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A Dirty Carnival (비열한 거리)

비열한 거리 (Bi-yeol-han Geo-ri)

Directed by Yoo Ha (유하)

Screenplay by

Action Film noir Detective

141min | Release date in South Korea :


Byung-doo, the No.2 man in a small-time organized crime gang, leads an aimless and wild life. Life is hard for him since he is the sole support of his mother and two younger siblings. However, when Mr. HWANG asks him to embark on a secret mission, Byung-doo realizes that this is one chance he should not let pass by. The mission is dangerous, but success would mean that Byung-doo would no longer have to worry about supporting his family...


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A Dirty Carnival | Cast

  • Jo In-sung (조인성)
    Jo In-sung (조인성)
    Byeong-doo (병두)
  • Chun Ho-jin (천호진)
    Chun Ho-jin (천호진)
    Chairman Hwang (황 회장)
  • Namgoong Min (남궁민)
    Namgoong Min (남궁민)
    Min-ho (민호)
  • Lee Bo-young (이보영)
    Lee Bo-young (이보영)
    Hyeon-joo (현주)
  • Jin Goo (진구)
    Jin Goo (진구)
    Jong-soo (종수)
  • Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Middle boss Sang-cheol (중간보스 상철)
  • Sun-woo Eun-sook (선우은숙)
    Sun-woo Eun-sook (선우은숙)
    Byeong-doo's mother (병두 모)
  • Lee Jong-hyuk (이종혁)
    Lee Jong-hyuk (이종혁)
    In the movie main character thug (영화 속 건달 주인공)
  • Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Yeong-pil (영필)
  • Heo Yi-jae (허이재)
    Heo Yi-jae (허이재)
    Seon-ok (선옥)
  • Lee Shin-sung (이신성)
    Lee Shin-sung (이신성)
    Byeong-sik (병식)
  • Kwon Tae-won (권태원)
    Kwon Tae-won (권태원)
    Prosecutor Park (박 검사)
  • Kim Byung-choon (김병춘)
    Kim Byung-choon (김병춘)
    Detective Woo (우 형사)
  • Park Hyo-joon (박효준)
    Park Hyo-joon (박효준)
    Hippo (하마)
  • Park Min-gyu (박민규)
    Park Min-gyu (박민규)
    Hong-man (홍만)
    Park Hyeok-min (박혁민)
    Moon-sik (문식)
  • Kim Soo-nam (김수남)
    Kim Soo-nam (김수남)
    Choon-ho (춘호)
  • Choi Jae-hwan (최재환)
    Choi Jae-hwan (최재환)
    Myeong-goo (명구)
  • Kim Young-pil (김영필)
    Kim Young-pil (김영필)
    Deputy Lee (이 대리)
  • Park Jin-seong (박진성)
    Park Jin-seong (박진성)
    Film company CEO (영화사 사장)
  • Sung Min-soo (성민수)
    Sung Min-soo (성민수)
    Detective Na (나 형사)
    Moon Seong-hyeok (문성혁)
    UTL exploitation team leader (UTL 개발팀장)
    Moon Seong-hyeok (문성혁)
    UTL exploitation team leader (UTL 개발팀장)
  • Kim Yoon-hee (김윤희)
    Kim Yoon-hee (김윤희)
    Room salon madame (룸싸롱 마담)
  • Lee Doo-kyung (이두경)
    Lee Doo-kyung (이두경)
    Sang-cheol fellow thug 1 (상철 동료 건달 1)
    Im Hyeong-cheol (임형철)
    Sang-cheol fellow thug 2 (상철 동료 건달 2)
    Bae Seong-ho (배성호)
    Sang-cheol fellow thug 3 (상철 동료 건달 3)
    Hwang In-bo (황인보)
    Internet cafe venom serpent gang (피씨방 독사파)
    Jo-oon (조운)
    Venom serpent gang thug 1 (독사파 건달 1)
  • Jang In-ho (장인호)
    Jang In-ho (장인호)
    Venom serpent gang thug 2 (독사파 건달 2)
    Park Byeong-ryeol (박병렬)
    Venom serpent gang thug 3 (독사파 건달 3)
