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Castaway on the Moon (김씨 표류기)

김씨 표류기 (Kim-ssi-pyo-ryoo-gi)

Directed by Lee Hae-joon (이해준)

Screenplay by


116min | Release date in South Korea :

A man named KIM jumps into the dark, quiet waters of the Han River. He wakes up and finds himself lying on strange ground, covered with sand. For a second, he thinks he is in heaven, but soon recognizes that he simply drifted to a nameless island in the river. In one of the riverside apartment buildings, there’s a girl who hasn’t ventured out of her room for years. With her dishevelled hair and in the same old clothes she’s worn for years, she looks just like a castaway. Then one day, she catches sight of a man living alone on an island through her binoculars. Day after day, his lonely but seemingly contented life triggers her curiosity and compels her to step out of her room after so many years. KIM’s extraordinary life becomes the inspiration for change in this girl’s lonely, detached life.


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  • Son Soo-hyeon dating Lee Hae-joon who is 15 years older than her?

    2015/04/22, Source
    Actress Son Soo-hyeon is apparently dating director Lee Hae-joon, the creator of "My Dictator". MBN Star claimed, "Son Soo-hyeon and Lee Hae-joon met through a few auditions and have been seeing each other for two months",...More
  • 'Blood' actress Son Soo-hyeon and director Lee Hae-joon are in rumored relationship, agency is in the middle of checking facts

    2015/04/22, Source
    The agency for actress Son Soo-hyeon, 27, has said they are in the middle of checking facts, while the actress is rumored to be in relationship with director Lee Hae-joon, 41. In the morning on April 23rd, a staff from Son Soo-hyeon's agency Creative Kkot said, "We've encountered the news Son Soo-hyeon is in relationship with director Lee Hae-joon. We are in the middle of checking facts with Son Soo-hyeon",...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    Cinema Scope mention's "Memories of Murder" in the decade's Top Ten film, "What's Korean Cinema?" talks about the prolific filmmaker Im Kwon-taek and others, the 5th Beijing International Film Festival announces four Korean films, and a filmmaking workshop for immigrant women starts soon,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    K-Films Coming Soon: ★★★★★ "My Dictator": A small-time stage actor is asked to play Kim Il-seong right before Park Chung-hee's presidential summit. (10/30)  ★★★★★ "Turning Fork": A 'comfort woman' who spent 65 years in a foreign country dreams of returning to Korea. (10/30) ★★★★ "Romance in Seoul": A young man realises he misses his roommate even though they were never in a romantic relationship. (10/30) ★★★★ "The Follower, Ok Han-heum": A documentary about the secularisation of the Korean church and how to reconnect with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in modern times. (10/30),...More
  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Castaway on the Moon": Fantastical!

    In the spotlight this week: Lee Hae-joon's "Castaway on the Moon"... Lee's sophomore film gets straight to point and jumps off. Kim Seung-geun (Jung Jae-young) owes $210,308 to "Happy Cash Private Loans", and he's about to commit suicide by jumping into the Han. He hangs up the phone and plunges into the murky river without further ado; a leap of faith that was not, however, enough to break his pitiful contract with life. He soon wakes up washed up on a small, uninhabited, island smack in the middle of Seoul's Han. Soaked and shell-shocked, Kim tries to get off the island to head towards Korea's famous, and gold-cast, '63' building on Yeouido: Seoul's steepest structure that would surely do a better job than that backstabbing bridge,...More
  • [HanCinema's Image Gallery] "Castaway on the Moon"

    A selection of stills from Lee Hae-joon's "Castaway on the Moon"… This stunningly surreal drama stars Jung Jae-young as a suicidal modern man trapped on an island in the middle of the Han River. Like Robinson Crusoe he's forced to survive, but unlike Defoe's character this curious castaway finds new purpose in the eye of the Seoul storm and aims to avade outsiders at all costs. A voyeuristic hermit (think Hikikomori), played by Jung Ryeo-won, then takes notice of this new mad islander across the way, and eventually the two make contact and exchanged messages in a bottle and from the beachfront. It's cinematically crisp, funny and fantastical…Enjoy! [SPOILERS],...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Jung Ryeo-won

    Actors exist in all types of form and relation to their art. There are stars who do not necessarily possess skills and/or talent, there are those who go for more arthouse projects, those who put more effort into their acting, those who go for promoting their persona and more. Jung Ryeo-won's career is all about growth. Having gone from a singer in the now disbanded group 'Chakra' to a full time actress, which she has been for the last 12 years, Jeong has been through the process a lot of idols-to-actors do. Some actors show potential and achieve great performances from their debut. Some need to develop the skills to match their talent in time. Jeong seems to belong more in the latter category,...More
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"

    2013/05/17, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • [Guest Review] "Castaway on The Moon"

    2013/03/15, Source
    The protagonist. "Castaway on the Moon" is a brilliant new take on the 'castaway' theme. Imagine your life is in the dumps. I don't mean that you broke a nail or your dog ran away; I mean you lost all of your money, you're in foreclosure, and everything else in your life is simply going all down the tube. Some people step up and deal with it vis-à-vis, others jump off bridges to put a quick end to the suffering,...More
  • Choi Min-sik looks like Kim Il-seong?

