Hoo-gyeom tells her that it is not an easy matter

Kim Gwi-joo (actor Jung Myung-hwan) has returned to the royal court. Princess

Hwa-wan gets furious that she wasn’t told about his appointment sooner...

Episode 24

Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) goes to the bar where he met a strange old man

told him that his life was in danger and questions the man. The old man grimly

him that he saw a vision where screams came forth from a bonfire that was

surrounded by numerous people. So he warns Dae-soo to avoid danger. When

Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) hears about the old man’s vision from Dae-

soo, he inquires about the duties of minister Lee Geon-tae. Dae-soo tells Hong

young that minister Lee is in charge of organizing the Naryehee Festival and

will be a fireworks display and bonfires at the event. Hong Guk-young’s face

freezes up when he hears this...

Episode 25

Choi Seok-joo (actor Jo Gyeong-hwan) tells Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-

jin) that it is dangerous to use fireworks at the Naryehee Festival and argues
that the

fireworks display should be cancelled. But Empress Jung-soon disagrees with

and says that she wants to see the act executed before her eyes this time and

moves ahead with the plan.

Flanked by Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) and Kang Seok-ki (actor Jang Hee-

wum), Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) inspect the plans for the Naryehee

Festival and senses something amiss. He tells them to find the plans for the

previous year to get to the bottom of his suspicions...

Episode 26

At Naryehee Festival, the soldiers give a demonstration of their sharpshooting

but San (actor Lee Seo-jin), Chae Je-gong (actor Han In-soo), Nam Sa-cho (actor

Maeng Sang-hoon), and others become very nervous. When nothing happens after

the firearms are fired, San and his servants let out a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) is certain that there is a

conspiracy to assassinate San during the fireworks display and so he sends a

captain to convey a warning to San, which ends up in the hands of Kim Gwi-joo

(actor Jung Myung-hwan).

Episode 27

Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) goes to Eugeumboo to find Dae-soo but when she

hears that he isn’t there, she goes to meet San (actor Lee Seo-jin). Song-yeon

San that she cannot find Dae-soo anywhere in a worried tone.

Meanwhile, Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) is kidnapped and he asks his captors

who are led by a government official where they have taken him. But the government

official orders Dae-soo to be quiet in an icy voice. Someone appears out of

corner of his eye...

Episode 28

When a deputy official turns up dead, Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin)

becomes gravely worried about the upcoming day when King Young-jo (actor Lee

Sun-jae) will keep his promise. San (actor Lee Seo-jin) observes Hong Guk-young

grappled with the issue and advises him that they need to cut off their enemies’

oxygen supply. After hearing San’s words, Hong Guk-young orders the palace

guards to surround the homes of Jung Hoo-gyeom, Choi Seok-joo and other officials

aligned with the Noron faction...

Episode 29

Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) lays a trap by forging a message to trick

Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo Yeon-woo) into believing that it came from a low-level official

of a provincial governor. Jung Hoo-gyeom relays the contents of the message
to Oh

Jung-ho and the Park Cho gang who are hiding in a hut in Mt. Cheonjang. But

prince’s bodyguards ambush them and flush them out.

Meanwhile, Jung Hoo-gyeom meets with Hong Guk-young to save his own skin and

tells him that he’s just a tool in the bigger scheme of things...

Episode 30

Kim Gwi-joo (actor Jung Myung-hwan) is imprisoned in the Eugeumboo and

Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) goes to see him to hear his story. After

hearing the truth, she is overcome with rage towards Princess Hwa-wan (actress

Sung Hyun-ah).When Empress Jung-soon sees Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo Yeon-

woo) escorted into the Eugeumboo, she slaps his face. Jung Hoo-gyeom

apologizes for what he did but defends his actions by saying that his side had

other choice but to do such things and this enrages her even more. Stricken

fear and terror, Empress Jung-soon goes to Daejeon to see the king and when

announces her arrival at the door of the king’s chambers, the king does not


Episode 31

Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) considers Empress Jung-soon to be

neutralized and tells Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo Yeon-woo) that she wants to

proceed with her grand plans. When Jung Hoo-gyeom asks Princess Hwa-wan

what her plans are, she tells him that he could ascend the throne with her influence.

