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Beyond the Years (천년학)

천년학 (Cheon-nyeon-hak)

Directed by Im Kwon-taek (임권택)

Screenplay by ,

Drama Melodrama Romance

106min | Release date in South Korea :


Dong-ho and Song-hwa are separately adopted by Yu-bong (Lim Jin-ta), a nomadic singer, and grow up as siblings. Dong-ho falls in love with Song-hwa, but he suffers from the fact that he has to call her sister and constantly fight with Yu-bong’s obsession to make her a great singer. Eventually, Dong-ho leaves home. However, with his unchanging affection for Song-hwa, he keeps following traces of his love while refining his drumming skills in order to match well with her singing. This is the heart-touching love story of Song-hwa, who devotes her life and love to her talent for Pansori (a traditional Korean form of narrative song), and Dong-ho, who has devoted his life to loving her.


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  • (41) Im Kwon-taek brought Korean tradition to screen

    2012/07/01, Source
    Director Im Kwon-taek received an honorary Berlin Bear award for his lifetime achievement at the 55th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin in 2005. / Korea Times By Andrew Salmon A master of pansori ― a form of vocal Korean opera ― leads his adopted son and daughter through the backwaters of rural Korea. The troupe scratch an increasingly precarious living as itinerant musicians while their master, refusing to compromise with modernity, strictly trains them in the traditional art which is his only skill and his motive passion. But with the country swept up in massive social upheavals between the 1940s, 50s and 60s, their art form is losing its cachet, relevance and audiences. The son decides to abandon his life as a wandering troubadour and embrace modern music. The father ― believing that suffering is essential to create great art, unwilling to change with the times and desperate to keep his hold on to his adopted daughter, an extraordinary vocal talent ― is driven to commit an act of unforgettable cruelty,...More
  • HAF feature interview with JEON Soo-il, "Another Country"

    2012/03/11, Source
    Director Jeon Soo-il is due to participate in the upcoming Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) with the project "Another Country". At the time of writing, he was shooting his latest film "El Condor Pasa" in Busan and Peru. "Another Country" will be his next film after "El Condor Pasa". Jeon's previous films include "With a Girl of Black Soil" (2007), which won two awards at the Venice film festival, "Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells", which screened at Karlovy Vary and Sao Paulo, "I Came from Busan" (2009), which went to the San Sebastian film festival, and his most recent "Pink" (2011) which premiered at last year's Busan International Film Festival,...More
  • Filmmaker Im to get achievement award

    2011/07/04, Source
    By Do Je-hae

    Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive an achievement award from the Korea Evergreen Association, a civic organization devoted to,...
  • Im Kwon-taek: directing beyond his years

    2011/03/15, Source
    Im Kwon-taek poses for the camera in Seoul, Monday, before sitting down for an interview to speak about "Hanji". In his 101st film, the 75-year-old director captures the beauty of Korean traditional paper, "Hanji", and also poses questions about protecting artistic heritage. / Korea Times photos by Shim Hyun-chul Im's 101st film explores madness in the mundane. "Why do people have to become crazy about preserving (things just because they're old)? But I wanted to show that we are losing something valuable right here, right now",...More
  • Are art centers really buying culturenomics?

    2011/02/10, Source
    A view of Sori Arts Center in Jeonju Sori Arts Center endeavors to set new path for arts management By Lee Hyo-won Korea has become a cosmopolitan hub for the arts, hosting Placido Domingo's exclusive recital in the Asian region during the 2009 season. In recent years, the country has become increasingly well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure for such culture events of the highest caliber,...More
  • Manilla's Korean Film Festival Kicks Off
    2009/10/01, Source
    Manilla's 2009 Korean Film Festival opened Sept 23, offering free screenings to the public during its one week run. Sponsored by the Korean Embassy and held at Shangri-La Plaza, the fest showcases seven Korean features and celebrates the "Philippines-Republic of Korea Friendship Year".

    The prog,...
  • Gyeonggi Province Aims to Become Film Hub
    2009/02/02, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Gyeonggi Province is stepping up efforts to become a cinematic hub with actor Cho Jae-hyun as its front man. The Gyeonggi Film Council named the top actor as its new chair Thursday to promote filmmaking in th,...
  • 8th Gwangju Int'l Film Festival Kicks Off
    2008/12/09, Source
    The 8th edition of the Gwangju International Film Festival (GIFF) opens Dec. 4 with curtain-raiser "The Code" by Japan's Kaizo Hayashi. The fest distinguishes itself from such heavyweights as Pusan and Jeonju by being a non-competitive five-day event that highlights emerging directors of recent yea,...More
  • Korean Film Festival Tours China
    2008/11/19, Source
    A Korean Film Festival will be held across China this month, bringing 12 Korean features to three major Chinese cities – Beijing (Nov. 14-19), Shanghai (Nov. 16-21) and Kunnming (Nov. 25-28).