    Hong Ee-jeong (홍의정)
    Venom serpent gang thug 4 (독사파 건달 4)
    Kim Pil-soo (김필수)
    Venom serpent gang thug 5 (독사파 건달 5)
    Kim Gwang-soo (김광수)
    Venom serpent gang thug 6 (독사파 건달 6)
    Kim Tae-hyeon (김태현)
    3rd street gang Han River tunnel thug (삼거리파 한강터널 건달)
    Ahn Yong-woo (안용우)
    3rd street gang arcade thug 1 (삼거리파 오락실 건달 1)
    Kim Cheol-joon (김철준)
    3rd street gang arcade thug 2 (삼거리파 오락실 건달 2)
    Kim Won-jin (김원진)
    3rd street gang arcade thug 3 (삼거리파 오락실 건달 3)
    Sin Chang-soo (신창수)
    3rd street gang arcade thug 4 (삼거리파 오락실 건달 4)
    Park Yoo-min (박유민)
    Sang-cheol strong underling thug 1 (상철영필 수하 건달 1)
  • Hwang Min-ho (황민호)
    Hwang Min-ho (황민호)
    Sang-cheol strong underling thug 2 (상철영필 수하 건달 2)
    Jeong Yong-sik (정용식)
    3rd street gang Han River tunnel thug 1 (삼거리파 한강터널 건달 1)
    Kim Jeong-han (김정한)
    3rd street gang Han River tunnel thug 2 (삼거리파 한강터널 건달 2)
    Oh Gi-hwan (오기환)
    3rd street gang Han River tunnel thug 3 (삼거리파 한강터널 건달 3)
    Sin Yoon-cheol (신윤철)
    3rd street gang Han River tunnel thug 4 (삼거리파 한강터널 건달 4)
    Yoo Jae-hyeon (유재현)
    Alumnus Sang-beom (동창생 상범)
  • Lee Soo-hyeon (이수현)
    Lee Soo-hyeon (이수현)
    Lee Jeong-min (이정민)
    Alumnus Jin-wook (동창생 진욱)
    Jeong Jae-han (정재한)
    Alumnus 1 (동창생 1)
    Kwon Jeong-min (권정민)
    Alumnus 2 (동창생 2)
    Son So-yeon (손소연)
    Alumnus 3 (동창생 3)
    Kim Hyo-seon (김효선)
    Alumnus 4 (동창생 4)
  • Lee Hyeon-jeong (이현정)
    Lee Hyeon-jeong (이현정)
    Alumnus 5 (동창생 5)
    Lee Yoon-sang (이윤상)
    In the movie prosecutor (영화 속 검사)
    Yoon So-yeong (윤소영)
    In the movie lover (영화 속 정부)
    Joo Yeong-min (주영민)
    Martial arts director (무술감독)
    Seo Jong-soo (서종수)
    In the movie producer (영화 속 PD)
  • Lee Sang-yi (이상이)
    Lee Sang-yi (이상이)
    In the movie heroine 1 (영화 속 여주인공 1)
  • Jung Si-yeon (정시연)
    Jung Si-yeon (정시연)
    In the movie heroine 2 (영화 속 여주인공 2)
    Kang-poong (강풍)
    In the movie thug actor 1 (영화 속 건달 배우 1)
  • Kim Seong-hyeon (김성현)
    Kim Seong-hyeon (김성현)
    In the movie thug actor 2 (영화 속 건달 배우 2)
    Im Mi-kyeong (임미경)
    Planning team leader (기획팀장)
    Hong Bae-yeon (홍배연)
    Planning team member (기획팀원)
    Jang Bo-kyeong (장보경)
    Stage greeting acquaintance 1 (무대인사 지인 1)
    Jeong Yoon-jeong (정윤정)
    Stage greeting acquaintance 2 (무대인사 지인 2)
    Yoo Jin-ah (유진아)
    Ending room salon madame (엔딩 룸싸롱 마담)
    Jang-go (장고)
    Room salon one-man band (룸싸롱 원맨 밴드)
    Kim Jeong-soo (김정수)
    Prosecutor Park's lover (박 검사 정부)
    Park Soo-yong (박수용)
    Interview reporter (인터뷰 기자)
  • Lim Jeong-woon (임정운)
    Lim Jeong-woon (임정운)
    Shoe store clerk (구두 매장 점원)
    Hong Hye-ryeong (홍혜령)
    Stall female owner (포장마차 여주인)
  • Lee Chang-jik (이창직)
    Lee Chang-jik (이창직)
    Neighborhood community leader (동네 유지)
    Park Jong-won (박종원)
    Platform for crocks of sauces and condiments house owner (장독대 집주인)
    Cha Jeong-hwan (차정환)
