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Catch Me (캐치미)

캐치미 (Kae-chi-mi)

Directed by Lee Hyun-jong (이현종)

Screenplay by , ,

Romantic comedy Melodrama Romance

Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Steal my Heart" and formely known as Only You (온리유, On-li-yoo)
"Catch Me" is about Lee Ho-tae (Joo Won) who meets the first love of his dreams, Yoon Jin-sook (Kim Ah-joong) for the first time in ten years but is shocked to find out she's a hit-and-runner.


Catch Me | Cast

  • Kim Ah-joong (김아중)
    Kim Ah-joong (김아중)
    Yoon Jin-sook (윤진숙)
  • Joo Won (주원)
    Joo Won (주원)
    Lee Ho-tae (이호태)
  • Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    General manager (국장)
  • Baek Do-bin (백도빈)
    Baek Do-bin (백도빈)
    Oh Kyeong-wi (오경위)
  • Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Sergeant Park (박경사)
  • Hwang Tae-kwang (황태광)
    Hwang Tae-kwang (황태광)
    Detective Lee (이형사)
    Kim Min-seong (김민성)
    Detective Jo (조형사)
  • Kang Da-yoon (강다윤)
    Kang Da-yoon (강다윤)
    Detective Na (나형사)
  • Park Yeong-woong (박영웅)
    Park Yeong-woong (박영웅)
    Detective Bong (봉형사)
  • Ji Sang-min (지상민)
    Ji Sang-min (지상민)
    Detective Ji (지형사)
  • Nam Yeon-woo (남연우)
    Nam Yeon-woo (남연우)
    Detective Tak (탁형사)
    Kang Deok-joong (강덕중)
    Detective Choi (최형사)
    Kim Yeong-joo (김영주)
    Doctor Lee (닥터리)
    Lee Cheong-hee (이청희)
    Jin-sook's Bba (진숙빠)
  • Park Eun-young-II (박은영)
    Park Eun-young-II (박은영)
    Community Mrs. Park (커뮤니티 박여사)
  • Lee Tae-hyung (이태형)
    Lee Tae-hyung (이태형)
    Community Mr. Lee (커뮤니티 이씨)
    Im Jeong-eon (임정언)
    Community Mr. Im (커뮤니티 임씨)
    Kang Nam-hyeon (강남현)
    Community Mr. Kang (커뮤니티 강씨)
    Bae Cheon-soo (배천수)
    Community Mr. Bae (커뮤니티 배씨)
    Kim Hyeon-ah (김현아)
    Community Miss Kim (커뮤니티 미스김)
  • Yoo Jae-myung (유재명)
    Yoo Jae-myung (유재명)
    Doctor in charge (닥터리 담당의사)
    Lee Eun-chae (이은채)
    Nurse (간호사)
    Yoon Joon-ho (윤준호)
    Lieutenant Kim (김경위)
  • Cha Chung-hwa (차청화)
    Cha Chung-hwa (차청화)
    Human rights organization representative (인권단체 대표)
    Park Hyeon-ji (박현지)
    Human rights organization assistant administrator (인권단체 간사)
  • Lee Ee-soo (이의수)
    Lee Ee-soo (이의수)
    Covering reporter 1 (취재기자1)
  • Yum Ji-young (염지영)
    Yum Ji-young (염지영)
    Covering reporter 2 (취재기자2)
  • Yoo Jung-ho (유정호)
    Yoo Jung-ho (유정호)
    Covering reporter 3 (취재기자3)
  • Song Young-jae (송영재)
    Song Young-jae (송영재)
    Pharmacist (약사)
  • Kim Ri-won (김리원)
    Kim Ri-won (김리원)
    Madam (마담)
  • Min Kyung-jin (민경진)
    Min Kyung-jin (민경진)
    Jeon-son house landlord (전원주택 집주인)
    Kim Bang-ryool (김방률)
    Broker (브로커)
  • Hong Yoon-hwa (홍윤화)
    Hong Yoon-hwa (홍윤화)
    Lee Sook-ja (이숙자)
  • Tae Seong (태성)
    Tae Seong (태성)
    Skinny man (비쩍남)
  • Lee Yong-nyeo (이용녀)
    Lee Yong-nyeo (이용녀)
    Auction house lady (경매장 귀부인)
    Nam Woo-yeol (남우열)
    Crosswalk kiss man (횡단보도 키스남)
  • Song Ji-hyun-I (송지현)
    Song Ji-hyun-I (송지현)
    Crosswalk kiss woman (횡단보도 키스녀)
    Jo Hyeong-rae (조형래)
    Criminal investigation section detective Jo (수사과 조형사)
    Baek Song-i (백송이)
    Criminal investigation section detective Baek (수사과 백형사)
    Son Jae-yeong (손재영)
    Criminal investigation section detective Son (수사과 손형사)
    Im Se-hwan (임세환)
    Criminal investigation section detective Im (수사과 임형사)
    Oh Hyeong-geun (오형근)
    Criminal investigation section detective Oh (수사과 오형사)
    Lee Seong-min (이성민)
    Criminal investigation section conscripted policeman (수사과 의경)
    Kim Kyeong-joo (김경주)
    Canal walk cop (커넬워크 순경)
    Kim Mi-na (김미나)
    Debate panel 1 (토론회 패널1)
    Im Jeong-hoon (임정훈)
    Debate panel 3 (토론회 패널3)
    Park Tae-yeong (박태영)
    Debate panel 4 (토론회 패널4)
    Yoo Jae-sang (유재상)
    Debate panel 5 (토론회 패널5)
  • Yoo Ae-kyung (유애경)
    Yoo Ae-kyung (유애경)
    Ho-tae's past girlfriend 1 (호태 과거 여친1)
    Jeong Hyeon-joo (정현주)
    Ho-tae's past girlfriend 2 (호태 과거 여친2)
    Lee Joon-gyoo (이준규)
    Jin-sook's house iron bag (진숙집 철가방)
  • Park Ha-na (박하나)
    Park Ha-na (박하나)
    Ho-tae's house iron bag (호태집 철가방)
    Park Ho-jin (박호진)