    2012/11/01, Source
    Leading role in movie "The Power" Actor Choi Min-sik is acting out the late Kim Il-sung, leader of North Korea,...More
  • [HanCinema's Interview Corner] Ten Questions for the KOREAN CINEPHILE

    Your website, Modern Korean Cinema, has been up since mid-2010, how did you come to discover Korean cinema and what was it about Korea's film industry that really cemented your passion for it? My first exposure to Korean cinema came long before the inception of MKC and it's kind of a funny story (at least I think it is)! When I was in boarding school in Dublin (high school) we were studying Macbeth and as a nascent cinephile I wanted to seek classic filmed versions of Shakespeare's work, first came Polanski's, then Orson Welles' version but soon I came across Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood" (1957) and fell in love with it. Thus began my discovery of Japanese cinema and one day I was in my local media retail store in Switzerland when I came across a striking DVD in the Asian section. I thought it might have been something like a Takashi Miike film but it turned out to be none other than "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (2002) and... I hated it, it made me furious. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and a week later I forced my self to watch it again and my whole world changed. My next film was Lee Chang-dong's "Peppermint Candy" (2000) and it's safe to say that the quality and social engagement of those works resulted in my becoming deeply attached to Korean cinema,...More
  • Korean projects in the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum

    2012/03/11, Source
    Carrying on a tradition that includes directors such as Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook and Im Sang-soo, this year three Korean projects will be participating in the 10th Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF). At the project market's 10th edition held March 19 –21, these three will be amongst the selection of 32 films out of 200 submissions from over 45 countries and regions,...More
  • HAF feature interview with LEE Hae-joon, "My Dictator"

    2012/03/11, Source
    Photograph by OH Kye-ohk Set to participate in the 10th Hong Kong – Asian Film Financing Forum (HAF), director Lee Hae-joon's "My Dictator" is about three dictators. One is PARK Chung-hee in the South and the other is KIM Il-sung in the North – the two dictators who ruled the split Korean peninsula in the 1970s; the other dictator is a father and the main character of this film.   When an historic North-South summit meeting is announced, the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (currently the National Intelligence Service) is charged with rehearsing the event. They need a double for Kim Il-sung. "My Dictator" is about a nameless actor who wanted to have his acting acknowledged as well as his relationship with his son restored,...More
  • Korean Blogathon 2012 : First Batch

    2012/03/06, Source
    Monday 5th March 2012 : Remember to add names of authors if possible! Feel free to message us if we miss you, there are a lot of links rolling in!,...More
  • Three Korean projects selected to HAF

    2012/01/10, Source
    Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary this March with a record 32 selections, including three from South Korea. These are director Jeon Soo-il's "Another Country", KIM Baek-jun's "Monsters" and Lee Hae-joon's "My Dictator". The festival chose these from more than 200 submissions from over 45 countries and regions.The final selection represents 20 different territories including Australia, China, India, Japan, and Malaysia,...More
  • 9ers pre-sells Miss Conspirator

    2011/11/08, Source
    South Korean sales company 9ers Entertainment has done a raft of sales at the American Film Market (AFM) on titles including "Miss Conspirator", starring Go Hyun-jung ("Woman on the Beach"), according to UK-based trade magazine Screen International.   Action comedy "Miss Conspirator" pre-sold to STG for Thailand. Previously announced with director Jeong Beom-sik attached, the film is currently being directed by Park Cheol-kwan, whose credits include the hit Buddhist monk comedy "Hi, Dharma" (2002). "Miss Conspirator" also stars Yoo Hae-jin from "The Unjust",...More
  • CJ films to stream on Netflix

    2011/10/22, Source
    By KOFIC Staff Major Korean entertainment company CJ E&M has announced a deal to stream 20 of its films on Netflix, leading internet subscription service for films and TV shows. Netflix members in the US will be able to watch these CJ films on multiple platforms including televisions, computer, tablets, gaming consoles, and mobile phones. "CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time", said Joon CHOI, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to a rich selection of films. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company",...More
  • Netflix expanding asian movie selection in deal with korea's top studio CJ E&M

    2011/10/07, Source
    LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2011 – CJ E&M today announced an agreement to feature twenty of its acclaimed Asian movies on Netflix, the world's leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. Beginning in October 2011, Netflix members in the US will be able to instantly watch the twenty titles multiple platforms, including TVs, popular tablets, key gaming consoles, computers and mobile phones. All the titles will be available from October 1. "CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time". said Joon Choi, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to movies from around the globe. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company, CJ E&M",...More
  • KOFFIA 2011 Film Line-up announced!