Meanwhile, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) falls into despair and has a drink with

childhood friends Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) and Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-

min). He returns to the palace in a drunken state. When Princess Hye-bin (actress

Gyeon Mi-ri) learns that her son is drunk, she calls Song-yeon...

Episode 32

Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri) orders Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min)

join the envoy that will make a diplomatic visit to China and become an art
student at

Yebu Temple, which is also in China. When Song-yeon is told that it will take
five or

10 years to complete the program, she gets teary-eyed. But Princess Hye-bin

explains to her that her son is in a precarious situation in the palace and
one little

mistake could derail his chances of becoming the next king. So she pleads with

Song-yeon to leave if she doesn’t want to become a burden to the prince.

Meanwhile, San is glad to see Song-yeon again at the palace and tries to talk

her but Song-yeon ignores him while fighting back her tears.

Episode 33

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) finds out that Minister Hong Bong-ha (actor Shin Chung-

shik) recommended that Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) be sent to Yebu Temple

China and he inquires about this to his mother, Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon

Mi-ri), who tells him that when she learned that he had a close relationship

Song-yeon, she decided to help Song-yeon achieve her dreams of becoming a

better painter. When San hears from his mother that Song-yeon jumped at the

opportunity to go to China, he becomes disappointed in Song-yeon.

Meanwhile, a Chinese official refuses to let Song-yeon come to China on the

grounds that Yebu Temple does not accept female students. However Hong Bong-

ha sternly tells the official that Song-yeon cannot return to Joseon either

Episode 34

At Onyang Palace, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) has a private talk with Minister

Seok-joo (actor Jo Gyeong-hwan). Choi Seok-joo tells San that if he stopes

investigating the Na Rye-hee incident then the partisan fights could be ended.

also requests that all investigations against the Noron Faction be halted as
part of

the deal. San asks the minister what he can offer for him in return if he satisfies


Meanwhile, Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) secretly brings a doctor

her after becoming suspicious of the cause of King Young-jo’s (actor Lee Sun-jae)

illness. After examining the king, the doctor’s initial diagnosis points to

disease but he needs to submit the king to a test using arrowroot to be certain.

Empress Jung-soon gives orders to have a trustworthy court lady from the royal

kitchen brought to her...

Episode 35

After learning that Minister Choi Seok-joo (actor Jo Gyeong-hwan) joined San’s

side, Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) tells Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo

Yeon-woo) to send Park Cho to assassinate him. But when Park Cho and his

assassins try to eliminate Choi Seok-joo, they are met by Dae-soo (actor Lee

soo) and the prince’s bodyguards who defeat them.

Meanwhile, San (actor Lee Seo-jin) learns that Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min)

didn’t volunteer to go to China in the first place and that she is actually

banished from the palace. This deeply shocks San and puts him at his wits’ end.

Episode 36

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) decides not to attend an important meeting with the
king in

order to be with Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min), who barely survived a threat

her life. Dae-soo (actor Lee Jong-soo) sees how much San cares for her and

gloomily returns to the palace after telling Nam Sa-cho (actor Maeng Sang-hoon)

that Song-yeon will certainly live because the prince is caring for her so attentively.

Meanwhile, King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) pardons Kim Gwi-joo (actor Jung

Myung-hwan) and when Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) hears this,

she becomes worried about herself since it is obvious that Empress Jung-soon

(actress Kim Yeo-jin) used her influence over the king to have Kim Gwi-joo released.