    Visiting room believer Park (면회실 박교도)
    Kim Mi-sook-I (김미숙)
    Room salon young lady 1 (룸싸롱 아가씨1)
    Kim Hee-jeong (김희정)
    Room salon young lady 2 (룸싸롱 아가씨2)
    Lee Ji-yeong (이지영)
    Room salon young lady 3 (룸싸롱 아가씨3)
    Park Hee-man (박희만)
    Room salon uncle (룸싸롱 삼촌)
    Sin Bi-gam (신비감)
    Couple tea man 1 (커플티남1)
    Lee Dae-soo (이대수)
    Couple tea man 2 (커플티남2)
    Seong Han-kyeong (성한경)
    Ball park brother 1 (야구장형제1)
    Hong Seung-hyeon (홍승현)
    Ball park brother 2 (야구장형제2)
    Kim Myeong-joong (김명중)
    Garage employee (카센터 직원)
    Jang-won (장원)
    Jeon-won house son (전원주택 아들)
  • Lee Ga-kyung (이가경)
    Lee Ga-kyung (이가경)
    Jeon-won house daughter-in-law (전원주택 며느리)
    Jo Yong-joon (조용준)
    Emergency room intern (응급실 인턴의사)
    Yang Na-yeong (양나영)
    Emergency room nurse (응급실 간호사)
  • Jang Yong-bok (장용복)
    Jang Yong-bok (장용복)
    Catholic priest (성당 신부님)
    Lee Seong-min (이성민)
    Lee Seong-min (이성민)
    Lee Seong-taek (이성택)
    Promotion police 1 (진급경찰1)
    Lee Jeong-ook (이정욱)
    Promotion police 2 (진급경찰2)
    Jeon Geum-han (전금한)
    Mansion landlord (대저택 집주인)
  • Lee Myeong-ja (이명자)
    Lee Myeong-ja (이명자)
    Train grandmother (전동차 할머니)
  • Bae Jin-woong (배진웅)
    Bae Jin-woong (배진웅)
    Loan shark deputy (사채업자 대리)
  • Yoon Young-kyun (윤영균)
    Yoon Young-kyun (윤영균)
    Loan shark team leader (사채업자 팀장)
    Song Yeong-gwang (송영광)
    Past detective Lee (과거 이형사)
  • Im Woo-chul (임우철)
    Im Woo-chul (임우철)
    Mall MC (쇼핑몰 사회자)
  • Lee Se-rang (이세랑)
    Lee Se-rang (이세랑)
    Sook-ja's mother (숙자모)
  • Joo Suk-tae (주석태)
    Joo Suk-tae (주석태)
    Jin-sook's dad (진숙 아빠)
    Kim So-ra (김소라)
    Nike store female employee (나이키매장 여직원)
  • Park Hyun-woo-I (박현우)
    Park Hyun-woo-I (박현우)
    Jin-sook's dance contest partner (댄스 경연대회 진숙파트너)
    Han-joon (한준)
    Amusement park detective 1 (놀이공원 형사1)
  • Kim Ye-won-II (김예원)
    Kim Ye-won-II (김예원)
    Young Jin-sook (어린 진숙)
    Kim Ga-eun (김가은)
    Young Sook-ja (어린 숙자)
    Choi Da-eun (최다은)
    Bull Terrier owner's granddaughter (볼테리어 주인 손녀딸)
  • Cha Tae-hyun (차태현)
    Cha Tae-hyun (차태현)
    Guy next door (옆집남자)
  • Park Chul-min (박철민)
    Park Chul-min (박철민)
    Fence - Cameo (장물아비)
  • Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Auctioneer - Cameo (경매장 사회자)
  • Kim Sa-hee (김사희)
    Kim Sa-hee (김사희)
    Joo-ri - Special appearance (주리)
  • Shin Seung-hwan (신승환)
    Shin Seung-hwan (신승환)
    Bar part-timer - Special appearance (호프집 알바)
  • Kim Mi-ra (김미라)
    Kim Mi-ra (김미라)
    Diamond Lady Kim - Special appearance (다이아김여사)
  • Lee Sang-hoon-I (이상훈)
    Lee Sang-hoon-I (이상훈)
    Guard - Special appearance (경비)
  • Lee Soo-kwang (이수광)
    Lee Soo-kwang (이수광)

Catch Me | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Catch Me"

    In "Bridal Mask", Joo Won played the role of a policeman secretly fighting against his own government for the sake of Korean nationalism. The drama is loaded with the ambiguities this situation brings up, and how the title character feels like trash for causing untold emotional suffering to his best friend. In "Catch Me", Joo Won plays the role of Ho-tae, a policeman secretly fighting against his own government because his ex-girlfriend's name comes up in the investigation and he wants to protect her because...uh... Yeah, I'm not actually sure what the positive qualities are of Jin-sook (played by Kim Ah-joong),...More

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    Catch Me
  • Catch Me's picture
    Catch Me
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    Catch Me
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    Catch Me
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    Catch Me
  • Catch Me's picture
    Catch Me
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    Catch Me
  • Catch Me's picture
    Catch Me
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 Yoo Yeong-ah (유영아)
 Choi Tae-hwan-I (최태환)
 Martial arts
 Kim Hyeong-joo (김형주)
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Catch Me (캐치미)

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