    2011/07/27, Source
    KOFFIA 2011 is coming! HOLD ON TIGHT! For immediate release The KOFFIA Korean Film Festival is back in Sydney for the second time this August, bigger and better than ever, and it all begins here! KOFFIA 2011 will present 13 feature films and 7 shorts that showcase the great diversity of Korean cinema today, as well as providing a true Korean cultural experience with industry forums, cultural performances, food tastings and so much more. HOLD ON TIGHT! The festival will take place from 24th – 29th August at Dendy Cinemas in Circular Quay, Sydney. In this Australia-Korea Year of Friendship, we are very excited to announce that KOFFIA will also travel down to the beautiful city of Melbourne! The festival will run from 10th – 13th September at ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne. This is an extra special date, as 12th September marks the important Korean Thanksgiving Holiday of Chuseok, join us in this celebration,...More
  • Toronto film festival takes Countdown

    2011/07/27, Source
    by KOFIC staff The 36th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has announced the first 50 films to be added to its line-up include the Korean film "Countdown", starring Jung Jae-young and Jeon Do-yeon. Written and directed by newcomer Heo Jong-ho, the film will screen in TIFF's Special Presentations section. One of the world's most prestigious film festivals and a noted gateway to the North American market, TIFF this year will be held Sept. 8 – 18. In the festival's Special Presentations section, Heo Jong-ho's "Countdown" will be in the company of other films such as Cameron Crowe's Pearl Jam Twenty, Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt, Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In, and Wang XiaoShuai's 11 Flowers,...More
  • Kwak, Kwon team up for melodrama

    2011/07/21, Source
    From left, actors Kwon Sang-woo and Jung Ryeo-won pose with director Kwak Gyeong-taek at the press conference for the film "Pained", which will open in the fall. / Yonhap By Lee Hyo-won Kwak Gyeong-taek, best known for turning "pretty boys" into hardboiled action stars, has teamed up with Kwon Sang-woo for his latest film "Pained". The director, who has featured heartthrobs Jang Dong-gun as a gangster ("Friend") and Jeong Woo-sung as a disheveled hobo ("Mutt Boy"), did not necessarily choose Kwon because of the actor's knack for pulling off macho roles,...More
  • Is Hollywood Ready for Korean Comedies?

    2011/03/08, Source
    From left, scenes from "Detective K", "Hello Ghost" and "The Last Godfather" Several Korean comedy films have made their way to Hollywood recently, either as remakes or in the original Korean version. Either way, it will be interesting to see how much Korean-style comedy can impress American audiences. "Detective K", which attracted 4.58 million viewers in the month since its release in Korea, will hit screens in the U.S. and Canada this month. Distributor Showbox said Thursday the film will be released in 10 cities in North America starting with Los Angeles on Friday, and in San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Hawaii and Vancouver a week later,...More

    2010/09/29, Source
    The 1st KOFFIA Korean Film Festival In Australia is just around the corner. The inaugural KOFFIA presents 8 dynamic and diverse contemporary Korean films alongside free cultural events and guest speaker programs. From 1 - 5 October, Australians will get a taste of cinematic talent from Korea. The best of Korean drama, action, comedy, pop and documentary films will be on show over the long weekend,...More
  • Two Korean film prize at Fantasia
    2010/08/06, Source
    Korean films captured 2 prizes in the main competition section of the Fantasia International Film Festival which took place July 8 – 28, 2010 in Montreal, Canada. Winning the second-place Special Jury Prize was Lee Hae-joon's comedy ",...More
  • Fantasia presents 14 Korean features
    2010/07/20, Source
    Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, running July 8 – 28 in Canada's second-largest city, presents a total of 14 Korean features this year. The festival which highlights fantasy and strong genre-oriented films from Asia will screen the Canadian premiere of,...More
  • NYAFF screens wide selection of Korean films
    2010/07/20, Source
    The ninth edition of the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) wrapped on Thursday, July 8, after presenting 45 films from across Asia including seven Korean features and a collection of eight Korean standout shorts from Seoul's 2009 Mise-en-Scéne Short Film Festival.