    The event, organized by the Korean Film Council, China's state film authorities, and the Shanghai Inter,...
  • KOFIC, Korea-China Interchange to Revitalize Two Industries
    2008/11/12, Source
    KOFIC (chairperson KANG Han-sup) is commencing two events in order to revitalize the film interchange between Korea and China.

    First of the two events is '2008 Korea-China Business Campus' which will take place from Thursday, November 13 to Monday, November 17, over the course of 5 days. The eve,...
  • Pakistan & Myanmar Hold Korean Film Fests
    2008/11/06, Source
    The South Korean Embassy and Pakistan National Council of the Arts are holding a Korean Film Festival at the National Art Gallery in Islamabad, November 5 – 6. The event will screen four Korean features spanning eight years.

    The festival will open with,...
  • Im Kwon-taek's 101st to premiere at Jeonju Fest

    Prolific and renowned director Im Kwon-taek is working on his 101st project titled "Son" (English translation: "hand"), the film will premiere,...More
  • Moscow Honors Im Kwon-taek with Retrospective

    2008/06/04, Source
    An impressive 12 film retrospective, surveying the work of legendary Korean director Im Kwon-taek, will be held in the Russian capital of Mosco,...More
  • Oh Jung-hae Spreads Korean Beauty through Music, Acting

    2008/05/07, Source
    Traditional Korean music singer cum actress Oh Jung-hae is one of the true artists of today. Her refined appearance and heartrending voice embod,...More
  • Korean Films Win Recognition in Europe
    2008/03/14, Source
    Now, there appears to be growing interest in Korean films overseas.
    Domestic productions are winning critical acclaim at major film festivals in particular, in Europe.
    Jeong Soyun explains.

    Korean films are gaining increasing recognition on the international stage, winning numerous awards and h,...
  • [Year-end Review : Movies] 'Sunshine' offers hope to Korean cinema in 2007
    2007/12/24, Source
    The Korean movie industry got off to a shaky start this year, due to the weakened market position of local flicks versus Hollywood blockbusters, but it received a big shining ray of hope from director Lee Chang-dong's thought-provoking drama,...More
  • Korean movie director awarded France's Legion of Honor

    2007/12/02, Source
    Im Kwon-taek, a Cannes-winning Korean movie director, received France's elite Legion of Honor for promoting Korean films in France, news report,...More
  • Korean Film Showcase to be Held in Japan
    2007/11/29, Source
    The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) is to hold a showcase event in Tokyo, Japan from December 8 - 14, to introduce 9 Korean films to Japanese viewers.

    The event is a result of KOFIC's continuous efforts to expand the market base for Korean films in Japan by presenting Korean films of both quality an,...
  • Nantes Fest Names Korean Best Actress
    2007/11/28, Source
    Actress and traditional music singer Oh Jung-hae has received best actress honors at a French film festival for her role in "Beyond the Years".

    The film's production company,...
  • Showcase of Korean Movies in Japan
    2007/11/28, Source
    The Korean Film Council will hold a showcase of Korean movies in Japan to introduce Korean cinematography in the neighboring country.

    Nine outstanding films will be screened in Japan Dec. 8-14 under the auspices of the Japanese company Cinequanon, which has contributed greatly to promoting the Ko,...
  • Director Im Wins Prize from Dubai Fest

    2007/11/23, Source
    The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will honor Korean director Im Kwon-taek in recognition of his lifelong devotion to filmmaking.

  • Korean Films Shine at PIFF
    2007/10/16, Source
    The twelfth annual Pusan International Film Festival was a bountiful showcase for Korean films. Joining the international competition were many types of Korean films, including: big budget, independent, experimental, documentary, short, and re-mastered classics. The struggling Korean film industry s,...More
  • "M" Sets Busan Film Festival on Fire

    2007/10/07, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    BUSAN _ Korea's acclaimed director Lee Myung-se's latest work "M", starring popular actors,...
  • Rise of Korean Films Seen in World Cinema
    2007/09/25, Source
    The New York Times ran a story in June headlined "Korea emerges as epicenter of Asian film and music", which focused on the rise of Korean films in world cinema.

    The story said Asian genre films, especially those from Korea, have built a steady following in the West since Hong Kong cinema broke o,...
  • Cinema of harsh reality at Pusan Film Festival
    2007/09/05, Source
    The Pusan International Film Festival, one of the biggest film festivals in Asia, will celebrate its 12th year in October with a cascade of Asian films, many of them portraying individuals grappling with modern-day issues like war, family fall-out and urban poverty, according to Yonhap News Agency.
  • 2007 PIFF to Feature Edward Yang Retrospective
    2007/09/05, Source
    By Lee Hwan-hee
    Staff Reporter

    A retrospective honoring the late Taiwanese director Edward Yang will be held at next month's 2007 Pusan International Film Festival. The complete lineup was also announced Tuesday.