    Mortuary thug (빈소 건달)
  • Choi Hyo-sang (최효상)
    Choi Hyo-sang (최효상)
    Debtor (채무자)
  • Jeon Seong-ae-I (전성애)
    Jeon Seong-ae-I (전성애)
    Debtor's wife (채무자 부인)
  • Kim Yu-ri (김유리)
    Kim Yu-ri (김유리)
    Debtor's daughter (채무자 딸)
    Park Min-woo (박민우)
    Debtor's son (채무자 아들)
    Seo Joo-won (서주원)
    Female college student massage (여대생 안마)
  • Ryoo Seong-hyeon (류성현)
    Ryoo Seong-hyeon (류성현)
    Detective 1 (형사 1)
    Song In-gap (송인갑)
    Detective 2 (형사 2)
    Seo Dae-hyeon (서대현)
    Detective 3 (형사 3)
    Park Yeong-sik (박영식)
    Detective 4 (형사 4)
    Seo Jeong-joo (서정주)
    Detective 5 (형사 5)
  • Kim Sang-sik (김상식)
    Kim Sang-sik (김상식)
    Venom snake (독사)
    Kim Jin-woo (김진우)
    Venom snake room salon boss (독사 룸싸롱 사장)
    Jeon Kyeong-soo (전경수)
    Venom snake room salon underling (독사 룸싸롱 수하)
    Park Se-hwan (박세환)
    Jong-gyoo (종규)
    Yoo Min-yeong (유민영)
    Ji-ae (지애)
  • Jeong Seung-koo (정승구)
    Jeong Seung-koo (정승구)
  • Ha Ji-young (하지영)
    Ha Ji-young (하지영)
    Bookstore female employee 1 (서점 여직원 1)
  • Lee Jeong-eun-I (이정은)
    Lee Jeong-eun-I (이정은)
    Bookstore female employee 2 (서점 여직원 2)
    Im Jeong-woo (임정우)
    Bookstore male client (서점 남자 손님)
    Lee Jae-yong (이재용)
    Interview photographer (인터뷰 사진기자)
    Choi Seon-joong (최선중)
    Screening film company representative (시사회장 영화사 대표)
    Jeong Hae-won (정해원)
    Wedding photographer (결혼식 사진사)
    Jo Jin-cheol (조진철)
    Sang-cheol's younger sister groom (상철 여동생 신랑)
    Im Han-seop (임한섭)
    Sang-cheol's arcade partnership boss (상철 오락실 동업 사장)
    Kwon Oh-hoon (권오훈)
    Sang-cheol's wedding thug 1 (상철 결혼식 건달 1)
    Lee Sang-choon (이상춘)
    Sang-cheol's wedding thug 2 (상철 결혼식 건달 2)
    Kim Kyeong-cheon (김경천)
    Sang-cheol's wedding thug 3 (상철 결혼식 건달 3)
    Jo Jeong-hee (조정희)
    Banquet reception thug 1 (피로연 건달 1)
    Bae Sang-cheol (배상철)
    Banquet reception thug 2 (피로연 건달 2)
  • Kim Mi-hee-I (김미희)
    Kim Mi-hee-I (김미희)
    President Hwang room salon get out 1 (황 회장 룸싸롱 나가요 1)
  • Jeong Jae-eun-I (정재은)
    Jeong Jae-eun-I (정재은)
    President Hwang room salon get out 2 (황 회장 룸싸롱 나가요 2)
    Jeong Ye-ri (정예리)
    Min-ho room salon get out 1 (민호 룸싸롱 나가요 1)
    Jeong Mi-so (정미소)
    Min-ho room salon get out 2 (민호 룸싸롱 나가요 2)
    Jang Soo-jin (장수진)
    Ending room salon get out 1 (엔딩 룸싸롱 나가요 1)
  • Han Eun-sun (한은선)
    Han Eun-sun (한은선)
    Ending room salon get out 2 (엔딩 룸싸롱 나가요 2)
    Park Seong-ah (박성아)
    Byeong-doo family member room salon get out 1 (병두식구 룸싸롱 나가요)
    Park Kyeong-min (박경민)
    Riverside restaurant waiter (강변 레스토랑 웨이터)
  • Park Yeong (박영)
    Park Yeong (박영)
    Joo Rye-ja (주례자)
    Choi Hye-eun (최혜은)
    Accompanying pianist (피아노 반주자)
    Choi Woo-seong (최우성)
    Elementary school Byeong-doo (초등학교 병두)
  • Lee Hyun-woo (이현우)
    Lee Hyun-woo (이현우)
    Elementary school Min-ho (초등학교 민호)
    Seo Min-kyeong (서민경)
    Elementary school Hyeon-joo (초등학교 현주)