Episode 37

Princess Hwa-wan (actress Sung Hyun-ah) holds a Noron Faction meeting and when
she enters Park Cho’s room, she sees Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) sitting
at the head of the meeting room. Princess Hwa-wan freezes in her place. Empress
Jung-soon gives Park Cho a signal and they escort Princess Hwa-wan out of the
room. Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) hears that King Young-jo
(actor Lee Sun-jae) is memorizing a map and suspects that King Young-jo is suffering
Alzheimer’s disease...

Episode 38

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) grieves over the sudden change in King Young-jo
(actor Lee Sun-jae) and suddenly remembers the painting that his father Prince
Sado asked him to show to the king. Nam Sa-cho (actor Maeng Sang-hoon) and Song-yeon
(actress Han Ji-min) examine the painting to see if it has any hidden meaning.
Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young (actor Han Sang-jin) checks the herbal medicine that
King Young-jo is taking to see if it is a prescription for Alzheimer’s disease.
Dal-ho (actor Lee Hee-do) takes on the dangerous mission to disguise himself
as a palace servant and inspect the prescription...

Episode 39

King Young-jo (actor Lee Sun-jae) gets ready to hand over the crown
to San (actor Lee Seo-jin). King Young-jo summons Minister Choi Seok-ju (actor
Cho Gyeong-hwan) and tells him to identify the number of Noron faction members
who hold high military posts. He then orders that all military soldiers be sent
away from the palace except for the palace guards to ensure that no one attempts
to stage a coup. Meanwhile, Empress Jung-soon (actress Kim Yeo-jin) realizes
what King Young-jo is trying to do and tells her faction that either the king
or Prince San has to die in order to ensure their party’s survival.

Episode 40

San (actor Lee Seo-jin) unravels the mystery of the painting and calls
his palace guards to find a critical piece of evidence. After figuring that
Prince Sado hid something behind the turtle rock, which appears in the painting,
Prince San and his troops comb Mt. Inwang all night to find evidence that will
solve an important incident. Meanwhile, Jung Hoo-gyeom (actor Jo Yeon-woo) gets
nervous about the actions of Prince San and plants a spy among his palace guards...

Episode 41

Empress Jung-soon calls a meeting to show the solidarity of the Noron
faction and she announces to everyone that she will not let Prince San be crowned
the next king by using military force. Under Empress Jung-soon’s plan, the palace
guards surround the East Palace and battle the bodyguards. The royal bodyguards
defend the palace from the palace guards but they are outnumbered.

Prince San persuades the captain of the palace guards to change sides and they
attack the guards who are fighting at the East Palace and make them surrender.
When Empress Jung hears the news, she turns pale and tries to escape...

Episode 42

King Young-jo orders that Princes Hwa-wan, the devious ministers and
every Noron faction member who tried to get rid of Prince San be given harsh
sentences for trying to overthrow the government. Prince San asks King Young-jo
to allow him to mete out the punishment.

Meanwhile, Minister Choi Seok-ju tells Prince San that unless he punishes Kim
Gwi-joo, Gyeomsabokjang, and Woorimwijang over this incident, then his majesty’s
ailment will be known forever in history...

Episode 43

Song-yeon is summoned to Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri)’s chambers
where the Princess thanks her for the important role she played. Queen Hyo-eui
(actress Park Eun-hye) tells everyone that Prince San is at the arrow shooting
range and that she will go there to see him.

Meanwhile, Empress Jung tells Prince San to announce her evil crimes to everyone
but the prince says he will not do so. This surprises the empress. Prince San
tells her to see how powerless she has become and there will be punishment waiting
for her. Empress Jung swirls with anger, fear, and shock...

Episode 44

King Young-jo gives a jade ring to Song-yeon to show his appreciation
when she paints a portrait of Prince Sado. King Young-jo tells her to stay pure
while being at Prince San’s side.

While holding the portrait in his hands, King Young-jo’s hand trembles and they
fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, Prince San receives a letter from King Young-jo, telling him not
to cry over his death and asking forgiveness for being so cruel. Prince San
is overcome with grief and sorrow...