    While the deaths of film directors Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman wer,...
  • PIFF's Promising Line-up Sets Records
    2007/09/04, Source
    The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) will continue its progress with 275 films and a record number of 193 premieres and the inauguration of new programs. PIFF's flagship New Currents competition boasts a complete selection of eleven world and international premieres. The 12th edition of Asia,...More
  • Jecheon Fest Highlights Music-themed Films
    2007/08/03, Source
    Between last summer and this summer, a number of musical and music-driven Korean films were released, defining an important new trend towards the genre for local audiences. This month the 3rd Jecheon International Music and Film Festival (JIMFF) showcases that trend, bringing 7 music-themed Korean,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek and Jeon Soo-il invited to Venice
    2007/07/27, Source
    Two Korean films have been invited to screen at the 64th Venice International Film Festival.

    "Beyond the Years", the 100th film by veteran director Im Kwon-taek, will be pr,...
  • Film Starring Kang Soo-yeon to Compete at Venice Film Festival

    2007/07/27, Source
    A movie starring world star Kang Soo-yeon, her first big-screen work in 20 years, will be screened at the Venice Film Festival.

    Kang gained,...
  • 'Spider-Man 3' entombs Korean prey
    2007/05/10, Source
    Spidey's sticky web turned out to be more lethal than expected for Korean filmmakers. "Spider-Man 3", released here on May 1, entangled and entombed Korean films in the past week. Even "Beyond the Years", the 100th film by,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek's 100th Feature Opens

    2007/04/13, Source
    Maestro filmmaker and Cannes Best Director prize winner Im Kwon-taek presented his 100th feature film, ",...More
  • Week's New Premieres
    2007/04/13, Source
    It's hard to believe how quickly the weekend catches up with us, but here it is.
    So what's playing at the movies?
    The biggest or perhaps the most meaningful attraction this week is the release of Im Kwontaek's 100th film.
    Son Heekyung has more on that and other new releases.

  • Veteran Directs First Love Story

    2007/04/12, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    "Beyond the Years" is the 100th movie by maestro director,...
  • Maestro Im Kwon-taek Returns With 100th Film

    2007/04/11, Source
    One of Korea's most renowned film directors, Im Kwon-taek, returns with his 100th film at the age of 71. "Cheonnyeonhak" or ",...More
  • Im unveils 100th film 'Beyond the Years'

    2007/04/05, Source
    If you have already made 99 movies in your lengthy and diverse career, what kind of project would you choose to make for your 100th film? The question may sound unrealistic for most directors around t,...More
  • Master Director Films 100th Movie

    2007/04/04, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    Maestro filmmaker Im Kwon-taek has completed his 100th film, saying that he feels that he has just passed t,...
  • Prolific Director Im Holds Festival for 100th Film

    2007/04/02, Source
    Korea's most prolific film director has held a festival to mark the upcoming release of his 100th movie.
    Im Kwon-taek is back with ",...
  • Director Im to Soon Release 100th Film

    2007/02/20, Source
    One of Korea's greatest film directors is about to release his 100th movie.
    Im Kwon-taek has directed movies since 1962, mostly on traditional,...
  • Screen 2007: Return of Master Directors
    2007/01/09, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    The number of films produced last year was 108, the most ever in Korean cinematic history, and many of them were feature debut works by emerging directors. But more familiar names will be seen at the box office this year as many renowned directors are preparing to,...
  • Sales at the Asian Film Market
    2006/11/03, Source
    This year's Pusan International Film Festival witnessed the opening of the inaugural Asian Film Market, a comprehensive film industry hub which covers many aspects of filmmaking from pre-sales, sales, and financing to production and post facilities as well as a casting network for up-and-coming star,...More
  • Music to promote Korean tourism
    2006/11/02, Source
    Korea has a sparkling image and music representing it would have a variety of colors, said Yang Bang-eun, a Korean musician in Japan.

    Yang will compose music for a video clip to promote Korea overseas, a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) project.

    The 46-year-old pianist, composer and producer l,...
  • PIFF: Movie Buffs Learn Filmmaking
    2006/10/17, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    PUSAN _ A small room in an apartment in Haeundae is crowded with some 20 people. They move their busy hands quickly, following the director's shouts of "ready", "action" and "cut".

    The scene that shot on Oct. 12 seemed simple. The sound of a toilet flushing was,...

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 Kim Mi-yeong (김미영)
 Production department
 Lee Cheong-joon (이청준)
 Original work
 Park Soon-deok (박순덕)
 Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
 Poster designer
 Jung Sung-il (정성일)
 Production department
 Yang Bang-ean (양방언)
 Score composer
 Jung Do-an (정도안)
 Special effects
Technical Information
106 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
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Release date in South Korea : 2007/04/12
South Korean Box Office
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I enjoyed it greatly. very interesting. plot was a bit complicated. but well put together.
2007-07-24 07:58:07
2007-07-21 15:18:17
is the box office figures right? this was a flop (unfortunately)
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Beyond the Years (천년학)

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