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Hot Young Bloods (피끓는 청춘)

피끓는 청춘 (pik-keulh-neun cheong-chun)

Directed by Lee Yeon-woo (이연우)

Screenplay by

Comedy Romance

121min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Boiling Youth"
Crank in : 2013/08/01
Crank up : 2013/10/28
A comedy romance movie about the last generation of youths and their passionate romance based in Hongseong, Chungcheong Namdo in the 1980's.


Hot Young Bloods | Cast

  • Park Bo-young (박보영)
    Park Bo-young (박보영)
    Yeong-sook (영숙)
  • Lee Jong-suk (이종석)
    Lee Jong-suk (이종석)
    Joong-gil (중길)
  • Lee Se-young (이세영)
    Lee Se-young (이세영)
    So-hee (소희)
  • Kim Young-kwang (김영광)
    Kim Young-kwang (김영광)
    Gwang-sik (광식)
  • Kwon Hae-hyo (권해효)
    Kwon Hae-hyo (권해효)
    Dae-pan (대판)
  • Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Teacher Lee Jong-pal (이종팔 선생)
  • Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Teacher Kim Nan-yeong (김난영 선생)
  • Shin Hyun-tak (신현탁)
    Shin Hyun-tak (신현탁)
    Man-cheol (만철)
  • Park Jung-min (박정민)
    Park Jung-min (박정민)
    Hwang-gyoo (황규)
  • Jeon Soo-jin (전수진)
    Jeon Soo-jin (전수진)
    Yeon-hwa (연화)
  • Kim Sung-bum (김성범)
    Kim Sung-bum (김성범)
    Chang-soo (창수)
  • Park Seung-tae (박승태)
    Park Seung-tae (박승태)
    Soon-deok (순덕)
  • Lee Seung-keun (이승근)
    Lee Seung-keun (이승근)
    Joong-soo (중수)
  • Lim Hyeong-taek (임형택)
    Lim Hyeong-taek (임형택)
    Ham-bok (함복)
    Lee Eun-jeong (이은정)
    Yeong-sook's mother (영숙모)
    Kim In-kyeong (김인경)
    Woman underling (똘마니녀)
    Kim Ji-yo (김지요)
    Geum-hee (금희)
  • Ko Da-yeon (고다연)
    Ko Da-yeon (고다연)
    Marathon woman (마라톤녀)
    Choi Hwang-gyoo (최황규)
    Principal (교장)
    Jo Ah-ra (조아라)
    Go-soon (고순)
    Jo Yoo-jin (조유진)
    Mr. Jeong's eldest daughter (정씨 큰 딸)
    Lee Yeong-joo (이영주)
    Woman (아낙)
    Park Eun-mi (박은미)
    Hostess (작부)
  • Jin So-yeon (진소연)
    Jin So-yeon (진소연)
    Hwa-seon (화선)
    Jo Hooin-dol (조흰돌)
    DJ (디제이)
    Jang Se-joon (장세준)
    Neighborhood senior (동네 선배)
  • Ryoo Sung-hyun (류성현)
    Ryoo Sung-hyun (류성현)
    Joong-gil's house mailman (중길집 집배원)
    Lee Han-il (이한일)
    Village road mailman (마을길 집배원)
  • Han Kuk-jin (한국진)
    Han Kuk-jin (한국진)
    Employee (종업원)
    Hong Joon-pyo (홍준표)
    Waiter (웨이터)
    Je Myeong-hee (제명희)
    So-hee's mom (소희엄마)
    Kim Ha-kyeong (김하경)
    So-hee's sister Nan-hee (소희동생 난희)
    Choi Seong-rok (최성록)
    So-hee's butler (소희네집사)
    Ahn Ji-hye (안지혜)
    Teashop girl (다방레지)
    Kim Woo-cheol (김우철)
    Reporter (기자)
  • Yeo Woo-rin (여우린)
    Yeo Woo-rin (여우린)
    Young hostess (젊은 작부)
    Han Da-sol (한다솔)
    Bicycle woman (자전거녀)
    Park Jong-beom (박종범)
    Baker (빵집 주인)
  • Kim Jong-hyun-I (김종현)
    Kim Jong-hyun-I (김종현)
    Gwang-sik's phoenix group 1 (광식 불사조파1)
  • Park Tae-joo (박태주)
    Park Tae-joo (박태주)
    Phoenix group 2 (불사조파2)
  • Hwang Jae-pil (황재필)
    Hwang Jae-pil (황재필)
    Phoenix group 3 (불사조파3)
    Jeong Woo-yeong (정우영)
    Phoenix group 4 (불사조파4)
    Ma Jeong-deok (마정덕)
    Phoenix group 5 (불사조파5)
    Ahn Chang-je (안창제)
    Chang-soo's ring around the moon group 1 (창수 달무리파1)
    Baek Se-kwon (백세권)
    Ring around the moon group 2 (달무리파2)
    Yoon Won-joon (윤원준)
    Ring around the moon group 3 (달무리파3)
    Kang Yoon-jeong (강윤정)
    Violet group big guy (보라파 덩치)
    Kim So-ra (김소라)
    Violet group 1 (보라파1)
    Woo Bo-ra (우보라)
    Violet group 2 (보라파2)
    Jeong Yoo-rim (정유림)
    Violet group 3 (보라파3)
    Lee So-jeong (이소정)
    Turquoise blue group 1 (청록파1)
    Go Yeon-joo (고연주)
    Turquoise blue group 2 (청록파2)
    Kang So-i (강소이)
    Luck woman 1 (일진녀1)
  • Yoon Da-young (윤다영)
    Yoon Da-young (윤다영)
    Luck woman 2 (일진녀2)
    Han Do-hyeon (한도현)
    Young Joong-gil (어린 중길)
  • Lee Chae-eun-I (이채은)
    Lee Chae-eun-I (이채은)
    Young Yeong-sook (어린 영숙)
    Kim Yeong-no (김영노)
    Whole school second (전교이등)
    Yeo Yoon-ho (여윤호)
    Soccer man (축구남)
    Lee Tae-yeong (이태영)
    Korean chess boasting man 1 (장기자랑남1)
    No Jae-hoon (노재훈)
    Korean chess boasting man 2 (장기자랑남2)
    Choi-yeong (최영)
    Perilla leaf woman (깻잎녀)
    Wi So-ra (위소라)
    Gangling woman (키다리녀)
    Kim Hyo-rin (김효린)
    Weekly duty (주번)
    Lee Kyeong-joo (이경주)
    Arrogant woman (도도녀)
    Woo Hye-yeong (우혜영)
    Underling 1 (똘마니1)
    Jang Kyeong-ae (장경애)
    Big woman (덩치녀)
    Kyeong Ji-eun (경지은)
    Underling 2 (똘마니2)
    Jeong Soo-yeon (정수연)
    Super power woman (차력녀)
    Park Sang-woon (박상운)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
    Lee Deok-hwa (이덕화)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
  • Hong Geun-taek (홍근택)
    Hong Geun-taek (홍근택)
    Hong Geun-taek (홍근택)
  • Jung Jae-hoon-II (정재훈)
    Jung Jae-hoon-II (정재훈)
    Joong-gil's group (중길 반)
    Lee Jeong-ah (이정아)
    Sin So-jeong (신소정)
    Lee Ye-jin (이예진)
    Yoo Han-bit (유한빛)
    Jeong Gi-seong (정기성)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
    Lee Si-hoo (이시후)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
    Yoon Bo-hyeon (윤보현)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
  • Son Min-ji (손민지)
    Son Min-ji (손민지)
    Cheek woman (따귀녀)
  • Yoo Ha-bok (유하복)
    Yoo Ha-bok (유하복)
    President Choi - Cameo (최사장)
  • Kim Kwang-kyu (김광규)
    Kim Kwang-kyu (김광규)
    Typhoon - Special appearance (대풍)
  • Kim Soo-oh (김수오)
    Kim Soo-oh (김수오)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
  • Jung Jae-sik (정재식)
    Jung Jae-sik (정재식)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
    Nam Sang-soo (남상수)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
    Son Ji-hoon (손지훈)
    Joong-gil's group (중길반)
  • Kim Ji-eun-IV (김지은)
    Kim Ji-eun-IV (김지은)
    Yeong-sook's classmate (영숙반학생)