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  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
  • A Dirty Carnival's picture
    A Dirty Carnival
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 Produced by
 Cha Seung-jae (차승재)
 Kim Mi-hee (김미희)
Sidus FHN (싸이더스FHN)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Jo Yeong-wook (조영욱)
 Score composer
 Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
 Lee Yeong-sook (이영숙)
 Production department
 Jeong Seung-koo (정승구)
 Production department
 Kim Sang-soo-I (김상수)
 Directing department
 Lee Hoo-kyoung (이후경)
 Directing department
 Seong Si-heup (성시흡)
 Directing department
 Kang Min-hee (강민희)
 Script coordinator
 Kim Joon (김준)
 Art direction department
 Kim Tae-hwan-I (김태환)
 Oh Hyo-jin (오효진)
 Marketing department
 Seo Dong-seok (서동석)
 Martial arts team
 Jeong Seong-ho (정성호)
 Martial arts team
 So Joon-moon (소준문)
 Making of
 Kim Harry (김회근)
 Directing department
141 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Music video
On the set video
On the set video
US$ 4.7M
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Release date in South Korea : 2006/06/15
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2006.07.16 : 1,666,166 admissions (total)
As of 2006.07.09 : 1,588,794 admissions (total)
As of 2006.07.02 : 1,402,405 admissions (total)
As of 2006.06.25 : 1,012,666 admissions (total)
As of 2006.06.18 : 449,819 admissions (total)

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Great story...suprisingly good! by luctran

o in seong finally shows some acting skills for once...Director Yoo Haa makes this film one of the best gangster films I've seen..

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2008/01/29 20:28:10

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still his hot.. everythn wrong fits for you darr* lolx! you rock my world♥
2008-09-23 04:14:29
2008-03-15 20:58:27
i'd like to watch this movie or drama - i liked JIS in Bali!
here's the link to donlod the song... A0900420/A090042000066409.wma
2007-03-01 16:30:14
2007-03-01 16:28:21
Jo Duk Bae - geu dae nae mam eh deul uh oh myuh neun
Hi, I need some help here, does anyone know the song that is sung by the girl (his childhood friend) in the karaoke?
2007-02-06 20:51:14
2007-01-03 03:48:08
love this movie...
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A Dirty Carnival (비열한 거리)

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