    Of the seven Korean features,...
  • CJ Entertainment sets up Japanese branch

    2010/04/14, Source
    Members at the CJEJ launch event [CJ Entertainment] Korea's largest film investment, production and distribution company CJ Entertainment has expanded its business into Japan, setting up a branch under the name CJ Entertainment JAPAN (CJEJ). CJEJ, jointly established by CJ Entertainment and movie theater chain T-JOY, a subsidiary of Japan's major studio TOEI, held a ceremony in Shinjuku on Tuesday marking its registration as a corporation. CJ Entertainment CEO Katharine Kim, T-JOY executive director Naoshi Yoda and CJEJ CEO Bae Hyung-chan were present at the event attended by some 400 film industry officials,...More
  • KOFIC Korean Film Showcase at FILMEX
    2009/11/19, Source
    KOFIC Korean films showcase in Tokyo, will be held this year from November the 21st to the 30th as an official section of FILMEX. The annual event, designed to promote a diversity of Korean films to Japanese audiences will show everything from more commercial fare such as the current box office num,...More
  • 44 Korean Films at the 2009 Marrakech International Film Festival
    2009/11/19, Source
    In a celebration of Korean film, a record 44 will screen at this year's 2009 International Film Festival of Marrakech. In addition, representatives from Korean government organizations, the Korean film industry: producers, directors, actors and film festival delegates will be in attendance. The fes,...More
  • 46th Annual Daejong Film Awards Nominees
    2009/10/23, Source
    46th Annual Daejong Film Awards Nominees

    - Best Movie: "Take Off", "Mother - 2009", "The Divine Weapon", ",...
  • Eighteen Wins Top Prize at Vancouver

    2009/10/16, Source
    Korean director Jang Kun-jae took home the Dragon and Tigers Award for his debut feature,...More
  • Korean films strongly recovered in May
    2009/06/12, Source
    CJ/CGV, Korea's leading cinema chain, announced a 49.1% domestic market share for Korean films in May. Of the 16,322,551 million visitors, 8,018,465 people bought tickets to a Korean film. It is the highest May record for Korean cinema since 2005.

    Since 2005, the highest percentage for Korean fil,...
  • [Policy] 'Robinson Crusoe' to Be Re-created
    2009/06/11, Source
    Can you find something in common between Movie 'Cast Away', 'LOST' starring actress Kim Yoon-jin', recently released 'Castaway on the Moon', and game 'Robinson Crusoe Fanta,...More
  • New Movie 'Castaway on the Moon'

    2009/05/21, Source
    Get your handkerchiefs ready.
    A new film sends us a message of hope through the story of two lonely hearts.
    Mr. Kim is castaway on a deserted island and ends up meeting Ms. Kim, a recluse from socie,...
  • Korean Cinematography Booms on High-quality, Lucrative Productions
    2009/05/21, Source
    Korean cinematography has been thriving recently as more movies continue to draw scores of viewers to theaters, bringing in impressive revenues and receiving positive feedback both from domestic and foreign critics. As more viewers these days are attaching more importance to the uniqueness of movies,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "Castaway on the Moon" stars Jung Ryeo-won!

    2009/05/12, Source
    Actress Jung Ryeo-won is in the film, "Castaway on the Moon" where she is taking a major transformation! The movie is to be released on the 14th which Jeong acts as Miss Kim whose whole world is the small dark room. She looks very lonely and wears no makeup with dark circles under her eyes. She has lost even more weight for this role and when she read over the scenario just once, she was casted right away! Jeong takes off the city fashionista look and takes on the complete opposite role! She has practiced living in a small tent alone to act how more real living in a small space with disheveled hair and unkept looks. Let's see how this actress has changed inb this film!,...More
  • Korean Films to Return in April
    2009/03/26, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    South Korean cinema offers only a handful of releases this month, but a big lineup of homegrown films awaits moviegoers in April.

    Some 10 domestic titles are slated for release next month, of which a majority are mainstream franchises that will play in theaters,...
  • LEE Hae-joon films JEONG Jae-yeong's adventures and JEONG Ryeo-won

    2008/09/11, Source
    Lee Hae-joon is attempting his solo feature film directorial debut with the film ",...More
  • LEE Hae-joon casts JEONG jae-yeong
    2008/05/30, Source
    Lee Hae-joon, half of the directing duo of "Like A Virgin", announced the casting of his next film mr. Kimssineun Pyoroogi (",...More

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Cinema Service (시네마서비스)
 Kang Woo-seok (강우석)
 Production department
 Kim Byeong-seo (김병서)
 Kim Hong-jib (김홍집)
 Score composer
 Nam Na-yeong (남나영)
 Choi Tae-hwan-I (최태환)
 Martial arts team
Technical Information
116 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2009/05/14
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2009.07.05 : 728,273 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.21 : 724,514 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.14 : 722,695 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.07 : 713,430 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.31 : 672,508 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.24 : 570,430 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.17 : 320,583 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.10 : 2,561 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.03 : 1,432 admissions (total)

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