Hot Young Bloods | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Hot Young Bloods"

    It's the eighties in rural Chungcheong. These are violent times- remember that there was a tight-fisted dictatorship going on. If any message is clearly imparted to the teen students here, it's that violence is a good way of letting off youthful energy. That's certainly the opinion of Yeong-sook, at any rate. Park Bo-young infuses the perpetually angry, mean looking young woman with a sense of brimming rage. She's straight up looking for fights to get into. It would be funny if she wasn't so scary-looking. Yeong-sook sets her sights on Joong-gil (played by Lee Jong-suk), a young man who has made it his goal to kiss every girl in the class, and has developed all manner of smooth talking and magic fingers to bring out the aura of Casanova that lies in his soul,...More

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    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
  • Hot Young Bloods's picture
    Hot Young Bloods
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Hot Young Bloods | Facts

 Lee Man-hee (이만희)
 Lee Yeon-woo (이연우)
 Kim Sang-soo (김상수)
 Production department
Technical Information
121 min 
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Airing dates : 2014/01/23
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As of 2014.02.16 : 1 672 992 admissions (total)
As of 2014.02.09 : 1 646 415 admissions (total)
As of 2014.02.02 : 1 501 404 admissions (total)
As of 2014.01.26 : 920 932 admissions (total)

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Hot Young Bloods (피끓는 청춘)

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