Episode 45

Hong Guk-young learns that the Noron faction are planning something devious and
so he orders Kang Seok-ki, Seo Jang-bo and Dae-soo to follow Jung Hoo-gyeom’s
personal assistant. They succeed in intercepting a message that was addressed
to Jung Hoo-gyeom.

San is visibly disturbed when he reads the message that explains a plan to hire
an assassin to assassinate him. Hong Guk-young calls for arresting Jung Hoo-gyeom
but San tells him to leave him alone and continue to follow the plan...

Episode 46

When the rebellion ends in a failure, Jung Hoo-gyeom and Princess Hwa-wan try
to flee to the Ming Kingdom. But they are captured in Yanghwajin where Hong
Guk-young’s palace guards were waiting for them to try to cross the border.
Hong Guk-young takes Empress Jung-soo to the courtyard of the Naebyeongjo office
and tells her that he will interrogate her for masterminding the revolt and
being the leader of the rebels.

Meanwhile, when Hong Guk-yong asks San to leave the interrogation of the rebels
to him, San surprised everyone by announcing that he will personally interrogate
the criminals.

Episode 47

Princess Hye-bin is shocked to hear from Princess Hwa-wan that Minister Hong
Bong-han is trying to lobby for her release. Princess Hye-bin goes to meet Hong
Bong-han and asks him why he would do such a thing and he tells her that he
is trying to save his brother’s life.

Meanwhile, news that Empress Jung-soon committed suicide spreads and Confucian
scholars from across the country raise objections on the way San harshly dealt
with the rebels...

Episode 48

Queen Hyo-eui (actress Park Eun-hye) carefully broaches the subject of whether
Song-yeon (actress Han Ji-min) would like to return to the royal palace. Meanwhile,
Princess Hye-bin (actress Gyeon Mi-ri) and Hong Bong-ha (actor Shin Chung-shik)
are very pleased when they are introduced to Hong Guk-young’s (actor Han Sang-jin)

Episode 49

Song-yeon dwells on Queen Hyo-eui’s suggestion that she return to the palace.

Song-yeon is unable to hide her astonishment when Dae-soo reveals his feelings
to her...

Episode 50

When a plague starts spreading across the kingdom, San calls a meeting of his
ministers and Jang Tae-woo tells him to not return to the palace until he turns
everything back to the way things were. Jang Tae-woo then boasts that San will
step down from his throne.

Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young meets with Princess Hye-bin and tells her he accepts
her proposal to bring his sister to the palace as a palace courtesan. But when
Queen Hyo-eui meets with San, she mentions that she will bring Song-yeon back
to the palace...

Episode 51

San sees the Noron faction officials kneeling on their knees before the king’s
palace but he tells them that he thinks they came too late. He also mentions
that minister Jang Tae-woo, the current Noron faction’s leader, should be kneeling
with them, too.

Meanwhile, San is eager to see Song-yeon again and as he greets her, he is told
by Chae Jae-gong that minister Jang Tae-woo would like to enter the king’s palace.
So San sends Song-yeon to his office, telling her to wait for him there. While
waiting for San to return, Song-yeon nods off for a while and when she wakes
up she is stricken with fear to see Princess Hye-bin standing right in front
of her.

Episode 52

Hong Guk-young orders a strict medical examination of all mid-level officials
who belong to the Noron faction and draws their ire. When San hears about this,
he orders Hong Guk-young to not attend the royal meetings for the time being
but Hong Guk-young disobeys this order. San tells Hong Guk-young to leave in
the presence of the Noron faction officials.

Meanwhile, Princess Hye-bin calls Song-yeon and asks her if San went to see
her a couple of nights ago. Song-yeon is unable to answer the question for she
knows it will anger her and at that very moment, Queen Hyo-eui abruptly enters
the room...



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